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00:31 Hello my name is Casio Jones.
00:33 And this is Action 4 Life.
00:34 Do you know that some of
00:36 you viewers at home said
00:37 that breakfast is the most
00:38 important meal of the day?
00:39 It is, but do you really know what is in your breakfast?
00:43 We are going to check out the story we did here and I want
00:45 you to take this time now to do a nice little warm-up
00:47 before we go into our program today, our workout today
00:51 Use the time to do some jumping jacks, run around your
00:54 coffee-table, chase your kids, or do something like that.
00:57 But let's go and check this out first.
01:27 We're back from the grocery store, Christine and myself.
01:29 We are going to continue to talk about breakfast.
01:32 Is that cool? Um Humm!
01:33 Our breakfast choices.
01:34 Now Christine, with my clients I always try to explain
01:38 to them this cute little story.
01:39 Imagine yourself on a boat, and your boat is,
01:42 you start off with this nice little speedy boat but over
01:45 the years you started taking in water.
01:47 You take in water to the point where you start to feel a
01:50 little sluggish and you almost end up sinking.
01:54 I'm sure some of you at home might feel that way,
01:56 the way you are right now.
01:57 So tell me what be the first you would want to do,
02:01 if you had a boat that was taking in water,
02:03 What is the first thing you would do?
02:04 I would say plug the hole.
02:06 Plug the hole, well that is the correct answer.
02:09 But most time people will say, I just want to remove the water.
02:12 But it is important, you need to control what is going in
02:15 before you can move what you have inside.
02:17 It's a very good point.
02:19 So we are going to talk about breakfast and you remember
02:22 some of the choices we have.
02:23 Let's just talk about sugar once again.
02:27 People are very unaware, I remember back in the 90's
02:30 we had this fat free craze.
02:33 Everything was like, I can eat that because it says it's
02:35 fat-free, I'm going to eat that because it's fat-free.
02:37 We started noticing that people were still gaining weight.
02:40 They are still overweight people and everything is fat-free now.
02:43 But it was not just the fat it was also the sugar.
02:47 It was the fact that some of our foods we are eating are
02:51 processed foods was actually causing the blood
02:55 sugar to go up.
02:56 They might eat it because it doesn't say a whole lot
02:58 of sugar, but how it converts in the body affects.
03:01 We want to point out that sugar is very important, pay attention
03:05 to how much sugar you are putting in, because we are
03:07 plugging our hole.
03:08 You need to be aware of what you're putting in.
03:10 Here, let's talk about our cereal.
03:13 Let's talk about this one.
03:14 This on has 1 cup, a serving size, it has 19 g of sugar.
03:20 Well I don't know about you, but that's 1 cup of bran cereal
03:28 that won't last long.
03:29 Won't last long! I'm sure you guys at home don't eat that
03:33 much, you eat about this much.
03:36 Which is about 3 cups, so that is close to 60 g of sugar.
03:43 This right here! So we are going to add some soymilk.
03:46 Soymilk has 7 g and 1 cup is a serving size.
03:52 So let's pour in 1 cup.
03:59 I don't know about you, but I don't like my cereal dry.
04:02 It looks dry to me!
04:04 Let's just add another cup.
04:10 It's suppose to float a little bit.
04:12 There you go now that's more like it.
04:14 So we added another 14 g of sugar.
04:20 So if you think about it, the serving size that was
04:24 recommended on the box as 1 cup, and one cup serving size of
04:29 soymilk is equivalent to 26 g of sugar.
04:35 Which is about that much.
04:38 That looks like a lot.
04:41 It does!
04:42 Would you like to throw that in your mouth and eat that?
04:43 No! Not really would you? No!
04:46 But you are eating the cereal so let's get real again.
04:48 I'm not eating that little amount, I'm eating this much.
04:53 So now I went from a whopping 26 g of sugar, to a whopping
04:58 71 g of sugar.
05:00 That's incredible! That's just one meal.
05:02 Isn't that amazing That's outrageous!
05:07 If my kid was here, I'm sure he would be in heaven with all this
05:10 sugar, like I'm sure your kids at home would too, but
05:13 nonetheless we are giving them something we consider as healthy
05:17 But yet it can still be destructive to us.
