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Participants: Casio Jones (Host), Nadezda Stotz


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00:01 The following program presents workouts
00:03 you can use to improve your physical fitness.
00:05 Please be sure to consult your physician
00:07 before beginning this or any exercise routine.
00:31 Hi, my name is Casio Jones and
00:33 you're watching Action 4 Life.
00:34 On today's episode we're gonna have a workout
00:37 that's gonna focus on your lower body,
00:39 plus we have a wonderful story that we did in back
00:42 in my home in Tampa, Florida. A friend of mine,
00:44 her name is Lisa Tobias and we're gonna learn
00:46 about Pilates and not just this Pilates but
00:49 floor exercises Pilates. So at this time I want
00:52 you to go to your method of warm up
00:54 as we can check out the story.
01:25 What is Pilates? Well somebody might have seen
01:28 videos or you might have seen machines
01:30 but don't know exactly what to do?
01:32 Or what is considered a Pilate exercise?
01:35 With me today is Lisa Tobias and she is the
01:38 owner of Pilate Bodies here in Tampa, Florida.
01:40 And Lisa is gonna take us to some series of
01:43 exercises that you could do at home.
01:45 That's right you could do these exercise at home
01:48 and condition your body.
01:49 Lisa, thank you for being here today.
01:51 Sure, no problem. Okay let's get started.
01:53 Okay. We're gonna start with 100.
01:55 That's 100, okay. We're gonna lay down
01:57 on your back, you're gonna imprints,
01:59 so bring the navel to the spine
02:01 and bring your legs in the air, you can start
02:03 with the bench; you're gonna inhale in all
02:05 the chin exhale flex up, extend the legs
02:08 if you want to, you're gonna pump arms
02:10 and inhale for five in 2, 3, 4, 5
02:13 and exhale 2, 3, 4, 5.
02:21 Scooping that belly in 2, 3, 4, 5
02:25 and exhale 2, 3, 4, 5, one more,
02:31 inhale pause and hold and then exhale bend
02:33 your knees and then relax, good.
02:35 Now grab your fitness circle.
02:37 Okay, well I count those Lisa. Good you should.
02:40 Okay. We're moving right into the roll up,
02:43 okay. Your feet flex back you're gonna inhale,
02:45 float the arms up, nod the chin, exhale roll up
02:48 and enjoy that stretch here. Oh yes.
02:51 Now we're gonna roll down just to a point
02:53 where you can hold it, now exhale
02:55 for five, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 finish that roll down nice
03:00 and smooth. Now Lisa, I am not using my chest
03:04 muscles when I am squeezing correct?
03:06 You should not if you keep your elbows bent
03:09 and soft and as you exhale really scoop up
03:12 the abdominal. You should not feel them
03:14 in the chest or the neck. Just feel in my laps,
03:17 in my abdominal. Correct yes and roll it down
03:20 one more time. Oh yes. Inhale, exhale nice
03:24 and smooth and slow it. You've gotten smoothen
03:26 my ways, so let me get down there.
03:28 Roll it back nice and slow and
03:35 and slowly relax. Good, place that fitness
03:38 circle down, let's roll up and let's go
03:40 into the saw, this is a really nice stretch
03:43 for the legs and for the spine.
03:44 I'll stretch back a little bit for you,
03:47 So you're gonna sit up tall inhale rotate,
03:49 now turn that back some down and think of
03:52 sawing off your big toe and look down
03:54 at your knee. Oh you're getting a lot better
03:56 than I am. Inhale, roll up, exhale,
03:59 I've been doing this for a while.
04:00 Inhale back come down. And just head down,
04:02 yep, and down. And keep both cheeks firmly
04:05 planted on that mat, one more time inhale,
04:09 sit up tall exhale draw that belly in as you
04:13 stretch forward. Inhale tall exhale center,
04:18 one more time, back come down,
04:21 relax those shoulders. Oh it's all my.
04:24 Keep that right cheek down on the mat.
