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Participants: Casio Jones (Host), Rena Lee


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00:01 The following program presents workouts
00:02 you can use to improve your physical fitness.
00:05 Please be sure to consult your physician
00:06 before beginning this or any exercise routine.
00:30 Hi, my name is Casio Jones
00:32 and you're watching Action 4 Life.
00:33 Today's workout is gonna be quite challenging,
00:35 kind of fun
00:36 but I know you're going to enjoy it
00:37 like you enjoy all the other ones.
00:39 But first, let's check out the story
00:41 we've done at Airheads,
00:42 it's an arena just full of trampolines
00:45 and we're going to hear a testimony of a young lady
00:48 of how it transformed her life.
00:51 Let's go and check this out.
01:13 We're here at Airheads in Largo, Florida
01:15 and with me today is Michelle
01:17 who is going to give us a little personal testimony
01:19 of how her body was transformed,
01:22 her life was transformed
01:24 from coming to exercise classes here at Airheads.
01:28 Michelle, how are you doing?
01:29 I am good, thank you.
01:30 So tell me about this transformation
01:34 you have done and it changes
01:35 and what got you started to come here.
01:38 Well, I had been out with my family
01:40 and somebody had taken a picture
01:42 and I hate to have pictures taken of me.
01:44 And when I saw it, it hit me that I needed to make a change.
01:46 Sometimes you just have that awakening moment.
01:47 Yes.
01:48 Had the moment, saw the picture
01:50 and came to terms with it.
01:51 So I started trying to do what I could do to lose the weight.
01:52 I knew I need to do something exercise related as well.
01:56 So when I started looking for something
01:57 who wants to sit on a treadmill
01:59 for half and hour and look at a wall.
02:00 Yeah. There's just no fun there.
02:02 So a friend of mine heard about this,
02:04 we called, we got some information
02:06 and we found out that first class was free.
02:07 So we're like, oh, free for us, you know.
02:09 I don't know if I could do.
02:10 That was free.
02:11 Yes, so we came and we took the class
02:13 and the first time I came, I couldn't do very much
02:15 because I was 90 pounds heavier.
02:16 Wow.
02:17 And you know, you just don't know--
02:18 Stop, stop.
02:20 You lost how much?
02:21 90 pounds. 90 pounds.
02:22 90 pounds.
02:23 That's over-- Close to 100 pounds, folks.
02:26 Just from jumping on trampoline?
02:27 Well, that's where I started
02:29 and I started one class a week.
02:30 Because I couldn't do a lot
02:31 and I just stayed with that one class a week
02:33 and it became two classes
02:34 and then every class they offered,
02:35 I've been at it.
02:36 Now I am doing their tenth class
02:38 and now it has helped me cross over to other things
02:40 that I never thought I would be able to do.
02:41 Well, this gave you the opportunity
02:43 from the condition you were in
02:46 to transfer your body and yourself
02:50 into a more active individual.
02:51 Completely.
02:52 You are able to make that transaction
02:53 from a dormant lifestyle to--
02:57 You were saying before, you couldn't do like,
02:59 instead of doing the whole minute
03:00 you are like only doing for like five seconds.
03:02 Five seconds stops.
03:03 But you kept on coming.
03:04 Yes, you have to keep coming.
03:06 It's because consistency is the key.
03:08 And you did not quit.
03:09 No, you can't.
03:10 Because if you quit
03:11 you're only putting on yourselves.
03:12 So just give it a chance and keep going,
03:15 that's' all you got to do.
03:16 So you have been an inspiration for so many other people,
03:17 that can't mange to come to class,
03:19 who's been watching this.
03:20 That's what they say
03:21 but I am just doing what I need to do.
03:22 I just need to do what I got to do first.
03:24 And I see your little daughter with you
03:25 and I have to tell you,
03:26 congratulations for what you are doing.
