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00:01 The following program presents workouts you
00:03 can use to improve your physical fitness. Please
00:05 be sure to consult your physician before
00:07 beginning this or any exercise routine.
00:30 Hi, my name is Casio Jones and this is Action
00:33 4life. We have a wonderful workout for
00:35 you today, matter of fact its one of workouts
00:36 that I'm doing one of projects I'm working
00:38 on. But first let's talk about superfood
00:41 nutrition. It sounds great, sounds exciting,
00:44 I'm so eager to learn more about this, and I
00:47 hope you are as well. Let's go and learn about
00:49 superfood nutrition.
01:19 We know this lately in our country and even
01:21 around the world there is a huge talk about
01:23 Going Green. But, do you know Going Green
01:27 has another competition that comes in nutrition?
01:30 There is something called superfood
01:33 nutrition and you know that FDA, a few years
01:36 ago has talked about say that average
01:38 American needs to consume 400% more
01:41 greens in a daily diet. That's a lot 400% more.
01:45 So, grab your green, but I have something that's
01:49 even better for that. Something that's
01:51 convenient and simple and it taste great. I've
01:55 here in Tampa, Florida at the headquarters of
01:57 Living Fuel, and with me today is K.C.
01:59 Craichy and he is gonna tell us about superfood
02:02 nutrition. K.C., how you are doing my
02:04 brother? Absolutely great, absolutely great!
02:06 Okay, let's get right down to. What is
02:08 superfood nutrition? Well, here is the deal,
02:10 do we know medically that there are 50 plus
02:13 depend on highest levels of 53 essential
02:16 nutrients. Essential means you have to take
02:18 in from your diet with the exception of vitamin
02:20 D, which you can get some from the some,
02:22 but not enough, right, okay. So, 53, if you are
02:25 deficient in anyone of the 53 and most
02:28 whether you exam or, yes, you have
02:30 physiological consequences as a
02:31 result. Let's take an Athlete cramping up for
02:34 instance. Correct. Okay. Or not seen very well or
02:37 night blindness or whatever. Okay, 53,
02:40 just a little deficiency. Now if any of the 53
02:43 are absent then death is the result.
02:46 So, but bodies do not get what it needs. The
02:49 bodies do not get what it needs. So, there is
02:51 example all around the world but interestingly
02:52 the people from this Institute out of Landon
02:55 recently came out and said that Athletes are
02:57 the fastest growing segment of the amount
02:59 rich population. Now, isn't that interesting?
03:02 There are reasons one of over reliance on
03:04 exercise. I think, yes that is I exercise so I
03:06 can need anything I want. You how many
03:08 times have you heard that brother?
03:09 Constantly! Okay that is number
03:10 one, number two reliance on sports
03:12 supplementation. That was poplar little
03:13 creatinine, makes some protein power on now
03:16 the basis are covered all 400% more greens are
03:18 going down. Exactly, right, so this is a big
03:21 problem now and that actually is not every
03:23 many people in that same but most people
03:25 they don't have way of get know. So, we came
03:27 up with superfood nutrition which says we
03:29 combined those basic 53 with known
03:34 superfoods. Nutrients in superfoods that provide
03:37 the known and non-known essential
03:38 nutrients provides cofactors, known and
03:41 essential and nonessential and
03:42 conditionally essential, and other things we
03:44 don't even know about. So, you combine all
03:46 these, the highest most bio-available forms of
03:49 each nutrient with the superfoods and it comes
03:52 together provide everything the body
03:54 needs. You talking of Kitten sink, K.C.
03:56 That's right its critically important. It is!
03:59 Now know we talk about, you know the four
04:01 corners of optimal nutrition within that you
04:04 are dealing with now calorie restriction with
04:07 optimal nutrition you love that, I love that.
04:08 Cut the calories with mix up the nutrients.