04:25 Okay I am going down going down. Awesome,
04:29 good work and relax, nice.
04:31 Lisa, those were difficult.
04:33 They are. When we talk about before how Pilates
04:35 were full body exercise training modality,
04:39 this is where you really feel even
04:40 when we did the stretching; I could feel it
04:42 as I was keeping my glutes down my hamstrings,
04:44 right, my even my obliques was fine,
04:47 even my shoulders go into rotation, wow,
04:50 I'm impressed; I'm impressed, do you have
04:53 anything else you want to show us, anything that
04:54 you think off. O there's lots we can do.
04:56 Well give me one more thing, where's the one
04:57 where you have when you have to do the scissors
04:59 with your legs. Okay, lets do that,
05:01 so you roll down. Okay. Okay you're gonna move
05:04 your legs back into the air.
05:05 Okay. Okay you're gonna inhale, nod the chin
05:08 and flex up and lets actually grab behind
05:10 the right leg and you're gonna pause that
05:12 left one down twice as you exhale 1, 2
05:15 and then scissor the legs.
05:18 Is this the one you were talking about?
05:19 Yes. It's great because you're getting a nice
05:22 stretch through the hamstrings,
05:25 you're also opening up through the front of the
05:27 hip of that leg that's reaching towards the
05:30 floor and of course we're working
05:31 those abdominals. Yes, feeling them engaging.
05:34 Good. Now this actually stretch
05:37 my hip flexors isn't it? Yes, exactly.
05:40 And that's the muscles upfront attaches till
05:42 you quad into your hip. And one more, good,
05:46 reach both legs to the ceiling, reach those
05:48 arms up and then bend it and release it down,
05:52 nice work. I'm staying right here Lisa.
05:55 Wow, listen it doesn't matter what type
05:58 of exercise you're used to Pilates can be a new
06:01 and challenging for you. Take my advice,
06:03 you feel it and I've been exercising for a long
06:05 time it would be on harder too Lisa,
06:07 this is my first time, that's awesome.
06:10 And I feel pack, I feel like I've been missing out,
06:12 thank you so much. You're welcome thanks.
06:14 Your'e doing a good job, Hey, guys find
06:16 a Pilates instructor, get a Pilates video,
06:18 try it out and these exercise we did,
06:20 you could do them at home.
06:23 All right now as you saw those videos Lisa
06:26 is an expert and I was trying to do my best
06:29 to hang with her. So, everybody here on the
06:31 set was laughing at me saying my toes
06:33 were not straight, so whatever she's a
06:34 professional, she's supposed to look
06:36 that good, but you know Pilates is a lot of fun
06:39 and as we're talking about earlier about being
06:42 on the floor, well we're gonna continue that with
06:44 our program today but little more condition
06:46 of muscles little more for lower area.
06:49 And with me today is a new friend of mine
06:51 named Nadi, Nadia well I'll call Nadia,
06:55 Nadia is easier, but give me a better give me
06:57 how you will pronounce that. Nadezda. Nadezda,
06:59 I love that, it's so cool, if I had a girl
07:02 I would name her Nadezda, but I don't have
07:04 any girls and I am not gonna having any soon,
07:06 but anyhow enough of that, so okay let's get
07:09 back to enough of me talking, you know me
07:10 just talk and talk away. Our first exercise
07:12 we're gonna work on is gonna work like
07:14 your lower body, we can call it one leg so
07:16 go ahead and lay down on the ground on your back.
07:18 Put your head down and your feet down there
07:21 and you go ahead and lay down.
07:22 And you're gonna have one leg bent
07:24 right there, this leg straight up in the air
07:26 and what we're gonna do is this foot here
07:28 is gonna support like I saying straight up
07:31 and you're going to lift your lower body off
07:33 the ground and back down.
