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00:30 Hello my name is Casio Jones.
00:32 And you are watching Action 4 Life.
00:34 Today's program, we have a great workout so I want you,
00:37 as we roll into our next story, I want you to take this
00:40 time to do a warm-up.
00:41 Run around your house, run outside, go do something,
00:44 but get yourself warmed up.
00:47 First let's talk about prayer.
00:49 Do you know how powerful prayer can be?
00:51 It can heal, and its benefits to work with somebody who
00:55 is sick and ailing, even hospitals are using prayer to
00:59 provide more healing.
01:02 Check this story we did out at a Florida Hospital.
01:34 I'm here at the Florida Hospital and Seffer Hills Florida.
01:37 With me today is Bob Kamieneski and we are going to talk
01:41 to you about a component of health.
01:44 It is a component that involves more in the healing
01:49 process, we are going to talk about prayer.
01:51 How are you doing Bob?
01:53 Bob: I'm doing great, how are you doing?
01:54 I'm doing great.
01:55 I'm trying to be a little more calmer in my interview
02:00 since we are in the chapel.
02:01 Bob: We're in the chapel.
02:03 This is a very beautiful chapel, I have admired this
02:06 painting back here.
02:08 You were telling me it was actually in another location.
02:12 Bob: It was in another location and they took the wallpaper down
02:14 painstakingly and put it back up on this particular wall.
02:18 My kudos to the guy who did that.
02:24 Let's talk about prayer.
02:26 I mean the important aspect of prayer as part of the
02:29 healing process as what you do at the Florida Hospital.
02:33 Bob: We integrate prayer obviously in the programs that
02:37 we do through our wellness programs, but we also have
02:40 a program that manifests itself throughout the hospital called,
02:46 Praying Hands.
02:47 Bob: Each employee, that has a desire, can get a hold of a pin
02:52 that has praying hands on it.
02:54 Bob: It goes on their badge and it signifies to any patient that
03:00 particular employee is willing to spend time praying with
03:04 that particular patient.
03:06 I love that, so in a way the hands just let the patients
03:10 know that individual is willing and they are at any time
03:15 to kneel down with them and bring the Lord into
03:18 that room together.
03:19 Bob: That's right Casio, and we also have a spiritual life
03:21 committee, and the purpose of that spiritual life
03:24 committee is to make sure that the spiritual atmosphere
03:28 of the hospital is kept intact.
03:30 Bob: Out of that spiritual life committee we have a group that
03:33 prays for specific request from our employees.
03:39 Bob: The request may be for an employee family member that
03:43 doesn't work here, or for a friend or for a particular issue
03:47 with a patient that is going on at any time.
03:49 Now some may have fears at home that these guys are a
03:52 wellness and fitness guy, why are they talking about prayer?
03:55 For you to understand is that it is a full spectrum
04:00 of what we do when call with wellness.
04:02 The spiritual relation what the heavenly Father is a
04:06 component that sometimes might not be able to be identified
04:09 as being a part your own illness or your own suffering.
04:13 So to be able to help bridge that relationship with the
04:17 Lord, he is able to release, open and knock down walls
04:21 in other areas that can bring this healing aspect.
04:24 He was talking earlier about statistics.
04:26 Do you have those statistics in your head that you
04:29 could give us?
04:30 Bob: I have a few in my head.
04:32 Bob: It is interesting that the subject of prayer is at the
04:37 forefront today, and it is not just a religious
04:41 institutions, is out there everywhere.
04:43 Bob: This whole concept began some 20, 25 years ago when a
04:48 study was out at the University of San Francisco.
04:51 By man named Dr. Byrd, where they went to a cardiac unit
04:57 and divided the cardiac unit in half.
04:58 Bob: They intensely prayed for one half of the patients,
05:04 and they didn't for the other.
05:06 Bob: I always felt bad for the patients that didn't pray for.
05:08 Casio: Pray for me, pray for me.
05:10 Bob: It is interesting that the end results were that the
05:13 people who were prayed for recovered quicker and they had
05:17 less complications in their healing process.
