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Who Doesn't Like to Stretch?

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Participants: Casio Jones (Host), Monica Flowers


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00:01 The following program presents workouts
00:02 you can use to improve your physical fitness.
00:04 Please be sure to consult your physician
00:07 before beginning this or any exercise routine.
00:29 Hi, my name is Casio Jones
00:31 and you're watching Action 4 Life.
00:33 Hey, in today's episode we're gonna stretch.
00:36 I mean boy, who doesn't like to stretch.
00:39 For those you don't know
00:40 exactly what to do to find an alternative
00:42 to something called yoga
00:44 we're gonna show you how take care
00:45 of the temple and help it relax.
00:47 Okay, first let's check out the store
00:49 beside at my friend's bike shop.
00:50 Man this is device called the Elliptigo.
00:53 It's like elliptical machine and a bike slammed together.
00:57 Let's hear about this, let's go.
01:09 Hey guys, we're gonna check out a friend
01:11 of my name Andy at Street Fit 360
01:13 and he's gonna show some called Elliptigo.
01:15 It's like Elliptical motion bicycle.
01:19 Kind of strange but yet it's kind of cool.
01:21 Let's go and check it out.
01:23 Hi my name is Andy Clark
01:24 my wife and I are the owners of Street Fit Bike and Fitness.
01:27 We're really excited to see Casio again today
01:29 so we can tell him about our new product, the Elliptigo.
01:42 So Andy this is the Elliptigo.
01:44 It is.
01:45 What a unique looking machine this is.
01:47 You know my soul look at this
01:48 and it said tad it's just like a cross
01:50 between a scooter, elliptical and a bike
01:54 and I was like, wow, you're absolutely right.
01:56 The awesome machine it really is, Casio.
02:00 The Elliptigo is really a runners dream.
02:02 It's a non-impact machine.
02:04 Lot of our runners, lot of our customers
02:06 that are getting Elliptigos have driven for many years,
02:09 decades in lot of cases
02:11 and they're not able to do it anymore.
02:12 They're starting to get those aches and pains.
02:13 Correct.
02:14 That is gruesome invariably gonna happen.
02:16 And the Elliptigo gives them
02:18 that healthy alternative to that running action
02:21 but without that impact.
02:23 And you know that's why I named this
02:24 why the elliptical machine is so popular to begin with
02:27 but the elliptical machine you can't take outside.
02:28 You cannot.
02:29 This is something you could take outside.
02:31 Absolutely, and you can go on speeds of bicycles.
02:33 Right.
02:34 You can go anywhere a bicycle can go.
02:35 You're seeing scenery.
02:37 You're at in the air, the sunshine.
02:39 And you get all the benefits that God has to offer.
02:41 This is phenomenal. So you're telling me--
02:44 I thought I read something about like
02:45 the Olympic athletes doing something with this.
02:47 Yes, there is nine Olympians in the London Olympics
02:51 that used the Elliptigo as a cross trainer
02:54 between competitions just to minimize risk of injury.
02:57 That's phenomenal.
02:58 A huge testimonial for the product, yeah.
02:59 A huge testimonial for the product, for sure.
03:01 So you got this set up right now
03:02 that it's on a device.
03:04 What it's a trainer device? Indoor trainer, right.
03:06 Indoor trainer for sure. So this gives--
03:07 this is what it would like
03:08 for someone gonna use this inside.
03:09 Yes, so I gave you the birth study
03:11 if you got some inclement while there
03:12 but you still want to get
03:13 that exercise using the Elliptigo
03:15 you can set it up in the optional trainer.
03:17 Well, let me just step on this and see how this works.
03:22 Wow, this is nice and sturdy.
03:25 It is, you can still shift the gears.
03:27 I can shift gears. Yeah.
03:28 So I could really get my workout on.
03:29 You can, you can set it
03:30 for whatever resistant you want by shifting the gears.
03:34 This is nice.
03:35 This is really nice comfortable, sturdy
03:37 and I can feel like I am running.
03:38 Right.
03:39 You can go whatever speed you want.
03:41 So Andy, so any how this-- this is not just runners.
