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On the Brink of Armageddon!

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Participants: Pr. Mark Fox


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00:04 We are racing towards the global crisis at the close.
00:09 God is going to set up His kingdom on earth.
00:13 Preparation for the tribulation and the translation
00:18 is to develop a character like Jesus Christ
00:21 to reach every hamlet, every village, every man,
00:24 every child, every person in India,
00:27 every person in South America
00:28 must hear these Three Angles' Messages.
00:34 These are stories that illustrate
00:36 the kind of fabric of character and perseverance
00:39 that we need to go through the tribulation
00:42 just as certainly as they did.
00:44 The Bible makes it very clear,
00:45 we are living in an unusual hour.
00:48 The last grains of sand
00:49 are trickling through the hourglass of time
00:52 and the door probation is about the swing shut.
01:00 Daniel 12:1, if you have it say amen.
01:04 "At that time..." fill in some blanks.
01:06 "At that time Michael shall stand up,
01:08 the great prince who stands
01:10 watch over the sons of your people, and there shall be..."
01:13 what everyone?
01:15 There shall be what?
01:17 "A time." Everybody say a time.
01:20 "A time of trouble."
01:23 A period of time, a window of time
01:28 that is characterized and dubbed trouble.
01:33 And the word trouble could be rendered crisis.
01:39 Now the Bible makes it very clear
01:41 the nature of this trouble or should I say
01:44 the magnitude and the scope of it.
01:47 Are you ready to read the rest of the lines here?
01:50 And notice here, "And there shall be a time of trouble..."
01:54 and it qualifies it
01:55 "such as never was since there was a nation."
01:58 That's the magnitude of it. That's the extent of it.
02:02 And so I want you to notice
02:04 "At that time your people shall be delivered."
02:06 That sounds like the favor of God.
02:08 You see in this seminar, you're gonna see two things.
02:13 You're gonna see prophecies that make your hair stand up,
02:18 if you have any.
02:19 Chilling prophecies,
02:23 but you're also gonna see hope for tomorrow.
02:26 I tease people. My wife is Esperanza.
02:29 My wife is Hispanic and Esperanza means hope
02:33 and she goes by that name hope.
02:34 And so I tell people don't worry,
02:35 I always have hope, but anyway, right.
02:37 Daniel 12:1 makes it very clear that we will be living
02:43 in the last moments of earth's history
02:45 that is characterized as a time of trouble
02:48 but Michael is gonna stand up who watches over his people.
02:54 And so the Bible says, "They will be delivered,
02:56 every one who is found written in the book."
03:00 When you give your name to the Lamb,
03:02 your name is written in the Lamb's Book of Life.
03:05 A name is written down in glory, amen.
03:08 And so the Bible makes it clear,
03:09 "The final crisis is looming in the horizon
03:13 according to Bible Prophecy."
03:15 And so "What amazing prophecy is given in the Book of Daniel
03:21 that is being dramatically fulfilled
03:24 in this prophecy seminar?"
03:26 You walked in here tonight
03:28 perhaps not really knowing just how special you are.
03:32 Now I mean it.
03:34 How many knew you are a child of God
03:35 before you came in here tonight?
03:37 If you didn't, well, you are. But I'm gonna tell you more.
03:40 How many would like to discover
03:42 how you can walk more in the favor of God?
03:45 Take your Bible and turn with me to Daniel Chapter 12.
03:48 Do you want to walk in the favor of God, yes or no?
03:50 Daniel Chapter 12,
03:52 this is absolutely thrilling in the extreme.
03:56 Daniel 12:4, "But you, Daniel..."
04:02 notice here "shut up the words..."
04:06 of the prophecies "seal the book."
04:11 Seal it.
04:12 When you seal an envelope you have contents,
04:16 they have been closed
04:17 until it reaches its proper designation.
04:22 That address, that name you put on the envelope
04:25 and that person is intended to open it up
04:29 and read your letter.
04:31 God has special letters, special--
04:34 how many agree these are His letters.
04:37 These are His letters, His scroll
04:40 and the Bible makes it very clear
04:41 that in the last days,
04:43 do you believe we're living in the last days,
04:44 if you don't hang in there, you will.
04:46 I want to notice here, "Shut up the words,
04:49 and seal the book until the time of the end."
04:54 Right, so there's a time of trouble
04:56 and there's a time of the end.
04:58 How will the world end?
04:59 We'll get to that in a moment,
05:00 but it will end but it obviously hasn't ended yet.
05:03 So we must be living in the time of the end.
05:09 This is a special time, a set time for God's people.
05:13 I want to notice here the Bible says,
05:15 "Shut up the words, and seal the book
05:18 until the time of the end."
05:21 So in other words by inference,
05:23 in the last days during the time of the end,
05:27 the prophecies that are tucked away
05:29 in an ancient book called Daniel would be unsealed...
05:33 revealed... unfolded,
05:38 disclosed, understood.
05:42 Prior to the time of the end,
05:44 you could probe the Book of Daniel
05:46 but you couldn't fully understand
05:47 specifically the time prophecies of Daniel.
05:50 You know there are some time prophecies.
05:52 We don't know the day or the hour
05:54 when Jesus will come,
05:55 but there have been some time prophecies
05:58 specified in Scripture.
05:59 Now I want to notice here, "But you, Daniel,"
06:03 you Daniel "shut up the words,
06:04 and seal the book until the time of the end."
06:06 And the time of the end it's gonna be unsealed.
06:10 The prophecies of Daniel will be unsealed
06:12 and as a result what's gonna happen?
06:15 "Many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall increase."
06:23 What knowledge?
06:25 Knowledge in general and prophetic knowledge.
06:29 I believe both are implied here
06:32 and I will explain that in a moment
06:34 but I want to notice here,
06:35 what does it mean running to and fro?
06:37 Well, you can apply it to
06:39 letting your eyes run to and fro
06:41 over the scrolls of the prophecies of Daniel.
06:44 And as you run to and fro--
06:46 how many agree when you read, your eyes are going to and fro.
06:50 To understand the Bible talks about the eyes of the Lord
06:53 run to and fro throughout the whole earth.
06:55 How many agree, His eyes are bigger than our eyes?
06:58 But I want to notice here,
07:00 the Bible says that they would run to and fro.
07:03 How many had to run to and fro to get here
07:05 in order to have your eyes run to and fro?
