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Participants: Casio Jones (Host), Mindy Isaacs


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00:01 The following program presents workouts
00:02 you can use to improve your physical fitness.
00:05 Please be sure to consult your physician
00:07 before beginning this or any exercise routine.
00:30 Hi, my name is Casio Jones
00:31 and you're watching Action 4 Life.
00:33 Hey, in today's episode you're gonna have
00:35 to get yourself a partner
00:37 'cause we're gonna do a buddy workout
00:38 using resistance tubes.
00:40 But first let's check out the segment
00:42 we shot at Florida Hospital.
00:43 We're gonna learn about knee surgery.
00:45 Let's check this out.
01:05 We're here at Florida Hospital Zephyrhills
01:07 and we're about to meet
01:08 a good friend of mine named Doctor Knight.
01:09 And we're gonna now try
01:10 to get a sneak peek in his operation room
01:13 as he performs a mega operation.
01:16 I'm Doctor Randolph Knight,
01:18 I'm an orthopedic surgeon
01:20 working at Zephyrhills Hospital.
01:23 It's actually the Adventist Hospital here.
01:25 I'm a Seventh-day Adventist.
01:26 I was recruited here 29 years ago.
01:30 We've done lots and lots of total joints,
01:32 this is a retirement community,
01:33 we have a very geriatric community
01:35 and because of that about third of my practice
01:37 has become joint replacement.
01:40 A total joint is a very big pain,
01:42 it's three or four months of rehab,
01:44 it's a lot of pain and its in-patient hospitalization.
01:48 You know, I'd like to tell people
01:50 it's like if you replace one tire on a car
01:54 and you don't get an alignment job,
01:56 that tire is gonna wear out again.
01:57 So we need to do-- we need to do
01:59 an alignment job on knees.
02:01 And that's what this robotic surgery lets us do.
02:04 It's not a robot coming in and doing the surgery.
02:06 I still do the surgery,
02:08 it's the precision guidance system.
02:11 So we put pins in the patient's bone,
02:13 we have a cracked skin ahead of the entire leg
02:16 including the hip, the knee
02:18 and the ankle and so realign them.
02:22 And that's this robotic system
02:23 lets us get the perfect alignment
02:25 and lets us put the pieces in with the great leg position,
02:28 actually within a half a millimeter of
02:31 how high or low or left or right it is,
02:34 we can change the slope or angle
02:37 a half a degree in any plane.
02:38 We have a marvelous success with this.
02:40 We've been doing it here for a couple of years,
02:42 we've got well over a hundred in--
02:45 the patients are the happiest patients I've ever had,
02:49 it really, really has been an asset
02:52 to our hospital and to our patients.
02:54 We're really happy with what we're able to do.
02:58 Wow, that was awesome.
03:01 You guys don't know what you're gonna see on this show.
03:03 But this thing is it's so important
03:04 what technologies can do
03:06 to help doctors do the job better
03:08 and it's just phenomenal.
03:09 I mean, 'cause so many people need--
03:11 you need your knee.
03:12 Oh, yeah.
03:13 And if over wear and tear over the years
03:15 you got to get it fixed.
03:16 That's right.
03:17 And so technology is just amazing
03:18 and God has blessed people
03:20 with so much ability to do those things
03:22 and that's of all our doctors to fix you,
03:23 I totally believe that.
03:25 Okay, hey guys, ready to get work out today?
03:27 With me today is my good friend Mindy Isaacs,
03:29 Mindy, how you're doing?
03:30 I'm doing great. Good to be here again.
03:32 Oh, oh, it's always a pleasure.
03:33 I'm a regular now. I like that.
03:35 All right, so with us to-- what we're gonna do today,
03:37 we're gonna do a couple workout
03:39 or you could do it with your partner.
03:41 This is a great workout that you could do
03:43 with your spouse, with your kids.
03:45 But you know here is a little secret,
03:46 I'm gonna tell you guys,
03:47 Mindy does this program all the time and her--
03:50 at her camps in Nashville,
03:52 she have a lot of couples that work together-- with you.
03:54 Yes, I work mainly with couples.
03:55 Now that is awesome ministry. Yes.
03:57 You know, I was saying
03:58 family that exercises together stays together.