03:45 No, we've got
03:46 all types of customers using the Elliptigo.
03:49 People that are just want to get doing to start working out.
03:51 You know, they're getting in their
03:52 upper 40s, early 50s and realize.
03:53 Getting one reduce so much of impact
03:55 on their hips, on their knees and on their ankles.
03:57 And they want something that's fun,
03:58 its something that's gonna get them outdoors,
04:00 like they can do a little distance with it.
04:02 We have people that have done century rides on Elliptigo.
04:05 I mean going to 100 miles. Hundred miles.
04:07 We love this.
04:08 And didn't they felt so comfortable.
04:09 And it is a comfortable bike
04:11 and its and you know I remember
04:12 I rode it earlier its just feels great.
04:14 Yes.
04:15 But I tell you it's an eye catcher.
04:17 Another great thing about the Elliptigo though is
04:19 it is adjustable for different sizes of people.
04:22 You know is that what these arm stances here for?
04:24 Absolutely, there is four different
04:26 stride adjustments for the Elliptigo for people
04:29 that may want a longer stride or not as longer the stride
04:33 might be a big height difference
04:34 that's going to require a shorter stride.
04:37 Well, taller person
04:38 that may want it all the way out on the fourth position.
04:40 Well, that's awesome.
04:41 Well, Andy, thank you so much explaining about Elliptigo.
04:43 My pleasure, Casio.
04:44 You know and folks, you guys gonna check this out.
04:46 You got to check now people out and learn more about Elliptigo.
04:52 Wow, what a machine.
04:54 And if you want some information
04:55 check this out on our website.
04:57 Okay, it's called
05:01 Once again it's
05:03 Man, if like I am even going to post this information
05:05 so you can find it on our Facebook page
05:07 which is go to Facebook
05:09 and look up type in and like us
05:12 so we can always keep you update all the stuff
05:14 we have on this show.
05:15 All right, you guys waiting for a great workout today
05:18 or a stretching workout today?
05:20 That's right, stretching is a key component of fitness
05:22 that lot of people overlook and its very, very important
05:25 because the body needs could be rejuvenated
05:29 and needs an opportunity to relax.
05:30 So with me today is my good friend Monica Flower.
05:33 Monica, how you're doing? Good.
05:35 You ready to have some fun today?
05:36 I am ready.
05:37 You're ready to relax the body a little bit?
05:38 Oh, yeah.
05:39 All right, okay we imagine you had a long hard week
05:44 and your legs and your back and everything is just aching
05:48 and you're saying I need some TLC.
05:50 Well, we're gonna show you how to do it right now.
05:52 Okay, our first stretch, exercise
05:55 we're going to stretch the quadriceps.
05:56 Now this exercise lot of people get that wrong.
05:58 Come on over here.
06:00 Hey, Nato, keep coming here a second Nato,
06:02 because I want people to see it and get this right.
06:04 Okay, I want to put my hand on my shoulder here
06:06 and I want you to go ahead and grab your other foot, okay.
06:10 Watch Nato, how she is not--
06:13 almost stretch shoulders I could see.
06:14 You want to keep a gap
06:15 between your heel and your glutes, okay.
06:18 You don't want to jam your heel into your glutes.
06:21 Keep a gap and then comeback at the hip and lift and hold.
06:26 How's that feel? Wonderful.
06:28 Wonderful. Yeah.
06:29 I like that too. It's good.
06:31 You could feel it really feeling and opening it up.
06:33 Okay, excellent, good. Do the other leg, hold here.
06:37 Okay and just get that stretch.
06:39 Now I am being stability for her.
06:41 You know, if you need to use a wall use a wall use a chair.
06:44 To focus here once again you want to keep
06:45 that leg straight in line
06:47 not out to the side keep it straight
06:49 so you're body and position
06:50 is a proper position proper alignment.
06:52 Okay, excellent good job.
06:54 Now if you say I can't stand and do those.
06:56 Let me show to do.
06:57 You can lay down your back here in the side.
06:59 Go ahead lay on your side here
07:00 and do exact same stretch on your side.
