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Participants: Casio Jones (Host), Tyler Flower


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00:01 The following program presents workouts
00:02 so you can use to improve your physical fitness.
00:05 Please be sure to consult your physician
00:07 before beginning this or any exercise routine.
00:30 Hi, my name is Casio Jones
00:32 and you're watching Action 4 Life.
00:34 On today's episode we got a very special guest
00:37 he's kind of young but its all about
00:40 what I do with working with young folks.
00:42 And it's important for you as parents
00:44 to take notice of this
00:45 because if you have kids who want to be active
00:47 and not sure what to do this is the show for you.
00:50 But first have you ever heard
00:52 of something called Laser Lipo.
00:54 Well we're going to do interview with the gentlemen
00:56 his name is Bill.
00:58 And he is going to tell us Laser Lipo
01:00 help change his life.
01:01 Let's check this out.
01:13 I am here in Bradenton, Florida
01:14 and I am here in my friend's office--
01:17 Doctor Stanley's office
01:18 and recently learned about a method
01:20 it's called Laser Lipo.
01:21 He used this in his practice to help treat his patients.
01:25 And with us today it's going to be Bill
01:27 and we're going to talk to him about
01:28 how Laser Lipo has changed his life.
01:31 Bill, how are you doing? Good, good.
01:32 So tell me Laser Lipo, why Laser Lipo.
01:36 Well, I checked a lot of different choices you know
01:40 bariatric liposuction
01:44 which I have done in the past very painful.
01:46 It did a lot of damage.
01:48 You know cutting your stomach
01:49 and work down all that tummy tucks.
01:51 And its just leaves scars just damage to your body.
01:53 And then found that about this method
01:55 from Doctor Stanley and we tried it out.
01:58 I was one of his first patients.
02:00 I have been doing it for about four months
02:02 and the results have been phenomenal.
02:03 I mean I didn't believe it first
02:05 but after I saw results and we taped it twice a week
02:09 just checking it over and over again.
02:10 I couldn't believe I was losing almost half an inch
02:12 every other treatment and you know in the week
02:14 I was losing over an inch or more.
02:15 So when you came here what did you,
02:17 what was your waistline?
02:19 I was about a 54 to 52 waistline.
02:21 And what are you now?
02:22 I am about a 40 waistline.
02:23 Forty waistline? Forty waistline.
02:25 So you actually reduced your
02:27 whole midsection by that much.
02:28 By that much.
02:29 I mean your cloths got to be totally different
02:30 and your belt.
02:31 I have to throw all my big cloths away.
02:33 I had to go buy all new cloths
02:35 that I mean I am not even buying cloths
02:36 because I am losing so much weight
02:38 that these actually have to get thrown out
02:40 and get smaller ones now.
02:41 So this is affordable
02:42 much different then other traditional styles.
02:44 Absolutely.
02:45 And you might like
02:46 you drive even an hour and half to get here.
02:48 Yeah, one hour and half to come here.
02:50 He was recommended by me
02:51 and it definitely worth the trip.
02:52 So exactly cost effective, you drive the distance,
02:55 you're getting results
02:57 and yet you find or you also find
02:59 that you're able to have more energy
03:01 just do more things.
03:02 I have-- To be more physically active.
03:03 Absolutely, because there used to be days at
03:05 and you don't want to get out of bed.
03:06 I was tired all the time lethargic.
03:08 I mean, I feel more energetic now
03:09 I can do stuff for my kids.
03:10 I go play ball with my kids and do things
03:12 that I didn't do before.
03:13 You know, I was just sitting around the house
03:15 or just sitting out of desk all day.
03:17 So this is not just an answer to you prayers.
03:20 Right.
03:21 But this has been a complete change of your lifestyle.
03:23 That's right. That's right.
03:24 Bill, thank you so much for allow us to
03:26 have this time for you to share with us about Laser Lipo
03:30 and how it made a huge impact in your lifestyle,
03:32 appreciate it.
03:33 Back to the studio.
03:35 Wow, amazing
03:37 what you could do with technology
03:39 and technology can actually change
03:40 the composition of your body.
