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Participants: Casio Jones (Host), Barry Bayles & Dora Bayles


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00:01 The following program presents workouts you can use
00:03 to improve your physical fitness. Please be sure
00:05 to consult your physician before
00:07 beginning this or any exercise routine.
00:30 Hi, my name is Casio Jones and you're watching
00:32 Action 4life. I have a very special program for you
00:35 today. It's called partner workout. That's right,
00:38 go ahead and grab your Spouse, your boyfriend
00:40 or your girlfriend and get together for great workout
00:43 because it all about partners and working together.
00:46 Have you ever heard of an exercise modality
00:48 call Ploidies in. May I know you understand,
00:51 it sound heard before it's been very popular
00:54 over to past five ten years, but never experienced it?
00:57 Well we had a wonderful experience at Ploidies
01:00 to here in Tampa. Let's check this out,
01:02 so we can learn all about Ploidies.
01:34 Ploidies, do you know what Ploidies is?
01:36 Have you heard of Ploidies? Well today,
01:39 we were at Ploidy bodies in Tampa Florida and I have
01:44 the honor to introduce you to a friend of mine name
01:46 Lisa Depies. She is going to show us and teach us,
01:50 explain to us the benefits of Ploidies has to offer and
01:53 exactly what it is. Lisa, thank you for being on our
01:57 program today. How you doing? Doing great!
01:59 Thank you. Okay, Ploidies, what is Ploidies? What is it?
02:02 That's great question, Ploidies is a form of body
02:05 conditioning okay. It emphasizes strengthening and
02:09 flexibility simultaneously and it brings an awareness
02:12 to your breath. It also improves posture,
02:15 balance and just improving the over all quality of your
02:19 movement. So, this is a full body, complete body form of
02:25 exercise yes correct. Now, I want rewind you said breath,
02:29 so it really helps us to breathe.
02:30 Yes absolutely. And awareness to have,
02:33 people are really; don't really know how to breath
02:35 properly. That's right.
02:36 So as some of you actually teach him how to have this
02:39 and it's awesome exercise so. You have a range of
02:42 clientele from how old? Well we start and we were
02:46 like teenagers to like we've clients in our 70s.
02:49 So it's for any age. Yes. You can lot of you can
02:53 move pretty much, that's right you can do some
02:54 form of Ploidies to condition to yourself that's right
02:56 absolutely. Alright, let's talk about this beautiful
02:59 studio you have and the equipment you are having.
03:01 What, what's the name of this piece of equipment?
03:03 This piece of equipment is called the reformer
03:05 and it's the most Universal piece of equipment
03:07 that we have, its spring loaded, the springs can
03:10 provide resistance for the body to challenge you little
03:14 bit more or if you need assistance to get you
03:17 through a certain exercise. The springs actually offer us
03:20 assistance carrier really. See it's not like a weight
03:24 stag that work against you no. Just you get flex,
03:26 it can help you right. Okay now this huge
03:29 device here, what is this called? That is the
03:32 grand daddy; it is called the Cataract, Oh! It's been
03:35 there had in the Cataract okay right.
03:37 And this like it has so many different apparatus
03:40 attached to it. It has a lot of potential,
03:43 its helps clients, if we have clients who come out
03:46 of rehab we can do post rehab with them here
03:49 excellent. So, it's great for creating modalities to
03:53 different forms of exercises that we do. Wonderful okay,
03:56 this one over here at that side what's name
03:57 of this one? And this is the Stability Chair
04:00 and we use that primarily for Athletic conditioning
04:03 and just for challenging that Core even more.
04:06 Oh! The core work, I love the Core, because
04:09 when we say strong Core strong body right.
04:12 Okay we have a device one more in the back
04:15 what is that called? This is the Ladder Barrel and we love
04:18 this for primarily for stretching. That's generally
04:21 the piece of equipment that we end the session
04:24 on whether client have because they just love it
04:27 to get to relax and just stretch all over nice and
04:30 stretching. Ploidy is just far different then Yoga
04:33 yes it is it is. And that can go into long conversation,
04:39 I know we had one before I know, I know,
04:41 but Ploidy is really is kind of blend of Eastern
04:43 and Western Philosophies, when it comes to fitness.