07:03 You can lay on your side
07:04 and you're gonna take this foot right here
07:06 hold the same position here
07:07 and come back at the hip and you feel that.
07:09 You're feeling that there?
07:10 Soon as stretch. Yep.
07:12 So you could do this on the ground
07:13 you can do it stand up.
07:14 Sometimes, you might be outside exercising
07:16 and you just cannot get on the ground.
07:17 You do it standing up.
07:19 If you're unable to stand lay down on side
07:21 and get a good stretch of that quad.
07:23 Go ahead switch around to the other side.
07:28 Excellent, once again the secret is keep a gap
07:31 between the heel and the glutes and comeback at the hip.
07:33 Here you go now I am gonna help her out little more.
07:38 Yeah, I could feel that one.
07:41 Excellent, get a good stretch. How does it feel?
07:45 Oh, great. Yeah, awesome.
07:47 Okay, all right, so we get a good quadriceps this
07:51 what you do you want to do your stretches
07:53 at least two to three sets
07:55 and you want to hold between 20-30-60 seconds
07:58 it takes about 12 seconds for you muscles
08:00 remember to relax to say okay.
08:02 You're not trying to hurt me so they relax.
08:04 So this is a great opportunity for you to relax
08:06 and get a good stretch.
08:07 Now what about stretching before an exercise
08:10 well, here is the problem.
08:11 Stretching this long actually relaxes the muscles.
08:15 It doesn't prepare the muscles for the activity.
08:18 So you want to do these type of stretches at the end.
08:20 Do a good body warm up
08:22 let the muscles know you about to get fire
08:24 you could do movements
08:25 and if you hold your stretches for like six seconds
08:29 it still keeps them active.
08:31 So when you can do your activity
08:32 you're not going to hurt yourself.
08:34 So remember these are types of stretch
08:36 you want to do at the end
08:37 doing your cool down.
08:38 Okay, you're ready some more fun?
08:39 I am ready.
08:40 Okay, we're going to do a hip flexor stretch
08:43 which also ties into the quad.
08:45 Let me step on this side and give support here.
08:47 Put your hand on my shoulders
08:48 you're gonna step forward your other leg
08:51 and you're gonna drop this knee
08:53 and you're gonna shift pelvic forward.
08:55 Shift you pelvic forward.
08:56 There you go and you can feel that stretch.
08:58 Actually I am on your wrong side here.
08:59 Let me support this side.
09:00 Here we go. Now you had it right.
09:01 And then as you're winking little more emphasis
09:03 push the hip forward bring the arm over to the side
09:06 and then towards me.
09:07 Now this is opened up her hips right here
09:09 and she is feeling a great stretch.
09:11 The focus on pushing that pelvic forward into the hip.
09:14 Are you feeling that? Oh, yeah. Feels good.
09:19 Excellent, good job. Let's do the other side.
09:24 I'm here to support you.
09:26 Once again use a chair
09:27 the first sense is dropping down shift the pelvic forward.
09:30 There you go feel that stretch and come across.
09:33 Nice.
09:38 Good job.
09:41 Are you feeling that? It's good.
09:43 There you go, excellent, excellent, excellent.
09:45 Not bad hip flexor stretch, feels really good there.
09:47 Yeah.
09:49 Okay, here this is one
09:50 we're gonna focus on the inner thigh.
09:52 Go ahead and sit, let's go ahead and sit down
09:55 and you can face this way.
09:56 And we can do this,
09:57 we probably seen this before
09:58 it called an Indian stretch or butterfly stretch.
10:01 Go and put your feet together right there
10:03 and let's get a good groin stretch.
10:05 And you sit there and you--
10:06 you could put mild some pressure here on your legs
10:09 more like this position here, like this here.
10:13 And some people pull them in
10:14 and they can put the elbows down here to get
10:16 they hold the stretch going to get further stretch.
10:17 And if you chess up and just hold.
10:22 How that feel?
10:23 It helps open up your glutes get a great stretch there.
10:26 Big stretch. Big stretch.
10:31 Love it, love it, love it.
10:37 Excellent, good job.