03:42 Well, what a great story.
03:43 Okay, parents,
03:45 today we're gonna do an episode
03:48 that you could take notes on, show basic to understands
03:51 how you have fun with your kids.
03:52 And this is some of the exercise
03:53 I do with my booth camps
03:54 that I work with some of my young athletes.
03:56 You're really gonna enjoy this.
03:58 But with me today is Tyler Flower.
04:00 Tyler, how are you doing buddy?
04:01 Doing good.
04:02 Okay, tell everybody at home how old are you.
04:04 I am ten. You're ten.
04:05 That's right folks, it doesn't matter
04:06 how young you are or how old you're
04:09 you can still have fun on this program.
04:11 And we just modified the workouts
04:12 and everybody gets to enjoy.
04:14 You're ready to have some fun, Tyler?
04:15 Okay.
04:16 Okay, parents,
04:17 we want to develop
04:18 an exercise program for your kids.
04:19 You can't forget this most important exercise
04:21 which is the push up.
04:23 I know we've seen this so many times
04:24 but it's so important.
04:25 It's the safe exercise.
04:27 It works the upper body and safe for kids.
04:29 Tyler, get down position
04:30 and let's do a pushup for everybody.
04:32 And we'll just demonstrate here.
04:33 Okay, prefect position his shoulders--
04:36 and Nato, keep come on here for a second.
04:37 You see his shoulder is in line with his hands
04:40 and he's in the position up on his toes
04:42 and he's holding himself in my position right there.
04:44 Excellent.
04:46 Go ahead, Tyler, come on just do a pushup
04:48 and backup, nice.
04:49 Good job, one more time.
04:52 Good, backup, excellent.
04:53 Now from this position you saw
04:55 he was slacking just little bit.
04:56 It was hard time for him staying in position.
04:58 Go ahead and drop your knees, just drop your knees.
05:00 Right there drop your knees from that position
05:02 keep your head in neutral position
05:03 and just do the action you did before
05:04 and lower yourself down and come back up.
05:06 Notice he's nice and straight. Do it again.
05:11 And give me two more.
05:12 Keep your body straight
05:13 get your chest closer to the ground.
05:14 And you notice at times
05:16 it could be challenging for kids who do these
05:17 because that their body is just not really
05:20 they get the muscle and the brain
05:21 trying to work together.
05:22 It can be challenging for them.
05:23 So you'd be patience with them and you help them.
05:26 You could have spot him by taking a towel underneath here
05:28 keep your body nice and straight
05:29 and let's go down to the ground.
05:31 Are we down with your chest
05:32 more and more and more and more
05:34 and push and push and push nice.
05:35 Again give me three more.
05:37 Are we down, are we down.
05:38 And push backup good.
05:40 Now watch his elbows
05:41 his elbows gonna go back towards his feet.
05:43 Go back down.
05:44 Keep going, keep going, keep going.
05:45 That was a great one and push.
05:47 Excellent, just do one more.
05:49 Are we down, are we down and push back up, nice.
05:52 Good job, buddy, excellent.
05:53 Come on to your feet. Excellent.
05:55 Okay, so what we're gonna do for an active rest
05:57 this is going to be a lot of fun.
05:59 This is totally different
06:00 any of your active rest we've done before.
06:02 Okay, Tyler, what we're gonna do
06:03 is called a sit to stand.
06:04 This is an truly exercise
06:06 that to lot of my athletes they love it.
06:08 All the way from young all the way up
06:09 because it gets your body
06:10 you'll be surprising and parents, try this
06:12 and you'll be surprised how hard it is.
06:14 Okay, Tyler, go ahead and sit on the ground
06:16 base there you go sit on the ground
06:17 and I want you to bend your feet up right there
06:19 and I want you to get your feet as fast as you can set go.
06:23 And its one, go ahead and sit back down.
06:25 It's simple.
06:26 Sit and stand, two, okay wait for me
06:28 I'll tell you when I want you to relax
06:29 don't want to built momentum,
06:30 okay.
06:31 And go, good.
06:33 Now this time not so much of the hands.
06:35 See you get back up.