05:21 Bob: Now that was the beginning and we currently have research
05:25 going on at Harvard University, at Duke University.
05:28 Bob: I have several books where there are literally hundreds
05:33 of pieces of research that show the tremendous benefits
05:37 of patients that are prayed for.
05:40 Bob: As a matter of fact, hospitals that have Chaplaincy
05:43 programs provide for their patients a shorter length of
05:47 stay and administrators like that shorter length of stay
05:51 because it translates into more revenue.
05:53 Exactly!
05:55 Bob: So there is a lot to be said for prayer and its
05:57 relationship to the healing process.
05:59 Well Bob thank you so much.
06:01 I am excited to see what you guys are doing here in Seffer
06:04 Hills Florida, the impact you are making in the community.
06:08 Just the impact you are making in the world.
06:10 I mean to be a witness and testimony that God still heals.
06:15 The only way you can find true peace and true happiness
06:19 is first to establish a relationship with Him.
06:21 Bob: It is all true. Amen! Bob: Amen!
06:24 Thank you very much, Bob: it was a pleasure.
06:29 Kevin, come on in here buddy.
06:30 Hey man, I'm glad you came back to work with us.
06:33 Kevin: Well thanks for inviting me.
06:34 Hey man it's always a pleasure to have a friend of mine
06:36 work on the set with me.
06:37 Now it is amazing that the words of prayer,
06:39 the powerfulness of prayer is so important that we spend
06:41 time fellowshipping with God and interact with Him.
06:44 Do you pray often? Kevin: Absolutely!
06:46 It's like talking to a friend, isn't it?
06:48 Kevin: My best friend.
06:50 Exactly, and that is the type of relationship we should
06:51 have with our heavenly Father.
06:52 It is great to see our body needs to have that intimate
06:56 relationship with Him, and our body, the cells,
06:58 the Holy Spirit, it just comes alive and we are
07:01 just a new person.
07:02 The healing abilities in prayer are real.
07:05 Okay are you ready for our workout today Kevin?
07:07 Kevin: I think so! Casio: You think so?
07:10 Are you guys ready for your work out?
07:14 This little different, were mixing things up.
07:16 The first exercise we are going to work our lower back
07:18 and it is called Superman.
07:20 Let's go and get a mat.
07:21 I will demonstrate for us.
07:26 The first exercise is the Superman and the imagine if you
07:30 were a little kid and are down on the floor here.
07:33 What was Superman's theme?
07:38 I can't remember how his theme goes.
07:39 You know it's a bird or a plane, arms out here to
07:43 your front and we are going to raise up and hold.
07:46 One, two, three, four, and down.
07:49 There are variations that you can do with this exercise,
07:52 we are going to do ours in a four count, and only
07:54 do about five of these.
07:56 But let me show you some different variations.
07:59 You have people who have them going up and down.
08:03 Then to modify this exercise you put your arms to your
08:07 side and make a back extension.
08:13 Or bring your arms up here and make it more challenging.
08:15 Arms straight out in front of you, once again your arms
08:17 are drivers, so therefore it is a little more aggressive.
08:22 Are you ready Kevin? Knock these out.
08:25 We are going to hold for a four count.
08:27 We are going to come up with the upper body and our lower
08:31 back will come off the ground at the same time.
08:32 Ready? In the up position one, two, three, four, down.
08:37 Again, one, two, three, four, and down.
08:42 One, two, three, four, and two more.
08:47 One, two, three, four, and one more.
08:51 One, two, three, four, wonderful, come on up Kevin.
08:55 That was a good job buddy and let's get this out of
08:59 the way so we can do our active rest.
09:01 We're going to go back to one of our favorite active rest.
09:04 Were going back to the jumpy Jacks.
09:05 Everybody knows how to do jumping jacks.
09:07 I just thought everyone knew how to do jumping jacks.
09:10 One of my guides in my boot camp he was from, I don't
09:14 want to make it sound like I'm blaming as where he's from.
09:18 But it was that he was on a down when he should've
09:22 been on the up with his jumping jacks.
09:23 But we taught him, pay attention at home and let's work
09:27 at this as well.
09:29 Let's do our jumping jacks, here we go.
