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Participants: Casio Jones (Host), Sarah Behn


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00:01 The following program presents workouts
00:03 you can use to improve your physical fitness.
00:05 Please be sure to consult your physician
00:07 before beginning this or any exercise routine.
00:30 Hi, my name is Casio Jones
00:31 and you're watching Action 4 Life.
00:33 Listen on today's segment, all you gonna need is
00:35 just a set of dumbbells. You know, what,
00:38 what do you know about sugar and not just sugar,
00:41 but where to find sugar you know
00:42 lot of people love to drink juice.
00:45 They give to their kids, they think they need to
00:47 drink after they do exercise. But did you know
00:50 how harmful it could be. Well, check this out,
00:52 you're gonna be quite surprised to learn
00:54 little bit about sugar and your favorite juice.
01:24 Christine, let's talk about juice.
01:25 I mean average person consumes
01:28 a lot of juice a matter of fact.
01:30 We've seen this Hawaiian punch a lot in Palak.
01:32 Yeah. You know, you always had that big
01:34 or red punch set down on dinning table.
01:36 But you know, it's naturally artificially
01:39 flavored fruit punch. Is that sound good.
01:41 Yeah, fruit punch sounds good.
01:44 Yeah, the fruit sounds good
01:45 what the other part is kind of scary.
01:46 What does the label said, the label says,
01:48 you know this has 21 grams of carbohydrates
01:51 and 20 grams of sugar, okay.
01:53 Yeah. So, it's saying the majority of stuff
01:55 is coming from the sugar. Yeah.
01:56 But here is an important thing to look at,
01:58 it says high fructose corn syrup, which is.
02:01 Now the first ingredient itself is the water.
02:03 Exactly, so what's that means.
02:04 There is lot of it in there.
02:05 Umm! And that's not good high fructose
02:06 consume is very, very destructive to our body.
02:09 So, let's try what's another alternative
02:10 better choice. Well, this one, it's another
02:12 fruit juice and this was 100 percent
02:14 natural fruit juice. Yeah.
02:15 Okay, the break down is 28 grams of carbs
02:19 and 26 grams carbs from sugar, okay.
02:21 How is that much better, well it is because
02:23 it doesn't have high fructose corn syrup?
02:25 Which is a better choice and it is coming from
02:28 mostly from fruits in this.
02:29 Now, okay so how can I get better than juice right.
02:33 What do you think be better than juice?
02:36 Eating fresh fruits or Fresh fruit would be
02:38 much better. And drink water.
02:40 And water, very good choice.
02:41 But does that what everybody drinks. No.
02:43 Unfortunately, we don't do that in this country.
02:45 But what we do drink a lot of is soda.
02:48 A lot of soda, I'm gonna wonder
02:49 how much soda has been consumed everyday,
02:51 but this has 47 grams of carbs
02:54 and 47 grams of sugar.
02:56 O Man. This is just a sugar bomb. Yeah.
02:58 Complete sugar and okay so and high fructose
03:02 corn syrup once again, so not a good choice.
03:06 Ah vitamin water. Yeah, that's sounds good.
03:09 It sounds great, don't know. Yeah.
03:11 Vitamin water, vitamin is good,
03:12 water good, together got to be great.
03:15 Yeah. But it's vitamin water,
03:16 what is a label say again.
03:18 Label says what, 13 grams of carbohydrates
03:21 and 13 grams of sugar.
03:23 That's means; this is pure sugar once again.
03:26 So, the label itself can be very deceptive,
03:29 make you think you get some good,
03:30 but yet you still get some bad.
03:32 Now, this has 2.5 servings,
03:35 with one serving size 8 ounces.
03:37 But so this makes the person who drink
03:39 this whole bottle, thinking that he is just
03:40 drinking one serving.
03:41 But the consuming is about 33 grams of sugar,
03:44 which is almost equivalent to the soda. Oh! There.
