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00:30 Hello my name is Casio Jones.
00:32 You are watching Action For Life
00:34 Today we have an awesome work
00:36 out for you today.
00:37 But, hey, I want you to
00:38 check this out for me.
00:39 We are going to show you
00:40 a nice clip we shot of SIU, Southern Illinois University.
00:44 Their fitness facility is phenomenal.
00:47 While we are watching this segment, take the time to use
00:49 this moment to do your warm up.
00:51 3 to 5 minutes of something to get your blood
00:53 to flow, run around your house, jumping jacks,
00:55 let's go and check it out.
01:23 Hi! We are here at SIU Recreational Center.
01:27 I have with me Lynne Thompson Cundiff and she is going
01:31 to spend some time telling us about activities they have
01:33 had here at the Rec Center.
01:35 Lynne how are you doing? I'm doing great!
01:37 I'm so glad you're here with us today.
01:39 This is a phenomenal facility that you have here.
01:42 Well thank you.
01:43 You should be very proud of this, it's awesome.
01:45 We are proud of our Rec facility.
01:46 So, I'm somebody in the community, or I am somebody,
01:50 a student here and I see this big building,
01:53 but what goes on inside this building?
01:55 What things do you offer people to get them moving,
01:57 and having fun, what do you do?
01:59 Well actually we have lots in our facility.
02:02 We have 6 basketball courts. Six! Oh wow!
02:06 We have an indoor tennis court.
02:08 We have racket board courts.
02:11 We have Squash courts.
02:13 We have an Olympic size swimming pool.
02:16 We have lots of cardio equipment located all throughout the
02:20 facility with treadmills, ellipticals and stair climbers.
02:24 All that cardio pieces that we see on TV,
02:27 you have here right?
02:28 We do! We do! Your see in our new free weight room that has
02:32 just opened up, we have lots of new equipment down there.
02:34 We have free weights, we have machine weights,
02:36 with we have cable equipment, we have martial arts,
02:40 so we do a lot of boxing, Ty box, karate,
02:45 and lots of different types.
02:46 We are standing on the upper deck.
02:48 You see these people running behind us, tell us about
02:51 this track you guys have.
02:53 This is beautiful! We have two tracks.
02:55 You are standing on the suspended track up here.
02:57 You can see that 7 laps on the top is a mile.
03:01 The lowest is 8 laps on the bottom for a mile.
03:05 You can see we have the track team working out right now.
03:08 Yes! Yes! Yes! So as a student, or someone in the
03:15 community, how do you go out and reach them?
03:18 Do you let them know about the wonderful
03:20 things you have here?
03:21 Do you encourage them to be physically active, is that
03:26 your main objective at the University, at the
03:28 Rec Center here?
03:29 We have, actually our facility is unique in that we do
03:35 have community memberships.
03:37 Some student recreation centers are limited to only
03:41 student members, so this is a unique aspect that people
03:44 might not know that we do have community memberships.
03:47 So you are somewhat different than most universities Rec
03:51 Centers, you actually open your doors to communities?
03:54 You want them to come here.
03:55 You want them to be a participant of
03:56 your programs here?
03:57 We do, we try to collaborate with the community and try
04:00 to open up our doors and get them in here and moving.
04:02 Get them healthy and make those connections.
04:04 Let me talk personal here.
04:06 How long have you been in the industry?
04:10 Oh, you are going to make me say how old I am?
04:13 Oh no, no, no, not the age thing, this is experience thing.
04:17 I've been in the game for 20 years.
04:18 So you can say 20 plus, that's okay.
04:20 20 plus. Okay, okay!
04:23 So personally, why? Why do you do this?
04:28 Well it is not for the money.
04:30 It is not for the money?
04:31 A long time ago, the ironic thing is when I did my
04:38 undergraduate work, it is actually an education that
04:41 wasn't in the field that I am in now.
04:43 The school that I went to didn't have a student
04:45 recreation Center, so it wasn't until I actually came to
04:48 the SIU and got introduced to the concept of campus
04:52 recreation that I got into the field that I am currently
04:54 in, but I noticed that it was very satisfying for me to
05:00 work with people and see them make changes in their life.