06:36 And go get your feet.
06:37 Nice, good job.
06:39 One more time.
06:40 Good job. Get your feet, go.
06:42 Excellent, good job.
06:43 All right, let's go back to our pushups again.
06:45 Now this time I want you to do it
06:47 I am gonna spot you even more
06:48 and I want you to get your hands a little wider
06:51 and I want you to stay in the up position.
06:53 Here we go.
06:54 Right there and come down.
06:55 Regular pushup without modified.
06:57 Here I am spotting them and I am helping them,
06:59 let's go to work, nice.
07:01 Kids got this.
07:02 He's doing a great job.
07:03 And I am giving some support
07:06 help him keep going.
07:07 This is helping him to get stronger
07:08 because I am supporting him.
07:10 All his weaker muscles are working through this,
07:12 one more time.
07:14 Excellent good job buddy, good job.
07:17 How are you feeling?
07:18 Feeling that. You're feeling that.
07:19 You're feel those in your chest.
07:20 Okay, can you do one more sitting stand one more time?
07:22 You think you can do that for me?
07:23 Okay, this time what I want you to do is
07:26 having your feet just where you are
07:28 put your feet in straight front of you.
07:29 Straight front from this position.
07:31 It's totally different
07:32 but it gets your feet fast again.
07:34 Go, excellent good job, back down again.
07:36 Put your feet straight and go.
07:39 That's what I am talking about again, go.
07:42 One more time here we go.
07:43 One more time. See he is having fun.
07:44 He's smiling and go and get up there.
07:46 Excellent, good job Hi-five.
07:48 Wonderful, all right.
07:49 Third set, third set
07:51 we always say third set best set
07:53 that's last set, right.
07:54 All right, how are you feeling, chap?
07:55 I am doing good. You're feeling good.
07:57 Okay, here we go and let me get this here
07:58 to support you again.
08:00 And let's go to work take them down.
08:02 Perfect kid, oh, awesome.
08:06 It's two, keep your body straight
08:07 let me help you out.
08:09 Three and four don't swing let me help you, five,
08:14 let's do one more and six.
08:16 Good job.
08:17 Awesome.
08:19 All right ready to sit to stand again?
08:20 Aren't they fun? Yes.
08:23 Awesome, awesome okay,
08:24 all right legs straight in front of you.
08:25 Okay, are you ready?
08:26 Set, go.
08:28 That's what I am talking about.
08:29 Okay, back down and go.
08:32 All right, you got little hesitant there
08:34 okay, okay hey legs straight, legs straight
08:36 and wait, wait, wait and go.
08:40 One more time, one more time, one more time, one more time
08:42 and you go,
08:44 good job, good job, good job.
08:46 Okay, listen folks,
08:48 when you're training with your kids
08:49 you got to make a fun.
08:51 You got to make a fun for them so they buy into it.
08:54 So they realize this is something
08:55 that they want to do for rest of life.
08:57 If you make it painful, if you make it too tough--
08:59 you're yelling at your kids, they're not gonna love it.
09:02 We want them to create healthy lifestyles
09:04 and healthy habits that they enjoy
09:06 and they can see the benefits of it.
09:08 So the best part by being a kid you're playing
09:10 and you're using your muscles.
09:11 Don't even realize they're exercising
09:13 and that's the good job to keep them active like that.
09:15 Okay, ready to move on our next exercise?
09:17 Sure.
09:18 All right, we're gonna do called the squat.
09:22 Okay. Okay.
09:23 Now squat?
09:25 Yeah, yeah, yeah we doing squat we have squats
09:28 and we've seen squats a lot
09:29 but this is a very safe exercise
09:31 for at any age.
09:33 Young individuals
09:34 because they develop their upper-- lower body
09:37 and they're getting the function work together.
09:38 Okay are you ready?
09:40 All right, let's put your feet together once again
09:41 your feet bent nine degrees.
09:42 Okay.
09:43 Right there and I want you to stand straight up
09:46 and sit back down.
09:48 Excellent again and sit back down.
09:51 Good job, again and sit back down.
09:54 A piece of cake isn't it.
