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Participants: Casio Jones (Host), Mindy Isaacs


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00:01 The following program presents workouts
00:02 you can use to improve your physical fitness.
00:05 Please be sure to consult your physician
00:07 before beginning this or any exercise routine.
00:29 Hi, my name is Casio Jones and this is Action 4 Life.
00:33 Today, we have a great workout for you.
00:34 We have a full body with a little more emphasis
00:36 on abdominal areas today.
00:38 So, but first before our workout
00:40 let's check out a store
00:41 we start to Florida Hospital Zephyrhills.
00:43 We're going to learn about a radial cath.
00:45 Let's go and check this out.
00:59 Hey, guys.
01:00 I'm here at Florida Hospital Zephyrhills
01:02 and we're about to go and checkout the cath lab
01:04 and matter of fact
01:05 we're gonna even get a chance to talk to a patient
01:07 who is about to have a procedure done.
01:16 My name is Dr. Vernald Roxwell
01:18 and I am a interventional cardiologist here
01:19 and today we are going to take pictures of Miss Pearlie McKann
01:25 and see if she has any further new blockages
01:29 because she has been having chest pain,
01:30 so we are gonna start procedure from the radial artery
01:33 which is the artery in the hand.
01:34 And here we are with Miss McKann
01:36 and we're gonna just get her of this personal opinion
01:39 on the different stop of cath.
01:41 She would had a cath previously going through going
01:44 and this time she's gonna have a procedure
01:46 where it's gonna go through a radial.
01:47 Well, I have several of those. Yeah, several of those.
01:50 Yeah. Oh, my goodness.
01:51 And so have you have it-- Radial lot of it.
01:54 So you had a radial before and you different--
01:57 I had on the wrist the last time.
01:59 In the wrist, and so you really preferred that.
02:00 Oh, yeah. Okay.
02:02 Get in faster, you get out faster.
02:03 And you don't seem to have any complications whatsoever?
02:05 Oh, no, just--my doctor
02:08 we pick it up stuff with your hand.
02:09 Yeah, you're getting right.
02:11 Well, Miss McKann, thank you so much
02:13 for allowing us to have a time to visit with you.
02:15 And I know during that hands
02:18 the physician is, he is phenomenal
02:20 and I'm looking forward to fight you out towards, okay.
02:22 Thanks. All right, take care then, all right, bye-bye.
02:25 Wish me luck. No, good bye.
03:12 7.5, I guess. Yes.
03:15 This is common that we do, you know,
03:17 in Florida Hospital Zephyrhills
03:18 we do very commonly these procedures.
03:20 Now with the event of being able to do it from the arm
03:23 is much convenient for the patients
03:25 they can stand up and pretty much eat food,
03:28 you know, very shortly and be able to do,
03:30 you know, instead laying flat
03:31 for nearly 6 to 8 hours.
03:34 Okay, you're getting perfectly from recovery, okay.
03:38 It went good, went fast.
03:52 Now wow, wasn't that a awesome segment.
03:55 Learn about what you can do, just going through the arm
03:58 and actually checking out the heart.
04:00 Isn't it amazing how God created us?
04:01 Just like a huge university of gift
04:05 of roads of pathways to do.
04:08 It's just amazing what they do there.
04:09 So, anyhow with me today is my friend Mindy Isaacs.
04:12 Mindy, how are you doing? I'm doing great.
04:14 I'm glad you're able to be here today
04:15 to have a great workout with us.
04:17 You're excited? Of course.
04:18 I'm always excited to have you too.
04:20 So anyhow so, tell our viewers at home
04:23 what do you do and your husband,
04:27 what is he do with--
04:28 I don't know what he does. You don't know what he does?
04:30 Yes, there's too many things. Too many things.
04:31 Now my husband is Ben Isaacs,
04:32 he is the base player
04:34 for the family group, the Isaacs.
04:36 Okay, let's pray to them.
04:37 Yeah. You're friend is right.
04:40 I am a certified personal trainer
04:42 and a health and wellness coach in Nashville, Tennessee.
04:44 So this is something you do on a regular basis.
04:46 Yes, it is.
