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Exciting Workout with the Medicine Ball

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Participants: Casio Jones (Host), Rena Lee


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00:01 The following program presents workouts
00:02 you can use to improve your physical fitness.
00:05 Please be sure to consult your physician
00:07 before beginning this or any exercise routine.
00:30 Hi, my name is Casio Jones
00:32 and you're watching Action 4 life.
00:34 Today's episode we're gonna have an exciting workout
00:36 with the medicine ball.
00:38 Oh, yeah, when those balls that's kind of heavy,
00:41 we're gonna have a lot of fun with it today.
00:43 But first I want you to check out the story
00:44 we did at Florida Hospital in Zephyrhills.
00:46 We actually are gonna learn about echocardiogram
00:49 not just the regular but a 3D.
00:52 Let's go and check this out.
01:05 We're at Florida Hospital at Zephyrhills
01:06 and we're inside the cath lab department.
01:09 And we're gonna meet with Dr. Raxwal
01:11 and he's gonna walk us through a 3D echocardiogram procedure.
01:20 Basically what we are doing in this gentleman,
01:22 is that he has atrial fibrillation
01:25 which is a heart rhythm problem and people have it,
01:27 a tendency if they are not on blood thinners
01:29 to form blood clots and so have a stroke.
01:48 So first we are going to do a echocardiogram
01:52 which is transesophageal we go into the esophagus,
01:56 take a look at the heart make sure
01:57 there is no blood clot and if there is no blood clot
01:59 then shock them back to normal--
02:14 And that basically reduces the chances of having
02:17 the stroke almost down to close to 1%.
02:20 Okay, thank you.
02:25 Wow.
02:27 Medicine has totally changed over the years
02:30 and technology has helped so much.
02:34 You know, I'm proud of those guys who do out there,
02:35 they're saving lives every day.
02:37 So, are you guys ready to have some fun?
02:39 With me today we have my special guest,
02:41 her name is Rena Lee.
02:43 Rena, how are you doing? Very good.
02:45 So are you very active person?
02:48 Normally yes, but these days I've been kind of lazy.
02:53 I won't say lazy.
02:54 I would say, you know, other things have become
02:57 more of a priority and has taken back.
02:58 And unfortunately that happens to so many you at home.
03:01 So but this is a good opportunity to get a jumpstart
03:05 to be a little more active. Yes.
03:07 And but we're gonna do today
03:08 we're gonna use our medicine balls.
03:10 I don't understand why they call it medicine balls.
03:12 I got to do a research on that to understand
03:13 how they became medicine balls.
03:15 And medicine balls have changed so much over the year
03:17 from leather to now rubber,
03:18 you can bounce them, you can throw them.
03:20 And we're gonna have some fun from medicine balls.
03:22 You ready to have some fun? Yes.
03:23 Okay, but I want you to pick the ball. Okay.
03:25 And we're gonna do-- I want you medicine
03:27 before it's a ball toss, we're gonna stand--
03:29 she's gonna stand here and she's gonna wind up
03:31 and she's gonna throw the ball to me.
03:33 Okay, you ready? Okay. Yes.
03:35 This is working excellent. Good job.
03:37 Come right back and coil back again.
03:39 Do five each side, two and three. Excellent.
03:43 Now I'm gonna doing with you, okay? Okay.
03:44 And we're gonna do five each side.
03:46 And what this does is working her obliques.
03:48 She is working her shoulders,
03:49 upper shoulder at the same time.
03:51 And this is a great exercise for you guys
03:52 who are golfers or who do any type of rotation
03:55 form of exercise, rack a ball
03:57 or anything like that even tennis.
03:59 Okay, you ready? Here we go.
04:03 Excellent.
04:04 Now if you don't have a partner,
04:05 you can throw these balls off of the wall, okay.
04:09 But make sure you have a nice sturdy wall,
04:11 not a wall in your house but a wall outside your house.
04:14 We don't want anybody get in trouble.
04:18 And one more.
04:22 Excellent. Let's switch sides.
04:23 So you get to the other side.
04:25 Okay, you ready? Here we go.
04:28 And the secret is you want to throw the ball
04:29 out in front of your partner so the ball could,
04:32 should get the momentum of the ball to carry
04:34 to the other side and what happens is
04:36 her body has to slow the momentum of the ball
04:39 'cause any object placed in motion has energy
04:44 and so we're using the energy of the ball to work her body.