07:09 And so the Bible makes it very clear
07:12 that as a result you will be able to run to and fro
07:17 come to a seminar like this and you can be part
07:21 of the dramatic fulfillment of this utterance.
07:24 Right here tonight pinch yourself,
07:26 you are favored by God.
07:28 "Many are called, few are chosen." Matthew 22.
07:31 You have been chosen to run to and fro
07:35 and have your knowledge increase.
07:36 Would you agree understanding our day
07:39 in the light of Bible prophecy
07:41 sounds like the favor of God to me?
07:43 And so the Bible makes it very clear
07:45 because it's not favorable to be ignorant
07:48 about what's happening in the world
07:50 and what's about to happen.
07:51 And so I want to notice here, the Bible makes it very clear
07:54 "Shut up the words, and seal the book
07:56 until the time of the end, many shall run to and fro,
07:59 and knowledge shall increase."
08:02 Would you agree, we've gone from
08:04 the industrial age and the, the space age
08:10 and the nuclear age to information age
08:15 or you might just say in the last 100 years
08:19 in particular although not exclusively
08:22 there has been an incredible, unprecedented,
08:25 highly concentrated explosion of information?
08:29 Can you say information overload?
08:33 How many agree, okay, I don't want any information
08:36 for a while, I just want to wedge out.
08:40 Information explosion,
08:44 sudden staggering increase in medical
08:47 and scientific breakthroughs, mind-boggling.
08:51 Would you agree knowledge has been growing
08:55 by leaps and bounds exponentially?
08:59 How many think about it in terms of telecommunications?
09:04 You know, it used to be,
09:05 you want to get somebody's attention,
09:07 you better have a loud voice.
09:09 Now you can whisper
09:11 to somebody over in Tokyo from your cell phone.
09:14 This little gadget, you just open it up
09:16 and talk to Tokyo there just whisper.
09:18 You don't have to talk loud. Amazing.
09:21 We have gone for example "These amazing technological
09:26 breakthroughs enable the gospel and Bible Prophecy
09:29 to be rapidly proclaimed around the world."
09:31 Now do you see the connection between general knowledge
09:34 and Bible Prophecy knowledge?
09:35 How many agree we got some technology going on here
09:38 and we'll be live streaming as well
09:40 and planning to get this on television as well?
09:43 Would you agree general knowledge
09:44 has helped people to run to and fro
09:46 and get their knowledge of Bible Prophecy increase?
09:48 Can you say amen?
09:51 It's amazing, absolutely breathtaking.
09:54 By the way when prophets
09:57 would receive visions in Daniel,
09:58 Daniel Chapter 10, it says that,
10:01 when Daniel received visions,
10:04 the Bible says that he had no breath in him.
10:07 He was supernaturally sustained.
10:09 So don't be surprised if we're studying visions
10:12 that he received and it's breathtaking.
10:15 All right, here we go.
10:17 I want to notice here, beloved.
10:19 Think about how we've gone from the horse and buggy
10:23 to getting in a, in a, in a plane
10:27 and traveling 200, 300,
10:30 400, 500 miles per hour.
10:35 Can you imagine?
10:37 Can you imagine telecommunications
10:39 increase of prophetic knowledge as well?
10:42 And so Books of Daniel and Revelation
10:46 would be taken around the world.
10:48 We can go to the moon.
10:50 Now, we are probing even Mars and so forth.
10:53 We are living in an unusual hour of history.
10:57 Now, does God want to favor you
10:59 with an understanding of end time prophecies
11:03 while there's all this exciting new developments?
11:06 Would you agree the most exciting thing
11:08 is to understand our day in the light of Bible prophecy?
11:12 Would you agree now that's exciting?
11:15 And so, beloved, we cannot keep up
11:19 with all the rapid startling changes in the world.
11:22 I mean, can you keep up with the news or you can do--
11:25 how many agree if you're like me,
11:27 you like to watch the news to see what's going.
11:29 I didn't say it's good news,
11:31 I just said you want to know what's going on.
11:33 But how many agree that
11:34 now you have to kind of get a little smidgen here
11:36 and a little smidgen there, that's about all you can do.
11:38 You and I, number one,
11:40 cannot keep up with all the news.
11:42 Number two, our world is a world
11:46 in constant agitation, influx and change.
11:51 Would you agree our world is changing?
11:53 Go to sleep tonight, you may wake up
11:55 to an entirely different landscape tomorrow.
12:01 And so the Bible makes it very clear
12:04 that in the last days indeed our world is spinning faster
12:07 than ever before with stupendous changes.
12:11 The Bible predicted it and it's happening
12:14 from rock throwing to nuclear weapons.
12:19 Will there be a nuclear war in the near future?
12:21 Would you agree this is not a good breakthrough?
12:25 Oh, we had an information and we misused it.
12:29 How many agree with breakthrough in medical
12:33 and scientific achievements and successes,
12:37 would you agree there needs to be some morality
12:39 to handle all of this stuff.
12:43 So will there be a nuclear war in the near future?
12:48 Will the world be destroyed by a nuclear holocaust?
12:51 The Bible says in the last days,
12:54 men's hearts would be failing them from fear.
12:58 Is there still an ominous threat of a nuclear war?
13:03 Are there plenty of weapons of mass destruction
13:07 to cause the strongest of us to tremble?
13:12 The US and Russia still have thousands of nuclear weapons
13:15 ready to be launched within 15 minutes.
13:20 Furthermore,
13:22 we have the power to destroy civilization as we know it.
13:29 The potential is there and my Bible tells me
13:34 in Revelation Chapter 11, go there with me.
13:38 You want to know the news behind the news.
13:40 Go to Revelation Chapter 11, Revelation Chapter 11.
13:44 Are we learning something tonight?
13:46 Verse 18 says, verse 18,
13:49 "The nations were angry, and Your wrath is come..."
13:56 Last part of that verse.
13:58 "And should destroy those who destroy the earth."
14:03 The Bible says the Lord is gonna come
14:05 and destroy those who destroyed the earth.
14:09 Mankind now has the unprecedented ability,
14:13 capability, wherewithal to destroy civilization
14:17 in a blink of an eye, vaporized in seconds.
14:23 But is God going to allow this world to become
14:27 and be reduced to a spinning globe of ash?
14:29 Hang in there, listen to me.
14:32 The bomb of Hiroshima killed 100,000 people.