05:02 Okay, let's go a little bit deeper.
05:04 From a spiritual perspective?
05:06 Sure, for me I feel like the body that I have was given
05:15 to me, and I am blessed with what the Heavenly Father
05:17 provided for me.
05:18 It is my responsibility to take care of that,
05:24 it is a gift that was given to me.
05:26 A very special gift!
05:27 I show my respect to my Heavenly Father
05:29 by taking care of myself.
05:32 I love that, I love that, I love that!
05:34 So in a way self-consciously you try to help everybody
05:39 else see the correlation between their responsibility
05:44 and you provide them with great activities here so they
05:47 can be healthier individuals, a healthier servant for
05:50 the Lord, and just an all-around well person?
05:54 I do and I think when you take care of yourself you feel
05:57 better about yourself and it allows you to open up and
06:00 be able to help other people too.
06:02 So the healthier you are and the better you feel about
06:08 yourself allows you to help other people feel
06:11 good about themselves.
06:12 I love that, I love that!
06:13 Lynne thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us.
06:16 This is a great university and I am so excited that I can't
06:18 wait to start working out.
06:19 You don't mind if I have some fun working out?
06:22 Play, work out, I'll go change and we will go and play together
06:25 Okay, excellent, thank you so much.
06:26 Thank you!
06:27 Now I have to be honest, that was one of my favorite
06:32 facilities to check out.
06:33 Over 200,000 square feet of fitness facility.
06:37 Now I don't know about you where
06:38 you live but check out the
06:40 University near you and look
06:42 into their Rec department and see what programs they offer
06:44 at their Rec Center, it might be worth it for you
06:46 to take extra classes.
06:48 But hey, with me today I have Lynne.
06:50 Lynne how are you doing? I'm doing great it!
06:52 I welcome you to my gym, I got a chance to check out yours
06:55 and I bring you here to mine so we can have a great
06:57 workout in my facility, is that okay with you?
06:59 It's awesome, I can't wait to get started.
07:00 Awesome, great!
07:01 First workout today, remember we did our warm-up.
07:04 We did our warm-up why we were showing the story,
07:06 but now we are going to go right into our workout.
07:11 Now I am using this chair with this exercise as a balance
07:14 exercise and it is going to work stabilizing your gluts,
07:17 your knee, your ankle, okay?
07:20 Lynne is going to take her left foot off the ground
07:22 slightly and raise it to the front and come back
07:24 to the home position.
07:25 Out to the side and back, then rear kick.
07:28 We are going to do 10 each leg when we do these.
07:34 Okay stop right there, hey Neto, come here a second
07:36 so people can see exactly what is taking place here.
07:39 Her left foot is off the ground and she is going to
07:42 raise up to the front, as high as she can go.
07:44 She is using the chair to stabilize herself.
07:47 If you at home find your balance is a little challenging,
07:50 use a chair, use a wall or something to stabilize yourself.
07:53 You do not want to place all the emphasis on your hand,
07:56 it is just there for support.
07:57 You want the stabilizing leg, which is her right leg to
08:00 take all the weight of your body.
08:01 Raise again to the front and back out to the side
08:06 and do a rear kick.
08:07 Now in her rear kick her upper torso staying straight,
08:10 she is not leaning forward during her kick.
08:12 She stands straight up and does her rear kick.
08:15 Now have we got it, let's go to work.
08:16 Do you want the chair or not? No I'm good!
08:22 Just so somebody at home can understand what it looks like.
08:26 Let's start with the right leg okay?
08:28 1, 2,
08:35 3, 4,
08:42 Now this is a little challenging
08:43 once again you can put your fingertips on
08:46 your side to stabilize yourself.
08:56 8, maybe I should have kept that chair!
08:59 Do you want it back?
09:01 And that's 10.
09:04 Okay I will let you have the chair on the second side.
09:07 Okay now it's your other leg.
09:09 Here we go, front, 1, 2,
09:17 now try these at home and you
09:19 will see they are lot of fun and balance is such a
09:21 wonderful thing to work on.
