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Participants: Casio Jones (Host), Mindy Issacs, Bradley Hite


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00:01 The following program presents workouts
00:02 you can use to improve your physical fitness.
00:05 Please be sure to consult your physician
00:07 before beginning this or any exercise routine.
00:29 Hi, my name is Casio Jones
00:31 and you're watching Action 4 Life.
00:33 Today's episode we're gonna have a lot of fun.
00:36 We modified the studio, we're gonna do a circuit,
00:39 that's right, you heard it a circuit on the program,
00:41 very first time being done.
00:43 But, first, I want to checkout the segment we did at the park.
00:46 Me and my two sons, Gabriel and Dominique,
00:49 we had family time.
00:51 Let's go and check this out.
01:03 Hey, I'm here at my studio in Rancho Park,
01:05 one of my favorite park
01:06 I like to hangout with the kids.
01:07 And I tell you something,
01:08 its fun being outside with your kids exercise in the park,
01:13 you need to try it.
01:14 What we're gonna do today,
01:15 we're gonna do that something called chase the rabbit
01:17 and with me today is my son, Gabriel.
01:19 Hi, buddy. How are you doing? Good.
01:21 And my son Dominique. How are you doing, buddy?
01:23 You guys ready have some fun today?
01:24 Yeah. Sure.
01:25 Okay, this is how it's gonna workout.
01:26 We're gonna chase, Dom is gonna go first
01:29 because the slough is behind us.
01:30 And you know actual part
01:32 find whatever you want to do at the park.
01:33 Be creative, okay.
01:34 But what we find some poles behind this,
01:36 this poles and we're gonna slide in between the poles.
01:39 Dom is gonna go first and I'm gonna send,
01:41 Dom-- Gabriel after him about two to three space
01:44 and then I'm gonna chase out to Gabriel the same distance.
01:47 The concept of this thing is
01:48 Dom has to run as fast as he can
01:50 without letting Gabriel catch him.
01:52 And then Gabriel has to run as fast as he can
01:54 without having daddy catch him.
01:55 Are you guys ready to do this? Yeah.
01:57 All right, go ahead, Dominique, get ready to do.
01:58 And go, wait and go.
02:02 My turn.
02:06 Come.
02:09 Doesn't excite this. Side step.
02:19 All right, Dominique, go ahead, go.
02:21 Watch your fingers.
03:06 All right, guys, listen,
03:08 if I want to get your park, have fun, be creative.
03:11 Make it a family thing,
03:13 that's what it's all about
03:14 having fun and work as a family.
03:17 You guys have fun? You have fun?
03:19 All right, back in the studio.
03:22 Hey, guys, that was a lot of fun.
03:25 Listen, spend time with your family,
03:27 be aggressive and be creative
03:30 and find ways to interact with your family.
03:32 And remember family time is a good time.
03:35 Family exercise together, family stays together.
03:38 That's my motto, I like that. I like that too.
03:40 All right, first today we have Brad.
03:43 What's up Brad, how are you doing? Good.
03:45 Glad to be here with us. And my good old friend, Mandy.
03:49 Mandy? Mindy.
03:50 Mandy, are you sure, it's Mandy.
03:51 I'll be Mandy, today.
03:52 You've been Mandy, no, I was just joking.
03:53 Her name is Mindy Isaacs.
03:56 And we're gonna do a circuit. And what's a circuit?
03:59 A circuit is a series of exercises
04:01 grouped together nonstop.
04:03 You're gonna go boom, boom, boom, boom, boom.
04:05 We got seven exercises,
04:07 we're gonna do for 30 seconds each
04:09 and let me tell you something.
04:10 We're gonna be tired.
04:12 So, let me explain the exercises first
04:14 before we get started.
04:15 The first one and number one position,
04:17 we're gonna do with holding there some ball
04:19 and do a squat and sit-down a squat position.
04:22 Number two, we're gonna do jumping jacks, okay.
04:25 And number three, we're gonna do a pushups.
04:28 And number four, we're gonna do a jump squat.
04:32 I mean, not jumps squat, jump shot.
04:33 Well, I'm thinking jump shot.
04:35 And number five, we're gonna do rushing kicks,
04:39 and up the side lifting legs
04:40 straight up in front of you, okay.
04:42 Number six, we're gonna do a curl and press,
04:46 using a bicep curl and press.
