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00:29 Hi! name is Casio Jones.
00:31 And you are watching Action 4 Life.
00:33 We are going to have a great workout today so I hope
00:35 you are ready for it.
00:37 Hey listen, have you guys ever thought about as a family,
00:40 getting together and doing an activity such as riding your
00:42 bikes together?
00:44 You see me and my youngest son is Dominic,
00:46 and he turns four this year.
00:47 I can't wait for him to be able to really master riding a
00:51 bike because we are all going to go out together and ride
00:55 as a family which will be an exciting thing to do.
00:59 But you know how to pick a bike and know how to find
01:02 the right bike and adjust the bike so you can achieve
01:06 or have a great ride when you want to go riding?
01:08 What we have a good story, I want you to check it out
01:10 and see what we did.
01:12 I hope you can learn something.
01:43 Hey, I'm going to be a little honest with you people
01:45 that are here at home.
01:47 About 10 years ago me and my wife went out and decided
01:49 we needed to get some new bikes.
01:50 We went down to a store and bought a bike.
01:53 We didn't know what we were doing.
01:55 We just grabbed one that looked decent and was in our
01:57 price range and we got it and started riding it.
01:59 To be honest with you I wasn't that comfortable on my
02:03 bike and did you know there are things to learn
02:07 about your bicycle?
02:09 To learn it properly you need advice about the right
02:12 bike for you, or if it meets your needs, even how to
02:14 adjust your seat to learn how to ride the bike
02:17 properly and safely.
02:18 Well with me today I am here in Tampa Florida at
02:20 Street Fit 316.
02:22 I'm with the manager Ben.
02:24 Ben how are you doing? Fantastic!
02:25 Now listen, most of our viewers at home don't have a
02:28 bike and maybe looking for a new bike.
02:31 How to I know if a bike is right for me?
02:33 Or what type of a bike should I get?
02:35 Absolutely, what is important to ask yourself before you
02:38 even shop for a bike, is what kind of riding do you
02:42 even want to do?
02:43 Do you want to ride the hills?
02:44 You want to just cruise around the neighborhood?
02:46 You know I think I might have purchased one that looked
02:48 like a mountain bike, but I don't ride mountains.
02:52 I just go around my neighborhood and go down and ride.
02:54 Unfortunately that is what most people end up doing.
02:57 They end up in a big retail company and they just buy
02:59 something that looks neat and has a flashy red paint job,
03:02 or what ever, has big knobby tires.
03:04 I'm sure this will be great for anything, unfortunately
03:06 most of those bikes are highly inefficient and a one size
03:09 fits all attitude doesn't really work.
03:11 Can you can think of any where in your life were
03:12 one size fits all works.
03:14 True, and I think I'm guilty of that myself.
03:17 So picking the right bike and understanding it is
03:20 a vital part of enjoyment?
03:23 So I have this bike here and say hey,
03:26 I like the way it looks.
03:28 Now how do I know, how do I get this bike to fit me?
03:30 Gotcha, well we didn't just this based on looks.
03:33 If you recall I led you to this bike because you told
03:35 me what kind of riding you wanted to do.
03:37 You said you wanted to be fast but wasn't looking to win
03:39 the next Tour de France.
03:41 You wanted something lite, something aluminum, something
03:43 very comfortable, something that can handle those rough
03:45 roads that you ride on, those brick roads.
03:47 So I found this bike for you,
03:49 but I did let you pick the color.
03:51 Thank you! Is this like a comfort bike?
03:54 A comfort bike is that I sit upright, is that it?
03:59 I'm comfortable like on a couch or?
04:00 Absolutely, the bike is a big trade-off between comfort
04:03 and speed, generally the more uncomfortable you are,
04:06 the faster you are.
04:10 Although not necessarily, if it is the wrong person
04:12 setting you up, you can be uncomfortable and slow and
04:14 then you would have somebody to be mad at.
04:16 So we was talking before, what size is this bike?
04:21 19 or 20!
04:23 This is a 19 inch frame and we felt it was a good size for
04:26 you, we had you stand over the frame.
04:28 Do you remember, we wanted to make sure you had one to two
04:31 inches of clearance when you are standing over that bar.
04:38 When you are on the seat we want to make sure when you are
04:41 at full leg extension we have got this crank all the way
04:44 forward, then your heel just barely touches
04:46 the end of the pedal.
04:48 Let's make a little adjustment, that was my mistake.
04:52 So right here, they're so full extension of that leg.
04:54 You've got proper extension and now we want to ask
04:56 ourselves how competitive versus how comfortable
04:59 we want to be?