04:46 Okay, so but Ploidies has no Religious Connotations
04:51 right there like that no, it's just actually exercise it is.
04:54 It was actually form that created as a form of
04:56 modality help condition of body correct not no religious
04:59 no rituals or something going long with that,
05:01 no not at all. That is wonderful as I want.
05:03 So, Lisa, tell me about your personal ministry.
05:05 You have a beautiful studio, how do you use this
05:08 and why do you do it? You know it's wonderful
05:09 because I get to do a lot of. I primarily do one on one
05:12 training with client, so you develop a relationship
05:15 with that person and naturally they come
05:17 in to you sometimes and complaining about life or
05:20 complaint about issues and it just allows me the
05:23 opportunity to primarily listen to them and then just
05:26 little bit by example right and just you know maybe
05:29 dropping if you hints here and there.
05:31 And I'm just let them know the type of person
05:34 that I am and what my beliefs are and maybe
05:36 helping to lead them; lead them. So, they could
05:38 see the peace you have in your life right that the Lord
05:41 has given you right provided for you and you
05:45 away they could see wow there's something
05:47 attracting about lifestyle, right, in what she does
05:50 and how she takes care of her body, and that how
05:53 she is embarrassed for getting people to be healthy
05:55 and active, I love that, I love that yeah.
05:58 You know that's a thing is no matter what you gain,
05:59 no matter what you do. Use it to glorify the Lord
06:02 that's right and we want you to be active.
06:04 So, hey, if you haven't tried Ploidies and there
06:07 is a Ploidies studios near you or you have a Ploidies
06:08 video tape or something try it. Okay you enjoy it
06:13 and your whole body will benefit from.
06:17 Come on in guys, welcome Bale's Family.
06:21 How you guys doing? Great, too good.
06:24 I'm glad you guys here. Let me talk about our program
06:27 today, we're gonna do partner workout and with
06:29 me today we have Berry and Dora Bails.
06:32 You guys are just Athletic looking people and you
06:37 guys work a lot together? We both exercise a bit.
06:41 And you guys, how many kids you gotta have?
06:42 We have three, three kids active family right,
06:45 very right. I have a motto, you could have an active
06:48 family, family that exercises together is a family
06:50 that's gonna live long together. Okay,
06:53 our first exercise we're gonna to do, we're gonna
06:55 to do some call ball toss for you guys.
06:56 Actually we're gonna use your Medicine Ball
06:58 and throw them back and forth of one another
07:00 and if you don't have a Medicine Ball you can use
07:01 grab a basically a basket ball and that work just as well.
07:06 Let's go with our Green ball go ahead and you
07:09 stand over here Berry and you stand right about here
07:12 just gives us some distance and just go with basic
07:15 toss and you're gonna toss right in front of Dora
07:18 so she can catch it and you go for back throw
07:21 and come through the other side.
07:22 Now what you notice in as they tossing about back
07:24 in forth keep going that's two want to do 10 each
07:27 side. Dora actually is gonna to have to catch
07:29 the ball, she gonna to catch the ball and the ball
07:31 she gonna let the ball continue carry through
07:33 and they are actually adjusting to create
07:37 the ball to decelerate. The ball has its own energy
07:41 and it's going through and they have to decelerate
07:42 the ball using their body transfer the weight
07:44 of the ball and to go back in the direction.
07:50 Just do two more. Now if you want to make it very
07:54 challenging go further up hard and it really get a good
07:57 toss to one another. Wonderful okay you guys
08:00 switch sides into the other side. Alright let's go again.
08:12 Now once again you know as if you can see the
08:13 feet the transition and make it naturally going
08:17 through the hips and again make sure it's a full
08:19 body workout, because they are transferring,
08:23 stand on one leg shift and transfer back the other
08:25 way decelerating the ball throw out in front
08:28 of each other and it's just fun. This whole program
08:32 we're gonna today is about working with your partner
08:33 having fun. So, you're not exercising alone
08:35 and the things that you could do.
