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Participants: Casio Jones (Host), Zion Judea Hamilton


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00:01 The following program presents workouts
00:02 you can use to improve your physical fitness.
00:05 Please be sure to consult your physician
00:07 before beginning this or any exercise routine.
00:29 Hi, my name is Casio Jones
00:31 and you're watching Action 4 Life.
00:33 On today's episode all you need
00:35 is a pair of dumbbells and yourself.
00:38 But first let's check out the segment
00:39 we did at Florida Hospitals in Zephyrhills.
00:42 We're gonna learn about AV node ablation.
00:45 This is a cool technique
00:47 what they do to help with your heart.
00:49 Let's go and check this out.
01:01 We're at Florida Hospitals, Zephyrhills,
01:03 and we're inside the Cath lab department.
01:05 And we're gonna talk to Dr. Nadeem Khan
01:08 and he is gonna walk us through an AV node ablation procedure.
01:23 So it is a branch of cardiology
01:25 that deals with electrical problems of the heart.
01:27 And it's called electrophysiology.
01:30 Basically, you know,
01:32 for people with slow heart rates we can do pacemakers
01:35 and for people with fast heart rates, we do defibrillators
01:39 and also what we do is ablation procedure.
01:57 What you saw today was an AV node ablation
02:02 which I reserve as a last resort
02:03 for some patients like hers.
02:05 But lot of my patients
02:08 are pretty much cured of their condition
02:11 and I may know for example
02:13 supraventricular tachycardia has a 90% success rate.
02:16 They do not have to keep taking medications.
02:18 You know medications are not without their own side effects
02:21 so it would be good for them to get ablation
02:26 so that they can go on with life.
02:28 And you know they,
02:29 you know, there's a very few things in medicine
02:32 that we can actually cure and this is one such.
02:36 Now that's amazing.
02:38 Technology is awesome, saving people's lives everyday.
02:43 Way to go, guys, at Zephyrhills,
02:44 Florida Hospitals, Zephyrhills, proud of you guys,
02:47 changing lives daily.
02:48 All right, you guys ready for a great workout?
02:49 Like I said all you need is a pair of dumbbells
02:51 or your set of dumbbells and your body and yourself.
02:53 So with me today is my buddy Mindy Isaac.
02:57 How are you doing? Hi. Great.
02:58 I'm glad you're here on the show with us today.
02:59 Yes, I'm.
03:00 For those who don't know this is Mindy Isaac.
03:02 Her husband is one of those singers in Nashville.
03:05 He travels around gospel singing I just found,
03:07 I'm just joking, bit of fun.
03:09 And but Mindy is also personal trainer
03:11 and she also has a ministry.
03:12 She helps couples exercise together.
03:14 Yes.
03:15 And she is a wellness coach.
03:16 So she has a lot of experience.
03:17 So she-- hope she doesn't shove me up.
03:20 Don't shove me up.
03:21 I won't, I won't. Okay.
03:22 You made me sign that way.
03:24 I did--don't tell everybody. Sorry.
03:26 You're not supposed to tell everybody that.
03:27 Okay, so let's get started.
03:29 Our first exercise we're gonna do,
03:30 we're gonna do a one-arm fly.
03:32 We're gonna lay down on the floor
03:33 and we'll use one dumbbell,
03:34 we're gonna fly across working our pectoral muscles, okay?
03:37 All right. All right, let's go.
03:39 From this position let's go and lay down.
03:42 And the arm is straight here,
03:44 you could bend your leg if you want to.
03:46 And all we're gonna do here is just bring it across
03:48 to the center of our body and back down.
03:52 I want to just go with two, how is that?
03:54 Two is good. Three.
03:56 Oh, you mean more.
03:58 No. Four.
03:59 What do you mean more?
04:01 It's just two, that was number two.
04:03 I know you said how's two sound,
04:04 I thought you meant can we be done at two.
04:06 Oh, only two?
04:09 She doesn't watch this show very much, does she?
04:12 Guess not.
04:13 What number is that? There we go.
04:16 Let's do two more. Okay.
04:18 And one more.
04:21 Okay, good, other side.
04:23 Here we go. And one.
04:26 Now why we're using only one dumbbell, you ask it.