14:37 And you remember it was August 6, 1945,
14:45 and three aircraft flew over Japan
14:51 and it barely had enough time
14:53 to send out an emergency bulletin,
14:55 an emergency announcement
14:59 that there were spotted three aircraft
15:02 flying over there in Japan in retaliation to the attack,
15:09 the merciless attack on Pearl Harbor
15:12 just prior to this.
15:14 And you remember, bombs were dropped
15:17 Nagasaki and also Hiroshima.
15:21 And you remember at first all of a sudden
15:23 there was the blue flash across the sky,
15:26 then followed by that
15:29 was a blinding blue flash over Hiroshima,
15:33 then there was an unearthly silence,
15:37 then there was a mind-boggling eruption,
15:41 then there was this ominous mushroom cloud,
15:45 this orange cloud of boiling gases
15:51 and then utter decimation.
16:00 And then the world changed its course.
16:06 World would never be the same.
16:10 The Bible says, "When they say, 'Peace and safety!'
16:14 Then sudden destruction comes upon them,
16:19 as labor pains upon a pregnant woman."
16:23 1 Thessalonians 5:1-3.
16:27 And so the Bible makes it very clear
16:29 that in the last days mankind would be fearful
16:33 about what's gonna happen next.
16:37 The bomb of Hiroshima killed 100,000 people
16:41 and the nuclear weapons we have today
16:44 is the equivalent of 80,000 Hiroshima bombs.
16:48 Oh, yeah, we talk about destroying them,
16:49 we talk about, you know, deescalating and so forth.
16:54 John F. Kennedy said,
16:56 "Mankind must put an end to war
16:58 or war will put an end to mankind."
17:01 And so what could set off a nuclear exchange
17:04 between the nations?
17:09 The most likely way a nuclear war could start
17:13 is by accident or by an unwarranted,
17:20 unnecessary panic attack or overreaction.
17:25 How many agree, mankind, the smarter they get,
17:29 the more foolish they are?
17:32 The ferocious winds have changed, beloved,
17:35 are blowing from every corner of the globe.
17:40 What is happening in our world right now
17:42 are breathtaking changes.
17:45 But come with me now,
17:47 come with me now to the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s.
17:51 You remember "Who Has the Bomb,
17:54 The Nuclear Threat is Spreading." Time Magazine.
17:56 "Arms Control, Making the Wrong Moves."
17:59 Time Magazine, "Defusing the Nuclear Threat."
18:02 "The Doomsday Plan."
18:04 And we remember there were Star Wars
18:06 and building up weapons of mass destruction.
18:09 Then we talk about, you know, dismantling and so forth,
18:11 talk about a new wave of peace and so forth.
18:14 Well, you remember, how many remember in 1987
18:18 and an unforgettable speech by president,
18:21 former President Ronald Reagan made a speech
18:24 in which he told Gorbachev tear down this wall
18:29 referring to the Berlin Wall which about 100 miles
18:32 was about 100 miles there in Germany.
18:35 And you remember that they would,
18:37 you know, there were guard posts
18:39 and they would machine gun down
18:41 any perpetrators who would try to go free.
18:44 I mean, the Berlin Wall was iconic.
18:46 It was a grim metaphor of two different competing ideologies
18:52 and in between freedom and oppression,
18:55 between communism and Christianity.
18:58 But I'm here to tell you that God is on the throne.
19:01 God is in control.
19:03 God is in rule.
19:05 And so communism was losing its hold.
19:08 Virtually overnight,
19:12 overnight the Eastern Bloc countries
19:15 of Europe expunged communism.
19:19 In virtually a bloodless revolution
19:21 that swept through Europe
19:25 and that result the wall would come down.
19:29 The suddenness of these monumental,
19:33 game changing events took the world by surprise!
19:36 Don't just see that change can happen that is big and quick.
19:42 The diplomats were surprised.
19:46 Even CIA was surprised.
19:49 The encyclopedias they would have to be redone.
19:53 The maps, well, they would have to be reconfigured.
19:57 Total change. Total change.
20:01 Beloved, tonight something big could happen
20:07 that would change the course of our world.
20:10 And do you know the Bible tells us
20:12 about some of those paradigm shifter events that are coming.
20:17 How many would like to know the big changes
20:19 that are coming before they come?
20:22 You will know. You will know.
20:25 Overnight the fall of the Soviet Union,
20:28 the once all-powerful Soviet Union collapsed.
20:32 And then how many remembered Gorbachev
20:36 and President Reagan meeting together.
20:40 Unforgettable, overnight Gorbachev even became a hero.
20:44 He's like now that's my kind of Russian.
20:47 How many remember him going there,
20:49 he was like a rock star there
20:50 going his limousine Downtown New York City
20:53 were like this is the guy that we like.
20:57 Then came 1991, couple years after 1989
21:02 when the Berlin Wall came down communism fell.
21:05 1991 the resolve of the United States
21:09 would be tested along with our allies,
21:12 when Saddam Hussein attempted to annex Kuwait to Iraq.
21:18 And you remember we responded swiftly.
21:21 And how many remember how CNN really became powerful CNN.
21:27 How many remember seeing the fireworks over Iraq?
21:31 Let me tell you something.
21:33 Now, for the first time, you were able to see war
21:37 as it happens not getting photos weeks later.
21:42 Oh, beloved,
21:43 we are living in the last days of earth's history.
21:48 You remember we kicked Saddam Hussein out.
21:51 We took-- should've taken him out then, right.
21:54 But I'm here to tell you that what happened,
21:56 what happened on the heels of that?
21:58 Then the United States of America
22:01 was being touted as
22:02 and we still are the sole remaining superpower.
22:07 Head and shoulders above all the others,
22:11 king of the road, king of the hill,
22:15 but who is the next global superpower.
22:18 Is there gonna be China?
22:20 One eminent military officer recently said
22:26 China is not a rising power,
22:30 it is a global power.
22:34 And indeed China is growing stronger and bigger
22:40 almost a billion strong day by day.
22:44 Changes are happening.
22:45 Will China be the next global superpower?
22:48 Will Russia...?
22:49 Will Russia have a comeback?
22:51 Will Russia be the next global superpower?
22:54 How about the European Union
22:55 that is really having its woes of late
22:57 and financial troubles and so forth.
23:00 Will there be a European Union
23:01 that will rule the world as a superpower?
23:04 Will Europe ever become a united political superpower?