05:00 Now that will have a bearing on one, how we adjust the seat,
05:03 and how we adjust these handle bars.
05:04 I do not want to be cramped down like this
05:06 when I am riding.
05:08 I want to be upright and enjoying myself.
05:09 Okay, comfortable and upright just like we talked about.
05:12 Now if you wanted to be a little bit faster we could
05:15 actually slide this seat forward on the rails.
05:16 If you look at the seat on your bicycle you can tell
05:18 there is rails and adjustments where you can slide it
05:21 forward or back.
05:22 The closer it is over the pedal, but faster you will be.
05:25 But generally the less comfortable the bike will be.
05:28 Gotcha, now in the store there is specials you guys
05:31 do here, you guys have a special device to hook people up
05:34 on to size them?
05:35 Absolutely, when we fit you on a bicycle in the shop we
05:37 want to make sure that it is absolutely the perfect bike
05:40 for you because it is very important that after you buy
05:42 that bike that you keep riding it.
05:44 We want people to see you out there on our bikes.
05:46 We want you to meet your goal which is to be fit,
05:48 have fun, and have the right bike.
05:50 If it is not comfortable it will end up in the garage or
05:52 coming back to the shop and none of those are a good
05:54 ending to the situation.
05:55 Definitely, definitely, definitely!
05:57 We make sure it is a perfect fit for you before you leave.
05:59 You are talking about peddling overhead, don't you have
06:02 another one that gives less, a different type of feel
06:05 if I have like knee problems or something?
06:07 We sure do, we have a bicycle here that will take some
06:09 of that pressure off of your knees if you have
06:11 any issues with that.
06:12 And this is also a more comfortable cruiser.
06:15 I notice that this one, the pedals are forward.
06:18 Absolutely!
06:19 It's almost like I'm reclining, I'm pedaling away from me.
06:21 That's correct, this is a new frame technology which
06:24 stretches that frame out and put you further back behind
06:26 the pedal and you had that motorcycle chopper position.
06:29 It feels pretty cool.
06:30 You are closer to the ground and further behind the pedals.
06:33 It is a much more comfortable ride.
06:34 I still have the agility I need?
06:36 Absolutely, you can get the bike with the same gear ranges
06:39 you have with your faster bicycles, or you can get this
06:42 all the way down simple.
06:43 How often should I get my bike checked?
06:45 You should have your bike, depending on how often you
06:47 ride it, if you ride your bike all the time at least
06:49 seasonally four times a year.
06:51 If you ride it every now and then, a weekender, at least
06:54 twice a year just like changing your oil in your car.
06:56 You want to make sure that that bike is in tune and most
06:59 importantly, safe.
07:00 Because most people do not realize there so many different
07:02 moving parts on a bike.
07:04 You want to make sure they are all working properly,
07:06 the way they are supposed to.
07:08 Sometimes jerking get in the wrong place
07:09 and affect things.
07:11 Before you know it, I hate to find out the hard way,
07:15 as I'm riding my bike and I injure myself when I basically
07:18 could have done that.
07:20 Absolutely, not only injure yourself but it can be as
07:22 simple as going on a 15 mile ride with your family and
07:25 at 71/2 miles a rear gear goes out.
07:28 And I'm way out there, that's a long walk carrying a bike.
07:32 Absolutely.
07:33 Anyhow, Ben thank you so much.
07:34 It was a pleasure learning about bicycles and how to size
07:37 a simple bike.
07:38 Those of you at home, check your local specialty shop
07:41 around you for assistance there.
07:43 If you want you can adjust your foot pedal forward,
07:46 and get you the right height for your seat, and get
07:49 yourself fitted properly at home, right?
07:51 Absolutely!
07:52 Awesome, take care.
07:55 Come on in Dora.
07:56 Now for you at home just grabbing a bike off the rack
07:59 sometimes might not always be a good idea.
08:01 Working with the specialty shop likes to make sure you get
08:04 the right product that you are looking for and will use
08:07 that investment for a long time.
08:09 Okay with me today is Dora Bayles.
08:11 How are you doing? I'm doing fine
08:14 so you are house mom is that it? That's right!
08:17 House mom, but let's let people know you are
08:21 missionary as well.
08:22 Yes I was! You was a missionary, and where?
08:25 In Zambia. Zambia Africa.
08:30 How long were you there for? Six years!
08:33 You're doing a new workout program for how long now?
08:36 I started about a month ago on Monday, Wednesday,
08:39 and Friday, working with weights and on Tuesdays and
08:42 Thursdays I'm doing some cardio.
08:44 She is not going to be foreign to these exercises.
