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00:30 Hi, my name is Casio Jones and
00:32 you are watching Action 4 Life.
00:34 Some of you at home might
00:35 say, What is this show
00:36 Action 4 Life?
00:37 I hope in today's segment you will learn a little bit about
00:39 what we are trying to do.
00:40 Our goal is to help you to find different ways to be more
00:43 active and especially be more active for the Lord.
00:45 But first let's go check out this cool segment we did at the
00:48 park, you might be surprised and learn something that you
00:52 might apply the next time you go to the park.
00:54 Let's check this out.
01:21 You know I have two little boys and it's always, hey daddy,
01:24 take us down to the park.
01:25 So we always go down to the park and take them out
01:28 and have a good time.
01:29 You may have some kids or some grandkids and find yourself
01:32 in the same situation at the park.
01:34 But do you find yourself in this position while the kids
01:38 are having fun and playing around?
01:40 If you do, you can take the advantage of being in the park
01:44 and being physically active.
01:45 Watch this, we are sitting down on the bench and just to
01:49 stand up and sit back down.
01:52 I just repeat that 10 more times.
01:56 1, 2, you notice I'm just sitting back like I'm sitting
02:02 in my chair but I'm sitting on a bench.
02:04 The bench is there and it is comfortable.
02:06 I'm sitting down and standing back up.
02:10 Now what you are doing is you are working what
02:12 we call a squat, that was a squat.
02:14 You are working the back of your legs, front of your legs,
02:16 and even your glut muscles.
02:17 That was simple, just standing up and sitting back down.
02:21 You are actually being active and working your leg muscles.
02:25 Now we are going to use the same bench again and
02:27 turn around and do what we call, a step up.
02:30 All I am going to do is put 1 foot on the bench and stand
02:33 straight up and back down.
02:36 I'm using this leg only to lift my body up.
02:40 Now you notice my heel, if you have your heel off you
02:44 are not really work your glut's.
02:45 So slide your foot forward onto the bench and
02:48 your going to stand straight up.
02:52 Now if you want to call this a park work out, you want
02:55 to do all your reps between 8 to 12 reps for each leg.
03:00 I'm going to the other leg as well, knock out a few
03:03 so you can see how it looks.
03:08 Now I'm not pushing off the ground, but if you need to you
03:11 could, but you want to focus on the leg that is on the bench
03:14 and use that to stand straight up.
03:15 Now if you want to be a little crazy and add some more
03:18 stuff to it, watch me lift my arms.
03:23 This is going to definitely be harder because now I am
03:26 incorporating my shoulders and my arms to move them up.
03:29 It makes my heart work a little harder.
03:30 You may find yourself using this type of leg ups to be
03:34 a little more challenging.
03:36 Now what else can we do.
03:38 Cassie what about my upper body?
03:39 Hey, you know those things called push-ups?
03:41 The bench is a great way to do a push-up,
03:43 a modified push-up.
03:44 For some of you who have a hard time on the ground,
03:46 watch this!
03:50 In this position up on my toes and I'm going to bring myself
03:53 straight down and my head is going to be nice and straight.
03:55 Then come straight down in a full push-up.
04:01 Now Casio when do I breathe?
04:02 Just breathe, just do that.
04:05 Some people like to emphasize that you want to inhale and
04:08 exhale at one particular point during the exercise,
04:11 but let's just start breathing first.
04:17 So your kids are at the park instead of just sitting down
04:21 we actually did a quick little workout.
04:23 We did our lower body, we got our hamstrings,
04:25 we got our quads, we got our glutes, and did our upper
04:28 body work out our chest, our shoulders, and our triceps.
04:30 Hey, enjoy yourself, play, take advantage of time, your
04:36 kids are playing and utilize your time instead of just
04:38 sitting because now you're being active.
04:40 Now wasn't that exciting!
04:41 Hey, the park, who would think of things you could
04:44 do at the park.
04:45 I really hope the next time you go to the park you will
04:46 look at it quite differently
04:48 and realize, Hey, my kids are
04:49 having fun and I can have fun
04:50 and be proactive.
04:52 But as part of our show we are going to have the exciting
04:55 part, the exercise part.