10:38 Okay, now I want to from here
10:39 I want you to go ahead and just lay down
10:41 go some position lay down.
10:43 Okay, now, I am gonna be her partner,
10:46 I am gonna do a hamstring stretch.
10:48 She can bring this leg all the way up,
10:49 relax your legs straight hold it right here relax.
10:52 Now watch this folks, relax your leg,
10:53 relax leg, relax leg
10:55 watch you see this point right here
10:57 her leg start to buckle right here leg start to buckle
10:59 this is her point right here her range of motion.
11:02 So from right here we want to hold
11:04 and let us stay right there.
11:06 This is you feeling this right now, aren't you?
11:08 Oh, yeah. A little bit.
11:09 Go little more just relax the leg don't bend it.
11:12 Try and keep it straight.
11:13 Now you feel the difference now?
11:15 There we go right there.
11:16 Now I am gonna be a support for her,
11:17 if you have your kid or your spouse
11:19 to this for you as well.
11:20 Now watch this.
11:21 Little more emphasis by bringing the toe down
11:23 it ties more into the hamstrings.
11:25 If you could see her eyes right now.
11:27 You will know she is feeling this.
11:31 Now if you don't have a partner
11:33 well, you could do a same position here
11:34 put this hand here
11:35 and put your other hand right here behind here.
11:37 You can use rope or towel.
11:38 I did it if you had a rope or towel
11:40 you could put it here
11:41 at the base your foot to help support
11:42 if not just hold with your hand.
11:44 Get to that spot where you're feeling and relax.
11:50 Good job go and switch your leg.
11:54 Good and say you're leg were bent
11:55 try and get the leg straight
11:56 you're losing and let's straight.
11:58 Keep it straight, keep it straight right there.
12:00 See that right there.
12:01 She is to starting to shake right there.
12:02 Keep it straight. You feel the difference now?
12:03 Yeah.
12:04 Keep the legs straight right there.
12:05 Now supported at that spot. Don't bend that knee.
12:08 It's not about trying to get that leg
12:10 where you want to go you got to put the leg
12:13 where it needs to go.
12:14 You see the difference. Yep.
12:15 There you go, here you go, nice.
12:18 And relax and enjoy.
12:24 Excellent, excellent, excellent.
12:26 Great, that was a great stretch there.
12:28 Okay, now we're gonna since she in this position
12:31 we're gonna open up and tie more in hit
12:33 some of the glutes with this one.
12:34 Is that okay with you?
12:35 Okay, here's one of my favorite ones.
12:36 Stay right there.
12:37 You're gonna take this leg out
12:39 and we're gonna come across your body,
12:41 straight across your body
12:42 and what you can do you can put this hand
12:44 right underneath you're knee here
12:46 just hold to stabilize it.
12:47 Where you get elbows off the ground.
12:48 Here you go right there
12:49 and you're gonna bring your toe
12:51 and push your heel away from you.
12:52 Keep the shoulder down.
12:54 Oh, wow yeah you feel this one.
12:57 Oh, yeah. And you feel this one.
12:58 Wow.
12:59 Folks, I am pushing her heel away
13:00 its open all throughout her back of her leg
13:02 along all your back to the backside.
13:04 All your back to the back to her lower backs
13:06 she is feeling this one.
13:07 Now if you really feel little bit of froggy
13:09 you could lower it down this little bit more.
13:11 And that will place this
13:12 little more emphasis back there.
13:13 But work and strain of veins as comfortable for you,
13:15 okay, good job.
13:17 Okay let's go to the other side.
13:20 You're lying straight up and come straight across
13:22 focus on trying to keep that shoulder down.
13:24 You're just on just to support yourself right there.
13:26 There you go.
13:28 Now push your heel away. That activates it.
13:30 Okay, it wasn't just bringing your leg over
13:32 but you pushed the heel away
13:33 that's full of surge of stress
13:35 going all away back to the backside.
13:36 Didn't you feel that? Yeah.
13:37 Okay, there you go.
13:41 Loving this.
13:43 See it's hard from right now.