08:48 She has been active for while so I can have a lot of fun
08:51 with her today, isn't that it?
08:52 Our first exercise we're going to do is a shoulder press.
08:57 Go ahead and grab your dumb bells.
09:01 We are going to do a one leg shoulder press.
09:03 Okay I want you to take your right leg off the ground.
09:05 Were going to do a straight up shoulder press.
09:08 Straight up over your head.
09:12 This is working our shoulders, and bring it back down.
09:14 It is also going to cause your body to have a little
09:16 reaction down at the bottom.
09:18 Her knees, her ankles, everything will be wobbling.
09:21 It feels awkward standing on one leg doesn't it? Yes!
09:25 If it's too challenging you may put your toe down and
09:27 that gives a little assistance for you.
09:30 I want you to place the emphasis on your left leg here.
09:33 You're doing wonderful give me one more of that arm.
09:38 Go ahead and switch sides.
09:40 Press it up for six.
09:47 Now look at you, you notice one side she is able to have
09:50 more support and more control.
09:56 Let's do two more.
10:01 Wonderful, let me have the dumb bells.
10:04 I will take them out of the way for you.
10:06 Once again we always do an active rest and today for our
10:09 active rest were going to do basic side steps.
10:10 Okay let's step to the right.
10:12 That's what together I we'll do it for 30 seconds.
10:19 So do you miss Africa? Yes I do.
10:21 What do you miss about Africa? The people.
10:25 The people?
10:26 Yes it was hard to leave, the people were great.
10:29 You don't have nice people here in Illinois?
10:31 Oh there is some nice people here but just being there
10:34 six years and relationships developed.
10:36 You mean the relationship you had with people?
10:39 Not just people in general right?
10:41 Right! I'm just giving you a hard time.
10:43 Okay that was a good job.
10:46 Now the next exercise were going to do,
10:48 is the ball, dumbbell fly.
10:50 I want you to go ahead and sit on the ball.
10:52 I will get the dumbbells for you.
10:54 I want you to go ahead and roll out on your back.
11:00 Bring your feet back towards the ball a little bit.
11:06 Your dumb bells here and were going to slightly bend
11:08 the elbows and lift your pelvic up.
11:11 Engage your core, we are going to open and fly it in.
11:16 That's one, two this exercise works your pectoral muscles.
11:25 It's good for developing the shoulders as well.
11:28 But mostly the pectoral muscles.
11:35 Are you breathing down there? Yes I am!
11:38 We are going to stop at 12.
11:45 We're going for two more.
11:51 You are a champ at this.
11:53 Go ahead and roll back up on the ball.
11:54 Let's go right back to our side steps again.
12:01 Okay let's do our side steps, 30 seconds.
12:03 Ready go!
12:08 So how many kids do you have? Three!
12:11 Three kids, alright.
12:13 Are you very active with the kids?
12:15 Yes, very active.
12:17 Do you spend a lot of time at home doing fun activities?
12:21 We do a lot of different things.
12:23 So being here in southern Illinois, what do you guys do
12:28 in the winter time for activities?
12:29 Well actually this is the first time the kids has spent
12:33 their time in snow since we have been back from Africa
12:37 and we did a lot of sledding.
12:38 Oh really, so that was a good experience for them?
12:40 Yes it was, they had a great time.
12:42 I love that, you see family fun is it.
12:45 Alright the next exercise were going to do is going
12:48 to be real lunges.
12:49 What I want you to do, I'm laughing here, we're going to
12:54 step back with our right leg and maintain 90° on our
12:59 front leg and come back up.
13:01 Step back out and come back up.
13:04 And we will do with our right leg first.
13:06 Are you ready? Um hum!
13:07 Alright step out back and come back up, that's one.
13:12 That's two, you notice she is making 90°, like a L.
13:16 Three, very good form.
13:19 Four, five, six,
13:24 seven, and one more and eight.
13:29 Go ahead and switch legs.
13:30 One, two, three,
13:36 four, five, six,
13:43 seven, and wonderful you make it look like you're a champ.
13:48 Alright, our side steps again are you ready? Let's go.
14:00 So in Africa, what was their culture like?
14:04 Are there active people there?
14:06 Somewhat, they walked everywhere.
14:09 So they walked to stores, walked throughout the city.
14:12 Are there a lot of diseases there, or the same as we suffer
14:16 here in the United States?
14:18 Yes, but Malaria is a big one. Malaria is a big one!
14:22 So basically in their country they are more active because
14:27 they have to walk around, it isn't from choice?
14:29 Right, right!
14:31 Their lifestyle wasn't a choice, I guess we have more luxury here
14:34 and we choose not to be as active.