07:35 There you go perfect, now we're gonna count,
07:36 we're gonna do ten. Okay, Alright let's go back up,
07:39 let's count them down here we go it's 1, 2,
07:43 and she is placing the emphasis here
07:44 on her heel, a little more emphasis on the
07:46 heel still keeping her toes down and lifting
07:49 her lower body up. This is working the hamstrings
07:52 on this side here, are you feeling there?
07:55 What number is that 9 let's call it 10,
07:58 switch legs go ahead switch your leg up
08:01 and lift that one up go ahead, there's 1, 2 now,
08:05 when you're at home you find yourself, if you have
08:08 your heel too close to your glutes it doesn't feel
08:11 comfortable, you have to have the right angle and
08:13 you feel, you could feel it different,
08:14 when you're in a right spot.
08:17 Is that ten? Ten. Awesome okay, now
08:21 we're gonna stay here for a second, rest a few
08:22 longer and actually you think about we switched
08:24 legs, so you got some time for that leg to rest.
08:28 Now these exercise that we're doing,
08:30 these are like my favorite exercise that really work
08:32 the lower portion of the body and you don't need
08:34 any exercise equipment. You got the perfect
08:37 equipment that God perfectly gave you,
08:39 so we're using this own body exercises,
08:41 own body weight, so let's go back to our first set
08:45 again put that leg back up again,
08:47 let's knock out ten again.
08:48 Lift 2, like I said before you notice how her foots
08:52 in the right position, go ahead Nadia and bring
08:54 your foot forward a little bit more.
08:55 Now lift, this doesn't Feel comfortable, does it?
08:58 Yeah. Okay and bring your foot back in
08:59 position right there, now lift.
09:01 She has a better angle, better, more control of
09:04 her muscles of her hamstring is far and you
09:06 definitely feel different, give me two more
09:10 and switch legs. Let's go back down again,
09:12 switch right leg back up and lift,
09:14 and there's ten here. Now what we do
09:16 with this series, we're gonna do three sets of
09:20 the exercises for each body part and we're
09:22 gonna keep going straight through and without
09:25 taking a whole lot of break because we wanna
09:27 keep the muscle under stress, so we get the
09:30 benefits out of it. And she's really
09:31 gonna feel this stress when we get done,
09:33 alright was that the both sides twice,
09:36 just give you a few seconds to rest,
09:38 then we're gonna start backup again.
09:39 Okay, are you feeling them in your legs?
09:41 Little. A little, that's okay,
09:43 this is our first exercise, it'll start
09:45 catching up to you, it'll start catching up to you.
09:47 Alright, let's go back to the first leg again.
09:49 Here we go, knock it up for a third set,
09:51 let's go 1, 2, now we're only ten reps
09:56 you can as you get stronger this is easy
09:58 for you, you can just start off, start up with
10:00 10, then you work up to 12 to 15 or up to 20
10:03 reps and trust me when you get to 20
10:05 reps you're really gonna feel it
10:06 by your second or third set.
10:11 Is that ten? Ten. Let's switch legs.
10:14 Okay, those of you at home, stick with us
10:16 for this program, you're gonna love
10:18 these exercises. You're gonna be very,
10:20 very focused on the lower body like I said before,
10:23 it seems kind of odd it will not balanced
10:25 around or move around like we
10:26 normally do but you're gonna have an
10:28 effective workout when we get done.
10:30 Okay, was that ten Nadia? Ten.
10:32 All right, excellent put it down.
10:33 Now, our next exercise is really great
10:35 for individual who have like knee
10:37 injuries and he says okay I try to do leg
10:39 extension or certain things, it hurts my knee.
10:42 Well this is a great exercise that works
10:44 your quadriceps without even bending
10:46 your knee whatsoever. Okay take your leg
10:48 straight here, want to keep this leg slightly
10:50 bent here to give support to help lock in
10:52 the hip position, come on here Brian.
10:55 She's gonna flex her toe which is gonna
10:57 automatically contract the quadricep muscles
10:59 and she's gonna lift her leg up and down.