09:30 One, two, three, four,
09:34 five, six, seven, eight,
09:38 nine, 10.
09:40 One, two, three, four,
09:44 five, six, seven, eight,
09:47 nine, 10. Excellent good job we stopped at 20.
09:51 So how are you feeling this? Kevin: Feeling good!
09:55 We are going to move on tour next exercise is called,
09:58 ball leg curls.
10:00 We are going to use the Physio-ball and lay down on our
10:02 back and work our hamstrings.
10:07 Kevin: Are you going to demonstrate this?
10:09 Yeah, I'm going to demonstrate this one.
10:11 Alright! Thanks Kevin.
10:13 Alright, with this one the secret with the ball leg curls
10:20 to put your arms out to the side to support you.
10:22 Your feet are on top of the ball and you lift yourself up,
10:25 lift your pelvis off the floor, hold your hands down for
10:29 support, and pull your knees back toward your chest.
10:33 And that is not supposed to happen.
10:35 I'm going to slide the mat back, it will make it easier.
10:39 Thank you Kevin.
10:41 You see anything is possible.
10:43 Let's do it again.
10:44 Lift up, and pull back.
10:49 Now the secret of doing this is your feet must rest on
10:52 the ball, don't try to dig your heels into the ball.
10:54 Digging your heels into the ball you will actually start
10:57 firing your calf muscles and you don't want that to happen.
10:59 Just put your feet to rest and the weight is heavy enough,
11:02 with your feet, to hold the ball in position and just
11:05 pull it back.
11:06 Bring your knees toward your chest.
11:08 You will feel it right here in your hamstrings.
11:12 Kevin: Now Casio, are you feeling it in your core?
11:15 Yeah, you actually can fire and feel those as you're doing
11:18 these to contract your core and give you more stability as
11:21 you are doing the exercise.
11:23 Go ahead and lay down on your back.
11:24 Whenever you are doing your core exercises, actually
11:27 because my lower portion of my trunk is off the mat.
11:31 My core is firing and my abdominals muscles are firing,
11:34 and my lower back muscles are firing.
11:35 So it hits a lot of different parts of the body, with
11:38 this exercise, go ahead and slide back a little bit.
11:41 This way Kevin, there you go.
11:46 Alright, let's knock out our 10.
11:48 That's one, that's two, now you notice Kevin, as I was
11:54 trying to explain before, his feet are on the ball.
11:59 So that means his whole body, the sides of his legs
12:03 have to be strong to maintain the balance which comes
12:06 back to your core.
12:08 Everything has to fire to maintain the contraction and
12:12 to create the stability to keep his feet to control the ball.
12:16 The ball is unsteady as it is, when he moves it he is
12:19 controlling it at his body is responding to it.
12:22 Are you feeling these? Kevin: I am!
12:24 Okay let's do one more.
12:28 Wonderful, that's a good job.
12:29 Come on up.
12:31 Let's go back to our jumping jacks.
12:38 Let's take our heart rate at the end of this one.
12:40 Are you ready? Kevin: Ready, Casio: let's go!
12:41 One, two, three, four,
12:45 five, six, seven, eight,
12:49 you keep going Kevin I'm going to modify.
12:51 Now remember doing a modified is sticking your leg out
12:54 to the side and if you want you can put your leg forward
12:58 and make it a little different.
13:01 There you go guys, that's 20.
13:04 Heart rate!
13:17 How are you feeling, are you there?
13:19 Kevin: It's taking a minute to read.
13:21 That's very good, you did it right.
13:23 Let's move on to our next exercise.
13:26 It is going to be a, this is kind of cool, abdominal
13:30 exercise, we are going to use the Physio-ball to do
13:35 an ab hold on the ball.
13:38 I'm going to be my partner here to pass this to me.
13:43 Hang on, I'm getting into position, Kevin.
13:44 There we go, right here.
13:47 Kevin: Is that good? Yeah it's good.
13:52 The ball is balancing between my feet and my knee and I
13:56 will pull in and back out.
13:58 Pull in and back out, I'm engaging my core.
14:05 This is working my abdominals.
