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00:30 Hello my name is Casio Jones.
00:32 You are watching Action 4 Life.
00:34 I really hope you are ready
00:35 for special program today.
00:37 We have some exciting exercises,
00:38 some are simple,
00:39 but very affective, but first
00:41 I want you to check out this story we did.
00:43 It was a unique story we did at a fire station and
00:46 talking about hypertension.
00:47 Some of you might home may have it and you might find
00:49 some useful tips here, or maybe somebody at home.
00:52 This is a great time now to do your warm-up.
00:54 Do some full body movement and get ready for
00:56 a good workout when we come back.
00:58 Let's check this out!
01:30 We are here in the West Frankfort fire station.
01:33 We have with us Lieutenant Lemon,
01:35 and we have fire fighter Web.
01:37 We are talking about hypertension.
01:39 We are here in an ambulance, Lieutenant Lemon please
01:44 tell me if you have ever experienced picking up calls or
01:48 receiving calls for hypertension on a regular basis?
01:52 Yeah, we make almost 1500 calls a year.
01:55 A lot of them are related to that and I can tell you
01:58 it doesn't matter if you are big or small, everybody
02:02 suffers from it.
02:03 Typically it is the inactive people.
02:07 Like you said if people aren't moving a lot.
02:10 So being active pays off?
02:13 Especially with hypertension!
02:15 Hypertension is a disease that's one of the top diseases
02:19 we suffer in this country, it's a disease that people are
02:22 not aware they might have it, correct?
02:23 Yeah, but people that are active and are actively taking
02:27 care of themselves, you don't see them in here very often.
02:29 The people who don't take care of themselves or neglect
02:32 check their blood pressure, or manage it,
02:35 they are in this thing quite a lot.
02:37 So it is a payoff, if I move and I'm active, less chances
02:40 I'm going to see inside of an ambulance.
02:42 Yes that is true.
02:43 So those of you who are at home, tomorrow I'm going
02:47 to be more active Casio, what should I do?
02:49 Well the first thing to check with your physician and
02:52 asked them am I okay, in my condition,
02:55 that I could start being physio active?
02:57 Hopefully he will say yes, because what you don't
03:00 want to do is to start an exercise program and your
03:04 blood pressures way out of range and
03:06 you find yourself in this situation.
03:08 We don't want that.
03:10 Now you are saying something about ranges,
03:12 What was that were saying?
03:18 We were trying to determine, because everybody has a
03:20 different blood pressure, we were taught 140/80 is normal.
03:23 Nowadays it seems like the standard the bottom number is
03:26 moving lower, so my question is what is hypertension?
03:31 Hypertension you will find is a restriction of blood
03:36 flow through your vessels.
03:38 What happens is as a plaque builds up on the inside,
03:41 you have this pressure.
03:43 It is like squeezing a hose, you know what I mean,
03:45 when you squeeze the hose?
03:46 You put your thumb on the hose and create
03:47 all this pressure.
03:48 That is taking place inside the body.
03:49 So what you are saying is the lower number,
03:51 according to America's College sports of medicine,
03:53 if you have a 90, we consider that borderline hypertension.
03:58 Or mild hypertension, so really if it mild or borderline,
04:02 you have hypertension.
04:04 So the goal is to be lower.
04:06 I've gotcha, it makes sense.
04:08 Yes, and you know aerobic exercises actually
04:10 shows more benefits then resistant training
04:13 for reducing blood pressure.
04:14 Oh, I did know that.
04:16 So make sure you do some walking or some type of moving,
04:19 that is motion in the rest of your body that your heart
04:22 can get a good amount of intensity.
04:26 So Lieutenant Lemon, thank you so much for
04:29 allowing us to be here. Thank you for being here.
04:31 You have been a good guinea pig fire fighter Web.
04:33 But one more thing, if you don't have access to a blood
04:37 cuff, or you have a medical person in your family.
04:40 You could also come by the fire station, correct?
04:42 The public is welcome to stop by and we will take a couple
04:45 minutes to take your blood pressure, it is no problem.
04:48 And that is something you offer in any county,
04:52 in any city, correct?
04:53 At fire stations! Yeah!
04:55 Yes you can come in.
