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A Runner's Testimony: Chris Lang

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Participants: Casio Jones (Host), Barry Bayles


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00:30 Hello my name is Casio Jones.
00:32 And you are watching Action 4 Life.
00:33 On today's program we are going to focus on our core.
00:37 That's right, we are going to give you some exercises that
00:39 will help develop your posture, coming from within.
00:42 We are going to strengthen you from inside to make the
00:45 rest of your body nice and solid and strong.
00:48 But first I want to just check out this nice segment we
00:51 did with a friend named Chris.
00:52 He is going to give a little testimony of how the Lord was
00:55 talking to him and it changed his life.
00:57 You might be surprised that something you are doing in
00:59 your life that the Lord is trying to get your attention
01:02 as well, let's check this out?
01:11 I'm here with my friend Chris Lane.
01:13 We have been friends for quite some time and I have to say
01:18 you have friendships, and you have friends you don't get to
01:22 see on a regular basis.
01:25 Chris and I have that type of bond and
01:27 he is a joy to be around.
01:29 Chris how are you doing?
01:30 I'm great Casio and it's great to be back.
01:32 I'm glad you're here with me today.
01:34 Your marathon runner? Right, I have run several.
01:36 Once again I'm going to confess I'm not the runner type.
01:41 But I do love running and I'm getting better at it.
01:44 Tell me about this story we told me the other day.
01:48 Do you mind sharing your testimony of what happened?
01:51 Yeah, you know Casio, even when you have run several
01:55 hundred miles as the runner like I have, you never get to
02:00 the point, hopefully, where you see you are all set and there
02:04 is no danger, or a potential for injury, you have to have
02:08 recovery time, you have to watch what you're doing.
02:11 Your diet, your sleep, all that stuff comes really into
02:14 focus, but not just that, the danger of your work out.
02:18 Your everyday work out.
02:19 One day I was training for, I have been running an hour.
02:24 I had a marathon coming up and I was on a straight stretch
02:28 of road for miles.
02:30 In Florida there is no hills, so it's straight and out in
02:33 the country and you can let go until you can't see anything
02:37 in the distance.
02:38 Well I was on one of those kind of roads and I was on my
02:40 way back to my starting point.
02:44 I'm running along on the left edge of the road, a two-lane
02:48 Road, not a double lane, just a straight road.
02:50 Runners will face the traffic so you can step off the road
02:55 if there's a car coming.
02:57 Listen, I have run several marathons prior to this.
03:01 So when the thought came into my mind to get off the road,
03:05 I'm like what?
03:07 Hey, I'm a trained athlete, I'm not a professional.
03:11 I'm not running a Boston Marathon.
03:13 But I know this much, there's no car coming.
03:16 So I get off the road?
03:18 I have my MoJo going on, you see I'm about to finish the last
03:21 last stretch so I don't want the inconvenience of stepping off.
03:24 In Florida there are sand burs getting your socks.
03:28 It's inconvenient and the terrain is not smooth.
03:31 There is gopher holes along the road.
03:34 There is potential danger exactly.
03:36 The second time the thought came into my head it was a
03:39 voice, not audible, but in my mind it's said, get off the road
03:41 The second time, and I am arguing with it because it is
03:45 clear there is no one coming.
03:48 The third time it was a command and a shout,
03:50 get off the road now!
03:52 I'm like, okay, it's kooky but I stepped off just 2 feet
03:59 pass the white line onto the grass and instantly,
04:02 literally this car came flying from behind me,
04:06 passing another car.
04:08 It had been accelerating so fast was it driving.
04:11 I could not hear its approach.
04:13 By the time it got to where I was running it had pulled
04:16 out past the other car and it would have run right over me.
04:19 I literally went back to that spot a couple years ago,
04:24 and just wept there, because God knows your name
04:27 and He knows my name and thankfully in spite of my own
04:32 cocky stubborn way.
04:34 Like no I can see this not coming.
04:36 He called three times, Casio.
04:38 He never forgot you.
04:39 Three times, because He knew how I am made up.
04:42 God is so merciful and that is the part about the
04:46 physical realm that draws me in.
04:49 There is so much inspiration, because God lives in the
04:52 physical world and He wants to reach and touch us with
04:56 the eternal value.
04:57 There is a scripture in 1 Timothy where Paul says to
05:00 Timothy in that letter, he said, physical fitness is
05:05 important, but spiritual fitness is even more important.
05:10 Why? Because it has value in the present and for eternity.
05:15 I love it, I love it.
