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Participants: Casio Jones (Host), Nadine Brooks


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00:01 The following program presents workouts
00:03 you can use to improve your physical fitness.
00:05 Please be sure to consult your physician
00:07 before beginning this or any exercise routine.
00:30 Hi! My name is Casio Jones
00:32 and this is Action 4 Life.
00:34 It's a great program we're gonna have
00:36 for you today, so grab your dumbbells
00:38 and get ready for some fun.
00:40 We're gonna show you how to
00:41 do some simple exercises.
00:42 The only thing it requires is just dumbbells
00:44 and yourself. We're gonna do upper body,
00:47 lower body exercise all combined together.
00:49 We're gonna do active rest,
00:50 but first let's go and checkout this wellness tip.
00:53 You ready, let's go and find some information.
01:00 Drink water during your exercise workout
01:03 to prevent possible dehydration
01:05 during aerobic exercise activities
01:08 it is not uncommon to experience sweat losses
01:10 of 1.5 pounds per hour.
01:19 Well there you go. Now you understand
01:22 why Christ called himself the living water.
01:24 See your body cannot live without water
01:26 and we cannot live without Christ.
01:28 Isn't that awesome? Very awesome,
01:30 and with me today is my friend Nadine Brooks.
01:34 Nadine, how you doing? Excellent. Excellent.
01:36 Nadine, so you are a student,
01:37 I mean just regular student you're in your
01:39 master program. Absolutely, and so what
01:42 are you getting your Masters in?
01:43 Athletic Training and Sports Sciences.
01:45 Can you say that four times? No. I mean,
01:48 I mean that's pretty good.
01:50 Okay, for viewers at home,
01:51 what actually does that mean?
01:52 It entails working with athletic population,
01:55 okay, so just like physical therapy, but we,
01:58 when athletes get injured, we're the ones
02:00 to help rehab them, right, educate them
02:02 on proper training and form, and prevention.
02:05 Prevention okay. And that's the key thing,
02:06 prevention. Prevents, we want to keep a
02:07 healthy athlete, yes, on the field,
02:10 he is more productive, he is scoring more points
02:12 and the team wins more right. Absolutely.
02:14 That's the whole experience. That's right.
02:15 That works together, but you got to remember
02:17 athletes are people too, so to have to have
02:20 somebody there with the compassion of heart
02:22 who's administers them, healing them
02:23 and helping them. Which is a very important role.
02:25 Yes. I like that, I like that. Okay.
02:27 Are you ready for a workout? Yes I am.
02:28 I am ready for workout, are you guys ready for
02:30 a workout? I hope so. What was that,
02:32 okay you scared me a second.
02:33 Okay! We're going to do a warm up with you
02:35 and we're going to do something very basic
02:37 like how you enjoy, our jumping jacks,
02:39 do a great warm up, they get your lower body,
02:42 upper body at the same time.
02:43 Ready to do about 20? Yes. Okay here we go,
02:45 1, 2, 3, say, 4, 5, 6, 7. This will be
02:53 the whole workout of its. 8, 9, 10,
02:55 you ready to quit after this one.
02:56 No. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10.
03:05 Now to the 10 you have to put 2 tens together.
03:09 See I was found it's easier to count by 10s
03:12 or by 5s just seems like its less. Okay.
03:15 Because when you start doing 14, 15, 16,
03:19 I cannot roll on your tongue and makes it
03:21 like so long. But you wanna go
03:23 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. Oh yeah we done,
03:27 That's good. Any how, so one more warm up,
03:31 are you ready for another warm up.
03:32 Okay! Let's do something that's really fun,
03:35 so we gonna do a lunge exercise in our workout.
03:38 This to like a grouch out, Just slide this back a bit.
03:41 It's just gonna be a, this one is new for me.
03:42 This more like a shuffle with our legs.
03:46 Okay! Full dynamic warm up, yes, dynamic warm up.
03:50 Poor girl you throwing those big words
03:52 out for this. You like that. That's right.