04:56 So check out your nearest fire station and tell those guys
04:58 thank you for being there for us and supporting us.
05:01 Why you are there, check your blood pressure out.
05:03 Thank you so much! Thank you!
05:04 Now I really hope you found that information very useful.
05:07 You have got to understand
05:09 that hypertension is a disease
05:11 that doesn't give us
05:12 any major signals.
05:14 So if you are out of shape, and you know if you are out
05:17 of shape, you know if you haven't done anything.
05:19 Definitely check with your physician, and definitely
05:21 check your blood pressure from time to time.
05:23 Alright with me today I have a good friend of mine named
05:26 Ben, and Ben is what you call, I just love Ben
05:31 Ben is actually a police officer and also are a part-time EMT?
05:39 I got might EMT license with the firefighters
05:43 in Zeigler Illinois.
05:44 Awesome, so as we were talking about hypertension,
05:47 have you experienced that in real life?
05:50 We are smaller department and we average probably,
05:53 about 300 calls a year and out of those 300 calls,
05:56 about 80% are medical.
05:58 And of those medical calls I would say maybe 1/3
06:01 probably are hypertension.
06:03 So in your own professional experience, if I am active
06:06 there is less chance that I am going to see you?
06:09 Correct! Okay gotcha! Enough said.
06:11 And to get back to our workout today, remember you did our
06:15 warm up during our segment and we did our warm up as well.
06:19 We are going to go right into our workout.
06:21 Our first exercise I am going to demonstrate today
06:22 is called a Pedal Thrust.
06:24 We're going to work our hamstrings and our glutes.
06:26 Are you ready to get started?
06:28 Let me get the mat over here so people at home can
06:31 watch as we are demonstrating how to do this.
06:33 Go ahead and lay down.
06:34 You want me to lay on that?
06:35 Yes I want you to lay on it.
06:36 Put your head here your feet down there.
06:40 It doesn't matter who you are, this is an exercise
06:43 if you are male or female it is a very good exercise.
06:45 You have your back flat against the mat, head it is in
06:48 a neutral position and you can bring your feet
06:50 a little closer together.
06:52 I want you to squeeze your glutes.
06:54 Squeezing your glutes can help position your pelvic and
06:57 help you to get your back nice and flat against the mat.
06:59 Great, that's a nice little trick.
07:00 What were going to do with is, this is a nice book,
07:03 a plug for 3ABN magazine.
07:05 We are going to stick the magazine between your knees
07:08 and squeeze.
07:09 What this is going to do, you can use a magazine,
07:11 or a thin book in between your knees by squeezing an
07:14 holding in the book.
07:15 It is going to activate and fire your inner thigh muscles.
07:19 I want you to lift your glutes off the ground and raise
07:23 yourself up, and drop back down.
07:24 That is it, raise it back up again, and back down.
07:28 Now this is working his hamstrings, this is working his
07:32 glutes, his lower back and his abdominal are all coming
07:36 together to work with this exercise.
07:37 How are you feeling? I feel it!
07:39 Okay back down.
07:40 Let me get myself into position.
07:42 I'm going to do them with you.
07:45 Let's knock out 20 together.
07:49 Squeeze up on one, and back down.
07:52 2, 3, 4,
07:59 I'm loosing my book.
08:01 You have to squeeze your legs tighter.
08:03 If you need to go ahead and adjust it.
08:07 8, 9, 10, now some of you at home
08:14 say that looks easy, but I want to be honest with you,
08:16 you actually feel this.
08:18 This is working your hamstrings, your glutes.
08:20 Are you feeling these Ben? Yeah it is burning a little.
08:22 Exactly, that is what it's going to feel especially
08:24 when you get in the range of the 15 or 20 mark.
08:26 You are really going to start feeling these.
08:28 We are at 17.
08:29 I know I got you brother.
08:33 18, 19, and 20, excellent.
08:35 Good job and come on up.
08:37 Let's get our mats out of the way.
08:40 Once again we do something in our program
08:42 we do something called an Active Rest.
08:44 We find something to get our heart stimulate.
08:46 So we are going to make this program a full body,
08:48 complete condition workout.
08:50 Is that fine with you?
