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Participants: Casio Jones (Host), Nadine Brooks


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00:01 The following program presents workouts
00:03 you can use to improve your physical fitness.
00:05 Please be sure to consult your physician
00:07 before beginning this or any exercise routine.
00:30 Hi, my name is Casio Jones and this is Action4Life.
00:34 And today's episode we're gonna have an
00:36 exciting workout using something called a
00:38 medicine ball. Medicine ball you said,
00:41 it was not some like a pill or anything it's a
00:44 special weight ball, you might have see
00:45 them in a old magazine but it's something that's
00:48 back and we're doing a lot of fun stuff with it,
00:50 but we're gonna show you some cool stuff to
00:52 do it as well. But first I want to check
00:54 out this wonderful wellness tip,
00:56 good information is always important.
01:03 Enjoy your salad, chunky style.
01:05 Chop your veggies, instead of shredding or slicing.
01:08 It takes more efforts to eat big pieces,
01:11 or do more chewing and eat
01:12 less during the main course.
01:19 Alright. Make big pieces for your salad,
01:22 big green healthy life food that's the key,
01:26 that's the key. Listen, Nadine, how are you doing?
01:28 I'm doing well. Alright. Thank you.
01:30 Okay those of you at home we have a special
01:33 guest is Nadine Brooks and she is exercise
01:35 physiologist from good old?
01:38 New York, New York alright.
01:40 New York, New York, New York, alright.
01:42 So Nadine, you use a lot of exercise balls,
01:44 I mean medicine balls before right, yes.
01:46 Because it is a lot of fun right.
01:47 Definitely and the fun thing about is there's so
01:49 many different types of weights you can change
01:50 it up its awesome, yes, yes, yes. Okay.
01:54 Are you guys ready at home, before we get
01:56 started we're gonna do a nice
01:57 little body warm up, okay. What we're gonna do
02:00 we could do an exercise, we're gonna do, very
02:03 simple exercise we're gonna do, but we're
02:05 gonna do just hold our hands here and go
02:07 straight up over head, hold here and go
02:10 straight up, and let's go up to raise it up off our,
02:13 up, raise your heels all the way up and get a
02:15 stretch all the way down to our feet,
02:18 and raise us off all the way up to the ground.
02:19 Kevin can you see that shot, I'm coming up
02:22 lifting my heals of the ground, here we go and
02:26 lift up, that's it. Get a good extension
02:29 of the body, excellent, good job; alright let's do
02:33 a little jog in place. Now, the secret as a
02:37 warming up you wanna get blood flow to your
02:40 whole entire area of your body,
02:42 and all it really takes is just moment and your
02:44 heart has to work a little harder, a little faster
02:47 so you know it's getting good, that's warm
02:49 blood, circulating through your whole entire
02:50 system, get the whole entire your body.
02:53 And even some times you could this exact
02:55 same exercise that you're going to do,
02:57 just with less resistance, right.
02:59 And your eyes land that particular muscle and
03:01 let that muscle you as a warm up, okay.
03:04 Let's do it just rotation to the center,
03:07 rotation to the side, alright.
03:09 Some of you at home might be wanting who
03:11 just might have turned on a program,
03:13 what's going on, this is action4life.
03:15 We're moving a little bit slower than normal.
03:17 Now we're doing our warm-up, this is gonna
03:19 make sure we show a good and showing how
03:21 the warm-up awesome. Okay. You ready.
03:25 Okay, okay, okay. Now our first exercise
03:29 is gonna be like it's called side lunge okay,
03:32 we're gonna use our medicine ball with this,
03:33 but the medicine ball is gonna support,
03:35 it's gonna be we're gonna take our right foot,
03:37 and we're gonna step out towards the side,
03:40 Nadine, you demonstrate, you're gonna step out
03:42 towards aside and she is going to sit down in a
03:45 back pocket, her legs slanted here,
03:48 she is like more than 90 degree angle here with
03:51 her glutes sitting back, she is gonna push up
03:53 that leg back up and she is gonna step out the
03:55 other leg and do the exact same thing other side.