04:47 It's so exciting to have such appear
04:50 in this industry and this ministry.
04:52 Because, you know, most people don't realize
04:53 that there's so many of you out there
04:55 who our God is calling you
04:57 whether your ministry is health and fitness,
04:59 whether singing or whatever it is,
05:01 even your bus driver please step out on faith
05:04 and the Lord will lead you in your ministry
05:05 because that's our role.
05:07 We each have a part to play in this big love stories.
05:09 So please if you're not do it,
05:11 and you have such fulfillment in life.
05:13 Guys, ready for a good workout.
05:14 Let's do it. Let's do that.
05:15 Okay, our first exercise we're going to do
05:17 call a forward lunge.
05:18 And so, hey, Neto, come in and we're gonna demonstrate.
05:21 I mean, you go that side
05:22 and we're gonna step forward your left foot
05:23 and we're gonna demonstrate
05:25 and show how to do a proper lunge.
05:26 Go ahead and step forward
05:27 and go straight down and come back out again.
05:30 Now you're gonna watch again, step out again same like--
05:31 Same like. Yes.
05:33 And stop like this, stop right here.
05:34 You see your legs are at 90 degrees, right here.
05:37 She's making a "L" shape right here, okay.
05:39 We don't want a lean forward and get your knee here.
05:42 There's a lot of people a hard time with lunge
05:44 because they lean forward.
05:45 When you step out, go and step back out
05:47 and watch her she steps
05:48 she can go straight down with a upper body.
05:50 Go ahead and step out.
05:51 She is stepping out and go straight down
05:52 and back up perfect.
05:54 Now do a short step and step down,
05:57 see here the difference.
05:58 If the steps not wide enough, you miss out
06:00 and you can do more stress in your knee and above you.
06:02 So you have the step further out,
06:04 good step out, full range of motions
06:05 and come back in.
06:06 Perfect, good job. Thank you.
06:08 Let's go to work now. All right.
06:09 All right. Let's do five each leg?
06:12 Sure. Five each leg.
06:13 Can we start on the right,
06:14 since I already did some on the left. Okay.
06:16 Okay, just turn to right. Here we go, ready.
06:18 Set, go, here we go. Just one.
06:23 Oh, alternate, oh, am I bad.
06:25 See, I'm throwing it-- see I go.
06:26 Okay, we get right leg again.
06:28 Okay. Alternate, okay.
06:31 See, I should have said that and that's my bad.
06:34 See what important folks, communication.
06:36 I don't care what relationship
06:37 you have communications to keep.
06:39 That's true, very true. And this is it, good job.
06:45 Excellent, okay. Watch our balance, okay.
06:46 You know, it happens
06:47 but you know that's the best part of
06:48 as you're doing any exercise it always challenges you,
06:51 your balance of coordination always comes into play.
06:54 Right. So--
06:55 Got to keep that core tight. Yeah, keep that core tight.
06:56 I was letting it go.
06:59 Shame, shame, shame, shame. Here we go.
07:02 Do the jumping jack for active us.
07:03 Let us go. One-- How many?
07:05 And two, three, four,
07:08 five, six, seven, eight, nine and ten.
07:14 All right.
07:15 Listen, guys, we're gonna try some little different.
07:17 Instead of doing forward lunges
07:18 we're gonna do a walking lunge.
07:20 What do you think? I like it.
07:21 Okay, you start over there
07:23 and I'll be right back here, okay.
07:25 And we're gonna do just walk forward
07:27 and we're just walk in reverse and come back.
07:30 Okay, watch out how we do this.
07:32 You're gonna love this, folks. Just step out.
07:34 This is step forward same thing alternating legs.
07:41 Good job.
07:42 Man, I got longest stride than you, I was done. Okay.
07:54 So I got longest strides than you.
07:55 So it pays off-- Are you doing four or five?
07:57 I don't know, I was just walking a distance. Okay.
08:00 All right, jumping jacks, here we go.
08:01 Go, one, two, three, four-- It's always a competition.
08:06 Five.
08:07 You can't have longest strides than this.
08:08 Seven, you better watch, eight, nine and ten.