14:37 They just don't have a choice like we do.
14:39 Right! I don't know if that is good thing or bad.
14:43 Our last exercise we are going to do is like chopping wood.
14:46 We are going to start with the dumbbell and go down into
14:49 a low position and then come up to a high position.
14:53 So most like were sitting down in a squat and
14:56 then going back up.
14:57 One, there's two, wonderful.
15:03 Three, now follow your head with your arms.
15:05 Four, five, six, let's go two more.
15:11 That's seven, and one more, eight.
15:15 Go ahead and switch to the other side.
15:19 Were going down to the right and come up to the left.
15:21 Two, three, four,
15:29 five, six, seven,
15:37 eight, good job, let me have that.
15:41 Your breathing heavy now on that one, I like that.
15:43 You're feeling this? Yeah I am.
15:45 Let's do our side steps again.
15:58 So your goal is to get in better shape?
16:02 Yes, to lose weight and get in better shape.
16:06 So this is some you're going to do for the rest of your
16:08 life, is that it? If I can I will.
16:10 God willing right? That's right!
16:12 Have you noticed a difference since you started exercising?
16:19 I don't feel as tired, once I keep working out I'm not as
16:23 tired, I have more energy throughout the day.
16:26 Alright let's grab and test our heart rate.
16:41 Alright your right where you need to be.
16:43 For those of you at home this is the time where we want to
16:48 talk about you sending us an e-mail.
16:51 An e-mail with all your questions, or you have seen
16:54 something on the program or say, Casio I want to
16:57 learn more about that.
16:59 You had a pretty cool guest and you want to leave a comment
17:02 about that, that is fine send to:
17:17 Let's move back to our exercises again and this time I'm
17:20 going to do them with you.
17:21 Let's get you back to dumbbells.
17:25 We're doing a shoulder press and I will grab my dumb bells.
17:34 Okay shoulder press straight up, that's one.
17:36 That's two, three, four,
17:43 five, six, seven, and eight.
17:47 Let's go ahead and switch sides.
17:52 One, two, three, four,
18:00 five, six, seven, and eight.
18:05 I felt those. So did I!
18:10 Now it was hard as you noticed Dora's had her toes down for
18:15 support and balance.
18:17 If you need to do that it's perfectly fine.
18:19 Let's go right into our side steps.
18:39 You're doing pretty good Dora. Thank you!
18:40 Has anybody explain to you that, or say anything to you,
18:43 that remind you of your friend Dora the Explorer since
18:46 you were in Africa?
18:47 My kids call me Dora the Explorer since I went to Africa.
18:50 The kids like that program.
18:51 They used to, they have outgrown it now.
18:55 When I heard the name Dora the Explorer I thought hey,
18:58 I want your autograph.
18:59 We are going to go on to our next exercise.
19:02 Ball dumbbell flies.
19:05 I'll grab the dumb bells for you, the ball for you.
19:11 Go ahead and roll on your back and get in position.
19:18 I'm going to grab mine and do them with you.
19:27 Sorry to keep you holding.
19:28 Are you ready, let's go.
19:32 Remember on this exercise you want to keep your body nice
19:35 and flat like you're in a bridge position.
19:47 We are going to stop at 12.
19:49 How are you feeling Dora? I'm feeling good!
19:55 Two more.
19:59 Alright, that was wonderful.
20:01 I felt that in my chest muscles.
20:08 Let's go back to our side steps again for 30 seconds.
20:11 Are you ready, let's go.
20:19 So your goal is to lose some weight? Yes!
20:21 I think that is the number one New Year's resolution
20:27 a lot of people have used to try and control body weight.
20:30 What it takes is resistant training and aerobic training
20:34 and really wanting to control your eating habits.
20:36 But there is one more thing that I would like to throw in.
20:38 What's that?
20:39 Your foundation and that is understanding who you are,
20:43 and what you are in the eyes of your Father and that
20:46 gives you the reason to do the things you need to be doing.
20:49 It helps you to stay focused when you make goals like that,
20:51 why do people want to lose weight?
20:53 An attempt to look healthier and be healthier.
20:57 Well at least I hope that is the real reason.
21:01 And not to just to get into a size four.
21:03 We are going to move on to our next exercise.
21:05 Were going to do our real lunges.
21:08 I ready to do them with you.
21:09 Now I'm going to show a modified version for these lunges.
21:12 Go ahead and step back, we stepped back with our right leg.
21:15 Now go straight down and very deep is how Dora is going
21:19 to continue and do them.
21:20 But I'm going to do it for those that are beginners,
21:23 just a slight step back and you are not going so deep.