08:51 So what we are going today is we're going to jog in place.
08:53 Alright here we go!
08:54 we are just going to jog in place.
08:55 Now just think when you are jogging or doing any type
09:01 of aerobic exercises, you want to find
09:02 yourself slightly winded.
09:03 We are going to do ours only for like 30 seconds,
09:07 and we have about 20 more seconds to go.
09:09 The concept is to get the blood flowing and
09:12 things moving through.
09:13 Do you want a high step or do you.
09:15 I'm actually jogging I don't know what you're doing.
09:16 I'm jogging.
09:17 I'm lifting my knees up as if I'm jogging,
09:19 but I'm not moving, just jogging in place.
09:21 You don't get anywhere like this!
09:23 No we don't get anywhere like this.
09:24 You look straight ahead and realized it hasn't moved.
09:27 That's okay don't get discouraged you are right there.
09:31 Alright, excellent, good job!
09:32 Let's go to our next exercise.
09:34 We are going to go over to our door and use
09:36 our resistant bands.
09:37 This is an exercise that I like to call them the skis.
09:41 So grab that.
09:42 So imagine you are in a skiing position, right here
09:46 and slightly bend, like you're sitting down.
09:51 Chest straight, back straight, arms straight overhead.
09:56 He is going to bring his arms straight down to his side,
10:00 right back here.
10:02 Good, perfect.
10:03 Now back up again and bring them back down again.
10:06 Now Ben, I want you to bring your chest a little
10:08 closer to the ground, right there, perfect.
10:13 Now stay in that position, arms up and bring them
10:15 back down again.
10:16 Wonderful, and this is working his back muscles.
10:20 Keep your arms straight and go straight down.
10:23 He is also working his abdominal muscles.
10:26 As he is staying in this position,
10:28 a somewhat squat position, his hamstrings are firing,
10:31 his quads are firing.
10:32 Are you feeling them all back there?
10:33 Yeah! You can see his head he is in a neutral position.
10:36 He is not bending at the back, he's keeping his body
10:38 in a nice straight position.
10:39 Alright give me 15.
10:42 13, and you want my arms to come up slow?
10:46 Whenever you use the resistant device, you want to not
10:50 let it control you, you are always in control.
10:53 That helps prevent injuries.
10:54 Let's go back toward jogging in place, here we go!
10:56 30 seconds, are you ready?
10:58 Yep, ready to go!
11:01 Hey were you ever in the military?
11:03 Never put my dad was in the military.
11:05 So you remember hearing them telling they used to
11:07 wake up go marching
11:08 We were near base so we could hear them
11:10 marching down the street.
11:11 I have a lot of respect for the military guys.
11:13 One thing is they are always in shape right?
11:15 Yeah always in shape.
11:16 That is the thing, we are soldiers for the Lord and we
11:18 should definitely find ways to get ourselves in shape so we
11:21 can be effective soldiers to complete God's mission.
11:24 Isn't that important? Yes it is.
11:25 Alright we have four more seconds.
11:26 Excellent, good job!
11:29 Are you ready to work some upper body? Sure!
11:33 The upper body arms? Yeah!
11:36 Hey being a firemen, you get to climb those ladders right?
11:39 Yeah normally but I'm a lieutenant so I don't have to.
11:42 Normally you don't work.
11:43 Well sometimes yeah.
11:44 You tell people what to do. Sometimes!
11:46 Do you remember those days you had to climb a ladder? Yeah!
11:49 Well balance is definitely something you had to do
11:52 climbing ladders.
11:53 With that pack on your back you want to have some balance.
11:57 We are going to do a one legged bicep alternate curl.
12:01 Hang on and let me demonstrate again.
12:03 We want everybody at home to see this.
12:06 We are going to stand on one leg.
12:07 Neto come in here so people can see this.
12:09 You're going to stand on one leg and he is bouncing around
12:14 because this is difficult to stand on one leg.
12:15 If you find it is hard you can put your toe down and
12:18 don't put a lot of weight on it.
12:20 You want to place the emphasis on his left leg.
12:25 Your body is nice and straight and we are going to alternate
12:27 curls, elbows to the side and rotate palms away from you.
