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00:31 Hello my name is Casio Jones and
00:33 you are watching Action 4 Life.
00:34 I hope you are ready for a
00:36 great workout today.
00:37 You know, we are going to do your workout day with just
00:39 your body, that is right no exercise equipment needed
00:41 for this workout.
00:42 But first let's check out the story we did at the Mall.
00:45 We actually took footage inside of a vitamin store
00:48 and learned about vitamins.
00:50 Do you know what type of vitamins to take?
00:51 Do you know if you need vitamins?
00:53 Come and check this out!
01:20 We are here in the mall and continuing to talk
01:22 about Mall fitness.
01:23 You know I ate well this morning but I feel like I might
01:28 need some more nutrition.
01:30 The mall is a great place to find some information
01:32 about nutrition.
01:33 I'm here with Aaron and Aaron works in the health food
01:35 store and he is going to help me to pick out a right
01:37 vitamin that we need to add to our regular
01:39 nutritional daily diet.
01:41 So Aaron, tell me exactly, I'm here in your store and
01:44 see a lot of different bottles and so forth.
01:46 How to I know what is the right vitamin for me?
01:48 Well we do have a lot of varieties of multiple vitamins.
01:54 A lot of them are age specific, vitamins for over 50.
01:59 We have vitamins for people with certain health concerns,
02:03 like high cholesterol, blood pressure
02:07 or joint problems.
02:10 We also have vitamins for more active people and more
02:14 general multiple vitamins.
02:15 So it is not just closing my eyes and throwing a dart
02:18 into the store trying to find one?
02:19 They actually design and create these vitamins to take
02:24 care of my specific need, correct?
02:25 Yeah, yeah and we do have associates on hand to help you
02:28 out with whatever questions you might have.
02:29 To get you going into the right direction and give you
02:33 the right vitamin for your needs.
02:34 Now when I was a kid I like Flintstones, but I am an adult
02:37 now and I'm not really into Flintstones anymore.
02:40 Is there something I should look for, like what is
02:42 inside the vitamins?
02:43 Yep, to make sure you are getting a good quality of
02:46 vitamin, you want to make sure that it is USP certified.
02:49 Basically it is tested for its strength and potency and
02:53 that it will break down properly.
02:54 So what is on the label is really inside? Yes!
02:57 Okay, wow, so it's important to be aware of that.
02:58 I imagine, there are some companies out there that are not
03:03 in your well-being but are in it for the money.
03:05 So they will put whatever's hot on the market, the next
03:08 crave of this supplement, or this vitamin has this benefit.
03:12 They always put it right on the label, but it may not be
03:16 really inside the product.
03:17 Exactly, yeah!
03:18 Okay, well thank you so much.
03:20 Aaron I appreciate you time for talking to us.
03:22 Well, no problem!
03:23 The mall has great resources, you can work out, you can
03:28 check on your shoes, and you can find basically health
03:32 products here and a staff that are willing to help.
03:38 Now, wasn't that exciting?
03:39 The Mall, who would think the things
03:41 you can find in a Mall?
03:42 It is so important that vitamins
03:45 be a part of your supplements.
03:47 With me today I have a good friend and were going to do
03:50 a great workout and talk more about vitamins
03:52 during our workout.
03:53 Curtis, How are you doing my brother?
03:54 I'm doing fine, thank you for having me.
03:56 We're going have a great workout today.
03:58 Like we said let's talk about vitamins while we're doing
04:01 our workout with those at home to anchor more things in.
04:03 Now you may have seen Curtis before.
04:05 He is the co-director and has a ministry called
04:09 Abundant Life, correct?
04:10 Abundant living. Abundant living!
04:12 It's full of life too.
04:13 It's for the life but it's also Abundant Living too,
04:16 That's the name of the program.
04:17 My apologies, my apologies.
04:19 Let's remember at home, the point is I want you to do
04:25 your warm-up, so we are going to skip that and go right
04:27 into our workout, but a warm-up, do something like
04:30 jogging in-place, jumping jacks,
04:32 something for 3 to 5 minutes.