04:29 Well, because the body has to respond.
04:32 If I had two dumbbells it will be balanced.
04:35 Now one, my pectoral muscles are firing,
04:38 now my obliques and my abs and rest of my body
04:42 has to compensate for this dumbbell going up and down.
04:45 It's a driver and it's totally effecting my body.
04:49 What number you're counting? Nine.
04:51 I'm glad you're counting. And ten.
04:53 Because it's hard to talk and count.
04:54 It is, you're right.
04:55 All right so this one for active rest,
04:57 we're gonna cross one the leg over
04:59 and we're gonna do crunches, right?
05:01 Yes. Okay, here we go.
05:03 One, two, let's do five each side.
05:06 Three, four and five, good, other side.
05:13 And go, one, two, three,
05:19 four and five, excellent, good job.
05:24 All right, get the dumbbell again.
05:26 Let's go back out again out to the side.
05:27 Left arm first.
05:29 Now for some of you,
05:30 you might have to bend your arm which is fine.
05:32 And it looks like this which you come back down as a fly.
05:35 But we're able to go straight.
05:36 When your weight is lighter,
05:38 you could go straight arm, okay?
05:40 And go.
05:41 And it's one, two and if you need to count yourself out,
05:46 put your other arm straight
05:47 like a cross to help anchor yourself down.
05:55 Six.
05:58 Yeah, I was counting, good.
06:05 And ten, good job.
06:07 Switch sides.
06:09 Here we go, it's one, two,
06:16 three, four,
06:22 five and six.
06:25 This is quiet in a sense, seven...
06:27 That is quite.
06:28 I'm sorry I'm not talking as much.
06:29 Eight. I need to talk more.
06:31 Sorry. You're fine.
06:32 Nine, one more and ten.
06:35 We're just getting warmed up, you know.
06:36 We're just getting started here.
06:37 Just getting started here.
06:38 All right, that wasn't so bad.
06:40 All right, let's go back to our--
06:42 Cross body crunches. What do you call them?
06:43 I call them cross body crunches.
06:45 Okay, that works for me, too.
06:47 Okay, here we go, come across five each side.
06:51 One, two, three,
06:57 four, five.
07:00 Other side and go,
07:03 one, two, three,
07:09 four and five,
07:12 excellent, good job.
07:16 You guys feeling these at home?
07:18 Feeling these, it's kind of work.
07:19 It's definitely not just your chest
07:20 but you feel it on your midsection as well.
07:21 Right, right.
07:22 Okay, let's go to work, here we go.
07:24 It is one, two.
07:28 Now you don't want to come over down and touch-- three,
07:30 because when the dumbbell touch actually you're resting.
07:33 So you feel this in your shoulders,
07:35 feel this in your arms and your pectoral muscles.
07:39 Are you counting? Seven.
07:40 I'm glad you're here.
07:43 Eight, nine and ten.
07:48 So it gets harder to see the floor directed from here.
07:50 That's right. Here we go.
07:53 One, two, three,
08:01 four, five, six,
08:08 seven, eight, nine, one more and ten.
08:16 Good job.
08:17 All right, cross curl.
08:20 Cross body crunch.
08:21 Cross body crunch, here we go.
08:23 One, two, three,
08:29 four and five.
08:32 Switch legs and go to work.
08:34 One, two, three,
08:40 four and five.
08:44 Great. All right.
08:45 I love that one. Yeah, sounds good.
08:47 That was nice good warm up.
08:48 Okay, now the next exercise we're gonna do--
08:51 get the mats out of way.
08:53 Getting now, get those.
08:54 Let's push them back.
08:56 You're gonna take your dumbbell
08:58 and you could stand your dumbbell up on the side.
09:00 And we're gonna do something called a lunge reach.
09:03 We're gonna do five each leg and it's gonna look like this.
09:06 You're gonna stand here from this position
09:09 and you just gonna come down and tap and come back up.
09:13 Okay.
09:14 Did you get that? Mm-hmm.
09:16 All right, Neto, come in
09:17 so we could show our people at home how we're doing this.
09:19 Okay, it's kind of a like a lunge and if you need,
09:21 you could put your back toe down so it looks like this.
09:25 And sitting down.