03:55 I like it too. You're showing your edge
03:56 to me Nadine. I like that, for you're correction,
04:00 we're using more movement and getting
04:02 the muscles to really get them firing up.
04:04 Two more and one more. Oh, good job,
04:08 alright remember when you're warming up
04:11 your whole focus is to get blood flow,
04:14 get your heart in moving just a little bit
04:16 and pound out. Sometimes people walk,
04:18 sometimes people jog, whatever you like.
04:20 Just do as you warm up.
04:22 Alright, our first exercise is called a lunge reach.
04:26 A lunge reach. Okay, let me show how
04:27 we demonstrate. Okay! You gonna put one
04:29 foot slightly off the ground
04:30 and you're whole body is is gonna
04:31 forward down and come right back up.
04:35 This is gonna work, my toes gonna fire,
04:38 my ankle is gonna fire, my knee is gonna fire,
04:41 so from my one leg, the whole left side of
04:43 my body is gonna be like what are you doing?
04:46 That's the exercise. What can we do
04:48 with the back, how should the back be around it.
04:50 The back you wanna keep no,
04:51 you never wanna do anything around.
04:52 You wanna keep them everything nice
04:53 and neutral and flat. Keep your head
04:55 position nice and flat, and everything goes
04:56 down flexing at the hip not at the waist.
05:01 Here is the difference. Flexing at the waist
05:04 is this. Flexing at the hip,
05:07 is this and whenever you're doing exercise
05:10 it's so important to have flection at the hip.
05:13 It protects your lower back. Yeah. Right.
05:16 Hey! Do you know how you wanna know?
05:18 If you have a back injury,
05:19 you're gonna do flection at the hip,
05:21 because you can't move your back.
05:23 Oh. Where is somebody who is have a
05:25 low back ache, how they move.
05:26 They go like this. Automatically
05:29 they'll do it. Yeah, they, They fleck at
05:30 the hip, because the backs in pain don't know,
05:33 so to prevent injuries let's go into fleck way.
05:36 First here. Carry dumbbells, let's go and do
05:38 five each side. Okay! Take out right foot off
05:41 the ground first. Let's go down and work.
05:43 Here we go and one you know this remind me
05:47 when I was a kid 2 you count and I will talk.
05:51 Okay. This 3 back in the 70s they had
05:55 like this peacock thing was like that used to bob
05:58 up and down on people's dash boards.
06:00 And that's was five. Okay that was six.
06:03 This was size that remind me of that
06:05 peacock had that little straw head on top of it.
06:08 Have like the red bottom of the fluids
06:10 and it's the bob up and down.
06:12 Okay work on your balance Cassie,
06:14 here we go. What number is that? That's 3.
06:17 Here we go, is that 4. And one more.
06:20 Okay! These exercise constant challenge
06:23 your balance. Which is kind of fun.
06:25 I like challenges. Balance is,
06:27 I would say balance is an exercise,
06:29 I mean a component of the body that's
06:31 very underrated. People aren't giving us texts
06:34 about. As we get older and our family members
06:38 get older we lose balance and a lot of time
06:40 people realize this is grandma or auntie fell
06:44 and broke a hip. Somebody has do strength,
06:46 but a lot of has do a balance,
06:48 do balance yeah. And balance is something
06:49 that you can reprogram your body.
06:51 The brain is a crazy system God's created up
06:54 here, It's a building. If you stimulate it,
06:56 it will reconnect and keep things going again.
06:59 Okay. That is awesome Jumping jacks, let's go.
07:01 Here we go its 1, 2, 3,on activeness,
07:05 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 two more 11 and 12.
07:13 Alright I have to get two more count right,
07:16 last minute did I yeah I did back up here let's go.
07:19 Alright, now I'm gonna do a modify,
07:22 just because I can, show the people at home,
07:26 alright. You put your right toe down
07:29 and its gonna create more stability.
07:31 Okay same action down and up here's one down
07:38 and up this 2 down and up this 3,
07:45 down and up this 4 and down and up and 5.