03:48 Yeah, so vitamin water no longer
03:50 that good for you anymore, you want
03:52 to just drink your soda you enjoy it right.
03:53 Yeah. But sad, so you say, okay Casio.
03:57 I don't want sugar and I'm gonna drink
03:59 something that have the sugar zero, okay.
04:02 So, if it doesn't have sugar,
04:04 how did it makes so sweet.
04:06 Luminous chemicals. Exactly, it's chemical,
04:10 so what your choice. You wanna consume
04:12 chemicals or sugar. Well, the sugar is more
04:15 natural so. Exactly. I only go for that.
04:18 Exactly, it's part of less stress on your system
04:20 from drinking the chemicals and you know
04:23 they say that some of the chemicals
04:24 when you drink it actually cause
04:26 your body for to crave more sugar.
04:28 Okay. So, in process you're trying not to have
04:31 the sugar in regular products
04:33 and other products. You can drink this
04:35 and actually cause your body crave
04:36 more sugar. So, in those who are diabetic,
04:38 they only have the diet.
04:39 Am gonna have diet soda, am gonna have
04:41 the diet drink. Actually doing more
04:42 harm than good, isn't that scary.
04:44 But, what if I don't like water, the taste of water.
04:48 Well, you know water can be
04:49 little bland for some people.
04:51 Yeah. But, you could always spice it up
04:52 put a little lemon, a little lemon juice.
04:55 You know, oh! Here a lemon juice.
04:57 Good. You could put a little bit of lemon juice
04:58 in your and it gets a nice little flavor to it.
05:00 Right. And there is a product called Stevia.
05:03 Stevia, you could find in health food stores
05:05 and especially some large grocery stores.
05:06 You might find it, it's a natural sweetener
05:08 and you can use a lot in orient.
05:10 Stevia. Stevia and you put a little bit in,
05:14 in as a little sweet flavor to
05:16 what have you mix with.
05:17 Without getting the bad effects.
05:19 Exactly it doesn't raise your blood sugar
05:21 like sugar does. But you got to be careful,
05:23 don't use a lot. Because if
05:24 you use a lot it becomes very bitter.
05:25 Right. You get the straw in there if
05:26 you put lemon. Alright.
05:28 In your water and little bit Stevia,
05:29 you have cheap man lemonade.
05:30 Sounds great. It is great for you, it's awesome.
05:33 But you know, you does not distill the water
05:35 and water exactly what your body needs.
05:37 All of these products has water,
05:39 but your body has to work so hard
05:40 just to get what it want 90 percent of
05:42 your body is made of water. So give it what it needs.
05:44 That's right, it's that simple,
05:47 provide what your body needs
05:48 and your body do the rest and water is essential
05:51 part of life. Did you know,
05:52 after you exercise; the extremely heat
05:55 for more than 90 minutes. It's important to,
05:57 if you want to do some type of hydrate it,
05:59 you heard some type of sports drink.
06:00 But most of the time people not exercising
06:02 in that environment with outside,
06:04 under extreme heat, under stress.
06:05 But water is everything your body needs.
06:07 Okay, with me today, we will go into
06:09 our workout, with me today is Sarah Behn,
06:11 Sarah, how you're doing?
06:12 I'm doing well, thank you.
06:13 Listen, you're a what account executive.
06:15 Yes. And you're a mom. Yes. Alright,
06:18 for those you at home. You know,
06:20 Sarah is like a average mom so
06:22 many of you at home. And Sarah how old your son?
06:25 Nineteen months. Nineteen months,
06:26 for a past Nineteen months
06:28 your life has been really different happened.
06:31 Yes. Okay, so are you found yourself
06:32 able to be active as you used to?
06:35 Not there as much as I used to.
06:36 Not much, and this is a great opportunity
06:38 to get started again right.
06:39 Yes, definitely. Alright, alright,
06:41 so you there at home, don't feel like
06:42 you're alone. There is a lot of you out there,
06:44 who making a transition so. Hope this helps out
06:48 okay you ready get started.