03:28 Because you are setting a tone for your child
03:30 to see that mom can make changes,
03:32 mom's trying to be healthier
03:33 and you are going to help prevent
03:35 something that she--
03:36 A road that I went down, she won't.
03:37 Exactly.
03:38 And if you didn't, most likely she could go down that road
03:41 because this continuously of cycle
03:45 of this family lifestyle follows.
03:47 Yep.
03:48 So you are changing yourself and your family.
03:50 Yes, I am.
03:51 Plus your community. Yes.
03:52 You did a great job. Thanks.
03:53 All that Airheads, trampoline,
03:55 bouncing up and down and who would've thought, right?
03:57 Who would think? Awesome.
03:59 Thanks so much for sharing your story with us.
04:01 And let's get back to the studio.
04:05 Can you imagine loosing all that much weight
04:07 from just bouncing on trampoline?
04:09 Oh, my.
04:10 Can you imagine the consistency
04:11 that she had to do
04:13 and let me tell you something, folks?
04:14 That's what pays off, consistency.
04:16 And just as consistently you watch the show,
04:18 we consistently help you make the changes you need.
04:21 Okay, you guys ready for a great work out?
04:22 I am.
04:24 With me today is my friend Rena, the intern.
04:27 Rena, how are you doing?
04:28 I am doing well.
04:29 Are you ready for a good workout today?
04:30 Let's do it. All right, let's do this.
04:31 All right.
04:32 For first exercise today
04:33 we're going to do a rear delt fly.
04:35 Okay, so you're going to grab your dumbbells,
04:36 come and sit down, I want to demonstrate.
04:38 Netto, come on in here.
04:39 What you are going to do is slight up your knee,
04:41 flatten up the hip, come straight down,
04:43 back is nice and straight, arm straight down.
04:46 Straight down like there
04:47 and I want you to bring your dumbbells
04:48 out to the side
04:49 in 9 o'clock and 3 o'clock position.
04:51 Excellent.
04:53 Good.
04:55 So what this is going to do is,
04:56 this is going to work her rear back shoulders here.
04:59 Good job, stop right there.
05:00 And this is the exercise for individuals
05:02 who, specially for those who work in computers,
05:03 you pulled forward, slabs a little bit,
05:06 this helps straighten you up.
05:07 Get the muscles in the back, your upper back
05:09 to have more stability and have the strength
05:12 to maintain to hold you upright.
05:13 Okay, let's do our first set, we're going to do ten.
05:15 Okay, are you ready? Okay.
05:17 All right, here we go.
05:18 And one, two,
05:23 three, four,
05:27 five, six,
05:32 seven, eight,
05:37 nine and ten.
05:39 All right.
05:41 How does that feel? Those are hard.
05:42 You felt those are hard, yeah.
05:44 You don't have to use a whole lot of weight
05:45 for that exercise.
05:46 Five pounds, eight pounds, three pounds
05:49 or just even your arms you can feel it.
05:51 Okay, for active rest
05:52 we're going to do some good kind of front kick.
05:53 We're going to do front kicks, ready?
05:55 We're going to do ten each leg.
05:56 Okay, let's go.
05:57 That's one, two,
05:59 three, four,
06:01 five, six,
06:03 seven, eight,
06:05 nine and ten.
06:07 Excellent, good job.
06:08 All right. Round two.
06:09 You got enough rest? Are you good?
06:11 I am good.
06:12 You need some ore weight? No.
06:13 You sure? I am sure.
06:16 All right, let's go.
06:17 Set number two, in position and go.
06:19 Here we go, one, two,
06:24 three, four and five.
06:27 Hey, Netto come in here.
06:29 So it makes into angles.
06:31 You don't wan to come back towards this way.
06:33 You want to go nice and three.
06:36 Nine and three, excellent.
06:37 Good job, folks.
06:39 All right, here we go, front kicks again.
06:41 You ready to jazz it up. Here we go.
06:43 And one, two,
06:45 three, four,
06:47 five, six,
06:49 seven, eight,
06:51 nine and ten.