12:29 Were going to do a curl one arm at a time.
12:32 Come all the way up and alternate.
12:35 Wait for it to come all the way down and when it is down,
12:38 the other one goes up.
12:40 So you can say I'm going to wait for it to come back home,
12:42 come back home and now you do to the other in arm.
12:45 And were going to do, basically, only 10 each arm.
12:50 How are you feeling? It feels good!
12:54 It is my turn move over.
12:57 Alright let's start with our left leg on the ground,
13:00 let's curl them up.
13:01 1, 2, 3, 4,
13:09 5, 6, 7, 8,
13:17 9, keep your body straight and 10.
13:21 Go ahead and switch legs.
13:23 We are going to stand on our right leg.
13:24 Alright 1, 2, 3,
13:30 4, 5, 6, 7,
13:38 8, 9, and 10. Excellent!
13:46 Let's go back to active rest brother.
13:48 Now I want you to do your knees high and I am going to
13:52 show you a modification at home.
13:53 Just stepping, if it's too hard to get your legs that high,
13:58 just step them out.
14:03 Move your arms in a natural motion like you are jogging.
14:05 This will give you upper body movement and will still
14:08 be challenging for your heart and get your blood
14:10 flowing through your whole body.
14:13 Still high steps? You're done!
14:15 Okay the next exercise we are going to do in this set,
14:19 is we are going to workout abdominals and we will use
14:23 the Physio Ball.
14:24 Let's get the mat over here and you bring your ball Ben.
14:28 Let's get you into position.
14:30 I want your head there and feet down there.
14:32 I don't need a book this time do I?
14:37 No actually what you are going to do is grab the ball
14:40 with your legs.
14:42 You have to get a good grip by either squeezing your
14:45 heels into the ball.
14:47 If the ball is too big you can grab on the outside
14:49 and squeeze that way.
14:50 What we are going to do is use the ball as our resistance.
14:53 We are going to bring our knees into our chest.
14:55 You can put your hands down.
14:57 Once again squeeze your glutes and that will help get
15:00 your back in a nice position.
15:01 Your head is resting.
15:03 Bring your knees in, here we go.
15:04 There is one, that is how simple it is.
15:06 Bring it back up again, 2.
15:07 Now, you notice how the Ben is resting his ball back
15:11 on the ground, which is okay.
15:12 If that is what you need to do.
15:13 To make it a little bit more challenging,
15:14 don't touch the ball on the ground.
15:17 Alright ready? There's 1, don't touch,
15:19 there's 2, what that is doing is placing a lot of stress
15:22 all those abdominals.
15:24 The abdominal has to stabilize and the deceleration of
15:25 his legs is coming down.
15:26 That means the old babies are working, they don't
15:28 get a chance to rest, they are constantly firing.
15:30 Are you feeling those? I let it down when you were talking.
15:33 Yeah I noticed that. Here I go!
15:37 Are you ready to have some fun brother?
15:39 Let's do it.
15:41 Let's knock out 15. 15! 15 sounds good to me too!
15:48 1, 2, 3, 4,
15:56 5, 6, 7, 8,
16:03 9, 10, five more.
16:08 1, 2, 3,
16:13 4, the last one, and 5.
16:15 Excellent, good job!
16:17 This is a cool looking device, the Physio Ball.
16:20 There is so many things you can do with them.
16:24 I suggest that people learn the exercises
16:27 and continue to have fun.
16:30 Are you ready to jog in place? Ready!
16:42 I'm starting to get winded now!
16:44 Ben, that's what it's all about brother.
16:45 I like that, that's the thing, you look at these
16:48 exercises and say wow, this is simple.
16:50 If you are at that level that this is a little too
16:53 simple for you, you can always take a higher vantage
16:56 point, because it is always challenging.
16:57 Is always good to mix up your workout with some high
17:00 tense, some moderate tense.
17:04 Good job, 30 seconds.
17:06 Good job, get some water!
17:11 Like I always said before, hydrate yourself.
17:13 Water is what your body needs, if your body
17:16 asks for it, give it to it.
17:17 The rule of thumb is you can drink an ounce of water
17:25 for every 10 pounds of body weight.
