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Participants: Casio Jones (Host), Marcie English


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00:01 The following program presents workouts
00:03 you can use to improve your physical fitness.
00:05 Please be sure to consult your physician
00:07 before beginning this or any exercise routine.
00:10 Hi my name is Casio Jones
00:32 and this is Action 4 life.
00:33 Today's episode we're gonna have an
00:35 awesome workout. All you need is
00:36 your dumbbells and an exercise ball.
00:38 But first I want you to check out this segment
00:41 we shot in Tampa, Florida. You know,
00:43 have you ever thought about trying to run,
00:46 you know quite sure what to do if you're capable
00:49 of doing it. Well we started this segment
00:51 at Running Center. And we're gonna learn
00:53 exactly how to go from an individual
00:55 who doesn't move this way to be successful
00:58 runner, but first after you watching this
01:00 segment make sure, that you do a nice
01:03 warm-up. So you get ready for us
01:05 when we get back. Let's go and check this out.
01:35 Here in Tampa, Florida at the Running Center,
01:38 and I'm gonna introduce you to a friend of mine
01:40 named Bill Davison. He is like this expert
01:43 on running. And he is going to tell us
01:44 about you know so many guys
01:46 there says you know I run,
01:47 but you know I don't like it,
01:48 because it's little painful and he is gonna
01:50 help us make this transition,
01:51 so we would be more active. Hey Bill.
01:53 Hi Casio how are you doing?
01:54 I'm doing great. Thanks for allowing us
01:56 to come here. Listen, okay, I personally,
01:58 I was larger in size and you know I came down
02:02 a little bit in size and I tried to run,
02:04 and it was kind discomfort for me
02:05 and I'm sure lot of people at home
02:07 does acts the same way,
02:08 but you know I'm on that verge right now,
02:09 I will be true, I always had this
02:11 inclination to be a runner,
02:13 to start running more. Yeah.
02:14 Okay how can I get to this transition?
02:17 Well once again the big thing is make sure
02:20 you get the proper fit on the shoes because
02:22 that is gonna make a tremendous difference.
02:23 I agree. So and remember the width
02:25 and you need a thumbnail or finger length
02:27 on your as far as little extra width because
02:31 your foot is gonna swell up,
02:32 you mean on my toe part, yes on the toe.
02:34 Your foot will swell up a half to a size
02:36 and that bigger when you exercise.
02:37 Now one of the things you will gonna notice
02:39 when you do this is you're gonna be a
02:41 little bit uncomfortable because as you start
02:43 to exercise you haven't been doing this
02:45 in a while and it's going to be uncomfortable.
02:46 It can be shin problems, your calf,
02:49 even your hips, your back,
02:50 so the idea is to slowly break into this system.
02:54 Now let's talk about shin problems.
02:55 Okay. Front of the foot, correct? Correct.
02:57 I have experienced from that kind
02:59 when I get to started with obviously
03:01 doing too much to soon, is that correct? Correct,
03:03 I would say generally that's the case.
03:04 So they need to slow down their pace,
03:06 their speed or more rest between activity.
03:10 Well I would say possibly you might need
03:12 a day's rest. One of the things
03:13 you can do, the run walk method is,
03:16 you're using a different set of muscles.
03:17 So if you are doing a little bit of run walk
03:19 and I'm only talking about jogging for maybe
03:21 a minute here, not a long time
03:23 and then walking for a minute or
03:24 something like that to get
03:26 those muscles and use.
03:27 Some of the things you can do is
03:29 you can put some ice on those shins
03:31 for protection, okay right,
03:32 a nice little tip in Florida is,
03:34 if you have a pool in the backyard
03:37 when you get back exercising stand
03:38 in that pool because it's cooler,
03:39 it's like an ice bath. Oh wow!
03:41 And that costs nothing and I would recommend
03:44 you to do that every single time
03:45 because it's gonna take those capillaries
03:47 and have them trim down a little bit
03:48 and will give you some comfort.
03:49 Very good tip, very good tip!
03:50 And that's a mixed way to do it.
