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00:01 The following program presents workouts
00:03 you can use to improve your physical fitness.
00:05 Please be sure to consult your physician
00:07 before beginning this or any exercise routine.
00:30 Hi, my name is Casio Jones and this is Action4Life.
00:33 On today's episode we've a great workout for you.
00:35 All you need is your exercise ball and maybe
00:38 a set of dumbbells. But first I want you to
00:41 checkout this segment we shot in a running
00:42 center in Tampa, Florida. It talks about and shows
00:45 us about the benefits of running.
00:48 You might have some questions about running
00:50 this will help explain why it's something that
00:52 you might wanna consider, but once again
00:55 as you've worn out the segment make sure you
00:57 do some full body warmup, okay.
00:59 So, be prepare fresh when we get back.
01:00 Let's go and check it out.
01:30 Hey, if you're a intermittent runner,
01:32 somebody one who runs a lot and you say do
01:34 you know I wish I could run further distance,
01:36 I can prove my performance out there.
01:39 You know you may wanna get ready for a
01:40 marathon, but I just know exactly what to do.
01:43 With me today I got somebody who's like
01:45 the bomb, he's our Tampa local champion,
01:48 his name is Lee Stevens and
01:49 we're here in Running Center.
01:51 And Lee how you doing brother?
01:52 I'm great, how are you? Amen, congratulations.
01:55 How many races have you won in the past?
01:57 Couple of hundred races over the past five years.
01:59 A couple of hundred races, yeah, okay,
02:01 so that means you run a lot, yeah, I run a race
02:04 every weekend of the year. Good for you, now how
02:06 many miles you run a day? 10 miles a day, 10 miles
02:09 a day, so you are definitely somebody we
02:11 can get some information about how to go from
02:13 you know any minute to more advanced,
02:15 'cause I would say you're an elite runner
02:17 then, yeah, is that okay if I say that, okay.
02:21 I was talking Bill earlier and he was saying that
02:22 you know what is it that 95 percent of our
02:25 population cannot even move, run one mile?
02:28 That's true. How sad is that, yeah,
02:30 come on people we gotta move more,
02:33 one mile come on, we can do it.
02:35 Okay now, okay enough of that,
02:37 I'm a any minute runner, I been running
02:39 like four miles, five miles and even ten
02:42 miles a week, how can I get better, how can
02:45 I improve my performance. I've two suggestions
02:48 that something that all of the runners do, okay,
02:51 that an average runner can incorporate into
02:53 their running and see a lot of benefits.
02:55 Bring it on, the first thing I would say is you
02:57 need to find people to run with and either
03:00 people you see on TV run in the Olympics
03:03 they never train by themselves, this always
03:05 with a group, always, there is always someone
03:07 behind the scenes that's been running with
03:09 them, training with them everyday.
03:10 So, is it, doesn't matter it's just one person or
03:12 any like four or five people with me,
03:14 what's the best? Preferably a group of
03:16 people but at least one other person to keep
03:19 pushing, is this pushing the rabbit or pushing,
03:22 you know you have to chase or behind you,
03:25 yelling at you keep doing, keep doing, how?
03:28 There is a lot of different, really,
03:30 ways you can do it. You can have all
03:32 the different types of people you just
03:34 described, its just you need to have someone
03:36 else that's gonna hold you accountable,
03:38 someone that you know is gonna be there
03:40 waiting for you. Because I don't feel
03:41 like getting up today and go running, exactly,
03:43 you know that they also have to be there.
03:45 And you know, if an Olympic runner can't do
03:47 it by themselves then how can somebody
03:49 that's just an average runner, very good point,
03:50 very good point, very good point.
03:52 Okay, what's the number two?
03:53 Number two would be variety, the body and
03:55 mind crave variety, so you need to make sure
03:58 you don't do the same thing everyday.
04:00 Don't run the exact same loop everyday,
04:02 don't run the same pace, don't run the same
04:04 distance, you gotta mix it up.
04:06 So do I like take my calendar out and plan
04:08 out, okay, I wanna go down to the park on
04:12 Monday and them I'm gonna go to through
04:15 the woods on Tuesday and then I'm going to
04:19 go little faster pace on Wednesday, little slow
04:21 pace on Thursday, you plan out your run, yeah.