04:56 We are going to have some fun teaching new tricks
04:58 and how to be more active.
04:59 We are going to show you new exercises and maybe brush
05:01 up ones you have seen before.
05:03 With me today, we have a guest with me and
05:06 his name is Izhar.
05:07 Izhar come here with me buddy.
05:09 Hi, buddy, I'm glad you could be with me today.
05:11 Like I was saying, today in our workout we are going
05:13 to work out using the Physio Ball.
05:15 Have you ever used the physio ball before? No!
05:17 It is one of those round funky looking balls there.
05:19 Listen while you are at home, before you do
05:23 our workout, warm up.
05:24 Do a segment where you warm up during our stories.
05:27 It is a great time for you to do some jumping jacks, jog
05:30 in place, something to get your blood flowing
05:32 through your body.
05:33 So we are ready to do that and get ready to do our workout.
05:39 I'm getting the Physio Ball for you.
05:40 Go ahead and have a seat on the ball.
05:42 Now how do you know what ball is the right size for you.
05:46 They come in different sizes, 45 cm, 55, 65 even 75 cm.
05:51 And for big people up to 85 cm.
05:53 The goal is to find a ball that you can sit on comfortably.
05:56 Put your feet a little forward, more together.
05:58 You notice how he is making a 90°?
06:00 Sit like you're sitting in a chair, upright, perfect.
06:03 Do you know your exercises right now?
06:05 Cool, this is an exercise where you are working your
06:08 abdominal muscles and your lower back muscles.
06:10 You are actually using your feet and your ankles to
06:12 stabilize you, how does that feel? Feels great!
06:14 Now we are going to do it a little harder, something
06:16 different to make a little more challenging.
06:17 What we are going to do, I call it a ball transfer.
06:19 Making a transition yourself all ball.
06:22 I want you to walk forward and lean back.
06:24 Take a few steps forward and at the same time lean
06:26 your upper body back on the ball.
06:27 Go ahead and walk it out.
06:28 Keep walking, keep walking, keep walking, right there.
06:32 Hey Neto come in here.
06:35 I want you to take a good shot so everyone at home can see.
06:39 His feet are 90° here and he is working his hamstrings,
06:43 his quadriceps, his glutes and even his abdominal muscles.
06:47 Remember how we talked earlier about engaging your core?
06:49 Yeah! For you at home your core is when you work your
06:53 abdominal muscles, your core muscles with your pelvic
06:55 muscles that ties and transfers your abdominal muscles
06:57 into your oblique's.
06:59 This whole region here we call the core it helps your body
07:03 to stabilize and function properly during exercise.
07:05 We're going to make it stronger here to make it every
07:07 thing else stronger.
07:08 I want you to contract those muscles and I want you
07:11 to see this cool exercise.
07:14 Just being here, by itself, is challenging isn't it? Um Hmm!
07:17 Now we are going to continue on this transfer.
07:19 Push back up and reverse what you did before.
07:23 Okay let's do it three more times, roll back out again.
07:25 This is an exercise I do to help people feel
07:28 comfortable on the ball, because a lot of exercises we do
07:30 on the ball, from this position but we have to feel
07:33 comfortable getting there.
07:34 Roll back up again, for some of you at home,
07:35 being on the ball can be very challenging, very different.
07:38 We want you to have fun and feel safe on it.
07:40 One more Time roll back out.
07:45 Excellent how does that feel? Good!
07:46 I'm getting the hang of it.
07:47 You're getting the hang of it.
07:48 Alright let's move onto another exercise.
07:50 This is what we call the ball squat.
07:53 Were going to use the ball to do one of the best
07:55 exercises for your lower body by doing the squats.
07:56 You're going to work your quads, your hams and the glutes.
07:58 Come over, were going to the light on over here.
08:03 Put your back against the wall, have your lower back
08:06 up against the wall.
08:07 I want you to sit down like you're sitting in a chair.
08:10 You complete your hands to the side or hold them here.
08:12 Just go ahead and sit down.
08:15 Now stand back up, now the secret is, sit back down again.
08:18 Now stand back up and walk your feet forward
08:21 just a little bit more.
08:25 Now walk your feet forward from a standup position.
08:27 Now as you sit down, I want that 90° on your legs again.
