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Participants: Casio Jones (Host), Galen Comstock


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00:01 The following program presents workouts you
00:03 can use to improve your physical fitness.
00:05 Please be sure to consult your physician
00:07 before beginning this or any exercise routine.
00:30 Hello, my name is Casio Jones and you're watching
00:33 Action 4 Life. Our workout for today is called a Ball
00:37 of a Time, so go ahead and grab your exercise ball
00:39 and get ready for our great workout.
00:41 This is the time we want you to do a nice little
00:42 warm up, get yourself, get some blood flowing
00:45 and we're gonna talk about sugar.
00:50 That's right, my clients ask me, hey Casio.
00:51 What's one thing I should do to improve my lifestyle
00:54 and I would always tell them, eliminate sugar.
00:56 We shot this segment in a kitchen and I want you
00:58 to check this out. You're gonna enjoy this.
01:28 We're here in a kitchen, Christine and myself.
01:31 And we're gonna continue talking, but you know
01:33 Christine, we went to the grocery store.
01:34 Yeah, and we picked out, went down the aisles
01:36 and we picked out some you know,
01:38 we thought were some common products that people eat.
01:41 And we talked about how sugar is there,
01:45 and I mean where the sugar of the content of some
01:47 things and how destructive sugar is.
01:49 Do you know when you consume the sugar
01:52 and your body releases insulin from the pancreas,
01:56 because your blood sugar up. Because just like
01:58 everything in our body has to have a stay point,
02:00 a balance point, to keep everything smooth and even.
02:04 When you consume sugar, your body, you know sends a
02:07 signal to your pancreas is to secrete insulin to bring
02:09 down your blood sugar, because it was too high,
02:11 and but the problem is people don't understand,
02:14 when that happens, your body is in storage mode.
02:17 So, if you're trying to lose weight,
02:19 you don't wanna be in storage mode. No.
02:21 You want to be in a burning mode. Right.
02:22 And we are a society that, we have a lot of people
02:25 who are overweight. So and that's why it's obviously
02:28 you see, the diet industry is just booming.
02:30 Everybody said, I'm on a diet, I'm gonna have a Diet
02:32 Pepsi, I'm gonna have a Diet Coke. Because of this,
02:34 this trying to be on a diet, but the problem is
02:37 they're doing so many things that they're unaware of,
02:39 that's messing them up. And so remember we went over
02:42 today. Let's just talk about our typical day that we had,
02:45 remember we went over cereal. Breakfast.
02:47 A breakfast cereal, we had bran cereal with our soy
02:51 milk and we came up with, this was accumulative
02:54 71 grams of sugar. Alright, 71 grams of sugar,
02:58 list that one. Let's just point out right down on a
03:00 table right there. There you go, there you go,
03:04 there's our breakfast boys and girls. Okay. So we went
03:07 for lunch. We had Mac and cheese, and we washed it
03:10 down with some vitamin water. What we care that,
03:12 that was 50 grams of sugar, I mean that's the one
03:15 right there and this is gonna be a typical day.
03:20 There we go, now dinner. Alright. Alright. Last one.
03:25 At dinner, we had our lean cuisine
03:26 and we had our two cups of juicy juice. Okay.
03:29 100% juice and that was whopping of,
03:33 what was that 56 grams of sugar.
03:37 Wow, pour that in. There you go.
03:44 Alright, there we go. That was our day,
03:46 that was our day. But you know, you know here's
03:49 the thing, just be real. How many of you at home grab
03:53 a soda, I mean throughout the day, you walk by the
03:56 machine or somebody ask yourself when you grab
03:57 a can of soda, right. But how about.
03:59 But first we won't do that, right. A can of soda,
04:02 47 grams of sugar, 1 coke. You know what I probably
04:07 just take one. Let's just pour that down 47 grams,
04:13 there you go. Well, boys and girls, there you are,
04:18 one day of consuming calories, of what we think
04:22 we're eating good amount of calories, good amount
04:24 of food. That we think, we're trying to.