21:32 Now if you want to go to advance,
21:34 you come out with your leg.
21:37 One more Dora, wonderful let's switch legs.
21:41 Okay let's step back.
21:43 Now the advance that I am doing is bringing my leg all the
21:48 way up and back and coming up.
21:55 It makes it a little harder, a little more support and
21:57 balance, for those who want to modify again,
22:00 it is a short one.
22:05 Wonderful that is plenty.
22:07 How are you feeling? Good! Good!
22:11 Let's go back toward side steps again.
22:29 Dora you're doing really good, do you know that?
22:31 Thanks, I'm trying.
22:34 You know this counts for your workout today,
22:36 you don't have to go to the gym.
22:39 Let's go and grab your dumb bells and we'll
22:41 start chopping wood.
22:43 This time we're going to do five each side.
22:45 Were going to start off by going down and follow-up,
22:51 turning our head as one.
22:52 Two, three,
22:57 four, and five now what do the other side.
23:04 Down and come up, one to the left.
23:08 Two, three,
23:13 four, and one more, five.
23:19 Now the secret of that exercise was, well Casio I never
23:22 chopped would like that before.
23:24 It is a little different modification for working our
23:26 Trans version muscles and rotating, coming through the hip
23:30 as well, and just an all-around full body exercise.
23:35 So Dora I am excited that it's over, I'm just joking.
23:39 I said that it is over.
23:41 You didn't hear that, she said me too.
23:45 This is the time, right now, where we want
23:48 you to learn something.
23:50 The reason we're doing Action 4 Life is to make changes
23:52 in your life but also involve knowledge.
23:55 Let's check out this wellness tip.
24:02 Follow these tips:
24:08 or do other activities that particularly support your weight
24:20 Well Dora and I were just talking about that,
24:22 loosing weight is important.
24:25 Those are important keys to learn if you really want to
24:27 make those changes to your body composition.
24:29 You have to work folks, you can't just sit around,
24:32 you can't just take a pill because you have to reverse
24:36 what you have been doing all these years.
24:37 Which was nothing, now we have to do something.
24:39 That is why we make a change because just like our
24:42 relationship with the Lord, it takes action.
24:44 Without that relationship of growing close to our
24:46 Heavenly Father we become very stagnant.
24:48 Christ said He will spew us out if we are lukewarm.
24:51 He wants us to be passionately on fire for Him because
24:54 that is what it is all about, the relationship with the Lord.
24:56 That's the same thing that happens when you exercise.
24:58 You have to dive into it and get involved.
25:02 Are you ready for cool down? I'm ready for the cool down.
25:05 Let me get the mat for you.
25:11 You can go ahead and lay on your back.
25:20 Your leg is straight down, and this leg is straight up here.
25:23 For those at home we are going to show you how to
25:26 stretch once again.
25:27 Dora put your hands up here and I want you to hold that
25:30 until a mild discomfort.
25:31 Do you feel that? Um hum!
25:33 Now I don't want you to fight your leg, I want you to be
25:35 able to feel your muscles are starting to quiver.
25:40 No, I can feel the stretch.
25:42 You can feel the stretch? Right!
25:43 Now watch this because it is going to be a nice tip.
25:46 Bring your toes down and you will feel more stress.
25:49 Yes I do! I can feel it.
25:55 Wonderful, let's stretched the other leg.
25:59 Okay, hold it there for a while.
26:04 Now let's bring your toe down.
26:09 I'm not pressing too hard am I? No it's just fine!
26:15 Go ahead and bend your knees.
26:16 This is a very unique stretch, were stretching
26:20 the lower back.
26:21 Sit up a little bit and put your left leg first.
26:26 Were going to put our right arm behind our left leg
26:30 which is bent, and we are going to rotate to stretch
26:35 our back, are you feeling that? Yes I do!
26:40 Good, let's do the other side.
26:44 Let's get a good stretch in there.
26:49 You can stay right there and hold that
26:51 because I'm going to close this out.
26:54 Life can sometimes seem like a roller coaster.
26:57 There's ups and downs, highs and lows, twists and big dips.
27:02 Don't fear the ride lean into it.
27:04 You can even scream at times, it's okay.
27:08 Remember God is always with you on this roller coaster
27:11 we call life.
27:13 He never leaves you and He will always be there to guide
27:16 you and protect you.
27:17 This is Casio reminding you that action is
27:19 the key for life.
27:20 It is my prayer that the Lord gives you strength and
27:22 encouragement to take action everyday.
27:24 God bless, and thank you for watching.
27:27 I will see you next time and you keep flexing
27:29 those faith muscles.


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