06:52 Excellent, good job.
06:53 Third set, let's do this.
06:55 I am feeling these.
06:57 Oh, having fun?
06:59 I am always having fun. Okay.
07:00 Here we go, let's go to work.
07:01 Here we go.
07:02 There's one, two, three.
07:07 Okay, folks, this exercise
07:08 you definitely want to not go heavy,
07:11 you want to control it.
07:13 You always control the weight,
07:14 you never let the weight control you.
07:16 Okay?
07:18 And one more.
07:19 Excellent. Good job.
07:22 All right, last active rest and let's go.
07:24 One, two,
07:26 three, four,
07:28 five, six,
07:30 seven, eight,
07:32 nine and ten.
07:34 Beautiful.
07:35 Okay, guys, I was getting a lot of emails.
07:37 Casio, what can I do about my mid-section?
07:41 Well, here folks, this is really simple.
07:43 Imagine a bottle that has oil and water, they don't mix.
07:48 So you have to do things to reduce the body fat
07:51 and do things to increase the muscle
07:53 or to firm the muscle.
07:55 So this is an exercise we're going to, a plank.
07:57 This is going to be a plank--rock,
07:59 this totally going to rock our toes on this plank.
08:01 And this is going to be fun.
08:03 Well, my fun,
08:05 which means kind of painful for you
08:07 but it is--
08:08 Well, pain for her but it's fun.
08:10 You are going feel. Okay.
08:11 Let's get in the position.
08:12 I want you on your elbows.
08:14 You have to come here and watch this,
08:15 so that you can see this.
08:16 She's going to be in a plank position.
08:18 Put your feet together, put your feet together.
08:20 Plank positions are like natural position of the head,
08:22 her body still, nice and even and straight.
08:24 She's up on her toes, she's not lying back,
08:26 but she's up on her toes in this position.
08:28 Perfect.
08:29 Now what she's going to do, she's going to
08:30 rock forward her toes.
08:31 She's going to rock forward with her toes
08:33 and come back right there.
08:34 Keep the torso straight.
08:35 Let's go forward.
08:37 Right there. Stay up high.
08:38 Stay right where you are.
08:40 Don't dip your hips.
08:41 Right there. Nice.
08:42 Are you feeling that?
08:43 She said, yeah, stop.
08:45 Okay, good job right there.
08:46 Okay, we're going to do 10 of those, okay?
08:48 Ten, these little plant rock toes.
08:51 This is an advance, advance exercise
08:53 but I know you can do it.
08:54 If you can't get all ten,
08:56 do at least two, three, four or five.
08:57 Listen to your body and do what you can.
08:59 Okay?
09:00 Let's go to work. Here we go, rock your toes.
09:02 Now remember, you don't want your glute up in air,
09:04 kept it nice and flat and straight, okay.
09:06 And let's go to work, here we go, one, two,
09:10 three and four and rock it
09:13 and five, yes,
09:15 and six and seven
09:18 and eight, and nine
09:21 and ten.
09:22 Beautiful. Good job.
09:23 All right, we're going to do
09:26 an active rest little different.
09:27 We're going do this on our side.
09:28 We're going to do a side leg lift.
09:30 Okay.
09:31 Get on your side
09:33 and I want you to do is bring your top leg
09:35 way away from you.
09:37 All right, as best you can, almost 90 degrees.
09:39 And we're just going to lift our leg up
09:40 for five each side, okay.
09:41 Here we go, that's one, two,
09:45 three, four and five.
09:49 Excellent. Good job.
09:50 Flip sides,
09:53 once again, bring the leg up
09:55 and we're going to lift up, here we go.
09:57 That's one, two,
10:00 three, four and five.
10:04 Oh yeah, you feel that one.
10:05 All right back to the teak, back to the planks,
10:08 rocking the toes.
10:10 How you feeling over there? I don't like this one.
10:11 You don't like this one.
10:13 Okay, here we go to work, here we go.