13:44 See I was on the ground but I can't be demonstrate
13:47 and really explain thing she is getting the strength
13:49 and I have to this you know
13:51 through the fusion of our smokes
13:52 is trying to fell the same what she is feeling.
13:54 Okay, all right,
13:56 now another glute stretch its one of my favorites one
13:58 it really opens it up.
14:00 And you can do this in a chair lying down.
14:02 Hey, it's called the glutes
14:03 stretch the famous glutes stretch.
14:05 Bend more knees, you're gonna take this ankle
14:07 and do it across the body just like that right there.
14:09 Okay, now you're ready?
14:11 Okay, you're gonna bring this leg up get your leg bent
14:14 and I want you to bring this hand
14:16 to the outside back here.
14:17 And I will bring this hand through here
14:19 and you're gonna hold.
14:20 Put your head down and relax and just pull in.
14:24 Now you're gonna feel this stretch.
14:26 You love this and don't you.
14:27 Now if you're partner say
14:28 you could place little emphasis here
14:29 to help assist you as I am pushing here.
14:31 You're feeling that one? Yes.
14:32 Okay, now watch this.
14:33 We're gonna open her hips with this one, okay.
14:36 We're gonna really she is gonna really feel this
14:37 when I open it up.
14:38 Relax your hands here relax
14:40 and I am going to pull this hip right here.
14:42 You're feeling that? Oh, yeah.
14:44 Yeah, has a huge unique feeling.
14:47 Let me pull it right here.
14:48 Now you could do this yourself by pushing your hand right here
14:50 above your knee and push, okay, here you go.
14:54 Pull this knee in and push here and you feel it open up.
14:58 And you go a little further
14:59 if you need to go little further on that
15:00 to really open it up a push with this
15:02 and you feel it open up here.
15:03 Are you feeling that? Yep.
15:04 Okay, good let's switch to the other side.
15:05 Let's go.
15:08 Hand in between bending backside
15:10 and we're gonna go to work
15:11 and I am feeling this one, okay.
15:12 Excellent.
15:13 Guys at home, try this one enjoy this one.
15:17 You're gonna enjoy it. You're gonna love.
15:18 It feels great. Amazing.
15:22 Oh, excuse me, amazing.
15:24 All right, let's go and just open up the hip
15:26 and push there here you go.
15:28 Find that spot. Find that sweet spot.
15:29 Here you go. You're feeling it?
15:31 Yes. Oh, yeah.
15:35 Good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good.
15:38 Excellent, good job.
15:39 Okay, we're going from this bent position here
15:41 we're gonna do one, we're gonna call
15:43 it's gonna work our lower back
15:44 and stretch and open up our lower back.
15:46 From this position here-- it's kind of funky
15:48 but you're gonna take your right arm
15:49 okay, you can sit this position take your right arm
15:51 put it on the outside of the other knee.
15:54 Right here and you just going to rotate
15:56 and lift your chest up, nice.
15:58 Stay up the top here nice and straight
16:00 this is open up and feeling it going through here.
16:02 You're feeling that? Yes.
16:03 Okay, now for her hand behind her knee
16:05 she is actually having a base to push off against.
16:12 Nice good job.
16:13 Let's go to other side and open that up.
16:16 Stay up top and high. Nice.
16:20 How are you feeling? Great.
16:22 This is a great, great back stretch.
16:24 Oh, yes.
16:27 And it ties and already down here to the oblique as well.
16:29 Okay, now I want you to just lay down on your back
16:32 okay, and I want you to bring your knees into your chest.
16:35 Bring your knees into your chest.
16:36 Now you can have your partner
16:37 hold you down and put little pressure right here
16:39 on you knees to get a good back stretch.
16:41 You feel that right in your lower back.
16:43 You're feeling that? Yes, I do.
16:44 Yes, she is.
16:48 Good, come out and release a little bit and relax.
16:52 Okay, ready for one more time?
16:53 Oh, yeah. Here we go just bring it in.
16:55 Oh, getting a nice good push down.
16:58 Oh, yeah I know you're feeling these.
17:00 It feels good, don't it? It does.