04:49 And then number seven, it's kind of fun.
04:52 It's gonna be challenging but it is a plank from here
04:56 and it's a rotate, become "T" planks.
05:02 Okay.
05:03 So, what we're gonna do is we set it up
05:05 that we're going beyond spaced out.
05:07 So we're not on each other and once you to figure out
05:10 which one you want to start first,
05:11 you can do it in home, in living room
05:13 and you don't have to move round as much
05:15 you can do right there inside of your little space,
05:17 push backs your couch, push back your coffee table
05:21 and get ready for great workout.
05:23 You guys ready? Ready.
05:24 All right. Ready, Brad?
05:26 All right, I'm gonna start number six
05:27 and we just gonna keep going 30 seconds,
05:29 my crew behind the cameras
05:32 they're gonna show me the clock for me
05:33 and tell me when to switch.
05:35 How is that? Is that good, guys?
05:36 You do that for me?
05:38 All right, cool, all right.
05:39 Let's get as cracking lacking get us started here.
05:42 All right and let's get started and go.
05:52 This is the first time we done this.
05:54 Everybody doing something different.
05:57 I know my camera guys are going crazy back there
05:59 trying to figure out which shot to get next
06:01 but it's fun, I like that.
06:04 All right. All right.
06:08 Five seconds to go.
06:12 Two and one and stop, good. Rotate, here we go.
06:16 Brad, you're gonna go to jumping jacks.
06:18 Mindy, you're going go over to jump shots
06:20 and I'm going to "T" planks.
06:22 Okay, clock starts just give it and go.
06:31 Hi, mom.
06:35 I never said it there mom before.
06:38 How are you doing? It's kind of fun.
06:40 Now with your "T" planks,
06:41 you want to turn your head right into your hand.
06:47 Here we go.
06:49 And five second, folks.
06:53 And stop good job.
06:56 How are you feeling?
06:57 I know, I don't why I was thinking writing this one up.
07:01 Here. Oh, no.
07:03 Okay, okay, I'm gonna go into a squat,
07:06 Brad is gonna do a pushup,
07:08 Mindy is gonna do-- what you got?
07:10 Rushing kicks, yes. All right, let's go to work.
07:14 And go.
07:22 How are you going there, Brad?
07:23 It's good. You're going good.
07:25 Are you feeling this? Yeah.
07:26 You're getting hard there worked up a little bit?
07:29 A little. A little?
07:31 That's what I'm talking about you are a stud muffin.
07:33 Here we go.
07:36 What?
07:40 Five and stop, good job.
07:47 Listen, folks, this is-- it looks easy but its not.
07:51 As a continuous movement your heart is getting workout,
07:54 your muscles are going to workout
07:56 and you totally feel it.
07:57 Okay, two seconds, let's get started and go.
08:26 Four, three, two, one and stop.
08:32 Rotate.
08:33 This is one what I'm doing?
08:34 That was gonna be rushing kicks,
08:35 arm straight out and legs straight up.
08:37 That's right.
08:38 Okay, you guys get ready and get going.
08:39 And let's go.
08:53 I tell you folks, we workout in this show.
08:56 It might look easy but it's not.
09:04 The hardest thing is the pushups,
09:05 catches you, doesn't he?
09:09 Especially when you don't do it among them.
09:10 And excellent, good job, guys.
09:13 Rotate.
09:18 In "T" plank? T plank.
09:20 After. I know.
09:22 And that was bad. That was killer.
09:24 That was bad. Right now we're stalling folks.
09:25 This is how we stall. Yeah, I agree.
09:27 We're stalling right now.
09:29 Okay, let's go.
09:35 That's right, folks, I play through Miami Heat
09:38 and I'm dropping like rain.
09:40 Matter of fact, I'm gonna play basketball tonight.
09:43 There are whole bunch of guys who play basketball up here,
09:45 I'm gonna show them how we do it
09:46 from down South, that's right.
09:48 I'm gonna lay down,
09:49 John Lomachang, if you're around brother,
09:51 you better look out,
09:52 I'm gonna rain it down on you, brother.
09:54 I'm raining down on you. Raining down.
09:57 I got to chase, Casio could do it.
10:00 Good job. Rotate.
10:06 Okay.
10:08 You guys ready, and go.
10:18 Don't push your back, just go right into "T."
10:21 As you push it,
10:22 just rotate on to your other side and that's it.