14:10 If I do a sudden jerk in movement,
14:12 the ball will fall out of place.
14:14 So I'm keeping the ball in one position.
14:19 Kevin: Wow, that looks difficult!
14:20 It's challenging only because it is a very small movement.
14:24 A lot of times, when we do an exercise and you have a
14:27 small movement, you have to maintain complete control.
14:29 That is why your muscles fire.
14:31 Bring your legs up first at 90°, right there.
14:35 The ball is going right there and bring it in.
14:41 Go a little slower and keep your leg straight.
14:45 Now bring it in and back out to my hand, right there.
14:50 Very small movement.
14:52 Control so you don't rock the ball.
14:56 Now bring it in.
14:58 Back out, you're only traveling about five or 6 inches.
15:02 Keep your head down.
15:03 Kevin: I'm trying to keep it stabilized!
15:05 You don't need to do with your head.
15:07 Keep your head down.
15:09 Use your legs, use your abs.
15:11 You can tell we're friends.
15:15 Keep your legs up, 90°.
15:17 Kevin: It is easier to balance when you drop the ankles
15:20 a little bit.
15:21 No we do not want to do that, keep your ankles up.
15:22 Kevin: Why not?
15:23 It works the abs harder, 90° and bring it back controlled.
15:26 Let's go two more, are you feeling them here?
15:29 Kevin: Yeah man.
15:31 See it works.
15:32 Kevin: But I'm having to think way too much.
15:34 No it is not thinking just controlling.
15:36 Good job.
15:40 Kevin: Are you saying it doesn't take a thought process to
15:42 control the balance of the ball?
15:43 Okay let's not get real deep with the science here.
15:46 Casio: It does take a thought pattern. Kevin: Okay!
15:48 You are so silly.
15:50 Let's do 20 jumping jacks.
15:51 Are you ready let's go.
15:54 One, two, three, four,
15:57 five, six, seven, eight,
16:00 nine, 10.
16:03 One, two, three, four,
16:07 five, six, seven, eight,
16:11 nine, 10.
16:16 Let's go get some water.
16:19 Kevin: So how important is that neurological pathways that we
16:23 are creating by having to think through these movements?
16:27 Very important, it actually helps with muscle development
16:31 because it is highly recommended that as you are
16:35 exercising it is so important to focus on that muscle and
16:39 think about that muscle.
16:40 It helps to create this pathway where you had the ability
16:42 to control your muscles whenever you need to.
16:45 It is so important to be able to do that, in sports,
16:49 doing daily life you will be able to have that quick
16:53 response of muscles because the brain connection is there.
16:56 You have to keep going with those pathways.
16:59 Imagine you are walking in the high grass area and there
17:03 is no trail and you are walking through it the first time.
17:07 You connect those neurons together and keep going and
17:11 you have the path there.
17:13 So it is important as you are exercising to think.
17:17 It helps you to focus on what you are trying to accomplish.
17:19 Kevin: Wow, that's pretty impressive!
17:21 Ahhh, I read a book.
17:25 So this is the part we actually had a question.
17:28 That wasn't the question but it was a good question.
17:31 We actually had a question from Lisa and Lisa is from
17:33 Texas, she wanted to know, hey Casio, what is a good
17:36 exercise that could work my triceps?
17:40 Is like, my arm is waving back at me.
17:44 When I stopped waving, it waves back at me.
17:46 So Lisa, a very good exercise you could do, if you have
17:49 been to your gym, one of my favorites is the tricep push
17:53 down that has the pulleys.
17:56 The secret to doing a tricep push down is that you have
18:00 your hands here, can I have a close-up, Trent come in here.
18:04 The pulley is right here the elbow is 90°, is the secret.
18:09 You push straight down and let the triceps fire,
18:13 and then you bring them back up.
18:14 You do not want to leave into it, you want to stay
18:18 straight up, the secret is to keep your hand straight
18:21 and to push down.
18:23 It is a very good exercise you can do in the gym that
18:27 will work the triceps.
18:28 Now if you want to do it,
18:29 if you don't have a gym membership.