03:58 The secret is just pushing back with this exercise.
04:02 And she is using that leg to push herself off.
04:04 Excellent, good job. And keeping the toe,
04:06 and the secret is you want to keep your toe
04:08 straight ahead, you want your foot turn,
04:09 it puts a lot of strain on your knee we'll keep the
04:11 foot nice and firm and straight and sit back
04:14 into it. Alright. Now what we're gonna do,
04:16 we're gonna take the ball, I'm a little,
04:17 so you might wanna either go back,
04:19 well just let's move back a little further, okay.
04:21 You go that that way, no, no that way.
04:22 You go all it over there, and you're gonna make
04:24 me over here, okay, here we go.
04:26 We're gonna take up the dumbbell,
04:27 I mean the medicine ball, and I'm gonna put
04:29 it down to the outside of our foot as we step out
04:31 and go down with it. Alright step out to the
04:33 right let's go, that's good, here we go.
04:38 And this is excellent for the glutes, yes,
04:41 this one and for the lower back as well.
04:43 And we are go do five each side, okay.
04:46 That's 3, 4, and also for your inner thighs,
04:56 and 5, and 5 okay. That was great,
05:02 alright Nadine, what do we say for active rest
05:04 we're gonna do. This is my favorite part
05:05 hold on, okay she gets okay.
05:08 So, this one we want to do just here you know
05:11 go to your pace but you want to be here,
05:13 it's a four step, four step yes.
05:15 That's a four step, so you're gonna step
05:17 forward with your right foot, step forward
05:19 with your right foot, out with your left foot,
05:20 back with your right foot and back to the left foot.
05:23 And we do in a faster tempo, are you ready?
05:25 Yes, sounds good, hands let go,
05:28 and you get the arms if you want if you're not
05:30 comfortable and just start out
05:32 with the legs will get real good,
05:36 look at me don't look at him, watch.
05:39 Don't look at her look at me, good job.
05:42 Alright, here we go, back around two.
05:44 Now, when you're doing this quick feet
05:47 what we're doing is we're working it just a
05:49 quick a joe that what we call like in judo exercise.
05:52 See a lot of athletes do it, sometimes use a
05:53 ladder, some time doing somethings back and
05:55 forth, the secret is quick feet, get you to the
05:57 destination quicker, safer and once more
06:00 performance is better. So, we use that as a
06:02 active rest which is quite a lot of fun,
06:05 so I'll lunge again? Yes, okay step up to the
06:07 right leg here we go. 1, am I blocking your
06:12 camera time? Nope, we're good
06:14 okay alright, these guys are skillful here,
06:17 they make us all look good and they try to
06:21 make us look good. You know well
06:23 I wanna, now what I'm really trying to say is
06:26 they do a good job and we give them a lot of
06:31 hard well they just do a good job how's that?
06:34 I'm not trying to be boastful or anything,
06:36 not like that. Let's do one more, okay.
06:40 That make sense? Did it? Sure okay.
06:44 For you, I'll let that one slide,
06:46 you made that one slide.
06:47 Ready, okay here right foot forward here we go,
06:49 1, 2, don't test me 3, 4, are you ready out there?
06:54 Five, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. Okay, alright you guys
07:00 wonder why she got quick feet, just go
07:03 around tracking a day. What was your vent
07:05 you ran, 100 and 200, 100 and 200,
07:09 do you remember your best time?
07:10 Let's see my last time was 12.4, 12.4, which is
07:13 okay, 12.4 which was okay, which is okay.
07:16 12.4 in a 100. So if you're not lifting
07:18 weights natural speed mine, so what do you
07:21 think you could do now, oh you don't want to
07:23 know, we just, we'll just say we
07:24 live it at 12.4 for now. 12.4 is your number
07:27 okay here we go. Alright your right foot
07:31 first here we go, 1, 2, 3,
07:42 that's what I like about you, you were athletic
07:45 in high school and you kept on begin active.