08:30 Go ahead and sit back down, excellent push back up.
08:33 Now I want you to sit like you're sitting in a chair
08:35 and put your glutes behind you.
08:36 Sit down, right there, and backup.
08:38 Don't exaggerated just sit down like you're sitting
08:41 in a chair, perfect that's good.
08:45 Stand act up and sit down like you're sitting in a chair.
08:47 Right there and backup.
08:49 Push your glutes back behind you, there you go, excellent.
08:52 Let's to 5 more, that's 2.
08:57 Now this is a great exercise to do it at home because you
09:00 can find a simple wall and you should Physio Ball to stabilize
09:05 yourself, you're working your glutes, your hamstrings,
09:08 and your quads and it isn't over all safe way of doing a squat.
09:17 Just do 5 more because these are looking good.
09:19 I know you are feeling them in your legs are you? Yep!
09:21 Okay give me 3 more.
09:26 There you go that's excellent, let's go buddy.
09:28 We are going to do a great exercise for your upper body,
09:32 the push-ups.
09:34 For those of you at home who don't like push-ups,
09:36 this is fun doing it on the Physio Ball.
09:38 I want you to lay on your stomach and roll
09:40 forward on the ball and get your knees on the ball.
09:45 I want you to stop right there on your knees.
09:47 This position right here is an exercise by itself.
09:51 Stabilizing your body on the ball.
09:53 He is working his shoulders, his abdominals, and his lower
09:55 back and having to work is lower region here to stabilize
09:58 the ball and hold the ball in position.
09:59 Now we are going to make it a little harder.
10:01 I want you to go down to a push-up position
10:03 and push back up.
10:05 Give me 12 here, 2, slow 3, 4,
10:11 because if he goes real fast you can lose too much
10:13 momentum and rock yourself off the ball.
10:15 But by maintaining good temple you can control the ball
10:19 and allow your body to work through it.
10:20 How is that feeling? Good!
10:27 Give me 2 more, excellent good job.
10:31 Roll back on the ball again and how did that feel? Great!
10:36 Now when you do that exercise you worked your triceps,
10:39 your chest muscles, and your shoulders were all
10:42 involved in that one exercise.
10:43 Now are you ready for something more exciting? Yeah!
10:45 We'll move on to the next exercise.
10:48 We will bring the mat back out and you can hold
10:49 the ball for me.
10:50 Were going to do on the ball leg curls.
10:56 I want you to lay down your back.
11:02 Put your feet on top of ball.
11:07 With your feet on the ball I want you to relax
11:11 your feet and not press them down, just let the weight
11:15 of your legs stay on top of the ball.
11:16 I want you to lift your glutes up and pull your
11:18 knees into your chest.
11:21 What is going to happen is the bottom of your feet
11:22 will come flat on the ball.
11:24 Bring it in, excellent!
11:27 Back out again, let's knock out 12 here.
11:31 You keep counting and you keep going.
11:33 Now for you people that home I want you to understand what
11:35 is taking place is he is working his hamstrings.
11:37 He is working his abdominal muscles.
11:39 His core from his oblique's have to stabilize the ball.
11:43 Inner and outer thighs of his legs are working to
11:45 keep the ball in place.
11:47 You notice it is challenging for him because nobody is
11:49 helping him, how are you feeling with these?
11:51 Are you feeling your hamstrings. Yeah!
11:53 What number are you on? It's like 10. 10!
11:56 Okay give me 2 more, 11, oops that's okay.
12:01 Just put your feet back on the ball and do one more.
12:04 Beautiful, good job, excellent.
12:08 Hey, there is a portion of our show that I overlooked.
12:14 I apologize for that.
12:16 As we are working with our program here we want to not just
12:20 focus on strengthening our body but we also want to
12:23 condition our heart as well.
12:24 There is something we do called active rest.
12:26 In between are exercises we do something like jumping jacks.
12:30 Jumping rope, but you know what we are going to do today?
12:32 Let's do marching in place.
12:33 Let's just march in place and do high knees.
12:38 Let's go for 30 seconds.
12:42 Now what we are doing here is we are taking advantage
12:44 of time and give our muscles get a chance to rest.