04:26 Now, that's just not a lot of food.
04:28 It's not a whole lot of food, but that right there
04:30 has over 700 calories coming from sugar in these parts
04:36 right here and this is probably something that a
04:37 average person will consume in a day.
04:39 Thinking they're trying to eat healthy and they're
04:41 wondering why their weight is not coming off.
04:43 Right. Remember once your blood sugar is raised up,
04:45 your body secrete the insulin into bloodstream and
04:48 you're in storage mode, I don't care how hard you're
04:50 working, your body is letting go of it.
04:52 So, a word of wise huh, you think we're doing good,
04:55 but oh that sugar snicks up on us doesn't it. It does.
04:58 And that's a lot of sugar, I know what would people do,
05:00 would they eat this or eat that. I guarantee more
05:03 people eat this, but not realize how much
05:05 they eat out of that. Yeah, absolutely.
05:08 I don't know about you, but there was a lot of sugar.
05:10 You know, it's amazing, so many years ago.
05:12 The average person consumed only 50 pounds of sugar
05:16 per year. But today the average person consumes
05:19 over 180 pounds of sugar, it's in almost in so many
05:23 products and it's causing so much destruction to our
05:25 lifestyle. Okay, with me today is a friend of mine,
05:28 he's a physician. His name is Galen Kohnstein,
05:31 Galen how are you doing?
05:32 Fine Casio, it's good to be here.
05:34 Listen we're talking about sugar and have you in your
05:36 experience as a physician. Have you experienced a lot
05:39 of people who has conditions from consuming too much
05:43 sugar in their lifestyle and their daily intake.
05:45 Oh! I think, we see a lot of conditions that are
05:48 related to consumption of too much sugar
05:51 or refined foods etc, such as coronary artery disease.
05:55 Yes. Diabetes. Yes. Obesity.
05:57 Yes. And all the problems that go,
05:59 go along with obesity. You know, it's amazing
06:01 why sugar is always for being in so many products or
06:06 foods it has no nutritional value, has no fiber.
06:10 It's keep going with me, it's totally refined.
06:14 It's totally refined, no vitamins, no minerals.
06:16 Nothing. As you said, no fiber and high in calories.
06:19 Extremely high calories. Very choleric dense.
06:21 Very choleric dense, so okay, one thing we
06:25 definitely eliminate is sugar. Would you agree?
06:27 I totally agree with you. Okay, so we're gonna
06:29 move forward and we're gonna talk about as we continue
06:32 with the problem. We're gonna do our exercise and
06:34 I'm excited to have you here with me and you let me
06:36 talk about a segment today is gonna be a have ball
06:38 and so. Our first excitement cover is gonna be just
06:41 basically a ball pushup. You're ready to get started?
06:43 I'm ready. Alright, go ahead and grab your ball,
06:45 let's get you in position and we're gonna continue
06:47 talk about our sugar today. But we're gonna keep moving;
06:49 okay go ahead and lean down the ball and just walk
06:52 forward on the ball. Move forward in position here,
06:55 what you notice here that he's coming to stop right
06:56 there your knees on a ball. He puts himself in a
06:58 position, the balls create a stable environment for
07:01 him, and I just go down to a pushup and push right
07:04 back up. Plus he's working his chest muscles,
07:06 his triceps and his shoulders and he's
07:08 stabilizing his abdominal muscles, his core and his
07:11 lower back is working and he's creating an unstable
07:14 environment on the ball. How you doing there?
07:15 I'm doing fine, how many, am I going too fast.
07:18 No, you doing just perfect temple, just do one more.
07:20 Okay. Excellent, go ahead and roll back up
07:22 and I'm get started and I'm going to do it with you.
07:24 We're gonna knock out ten together, okay. Okay.
07:27 I'm gonna go this side and this roll out, okay,
07:29 so roll on your ball and position here and make sure
07:32 your knees are on the ball. Alright, and let's go down
07:35 and knock out pushups. Are you ready? Knock out ten;
07:38 there is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10.