07:50 You have be, you really have to be,
07:52 of course there's a lot of people, lets do them,
07:54 I'm feeling good. A lot of people they
07:57 reflect on their high school years,
07:59 oh I use to be, I use to. And that's all they have
08:03 unfortunately okay I used to be able to do
08:06 that back in high school I was working out all
08:10 the time, my brother, you could still workout now.
08:13 Right foot first here we go 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 ,8 ,
08:21 9, 10 good job that was
08:24 a quick feet it went like this,
08:26 1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2, 3, 4 it's not dancing,
08:34 okay somebody was questioning that,
08:35 this is quick feet, a jolting movement,
08:38 okay our next exercise, are you ready?
08:41 Never, okay hey, I don't have a whole lot,
08:44 there is some words, but some of you live in
08:45 those Northern countries with this countries have
08:49 a lot of big trees and a lot of chopping,
08:52 this is an exercise we're gonna do it looks
08:53 familiar, so we in this motion here legs wide
08:57 with our medicine ball and we are gonna take
08:59 from here, between our legs stay down,
09:02 gonna come up and we're gonna swing
09:04 down, and come up, and swing down,
09:08 and come up, and swing down,
09:12 and come up, and swing down, okay.
09:15 Did you guys get that, did you get that?
09:17 Good, you ready do it? Absolutely I'm ready,
09:19 just 10, to 10 yeah. Now here you might
09:22 say Casio, you know that stuff looks good
09:24 and everything but I don't have a medicine ball,
09:27 but that's okay. We got a solution for that,
09:32 grab a dumbbell use your dumbbell hold
09:35 with two hands holding this way and you get
09:37 exact same exercise with this okay.
09:40 But, we like the cool exercise devices that
09:43 we have here and we are going with these.
09:46 Okay let's start down going down chopping
09:47 down and come back up here we go.
09:49 Let's go, 1, 2, down to squat 3, chopping the
09:58 wood 4, I can't let it, to let it you know,
10:00 let the momentum take me, yes, but still have
10:03 control still want to incorporate your core,
10:06 7, what's happened is as grab you, take place,
10:09 your body has to deescalate the speed of
10:12 the ball and change direction,
10:14 which is working your body, one more,
10:19 excellent, good job. Alright, so how are you
10:24 feeling? Doing good, doing good, so quick
10:26 step for it, here we go, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9,
10:36 10, beautiful you like to do one more don't you?
10:39 Yeah, okay alright, okay, why are you so silly.
10:44 You know it's probably are you doing miss
10:46 track, I really do miss track, I get my
10:48 motivation from my dad, he still runs by the way,
10:49 your dad runs? Still runs. Really?
10:51 55, 55, I can't beat him. He is a distance or speed?
10:54 He's a sprinter, he's a sprinter,
10:55 I'm just like him. Do you know I have a
10:56 friend of mine he competes in like these
10:59 competitions all United States for like four
11:02 in a over or stuff like that.
11:03 Are you trying to make fun of my dad?
11:04 No, I'm just saying just the fact that there are
11:08 events out there for somebody who is home
11:11 who feels you still got it, there is a lot of
11:13 activities out there so you could have a little
11:16 competition and wanna push yourself
11:18 and compare yourself to other people,
11:20 it's a good thing, absolutely,
11:21 there's events out there, that's all I'm saying,
11:24 that's all I'm saying, that's all I'm saying.
11:26 Hey, anybody is 55 and is active, kudos okay.
11:30 Let's say to my dad, I know he is watching
11:33 too, okay here we go, take them down, let's go.
11:37 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and this motion reminds me of,
11:48 off the floor 7, yes, you know using your
11:52 knees versus your back, using our legs and
11:54 squatting 8, 9, one more and 10.
