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00:01 The following program presents workouts you can
00:03 use to improve your physical fitness.
00:05 Please be sure to consult your physician before
00:07 beginning this or any exercise routine.
00:29 Hello, my name is Casio Jones.
00:31 You are watching Action4life.
00:33 Today we're gonna have an exciting workout
00:36 for you today; kind of funny, kind of challenging,
00:39 but you're gonna like it.
00:40 But first let's talk about Wellness Center.
00:42 There is a Hospital where you live,
00:44 do they have a Wellness Center.
00:46 Do you even know what a Wellness Center is?
00:48 Well we took a visit to one in Florida.
00:50 Let's go and check it out.
01:20 Here we have like a fitness facility
01:22 inside of a hospital. Yeah they call it a
01:24 Wellness Center. I over here at the Florida Hospital
01:27 in Zephyrhills with me today is,
01:30 the director of the Wellness Center in this facility.
01:32 His name is Bob Kamieneski.
01:34 How you doing Bob? I'm doing great Casio
01:35 how are you? I'm doing great man.
01:37 I got a chance to walk around your facility here.
01:40 It's wonderful. It's nice, it seems like you have
01:43 everything you need to be effective total community
01:46 would you say. I would say so it's a great atmosphere
01:49 in which to work. And a question,
01:50 how long has the facility been here;
01:52 your Wellness Center has been here.
01:53 The Wellness Center has been here about 22 years.
01:57 Wonderful, wow and how long you've been here?
02:00 I've been here for that 22 years.
02:03 This is your baby ha? This is my baby.
02:05 That's wonderful. Okay so in a begin of
02:08 Pioneer State what told you,
02:11 did the Lord tell you or did you had
02:12 this do you had this what was that gave you
02:15 the division to develop a Wellness Center
02:18 use health as where reaching the community
02:20 and providing healing to those who are in need.
02:23 Well Casio, I was actually working at
02:25 Southern Adventist University.
02:26 Okay. And I had heard that this hospital
02:28 was a relatively new hospital is about a year
02:30 and half old and they were trying to find
02:33 a way that they could integrate health
02:35 into the community. Wonderful.
02:36 And a friend of mine was working here
02:38 and told me about it and contact was made
02:40 and I ended up coming here for intentionally
02:43 for probably a year or two
02:44 and here I'm to 22 years later.
02:46 You just don't know what the Lord is gonna
02:47 has in store. Really is gonna yeah honey
02:50 we are still here I'm still here.
02:52 So what do you guys do you guys
02:53 put a health fair as what you guys
02:55 do in the community?
02:56 We do a little bit of everything,
02:57 when we look at the Wellness Center here
02:59 we break it up into two segments one is
03:02 is the actual Fitness Center, where people can
03:04 come in and workout with equipment treadmills
03:07 and exercise machines and so forth.
03:09 And the other portion is community
03:11 and employee education peace.
03:13 Wonderful. Coz information is the key,
03:15 information is the key. I've always taught in school
03:18 the more information you give somebody
03:19 the more they are able to make a right decision.
03:22 That's correct you know and that's the thing
03:23 that our Society is a very Dormant Society.
03:27 It is more so today then ever before.
03:30 And as we know 70 to 80% of Colon Disease
03:32 are due to life style choices exactly.
03:33 So we got to keep giving them tools
03:35 and keeping give them information that
03:37 they could help make better choices.
03:39 It's so true. Now question,
03:42 your personal ministry what would it be?
03:47 My personal ministry is into over and everything
03:50 that we do here I have a colleague by the name
03:52 of Ethan Byrd, I know Ethan Byrd
03:54 and the two of us work together to develop
03:59 programs both for our employees and for our
04:00 community that integrate all the aspects of health
04:02 which include as you know exercise,
04:06 good nutrition we have a very strong
04:09 spiritual component. We're not afraid to pray
04:11 with, Amen, clients that come in and visit with us.
04:15 A matter of fact, at this point it's a culture,
04:17 it's the expectation it's wonderful.
04:20 So when we take all those lifestyle activities
04:22 and put them together, I believe that's
04:24 where we get total health. Okay,
04:26 now what is the thing behind us?
