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Participants: Casio Jones (Host), Idalia Dinzey


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00:30 Hi my name is Casio Jones.
00:32 You are watching Action 4 Life.
00:34 Listen, today's segment all you'll need is a workbench.
00:37 You might've have seen it in your garage, you might've
00:40 seen it on your back porch, or bought it when you were a child.
00:42 You know that workout bench?
00:44 We are going to show you what you can do with it.
00:46 But first let's talk about something you see very often
00:50 at potluck, it's called Mac and cheese.
00:53 That's right, the famous Mac and cheese.
00:56 Let's go and learn something about it.
01:25 Okay Christine, tell me about your side dishes.
01:28 What do you like to have with your main meal?
01:31 Well I do like potatoes.
01:34 Great choice.
01:35 I like pasta.
01:36 Okay, that is not that bad.
01:38 Also Rice.
01:40 Rice, okay we are talking about pasta and are right here
01:42 with macaroni and cheese.
01:44 Macaroni and cheese is a very common pasta side dish
01:48 people like because it is cheesy, and it tastes good.
01:51 I have kept my Mac and cheese, it's yummy.
01:53 But let's look at the label, what the label tells us.
01:55 3.5 g of fat per serving.
01:59 The serving side, are you ready for this?
02:01 2.5 ounces.
02:03 Christine: how much is that? Like off the plate?
02:06 Not even a half a plate, like half a spoon.
02:09 If you want to figure it that way.
02:10 So you look at the carbohydrates, 46 g of carbs.
02:14 We are looking at 6 g of sugar.
02:16 Christine: that's not so bad.
02:18 No for a regular person, hey that's not too bad.
02:20 It even has 9 g of protein.
02:22 But I'm a diabetic and say hey Casio I have cut out my
02:27 sugar and reduced or stopped drinking soda.
02:30 I don't pay attention to what I'm eating.
02:32 But I like my Mac and cheese, is this a good choice?
02:35 Well let's look further down in the ingredients section.
02:38 Ingredients section is designed to tell us what is in
02:41 the product and it gives what ever it has the most in
02:45 the product is always the first ingredients.
02:48 So we want to look at things like high fructose, or sugar,
02:52 or sucrose, those are sugars.
02:55 If they are first in line then I don't want to consume
02:57 those, but check this one out.
02:58 This says, and enriched macaroni product.
03:02 When it says enriched, it means that has been altered.
03:04 Christine: all right! It's not natural.
03:07 No, Man has put his hands on it to make it.
03:10 So therefore it is going, this product right here, is going
03:13 to converted to sugar inside of our bloodstream.
03:16 So when you eat it you are not thinking it doesn't have
03:18 sugar, I haven't added sugar to it.
03:20 But how does my body process it?
03:23 How does my body break it down?
03:25 Is this something that will keep my blood sugar and even
03:27 keel, it is best for those that are diabetics to want to
03:29 control your blood sugar.
03:31 Or is this something that's going to raise it up or not?
03:33 So this one here, not a good choice.
03:35 Christine: what if I mix my macaroni with whole-grain?
03:39 Well whole grain is a much better choice because it is
03:41 not enriched, it has more nutrients.
03:43 However, it is still a processed food.
03:46 Here's what I mean. Let's look at this.
03:49 This is instant brown rice, but look at the ingredients.
03:53 The ingredients says precooked boil long grain brown rice.
03:57 That's what I call a single ingredient.
03:59 It's more of a single ingredient product than this one.
04:02 So this means it's more like the way God made it.
04:07 Christine: you want it as natural as possible?
04:09 Casio: yes! Christine: and only one ingredient.
04:12 Yes if you can, get as close to a single ingredient as
04:15 possible, therefore when you combine single ingredients.
04:17 You think of salsa, it has tomatoes, onions and all those
04:22 ingredients combined together compared to this that has
04:27 a long list of stuff.
04:28 Once again more stuff than we can't even pronounce,
04:31 different colors and so forth.
04:33 Christine: so you have to take time to read this label?