08:12 All right, this time I count. Let's do it again, all right.
08:15 You guys, kind of at home see who gets longer strides.
08:17 I'm not really stepped it out
08:18 because I'm gonna try and cover distance in two and a half.
08:21 Okay. Watch for four now. I know, right.
08:26 And two, and one more.
08:29 Now see I took it in three. Okay.
08:31 Now say if you focus on a long stride,
08:33 you really go full range of motion.
08:34 Right.
08:35 You will pull your hams and really pull in the glutes.
08:37 Let's go. One, oh, yeah.
08:43 My clients love these,
08:45 full development of the lower body.
08:47 Yes. Here we go, jumping jacks.
08:49 Ready? Ten.
08:51 One, two, three, four,
08:55 five, six, seven, eight, nine and ten.
09:01 Whoa. Not a bad set. Well, a good set.
09:04 Three good, best last set. All right.
09:07 How are you guys feeling at home?
09:08 Feeling good, feeling those. We feeling it too.
09:10 Okay, let's go to our second exercise,
09:12 we're gonna use incline bench and I'm gonna show you
09:15 how to spot somebody who's doing inclining bench
09:18 and we're gonna pop the position.
09:19 We go to incline dumbbells. So let's go over to the bench.
09:22 Then you sit down, what do you want 10s.
09:25 Give me some 20s, please. You are a stud.
09:32 Here we go. Thank you, sir.
09:34 Now remember please warm up at home.
09:36 She's a trained professional, what she's doing here. Okay.
09:39 So they have to try and keep her with her.
09:41 All right, let's go in position.
09:44 Nice position shoulder press straight up,
09:45 hey, Nato, come in here for a second,
09:47 so you could see the angle here,
09:48 so they could see angle at the home.
09:50 Good.
09:52 She's coming straight down full range of motion
09:55 and she's coming like a triangle.
09:56 She's come wide
09:57 and she's going narrow to a point.
09:59 Come straight to my hand now
10:00 up in hand that come straight towards me, better.
10:03 Come straight towards my center part.
10:05 Go straight there, nice just like that.
10:07 You're getting that? I think.
10:10 You got to your ten, right?
10:13 When I was there-- I wasn't counting.
10:14 I understood you came one. Have nine.
10:15 Nine, well, three more. Okay.
10:20 And one more. Excellent, good job.
10:24 Bring him straight down here,
10:25 bring that close to you and then sit up.
10:27 Listen folks, whenever using dumbbells
10:28 keep the dumbbells close to you
10:30 and so that way you're keeping safe.
10:32 Never try to dismount from your shoulder
10:34 from way out here or come straight down.
10:35 Bring them straight down you have control.
10:38 The close it is to you the more you have to control it
10:40 and you want to maintain safety.
10:41 Right, come on, we got punches.
10:43 Punch outs. Okay.
10:45 Okay. You're ready?
10:46 How we are gonna do?
10:47 Let's do right, left, right, left.
10:50 By jumping? Yeah.
10:51 Okay. Jumping, yeah, we do jumping.
10:54 Show me jumping. Let's do.
10:58 Let's do jump. Just do this one.
11:00 Okay, I like a twist and jump. Yeah.
11:02 Here you go one, two, three, four, five.
11:07 This get's your abs involved.
11:08 Yes, yes, seven, eight, nine and ten, beautiful.
11:13 Oh, you know, jumping and twisting.
11:15 You got some external oblique's, exactly.
11:17 All right my turn. I'm gonna do 25. Okay.
11:20 That's the heaviest we got here on the set.
11:22 You know, so now the secret is when you doing
11:26 any type of free-weight's
11:28 its important to have a spotter.
11:29 Okay and that spotter helps you to maintain safety.
11:34 And how you spot you could spot
11:35 from putting your hands on the elbows.
11:40 That help keep in line there.
11:42 Excellent and your spotter and you need to communicate
11:44 and that let's you understand what's going on,
11:46 how you're feeling and you can say like this.
11:49 Hi, give me two more. I'm really struggling here.
11:52 Oh, that's heavy and one more.
11:54 Oh, see the spotter is working, good job.
