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Participants: Casio Jones (Host), Mindy Isaacs


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00:01 The following program presents workouts
00:02 you can use to improve your physical fitness.
00:05 Please be sure to consult your physicians
00:07 before beginning this or any exercise routine.
00:30 Hi, my name is Casio Jones
00:31 and you're watching Action 4 Life.
00:33 And today as ever so we're gonna
00:34 have a great workout.
00:35 You're gonna need an exercise ball
00:37 and a pair of dumbbells
00:38 and we're gonna have a lot of fun.
00:40 But first, let's check out the segment
00:41 we shot at my friend's Bike Shop.
00:44 And what it is, they got these special shoes
00:47 that you bounce on.
00:48 What? You bounce your shoes?
00:50 Check this out.
01:03 Hey, guys, we're on my way to-- down to South Tampa.
01:05 We're gonna check out at my friend Jana.
01:07 She has this cool shoe called the Kangoo.
01:10 It's kind of like a bouncing shoe.
01:12 I don't know about you but I'm ready to check that out
01:14 because bouncing is a lot of fun.
01:20 My name is Jana.
01:22 My husband Andy and I are the owners here
01:24 at Street Fit 360.
01:25 And I'm really excited today
01:27 because I'm waiting for my friend Casio to come by
01:29 and learn about the Kangoo Jumps.
01:33 Hi, Jana. Hey, guys.
01:37 Good to see you and come on in.
01:47 Here you go, Casio.
01:49 Wow. Here it is the Kangoo Jump.
01:50 That looks so cool.
01:52 And you know, it looks like a rollerblade.
01:55 Sort of.
01:56 I mean, whenever you look at it you see the boot--
01:58 Very similar to a rollerblade or a ski boot
02:01 but there if you look down you look at the spring,
02:03 you look at the wide platform here
02:06 which whenever you stand on it unlike a rollerblade
02:09 where you have to have a lot of--
02:10 Foot unstable, right. Yeah, but it's not very stable.
02:13 You stand on the Kangoo Jump and you're very stable.
02:16 You're just standing more or less like
02:17 you would be in your shoes.
02:19 Proper alignment.
02:20 Proper alignment so it's very good,
02:23 you know, for anybody that--
02:24 So if you have any fears,
02:26 those fears should go complete right away
02:28 because this is a totally different device.
02:29 Correct.
02:30 Oh, well, I'm going to have some fun.
02:32 You're going to try some? All right, let's go. Let's go.
02:36 So, Jana, wow I feel like
02:39 I'm eight feet tall on this thing.
02:41 It's amazing. It's great isn't it?
02:44 And now, you know, it makes you feel straight up
02:46 like you said before.
02:47 And the boys done a great job maintaining the balance on it
02:50 and they are having the good time with it.
02:51 They're doing a great job.
02:52 Hey, boys, why don't you guys go and have some fun,
02:53 we're gonna finish talking.
02:54 So any how, so, Jana, tell me
02:56 some of the health benefits of these.
02:58 I mean, they're like-- feel like
02:59 I'm rebounding is that correct?
03:00 Very similar to rebounding.
03:03 That absorbs about 80% of the impact.
03:05 Does it, wow.
03:06 Yeah, get's your lymphatic system going.
03:08 Love it. Very important. Great cardio.
03:11 I could feel that.
03:14 I could feel like-- just, Jana, its like each one weighs
03:17 about what two pounds?
03:18 About two pounds each. Yes.
03:19 So I could feel it in my hip, legs and my quads.
03:22 I could feel my whole body--
03:23 my heart rate is just accelerating.
03:25 Just be on it before if going to bed.
03:26 Yeah. And it is great. Now like you're saying 80%.
03:29 You know, I can't take my--
03:31 you know, 80% of my body waste being
03:33 absorbed by these springs.
03:34 Right. Or these shocks-- Right on the springs.