04:00 That's right, it's really, really interesting to see
04:03 how they can empower each other.
04:05 You know, when-- when the wife is struggling,
04:08 the man is saying come on, baby, you can do one more--
04:11 Awesome.
04:12 Just one more, and vice-versa.
04:13 That is awesome, that is awesome.
04:14 So it really strengthens their relationship.
04:15 But also the communication is vital.
04:17 Right. Right.
04:18 It's like when you have a workout buddy,
04:19 you have to communicate and that just helps you know,
04:22 develop more of a closer knit into relationship
04:25 with each other-- communicate.
04:26 Okay, so we're gonna do an exercise,
04:28 it's gonna be a chest fly and I'm gonna do a--
04:32 we both can do workout at the same time
04:34 while the exercise is going on.
04:35 So while she is doing something,
04:37 I'm responding to it and it's pretty cool,
04:39 you guys check this out.
04:40 Okay, let's go and put the bands,
04:42 turn around, you got to put the bands that way
04:43 and you're doing a chest fly.
04:45 Okay, hey, Nato, come on around here
04:47 so you could see this.
04:49 You can put your arms through to the side like a cross okay,
04:52 and you can bring your chest,
04:53 put one foot forward so you got leverage
04:55 and you're gonna close in, fly in.
04:57 How is that feel?
04:58 It's good.
05:00 Okay.
05:01 Now, what I want to do, Nato, watch my foot,
05:03 I'm gonna stand on one leg, okay.
05:06 I'm standing on one leg, so my body has to respond,
05:09 you've got to shift your weight for a little bit.
05:11 Yeah. There you go.
05:12 Now I am the anchor for her and she is pulling.
05:15 All right, let's go to work.
05:16 Now, let's do ten.
05:17 It's one, two, my core is stabilizing,
05:22 three, four and five.
05:27 I'm gonna switch legs.
05:28 Okay. Here we go.
05:29 One, two, trust me guys,
05:34 it looks easy but it's not.
05:36 And the more I lean in--
05:37 Four-- yes.
05:38 --the more I'm lean forward,
05:39 the more resistance I just have.
05:41 And five, excellent, all right, switch,
05:43 you hold on to the band, look you got it.
05:46 And I need this part, thank you.
05:48 All right, you ready get to work?
05:50 And I'm standing on one leg.
05:51 One leg and if you need, you could put your toe down,
05:54 let's go to work here we go.
05:55 It's one, two--
05:58 Is that enough resistance for you?
05:59 Yeah, get your foot off the ground-- three.
06:01 Me? Yes.
06:02 Is it off the ground? Four.
06:03 Now it is. Okay.
06:04 I'm afraid of--
06:06 And five, go ahead, switch legs.
06:08 All right, all right. Back into you.
06:09 You got to switch legs okay, here we go.
06:10 Now you got to stabilize yourself.
06:12 I am.
06:14 Two.
06:15 It is really hard. It is hard.
06:17 Three, it is, four
06:19 but that's the challenge of working together.
06:22 Five, you are pulling back.
06:26 Here we go, your turn.
06:27 Now we're going to act the rest
06:28 'cause we're gonna go back and forth
06:30 with this one, okay.
06:31 You're ready, and your turn, go.
06:34 One, she is trying to pull me off, two,
06:37 and I had to sit back on my heels,
06:39 three, four and five, I'm gonna switch legs.
06:45 Now you could get these resistance tubes,
06:47 keep going, one, at like one of your sports stores,
06:51 Wal-Mart or you could order them online,
06:54 one of the sports specialist stores.
06:56 This is one-- Nine.
06:58 And one more-- And--
06:59 And ten, good job. Isn't that fun?
07:02 It is fun.
07:03 It may get us to off balance, it throws you off
07:05 but what the key is, once again, its communication
07:07 and you don't want to like be over aggressive
07:09 because you want your partner to have
07:10 a good workout as well.
07:12 Right. Okay, here we go.
07:14 One, two,
07:18 three, four,
07:22 and five, switch legs.
07:25 Okay.
07:26 Are you ready?
07:27 Okay.
07:28 It's one, two, three, four,
07:36 get the squeeze and five, excellent.
07:40 All right, first set.
07:42 All right, this is really fun.