12:47 We are conditioning our heart, doing a heart workout.
12:50 So doing this whole segment of the program
12:52 for 30 minutes, while you are watching us,
12:53 you are actually going to get a great workout.
12:55 Your heart is going to be conditioned and put you in an
12:57 aerobic state, and your muscles are going to be conditioned.
12:59 Were going to get you stronger and your bones stronger.
13:01 It'll make you feel better and work on your posture.
13:05 We have two more seconds.
13:08 Excellent, good job!
13:09 Let's go back to the ball.
13:12 Were going to do trunk extensions.
13:14 Now on this exercise I want you to roll the ball forward.
13:17 Lay on the ball and roll it forward.
13:23 Get your legs a little wider, support yourself.
13:25 I want you to put your arms out in front of you and raise
13:27 yourself up and go back down.
13:30 Stabilize yourself, and go down.
13:34 Your whole body goes down.
13:35 And your whole body is going to come up.
13:37 Lift your arms up, excellent!
13:42 This is working his back muscles.
13:44 His upper back, as he's raising his arms, and his lower back
13:46 working his whole upper trunk area.
13:49 Stabilize yourself by positioning your feet flat.
13:54 Stabilize yourself on the ground they will anchor you down okay.
13:57 Let's do 5 more.
14:03 Now when you are doing these exercises at home,
14:05 you want to do between 15 or 20 reps.
14:08 You will be working on the endurance and strengthening of
14:12 your muscles and this just a good start to work on.
14:19 Let's do 5 more.
14:20 Now once again he is feeling this in his lower back
14:22 and his upper shoulders, and his upper back.
14:31 Excellent, how does that feel? Good!
14:32 Okay roll back out again.
14:34 Let's go back into our jogging place again.
14:36 Let's knock this out again, here we go.
14:39 30 seconds again.
14:49 Does this usually cool you down?
14:51 It's not a cool down we are actually want to get
14:53 ourself up there by being active
14:55 We want to take advantage of time.
14:56 Now were going to go side to side.
15:01 For those of you who have knee conditions,
15:03 find something that works for you.
15:04 You can march in place at a slower temple.
15:06 You can get your arms involved, what you want to do is to
15:09 get your blood flowing.
15:11 Take advantage of this time we call active rest.
15:13 We're being active and letting our muscles rest while
15:16 we keep moving.
15:18 Alright let's go to our next exercise.
15:19 Were going to work on our pelvic thrust.
15:22 Once again sit on the ball and roll on your back.
15:28 Roll all way back out, same way we did before.
15:32 90° again, and this time I want you to drop your glutes
15:37 and keep your head nice and flat, without moving the ball.
15:41 Again, nothing moves on your body, just drop down
15:47 and right back up.
15:54 You see he is breathing heavy right now because it is
15:56 difficult for him, you keep going.
15:59 You never stop, I do all the talking.
16:02 This is working your hamstrings, and your glutes,
16:05 and your abdominal as well.
16:06 The balls are very cool and safe exercise and there
16:09 are so many things you can do on it.
16:11 Keep going.
16:16 How are you feeling? Very good!
16:17 Give me 2 more.
16:19 Excellent good job, rollback up on the ball.
16:21 Let's go back to our active rest again.
16:24 Here we go, let's jog in place again.
16:27 Here we go 30 seconds going.
16:31 So you are a runner right? Right!
16:34 You told me the other day you ran a half marathon?
16:38 How did it feel? Great!
16:40 Did it feel like this?
16:41 Yeah a little more endurance.
16:44 Yeah, but why do you run?
16:48 Body, open your mind.
16:51 How long have you been running?
16:53 I would say a couple of months.
16:55 A couple of months, really
16:56 and you decided to do a half
16:58 marathon? Yep! That's pretty awesome.
17:00 Alright time is up, let's go.
17:05 Some of you at home might say, hey Casio, I've seen those
17:07 Physio Balls before and I didn't know all the cool stuff you can
17:10 do with it, but one thing I have seen is abdominals.
17:12 You see a lot of people use them for abs, so we are going to
17:15 make sure you are going to do them properly.
17:17 Go ahead and have a seat on the ball again.