11:58 It really wasn't that heavy I was just trying
11:59 to show you one more tip.
12:03 I just come back to punches again.
12:05 Okay, here we go.
12:06 And you go one, two, three, four,
12:11 five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.
12:16 I wasn't tired that much on that set.
12:19 Why, why won't you? I don't know I didn't feel it.
12:21 Well, it's okay. It still worked.
12:23 Third set your turn. Even the--no 20 is so fun.
12:27 All right, come on. Twenty.
12:28 If you want 25? I don't think I can do 25.
12:31 Yes, you can. See this is-- You might need to spot.
12:34 And this is what we're gonna show them
12:36 what it really sounds like and looks like.
12:37 Oh, gosh. Okay, here we go ready.
12:39 You're gonna hear some grunting.
12:40 That's okay, I'm right here with you.
12:41 Okay. Let's go to work here we go.
12:43 Its one, nice.
12:46 Two, three, you don't need me,
12:50 excellent come on I'm right here.
12:52 Four, five, nice drive
12:57 and six, seven, eight
13:03 and you're watching know as I'm watching all we're down,
13:05 all we're up just to make sure her hands doesn't slip.
13:07 Gonna need on this last one. I'm right here.
13:10 Nice, good job and bring them down,
13:12 control excellent and let's go.
13:14 Good job. Look at you.
13:17 All right, last punch out. Okay.
13:20 And you go, one, two, three, four,
13:25 five, six, seven, eight, nine and ten.
13:30 I'm not doing this twist. You're not you're a wider.
13:33 I'm doing side, side stuff. Yeah, that's all right.
13:36 I was moving. Yeah.
13:37 It, counts It does.
13:38 My heart was going up a little bit.
13:40 It's like you're just not getting your oblique.
13:42 I'll get my oblique's later on. Yes.
13:44 Listen folks, when you're doing active rest have fun.
13:46 If you're not having fun
13:47 you're doing something wrong, okay.
13:49 You got to have fun.
13:50 I mean it's like adults we need recess every day.
13:52 Yeah, you're right.
13:53 This is your time to skate from work,
13:55 skate for your kids, this is your time
13:57 that you could take care what God has blessed you with.
13:59 Right. And enjoy it.
14:00 Okay, let's go to our third exercise.
14:02 We're gonna do we need our mats for these.
14:07 And this one is going to be called a bridge you could have,
14:12 you can go with that one.
14:13 Okay. You could go that way.
14:15 I go this way. All right, ready.
14:16 Go ahead and lay down. We want to demonstrate first.
14:19 Okay. Excellent, right there.
14:23 From this position she is going to
14:25 lift her glutes off the floor and you gonna adjust your head.
14:28 Yeah, the ponytail--
14:29 See I don't have hair so it doesn't bother me.
14:32 Okay. But I'm gonna understand okay.
14:33 Lift all the way up, feet close together.
14:37 Often just position from here.
14:38 Now what's happening is from this position
14:40 her hamstrings are firing, her glutes are firing
14:42 and she's going to engage her core.
14:44 Okay, how do you engage your core?
14:46 It's like you're pouring your bellybutton
14:47 into your spine and your lifting it up to your chest.
14:50 Okay, that's the one way of contracting them, okay.
14:52 And so what you want to do is as she is engaged
14:54 right here she is gonna step this foot out to the side
14:58 and back in, good.
15:00 And a leg step out to the side and bring it back in.
15:02 Now she is working her adductors
15:04 keeping on other side.
15:06 But the inside and outside her legs are involved here
15:08 and she is flexing her glutes and her abdominals,
15:12 lower back everything is stabilizing.
15:13 You're feeling this. Oh, yeah.
15:15 Yes, okay good. My turn let's go.
15:16 You stay there and we go. No, you stay there.
15:18 Okay. We're doing together.
15:21 All right, just microphone.
15:24 Yeah, my microphone is little-- All right, ready.
15:27 We'll do five each side, that's sounds good.
15:29 Okay, ready. Sounds good.
15:30 And go, one, two, three, four,
15:37 five, six, seven, eight,
15:45 nine and ten.