04:23 Listen please join; join this thing
04:27 that we call running. I'm excited, I'm gonna
04:29 get ready to start running more,
04:31 but if it's true 95 percent of us as
04:35 Americans can't run one mile, that's sad, yeah,
04:39 we need to move more. Yes. And our heavenly
04:41 father wants us to move more.
04:42 So, you know try, walk, learn, do something,
04:46 find some way that you could change and get
04:49 out of that 95% and join the 5%.
04:52 Change the 5% to 6% and let's get that side to
04:56 grow more. You know that be great.
04:57 Yeah, that be great. Awesome, hey Lee,
04:59 thank you so much, thank you, for allowing
05:00 us to come and learn about you.
05:01 Now for you intermittent runners
05:03 take this advice, run with a group, okay,
05:06 and so you have someone to push you,
05:08 hold you accountable and change your
05:11 what you calling it, change your, change
05:13 everything, change everything, varieties to
05:15 keep. Alright thank you so much Lee.
05:18 Well I don't know about you I'm excited I ready
05:20 to get my laces all tied up to and hit the turf.
05:23 Okay, feet warmup, good segment ready to
05:26 get started. Like I said we're gonna a great
05:28 workout for you today, with me today is my
05:30 special guest her name is Nadine Brooks.
05:31 She is an exercise physiologist up in
05:34 New York right Nadine. Yes, how are you
05:36 doing? I'm doing good, I'm glad to have you on,
05:38 I'm glad to be here. Okay so New York
05:40 right, do you love it up there.
05:42 To be honest, to be honest no, oh! Come on.
05:45 No, I like the country living, I actually live
05:47 being out here. You like it here it's your need,
05:49 you like it, okay. So you workout a lot
05:51 right, yes I do and you enjoy working out,
05:53 I love working out. And this is because
05:56 it's a passion and you're using as an opportunity
05:59 to witness to other people, absolutely,
06:01 you have to, if your mind is clearer,
06:04 you will be able to think better when you workout.
06:06 I feel better firstly, you feel better and so
06:08 feeling better and we have a healthier temple,
06:11 we're better soldiers for the Lord, absolutely.
06:12 Okay, you're ready to workout?
06:13 Yes, okay, you guys ready at home
06:15 workout, I'm going to do this.
06:16 Our first exercise we're gonna do is gonna
06:18 called Superman. That's right we're gonna
06:20 turn you all to superheroes.
06:21 You'll be flying around the floor and become a
06:24 super body person. Okay let's demonstrate this.
06:27 Get the mat, put it in position, get everybody
06:29 to see the demonstration I do this.
06:31 Okay, you're gonna lay down on your stomach,
06:33 okay, put your arms in front of you Nadine and
06:35 you're gonna come up, she's gonna raise her
06:36 upper torso and her lower torso off the
06:38 ground at the same time. Mike, get on this side,
06:40 you could see this? You can see her upper
06:42 torso is up and her legs and lower part here is
06:44 up and back down and back up again.
06:48 Her head stand in neutral position and
06:50 come back down again. Now, there's variations
06:52 of this, this is more advanced, you bring
06:54 your hands straight now down to your side,
06:55 flip more from the back Nadine, this way.
06:57 No you stay here on your stomach and now
06:59 you come up, now raise up, this is lower
07:01 intensity, okay, and come back down.
07:04 Then put your hands like a football field,
07:05 to the side here like this then like here, there you
07:09 go right there, that's a little more advance.
07:11 Raise up again good and back down,
07:14 the arms straight down in front of you and raise
07:16 up, there you go because the arms are
07:18 drivers in increased intensity, the stress of
07:20 gravity on your body and it makes your body
07:22 work even harder. Are you ready do this
07:23 together, yes sir, alright let's do this and this is
07:26 gonna be ten of these together, okay.
07:28 Ready here we go, up one, up two,
07:34 we're gonna hold for one two count up, okay,
07:37 three, up four, up five, up six, up seven,
07:50 up eight, up nine, and one more, up and ten.
07:57 Okay, move the mat out to the side, okay as you
08:02 know this is the best part of our workout,
08:04 we call it active rest for in between we get done
08:06 doing some type of exercise, we like to
08:08 keep our heart rate moving.