03:52 But you're gonna need to give yourself a few
03:55 weeks really maybe a week or two to get past
03:58 this uncomfortable stage and the idea is just
04:00 to continue to push through a little bit.
04:02 There's an incredible machine that does
04:04 incredible things. So the idea is to
04:06 take care of it. I agree, I agree.
04:08 So that is your most important thing.
04:09 Well I'm excited, I'm really going to find
04:11 a pair of shoes and get laced up
04:13 and I wanna get started the trail.
04:15 Okay one last tip. Would you recommend,
04:18 what is the difference between pavement
04:19 and running on the grass?
04:21 What would you recommend?
04:22 There's a major difference here Casio.
04:23 They gave you an idea,
04:25 concrete is ten times harder than asphalt.
04:28 Wow! So that gives you an idea.
04:29 Anytime that you can run over blacktop,
04:31 you wanna be able to do that.
04:32 Your body will be, will thank your for
04:34 that and then if you can run off road
04:36 where you are on the grass or something,
04:37 that's even better because your body
04:40 is observing that shock if you are on the
04:42 hard surfaces, the ground absorbs
04:43 it better, catch it, if you are on the
04:44 softer surfaces. So ideally would be
04:47 the ground, if you can do that a trail
04:48 but if you can't that, if you get on asphalt,
04:51 asphalt, it's a little bit better.
04:52 The sidewalk is the worse.
04:53 Thank you Bill! Okay folks,
04:55 now you have some more tips about,
04:57 some great tips about go running
04:59 and I'm ready to go.
05:00 And so Bill, you are the man.
05:02 So please, we want you guys to keep moving.
05:05 Okay running is something
05:06 you want to try or you try that
05:08 you don't have great assesses out of it,
05:09 keep going because the Lord wants us
05:11 to move and I wanted to move too.
05:12 So see you guys.
05:14 Well there you have it.
05:17 Well for me I learned a lot that day,
05:19 learned how to run, and most important
05:21 like I said is keep myself moving.
05:23 Alright, so about moving!
05:24 I'm ready to get started now workout.
05:26 With me the guest today,
05:28 she is a special guest of mine,
05:29 her name is Marcie English.
05:31 Marcie how're you doing? Good.
05:32 How are you Casio? I'm doing great,
05:33 I'm so glad you finally are here,
05:35 I'm so excited. Okay.
05:38 So Marcie tell our viewers a little about
05:40 who you are, you're a certified trainer,
05:42 and we have a lot thing in common;
05:44 we both work a lot of Southern Gospel Artists.
05:47 Southern Gospel! My husband is
05:48 Michael English. He is the lead singer
05:49 for Gaither Vocal Band. Oh that's one of folks.
05:51 So you get a lot of exposure to a
05:53 lot of artists. Yes. Okay.
05:55 And don't you write for magazine.
05:56 I write for the Gaither Homecoming magazine,
05:58 I write their health and wellness section so,
06:00 wonderful, so we do every three months.
06:02 Every three months. Yes! So you want to,
06:03 well it's okay to say you are one of my colleagues
06:05 in this battlefield to help God's children
06:09 to be healthier. Yes! And you try to figure out
06:11 a way to make it still better,
06:12 but it's easier for people.
06:13 It doesn't have to seem so far to physical,
06:15 exactly there you go, are you ready
06:17 to have fun. I'm ready, I'm ready. Okay,
06:18 so alright. We get our warm-up
06:19 and you know when we do,
06:21 we're gonna do four exercises three sets
06:23 of each and so our first exercise when get
06:25 started it's going to call a Bent-Over-Row.
06:27 And some calls variation but I will call
06:29 Bent-Over-Row because you kind of bend over
06:30 and you do this rowing action.
06:31 So Marcie grab your dumbbells
06:33 and let's go and do a demonstration for people
06:35 to show them on how to this
06:36 thing exercise at home.
06:37 Okay you are going to stand in partial squat
06:38 position okay. Hey Mike come on in here
06:41 and let some see this angle here.