09:55 All right, I want to straight right there
09:56 and I'm gonna make a little harder for you,
09:58 you don't mind.
09:59 Okay, I am going to get you're a medicine ball.
10:04 All right here is a four pound medicine ball
10:07 I want you to hold it.
10:08 Just right here right in front of you.
10:10 Now I want you to standup and go work.
10:11 That's one and sit.
10:14 And two and sit.
10:16 And three and sit.
10:18 How's that feel?
10:19 And four and sit.
10:21 You feel it different? Oh, yeah.
10:22 Keep going.
10:23 And five and sit.
10:24 Keep going.
10:26 Six and sit.
10:27 Go ahead and sit down
10:28 and it's just your feet right here.
10:29 There we go come and go.
10:31 Seven, eight,
10:36 nine and ten.
10:39 Excellent.
10:40 Now Tyler, I want you to stand right here.
10:42 Okay.
10:43 Right here turn around and face me.
10:44 Okay and I want you to do-- I want to take this ball
10:47 I am gonna throw it up.
10:48 I want you to catch it right here.
10:49 Okay.
10:50 Put the hands up you are gonna catch it.
10:51 I want to take the ball
10:52 and just slam it down to the ground
10:54 bounce it back to me.
10:55 Okay, can you do that? Yeah.
10:56 Okay, go ahead slam it down.
10:58 One, good here we go.
11:00 Two nice.
11:03 Three put one foot from the other one.
11:05 Put one foot and here we go, ready here we go.
11:07 Four, slam it down harder, come one slam down,
11:10 yeah that's what I want to see good.
11:12 Again, three more come on,
11:15 one, two, nice one more
11:20 and three good job buddy, good job.
11:22 Good job.
11:23 Now that what it do is working his whole midsection.
11:26 Great ball, the balls of lot of fun.
11:28 The kids love having balls.
11:29 If you don't really have medicine ball,
11:31 a baseball work as well
11:32 because as it decelerating catching the ball
11:35 and version throwing
11:36 and working his whole midsection
11:38 and it was fun throwing something wasn't it.
11:40 That's right everybody likes throwing something.
11:42 Okay, here we go back again
11:43 lets do a second set of squats again.
11:46 Okay, here we go.
11:47 Let's go and put it right there and hold right here
11:49 and standup and go again.
11:50 Let's do another ten, its one.
11:51 Excellent, one two,
11:53 now the secret of squatting is
11:55 this is like you're sitting down.
11:56 And I want to tell you something
11:57 we all sit down,
11:58 we sat on toilets, we sat on chairs
12:00 we're sitting in our chair desk all the time.
12:02 This is exercise you know how to do.
12:04 But do you know that it works your whole entire lower legs.
12:08 Now you do.
12:10 What number is that?
12:11 Lets call one more ten, let do one more and ten.
12:14 Excellent, good job.
12:15 Let's do the bounce thing again.
12:16 All right. Okay, stand over there.
12:17 It was fun wasn't it?
12:18 Okay, now put the leg forward this time.
12:20 Is that's the same leg?
12:21 Oh you're right there, okay.
12:23 I am gonna throw it overhead catch it
12:24 and throw it down.
12:25 Here we go.
12:27 One, two, three, four
12:34 slam it down on Tyler, come on.
12:36 Five that's right, there you go.
12:38 Six, two more seven, one more
12:42 look at his face expresses folks
12:43 eight good job.
12:45 Yeah buddy, all right waiting for third set?
12:47 Yep. All right here.
12:48 Let me get you some water.
12:50 Here you can get some water and ball over there.
12:51 And get yourself some water.
12:52 Listen, key thing to understand about working out with kids.
12:56 The cold temperature rises up so fast,
13:00 faster than their body is able to let you know that
13:02 they're sweating.
13:03 So always keep kids
13:04 when you work with them breaks--
13:05 quicker breaks
13:06 and you're normal and give yourself
13:07 because once again the body reacts
13:10 and let you know when you're sweating
13:11 the cold temperature is already elevated.
13:13 Okay, so keep them hydrated.
13:16 Slide forward a little more here we go right there.