09:28 Okay, one leg.
09:29 I really feel that... Oh, yeah, you can.
09:31 Glutes.
09:32 And the emphasis is pushing back up
09:34 with the back side like that.
09:37 Okay, you're ready to get started?
09:38 Mm-hmm.
09:39 All right, five each leg and go.
09:41 One and definitely balance
09:43 is the play comes in a play as well.
09:49 It's four and five. Oh, yeah.
09:53 Yeah, you feel that.
09:57 You know I always talk about Hollywood
09:59 but, man, you feel these workouts.
10:01 Yes, you do. I'm sorry.
10:02 But you're actually balancing on foot.
10:04 You doubt, well, no, I'm doing everything on one leg.
10:07 Right.
10:08 But for people at home,
10:09 if you need to put your foot down you can
10:10 but the goal is this leg stabilizing itself,
10:13 it's doing everything,
10:14 it's almost like I'm doing one leg squat.
10:16 Right. Reaching forward.
10:17 Right. Okay.
10:18 I'm not able to reach forward as I'm.
10:24 Well, just move a step closer.
10:26 See what she just did there was adjusting.
10:29 That's normal.
10:31 What I found easier is to keep my toe.
10:33 Thanks. You're welcome.
10:35 Keep my toe on the floor. Yes.
10:36 Then come up. That's perfect.
10:38 You want to plant your foot in one position,
10:41 anchor your toes down
10:42 in and outer part of your whole entire foot
10:44 on the ground to stabilize you.
10:45 Okay.
10:46 You ready? Yes.
10:47 We'll do five here, here we go.
10:49 One, two, three,
10:56 four and five, good job.
11:00 All right. All right.
11:02 We're gonna do an active rest, it's called 180 hop.
11:06 What's a 180 hop?
11:07 180 degree hop. There you go.
11:09 So you can turn to the right or to the left.
11:12 You'll go to the left first and then right, center, left.
11:16 So it looks like this.
11:20 You guys do that in basketball practice.
11:22 Really? Yeah, somewhat.
11:23 But if you feel real froggy...
11:25 Football. You can just go.
11:28 She said froggy. She said froggy.
11:32 Okay.
11:33 That would really go the whole 180 degrees.
11:34 Okay, okay, okay.
11:35 Go technically?
11:37 Yeah. Okay.
11:38 Let's do the 90 degrees. All right.
11:40 Here we go to left and go one, two,
11:46 three, four, five, six,
11:52 seven, eight, nine, ten, good job.
11:59 I didn't know it's how,
12:01 this will burn the quads after those.
12:04 Yeah, yeah, yeah. I didn't make it.
12:05 Yeah, I saw you just rode them down
12:07 and you said "Yeah, yeah, sure, Casio."
12:09 Doesn't it make him work hard.
12:11 Why everyone wants to make me work hard on my show?
12:14 I don't get it.
12:15 Will you ever invite me back?
12:16 No. Okay.
12:18 Let's say our good byes. Here we go.
12:21 It's one, two, three,
12:29 four and five.
12:31 Come down come only back up, good.
12:35 One, two, three,
12:42 four and five.
12:46 Okay, you ready? Ready.
12:48 Knock them out. Here we go.
12:49 One.
12:57 I feel like
13:02 this is fun.
13:07 Oh.
13:08 Feeling your legs. I hope you feel them.
13:11 And I hope you're doing with us
13:13 because we can feel these
13:15 especially after those lunges reaches.
13:16 Right.
13:18 Okay, best set, last set. Yes, sir.
13:21 That's what I will say, here we go and go.
13:24 One, two, three,
13:31 four and five.
13:37 Here we go.
13:38 One, two, three,
13:45 four and five.
13:49 Last set.
13:50 We'll tell you, folks,
13:51 adjustment is required all the time.
13:53 Your balance--you know the more you do it,
13:56 the better you improve it and you respond.
14:02 So something we need to balance exercises,
14:04 you got to incorporate them.
14:05 They're challenging, you feel them
14:07 and that's what it's so hard about this
14:09 and because the body is not used to unstableness.
14:11 And those smaller muscles have to engage
14:14 to try and to actually maintain balance
14:16 and that's part of the workout.