06:42 It's partial squat position,
06:44 feet under hip, yeah feet under hip,
06:45 and you are gonna have your chest straight
06:47 down to the ground, your arms going to be
06:48 straight down and you're gonna pull back
06:50 towards you. Elbows going straight back,
06:52 elbow is going straight back,
06:53 so that I don't crouch like this, no bicep, exactly,
06:55 you don't wanna pull into your biceps
06:56 and go straight down. Exactly!
06:58 Now here's one more thing,
06:59 put the dumbbells down and for those you at
07:02 home sometimes you still have a hard time
07:04 learning how to do this movement,
07:05 go and put arms straight out in front of you,
07:06 okay, and you now imagine you are telling
07:08 somebody to come here.
07:10 Arms straight in front of you say,
07:11 you pull a person right towards you,
07:13 right, towards you. So, hey turn to Michael
07:15 come in here again so they will see
07:16 that shot again. Turning out there we go.
07:17 Right there! Pull right in and say come here,
07:19 so we're gonna pull towards,
07:20 so it's your lads, it's your lads,
07:22 you are working on the back and lads
07:23 and you can throw as your arms come forward
07:24 you can throw your chest forward. Right!
07:26 They'll give more of a contraction to your back,
07:28 but the secret is you don't wanna pull
07:30 unlike this, right, you wanna pull straight back.
07:33 So that's the movement.
07:34 All we're gonna do is have our head
07:36 facing and flexing at the waist at the hip,
07:39 down here the same action pulling, right.
07:42 Are you ready? I'm ready. Alright,
07:43 you go and grab those
07:44 I'm gonna grab mine
07:45 and let's knock these out, right.
07:47 We're gonna do on this exercise,
07:49 we're gonna do just 15,
07:51 we will do 12 reps. We will do 12 reps,
07:53 let's do 15, let's do 15
07:54 that's unlike of us should we step it up,
07:56 here we go, let's go, here we go.
07:57 It's 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, your heads in this position,
08:05 6, back is straight, 7, 8, full extension,
08:09 9, squeeze, 10 squeeze, 11 squeeze,
08:13 yeah you feel it back there,
08:14 12, yes. Did I say 15?
08:16 That's enough for you, you said 15,
08:18 you did said 15, good job.
08:20 Well let's just put them down. Okay.
08:22 For active reps we're gonna do,
08:24 we're gonna do one of our favorites.
08:25 Let's do a simple, we could jumping jacks,
08:27 they're safe, everybody knows how
08:28 to do jumping jacks. So we're gonna knockout,
08:30 let's do 20 jumping jack. Jumping Jack,
08:31 I got it right. Okay here we go,
08:32 let's go, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. Now you at home,
08:39 you can do any type of activity as you want
08:41 but we are gonna do jumping jacks.
08:43 If you find something limitation,
08:44 you don't like the one that we're doing,
08:46 the secret is we just want to keep your
08:48 heart rate moving, keep your body moving
08:50 while your muscles gets chance to rest.
08:52 You said 20. I was talking,
08:55 you got to count, I was counting,
08:57 I got to talk. That's how it works.
08:59 You have to tell me that before
09:00 we started jumping. Okay, okay.
09:01 We are just jumping. Here we go,
09:03 here we go. Like I said, here we go,
09:05 1, 2 squeeze, 3 squeeze, 4 squeeze,
09:11 5 very good, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.
09:20 Now being this slant position here,
09:21 now if you feel you have to ever bothers
09:24 you to be in this bent position,
09:25 do your best watch your knees,
09:27 you sent back in your heels and knocking
09:29 self down. Yeah. You don't want to
09:31 put yourself in any situation that you feel.
09:34 Your legs are not strong enough
09:36 you can use a chair, you can get some devices
09:39 that are used to do the same exercise. Right.
09:41 Always it's helpful if you always remember
09:43 for your chest, yes, pull the shoulder;
09:45 pull the shoulders back, shoulders ears,
09:47 shoulders ears yeah contracting pulling back.