10:14 One, two,
10:17 three, four,
10:20 five, six, stay up on your toes.
10:22 Seven, keep your body straight,
10:24 eight, come on,
10:25 nine and one more ten.
10:28 Excellent. Good job.
10:31 All right.
10:32 She said, you used to be my friend, Casio.
10:35 All right, bring your leg out to the side,
10:36 up to far as you can, high and step up five each side.
10:39 Here we go, that's one and lift,
10:41 two, nice, three,
10:43 this can feel on your hamstrings
10:44 all the way up to your glute.
10:46 Excellent. Good job.
10:47 Other side, flip over.
10:51 Bring up, all the way to the side
10:52 and let's go to work.
10:53 Here we go, that's one, two,
10:56 and three,
10:57 and four and five.
11:00 Wonderful.
11:01 Hey, guys, best set, last set, here we go.
11:03 Last one.
11:04 You got to this she's like,
11:05 oh, thank you, Jesus, last one.
11:08 Here we go, up on your toes.
11:10 Remember, you want to keep your body
11:12 nice and neutral position, be a plank.
11:14 You know what a plank means?
11:15 Plank means as straight as a board.
11:16 You know, right now she's telling me,
11:18 be quite, Casio, and get this over with.
11:19 But no, we don't make her work--
11:20 No come down,
11:22 stay right there. Excellent.
11:23 She's doing a great job. I love this.
11:24 I can just go. Hurry up.
11:26 Here we go, there's one, one, two,
11:29 three, four, five,
11:32 oh, you feel this in abs, six,
11:34 her we go, seven, block you're core
11:36 eight, feel them in your work nine.
11:38 Oh yeah, one more and ten.
11:41 That's what I am talking about.
11:42 All right we got to go down to side,
11:43 active rest again.
11:45 People at home will be thinking that
11:46 we're turning just them off.
11:48 Here we go, five each side.
11:49 Here we go, that's one and left,
11:50 two and left,
11:52 three and left,
11:53 four and left
11:54 and five and left.
11:55 Excellent. Switch sides, here we go.
11:59 Bring it around, let's go to work.
12:01 There's one, two
12:03 and three
12:05 and four and five.
12:08 That's what I am talking about.
12:10 You ready for some water? Yes.
12:12 I am always ready for some water.
12:13 All right folks, don't forget, hydrate yourself,
12:16 listen to your body.
12:17 If you are having a hard time keeping up with us,
12:19 do the best you can.
12:20 But every time try to push up a little bit more.
12:25 All right.
12:27 All right and last, second-- thirst exercise.
12:29 I can't count, forgive me.
12:31 Our third exercise we got,
12:32 we're going to do a dumbbell crunch.
12:34 We're going to hit the mid sections again.
12:36 This time, go ahead and lay down on your back,
12:38 Rena I am going to demonstrate this one
12:39 for everybody.
12:40 Okay, you know how to do a normal crunch,
12:42 we do a come up,
12:43 we're just going to crunch up but this time,
12:45 we'll actually put both hands straight this way.
12:49 We're actually going to hold on to a dumbbell on edge.
12:52 Right there, at there, okay.
12:54 And what you are going to do is you are going to reach up,
12:55 touch my hands with dumbbell.
12:57 There you go, touch my hand, get up higher, girl.
13:00 I was teasing that.
13:01 Here you go.
13:03 All right, touch, here you go, right there.
13:04 Exactly.
13:05 So it's not this way,
13:07 I am just going straight up above her.
13:08 Now come on, right there.
13:10 Excellent. Good job.
13:11 All right. You felt those?
13:12 That hits rib high up here.
13:14 Okay.
13:15 Let's knock these out and let's do ten.
13:17 What do you say? Okay.
13:18 You can do that?
13:20 I know you can.
13:21 All right, folks at home let's have some fun.
13:22 Knock out ten, here we go.