04:10 Okay so we have now seen a works that 3000
04:13 studies to say that actually extends life
04:14 that lay disease, enhance performance,
04:16 optimize weight, you know increases energy
04:18 the whole bit okay, but now then arugue whether or
04:22 not it works anymore the scientific argument is wide
04:24 as it work. So, that gone beyond does it worry,
04:27 but why does it worry. Okay so they got the
04:29 calorie restriction and one group of scientist
04:31 say whether recent calorie restriction works
04:33 because if you cut the calories you bring down
04:37 the oxidative stress in the body.
04:39 Few radicals, few radicals or if you add
04:42 anti-oxidants, you also points the few radicals.
04:45 So, in a oxidants you know few radical to an
04:50 aging is the reason that low calorie woks and
04:53 did studs and they show the same is also is low
04:55 calorie using at oxidants, and low
04:57 oxidative stress. The second group said no
05:01 it's not the reason, the reason if you cut the
05:04 calories you actually lower the glycemic
05:07 response. So, even if you eat less sugar you
05:11 gonna reduce the glycemic response
05:13 right. And guess what they did 150% of the
05:15 calories and the greens, we talked about the low
05:17 glycemic greens and got the same as also is
05:19 called Restriction. Okay, so the fourth was
05:22 the fish oils, the healthy fats and they show they
05:25 are able to get the right fat and extend life to lay
05:28 disease against forms optimize weight
05:30 increase energy on so on, just by adding the
05:32 right facts to the diet. So, I talked about one
05:34 study your old nutrition 2002. There are four
05:37 groups of mice the first group was they all can
05:39 eat American diet right. The sad diet. All they
05:44 wanna the sad diet real. All they want whenever
05:45 they want, right. So, they are eating and look
05:47 average of 232 days, wow! This is on the
05:50 American diet. So, the second group was the
05:53 same food but they add fish oil, the only the
05:57 difference same amount of foods, same eating
05:58 methods they live average of a 100 days
06:00 longer. So, adding fish oil.
06:02 Just adding fish oil. The third group I call this a
06:05 slim fast group because it's only this much
06:07 garbage and only this much garbage okay, so
06:10 they add, they cut the calories by, note the
06:14 slim fast is better than lot of lot things
06:16 sensitively but anyway the point they cut the
06:18 calories by 40%, right and those mice live 200
06:21 days longer then the first group just by
06:23 cutting the same garbage calorie by 40%.
06:25 So, did they add fish oil to that one? No. So, just
06:28 reduce some calories. Yes reduce some
06:29 calories regardless okay, now fourth group
06:31 as we talked about. They cut the 40%
06:33 calories then add the fish oil they live 400
06:36 days longer then the first group.
06:39 You know it's important for people to understand
06:42 a home. Our body created to have, have
06:46 nourishment and when we supply it, it
06:49 functions properly, hardly to a machine,
06:53 and just keeps going, and going, and going,
06:55 and is argued by, just keeps going and going.
06:58 But, I yet look at it is looking your body at
07:02 the way God created. Have you ever seen
07:03 your self how God is like, I call like a
07:05 universe inside of us. All of the different cells
07:07 out there; start all the different cells inside of
07:10 us. The liver cells different and the lung
07:12 cells and kidney cells are different then
07:13 pancreatic cells. And is our responsible
07:15 providing nourishment for very single cell and
07:18 if you provide what it needs, it lives longer,
07:21 it's healthy be more efficient to complete
07:24 task and we live and we have often health.
07:27 You know they stays out there they says the
07:28 nutrition is more important then exercise.
07:30 Yes, and they say exercise is more
07:31 important to nutrition. The truth is they are
07:33 both usually important, is right. But, if you
07:35 don't feel like if you not gonna exercise and with
07:37 the right nutrition you can take your energy
07:39 levels at point will you have to exercise.
07:41 K.C you gonna have to do this again, assure,
07:44 assure. K.C thank you so much.
07:46 God bless you brother keep it up.
07:47 Hey super was it call?
07:48 Superfood nutrition.
07:49 Superfood nutrition is important so go out
07:52 there and learn more. How can learn more
07:53 about you that?, just
07:55 have some Check
07:56 out the, but hey brothers and
07:59 sister you got get God's way and live God's way.
08:03 Welcome back I really hope you got some
08:05 information about superfood nutrition.