03:36 Now the thing is, I can't take my rebounder outside and this--
03:39 I mean, I could take it outside sure
03:41 but to actually move around and have the freedom
03:44 and enjoy and going around to play.
03:45 Yeah. You know, this gives us a sense of freedom.
03:48 Exactly, I mean if you're on a rebounder which--
03:51 a lot of great health benefits there,
03:52 but it's about what?
03:53 About so big. So big like that.
03:54 So you're staying there
03:55 and you're just staying there doing this all the time.
03:57 That's it.
03:58 Where as these you can go outside,
04:00 you could go for a ramp.
04:02 You can do high kicks. Legs on to the sides. Exactly.
04:04 You can do so much. You can do your jumping jacks.
04:06 You can do aerobic classes. Oh, I love this.
04:09 I'm getting good-- I'm pro.
04:10 I'm pro, look at me, I'm pro.
04:12 Even if you wanted to stay inside,
04:14 I mean, 30 minutes in front your favorite TV show
04:17 I mean just bouncing.
04:18 And for those who you are at home
04:20 who don't know, do your research
04:21 and how rebounder can really help your body.
04:23 I mean draining and get your asymptotic symptoms
04:27 conditioned and healthy and keep it fit.
04:29 It does wonders for oh, well, wellbeing
04:32 of your body of your health.
04:33 Exactly. Totally, totally. Exactly.
04:34 Well, Jana, thank you so much. We're having some fun.
04:35 You're welcome. I'm glad you came by.
04:37 You know, I'm having-- I'm loving these.
04:38 Hey, boys, are you enjoying yours?
04:40 Yeah. Yeah?
04:42 Come on here and show us, show us what you got.
04:44 So you're doing a great job with yours piece of cake.
04:47 Come on, Dominic. Come on here, buddy.
04:51 Listen, folks, you guys got to check these out.
04:53 They're safe for the whole family, a lot fun.
04:56 You get outside, it's a great way to have,
04:58 its family time.
04:59 Yeah, exactly. Lots of fun.
05:01 Jana, thank you for inviting us out here.
05:03 Thanks for coming, Casio. I appreciate it.
05:05 And, guys, let's go back to studio.
05:08 That's okay.
05:09 Hey, guys, Kangoo gone, they were fun.
05:12 I mean, telling you bouncing, bouncing,
05:14 bouncing free bouncing on your feet who would think?
05:17 All right, you guys ready for great workout?
05:19 I'm ready for great workout.
05:20 And with me today is my friend Mindy Isaac.
05:23 Mindy, what's up, girl?
05:26 Yeah, just here to sweat. You're ready to do this?
05:28 Yes, I'm. Good workout today.
05:29 You know, like I said,
05:30 we're gonna do a lot of exercise
05:31 with the ball and dumbbells.
05:33 So make sure you go and get your ball
05:34 and your dumbbells, and come on back
05:35 and start playing with us, all right.
05:37 So our first exercise we're gonna do is called
05:39 a rainbow with the ball.
05:41 Rainbow some people-- you call like winds of whirl.
05:45 Yeah. Winds of whirl first.
05:47 Okay, once you go ahead and get in position,
05:48 head here and feet down here
05:50 and we're gonna demonstrate how to do this exercise, okay.
05:54 We're gonna actually have the ball behind
05:56 the back of her legs and squeeze.
05:58 You're gonna squeeze your heels into the ball.
06:00 Can you grab it and hold it in?
06:03 Go a little wider with your legs.
06:05 There you go. Now squeeze. Okay.
06:06 There you go right there. Now you got them up.
06:08 The ball is off the ground which is fine in her abdominals
06:11 and her heels are pulled into the ball,
06:13 just find her hamstrings.
06:14 And we're actually gonna take the ball over
06:16 to the side like a rainbow.
06:18 There you go and up and over, up and over to the side,
06:23 good, up and over.
06:25 Lift your feet up high and come over to the other side
06:28 and that's working the obliques.
06:29 Are you feeling that? Oh, yes.