09:23 But we are also working on our quadriceps, our rear,
09:29 are gluts, oops a little wobbly there.
09:37 Eight, 9, a lot of ankle stabilization, and 10.
09:45 That is what is very shocking to people standing on one
09:48 leg you find your toes are gripping, your ankles are
09:51 trying to find stabilization, knee, people who have knee
09:53 injuries this is a great exercise.
09:55 So you are not putting a whole lot of stress on that knee,
09:57 but it's doing what it is supposed to keeping you up.
10:01 Let's get the chair out of the way.
10:02 Now part of our program we do what we call an 'act of rest'.
10:06 This is the part where we keep our heart rate going,
10:09 we let our muscles to get a chance to rest, but we're still
10:12 going to move our body.
10:13 Now this is an exercise called Burpee's.
10:15 And Burpee's is challenging, some of you in the military
10:18 may have done this before.
10:20 We are going to do a lower version of it.
10:21 We are going to show different levels of intensity.
10:26 She is going to do the lower intensity.
10:28 Why don't you demonstrate it first.
10:29 Go down to push up position and kick your legs out.
10:33 Come back in and stand up.
10:34 I'm going to do a little different.
10:36 Go down, kick to the back, and then jump up.
10:41 Now you know why I didn't volunteer for that version.
10:43 Okay here we go, we are going to do 10 each.
10:46 Are you ready? Okay lets go.
10:47 1, 2,
10:54 3, 4,
11:00 how you doing? I'm doing fine!
11:01 6, 7, 8,
11:09 9, and 10.
11:17 I'll tell you what, you get the hunger we are really working,
11:20 this isn't Hollywood make-believe.
11:21 Now our next exercise we are going to do we call a
11:25 dumbbell press, were are going to use dumbbells the
11:28 physio ball, grab your physio ball and I want you
11:32 to get in position so we can demonstrate it for
11:33 people at home.
11:35 Go ahead and sit on your ball, actually spin the other way.
11:40 Sit right there now roll forward on your back.
11:43 Right there, now, once again her feet are making 90°.
11:48 She is stabilizing herself on the ball.
11:50 The ball has become the bench for her.
11:52 She is going to press up and come back down.
11:59 Press back up, now what she is doing is she is pressing
12:04 and going straight towards, she is not doing a fly.
12:09 She is pressing towards the middle line of her body.
12:13 She is going to bring both dumbbells toward my head.
12:21 She is not doing it over her head she doing it
12:23 straight over her chest, beautiful.
12:25 Are you really Lynne? Ready!
12:28 I'm going to come and do it with you.
12:39 Alright, let's knock out 12, are you ready?
12:42 Here we go, 1, 2, 3, this is also working out the lower
12:49 back, 5, this is also working are abs, our gluts,
12:55 hamstrings, a full body workout.
13:01 Two more, beautiful good job.
13:06 Roll back up.
13:12 Now it's time to do our active rest again.
13:14 Lynne, are you ready for our Burpee's?
13:17 I ready are you? I'm ready!
13:18 Let's knock out 10 again and here we go.
13:19 1, 2, 3,
13:28 4, 5, now remember Lynne is doing a lower intensity
13:34 of the same exercise, and I'm doing a higher intensity.
13:41 with a jump 9, and 10, beautiful.
13:52 Now grab your ball again and we are going to do dumbbell
13:56 pullovers which is going to work our lats and our lower
14:00 body with the pelvic thrust.
14:01 Go ahead and roll out on your back, let's use one dumbbell.
14:07 Both hands over the head, hands are going to back over her
14:12 head and come back up.
14:16 Great, I'm going to break it into two movements.
14:17 Back over your head, she is working her lats by doing a
14:21 pull over, at one time they thought this was working
14:24 the chest exercise at one time.
14:26 This is a great development for your upper back.
14:33 This is the first part, now a second part we are going
14:35 to do a pelvic thrust.
14:36 She is going to drop her gluts down and raise back up.
14:41 Okay you ready to combine them? Yep!
14:43 Pull over, backup, drop-down.
14:48 Pull over, and drop-down.
14:51 Does your head come up when you do that thrust?
14:53 I usually leave it on the ball.