04:34 It is a great time while our stories are going on,
04:36 it is a great time for you to warm-up so were you'll be
04:38 ready for our workout.
04:39 Are you ready? Let's do it!
04:40 The first exercise we are going to do Palate squat.
04:44 A Palate squat. A ballerina movement.
04:48 The secret is used to have your feet
04:52 shoulder width apart.
04:53 Your toes are pointing outside and we are going to go
04:56 straight down into a squat and come back up and
04:59 do a side lift.
05:01 Okay watch this.
05:03 Curtis come over in this position.
05:05 I want you to turn this way so the people at home can see
05:07 exactly how we are doing this squat.
05:08 Okay sit down and come back up and lets go up with the
05:14 side lift, there you go back down again.
05:16 Now go down in the squat position again and
05:19 stay right there.
05:20 Now watch this at home people, you can see how Curtis's
05:22 back is nice and straight.
05:23 He is not bending forward like this that places strain on
05:26 his lower back, he's keeping his head in a neutral position.
05:29 His back is straight in line and he is sitting down
05:31 with his squat.
05:32 Go ahead and stand back up and do your side lift again.
05:33 Okay lets to them together.
05:35 Let's get into position.
05:37 Here we go, let's knock out 10 on each side.
05:40 Okay are you ready? Let's go!
05:41 That's 1, right leg to the side.
05:44 Back down, other side that's 1.
05:47 Here we go again 2, 2.
05:54 3, 3, now what this is working
05:59 this is work in our glutes, this is working our
06:02 abductors, the side of our legs, and also
06:04 working or quadriceps.
06:08 What number is that Curtis?
06:10 Ah, about 6! I'm glad you're counting.
06:12 That is what I like about you, you are there.
06:14 Well it could be 5!
06:15 Let's not make it 5 let's do 2 more each leg.
06:20 There is 1, last one!
06:25 Okay! No! Other leg.
06:30 Okay I'll do the last one, how about that?
06:32 Okay, as part of our program, once again, we are going to
06:36 do something called active rest.
06:38 We' re stimulating our muscles, but we also want to do
06:41 something to stimulate our heart.
06:42 So for today's exercise we are going to do side shuffles.
06:44 It is different, Do you play basketball?
06:46 Yes I have!
06:47 Okay it's like you are guarding somebody.
06:49 We get in a squat position,
06:50 like this and do a side shuffle.
06:52 Then we will side shuffle back to the other side.
06:55 Let me get in front of you so we have a range of motion
06:58 for both of us.
06:59 Here we go to the side and we are going to do this
07:01 for 30 seconds.
07:09 This is once again getting our heart up.
07:11 We do some kind of movement to make it fun.
07:14 Exercise should be fun, just moving around.
07:16 I'm having a ball back here Casio.
07:18 You are? You wouldn't believe.
07:20 You are thrilled! Alright, excellent, that is great.
07:25 Now our next exercise were going to do is called
07:29 T push-ups.
07:30 T push-ups? Not just push-ups but T push-ups?
07:33 Yes push-ups are one of the best exercises for your
07:36 upper body, T push-ups add an extra twist to it.
07:38 Okay I want you to lay down right here and I am going to
07:41 show people at home how to do them.
07:43 Get in your normal position and push up.
07:45 Keep your body straight.
07:46 Our hands should be in line with our shoulders.
07:49 Go down to push up and come back up and then take this
07:53 arm, rotate your body and come up here in this position.
07:58 He has turned his eyes to look between his thumb and
08:02 first finger and rotate back down again.
08:04 Back to push up and come and do the other side.
08:11 Go back down again and rotate to the other side.
08:15 One more time on the other side.
08:19 Rotate back over, okay now let's go to work.
08:25 I'm going to show variation.
08:27 I'm going to have Curtis do them on his knees.
08:30 I'm going to do them on my feet.
08:31 So get different shots of this so we can see the
08:34 different very variations of these.
08:35 Okay are you ready? Let's do it.
08:36 Were going to do 10 each side.
08:38 Ready, here we go.