08:37 You guys having fun yet, you guys often quite for yes.
08:39 You guys are chatter box you guys,
08:40 you guys multiple on there is that it.
08:43 I just do one more, make sure do it right exactly
08:45 doing right. There is a nice one and we can do
08:48 this with the kids. Wonderful, you missed it
08:50 earlier because she was like make sure you
08:52 don't throw the ball too hard at me.
08:56 Our next exercise actually we're gonna to go
08:58 to act of rest and our parts I just gonna to little
08:59 too fast here. Now in act of rest we're gonna
09:02 do a skip, once again at home we do act of rest;
09:05 come guys little closer and we're gonna to start
09:07 with our right leg and then we're gonna to
09:09 what's different about a skip.
09:10 You remember your little kid used to skip down
09:12 the street holding hand to skipping that's right
09:14 like our hands. You skip does this side and
09:16 we have various modifications. Okay we're gonna
09:19 to leave out with our right leg up and our left arm
09:21 is gonna to go up you guys ready okay.
09:23 Just see this, this is definitely exercise,
09:29 its does gone to challenge your coordination.
09:32 Some of you might feel like I can't do this,
09:36 but that's okay. Keep trying, and we have to go to
09:38 find is that, childhood memories.
09:40 Some what you said childhood memories,
09:43 childhood memories that are right.
09:44 Skip, skip having fun skip, skip you guys are
09:49 sing a song when you skip. Oh! Let the kids
09:52 sing song okay that's great. Dora flips your sides
09:56 I know you are stronger on left side.
09:58 Come back on this side this is an exercise is called
10:01 we're gonna use to bands resistant bands and put
10:04 your arms straight and they gonna be opposite
10:06 one another and this is called, I call it basically
10:09 partner lunge using the band arm straight up
10:12 in front of each other and what's gonna to
10:14 happen is both can step out into a lunge.
10:17 Dora is gonna step out using her left leg,
10:20 Berry is gonna step out with his right leg same arm
10:22 same leg and step out into lunge.
10:24 Ready guys you're gonna to step out go ahead now.
10:28 Wonderful come back in. Now if they don't do this
10:30 right, they're gonna pull so that out of make it
10:33 more challenging for each other go ahead that was one.
10:34 Let's go into 6 total step out Dora work together
10:39 guys here you go again let's go there is 3,
10:45 4 Dora wants to go little faster here sorry there
10:47 is 5 Dora is gonna go ahead. I know so it's been
10:49 have it some with that. And one more,
10:56 good go ahead and switch arms there you go
11:01 thank you that stay aside stretch arms stretch legs
11:03 and step to forward go. Now I want you guys
11:08 make sure you do 90 degrees that front leg step it
11:10 out and you go straight down. Wonderful,
11:17 Dora you're rushing him I'm sorry I see how it is in
11:19 your house it's just an order I see how it is in that
11:21 house. Okay that was 7 wonderful good job guys.
11:26 You guys got so exciting keep going.
11:28 Well I just do a skip again. Right leg leave without
11:30 right leg ready let's go. So, Berry back into the
11:40 immediate track remember this exercise we did a lot
11:44 of this one but, it felt easier back in High School.
11:48 You're like younger back then a little,
11:50 a little Dora you playing sports? No, no,
11:54 no I have got enough to do at home.
11:57 You catching up now aren't you yeah. Wonderful guys,
12:02 now our next exercise we're gonna to do is gonna
12:03 to be chest pass. Once again you can use
12:06 Medicine Ball or you can use a Basket Ball or
12:10 some type of Physio Ball or some type of ball you
12:13 could grab and throw we want to make sure
12:16 you don't knock over your partner.