13:23 That's one, straight up,
13:25 two, three,
13:28 four, five,
13:31 six, seven, eight,
13:35 nine and ten.
13:37 All right.
13:38 Put your dumbbells down to the side.
13:39 This is an exercise
13:41 that you might have seen me and her talk before
13:42 about six inches.
13:44 Well, we're going to do kind of like
13:45 six inches off the ground
13:46 but we're going to open and close our legs.
13:48 This is going to be real fun, it's going to blow up your abs.
13:51 Okay, put your hands underneath your gluts.
13:54 Oh you got room.
13:55 Are you sure?
13:56 Yeah, my legs are not that long.
13:57 Okay, here you go.
13:59 Here you go, get them off the ground.
14:00 Six inch up the ground
14:01 and we're going to open and close, too right.
14:03 Bring them down, girl, bring them down.
14:04 Right there, there you go.
14:06 Open and close, here we go for ten.
14:07 That's one, two,
14:10 three, four,
14:13 five, six,
14:16 seven, eight,
14:19 nine and ten.
14:21 Beautiful.
14:22 Oh yeah.
14:23 It's abs time, grab your dumbbell.
14:25 Here we go, folks, right back-up crunch for ten.
14:27 You ready?
14:29 Let's go to work, here we go.
14:30 That's one, two,
14:33 three, four,
14:35 five, six,
14:38 seven, eight,
14:41 nine and ten.
14:44 That's right, folks,
14:45 we're going to develop the muscles
14:46 underneath what we call adipose tissue.
14:49 We want to remove that adipose tissue
14:51 with a cardio
14:52 good eating program but develop the muscle.
14:55 Okay, hands underneath, let's go to work,
14:57 six inch off the ground, and open and close.
14:59 Let's go. There's one, two.
15:01 That's more than six, three, lower.
15:04 Four, thank you.
15:05 Five, six.
15:07 No, I am teasing.
15:08 Seven, if you need raise them higher
15:10 raise them up.
15:11 Nine and one more, and ten.
15:13 Good job. All right.
15:14 Here we go, folks.
15:15 This is a non-stop abs this set.
15:17 Okay.
15:19 Let's feel these, I am feeling these.
15:21 Let's go. You guys ready?
15:22 Crunch up, here we go,
15:23 one, two,
15:26 three, four,
15:29 five, six.
15:31 If you feel pain in your neck relax your neck
15:34 by putting your tough to the top of your mouth,
15:36 on your front teeth.
15:37 Good job, there we go.
15:39 Hands underneath, let's go to work,
15:41 six inches, folks.
15:42 You ready?
15:44 Let's go, there's one, two,
15:47 three, four,
15:50 five, six,
15:53 seven, eight,
15:56 and nine and ten.
15:58 Oh, yes.
16:02 Okay.
16:03 How doe that feel? Okay.
16:04 I am good.
16:05 We're going to have do a quick stretch
16:07 for our abs quick
16:08 because they are on fire.
16:10 Okay.
16:11 Just go on here on your stomach
16:13 and just focus on leaning back.
16:17 And lift yourself back up,
16:18 you feeling stretching your abs?
16:19 Okay, if you need a little bit more
16:20 you can put your hands
16:21 and get a little bit more aggressive stretch.
16:23 Oh, yeah.
16:24 You feeling that?
16:25 Okay, good. I am feeling that.
16:27 I am sorry, folks, we have to do this
16:28 because my are locked up.
16:32 Awesome.
16:33 All right, great.
16:34 Okay.
16:35 So, folks, you ask,
16:37 how can we see all the cool stuff
16:38 and learn more about the cool stuffs you guys have?
16:40 Well, you can check us out, you can go to our website,
16:42 okay, it's
16:45 That is
16:47 And if you have any questions you say, Hey, Casio,
16:49 how can I you know, get an exercise for my arms?
16:52 You can email me at
16:56 That's
16:59 And if you really want to have some fun
17:01 you can like us on Facebook.