17:20 This time I want you to roll forward, but this time I want
17:23 you to stop, the only thing touching is your lower back.
17:25 Go ahead and roll back out, right there, excellent.
17:28 Your feet are 90° again, and relax your upper body.
17:31 Put your hands across your chest, now I want you to
17:34 crunch up and back down.
17:41 Now you will notice, if you get a close-up, you will see our
17:44 brother right here, his body is shaking because his
17:47 abdominals are firing right now.
17:49 The position you are in right now allows the abdominal
17:53 muscles to focus on stabilizing your body.
17:55 They abdominal muscles are designed to stabilize us.
17:59 To be able to walk around and to maintain proper posture.
18:02 With this ball it creates an unstable environment and the
18:05 abdominals have to work.
18:07 Let's make it a little harder for you.
18:08 Just reach up and grab a rope, climb a rope.
18:14 This is going to work his upper torso muscles right here.
18:20 It's going to tie-in to all his oblique's.
18:23 How are you doing? I'm feeling them!
18:25 I know you are, I know you are.
18:32 Once again the secret of doing the abs on the ball is
18:35 the positioning of your lower back.
18:36 Now go ahead and set up right here without moving,
18:39 stabilize yourself to keep yourself straight.
18:41 Now hold in that position.
18:44 He doesn't look like he is doing anything, but he is.
18:46 He is working his abdominal muscles and he's using the
18:49 muscles the way they were designed, to stabilize his body.
18:51 Are you feeling them? He's feeling them a lot.
18:55 Okay roll back up.
18:57 Let's do our active rest again.
19:01 Okay lets start marching in place again, here we go.
19:05 Now for some of you at home but say hey Casio, I want to
19:09 do something more challenging.
19:10 You keep marching in place, I'm going to do
19:12 something more aggressive here.
19:14 I'm going to do high knees.
19:21 10 more seconds.
19:29 Excellent, how's that? Alright!
19:34 One more exercise.
19:35 Go ahead and sit on the ball I want you to roll on your back
19:38 and this time we are going to do a balance exercise.
19:42 Stay right in that position right there.
19:43 Now you might want to put your fingertips on the ground.
19:49 You can get help for this by using your fingertips.
19:51 I want you to take your right foot, lift it off the ground
19:57 about an inch and put it back down.
19:59 Now the other leg lift it up and put it back down.
20:02 Now stay flat and you have your fingertips to stabilize you,
20:08 so just use those and go ahead and lift that leg up.
20:12 Now the other leg, I want you to alternate.
20:16 That's a little too high.
20:19 This once again is working his abdominal muscles, his lower
20:22 back, his hamstrings and his glutes.
20:23 It looks very simple, but it is working on his balance.
20:27 We do not want to look over a part of fitness that as you
20:30 get older, or if you get an injury,
20:33 or you have some type of
20:34 condition that your balance
20:36 is very weak at some point
20:37 you need to strengthen your
20:39 balance that makes your
20:40 life much more functional.
20:44 Now once again bring your heels back towards glutes.
20:49 Now keep going.
20:52 I have to watch people because they try to cheat on you.
20:56 Proper form is everything, people.
20:58 I don't care if you don't get the right amount of reps,
21:01 but the key is proper form.
21:02 If you do it properly you will feel the difference.
21:05 You can know when you are not feeling it right, it's when
21:07 you don't feel anything.
21:09 The muscles are supposed to be working,
21:10 but you don't feel it.
21:11 But when you are doing them right you will feel it.
21:14 Okay roll back on top the ball.
21:18 Let's go back into our active rest again.
21:21 Here we go, let's do high knees both of us.
21:23 Ready set go, here we go.
21:25 High knees, 30 seconds.
21:29 Now once again your active rest, even if you are doing
21:33 something at home, you want to do jumping jacks, jump rope,
21:36 get on your trampoline or rebounder, something you have at
21:38 your house that you will enjoy, go ahead and do it.
21:40 Or you can do what we are doing.
21:43 It's perfectly fine with us.
21:44 The goal is just to get your heart rate going.
21:46 Get your body working up a higher metabolism,
21:48 at a higher rate.
21:50 How are you feeling buddy? I'm feeling it!
21:52 You're breaking a little sweat there.