05:16 Chris, once again brother, it is just a joy to be with you.
05:22 It is a good testimony, it is an example of how at times
05:27 we need to really listen to that voice.
05:28 It is an example of how God, He does not give up on us even
05:33 though we may feel stubbornness or a little resistance.
05:37 He comes right back at us and says, get off the road.
05:40 For some of the people at home right now, God is calling
05:44 you and telling you get off the road.
05:46 Your road might be eating habits.
05:47 Your road might be sitting on your couch.
05:50 Your road might be dealing with stress, but God is calling
05:53 you take it off the road because some dangers coming.
05:56 He loves us and doesn't give up on us.
05:58 I am so glad you are here.
06:01 So Chris, it is just a joy, just a joy.
06:07 For those of you at home, we would just like to thank you
06:09 for watching us and being with us today.
06:11 Will catch up with you on the road later.
06:13 Definitely, definitely, definitely!
06:16 Alright so some of you at home are realizing, or are
06:20 watching this story and saying, how is the Lord trying
06:24 to get my attention?
06:25 For some of us it could be
06:28 sickness, some type of knee
06:30 injuries or something He is trying to get you to make some
06:34 changes in your lifestyle.
06:36 But our God is a loving God and He doesn't give up on us.
06:40 He will do whatever it takes to get you back in His arms.
06:43 So anyhow, we had a great warm-up.
06:45 That was a great story we checked out.
06:47 But I am ready for my workout to get back to my core.
06:49 Now with me today is officer Barry Bayles.
06:53 Barry how are you doing? I'm good!
06:55 So where are you from? I live in southern Illinois.
07:01 Southern Illinois!
07:02 I see you have your wonderful wife and kids here.
07:06 So you look like a very active healthy family.
07:10 We stay busy, we do a lot together.
07:12 And I noticed you're licensed plate, try five? yeah.
07:15 I like that, that is showing you guys are together.
07:19 We are going to focus on together, but our core together.
07:24 I'm glad we will be working together.
07:25 Okay our first exercise is a little different.
07:27 You might not see it as a core exercise, it is challenging.
07:30 It's like a full plank going down to elbow.
07:32 Come on, let's get in position here Barry.
07:34 Go ahead and get down on your elbows.
07:37 Actually start in a full plank position.
07:40 Right here, we will start with a full plank.
07:42 Neto, come in here and get a good shot here.
07:45 We are in a full plank position like a push-up.
07:48 So we are going to drop down to our elbows.
07:51 Hey Barry, let's start with our left elbow first.
07:54 Okay, we are going to go down on our left, and down
07:56 and push with our elbow on the left and backup, that's one.
08:00 Let's keep going.
08:03 Two, three, four,
08:09 and five and we will go ahead and switch arms.
08:13 Let's go right arm, one back up on the right arm.
08:17 Two, three, four,
08:30 and five, excellent.
08:32 Alright let's do our active rest.
08:34 Once again, as part of our program we like to mix things
08:36 up a little bit into our active rest in between to get
08:39 our heart rate going.
08:40 Now it's been a little challenging already so let's get
08:42 your heart rate percolating.
08:43 Let's do 20 jumping jacks okay?
08:45 Are you set? Let's go!
08:48 One, two, three,
08:50 four, five, six,
08:53 seven, eight, nine,
08:56 10, keep going Barry.
08:58 Now if you need to modify just put your leg out to the side.
09:01 Just step out to the side with your arms moving.
09:06 Excellent, good job.
09:08 That was easy.
09:09 Our next exercise, let's move the mats out of the way.
09:13 Grab your ball for a second.
09:15 Let's put our ball in position.
09:18 We are going to do a ball rollout.
09:20 Go ahead and sit on your ball.
09:22 Let me demonstrate first so people at home will know what
09:25 is going to happen.
09:26 I want you to roll out on your back, keep going.
09:31 Get your head on the ball, right there.
09:33 You notice how he has stabilized himself.
09:36 His back is supporting and engaging.
09:38 His hamstrings and glutes are keeping him balance.
09:41 He is on a bench right here.
09:43 I want you to take your right leg and lift it off the
09:46 ground and step it out to your right.
09:49 Now bring it back in.
09:50 Now with your left, and bring it back in.
09:55 All of the same time you need to keep your body flat
09:57 like you are on a board.
09:58 Do you got that? Right!
09:59 Squeeze, keep that high and keep going.
10:01 That's two, that's three,
10:10 that's four, that's five.
10:18 Now what he is feeling here, keep going I get to talk.