17:02 Listen folks, you sit in your car
17:03 your driving your car for a long period of time
17:05 you sit in your chair at work on your computer
17:07 this is a great stretch, very good stretch.
17:11 Okay, now we're gonna do another one.
17:12 From this position here well, bend our knees up here
17:15 we're gonna put your arms to like you're on a cross.
17:18 There you go right there.
17:19 And we're gonna take her leg,
17:20 both legs to the side just like this.
17:24 Oh, yeah I heard her body adjust.
17:26 You could feel her hip and her knee
17:27 just adjusted to that.
17:28 Did you feel that? Yeah.
17:29 And her back. Oh, doggy.
17:32 Okay. Felt good did it?
17:33 Yeah.
17:35 Okay, you're gonna go up, up to the other side,
17:38 there we go and get the awe, yes.
17:41 Now folks, we're going to do these exercises
17:43 and you stretch is kind of little tempo fast.
17:45 We have a lot to cover.
17:46 But I want you to do temp
17:48 do you do the arm caught them and do them slow.
17:50 Play back slow so you could do these
17:52 and do three steps of these it will great for you, okay.
17:55 How are you feeling? Great.
17:56 Okay, excellent good job.
17:59 Now I am throw in extra bonus, okay.
18:02 If you have a partner this is the yummy stretch.
18:06 My clients actually get mad at me
18:09 if I ever miss this one,
18:10 okay.
18:11 What I am gonna do is going to support your--
18:13 relax your legs and I am gonna hold you by the ankles
18:15 and I am going to slow the just uncompressed your lower back.
18:20 You're feeling that? Wow.
18:22 And what I am doing--
18:23 did you hear that she says, wow.
18:24 And while I am doing
18:25 I am slowly shifting my body with back
18:28 and just her lower legs and pulling it
18:31 and decompressing her spine right now.
18:34 Oh, yeah now watch this take your hands over your head
18:37 and point your fingers towards away from you push.
18:40 Now we're going to help decompress to some more.
18:43 You're feeling the difference? Yes.
18:45 There you go.
18:47 And you don't need to hold lot of weight to do this.
18:48 You're kid can help hold you and support you.
18:50 Okay, just got to communicate and tell him what you want.
18:53 Make you help you out. Excellent, great job of that.
18:57 How you're feeling? Great.
18:59 All right let's go up
19:00 and to work some more upper body stretch.
19:01 Excellent. Not bad, you did a great job.
19:04 You're feeling kind of lose right now.
19:06 You feel like great.
19:07 You're like I am go and asleep
19:09 I am just feeling relaxed all right.
19:10 But here the thing folks,
19:11 actually stretching makes you feel good,
19:13 energize you and just wait for the tackle your day.
19:16 Some people actually stretch in the morning
19:17 to get the stuff going.
19:18 You know what I mean.
19:19 And get the day starting
19:20 because they feeling little good.
19:21 Getting enjoy and flung to your body.
19:23 Okay, we're doing chest stretch okay.
19:25 Now chest stretch you could use your partner,
19:27 we'll do the one you do by yourself.
19:29 Put your hand behind your head.
19:31 And you gonna pull it straight back
19:33 put your elbows back behind you
19:36 like you want to squeeze shoulder blades together.
19:38 And get a good stretch and lift your chest up
19:40 and get a good stretch there.
19:42 Nice, nice, nice, nice, nice stretch.
19:45 Good chest stretch. Now here if you got a partner.
19:48 Now I go back up.
19:50 Okay, if you got a partner, partner can help you
19:53 to place little more emphasis there.
19:54 You're feeling that? Yeah.
19:55 A little bit more. There you go.
19:58 It feels really good doesn't it?
19:59 Yes.
20:00 Okay, now watch this put your arms out to the side.
20:02 Now from this position I am pulling in.
20:05 Oh, yes do you feel that one, Nato?
20:07 You can see that one. She is feeling this.
20:09 She has smiles on her face. Hey it's a smile on her face.
20:11 She is like oh, this is good. Don't let this stop, you know.
20:15 Lift your chest and now stay up tight.
20:17 Now you're gonna good stretch there, excellent.