11:02 That's it, 2, 3, 4 and I know she's not really
11:09 touching the ground, 5, you wanna keep the
11:11 stress on the quad before she touch the
11:13 ground she is lifting them right back up
11:15 and she is coming right about to her
11:17 knee height right there, because you
11:18 never wanna place, reduce the stress,
11:21 always gonna keep the muscle under
11:22 stress, so keep in a range in a pyramid
11:25 that you could feel it in your quadriceps.
11:27 Just go one more and ten, beautiful down.
11:30 Okay and go ahead and switch legs,
11:32 up again let's go there's 1, 2 and you
11:37 could really feel this, can't you? Right.
11:38 3, 4, 5, you know she'll start to come
11:43 over down good 6, 7, flex that toe, 8,
11:50 more, 9 and 10, beautiful, come back
11:54 down bend that leg, lets go right back to
11:56 the other leg since it had a plenty of time
11:58 to rest , she said not long enough, trust me.
12:03 Okay now this time we're gonna do different.
12:05 We're gonna rotate our toes in and this is
12:08 gonna work to outer part of our leg out of
12:11 sweep as we will call it the tear job outer
12:13 part of that quadricep muscle by just
12:15 rotating that toe in. Now lift that leg
12:17 straight up again it's one, high as you can,
12:21 two, keep that toe rotated in, three, four,
12:26 very good, five, you have to think,
12:31 seven, eight, beautiful, nine, one more and ten.
12:39 Good, bend this leg up, rotate this,
12:41 put this leg out, rotate the toe in
12:42 towards me and lift it up. Here we go, it's one
12:45 and she is feeling it right here, two,
12:47 yes, three, very good, four, now you're
12:53 saying it might feel odd just rotating the
12:55 toe in but what you're doing is just really is
12:57 rotating that foot. It's you're naturally
13:00 you're able to make that rotation but by
13:02 keeping the position your legs emphasize,
13:05 right on the outer part and this is ten.
13:07 Beautiful, feet back down, alright.
13:10 I am going to give Nadia just a few
13:11 seconds, let her muscles cool down a
13:14 little bit for her. But to speak with her
13:15 at this exercise it really focus on the
13:18 quads and we hit our feet straight which is
13:22 the majority, major part we rotate our foot
13:25 in, hit the outer sweep, now this time
13:27 we're gonna do with our toes pointed out,
13:29 just gonna hit more of the inner lateral,
13:31 inner, inner side of the quadricep,
13:34 okay leg straight in the medial side,
13:36 rotate the toes out and lift straight up that's
13:39 one, now but once again having her foot
13:42 down and leg bent gives her position to
13:46 push the foot into the ground and gives her
13:49 ability to help lift that leg up.
13:54 She's not saying much because she's in kind
13:55 of slight discomfort 'cause she could feel
13:58 these, her muscles are starting to burn a little
14:01 bit, probably some lactic acid building up
14:03 right about now and this is ten?
14:06 Right. Excellent. Ten. Beautiful, go ahead,
14:09 switch legs, rotate over, toes point rotate
14:12 out and lift, that's one, there's two, three,
14:19 four, you're doing a great job.
14:21 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. Now if you're an individual
14:33 who has a hard time with range of motion
14:36 and if it bothers you, you could do a slower
14:39 range of motion, don't have to go so high,
14:41 just stay right between here and here
14:44 or stay in a range that your quads are strong
14:47 enough to handle that, okay.
14:48 You don't have to force this up to go
14:50 extremely high, the focus here is control,
14:53 complete control. Okay, now our next
14:55 exercise we're gonna move on
14:56 still working on lower body.
14:57 We're gonna rotate to the side; just rotate to
14:59 the side here. Okay, legs straight she's
15:03 gonna put her elbows down right
15:04 underneath her shoulder support,
15:06 hands here to support herself and she's
15:08 gonna lift that leg straight up to side,
15:09 lift it straight up. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, control, 7,
15:20 8, 9, and 10. Now you've probably
15:24 seen that exercise done before me,
15:26 some old exercise videos where you've
15:28 been it works to outside of your glutes
15:31 and your outer part of your legs.