04:36 Exactly, put it right back, that's a good point.
04:39 I'm going to use that one.
04:42 So let's go and check what else we have in this place okay?
04:47 Alright, now I hope you learned something about Mac and
04:50 cheese, it is definitely important to look at the
04:52 ingredients of certain products.
04:54 It has a long list and sometimes the list has items on
04:57 there that you cannot even pronounce.
04:59 So maybe we need to make a different decision, if I can't
05:03 pronounce it, maybe I shouldn't eat it.
05:05 Okay let's go to our workout today.
05:07 We did our warm-up while watching this segment, and you
05:11 should have done yours at home.
05:12 With me today is Idalia Dinzey, or Theta.
05:16 We're going to do a great workout today using the bench.
05:21 How are you doing?
05:22 I'm doing great, I'm ready for that.
05:23 Are you ready for this today? Yes, let's do it.
05:26 Our first exercise we are going to do an inclined dumbbell
05:29 press, jumped on the incline.
05:31 We have our incline bench already set up.
05:33 Put your feet down there and your head up here.
05:37 I'm going to give you your 10 pound dumbbells.
05:40 I want you to lean back and bring your dumbbells up.
05:44 From this position here we are going to press straight up
05:48 to there and bring it straight down.
05:54 Hey Neto come in here for a second.
05:56 I'd like to get a close-up on this shot if you don't mind.
05:57 So people can see exactly how this angle is done.
06:00 Stay right there and hold.
06:02 Now you see she is at an angle on this bench.
06:07 So when you are at home you have to adjust your bench
06:09 at this angle and she is going to come straight down
06:11 working her upper pectoral muscles on her chest.
06:13 In her full range of motion she's going to press up
06:16 toward the center of her body.
06:17 Let's do four more.
06:24 You do not want to push to a full extension, just a
06:28 natural extension, never want to push and get your
06:30 shoulders off the bench.
06:32 Or get to a point where you put stress on your elbows.
06:37 One more and press up.
06:42 Beautiful, good job.
06:44 How was that? Idalia: that was good.
06:48 That was easy? Idalia: yes that was easy.
06:50 Remember as part of our program we do active rest.
06:53 So let's do our active rest and we are going to do
06:55 something very different today.
06:56 Were going to do a combination of steps.
07:00 Were going to lead forward with our right foot.
07:02 And our left foot will follow and then come back and step
07:05 out to the side and back in.
07:07 And were going to do this for 30 seconds.
07:11 One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.
07:15 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
07:19 One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.
07:23 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
07:27 Now as you're doing this exercise it is the fun but you
07:32 have to get your co-ordination going.
07:34 But you at home, try to do this at home because you
07:37 to think, right? Idalia: yes.
07:40 That was 30 seconds. Idalia: oh, that was it.
07:44 It went so quickly did? Idalia: very good.
07:46 Now the next exercise were going to do is Palay squat.
07:50 Palay squat, how do you say that correctly?
07:55 Have you ever done Ballet? Idalia: no, no, no.
07:57 It is a movement they do when they get down and do their
08:02 legs at this position here and do this.
08:08 Idalia: you did that very well.
08:12 But Idalia is going to do it quite different.
08:14 She is going to do a more challenging exercise and hold
08:16 a dumbbell here and stands straight up and sit back down.
08:21 This will work her inner thighs and your glutes.
08:23 And your shoulders as your stabilizing and work your biceps
08:27 Go ahead and have a seat.
08:32 We are going to do 12, so we will do six each arm.
08:35 Let's stand up and hold it there.
08:41 That's two, you want to do a press don't you?
08:44 That's okay you can press it up, three.
08:46 Change it up if you want to.
08:48 Four, I thought I was in charge.
08:50 That's five, Idalia: I just thought.
08:55 Casio: you just take control.
08:57 Okay that's six, go ahead and switch arms.
09:02 That's one, now what I want you to do as you are pressing
09:05 up, try and squeeze your legs in together to fire your
09:10 inner thigh muscles.