08:09 Okay for active rest what you wanna do,
08:11 lets you can jog in place, okay, here we go,
08:13 just jog in medium pace, feels like we're
08:17 going somewhere, but we're not, we're not.
08:20 We just get behind these, get a leg right here.
08:22 Get yourself moving, now once again this
08:24 feels too challenging for you, you can take down
08:26 to a little slower step, a little slower step
08:28 marching out with us. But not like Nadine,
08:30 Nadine is on high step and high knee,
08:32 you know is moving. Yeah, that's what I'm
08:34 talking about, that's what I'm talking about.
08:36 Okay that's enough, let's go round two.
08:39 Get some position, here we go, back on your
08:42 stomach, here we go down. Now I'm gonna do a
08:44 modified version so you can see
08:46 the difference at home. Nadine's gonna do
08:48 regular arm more advanced, I'm gonna
08:50 come down to football field, here we go.
08:51 Up one, its good to keep your torso tucked
08:56 in as well, yes exactly, three, four, you wanna
09:01 explain that to them at home, what comes up,
09:04 five, kind of helps work on your core, six
09:07 your cores in the back as well, yes as well as
09:09 the front, that's always good to knockout two
09:11 exercises at one, exactly, nine, one more
09:17 and ten. Excellent, back on your feet,
09:21 lets go jog in place here we go.
09:25 The benefit is so in exercises incorporate
09:28 more than just one muscle group and I'm a
09:32 firm believer if you could do an exercise
09:35 that gives more bang for the butt, hey that's a
09:38 good thing, and our body's move that way in
09:39 life, exactly, we just can't isolate a muscle,
09:42 you just don't move it, just isolate one muscle,
09:44 absolutely, so matter of fact exercising a real
09:46 way we body function is a good thing.
09:48 Okay, third set, I need to get a cape, hey,
09:54 you just go flying, okay here we go, back up,
09:56 here we go, one, and something you feel like
09:58 you wanna turn which is okay you turn to the
10:01 side and flying this way, only you would
10:05 do that, yeah, I mean we have a, you know
10:08 when you're a little kid you feel like you're
10:11 flying I see I wonder when we get to heaven
10:13 how we gonna fly, you know that's gonna be
10:16 exciting, talk about it. Okay I bet I'm gonna go
10:20 faster than Superman trust me, I'm gonna
10:22 work on it, get me some turbo wings I think,
10:26 one more. I know I'm sorry that wasn't funny.
10:30 Okay, let's come back and try.
10:32 Here we go, praise God,
10:35 here we go, jog in place,
10:41 did am I going higher than you?
10:42 I think so, here we go you can call me out girl,
10:45 I see how you gonna play alright, I get you
10:48 next time, in next exercise.
10:50 Trying to say I got, I got low knees that's all,
10:54 I got low knees, it's not my fault,
10:56 that's mom and daddy's fault, I got low knees,
11:00 good job, okay. Our next exercise is
11:03 gonna corporate lower body, it's gonna
11:06 incorporate upper body at the same time.
11:07 We're gonna work on what we call our biceps.
11:10 It's called dark home like one leg double on curls.
11:13 Go ahead and grab your dumbbells,
11:17 come in same position here, what we're gonna
11:19 do is you gonna step right here Nadine,
11:21 here we go. Nadine's gonna take this foot
11:24 off the ground, bend it here and what's taking
11:26 place is she's stabilizing her body with this leg,
11:29 that means her toes are fine, her ankle,
11:32 all the muscles in her foot are fine, all up to
11:34 her leg, her glutes, and her
11:37 lower back stabilize herself.
11:38 Her core has to engage because this leg is not
11:41 on the ground so that forces everything on
11:44 this side of body to take this place, okay.
11:46 So go and do a curl, stay in that position to
11:49 curl up and back down, one more time, good.
11:55 Now here's a thing if you feel this is a little
11:57 too challenging for you, stabilizing yourself on
11:58 one leg, go ahead and just put your toe down,
12:01 get that toe to create stability, still placing an
12:03 emphasis on the support leg, this is just here
12:06 added extra assistance. You know like a
12:09 training wheel, that makes sense doesn't it.