12:20 You put one leg in fold and front the other one,
12:22 one leg fold and front guys here we go and what
12:25 the secret is elbows gonna be high here and
12:28 we're gonna do just press with our chest muscles
12:32 and our tricep muscles and the other person is gonna
12:34 catch it. Okay go ahead, we're gonna do 10,
12:37 there is 1, it's 2, and it's 3. Now you know it's
12:44 embarrassed doing step out and press which is fine
12:46 keep going Berry. Dora is staying stationary
12:52 and just press him Berry is little more advance
12:55 and stepping in. Now, go ahead and switch legs
12:59 now and step out with that's opposite leg
13:01 there you go. Elbows high there you go Dora.
13:07 Let's go two more, elbows high very good.
13:14 Now this is definitely exercise you can do with your
13:17 partner and your actually doing wrong you remember
13:21 the balls come up back at, I love you.
13:25 So, it's one of those exercises yet to have
13:26 a whole lot of forgiveness and grace as you workout
13:29 together with your partner. Alright let's get back
13:30 to skip again with our right leg coming to closer
13:32 guys let's go. Now we're doing a little modify fair like
13:38 a march and just alternate march.
13:41 You notice when your doing your skips your right arm
13:44 is going up and your left leg is going up and as your arms
13:48 are like pistons to help drive your legs very involved
13:53 in running and any type of connect movement
13:56 of using your legs and moving forward and then
13:59 we just break it down in what we call up bound
14:00 or skip. Just exaggerate a little bit more and it
14:05 really is effective on your heart.
14:07 See yeah feel here and here, it feeling here and here.
14:11 That's why it's called a full body workout.
14:13 Right, our last exercise that we're gonna to do is
14:15 called, it's called partner Abs we're gonna to do
14:19 a leg flow down and this is an exercise that you know
14:25 these are the ones you really a pretty much at the
14:29 mercy of your partner. Go ahead Dora put your feet
14:33 that here on the side put your head there come
14:35 on around on this side Berry, okay step in the closer
14:40 towards your head and Dora I want you to hold
14:42 on to his legs right there nice support.
14:44 Okay and you must bring both legs up and from this
14:49 position what Berry is gonna to do he is gonna
14:50 to push her legs down. Dora before her legs
14:54 hit the ground, she is gonna use her abdominal
14:56 muscles to stop deceleration for her legs and then
15:01 reverse the direction bring it back up using her
15:03 abdominal muscles. Okay push them back down
15:06 and bring it back up there is 1 we're gonna to do 10
15:08 of them. Keep pushing down very good.
15:12 Now, she is hold on to Berry's leg that she
15:14 needs that support, because that he is pushing
15:16 her legs down as kind of want to rock her
15:19 upper body she needs it really make sure
15:20 she has a lot of focus on her abdominals.
15:22 Now if you are individuals that she feel this hurts
15:25 your back you can go ahead and just bend your
15:28 leg slightly and that will make it less stressful,
15:31 one more. Wonderful okay now you guys gonna
15:35 switch. Now Dora remember, if he was nice to you,
15:39 you be nice back yeah. He was nice, he was nice alright.
15:45 I've learned up to 16 years, 16 years ha now that's
15:48 wonderful. Okay now you be careful now she is
15:50 kind to shorten you, pulling your legs up here hold
15:52 on to her bring them up Berry push them down
15:56 you can push little hard he can handle it that's 1,
15:58 push them hard 2, 3, 4, push them down that's 5,
16:08 that's what I'm talking about. You are feeling this
16:11 better aren't you. Oh! Yeah, push down let her push
16:14 your legs down don't you try to help her
16:17 I'm trying to get them up your job is to get them as
16:19 faster as you can. Wonderful that was 10 good job,
16:24 see once by quick. Now we're doing 10 raps if you find
16:27 when you doing these at home and you feel hey 10
16:29 is just not aggressive enough and I need to do more
16:31 go ahead do more, because we just want you to
16:34 challenge yourself. Ready go back to our skip again
16:36 ready. Right leg let's go, now Berry I want you
16:45 to do real stone bound and I want to do a little lower
16:51 and I want you to march in place Dora so you
16:52 can see to modify. You see the difference here
16:55 people, doesn't matter what stage you are
16:58 in your fitness you can do this. Wonderful guys,
17:06 very impressive, very impressive, talking about
17:09 and talking about. Alright this is the time
17:12 at home that I'm gonna to ask if you have a question
17:16 go ahead get on your computer shoot me email
17:19 you can send it to that's
17:23 Remember, don't leave long
17:34 question some one you don't ask. We're gonna go
17:37 ahead and take a little water break here.