14:18 And no matter how silly you feel.
14:19 That's part of workout.
14:20 I feel really silly, it's like I keep losing my balance.
14:22 Oh, that's part of the workout though.
14:24 You just regroup in.
14:25 But those muscles trying to adjust your back
14:28 are getting stronger.
14:29 Okay, are you ready? Yup.
14:30 Here we go.
14:32 One, two.
14:47 Good job, nice. All right.
14:48 Awesome, water time.
14:51 Yes, please. Okay.
14:54 Like we always say drink up,
14:56 drink your water, water is life.
14:58 See I'm glad Christ calls himself the living water.
15:03 Because if He called himself a living Kool-Aid
15:04 we have problems.
15:05 Yeah.
15:08 'Cause we need water, we don't need all that artificial stuff.
15:11 I mean grant it, there's some water inside a Kool-Aid
15:14 but all the chemicals all the sugar,
15:17 your body wants water.
15:19 Yes. Give it what it needs.
15:20 It functions well efficient.
15:23 It's like we function well and we're efficient with Christ.
15:25 Okay. We got to consume it.
15:27 And when you're thirsty, man, guzzle it man, I tell you.
15:31 Okay. That was good.
15:34 Okay, I'm going to get another pair of dumbbell.
15:35 Another dumbbell. All right.
15:37 We're gonna do one on curls.
15:39 You want the fives, I give you tens.
15:42 Here we go.
15:44 We're gonna do one leg,
15:45 our leg is gonna get a little work today for sure.
15:48 All right, folks, we've normally done bicep curls.
15:51 You've seen done this way before,
15:53 what we're gonna do this time we're gonna stand on one leg.
15:55 And if you need to,
15:56 you could put your back toe down for support.
15:59 Well, let's try without. Okay.
16:02 Are you watching? No.
16:04 Are you want to get more weight?
16:06 No, while for the next we're doing weighted arm circles.
16:10 Yeah.
16:11 I forgot she is just trying to, go looking out,
16:14 go looking out, I forgot about those.
16:16 All right.
16:17 See it's important to have
16:18 a strong partner helping you out, right?
16:20 Ready.
16:21 Okay, here we go, one leg, double arm curl.
16:24 Okay and go, five each leg.
16:26 One, two, three, four,
16:34 feel these, five, switch legs.
16:38 Okay.
16:39 One, two, three,
16:47 four and five.
16:48 And let me tell you something, folks,
16:50 every time I'm moving my arm up and down,
16:53 it's throwing and it's affecting
16:55 how gravity responds to my body.
16:57 My body has to compensate for that.
16:59 All right. Okay.
17:00 Arm circles. Wow, with weight.
17:04 Okay, if you don't have a pair of light dumbbells,
17:07 grab some water bottles
17:08 and you're gonna do big arm circles.
17:09 Just shove off to the side.
17:11 Okay, big ones or little ones?
17:14 Little. Okay, good, curl.
17:15 And we got ten for it, here we go.
17:17 One, two, three, four, five,
17:23 six, seven, eight, nine and ten.
17:28 Good job, not so bad.
17:30 And then on the next set we'll reverse it.
17:31 We'll go backwards.
17:32 And then in third one we can double them up.
17:34 That's right. That's right.
17:36 Raise the bar. Okay, here we go.
17:39 One leg bicep curl, dumb arm curls
17:41 and knock it out, here we go.
17:43 One, five each leg. Two.
17:46 Once again if you need to put toe down, put-three, toe down.
17:50 Four, one more and five.
17:53 Good job.
17:54 Switching legs, switching legs and go.
17:57 One, two, three,
18:04 four and five.
18:08 Awesome.
18:11 Okay, backwards this time, folks.
18:15 Really burning up the shoulders.
18:16 Yeah, you think. Okay, here we go.
18:19 One, two, three, four, five,
18:25 six, seven, eight, nine and ten.
18:32 Yeah. Felt those.
18:36 I could say, folks, we like to have fun
18:37 but we work and so can you.
18:41 We want to see you work in your home,
18:42 listen to your body,
18:43 if your body tells you to take a break, take a break
18:46 but I want you try and push yourself.
18:48 Your body does not like to work.