07:52 You really feeling in hamstring.
07:54 In hamstring. All the way down,
07:55 all way down and people say look that
07:56 is like a dead lift. What a kind is,
07:59 but what we're doing this by having a leg
08:00 off the ground you get more over that
08:02 hip flection of going down.
08:04 Okay let's go switch legs and I'm gonna
08:06 do it your way. Oh my way okay.
08:08 Here we go, Here we go.
08:09 If you wanna do it way you might wanna bring
08:10 the leg up just a little bit more.
08:11 Hey, just leave me alone, this is my way.
08:13 Here we go and its 2. And you know
08:17 how she's bringing her leg up higher
08:18 which is great, 3. If you have the ability
08:22 and you're that flexible.
08:23 Get right down. Four and one more
08:26 and five excellent good job.
08:28 Do it, but remember listen to your body
08:31 that's the key. If your body is telling
08:33 don't push yourself a little bit,
08:36 but understand if my form is starting
08:38 to sacrifice comeback down to a lower level
08:41 that you can manage. Jumping Jacks 1,
08:43 2, twelve this time. Okay, 3, 4, 5,
08:48 I like what you're mentioning about
08:49 you know balancing it's good for,
08:52 it's good for any age, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12.
08:55 You know you use to seem them as
08:57 a kid, parents spend a lot of time taking
08:58 you to gymnastics or cheer leading
09:01 or that sort of thing, that really cooks lots
09:03 of balancing and that gets kids doing
09:04 tumbling at a young age, but we forget
09:07 this is something must continue.
09:08 Right. Even when you're sitting at your desk
09:10 with a quite balance but you don't understand that.
09:12 Yeah right. You know when you're coming out
09:13 out of a shower you slip on the wet floor
09:15 that's balance, because your body
09:17 is reacting to that you don't have
09:19 strong balance, you fall and hurt yourself,
09:21 right, so there are a lot of factors
09:22 that comes into play that deals with balance
09:24 and we just have a look until we're in that
09:27 situation and then our body is not trained
09:29 enough to respond to it and may cause the
09:31 injury. You know we had a lot of,
09:32 a lot of stuff we're doing the weight bearing
09:33 that's excellent, because as we get older
09:35 osteoporosis, it just came to my understanding.
09:38 Excuse me you have to explain to people
09:40 at home and say words like that.
09:41 What does that mean? It's bone loss.
09:43 Bone loss. And, and, and the thing is
09:45 just the same way how you have to
09:46 stimulate the brain. It's just like what
09:48 you're body in order to you gotta stress
09:50 it that's how we do at home. Exactly!
09:51 So what happens is when you do any type
09:53 of resistance training you place minor stress
09:56 factors against your bone.
09:58 From the muscles pulled against the bones
10:00 causes very fibrous tears and the tears
10:03 are healing the bone becomes stronger.
10:06 Okay! So that's why you have to have a
10:08 good adequate diet so your body can have
10:11 all nutrients it needs to repair your bones,
10:13 good job, switch legs. And that makes you
10:15 stronger, you know you have weight
10:17 bearing exercises, lot of people know about
10:19 walking. But you know what, sorry,
10:22 I like to say, place a little more stress
10:24 against those muscles why? Because they
10:26 want the work load. They like to work we
10:30 just got to keep challenging them.
10:32 Are you counting? I think we got one more.
10:34 Okay. I hope we got one more, I'm doing
10:37 one more its last. Jumping jacks, here
10:40 we go, that was great last one. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,
10:46 6, 7, 8, 9, Is your brain moving in there
10:50 sometimes I feel like my brain is bobbing
10:51 up and down. 10, 11 and 12. No Okay it's just me.
10:54 Okay, then either mean you have a big head
10:57 and a little brain so stuffs bouncing around or
11:02 I don't know what to call that, if you feel
11:04 your brain bouncing around. But you know
11:06 I'm gonna leave it like that, okay. I'm gonna
11:08 leave that alone you know. Wow, Wow
11:11 I don't know how to take that.