07:59 Reverse, just fold back up. Now, what I like about
08:04 using a physioball is that it helps and assists
08:07 so much. Because for some people doing a regular
08:09 pushup is very challenging for them. So, by using a
08:12 physioball, it makes it so much easier.
08:14 Because you're only pushing, only a portion of your
08:16 body weight. Alright, as part of our program,
08:18 we always try and incorporate some active.
08:20 Some more activity and making more aerobics,
08:22 so make this whole program. The segment more a
08:25 complete chance full body, so what we're gonna do
08:27 today. We're gonna do jogging in place,
08:28 it that cool with you. Alright, let's just go
08:30 jogging in place for 30 seconds, now as you're home
08:35 just do the exact same thing what we're doing,
08:37 is like you're just moving your feet up and down
08:39 and just enjoying yourself. Get your arm to drive side
08:41 to side, as if you're running and you can
08:43 visualize yourself running down a street checking out
08:47 the scenery, enjoying yourself and enjoying
08:50 what God has given you. Amen.
08:51 You see, I'm from Florida, so I see a lot of palm
08:54 trees, I see a lot of, a lot of water.
08:58 I like to run along the gorge in Washington.
09:01 So, Washington huh. Yes.
09:04 It's beautiful country out there. Oh! Man, yeah.
09:06 One day is I'm gonna make, okay great, there is our
09:08 thirty seconds, okay. Now, we're gonna move on to our
09:10 next exercise and we're gonna do. Grab your ball
09:12 again. kay. I want you to demonstrate,
09:16 go ahead and have a sit on a ball and I'm gonna get
09:17 some dumbbells for us. Alright, we're gonna call
09:24 this a curling press. I want you to grab this here,
09:27 alright and I want you to actually do me a favor.
09:31 Turn your body this way, so you can get a good camera
09:33 shot at the house and sit right there.
09:36 Now, when you curl and press. We're gonna use the
09:38 ball, he's in upright position, nice and straight, okay.
09:41 He's firing his abdominal muscles, engaging his core.
09:44 His back is firing, which is protecting his back
09:46 and gave me some nice support here.
09:47 You see he's pressing, he's gonna press.
09:50 Biceps, palms facing away from you, straight down
09:53 initial position relax and you gotta curl up right there
09:57 That has an elbow stain in a one spot and you're gonna
09:59 press straight up over your head, lining your biceps up
10:02 with your ears, perfect. Bring it back down
10:05 and reverse the curl and back down, let's do it again,
10:09 curl up, press straight up and back down.
10:15 There you go, how's that weight, is that decent
10:16 weight. It's fine. Okay and one more time,
10:26 beautiful, good job. I'm gonna jump in with you,
10:28 hold on to those. I'm getting next to higher
10:31 and let's just go and have some fun my brother,
10:33 okay. I'm there right here beside you.
10:40 You're ready, here we go, let's curl them up.
10:44 There's 1, it's like a twelve. Okay.
10:48 There is 2, there is 3, as we're coming down working
10:55 our biceps right here and we're pressing up upfront
10:59 of our shoulders. There's 5; 6, half way, 7 beautiful.
11:15 Now, once again this ball's creating a stable
11:17 environment, working on our lower back
11:20 and our abdominals. It makes a little more harder,
11:23 would you agree? Here we go, two more, one more,
11:34 beautiful, good job. Go ahead and just put our
11:37 dumbbells down, put them right behind our ball.
11:40 Put a ball in the space, there you go.
11:45 Let's go back to our running place, here we go.
11:48 Let's go, now we're doing our aerobic part.
11:53 We're doing right now, is to try and make this
11:55 whole entire workout. It helps us to get in our
11:57 steady state, which is me and our body changes,
12:01 the whole entire fuel system. Where it goes from
12:04 burning just carbohydrates to try and burn our body
12:07 fat, to make it more aerobic. Okay, so even
12:10 though we're doing resistance training
12:12 and they're both training together.