07:47 All right, ready?
07:49 Okay, I'm ready and go, one, pull me forward, two--
07:53 now I have to sit down, three,
07:56 you're fine I had to sit down, stabilize,
07:58 it feels in my glutes, my hamstrings.
08:01 Is that five?
08:03 Oh, wait, you're supposed to switch, not me.
08:04 Yeah-- You could switch
08:07 because by changing the lead leg,
08:10 it changes the emphasis on your body.
08:12 That is true.
08:13 You know, when did I miss this one?
08:15 That's three.
08:16 That's four. Four.
08:17 Because--
08:18 And five. Five.
08:19 'Cause what you--
08:20 what happens her leg is a driver
08:22 and you know, whenever you change the limb--
08:25 it changes how the body responds to it.
08:28 And so I will say it's important,
08:30 you know, muscle confusing.
08:32 Am I balanced?
08:34 You got me off a little bit seems like.
08:35 Okay, you ready? Yes.
08:36 Let's go to work.
08:37 That's one.
08:39 Come here, Nato.
08:40 Two, get in here, fell the three.
08:43 Now I'm doing a contraction of my chest,
08:45 I've throwing it forward,
08:46 and you could feel a little squeeze in the chest.
08:48 What number is that? Is that five? Six.
08:50 Okay, you switch legs? I did.
08:52 Seven, you're on this,
08:54 eight, nine, and ten.
08:59 Beautiful, okay, that was three?
09:01 That was three.
09:02 Okay, now our next exercise we're gonna do,
09:04 partner exercise, we're gonna do a row with the leg lift.
09:08 Okay.
09:09 And that sounds kind of complicated, doesn't it?
09:10 It does. Yeah, it does.
09:11 But this is how it works.
09:13 As she is going to do a row,
09:15 I'm gonna actually hold the way
09:16 and be her anchor for her again, okay,
09:19 and she can put one foot forward so she got leverage.
09:23 And her first action, I'm gonna hold
09:24 and you're gonna row, straight back,
09:26 and she sees as nine degrees,
09:27 put your arms forward in front again
09:29 and pull straight back.
09:31 She is like, she is saying, come here.
09:33 Like you're pulling some weight towards you, okay.
09:36 Arms at nine degrees, okay.
09:37 Show them in proper form, little higher,
09:40 like that, you see that, you don't want that,
09:42 little lower, come lower and now drop your hands
09:46 when you come down.
09:48 Do not rotate, just drop your hands.
09:49 There you go, that way.
09:51 Come back, and do that one again and drop,
09:53 see, that's doing proper.
09:54 It would be nine degrees, straight back,
09:57 little better, good.
09:58 Now what I'm gonna do is, as she is doing this,
10:01 I'm gonna lift out to the side with my leg,
10:03 do not knock off you gonna fall.
10:05 I need that, as she is pulling this is gonna be hard
10:08 because you're pulling me and I have to stabilize
10:11 and lift this leg up.
10:12 Right.
10:13 I haven't done this thing before folks,
10:14 so we'll see how this works out.
10:16 I just came up with this, I know you're ready, right?
10:18 Five and five, okay, you ready?
10:19 Set go. One, two.
10:23 Oh, yeah.
10:24 Three, and I have to stabilize this arm.
10:26 Four, and five.
10:29 Good job. So I'm not cheating her.
10:31 You ready?
10:32 And go.
10:33 One, two, three,
10:38 you almost laughed me over.
10:40 Four and five.
10:43 Good job.
10:45 Now it's amazing what you-- what you guys--
10:46 we're feeling here this is actually
10:49 the whole body working, not just moving,
10:51 just the laps from working here or just abductors
10:54 but you feel it, are you ready?
10:55 Don't be scared. I think I am.
10:57 Don't be scarred. All right.
10:58 All right, ready. Here we go.
11:00 One.
11:02 Two, three get the squeeze,
11:07 four and five, excellent, switch legs and go.
11:13 And one-- now, when I'm pulling in,
11:15 I am throwing my chest forward,
11:16 you get the contraction in my back.
11:18 See, my back how I'm standing, Nato.
11:20 There you go.
11:21 See the back shot right there.
11:22 Get the squeeze in the lats, and squeeze.
11:25 Is that five?