04:30 I mean I felt like I mean Star Track
04:31 or something here. Yeah this is a Biomeasure Machine
04:35 a Biomeasure Machine and it measures
04:38 Body Mass Index, BMI; and it also measures
04:41 percent of body fat by Electrical Impedance.
04:45 So basically this let's an individual
04:47 let you know as your working with
04:48 somebody just how much fat the individual
04:52 has on their body, because it helps us
04:54 to identify if they are obese and you know
04:56 some people could be relatively skinny
04:58 in pants, but they could be medically wise
05:02 obese correct exactly and with all that
05:04 extra body fat around the organs causes
05:07 serious problems for them right.
05:08 And we take these things out to the community
05:10 at Health Fairs. It's a great talking
05:13 piece obviously. Oh! Yeah while you talking
05:14 and looking that. Now people have
05:16 a lot of questions and at first they are little bit
05:18 afraid of it, but once we talked to them
05:21 and put them through the process which only takes
05:23 about a minute so what's the process somebody
05:25 takes off the shoes; somebody takes off
05:27 their shoes, they step up on the corner top
05:32 and the there is an infrared that comes
05:35 from the top right to the scalp
05:37 and so it is an extremely accurate way of measuring
05:41 somebody's height. Once the height is measured
05:46 the machine talks to the person
05:47 and the machine does all the talking
05:49 I mean anybody can step on this thing
05:51 and go through this process without somebody
05:52 standing here but we normally do so we can
05:55 discuss health habits and so forth.
05:58 The next step in it is to grab on to this
06:01 little handles and the machine will talk again
06:05 and it will measure body composition or percent
06:08 body fat. Now it sets Electrical Current
06:10 through a very low, low no, no you don't you know
06:13 low bold you know fill up there.
06:15 Let them who through the body
06:19 and comes through the other side in its system
06:21 designed to determine how to fast it goes through
06:23 right and it determines what is your
06:24 percent of body fat. There is computerized program
06:26 in there and in a matter of seconds it prints out
06:29 both the body mass index
06:31 and your percent body fat.
06:32 And this gives them you guys the as part of the
06:35 the fitness assessment information
06:37 and then you know to put him on appropriate
06:39 program exactly. I like that, I like that. Listen
06:41 Let's get out of here. Okay let's get out of here
06:43 just do it the right way; just do it right.
06:45 Alright people we're gonna show new thing
06:47 on Action4life. Alright
06:49 Scotty team is up energized.
06:58 Hey Doc come on in Doc, how you doing
07:01 hey brother Casio. It's good to see you
07:02 how are you doing? I'm doing great.
07:04 Are you ready for a great workout today?
07:05 Let's do it, alright. Let's do this,
07:07 so those you who can't see the Wellness Center.
07:10 Hey Doc have you
07:11 experience a Wellness Center.
07:12 I've been there a few. You have been to few yes
07:14 and did you, to me I think is very unique
07:18 how they take medical and combine
07:21 it with fitness to make an environment
07:24 that is just for the well being
07:26 for that individual completely.
07:27 It's the up and coming thing.
07:29 Very up and coming thing I like that,
07:30 I like that. Okay, for those at home we talk about
07:33 we are gonna have a great workout and we are.
07:35 Doc are you ready for you workout today
07:36 I'm ready to go. I'm ready okay
07:38 our first exercise gonna to be a ball pull over.
07:41 Let me get the ball over here for you.
07:43 Go and have a seat, I want you to roll out
07:45 in your back position in it to a bridge position
07:47 keep walking forward, keep walking forward
07:49 right there. Once again, we make sure
07:52 while we are using a ball this is a great exercise
07:55 in this position because it;
07:56 we find our lower back abdominals have to fire,
07:59 engage in a core, our hamstrings in a cause
08:02 everything stable in itself on the stability ball.
08:04 What's gonna happen is you gonna use this
08:06 arm straight up over head and we're going to bring
08:09 our arms back keep the arm straight
08:12 and bring the Dumbbell forward back towards
08:14 the Belly Button. And all the same time engaging
08:18 and pushing down to heals lifting your body
08:20 so its maintain as flat like you're plank
08:22 on a board okay. Now from bringing arms
08:24 forward back towards his midline his
08:27 lat has to find do all the work.