15:33 Now, I'm gonna show the movement that
15:34 you could add to that, that's
15:35 gonna take it up a notch. Now Nadia take the
15:39 whole leg and sweep it towards there you
15:43 go away from you. Now this is a very
15:45 small movement, notice her feet are
15:47 pointing towards you. Okay, her feet are
15:49 pointing towards you, now I want you to lift
15:51 that leg straight up. It's one, all right this
15:53 is hard. Oh wow. And there's two, that's
15:55 right she made some noise, there's three,
15:58 there's four and just wanna bring it
15:59 straight up towards me five, not towards her.
16:01 Six, good, seven, eight, straight up
16:05 towards me, nine and ten. Oh yes and that really
16:10 works real deep down to side and all the way
16:13 round to the back side of her glutes.
16:15 Now I want you to sit up and spin around,
16:17 we're gonna do the other side.
16:19 What we did we combine those two
16:20 exercise to make one exercise, okay.
16:23 Leg straight, lift the leg straight up again,
16:25 support yourself and lift, under control
16:27 there's one, two, now because this exercise
16:31 has been so common and a lot of people
16:33 have done this exercise before there's
16:34 something you could do. If you have a partner
16:36 standing around they can add a little
16:38 resistance for you, what number is that?
16:41 Eight. Nine and we're gonna demonstrate,
16:44 it's ten now I want you to show me two
16:45 more, with I'm putting a little man resistance.
16:48 Lift the leg straight up, there's one
16:51 and one more two or you could hold a
16:54 dumbbell in your hand or use your hand
16:57 with little weight here there now lift that up.
17:01 You're adding a little more resistance to
17:03 make it, the work load a little harder.
17:05 Okay now we did our ten here back hand to
17:07 support, spin that leg out to the
17:09 side and lift again. Here we go for ten,
17:12 that's one, two that's it, straight and three,
17:16 bring in towards me four, five, this feels
17:21 awkward six and it looks awkward seven,
17:24 but when you try this and you do this at
17:26 home you'll feel it looks awkward,
17:28 in case I don't like this but you will feel it.
17:31 Good job. Awesome, now spin around,
17:34 lets get the other side again.
17:36 All right, ten and ten and ten we're keeping
17:38 itself, but this word, this is ten reps but
17:41 you're gonna feel them. Two, three, nice and
17:45 control four, now do me a favor don't make
17:47 it turn I am put my hand here.
17:48 Don't hit my hand, there you go,
17:51 now by me putting your hand here is
17:52 helping to realize that she does not want to
17:54 go over down and smash my fingers
17:56 because if she smashed my fingers,
17:57 I'll be screaming, I'll be kind of in pain.
17:59 So but also forces her to stop continue
18:02 keeping the stress on the muscle,
18:06 okay swing that leg out towards the camera.
18:08 No you stay let that leg swing out;
18:09 yeah you're trying to get about these sounds.
18:12 Raise it up and bring it towards me as one.
18:14 Now I am assisting her, putting my hand
18:15 here to support her, to help
18:17 keep from swing back.
18:22 Don't swing your upper body,
18:23 lift as high as you can. There you go and you
18:26 go, good job, beautiful. Sit up and spin around
18:30 the other side, now you know she was
18:32 trying to swing in a lot trying to put the leg up.
18:35 I know it's challenging after a while it starts
18:38 catching up to you, here we go two,
18:42 three, four, and once again you work in
18:47 your range of motion that you could.
18:49 That you can, if you for some reason your
18:51 legs are too heavy for you to lift, do a small
18:54 movement, stay in your range but as you
18:55 get stronger and you keep working at it you
18:58 get better at it. And your muscles will
19:00 remember and you can get stronger and
19:01 you know it, you're lifting higher,
19:03 swing that leg out to the side let's go knock
19:04 just this one out, good. Two, nice and slow,
19:10 three, control it, four, five, good. Oh.