12:13 It's a program just designed to keep our heart rate
12:16 elevated. Excellent, good job and let's go
12:21 and take a peak. Put your hands on, find that
12:26 where we're, where did you come up with.
12:28 Perfect 134, 110, we're in our aerobic state,
12:32 excellent. Alright, let's go back to our next exercise.
12:35 We're gonna be forward and we're gonna do our ball
12:37 crunches, okay. Go ahead and grab your ball
12:40 and this is one that most of you have seen before,
12:42 when they do. Let's go in right here and I want you
12:44 to have a seat on the ball, put your face this way,
12:47 here we go. So, in exercise, we enjoy it like
12:50 when we see the exercise ball. It's a device that's
12:52 hey; I've seen this in a gym. Don't know what to do
12:54 with it, but this is the number one exercise that
12:56 people have seen on this ball. Well, you know you're
12:58 gonna walk forward like we did before,
13:00 on you back to keep walking feet. What. You go,
13:02 keep walking feet forward, keep walking and lean back
13:04 Oh! Yeah. Here you go right there, right there,
13:07 stop right there. The only thing that's gonna touch
13:09 the ball is pretty much with your lower back.
13:10 Okay, you there, you feet 9 degrees like you are,
13:14 good. I want you to crunch your arms and I want you to
13:16 crunch up this little sit up and back down, good.
13:26 Now, you're feeling that in your abdominals. Yeah.
13:27 Automatically. It feels good.
13:29 There you go, okay I want you to stay in up position
13:31 right there and hold, right there. Like push your chest
13:34 forward, lift your chest forward, just push
13:36 your chest forward right there and hold yourself in
13:37 a position. Now, what he's doing in this position right
13:39 here, I'm gonna let go, he can stay right there.
13:42 He's now allowing his abdominal to do what it's
13:43 designed to do, to stabilize his body.
13:45 You feeling the contraction. I feel it there
13:47 and I also feel it in my. In your quads. In my quads.
13:51 Your quads are assistance to far,
13:52 because you're in this position. Okay.
13:53 They help support you. Right. You have felt them
13:55 far end, okay. It feels good. Oh! Okay, okay go back up;
13:58 sit on top of your ball. First, push your leg,
14:00 reverse, push, push, push, push.
14:02 There you go, alright now I'm going to do them with
14:03 you. Okay. Alright, lets knock out fifteen.
14:06 Do you think you can make fifteen. Oh! I will try.
14:09 Alright now, this is the thing, we want you do it
14:11 when you're home, do your best and maintain,
14:13 keep up with us. If we can shoot 4 or 15
14:16 and you can only do ten. Hey, listen to your body,
14:18 that's our mark. You could do ten, the next day,
14:21 next time we do this exercise you try
14:22 and do twelve. And you work yourself up, okay.
14:25 We'll do fifteen. Oh! Let's get there, lets do fifteen.
14:27 Lets do fifteen. Alright, and move and pack on the
14:28 other side. Here we go, let's walk us forward.
14:31 The only thing that's gonna touch is our lower back,
14:33 okay and we're gonna across our arms here and
14:35 we're gonna crunch up. Here we go; that's 1, 2,
14:40 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7. Now, if you need to support your
14:51 head you could, keep going 8. You can make a basket
14:54 with your fingers and lock your fingers around
14:57 and just it support behind your head and relax your
14:59 head into it. Because the range of motion you're
15:02 going, your firing your abdominal muscles and
15:05 contracting your muscles. So, you're gonna feel them,
15:07 are you feeling these? Fifteen. Excellent,
15:09 good job, roll back up on the ball. Common,
15:12 put the ball back into the base, let's go back to work
15:15 with the active rest again. Here we go, jogging place,
15:17 30 seconds. Let's get to ready, set, go, here we go,
15:28 so can I call you a doc. I'm 5 feet 10 inches.