05:19 So we need to pay attention to what we put in our mouths,
05:22 shouldn't we? Absolutely!
05:27 Wow, that's a nice twist to you are what you eat.
05:31 I mean being sweet is a good
05:34 thing, but having to much
05:36 sugar can definitely be a bad thing.
05:37 So it is very important to understand what you are
05:39 putting in, read your labels and and pay attention to
05:42 the serving sizes and you will understand just
05:44 how much you are putting in.
05:45 Now I'm really ready to get at my workout.
05:46 You went through your warm-up like we did our warm-up.
05:49 With me, today, I have my friend Lynne.
05:51 Lynne, how are you doing?
05:52 I'm doing good. Partner in crime.
05:54 Let's do a good workout
05:55 and our first exercise for
05:56 today we are going to do our
05:58 incline rolls.
05:59 Lynne is going to go ahead
06:00 and use the bench.
06:02 I want you to get in position here Lynne.
06:05 Neto, come in here so people can see exactly
06:07 why we call it an incline roll.
06:08 She is in an incline position and she is going to pull
06:12 her arms back towards her.
06:14 This is going to work her back muscles, go back down again.
06:16 And pull, this is working her lat muscles.
06:19 Now if you don't have an incline bench, I'm going to use
06:26 the Physio Ball.
06:30 Are you ready? I'm ready!
06:31 I'm going to use the Physio Ball and let's knock out 12.
06:37 Here we go, that's 1, 2, 3,
06:44 4, 5, 6, working all those back muscles.
06:52 To help you stand straight.
06:57 There you go, that's 10, 2 more.
06:59 11, 12, excellent good job.
07:07 Now Lynne, you know what? Active rest!
07:10 A part of our program is what we do, taking time to do
07:12 something a little different.
07:14 We have worked our muscles and now we are going to do
07:16 something a little more challenging.
07:18 Normally we do some type of aerobic type of movement,
07:22 but this time we are going to focus on stretching.
07:23 We're going to do a various number of poses that's
07:27 going to open up our body and allow good airflow.
07:30 It will stretch our body.
07:32 Challenge our balance! Yep, challenge our balance
07:34 a little bit.
07:35 We are going to stop forward with our right leg.
07:37 We are going to stick our left arm down here.
07:43 And stick our right arm back up in the air and turn our head
07:47 and look between our fingers.
07:52 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,
07:58 7, 8, 9, 10,
08:02 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, excellent!
08:10 Now we will do the other leg, we don't want to walk
08:13 around looking funny people.
08:14 We have to do the other side.
08:15 Left leg forward, right hand down and rotate to the
08:22 other side, once again turn your head and look in the
08:30 V of your hand.
08:34 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10,
08:38 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, excellent good job.
08:44 That was an exercise for you right there.
08:48 Now for our next exercise that we are going to work
08:53 on is our tie shoe, I love tied shoe.
08:58 Well have you ever had to get down and tie your shoe?
09:03 Sure you have this is natural.
09:05 Watch, this is going down and coming back up.
09:08 I'm going down and tying my shoe and come back up.
09:11 Some of you may have Velcro, do Velcro, go down.
09:14 Velcro snap, snap and come back up.
09:16 What we are doing is making a natural movement that
09:19 we normally do, but this is called an exercise.
09:21 A functional exercise means doing something that is real
09:26 life, and you can apply it to every day living.
09:28 It's an exercise that makes you better, more efficient,
09:34 and functional in everyday society.
09:37 What we are going to do is,
09:38 I'm going to grab my dumb bells.
09:39 Let's put our right foot forward, we are going to make
09:43 this a little more challenging.
09:44 Because this is Action 4 Life.
09:45 So when we come back up we're to do our shoulder press
09:48 up and use our dumb bells with it.
09:50 Let's go down, tie your shoe, come up and press, 1.
09:55 Tie your shoe come up and press, 2.
09:59 Tie your shoe come up and press, 3.
10:03 Tie your shoe come up and press, 4.
10:07 Now what we are working as we are tying our shoes,
10:09 my right leg I am pushing off and my foot is
10:12 flat on the ground.