08:40 Down and rotate, there's 1.
08:43 Down and 2.
08:47 Down and 3.
08:56 Down and there's 3.
09:03 So really we are doing 20 reps.
09:05 But we are doing 10 each side.
09:09 How are you doing Curtis? I'm doing just fine.
09:12 Are you keeping count? Yeah that is number 5.
09:16 Here we go, that's 6, and 6.
09:22 Now I am going to come and watch Curtis.
09:24 Now you know is once again Curtis is on his knees to
09:27 make it more modified.
09:28 Some people have a hard time doing regular push-ups,
09:31 this is a great way of reducing the intensity.
09:33 Drop to your knees and do the same position as a push a
09:36 position, but drop your knees down and rotate through.
09:39 Two more left, give me two more.
09:42 How are you feeling brother? I'm just fine.
09:45 I'm pulling and stretching the muscles.
09:49 What he is doing with the push-ups is he is working his
09:51 triceps, his chest, and his shoulders with these.
09:54 This and the last one.
09:56 Here we go let's knock them out again.
10:00 Okay Curtis lets go.
10:01 Okay lets start on the side.
10:04 I'm right behind you. Okay here we go.
10:05 30 seconds, lets go.
10:15 Now for you at home that want to be a little more
10:16 aggressive, you can take it up a notch.
10:19 Watch this, do a little jump at the end.
10:27 It's a little more challenging.
10:28 How's that feel? Do you notice the difference Curtis?
10:32 Yeah, the jump.
10:34 Let's go back without the jump.
10:40 Let's do one more.
10:41 That was a good job.
10:43 Now our next exercise we are going to work
10:46 our upper body.
10:47 Like floor, dip, leg lift.
10:49 I'm going to demonstrated for you first.
10:52 The triceps are going to work and fire from here.
10:55 Hands here and I'm going to lift my body up off the
10:59 ground, with my left leg stabilizing my body.
11:02 I'm going to dip down and press up and leg lift.
11:05 Down, press up, and a leg lift.
11:08 Are you working at triceps?
11:10 You're working at triceps, your quads.
11:12 Am I to be in back of you or what?
11:14 Ah, you can be right there.
11:15 You're going to watch me, huh?
11:17 But what you at home to see this one.
11:19 Are you ready? Yeah!
11:21 Okay go ahead and bend your leg, bend one leg.
11:24 At this leg is going to be off the ground.
11:26 Hold it right there and go down into a dip.
11:29 Press up and put this leg up.
11:31 There you go let's do it again.
11:33 That's 2, 3
11:39 4, 5, I feel that tricep. Your feeling it already.
11:48 6, 7, 8,
11:54 9, and one more.
11:58 Let's go ahead and switch legs.
12:00 How are you feeling brother are you doing alright? Yeah!
12:02 Alright let's try this again.
12:03 I'm going to knock this one out with you.
12:04 Ready here we go.
12:05 Let's go down, up and lift.
12:08 Down, up lift 2,
12:11 down, up lift 3,
12:15 down, up lift 4,
12:18 down, up lift 5,
12:21 down, up lift 6,
12:24 down, up lift 7,
12:27 now what we are working on as well, is our hamstrings on
12:29 our right leg.
12:31 Down, up and lift 10. Beautiful, good job!
12:33 Here we go back or side shuffles again.
12:36 Side shuffle? Yet you know.
12:38 Are we going to do the jump too?
12:40 Yeah let's try the jump.
12:41 Let's make kind of fun. I'll be right behind you.
12:43 Are you ready here we go, 30 seconds.
12:56 Now remember at home if this is a little challenging to
12:58 you, you don't have to do the jump.
13:01 Just do the straight side shuffle.
13:03 10 more seconds Curtis, how are you feeling?
13:06 I'm feeling it, how are you feeling?
13:08 I'm alive, glad to be here jumping my heart
13:10 out right now.
13:12 I can cheat back here.
13:13 I have you on the camera brother, I can watch you.
13:14 Alright that is a good job.
13:17 Can't hide from the camera.
13:19 Alright, here we go our last exercise.