15:32 You're 5 feet 10 inches doc. Alright, how old are you?
15:36 I'm sixty one. Sixty one. Yes. You're sixty one,
15:40 you know didn't you tell me the other day if you dyed
15:43 your hair black, you look 41, didn't you say that one?
15:47 I probably was joking a little bit. But I think.
15:50 That would be nice. I tell you guys, it's like,
15:53 it's right there. Awesome, awesome, awesome, okay
15:55 our next exercise we're gonna do. We're gonna do a
15:58 Ball Pelvic Tilt, it's a kind of good exercises, great
16:01 you can find it stabilizes your lower back and works
16:03 your thighs, your legs. But it's also a great exercise
16:06 for overall balancing and support. Okay go ahead doc,
16:09 I want you to grab your ball, get the mat in
16:14 position here. Okay, I want you to take the ball here.
16:17 You go ahead and lay down with your head here
16:19 and your feet down there. On my back.
16:22 Yes, on your back. Okay.
16:24 Here we go and what we're gonna do is put your feet on
16:26 top of the ball, right there. There you go,
16:29 put your arms out to the side like a cross.
16:32 Palms down, it helps you support and all we're gonna
16:34 do is. I want you just to raise your Pelvic up. Okay.
16:38 Put it up, hold it right there, head down and let's
16:41 hold it up. Okay, this is one way of variation to do
16:45 this exercise. We could actually hold and you can
16:47 hold for a period of time, okay. Now, go down,
16:50 what we're gonna do, we're gonna do reps of going up
16:53 and down. So, come up and down, again up and down.
16:59 Now, your range of motion, that you could do this
17:02 exercise find your raise of motion that's safe for you,
17:04 some people go extremely high and some people go just
17:07 a little bit. Based on how strong your back is,
17:09 so stay in your range. That is comfortable for you,
17:13 but work at it. Okay, are you feeling these.
17:15 It's fine. Okay, now this will work you lower back,
17:18 this is working his hamstrings, even his gluts.
17:20 But he's on this ball creating this unstable
17:22 environment. So, his legs have to help support this,
17:25 okay. But the whole focus of this exercise is the
17:27 lower back and abdominals. You see, how he had to
17:30 wobble little bit. 'Cause his body is working to
17:33 stabilize. And it makes you strain, yeah.
17:34 It makes you strain, okay, relax a second.
17:35 Now I'm gonna jump down with you okay.
17:37 'Cause I don't want you to feel like you're doing this
17:38 all by yourself, okay doc. Thank you. You know,
17:41 I'm here to help you out and I'm trying to lead by
17:44 example okay, awesome. Okay, lets knock out.
17:47 I can use inspiration. Alright, lets knock out
17:51 twelve okay. Okay. We do twelve. Right, here we go
17:53 ready set go, this is up, squeeze 1 and 2 and down,
17:57 there is 1, up squeeze 1, 2 and down. Up there is 3,
18:06 there is 4, squeeze up, there is 5 and there is 6.
18:12 Engaging your core and there's 8 and there's 9
18:21 and there's 10, I feel like going to fifteen
18:25 and there's 11 and there's 12 squeezes, 14 squeezes
18:32 and one more, next 15 squeezes, beautiful. Okay,
18:36 let's get on position again for active rest.
18:41 Here is your ball, take your mat out of the way
18:43 and move it down. Alright, once again you guys all
18:46 probably know, we like to do our active rest.
18:48 Which is so important to make sure we keep our
18:50 heart rate elevated so, we can maximize this workout
18:53 and have a full body condition. Okay, you ready
18:55 to get started to our thirty seconds, here we go.
19:00 Now, as we get done doing our active rest.
19:02 We're gonna test our heart rate to make sure we're in
19:04 an appropriate range and we're gonna check his
19:06 meal watch and it's a great device
19:09 that it allows us to get our heart rate out of strap.
19:12 Which is kind of cool, how you're feeling there doc?
19:15 Feeling fine. Alright, I'm feeling good. Working it up.