11:13 I mean okay, let's go back to our workout.
11:15 Our next exercise is gonna be using the floor
11:19 I'm going to do fly exercise, can work
11:21 our chest. Lot times I have clients or we just
11:24 like to do sometimes in boot camps,
11:26 because we don't have certain benches or
11:28 balls and so forth, so we're doing from the
11:30 ground and it's the still effective way of
11:31 reaching and developing good chest muscles.
11:34 Okay! And so go ahead and lay on your back.
11:37 You go that way and I am gonna lay this way.
11:41 All right and now this one we're gonna do
11:44 our arm straight, you can bend your knees,
11:46 okay maximum distance and you're gonna
11:48 bring your arm straight over your chest
11:50 until here and bring it straight down and back up.
11:54 Do you want us to touch the ground.
11:55 No don't touch the ground, because when you
11:56 touch the ground what happens my muscle is
11:58 not firing you don't want that.
12:00 You want to keep the constant strain on the
12:01 muscle, because remember while the muscle is
12:03 under stress. It is working. You're right.
12:06 Okay that's the secret, while the muscles on
12:07 the stress, it works. If you want it to work.
12:10 Okay. All right it will thank you later.
12:12 Just got down let's do 12 here we go, here we go.
12:17 here's 1, watch your shoulders, 2 if you have
12:21 to be this we do should ranger motion.
12:24 Bring it down a little slower I mean not as
12:26 deep and stay in your safe zone, listen to your body.
12:31 And I would suggest with just if you're gonna do
12:32 straight arms like this, a lighter weight.
12:35 Start up with the lighter weight. Are you,
12:37 Are you trying to say something that you
12:38 have too much of a heavy weight of it.
12:39 No I am not saying that at all. All I am saying is
12:41 if you don't wanna hurt yourself, alright,
12:43 you know start it with lighter weight and once
12:45 you know you successfully have reached your goal
12:47 and it's real easy, take it up a little bit.
12:50 And what number is this, you're supposed to count
12:52 I was talking. You know I need to talk to you about,
12:55 we need to negotiate your contract, okay put
12:57 them back let's go to work again Jumping Jack.
13:01 Hi here we go, let's do 12 again. Here we go
13:04 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 all right
13:19 you gonna count this time. I will count. Thank you.
13:23 10 how many. 12. Oh sorry. That's okay, no problem.
13:28 Hey you know what I was saying. If you don't
13:29 ask a question. You don't know.
13:30 That's what's really bad. Here we go fly them up.
13:33 Alright. Speaking of questions you know,
13:36 those of you at home and you feel like
13:38 you have a question, send us an email.
13:41 You know you can go to our website and which
13:44 I'll get to you guys later. I love questions,
13:47 because without questions you don't inquire
13:49 more knowledge. It's good to ask. Right it's 7, 8
13:54 this is 9. Hmm. All right and 10, 11 and 12
14:04 good job, alright. So Nadine, so how long
14:08 you've been active. I mean been in sports or.
14:13 I did track and volleyball I mean. You did track
14:16 and volleyball. Definitely track since I was able to
14:18 put on a pair of sneakers. My dad always
14:20 had me running the little track.
14:21 So I get the little ribbons, the purple or
14:24 the yellow ribbon kind of ribbons so.
14:26 So your father was an influence.
14:28 Definitely John Brooks my dad and he's amazing
14:32 like I look up to him with most respect. Wow,
14:34 you hear that, girl loves her daddy,
14:36 nothing wrong with that. That's why I am
14:38 the way I am right now. He was a, an example
14:41 for you. Amazing example. Okay, so was that in your
14:48 spiritual walk as well. Both spiritual,
14:51 the health, I mean everything I can well
14:54 both my parents. You're here because of them.
14:57 Absolutely. Are you hearing that grandma?
14:59 Hear that mom and dad your role is very
15:02 important, very important, not just leading your
15:04 children to the Lord, but also leading them
15:06 to be a healthy individual for the Lord.