15:47 Beautiful, good job. Not bad.
15:50 All right, so we're gonna do side plank for active rest.
15:52 Like I said we're gonna do a lot of abs in this workout.
15:56 So we're gonna go right to the side,
15:58 hold the side for side plank
16:02 and we're just gonna lift our glutes up
16:04 off the mat just like that.
16:06 Now you know her hand is there put hand on the mat.
16:09 There you go. Her hands needs to stabilize.
16:11 Okay, if you need help and assistance
16:12 you can use the hand to stabilize you
16:14 as you come up and down.
16:15 Lower your hips down to the floor
16:17 and raise the back up.
16:18 Excellent, now a modification on this one,
16:20 drop your knees, keep your knees down that lift.
16:24 There you go.
16:25 All right, use your hand to support yourself.
16:26 Are you ready? Let's do five each side.
16:28 Okay, we go one, two,
16:33 three, four and five.
16:37 Okay, we just gonna turn around and switch sides.
16:43 All right five each side again let's go to work.
16:46 One, two, three, four and five.
16:53 Wonderful, excellent.
16:55 Now lets bend back again and do our bridge out.
16:57 I'm going do from this side and somebody--
16:59 All right, okay. Ready, five each.
17:03 And up and step out.
17:04 It's one, two, three, four and five.
17:11 The emphasis here you want to push your heels
17:13 and lift your glutes off the ground.
17:14 My lower back is firing, my abdominals are firing.
17:18 Hamstrings. Hamstrings are firing.
17:21 What number is that? And ten.
17:23 Good job. All right, back to side planks.
17:31 All right, for those you moms at home you will love this one.
17:34 This is a very good.
17:35 And if you having a hard time going up and down
17:37 try and just hold, okay,
17:39 and step yourself up in the up position.
17:41 Okay are you ready? Let's go.
17:45 Okay, I'm gonna stay in hold.
17:46 So let's see how is Mindy going.
17:50 And the emphasis on my shoulders
17:52 holding me down and stabilizing myself.
17:54 Okay.
18:00 And support when you're positioning your elbow.
18:02 Okay let's go here we go.
18:03 It's one, two, three, four and five.
18:10 Excellent, good job. All right last one.
18:15 As we've always said--
18:17 Okay, back up position and we'll step out to the side.
18:21 Here we go, one, two, three, four,
18:28 five, six, seven, eight, nine and ten.
18:35 Wonderful, good job. Side planks.
18:42 I love these, here we go. Let's go to work, here we go.
18:45 One, two, three, four and five.
18:52 Beautiful. And work, here we go.
18:59 One, two, three, four and five.
19:07 Wonderful. All right.
19:09 How you're feeling? I'm sweaty.
19:11 Yeah, and listen folks, we're actually working
19:14 it doesn't look like we're working but we are.
19:15 We are.
19:16 And it's not just the lights of the set
19:18 it's making the sweat our body is working.
19:20 And you're bit surprised when you've worked
19:21 the small muscles you feel them.
19:24 You're just not used to work them.
19:26 And it's the small muscles
19:27 that when they are weak
19:30 you're only as strong as you weakest chain.
19:32 That's right.
19:33 And so if you're small muscles are weak
19:35 there are callus for injury.
19:36 All right.
19:37 So you must condition them just as well the large muscle groups
19:40 and do exercises that incorporates them.
19:42 Not just a straight on more the function style.
19:45 All right.
19:46 The full body and that helps
19:47 your body to be complete in hold.
19:49 All right, you don't have to go the gym
19:50 and spend an hour to get a good workout.
19:51 Correct.
19:52 You don't have to have a treadmill
19:53 you don't have to have all those machines.
19:56 Correct.
19:57 You can just use your bodyweight.
19:58 Correct, correct and once again that's how God made us.
20:01 We're self sufficient. All right.
20:03 As long as we have Him, all right. Amen.
20:07 All right guys, we're gonna do one more exercise
20:08 we're going to do climbing a rope.
20:10 And so it's an abs exercise, okay and it's just kind of fun.