19:18 Now, once again its just the high knees.
19:20 You, when do this exercise, it's something to get your
19:21 heart rate going. Which is so important, okay, good,
19:24 let's check it out? Alright, I'm there at 112,
19:30 oh! Yeah, perfect right within our range.
19:34 Alright, now let's move on to our last.
19:35 We did our exercises for, we did our all our exercises
19:39 for the ball, we did the ball abdominal pushups,
19:42 and we did the ball curling press.
19:44 We knock out abdominal abs and we did our pelvic lift,
19:49 okay. So we're gonna repeat the same program all over
19:52 again and just so we're moving a lot faster.
19:54 But this is what I wanted to talk to you about,
19:56 if you have any questions at home of something
19:58 you've seen in on our program. We've questions
20:00 about hey Casio, how do I tighten up my arms,
20:03 how do I work my legs or you know what how can I just
20:05 live better. Go ahead and send your email to
20:08, you just see it below my face
20:16 right about now. But go ahead and send us an email
20:18 with your questions and don't hesitate to send any
20:20 type of questions. Because the wrong type of questions
20:22 is the one you don't ask. Alright, you ready to get
20:25 going back to the top again. Go ahead and grab your
20:26 ball, gonna get this back out a little bit and we're
20:30 gonna do our pushups. Our ball pushups, and we got 10
20:33 last time okay. You're ready, let's go to work,
20:36 lets fall out in our position. Now, you know
20:40 as we're on our knees. Go ahead and knock out
20:42 and we're gonna do ten. Now, I'm go a little more
20:44 advanced, I'm going to go on my toes,
20:46 move the ball back a little bit more.
20:48 For those who want to be aggressive, watch this,
20:50 make a little harder. Lets knock out ten, here we go,
20:53 there is 1, there is 2, there is 3, there is 4,
21:00 there is 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. Excellent, roll back up
21:10 on the ball, okay get the ball in the position.
21:14 Back to our active rest again 30 seconds
21:17 and let's go now, here we go. Now, so what do you
21:26 think about the ball so far doc. Hey, that really is
21:28 comfortable, its accounted for. Yeah, because it has
21:31 a lot of hot air inside of it I guess.
21:33 These are putting your knees on a hard floor
21:35 if you're doing half pushups.
21:36 It does, doesn't it? Yes. But you could feel
21:38 your whole upper body working and firing
21:39 with this exercise, can't you? Oh! Yeah. Awesome.
21:43 Just right for a guy like me. Just right for anybody,
21:46 okay grab your ball again. Just do our curling press,
21:51 grab your dumbbells. There you go, go ahead
21:57 and have a seat, there you go. You're gonna turn around
22:00 and face me alright. We're gonna curl them up,
22:03 so curl, press and down, there's 1, 2, there's 3, 4, 5,
22:21 once again, elbows stay in one spot, curling press 6,
22:28 7, 8, 9, one more and 10, good job. Press them back
22:40 down again, alright put the dumbbells down,
22:42 lets move on. Alright, what I want you to do is,
22:46 I want you be in a position here. We're gonna do ball
22:47 crunches, I'm gonna let you do this, walk you through
22:49 these people at home. Go ahead and walk forward
22:51 again. Oh! Yeah. Right there and okay,
22:55 I want you crunch up again. Here we go knock them out,
22:57 there is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10,
23:12 roll back up, have a seat. Now, we're gonna be run out
23:14 of time. But I want you to do this program when you're
23:17 at home. To continue on with your active rest in
23:19 between, okay one more time doc. We need to move to last
23:22 exercise, go ahead and lay down on your back.
23:27 Okay, put your feet on top, good and when we pelvic
23:31 tilts. We're gonna lift them up for 10, you ready,
23:33 there is 1, 2, 3, 4, nice and slow 5, squeeze the 1, 2,
23:42 good, 7, 8, 9, 10, two more and one more.
23:54 You just told now we did 15 last time, this is perfect.