17:27 So if somebody is 150 pounds, they want to drink 15 ounces
17:30 of water an hour to two hours before they do a workout.
17:34 And sip some water in between.
17:35 If you have any questions, and you say hey Casio,
17:39 I had this situation, or have that and want to learn more
17:44 about this product or what you guys are doing.
17:46 Go ahead and send us an e-mail at:
18:02 Are you ready to get going again brother?
18:04 Let's do it!
18:05 Let's grab our mats and get them in position.
18:08 Let's turn them this way.
18:12 Once again lay on your back, head down there.
18:14 You want my head down there, no of your feet, I said that.
18:17 We'll just switch it up.
18:19 I'm glad you are paying attention.
18:21 Put your knees together, now please keep the book in one
18:24 place, and you will find this very hard because you are not
18:28 focusing on lifting your glutes up off the ground.
18:30 You are not maintaining the contractions so squeeze that
18:33 knee, that is why the book is there to have that visual
18:36 contact with what is going on between your knees.
18:38 Squeeze them together and that's going to fire those
18:40 inner thigh muscles.
18:41 We get more bang out of this exercise.
18:42 Here you go.
18:47 Let's knock out 20 1, 2, 3,
18:54 4, 5, 6,
18:59 7, 8, 9,
19:05 10 and 1, 2,
19:11 3, 4, 5,
19:18 6, 7, 8, 9,
19:24 and 10. Excellent, good job!
19:26 Let's go, jog in place brother.
19:31 Are you ready? I'm ready!
19:33 Let's go 30 seconds, let's knock it out.
19:38 You know when you are jogging in place and you have some
19:42 Windows to look outside, imagine yourself running in the
19:47 Woods and having a good time.
19:49 Or are watching the show! Or watching the show.
19:51 But watch the show and realize that you are
19:54 having a good time.
19:55 But I want you to have a good time.
19:57 You better be having a good time.
20:05 Good job, now let's go to the back and work
20:07 on those skis again.
20:08 Have you ever went skiing before?
20:10 No I'm clumsy on my own skis.
20:12 That's scary, that's scary.
20:14 Well getting your slightly squatting position.
20:17 Arms out there in front of you.
20:19 Have a straight back in the arms in front of you here.
20:22 Set your glutes down a little more, right they are perfect.
20:26 Head in a neutral position.
20:27 From here you are going to put your arms straight down.
20:28 Okay go get them.
20:30 Good comeback up.
20:31 You can bring your chest closer to the ground more.
20:33 There you go, that's perfect.
20:35 Let your arms come up a little higher.
20:36 Perfect come on down, arms of higher, higher, higher.
20:41 You see that full range of motion right there?
20:43 People that is a complete angle and the one we want to
20:45 shoot for, right there.
20:46 Full range of motion, let that lats work.
20:51 Do you want to stop at 12?
20:53 Yeah 15 or whatever we did last time.
20:56 Let's do 15.
20:57 I guess I had a little mercy on him, I will apologize.
21:02 So is what you are telling me is that I am making this
21:05 too easy for you Ben?
21:06 Oh no, no, no, we're had a good workout.
21:12 Now once again his abdominals are firing, his low back,
21:16 his glutes, quadriceps, are all involved in this exercise.
21:21 How are you feeling? I feel good.
21:23 I lost count.
21:24 What number are we on? Alright gives me one more.
21:28 Beautiful, that's a good job.
21:30 Let's go back to our active rest again.
21:34 30 seconds, high knees.
21:35 Jump in place, ready, go.
21:37 Now once again I am going to do a low intensity.
21:40 Move your arms back and forth.
21:42 Anytime you feel yourself getting lightheaded, or dizzy,
21:46 were tired, just go ahead and stop and take a break.
21:49 Then picked up and jump back in the workout with us
21:52 when you're able to.
21:53 And if you say hey Casio I did one set with you guys,
21:56 and that was enough, then okay stop take your pen out
21:59 and start writing these exercises so you can do
22:01 them again next time.
22:02 I always want you to keep trying and do your best.
22:05 Listen to your body.
22:06 Good job man, that's it.
22:09 How are you feeling brother? I feel good.
22:10 Let's grab our dumb bells and do one leg curls.