10:13 I am working my glutes, my quadriceps, and my hamstrings
10:17 with this exercise.
10:20 Are you feeling them Lynne? I'm feeling it!
10:24 One more, alright! Beautiful, good job!
10:28 Switch legs, and here we go, let's go down.
10:40 Alright Casio what can I do to modify this?
10:42 How can I make this a little easier?
10:43 What you can do is, as you are going down without
10:46 the dumb bells, bend as far as you can go and come
10:48 back up, and use your arms.
10:50 Bend down as far as you can go and use your arms.
10:53 If you need to you can make yourself a little wider
10:55 stance, and stop here, and push back up.
10:59 What number is that? That's good!
11:04 She said if you're stopping I'm stopping.
11:06 Okay I'll let you have that one.
11:12 Let's get back into our pose again.
11:13 We will put our right foot forward again.
11:15 And left hand down and we are going to rotate to
11:19 our right with our arm up in the air and turn your
11:23 head and look where you make the V. in your hand.
11:26 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 5 more.
11:33 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Go ahead and switch sides.
11:41 Right arm down and rotate over, 1, 2,
11:46 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,
11:50 8, 9, 10, and 5 more.
11:54 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
11:58 Excellent, good job.
12:02 We're going to call this a modified Russian twist.
12:05 Get in your position on the ball because I want
12:09 the people at home to see this.
12:10 Use your Physio Ball and roll out into position.
12:13 A normal position as a plank position.
12:15 Our feet are 90° making an L-shaped.
12:18 Her head is in a nice position on the ball.
12:20 She's putting her hands together.
12:22 What this exercise is going to work is your midsection,
12:24 right here and here's the secret.
12:26 It is like you are going to dip your shoulder into the
12:30 ball and rotate the upper torso and back to the center.
12:36 And lets do the other side, and back toward the center.
12:39 You notice her lower body is staying stationary.
12:41 The upper body is rotated.
12:43 It is almost like a Russian twist.
12:47 And you do feel this?
12:49 You definitely feel it in your oblique's right here.
12:52 Alright you can't have all the fun.
12:54 It's my turn and I'm going to join you.
12:56 I'm going to do it on this side.
13:04 Let's go towards the right side.
13:09 Set go that's 1, 2
13:20 now as you are doing this exercise it's so important
13:24 to maintain control, because when you get momentum going,
13:28 what you will find that you will lose control.
13:31 You can lose your balance and you will fall off the ball.
13:34 We don't want that to happen.
13:40 How are you feeling there Lynne? Good I'm concentrating.
13:42 I'm moving around a little bit.
13:50 Okay one more.
13:55 And lets roll back up on the ball.
14:00 Okay lets to a different pose this time, Alright!
14:03 We're going to do a pose, what do we call this one?
14:06 It's like you're sitting in a chair!
14:08 Let's go with that one, it's like sitting in a chair.
14:11 So why don't you turn to the side and let the
14:13 people at home see that one?
14:14 We are in a squat position like we're sitting in a chair.
14:17 Both arms are going to raise up.
14:20 You notice the angle of her body.
14:22 Arms in a straight line with the torso of her body.
14:25 Nice and straight v-line right there.
14:27 Are you ready? I think you need to get in the chair!
14:32 Oh you are so demanding.
14:34 Here we go its knock it out.
14:36 I'm not sitting in a chair by myself.
14:37 Do you want to count down the time you've been
14:40 sitting in your chair?
14:41 This is a partner work out.
14:42 No actually this is position that we used to do an
14:45 assessment to test somebody's range of motion and
14:49 their anatomical position so this is a good pose we use.
14:53 Let's you know what range of motion you are.
15:00 That was good wasn't it.
15:01 People at home we are working out.
15:04 You didn't turn the channel
15:06 by mistake you are actually
15:08 seeing two people work out and where are here to be
15:10 examples for you to show you how we do things.
15:12 Now, we have one more to go.
15:14 One more tricep kickback. One more tricep kickback!
15:18 The secret to doing a tricep kickback is that you
15:21 want to find yourself in a position, like the position
15:24 we were before, and our elbows can stay in one spot.