19:14 Oh you're feeling it six, miss party here
19:17 seven, eight, nine and ten.
19:22 Swing around go back to begin, now I want
19:25 you understand this is really, she is feeling
19:28 these okay. These are exercises
19:30 that are working her lower body and you're
19:33 saying it's just her body, just her legs
19:35 and it's challenging right now I am doing
19:38 little bit stalling for him, talking little bit
19:39 so that let her legs rest for you're ready to go.
19:41 Let's knock it out now come on come on
19:42 let's go one, two, I'm trying to help you out
19:45 girl, three, four, five, six,
19:52 seven, eight, nine, ten.
19:58 Swing your leg out to front and lift
20:03 one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight,
20:14 nine and ten. Right down slip around.
20:19 We're gonna hit the other side, good job
20:20 Nadia you're doing a wonderful job today.
20:22 Oh thank you. And now you're gonna
20:24 be feeling these tomorrow, lift the leg
20:26 straight up one, two. That's the benefits of
20:30 working out you know what I am saying Nadia.
20:32 When you invest your time your body tells
20:35 you right away, hey pat on your back,
20:38 you did a good job, you finally might feel
20:39 a little discomfort little soreness,
20:41 but these are good signals to let you
20:43 know that you did a great job.
20:45 Now if you feel major pain obviously you
20:48 might do something wrong and you might
20:49 wanna see a physician about this.
20:50 Spin your leg forward; let's go,
20:52 get it as straight as you can, lift it up
20:53 here we go it's one, two, three, nice in
20:58 control, four, five oh yeah, six, seven,
21:03 thank you, eight you're welcome,
21:06 nine and ten, good job. Swing around the
21:09 other side, excellent, now okay.
21:13 How are they feeling, are you feeling burning.
21:15 I feel it here. You feel it completely
21:17 burn all right now the next exercise we're
21:19 gonna work on, it's really gonna focus
21:21 on the glutes, okay. It's a two part exercise
21:24 I call them heel raises, I am gonna do a hip
21:27 duck it to the side. Okay I want you flip
21:29 over, so you're in all four position.
21:32 Here you go you've to face that way
21:34 excellent, hands down on the, shoulder to
21:37 shoulders and once you know you can
21:38 bend this leg straight up here and you're
21:40 gonna imagine, you're gonna take your heels
21:42 straight towards the ceiling lift it straight
21:44 up and back down. Two, three, four, five,
21:51 I am helping out a little bit, giving a little
21:52 resistance, eight, good and from this position
22:00 here, we're gonna put here, bring leg down
22:03 and from here you're gonna straight up to
22:04 this side, lift your knee towards me;
22:06 keep the knee bent like here, like to the
22:08 side lift it up. Good, two, three, four,
22:15 wanna keep your hip straight and lift it up.
22:17 Five, six, good, seven now lets go as high,
22:21 eight lift, nine and ten. Good job.
22:25 Other leg, you felt that one didn't you?
22:27 Yeah. Straight up towards the ceiling
22:29 with your heels, its one, two, three,
22:33 I am giving assistance here so she can
22:34 understand exactly what she needs to do.
22:37 So she could feel her heels pushing towards
22:39 the ceiling, is that nine, this ten.
22:42 Okay, lift the leg up to the side keep your
22:44 head straight go ahead. One, very good two,
22:48 I am just helping her to keep her hip in line,
22:50 so she is not rotating at the hip,
22:53 so she could focus on working the
22:55 the side of her glutes. This is a real, if you're
22:58 working for a exercise that we focus and
23:01 develop your glute area, these are
23:04 wonderful exercise focus right on that.
23:07 Alright so that was one, we got two more
23:09 to go, are you with me still Nadia. Yes.
23:12 Okay, let's go back up again, press straight
23:14 up again one, two, three, four, five, six,
23:25 seven, eight, nine, ten. Other leg,
23:31 let's go, out to the side.