04:47 It feels good. It does feel good.
04:48 Nice and loose and stuff up. Excellent.
04:52 Good job. All right.
04:54 Now we're gonna do active rest.
04:55 We're gonna do something we're gonna shoot basketball.
04:58 You know, I like basketball.
04:59 Do you like basketball? It's okay.
05:01 It's okay, oh, yeah. It's okay.
05:02 But anyhow we're gonna act like we don't have to dribble
05:05 but we'll come from here and then shoot.
05:07 Okay. Okay, do a jumpstart.
05:08 We're gonna do ten of them. Here we go.
05:09 That's one, two, three, and four, and five,
05:16 and six, and seven, and eight, and nine, and ten.
05:22 Beautiful. Good job.
05:24 All right, stay on that side. Let's hit it again.
05:26 Are you ready? Okay.
05:27 Here we go. One. Nice.
05:34 Two.
05:38 Three.
05:42 Four.
05:45 And five. Good job. Switch sides.
05:48 Now remember we have to switch sides
05:50 'cause you don't want to be walking around funny,
05:51 being off balance, okay? One.
05:55 Even though some sports like golf you swing predominantly
05:58 on one side going if you are left handed or right handed
06:01 but your back swing, that's important as well
06:04 to have the strength, to do the stabilization
06:06 that's involved in your sport.
06:09 And if you're a baseball player,
06:10 you can be a switch-hitter.
06:12 Good job. Excellent.
06:14 I'll just hold that for now.
06:15 Okay, let's go back to our jump starts again.
06:18 Here we go. Okay.
06:19 One, two, three, four, five,
06:26 six, seven, and eight, and nine, and ten.
06:34 Good job. All right.
06:35 Last set, best set. You ready?
06:37 Okay. Here we go.
06:41 One.
06:44 Two.
06:48 Three.
06:51 Four.
06:55 And five. Good job.
06:57 Awesome. All right, here we go.
06:59 Jump starts again. Let's go.
07:01 One, two, three, four, five,
07:08 six, seven, eight, nine, and ten.
07:14 Good job. Feels good.
07:17 Feels good? Yeah.
07:18 Tell you jumping get you
07:20 and it may look kind of a little fun
07:21 but doing the jump starting for mine.
07:23 You are little winded from jumping, little winded.
07:26 Okay, guys, we're gonna do our next exercise
07:28 with the medicine ball.
07:29 We're gonna do some called chest pass. Got it?
07:33 Back again to basketball exercise.
07:35 Chest pass for those who played
07:36 your elbow is high and you just
07:38 like full extended forward, okay?
07:40 This works your chest muscles,
07:42 your triceps and even your shoulders, okay.
07:44 You ready to try that? Yep.
07:46 Okay. All right.
07:48 I'm gonna give your ball first. Okay.
07:49 And get you in a position here right there, good.
07:52 And you can put one foot forward for leverage.
07:54 There you go.
07:55 And I want you just throw the ball, I mean, hard!
07:58 Okay. There you go.
07:59 Excellent. One. Good.
08:01 Two and three. Good.
08:04 Good form just doing together, okay?
08:06 I promise not to throw back hard, okay?
08:08 Okay. All right, here we go.
08:10 One, two.
08:13 Elbows high.
08:15 Three, four.
08:17 Nice. Five.
08:19 Push me over. Six.
08:21 Knock me over. Seven.
08:23 There you go.
08:24 Eight, nine and ten.
08:28 Good job. That was awesome.
08:31 Did you feel those? Yeah.
08:32 Get you going up, I mean,
08:33 your arms were zapping exactly.
08:35 Okay, our active rest we're doing different,
08:37 we're gonna do it's gonna be a punch, punch, kick, kick.
08:41 Okay, are you ready?
08:42 We're gonna do ten of those, right?
08:43 And we start-
08:44 Yeah, start with right arm first.
08:45 You ready? Set go.
08:47 Punch, punch, kick, kick, it's one.
08:50 Punch, punch, kick, kick, it's two.
08:53 Punch, punch, kick, kick, it's three.
08:56 Punch, punch, kick, kick, it's four.
09:00 Punch, punch, kick, kick, it's five.
09:03 Punch, punch, kick, kick, it's six.
