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Participants: Casio Jones (Host), Mindy Isaacs


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00:01 The following program presents workouts
00:02 you can use to improve your physical fitness.
00:05 Please be sure to consult your physician
00:07 before beginning this or any exercise routine.
00:30 Hi, my name is Casio Jones
00:32 and you're watching Action 4 Life.
00:33 On today's episode
00:35 we're gonna have a great workout.
00:37 All you need is an exercise ball
00:39 and you might want a set of dumbbells.
00:41 But first let's check out the segment
00:43 we shot at AirHeads.
00:44 This is an indoor Trampoline Arena.
00:48 You got to have fun, burn calories
00:50 and we got to interview with the owner.
00:52 He's gonna tell us all about
00:53 how he actually changes his community.
01:08 We're at AirHeads in Largo, Florida.
01:10 This is an indoor trampoline arena.
01:12 And let me tell you something,
01:13 there's a trampoline everywhere inside.
01:15 We'll go inside, we'll go and talk to the CEO
01:18 and he's going to tell us about the benefit of his company,
01:20 how he's helping people lose weight,
01:22 gain better shape
01:24 and kids and adults are having fun together.
01:38 Dean, how are you doing, brother?
01:40 Awesome. Awesome.
01:41 Dean, how long you've been CEO of AirHeads?
01:43 I've been CEO here for about eight months.
01:45 Eight months and have you seen a huge difference
01:48 since you came onboard.
01:49 I mean, well, not just that
01:50 I mean like what brought you here?
01:52 Well, I purpose--
01:53 I didn't think it was a great concept
01:54 but then I took my kids by accident one day
01:57 and they'd the best time and then I noticed that
02:00 they won't play an Xbox and they were exercising.
02:02 We've a bunch of kids.
02:03 So you're telling me you work for a company
02:06 that you get the help promote to the community
02:08 to help kids get away from the videogames
02:10 and getting more active?
02:11 Oh, actively. Actively.
02:12 Absolutely.
02:13 Are you seeing parents just bringing the kids
02:15 and just saying "I want my kids
02:16 be more active as that?"
02:17 Well, I think I've shared with so many people
02:19 our biggest competitor's Xbox.
02:20 So when I asked a question
02:22 I always go chunky from other thing
02:23 but its Xbox because the kids spends
02:25 22 hours a week statistically on it now.
02:28 So if I can get them off
02:29 over just two or three hours
02:30 to come in and have a great time
02:32 it makes everybody happy.
02:33 Now you just-- not just help but the health benefits
02:35 are so called child obese everything we have here.
02:37 Okay, I see kids but also see adults here.
02:40 I mean you're actually changing people
02:42 who are older than 14.
02:45 You're gonna-- grown adult exercise and having fun.
02:48 Well, I'm a 61-year-old man.
02:50 So being 61 what I've done is I've looked into it
02:53 and I by accident found
02:54 that it's a huge impact physically.
02:56 Now it's low impact-- Low impact.
02:58 I mean, it's basically how you want as a trampoline?
03:01 When I say the impact I mean results.
03:02 Results.
03:03 Not impact like with the workout.
03:05 Now the thing the trampoline
03:07 is it creates unstable environment
03:08 and I remember you telling before that
03:10 it works your whole entire body.
03:12 Right.
03:13 I mean studies are showing they rebound
03:15 and havocs just to your lymphatic symptom,
03:17 on the symptom and how it just
03:19 helps your body be in overall condition.
03:22 And you've actually told me personally
03:23 that happened to you.
03:24 Yeah, I mean I went out
03:25 and by accident found that
03:26 standing on the trampoline then did a half-mile walking.
03:29 Just on the trampoline.
03:30 Just walking at the slow pace
03:32 and got my heart rate up to 70% for 17 of the lapse.
03:39 And you felt it?
03:40 I felt it but I wasn't ended.
03:41 That's when it came to me
03:43 that this is something different.
03:44 Well, aerobically not as instance
03:46 but basically the man on the body burns calories
03:50 and actually it's going to elevate
03:51 your metabolism for a period of time
03:52 because your muscles streamlining.
03:54 You're small stabilizing muscle
03:55 has been stabilized to keep your balance
03:57 on its unstable environment.
03:58 All the way that the next morning
03:59 I woke up with soreness here--
04:00 In your arms. Here, here, here.
04:02 Here's a newer thought and you're coming to fact
04:04 that those all will stabilize your muscles.
04:05 Right.