23:09 Right now we shall see the march of the nations
23:13 and what everything is leading up to.
23:15 How many agree everything is leading up to something
23:17 and the Bible tells us that something.
23:20 We want to discover our day in the light of Bible Prophecy.
23:24 Come with me to the Book of Daniel.
23:26 Actually we're gonna look first,
23:28 that we're looking at ancient prophecy
23:30 and ancient king's dream,
23:34 the dream of King Nebuchadnezzar.
23:37 Spell Nebuchadnezzar.
23:38 All right, we will skip that for now.
23:41 King Nebuchadnezzar's dream.
23:43 He went to sleep, he must have been entertaining thoughts
23:47 about the future of his empire, how you figure,
23:50 and he went to sleep and he had a remarkable dream.
23:55 And when he awoke he couldn't recall it.
23:58 He couldn't retrieve it.
23:59 It wasn't there in the computer screen
24:03 and he was troubled and worried.
24:06 He knew it had importance.
24:08 This was an ancient king's dream
24:11 and this dream would give us 20--
24:14 give him and us 2,500 years of history in advance.
24:22 And furthermore what does the future whole
24:25 based on this panorama prophecy.
24:30 Isaiah 46, let's first go to Isaiah 46, right.
24:33 We got to put our foot on the accelerator.
24:35 Is that okay? Here we go.
24:36 Isaiah 46:9, 10,
24:39 "Remember the former things old,
24:41 for I am God, and there is no other,
24:42 I am God, and there is none like Me..."
24:44 What can God do? What does He say?
24:46 "Declaring the end from the beginning,
24:49 And from ancient times
24:50 the things that are not yet done,
24:52 Saying My counsel shall stand, and I will do all My pleasure."
24:57 God is in control, amen.
24:59 And so the Bible makes it very clear
25:01 that God can tell you the end from the beginning
25:04 and this dream is a classic example of what God is saying.
25:10 And so Amos Chapter 3, Amos Chapter 3.
25:13 Let's go there after the Book of Daniel,
25:15 we're going to the Book of Amos 3:7.
25:19 Bring your Bible tomorrow night.
25:21 "Surely the Lord God does nothing,
25:24 unless He reveals His secrets,
25:27 His secrets to His servants, the prophets."
25:31 Would you agree God giving His secrets of the future
25:35 and what God is about to do,
25:36 what's gonna happen among the nation's
25:38 giving His secrets to the prophets.
25:40 Would you agree, they were receiving the favor of God.
25:43 And if you and I understand the secrets
25:45 that God gave to them,
25:46 would you agree you are walking in the favor of God
25:49 in the last days.
25:51 Amen. Because ignorance is not bliss.
25:54 Because the truth is the only thing
25:57 that can set you free John 8:32.
26:01 So does God want us to know
26:03 the secrets of end time prophecy?
26:05 "And now I have told you before it comes..."
26:07 Before, before, before
26:10 "That when it does come to pass..."
26:12 What will that help you to do? Believe.
26:15 "That you may believe." John 14:29.
26:17 So why study Bible prophecy?
26:19 Why should you break away from your routine
26:22 and come out here night by night?
26:24 Because you can have more faith.
26:25 How many could use a little more faith in your life, amen.
26:28 And so I'm here to tell you why study Bible prophecy,
26:32 I repeat it because God gives you the news behind the news
26:36 and might I add this a bad news is reminder of the good news
26:42 that Jesus Christ is really coming
26:44 and He is coming soon.
26:46 And so prophecy reveals three things.
26:48 Prophecy reveals three things.
26:50 Number one, God is in control.
26:53 Number two, you can believe the Bible.
26:56 Number three, we are living in the time of the end.
26:59 Those three things are paramount
27:01 when you study Bible prophecy.
27:03 So prophecy is history in advance.
27:06 Can you say that with me?
27:07 Prophecy is history in advance.
27:11 History confirms Bible prophecy.
27:14 So you could say it this way.
27:16 Well, then if prophecy is history in advance
27:19 and God knows the end from the beginning,
27:21 then history is His story, amen.
27:25 So King Nebuchadnezzar, now you can spell it.
27:27 King Nebuchadnezzar could not remember the dream.
27:30 Couldn't recall it, vanished
27:33 and so he rang his royal kingly bell
27:37 and ushered in, rushing in all blurry eyed
27:44 or his presidential cabinet,
27:47 his trusted presidential advisers
27:53 and they were known as wise men.
27:56 They were astrologers,
27:58 not to be confused with good science astronomy.
28:01 They were astrologers, they were soothsayers,
28:05 they were magicians and there were some
28:08 intellectually elite mathematicians
28:11 and so forth of the empire.
28:14 But most have it was bankrupt knowledge.
28:19 And so you remember Nebuchadnezzar said look guys,
28:22 I didn't sleep good last night.
28:24 I had a dream and I need to know it
28:27 and I can't remember it.
28:28 You guys need to help me out.
28:30 I pay you good, now I'll pay your more.
28:31 I'll give you bonus but please help me out.
28:33 You've got to give this dream to me.
28:35 I can't have a no, I must have and I must have it now.
28:41 The wise men could not help the frustrated king.
28:43 They said, king, you know, no, no, we can't help you.
28:47 And so you remember, all right, off with your heads.
28:51 You all bunch of fools. I mean, he was mad.
28:55 And King Nebuchadnezzar usually got his way
28:58 but he couldn't, he couldn't come up
29:00 with the dream and said that's it.
29:02 He issued a swift harsh death decree.
29:06 Sudden changes are about to catch the world by surprise.
29:10 Amazing Bible Prophecies are fast fulfilling.
29:14 Do ancient prophecies predict a sudden economic collapse?
29:17 Will the Middle East crisis erupt into World War III?
29:21 Are we living on the eve of Armageddon?
29:23 How will the final moves of the antichrist affect you?
29:27 What is the future of the United States of America?
29:30 How will natural disasters usher in the mark of the beast?
29:34 Now you can watch the entire
29:36 Amazing Prophecy series of 32 hope filled messages on DVD.
29:42 Don't guess about the future, know the future.
29:45 The complete set of DVDs
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29:50 Call us at 1-855-336-FREE
29:55 or you can send a check or money order
29:56 to Forever Free Ministries, 2001 Munro Park,
30:00 Corinth, Texas, 76208.
30:03 You can also visit us online at
30:09 Now the swift harsh death decree included Daniel,
30:14 Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, the four Hebrews.