06:31 There you go and up and over.
06:32 Now what you want to you could put your hands up
06:33 to the side more like a cross to really anchor yourself down
06:37 and come up and over.
06:38 I'm losing the ball.
06:39 And you got to-- yeah you will lose the ball.
06:40 So you could adjust yourself.
06:41 There you go, that's better squeezing that.
06:43 There you go. Awesome.
06:44 Okay, I'm gonna join you, okay. Okay.
06:47 Remember they didn't count
06:48 so you can't really count those so.
06:50 Next time you demonstrate.
06:51 Oh, gosh, see that the secret of being the host.
06:55 I don't have to. It's now how many?
06:57 Okay, let's go five each side, okay.
07:01 One...
07:06 two...
07:09 and its up and over lift,
07:12 three...
07:18 four...
07:23 and five.
07:25 Other side and we're--
07:27 excellent, good job, not so bad.
07:30 No, it's kind of fun.
07:31 It's kind of different. Yes.
07:32 Get the play a little bit. All right, active rest.
07:37 Let's do one of my favorites. Okay.
07:39 High knees, run in place high knees.
07:41 Okay. That's okay?
07:42 We'll do that for about 30 seconds, 20 seconds.
07:44 Here we go, just jog it out.
07:54 How you're feeling? Good.
07:56 Ten more seconds.
08:05 And good job. All right. So that again?
08:08 Of course. That's how we roll.
08:11 You're getting it. You're getting the drill?
08:13 Yeah, I get a drill. All right, let's go back down.
08:20 Now once again you can position yourself now.
08:23 When you knees are bent here
08:25 and you further out with your legs,
08:27 you further straighten legs
08:28 it makes it little more aggressive on your midsection,
08:34 okay, or you can have more of a bent leg.
08:37 See I'm demonstrating. Yes you are.
08:39 Okay, you guys ready? I'm ready.
08:41 Okay let's go.
08:42 One...
08:47 two like your rainbow...
08:52 three-- but guess what?
08:55 There's is no pot of gold in this rainbow.
08:59 The only pot of gold what is, you get nice abs, right.
09:02 That's right.
09:03 Strong midsection, strong chore and just one more.
09:09 Okay. Okay, and done.
09:12 So what you just did that was more advanced.
09:15 Yes. That's hard.
09:16 By extending-- oh, slightly.
09:19 You feel the difference? Oh, yeah.
09:20 Yeah. And we go figure and say.
09:23 Yeah because here the thing is whenever the dumbbell
09:27 or whatever the apparatus close to you
09:30 in a bend leg position its lower impact
09:33 on the muscles further out this is basic physics.
09:37 Extended out longer the arm, more force that it ministers.
09:40 Okay, here we go jog in place so here we go.
10:01 Don't get it folks, how you're feeling?
10:02 Good, tired.
10:04 And stop, not bad. It could be worse.
10:09 It could be a lot of worse. It could be a lot of worse.
10:11 Can we do burpees?
10:13 I know how much you like burpees
10:15 that's why I said burpees.
10:19 All right, here we go. I'm out to the side again.
10:22 Oh, I'm not. You're not gonna try it?
10:24 Nope. Okay. Ready.
10:27 Yeah it's one...
10:31 its two...
10:36 its three,
10:37 and if you don't have a ball just use your legs.
10:40 Four, you can keep them straight or keep them bent
10:43 whatsoever you prefer
10:44 but the same concept left and over.
10:47 What number is this?
10:48 Five. Are we done?
10:50 And five. Good job, thanks for counting.
10:52 You're welcome. Who said a trainer can't count.
10:56 Only up to five.
10:58 Hey, thank God it's only five.
11:02 Okay, jog in your place and go.
11:09 So if you'd like to imagine yourself
11:11 when you're jogging in place
11:13 like you're going somewhere.
11:15 I don't know It doesn't work.
11:18 Does it? It don't.
11:19 Yeah, I know, but I envision
11:23 the wind blowing through my hair.