04:06 Well, this is awesome. I am so happy to see that.
04:08 Now you guys are expanding
04:09 in an open place allover United States.
04:11 We've three open right now in the Central Florida area
04:13 but we've 15 in the queue for this year
04:16 and by the year 2015 we want to have 50 open
04:19 and our investors are looking that.
04:20 Well, that's awesome.
04:21 Well, Dean, thank you very much.
04:22 Thank you.
04:23 We love to come and see your humble establishment.
04:24 And guys, I tell you what checkout of AirHeads
04:26 in your area, look for its coming,
04:29 you can have a great workout
04:30 and I guarantee you'll get results.
04:32 Back to back in the studio.
04:35 Wow, jumping a whole arena with trampolines.
04:39 Oh, my goodness I was losing my mind.
04:41 I thought like such a kid.
04:42 And I just want to hangover with all of those kids
04:44 and just play, play, play.
04:46 Folks, I'm ready to have some fun today.
04:49 Are you guys are ready to have some fun?
04:50 Okay, with me today we've our special guest
04:53 her name is Zion Hamilton.
04:55 Zion, how are you doing? I am good.
04:57 You're ready to have some fun today? Yeah.
04:58 Okay, like I said folks,
05:00 all we're gonna have to do today,
05:01 we're gonna have just using exercise ball.
05:03 Your exercise ball and of course your dumbbells
05:05 and we're gonna use our body.
05:06 And we're gonna teach you how to use the exercise ball
05:08 properly in case you forgot how to do it.
05:09 Okay, Zion, I want you just take this exercise ball
05:12 and I want you sit right here on exercise ball.
05:15 Okay, and I want you to roll out
05:17 just show people how to demonstrate the roll out.
05:19 Get right there head down the ball,
05:21 lift your glutes up,
05:23 feet 90 degrees bring your feed back right there.
05:25 Good, excellent.
05:27 Neto come on in here a second, Neto.
05:29 I want people to see this proper forming technique
05:31 on this, this is so important.
05:32 Let me stand out the way I'll on this side.
05:34 Okay, you see how she in position on the ball
05:36 slide forward just little bit more on the ball,
05:38 right there perfect.
05:40 Her head is on the ball
05:41 we need to position on the ball.
05:42 Her feet, her body is now becoming the bench, okay.
05:47 We're going to do a lot of exercise from this--
05:49 from this position okay.
05:50 Now I want you roll back up,
05:51 reverse and sit back on the top of the ball.
05:53 Keep pushing, pushing, push with your legs,
05:54 okay and roll back out again.
05:56 I have this-- people do this exercise--
05:58 stop right there perfect.
05:59 So they could get comfortable on the ball.
06:01 And that's the thing
06:02 the ball is unstable environment
06:04 you have to learn to be comfortable on the ball
06:06 and the only way that's gonna happen,
06:08 you have to get on it.
06:09 As I said "you have to get on it."
06:11 So if you needed your transition back and forth
06:13 you need to put your hands on the ground, that's okay.
06:16 Put your hands on the ground
06:17 if you need to support yourself.
06:18 Okay, now from this position you're ready to have some fun?
06:21 What we're going to do is called the Russian twist, okay.
06:24 Put your arms straight up and what's your gonna do is,
06:27 just show that way so Neto could see this.
06:29 You're gonna dip your shoulder in
06:30 and rotate the ball, come back to position
06:34 transfer to other side and rotate.
06:36 And what she's doing is, she's dip in the ball
06:38 her shoulder into the ball just turn it
06:40 which works her obliques.
06:41 Go to the other side.
06:44 Excellent, good job, here we go.
06:45 Let's have some together, let's do five each side,
06:48 what do you say?
06:49 Yeah. Okay, all right.
06:50 Let me get in position.
06:53 All right, let's go to work.
06:56 Let's go to the right first okay, ready and go.
06:59 This is one...
07:03 two...
07:07 three very nice.
07:11 Don't fall-- four.
07:13 I know you got to control your tempo
07:17 and five, excellent good job.
07:22 Not bad.
07:23 Now did you feel that
07:24 unshaken little steady for a second there?
07:26 Yeah.
07:28 Yeah and that's normal your body
07:29 as you start going the momentum,
07:31 build the momentum sometime it's like
07:34 a snowball its hard to stop it
07:36 but your obliques stay in control,
07:38 control when you're go to the side,
07:40 come back to the center
07:41 then go back the other side and control it.
07:43 It's the best part of these exercises.
07:45 It's just you involve. Yeah.