09:07 Punch, punch, kick, kick, it's seven.
09:10 Punch, punch, kick, kick, it's eight.
09:14 Punch, punch, kick, kick, it's nine
09:17 and punch, punch, and kick, and kick, it's ten.
09:21 Good job. Okay.
09:22 All right, back to chest pass again.
09:27 Did you find it better with both feet together
09:29 or one foot behind each other?
09:31 Which you feel better?
09:33 I'm not sure, maybe the foot in front. Okay.
09:35 Let's see how you do, all right.
09:38 Good. Nice.
09:42 Both arms straight explode forward.
09:44 Nice. Good job.
09:50 Let's go three more. Three more.
09:52 One more. Okay.
09:54 Good. That was it.
09:55 Okay. Thank goodness.
09:56 She was counting. I'm glad she's counting.
09:58 I keep telling trainers we don't count,
10:00 that's a problem we have.
10:01 Ask your trainer, he will tell you the same thing.
10:04 Okay, here we go.
10:05 Let's go again, punch, punch, kick, kick.
10:08 You ready? I'm ready.
10:09 Here we go.
10:10 It's punch, punch, kick, kick, it's one.
10:13 Punch, punch, kick, kick, it's two.
10:17 And punch, punch, kick, kick, it's three.
10:20 And punch, punch, kick, kick, it's four.
10:23 And punch, punch, kick, kick, it's five.
10:27 And punch, punch, kick, kick, it's six.
10:30 And punch, punch, kick, kick, it's seven.
10:34 Punch, punch, kick, kick, it's eight.
10:37 And punch, punch, kick, kick, it's nine.
10:40 And punch, punch, kick, kick, it's ten.
10:44 Oh, great.
10:45 Yeah, just harder up a little bit. Yeah.
10:47 You know, people ask,
10:48 "Casio, why you call it active rest?"
10:51 Well, here's the reason why.
10:52 We work on muscles
10:54 now we're gonna work on the muscle the heart.
10:57 We do something active so our heart
11:00 is continually working however our muscles are resting.
11:04 It's pretty cool. Yes.
11:06 All right, third set. Okay.
11:08 You ready? I'm ready.
11:09 I want you to knock me over. Okay.
11:11 That's what I'm talking about. Knock me over.
11:14 Come on, aggressive. That's what I'm talking about.
11:16 Explode. Nice.
11:18 Come on. Knock you over.
11:20 Knock me over. What number is that one?
11:22 I don't know, I wasn't counting.
11:23 Come on, you got excited now,
11:25 you better now we'll do it four more.
11:26 One. Nice.
11:27 Come on. Two.
11:28 Again. Three. Elbows high and explode.
11:31 Nice. Whoo-hoo.
11:33 That's what I'm talking about.
11:35 I give you high-five for that one.
11:36 Good job.
11:37 All right, just go and do ten punches again.
11:38 Are you ready? Here we go. Here we go.
11:40 One, one, that's it, here we go.
11:43 Punch, punch, kick, kick, and three.
11:47 One, punch, this is, and three.
11:51 Four. Kick, kick and four.
11:55 Punch, punch, kick, kick, and five.
11:58 And punch, punch, kick, kick, and six.
12:02 And punch, punch, kick, kick, and seven.
12:06 Punch, punch, kick, kick, and eight.
12:09 And punch, punch, kick, kick, and nine.
12:13 And punch, punch, kick, kick, and ten.
12:18 Awesome. Great.
12:19 Water time.
12:20 Let's get a little bit of water.
12:22 I need to drink. Awesome. Good job.
12:28 Listen, folks, you hear me over and over say
12:30 drink your water, listen to your body.
12:33 When your body says take a break, take a break.
12:35 Now I want you guys to know
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13:03 that is
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13:09 Just find searching Action 4 Life and then like us.
13:13 Great videos, great wellness tips,
13:15 always putting something out there for you guys, okay.
13:17 Now we got two more exercises to go.
13:19 We're gonna do one more--
13:21 The next exercise is gonna be,
13:22 we're gonna do a squat press, okay.
13:25 Rena, let's go and demonstrate.
13:26 Hold the ball and become a center mass,
13:29 center stage so right there, okay.
13:31 What she's gonna do is she's gonna do a regular squat, okay.
13:33 Hold it much more right there.