10:22 You keep working.
10:23 This is working his abductors and all his leg muscles,
10:26 and his glutes as well.
10:28 By changing his legs and moving from position flexes
10:32 his muscles totally different.
10:34 Alright one more.
10:38 Beautiful, okay roll back up on your ball.
10:43 Okay we're back to active rest.
10:45 Let me put the ball away for you.
10:46 I apologize Barry I didn't exercise with you.
10:48 I will make it up to you on the next exercise.
10:50 Alright, 20 jumping jacks, let's go.
10:52 One, two, three,
10:55 four, five, six,
10:57 seven, eight, nine, you keep going I'm going to modify.
11:10 Beautiful, good job Barry.
11:12 The next exercise were going on is a side plank.
11:16 This is kind of tricky because it's aimed at the obliques.
11:20 Let's bring the mat inside here a little more.
11:23 Now I'm going to demonstrate for you so you can see this.
11:26 And for you at home, side plank.
11:28 Elbow to support, and hand here to support as well.
11:31 My feet are flat on their side.
11:33 We are going to elevate ourselves up and down.
11:36 Up and down, if you need to do it at home you can push
11:41 with this hand for some assistance.
11:43 The goal is to do without so you can get strong obliques
11:46 by lifting yourself up, okay Barry.
11:48 Let's knock out 10 each side.
11:57 Ready, let's knock them out.
11:59 One, two and down, one two and down, three
12:05 That's four, that's five,
12:09 six, seven, are you feeling them in your oblique's?
12:14 I can feel it right there yeah.
12:16 Putting some strain on it.
12:18 And 10, beautiful.
12:19 Let's turn you on the other side, just spin around.
12:21 That's wonderful, flip over.
12:23 And again were doing the other side.
12:26 What he is doing, when he is doing the advanced way,
12:28 his feet are anchored down and his bottom foot
12:32 is allowing him to position himself and to pivot
12:35 himself off the ground.
12:36 Okay, go ahead.
12:39 One, two, three,
12:45 four, five, six,
12:50 seven, eight, you are doing a great job.
12:55 Nine, and one more is 10.
12:58 See that was a piece of cake. You look like a pro.
13:00 You are a good coach.
13:01 Hey, just remember that.
13:04 When it comes around to vote for the coach of the year,
13:08 Casio Jones.
13:10 You put it down. Okay here we go.
13:12 20 jumping jacks, let's go.
13:13 One, two, three,
13:16 four, five, six,
13:19 seven, eight, nine,
13:22 10, one, two, three,
13:25 four, five, six,
13:28 seven, eight, nine,
13:31 10, excellent, good job.
13:33 Now there's one more exercise to go.
13:35 This I call the ball roll-outs.
13:39 It is very challenging but it is using the Physio-ball.
13:42 Were going to do a plank, but were going to do it on the
13:45 Physio-ball, which will magnify the intensity a little bit.
13:48 Okay I'm going to demonstrated it for you.
13:50 I'm going to row out on the ball and my elbows are
13:55 positioning myself on the ball.
13:57 I'm up on my toes and I'm going to push forward with my
14:00 elbows and bring them back.
14:02 It's a very small movement, but everything is placed
14:05 on my abdominals and my core.
14:08 Okay, slash out 10 of those.
14:12 I made it look easy on purpose Barry.
14:15 You are fooling me.
14:17 Okay let's do 10 again.
14:20 Are you ready?
14:21 That's one, very small movement, control.
14:23 Engage your core, two,
14:25 three, by keeping your body straight.
14:34 Six, are you feeling your abdominals? Oh yeah!
14:41 Two more, and one more.
14:46 Look at you!
14:47 For someone who has done that the first time,
14:49 you did great. It's killing me!
14:50 Well they might have done this exercise for the first time
14:54 too, so you inspired them.
14:56 You did a good job, I so appreciated.
14:58 Okay let's do our 20 jumping jacks again.
15:00 Are you ready? Ready!
15:02 Let's go, one, two,
15:04 three, four, five,
15:06 six, seven, eight,
15:08 nine, 10, so Barry you tell me you ran track, right?
15:13 A lot of years ago! A lot of years ago.
15:17 Well you don't have to give out your age but I thought you
15:19 were about to tell everyone how old you are.
15:21 Excellent, good job.
15:24 What event did you put yourself in?
15:27 I did hurdles and system relay and a little jumping.
15:31 So have you always been athletic?
15:33 You know, always stay active, I had to work at it.
15:37 I still try and do something for work at my job.