17:03 Go ahead and search us for Action 4 Life
17:05 and hit the like button and we will become friends,
17:07 more friends like we are right now.
17:09 That's all, that's pretty cool.
17:10 All right.
17:11 So you guys ready to move on?
17:12 I am ready to move on.
17:13 We have one more exercise to go,
17:15 we're going to do up rock rows.
17:16 This is an exercise to work your trapes
17:18 but also helps pull once again to develop the upper back.
17:21 You know, for those of you who work on computers so much,
17:23 I like to pick on you guys
17:24 because you guys walk more like this.
17:26 You ever wonder, have you seen somebody walking around
17:28 that walk around like this.
17:30 They just walk forward
17:31 and it's like they always keep looking down the ground.
17:33 They are like, okay, what's down there?
17:34 You can't see where you going.
17:35 You don't know where your feet's are going?
17:36 Look straight ahead.
17:38 Good posture makes a big difference.
17:39 Upright posture helps to get good oxygen
17:42 flow throughout your body.
17:43 When you compress yourself down,
17:44 you are getting still air.
17:45 Think about it,
17:46 you are having breathing issues.
17:48 Open yourself up and you look good,
17:50 you feel better and when you walk into a room
17:52 people want to shake your hand.
17:54 No one wants to shake your hand
17:55 when you are walking like this.
17:56 People want to shake your hand, you looking like this.
17:58 You use to be high and mighty because you love Jesus.
18:00 That's what I like.
18:02 Okay. Here we go.
18:03 Our last exercise, upright rows.
18:06 Grab your dumbbells,
18:08 put dumbbells right in front of you here, okay,
18:10 and we're going to pull straight underneath your chin.
18:12 Okay. Up and down.
18:16 Ready? Let's count.
18:17 Let's go and start with these.
18:18 Excellent. Let's go.
18:19 Let's do ten of them, here we go.
18:20 That's one, two
18:25 and three
18:27 and four
18:29 and five
18:31 and six
18:33 and seven and pull back
18:35 and eight
18:37 and nine
18:39 and ten.
18:40 Excellent. Good job.
18:43 All right let's do a full shoulder circle,
18:45 big circle forward for ten.
18:46 Okay.
18:47 Let's go, one, two, three,
18:51 four, five, six, seven,
18:55 eight, nine and ten.
18:58 Good job, all right.
19:00 Second set.
19:02 How you feeling? Good.
19:03 Okay, you feeling your upper back?
19:05 Yeah.
19:06 You said, yeah. Okay.
19:07 Let's just pull them up for ten.
19:09 That's one,
19:11 two, three,
19:15 and four,
19:17 and five,
19:19 and six,
19:20 and seven,
19:22 and eight, nice
19:24 and nine
19:26 and ten.
19:27 Beautiful. Good job.
19:29 All right, this time we're going to do
19:30 a big shoulder rolls
19:31 opposite direction, let's go backwards.
19:33 Okay, here we go,
19:35 one, two,
19:37 three, four,
19:40 five, six,
19:43 seven, eight,
19:46 nine and ten.
19:48 Beautiful. Good job.
19:51 Feeling those? Feeling better?
19:53 It's amazing to the act was that you should
19:55 more exercise for the shoulders,
19:56 right? Okay.
19:58 All right, third set.
20:00 Best set, last set, folks.
20:01 Here we go.
20:02 Put them up and down let's go to work.
20:04 There's one, two,
20:08 three, four,
20:12 and five,
20:14 and six,
20:16 and seven,
20:18 and eight,
20:20 and nine
20:22 and ten.
20:23 Good job.
20:25 All right, this time let's do five and five.
20:27 What do you say?
20:28 Forward for five and rear for five.
20:30 Let's go forward, here we go.
20:31 It's one, two,
20:34 three, four and five.
20:38 To the rear, lets go,
20:39 one, two, three, nice,
20:43 four and five.
20:47 Oh, feel those.
20:49 I feel those, feel those.