13:34 She's gonna go ahead and sit down regular squat
13:36 and she's gonna stand up and press the ball over her head.
13:39 Nice.
13:40 Neto, you want to come and see this one?
13:41 Okay, go ahead into regular squat,
13:43 to down to regular squat and stand up and press over head.
13:47 There you go, excellent.
13:48 And that's almost in two motions,
13:49 you can make in a one motion.
13:51 And press, nice, that's prefect.
13:52 Again do one more. Excellent.
13:55 Good job. All right.
13:57 You guys ready at home?
13:58 Now listen, if you don't have a medicine ball, okay,
14:01 and you gonna find out, check this out.
14:02 Medicine ball actually they use it for physical therapy,
14:06 help people in sports medicine
14:08 that's why the medicine ball comes in a play.
14:11 Big difference in the big ball you've seen
14:13 those are called exercise ball or physio ball.
14:16 Also used in physical therapy whatever the difference
14:19 medicine balls are weighted, exercise balls are not,
14:23 they're filled with hot air.
14:24 Okay, let's go and do our squat.
14:27 Okay, and we come up with the press.
14:28 Here we go.
14:29 And sit down, one, two, and three,
14:36 and four, and five,
14:41 and six, and seven,
14:45 and eight, and nine, and ten.
14:51 Excellent. Good job. All right.
14:54 We're gonna do a little explosive work.
14:56 We're gonna do jumps, we're gonna jump.
14:59 You might want to stand up. Here we go.
15:01 We're gonna jump to the right for two,
15:04 then jump to the left for two, okay.
15:06 From this position it's gonna look--
15:07 let me demonstrate it completely. Okay.
15:08 Jump, jump, jump, jump, okay?
15:11 We're gonna do five each side.
15:13 Okay, here we go.
15:14 One, two, one, two, one.
15:17 One, two, one, two, two.
15:20 One, two, one, two, three.
15:23 One, two, one, two, four.
15:26 One, two, one, two, five. Good job.
15:30 How that feel? It feels good.
15:32 All right, here we go.
15:33 Set number two, squat press.
15:36 Let's get to work. Okay.
15:37 Hold medicine ball and sit down, here we go.
15:40 One, two, three,
15:47 four, five,
15:52 six, seven, eight,
16:00 nine, and ten.
16:02 Good job.
16:04 Start to catch up to you, ah, Rena?
16:06 Yes. That's right. Here we go.
16:08 Now let's go. Here we go.
16:10 One, two, one, two, one.
16:13 One, two, one, two, two.
16:16 One, two, one, two, three.
16:19 One, two, one, two, four.
16:22 One, two, one, two, five. Good job.
16:27 Ain't it funny? I feel in my thighs.
16:28 You feel in your thighs.
16:30 I know, coming straight from the squat
16:32 and doing those jumps that
16:33 that ain't get that legs and I get a break.
16:35 And our heart was working
16:36 'cause we're doing ballistic motion.
16:39 All right, third set.
16:41 You guys ready? Are you still with us?
16:43 Hope you are. Okay, let's go.
16:48 Let's take this down, here we go.
16:51 One, two, three,
16:58 four, five, six,
17:05 seven, eight, nine and ten.
17:13 Good job.
17:16 That's what I'm talking about.
17:17 You ready? I'm ready.
17:18 Here we go. Same position and go.
17:20 One, two, one.
17:25 Two.
17:27 Three.
17:30 Four.
17:33 Five.
17:35 Okay. I think that's good.
17:38 Listen, folks, I tell you we train
17:40 and we work here, ain't it funny?
17:42 You feel it. All right, you feel it guys.
17:45 I feel it, hope you're feeling at home, too.
17:47 But it's fun.
17:49 Listen, exercising is something you could do for yourself.
17:53 I tell you, it's just like your relationship with Christ
17:56 until you're ready to submit to Him nothing happens, okay?
18:01 Come to the Lord and He will change you.
18:05 Exercise, it will change you.
18:07 Okay, we got one more exercise to go.
18:10 This is gonna be a combination.
18:12 We're not gonna do an active rest on this one
18:14 because we're gonna do super set,
18:15 two exercises together.
18:17 We're gonna do a bicep curl
18:19 and we're gonna take it overhead
18:20 and do a tricep extension.
18:21 We're gonna do ten and ten, okay? Okay.