12:11 Okay, it's not over, come with you,
12:14 we're gonna do five each arm, five each leg,
12:18 and lets knock this out, here we go, that's one,
12:21 this is working, two, as I'm moving my arm,
12:24 as we move an arm it changes gravity,
12:27 the effect of gravity on our body.
12:28 So it forces our bodies to make up the difference.
12:32 Was that five, I believe so, okay remember
12:35 here's the rule I talk you count, I gotta count
12:37 okay, okay, here we go let's do other side,
12:41 here's one and you'll find one side of
12:43 your body a little more challenging than the
12:45 other side, because we're are not balanced
12:47 so therefore you work at it, last one, this is the
12:50 last one, I'm glad you're counting good job,
12:52 put them down. Alright, lets go
12:55 back to our low knees okay,
13:00 I think he's gotta shave. No, do you know,
13:02 you need to stop, that ain't funny, okay back
13:04 to high heels okay. So I was trying to help
13:06 those people at home, you could do the
13:08 modified, do the modified, thank you
13:09 modified, modify, modify, modify, I'm not
13:11 out of shape lets go, not a time to play,
13:13 here we go high heels, get this up, okay lets go
13:15 back to work, alright, here we go.
13:18 Second set, five again here we go, one,
13:24 two, three, and breathe, four, I could feel my
13:30 toes everything, five, it really works on your
13:33 balance, is that five, yes, okay just a moment
13:35 here lets go, switch. Now, once again
13:39 Michael, you could see my foot on this one,
13:41 you see how it makes, I'm stabilizing myself
13:43 here to support I put my toe down, okay if you
13:46 need to put the toe down, one more,
13:49 good job that was it, good.
13:51 Here we go, I'm just gonna do it,
13:56 I'm know what you're saying, hey people at
13:58 home keep yourself moving that's the secret.
14:01 You want behind knees, you want to do low
14:02 knees, you want to do jump, its up to you,
14:05 just keep yourself moving oh active rest.
14:10 People always asking Casio, why you call it
14:11 active rest, it doesn't sound right,
14:14 I know but that's the secret of it, it doesn't
14:16 need to sound right. Doesn't feel, it's alright.
14:21 Okay, what's happening, one more set,
14:24 absolutely, but I said you also like about you.
14:28 You just want to keep going and going,
14:30 I'm gonna call you Eveready sounds for Energizer.
14:32 What was that Energizer bunny,
14:33 Energizer bunny, just keep going and going
14:37 and going and going, are you counting?
14:40 Yes, now I am, one more, unbelievable,
14:46 okay. Alright, I told you here we go that's one
14:50 nice control, two, three, you force on every
14:57 single rep to adjust yourself and maintain
15:00 that balance, good job. Which kind of makes it
15:04 challenging, not just hitting your biceps but
15:07 your core, your legs, everything on that
15:09 exercise has been a challenge,
15:10 it's a full body. Definitely.
15:11 Ready? Yes, here we go,
15:14 and what I like about those exercises that we
15:16 were just doing, there's a lot of ankle injuries
15:18 and you work on the balance and the proper
15:21 reception, you ankles are excellent, yes,
15:23 for those, yes its real life you put it behind
15:25 your situations the forces of smaller
15:28 muscles to get stronger, yes, because more
15:31 people don't realize this it's the small
15:33 muscles that are injured and that when they're
15:36 weak it causes everything else.
15:39 You know as the statement goes,
15:40 you're as strong as your weakest link.
15:42 So if your weak muscle's your core,
15:43 you stabilize a muscle on your knee or your
15:46 ankle they're so weak to maintain, they go then
15:50 everything else goes with it, chain reaction,
15:52 total chain reaction. Okay, you ready for our
15:55 third exercise, yes sir, I wanna do our third
15:57 exercise, okay just get the ball, bring the ball,
16:00 bring the ball over here and I want you to sit
16:03 here, face that way, there we go,
16:06 I'm gonna remove some stuff out
16:07 of the way, we don't need them for a while.