09:49 Jumping Jacks, let's go 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
09:55 once again limitations, 7, 8,
09:58 thank you for count,
09:59 you count I'm gonna talk,
10:00 if you have a problem don't full extension
10:02 remember low intensity is fine.
10:05 Do what you can, work at your place,
10:10 20, but you keep going. That's right.
10:12 Third set, let's go, third set. Okay.
10:14 Alright, did say 15 didn't you?
10:16 I did, I don' know, I won't talk anymore.
10:21 Special guests have special workouts to do,
10:24 no, no you have input, it's 6, 7,
10:29 I like you to raising the bar, 8, 9, 10.
10:33 Five more, 1, 2 squeeze, 3 squeeze,
10:39 4 squeeze and 5 squeeze. Excellent.
10:43 Now, we did 15 jumping Jacks together.
10:46 Oh yeah. Now remember if you feel 15 was
10:50 too much for you, set the number
10:51 little lower go at 10, 12, 15 or
10:55 you can take up to 20. Listen to your body,
10:58 respect your body but always keep your body
11:00 moving that little step forward into the
11:02 right direction. What number is that,
11:04 I think we are 17, 18, 19, 20. Alright.
11:08 I might have up that just a little bit
11:10 I can't assure. But that's fine,
11:12 you good with that. Alright.
11:13 So you are ready for our next exercise.
11:16 Our next exercise, our next exercise is one
11:18 I love, it works your lower hold backside,
11:21 works your hamstrings, works your glutes,
11:23 even works your abdominals, yes,
11:24 and even works your all the way down
11:26 to lower calf. I call one leg out.
11:29 I will go and get the mat for us, alright,
11:30 here we go. I will let you demonstrate
11:33 on this first. I move mine right out the way.
11:37 This mat wanna cooperate. Alright,
11:39 Marcie go ahead and lay down, alright.
11:40 Oh, may help you down, there you go,
11:43 head down, and now with this exercise
11:46 we're gonna have the bent leg
11:48 and this leg is gonna be up in the air
11:50 and let's gonna take places this position
11:54 of this foot is so important.
11:55 You don't want have it way too close
11:57 to your glutes, be in close to your glutes,
11:58 Marcie it feels very uncomfortable. Yes.
12:00 Too far out here does feel right,
12:03 place a lot of stress and lot of balance, right.
12:05 And your right hip must be like
12:06 at 90 degrees angle, 90 degrees.
12:07 Head is in position, hands down the ground
12:09 to support yourself and she is gonna raise up
12:11 at the hip and come straight up and down.
12:14 Yes I will play hamstring first
12:15 there we go. You can feel that,
12:16 here we go. Alright.
12:17 We gonna do knock out just ten
12:18 of these each leg.
12:19 10! I'm not open you this time,
12:21 I'm saying it 10.
12:22 You are gonna stay right to 10,
12:23 I'm with you. I like that.
12:24 You got me this time. 10 now! Okay.
12:25 We're gonna do 10 each leg
12:27 and we're gonna do an active rest between,
12:29 are you get started. Ready. Alright!
12:30 Let's do this, alright,
12:31 let me come on this side, here we go.
12:33 And let's do, I'm knocking up,
12:34 here we go, this is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,
12:40 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 switch legs,
12:47 here we go 1, 2, 3, 4 I feel this hamstring,
12:54 yeah, 5, 6, 7, pollen, 8, 9
12:59 and 10. Okay let's go back to our feet
13:03 let's do right in between here
13:05 so we'll not work here, okay.
13:06 And let's do this time you know we could
13:08 let's do twist for different activists.
13:11 Okay. For some reason of variety you could
13:12 so many different things, right lot's of,
13:14 lot's of different things. Okay,
13:15 here we go twist. Here we go, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,
13:20 6, 7, 8, 9, you are dancing, 10.
13:25 No this just rotation of the hip
13:27 and rotation of up upper torso,
13:29 getting right here and so
13:30 just working upper hips. Okay,
13:33 that was enough. Now this time
13:35 I want you to do some of little bit different.
13:37 As we gain the up position we are pushing
13:40 I wants to squeeze our glutes.