13:21 For this last exercise we are going to do our planks.
13:27 You are going to love the planks.
13:28 I'm going to love the planks!
13:30 Will I love the planks?
13:33 Okay then I may love the planks.
13:35 Let's get the mat out here because
13:38 we will use our elbows.
13:39 That will make it a little more comfortable for people.
13:43 Now if you do not have a mat at home, use your carpet.
13:47 Or something to support yourself.
13:49 Go ahead and get on your stomach.
13:51 That's excellent.
13:53 What I want you to do is bring this elbow right in line
13:57 with your shoulders.
13:58 Now what you up on your toes,
14:01 lift your whole body off the ground.
14:03 Now what he is working here, he is working his abdominal
14:07 muscles, his lower back muscles and his shoulders are all
14:11 involved stabilizing his body.
14:12 If you find this challenging for you right now,
14:15 you can come a little higher.
14:20 For some of you this may be more comfortable.
14:22 It will be okay as you get better.
14:25 Then you can come down to a low position, lower it down.
14:27 Now he is feeling this, aren't you?
14:30 I'm feeling pretty good.
14:31 All right come on up the will do together.
14:34 We are going to do 30 seconds, plank holds.
14:36 Now you at home try to do them where you are for 30 seconds.
14:42 Do your best to keep
14:43 up with us.
14:44 You're going to watch me, you are not going to do them,
14:46 just watch me?
14:47 No you're going on that side and I'm going on the side.
14:50 Alright, 30 seconds, are you ready to do this?
14:52 Yeah! Let's go.
14:53 The clock is starting now.
14:55 Up, so tell me Curtis about the body.
14:58 Well the body sometimes needs some supplication.
15:03 Sometimes people have joint conditions, joint pain.
15:07 glucosamin sulfate is out there and it will help
15:12 tremendously to add to a whole food diet.
15:14 But our goal is getting our nourishment from our foods.
15:18 That is the number one goal.
15:20 And vitamins are just supplements.
15:22 That's what it is, it is a supplement.
15:25 Good job, that was the first one.
15:27 Let's go with our side shuffle again.
15:29 Let's go to work and will start on this side.
15:31 30 seconds, here we go.
15:33 Let's jump again.
15:35 Now remember at home, Curtis you keep jumping, and I will
15:39 show them at home to remember how to do without a jump.
15:43 I jumped on that one.
15:46 You keep jumping, I want you to.
15:47 So we can show different variations.
15:53 Okay now I'm going to jump with you.
15:55 Do you feel more comfortable now? Yeah!
15:58 I don't want to leave you out there because you are
16:00 my wing man.
16:01 I don't want to leave my wing hanging out there?
16:03 I want to make sure you are doing them properly too.
16:04 I've got your back right? You've got my back Curtis.
16:06 That's a good job, it's 30 seconds.
16:08 Now check this out people.
16:10 We went over the squat Palates, we went over our
16:16 T push-ups, we went over our floor abs and triceps
16:23 and leg lifts.
16:24 We did our planks, now are you ready to do it again?
16:27 How much time do we have on this program?
16:29 We have plenty of time.
16:30 Are you sure about that? Yeah!
16:32 Is your heart beating? Yes it is.
16:33 Let's do it, I'm with you.
16:36 If you can do it I can do it.
16:38 You heard that folks.
16:39 Let's go back to our same exercise with
16:42 the palate squats.
16:45 There's down and one.
16:51 Again down and 2.
16:56 3, 3, 4, 4,
17:09 5, feel it in the legs now. Oh yeah!
17:12 6, you feel it right in the glutes.
17:17 7, gluteus maximum isn't it?
17:21 I remember those body building terms.
17:26 9, that was years ago.
17:28 Let's do one more.
17:31 Okay you did 10 and I did 9.
17:33 How about that?.
17:36 That's the thing people at home, do your best.
17:38 If you feel you have to stop,
17:40 listen to your body and stop.
17:41 Our next workout we did was the T push-up.
17:44 Let's get down and do our push-ups.
17:47 Hey, I want you to do me a favor.