11:57 Excellent good job, alright, quick feet again,
12:02 I'm loving these. Hey, let's do something
12:03 different than quick feet, let's do an out-out,
12:05 in-in, right. So, it's like this out-out, in-in,
12:10 out-out, in-in, out-out, in-in, out-out, in-in.
12:16 I don't have to wait for that I'm sorry,
12:17 is to get too long for me, out-out, in-in,
12:20 out-out, in-in, out-out, in-in, look at that,
12:23 loot at that, she got the feet work you catching
12:24 this, I see, I see, are you catching this.
12:26 Okay, you crazy okay round three that feel good.
12:30 Let's start up, round three, okay third set,
12:34 third set look it was best set last set, yes.
12:36 But, make sure we have proper form is a key if
12:39 you don't have medicine ball grab your
12:40 dumbbell, so let's go, take them out let's go down.
12:44 1, 2, make sure you are breathing some times
12:48 I forget to breathe 3, how can you forget?
12:51 4, I really do 5, 6, 7, but that's okay I understand
13:00 what you're talking about 9, one more and 10,
13:05 good job. Alright, please people at home,
13:09 it's very important to breathe, okay breathe.
13:14 Listen to our body relax, let your body do
13:15 it's natural breathing. Yes there are studies
13:18 that show there's a proper way to breathe
13:20 and I agree, but to confuse those who are
13:23 not that experienced just breathe, and I like
13:26 to keep things very simple, yes.
13:27 Okay here we go, ready step
13:29 foot out here we go, set go.
13:34 I wish we had a timer who is going faster,
13:35 who is going faster? Be about a race.
13:38 Are you guys watching who is going faster?
13:39 It had to be a race. I hate to get that sweat going.
13:44 Okay I won, I won. Tonight for the
13:47 town, I won, I won. I get bonus points.
13:51 Alright that was three sets, which often
13:53 I would. Now an exercise we're gonna do
13:55 is kind of cool, works your bleaks,
13:58 lot of balance, a lot of core.
14:00 It's going to be a chopping, I mean a
14:01 rotational motion like a twist okay, okay.
14:05 But, we're gonna add another element,
14:08 this one do breakdown a first part, come on in
14:11 here my brother. Alright, first part it's
14:13 gonna be just rotation to center, to the other side,
14:18 to center, it's a rotation you might have seen
14:21 this before magazines how to rotate with the ball.
14:25 Now we are gonna go another element we are
14:26 gonna stand on one leg take your foot off the
14:28 ground, we're gonna rotate back to center,
14:31 okay is really challenge our body because that
14:35 weight is extra force against your body to
14:41 work against and right have to get to my core
14:45 to maintain my balance and by the way they count.
14:49 Oh those count, wait. I think all that you say
14:51 the last time, I don't recall.
14:53 You're such a cheater, I know, right?
14:55 I think I had to throw that in, I had to throw
14:56 that in. Okay, we're gonna start with our
14:59 right leg off the ground. Okay.
15:00 We'll do five you start, here we go. Okay.
15:02 There's 1, 2. I think you might have me on this one.
15:10 3, 4, every movement you do is throwing off
15:18 your body, 5, it affects you.
15:21 Good job, it was like, felt those, there's your
15:24 core stay tight, here we go, to the right
15:30 1, 2. Now remember use a dumbbell 3,
15:38 3, if you don't have a medicine ball,
15:41 4, or even books, we can buy that one.
15:45 Hold some books in your hands or just use
15:47 your arms by itself. Okay I felt those.
15:51 I just need to shake out the leg.
15:52 Yeah, you know it's amazing how the body
15:55 responds to very small movements. Right.
15:58 And these very small muscles that sometimes
16:01 mess a lot of people up, because those small
16:02 muscles are not that strong, we don't pay
16:04 enough attention, a lot of people go to gym
16:06 and you know they like to do legs,
16:08 like to do arms, like to do chest but do a lot to
16:10 stabilize the muscles, to help this
16:12 for the larger muscles. And when they go it's
16:14 a chain reaction. There are lot of little
16:16 kids love dominos and line them up,
16:18 you know from the West Indies,
16:19 we love dominos right, so anyhow I used to
16:22 take dominos and stack them up as kid and it
16:24 was like, it was kind of fun.