10:26 Trying to make it little hard. Yeah, you are.
10:29 Don't do that so you stop we got a long way to go.
10:36 Three, two, one and stop. Oh.
10:41 Good job. Water.
10:42 Wow, water. That was cycle.
10:45 That was great. That was good.
10:47 That was one cycle down, all right.
10:50 Can you throw me some water?
10:51 Throw me a water bottle. I need water too.
10:54 All right, you get yours.
10:55 Throw me water. Thank you.
10:58 That's the power of television.
11:02 You ask it and you have it. That's good.
11:06 Thanks, guy.
11:09 It was a good circuit.
11:11 And let do two more times. Three.
11:14 You go hang? Hang.
11:15 This is the thing about circuit
11:17 your first round is challenging.
11:20 Second and third, whoo.
11:25 What was that passage you said in Proverbs 1?
11:27 Eighteen.
11:28 Proverbs 18, we've have to go again.
11:29 Lord, I love you, or Lord, I love thee.
11:32 Yes. You are my strength.
11:33 Oh, boy, we need Him right now.
11:36 We need Him right now. I tell you what?
11:38 I tell you hard workouts
11:40 they can never take God out of hard out
11:42 'cause you need Him, you've been saying prayers.
11:44 Let me tell you, I run half marathons
11:47 after that tenth mile and I'm trying to make a good time.
11:51 I don't even remember the last three
11:53 'cause I'm praying the whole time.
11:55 Please, Lord, don't let me fall.
11:57 Please keep my legs moving. Strength through my legs, yeah.
11:59 Keep me going. Get me to that finished line.
12:01 All right, you guys, ready?
12:04 Break time is over.
12:05 Okay. Hey, hang on.
12:07 This is Hollywood, Hollywood ready.
12:09 Get some water bottle. I like this.
12:12 I'm afraid to throw mine.
12:17 Sorry.
12:19 Listen, guys, this is how we have fun at Action 4 Life.
12:21 You don't know what you're going to get, right.
12:23 You, guys, ready to get started. Go on.
12:25 Let's go three seconds and two and one and go.
12:34 Awesome.
12:36 How you guys feeling with these?
12:37 You feeling these? Feels good.
12:39 All right, I like circuits.
12:42 My clients used to love circuit
12:43 when I bought it in for boot camp day
12:46 enjoyed it 'cause they always got doing different things.
12:49 You're not doing a same old stuff
12:50 and you work it out at different pace.
12:54 Ten seconds, folks.
13:01 Two and one and stop, good job.
13:06 I had to drop that last one.
13:07 Did you? To the knees.
13:09 Okay, hang on well with that. Wow.
13:10 There's no such thing as girl pushup, the modified pushups.
13:14 So you're good, all right.
13:17 All right, folks, you ready to get started and go.
13:39 Ten seconds.
13:45 Four, three, two, one and stop, good job.
13:51 Oh, man, I'm gonna feel this tomorrow.
13:53 Yes, you will. Without a doubt.
13:54 Yes, you will. And if just don't blame me.
13:58 I wouldn't blame you. That's good.
14:00 All right, thank you. Yes, you would.
14:02 Of course. Okay, you guys, ready?
14:05 Ready and catch your breath?
14:06 I'm good. Okay, let's go and begin.
14:25 That's right, folks, we are working
14:28 and you could feel this.
14:30 That's a hard.
14:35 Five, four, three, two,
14:39 one and stop.
14:43 Listen, we have one more to go.
14:47 I tell you, hope you guys are feeling this at home
14:49 because we are-- this is kind of fun.
14:52 You know, people on a set working out with buddy.
14:55 Hi, buddy. Hi, buddy.
14:57 Hi, buddy. Having fun.
15:00 Look, bring your kids in on this with you,
15:02 have fun with your family, that's what we're talking.
15:04 Well, this is good family time, family workout.
15:06 Okay, you guys, ready to go? Ready.
15:09 And begin.
15:16 Now I'm modifying jumping jacks, outer side.
15:22 Modified outer side, step out to the side.
15:24 To go just keep yourself moving for 30 seconds.
15:29 Ten seconds.
15:34 Four, three, two, one and stop, good job.
15:41 Good job, Brad. How are you feeling?
15:43 Little windy, huh? Just a little bit.
15:45 That's catches up, catches up. All right.