14:55 You want your hips to go a full range.
14:57 You can go down deeper if you're head comes up.
15:12 I'm going to jump in with you.
15:16 Are you ready? I'm ready!
15:19 Let's knock these out.
15:21 Here we go, let's knock out 12.
15:25 2, pelvic thrust, pull over, 3,
15:36 4, 6, good, two more.
16:02 Beautiful and good job.
16:04 Now how was that? Feels good!
16:15 Are you ready for Burpee's? I ready for Burpee's.
16:22 I want everybody to take notice that I am working
16:23 a little harder than she is.
16:25 Ready, let's do 10 again.
16:26 1, 2, 3,
16:35 4, 5, 6,
16:44 7, 8, 9, and 10.
16:57 You have to understand, I'm working hard.
16:59 I'm breathing hard, and you say
17:01 how is this fun?
17:02 Well it is, knowing that we are
17:04 doing something that will
17:05 benefit our body and make us
17:07 feel better in the long run.
17:09 The other thing is, I've
17:11 never finished a workout and
17:13 said, I wish I didn't do that.
17:14 Right, it is funny a lot of times people say, man I don't
17:17 feel like going to a workout but after they do it, they
17:20 always say I'm glad I got out of bed.
17:22 I'm glad I took the time to do it.
17:24 We are going to move on to our last exercise.
17:28 The inclined dumbbell curls.
17:32 Have a seat here and face this side.
17:37 Roll your body forward, right there and drop gluts down.
17:42 What she is doing is using the ball as a incline bench.
17:45 So her body is in position and she is going to have her
17:48 elbows right on the ball and she is going to curl them up.
17:51 This will work our biceps and this will help her
17:55 stabilization to take place with her legs.
17:59 Whenever you use the ball you are always working your lower
18:02 back and abdominals, correct Lynne? Correct!
18:05 You're doing good.
18:08 I appreciated, I've been working hard.
18:09 Yeah and the other thing to watch out that you make
18:12 sure you don't break your wrist. Exactly!
18:13 Once your wrist changes range of motion it affects how you
18:19 feel on your bicep.
18:20 You want to isolate your wrist and keep it in a neutral
18:22 position and let your biceps do all the work.
18:24 Let's have some fun.
18:31 Let's do them facing the camera.
18:32 Will be facing everybody at home.
18:34 Let's knock out 12.
18:39 Here we go, 1, 2, 3, 4, I'm feeling these.
18:47 5, right on my biceps, 6, isolation right
18:55 here on the biceps coming up.
18:57 My wrist, I'm keeping a neutral position and
19:01 I'm coming straight up.
19:13 Let's go Burpee's. Ready!
19:16 1, 2, 3,
19:24 4, 5, 6,
19:32 7, 8, 9,
19:38 and 10.
19:44 I felt like I was slacking off but I figured
19:47 I'd step it up a bit.
19:49 For those of you at home, when you are doing our workout
19:53 take your time and remember do your best.
19:56 If you will list to your body and your body tells you
19:57 I can't do anymore, stop and take a break like
20:01 we are going to do right now.
20:02 Let's get some water, it is so important to keep yourself
20:04 hydrated throughout your program,
20:06 takes some sips when you need them.
20:09 Also if you have any questions or concerns about something
20:12 that you want to know more about go ahead and e-mail us at:
20:23 Lynne are you ready to get going again?
20:25 I'm ready! Let's start at the top again.
20:26 Let's do our front side and rear kicks with our right leg.
20:34 1, 2, 3, now it is very normal to find yourself adjusting
20:42 to work on your balance throughout this exercise.
20:45 Don't feel like you have to be a professional, that you
20:48 have to stay nice perfect, it is hard to.
20:51 Your body needs to make these adjustments.
20:54 Every time you move your leg and your arm it changes how
20:57 your body responds to gravity.
20:59 So do your best.
21:07 Left side, are you ready?
21:12 As you get tired through your work out you will notice
21:17 that you are not as capable as you were before.
21:26 I have to tie into my core and stay focused.
21:43 Excellent, good job!
21:47 Let's skip Burpee's because were running out of time.