30:17 Why?
30:18 Because they were some trusted advisors to the king as well.
30:24 They were not astronomers, they were not soothsayers,
30:26 they were not magicians
30:28 but the Bible makes it very clear
30:29 they had superior intellect, superior wisdom from God.
30:33 Would you agree they were highly favored, amen.
30:37 They were favored by God
30:38 with knowledge and insight and understanding.
30:42 They understood prophecy.
30:44 And so but they weren't there on that night, they were not,
30:47 they were not backend into the royal bed chambers
30:50 on that unforgettable night.
30:52 And so the death decree included them
30:54 and when they came to their abode,
30:57 when they came to their,
30:58 to their house Daniel and his friend said,
31:02 wait a minute give our God a chance
31:06 and He will give us the dream and its interpretation.
31:10 See King Nebuchadnezzar asked his advisors, he said,
31:15 can you come up with the dream?
31:17 No, I need you to come up with a dream
31:19 and an interpretation and they said well, king,
31:21 you come up with a dream
31:23 and we'll give you the interpretation.
31:26 And he called they are bluff.
31:28 He said look guys, if you come up with the dream
31:31 then I'll believe your interpretation.
31:35 So they were bankrupt.
31:37 And by the way astrology is bankrupt.
31:41 But I want you to notice here
31:43 what were Daniel and his Hebrew friends doing in Babylon.
31:47 Oh, Jerusalem was destroyed in 605 BC before Christ
31:51 and then these young people were transported into Babylon
31:54 where they would be enrolled into Babylonian university
31:58 would be reprogrammed, they're reeducated
32:01 and some of them would be set up
32:03 as governmental officials and leaders in Babylon.
32:07 And Daniel and his friends like I say,
32:09 they were among the intellectually elite,
32:11 they were among comprising this brain trust.
32:13 But now they said give God time.
32:16 Give God time.
32:18 And what do you think they did with the little window of time
32:20 that was granted by Nebuchadnezzar.
32:23 They prayed.
32:25 They prayed.
32:26 The Bible makes it very clear
32:28 that they knew only God could help them in this jam.
32:32 Have you ever been in a jam?
32:36 And they prayed.
32:38 And I bet you not one of those four Hebrews fell asleep
32:43 during that prayer meeting, what do you think?
32:46 It's amazing how you can stay alert
32:48 and awake in pray when your life is on the line.
32:50 And so they prayed.
32:53 There is power in prayer.
32:56 I'm here to tell you that my parents prayed for me.
33:00 I almost died in the near fatal motorcycle accident.
33:04 I was a high school dropout after ninth grade
33:08 and at the age of 17, I almost lost my life
33:11 in that near-fatal motorcycle accident
33:13 but my parents prayed.
33:16 I was raised in a Christian home.
33:18 My father a Christian pastor,
33:20 but I was the PPK, the pastor's prodigal kid.
33:23 I wanted nothing to do with church,
33:24 nothing to do with God and almost lost my life,
33:28 but my parents prayed.
33:29 Almost lost my mind in drugs, but my parents prayed.
33:34 Almost lost up my freedom,
33:37 almost went to jail for three to five years,
33:39 but my parents and their church members prayed.
33:43 I know there is power in prayer.
33:47 My fast-forward my relatives said
33:51 Mark, wake up you're gonna have to adopt
33:55 after we had Caleb 10 years ago
33:58 we knew we wanted to have another child
34:01 but because my wife and I were up there in age
34:06 and my wife had two miscarriages after Caleb,
34:09 they said Mark,
34:11 come on now you need to have another child.
34:14 You need to adopt. Nothing wrong with adopting.
34:17 I think adoption is a very good thing
34:20 but God made it clear to me
34:22 and He put it in my spirit, in my faith.
34:24 How many agree God will put things in your heart?
34:27 He puts it there and I knew He put in there
34:30 that we will have a child.
34:32 And so Bible says if you have faith you can prophesy,
34:35 you can say something that's gonna happen if you believe.
34:37 How many agree out of the abundance
34:40 of the heart the mouth says
34:42 things that are gonna happen
34:43 when everybody thinks around you like,
34:45 you know, yeah, right.
34:47 But I give all the glory to Jesus just as Daniel said,
34:50 God will give us the dream.
34:53 I knew that God would give me my dream come true.
34:56 And when my wife became pregnant
34:59 I don't remember them saying, oh, Mark, we are so sorry.
35:04 But God answers prayer.
35:07 God answers prayer.
35:09 "Weeping may tarry for the night,
35:11 but joy comes in the morning." Psalms 30:5.
35:15 There's power in prayer so they prayed
35:18 but, you know, it's not enough to pray.
35:22 You can't get a dream while you're awake.
35:30 They prayed and then they went to sleep.
35:36 See sometimes what we do we pray
35:37 and then we go back to worrying,
35:38 all right now what am I gonna do.
35:41 They went to sleep
35:43 because they trusted that God heard their prayer.
35:46 How many agree what things so ever you desire
35:48 "When you pray, believe that you receive them,
35:49 and you shall have them" Mark 11:24.
35:51 So they believed and they went to sleep
35:53 and that's when God gave Daniel the same dream
35:57 that Nebuchadnezzar had that he couldn't recall.
35:59 Daniel have the exact same dream
36:02 and we go now to Daniel Chapter 2,
36:05 Daniel Chapter 2.
36:08 All right, we're going there very quickly.
36:10 Are we learning something tonight?
36:12 Daniel Chapter 2,
36:13 we're looking there, Daniel Chapter 2.
36:18 If we're gonna understand prophecy.
36:20 Let's read the prophecy.
36:22 Daniel 2:31 the Bible says "You, O king,"
36:27 you see Daniel was ushered in
36:29 to the presence of the Babylonian monarch.
36:34 Daniel wants to speak to you.
36:35 Daniel, do you have the dream?
36:39 Give God the glory, He gave me the dream.
36:43 Daniel, I'm listening.
36:44 I can see King Nebuchadnezzar with his eyes widened
36:48 and his mouth dropped and perspiring
36:51 and he is sitting on the edge of his throne,
36:53 I can see him listening every syllable
36:55 that would come from the lips of Daniel,
36:59 the Hebrew captive.
37:02 Bible says, "You, O king, were watching;
37:06 and behold, a great image!"
37:08 Great image.