15:26 You're going to let your elbows stay in one spot, do not move
15:29 your elbows, move in your wrist and lift straight back.
15:36 You don't want to bend those wrist keep them straight.
15:42 Are you ready to start counting? Ready!
15:45 Are we going to 10 or 12? 12!
15:46 Lets to 12, ready!
15:48 1, 2, this is a great exercise for girls, no flabby arms.
15:52 3, 4, no flabby arms.
16:02 No flabby arm shows work those triceps.
16:07 One more, beautiful, good job!
16:10 Very good job Lynne, awesome!
16:12 Let's go back toward pose again, ready, here we go.
16:19 You are counting right? Yeah I have the clock going.
16:25 Good because my legs are going to be burning.
16:30 10 seconds ago, are you alright? I'm doing great.
16:33 Yeah, yeah, we are in this pose and our legs are firing
16:36 our back is firing, our arms are firing and you can try
16:39 this at home and say while this is an active rest.
16:42 I think it's work. That is work!
16:43 Let's get some water.
16:53 For those of you at home if you are doing a workout
16:54 with us and you feel like you
16:55 need to take a break, go
16:57 ahead, sit down and catch
16:58 your breath and jump back
17:00 in when you can.
17:01 The important thing is to pay attention to your body.
17:03 As you're doing this it becomes a learning process
17:05 and you're going to learn your body.
17:06 If you feel dizzy take that break and then
17:09 jump back in with us.
17:10 Now you have any questions about anything you see,
17:13 or want to learn something or submit us a question,
17:16 please do and you can send to:
17:29 Let's get back to work.
17:31 Are you ready for another round?
17:32 Straight from the top girl!
17:33 Let's go, I'm going to use the ball again.
17:36 She is going to use the incline bench.
17:38 I'm going to do my incline rolls.
17:42 Knock them out, 12? Ready!
17:44 Here we Go, 1, 2,
17:47 you notice my foot, you can't see the position,
17:49 of my foot, so they can't see this.
17:51 I have to spread my legs wide and am holding my toes
17:54 wide so I can anchor myself down.
17:58 You could also, if you are next to a wall,
18:01 you can put your feet up against the wall.
18:04 Just find some stabilizing.
18:06 Is there 2 more.
18:08 You done a good job.
18:18 Let's go back toward pose again, are you ready?
18:23 Right arm down and rotate that head.
18:25 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,
18:31 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
18:37 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
18:42 Beautiful, let's switch sides.
18:48 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,
18:52 6, 7, 8, 9, 10,
18:58 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
19:03 You know what? Education is a gifting isn't it?
19:06 Absolutely, knowledge is power.
19:08 Because I can count to 15.
19:10 Here we go, we are going to move on and do tie our shoes.
19:13 Grab a dumb bell, my first grade teacher's going
19:17 to be so proud.
19:19 Ready to go down? Here we go.
19:21 1, 2, remember this is a movement that you are very
19:29 familiar with, 3, 4,
19:37 5, 6, 7, 8,
19:49 9, 10, go ahead and switch legs.
19:58 1, 2, 3, 4,
20:10 5, 6, 7, 8,
20:23 9, 10, beautiful, good job.
20:34 Let's go back to our balance pose.
20:37 15 seconds each side.
20:40 Left arm down and rotate over.
20:43 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,
20:47 6, 7, 8, 9, 10,
20:52 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, beautiful, let's come back up.
20:58 Let's switch legs, right arm down, and rotate over.
21:02 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,
21:07 6, 7, 8, 9, 10,
21:12 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, wonderful!
21:18 Man I do feel like were doing active rest.
21:22 We are doing active rest.
21:25 We are going to get our ball.
21:27 Were going to do our Russian rotation.
21:32 OK rotate to the right first, here we go.
21:39 1, 2, 3,
21:51 4, 5, 6,
22:03 7, 8, 9,
22:14 10, and rollback on your ball.
22:21 Lets do our pose for 5 or 10 seconds.
22:25 We are going to run out of time before the break.
22:28 So here we go, let's hold.
22:30 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
22:34 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.
22:39 Beautiful, I still felt that!
22:41 Alright the last exercise, once again we are going
22:44 to do our kickbacks.