16:27 It was kind of fun. Same concept,
16:28 same concept. But you know,
16:30 what I like even more is the fact that in life
16:34 sometimes we have a negative cycle we get
16:38 going, but God is a God who loves us and God
16:41 is a God who's awesome. A second chance.
16:43 He at time could pull a domino out and start the
16:46 chain reaction. Talk about it.
16:47 And start all over again, a fresh start. Okay.
16:49 Isn't that cool? I like that, I like that, okay.
16:51 That just came to me, but he's like that;
16:53 yes you know that's how he works.
16:55 He is an awesome guy; he is an awesome God,
16:58 alright. Where were we? Side step things again,
17:01 alright, here we go and go.
17:03 See I am doing tempo, I am doing tempo.
17:06 See I am not like Nadine. He is doing mollified,
17:07 he is doing mollified. I am not like the young
17:08 person here beside me. Remember wisdom
17:11 comes as you get older okay, alright.
17:15 I'll take care of them. You're gonna take that
17:17 as a compliment. Take that as a compliment.
17:20 Little pad one. Here we go alright, here we go.
17:23 Was this our 2nd set? Oh yes. A twist,
17:26 rotations with the ball, right leg off the ground.
17:29 Here we go to the right, now if you need to you
17:32 can put your back foot down to give a little
17:35 balance and support okay. But do your best.
17:38 I am gonna cheat on this one.
17:39 To maintain, what number is this.
17:45 Oh we'll go with four. Four this is 5 one more
17:49 and 5 good job. Alright good here we go.
17:54 One, you have to focus people.
17:57 Do you think now it's better to keep your head
17:58 straight forward or move it to the side
18:00 which one would you like? I like to keep the
18:01 head straight forward because if you start
18:03 turning the head that's more stress on the body
18:07 of gravity and that would really
18:09 throw off your balance. A lot time people,
18:11 to maintain good balance by looking
18:13 straight ahead at a fixed object
18:15 makes it a lot easier. Yeah you're right.
18:17 Okay. It does. I was actually able to do with
18:19 that. Ye, it does. She like it says,
18:22 our body's so awesome, just little small simple
18:25 things is. Small adjustments,
18:26 small adjustments. Let's say, it's hard to explain
18:28 it but I just did, what I mean,
18:30 What I mean is it's hard to explain really how it
18:33 really works. You just got to do it.
18:35 Just got to do it, alright, here we go, once again
18:36 here we go. So what you're doing here
18:39 we're not just opening our legs it's
18:41 1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2, 3, 4,
18:50 Alright, okay. I like to see
18:52 your facial expressions. I do have some funny
18:54 facial expressions. Don't I? Oh I should,
18:57 do face expressions okay.
18:59 I should call the expressions.
19:00 I am happy when you have like a stink face
19:02 make some ugly face. Or else if you want the
19:06 whole jaw is up. Yes, that's not my running
19:09 form, in a running form you relax when you've
19:11 run, even when you're sprinting.
19:13 Alright 3rd set let's go to work.
19:14 Alright, all you keep trying to keep the head
19:15 straight for this time. Alright keep the head
19:16 straight, here we go. Yeah you're right.
19:19 Some easier, it's easier isn't it?
19:21 Two, I feel it's already on my toes, 3,4.
19:30 Breathe it in. Five, we are talking so you
19:35 remember to breathe. Okay here we go
19:38 is 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. Good oh sorry I cheated.
19:55 That's okay now your good; alright here we
19:57 go open and close. Ready. Ready let's go.
20:01 It's always open and close to do or do you
20:03 have another one? No, this is it.
20:04 Okay, I had to do this one out.