20:50 Okay, so...
20:52 So what you do here?
20:55 I am an intern,
20:56 I work in the publishing department.
20:58 So I've been doing the graphic design
21:01 for the magazine or whatever.
21:04 So you work a lot on computers yourself.
21:05 Lot on the computer.
21:06 So you really understand we're talking about
21:07 the posture, pulling forward
21:09 and with this you're really going to feel
21:10 the difference upright and point you up.
21:11 Yes.
21:12 Oh, awesome, awesome, awesome.
21:13 That's why she 's called Rena the Intern,
21:15 she does stuff like that.
21:16 All right this is great.
21:17 Hey, folks, once again,
21:19 are you guys ready for some good information?
21:21 I wait for some good information.
21:22 Wellness tip time, are you guys ready for one,
21:24 you ready for wellness tip? Yes.
21:25 Okay, let's go and check this out.
21:33 Illness can interrupt exercise routines.
21:36 After recovery, begin workouts at lower intensity,
21:40 gradually increase exertion over days.
21:42 The formula, for each day of illness
21:45 go easy for two days.
21:49 Like I always say, folks, listen to your body.
21:51 Even when you have those little hiccups
21:53 or little obstacles that pops in,
21:55 in your workout program,
21:56 you get little sick, come back slowly
21:58 but continue coming back.
22:00 All right, let's do a great cool down.
22:02 I am ready for some good stretching.
22:03 Are you ready for some good stretching?
22:04 Okay, our first exercise we're going to stretch
22:06 our body part is going to be our neck.
22:08 So we're going to-- Once do the neutral position,
22:10 watch your head, put your hand on the top.
22:12 I'm just going to lay your arms
22:14 and come straight down to the side
22:16 and get a good stretch all through here.
22:18 Just act like that, just relax
22:20 and just get a good stretch on this side.
22:22 How does that feel?
22:23 You feeling that?
22:24 It's good. All right.
22:28 All right.
22:29 Okay, good, to the other side.
22:32 And stretch down to the side.
22:33 Nice.
22:41 Excellent. Good job.
22:42 Now, let me do it to the front.
22:45 We're actually going to stretch the front of our muscles here.
22:47 All down your neck, put your hand-- listen, folks,
22:49 this is kind of challenge for you.
22:51 Put your hands on your chest and push down,
22:54 neutral position up your neck
22:55 and just drop your chin all the way back.
22:59 Keep your head down
23:00 and that's going to help stress the muscles out there.
23:02 You feeling that?
23:03 Okay, great.
23:04 Listen folk, while she's doing the stretch
23:06 I want you to pay attention to this.
23:07 If you have any questions
23:09 to what we were doing check out,
23:11 send an email at Action4Life.3abn.
23:15 That's Action4Life@3abn.
23:17 We love to answer any question you have.
23:19 We're doing it all the time,
23:20 it's great from all you guys out there.
23:22 Good job.
23:23 Now, let's do another for our back of our neck.
23:26 Okay.
23:27 I am only going to this one, we just going to
23:28 just drop head forward.
23:31 Now if you have a partner,
23:32 your partner could do acting before.
23:34 Come on neutral position again,
23:35 I am going to pull down here on your back
23:37 and I'll drop your head forward.
23:38 You see, there you go.
23:40 You feel different when I did that?
23:41 Okay.
23:45 And get that good stretch.
23:49 Excellent. Good job.
23:50 All right.
23:51 Now we're doing some upper body,
23:53 upper shoulder exercise, okay.
23:55 Now this we normally do
23:56 as shoulder stretch straight across
23:58 but I want you guys to understand
23:59 when you are stretching your shoulders
24:00 do not put your hand on your elbow, okay.
24:03 Do not put your hand on forehand and kind of pull,
24:06 place it right on triceps to get a good stretch
24:08 of that shoulder.
24:17 Good. Other side.
24:19 Once gain, on your tricep, full stretch
24:21 and pull it straight across.