20:14 And we're gonna do our active rest
20:15 we're going to do, you know, what we said bicycle kicks.
20:17 Yes. Okay, let's try this one. Okay, from this position.
20:23 You know how you bend your knees flying
20:24 and you're doing abs.
20:25 What we're gonna do is gonna reach out and climb.
20:27 I can pull in a rope and pull and pull and pull and pull.
20:33 Okay, you're ready to start. That's demonstration.
20:35 No that was demonstration. Yeah, would you 10.
20:37 Ten. Ten each side or five and five.
20:40 It's your call. Ten.
20:42 Ten, just ten. Ten.
20:44 Five on each side. Ten.
20:45 Ten on each side. All right, good.
20:47 All right, here we go. Good.
20:48 One, two and reach and three and four
20:56 and five and six and seven
21:03 and eight and nine and ten.
21:10 Awesome, all right. And bicycles.
21:12 Bicycles kicks. Here it's almost like you're--
21:15 what did you call them the other day
21:16 one time you did this when you're come across.
21:18 Steam engines.
21:19 Steam engines but we're lying down.
21:20 But you can't be a steam engine lying down.
21:22 But you get to kick. Yes, you can.
21:24 Okay, here we go as let's peddle.
21:26 One, two, three, four,
21:31 five, six, seven, eight, nine and ten.
21:38 Good job, so bicycle kicks.
21:40 Why do you call them bicycle kicks?
21:41 We call them bicycle kicks because you peddle them.
21:43 Right. Yeah, yeah.
21:44 Okay, here we go climb our rope again ready.
21:46 Here we go, its one, two,
21:51 three, four, five,
21:58 six, seven, eight.
22:03 How you're feeling? Great.
22:05 Nine and ten pull, all right. You know, I feel those.
22:09 Oh, yeah. You feel those.
22:11 Are you guys feeling those at home?
22:12 If you're not you're doing it wrong.
22:14 You should be feeling these.
22:16 Shouldn't they? Yes, absolutely.
22:17 Okay, all right let's do bicycle kick.
22:19 Here we go let's go.
22:20 One, two, three, four,
22:25 five, six, seven, eight, nine and ten.
22:33 It's wonderful.
22:34 Yeah, I have a lot of clients that say
22:37 "when I do sit ups it hurts my neck."
22:39 Yes.
22:40 Or like if you were doing this,
22:42 they would say then "I feel it in my neck."
22:45 So what you have them do?
22:46 I'd tell them to pick up point to the ceiling
22:49 and lift from their chin.
22:51 So their spine is in a neutral position.
22:53 Correct, correct.
22:54 So it's not and of course
22:55 when you're first starting now it will be sore.
22:57 You will feel it there. It's a little weak there.
22:59 That's right.
23:00 And here is another one not to mind.
23:01 Take your tongue and stick it to your roof of your pa--
23:05 to roof of your mouth.
23:06 And that helps relax your sternocleidomastoid
23:08 muscle this up here.
23:09 Oh, that's a good one. Yes, yeah.
23:11 I have to try that.
23:12 All right, here we go, we do one more set.
23:13 Where you're going? Oh, I'm so sorry.
23:14 And we go. And we got one, two.
23:19 And then if they're really not feeling it,
23:20 I tell them make sure you're pushing that belly button.
23:24 Yes. Forge your spine.
23:25 Exactly-- And engage the core.
23:27 Easing. Yes.
23:28 Engage the core. Excellent.
23:33 Nine and ten. Beautiful.
23:36 Bicycle kicks, let's go to work.
23:38 All right. Let's go.
23:39 One, two, three, four,
23:44 five, six, seven, eight, nine and ten.
23:52 And that works. It does work.
23:55 I know right, isn't that amazing?
23:56 Yeah. Something simple as that.
23:57 We never thought.
23:58 You never thought how that would work like that.
24:00 All right, hi, guys.
24:02 You guys, ready for a wellness tip.
24:03 I know we are.
24:04 Let's go and check out the wellness tip.
24:12 Consider hiring a personal trainer.
24:14 Totally out of shape? Completely unmotivated?
24:18 Need to update your workout program?