08:07 Some point understand exactly which by knees
08:10 and if this way we get it and did get exactly
08:13 what by knees to better of the arm. With me
08:16 today is my friend Tom Mann. Tom how are
08:18 you doing? Doing good Casio you are okay?
08:20 I'm doing great, Tom worked with us here at
08:22 3ABN he is pretty much he use to voice
08:25 pretty high if you ever heard the voice on
08:27 Action For Life this is the man right here. And
08:30 he does, he has being little blessing for us
08:32 here 3ABN. Tom so tell to people about your
08:36 past with nitration what's the correlation
08:38 there? Well the big thing with
08:39 me is like interesting to watch that was that my
08:42 mom was a dietitian so I group in a home of the
08:45 dietitian and I not knowing about it but
08:48 there was is a kind they was portion control. I
08:51 didn't know my mom was doing that. She put
08:53 a while over the things, which she had a little
08:55 portions of food and then it was majority
08:57 vegetables and things like that and we are
09:00 limited on certain sugars and then she is
09:02 has a lot of cooking things like that. I don't
09:04 know what she was doing as kind but I
09:07 grow up with his I guess helpful way of
09:10 eating and not realize until now I've where I'm
09:14 now. Well that is wonderful
09:15 sees its good. You start off as past
09:18 responsibility to start your children often
09:20 away and that as they get order they come
09:23 back to. Yeah I think I heard that before for
09:25 have you? Somewhere I've heard
09:27 that, right, I've heard it somewhere isn't
09:29 Okay Tom you are ready for your workout
09:31 toady? Just about. I'm excited about what
09:33 workout. I'm ready for my workout and so you.
09:35 Let get go and ready. Our first exercise is
09:37 gonna call ball squats. Tom you hold and
09:39 through ball and put my enough of side. Okay,
09:41 lets go to our wall and the secret of doing a
09:46 ball squat is that, is, is, is squatted. Now you
09:53 will actually you position your ball on
09:55 our lower back to start, okay, okay and you
09:58 walk a feet forward and what you gonna do you
10:00 gonna sit down as you if you sit in a chair. Just
10:03 go ahead and sit down. And am I'm correct?
10:05 You are correct, okay, go and sit but, sit down
10:08 like a sitting chair like you gonna sit down, let
10:10 sit down you sit in a chair. Not walk down
10:12 Tom step back, here we go, we go, sit down, sit
10:15 down, sit down, just like this. And back up
10:18 here we go. So, we gonna walk, you to sit
10:21 by call it ball squats. Yes try it again. Go and
10:27 push your sit the gluteus back sit the
10:29 back against than with the ball support.
10:31 Towards still straight, perfect right there so
10:35 you now you got it. Okay one of secrets that
10:38 we use to do is actually we use our head and
10:40 look up, so you can keep your head and fix
10:42 a part you going to ceiling and wall meets
10:44 right to that lien. That one right?
10:46 Yeah that, okay, just keep on that okay. If get
10:48 off from ceil okay. Can you workout now,
10:50 okay we go. Okay, just give me 15 here we go.
10:52 Oh! It's so difficult. 15? Okay one five, lets
10:56 go sit down. Okay, here we go today is 1, 1, do
11:00 that other two sides, no two that was all
11:02 instruction. Is 3, now you can make little
11:06 aggressive having dumbbells, 4 you
11:09 should feel in our legs. 5 are you feeling,
11:12 something what, 6, you are looking good, 7,
11:16 you know as he is going down to squat he is
11:18 stopping he is at 90 degrees as like he sit in
11:21 a chair. Are you right there?
11:23 Alright, we are 10, five more with this do 5
11:27 more, just some what about Tom, like elder
11:32 now he has his personality that he and I
11:35 just like act just like meet together. He is
11:38 like this comedian and I'm just like that, I don't
11:41 know what we are it's a strange relationship it
11:44 work still lets go. Lord, yeah, yeah lets do
11:48 it come on move, move, move, move, okay,
11:50 okay thanks. Right that was a ball squat, now
11:52 once again the secret of doing ball squat is using
11:54 the ball supports you against the back. And
11:56 you just go ahead and sit down like you are
11:58 doing various squats and it's kind of cool to
12:00 ball because see he is feeling.