37:09 You know, up her on the stage we have that image,
37:12 the picture, painting of Him.
37:16 "You, O king, were watching, and behold, a great image!
37:19 This great image, whose splendor was excellent,
37:21 stood before you, and its form was awesome.
37:25 Okay, young people there's
37:26 where we get that word awesome there
37:28 and now ever since young people started this
37:31 now we're all saying, awesome, awesome.
37:33 Guess what, it wasn't new Daniel said.
37:35 All right, anyway, verse 32
37:38 "This image's head was of fine gold,
37:40 its chest and arms of silver,
37:42 its belly and thighs of bronze, its legs of iron,
37:46 its feet partly of iron and partly of clay.
37:48 You watched while a stone was cut out without hands..."
37:52 Divine origin.
37:53 "Which struck the image on its..." What?
37:55 "On its feet of iron and clay, and broke them in pieces.
37:57 Then the iron, the clay, the bronze, the silver,
37:59 and the gold were crushed together,
38:01 and became like chaff from the summer threshing floors,
38:04 the wind carried them away
38:05 so that no trace of them was found.
38:08 And the stone that struck the image
38:09 became a great mountain and filled the whole earth."
38:12 That's the next coming global superpower.
38:17 The rock that will not roll.
38:20 And so I want you to notice
38:21 in Daniel's smashing prophecy panorama.
38:24 I want you to notice here, beloved as we continue.
38:27 Daniel said to him, Nebuchadnezzar,
38:31 you see this image, "You are the head of gold."
38:37 Nebuchadnezzar's heart swelled.
38:40 He was proud of his achievements.
38:45 You know there at Babylon
38:46 there was the temple of Marduk 300 feet high.
38:50 Outside it was covered with blue glazed brick,
38:53 overlaid with gold.
38:54 The altar and throne were made of
38:56 eight and half tons of solid gold.
39:00 How many have heard of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon,
39:02 one of the wonders of the world?
39:04 It was known as the Golden City,
39:06 200 temples, twice the size of Rome,
39:08 enough food to last for 40 years.
39:11 And you thought you had enough beans in your cabin.
39:14 I want to notice here then Daniel said,
39:21 "After you another kingdom is gonna come
39:26 under the stage of history, is gonna overtake your empire."
39:31 There will be another kingdom and its inferior to yours.
39:34 Oh, boy, that part of the puzzle
39:39 did not go over well but it was the truth
39:43 because God knows the end from the beginning.
39:46 "He removes kings and raises up kings."
39:50 Daniel 2:21.
39:52 Everybody say it with me, God is in control.
39:56 The Bible predicted how Babylon would fall and who would do it.
40:01 The Bible predicted that Cyrus,
40:04 Cyrus would march his troops down the dry riverbed
40:08 of the Euphrates because he diverted the River Euphrates
40:13 and the water level came down
40:15 and enabled his troops to go down the River Euphrates
40:19 that was the lifeblood of Babylon,
40:22 dissected the city.
40:24 And there were two walls there that surrounded the city
40:29 and the outer wall and the inner wall had gates.
40:33 How many have ever heard of Ishtar Gate?
40:36 And what happened is they marched down
40:39 through dry riverbed and under through the outer gates
40:46 and the inner gate was carelessly left unlocked
40:51 because that night there was a drunken debauchery,
40:54 there was a drunken orgy going on,
40:56 there was a drunken festivity,
40:59 there was a party in Babylon going on
41:02 and the men and women were mingling and dancing
41:06 and the music was playing and their senses
41:09 were going to sleep, they were drunk.
41:12 And that night while the troops were moving in Cyrus
41:19 the Bible names Cyrus 150 years before his birth,
41:23 Isaiah 45:1.
41:25 The man Cyrus would overtake Babylon
41:28 and it would happen suddenly, swiftly.
41:31 Oh, Babylon looked impregnable,
41:37 looked impregnable.
41:39 Belshazzar, grandson of Nebuchadnezzar
41:43 threw this party for his lords.
41:47 And in a defiant moment
41:51 he told his servants go to the storage
41:56 where we have the sacred vessels
41:58 that were taken from the Hebrew sanctuary
42:02 and bring some of those vessels
42:03 and bring the seven branch candlestick bring them in here.
42:06 They lit the seven branch candlestick
42:08 and they begin to fill Babylonian wine
42:11 in these sacred vessels
42:13 and he began to toast to the gods of silver and gold.
42:16 All of a sudden a bloodless hand emerged
42:19 amidst the murky shadows of the night
42:20 and edge the judgment fiery letters
42:23 many, many tickle you parson.
42:26 The Bible says the king's face turned pale.
42:30 Usually if you drink too much it turns red.
42:32 Well, his face turned pale. Very sobering writing there.
42:37 And the Bible says his knees knocked together
42:41 and nobody could--
42:43 I can see him there,
42:44 is anybody know what that means?
42:46 No, no, no, no, no.
42:48 Let me tell you the music stopped,
42:51 the goblets fell to the floor, the laughter stopped.
42:57 He asked Daniel to come in.
42:58 You see, Daniel wasn't at the party.
43:00 How many agree if you want to be ready
43:02 when Jesus comes, don't go to the party.
43:05 But don't worry there's going to be a big party.
43:08 Can you say, amen?
43:09 But you know what happened that night?
43:12 That night Daniel said, I'll tell you what it means,
43:19 "Thou art weighed in the balances,
43:21 and found wanting."
43:23 Your kingdom is given
43:24 to the Medes and the Persians and that night Babylon fell.
43:31 The king his kings--
43:33 the king's life was taken that very moment.
43:37 "Arise, O Lord, do not let man prevail,
43:39 let the nations be judged in your sight."
43:42 Psalms 9:19.
43:43 Is America being weighed in the balances?
43:47 I think about what Thomas Jefferson said.
43:50 How many agree there are parallels between the nations
43:52 that have risen and fallen
43:54 and the United States of America.
43:56 "I tremble for my country
43:59 when I reflect that God is just,
44:02 that His justice cannot sleep forever."
44:06 And so, beloved, is America drunk with sin?
44:10 Are we toasting to the gods of silver and gold
44:12 while we do it in sacred vessels
44:15 in God we trust.
44:20 Is America mixing the world in Christianity?
44:24 Is that what's happening, beloved.
44:26 "And another angel followed them, saying,
44:28 'Babylon is fallen, is fallen, that great city,
44:31 because she has made all nations drink..."