15:08 Hi, we did jumping jack, we did. We did.
15:11 Let's go back to round three. You know some times
15:14 I talking on I try to remember where I was.
15:16 The only thing I don't miss is 7 O'clock wake up
15:18 calls for my dad. Let's run. Oh, snow hills need
15:22 whatever it was, oh snow, wait a minute
15:23 that's right you are from North. You run in the snow.
15:26 That I don't thank my dad for but. Now I remember
15:29 when I use to live in Michigan, you know we had
15:31 those moon boots we used to have to wear
15:33 and I didn't like wearing those moon boots.
15:35 You guys wear it in the snow or you wear on
15:36 the road. On the road and sometimes at the track,
15:38 but you know its snowing. Are you actually
15:40 ended at clean the track for you guys. No.
15:42 no that was part of the workout. As part of the
15:43 workout going on the slushy snow. Oh I mean.
15:45 Wow that's intense, I like that and let's do
15:49 two more. Are you feeling these in your chest?
15:53 Yes I am. Wonderful, good job. Do we have another
15:58 set of jumping jacks. Jumping jacks do we,
16:01 yeah let's go 1, 2, 3 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11
16:12 one, one more two good job, 12 remember.
16:16 I think there's one more was there. No.
16:18 Okay fair enough, now listen my mom was
16:20 my example. She was always the health and
16:23 temples person, growing up she's all the one
16:25 involved in the church and I was, its amazing.
16:28 I had this my mom always had all this like the
16:31 cabinets that's full of the herbs and we had
16:34 that one phenomenal book called Back to Eden.
16:36 Oh. That was like the, the book I just remember
16:40 I was a kid reading this, studying that book
16:42 and always required different things and
16:43 people come by the house and you know,
16:46 a little bit of different elements, so we used
16:48 to go through our healing process with them.
16:50 And it was cool and somehow I was learning,
16:52 but not knowing that the word had a major
16:55 purpose for, for my life and to create a
16:58 ministry to grow and help people, to connect
17:01 with Him and also through the well beings.
17:03 So yeah I understand that and that's how he works.
17:06 That's how God works, He loves us and He always
17:10 has a purpose for us and we just got to remember
17:13 to line ourselves with Him and he will continue to
17:16 open those doors for us, to put us where he wants
17:18 us to be. Alright, our third exercise we move on
17:22 is going to be front raise, it's kind of fun.
17:24 Okay. Okay, we're gonna just front raise sort of
17:27 raise here. Okay. Okay, man give me all the
17:29 heavy weights. Oh wait you know.
17:30 This is the hard one. No, no, no, no for this one
17:33 you're gonna just, I work on the smaller you know.
17:35 Thank you, you see, you see, so we will we can put
17:37 it down forth. Thank you everybody wants to
17:39 make me suffer here and there is, you know
17:42 I am to talk about getting another set of
17:43 dumbbells, because you all keep taking all the
17:46 weights and I have to look like I am struggling at.
17:48 We bring it down forth. Thank you, this is for me.
17:52 I appreciate. Okay what the front deltoid is.
17:55 This is a very forward motion, just lift them
17:57 straight up okay. Sometimes you can put
17:59 cheat a little bit, but its not a quite cheating,
18:02 but put the dumbbells together and your
18:04 place more the object makes you feel like
18:05 there is one object. And takes a little
18:07 stress off, because you're working your
18:09 arms independently. This is not a fixed bar,
18:12 one weaker muscle will have to
18:14 compensate for the other and help out and
18:16 insist when you have them both together.
18:17 You're right. Okay and here's a range of
18:19 motion. Some people have to go way back
18:21 behind them to get a good stretch from
18:23 way back here and come all the way up.
18:26 Now you don't wanna take your arms all the
18:28 way up, way up here. You wanna start
18:30 shoulder heights. Okay. Okay! So this is
18:32 not knock out 10. What about the shoulders,
18:34 do you wanna, you don't wanna do this right?