24:20 Training for a specific goal?
24:23 Recovering from an injury or illness?
24:25 These are good reasons to hire a trainer.
24:32 All right, folks,
24:33 if that wasn't applied for personal trainers
24:35 or what, what can you say it.
24:36 Thanks.
24:38 You need to hire us, you need help.
24:41 Any how, now, we just want you to keep
24:42 watching our programs that will help us well too.
24:44 All right, so we're gonna finish up set--
24:46 we're gonna do an abdominal stretch.
24:48 Okay, we can do like a cobra stretch.
24:49 You could do it here from a low position lean back up
24:51 or you go a little more aggressive
24:53 from way back here and keep it up straight up here.
24:57 This is a very good abdominal stretch.
24:59 Are you feeling these? I'm feeling these.
25:01 Hope you do it at your home and try them.
25:03 Oh, yeah.
25:04 I want to get and you want to stretch
25:05 between 30 and 60 seconds ideally. Okay.
25:09 All right now we're gonna go into a chest stretch from here.
25:12 Put your hands behind your head here
25:15 and you're just kind of come straight back
25:16 pull your elbows straight back.
25:19 Now if you have a partner, your partner get behind you
25:22 and just do a stretch just like this.
25:24 Just a little more emphasis right here.
25:27 Are you feeling that more? Oh, yeah.
25:33 Oh, yeah, I love these. These are excellent.
25:37 Okay, now let's go and do one more stretch,
25:41 hamstring stretch.
25:43 Now we've seen most of them done hamstrings
25:44 laying down our back
25:45 but this one we're going to do it
25:46 in from my standup position
25:47 we're from the near down position.
25:49 We're gonna have to put foot forward, okay,
25:51 place the emphasis on this leg and we're going to sit back.
25:56 And you can feel the stretch
25:57 on your hamstrings all right through here.
26:02 Now I want you to lean forward on your front toe
26:05 and you're gonna shift your whole body forward this way.
26:08 This is gonna open up our hip fletchers.
26:10 And leans up back up here, we'd lean back
26:12 push your hands into your knee and open up.
26:14 Right through here you're feeling that.
26:16 And this is doing this is the opposite
26:17 what we do with our lunges.
26:19 All right. Okay.
26:20 So the thing is when you stretch
26:22 you're always want to do like the opposite,
26:24 to unwind because you tighten the muscles
26:26 you want to unwind it.
26:27 You want to length that again. Yes, exactly. The other leg.
26:32 Now you might have seen people when they do hamstrings,
26:35 you never want to put your weight on the leg
26:37 that you're stretching.
26:38 Always want to shift it off.
26:47 Okay, let's go forward and open up. Oh, yeah.
26:53 And you can feel off through here open it up right up.
26:57 I like this one. Let's stay a little while.
26:59 Let's stay here little while, okay.
27:04 How you guys are feeling? We're enjoying this.
27:05 I don't know if you're at home but for yeah.
27:06 You have to stretch out I believe.
27:07 And you could stretch all over to the side, yeah.
27:10 I was just thinking about doing that.
27:11 Keep going. Yeah I was, I hopeful it was.
27:13 I was gonna throughout in there.
27:14 Oh, yeah. Yeah, it's fun.
27:18 Hey, Mindy it was great having you on today.
27:21 Thank you. I appreciate it.
27:22 I'm looking forward to do some more with you.
27:23 Is that cool? That will be great.
27:24 All right, let me close this up.
27:25 All right.
27:27 I remember when water was free,
27:29 now you have to pay it for in a bottle.
27:30 Even mission trips help developed
27:32 wells so people could have running water.
27:34 The living water in Christ will never run out
27:36 and never be hard to locate.
27:38 Read your Bible, drink up His words
27:40 and placed it in your heart
27:41 so when that day of thirst comes
27:43 you could just open up His fast and drink it up.
27:45 Hey, this is Casio, remind you to actions that keep for life.
27:48 And it's my prayer that Lord gives you
27:50 strength and encouragement to take action every day.
27:52 Thank you, very much for watching us.
27:53 See you next time. Bye-bye now.


Revised 2014-12-17