12:02 Now feel it. Did you feel it right
12:03 there, yes, okay now alright, now this is a
12:06 quite different our actually rest today is
12:09 gonna be balanced. You guys like what's that
12:13 active rest but it is you actually using a
12:15 different part yourz body assist them of your
12:18 body that you don't really get a lot of touch
12:20 into to get odder and that were even if you
12:22 got injury you wish you had a in this balance so
12:25 what we gonna do even just do our first one. We
12:27 gonna stand on one leg for 15 seconds okay
12:32 here we go. And we gonna stand on our left
12:34 leg our right leg up to gonna if you need to
12:36 you could just touch your toes to support
12:39 yourself if you need to, but idea was get
12:41 yourself up there. Alight go ahead and
12:45 switch legs. Hey and later on work when pick
12:49 this a little more aggressive of this
12:51 balance. Now if you will think that this
12:54 would be somewhat easy. It's not. But, is
12:56 not, already down to your toes or firing and
12:58 your ankles are firing even around your knee
13:00 you feel and excellent good job. You know
13:02 Casio while after this ball squats you can
13:05 notice how well is balancing there just for
13:07 a moment, but you know you interesting
13:09 you talking ankles about injury.
13:11 Few months ago I had go thought a lot of
13:12 physical therapy because of an injury of
13:14 my ankle when the first think as we doing is
13:16 working on the balance so even now I notice
13:18 You could feel it. I could feel it.
13:20 You know its funny, most people who go to
13:21 Rehab, they did exercise while rehab.
13:25 but after rehab is over they start doing so this
13:28 is like one exercises that can help those at
13:31 home that you can continue on keep
13:33 yourself in good condition at all time.
13:35 Now just come that from injury but
13:38 condition itself all the time. Right we gonna
13:40 move on to our next exercise ready? Okay,
13:43 this one you could do sitting down. So, lets
13:45 get our physio ball is two hands over head go
13:48 and have our set. Sitting down its good.
13:51 Yeah its sitting and overhead just go and
13:53 work our triceps. For those who at home who
13:55 don't have an exercise ball you go ahead and
13:57 grab your brands and that will be just as fine
13:59 to do this exercise. Okay pick your
14:00 dumbbells over your head Tom. Right what
14:02 the secret this one you gonna have elbow stay
14:04 in one spot, hands over head and you gonna
14:06 bring it right down here. Hey, A Neto come on
14:09 here so people get good close up at home to see
14:11 how this works.
14:15 What he is notice that his elbow stay in one spot,
14:17 keep going Tom you are doing great it's
14:18 knock out 12 here, that's 3, will I see it
14:22 look a camera guys doing his sit down
14:24 everybody doing this exercise sitting down.
14:26 Looks good, okay now but the secret is we are
14:29 doing this exercise working his triceps the
14:31 ball creates unstable environment because I
14:33 can kick on this ball right now and he is
14:35 feeling this right now are you feeling this
14:36 Tom. Sure I'm. Because this is natural
14:38 stay because he is pushing down physics
14:40 of the arms driven the dumbbells forward
14:43 transformed all would Zdown to this ball and he
14:45 is feels low back and abdominal on this
14:47 exercise. And it really form his triceps right
14:49 now that 12. That was 12 I think. Let
14:52 keep two more, lets do two more, okay here we
14:55 go get a we had watchman for this, I got
14:57 my arm on you tom. Excellent good job lets
15:00 go back to our active rest up, here we go,
15:03 alright. Now I still little bit challenging we
15:07 gonna make this stepped up just for
15:08 notch, what we gonna do this one is. We
15:10 actually go take our leg straight and hold
15:12 straight back. We gonna do our best to hold this
15:14 position. Lets do with our left leg down first
15:17 and our right leg up. And I'm staying flat,
15:23 and I'm not here we go, but just make here we
15:25 go tries again. Okay working, working, Oh!