13:18 Second set let third set let's go, this is one.
13:20 Stand straight up, two nice.
13:24 It's three four and five keep your feet still.
13:31 Six, seven.
13:35 How you're feeling, buddy?
13:36 I am feeling it.
13:37 You're feeling it that's right.
13:38 It's nine and ten excellent,
13:41 let's go and throw the ball again.
13:42 Let's go. Yeah.
13:43 Yeah, fun time, ready
13:45 put one foot front from the other one.
13:46 Okay, here we go ready, we're gonna switch and go.
13:49 Oh, that's okay, that's normal, that's normal.
13:51 Its hands and eye coordination
13:53 you're working on this.
13:54 This is good okay here we go.
13:56 One both hands slam in down.
13:58 Two, see the ball is over his head
14:00 he can't see it with his eyes.
14:03 So he has to use his hands to try to guess where it is
14:05 and to identify and to catch it.
14:07 Good switch legs, switch legs, switch legs,
14:08 switch legs here we go.
14:11 One, slam it down.
14:13 Two nice, three, come on,
14:17 four, one more and get it, get it, get it
14:19 and five wonderful, wonderful,
14:22 wonderful that was great.
14:23 All right, go ahead have your seat
14:25 get yourself some water.
14:26 All right folks, that's what we did.
14:28 We did squats,
14:29 we did that with the medicine ball
14:31 throw over the head
14:32 and you know what Tyler got a great workout.
14:34 He's having fun, his midsection is getting fired up
14:36 his hamstrings getting,
14:37 quads are going to fired up.
14:38 You feel like an athlete, son? Yeah.
14:40 Yeah, he does and he looks like athlete.
14:42 Okay our next exercise
14:44 we're gonna do is kind of different.
14:45 We're gonna do something called chair press.
14:49 What?
14:50 We're actually gonna have fun with that chair.
14:52 You know what is that?
14:54 Do you know about that?
14:55 A chair press. So what you're gonna do.
14:56 Say you don't have a dumbbell,
14:59 you don't have you know fancy stuff
15:00 but you have a chair in you house.
15:02 So what you're gonna do he is gonna grab the chair
15:05 put it over his head and he's going to do
15:07 shoulder press.
15:09 And the best part of the hit his head
15:10 it has the pad and it isn't gonna hurt.
15:14 All right, let's do that.
15:15 Pick it up Tyler, and just knock out ten.
15:18 Okay, up and down.
15:19 One and bring it straight down.
15:21 Two, he's working his shoulders
15:23 three nice, four, five excellent,
15:29 six you can use whatever you got in your house
15:31 just use it and have fun.
15:34 One more and 10, good job.
15:36 Bring it back down excellent.
15:38 Now, remember we did earlier before
15:41 we did daily drill when he was sitting and standing.
15:44 This time Tyler, I want you to lay down on your stomach,
15:49 all right.
15:50 Arms straight in front of you Superman position
15:52 and I want you get your feet faster as you can and go.
15:55 All right that was good.
15:56 This time without your knees
15:58 snap pop your feet right up, okay.
16:00 Let's go.
16:02 And go, nice without your knees
16:05 what I want to do next time from his position here
16:08 far from here get your hands boom come out up.
16:12 Okay, let's try that.
16:13 Give me two of those.
16:15 Get your hands and position on it go.
16:18 That's what I want to see, good.
16:20 Give me one more those, okay come on.
16:22 And go, nice.
16:25 Good job, good job.
16:26 That's was so hard, folks.
16:28 That was hard, wasn't it?
16:29 Okay let's go back to chair press again
16:31 and let's have some fun again.
16:33 Now Tyler, this time I want you to walk around
16:36 and press for ten.
16:37 Okay, let me clear the stuff for you
16:39 see you have some clearance, okay.
16:40 Let's go to work press makes stuff little circle
16:42 that's one.
16:43 Two, three,
16:45 hey Tyler, you know the difference
16:47 it's a harder walking with it.
16:48 Yes.
16:49 It is little harder
16:50 his whole body has now come and play
16:52 as he is walking around and pressing.