11:26 Excellent, your turn again.
11:31 See folks, communication is the key.
11:34 That's it.
11:35 You hear it over and over.
11:36 Communication is the key.
11:37 Are you ready? One.
11:39 You got to communicate and talk to each other.
11:40 Two, three, hands little lower, four.
11:45 That's it.
11:47 And five, you did.
11:49 Switch leg, here you go.
11:50 One-- okay, you got both legs together.
11:53 Two--
11:54 Oh, was I supposed to be like this?
11:55 Yeah, it gives leverage. Three--
11:57 Makes sense. Yes, it does.
11:59 Four and five.
12:01 That's the-- Bridgestone had a commercial,
12:04 wide is good, wider thread, the same thing.
12:06 Wider stance, more stability.
12:09 Got it.
12:10 Okay, are you ready
12:11 I am ready.
12:12 Okay, here we go.
12:13 One, two, three,
12:16 and this is the best part of working with somebody,
12:17 three.
12:18 You get to laugh. You get to laugh.
12:20 Laugh at them.
12:21 Yeah, laugh at yourself.
12:22 And one more and five.
12:25 It's hard to laugh at yourself
12:26 because if you do people think
12:27 you are like strange or something.
12:28 But if you can't laugh at yourself,
12:30 you don't have the right to laugh at anybody else.
12:32 This is true. In my opinion.
12:34 Yeah, but other people don't get to witness
12:35 you laughing at yourself when you are about yourself.
12:37 That's true.
12:38 You know you got to at least call somebody else.
12:40 This makes me laugh at myself.
12:43 Don't laugh. Don't laugh, okay.
12:45 Third set.
12:46 All yours.
12:48 Okay.
12:49 You know even sometimes you might have your partner,
12:52 you might have to change the band
12:53 because of the resistance might be too hard for one.
12:55 So go ahead and do that.
13:04 And five.
13:06 I like this one.
13:07 Oh, I like it.
13:08 Here we go, ready?
13:09 One, two, three, good form,
13:16 four and five.
13:20 And it would really hurt if I went...
13:21 Oh, now you see-- And after that--
13:22 Oh, now you see that would not be--
13:23 That would not be correct.
13:24 I will not do that.
13:26 No, no, no, I got to do mine, don't I?
13:27 Oh, yeah.
13:28 Here we go. I am in hurry, I am sorry.
13:29 You are just trying to--
13:30 you just got excited by letting go.
13:33 That's not fair.
13:34 Ready?
13:35 That was mean spirited.
13:36 That's we don't that. You got it side legs.
13:38 Oh.
13:40 I got to go. Ready?
13:41 Here you go.
13:42 One, two, three, four,
13:48 get the squeeze, and five.
13:51 Are you ready?
13:53 That's one. Nice.
13:55 Two, three, four and five.
14:03 Good. Good job.
14:05 All right, come get little water.
14:06 Yeah.
14:07 Which is your water bottle? You kicked it.
14:09 That was yours? No, its yours.
14:10 You're sure? Yeah.
14:12 Yeah, it's mine.
14:13 You know it's funny.
14:14 You have to put your name on stuff.
14:17 Well, all looks alike.
14:19 It does look alike.
14:22 Okay, our next exercise
14:24 we're gonna do for Buddy Workout.
14:26 We're gonna do double arm curls
14:27 work our biceps and a real lunge.
14:30 How's that lunge?
14:31 I have no idea what that's gonna look like.
14:33 But let me show you. All right.
14:34 Okay, you gonna do right here
14:35 and I'm gonna hold here, okay.
14:38 And you gonna start do a curl action.
14:39 Okay.
14:40 A curl action and then
14:42 I am gonna back up a little bit more.
14:44 Sustain it light okay and I'm just gonna go back
14:46 and to a lunge, it's gonna curl.
14:48 Okay.
14:49 And I'm keep my hands one spot
14:51 it just gonna be hard, I know right.
14:53 You have to put your foot backwards
14:54 give the leverage you could lean into it.
14:55 Okay.
14:56 Okay because I'm gonna resistance going backwards.
14:58 I am gonna try and keep my hands,
14:59 if I do both it might make it easier.
15:01 Okay.
15:02 Okay get five and five ready set go.