11:26 The sun like beating down on me
11:29 and I'm just coming across the finish line and I win.
11:35 Wow. And the crowd goes wow.
11:39 And I'm on a center podium
11:41 and I sing the national anthem.
11:44 I don't know really what--
11:45 You know, the alarm clock goes off
11:47 and I wake up, right.
11:48 Yeah. Yeah.
11:49 All right, our second work exercise
11:53 we're going to call clean and press, okay.
11:55 You're gonna use your dumbbells on this one
11:57 and we're gonna teach you with proper technique
11:59 to make sure you did it right.
12:00 Because there's several different phases
12:02 of this movement
12:03 that we don't want you to hurt yourself, okay.
12:05 So Mindy, once your grab pair of dumbbells Nato,
12:07 I want you to come inside here
12:09 so we could show this proper technique.
12:12 Okay, we're gonna start with--
12:13 it's gonna be overhand from this position here okay,
12:16 and the first move what she's gonna do,
12:18 she's gonna do a clean.
12:19 What a clean is, she's gonna jerk it up
12:22 right to her shoulder right there
12:23 which it works upper back and its trapped
12:26 to upper back for that motion there.
12:27 From here she's gonna press straight up over head,
12:31 lining her biceps up with her ears, there you go.
12:35 And then she's gonna bring it back down right there
12:37 and that from here it's gonna do
12:39 reverse curl using the biceps.
12:42 Okay, so twist back over again and start and do it again.
12:45 Clean, press, come back down, reverse,
12:51 biceps these are in a negative, okay.
12:54 You are ready to have some fun?
12:55 All right, let's knock out ten.
12:57 Okay. Okay. Good.
12:59 I like this. Ready, set, go.
13:03 One...
13:07 two, it's okay you're doing good.
13:12 Three you've to think about that while training.
13:18 It's four.
13:20 Now watch me, I'm gonna have, you're not gonna see my ears.
13:24 If you se my ears, I'm doing it wrong
13:27 because you don't want to have my press watch me Nato,
13:29 I don't want to press forward this way.
13:31 You see my ears. You want to line up here.
13:33 Not back here so you see my ears
13:35 but here you don't see my ears you see my arms.
13:38 You see my ears don't see my ears.
13:40 I mean see my ears. You don't see my ears.
13:45 I got ears coming out. I got ears coming out.
13:48 I wonder we are on. Let's do three more.
13:50 Here we go.
13:52 Seven...
13:56 eight...
14:01 and nine...
14:06 last one.
14:09 Oh, yeah and its upper body.
14:11 I love that. And that's upper body.
14:13 Now, complete upper body.
14:16 Okay, why you're going way over there?
14:18 Oh, no, to keep my stuff out of the way.
14:21 Yeah, you could be clumsy with your feet.
14:22 All right. I don't want that happen.
14:24 You're husband be mad at me.
14:26 Break a leg on the set. I won't have that.
14:28 Really bad. Really bad, we don't want that.
14:30 No, no, no and you've to be careful home too
14:32 and move your dumbbells out the way
14:33 when you do your active rest.
14:35 We want no accidents, okay and then don't blame me.
14:39 Okay move your dumbbells.
14:42 All right, what are going to do for active rest,
14:43 jumping jacks?
14:44 Yeah, yeah. Just the jumping jacks.
14:46 Hey, let's try something different.
14:47 Let's just try jumping jacks in a travel.
14:51 Okay.
14:52 Travel, and we're gonna start back here
14:54 and we're going to jump forward
14:57 and then we're gonna jump backwards.
14:59 Okay. Okay.
15:00 So we can do this, ready, set go.
15:02 One, two, three, four and backwards.
15:06 One, two, three, and four, again.
15:10 One, two three, four and back.
15:14 One, two, three and four.
15:19 See I got clumsy.
15:21 See. You saw that.
15:22 Our equipment should be out of the way.