16:54 It wasn't the standing still
16:55 he's whole body every time he is pressing
16:57 it's gravity is changing affecting his body.
17:00 His body has to become the stabilizer machine
17:02 so he could do this.
17:03 Excellent good job buddy, awesome.
17:06 All right, get yourself some water,
17:08 go ahead and get another sip
17:09 because you know you had to do these things again.
17:11 Okay, he is the grace boy I am telling you.
17:14 Kids are awesome.
17:16 You know Christ told us to love the children.
17:18 Christ loved children so much.
17:20 We got to love them, guide them
17:21 and lead them to our heavenly Father.
17:23 That's the responsibility as the parents
17:25 you got to lead into a health lifestyle having to understand
17:27 and plant that seed to Jesus in their life
17:29 and plant the seed of good health
17:31 so when they get old guess what
17:32 they are fire for Jesus and they are healthy.
17:34 All right, lay down on your stomach
17:35 let's do this again.
17:37 All right, you remember gets your hands
17:38 and you can snap up lets do five of them and go.
17:41 One.
17:42 Okay, that's kind of not that bad okay.
17:44 Come pop yourself up go.
17:46 That's what I want to see two.
17:48 Come on we got three more come on.
17:49 And pop go.
17:51 And man, that's okay come on
17:54 give me two more and just do them right.
17:55 Snap that feet underneath you
17:57 throw yourself, hands up and go.
17:58 That's what I want to see one more just like that
18:00 okay, come on.
18:02 Let's do this go.
18:05 That's I am talking about, folks, not easy.
18:08 And do you think you watch our shows
18:10 from any age level
18:12 we're always making a challenge
18:13 and they have fun doing it.
18:14 Right?
18:15 Are you ready to do shoulder press
18:16 one more time with chair?
18:17 All right think about it you're kid
18:19 who how often you get the--
18:21 take a chair up and pit over your head
18:23 and walk around with it.
18:24 This is fun. Okay let's go.
18:26 Keep going.
18:27 Its one, two, three, four,
18:33 five, nice, six, seven keep going buddy,
18:39 eight already down touch your head
18:41 nine, one more and ten.
18:44 Good job.
18:45 Where to go, where to go, where to go.
18:47 I am feeling it.
18:49 You're feeling it.
18:50 That's right.
18:52 All right are you ready to do one more?
18:53 Okay, this time
18:54 can you not put your knees on the ground?
18:57 I could try. You could try.
18:59 That's right you could try.
19:00 You do your best, okay.
19:01 This time still we're having your hands on it
19:02 go ahead and put your head on push up position.
19:05 Right there put them like you're doing on a plank.
19:06 Okay.
19:07 Right there stuff right there.
19:08 Okay and from there snap to your feet and go.
19:11 Yeah, its one, there you go.
19:12 And go, two, its not quite like a burp
19:17 because burp you have to get down and get back up
19:19 but we're gonna start from a flat position like he's doing
19:21 and then snap into his feel and go good.
19:24 And one more and go.
19:28 Nice, good job.
19:30 Go ahead and get some more water.
19:31 Thank you.
19:33 Listen folks, if you want some information
19:35 about some of the stuff we show in our program
19:37 this is the best time for you to understand
19:40 exactly what's going on the things we have
19:42 great new stuff go to our website
19:46 that's
19:48 And if you want to have a question
19:50 you say "Hey, Casio, come to our town
19:52 and you want to reach us and do something."
19:54 You can email us
20:01 And don't forget hey we have a Facebook page,
20:04 go to Facebook put us in the search
20:06 Action 4 Life and hit the like button.
20:08 Man, we got some great stuff for you.
20:10 All right, Tyler, are you ready for our last exercise?
20:12 Yes.
20:13 You're ready to have some fun?
20:14 Are your parents ready for last
20:15 and hope you guys been taking notes
20:16 because this is a great one.
20:17 Think about it.
20:18 Just a chair and just a kid.
20:20 Oh, yeah we have medicine ball but we're having fun
20:23 and we're learning lot of fun stuff,
20:24 okay go and have your seat.