15:49 Good. Yes, I'm just--
15:51 You guys, get it home. Okay. All right.
15:54 Let's go five seconds, let me get started.
15:57 Two, one and go.
16:11 Now I'm doing my pushups,
16:13 arms gonna straight towards my back,
16:15 back is nice and straight.
16:16 Use your position.
16:20 Nice.
16:24 Five, four, two, one and stop.
16:30 Good job.
16:34 That's nice, folks, we are breathing hard, we apologize.
16:37 You can hear a lot of wind, lot of breathing.
16:40 Here we're working. We are working.
16:42 We are working.
16:43 All right, here we go. This is my favorite part.
16:46 I get to bring the rain down.
16:49 I'm John Lomachang, here we go.
16:52 He's gonna get me back I know he is.
16:55 He'll wait till tonight. I know, right.
16:57 He's gonna-- don't call me and go.
17:02 That's right.
17:05 That's how we do it from down itself.
17:07 Dropping the rain, dropping the rain.
17:11 Hey, if I was a kid, I should double like this.
17:16 I'm just joking, here we go.
17:25 Five more, two and one. Good job.
17:31 Good job, Brad. You're doing great, buddy.
17:35 One more guys, let me dump the circuit.
17:38 One more. All right.
17:40 You're ready? Yeah.
17:42 Brad, you have the "T" planks, yeah.
17:44 Yep, "T" planks. Here we go.
17:46 Just do it there. Two seconds and begin.
18:13 Six seconds, five, four, three, two, one, good job.
18:24 I don't know about you all, I'm feeling this one.
18:26 All right, water time.
18:29 I like this, Hollywood.
18:33 Ask it. And it comes.
18:36 This is great.
18:39 This is important, folks, drinking water,
18:42 stay hydrated listen to your body.
18:44 Hey, guys, listen,
18:46 if you want to see all the new stuff
18:47 we have on this program,
18:50 check us at online that's
18:55 or you can like us on Facebook.
18:57 Just put it in search for Action4life
19:01 and hit the like button
19:03 and you get to get some cool information
19:05 and get some great tips, videos, fun stuff.
19:10 Yeah, it's fun stuff.
19:11 Yeah, fun stuff. Fun stuff.
19:13 And if you really feel like up to it,
19:15 hey, email me ask your question, do something
19:19 and you can check this out what was that?
19:24 This is our email address it comes right to me.
19:26 You have any questions,
19:28 you feel like inviting to your church,
19:29 do that as well, we're glad to come out
19:31 and take the ministry right to you.
19:33 How are you guys, doing? You guys, ready?
19:35 All right. Here we go.
19:41 He makes sure he gets it. All right, good job.
19:44 This is awesome.
19:45 All right, guys, we have one more cycle to go.
19:48 I know everybody here is ready to get it over with.
19:50 I know what we're thinking point just together.
19:52 It looks easy on paper, trust me.
19:54 And look easy on paper, but it gets you,
19:57 there's nothing like working a whole entire body.
19:59 All right. And you feel it.
20:00 With little rest. With little rest.
20:02 I know we're talking and stalling
20:03 but just not enough rest.
20:05 I'm like sitting down.
20:07 All right, you guys ready?
20:09 We get started. Ready.
20:10 I just do a few more seconds,
20:11 here we are go and three, two, one and begin.
20:23 Hello, Neto, come on in here.
20:27 That's right. Clean and press.
20:29 Guys, we are really working out look at my sweat.
20:32 This is not play, this is real. This is real workout.
20:37 This is how we do it in Action 4 Life.
20:39 We have fun but we work and it's all about
20:42 taking care of God has blessed us with and stop.
20:46 And rotate.
20:51 I know right?
20:55 All right, for solid people at home they are thinking
20:58 that what type of trainers are you?
21:00 And go. Go.
21:07 Now when I'm doing these T's, I'm turning my head
21:10 and looking toward my thumb and my first finger.
21:13 I get on this side turn in my head and look.
21:15 This plays to emphasis on the rotation on oblique's.
21:20 Ten more seconds. Okay.
21:25 Five, four, three, two and one.
21:35 I know, you couldn't see that. What?
21:37 The countdown. All right, you, Brad?
21:39 I was helping you out there. Your partner.
21:41 You can't do those things.
21:43 I know right? When you're a big old fan.
21:46 And that's what good for you. It is, actually--
21:48 This is kind of ugly though.