18:31 Hey Casio what can I do if I don't have a gym membership
18:34 to work our triceps? Say that!
18:35 Kevin: Casio, what can I do if I don't have a gym membership?
18:39 This is fun.
18:40 Let me show you, pass me the dumbbells.
18:44 You are going to make me work hard. Kevin: Yeah man!
18:46 Wait, come back here Trent.
18:48 Let's do kickbacks, come back here.
18:51 Triceps kickbacks is very good.
18:53 Support yourself, we've done these before, but it is
18:57 start the elbow and full extension to work your triceps.
19:02 Hey Trent, give my wrist on this shot.
19:04 You don't want to come back and break the wrist.
19:08 You want to keep your wrist straight and that puts all
19:13 the work on the triceps.
19:16 I hope that works for you.
19:18 That is a good exercise.
19:20 Let's move on and do our rotation one more time again.
19:23 We'll go to our four exercises.
19:25 Let's go back to our Superman, here you go Kevin.
19:29 Let's go down on our stomach and were going flying.
19:32 Let's to four counts, okay up.
19:35 Ready? one, two, three, four, down.
19:38 Again, one, two, three, four, and down.
19:42 One, two, three, four, down.
19:47 Kevin: I don't feel like I'm flying!
19:50 Hang on
19:57 Okay again, One, two, three, four, down last one.
20:01 One, two, three, four, down, come on up.
20:05 We'll do our jumping jacks again.
20:06 Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Look if you can't have fun
20:10 I'm sorry, here we go.
20:12 One, two, three, four,
20:16 five, six, seven, eight,
20:19 nine, 10, five more.
20:22 One, two, three, four,
20:25 five, Good job grab your ball Kevin.
20:28 Ball leg curls again
20:30 Kevin: oh geez!
20:32 Give it to me I'll do them, I'll do them.
20:34 I like these, these are fun.
20:37 No not those leg curls.
20:39 Yeah see.
20:40 Kevin: I thought it was the other thing.
20:43 You're going to lift yourself up, your pelvic, engage
20:46 your core using the ball your abdominal muscles.
20:50 Core muscles are stabilizing and helping you to create
20:53 and work against the ball.
21:03 Now once again if you feel stressed in your heels,
21:06 and your calves, take the pressure off your feet and
21:09 allow your feet to rest on the ball and pull it in.
21:15 Let's move on.
21:19 Let's go to our jumping jacks again.
21:20 This time let's do 10.
21:22 Are you ready let's go.
21:25 One, two, three, four,
21:28 five, six, seven, eight,
21:32 nine, 10.
21:34 You know what dude?
21:37 Kevin: It did what you say, I lose count sometimes.
21:40 I said 10, I did say 10. My mistake.
21:43 Were going to move on and do our last exercise which is
21:48 going to be our abdominal hold.
21:49 We'll get our mat back out again.
21:53 Kevin: I'll think again.
21:54 Come on you can do it.
21:56 I believe in you brother.
21:57 Kevin: This really is a lot more difficult than it looks.
22:01 It is, it is.
22:03 Kevin: it has a challenging level that I wasn't anticipating
22:06 You never know what you're going to expect on
22:09 Action 4 Life, here we go.
22:10 Let's go to work, bring it back in.
22:12 Forward, keep your legs a little higher.
22:16 Remember he's at 90° and this is all abdominal work.
22:20 All core, contract to engage our core back into our spine.
22:27 Pull it down, it's not like sucking it in where you
22:30 internally pull it into your spine.
22:32 Now pull it to your chest.
22:34 Do you feel those? Kevin: I do!
22:37 Let's do five more.
22:39 Kevin: It is more difficult to balance it though, that's
22:42 where I'm having to think way too much.
22:45 I like how you think the Kevin.
22:47 It's working, whatever you're doing keep about brother.
22:49 Keep thinking, keep thinking.
22:51 Kevin: are we done yet?
22:52 No, give me two more.
22:54 Remember I can't count.
22:55 Kevin: you're making numbers up aren't you?
22:57 Kevin: there is always two more, always two more.
22:59 Hey, it is always better to do two more to make sure
23:02 you have got it right.