22:46 Now remember we are working our muscle right here,
22:48 the back of your arm.
22:49 Lots of my clients always complain about that area.
22:52 Here we are, let's do our kickbacks.
22:55 1, 2, 3, let's keep our wrist straight.
22:59 4, 5, 6, 7,
23:05 8, you never let the weight control you, you control it.
23:09 9, 10, excellent, good job.
23:16 Let's get to our pose once again.
23:19 10 seconds! Ready, ready let's go.
23:21 Hold it, 1, 2, 3,
23:25 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
23:29 9, 10, 11, 12, 13,
23:35 14, 15, 16, 17, 18
23:47 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 very good.
23:55 That's the best part, you have a partner
23:56 you are working with.
23:57 You'll push yourself a little harder.
23:59 Let's check out this wellness tip.
24:08 Women gaining more than
24:14 To reduce this risk avoid gaining more than
24:16 15 pounds after age 18.
24:20 Hey, once again it is so important to understand your
24:22 body, realizing that if you carry extra body weight
24:25 it increases the risk of some kind of disease.
24:28 It doesn't make you feel good, sluggish, right?
24:31 It's on your heart.
24:33 So it is so important to try to keep your body in an
24:35 appropriate range for your
24:36 height and rate for your age.
24:38 I ready to cool down, are you ready to cool down?
24:40 I'm ready! we had a good workout today.
24:42 My whole body is feeling it.
24:43 Let's do our first one, we're going to stretch our back.
24:48 You're going to clasp your hands
24:51 Stretch out forward and hold.
24:57 What this is doing, turn to your side.
25:00 This is stretching all the back muscles right through
25:02 here, she is in a neutral position with her lower back.
25:04 And she stretching out forward.
25:07 Do you feel will stretch out there? Yeah!
25:10 I'm feeling that stretch too! Ha! Ha! Ha!
25:12 The next we have is the shoulders.
25:17 What we are going to do with this one is very different.
25:19 We are going to put our hand behind your back like this.
25:22 And we are going to tilt our head in the opposite
25:26 direction, going towards your fingers and lean.
25:29 You can feel the stretching all through here.
25:33 Although way down to your shoulders.
25:35 Are you feeling that Lynne? I'm feeling it!
25:37 You know some of us are a little tighter than others
25:39 in this room.
25:41 So some of us feel that a little bit more.
25:44 Am I saying what I'm saying? I got it!
25:46 Okay lets to the other side.
25:49 Tilt to the other side.
25:51 You know a lot of people carry stress through their
25:54 neck and shoulders anyway
25:56 and this is a really good
25:57 exercise stretch to release
25:59 some of that.
26:01 That is right, it does.
26:02 How long do you hold your stretches for?
26:03 10 to 30 seconds.
26:07 Now let's do one more, let's do a lower body stretch.
26:09 Can we do our hamstrings? We can!
26:12 Once again if you are doing your hamstrings stretch,
26:16 you never want to place your hands on the leg
26:19 you are stretching.
26:20 We are stretching are right leg, our heels are on the
26:22 ground, and our toes are pointing up.
26:24 We are sitting back and you can imagine pushing your
26:27 glutes away from you.
26:28 Back towards the upper wall that gives a good stretch.
26:34 Hey let's tap our toes and get a good stretch there.
26:40 Let's switch to the other side.
26:41 Leg forward and sit down, once again keep your hand
26:45 on your bent leg.
26:49 It is really important rotate your hips when your are
26:52 stretching for your hamstrings.
26:55 You keep going and I am going to close this out.
26:57 If you are driving your car and suddenly you notice
27:00 indicator lights coming on and aren't sure what that
27:02 means you reach for the owners manual.
27:04 Because you trust the manufacturer to explain to you.
27:07 Likewise shouldn't we trust our Creator and seek the Bible
27:11 for instruction on how to find balance and
27:14 a positive lifestyle.
27:16 This is Casio reminding you that action is the key
27:18 for life and it is my prayer that the Lord will give
27:22 you strength and encouragement to take action everyday.
27:25 God bless, and thank you for watching, and I will see
27:28 you next time and flex those faith muscles.
27:30 Bye! bye!


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