07:46 Okay, all right let's go for active rest now, folks.
07:49 We're gonna do a jumping jack. Are you ready?
07:50 Let's do ten okay, here we go.
07:52 One, two, three, four,
07:55 five, six, seven, eight,
07:59 arm straight, nine and ten.
08:01 Good job, all right back down again.
08:05 All right, once again sit on the ball
08:07 from position here and we're gonna roll out
08:10 and get in position.
08:12 All right, and it's rotate to right first.
08:13 Here we go, this is one.
08:15 Dip the shoulder in and rotate.
08:19 Two--
08:22 are you falling off your ball?
08:25 Slow down.
08:27 That's okay, get back on the ball
08:29 and roll back in position again.
08:30 Good, right there slow and rotate go, nice.
08:38 And one more.
08:43 Excellent good job.
08:47 Listen, folks, you can never make a mistake
08:51 when you come to exercising.
08:52 You'll always learn.
08:54 Your body always response
08:56 and your body is learning all the time
08:57 and you're learning all the time.
08:58 And it makes it fun especially
09:00 when your partner falls off you really want to laugh.
09:02 I don't want to laugh.
09:03 I don't want to embarrass her too much.
09:04 Okay, let's do jumping jack, here we go.
09:06 And one, two, three, four,
09:11 five, six, seven, eight,
09:15 nine and ten, beautiful.
09:17 Last set.
09:20 All right, now at home,
09:23 do you think she can actually do
09:24 a whole set without falling off.
09:26 I believe she can't, what do you think? Yeah.
09:29 Okay, I just through it out there to see
09:31 if you got it, okay.
09:35 All right, through right first here we go
09:37 dip that shoulder in and rotate.
09:43 Nice, control, control it, control it.
09:47 Don't let it snapback that you control it back,
09:49 you unwind and you're unwind.
09:54 Nice and control.
09:56 You get too fast you lose control.
10:00 And good job, excellent, you did it.
10:04 Yeah.
10:05 See I knew you could.
10:07 Here we go and jumping jack, let's go.
10:09 One, two, three, four,
10:13 five, six, seven, eight,
10:17 nine and ten.
10:19 Good job, high five.
10:21 Need some water?
10:24 Listen, folks, hydration is the key,
10:26 drink, drink, drink as much as you can.
10:29 And people who study has said
10:30 if you want to really maximize the potential of water
10:35 that your body needs try to drink
10:37 .5 your body weight in ounces of water.
10:41 That sounds like a lot of water.
10:42 But if you're not going, you're not consuming enough.
10:45 That's really cool, I don't know
10:47 if can use that now and then.
10:50 All right, so no one spill.
10:53 Okay, here we go.
10:54 Our next exercise, we're gonna do a chest fly.
10:58 Go ahead and grab your dumbbells.
11:01 Okay, good come on up,
11:03 grab your dumbbells sit on the top of the ball
11:05 and just roll back out.
11:07 Keep, going, keep going little further,
11:09 till your head is on the center of the ball,
11:10 little further more, little more,
11:11 right there excellent.
11:12 Now if you see here
11:14 she is in that natural position,
11:16 her body is the bench.
11:17 Okay, from this position here put your hands straight up
11:20 right here and want to come out to the side.
11:23 Keep your elbows slight--
11:24 you can bend your elbows slightly right there.
11:25 Now this angle here, she has bent angle.
11:28 Keep the angle still there do not open or close the angel.
11:32 We're gonna come down here and back up,
11:37 okay.
11:39 You're doing a great job, it's all you.
11:42 Over your chest, bring your dumbbell over your chest.
11:45 Nice, okay, let it go and that you have it,
11:50 don't come backwards straight back this way,
11:52 nice and push good job.
11:54 I'm gonna join you now.
11:56 Ready stay right there
11:57 and you can keep going if you want.
11:58 I'm gonna knock out 10, okay.
12:02 Nice, here we go.
12:06 Here we go and make that two,
12:08 here we go make easy for you, all right.
12:10 Three and four...
12:15 and five and six,
12:19 with this exercise you want to push
12:20 your heels into the ground
12:22 so you're lifting your glutes off
12:24 and keep your body high engaging your core
12:27 and engaging everything.
12:30 And excellent, good job, awesome.
12:35 All right active rest time, you're ready? Yeah.
12:39 All right, Zion, let's do jump rope.
12:42 I love jump rope.
12:43 You guys, ready? Let's do 10.