21:49 No, it actually it's--
21:52 it is you're right, it helps eliminate.
21:54 And do you know why your body sweats?
21:56 You know, why your body sweats?
21:57 Your body sweats in attempt to try to cool itself.
21:59 So the sweat and evaporation
22:02 of them sweat off your body cools your body.
22:05 Awesome. Yeah.
22:07 Hey, you didn't know that didn't you? I didn't.
22:09 And let's go.
22:14 See, I just told a wellness tip.
22:18 I didn't know that.
22:39 Five, good job.
22:51 How are you feeling?
22:52 It's good. Glad it's almost over.
22:55 And that's for real? Happy, happy, happy.
22:57 Happy, happy, joy, joy and let's go.
23:14 We are working, folks, real time. Modify.
23:22 Normal.
23:26 Three, two, one and stop. Good job, folks.
23:32 Brad, you are doing good, buddy.
23:34 You're doing great. Everybody is doing great.
23:38 No rest, don't worry, okay.
23:41 Let's check it down three seconds, two and begin.
24:11 Three, two and one, good job.
24:18 Two more to go, guys. Two more to go.
24:22 How are you feeling?
24:25 You got this. All right, three seconds.
24:28 Two, one and go.
24:34 Feel like I'm doing free throws now,
24:36 I'm not even jumping high anymore.
24:41 You get tired.
24:43 You didn't get a whole lot of break.
24:44 Listen, folks, listen to your body.
24:47 If your body tells you need to break, take a break.
24:53 Good. Dropping the rain.
24:56 John Lomachang, look out here we come and stop.
25:00 Good job.
25:02 Now to be honest, folks,
25:04 John could play some basketball,
25:05 his brother could sing, his brother could preach.
25:08 We have to play some basketball so
25:10 I'm talking a lot of nonsense right now
25:11 but I'm 5 foot, 5'10", he is what 6, 6'3".
25:17 Oh, with his heel make him 6'5".
25:22 I'm gonna get it.
25:24 All right, here we go. And three, two, one, begin.
25:32 Listen, if you can't have fun with your friends,
25:35 I don't know what you could do.
25:37 I'm just afraid you see how he's gonna get me back.
25:48 That's right going with the whole stretch.
25:50 Ten to go, guys, we got this.
25:55 Three, two, one and stop.
25:59 Wow, good job. That rocked.
26:02 That's intense, good job. Brad, good job, buddy.
26:05 Great job, great job.
26:07 Guys, how are you feeling at home?
26:08 I tell you what, it was a great workout.
26:11 Hey, speaking of great,
26:13 let's go and checkout this wellness tip, come on.
26:21 Stay within recommended body ranges.
26:24 Women gaining 20 to 25 pounds above
26:28 are at risk of heart attacks.
26:30 To reduce this risk,
26:31 avoid gaining more than 15 pounds after age 18.
26:42 All right, guys, that was a great wellness tip.
26:44 You guys, ready to cool down? Yes, sir.
26:46 You, ready to cool down? All right, let's do it first.
26:48 Take it straight down
26:49 that's a stretch out stretch your hamstrings.
26:52 And if you can't walk to the ground if always you can.
26:56 Oh, yeah, I can really touch.
26:59 So I went down. I can go like this.
27:02 Oh, that's not fair.
27:04 Okay, just take all the way up to the top
27:06 get a good stretch
27:10 and back down again my legs little wide distance
27:12 so we go down and back down again.
27:15 All right, that's totally belly touch.
27:17 I need to stretch more. You do.
27:19 Oh, gosh, okay. Now I back up.
27:23 Okay, Mindy, nice for having you.
27:25 Thank you.
27:26 I appreciate, Brad, good job today.
27:28 You guys stick around I'll close this out.
27:30 Okay, how you think will effect your health,
27:33 follow these simple tips.
27:35 Watch your thoughts, they become your words.
27:38 Watch your words, they become your action.
27:40 Watch your action, they become your habit.
27:43 Watch your habit, they become your character.
27:46 And watch your character, they become your legacy.
27:50 This is truth.
27:51 This is Casio, reminding you
27:52 to take action to keep for life.
27:53 And it's my prayer that the Lord give you strength
27:55 and encouragement to take action everyday.
27:57 God bless, thank you for watching.
28:00 I see you next time, bye-bye.
28:01 And keep flexing those faith muscles.


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