15:29 yeah this is a very as much part. I love you
15:35 Tom, okay guess which leg, it is hard? Yeah it
15:40 hard yes it is. Now here is the thing when you
15:43 doing a balance exercise your legs or
15:46 our arms are caught drivers. You could
15:48 move them in different positions, see how I just
15:50 did that, it like airplane, yeah but in this position
15:54 by chest down by moving our arms our
15:57 body responds to gravity different. And it
16:00 places more stress in the body.
16:03 I would feel a lot more different than yours do.
16:04 But, you know as we do continue to do this
16:06 exercise we get much better awareness what
16:09 our body position is and we able to control it. It's
16:12 whole system in our system and the body to
16:14 actually controls us it's kind a cool but is heard,
16:17 I gonna work on this. You gonna work on this
16:19 okay our next exercise we can go. Some of
16:21 you've seen before we gonna do our pushups
16:23 you know Tom say Casio I love pushups
16:26 and making him do pushups in our program
16:28 and do as a Tom only for you buddy, just for
16:31 you. Lets get our mat and we gonna show a
16:36 variation of pushups for you guys today. We
16:38 have been done these before but once again
16:40 lets get down a position for pushup position.
16:42 Not to see good doing pushups, hands on the
16:46 mat, hands on the mat, yeah hands on the mat,
16:48 right, okay, see good doing pushups and Neto
16:51 come on and get a good shot of this. You want
16:53 your hands to be underneath your
16:55 shoulders as you in okay, okay, yeah just
16:58 like that and you gonna up on our toes and you
17:03 gonna straight down like perfect and notes as
17:04 elbow is going slight towards his rare perfect
17:07 Tom you are just awesome I just like
17:09 impress, I just see you holding right now good
17:13 job. I'm glad. Now let's make this
17:16 little different. Tom you know how to hand it
17:18 together? In underneath a line now let's stagger
17:21 it put one slide before, put one slide back,
17:23 okay, there we go lets try that. Change in like,
17:28 it should does, here we does here we go this not
17:30 this out, its 2. You start with the 2 as
17:34 well. you but I can tell that is like this side my
17:37 left side. Has work little more. Work more weak
17:40 than right so, okay, was that interested to find
17:44 out. Yeah, okay, hang on, I do with these with
17:48 you on these okay position struck on this
17:49 but I gonna demonstrate the stag you just do the
17:50 regular ones, okay? Yeah. Just knock out
17:52 this two. Can we do 10? Yeah,
17:56 can I set track once adjust it? Yeah okay
17:59 sure. So, you are at home do to 10 with me
18:01 and let Tom does, let Tom do his 8.
18:05 Oh! three. O 3, but the think is
18:07 listen one more think doing a to modified this
18:09 go ahead and drop your knees if you need to
18:12 these are very challenging for you just
18:14 go ahead and drop your knees but try to do that
18:16 staggered by shifting one hand forward and
18:18 one hand backwards do pushups.
18:20 Let me try that, you wanna try that on your
18:22 knees, its not I'm not in the shape I use to at all
18:24 Well I'm proud of you Tom acknowledging
18:27 just a fact were you are and what we should we
18:30 do except where you are and go from there,
18:32 is right, lets talk this out I'm ready lets 10 here
18:35 we go, is 1, is 2, and is 3, and is 4, and is 5
18:44 switch side, hey Tom will you do those keep
18:47 your body straight. I guess you talk it about
18:50 no nose dive? Yeah that's it. Okay, but keep
18:53 your body straight and still going up and down
18:55 as if you doing regular one.
18:57 So, not deep. Yeah I don't want any
18:59 typical okay. Now we work in on it. You are
19:01 ready? Working do and that try, lets try to as
19:04 gonna I'm staggered my hands other way and so
19:07 you could see what looks like for my last
19:10 five, five more times. Five more, well in case
19:13 your case was like to me more here we go.