13:42 Ah, alright. To give a
13:43 nice finishing for this one, okay
13:45 and we're gonna hold the pause to four
13:47 as second count, so we're gonna hold it,
13:49 yeah, alright, we go up, 1 squeeze and down,
13:52 2 squeeze and down, 3 squeeze and down.
13:57 Just gonna be more emphasis 4 squeeze
13:59 and down, that's why I changes the emphasis,
14:00 5 squeeze little more and hamstrings
14:02 for in 6 squeeze, 7 squeeze,
14:06 8 squeeze, 9 squeeze and 10.
14:12 Alright Marcie I want you to count for these,
14:13 alright switch now. You need to count
14:14 and I'm gonna talk. Alright,
14:16 I am counting right. Yeah here we go.
14:17 Now the thing is when you doing
14:18 this by squeezing, obviously make this
14:20 connection from your brain,
14:21 all your way down to your muscle
14:23 that's your firing. So it's okay to
14:25 communicate to your muscles
14:26 so you could get them to work a
14:28 little harder, seven,
14:29 and little more emphasis to the area,
14:31 8, by squeezing you realize wow, 9,
14:33 I never knew those muscles could exist,
14:35 10 squeeze, but they do, okay.
14:37 Let's go back up again.
14:38 Here we go twist again in round two.
14:41 Here we go, yeah twist again, right, the song,
14:43 1, yeah. Everybody heard that song.
14:45 My 5 year old is great at this.
14:46 What the twisting this? Just you know,
14:48 you know as you speaking about kids
14:50 get them outdoor have fun with them
14:52 you know let the kids know how to have fun.
14:55 Let's check. It's that we put so much
14:57 limitation on them afraid of what people
14:59 gonna think of us, and working out
15:00 should be fun, should be fun.
15:01 Should be like a child you know. That's right.
15:03 You know I love it when,
15:04 you are a lot like a child, thank you,
15:07 comes a compliment right.
15:08 It was in a great way. Ah, thanks.
15:12 One more time. There we go, alright.
15:16 You still have to squeeze it,
15:17 here we go. One squeeze, 2 squeeze, 3 squeeze,
15:22 4 squeeze, 5 squeeze, 6 squeeze, 7, 8 squeezing,
15:30 9 and 10. Oh yeah.
15:33 Well that really makes difference,
15:34 yeah it does. Here we go,
15:35 definitely switches for me from hands to glue,
15:37 2, yes it does, 3, but you still
15:39 put your hamstrings, yes, 5, is it 6, yes,
15:44 I was thinking, 7, thank you, 8, 9 and 10.
15:49 Alright. Back to that twist again, alright.
15:51 You know I'm so glad you are here
15:52 because it makes a difference because
15:54 you know how to count 1 through 10 and basic,
15:57 sometimes when I talk it's hard to count
15:59 and talk. It is hard to count and talk.
16:01 Here we go, just go ahead 1, 2,
16:03 you know it's funny when we and as a teacher
16:06 of all this class it's like you have to know
16:10 the music. I don't understand where
16:12 you are in trance, sometimes at first
16:14 we first started as I understand your breath
16:17 and counting and I so delightful for being
16:19 an instructor but after a while you get
16:20 used to it, and comes this part of the workout.
16:24 Right. You get this feel you are
16:25 and sense we are. But you do the same thing
16:27 like when I'm teaching group fitness
16:28 you got to have that counts,
16:29 so I always pick a count out,
16:31 like you count because I'm talking,
16:32 because I'm gonna start and shrink,
16:34 that's right you got an instruct.
16:35 And I'm so glad you guys understanding
16:36 what we're going through.
16:37 Alright our third exercise I'm ready,
16:39 what is that? Third exercise it's going to be
16:40 curl and press. That's right.
16:42 So take the mats out of the way,
16:43 you get the ball in position,
16:44 it is right over there, here we go,
16:47 you get, balls are going,
16:49 here we go slide them with more in position,
16:51 so we could demonstrate, okay,
16:52 here we go. Have a seat, alright.