06:49 Yes. Okay, first exercise we're gonna do.
06:51 We're gonna do a clean and press, go ahead
06:52 Sarah grab your dumbbells.
06:54 Come on stand in middle, alright and what
06:56 we're gonna do, she's gonna clean and press.
06:58 So, we're gonna clean straight up there.
07:00 Actually this is gonna work on upper shoulders
07:01 and press straight up overhead,
07:03 wonderful, bring it back down and we're gonna
07:05 reach first curl and reverse back down
07:07 ham curls, yeh Natha come in so that people
07:09 see the shot here again.
07:10 Okay, palms facing forward,
07:11 we're gonna start up here and go right
07:13 to clean again, jerk it up beautiful
07:16 and press straight up overhead and bring it
07:18 back down and one more time,
07:20 last one more time demonstrate, clean press
07:22 and press straight up and bring it down
07:25 and back to the biceps. Excellent honor,
07:27 let's have some fun together.
07:28 Alright, let's knock out twelve together okay.
07:30 Okay. Alright, let's do this, here we go.
07:32 There is 1, ham curls reverse back down.
07:36 Okay, there is 2, 3, and 4.
07:47 Now, moms at home, you wanna know this,
07:49 but for powerful pounds.
07:51 You guys have the same capability and strength,
07:54 as a man. Your weight and height
07:57 are pretty much powerful pound
08:01 for lower body strength, now upper body based
08:02 upon the way God created us.
08:03 We've less muscle mask, so it's sometimes.
08:05 You may say, you know I feel little week in
08:06 my upper body. So, this exercises works the body
08:10 and gets those muscles in your shoulders
08:12 and your back a lot stronger.
08:14 Let's do one more, here we go, wonderful excellent.
08:20 Okay, let's move the dumbbells out the way,
08:22 out in the back. Okay, we gonna do a active rest,
08:24 now remember parts of program.
08:26 We do something we called active rest and this is to
08:29 get you heart rate up. So, when we exercise with
08:31 our weights, we consider the heart at the same time
08:34 and so we make the whole entire program a complete
08:36 body workout. Okay, we can do side shuffle, okay. Okay.
08:39 Let's do, let me stand in front of you, okay.
08:40 Okay. And we just gonna side shuffle to the side and then
08:43 we're gonna comeback okay. Here we go.
08:44 Okay. For thirty seconds good,
08:51 now see this amount of space we're going right now.
08:54 Is the same space especially you got in your live room
08:56 at home. So, it's something you could easily do
08:58 and have a great time. It's not about moving around,
09:02 having fun and taking advantage of space you got.
09:06 Really, we're exercising in a small space.
09:08 Because we want to know you could do it at home.
09:11 Move out the couch, move at the coffee table
09:13 and have some fun. Excellent, ready next
09:16 exercise, let's go on. We're gonna do,
09:18 what we call this is the tricky one okay.
09:21 We are gonna exercise it's called, it's a lunge.
09:24 And when we do a lunge, we're gonna do a one arm row in
09:26 the lunge. We're gonna stay in the lunge position
09:28 and do one arm row with the side left, ready.
09:30 Hey, yep. Okay, go and grab yours.
09:31 You just need one dumbbell. Okay. Okay,
09:34 comeback in center we demonstrate. Okay.
09:36 Go and put one foot for our lunge position,
09:38 okay and go straight down to lunge slightly bent your
09:43 knees in 90 degrees. Okay. Right there, there you go.
09:45 Now, keep your back straight, arm straight down
09:47 to the side. Okay. We're gonna row pull up
09:51 and back down, arm to the side, good job.
09:55 One more time, straight down. Okay.
09:57 Pull up and back down, arm to the side,
10:01 good, one more time. Pull up, back row,
10:04 straight down and out to the side.
10:06 Now, what's happening right now, her legs are fun
10:08 she is like make it stop. Excellent good job,
10:13 am gonna do next one with you, okay.