19:14 Here is 1, much better Tom 2, 3, 4, 5. You are
19:23 great student Tom we know in this
19:26 combination we did a triceps exercise first and
19:29 then we get a chest exercise goes with
19:30 pushups they corporate both the triceps and the
19:34 chest but we wanna do staggered triceps first
19:37 little bit and so place more emphasis on the
19:39 chest is exercise. That's what we might to feel
19:41 little more talented. Oh! yeah, okay now lets
19:44 exercise is an ab exercise. I call like the
19:47 bike exercise. I gonna show you how to do
19:49 this one. Will that work of you.
19:50 That will work. That work for you
19:52 alright. Secret with bike is almost like you are
19:55 peddling okay so we gonna do is bring our
19:59 elbows to knee
20:03 So, then as we touch the knee. No that's a touch
20:06 knee but direction towards the knee.
20:08 Aright I am showed him here alright there
20:12 we go, okay so like as I'm. Like peddling you bike.
20:17 Peddling my bike, yeah and somewhere in
20:20 there, doing upper body, there it goes 2, 3,
20:23 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, see now so back
20:36 that you so feel that, but you feel in my,
20:37 you can do feel it. You feel these exercises,
20:40 yeah, now you ready back on your feet Tom.
20:43 Let's go back to your balance again
20:44 Okay balance. Get this out the way this
20:48 is through in time because we have such a
20:51 good time he has been great co-host having a
20:53 good time sharing with you, back to the first
20:55 one let's gonna one leg 15 seconds. Now once
20:59 again hey, Tom try this put both arms straight
21:02 in front of you. And take your right arm at
21:05 the side lets just move it to the side right there
21:08 and what is the difference.
21:10 Yeah its much better, okay go and switch the
21:13 other leg. Both the hands in front of you
21:18 same arm again to the side, Oh! same arm.
21:21 Same arm set it those it will off know. Once
21:24 again to how you move your arms they call
21:27 drivers and you'll effect how gravity and how
21:30 body responds to gravity change the
21:32 gravity on your body. So, body had some
21:34 respond works that's against. So, that was a
21:37 workout that we did, we did four base exercise
21:39 and have a lot of time to and I just know we
21:41 normally get through like two rotations of our
21:43 workout but you know I enjoy talking Tom
21:47 because there is a lot of fun but also he is a man
21:50 who a good story, a good experiences that
21:54 he just gives by, and if you at home so okay
21:57 some times you might not be able to get to our
21:59 program doing a two sets so we can to do this
22:02 program for you so you can just get one
22:04 excitement feel like you achieve that has been
22:06 we did today. I feel like I achieve
22:08 something because its much different then use
22:11 today. It is a lot different is to be
22:13 yeah, yeah. Okay Tom so your goal is not is to
22:16 be what more active if you say in last I was
22:18 change and in habits of change.
22:20 Tremendously, yeah I'm 30 pounds less then I
22:23 was and eaten much better and I'm primarily
22:28 now more vegetarian then anything else and
22:30 that's pretty toward it make me feel much
22:32 better. It feel litters, yeah much
22:34 better and then younger I was very active, but
22:38 now not as much, you might think I was more
22:40 active especially more flexible I could tell you
22:41 that I wasn't.
22:42 Wait, wait, you saying you are getting old,
22:43 because I'm not getting old. I think I stopped at
22:46 29. I stopped back it 40 actually 39 been 39
22:51 again couple years. Congratulations.
22:53 Yeah thank you. When is your birthday
22:54 again? Its coming up January be 39 again,
22:56 39 again, yeah so it happens. It happens,
22:59 but you know but the think is the secret its
23:02 you know I like to think about I was reading in
23:06 this book great book called Steps To Christ
23:08 you have get chance to read it you should read
23:10 it and you talk about are human cardinal mind
23:14 and how we are just falling to sin and is to
23:19 just like we have this rebellion against God
23:21 and I was suppose that for those at home if you
23:24 are house that you are not happy with you
23:27 know pray about it because it the cardinal
23:29 mind that keeps you rebellion against where
23:32 God want you to live and we were in thought
23:35 had a live we just did it. And so unhealthy
23:38 lifestyles is something we're just doing. So, by
23:41 you go closer to Christ he comes into us and
23:44 gives the ability to make the better decision
23:46 so we could have healthy temple and live
23:49 a healthy life to be a Bible so we get in. okay
23:52 guys just kind a check our Wellness tip and
23:55 listen I you said I just keep check this out
23:58 Avoid sudden stops after exercise always
24:06 take time to cool down staying in motion
24:08 following workout. This action lowers
24:11 adrenaline levels and reduces heart stress, it
24:13 also reduces the pulling of blood in the legs
24:16 preventing sharp drops and blood pressure and
24:18 resulting lightheadedness.