17:50 I want you to start a regular push-up,
17:53 and do the best you can.
17:55 When you need to, go down on your knees.
17:56 Okay are you ready? Here we go.
17:58 Down one and rotate.
18:03 Down 1 and rotate.
18:07 Down two and rotate.
18:10 Down 2 and rotate.
18:13 3, 3, 4, 4
18:23 5, 5, okay I'm going down to my knees
18:32 6, 6, 7, 7
18:45 8, 8, 9, 9 that's right people were feeling these.
18:52 This is no make-believe show.
18:55 One more, whoa, good job!
19:05 Let's jump again, go.
19:15 I'm trying to jump with you.
19:30 Five seconds.
19:36 Excellent, good job.
19:37 Oh my, my heart rate is up there.
19:40 You know what, I feel it too.
19:43 Maybe we need to do a little more talking.
19:46 Maybe too much talking.
19:48 These are good workouts, again a modified workout,
19:55 behavior so that you don't overdo yourself.
19:58 The goal is, when you are doing a workout program, you want
20:00 to start with one set.
20:02 The first time you are doing
20:03 something let your body
20:04 acclimate to it.
20:05 Then next week you'd add on
20:07 a second set in the third week
20:08 your third set.
20:10 Now what about water drinking?
20:12 We haven't talked about that.
20:14 That is a very good point.
20:16 As you exercise you always
20:18 want to keep yourself hydrated.
20:19 I wish we had a bottle of water right now.
20:21 Probably before we start it is ideal to hydrate yourself.
20:24 And it is good time to hydrate yourself an hour before
20:28 your workout, to hydrate your system.
20:31 During the workout you want to sip some between.
20:35 Now our next exercise is our push-ups.
20:39 Let's do them staggered so people can see them at home.
20:42 You can go over there.
20:43 We are going to the triceps.
20:48 The triceps and it also works your hamstrings.
20:53 Less go and get a position here.
20:55 We're going down to dip and up and lift.
21:00 Again dip and 2.
21:03 3, 4, a Curtis how long have you been working out?
21:09 5, I start working out in the mid-70s.
21:12 6, so it has been over 30 years ago.
21:15 7, I know things have changed now.
21:18 Here we go it is 8.
21:20 9, I'm feeling it in my triceps.
21:24 Now you are saying something before about people who are
21:30 home might not be in condition.
21:32 In between sets, what we are doing here, we need to take
21:36 an adequate amount of
21:38 rest in between sessions.
21:40 Take deep breaths so you can do the next set and do it
21:42 all the way through.
21:43 The thing of it is it depends on your condition.
21:45 Take your time and listen to your body and don't try to
21:49 do it all at one time.
21:50 We have been doing this a while and are showing them,
21:53 but I want the people at home to take the time.
21:56 Start with one set, watch and learn and listen to
21:59 themselves and take a break when they need it.
22:01 But they can carry on a conversation without
22:03 being overly exhausted.
22:06 Are you ready? Okay lets go!
22:07 By the way that was a break, we took a break.
22:10 If you are home watching you took a break right there.
22:14 Back in position, down and up and lift.
22:18 Again down, and up, and lift.
22:21 This is 2, 3, 4
22:27 5, 6, 7
22:34 8, 9, and 10.
22:43 We are going to skip our active rest and we are going
22:45 to go into our last exercise.
22:47 For those of you at home, so you know what it feels like,
22:49 we are going to go into our next exercise.
22:51 The next exercise we have is our plank.
22:53 Let's get the mat out here again.
22:55 Here we go.
23:03 Again we can do it on the knees or that's an option.
23:06 It's on your toes but it's an option on your knees.
23:08 On this one just hold yourself a little higher.
23:10 Here we go 30 seconds.
23:16 This is really doing the core. Yes!
23:17 We are working our abdominals and our
23:19 lower back on this one.
23:20 You're getting your shoulder worked to because you body
23:22 stabilizing itself here.
23:23 Where the fat is distributed also has the risk of
23:27 different diseases, ? metabolic syndrome,
23:31 waste on your midriff.