44:33 including America
44:34 "drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication."
44:36 So the Bible makes it crystal clear
44:38 that in the last days,
44:39 mystery Babylon would fall suddenly,
44:42 sudden change just like literal Babylon fell.
44:47 You say what is mystery Babylon,
44:48 we got that message coming.
44:51 If you are going through a personal crisis in your life,
44:54 if you are facing financial challenges,
44:57 if you are suffering from health problem,
44:59 if your marriage is needing a miracle,
45:01 if you have a special concern for your children,
45:04 whatever you need maybe give us a call
45:06 and we will pray with you.
45:07 For your prayer requests,
45:09 call us at 1-855-336-FREE.
45:13 "If the Son sets you free, you are free indeed."
45:16 John 8:36.
45:23 What is the future of many of our cities?
45:25 Will many of our cities suddenly fall by nuclear attack
45:30 flood, fire, famine, nuclear war, suitcase bomb,
45:36 chemical, biological weapon unleashed,
45:41 earthquake, tsunami, hurricane?
45:46 I'm here to tell you, it's gonna happen,
45:49 it's gonna happen.
45:50 "When we get piled upon one another in large cities,
45:53 as in Europe, we shall become is corrupt as Europe."
45:56 Thomas Jefferson.
45:58 Then came the Medes and the Persians
46:00 represented by the two arms of silver Medes Persians,
46:04 they were dual dynasty at first,
46:06 then came the brass of Greece,
46:10 the brass of Greece reigning 331 BC to 168 BC.
46:14 Alexander the Great came in like a shooting meteor
46:17 and conquered that then known world.
46:19 What world empire ruled next?
46:21 By the way they had bronze shields, bronze helmets,
46:25 bronze spears and so forth.
46:26 Hence you have here bronze for Greece.
46:30 What world empire will next rule?
46:31 The Rome. The Roman Empire.
46:34 It was the greatest empire the world has ever known.
46:36 For four centuries Rome ruled
46:38 over a quarter of the people on the planet.
46:40 The rise and fall of an empire.
46:42 Let me tell you something there are the emperor's
46:45 the mad, the brutal, and the brilliant.
46:48 And you remember the most famous of them all
46:49 was what, Julius Caesar.
46:52 He overthrew the government he served
46:54 and brought revolution to Rome.
46:57 You remember the cruel entertainment of Rome.
46:59 You say, Mark, what's the point here about Rome?
47:01 We're walking in the footsteps of Rome
47:03 tonight in America.
47:05 There were 50,000 spectators,
47:07 are we not being entertained to death by death, violence.
47:13 Guess what?
47:14 They love their violent entertainment in Rome
47:16 and they fell.
47:18 Fifty thousand spectators went to the Roman Coliseum
47:23 gladiatorial contest or games, public spectacles,
47:27 mock sea battles, animal hunts, executions,
47:29 re-enactments of famous battles, and dramas.
47:31 Oh, yeah, they had it all there.
47:33 Estimated that about 500,000 people,
47:35 over a million wild animals died in the Coliseum games.
47:39 How many remember watching Ben-Hur for example?
47:42 The Caesars demanded worship and those who refuse,
47:46 well, thousands and thousands spectators watched
47:50 as Christians were lit as human torch's
47:54 and torn from limb to limb and eaten alive by lions.
47:57 The more Christians were martyred though
47:59 and persecuted for their faith in Jesus,
48:01 the more they multiplied.
48:03 And so is America following in the footsteps of Rome?
48:08 Are we following the footsteps of Babylon? We are.
48:10 Are we following the footsteps of Rome?
48:13 You see, we can understand stay with me.
48:15 "We can understand signs of the times
48:17 or the judgments of God
48:18 as we review His dealings with man,
48:20 cities and nations in time past."
48:21 Because what happens history repeats itself.
48:26 History repeats itself.
48:29 "The average age of the world's great civilizations
48:31 has been 200 years."
48:33 And nations follow this progress.
48:36 Listen, listen "Nation's progress
48:37 through the following sequence" and see where we are.
48:40 You with me yes or no?
48:42 "From bondage to spiritual faith,
48:46 from spiritual faith to great courage,
48:47 from courage to liberty, from liberty to abundance,
48:50 from abundance to selfishness, from selfishness to complacency
48:53 from complacency to apathy,
48:55 from apathy to dependence, from dependence to bondage."
48:57 Where are we? I leave you to judge.
49:01 The United States of America was 200 years old in 1976.
49:04 I think we're on borrowed time.
49:07 Rome ruled until 476 AD
49:10 along iron monarchy rule of Rome there,
49:14 the iron rule of Rome.
49:16 Then came the ten divisions of Rome or Europe.
49:19 Initially there were ten divisions represented
49:22 fittingly by the ten toes that part and these toes were,
49:26 and these feet were part clay and part iron.
49:29 Some of the nations of Europe were and are strong
49:32 some were weak militarily, economically, and so forth,
49:36 it is true today.
49:37 Originally these ten divisions were the Alamanni with us
49:40 in the form of Germans.
49:41 Frank's, French. Saxons, English.
49:43 Visigoths, Spanish. Burgundians, Swiss.
49:45 Lombards, Italians, Suvi, Portuguese.
49:48 And these ten original tribes or Kingdoms
49:51 find their modern counterparts
49:53 in the modern nations of Europe today,
49:54 with the exception of three,
49:56 the Vandals, Heruli and Ostrogoths.
49:58 Now watch this, watch this.
50:00 How did notable rulers attempt to unite Europe?
50:03 The Bible says here look at Daniel Chapter 2.
50:06 Our time is running out.
50:08 Look here at Daniel Chapter 2,
50:10 Daniel 2:43
50:17 "And as you saw iron mixed with ceramic clay,
50:19 they "Europe, divided Rome"
50:23 will mingle with the seed of men...
50:25 Intermarriage among nobility.
50:28 "But they will not adhere to one another,
50:30 just as iron does not mix with iron and clay."
50:33 Listen, how many remember, how many remember
50:36 how the heads of nobility in Europe
50:41 years ago they decided,
50:45 let's try to weld together histories
50:46 Humpty Dumpty back together again
50:48 but you know the riddle,
50:51 "Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall. Had a great fall.
50:54 All the king's horses and all the king's men
50:56 couldn't put Humpty Dumpty back together again."