17:39 Dora go and grab your water and Berry it's good
17:42 thing your partner with her, your married because
17:45 she can share your bottle. I know you gonna
17:46 give so. This is so important to remember
17:48 to keep yourself hydrated, because when you're
17:50 exercising your body is burning and is accelerating
17:54 itself give it what it needs it just want some water.
17:58 Guys feeling better now! Yes. Wonderful,
18:01 alright let's go back to top let's do our ball toss again.
18:05 Okay turn to your side remember you're gonna
18:08 use your body to decelerate the speed of the ball
18:10 and reverse the direction of the ball.
18:11 Ready throw it cross keep in front of person
18:14 and just allow the momentum the body keep came
18:16 you throw. That's 4 wonderful guys,
18:28 watch the feet don't get off the feet,
18:30 let's do one more. Back out to Berry,
18:36 good job switch sides. Let's do it again,
18:45 go ahead and knock him over. No, because
18:49 the ball comes back to me. Hey you remembered,
18:51 you want to others you want them do want
18:54 to you that's right. We are surprise here that
18:57 we were working out. Good life lesson.
18:58 Alright just go two more. Wonderful guys
19:03 good form, good follow through using your head
19:05 and your body and finish that with her wonderful
19:12 good job. Now we're gonna to go ahead and skip
19:14 our act of rest and let's get right into our partner
19:19 lunge you guys your keeping that side is to from
19:21 this side okay turn around Berry other arm there
19:24 you go. Now, we're gonna to try and make the
19:27 synchronize here. We're going to step forward,
19:29 you're gonna step forward this leg Berry
19:32 gonna to step that leg same arm straight out
19:33 in front of you guys, arms straight okay step
19:35 forward wonderful and back good again and back
19:42 make sure 9 degrees 2 and back step forward
19:47 again, again and one more time great job guys
19:57 go ahead and switch arms. Flip it over from top
20:01 you guys doing great arms straight in front of you
20:02 this is challenging people because the band
20:04 is pulling against them step forward go
20:06 and you have to work with your partner go
20:12 together okay wait okay step now go great
20:16 guys number 4 go, 5 go and 6 last one go.
20:26 Wonderful good job let me have this. Now we're gonna
20:31 do chest pass. Put one foot forward that was high
20:38 and do just chest pass 1, 2, that was high 3 chest
20:47 and triceps 4, 5 and there is 6 and there is 7
20:59 let's do one more and 8. Beautiful.
21:03 See that wasn't so bad. Look, you guys still have
21:04 all of your teeth. Alright let's do our last exercise,
21:11 Dora go ahead and lay down here very good
21:13 in position and grab on to her feet, legs straight
21:17 Dora hold on and let's go knock out 8 here
21:20 push them down and there is 1 there is 2 there is 3
21:29 there is 4. Now you let him drop your legs down
21:32 Dora, 3 more 6 how you feeling this I could tell 7,
21:38 1 more 8 wonderful. Okay guys switch very
21:43 good Dora. Berry all yours. Legs up, now
21:55 you gotta let her drop his legs pull actual legs
21:56 and you got to catch it for his to ground wonderful
21:59 Berry. Now if your do this at home and you find
22:03 it very difficult to stop at the bottom go ahead
22:05 and put your feet down put you try them bring
22:08 it back up don't just rest at the bottom,
22:10 but if you need to you can do slight bend the knees
22:12 as well to take the stress off to make a little easier.