23:37 Now how good is your watch, do you have good time?
23:40 It works, it's not a Casio though.
23:42 30 seconds, there we go, good job.
23:44 It goes by quick.
23:49 Now is another component of our show we have what
23:52 we call a wellness tip.
23:53 Right now we are going to take the time and run right
23:56 into our wellness tip so you can learn something more
23:58 that you can apply to yourself.
24:00 Check this out!
24:11 For example, set up an obstacle course in your
24:13 back yard and challenge each other.
24:15 Play a round of tag.
24:17 Reward yourself with a low caloric treat.
24:24 Now I will tell you what is important.
24:26 A family that exercises together,
24:28 is definitely a healthy family.
24:29 That is the thing, exercises should be fun and parents,
24:34 you want to set an example for your children.
24:36 Right now obesity is huge
24:38 in young adults.
24:39 They are saying a generation
24:40 right now is the first generation where the parents are
24:44 outliving their children.
24:45 You mentioned young adults,
24:46 even in childhood, adolescence
24:48 Teens, diabetes, heart disease.
24:50 Now children in their teens are also having diabetes and
24:54 heart disease as well.
24:55 Now we are going to go into our cool down by doing a nice
24:58 stretch, let's get the mat again.
24:59 Go a head Curtis and lay on your back.
25:03 All my back okay.
25:04 You know I'm going to do something we haven't done before
25:06 Go ahead and lay down because I'm going to
25:07 stretch you out brother.
25:08 To reward you from coming here.
25:10 If you have somebody at home can assist you, how does
25:15 this feel? It's comfortable.
25:19 Now you are not going further than that are you?
25:21 Do you feel like this is a safe range?
25:23 You see we are communicating with one another.
25:26 It is the right range for you?
25:28 That's a good range right there, yeah.
25:29 Okay I'm going to grab the other leg.
25:31 Is that stretching those hamstring muscles?
25:32 We're stretching those hamstrings.
25:34 You really need someone to do that because it
25:37 gives it a nice pull.
25:38 It is much different with me stretching and assisting you
25:42 on the stretch then you actually doing it yourself.
25:48 Okay go ahead and cross your leg again.
25:49 I'm going to put this ankle right here.
25:51 But you're leg-back and cross like this.
25:53 Were going to get down to the glutes now.
25:55 Are you feeling that? Yeah!
25:59 We didn't do this one 30 years ago.
26:01 But once again you are doing a stretch and holding your
26:04 stretch for 30 seconds to 60 seconds.
26:06 We are going to go a little faster today.
26:08 And we are going to have a whole segment to explain
26:11 stretching in much more detail.
26:14 Okay, that is a good stretch right there.
26:16 Okay lets go once again over to your side.
26:18 I'm going to do a different one right here.
26:20 This is going to work on opening up your hips.
26:22 It's going to be tight all way up to your shoulders.
26:24 How does that feel? Okay!
26:26 Now let's go on the other side.
26:36 Now watch this one, because you are my friend
26:38 I'm going to help you out on this one by stretching
26:40 your lower back.
26:41 Doesn't that feel great? Oh yeah!
26:48 Excellent, that's a good job brother.
26:50 Come on up.
26:53 Hey Curtis, brother I had a great time with you today.
26:56 Yeah it's been fun.
26:57 I'm going to look forward to is doing some more workouts
27:00 together, alright?
27:01 Maybe we can invite me on your program,
27:03 your show alright?
27:04 Yeah maybe we can work it out.
27:05 I'm needing some new recipes, do you know what I'm saying?
27:07 Your brother likes to eat.
27:08 Well my wife she likes to cook, and I like to eat too.
27:13 Don't we all.
27:14 The word wellness means actually finding balance in your
27:17 life, every problem you have falls in this one area.
27:19 Mind, body, soul, and spirit.
27:21 Trust God and seek His perfect solution from the Bible.
27:24 Live a balanced wellness.
27:25 I'm Casio and I want you to remember that action
27:27 is the key for life.
27:28 Take care and I will see you next time, God bless!


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