09:11 This is five and one more makes six.
09:17 How was that? Idalia: that's fine, I feel the burn on the
09:22 thighs, burn baby burn.
09:24 OK let's go back to her active rest again.
09:26 Once again I'm looking at my clock to get a good time so
09:29 I don't mess up to know what I'm doing.
09:31 Alright here we go.
09:32 One, two, three, four, wide, wide, in, in,
09:36 One, two, three, four, wide, wide, in, in!
09:40 forward, forward, back, back, wide, wide, in, in,
09:44 forward, forward, back, back, wide, wide, in, in!
09:48 forward, forward, back, back, wide, wide, in, in!.
09:52 forward, forward, back, back, wide, wide, in, in.!.
09:56 it's like aerobics class. Idalia: I like this.
09:58 Well you know it is having fun, if you can't have fun
10:02 some is wrong in life, do you know what I'm saying?
10:04 Alright that's our 30 seconds.
10:10 For somebody that spends a lot of time at 3ABN.
10:12 Idalia: behind a desk. Casio: behind a desk you're
10:15 doing pretty good.
10:16 Idalia: I love to workout, I just don't make time for it.
10:21 So what do we have to do to make time for it?
10:24 What is the secret?
10:25 Idalia: put it in your agenda, like any other appointment.
10:28 I like that, you know what is funny?
10:30 How come when the doctor tells us we have an appointment
10:34 at two o'clock, or an odd hour of the day, on Wednesday,
10:37 you tell your boss I have to go to a doctors appointment.
10:40 You would make all the excuses in the world to make sure
10:43 you go to the doctors appointment.
10:44 But you can't do that for ourselves.
10:46 Idalia: that's right.
10:47 So put it in your Outlook clock that when it goes off it
10:52 it's time for me to do my workout.
10:53 I love that, it's a good attitude.
10:56 Now the next exercise were going to do with going to work
10:58 our shoulders, it is different.
11:00 Let's start on this side, were going to be on the incline
11:03 position and use your bench to support yourself.
11:06 Have your knees on the bottom part and were going to have
11:09 the dumbbell raised out to the side.
11:13 You climb on and I'll get the dumbbells for you.
11:17 Idalia: so I put both knees up and lean over?
11:20 Yes and just hang on and here's your dumbbell.
11:22 Idalia: this is going to hold me up, right?
11:24 Yes it sure will.
11:25 Okay lift your arm out to the side and we will do 10.
11:27 Idalia: do I lock my elbow? Casio: nope.
11:30 You want to place the stress on your side deltoid muscles.
11:35 You never want to lock out your elbows.
11:37 You want to extended as far as you can to a full extension.
11:40 You want the stress to be placed right here on your side
11:44 Deltas and be at this angle so you feel it right there.
11:48 Idalia: I'm feeling it Casio.
11:50 I like it when you say it like that.
11:52 Give me two more. Idalia: okay!
11:57 Now here's the best part, when you have to do one arm
12:01 we have to do the other side.
12:03 So go ahead and turn around.
12:13 Let's go knock them out.
12:15 Now you are saying before about your elbows, go ahead
12:19 with your arms straight see if you notice a difference.
12:22 You are feeling discomfort, don't lock out your elbow.
12:26 Idalia: it is more comfortable when you bend your elbow
12:29 slightly, it makes difference.
12:33 You have to experience it to understand.
12:34 You have to help the people at home understand what
12:36 you're going through.
12:37 Idalia: is this 20 now?
12:38 No, give me two more.
12:42 Okay put it down.
12:46 Let's go to our step, step.
12:47 We have to do our step, steps.
12:49 Idalia: do we need to add some movement on your hips
12:53 when you are doing this, to work out the joints?
12:56 Let me tell you something people at home, just move.
12:59 Idalia: just move, okay.
13:01 Feel it, enjoy it, have fun with it.
13:03 You can do it in a lot of variations.
13:05 I'll tell you what, why don't you try that and I'm going
13:07 to do some hops with mine.