24:27 Nice.
24:29 Remember, you want to hold our stretch between
24:30 30 to 60 seconds ideally.
24:32 All right.
24:33 Another good stretch for forward is,
24:34 put your hands forward here and just push forward.
24:37 And this is going to help open up your back,
24:39 your upper back here.
24:40 What we did with the traps the rhomboids,
24:43 open up all your ribs out with that exercise right there
24:45 doing that good stretch.
24:46 You feeling that right there? Okay.
24:48 And you also might see people going straight up here
24:50 and get a good push, open up all up there as well.
24:56 Excellent.
24:57 Now, bring it back down, just to one of my favorite
25:00 and for those who do a lot pushing and so forth
25:03 you really get a lot of stress on your triceps.
25:05 So let's go and do a triceps stretch.
25:08 Okay.
25:09 Now I want you to do this, Netto, come in here a second.
25:12 Rena is very unique, she has the ability,
25:15 she's very flexible
25:16 and she has ability to get hyper more extension
25:18 of her shoulders
25:19 when she does this exercise.
25:21 Okay.
25:22 If you can't, you don't have the time negotiate
25:23 but being in a range of motion that is comfortable to for you
25:27 but the focus is
25:28 you put your hands on the elbow here,
25:30 hands straight down towards the center of your back
25:32 and you really get that stretch on your triceps.
25:34 Okay. Do the other side.
25:36 Excellent.
25:39 Remember, when you stretch
25:40 you may feel some mild discomfort
25:42 but you never want to hurt yourself.
25:43 Okay.
25:49 Oh yeah, you are good.
25:52 All right.
25:53 Now, we did a lot of abdominal exercises.
25:57 Yeah, we did, all right.
25:58 So we're going to do abdominal stretch
25:59 standing up.
26:00 You can put your arm straight up over your head,
26:02 okay.
26:03 You can put shoulder apart get something leverage,
26:05 you want to bring your arm back as far as you can
26:07 and just lift your chest up.
26:10 Imagine you are one of those runners
26:11 who run across the finish line
26:13 and you want to stick yourself across the finish line
26:15 and get a good stretch right there.
26:17 Now, if you have a partner,
26:18 the partner could come behind you,
26:20 lift your chest up
26:21 and give a little more emphasis right back there.
26:23 You feel a difference now when I did that?
26:24 Okay.
26:31 Oh, yeah, that is awesome, that is awesome.
26:33 Now an other ones good too for the mid section,
26:36 you can do rotation and lift your chest up
26:40 and feel a stretch there.
26:45 To the other side and lift your chest up.
26:48 You're feeling that stretching more to obliques,
26:49 tiny into the obliques and get it on inside there.
26:52 How you feeling?
26:54 Feeling good.
26:56 Feeling good. Oh, wow.
26:59 Guys, we had a great work out today.
27:01 We hit our abdominals,
27:02 we hit our upper back, great day.
27:06 Rena, thank you for being with us today.
27:07 I am so glad.
27:08 You know I just-- I am just appreciating of
27:10 all the hard work you're doing here
27:12 for the ministry of 3ABN.
27:13 You guys have no idea what goes on
27:15 behind the scenes here.
27:16 They are doing an awesome job here.
27:18 Okay, I'll close this out.
27:19 Each day it's amaze me more and more
27:23 how the world ties to praying God
27:26 as a complex creator.
27:28 When God is as simple as fore letters,
27:31 L-O-V-E.
27:35 That is God.
27:37 He is love, don't make God
27:39 or your relationship with Him complex.
27:41 Just love and the rest will be revealed.
27:44 Hey, this is Casio, reminding that
27:46 action is the key for life
27:47 and it's my prayer that Lord gives you strength
27:50 and encouragement to take action everyday.
27:52 Hey guys, God bless and thank you for watching
27:54 and I'll see you next time.
27:56 Hey, you keep flexing those faith muscles.
27:58 Bye, bye now.


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