18:49 I repeat your body does not like to work,
18:53 you must challenge your body so it can raise to that next level
18:57 and what we call adaptation.
18:59 You must challenge the body but do it safely.
19:01 All right. Okay, listen to your body.
19:04 Okay and what it means the body doesn't like to work.
19:07 It would do the changes what needs to meet the demand.
19:12 Unless you changes the demand, it will just stay right here.
19:15 And let's go.
19:16 It's one, two--
19:19 for example I have some people
19:22 you know they walk three miles every single day.
19:25 Switch legs.
19:26 Problem is then wondering why didn't am I changing.
19:29 Well, your body had been used to you
19:31 walking three miles for the past three years.
19:33 You know it's like being in third grade your whole life.
19:37 It doesn't work that way.
19:38 You must challenge yourself.
19:40 So encourage them to walk further,
19:43 encourage them to walk that three miles faster.
19:46 And that will make the difference.
19:48 Right. Okay.
19:49 This time ten front and ten back.
19:51 Ten what? Ten front and ten back.
19:54 Okay. All right, here we go.
19:55 One, two, three, four, five,
20:01 six, seven, eight nine and ten and reverse.
20:07 And one, and two, feel it, three,
20:10 oh, yeah, four, traps fine, five, six and seven and eight.
20:16 You know they're on fire. And nine and ten.
20:18 Oh, my shoulder says "What did I do to you?
20:24 What happened?" Oh, my goodness.
20:27 Shake them up, shake them up, shake them up, shake them up.
20:30 Oh, I got to stretch that one.
20:32 For sure. Oh, well, that was fun.
20:35 I like that. That was fun.
20:37 And now we're gonna do overhead.
20:38 Triceps. Oh, yeah.
20:41 Yes. That's what we do.
20:42 It's nice to be one of my favorite exercises.
20:44 Really?
20:45 You want to go up in weight you want to stay.
20:47 You want the 15s?
20:49 If I'm only doing one? Yeah.
20:50 Yes, I would like 15.
20:52 You take a 15. And you get a 20.
20:54 Yeah, let's put these rest of these back.
20:56 I'm doing 25. Twenty five.
20:59 You sure you want the 20s since I said that?
21:00 Yeah, I'll do a 20. And I feel you say that.
21:04 You see that's called manipulation, folks.
21:07 Pay attention take notes.
21:11 It's called challenging your buddy.
21:13 That, yeah, challenging your buddy.
21:15 Now the secret is watch we here one does,
21:17 we are trying to clean up afterwards is important.
21:20 When you're working out,
21:21 you want to have all the obstacles out of the way.
21:25 All right, two hands over head.
21:26 Neto, come in here, let's show how we do this properly.
21:30 Where are you going?
21:31 We need more for weighted punches.
21:33 Oh. They're smaller.
21:34 I forgot that one again. Here, I apologize.
21:38 Neto, come inside and we're gonna demonstrate
21:40 a two hand overhead tricep extension.
21:43 You ready?
21:44 So I mean she's gonna-- watch your hands,
21:47 turns like this way so you can see her hand.
21:49 Hands on over hand grip.
21:51 Dumbbell fingers around the base,
21:53 the handle part and the dumbbell,
21:55 elbow is gonna stay one spot,
21:56 it's gonna come straight down
21:58 and right back up, put straight back up.
22:00 The secret is how your hand is positioned.
22:02 You can get that, Neto, real good grip.
22:04 She is overlapping her hand.
22:07 So she is controlling that dumbbell.
22:10 Okay? Excellent good job.
22:12 Now, for dismount, as you're coming up
22:15 it's important always keep the dumbbell close to you
22:18 so you could go from here to your shoulder
22:20 and then get in position.
22:22 Okay and reversing when you're done
22:24 come back to shoulder and roll it back down.
22:26 Okay?
22:28 All right, let's go, let's do ten, okay.
22:31 It's one, two,
22:38 three, four, keep your elbows together--
22:44 five, five more
22:46 one, two, three,
22:54 four and five.
22:57 Good job, bring it down to side and dismount.
22:59 Excellent.
23:00 Now we got weighted punches.
23:02 Oh, I like these.
23:04 I need two. All right.