21:53 30 seconds done, excellent.
21:57 So we went over today, we did our transitions on the ball,
22:03 we did our glut squats, we did our pelvic thrust, we did
22:07 our push-ups on the ball, and we did abdominal crunches,
22:11 and you did a balance on the ball.
22:14 Now what else do you think you have to do on the ball?
22:19 Let's focus on what we can do to work more of our upper
22:23 body, go ahead and have a seat here.
22:27 I'm going to run and get our dumb bells.
22:37 Were going to do a shoulder press right here on the ball.
22:42 Now we are using the ball, the ball is being used as a
22:47 bench, so were not using a regular bench.
22:49 The regular bench actually takes away from you where he
22:53 actually has to use his abdominal muscles and his lower
22:56 back muscles to work.
22:58 The ball creates an unstable environment.
23:02 Straight down and straight up. Straight down and straight up!
23:12 Once again you want to keep your reps between 15 to 20.
23:14 That will work on muscle strength and muscle endurance.
23:18 We are trying to figure out ways we can be proactive and
23:21 yet still condition the whole entire body,
23:23 making the whole body better.
23:28 Excellent, good job!
23:30 Let's go back to our active rest again.
23:35 Now I hope you guys are really getting this.
23:38 It is a lot of fun, exercise can be fun and different.
23:42 I want you to see something different and new.
23:44 Let's go back to our active rest.
23:46 Let's do it only 15 seconds this time.
23:47 High knees again.
23:53 Now you keep going, for people at home as part of our
23:56 program we also bring you some wellness tips.
23:59 This is a great part of our show that we get to teach you
24:02 some new stuff that you can apply on the job, at home,
24:06 that really helps you to tie an anchor in what it exactly
24:09 to be active and how it can exactly change my life.
24:13 So check this one out.
24:25 However adults who routinely exercise for longer durations
24:28 and greater intensity levels tend to experience greater
24:32 benefits than those who exercise sporadically
24:35 or less strenuously.
24:41 Well that is wonderful news to learn.
24:43 It is important how active I am, but also the intensity.
24:47 Now it is time for our cool down.
24:48 This is the part of the program were you reward your muscles
24:51 for the hard work they did.
24:52 You give them a little cool down
24:54 and do a nice simple stretch.
24:55 So let me get the mat here.
24:59 We are going to do a few exercises to stretch our lower
25:01 body and then we will do one for our upper body.
25:03 Go ahead and lay down on your back and we will
25:04 do a hamstring stretch.
25:06 Leg straight up, and put your hands back here to support it.
25:09 Hold it right there.
25:10 As you are doing your stretching you never want to jerk
25:13 your muscle, you want to apply consistent pressure.
25:16 Not too much that you feel you have to shake or
25:18 wrestle with your muscles.
25:20 Just hold it, and it takes about 12 seconds for your receptors
25:23 inside your muscles to realize you're not going to do damage
25:25 to it, and it relaxes.
25:27 You are to hold your stretch for 30 to 60 seconds.
25:32 But we are going to move a little faster today.
25:33 Let's go ahead and switch legs.
25:40 If you feel your leg starting to shake, go ahead and reduce
25:44 the angle and take less pressure off the muscle.
25:48 Okay put it back down and let stretch our glutes.
25:51 Put your hand between, and pull it up and this will shoot
25:56 right down here and stretch the glut muscles.
25:59 How are you feeling with that? Good!
26:01 This is one of the favorite ones my clients enjoy.
26:04 Okay lets switch legs.
26:12 Excellent, come on up.
26:14 Now are going to do one for the upper body.
26:17 Were going to work our shoulders.
26:18 Think your arms straight across and hold,
26:20 stretch your shoulders.
26:25 Good, other side.
26:29 Now I want you to imagine if you had the capability your
26:35 car tuned every day.
26:36 Don't you know that would be a well performing machine.
26:40 Exercising tunes up your body on every session.
26:44 A safe bout of exercises improves your body's well-being.
26:49 So perform better with a daily tune-up.
26:52 Start exercising.
26:53 This is Casio reminding you that action is the key for life.
26:57 And it is my prayer that the Lord gives you the strength
27:00 and encouragement to be active every day.


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