08:29 Let me get a dumbbell for you Doc.
08:31 And let's go to work let's knock out 12 here.
08:34 Ready and come down bring them forward
08:38 there is 1 now it's very important to be careful
08:41 with your range of motion you go only as far
08:43 back as your shoulders will allow you.
08:53 How you're feeling Doc? Feeling fine
08:55 okay are you feeling these in your lats
08:57 yeah little bit. Okay I'm gonna to let you
08:59 have this now okay, okay and you control it.
09:05 Nice control temper just give me three more
09:09 there is 1, make sure you engage in course stay
09:12 nice and tight and this is 2 and one more
09:17 and 3 wonderful go ahead and roll back up
09:19 on the ball keep pushing with your legs keep
09:21 pushing sit all the way up.
09:23 Wonderful, okay come on up let's go
09:25 and do our active rest. Let's go right into our
09:27 high knees for active rest for today.
09:29 Are you ready? Yes sir. Right over the right leg
09:31 30 seconds and go.
09:37 Now for some of you at home you might want
09:39 to use your hands in front you as a marker
09:42 for you to know if you're reaching your height
09:45 for your high knees or you could just do a little
09:47 low intensity or just like a jog but the
09:50 emphasis is trying to lift your knees.
09:54 Where as this is a jog and that's a high knee.
10:00 Little more challenging. Good job Doc.
10:05 Now for those at home I want you to
10:06 remember this throughout our program listen
10:09 to your body if your body is telling you
10:10 hey that's a little too hard for me slow it down
10:13 we're gonna show you the modifications
10:14 how to do those exercises so you can find a safe
10:17 range to keep up with us.
10:19 Okay, now next exercise we're gonna focus
10:21 on is gone; is called we gonna work at the
10:23 upper back area. I call it like ball
10:25 we're using the ball and is going to very
10:27 dealt flies and arise. And this exercise is gonna
10:30 for those you who are gonna to computer
10:31 you find self little slough and forward
10:33 this is gonna help strengthen upper back
10:35 muscles to give you the ability hold yourself
10:37 up right which will help correct your posture.
10:39 I stand at the way, Doc let me show
10:41 these people how to do this.
10:44 Okay we're gonna to sit on Physio Ball
10:47 we're gonna have our chest down to our legs
10:50 and legs hands gonna to be underneath our knees
10:53 and we're gonna come out to the side
10:56 out to the side and then front raise
11:00 out to the side and front raise.
11:03 Now the secret of doing this very fly is imagine
11:06 you're hugging a tree and
11:07 holding like here and your elbow
11:09 stay out to the side here and you just gonna
11:12 open up like this the same angle from
11:16 here to here but you not your doing
11:18 with your chest down same angle okay.
11:21 So once again the exercise is gonna be a
11:23 real fly front raise, rear fly and raise up.
11:30 Now if it feel uncomfortable stay down here
11:32 because we could come up to this position
11:33 and do it make a two part way which is fine
11:36 because you still hitting the muscles.
11:39 Alright. So you go ahead and have a seat
11:42 on this knock out 10 Doc okay.
11:44 Okay, down here yeah and move your feet little
11:47 forward in front of you there you go
11:48 your chest down okay Doc just go
11:51 in position here this way out to the side
11:53 out to the side go ahead and sit up now
11:55 front raise that's 1 and back down again
11:59 open come on front raise straight.
12:02 Now, I want you to make sure when you come and up
12:04 on your front raises keep going fine
12:07 keep going that come up you stop
12:08 at shoulder height, lift straight up right there
12:11 beautiful right down again open radials
12:15 back up, front raise, again open
12:22 squeeze your deltoids
12:25 give me two more, sit up, one more and up,
12:37 wonderful, good job Doc. Let me have the dumbbells.
12:40 Alright let's go and stand up and do active rest.
12:45 Let's go high knees again 30 seconds.
12:48 Start now, let's go.