18:36 You don't wanna shrug them up, you wanna keep
18:37 them nice and relaxed. Chest up, breathe in,
18:40 you have a good shoulders with stand if that's
18:42 comfortable for you. Some people like to
18:44 one foot from the other that's fine as well.
18:46 But the goal is, is to focus on those
18:48 shoulders front deltoids, lets knock them out.
18:50 Here we go there's 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, you control
19:03 the weight,7, 8, 9. Am I right in the stuff here.
19:10 You're doing good and 10 good job. You can know
19:12 it's different, don't you. Good say.
19:13 Here we go jumping jacks again, let's knock this up
19:15 let's go 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9,10 one more,
19:26 11 and 12. I love it here a little bit.
19:29 No that's fine you had to make adjustment.
19:31 Fix equipment. Okay. Alright ready. Round two.
19:37 Let's go front raise again let's go. Here we go
19:40 this 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, shoulder height 7,
19:55 shoulder height here we go 8, 9, one more and 10.
20:01 Oh yes. I definitely had to feel that one.
20:04 You felt those. No doubt about that one.
20:06 Okay here we go knock this out jumping jacks again
20:08 let's go 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12.
20:20 I got it right this time. You got it. I stopped that.
20:24 Yes like that, like that, like that. All right.
20:27 All right. How you guys doing at home? Doing good?
20:31 Well I am doing great, Nadine,
20:32 how are you feeling? I am doing good,
20:33 I was wondering if you're gonna ask me,
20:35 I'm here with you. Nah, I'll talk to them
20:37 doing nice to me. Girls make ugly noises at
20:41 at me they don't tease me, they just accept
20:44 me I like that, that's the agape love people
20:47 that's right. The agape love, you accept me
20:50 just the way I am. I know I got some issues,
20:53 but thank you for loving me. Here we go front raise
20:55 again, here we go. Here's 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
21:16 and 10 good job. Now I'm have a little surprise
21:19 for you guys in next exercise, so we comeback
21:22 from these, we'll have some fun here we go,
21:24 let's go 1, 2. This is a surprise for me too,
21:26 I don't like that look just now. 3, 4, 5,
21:29 I can't tell you everything, 6, 7, 8, 9,
21:34 10, 11 and 12, alright. This is gonna be a little
21:39 arm blast, non-stop movements of the arms,
21:42 we're gonna do a kick back, it's gonna be a
21:44 45 degree angle. Here's my kick back,
21:47 So we're here, you got me Joseph.
21:49 Here we go, it's gonna be kick back, kick back
21:51 is going straight back as normal, but we're gonna
21:53 do a 45 degree angle out to the side, okay,
21:57 a little different. Then we'll do biceps curls.
21:59 Okay. We're gonna do ten and ten, ten and ten
22:03 non-stop. All right. Okay! Don't stop,
22:05 yeah that was a non-stop, we're gonna skip
22:07 that active rest. Here we go 45 degree angle
22:10 kicking back this is 1, 2 keep your elbows
22:14 on spot, 3, chest down to the ground okay, 4
22:16 breathe in, 5, 6, 7, wrist staying straight, 8,
22:23 keep your wrist straight, 9, wrist straight and 10.
22:26 Curl up here we go 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Oh God this is so,
22:36 6, light, 7 looking good though 8, 9 you will catch
22:42 up and 10. Back to kick backs again here we go
22:45 45, 1, 2, be straight, 3, extension, 4, 5,
22:53 45 degree, 6, 7, you're feeling more in middle
22:57 side. Yeah I do. 8, 9, the inside 10, curls
23:02 here we go. you felt on your inside your triceps
23:05 2, 3, 4, I think that back about the light, 5,
23:11 I told you that would catch up, 6, 7, 8,
23:17 9 and 10. 45 let's go 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 oh yes,
23:30 7 burn, 8, burn here, not the gas burning, 9, 10.
23:35 Come on let's go 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, 7, 8 good,
23:51 9 I am feeling these and 10, get squeeze,
23:55 alright. Hi, those who at home, let's go and
23:58 checkout the wellness tip. Let's go.