15:04 One, two.
15:08 We're gonna pull towards you three,
15:09 not back column up towards you.
15:12 Four, perfect and five, good.
15:16 How do you fell? Good.
15:17 Okay, ready let's go. That's better one.
15:18 One and I'm just doing step back lunge,
15:21 two, my foot leg is still
15:24 three, four and five wonderful.
15:31 Oh, yes.
15:33 See what you know what we naturally done
15:35 we're gonna upper body and lower body at the same time.
15:36 Yes.
15:38 Okay, you got to step out.
15:39 I have to step back.
15:40 You're gonna hit your water bottle.
15:44 There you go. Ready?
15:45 Ready. And go.
15:47 One, nice.
15:49 Two, three,
15:55 four and five.
15:58 Switch legs.
16:00 One, two, three,
16:07 four and five.
16:12 Have fun.
16:14 Hi, now Nato, come back in here and watch again.
16:16 Watch my-- watch my knee as I step back
16:19 so you could see by standing back my knees
16:21 took them at nine degrees.
16:22 Okay, you are ready and go.
16:24 One, see my front leg,
16:27 two still nine degrees I'm okay.
16:30 Three and step back, four and five.
16:36 Okay switch leg and go
16:39 one, two, nice, three,
16:45 here you go towards your head,
16:47 four and five.
16:53 I like.
16:56 Feeling this, ain't it?
16:58 Yeah, I mean, I still hits my back.
17:00 Okay.
17:01 Ready.
17:02 Ready, I you got to curl you got to go back, okay and go.
17:05 One, two,
17:08 because what you don't realize as well
17:10 the resistant tube was actually
17:11 pull her with this exercise
17:13 that does not just a regular real lunge
17:15 its her body really has to work against that.
17:18 Yes. That was five.
17:19 Here we go.
17:21 Two, three
17:26 and four and five.
17:30 Good. Not bad.
17:32 Last set?
17:33 Last set. This is your third?
17:36 Okay.
17:37 Third? Yeah, sure third.
17:39 Okay.
17:40 And go one, two--
17:47 You're pulling on little harder at this time.
17:50 Four and five.
17:53 Which I like--
17:55 I'm guilty. I am guilty.
17:56 I am sorry, there you go.
17:58 One--
18:00 I'm gonna work, I want to work.
18:02 Yes, you can.
18:04 Three, four,
18:09 and five, that's it.
18:12 Good job.
18:13 Who go first? You did, I got do mine.
18:16 Okay.
18:17 Really? Yes bicep curls from you.
18:19 Okay.
18:21 Okay.
18:22 You're ready? Ready.
18:23 Yeah, one okay, I see pay back.
18:26 Two, three, four and biceps
18:34 and five switch legs, oh yeah.
18:37 One, two, three.
18:43 A lot of people look at resistance bands ads--
18:45 Four.
18:47 But they can't get it good workout with them.
18:48 Oh, as you can, five.
18:49 And the best part about them you could take them with you.
18:52 That's right.
18:53 You can't take your dumbbells on a road.
18:55 That's so much.
18:56 No, I mean.
18:57 You can but that so much.
18:58 It's so much easier. That's easier.
19:00 And more you can get more versatility out of them.
19:02 They are great train devices.
19:04 Yes, they are.
19:05 You know, if you're looking for something
19:07 to jazz up your routine I highly invest--
19:10 invest in one of them.
19:11 If you're not doing,
19:12 you could do so much with these.
19:13 And but as we're talking about with partner workout
19:17 please, please, please, please, please
19:19 get yourself a partner you trust.
19:21 Yes.
19:23 Okay as you very vulnerable at these exercises
19:26 because once lift of the hand.
19:29 All right, or one little--
19:31 I want to get you back for that.
19:32 Yes, you see that's what the whole concept
19:35 what Paul was talking about love.
19:37 Yeah.
19:38 Not to be offended, to love people
19:41 so you're not try to pay him back to what he did.
19:42 That's right, that's right.
19:44 Okay. I agree.
19:45 This is kind of cool, couples workouts,
19:47 a whole aspect of forgiving, loving,
19:50 nurturing each other, build each other up,
19:52 reaching for each other goals.
19:54 I think you got great ministry I like that.