24:23 So, I need to keep moving alright. You need to keep
24:24 moving, yeah know its funny you see people
24:26 on that get that running it is like stop and when
24:28 I was track coach back in Florida it was likely
24:31 always tell our Athletes keep running pass and
24:34 keep walking and keep the hands up to get the
24:36 blood flow back in again so you don't get
24:38 this poor effect. And so lot time people will just
24:40 stop you know you guy give us chance by
24:42 towards just for the new change of density level.
24:45 But, Tom you ready for a stretch?
24:48 Sure I am, lets shake my hand you know hey
24:51 it's not over yet no, it's not over yet no.
24:53 No not over you are not living me. Okay, okzay
24:55 wait stretch. Yeah we gonna stretch. I did not
24:59 tell you this guy is a character is about so
25:00 about him I don't know but hey did here his
25:03 voice again in Wellness tip he is man, he is the
25:06 voice guy. I use to face. Now this is more shave
25:10 and this is that's the different, well I guess
25:12 will you get in the whole thing working
25:14 together, okay right. Go ahead and lay down on
25:16 your back. Okay. And I want teach you
25:20 this go ahead and lay down and I want you
25:22 take this ankle and cross here for right
25:25 there and I want you to bring this hand stick it
25:28 clean here and put behind this leg and put
25:30 the other hand to meet the leg and bend your
25:32 leg up and put our head down.
25:35 Put the head down.
25:36 Yeah that's up not down. Yeah okay, no
25:38 that's, okay, you stay down, head down, got
25:41 you. Now what is this, we've done
25:43 these stretches before, but this is how actually
25:46 use to do this at home so you an demonstrate
25:48 doing at home. And keep the leg straight
25:49 and relax, head down, again okay, yeah head
25:53 down okay so what's is gonna he is open his
25:57 applying pressure with his ankle here is plan
25:59 stress on this gluteus, you feel this guy could
26:02 do and is good we can do this sitting, lying
26:05 down in our office or our bed some people do
26:07 these exercise for in the morning when they get
26:09 up. Okay and switch your leg, okay so that
26:12 see for different angle but this hand on the
26:14 outside and leg between left up and pull back.
26:17 Now once again we doing these stretches
26:20 you want to hold your stretch you feel
26:22 marvelous comfortable, you never wanna fight,
26:23 you never wanna get in the battle with the limit
26:26 kind of stretch and with that stretch.
26:30 And you wanna hold it in one spot because
26:33 every time we move it changes the pressure
26:36 and that's actually change the receptors
26:39 they actually relax and so forth and come out
26:41 of it. So, you just maintain consistency
26:43 and is hold it for 30 seconds. To get ideal
26:47 stretch, you know as we stretch at the end of our
26:49 program, alright. You sit here and enjoy and I
26:52 gonna close that. Oh! sit here enjoy, you
26:53 sit here enjoy. Okay, why do we make some
26:56 90% of ever self your body you could go
27:00 weeks without food but you ant live past three
27:03 days without water. Your spiritual cells
27:05 need water also. In John chapter 4 Jesus said he
27:10 gives us living water that brings a spring of
27:13 water well in up to eternal life. So, drink up
27:17 drink in Jesus we can't survive without him.
27:20 This is Casio remind the action is a key for
27:23 life. And it's my prayer that the Lord gives you
27:25 strength and encouragement to take
27:27 action everyday. God bless and thank you for
27:29 watching. See you next time, bye, bye.
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