20:06 You have another exercise you're gonna
20:07 do it faster. Okay what is that?
20:09 This is not training water. Awesome, this steam
20:13 up the body, involve it it again, feel like I am
20:15 doing a butterfly. Did a butterfly,
20:17 did a butterfly. You know might as well
20:19 start swimming, it works, it works,
20:20 it works for me. It works for me.
20:22 Yes it did. Works for me, okay our last
20:24 exercise in our ball routine,
20:27 we're gonna do arms. It's quite different it's all
20:30 you seen it before but were you gonna use,
20:32 your hold a medicine ball and we're gonna do a
20:35 bicep curl here, ready? I'm gonna show you
20:38 how to do this at home. Are you ready?
20:39 I must stay right here towards you.
20:41 It's a rotate of the arms and curl
20:44 over your shoulders. Okay come down front,
20:48 curl up, come right down and curl up.
20:51 That's the first part, the second part right
20:53 over head full triceps extensions,
20:55 you've done this before but we're gonna use the ball.
20:58 Once again if you're gonna use dumbbells,
21:00 hold the dumbbells on the corner okay and curl
21:04 up and curl this way. Triceps just the same
21:08 way hold one end okay. Fair enough. Alright,
21:11 now you know how to do this?
21:12 Yes, I am ready. Let's do this, everybody
21:14 ready at home? Because I am ready
21:15 to do this like Brutus. Okay, here we go curl
21:19 to side here we go to the left side start.
21:20 Here we go 1, 2. Now does it matter how far
21:27 you go down or do you. Three, well I like all
21:31 full extension. Okay. It's good four.
21:33 That's right because you know you work out the
21:34 whole, the whole bicep. Yeah whole bicep.
21:36 Having 5, there are other techniques of
21:39 training the cooperates a different range of
21:41 motion but you know this is a little more advanced.
21:44 Here we go, one. And this is, this is fun
21:47 too you know going from bicep to tricep to
21:48 give the muscle time and a break.
21:51 What you're doing you're really working
21:52 the opposite muscle. Right. And keeping
21:55 them both conditioned, one more excellent.
22:00 Well that reminds me it's like most of you
22:02 don't realize injuries occur when one muscle
22:05 is reaching in the other. Right. So you always
22:07 want to strengthen your muscles to get them
22:09 balance. Doesn't have to be 100 to 100,
22:12 but a closer ratio, what is closer ratio that it's
22:15 not when you do an extension,
22:19 the flexion doesn't hurt or rip and tear. Right.
22:21 Okay, now let's do something little
22:23 different we're gonna do yes that's right you
22:26 did had those, here we go. She got this today,
22:28 we're gonna jump side to side let's go
22:30 1, 2, 3, 4, three always skiing, you ever seen
22:34 the skiing, yes 5, yes, 6, 7, 8, I'm from Florida, 10.
22:39 Oh! I'm sorry. Eleven, 12, 13, 14 and 15.
22:44 See, we have to make trips to snow or watch
22:47 on Olympics not the same, not the same,
22:49 not the same. Here we go, curls again,
22:51 let's go left side. There is 1, 2, 3,
23:00 wait was I doing, counting wrong?
23:02 Probably. Okay. But what you know
23:04 I forgot the wise you're wise right sorry. Yes.
23:06 Can't be wrong. Let's do two more
23:11 one more and one more. Good job triceps here
23:15 we go back and out. And you know I like
23:18 your feet position too, you're more stable more
23:20 stagger. Yes I like having this one foot
23:21 stag in front of the other one, it's works for me.
23:24 Some people like it and let's
23:26 switch on feet on this. Here we go,
23:28 we're gonna stay here and pump
23:29 this out and work these forearms.
23:34 How's your weight doing over there?
23:35 I am doing great. Too heavy, too light.
23:38 No, no do that way. Okay just making sure.
23:40 Yes. Kind of feel struggling in your
23:42 shadow over there. No, no that's I am
23:43 trying to make it look hard they wanna really is.