20:26 This is a great exercise
20:27 its also work the shoulders and the chest
20:29 it's called the dip
20:30 and that this is the lot of fun.
20:31 Okay, Tyler, put your hands at the end of the chair
20:33 in the front of chair,
20:34 I want you to slide yourself off little bit.
20:36 Now Nato, come in here a second.
20:37 You got a second Nato, come in here.
20:39 I want everybody to see this position
20:40 form this angle.
20:41 Okay, if your child is in this position
20:44 we don't want him to be in this position
20:46 because see how far is his glutes
20:47 and his chair is way back here.
20:49 Tyler, comeback right here bend your knees
20:51 straightened your chest out
20:53 and his glutes are close to the chair.
20:54 Now go straight down and pushback with the arms,
20:58 nice.
20:59 Now one time you're gonna see lot of time
21:01 people want to push so much with their legs, okay.
21:03 Don't emphasize so much with legs
21:05 let the arms do.
21:06 Now, won't you feel tired use your legs to spot you,
21:09 okay.
21:10 Let's do it four more here we go.
21:12 It's one nice.
21:13 Develop some arms.
21:14 Two, three, its harder isn't it.
21:19 And four great have your seat right there.
21:21 Nice, good job.
21:23 Looks easy didn't it, its better not.
21:27 Okay this is new one what I'm throwing.
21:29 This is active rest
21:31 Tyler doesn't know about this one yet.
21:33 Yeah, are you ready? Yeah.
21:35 Okay, go back in the plank position.
21:36 I mean the position over to there.
21:38 Okay, hold yourself right there
21:39 in the position right there.
21:40 I want you to take one leg off the ground
21:43 hold it right here.
21:45 And I want you to open this leg.
21:46 And bring it back in. Okay.
21:48 Good, okay, put the leg down.
21:50 Bring this leg back more see more,
21:51 bring this leg right back right there
21:52 so you have more stability.
21:53 You're gonna hold yourself up and you gonna lift one leg
21:56 and open it up and bring it back in.
21:57 Okay, are you ready?
21:58 Bring this leg up straight up and open it towards me
22:01 and bring it back in.
22:02 Here we go.
22:03 Well, right there two, you got it,
22:05 three, hold yourself up.
22:07 You are feeling your shoulders and your arms
22:09 four and five.
22:11 Excellent, switch legs.
22:12 That was hard wasn't it? Yes.
22:14 Okay let's go up open up to the side
22:16 and its one nice stay up
22:18 two, nice brother, three, four
22:24 and five good job have a seat.
22:28 I'm so tired.
22:31 Listen folks, you have no idea
22:33 just add into some legs
22:35 could change the whole entire dynamics of the exercise.
22:37 And that's why it's so important
22:38 to form, form, form is the key.
22:41 Because if you're not doing exercise right
22:43 you're not gonna feel it
22:44 and you're not gonna get the results
22:45 as you're expecting.
22:46 So you got patents in a form
22:48 but also by modifying just little bit
22:50 you could totally change your exercise
22:52 and totally emphasize
22:53 and get a greater workout emphasis.
22:55 That was cool, right.
22:56 All right let's go back to the dips again, let's go.
22:59 Okay let's go to work
23:01 bring your glutes closer to your chair.
23:03 Bring your feet back nine degrees right here.
23:04 Keep your body straight, straightens up.
23:06 There you go and that go straight down.
23:07 Nice, perfect one, two,
23:12 three, four excellent.
23:17 Five, how you're feeling?
23:19 Oh, I can feel it.
23:20 Six, so in your arms right. Yes
23:22 Seven, arms and chest and shoulders.
23:24 Yes.
23:25 Eight, nine and ten.
23:28 Go and have your seat take rest, Tyler.
23:32 Thank God. Yes.
23:34 Isn't He wonderful God? Yes.
23:35 He made exercises, He made our body
23:38 but yet He gives us the desire to use it.
23:42 And if we are not using it we're doing
23:45 an taking the gift that He has given us
23:47 to the level that we should
23:49 and I am proud of you brother, you're doing a great job.
23:51 Okay, leg up to the side let's go.