16:54 Now the curl and press,
16:57 this exercise is gonna work here,
16:59 your abdominals are firing right now
17:02 because you on this unstable environment,
17:03 her feet with 90 degrees,
17:04 are you getting that Mike?
17:05 Is it important to have right size ball,
17:07 perfect right sized ball because sometimes
17:09 people have the ball that is way
17:10 too big for them and they end up in
17:12 very uncomfortable, they set too much for it.
17:14 And so you don't have a ball that's not
17:16 flat enough because you are sitting right
17:17 through too low. Right!
17:18 You want this to make some 90 degrees,
17:19 and with this exercise from this being
17:22 position here, her lower back is fine.
17:24 Her upper back is fine but maintain
17:25 this posture. She is not leaning forward.
17:27 She is sitting very straight up.
17:28 She is gonna have dumbbells all the way
17:29 down to her side, all the way to side,
17:31 right there, and we're gonna do a flexing curl,
17:33 it's like a regular bicep curl here
17:35 and then watch she is gonna rotate
17:37 and press straight up over head,
17:39 reverse come back down back into reverse curl
17:42 finish at the bottom. Okay. So curl,
17:44 press and rotate, good bring them down
17:48 and back down. Now, you got it, got it.
17:51 Slide over bit. Oh I am sorry, I like,
17:54 the camera likes me. It does, it does well.
17:57 I admit. It's my new favorite thing now.
17:59 And you enjoying now.
18:00 I am a little bit nervous but,
18:01 okay but you're doing great alright.
18:02 Well let's do this together, let me,
18:03 nice and slow, yeah,
18:05 you are watching some videos so people
18:07 raise and doing the stuff,
18:08 yeah as raising, you never want to raise
18:09 your exercises. You want to let your muscles
18:11 and your brain work together,
18:12 and so you can get the benefits,
18:13 form is the key, with that type of form
18:16 you do not develop, right, okay, properly.
18:18 Here we go, let's go curl it to ten, one,
18:20 and back down, two, press and back down,
18:27 three, four, now you notice that when you
18:37 coming to press your five,
18:39 your biceps will go straight up in line
18:41 with your ears. You want to have
18:43 and going in front of you like this.
18:45 Mark get that shot for me please,
18:47 I'm into next curl, you do want to get a
18:48 straight up and funny over here,
18:50 it now place a lot of stress on your shoulders,
18:53 you wouldn't get it where it's stood up
18:55 over your head. Okay when you are pressing.
18:57 Now Marcie you can keep going now.
18:59 I did, you said ten, right? Yeah,
19:01 but I definitely said, okay I am sorry,
19:02 you need to start. You don't want to be
19:03 here in front of you, you want to finish
19:05 straight over here so you see that right there,
19:08 you don't see my ears,
19:09 you see my biceps, here forward you don't see
19:13 you see ears and that's in one position.
19:15 Is that 10, it's a little over 10.
19:17 I just pick up your slack it's fine,
19:19 thank you. Okay, let's go back
19:20 to active rest. See Marcie you're doing,
19:22 you're right. You're making me look good
19:26 by keeping me to pieces. Okay, let's do.
19:28 What are we doing this time?
19:29 Okay Marcie, let's do jump rope this time.
19:32 Alright! Those of you at home we could do
19:33 a different active rest and like we're gonna do
19:35 jump rope this time, so do it with us okay,
19:38 you are ready. Ready! Let's go 1, 2, 3, 4,
19:42 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, five more,
19:48 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. Alright,
19:52 let's go to round two, round two,
19:54 just get your dumbbells. Thank you.
19:58 You're welcome. Little gym addict,
20:00 that's right here we go.
20:01 Get help at your part, that's right alright,
20:03 let's curl and press, 1,
20:05 what we got 10 of these, yes, 2, 3, 4,
20:17 who picked my weight, I did, 5,
20:21 catching up to you, 6,
20:25 this is a real workout people, that's right, 7,
20:29 we're not faking an appeal,
20:30 we are not faking, 8,
20:33 and if you don't have a ball you can use, 9,
20:36 your chair, okay. And the secret is grab your
20:40 dumbbells and do just actually what's
20:42 we are doing, 10. Here we go.