10:15 It's kind of talents, because what happened is.
10:17 She's in that position and her quads are far
10:19 and her hams are far. This by mean a lunge
10:21 position, first thing doing the lunge is
10:23 stepping out and back in forth.
10:24 But we stay in that position, alright let's do
10:27 it together, okay. Let's do our, let's do our right arm
10:31 together again, okay again you put a right foot,
10:33 left foot forward. Okay. Okay and we're gonna
10:36 down if you want you can keep the chest
10:38 close to ground. Okay. Okay, here we go
10:39 lets row this to ten. Okay.
10:41 Let's row and back down out this side, there is 1,
10:48 there is 2, there is 3, oh! Yes feeling 4, 5.
11:01 Now, if you at home, do your best keep up with us.
11:04 If you have to stop at five, go ahead and stop at 5.
11:07 But I want you to keep yourself going and
11:09 do the best you can. How you feeling, that's okay,
11:12 keep going. You will need to balance, because this
11:15 follows with over balance. Oh! Let's go
11:17 two more, excellent one more, excellent good job,
11:25 alright. Alright. That's like,
11:28 we're truly working here. Okay, let's get into
11:30 position for next side alright let's make a little
11:33 modification for those people at home, okay.
11:35 I want you to do, instead of doing a deep
11:37 lunge, just do a just a shallow lunge.
11:39 You can put the foot forward, okay.
11:40 Okay. Still, keep the chest closer to the ground.
11:42 Okay. And switch other arm,
11:43 we're gonna do the other hand now.
11:44 Okay. Okay from here, we're gonna row down,
11:46 okay. Let's go to work, there is 1, out to the
11:49 side 2. Now, you notice and you should be able to make
11:55 more balance, maintain more balance and more control.
11:57 Is that correct, you seeing that little
11:59 difference. Yes. Good, and there is little less stress
12:01 to your legs and one more beautiful, okay.
12:14 Let's get our dumbbell out to side and let's do a
12:16 side shuffle again. Am I come in front of you
12:18 and just have some fun, you're ready.
12:20 Here we go, thirty seconds, let's go.
12:26 Now, once again folks have fun, you can modify this a
12:30 little bit. Get your arms up if you want to.
12:32 If you feel, hey Casio this is great.
12:34 I feel you go side to side, but I want little
12:37 bit more. So, you get your arms moved as
12:39 you go in side to side. Get it going side to side,
12:42 well if you want you say okay Casio that was enough.
12:44 I'm staying right down, here my arms down,
12:46 that's okay have fun. Excellent good job,
12:51 next exercise it's quite different.
12:54 It's gonna incorporate just sit in, you're gonna sit
12:58 there and not move. I'm gonna just do some biceps
13:00 curls, you probably seen forth, if you did wrestling,
13:02 or any type of sport before its call like the wall set.
13:06 That's right, people the famous wall sets coming back
13:08 at you on the Action 4 Life. Alright, let's go
13:11 right down Behn, let's go to the wall.
13:13 Come on and I'm gonna do it for you,
13:17 let you take a break here. It's legs rest. Okay.
13:19 Alright, I am gonna, if you know lay down,
13:21 you guys could check me out and see me good,
13:23 there we go. I'm go down to squat position here,
13:26 dumbbell out to side. We wanna curl them up for ten
13:29 and there is 1 and there is 2 and there is 3.
13:35 Now once again you might have done
13:36 these exercise before. There is 4, I tell you,
13:39 you could feel your legs quicken already
13:45 and there is seven and I'm sitting down with 90 degrees
13:48 8, and gauge my core and my abdominals and one more
13:52 makes 10, excellent good job. Now, if you can't
13:55 find a door, find a wall and you have to the same
13:57 results. Your legs feel this, alright here
13:59 let's go and do our active rest again. Okay.
14:02 Have you got ready 30 seconds set go,
14:13 how you feeling back there? Doing good.