21:51 Let's go to our next exercise.
21:52 Grab a dumbbell, now at home remember to do an active rest.
21:58 But we are going to go ahead and knock out
22:00 our next exercise.
22:02 Are you ready? Ready!
22:10 1, we'll knock out 12, 2, 3, now those at home if you feel
22:15 yourself getting winded, if you need to skip the active
22:20 rest, go ahead because that will make it harder for you.
22:25 I want you to spend some time learning how to do these
22:30 exercises, that's beautiful there's 12.
22:39 Back to pullovers, you just need one dumbbell.
22:42 And here we go.
22:47 Pull over, backup and drop your gluts, pelvic thrust.
22:52 Pull over, drop-down and raise up.
23:06 We will stop at 12.
23:07 Pull over, pull over, pullover.
23:16 Pullover, last one.
23:27 Grab the dumbbells again and let's do our incline curls.
23:32 Let's get in position, here we go.
23:34 Let's knock them out, curl them up.
23:36 1, 2, 3,
23:41 4, 5, 6, you keep going Lynne.
23:45 Now we are going to keep going on
23:49 our workout and you keep going on your rep and I'm
23:52 going to check out this wellness tip right now.
24:08 Now it's important to understand how exercise is a medicine.
24:12 Right Lynne? Absolutely!
24:13 It not only lowers blood pressure but there are so many
24:15 different chronic diseases that we are now finding exercise
24:17 has so many benefits to keep them under control.
24:20 Absolutely, the only true fountain of youth there is.
24:23 I wish more doctors would actually write a
24:25 prescription for exercises.
24:26 Now it is time for our cool down and we are going to
24:29 grab our physio ball and do our stretching on the ball.
24:36 Now what we are going to do is our hip flexors.
24:38 Back foot is on the ground and we are going to shift
24:42 forward and get the stretch pulling right through here.
24:46 Are you feeling that Lynne?
24:47 Right here in this right hip. Exactly!
24:55 Now we are going to swing our foot out front and go down
24:58 and stretch our hamstrings.
25:02 You can challenge your balance if you
25:04 put both hands down.
25:06 Why are you always stepping me up like this?
25:09 Options, always options.
25:11 Just given me options people, she's not challenging me.
25:15 Open our body up and come down behind our head
25:20 and get a good stretch for our chest.
25:27 Let's open down and do a nice shoulder roll.
25:31 Let's do it again on the other side.
25:34 We're going to do the other leg. Open up the hip on other side.
25:45 Bring your foot forward to the front.
25:50 Now if you find this is difficult to do this stretch,
25:54 you can support yourself right here.
25:55 You never want to put your hand on the leg you are
25:59 stretching, always put it on your bent leg.
26:05 Do we hold those for about 10 to 30 seconds?
26:06 Yeah, sometimes up to 60.
26:09 If you can do 10 to 30, start out with 10 and work
26:12 yourself up as you get better condition with your stretching.
26:15 Go back up and arms up.
26:17 Go down to stretching our chest.
26:28 Come down and do a shoulder roll and a nice little shake,
26:33 jiggle, jiggle.
26:34 Lynne I had a great time working out with you today.
26:37 As did I, thank you very much.
26:38 You are just a blast.
26:40 For you viewers at home I want you to understand,
26:43 exercising can be fun and exercise needs to be a
26:46 component of your life.
26:47 If you are not doing it, find something you enjoy and
26:50 do more of it.
26:51 Investigate, find something you like.
26:53 There are so many things out there you can do.
26:55 Find a friend to do it with.
26:57 Elohim is our Creator God and He made mankind in
27:01 His own image.
27:02 God designed our bodies for movement and our bodies
27:05 respond extremely well to action.
27:07 God wants us to be physically active and I encourage you
27:11 to become active and just move, you were designed for it.
27:15 Design from the Creator Himself.
27:17 This is Casio reminding you that action is the key for
27:20 life and it is my prayer that the Lord gives you strength
27:23 and encouragement to take action every day.
27:26 God bless, thank you for watching and
27:29 I will see you next time.
27:30 Keep flexing those faith muscles!


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