20:20 That's what I am talking about.
20:22 That feel good? That feels great.
20:24 It feels good.
20:25 Okay, we gonna do our next exercise it's gonna stretch
20:27 and we're gonna stretch our shoulders.
20:29 Yeah, shoulders, shoulders, shoulders,
20:31 we do shoulders a lot but this one I love this.
20:33 The demonstrate for your shoulders
20:34 so focus on once again
20:35 do not the place stress on your elbows bring your arms
20:39 and your triceps goes straight across okay.
20:42 Some people like to bring it straight back
20:44 which is okay to really get further it's up to you.
20:47 Okay, some people might go straight back
20:49 and get more of a stretch there.
20:53 Excellent, other side straight across
20:59 and then straight back.
21:08 Excellent.
21:09 Now another stretch that you could do
21:11 for bringing your front stretch is just straight up here
21:15 and you get fuller stretch by lifting straight up
21:17 you feel stretch in working your front deltoids
21:18 you're feeling the stretch right there.
21:24 And open yourself all way up.
21:28 Okay, put your both hands together
21:30 and push forward some thing like twine the fingers
21:33 and get a good stretch for your deltoids.
21:38 Feeling good, loving this, feel the stretch.
21:42 Take both hands over head
21:44 and get a good stretch and enjoy the stretch.
21:46 Oh, listen folks,
21:48 there is nothing like stretching
21:50 and I don't understand why don't make time for this
21:52 because it feels so good.
21:58 Good job, good job.
21:59 All right, shake them loose, shake them loose,
22:02 shake them loose, shake them loose.
22:03 All right here's one for your traps, okay.
22:06 You know, how do this up and down for work your traps.
22:09 Imagine pushing your hands down and get it stretch.
22:13 Like hands to the side and you want to push down.
22:17 And you feel the stretch in your traps.
22:19 Push down with your hands.
22:20 Pushes down, just relax and feel the--
22:22 you feel a difference when we do that.
22:24 You can fell a pushing all way down and get a stretch.
22:27 And try to lift your head in tall position
22:29 and stay up tall and push down
22:31 and you get a stretch going all through your arms
22:34 all that right up to your traps all through here.
22:36 You're feeling that? Yeah.
22:40 This is kind of cool, isn't it?
22:42 It feels good. Okay, excellent.
22:45 Let's go our biceps.
22:49 Okay, a bicep stretch arms spread up to the side
22:52 like you're on a cross bend your wrist.
22:55 Sometimes I like to put my foot forward
22:56 to get a good bounce on this.
22:58 Bend your wrist.
22:59 The secret is bending that wrist
23:00 and lean forward just a little bit.
23:03 That place is just emphasis round the biceps.
23:05 Now her hand might be little slope but lifting them up
23:07 like I on a cross and watch I am gonna help her out.
23:11 You feel a difference?
23:13 Oh yeah, those biceps are screaming.
23:19 Oh yes.
23:20 Now imagine you're on a Titanic.
23:21 Remember that shot of Titanic she's leaning forward?
23:23 Oh, yeah.
23:24 That's what you want to be just like this right here.
23:27 Now if you don't have somebody to hold that for you
23:30 you could exact same steps one arm against the wall
23:33 see that right here.
23:34 And you could push it against the wall.
23:37 I am wall right now. Solid foundation.
23:39 Solid. Solid foundation.
23:41 Okay now, speaking about watch your forms
23:44 this is form stretch that you could do.
23:46 Face me, go ahead and face me.
23:47 Put your hands here and push.
23:50 Now that way you're gonna flex up the hands
23:52 there like you're wall and lift like there pull your forearms.
23:55 Okay, that's one stretch.
23:56 Another stretch is turning this way and go that way.
24:00 You feel that?
24:02 Now you don't want to push your whole body weight.
24:03 Just you could feel the pressure there
24:05 that you lean up against the wall there.
24:07 Feeling that stretch? Yeah.
24:08 Okay.
24:10 It's a very good stretch to have
24:12 losing up your forearms.
24:13 For those who use the mouse a lot
24:15 when you work this is a good stretch
24:16 to help open up this just right in through here.