18:27 Okay, we're gonna start with the biceps curls,
18:29 hold the medicine ball to the side
18:31 and we're gonna curl up.
18:32 Let's do it to our right side first. Okay.
18:34 You're gonna bring the medicine ball
18:35 from the center to your right shoulder like this.
18:38 And back towards the center to left shoulder, like that.
18:42 Excellent. Okay, you ready? You can start it.
18:44 And one.
18:49 And two.
18:53 And three.
18:57 And four.
19:01 And five.
19:05 And six.
19:09 And seven. Let's stop at eight
19:12 Eight? Yeah. And eight.
19:13 Ten. Okay, we go ten.
19:15 Everybody try to show Casio up-- and nine,
19:18 I tell you, and one more and ten.
19:22 There we go.
19:23 Everybody, I don't understand it, I don't get it.
19:26 Can someone please show me some love on my own show?
19:30 I don't get this,
19:31 everybody just want to just do this to me.
19:33 All right, let's go, triceps extensions over head.
19:35 Ball over your head, straight down,
19:37 elbows together and we're gonna extend straight up, here we go.
19:39 It's one, work those triceps.
19:42 It's two, nice, and three,
19:46 and four, and five,
19:51 and six, and seven,
19:56 and eight, and nine, one more, and ten.
20:01 Good job.
20:02 All right, shake you arms out, shake your arms out.
20:06 Okay, back in, bicep curls.
20:11 Ten? Ten.
20:12 Let's go. One. She is mean. Two.
20:20 You better be careful. I know, I'm scared.
20:25 And four, and five. Excellent.
20:32 And six, and seven,
20:40 and eight, and nine, and ten.
20:48 Wonderful.
20:51 You got to do the other side. Other side?
20:52 You only did nine and a half.
20:56 Okay, triceps extensions over head.
20:58 Let's go to work. All the way down up.
21:00 It's one, two, elbows together, three.
21:05 All the way down, full extension,
21:07 four, five, six,
21:13 and seven, eight, nine and ten.
21:21 Good job. Feeling them.
21:24 Feel in the arms, feel in the arms, feel in the arms.
21:27 That's right, feel in the arms.
21:29 Listen, ladies, for those you at home
21:31 you feel like when you got to pay your toll,
21:33 you got to read something
21:34 or has to often play in a kind of jiggles in the back,
21:38 this is good exercise that works for that.
21:40 It works your arms and the front
21:42 and the back of your arms.
21:44 Helps fight to jiggle. Okay, bicep curls.
21:48 Let's go, here we go.
21:49 And one, and two-- oh, I'm sorry,
21:54 and two, and three, I told you.
22:02 And four, and five,
22:09 and six, and seven,
22:17 and eight, and nine,
22:25 and ten. You did it.
22:28 Hey, folks, I'd be honest with you,
22:29 I was serious, every time I come to a church
22:31 and I'm speaking in front of a group,
22:33 I would say please forgive me because sometimes
22:35 I say words or mess things up,
22:37 just go with it, okay.
22:38 If God could use Moses,
22:41 He could use me that's what I'd say.
22:43 That was a joke.
22:44 You should be laughing, okay.
22:45 Okay, last one, do a tricep overhead extension.
22:48 Okay, and it's gonna work, here we go.
22:50 It's one, two,
22:55 three, and four,
22:59 and five, and six,
23:02 nice, and seven, and eight,
23:08 and nine, and ten.
23:11 Wonderful. Good job. Wow.
23:14 Okay, my arms on fire.
23:16 How are you feeling? I'm good.
23:17 Feeling good?
23:18 Guys, are you guys ready for wellness tip?
23:20 I know I am.
23:21 Rena, are you ready for wellness tip? I'm ready.
23:22 Okay, let's go and check this wellness tip out.
23:29 The average person experiences
23:31 a 5-20% increase in aerobic fitness
23:34 after competing an aerobic training program.
23:37 Participant's age, health and fitness level
23:39 determines the actual improvement.
23:45 I tell you what,
23:47 aerobics is a cookie component to fitness,
23:51 it's part of it just like aerobic training,
23:54 resistance training, flexibility
23:56 and you're dealing also with I call it mental training.
24:00 You got to incorporate all.
24:02 So, you guys ready for your cool down?