23:54 See I was trying to stop for you
23:56 to give you some you know right there.
23:57 Okay leg out bring to this legs back little more
23:59 nine degrees right there.
24:00 Leg out open up to side just go five each side.
24:03 Its one, that's all yours now.
24:04 That's it.
24:05 Two, this is working his core.
24:07 His midsection right here up on my finger
24:09 he got feel it right there and its contracting.
24:12 And one more.
24:13 Nice, bring it back down.
24:14 You should try this at home mom,
24:16 you love this one open it up here we go.
24:18 One, the leg up keeps it straight.
24:20 Two, nice three, excellent,
24:24 four and five and all right.
24:30 Hi five.
24:31 You're doing good brother, you're doing real good.
24:33 And we've got one more set to go.
24:34 Okay.
24:35 One more set? Yeah.
24:36 Are you ready for this? Yes.
24:37 All right do those dips let go to work.
24:38 Remember keep your glutes closed to the chair,
24:40 your body straight and knock it about.
24:41 Go to work, one, that's what I am talking about
24:45 two, feel those arms burning.
24:47 Three, four, five,
24:52 six seven, eight,
24:59 nine and 10
25:02 catch your brea..
25:03 All right.
25:04 All right, now you remember five each leg.
25:07 Folks, now keep the legs straight
25:09 open and close.
25:10 Okay. Okay, let's go to work.
25:12 Keep your glutes closer to body straight
25:15 nine degrees to the feet.
25:16 Good, legs straight out and let's go to work five.
25:19 It's one nice, two,
25:24 three, four,
25:27 and five good job switch legs.
25:30 I know right.
25:32 Keep your body straight
25:33 and let's go to work here we go.
25:34 One, leg up get the leg up two, nice brother,
25:40 four and five excellent.
25:44 You did a great job today.
25:45 Look at that.
25:46 He is exhausted.
25:47 Do you think he is gonna sleep well tonight?
25:49 Yes. Sure he is.
25:51 Parents, if you are having a hard time
25:52 getting your parents fall asleep
25:53 this exercise worth them they'll be out like that.
25:57 All right you're ready for wellness tip.
25:59 Yes.
26:00 I am ready for wellness tip what about you.
26:01 Let's go and check this out.
26:09 An important brain chemical
26:11 that sunlight impacts is Melatonin.
26:14 Melatonin helps us have a good night sleep.
26:16 A good amount of sunlight during the daytime time
26:19 leads to higher levels in the brain at night
26:21 and improves sleep as well as your mood.
26:26 All right so important what you could learn
26:28 and what our body does when we sleep
26:30 its very important melatonin is awesome.
26:32 Okay, Tyler, I want you to slide forward
26:33 towards in the chair right there.
26:35 Good I want you to stick your leg out here
26:37 both legs up forward on your heels.
26:39 Okay and I want you just reach forward down
26:41 and try and get to good stretch.
26:43 There you go and hold.
26:50 Good excellent.
26:52 So back up.
26:53 Put your feet back underneath you.
26:54 Good, I want you to pick one side
26:55 and hold to the side turning.
26:57 Okay, you hold right there.
27:00 Excellent, turn to the other side
27:03 and excellent.
27:04 Hey brother it's being great to having you
27:05 did a great job today.
27:07 Do you know that? Awesome.
27:08 All right guys listen here something I want to say.
27:12 Listen we got to understand how much Jesus loves us
27:15 and we have to understand that each one of us
27:17 has a purpose in this big love story.
27:21 God wants us to understand
27:23 that our health is an vital tool
27:26 that we need to be affective soldier
27:28 without our health we are unable you hear me
27:31 we're unable to do our job effectively.
27:35 God loves you
27:36 and God wants to take responsibility for your health.
27:40 Don't rely on others.
27:41 Listen this is Casio and action is the key for life.
27:45 I love you guys,
27:46 and I can't wait to see you next time
27:48 I want you to keep flexing your face muscles
27:50 and you keep watching
27:52 I see you next time guess what,
27:54 uh we could do this together
27:56 god bless bye-bye take care, see you.


Revised 2014-12-17