12:44 One, two, three, four,
12:48 five, six, seven, eight,
12:52 nine and ten, excellent, good job, high five.
12:56 But that wasn't high five it was knuckles.
12:58 Okay, back out again get your dumbbells
13:02 and your ball, okay, ready?
13:06 Yeah.
13:07 Let's go and roll it out
13:09 into position here and let's go to work.
13:12 And Neto, come in and you can see me.
13:14 I'm gonna do straight arm mine is going to be straight
13:17 and it's gonna come straight out.
13:19 Now it place little more emphasis on my shoulders
13:23 and it's a different way of hitting the chest okay,
13:26 but you don't want to use heavy weight
13:28 when you're doing it this way.
13:36 And this is seven...
13:39 eight...
13:42 nine, very good Zion, and one more and ten, good job.
13:52 Jump rope time here we go.
13:54 One, two, three, four,
13:58 five, six, seven, eight,
14:02 nine and ten.
14:05 So, Zion, tell me little bit
14:07 how about what do you like to do
14:09 as you're a kid we want to see that?
14:13 How old are you? I'm 13.
14:14 Thirteen, hey, that's a good age.
14:16 You're starting to be at that age
14:18 where you're able to start
14:19 making some decisions,
14:21 you're doing things when your parents not around.
14:23 No.
14:24 Well, I mean, what I'm saying is,
14:25 is that at that age you're--
14:28 you could make some--
14:29 your parents taught you
14:31 but you could make choices when they are not looking.
14:34 Sure. Okay and so--
14:36 I mean, do you find yourself
14:38 being very active as active young child
14:41 or you find, yourself playing lot of videogames
14:43 or what do you like to do?
14:45 Well, I like to write and--
14:49 me and my sister take our dog running
14:51 and when we go usually in morning everyday.
14:54 And definitely when we want to feed him entree
14:56 we take him out when we usually go
14:58 around our block twice then we go for--
15:00 That is awesome.
15:01 You see, what she's doing
15:02 is actually spending time with her sister
15:04 and she's actually spending time with the dog
15:06 and it's a double whammy.
15:08 She is actually having fun--
15:10 and she is running with her dog and they do a mile.
15:13 You do about a mile everyday? Yeah.
15:14 Oh, that's great, that is awesome.
15:16 That's a very good testimony.
15:17 For you kids put the videogames down,
15:20 take your dog and go for a mile run.
15:22 And you know it's funny,
15:23 the average person cannot run a mile.
15:26 I'm telling you so keep it up, keep doing that.
15:28 So you could help change the status.
15:30 All right, folks, we've got our next exercise,
15:33 we're gonna do a call a ball step out.
15:35 This is kind of fun.
15:37 It works your hamstrings, your lower back,
15:39 and it's kind of balance exercise
15:41 at the same time.
15:42 Go ahead and grab your ball.
15:44 Go and have a seat
15:46 and we go roll back onto our normal position again.
15:49 A plank position right there, excellent
15:51 and from this time lift your glutes up
15:54 and what I want you do is emphasize
15:56 place your heels into the ground.
15:58 As you push your heels into ground,
16:00 this is gonna lift up here.
16:02 And I want you to stay
16:03 in that position high as you can.
16:04 Okay, how is that feel?
16:06 Okay, actually I want you to go forward.
16:07 Just little further take a step further little more
16:10 so your head is relaxing
16:11 on the top of the ball right there, good.
16:13 Now perfect right there.
16:14 Now from this position I want you to step
16:17 your whole leg out towards me,
16:19 lift it up and step it out and bring a back in, good.
16:22 A do the other leg lift it up step it out back in good.
16:26 Neto, stay here on this side.
16:27 So keep going do it again.
16:30 Lift up, stay up high, lift your glutes up,
16:33 push up stay up high and the other side, good job.
16:36 One more time, now this side, good job, excellent, good job.
16:40 Roll back on the top of the ball.
16:43 Now, Zion, I want you to do this time,
16:44 I want just to
16:45 we're gonna do it opposite each other.
16:46 I'm gonna face this way
16:47 and I want you to face that way
16:48 and you roll out and do it okay.
16:49 Are you ready?
16:51 We're going to do-- let's do five each leg.
16:54 All right. Okay and stay up high, okay.
16:58 We're up position and we're gonna step over
17:00 the right foot first here we go.
17:01 That's one, two and three,
17:07 and four, and five, are you feeling these?
17:10 Yeah.
17:11 And six, this is the hard exercise, folks.