23:03 Let's go back to our active rest again.
23:05 Kevin: Alright, how many?
23:07 20, I'm joking this time.
23:09 Kevin: how many?
23:10 10, here we go.
23:12 One, two, three, four,
23:15 five, six, seven, eight,
23:19 nine, 10.
23:21 You are a lot of fun Kevin.
23:26 Okay folks, we went over a few exercises for today,
23:30 very challenging and a little different, but a lot of fun.
23:33 Once again you have to understand if you can have time
23:37 to exercise, and you make time to exercise, remember to tell
23:40 people this, give God that portion of your time to be
23:44 active to take care of your body.
23:46 He'll make the rest of your day very productive.
23:50 Sometimes you don't feel you have enough time to exercise,
23:52 just trust in God and give Him that time for what
23:56 your body needs.
23:57 Let's go and check our wellness tip because we believe
23:59 knowledge is key.
24:00 Let's go!
24:10 Regardless of how much or how long an individual has smoked.
24:14 Within 10 years of quitting risk of major health
24:17 problems decreases to similar levels of people
24:19 who have never smoked.
24:25 We all know, you read the labels of cigarettes,
24:28 for those who are smokers.
24:29 If you are able to stop smoking that is a wonderful
24:32 thing and it is so important to stop because
24:34 your body needs oxygen.
24:36 Certain things can restrict us.
24:38 Yesterday was reading a great book, "Steps To Christ",
24:40 about a calm mind.
24:42 It is so important the choices we make.
24:46 We do negative things to ourselves because we have this
24:51 ability to violate God's desires and will for us.
24:55 We had that carnal mind being so selfish and being into
24:59 self and want to rebel.
25:01 Kevin: just because we have a choice we automatically
25:03 make the wrong one because we are given a choice.
25:04 Isn't it sad? Kevin: it is.
25:06 The grace that our heavenly Father, Christ comes into
25:09 our hearts and gives us the ability to make right choices.
25:12 Kevin: praise God for that.
25:13 It is a blessing, it definitely is a blessing.
25:15 Okay Kevin let's do our cool down.
25:18 Let's do a hip flexors.
25:23 We will do it standing up with our legs forward.
25:25 We are going to drop this hip straight down.
25:28 Then we are going to take his arm and lean it to the side.
25:31 Ooops, I forgot one part, sorry.
25:33 Before you lean to the side shift your pelvic forward.
25:37 Go down and shift forward and then your arm to the side.
25:42 This gets a great stretch all through your hip flexors.
25:51 You felt this one because you had to do that abs exercise
25:54 when you had your legs up and it was hitting
25:55 that area as well.
25:57 Kevin: is that what it is? It wasn't easy!
26:02 Yeah this was easy.
26:03 Straight down, shift your pelvic forward and your arm
26:07 out to the side.
26:17 Good, good, good.
26:18 Kevin what part of Michigan are you from?
26:22 Kevin: Kalamazoo.
26:24 Kalamazoo? Kevin: yeah man, Casio: Kalamazoo.
26:27 Kevin: it is a fun city to say.
26:29 Oh it's not like Tampa, Tampa is just Tampa.
26:33 Alright dude, lay on your stomach.
26:35 Put your hands right here Kevin and come up.
26:40 Let's stretch our abdominals, there we go.
26:44 Kevin hold it for another 10 seconds and
26:47 I'm going to close this out.
26:49 Man's concept of outer beauty is often media driven.
26:52 God sees me in a different way.
26:54 1 Samuel 16:7 says, "the man looks at the outward appearance"
26:58 "but the Lord looks at the heart. "
27:00 In fact God chose David over his stronger brothers because
27:04 David's heart was willing.
27:06 Is your heart willing?
27:07 God will equip and use you for His glory.
27:11 This is Casio reminding you that action is the key for
27:14 life and it is my prayer that the Lord gives you strength
27:16 and encouragement to take action everyday.
27:19 God bless and thank you for watching, and you keep flexing
27:23 those faith muscles because this is all about being
27:26 soldiers for the Lord.
27:28 See you, Kevin good job.


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