12:54 Now here is the modify for this high knees,
12:56 once again just little lower the knees
12:58 little jog in place if you need to go right down
13:01 to a march and if you say no Casio
13:06 I got this let's go back at the high knees
13:08 how is that? Doc how you doing?
13:14 Five seconds Doc, are you with me Doc.
13:17 I'm here. Alright Good job.
13:19 Alright our next exercise is gonna be
13:22 a little challenge it's gonna workout chest muscles
13:24 and our shoulders and let me demonstrate
13:27 for you guys. I forgot one hold that
13:33 for me Doc I forgot my other dumbbell
13:35 silly me what I'm thinking we need to alright
13:42 it's just gonna to be a one arm dumbbell press.
13:47 Now we're gonna to start normally we start with
13:49 the dumbbells press and top of the chest exercise
13:52 you just start from the down position
13:54 this one we're gonna to start from the top position
13:56 and then actually we're gonna to leave one arm
13:58 because to stay in the top position.
13:59 My one arm is gonna come down
14:01 and press back up now my left arm is forcing
14:09 my shoulder to stabilize
14:12 and it's working my shoulder
14:14 this right arm is working my chest
14:16 so we're gonna complete 10 each arm
14:20 and then move on to the other arm.
14:24 Okay Doc right go ahead have a seat
14:31 Doc I want you to roll out forward on your back
14:35 excellent right there let's get the dumbbells
14:37 here for you I want you keep this one straight
14:39 and I want to you long this one down
14:41 and bring it back towards midline of your body good
14:45 and it's two, towards the midline,
14:47 3 keep your wrist straight,
14:49 its 4, 5 control it, control it, you always;
14:54 you control the weight don't let the
14:55 weight control you, 6 a few gluts up 7, 8, 9,
15:04 one more and 10. We're gonna switch on
15:06 let's bring this one down keep your wrist
15:08 straight one towards the center on your body
15:11 2 don't jerk at your elbows,
15:13 3 a few gluts up 4, 5, 6
15:22 don't lock your elbows out 7 and one more
15:25 excellent good job. Roll back up,
15:27 keep pushing, keep pushing. Excellent, good job.
15:30 Let's go back to active rest again.
15:33 Here we go high knees on mark let's get go,
15:40 doing good Doc. Now once again at home
15:44 to modify for high knees you need to march
15:47 in place keep yourself getting little too tired
15:49 go ahead and drop down intensity for those
15:52 you feel hey you want to keep up come on
15:54 keep up and we go.
16:01 So our program you get resistant training,
16:04 aerobic training, a lot of knowledge
16:06 and help you some lot of motivation to keep
16:08 you going to be vital source for our Lord.
16:12 Alright Doc that was great.
16:13 Now we're gonna move on to our last exercise
16:15 it's kind of challenge and I called it
16:17 spider man. This is one of Casio's exercises.
16:20 Doc you in for a treat. Alright let me go
16:23 and get a mat for us
16:26 and let me demonstrate Doc.
16:29 Here we go it's gonna be a plank
16:33 and we're gonna use this from a full plank position
16:36 and watch my leg. I'm bringing my leg up
16:38 from the side like I'm Spider Man
16:40 climbing the walls.
16:47 This is working my obliques
16:50 my core and my shoulders. Modify, from here
16:57 from the feet here you could bring your knee up
17:09 okay. Ready Doc let's go and do this.
17:12 Let's go 10 each side, see how you do.
17:16 See and up full plank position wonderful
17:18 there is 1 good 2 wonderful 3, 4
17:31 he is feeling these trust me.
17:32 Aren't you Doug? Feels good.
17:36 What he is doing as he is bringing
17:37 his legs out to the sides and swinging up
17:39 his midsection, his obliques has to contract
17:42 and shorten. Beautiful there you go Doc
17:48 good job. Alright, let's go do the active rest Doc.
17:52 Alright I gave him one. High knees,
17:54 let's go.
18:02 So Doc tell us about your workout regimen
18:06 what do you do? Well I have dumbbells,
18:09 I do, I do curls I do presses.
18:15 Okay. And then I do some chest movements.