14:15 Alright, this side shuffle is one of my favorite ones.
14:18 Am I like, I was playing some ball and get down
14:22 and if you want to. You get down real deep
14:24 and you could do a high if you needs to.
14:27 If you're back spot and you so forth you came at
14:29 that position. But constantly keep yourself moving side
14:32 to side, lateral motion working out adductors
14:35 and that was our main adductors as well.
14:37 Alright, excellent good job, alright let's move to the
14:40 next exercise. It's going to be, are you ready for
14:42 this one? I'm ready. One of the favorites,
14:44 knee out, alright go and have seat there. Alright.
14:48 And what you can do, you're gonna base just support
14:50 yourself on your bench or you could use a chair at
14:52 home and she's gonna bring her knees into her chest
14:55 and back down, good. Now, you know
14:58 how she touches the ground on that, okay.
15:00 By touching the ground, she took stress off her
15:03 abdominals which will allow you to rest
15:04 which is to be a form of modification.
15:06 I want you to push your chest up straight. Right.
15:08 Now, bend knees again, but don't touch the stand,
15:10 way down, way backup. Feel the difference. Oh! Yeah.
15:13 Alright, two more, one more, alright good job
15:20 relax now. What I want you to do, we're gonna do
15:21 ten of these and I want you to do five, try and get
15:26 five without touching ground. Okay.
15:28 And then we do last five touching ground.
15:30 Okay. Okay, alright and I'm gonna do mine straight of the
15:32 ground without touching. Are you guys ready, let's
15:35 go to work so, here go. There is 1, there is 2, now
15:40 you could make this little more challenging, but
15:42 upon your feet forward and put your toes down.
15:45 Place little more stress on abdominal muscles
15:47 here and support. They know in serious do more
15:50 over knee bent with little less stress on abdominals,
15:53 but I want to make my work little challenge and
15:55 little harder more straight out. Alright, alright, so
15:59 what number is that? Are we there at? Oh! Yeah.
16:01 Alright, alright good job, alright let's
16:05 go to active rest. Okay.
16:07 Here we go thirty seconds go.
16:12 and remember at home, if you want to
16:13 make this challenging, you can put arms up and
16:16 get your heart rate moving just a little bit more.
16:22 I'm having fun, Sarah you're having fun?
16:24 Oh! Yeah having fun.
16:25 So, side shuffle is lot of fun, I'm go down deep on
16:28 this one. You stay up there do modify for them
16:30 to see at home. I'm go down deep, almost there
16:35 Sarah, excellent good job. Alright, let's take
16:41 your heart rate. Go ahead and put your fingers
16:42 down on your MIO watch and touch that so where
16:43 you're? I'm at 146, Were are you. Let's say it.
16:50 No, you have to say it, excellent good job 130.
16:55 That's good, that's good,
16:56 you are where you need to be. Alright.
16:57 Awesome, now for those you at home. If you have
17:00 any questions, hey Casio that was pretty cool
17:03 what you guys are doing. You want learn it
17:05 bit more, you have a question. Go ahead just
17:07 email, our website, our address, excuse me, our
17:10 email address is action4life. You can see right
17:12 below me, right now.
17:13 Action4Life, that's,
17:18 remember you have, could never have a wrong
17:21 question. So, really the wrong question is this
17:23 now when you ask so. Send us a email and let us
17:26 know what you're thinking or if you have a question
17:28 send it to us again. Sarah, are
17:30 you ready get going again. I'm ready.
17:31 Alright, go ahead and get some water. Okay.
17:33 Little sip and we go right for the top again, okay.
17:36 And we're keep going through this, makes sure
17:38 just. All the viewers at home are really get in
17:42 there. They worth of a workout, okay. Let's go
17:47 it's a clean and press and let's knock
17:49 out we did ten last time right? Yes.
17:51 Okay, let's do ten again, what's palm facing you,
17:54 right to the front other way. Okay.