17:13 Seven and eight and nine,
17:18 come right back and lift and ten, and lift.
17:21 Good, roll back up into the ball, good job.
17:26 All right, and active rest
17:28 that everybody could do some fun.
17:31 All right, you're here to do this, to twist.
17:35 You know how to twist? Like this.
17:36 Okay but this time seem people twist like this.
17:38 Yeah.
17:39 Okay, but I want to get aggressive twist
17:41 on that the side and really throw it.
17:44 Okay.
17:46 All right. Yeah.
17:47 Okay and we're yeah, let's go.
17:55 Three more, one, two and three, excellent.
18:00 How was that? All right, back down again.
18:03 Back to step outs. All right, let's go.
18:09 And lift up and step out here we go.
18:10 One and lift and two and lift
18:17 and three and four
18:24 and five
18:27 and six and seven,
18:32 oh, this works your lower back
18:33 and eight and nine
18:39 and ten, good job.
18:43 Wow, now for those you at home
18:46 who work in a desk
18:48 you find time your back will be weak,
18:50 this is an exercise
18:52 that is really, really help with your posture.
18:55 Hope you have the ability to stay up right.
18:57 It's seems strange but actually to be in that position,
19:00 your hamstrings, your glutes and your back are firing.
19:03 And trust me you feel it, don't you?
19:05 Yeah. Oh, yeah.
19:06 Okay, let's go back to our twist again
19:08 okay, are you ready and go.
19:10 One, two, three, four, five,
19:16 six, seven, eight, nine, ten, good job.
19:22 How are you feeling? Good.
19:23 I tell you folks, exercising at any age
19:28 I don't care if you're 92 years old,
19:30 I don't care if you're four, five, or six years old
19:34 you have a huge span of life
19:36 that you could be active and we wants to be active.
19:39 Okay, that is the key.
19:41 Okay, God loves you, I love you
19:44 and now I have a met here, I love you
19:46 but I want you to be active and have fun.
19:49 And if you're not having a fun we're doing something wrong.
19:52 Okay, are you ready?
19:53 Okay, let's do that our third set.
19:58 All right, ready? Let's do this.
20:03 Up position and step out, here we go.
20:05 One, two, three, four
20:11 and five and six and seven and eight
20:17 and nine and ten.
20:19 Beautiful. Good job.
20:26 All right, twist here we go and one, two, three, four,
20:32 five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.
20:38 Beautiful. Water.
20:42 That's nice folks, listen,
20:44 listen to your body at all time.
20:46 If you're body's telling you to take a break.
20:49 If you're going a tempo is little too fast for you
20:50 and you have a hard time to keep up
20:52 do what you can.
20:53 The most important thing we want you to understand
20:55 and realize, stay in your lane, stay in your zone
20:58 don't hurt yourself do your best, okay.
21:04 So I like that.
21:05 Okay, our final exercise that we have
21:08 is gonna be a ball incline curl.
21:10 Ball inclined curl? That's right.
21:12 We're gonna do a curl
21:13 using the ball in the inclined position.
21:15 Okay, grab your dumbbell, I mean your ball, sorry.
21:19 Okay, hey Neto, can you come in
21:21 and see this for me, please?
21:23 Okay, what's different about this one,
21:25 she's gonna roll out on our position
21:28 stop right there and I want you drop
21:31 your glutes down to the ground right there
21:33 and she's gonna now put herself as a incline bench.
21:36 She is an incline bench.
21:37 So you're gonna have a hands set here to the side,
21:39 put your feet forward just little bit more,
21:41 good and slide back up just little bit
21:44 and drop your glutes down.
21:45 Lift your head up and drop your glutes down like this.
21:47 So I want your hands touch the ground, okay.
21:50 Slide up a little bit more.
21:51 There you go right there
21:52 now you have a room for your dumbbells.
21:54 And from here we're just gonna curl up, okay.
21:57 So here's your dumbbell on that side,
21:59 dumbbell on this side,
22:00 okay arm straight down and curl up, nice.
22:06 So we're curl in the incline with--
22:07 at a inclined position there's more stress
22:10 on the bicep for your full extension
22:12 and for longer range.
22:13 And you're gonna curl up that what she's doing.
22:17 How is that feel? Good, you're feeling this?
22:19 Yeah. Okay, all right.
22:21 As you know in my show
22:22 they don't count until I get started.
22:25 So you just-- you could stop right there.
22:27 All right. Okay, all right here we go.
22:31 Get in the position and let's knock out 10.