23:05 Now I was gonna sit in stance, in the whole stance
23:10 and we're gonna punch them out.
23:11 Here we go.
23:13 It's one, two, three, four, five,
23:18 six, seven, eight, nine, ten.
23:25 Excellent, good job. You really feel those...
23:26 You can. In your oblique.
23:28 'Cause what you're doing is you're sitting there
23:29 and you're contracting, you're sitting down
23:31 and you're firing engaging core as you're driving through.
23:34 Once again when you move your arms,
23:36 you are changing the effect of gravity.
23:40 Your arms are drivers.
23:41 And your body responds to it.
23:42 Okay, let's go.
23:46 Here we go, one, two, three,
23:52 four and five.
23:56 One, two, three,
24:02 four and five, good job.
24:09 Okay, punch. Ready.
24:12 Okay, here we go.
24:13 One, two, three, four, five,
24:19 six, seven, eight, nine and ten.
24:27 All right.
24:28 We've time for one more?
24:29 One more, yes, we do. Ready.
24:31 I know we could do this. Okay.
24:33 You guys at home ready to do this?
24:34 Let's get these out.
24:36 Pop these ten out. Here we go.
24:37 That's one, two, three,
24:43 four, five,
24:47 six, seven, eight, feeling these, come on.
24:53 Nine and ten.
24:56 Wow. Whoo.
24:59 Almost need the spotter on that.
25:01 I'm sorry but here's the joke.
25:02 You're feeling these.
25:03 All right, let's get these punches.
25:05 Get down, one, two, three, four, five
25:11 and six, seven, eight, nine and ten, beautiful.
25:18 All right. Wow.
25:20 That was great, that was great.
25:22 That was. All right.
25:24 Mindy, since you're back there. Yes, sir.
25:26 Why don't you just come up here?
25:27 Okay. Just down here.
25:29 It's time for our wellness tip.
25:30 You guys ready for wellness tip?
25:31 I'm ready for wellness tip.
25:32 You ready for wellness tip? I am.
25:33 I like learning stuff, don't you do?
25:35 I do sure. I love learning.
25:36 Let's go and check it out. All right.
25:43 Reduce stress through exercise,
25:46 don't approach workouts as drudgery
25:48 or opportunities to compete.
25:50 Stay relaxed, don't over train, know when to take a break.
25:57 That's right, folks, exercising can help reduce stress.
26:01 It's proven and makes you feel good.
26:04 Listen, if you're feeling overwhelmed
26:07 and you're having a stressful day,
26:08 go outside for 30 minutes brisk walk,
26:11 lift some weight and I promise you your mood will change.
26:15 Right but yet just rewind and do our program all over again.
26:20 All right, we're gonna do our stretch and cool down.
26:22 We get a lot of our arms and shoulders.
26:24 Yeah. So let's do the tricep.
26:28 Stretch overhead.
26:34 Good, other arm.
26:43 Okay, let's do our shoulders straight across.
26:45 Let's do push back overhead around the neck.
26:48 Oh, I could do that one. Oh, I will do it.
26:51 Just listen to your body.
26:52 All right, I don't know what I'm talking about.
26:54 That's it, folks, listen to your body.
26:56 You and your body are the most important.
26:59 Other side.
27:04 All right, just full circle rolls.
27:06 Lose them up and backward.
27:09 Well, I had great time, Casio.
27:10 Hey, do you know, it's always a pleasure having you.
27:12 Thanks for having me. Give me high-five.
27:14 All right. I'm gonna close this out.
27:15 Okay. Okay, see you.
27:16 Matthew 22:37, "Love the Lord your God with all your heart
27:23 and with all your soul and with all your mind.
27:26 And love your neighbors at yourself."
27:27 It's important to know that all love comes from God.
27:31 When we can accept God's unconditional love for us
27:34 and complete trust in His power to transform our lives,
27:37 we are empowered to make better last our choices
27:40 and reflect His character to the world in need.
27:43 This is Casio reminding you to take action
27:47 and action is the key for life.
27:48 And it's my prayer that the Lord gives you strength
27:51 and encouragement to take action everyday.
27:53 God bless and thank you for watching.
27:56 I love you guys and keep flexing your faith muscles.
27:58 See you.


Revised 2014-12-17