19:56 I have to come in at the Nashville.
19:58 That sounds good.
19:59 I'm gonna check it out before.
20:00 All right.
20:01 Okay, let's go and do our last exercise
20:03 we're gonna do tricep extension,
20:06 overhead tricep extension
20:07 and we're go and do heel raises with it.
20:10 I mean, it's gonna hit the whole body with this one.
20:12 Yes. I like it.
20:13 Okay, you gonna take them over your head,
20:14 yeah turn around there you go
20:16 and I'm gonna try and be stabilize muscle possible
20:19 she's gonna keep her elbows inward here
20:21 and she's gonna extent for with her hands.
20:23 So I can do it by-- by this way?
20:25 It's easier for me to--
20:27 Whatever you want just do is fine with me.
20:28 If you want to hold on that's fine.
20:29 And I am just gonna hold here both hands
20:32 I am left both heels up.
20:33 You're ready set go.
20:35 One oh, that's hard.
20:38 Two, three, because you're pulling me
20:42 forward to some type.
20:43 Four and I get leverage going by my toss.
20:45 All right.
20:46 Five, we got to go ten,
20:48 six, well, that's hard, seven--
20:51 how I came with this one?
20:54 Eight, nine and ten.
20:59 Well, I tell you it's a great one for the triceps.
21:01 Oh, yeah, I love these exercises for triceps.
21:04 I am warning you, you gonna feel it.
21:05 It's gonna pull your forward--
21:06 So where were you-- where did you have your hand?
21:08 I just had them straight up.
21:09 Okay.
21:10 Right here, let me see.
21:11 Yeah, you got to have to do there, ready?
21:13 It's gonna be awkward.
21:14 Okay, you ready? Yes.
21:15 There we go.
21:16 Its one, you okay?
21:19 Two.
21:21 I am getting closer to you.
21:22 Oh, no, three.
21:24 Are you gonna play your toss?
21:25 Yes, sir.
21:26 Four, five, six-- how is it going?
21:32 You are just so strong. Seven, oh.
21:35 Eight, my wedgies.
21:37 Two more.
21:38 Nine and ten, good job.
21:42 Right, that was very challenging.
21:43 It is because--
21:44 I was up and I would have to take a just few steps.
21:46 Really. Little sissy steps.
21:47 That's okay, no matter to
21:49 but it's hard to hold that balance. Yeah.
21:52 Because I am pulling you and you're already up going for.
21:55 You have to take modified your position
21:58 so you can shift the weight back into you,
22:00 your heels away.
22:01 Okay, you ready? And let's go.
22:04 One, oh, yes, two, three, four...
22:12 You're feeling your chins a little bit?
22:15 No. Five.
22:16 I did from six from trying to keep going 40 firing.
22:19 Seven, eight, nine, and ten.
22:30 Oh, yeah.
22:32 Are you getting sweat a little bit?
22:34 Much as you are.
22:35 I'm telling this is challenging,
22:37 I'm gonna this is like, I was surprised.
22:40 You know, we gonna keep this one, okay.
22:42 Kind of keep this one in a books.
22:43 Ready? Are you ready?
22:44 Yep. Let's go.
22:46 One, two-- oh, you pulling it hard now.
22:51 Three-- It's I don't go forward.
22:53 Okay, I hear you.
22:54 Was that five? Five.
22:57 Six, see, when you got a partner
22:59 she likes to challenge you, okay.
23:02 So you make sure you have a good partner
23:03 whose gonna be kind to you.
23:05 No, you want someone to push you a little bit.
23:06 What one was that one? Ten.
23:08 Good job, because you guess what payback.
23:12 But that was it?
23:13 No, that was no, one more.
23:15 You remember Paul?
23:16 Yeah, I do remember Paul.
23:17 You got to have to handle. Yeah, I do.
23:18 Okay.
23:20 You got to forgive.
23:21 Are you ready to go? That's right.
23:22 All right, are you ready?
23:23 I'm ready. Let's start and go to work.
23:26 One-- so I'm being nice.
23:27 Yes, you are.
23:28 Two-- but actually you're being considerate
23:30 making me work hard and I appreciate that.
23:34 I know what you're capable of, Casio.
23:36 Oh, that's good.