23:46 Okay. Hustle this, side step let's go that's
23:49 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, let's stop for ten, 9 and 10.
23:58 Not bad. Why did you stop at ten?
24:00 Because I got to go to wellness tip. Oh okay.
24:02 That works, you guy ready for some information?
24:04 I am, let's go and check this out.
24:10 Reduce body fat sensibly, rather than
24:13 starving weight off engage in activities that
24:16 involve your body's major muscle groups,
24:18 depending on the type and intensity of your
24:20 workout routine. Exercise can burn
24:22 up to 1000 calories an hour.
24:28 Well aerobics pays off and most of you don't
24:31 realize it's a variant component of weight
24:34 management. You can burn a lot of calories
24:36 with ropes but, remember this people
24:38 that's just on the component and you're
24:40 good research in training program,
24:42 good in habit and then last one I call healthy
24:44 mind, connected to heavenly Father,
24:46 understand who you are, what's your purpose
24:49 and understand that's your driving factor,
24:52 you put God first, everything
24:53 else falls into place. And so a lot times
24:56 people do a lot of aerobics but don't do
24:58 resistance, but do resistance but not
24:59 aerobics and they understand why it
25:01 doesn't work. Your body is designed
25:02 to work as a complete system, if you have one
25:05 side one component not there.
25:08 You're not going to get the results that you
25:09 want. That's why we do a little mix of
25:11 everything. I want to work on something,
25:12 see people say, I don't wanna get you big,
25:13 I just want to do aerobics but what you
25:15 just said made perfect sense.
25:17 You know and ladies, you don't have enough
25:19 of a hormone called testosterone.
25:22 You're not gonna bulk up, so don't be afraid,
25:24 a big huge thing. That's the key thing
25:26 woman afraid. And also don't worry about
25:28 messing up your hair, don't let your hair stand
25:31 away from you being healthy for the Lord.
25:33 Okay, go and take a shower, take care of
25:35 what you got to do, but listen you give God one
25:38 hour a day and he'll make the 23 hours be
25:41 more effective that you make that 24.
25:43 It's like paying tithe but you do with your health.
25:46 Yes. You're ready for a cool down. Yes.
25:48 Alright, let's do a cool down.
25:50 Alright let's do, this is very similar,
25:51 we're gonna do a very simple exercise.
25:53 But we're just gonna do a rotation and hold.
25:56 And just hold and breathe.
25:58 Thank you for the reminder.
25:59 Yes, breathing is good. And if you see me pass
26:02 out and it's on the screen anymore.
26:04 It's because I wasn't breathing.
26:05 Okay the other side rotate. Sorry, oh man.
26:11 Now, watch this we're gonna do a little different.
26:13 Okay, go back to switch your feet,
26:16 switch your feet, there is the exact same
26:18 rotation again that side. And you feel different.
26:20 See you have changed it. Right.
26:25 Gonna work out one side and mine's will
26:26 work on the other. Yes, other side just rotate.
26:35 That is awesome, alright Nadine,
26:37 good job today. Thank you. Wonderful job I am
26:40 going to close this out okay. Okay.
26:42 If you want more information about the
26:43 workout we did today or any products
26:45 used on today's show. If you want to contact
26:47 me go to our website,
26:50 that's Philippians 4:13 says,
26:54 I could do all things through Christ who
26:56 strengthens us. Not something but all things.
27:00 That means if you can't find time to exercise,
27:03 you can't quit smoking, you can't kick this habit
27:06 or that. Listen, God is there, trust his words
27:12 and claim his promise, he could do it.
27:14 He did it for me, that's another story,
27:17 this is Casio reminding you to take action
27:20 every single day and it's my prayer that the Lord
27:22 give you strength and encouragement to take
27:24 that action. Listen, I love you and I see you
27:27 next time, keep flexing your face muscle.
27:30 Thanks for watching bye, bye.
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