15:41 My kids keep me very busy.
15:42 So how long have you been one of those individuals out
15:46 there that is protecting us?
15:47 I've been a police officer a little over 10 years now.
15:51 I did it for a while in Kentucky and now I live here
15:54 in Illinois and I feel a real calling to it.
15:57 I enjoy what I do.
15:58 I remember you said, calling to it.
15:59 I like that, we talked about that earlier.
16:01 It's one thing that you do good, you do very well.
16:05 That's the thing at home people, when you are trying to
16:08 find your purpose in life, it is one of those things that
16:10 God has given you a gift for.
16:12 And you are very talented and are very good at it.
16:15 Our purpose is to use that gift to glorify the Lord.
16:20 I feel like I get opportunities to try be a good example
16:23 and make an impact on people's lives in the community.
16:26 Alright, a high five on that.
16:29 For you those of you at home who may have some questions,
16:32 you want to see something on the program and want to learn
16:35 more about that, go ahead and shoot us an e-mail at:
16:49 okay I'm ready to get back, are you ready to get back Barry?
16:52 Let's get back to our workout, first one were going to go
16:55 over again is our push-ups from full planks, let's go back
16:58 down and I'm going to do this again with you.
16:59 I'm looking forward to this part of the workout because I
17:01 am going to do them all with you.
17:02 Let's get going.
17:03 Here we go, down, we are going to do our right arm first.
17:05 We'll go down for five and then switch, ready?
17:07 Elbow, elbow back up, one.
17:10 Two, three,
17:16 four, five, switch sides.
17:23 One, two,
17:27 three, four,
17:31 five, wonderful, that's what I'm talking about Barry.
17:35 For those of you at home I apologize, I did this exercise
17:40 without showing you the modification for this.
17:42 So this is how it goes, get in a full position here.
17:44 Are you would do to modify this is drop your knees and
17:47 go down, down, push up, push up.
17:50 And just the same on your left side.
17:52 You're going to do the exact same thing but instead of a
17:56 full plank, just go down to your knees.
17:58 Let's move on to our next exercise.
18:01 Grab your ball and I will do them with you,
18:05 like I said I would.
18:06 We are going to do a roll-out.
18:08 Go ahead and have a seat on the ball,
18:10 and I will take the front.
18:11 You're the star man, it's yours.
18:14 Okay let's rollout on our back.
18:18 Pull out like a board and we will step out with our right
18:22 leg to the side.
18:23 Here we go.
18:24 One, bring it in, left side and bring it in.
18:28 Right, left, that's two.
18:34 That's three, that's four,
18:40 five, six,
18:46 seven, eight,
18:51 nine, and 10 good job.
18:58 Let's go back to our active rest.
19:03 Jumping jacks, 20, ready!
19:05 One, two, three,
19:08 four, five, six,
19:11 seven, eight, nine,
19:13 going into modify.
19:16 Two, three, four,
19:19 five, six, seven,
19:22 eight, nine, and 10.
19:24 That was a piece of cake.
19:28 You can take this one and I will grab mine.
19:33 And we will show some fun stuff for this.
19:37 Bring yours up a little bit more Barry.
19:42 For those at home we are going to do our side planks.
19:45 To do a modified for a side plank, you can put your knees
19:48 on the ground and just lift yourself up from here.
19:53 If you find it difficult for you to come up, and drop
19:57 your knees and lift yourself up.
19:59 Are you ready to do these? Ready!
20:01 We are going to knock out 10 each side.
20:03 But watch what we do at number five.
20:05 I'm going to take a little step higher, more advanced
20:07 within an arm movement.
20:08 Are you ready? Let's go!
20:09 That's one, two
20:14 three, four,
20:18 five, keep going Barry.
20:20 I'm going to rotate on one, two,
20:26 three, four,
20:32 and there's five, all right spin on the other side.
20:39 Are you ready? Yep, let's do it!
20:41 Here we go, one, two,
20:46 three, four, five,
20:52 I'm going to advance, stay up.
20:54 One, two, three,
21:00 four, and five.
21:07 Let's slide them both back.
21:10 Alright, it's jumping jacks.
21:12 Ready, let's go.
21:14 One, two, three,
21:17 four, five, six,
21:20 seven, eight, nine,
21:23 modify, one, two,
21:26 three, four, five,
21:28 six, seven, eight,
21:31 nine, and 10, a piece of cake.
21:34 Let me check our heart rate make sure I'm where I need to be.
21:37 I've got these cool funky watches.