22:32 Here we go.
22:33 This is one, two and three
22:41 and four and five
22:46 and six and seven and eight
22:52 and if you feel you could hit the ground
22:54 nine, slide yourself up little bit more
22:56 and ten, good job.
23:02 It's amazing folks,
23:03 what you could do with the exercise ball
23:05 and you can find these at very of your department store,
23:08 it's very inexpensive and a great way
23:10 to have a great workout.
23:12 Do you know what?
23:14 Let's do jog in place, okay, here we go.
23:16 One, two, three, four,
23:20 five, six, seven, eight,
23:23 nine and ten.
23:25 Beautiful, all right set number two.
23:33 And roll back out. You got dumbbells?
23:35 You gonna need those here we go.
23:36 Yeah.
23:38 And go just knocking out here we go, this one, two,
23:45 work those biceps-- three and four
23:50 and five and six
23:55 and seven and eight
24:01 and nine and one more and ten, beautiful.
24:10 All right, jog in place here we go.
24:13 One, two, three, four,
24:16 five, six, seven, eight, nine
24:20 and ten, good job, all right.
24:23 Third set, best set, last set.
24:25 Yeah.
24:26 So we're talking about,
24:29 let's go and do this here we go.
24:31 In position stay down and curl.
24:33 And one and two
24:38 and three and four
24:43 and five and six
24:47 and seven, nice in control and eight.
24:51 Remember you control the weight nine,
24:53 the weight does never control you and ten, beautiful.
25:00 All right, jog in place here we go.
25:02 And one, two,
25:05 three going to lose fat.
25:07 Four this is different tempo,
25:09 five and six
25:12 and seven and eight make you work harder, folks,
25:15 nine and ten, good job, excellent.
25:20 How are you feeling a little winded?
25:22 No.
25:23 Oh, see every time she's tell me up again,
25:26 all right Casio, my goodness you too huh,
25:29 for my 30 year old I get no respect in my show.
25:32 What's going on?
25:33 You know I like that fun,
25:34 anyhow, are you ready for wellness tip?
25:36 Yeah.
25:37 You guys ready for wellness tip?
25:38 Let's go and check one out.
25:44 Press your tongue against the roof
25:45 of your mouth wall doing crunches.
25:47 This prevents using your neck muscles to jerk yourself up.
25:51 Focus your eyes on the ceiling
25:53 this further isolates your stomach muscles.
25:59 I'll tell you folks, that is a great tip.
26:01 Lot of my clients will say "it hurts-- my neck hurts
26:04 when I'm doing a crunch."
26:06 But sticking up there relax those muscles
26:09 that's amazing how the body works.
26:11 Okay, guys, we're gonna do a cool down.
26:13 Let's grab our ball and have sit on the ball okay,
26:18 I want you push this still something here
26:20 is put both feet forward, okay, toes back towards you
26:23 I mean it's gonna reach forward.
26:25 That's gonna force stress on the hamstrings.
26:27 I can feel those.
26:28 You can feel those when we get our step out.
26:30 You feeling those? Yes.
26:32 Oh, yeah, I know right, it's amazing.
26:37 Okay, back up position here.
26:39 Okay, put your arms behind your head
26:41 and bring your elbows back
26:42 chest forward you can stress our chest muscles.
26:49 Excellent, arms straight out to the side
26:51 like you're on a cross bend your wrist back,
26:54 lean forward just a little bit
26:55 and feel a stretch in our biceps.
27:01 Nice, now watch this one.
27:02 You now put one hand here and we're gonna turn and lift,
27:05 it's gonna stretch our obliques
27:09 and our back good,
27:10 turn the other side, stretch and turn obliques.
27:15 Zion, it's been fun having you today.
27:19 You did a great job. I'm gonna close this out.
27:21 Are you ready? I'm ready too.
27:25 We are all called to the line of ministry,
27:27 some verse so distracted about life issues
27:30 we are unaware of our purpose of life.
27:33 When we decide to place Christ first in our lives
27:35 our purpose and a clear picture
27:37 of our ministry will been revealed.
27:39 Trust Him, and seek Him first
27:42 and desires will be better than you could imagine.
27:44 Hey, this is Casio, remind you
27:46 to take action everyday and action is the key for life.
27:50 It's my prayer that the Lord give you strength
27:52 and encouragement to do that everyday.
27:54 God bless, thank you for watching.
27:56 I see you next time keep flexing your faith muscles.
27:59 Bye-bye now.


Revised 2014-12-17