16:10 Here we go, alright, I want you to roll
16:12 forward, walkout, keep walking, keep walking,
16:15 keep walking, right there, bridge up head
16:18 down the ball, okay, you know she's making
16:21 9 degree angle here, her body is nice support,
16:23 making like a table. You know I could sit
16:25 like a you know pass the potatoes and you
16:29 know this is my table you see how flat it is,
16:32 just what you want at home.
16:33 You don't want nothing to sag, sag, sag, go
16:35 ahead and sag, not like this okay but you want
16:37 to be nice and flat engaging your core,
16:39 9 degrees at the legs. Now move back up
16:41 because we gonna show some exercise, push,
16:42 push, push, push, push, push, okay go back
16:44 down again without using your hands,
16:46 thank you, I was cheating, I know
16:48 it's okay right there in up position again
16:50 and push back up. This is an exercise
16:51 I use for my clients when they're just
16:54 starting to get used to the ball so I like
16:56 showing every time you're gonna do something.
16:58 Alright, here's the exercise I call it ball
17:00 pelvic thrust. You're gonna roll in that
17:01 position again, right there now what she's
17:05 gonna do is gonna drop her hip down, low as
17:08 you can, without moving the ball and
17:10 then you're gonna raise back up.
17:12 Now what I want you to do is raise your back
17:13 up, squeeze your glutes to the top and just make
17:15 it more harder, keep your knees closer
17:17 together, okay now drop down,
17:21 definitely feel it more. Now you get your work
17:22 the inner thighs, so now you're in your inner
17:24 thighs, your hamstrings, your lower back,
17:27 your abs and you stabilize it.
17:29 Now if you find this is oh! My goodness,
17:31 this is a little too hard for me to stay on this
17:34 you could put your fingertips down and
17:36 stabilize yourself, okay right there, just to give
17:39 little assistance okay, how you doing?
17:42 Doing pretty good, okay they don't count,
17:43 go back and lets go, you don't know how it goes,
17:47 doesn't count just a demonstration,
17:48 demonstration is good, think about it,
17:50 it's a little sacrifice you're paying so other
17:53 people can benefit, absolutely.
17:54 That's it, you wanna make sure they're doing
17:56 it correctly, that's all, that's how it rolls.
17:58 Okay here we go lets get in position,
18:00 let's do ten of these, lets drop them down,
18:02 there's down and up, keep your knees
18:04 together, down and up, two, down and three,
18:10 now to make a little more challenging you
18:12 could put your hands right on top of your legs
18:15 which will force you to create more challenge
18:18 on your body to create stability on its own,
18:20 but your weight of your hands cause it more
18:22 resistance as you're coming up with the hips.
18:25 You feeling these, yeah, are you counting
18:27 Nadine, no I wish I was, okay just go two more,
18:30 one more, excellent, good job, move back up.
18:35 Get the ball out of the way, lets go back to our
18:37 active rest, high knees, I think its become your
18:42 favorite now, oh yeah because I got a,
18:45 I'm damn, damn packed by now, yeah, yeah
18:48 because I'm running, I'm visualizing myself
18:50 running up these hills and down the hill.
18:53 Now running up these hills and down the hill,
18:57 whatever works for you people do it.
18:59 Keep yourself going motivation is the key
19:02 I'm sorry I just go back to work, it's okay.
19:07 Here we go, round two, well out in position,
19:12 here we go, now I'm dropping my hands so
19:15 that people at home could see what it looks like.
19:18 Can you get this shot Michael, so they could
19:20 see this difference? Just having the fingertips
19:23 here, and what you might have to do if you
19:25 wait back on the ball you can't reach.
19:28 She might position herself a little further,
19:29 so you could feel your finger tips and get to the
19:32 position to give you more stability.
19:34 Nadine, what number your on, well say five,
19:36 okay I like when you say that.
19:40 Just keep, because I was talking, didn't count
19:41 right, is this eight? Has to be eight,
19:46 okay, we got two more, nine and ten, good job.
19:51 Let's go to work again active rest.