21:40 This watch acts as a heart monitor.
21:43 By putting your fingertips on it picks up your heart rate.
21:48 That's cool! I was at 147. Bam, not fair!
21:51 Our next exercise were going to do our rollout.
21:55 All right grab your ball.
21:56 I'm going to make it a little harder.
21:58 I'm going to use the 180.
22:10 Go ahead and roll out into your position Barry.
22:15 I'm going to do mine here and this is rocking device.
22:20 Are you ready? Let's go!
22:22 Let's do out 10.
22:26 One, two, three,
22:32 four, five, six,
22:39 seven, eight, nine,
22:46 one more and 10, good job!
22:55 20 jumping jacks. Let's do it!
22:57 Let's go, one, two,
23:01 three, four, five, six,
23:04 seven, eight, nine, modify
23:08 one, two, three, four,
23:11 five, six, seven, eight, nine,
23:16 and 10, woo hoo!
23:19 How are you feeling? I'm feeling good!
23:20 I know we have got our heart rate moving just a little bit.
23:24 That was it folks, we had a great workout today.
23:27 We were working our core.
23:29 Can you feel that deep, deep down?
23:32 I feel a little burn there.
23:34 Okay, I really felt that, so this is the time we always
23:37 to our wellness tip.
23:38 Like I've always said, knowledge is key.
23:40 So let's check this out.
23:48 This prevents using your neck muscles to jerk yourself up.
23:55 This further isolates your stomach muscles.
24:00 Alright, there is the secret people.
24:03 For those so of you who say those crunches hurt my neck,
24:06 I try to do my abdominal exercises and doing my crunches,
24:09 but it puts a lot of strain on my neck.
24:10 Take your tongue and stick it on the top of your palette,
24:14 behind your teeth it will relax your Mastoid muscles here
24:18 and you can be able to focus on your abdominals.
24:20 Are you ready for cool down? Absolutely, I'm ready!
24:23 You've done a great job today.
24:25 Now we did our shoulders and our push downs, so let's go
24:28 ahead and do a different shoulder exercise.
24:30 We always do this one, let's do the one we were hugging
24:33 ourselves and get a good stretch right back here.
24:38 Breath, you have to breath.
24:43 You can't relax and breathe! You can't relax and breathe.
24:47 Excellent, do you know what I like?
24:51 Stretching our neck, let's just stretch it out to the side.
24:54 Mild pressure here and stretch out.
25:01 Good, now let's do the other side.
25:10 Okay, wonderful.
25:12 Let's go ahead and stretch our hamstrings.
25:16 One foot forward, and were going to sit down.
25:22 Now put your hand on the other leg, your bent leg.
25:23 Set your glutes back.
25:31 The other leg.
25:34 People may be wondering,
25:36 why are you searching your hamstrings?
25:38 We were working core, well we did jumping jacks remember?
25:40 So we got those legs involved.
25:46 There we go.
25:48 Now here's one of my favorite ones, it's for biceps.
25:51 I know this is upper body, but it really gets our chest.
25:54 Our arms out to the side and reach back, bend your hands
25:57 back and lean forward.
25:59 This will open up our chest and you can feel it going
26:02 right into your arm and all way down to your wrists
26:05 and down to your fingers.
26:07 Are you feeling those Barry? Yeah I can feel it!
26:15 Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.
26:17 I love my triceps, so let's do our triceps again.
26:28 Other side, then we'll finish up with an abdominal stretch.
26:31 We will show them to you at home.
26:33 Okay let's get the mat here and Barry I want you to go
26:37 ahead and lay down on your stomach.
26:42 I want you to basically put your elbows in this position
26:44 here and we are going to push back and holds.
26:46 Let's push up, go ahead and push up.
26:49 How are you feeling, do you feel it in your abs?
26:52 Yeah, I'm feeling it.
26:53 OK you stay there and I'll close this out.
26:55 I have created thousands of workouts for my clients over
26:59 the years, but one workout in life will consistently
27:02 strengthen us, it is faith.
27:04 We must flex our faith muscles everyday.
27:07 Romans 1:17 says, for in the gospel of righteousness from
27:11 God is revealed and a righteousness that is by faith
27:14 from first to last just as it is written the righteous will
27:18 live by faith.
27:20 This is Casio reminding you that action is
27:22 the key for life.
27:23 It is my prayer that the Lord gives you strength and
27:26 encouragement to take action everyday.
27:28 God bless, thank you for watching,
27:30 we will see you next time.
27:31 Keep flexing those faith muscles.


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