50:58 They tried to employ the methodology,
51:01 the strategy of intermarriage among nobility
51:04 but God's word does not break and cannot be shaken.
51:07 The Bible says here that they would try to weld together
51:11 unite Europe but the Bible said it would miserably fail.
51:15 Oh, yes, seven words tucked away in an ancient book
51:18 that come ringing down the quarters of time,
51:20 they will not cling or cleave one to another.
51:24 And so you remember Napoleon, what did he do?
51:26 Napoleon divorced Josephine and married Louisa of France.
51:32 Why? To further his Napoleonic order.
51:34 But what happened to Napoleon divine intervention,
51:39 God is on the throne.
51:40 There was Waterloo synonymous with defeat to this day.
51:44 Artillery bogged down on the torrential in the mud
51:47 from the torrential rains.
51:48 Generals misunderstood the commands.
51:51 How many agree this was not a coincidence?
51:53 God told Napoleon not gonna happen.
51:57 Oh, yes, then there was Hitler and many others
51:59 Kaiser Wilhelm and Louis XIV and a host of others
52:02 but I think about Hitler.
52:04 In the 1930's a mad dictator arose,
52:06 you remember, it look like Europe
52:08 may be controlled by Hitler and his Nazi regime.
52:12 And you remember the British you remember this
52:15 that the British were about to lose their army at Dunkirk.
52:19 There were a number of key turning points in that world,
52:23 in that World War, World War II
52:26 and a turning point was the Battle of Dunkirk.
52:29 That was one of the pivotal turns in the war.
52:33 There was the invasion of Normandy
52:34 another special, special turning point in that war.
52:40 God's word cannot fail.
52:42 They will try to bring together the nations
52:45 and make one Europe, but the Bible says
52:48 and the Bible proves true always,
52:50 let man be a liar God is not a liar.
52:53 He says, they will not cleave one to another.
52:56 I go to the bank on God's word, can you say, amen.
52:59 And so through God's providence,
53:00 through God's providence
53:03 all these would be notable rulers
53:06 came against the wall of prophecy
53:09 and the prophecy did not budge because God intervene
53:14 and the turning points came.
53:16 Will Europe ever be politically united?
53:19 It may look like it.
53:20 It may seem like it.
53:22 There may be a short-lived period
53:24 in which there seems to be political unity
53:27 and so forth but my Bible tells me it will not last,
53:30 it will not work because God says
53:33 there will not be another ruling empire
53:37 in the world only.
53:39 What's gonna happen? What's gonna happen?
53:42 "They shall not cleave one to another."
53:45 They shall not cleave one to another.
53:47 There will be efforts to unite Europe.
53:49 There will be efforts to be sure
53:51 but what is the next world kingdom,
53:53 the next global superpower?
53:55 "You watched while a stone was cut out without hands,
54:01 which struck the image on its feet of iron and clay,
54:04 and broke them in pieces."
54:08 What does the rock represent, everyone?
54:10 The rock represents the coming of Jesus' Kingdom.
54:14 And let me tell you when He comes,
54:16 it's gonna be a smashing event.
54:18 The Bible makes it very clear, can you say, I go to the rock,
54:22 oh, in this time of hostility among the nations,
54:25 in this time of instability, in this time of trouble
54:29 and turmoil and turbulence you need to go to the rock,
54:33 you need the rock, you need Jesus,
54:35 you need Him more than you ever have before.
54:38 "And all the kingdoms of the world
54:40 would become like chaff
54:42 from the summer threshing floors
54:44 the wind carried them away so that no trace was found.'"
54:47 How many agree all these kingdoms in the world
54:49 they're gonna be passed,
54:51 they're gonna be gone, they're gonna vanish.
54:53 And the stone, the stone of Christ's kingdom,
54:56 The stone that struck the image became a great mountain.
55:00 That's the next coming global new world order, beloved.
55:04 It will fill the whole earth.
55:06 The meek will one day inherit the earth.
55:09 Will your faith hold up?
55:11 Oh, let it not be on anything
55:14 other than the rock of Christ Jesus because
55:17 "Heaven and earth will pass away,
55:19 but my words will not pass away."
55:22 "In the days of these kings
55:23 the God of heaven will set up a kingdom
55:25 which shall never be destroyed..."
55:27 Do you recognize good news tonight?
55:29 "And the kingdom shall not be left to other people,
55:32 it shall break in pieces
55:33 and consume all these kingdoms..."
55:34 And everybody together and "It shall stand forever."
55:38 Oh, beloved, I say this in closing.
55:40 "The kingdoms of this world
55:41 have become the kingdoms of our Lord and His Christ,
55:44 and He shall reign forever and ever."
55:48 If he rules in your heart, you will rule with Him.
55:52 If you give your heart to Jesus,
55:55 you'll be saved.
55:56 Jesus said it this way.
55:59 He said when they asked Him,
56:03 don't you know that we have power over you Pilate said.
56:09 And they said prophesy,
56:11 you remember the soldiers hit him,
56:12 prophesy who hits you?
56:14 And you remember ultimately he spoke out and he said,
56:19 "You will see the Son of Man
56:21 coming on the clouds of heaven in power and glory."
56:28 The man that wore the crown of thorns for you,
56:32 my friends, He is not coming with the crown of thorns.
56:34 He's coming crowned King of Kings
56:37 and Lord of lords and is coming soon.
56:39 Do you want to be ready, yes or no?
56:41 If you want to be ready stand with me,
56:43 stand with me and let's make that commitment tonight.
56:46 The Bible makes it very clear that kingdom is coming.
56:49 Nothing is more important
56:52 than being ready for that stone.
56:54 Jesus said this as I pray.
56:57 Jesus said, whoever falls on the rock
57:01 shall be broken,
57:03 but whomever the rock holds upon
57:05 will be grind to powder...
57:07 Matthew 21:43.
57:09 So we have a choice tonight as we pray.
57:12 Either fall on the rock
57:13 and let yourself be completely broken up
57:17 where He takes hold.
57:18 Just fall on the rock,
57:20 fall upon Jesus Christ, fall upon Him.
57:23 Cast your helpless soul upon Him tonight.
57:26 Although sudden and alarming changes
57:28 are sweeping across the globe,
57:30 you and your family can be prepared
57:32 to face the future with confidence.
57:35 The complete set of Amazing Prophecies on DVD
57:38 are available for a gift of $60 or more.
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57:46 or send your check or money order
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