19:55 Here we go march in place,
19:59 I've come to love that physio ball now I think
20:01 I like it, it's a lot of fun, people don't realized,
20:03 they see this big round thing in a gym and they
20:06 want to know, they think you like just do
20:07 abs on it, there's so much you could do with
20:09 that, there is so much more you can do,
20:11 I recommend people will just use that in
20:13 place of the bench 'cause you be so
20:16 versatile, so many things you could do
20:17 and that's why we like to use a lot in our
20:18 program to teach people at home that a devise is
20:21 cost around 20 bucks you could do so much
20:23 with it, you can stick underneath your desk
20:26 and you're working on your computer it gives
20:28 much more support. And engage your core
20:30 more with that versus a bench.
20:32 Yes, yes, yes, now once again core.
20:34 What is core explain those people
20:35 at home what's core? So, that they pay
20:37 attention in class, they pay attention in class,
20:39 if I get it wrong, do I get a bad grade.
20:41 If you get it wrong, you go back to school all
20:43 over again. Your core entails both the front
20:46 and the back just simple terms you detect some
20:48 abdominals and the different muscles on the
20:49 side, Oh! Yeah, you talk some education,
20:51 won't you keep going, but it's very important
20:54 because you lift things you do everything with
20:55 your core and if that's not strong, begin to
20:58 develop many injuries so its very important to
21:00 engage it in whatever you do while you're
21:01 talking to someone, you know think about your
21:03 posture, two more I'm counting, are you
21:05 counting because I'm also counting.
21:07 I get to talk this time, yes you
21:08 get to talk this time. This is so true those are
21:12 muscles that everybody thinks that when they
21:14 are work on their abdominals they just
21:16 think working on their six packs but its more,
21:18 there is more than that, that your body uses the
21:20 abdominal region and the core region all
21:22 together is used to stabilize your body to
21:24 keep you upright, to keep you supported
21:26 and to keep you safe, absolutely.
21:33 I'm loving, I'm feeling it, are you down the
21:35 hill, are you down the hill, are you ready for
21:36 this, what does that look like to you, the back on
21:38 my head I'm in front, hey you guys see,
21:40 you see you're behind me, okay, okay last one.
21:43 Okay last exercise, we're gonna do one
21:45 I call is called rainbows. It's kind of fun and you
21:48 have to think yourself looking at a rainbow,
21:50 when a rainbow starts on one side, it goes all
21:52 the way over to the other side and finish,
21:53 okay, let me get my stuff out the way,
21:57 I'll get you in position here, so you could
21:59 demonstrate for people at home to see what a
22:01 rainbow looks like. Go ahead and lay down,
22:05 we're gonna bend your knees in this position
22:06 here, 9 degrees, you see this right here bam,
22:09 9 degrees, okay, her arms are here into side,
22:12 her arms are down, palms down to help support it.
22:15 You're gonna use them as anchor to
22:16 keep your body flat to the ground.
22:18 Remember that rainbow I was talking about goes
22:20 from one side over to the other side.
22:21 So you're gonna imagine all the way
22:23 over, down as far you could go and lift, lift,
22:27 lift, lift, come to the other side of the
22:28 rainbow as far as you can. Oh yes, and everybody's
22:31 range of motion is gonna be different,
22:33 so you stay in your range, if you feel
22:34 comfortable and it's a lift over, lift and over
22:39 straight on the other side, lift and over and
22:41 what you see now she's rotating, it works
22:43 all these muscles here in her mid section,
22:45 her obliques, internal and external obliques
22:46 are involved in this motion which gives
22:48 you, you know sometimes people like
22:49 to say I want to get, I want to get smaller and
22:51 I'm do these exercises here, well these
22:53 exercise actually develop more mass in
22:56 this area. This right here is real active rotation
22:59 effect that's taking place so you're icing the
23:01 lower body controlling it and take it up and over.
23:03 You're feeling those area ready right,
23:04 and not only is that it's a good lower back
23:06 stretch, yes it is, too good on the lower back.
23:08 Yes it does and that's a very good point to make.
23:10 Alright, let's go, we got ten, now we
23:13 have ten, now you have ten, lets go,
23:15 down on one side there you go up and over to
23:18 the other side, turn the other side.
23:21 Arch your back as well, which sometimes you
23:23 might wanna do, yes, two, three.
23:33 I don't know if it's the camera lights or if its
23:35 me really sweating but this is feeling good,
23:37 lets do one more and five because you do
23:40 five each side and you even do ten each side.