23:45 Good job, now go ahead and switch
23:47 sides, leg up, press it up and while you
23:50 continue do this we're gonna go and check
23:52 out a wellness tip for you guys at home, okay.
24:00 Warm up before an aerobic workout,
24:03 running in place or several minutes of
24:06 other low intensity exercise prior to more
24:08 strenuous activity will increase blood flow
24:11 and elasticity of joint tendons and ligaments.
24:15 And elevate your paws,
24:16 preparing your body for exercise.
24:20 Okay now that is true about aerobics,
24:23 it is important that you pay attention and
24:26 keep yourself moving, I love that wellness tip.
24:28 So Nadia you had a great time doing these
24:30 workouts, you feel your lower body on these.
24:32 Now it's time for a cool down,
24:33 is that right with you? Yes. She said I am
24:35 bored, I need that, okay go ahead spin
24:38 around lay down on your back down there
24:40 and I am gonna since you have worked so hard.
24:43 I am gonna help you with your stretches
24:44 today, okay now once again put legs straight here.
24:48 I am gonna help and assist, we're gonna
24:49 stretch our hamstrings, okay.
24:53 And here you go, is that comfortable;
24:54 okay once again we're doing some type of
24:56 passive stretching here. I am assisting, being
24:58 her partner and help her with her stretch.
25:04 Okay good do other leg
25:15 and if you don't have a partner at home,
25:16 you can basically just grab a towel and a
25:18 rope and use that to support yourself or
25:20 you could put your hands right behind
25:22 your legs and do that just like Nadia is
25:24 doing right now. But since she has me,
25:26 she's gonna take advantage of me will you?
25:28 You ought to do. Alright, now we're
25:31 gonna do quadricep stretch,
25:32 its kind of different. I want you to rotate
25:34 towards camera on your side that way
25:36 and we're gonna lay down at side and take
25:39 this leg, bend your leg and I am gonna
25:41 stretch it for you, I am putting my leg here
25:43 and rotate at the hip and you feel that
25:46 stretching your quad, are you feeling that?
25:47 Yeah. Okay, there you go right there
25:55 good okay. Just flip over on the other side,
25:59 here we go on to the other side.
26:03 Straight leg swing back here, here we go.
26:11 Feel it good stretch in your quad, see there is
26:14 an advantage of having a partner to
26:15 work out with you, isn't it?
26:17 Awesome, okay. Stay right here bend both
26:20 legs down and your back flip over on your back.
26:23 Good and then stretch your glutes,
26:26 press one leg just like that.
26:28 Let me have this leg here, I am going to
26:30 push in. It's gonna stretch your glutes.
26:32 Oh wow. Oh yeah it feels good, doesn't it?
26:34 Yeah. Everybody likes that one,
26:37 okay Nadia let's go ahead and switch legs.
26:40 I am gonna put your hand in between,
26:41 wrap it around so people at home can
26:43 know how to do this, okay. It's been a pleasure
26:45 having with you today. Thank you.
26:46 I am going to close this out, if you want
26:48 more information about a workout what
26:50 we did today or you need a product of our
26:51 previous programs or if you like to invite
26:53 me to your area to speak, conduct a
26:55 health seminar don't hesitate to call,
26:58 go to our website that's
27:01 I would like to leave
27:05 you one more thought. How well do you
27:07 know the doctrine teaching of our
27:08 church, how well do you know the bylaws.
27:11 Now, honestly answer this question how
27:14 well do you know Christ? Without relationship
27:16 with him nothing else matters, it's our most
27:19 important responsibility is to love Him and
27:21 reflect His love to others.
27:23 This is Casio reminding you to take
27:24 action everyday it's my prayer to look you
27:27 in strength and encouragement.
27:28 I'll see you next time bye-bye.
28:00 You can order your very own copy of this
28:02 episode of Action 4 Life on DVD or suggest
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28:09 to order your very own copy, please call
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28:26, order your copy today.


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