17:55 And we're clean up, here we go, there is 1,
17:58 arm across, reverse comedown, okay 2, its 3,
18:05 very good Sarah, 4, 5. This is working upper body
18:17 6, back up shoulders, 7 and working
18:24 our biceps as well 8, 9, one more.
18:34 And 10, wonderful, good and put them down.
18:39 Alright, active rest one more time, okays Sarah.
18:42 Okay. Okay, let's go little modified little more for
18:45 people at home. We do a little slower pace side
18:47 step, we're gonna step together, step together,
18:50 step together, step together. Other side
18:53 step together, step together, step together,
18:57 step together. Other side, alright Sarah I want you
19:00 to keep doing this one, okay. Okay.
19:02 For those you at home, might need little more slow
19:04 pace and I want keep going. You keep going
19:08 back there. Okay, Sarah. Alright.
19:16 Now you're noticing we both doing same
19:18 action, moving laterally with different intensity.
19:21 Still challenge you, that's the whole thing find it
19:24 where you fit in and do you best to keep up. Excellent
19:29 good job, let's move on to next exercise.
19:31 We're gonna do our lunge, okay we had a modification
19:34 on those, alright. Grab your dumbbell. Okay.
19:38 And we're gonna put our left leg forward, okay
19:42 now I want you to stay in up position. So, people at
19:44 home could see the modified.
19:45 Okay, I'm go down to a deep lunge and I'm
19:47 gonna row, you're ready? Okay.
19:49 We got ten; there is one row, out to the side.
19:53 That's okay; there is 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. How are you
20:10 feeling there? Feeling good.
20:12 7, 8, 9, 10, beautiful. Right, to other side.
20:23 High strain modified one, high modified again for
20:25 them people at home.
20:27 So, they could see them, I'm going down to deep
20:28 lunge again. Are you ready? Yep, ready.
20:30 Okay, let's go row, out to this side, 2, 3, good job,
20:41 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, that's what people we're working
21:02 here 10, good job. Isn't that made believe
21:07 Hollywood stuff? This is real workout, alright
21:10 you're ready Sarah? I'm ready.
21:11 You're doing a high modification, I'm do
21:13 high and you do the low again okay. Okay.
21:15 Here we go side shuffle, go.
21:29 So, Sarah, what's name of your son?
21:32 Braden. Braden. Yes.
21:34 Alright, so, so Braden, does he let you exercise.
21:38 Oh! He screams and cries while I do.
21:41 He screams and cries when you do?
21:42 so, so we're gonna try and do something what we talked
21:44 about earlier about getting that treadmill and
21:48 putting him in front of you. So, he get used to
21:51 exercise right. Yes.
21:52 That's right, moms gonna live by example, okay we
21:55 want next exercise to wall sets. We did before, I'm
21:59 going to; I'm going with dumbbells again, alright.
22:08 We got about one at a time, so I'm go ahead and
22:10 do this and skip over active rest, okay.
22:12 We're gonna do ten here, its 1, 2, this is 3;
22:20 this is 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, one more and ten. Good job
22:38 You felt those? Yeah.
22:42 Alright, we're gonna move on to our last
22:44 exercise. We're gonna go ahead and just skip the
22:47 active rest and we want you guys at home, to
22:49 continue one with active rest and we're
22:51 gonna go ahead and jump into our last exercise.
22:53 Are you ready Sarah? I'm ready.
22:54 Okay, go on your position. Okay.
22:56 We're gonna do knee ups once again, I want you do
22:57 the first five without touching the ground.
22:59 Okay. And do the last five touching the ground okay.
23:01 Okay. Let's knock out our ten here, ready let's
23:04 go, 1, 2, this 3, 4, 5, 6. How you feeling Sarah?
23:15 Feeling good. One more, excellent good
23:22 job, alright Sarah I will move this out to way for
23:23 you. So it will give some space and let's do active rest.