22:18 One more then one with the over, wonderful
22:21 you know Berry likes these so we get keep him
22:23 in yeah. You guys have been a lot of fun working
22:29 out with you guys today. So, fun and you guys
22:31 are example that I love to see to see a family
22:37 working together and partners working together
22:38 because exercise is fun and you know doing with
22:41 somebody else and it makes exercise that
22:44 much better. Are you guys ready for your
22:46 wellness tip? Ready. Are you ready Berry
22:47 for your wellness tip? Yeah. Are you ready
22:49 for your wellness tip? I'm and remember with
22:52 knowledge stress is free knowledge is the key
22:54 without knowledge we make bad decision,
22:56 but with knowledge we make great decisions.
22:59 Alright just check out this one is too. Avoid total rest
23:05 breaks between difficult parts of your workouts
23:08 instead keep moving. Moving helps the body flesh
23:11 lactate from your muscles making you stronger
23:14 for the next session of intense exercise.
23:20 Well, that you go at some point if you exercising
23:23 to keep moving. Lot of times when I go to Gym
23:25 I've seen people there, they're having the magazines
23:27 or seen talking to each other. Socialization
23:30 can't be a lot of fun, but however you got to keep
23:33 your body moving take advantage and get your heart
23:36 rate going and keep your body focus.
23:39 You're there to your exercise, but some socialization
23:42 for something else, for another time.
23:44 You guys ready for cool down, yes stretch alright.
23:46 We're gonna let you guys stretch each other.
23:49 Isn't that nice? Alright, Dora go ahead and lay down.
23:54 Head this way. There you go and I'm teaching how
23:56 to stretch your wife good. Okay, why don't you
23:58 stand here. Dora lift leg straight up and I want you
24:01 to just come down on your knee and actually
24:04 gonna face her, turn this way here you go and
24:07 you're gonna to help support of right here
24:09 and hold that for her there you go and you tell him
24:10 how far the push okay keep pushing she saying
24:14 keep pushing, keep pushing she saying keep
24:16 pushing go ahead flexible she is very flexible alright
24:20 how is that feel I can the feel the stretch now
24:22 she can feel the stretch now. You did your job Berry
24:24 just staying right there and hold this.
24:25 Listen the communication is the key when your
24:28 working with your partner talk to each other,
24:30 tell them what's going on he is hard for them
24:32 to read feel what's going on in your body.
24:35 You have to do your job to communicate with them
24:36 which is the key. Okay, let's go ahead and switch legs,
24:40 go ahead and I want you to stand the other side
24:41 of her Berry and get her leg up and help her
24:44 and support her up. See keep pushing here your
24:49 go keep pushing, keep talking, keep talking hold it on;
24:51 its little bit tighter I can feel it.
24:53 And you know its one leg is different from
24:54 the other right okay. Yeah I can feel the stretch.
25:02 Alright great. Let's practice this just come on up
25:04 I want you to switch. Because not fair if you
25:07 would enjoy all by yourself. I have Berry lay down,
25:12 okay once you come down, come down here put
25:14 this knee down here and Berry you tell her
25:17 where to go and keep pushing little bit more
25:20 and here you go that's good here you go.
25:25 Once again communication is the key people talk each
25:27 other enjoy the stretching. You know this is the
25:30 part of bonding, you work together,
25:32 you play together, you exercise together and
25:35 you know you have a very happy relationship.
25:39 This will Lord intend us to be to working together.
25:42 Okay go and switch your leg. You guys are doing
25:50 great. Now you guys stay here and I'm going ahead
25:53 and close out alright, don't hurt him now.
25:55 What does the word wellness mean?
25:59 In college I was taught wellness means finding
26:01 the balance in all areas of a person's life.
26:04 Mind, body, Souls and Spiritual Life.
26:07 God wants to bring a balance into our life so we can
26:09 have a complete wellness. Complete wellness
26:12 comes from our relationship with God.
26:15 This is Casio remind you that Action is the key for life
26:18 and it's my prayer that Lord gives you strength
26:20 and encouragement to take action everyday.
26:24 God bless and thank you for watching
26:25 and I see you next time. Bye, bye now
26:27 and you keep flexing those faith muscles.


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