18:20 So you do a lot of resistance training,
18:23 you do a lot of cardiovas;
18:24 Did you do a lot of cardiovascular training
18:25 in your program? I do a lot of walking;
18:27 lot of walking. And then I have some
18:31 light weights to do quite a few repetitions
18:32 as well as the heavy weight.
18:34 Yes more of it; 15 to 20 pounds and then;
18:36 resistance training; 10 pounds for.
18:38 Now tell me about your patients
18:39 do you recommend lot of you to patients
18:41 for them to use exercise as a form of medicine
18:43 or. For diabetics it's great.
18:46 For diabetics it's great. So we use it for,
18:49 you recommend highly for diabetes individuals who
18:51 have diabetes yes. Exercise is like taking insulin
18:54 almost oh okay. That is that's very good
18:57 that is very true. Okay now this is a part
18:59 of our program and we like to remind you
19:01 and say hey if you have a question if you have
19:03 any concern to something you like to say
19:05 go ahead and shoot an email it's at
19:06 that's
19:14 and its right below me again.
19:16 Doc go ahead and grab us some water.
19:18 And let's get started back in round two
19:20 and I'm gonna do with you okay.
19:24 And I think what we're gonna do
19:25 this time we just gonna go ahead
19:27 and skip the active rest so we keep going
19:29 straight through and we're gonna
19:30 to knock these workouts out okay.
19:31 Okay, first of all pull over here Doc go ahead
19:34 and grab your seat have your seat
19:37 and I want you to pull yourself for a walk
19:38 forward into position here take your dumbbells
19:42 and we're gonna knock out 10 you got it okay.
19:47 Lift your gluts up. Doc is so excited
19:51 he is going without me. Alright, let's just go
19:54 and knock this out. Let's do 10 together.
19:56 Ready, bring it down and there is 1,
20:00 there is 2, 3 keep your arms straight,
20:04 lift your gluts up, 4 there is 5 working lads
20:11 focus on your lads 6 it's so important
20:13 when your exercising you focus on the muscle
20:16 and when you focus on the movement of the muscle
20:22 one more 10 good job. Roll back up.
20:26 Put the dumbbells down.
20:27 Our next exercise we're gonna do,
20:29 is gonna do go ahead and get this I get dumbbell
20:33 for you Doc because it's a chest one arm chest
20:36 press oh yeah okay. Go in walling position
20:39 roll out yeah go ahead and you roll out
20:41 okay here you go and here is your dumbbells
20:44 right there. Remember we're gonna keep one up
20:46 and we're gonna drop one so bring this one down
20:48 and press that one back up.
20:50 Go and lift your gluts up there you go
20:53 keep your wrist straight come down to elbow
20:56 there 90 degrees to cross back in okay.
21:03 There you go that's the angle we want to press on
21:06 I'm impressed. Two more and one more.
21:12 Other side drop down get your arm straight.
21:14 Now as you notice as this arm is stabilizing
21:16 he feels right in the shoulder
21:18 this is strengthen his shoulder.
21:25 Three more Doc and one more wonderful.
21:31 Good job, roll back up. Now let's sit right
21:35 there Doc I'm keep you going.
21:38 Now, once again these are radials okay
21:42 and we're come up into a front flag okay
21:44 chest down to the ground outer side,
21:49 now come up, sit up, front raise there is 1
21:53 and back down, out to the side come up
21:58 sit up front raise and this two good.
22:06 Front raise that's 3 this let me give me two more
22:11 front raise there is 4 one more
22:20 now I want you to hold to make sure
22:22 you do 10 of those. Beautiful, good job Doc.
22:24 And we move on to our last exercise.
22:26 And this is the one I know you've been
22:28 waiting on Doc. You want to make sure
22:31 we get these very good. Now remember
22:34 I love this exercise. This is, like I said
22:36 one of those Casio specials.
22:38 I call it Casio special because maybe coz
22:40 I haven't seen somebody else do it so.
22:43 That might be out that just haven't seen it.
22:44 Let's go, I'll do these with you.
22:46 Let's do our Spider Man okay.