20:43 Back to jump rope again. Alright,
20:47 here we go. Right! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
20:54 if you really have a real jump rope at home
20:55 you can use that. Yeah, but you know
20:57 I wish but we don't have,
20:58 imaginary jump rope,
21:00 you get a crazy as you are,
21:01 have follow to what, see I'm not a boxer
21:03 but act like a boxer on TV. Round 3.
21:08 Here we go let's do this, okay,
21:11 alright. Here we go. Oh I'm rolling.
21:14 You good? Good. Right. Let's go,
21:16 here we go this is 1, 2, 3, deep breath,
21:28 4, you know what breathing,
21:30 very important, don't try and force it
21:33 and trying to realize which one you are
21:35 breathing on emphasis,
21:36 up or down just like a breath natural and you,
21:40 all you do is find oxygen.
21:42 Man, I was talking what number we are on,
21:44 ah 9. Good girl! 10, okay.
21:50 We will come back to that later.
21:52 Yeah, we can. Here we go, alright,
21:54 let's go, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10,
22:03 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, good job,
22:09 oh I thought I was keep going, that's fine,
22:10 motivated, yeah you get the dumbbells,
22:12 I'm gonna get the mat and we're gonna do
22:14 our last exercise. It's one of my favorites,
22:17 you love them at home you used to,
22:19 I know you love them yet.
22:20 It's called the planks, that's right.
22:21 Oh I am gonna get one.
22:22 No, you don't we can share one, oh alright.
22:23 We can share one. Alright! Okay get down,
22:24 down facing this way, face that way,
22:26 this way, that way,
22:28 you have to be little more clear. I'm sorry,
22:29 this way, this way, straight down, yeah,
22:31 yeah. See I forgot, our trainers supposedly
22:33 demonstrate first. Okay, she is gonna be
22:34 on elbows, shoulders, elbow straight level
22:38 to the shoulder, come up in up position
22:39 and she is gonna keep this up nice
22:41 and flat here upon her toes,
22:43 her toes not slanting backwards.
22:44 It's right down her toes,
22:45 plays emphasis on her lower back and her core,
22:48 her midsection, all the muscles through
22:50 here are fine right now,
22:51 even her shoulders are fine.
22:52 You feeling these Marcie?
22:53 I got a little shake going on,
22:54 and if she needs to modify just drop
22:56 your knees down right there, okay.
22:58 Let's go to work, slide over.
22:59 Yeah I've already done mine.
23:00 Yeah, but it doesn't count.
23:02 How long we holding it? Let's do 20 seconds,
23:05 sounds good. Let's see for those at home,
23:06 you can work your way up here go.
23:07 This is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10,
23:16 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20. Right!
23:26 Let's do use this relax here, talk for second.
23:28 We are not going doing an active rest
23:29 at this time someone will get couple
23:30 more sets in, oh good, is that okay.
23:32 Important with planks isn't it to make
23:35 sure your bottom is right there in center.
23:37 Yes, you don't want to,
23:38 come on let's go I will show up.
23:39 Here we go, you don't want to be way up here,
23:41 right, you are gonna be nice new
23:42 to position here. But just I don't want
23:43 to be down here because it's horrible for you.
23:44 It's not, lower back, you feel lot of strain
23:45 there just pull right here.
23:46 Oh, we are holding again.
23:47 Yeah, we are holding here. Okay,
23:48 we are doing good. You guys doing at your home.
23:50 I'm feeling this, I hope you feeling this,
23:51 but you through right in your midsection,
23:53 you shake, oh, you know shake
23:54 and that's normal and that's okay.
23:56 Shake is normal, it's okay.
23:57 Hey you really want some more information,
23:59 yeah. Okay guys at home just check
24:00 out this wellness tip. We're gonna hold this,
24:02 until you come back, that's right,
24:03 okay, let's go, look around.