15:24 Okay, so she made her point. I get it.
15:28 All right, here we go clean up press.
15:32 As I said don't do it do, do it as I say.
15:35 Yeah. Okay.
15:36 Are you ready? Here we go and we go.
15:39 That's one, and two, now the secret
15:44 is as you're coming down use your biceps, okay.
15:47 You have a variation you could come down
15:48 a hammer curl or you come out
15:50 just as a straight negative this way.
15:52 But the point is you won't just drop down,
15:54 you take it down with your biceps, okay.
15:59 What number is that?
16:00 It's three...
16:05 four...
16:09 and five always you speck the weight.
16:13 You control the weight,
16:14 don't let the weight control you.
16:16 Six, how are you feeling there?
16:18 Good.
16:19 And seven, you start to feeling?
16:23 Good, eight.
16:28 Getting a little fatigued. I've to shift my stance.
16:31 Nine...
16:34 and ten...
16:38 excellent.
16:39 All right. Dumbbells out the way. Travel jacks.
16:42 Travel jacks, you're gonna move the ball too.
16:44 Because the problem is I got little wide with my legs.
16:47 Okay. I shouldn't have. Okay, here we go.
16:50 One, two, three, four and back.
16:54 One, two, three, four,
16:57 again and one, two,
17:00 three, four,
17:02 again and one, two, three and four.
17:07 I like this. I do like this. Kind of fun. It's fun.
17:10 Yeah, you're the stance still as the jumping jacks.
17:12 Yeah. Chou. I like this.
17:14 Get your body thinking and moving
17:15 and getting hands and your head
17:19 everything communicating
17:20 and that's the thing people don't realize
17:22 that it's the body is complete machine.
17:25 Right. And you can't just rely just one thing.
17:27 You gonna-- you got to incorporate
17:28 all of them together that really makes a difference.
17:30 Challenge your brain, challenge your body
17:33 and you're victorious.
17:35 Are you ready? Ready. Let's do this here we go.
17:38 One...
17:42 two...
17:46 three, I saw that one.
17:48 I know. You know, I'm used to do it with our barbell.
17:51 I know but its difficult with that you don't have
17:53 to worry about that with the dumbbell.
17:56 But it's the same position with the barbell
17:57 and you're under reverse you have to rotate over.
18:01 Yeah. Here we go, six.
18:02 I was just trying to come up with a excuse.
18:04 You don't-- actually I'm sure that too come on just try it.
18:06 What? Just try it this way.
18:08 Okay, and its reverse press.
18:12 Hey, she came with the new one.
18:15 Oh, that's funny now keep it knock your face
18:18 into the camera see how that feels.
18:19 You can move the front delts.
18:21 Put out it's clean and put it straight up.
18:24 Oh, yeah. We're go on that's side.
18:26 I know. Just do one more.
18:31 I can get it over. I know, right. It's hard.
18:37 That's the thing guys, when it comes to working out
18:40 you listen to your body always
18:42 and it just part of changing
18:44 hand position changes the workout.
18:46 Okay. And that's the best part about it.
18:48 So but listen to your body if your body
18:49 tells you doesn't feel right
18:51 chances are you're not doing it right.
18:52 All right. Let's go travel before.
18:54 One, two, three, four
18:57 and back and one, two,
19:00 three, four and back
19:02 and one, two, three, four
19:05 and back and one two three and four and excellent.
19:10 All right. Oh, go ahead to be yourself.
19:14 All right good job. I'm gonna get some water.
19:16 Me too.
19:17 Listen folks,
19:18 hydration it's very important you got to have it.
19:25 All right, we're gonna go we got two more exercise to go.
19:30 Guys, check this out on Facebook
19:32 look as up
19:34 Find us, like us, all the good stuff
19:38 and you're getting some information
19:39 put on our regular I put some nice videos out there
19:42 to encourage you, come part if you're ready, you know,
19:45 I'm talking about and have some fun.
19:48 We're gonna have some more fun? Oh, yeah.