23:56 Now, I want you to understand how exercise
23:59 can be so much fun. But it's one thing I want you
24:01 to also to get. Knowledge is key,
24:03 checkout this wellness tip.
24:08 Get adequate rest, rest recharges your body
24:12 batteries, when you're body is rested.
24:14 You'll feel stronger and more motivated,
24:16 ready to reach your exercise goals.
24:22 That's right, it's so important to take rest from
24:24 time to time and your body needs it.
24:25 You work so hard and rest is where it allows your body
24:28 to repair itself, to make all the adaptations to make
24:30 the positive changes you want. Right doc,
24:32 here's good, take a break right now
24:34 and rest till the exercise right. That's right,
24:36 I feel rested. Oh! Doc, you did a great job today,
24:38 go ahead and move feet off of this.
24:39 Put your feet down and you know doc,
24:42 of all the years that you've helped so many people.
24:44 I'm gonna help you right now. Go ahead and put the
24:46 leg straight, I'm gonna straight you out, okay.
24:49 I wanna do a hamstring, so relax your leg, okay.
24:51 Neutral position, just relax, I got your leg, relax.
24:54 There you go right there. Now doc, so tell me about
24:56 some of your patients. You were telling me about one
24:58 of your patients that came in and had an history with
25:00 sugar, tell me about that story. Yeah, there was a
25:02 lady that came into my office and she was telling
25:05 me how all of her children and her and part of the
25:08 other family, her husband and her were having issues
25:12 with flus, colds, ear aches, running noses,
25:18 all these kinds of infections, every winter.
25:22 Okay. So, I recommended to her,
25:25 why don't you go on a low mucus producing diet.
25:29 Which would include very little dairy products
25:33 and in place of those, nuts and olives.
25:35 But especially, don't give your kids a lot of
25:39 sweet treats. Right. Loaded with sugar. Right.
25:43 Instead of sweet treats, I recommended fruits,
25:49 fruits juices things that were healthy.
25:51 So, you replaced the fruit juices with fruits.
25:55 Well, fruit, no the sugar products.
25:58 Right, to finish off right. With fruits. Got you, yes.
26:00 And sometimes some fruit juices. Right.
26:02 But mostly fruit. Okay, both legs to the side,
26:04 go ahead, keep talking. So, she came in about,
26:07 the next year and I hardly remember her.
26:11 But then all of a sudden she told me the story
26:14 that yes. My kids have not had any colds,
26:17 flu's, ear aches, running noses, cough and all that
26:19 kind of thing. Because of the diet, you put me on,
26:22 then I recollected who it was and I go wow.
26:24 That's really exciting. So, I'm very happy with that.
26:27 They made a lifestyle change and the whole life changed.
26:30 And the whole family. And whole,
26:31 they weren't sick at all. They weren't seek at all,
26:33 that whole winter. I love that, why don't have
26:36 we ward our self destructive items, as we celebrate,
26:39 sugar desserts, meals drenched with fat
26:42 and cholesterol. How better would it be to give God
26:45 the glory and realize that the best reward we can gave
26:48 ourselves is presenting our body as a living sacrifice.
26:52 Hey Doc, I had a great time with you.
26:54 Come on, let me help you up.
26:56 Oh! Thank you. Hey doc listen,
26:58 I'm so proud of what you're doing out there in the
27:00 field of helping people and educating people on
27:02 how to live healthier life with the Lord
27:04 and I wish there was more of you out there
27:07 and I'm sure there were, we just got to get
27:09 the word out, is that true. Thank you, I enjoyed this
27:11 and let's keep preaching the word.
27:13 That's it, we keep preaching the word out
27:15 and help you to understand that God in a relationship
27:17 being health is so important.
27:19 This is Casio reminding that action is the key for life
27:22 and it's my prayer that the Lord gives you strength
27:24 and encouragement to take action everyday,
27:26 God bless and thank you for watching.
27:28 Hey, I see you next time. Bye, bye, now.
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