24:05 Pregnant women who exercise regularly
24:11 burn up to 1000 calories a week,
24:14 deliver bigger, healthier babies.
24:16 Their new borns weigh about
24:18 five percent more than those
24:19 of women who don't exercise.
24:21 What we told we wasn't joke,
24:25 we actually staying, we did, so you can hold,
24:28 so you can know that you can work
24:29 your way out, you start up at 10 seconds,
24:31 20 seconds, working way up and
24:33 holding your planks to a whole minute.
24:34 This is nothing but strengthen
24:36 your whole core, your whole midsection,
24:38 all those muscles that involve in stabilizing
24:40 your body, you good. I'm good. Okay.
24:42 Let's go. Okay. Yeah. That was fun.
24:46 That was fun, so it does.
24:48 Okay try to do one more set at
24:50 home but right now it is our time
24:51 for our cool down, cool down,
24:53 I love cool down, I do too,
24:54 it's relaxing, yes, yes, okay,
24:56 on your back actually flip over,
24:58 let's do a nice little stretch here, alright.
25:01 Now which one you wanna do,
25:04 what's your favorite hamstring stretch?
25:06 My favorite ham, I would like to do
25:09 this glute and then go from there
25:11 to here just pull, a nice gentle pull.
25:13 Okay, let's do that. Yeah, let's do the
25:15 crossed leg one. Okay this one,
25:16 pull that up, come up,
25:17 you gonna show some to have fun at home
25:18 and they could do it. Once again
25:19 I'm assisting her and holding support here,
25:21 yeah, as works in glutes, glutes which we did
25:24 a little glute, we did lot of glutes work.
25:26 Good. Okay the other side.
25:32 Alright! Switch legs. And let's do another one,
25:37 show me another one after this one,
25:38 okay, if you do a hamstring one,
25:39 okay, okay, good. Grab on both knees,
25:42 pulling behind home both knees work
25:44 you're lower back, gets stretch
25:46 and little back, okay.
25:47 You gonna kind again breathing
25:48 to in right, yes. When you are breathing,
25:50 when you stretching,
25:51 when you holding muscles between
25:53 let them relax this is the part
25:55 where you get to say
25:56 I thank you for doing such a great job
25:58 and I feel so good and relief from
26:00 lot of attention. Now here's another,
26:02 for this from that same position okay
26:04 and I want you to rock a little bit,
26:06 from side to side forth, there you go.
26:08 I guess little more,
26:09 you are moving more of a dynamic stretch,
26:11 I felt more opening up your lower back.
26:12 If you feel discomfort,
26:14 it might not be a good one for you,
26:15 but just maintain holding this position, yeah,
26:17 it just rock like that. Just rock like that.
26:19 How did do that, a tinny baby?
26:21 Let's go back and do hamstring stretch again,
26:23 okay. Here we go and hold that right there,
26:25 let me show that one. And you pull,
26:28 need to hold and pull, exactly,
26:30 get your caffeine if you need, there you go,
26:31 you need to, you need to.
26:34 You are so funny Marcie,
26:35 we did it jump row, we did.
26:36 Hey Marcie it's been great having you
26:38 on the program today, thank you,
26:39 it's been great being here.
26:40 I'm gonna close it out.
26:42 If you want more information
26:43 about the workout we did today
26:44 or you need products that we
26:45 used on today's show,
26:46 if you like to call me to come to your area,
26:48 go to our website,
26:50 that's
26:52 How wonderful is to know our heavenly
26:55 father is a consistent God who has
26:57 the same address. Oh I know you can't
26:59 find God's address on Google map.
27:01 Only through studying his instruction manual,
27:04 the Holy Bible can we find the road
27:06 to our Salvation. I ask you to seek
27:09 God in his word daily to help prepare us
27:11 for this exciting journey.
27:13 Hey this is Casio, reminding you that
27:15 actions are key for life and it's my prayer
27:17 to Lord give you strength
27:18 and encouragement to take action everyday.
27:21 You know what, each day I flex
27:23 my faith muscles you should do the same too.
27:25 I see you next time God bless, bye-bye.
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