23:39 But you know, that is the gift of a trainer.
23:41 You have to be able to know
23:42 how to push your clients just enough
23:44 so they could reach new gains, right. Yes.
23:47 One more and ten. Good job.
23:51 All right, my turn. Okay.
23:54 Doing this, I like this.
23:58 Okay. You ready?
24:01 Yep. That's gonna work.
24:03 One, two,
24:07 three, four,
24:12 five, six, oh yeah,
24:17 seven, eight,
24:22 nine, and ten.
24:26 Good job. Good, good.
24:27 Wow, did you feel in your shredders
24:28 as well holding up there?
24:29 Oh, yeah, little bit. Yeah.
24:31 All right, guys, that was it.
24:33 That was a buddy workout, all right.
24:36 Let's go and check out this film on step
24:37 and learn something, let's go.
24:42 Overweight and just starting to workout?
24:45 Follow these tips.
24:46 One, exercise at least 20 minutes each day.
24:49 Two, swim or cycle or do other activities
24:52 that partially support your weight.
24:55 And three, avoid activities that frustrates you
24:58 because they require athletic skill.
25:05 That's right, folks.
25:07 Listen, it doesn't matter what size you are
25:09 or what skill set you are, what fitness level,
25:12 you know, take your time, work at your pace,
25:15 find the things to enjoy that benifits are there.
25:17 Okay, so let's do a stretch. Okay.
25:19 You got to stretch out. Okay.
25:21 Let's do a triceps stretch since we had that last.
25:23 Okay, get a good triceps stretch,
25:25 stretch those babies out.
25:31 Other arm.
25:36 All right, let's do buddy stresses.
25:38 Let me see your hand
25:39 and you're gonna sit in a squat position
25:41 and you're gonna lean forward,
25:42 drop your head and sit back.
25:44 There you go and feel that stretch in your lats.
25:45 Oh, that feels good. Okay.
25:47 My lower back. Yes, you go.
25:49 It's good. And fell the stretch in lats?
25:51 Yes, I do. Good, okay, my turn.
25:53 Don't be so greedy. Come on, it's my turn.
25:58 Here I go. You're pulling me.
26:00 You're so mean.
26:02 No, am I supposed to stand up?
26:03 You just stand. Oh.
26:04 I suppose, it's for me right now.
26:06 Oh, sorry. Gosh.
26:07 Forgot it. It's always a value.
26:09 No, just as when I'm stretching.
26:12 All right, let's do bicep one after side.
26:14 I'll show out to the side.
26:16 Bend legs, bend your arms back.
26:18 I mean, hands back and lean forward just a little bit
26:20 to get a good stretch.
26:24 You're feeling that? I feel it.
26:31 Okay, let's go in hamstring stretch.
26:34 Pull forward here and lean back.
26:39 Now once again you don't want to put your hand
26:41 under leg you're stretching.
26:43 Put it on your other legs to stabilize yourself, okay.
26:48 Switch legs.
26:54 Oh, yeah.
26:55 Is this fun?
26:56 That was a really good workout.
26:58 It was fun. It's fun.
26:59 It's fun. It's fun and challenging.
27:00 Yeah, it is. It's different.
27:02 Buddy workout. Love it.
27:03 I really enjoy.
27:04 And now you need is just a band.
27:06 And a buddy. And a buddy.
27:08 Mindy, thanks for being a good buddy today.
27:09 You're welcome. I totally appreciate it.
27:11 I'm gonna close this out, okay.
27:12 All right. All right.
27:14 Last night had dinner, I had some dinner with some friends
27:17 and we were talking about a coming trip
27:19 there are having to the Caribbean
27:20 and one of my friends was sharing with her experience
27:23 about the warm she would received
27:25 spend time out in the sun and avoid getting sunburn.
27:30 The island was so close to equator
27:32 the sun had different effect on her.
27:34 Well, that is the truth and opposite about Christ.
27:37 The closer you draw towards Him
27:39 the better the light would be and you feel,
27:42 you want to have more time basking in His live.
27:45 You know what, that's awesome.
27:47 This is Casio, reminding you
27:49 take action everyday and actions that keep life.
27:52 I love the Lord and I know you do too.
27:54 So I see you next time, bye-bye.


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