19:50 All right, now this is a workout another exercise
19:53 we can use the wall but we can use the partner.
19:57 This is the first time I have done this one on a set.
19:59 So see how it works out. Let's go with fun.
20:01 Okay, I'm a little nervous. You're little nervous?
20:03 Just a little.
20:04 Okay, let's practice without, without dumbbells.
20:05 Okay, you're behind me?
20:07 Okay, right there lean back upper body with your curl.
20:10 See as we're doing folks, biceps curls with the partner.
20:13 It's no reason to hit.
20:15 We're now just the upper backs touching
20:16 so the arms come down we should not gonna meet.
20:18 I thought we were squatting. Doing a wall squat.
20:21 Oh, that's brutal. I thought...
20:24 I like my people. Okay.
20:26 Okay, that's brutal. Oh, my goodness.
20:29 Okay, let's go bicep curls. Meany, you're mean.
20:32 Yeah, I trust you. You're a mean trainer.
20:34 Oh, I'm mean.
20:36 Okay, here we go back to back,
20:37 here we go and get lean it and let's go ten.
20:39 Okay. And its one, two, this is kind of cool.
20:44 Three, four, I'm feeling these.
20:51 Are you feeling these at home?
20:54 Seven, eight...
20:58 nine and ten.
21:01 Good job. Step away, I know right.
21:03 Yeah the step away part is gonna be
21:04 little as you have roll away.
21:06 Rolled.
21:07 Yeah, yeah roll away, have to rollaway on that one.
21:09 Okay. Okay.
21:10 Let's go with-- well classic let's go with a jump rope.
21:13 All right. Okay, ready go for 10. Ready?
21:15 Go, one, two,
21:17 three, four, five,
21:20 six, seven, eight,
21:23 nine and ten.
21:26 Okay. Wasn't so bad.
21:27 No, next time I want to do one.
21:29 One leg? Yeah, then.
21:30 Okay, I let you want it.
21:34 All right, I can go complain I have seen
21:36 your husband is kind of big.
21:37 Yes.
21:38 I don't understand how that guy could be
21:39 so big and he could sing so well.
21:41 There we go that's one, two,
21:46 he is going to get me very easily.
21:48 Three, oh I feel if you don't know
21:50 Mindy's husband is Ben Isaac.
21:53 He is one of the members of the Isaac family.
21:56 You might have seen him
21:57 in Gaither Homecoming videos and so forth.
22:00 They're real good friends and has now gonna come up
22:02 from Nashville to hang up with me and do this show.
22:06 Excellent, good job. Roll out.
22:08 Here we go. Hey, you got to roll.
22:11 All right, jump rope. Jump rope, here we go.
22:15 One, two, three,
22:17 four, five, six, seven,
22:21 eight nine and ten.
22:26 One more. One more? Okay.
22:29 We got one more? Yeah, we got one more.
22:30 One more fun, fun, fun that's what we like
22:33 to have a lot of fun.
22:35 Are you ready? I am.
22:36 Okay let's do this. And let's do this.
22:38 Here we go. It's one, two, three--
22:45 The camera is now on my big biceps.
22:47 Four. Why not.
22:49 My right bicep is there. Oh, the right side is bigger.
22:51 Yeah, the left is little-- Okay, two more.
22:58 One more keep going. One more it's not bad.
23:01 Here we go. Good job, roll out. Excellent.
23:06 Do you have one arm that's bigger than the other?
23:09 No. Serious?
23:10 Yeah. I'm not gonna have that problem.
23:11 I want just asking this. Yeah, let's go.
23:13 One, two, three,
23:16 four, five, six, seven,
23:20 eight, nine and ten.
23:22 Good job.
23:24 All right, folks, last exercise
23:26 we're gonna do one leg kickbacks.
23:28 This is kind of cool, it's going to be fun.
23:30 Matter of fact let me have one of your 10s
23:32 and let me go down and you take that five.