22:13 One leg alternate curls.
22:14 We are going to put our left leg on the ground.
22:16 I need both of them.
22:17 Yeah both of them.
22:20 Our left leg on the ground and our right
22:22 foot off the ground.
22:23 We are ready to start with the right arm up and curl.
22:25 1, 2, 3, 4,
22:32 5, 6, 7
22:38 8, 9, 10,
22:45 last one and we will go ahead and switch legs.
22:47 Right leg on the ground left foot off the ground.
22:50 1, 2, I can actually feel in the arch of my foot.
22:54 3, yes what is taking place, 4, all the ankle muscles,
22:57 all the muscles in your foot, are actually firing to
23:01 help stabilize you.
23:05 9, one more, 10.
23:08 That is what makes this exercise very unique is because
23:11 you are not just working your biceps.
23:13 You are working on your balance and those muscles are
23:15 involved every time you take a step, every time you walk
23:17 upstairs all those muscles need to be conditioned.
23:19 Are you ready to jog in place? Ready Go!
23:36 Alright Ben, I want you to go back and lay on your back.
23:37 I want you to do the last of the knee ups.
23:39 Okay lets get in position because I want people at home to
23:42 go ahead and continue on with this exercise because we are
23:46 going to go into a nice cool wellness tip.
23:51 Alright those of you at home go and check out this cool
23:53 wellness tip we have going for you right now.
23:55 Let's check this out.
24:14 Engage in regular physical activities such as walking,
24:17 cycling, or aerobics to experience the benefits.
24:22 That is right, hypertension is definitely a disease
24:26 that we want to pay attention to.
24:27 If you know anybody in your
24:28 family, or if you may have
24:30 the condition, I advise you
24:31 to go out and seek
24:33 professional help, but also start moving.
24:35 There are huge benefits there.
24:36 I had a great workout today and I hope you did it home.
24:38 Ben did you have a good one? I'm a little winded.
24:40 Your winded, that's what I like about it.
24:42 So are you ready for some cool down? Absolutely!
24:46 Let's get our mats to get in position here.
24:48 Were going to do a nice little stretch.
24:54 Head down there, same spot head down.
24:56 Let's go right into a cross knee, cross our knee
25:00 right there and we are going to do a little stretching.
25:04 I want you to push, on this knee away from you.
25:09 This is going to open up your hips.
25:11 Are you feeling that right there? Yeah!
25:15 You are short. Short arms long legs!
25:21 Go ahead and switch legs.
25:24 Push down away from you.
25:33 Good now I want you to flip on your stomach.
25:38 And what you can do is put your elbows on the ground,
25:40 no, elbows underneath you.
25:42 I want you to push yourself up on your elbows.
25:49 Push-up your hands because were going to
25:52 stretch your abdominals.
26:00 Okay good, excellent flip over.
26:03 I want you to lay on your back and bring both knees
26:06 into your chest, put your hands behind.
26:11 You can put your hands right there or you can put your
26:12 hands on the top.
26:15 Now when you are doing your stretches, at the start of
26:18 your stretches hold them for 10 seconds up to one minute.
26:21 It depends where you are and how flexible you are.
26:23 Start off doing it, that is the most important thing.
26:26 Try incorporate stretching into your daily program,
26:29 and your aerobic workout routine.
26:31 Okay lets stand up.
26:36 Let's go ahead and do our bicep one again.
26:43 Do you feel that right there? Oh yeah it feels good!
26:48 You stay right there and I'm going to close this out.
26:51 Do you wonder why people think exercising is fun?
26:55 Well join in and see for yourself.
26:57 The feeling you get after completing a bout of exercise
27:00 and overcoming the temptation to quit gives you
27:03 a sense of victory.
27:04 Who doesn't like to win?
27:05 Thanks be to God who gives us the victory in Christ.
27:09 This is Casio reminding you that action is
27:12 the key for life.
27:13 It is my prayer that the Lord will give you strength,
27:15 and encouragement to take action every day.
27:19 You know what? Don't have any excuses,
27:22 find a way to get it done.
27:23 I thank you for watching and I will see you next time.
27:26 God bless, Bye-bye!, and keep flexing.


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