23:42 Okay, how was that, that was excellent,
23:45 that was excellent, okay I want you to do
23:47 continue doing this because we go and
23:48 check out our wellness step.
23:49 Here is a point, do you know one thing I liked
23:51 about school? I learned. I think it's so important
23:54 if you continue to learn, the more you know the
23:56 more you can put things into play and make their
23:58 decision, definitely, that's why we got to
23:59 read our Bible. Basic instructions
24:02 before leaving earth, that's what I call it,
24:03 alright, lets check them out.
24:10 Break into a sprint. If you already jog,
24:14 speed up to a sprint. These brief intervals
24:16 allow you to cover more distance and burn
24:18 more calories without lengthening your workouts.
24:21 The increased impact will also
24:23 help make your bones stronger.
24:27 Hey, I'm gonna tell you something, that was a
24:28 well tip because a lot of my clients we get them
24:32 up to a point where they're able to start
24:34 learning to sprint and you maximize
24:36 your calories in a short period of time.
24:38 But remember work at your own pace,
24:40 are you ready for the stretch now, yes sir.
24:43 Okay, let's do the stretch and the direction
24:45 was almost like the rainbows.
24:46 Go ahead and lay down this gonna open up,
24:49 and it stretches the bleak areas and our hips.
24:52 Right through there and the lower back,
24:54 nice stretch, you're gonna stay here and
24:55 hold it down right there. It seems kind of odd,
24:58 you're saying it don't look like an exercise
24:59 but really is a stretching,
25:02 because this position here she's trying to
25:03 keep her shoulders flat as much as possible
25:05 down to the ground and her body's rotating
25:08 through here and its gonna stretch,
25:09 all through her chest. Okay, back flip over,
25:12 come to the other side and once again
25:14 shoulders keep your shoulders down the best
25:16 as you can. Okay, stretching this whole
25:19 area right through here and it feels good,
25:21 feels great, feels great doesn't it?
25:26 Excellent. Okay one more, flip over on your
25:28 stomach lets go into a cat, we call it a cat,
25:33 call it a cat, that's what I catch, catch her like a
25:35 cat in my hands, the cats at home you
25:37 see the cats they drop their, they come down
25:39 and get a stretch there and they come all the
25:41 way and imagine come high as you can.
25:44 This will stretch your whole back, your lower
25:45 back and all area right through here as well.
25:47 Come down and once again as you doing
25:49 you're stretching always want to breathe,
25:51 inhale and exhale and just be relaxed.
25:54 Go ahead and come all the way up, all the way
25:55 up, imagine the strings pulling you up its how
25:57 she's coming up, excellent, end there.
26:01 Now okay, lets take and face the camera and lets
26:04 do what we're gonna do, we're gonna stretch
26:05 our biceps and our whole entire arms,
26:07 if we get some flexing, which is gonna extend
26:10 out here, and do as far as we can.
26:13 Now you could use a wall, imagine a wall is
26:15 here you could put your hand up against the
26:16 wall, okay use your hand and get a good
26:18 enough stretch. For a lot of you at
26:20 home who use a computer, if you golf,
26:23 this is, if you're complaining about
26:25 tennis elbows, this is a good stretch to do.
26:27 Let's go and do the other side.
26:29 Alright, hey, you know it's been fun having
26:31 you, did a good job today, thank you,
26:33 and had a great workout with you.
26:34 I'm gonna close this out. If you want more
26:36 information about the workout we did today
26:39 or any products used on today's show,
26:40 if you like to contact me go to our website
26:43, that's
26:47 Hey Roman 6:13 says, do not offer the parts of
26:51 your body to sin as an instrument of
26:53 wickedness, but rather offer yourselves to God
26:57 and those who have been brought from
26:59 death to life; and offer the parts of your bodies
27:03 to him as an instrument of righteousness.
27:05 Remember the activities we choose to do need to
27:09 align with the activities that would glorify God.
27:12 Hey, this is Casio reminding you that
27:14 action's the key for life and I pray that the Lord
27:16 gives your strength and encouragement to take
27:18 action everyday and you know what,
27:21 he loves us every single moment that we're alive.
27:25 Don't forget that, you're special, keep flexing
27:28 your face muscle and I'll see you next time.
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