24:18 Okay and you could do this way holding.
24:21 Okay, that way and even stress using your fingers
24:25 open and close like this.
24:26 Open to stretch them out.
24:28 Put a rubber band
24:29 around your fingers get a good stretch.
24:31 Actually it's kind of exercise
24:32 but you need to condition those digits.
24:34 Okay you're using a lot of
24:35 but you have to do the opposite to help them relax.
24:38 Okay ready. Ready.
24:40 We have a triceps. Oh, I love triceps.
24:42 Okay shoulder above your head.
24:47 Get a good stretch.
24:48 Now Nato, come and take a shot of this.
24:51 My hand is not just going to the side
24:54 like this the stretch.
24:55 I am actually dropping my hand
24:57 straight down towards the center line of my body
24:59 and I am pushing the emphasis on my elbow.
25:02 And that allows me to get a good stretch that triceps.
25:05 Okay, you don't want to do this,
25:07 this is the only time you could really put
25:09 the emphasis on your elbow
25:10 get a good stretch like this,
25:11 right down the center lift your chest up.
25:13 Other side it's just like this.
25:21 Nice, nice, nice, nice.
25:23 And guess folks, when you're doing your stretches
25:26 you always, always, always, always got to breath.
25:32 You got to get oxygen flowing to the body
25:34 that is the key to when you're doing your stretching
25:36 oxygen is needed throughout your body.
25:38 So never hold your breath,
25:40 never try to fight your muscles enjoy it.
25:43 Enjoy it.
25:44 Okay, speaking about enjoyment
25:46 we're gonna focus on the head.
25:48 Okay, let's do a neck stretch, okay.
25:50 Okay, what I want to do is I want to do it for you.
25:51 Come to center stage so everybody could see you.
25:53 Now I want to do is I want to be the resistance for you.
25:56 I want to relax your neck
25:57 and I am going to put my hand here
25:58 and I gonna take your neck to the side here.
26:01 Oh, tell when you are feeling this.
26:03 I am feeling it. Okay.
26:07 Nice, excellent.
26:10 Let's go and do the other side.
26:12 Let's come and support down little resistance here.
26:15 Now you could you actually put your hand
26:16 and to yourself to see how it feels.
26:18 And get that nice stretch for it.
26:19 Do you feel that? Yes.
26:24 Excellent, good job. How you're feeling.
26:27 Relaxed. Relaxed.
26:29 Are you ready for wellness tip?
26:30 Absolutely.
26:31 I am ready for wellness tip.
26:32 You guys, ready for wellness tip,
26:34 let's go and check this out.
26:42 Between 1960 and 2007 the amount of waste
26:46 each person created almost doubled
26:48 from 2.7 to 4.6 pounds per day.
26:51 A better life value should be reuse,
26:54 reduce, recycle and reproduce,
26:57 because doing right feels better.
27:01 That's right folks,
27:02 hey your environment can affect your health
27:05 and we all have to do our part.
27:07 Hey, guys, we had a great workout,
27:08 stretch felt good though energize
27:11 being had to tackle my week.
27:13 Monica, thanks for coming with us.
27:14 Thanks, Casio.
27:15 Appreciate, you did a great job today.
27:17 All right guys, I was in a military
27:19 where we used lots of special codes
27:21 and let me tell you something in our life
27:23 we just need two simple codes
27:25 to enter into and our life to enjoy it.
27:27 They are the love and the Bible.
27:29 These two simple codes when we enter it into our life
27:32 the things we want turned on will.
27:35 And the things we need to turn off will happen.
27:38 Let me tell you folks, we got to find more time
27:40 and more time to insert God into our life.
27:43 Hey, this is Casio remind you
27:45 that actions to key for life is my prayer
27:48 that the Lord keeps you keeps you safe,
27:51 keeps your family safe
27:52 and I want you more and more to understand your strength
27:54 and encouragement comes from Him.
27:56 Seek Him everyday. God bless, thank you.
27:59 I see you next time keep flexing those faith muscles.
28:02 Bye-bye.


Revised 2014-12-17