24:04 Ready for cool down? Yeah.
24:05 I know I am.
24:06 Okay, let's do a chest stretch, okay.
24:09 And we're gonna do a partner chest rest.
24:11 Go ahead and step in front here.
24:12 And I want to put your arms behind you straight here
24:16 and I'm gonna stretch you so now lift your chest up.
24:18 There you go right there, feel that stretch.
24:20 Neto, come on in here and film me stretching her.
24:23 Now you don't want to hurt your partner
24:25 by raising the hand
24:26 or the arm over the head but listen to your partner
24:28 and they're gonna tell you to go up higher
24:31 or through work with you.
24:32 How you feeling? You go higher.
24:33 I go up higher? Higher.
24:34 How's that feel? That's good.
24:35 See, communication is the key.
24:37 It doesn't matter who you are with, communication.
24:40 Tell somebody exact what you need
24:41 so they can understand how to help you.
24:43 How's that feel? That feels good.
24:44 Okay, great, awesome.
24:47 All right, we're gonna do another exercise, stretch.
24:50 Let's focus on our hamstrings. Okay.
24:53 I love the hamstrings stretch.
24:55 So this one for those you who run outside,
24:57 this is a very good one for you.
24:59 You can put one foot forward,
25:00 put your hand on your bent leg
25:02 and you want to stick your glutes back behind you
25:04 and feel that stretch.
25:12 Good, switch other leg.
25:22 Excellent, excellent, excellent.
25:23 Now we're gonna do a quad stretch,
25:25 stretching the quad set,
25:27 a quad set muscle, quad muscle.
25:29 Okay, what I want you do is keep a gap.
25:31 Come in here, Neto, turn around to the side here, okay.
25:35 Put your foot back up, grab with your hand.
25:37 Now I want you to-don't pull your hill towards your glutes,
25:39 just hold it right there, now, now hold it,
25:42 keep a gap between there and come back at the hip,
25:45 and keep your chest up, just stay up straight
25:47 and you feel more of a stretch in your quad, right?
25:50 And you're not stretching-- I'm holding right here.
25:52 Okay.
25:54 You might stand with your partner
25:55 hold on and lift your chest up,
25:56 don't pull your heel into your glutes.
25:57 Okay.
25:59 Just come back at the hip more, pull the hip back more.
26:01 Now that's--other direction, there you go.
26:03 Now stay up, chest up straight,
26:05 now you're feeling that, right? Mm-hmm.
26:06 Go ahead, switch legs.
26:09 Just down this side for you.
26:10 Put your hand on my shoulder, here we go.
26:12 Come back at the hip, there you go.
26:15 That's how you stretch,
26:16 that's a very good way of stretching that quad
26:19 without pulling your knee
26:21 and we don't want you to pull your knee, okay.
26:23 You feeling that? I feel it.
26:24 Awesome, good job, good job.
26:26 All right, let's do a shoulder, straight across, we did a toss.
26:35 Once again the other side.
26:41 And this time I want you to stand feet together
26:43 and I want you just turn your body and hold,
26:46 lift your chest up, get a stretch to your glutes,
26:50 you feeling that? I feel.
26:52 Yeah, come back towards the center,
26:53 turn to the other direction.
26:58 Lift your chest up, get the stretch.
27:02 Wow, I was scared.
27:04 Rena, you did a great job today. Thank you.
27:06 I'm so excited to have you on the set,
27:08 you did a great job workout.
27:10 Guys, I hope you enjoyed the work we did with the ball
27:12 and tell you what, use this as a jump start,
27:15 anything could get you started.
27:17 All right, I'm gonna close this hour, okay.
27:19 We have developed into a society
27:21 that needs to be into pain with electric devices
27:24 like TVs, videogames, iPods, cell phones.
27:28 We need to find more time
27:30 and more ways to focus on the simple
27:32 and basic form of entertainment and this is love.
27:37 We receive it from Christ,
27:39 there is it anything on the planet
27:41 that can change your heart or mind like Christ
27:44 and you don't even need to plug it in or batteries.
27:49 Hey, this is Casio reminding you
27:52 that action is the key for life.
27:53 And it's my prayer that the Lord gives you
27:55 strength and encouragement to take action everyday.
27:58 God bless, and I see you next time.
28:00 Bye-bye now.


Revised 2014-12-17