24:04 Choose water over electrolyte enhanced
24:07 sports drinks, before, during, or after exercise,
24:11 unless you're training for extreme endurance events.
24:14 Water has been shown to be
24:16 superior to replacing lost fluids.
24:22 Well you know I have a lot of clients always
24:23 have that problem. They always grab the
24:26 Gatorade's or the Electrolyte drinks and
24:28 thinking hey that's doing them good, but
24:30 actually they consume a lot of sugar and your
24:31 body just won't bottle like we said before,
24:33 water and Christ. That's what your body wants,
24:36 alright. You guys ready for a cool down,
24:38 I am ready for a cool down, Nadine,
24:39 are you ready for a cool down. Let's do it,
24:41 let's do we're can do a very deltoid, I mean
24:43 front deltoid stretch, put your hands behind
24:45 your back like this and we're gonna raise
24:47 our arms as much high as you can.
24:48 Sometimes you see a partner come behind
24:50 you and hold them up here, give a little
24:52 distance, lift your chest up. There you go,
24:54 right there, now you're really feeling that
24:56 aren't you? Excellent. Alright my turn.
24:59 Come on hold me up. My turn, my turn. All right,
25:02 let's go. Okay. Here we go, yeah I am a kid.
25:05 Keep going as it goes. That's good hey you know
25:08 that we just communicated that's important.
25:11 Hi, let's do our triceps stretch, like over head.
25:15 Stretch those triceps oh yeah that feels good,
25:18 stress them. When you work your triceps hard.
25:20 That's stretch was real good, Real good.
25:22 Now the secret is in triceps, I'm gonna turn
25:24 around, hands are slide down your back, place a
25:26 little emphasis on top of your elbow and allow
25:29 this to relax. Your weight of your hand is gonna
25:31 give that stretch for you. Okay, other hand,
25:34 other side. Oh it feels good. I ain't stay here
25:39 the whole day. Yeah that's kind of accent
25:41 feels good, doesn't it. You know the secret is
25:43 when we're stretching once again you never
25:44 gonna concave in. You wanna open up
25:47 your lungs and take some stress out of it
25:49 and stay straight up and breathe.
25:51 Alright we did our lower body and work on
25:54 hamstrings, my favorite. This, adjust those
25:56 hamstrings, remember always put your hand
25:59 on your bent leg which is the key, hand on the
26:01 bent leg. You never wanna put stress on this,
26:04 on the muscle you're trying to stretch.
26:06 Always keep on the bent leg, keep your back
26:07 stand look straight ahead. Good! Other leg.
26:14 I like to tell my clients always push your glutes
26:17 towards the ceiling and where the wall
26:19 meets, when it meets that little.
26:20 Oh I just felt it. Lying right here,
26:21 when you push back up. You feel a little more
26:24 emphasis in the hamstring you know.
26:26 And sometimes it's just the small words that
26:28 key words. Just the small stuff, small stuff,
26:30 key word, small stuff. Awesome! Nadine,
26:33 hey it's been a treat having you. Thank you.
26:35 I'm gonna close this out. If you want more
26:37 information about the workout we did today
26:40 or any part for you on today's show.
26:42 If you would like to contact me to invite me
26:43 to your area, go to our website
26:46 That's Colossians 3:13 says,
26:51 If anyone has complaints against another,
26:53 even as Christ forgave you, so you also must do.
26:58 We all have incidents when someone offends us
27:01 or hurts our feelings, but choosing not to not
27:03 forget also hurts ourselves in the long run
27:06 both mentally and physically, our bodies
27:09 were created to love and forgive. Try it,
27:13 you will love it. Hey this is Casio reminding the
27:16 action is the key for life. And it's my prayer
27:19 that the Lord gives you strength and
27:21 encouragement to take action everyday.
27:24 Forgive someone is you won't regret it, thank you
27:27 for watching. I'll see you next time. Bye-bye.
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