23:27 For last time, ready let's go. Sarah you did
23:35 good today. Thank you. You should make all those
23:37 moms proud, that's right all your moms at
23:40 home you could do it, we got a mom here,
23:44 right Sarah. Yes. How old is he again?
23:46 Nineteen months. Alright, nineteen months,
23:49 a mom of nineteen months and see is out
23:50 here having fun and exercising. You can do,
23:53 hey Sarah good job. Okay. Now, I want you guys
23:58 let's check out this Wellness tip because it's
24:00 so important to learn and the knowledge is the key.
24:10 Add a social dimension to exercise, team sports or
24:11 group exercise will change your focus from
24:12 the workout intensity to the social fun you
24:15 experience with others and encourage you to
24:17 Continue. Workout buddies provide motivation on
24:20 days you don't feel like exercising.
24:22 So, it's also dynamics of exercises, hey who
24:29 would think that exercise would be fun.
24:31 But having friends to do with makes even better.
24:34 So, Sarah are you ready for our cool down?
24:37 I'm ready. Oh! You did a great job today.
24:39 Thank you. Let me, you stay right there,
24:41 let me put a mat first. Alright, forming a
24:45 position here and you go ahead and take the first
24:48 and right there and I'm take this one.
24:49 Okay. You lay down with there and we're gonna
24:51 do our hamstring stretch, okay.
24:54 Okay. And I want, we're gonna put, this our left
24:59 leg up in the air. Put the head down and support
25:02 this up and try straight leg as much as you
25:04 can, here we go. And we got a good
25:05 stretch. Now, ideally hold the stretch, the ideal best
25:13 ways, so hold the stretch for 30 seconds.
25:15 Okay. Alright, but we're TV time, we're gonna curl go
25:20 fast in thirty seconds, excellent doesn't feel good.
25:29 Yes, I can feel in it. You can find your stretch,
25:31 this is wanna now you allowed to be in a position where
25:34 you feel little slight mild discomfort, but just hold
25:36 it, you never want to fight and let your muscles relax.
25:39 Excellent good job, hey you want to skew up I
25:42 mean, help you to feet. Okay. And we're
25:43 gonna do some upper body stretch,
25:44 because we did lot of upper body work today.
25:46 I'm get the mats out the way, okay and let's do our
25:51 shoulder stretch. Straight across here, just the
25:53 straight across, so this will get your lyrics side
26:00 about exercise couple more.
26:01 Is it, thank you I'm really motivated?
26:03 She's motivated, right, and goes to the other side.
26:06 Okay, let's do triceps right over head. Okay.
26:15 Okay, I'm now show you at home. How looks
26:17 from behind, so I'm here, you apply pressure on
26:21 your elbow to it keep down and just stretch our
26:23 triceps here. My hand straight down and sending
26:25 my back. I'm here go and switch sides. Now,
26:32 really has to do it with your range of
26:34 motion. Some you might not be how the range of
26:36 motion. Do your best to get your in that position.
26:38 So you get yourself a good stretch there, well this
26:41 stretch really feels great. Alright, people I want
26:44 you to remember that stretching after workout
26:46 is the best time to do that. That's when your muscle
26:48 really get the benefits from it. Sarah, hey it's
26:51 been great having you. Yes, thank you for having here.
26:53 And you know, you're being a wonderful
26:54 example, a great testimony to all the moms at home,
26:57 so they know that they could do it too.
26:59 Thank you, I hope so. Alright, technology is
27:02 such a wonderful thing, we've so many devices
27:04 to help save our time to make our life easier,
27:07 but yet still, we live in a world, but we don't seem
27:10 a have enough time to worship our Lord daily.
27:12 We need to learn to make time for the most
27:15 important things in our life, our Lord, our Family
27:17 and our purpose for living. This is Casio,
27:20 remind you that, Acton is the key for life and it's
27:23 my prayer that the Lord gives you strength and
27:25 encouragement to take action everyday. God
27:28 bless and thank you for
27:29 watching and I'll see next time.


Revised 2014-12-17