22:47 Oh! yeah right we're gonna to do knock out
22:50 10 each side okay start with right leg
22:52 there is 1, 2 right do a little, let me come down
23:00 little lower, little more challenge in my abdominals.
23:11 Its 6, how you feeling Doc. 7;
23:15 I'm fine alright he is feeling these people.
23:19 We do work on this program, alright good job.
23:25 See that wasn't so bad.
23:27 You do great Doc get this mat out the way
23:30 Doc I tell you what how old are you
23:32 61, 61 alright for those who have 30, 20, 40, 50
23:38 so you can't do anything he is an example
23:41 gentlemen who is 61 years old who is out there
23:44 been active for the Lord and taking care
23:46 of his body and that means you could do it too.
23:48 Now we understand knowledge is the key
23:52 when you have knowledge you have the will to make
23:54 the right decision and that's we are all about
23:57 we are trying to give you good information
23:58 so check out this Wellness Tip
24:00 and hope you could apply it.
24:06 Illness can interrupt exercise routines.
24:09 After recovery begin workouts at lower intensity
24:13 gradually increase exertion over days.
24:15 The formula for each day of illness
24:17 go easy for two days.
24:22 You know that's right sometime we get sick
24:24 and we want to listen to our body give yourself
24:28 little adequate rest and when your body
24:30 feels better start back into your program
24:32 and you know what, it's okay it's better off
24:35 to listen to body then continue one
24:37 when your body stressed out and
24:38 you can actually do more harm than you thinking
24:40 your doing good. Alright Doc you did
24:42 a great job today. I'm so proud of you
24:44 let's go and do our cool down okay.
24:46 Alright this what just we're gonna to do
24:48 a little different I'm gonna have you sit
24:50 on a Physio Ball go and have a seat
24:53 make out cool down little challenging.
24:55 Lets go and do our peck stretch
24:56 put both hands behind your head here
24:58 so if you did our chest and I'm gonna do
25:00 assistance stretch. Lift your chest forward
25:02 and sit straight up, but have your elbows
25:05 come back behind you, squeeze your elbows behind,
25:07 there you go right there.
25:11 Your feeling stretch up on your chest.
25:14 Feel it between my shoulder blades too.
25:16 There you go. Now I want you to go ahead
25:22 and just reach arms forward.
25:26 Now I want you bring this arm underneath
25:28 and pull it straight across here put this hand here
25:32 and get a squeeze, squeeze, squeeze them in forward.
25:36 It'll help open up your radials.
25:42 Pair hug know yeah curl like a pair hug okay exactly.
25:47 Go ahead and stand up Doc I'm gonna show you
25:49 another one you holding through ball.
25:51 Alright this one is going to work on a lads;
25:55 this is gonna look like this and you're gonna
25:58 be here and you gonna reach forward
26:00 and just stretch forward trying to sit down
26:03 unto you heals stretch forward
26:05 and you can rotate to the side
26:07 and move to the other side just little bit.
26:09 Why don't you try that one? Don't you.
26:14 There you go Doc and reach forward
26:17 and roll the ball forward okay hold this out little
26:23 bit good come back the other side.
26:28 Go ahead and try to sit down further more
26:30 there you go spin the ball out towards you
26:32 now go ahead and roll the ball out
26:34 with your fingers for push it out, push it out,
26:36 push it out get a stretch sit down wonderful.
26:39 Are you feeling that stretching around here
26:40 yes very good. Okay just roll to the side again.
26:47 And roll out the other side that's it
26:50 it's wonderful it feels good, good job Doc.
26:53 You sit there and relax I'll close this out
26:56 I listen to a pastor explain why Christians
26:58 shouldn't be get offended
27:00 He explained we have choices
27:02 and how we allow other people to effect us.
27:05 We keep forgive or remain angry Christ didn't
27:09 let people offend him. In Luke 23:34 Jesus said
27:12 father forgive them they don't know
27:15 what they are doing. This is Casio your monitor
27:18 action is the key for life
27:19 and it's my prayer that Lord gives you strength
27:22 and encouragement to take action everyday.
27:24 God bless and thank you for watching
27:26 and I see you next time
27:27 keep flexing those faith muscles.
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