13:08 That will show the variation.
13:10 Idalia: well let's do it, I'm ready, let's do it.
13:12 One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.
13:16 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.
13:20 One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.
13:23 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.
13:27 One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.
13:30 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.
13:34 One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.
13:37 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.
13:41 One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.
13:44 Excellent. Idalia: we did it.
13:46 Let's check our heart rate.
13:52 I'm at 120, where are you? Idalia: I'm still alive.
13:57 136, what are you talking about.
13:59 Aerobic state, love to see that.
14:01 Now the next exercise we are going to do, we are going
14:03 to work our abdominals.
14:04 Some going to rotate the bench and adjust down.
14:09 Idalia: if I don't have a bench at home?
14:11 You can do this on the floor or a mat.
14:14 What is going to be different is, the secret to this
14:20 exercise, lay down.
14:24 Slide down, okay that's perfect.
14:28 With this exercise you're going to have both legs up
14:31 in the air at 90°.
14:33 Like an L, and keep that angle of your legs at all times.
14:37 The motion that is going to take place from your hips.
14:42 I want you to engage your core, bring your bellybutton
14:45 down into your lower spine and then pull it up into
14:48 your chest.
14:50 And that's going to engage your pelvic core muscles.
14:52 How many kids do you have? Idalia: I have two.
14:54 So you probably heard about all those Kegel exercises,
14:57 those pregnancy exercises?
14:59 Idalia: that's right.
15:03 From this angle here, 90°, the secret is to make this
15:06 challenging by keeping the legs that are not moving,
15:09 in the same position.
15:10 First we are going to drop this leg which is her right leg,
15:15 and I want you to bring your toe down to the ground and
15:18 keep that same angle.
15:19 And bring it back up.
15:23 Now the other leg.
15:29 Idalia: I think I'm going to need you to hold one
15:31 leg up for me.
15:37 Idalia: I feel the burn.
15:40 It's in your abdominals, it is very deep going inside your
15:42 core to break down your transversal abdominal muscles,
15:45 which are the muscles that unleash your six pack.
15:48 This will help your balancing stabilization.
15:51 This is called "core".
15:53 I know that these are hard.
15:55 Idalia: this is what we all need to get rid of that gut
15:58 and flatten out our bellies.
16:00 This will help to maintain our posture and everything.
16:03 It will keep us more function able.
16:05 Idalia: okay is this 50 now?
16:06 Just give me one more, and now that leg, and finish
16:11 with this leg.
16:12 Beautiful, you did a good job.
16:15 Let me help you up.
16:16 There you go, how does that feel?
16:17 Idalia: it felt good, like I was working out.
16:19 Is that we do on this program?
16:22 Idalia: yeah I do not want to walk away not sore.
16:26 Now I'm going to do them with you, feet together.
16:28 Are you ready? Let's go!
16:29 One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.
16:33 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.
16:36 One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.
16:40 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.
16:44 One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.
16:47 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.
16:51 You're doing pretty good. Idalia: well thank you.
16:53 You think counting a long time.
16:54 Idalia: well you're a good teacher.
16:57 You know I think you very much for saying that.
16:59 Idalia: I'm glad you're doing this, I'm proud of you.
17:02 Idalia: you're young and helping us get healthy.
17:05 You know each one of us have a particular mission.
17:08 The Lord has assigned us to, and this is mine.
17:12 Idalia: well I can see your heart is in it.
17:14 Okay let's move on.
17:15 So how was that? Idalia: that was great.
17:17 Let me get you some water because you look like
17:18 you need water.
17:20 Idalia: yes I need water before I pass out here.
17:21 I don't want that to happen.
17:22 Now listen while you are drinking I'm going to take this
17:24 time, this is the time we talk about shooting us an e-mail.
17:28 If you have any questions on anything you may have seen,
17:31 hey Casio, how do I lose this belly or what can I do to
17:35 tighten my legs, shoot us an e-mail at:
17:45 Don't forget the wrong question is the question
17:47 you don't ask.