23:35 All right, let's do five each arm, okay.
23:37 And it's gonna look like this. Nato, coming in here.
23:40 I want to be on one leg okay,
23:44 and actually it's going to be one leg and stand here
23:47 and I'm just gonna kick back.
23:51 Now this leg is actually going to I feel it in this leg
23:57 all way down for my hamstrings.
23:59 My glutes are with my calfs
24:01 and my toes are far increased stability.
24:05 You're gonna try this and if you need you could
24:07 put your back other foot down to stabilize you, okay.
24:12 All right. Which direction?
24:13 Which direction you want to begin?
24:15 I'm going to this way, its fine.
24:16 Okay, now we're gonna try.
24:18 Let's do the first set using our right leg only, okay,
24:23 so we're actually gonna switch arms on it.
24:25 Okay, all right are you ready and you go.
24:28 One, two, three,
24:32 its hard balancing on one leg,
24:34 four like I said if you need to put--
24:36 five, keep your wrist straight six,
24:40 seven, eight,
24:44 nine and ten.
24:47 Switch legs.
24:48 Maybe not the most graceful thing but--
24:50 No, it wasn't.
24:52 It worked though and it's one, two--
24:56 I heard if you hold your earlobe of the other--
24:58 Three, four,
25:02 really, five, six--
25:06 I swear, I have heard that.
25:08 Seven, eight,
25:10 I don't like what you hear stuff in that way.
25:14 Well, it seems to work for me. It's working for you?
25:16 It did, yeah. Balance for you.
25:18 Okay.
25:19 I don't know why may be some pressure pointing there.
25:21 Okay no, no we're gonna keep going. Oh.
25:23 We gonna keep going on these last set.
25:25 We're gonna skip active rest and you guys keep going.
25:27 Okay this time we're gonna switch legs.
25:30 Didn't we do this leg, I think so?
25:33 Here we go, one, two...
25:38 three, four...
25:42 and five, six.
25:46 Okay, it's not working.
25:47 Seven, the ear thing didn't work?
25:49 Not on that leg.
25:50 Eight, nine, one more and ten.
25:54 Switch legs, here we go. You ready?
25:58 One, two, three,
26:04 four and five and six
26:10 and seven and eight,
26:13 one more and nine,
26:14 one more and ten, good job.
26:18 Awesome.
26:19 Hey, you're ready for wellness tip?
26:21 Yeah. You guys ready for wellness tip?
26:22 Let's go and check it out.
26:30 Families are more likely to exercise together
26:33 if workouts are fun.
26:35 For example, set up an obstacle course
26:37 in the backyard and challenge each other.
26:40 Play around of tag, reward yourself
26:42 with a low calorie treat.
26:50 Now that's it folks, a family that exercise
26:53 together lives healthier
26:55 and haves a lot of fun doing it.
26:56 What do you say? I agree. Agree.
26:58 Okay, let's do a just a quick shoulders stretch across.
27:01 And you guys, make sure you're drinking your water
27:04 okay as you're doing our program
27:06 keeps up hydrated.
27:07 Do your stretches, respect your body
27:11 but most of all understand how much God loves you okay,
27:14 that is the key.
27:16 Oh, good to have today. Good to workout.
27:18 Give that dap. Boom, explode up.
27:20 Have you done it on before.
27:23 All right, I'm going to close it out.
27:25 All right, Doctor Ornish stated,
27:27 "Love and intimacy
27:28 have a powerful affect on our health.
27:30 Social support and interaction
27:32 are as powerful in improving health and longevity
27:36 as are not smoking, exercising, and eating healthfully."
27:40 Healthy relationships are gifts
27:42 to keep on giving producing healing
27:45 and wholesome for years to come.
27:47 Become a giver today.
27:49 Hey, this is Casio remind your action
27:51 for keep life and I pray that Lord gives you strength
27:54 and encouragement everyday.
27:55 Bye-bye now.


Revised 2014-12-17