17:49 Are you ready to get going again?
17:50 Idalia: Oh yes sir, I am.
17:51 Break time is over, can you clock some more Casio?
17:55 Okay I will give you a little more breather time.
17:56 How old are your kids? Idalia: my kids are 12 and 9.
18:00 Oh, wow, a good age.
18:03 Do you have time to have family activities together?
18:09 Idalia: we love soccer, basketball, we do all the sports
18:13 Idalia: We go biking, rollerblading, whatever.
18:15 It's such a good thing that families spend time together
18:19 as one, but in my heart I feel families need to spend
18:22 time being active.
18:24 It sends a message to the children that you are
18:25 encouraging them to be active and to realize that the
18:28 Lord loves you and gives you this body and it is your
18:31 responsibility to be active with it as a gift to give back.
18:34 Idalia: when I do work out my kids tend to work out with
18:37 me, so I really have enjoyed our time together.
18:40 I love that.
18:42 Alright, break time is over.
18:45 Back to your bench here and here are your dumb bells.
18:50 You notice that I'm standing behind to spot her.
18:53 This is what happens when you have a workout partner with
18:56 you, they are spotting you to give you support.
18:59 Lean back, let's go back to work Idalia.
19:03 Idalia: okay I'm ready.
19:04 Let's do 12 this time. Idalia: 12 okay.
19:06 That is one, and two, I'm going to let you have these.
19:11 Three, come right to my hand.
19:14 Four, five, six, you notice when I'm not assisting you
19:22 it is a little harder isn't it? Idalia: yes!
19:25 Eight, nine, 10.
19:32 Idalia: sometimes I forget to breathe.
19:35 12, beautiful, a lot of people make that mistake,
19:40 but you know, don't try to focus on when to breathe.
19:44 Just try to breathe and that will make it easier.
19:49 Sometimes we have read something in the past, and it is
19:51 an important part when to breathe, as you're pressing
19:55 through, that I always tell my clients to just breathe.
20:02 Don't try to think when, just breathing.
20:05 Alright I let's get going.
20:10 You know, let's just go on to our next exercise because
20:13 we are limited with time.
20:15 Our next exercise we had was our Palay squats.
20:18 Get back on here and I'll give you your dumbbell.
20:26 Idalia: our ballerina Palay.
20:28 One arm up and let's press it up.
20:32 Idalia: stand up and press up.
20:34 Yet the press last time, so you'll have to do it this time.
20:36 Two, three, four, five, straight up.
20:45 And six, switch arms.
20:51 One, two, three, four,
20:58 five, six, good job.
21:04 You are just on fire today.
21:08 Let's go into our next exercise.
21:14 Both knees up there and I'll get the dumbbells for you.
21:19 Go ahead and hug that because it will support you.
21:22 I'm going to show you guys at home a little modification
21:28 you can do at home.
21:29 You was wondering how to do these if you didn't have a
21:31 bench, you have 10 there.
21:35 Now I am going to use a basic wall to support myself and
21:41 lean my feet out from the wall and it is the exact same
21:44 thing when I'm doing here as I'm leading to the side.
21:47 My feet are way from the wall and I'm leaning into it.
21:51 So you can see that I am working my side deltoids.
21:57 It is because I am at this angle that my muscles are
22:03 firing all the time.
22:04 Are we there yet at 10? Idalia: 12.
22:07 Okay we will stop at 12.
22:09 Let's go ahead and do the other side.
22:12 Idalia: it's amazing working out makes you feel so happy.
22:15 It does make your body feel good.
22:17 Go ahead and get in position and knock those out.
22:20 One, two, three, four,
22:27 you're making this look so easy, five.
22:30 I notice how you are supporting yourself here by grabbing
22:33 on, that is just perfect.
22:34 You're allowing your body to balance out and let's all the
22:37 stress be placed right there.
22:39 Idalia: that's right it's exactly, where I feel it,
22:41 I think this is 10, I'm graduating.
22:45 You are doing great.
22:49 Now were going to do our last exercise on the bench.
22:53 For those of you at home who don't have a bench, you can
22:57 use the floor, lay on the floor or lay on a mat.
22:59 Idalia come on get in position here.
23:01 Now we are working our abdominal muscles, transversal
23:04 muscles to underline our six pack, which is part
23:07 of our core.
23:09 So let's engage our core, belly button down to the spine,
23:12 pull it up onto our chest and stay real firm.
23:14 Now drop this leg down and keep the same 90° angle.
23:18 Bring it back up and switch legs.
23:20 And bring it back up, do this leg again.
23:31 Now I will be honest with you at home, if you are doing
23:33 these at home you know right now you are feeling these.
23:36 You feel it deep down inside your lower part of your gut.
23:44 You say wow this is moving my leg and it is so hard.
23:46 But if you are doing it right you will feel it.
23:50 Let's do one last set.
23:59 Okay guys, let's go check our wellness tip.
24:10 Varying your sleep pattern by just two hours upsets your
24:13 body clock even if you sleep your usual number of hours.
24:25 Well it is so important to make sure your body gets
24:27 adequate rest and by altering it does affect it.
24:30 So I had fun with you today.
24:32 Idalia: I had fun with you too.
24:34 I hope you at home learned what we can do with the bench.
24:37 The great exercises we did on the bench.
24:39 If you don't have a bench you can do a modification at
24:42 home on the floor.
24:44 Are you ready to do your stretch and cool down?
24:46 Our first stretch is going to be our chest stretch.
24:48 Go ahead and put your hands behind your head.
24:51 And I am going to step back here and assist you.
24:54 Were going to squeeze them together and do you feel that
24:56 stretch? Idalia: oh yeah!
24:57 If you don't have someone at home to assist you just push
25:00 back your elbows and squeeze your shoulder blades together.
25:08 The next one were going to do as a quad stretch.
25:12 I will be your support for you.
25:14 I want people to be able to see at home so turn that way.
25:18 Grab your leg and I want you to keep the space between your
25:21 heel and your glutes and come back at your hip.
25:27 Keep your upper body straight.
25:29 Now can you feel that stretch? Idalia: oh yeah!
25:30 You can feel it in your quadriceps.
25:32 Idalia: it feels good after a nice workout.
25:35 It does, alright let's go to the other side.
25:43 I'm very proud of you, you did a great job.
25:45 Idalia: thank you I'm proud of you to Casio.
25:47 But here's some thing that everybody is a witness to,
25:51 we have to start setting our calendars, and make time
25:54 to be more active.
25:56 It is one of the things the Lord tells you.
25:59 He likes to draw the line to say, now you know.
26:02 Now we will have to do something.
26:05 Go ahead and have a seat and this is of my favorite
26:08 ones that you can do at your desk.
26:09 Cross your leg and bring this knee into your shoulder
26:14 and stretch our glutes.
26:15 Idalia: oh yeah, it actually works, it does.
26:19 Idalia: now when my coworkers go past my office I will
26:22 be going like this.
26:24 They will think you're working.
26:26 Idalia: but I will be stretching.
26:27 Okay switch to the other leg.
26:36 You've made this look so easy.
26:38 Idalia I'm glad they're easy, you just have to use the
26:41 right muscles.
26:43 Casio: it's important to use the right muscles.
26:45 For the next I want you to stretch your shoulders out.
26:55 You do the other arm and I'm going to close this out.
26:58 If parents treated their children the way most of us
27:02 treat our bodies, they would be reported to authorities for
27:05 reckless endangerment with charges filed for abuse.
27:09 God values us so much that He paid for us with the blood
27:12 of Jesus Christ.
27:14 We should remember our value and take better care of our
27:17 bodies, this is Casio reminding you that action is the
27:20 key for life.
27:21 It is my prayer that the Lord gives you strength and
27:23 encouragement to take action every day.
27:26 God bless and thank you for watching.
27:28 See you next time, bye by.


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