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00:04 We are racing towards the global crisis at the close.
00:09 God is going to set up His kingdom on earth.
00:13 Preparation for the tribulation and the translation
00:18 is to develop a character like Jesus Christ
00:21 to reach every hamlet, every village,
00:23 every man, every child, every person in India,
00:27 every person in South America
00:28 must hear these Three Angles' Messages.
00:34 These are stories that illustrate
00:36 the kind of fabric of character and perseverance that we need
00:40 to go through the tribulation just as certainly as they did.
00:44 The Bible makes it very clear
00:45 we are living in an unusual hour.
00:48 The last grains of sand
00:49 are trickling through the hourglass of time
00:52 and the door of probation is about to swing shut.
01:00 Amazing prophecies for America.
01:03 Psalm 62:8, let's read it together in unison.
01:07 "Trust in Him at all times," especially in the end of time.
01:12 "You people, pour out your heart before Him,
01:16 God is a," what?
01:18 "Is a refuge for us."
01:20 So the Bible says, number one, trust in Him at all times
01:25 especially in the end of time.
01:28 As the last grains of sand
01:30 are trickling through the hourglass of time,
01:33 as we are minutes to midnight,
01:35 I believe that this priceless precious promise
01:38 comes ringing down the quarters of time
01:40 with very strong relevance tonight.
01:44 You have to learn to trust Him at all times.
01:48 Would you agree, that's what life is all about,
01:50 learning to trust in a loving Father in heaven.
01:53 And so the Bible says here, pour your heart out to Him.
01:57 Trust Him and pray. Pray and have faith. Amen.
02:02 How many agree, if you're talking to Jesus
02:04 and you have faith in Jesus, you will make it?
02:06 Can you say amen?
02:08 And so, He's our refuge. Well, let's travel.
02:10 This is the cheapest ticket you'll get.
02:13 We're going to Egypt here, right now, hopping on a plane,
02:18 we're going to the land of the Nile.
02:20 And there at the land of the Nile,
02:22 we come to ancient Egypt, a land of massive pyramids,
02:28 mighty pharaohs, ancient mummies,
02:31 buried treasures, narrow secret passageways.
02:36 Can you say claustrophobic. I know, I've been there.
02:40 Many false gods and colorful hieroglyphics.
02:44 Well, let us go back in time
02:48 way before the boy king, King Tut.
02:52 And we're going back to the days of Joseph,
02:56 the days of Joseph.
02:58 Joseph was greatly favored with an understanding
03:03 of prophetic dreams, symbolic prophetic dreams
03:08 that help to save ancient Egypt.
03:12 It pays to know Bible prophecy because you'll be able to help
03:17 a whole lot of people including your family
03:20 because ignorance is not bliss.
03:23 And so, in Genesis 41, we discover
03:29 that the pharaoh of Egypt had two dreams
03:32 and they were intimately connected.
03:36 What was pharaoh's first dream that Joseph
03:40 by God's miraculous divine providence
03:43 through a strange turn of events
03:45 or event from the, from the prison to the palace?
03:50 And so there at the life giving Nile River,
03:54 you remembered that pharaoh relayed the dream to Joseph
03:59 who had a reputation
04:01 of being able to understand decipher
04:04 and rightly interpret these prophetic dreams.
04:07 He did it in prison.
04:09 Now, he had an opportunity of a lifetime, would you agree?
04:11 This was his moment. This was his time.
04:14 And so pharaoh said, "I had a dream and I dreamed
04:19 that there at the Nile River there were seven fat cows
04:24 that came up there by the River Nile
04:27 and they were fat cows,
04:30 and then there were seven skinny cows,
04:33 and something strange happened.
04:35 The seven skinny cows ate the seven fact cows."
04:40 Now would you agree that's a interesting twist?
04:43 And so along the banks of the Nile
04:46 conditions were ideal for growing crops.
04:50 I mean, everywhere else if you just go
04:52 just a little bit away from the Nile River,
04:54 desert, barren.
04:57 The two great life forces of life in Egypt
05:01 were the sun and they worshipped the sun,
05:04 pyramids radiating the rays of the sun.
05:06 They worshipped the sun, the sun God,
05:08 and they worshipped the Nile.
05:11 Now what was pharaoh's second dream?
05:15 What was his second dream?
05:17 Then Pharaoh of Egypt dreamed of seven ripe ears of corn.
05:24 Notice the number seven.
05:26 Which were swallowed
05:27 by seven thin scorched ears of corn.
05:32 Very strange.
05:34 However these dreams indicated
05:37 something that was about to happen,
05:40 about the eminent future of ancient Egypt.
05:44 Egypt was a mighty empire at this time.
05:47 To Joseph, the dream was crystal clear.
05:52 To Joseph, both the dreams were,
05:55 both twin dreams were highly symbolic
05:58 and they contained shocking truth.
06:02 And Joseph had divine wisdom
06:06 to unlock the mysteries of these dreams.
06:10 What did Joseph say the twin dreams meant?
06:14 "Egypt was about to face an unprecedented crisis
06:20 of epic proportions.
06:22 Joseph told pharaoh
06:25 that there would be plenty of crops,
06:28 very fertile soil thereby the Nile River for seven years.
06:33 That would be followed by a famine for seven years.
06:39 And Joseph made it clear
06:42 there must be preparation for seven years.
06:46 So he got a cluster of sevens there.
06:49 They were going to face a terrible food crisis.
06:54 Do we have food crises in the world today?
06:58 Are millions of people dying each year because of famine,
07:04 ravages of starvation, and abject hunger?
07:08 Oh yes.
07:09 Severe pervasive famine. Crops will wither.
07:14 Cattle will starve. People will starve.
07:17 Death and destruction will inevitably prevail.
07:20 Unless you prepare Pharaoh for the impending crisis.
07:26 Joseph saw it.
07:29 The dreams revealed it and Pharaoh was contemplating.
07:35 Then the dreadful famine came
07:38 just as God had warned in the two dreams.
07:44 Who was put in charge of the preparation process?
07:48 Who was put in charge to implement a rescue program,
07:53 a prevention program to deal with this
07:57 upcoming crisis looming in the horizon?
08:01 Joseph was the man of the hour.
08:03 Because he could interpret prophecy,
08:07 he was favored by God with an understanding of prophecy
08:13 and he was favored by God to be used by God
08:16 to help a whole lot of people.
08:19 How many believe, if you know prophecy,
08:22 God will use you to help a whole lot of people?
08:26 There was seven years of famine just as the prophecy,
08:31 the twin dreams specified there would be.
08:34 Joseph was favored by God.
08:39 The granaries, the silos, they were,
08:42 they were jammed to overflowing because
08:46 they had properly prepared for the crisis.
08:49 I repeat, they prepared for the crisis.
08:53 And so Joseph was favored by God
08:57 and his brothers came to him.
09:00 The brothers that had betrayed him,
09:02 the brothers that threw him into the pit.
09:03 The Brothers that sold him into slavery.
09:06 The brothers that laughed at him,
09:08 and ridiculed him when he told them as a boy,
09:12 the dream, the dreams that he had
09:14 that one day they would bow to him.
09:17 Well, guess what? They bowed to him.
09:21 And so you remember
09:23 that he had mercy upon his family.
09:26 He had mercy upon his, his brothers that betrayed him.
09:31 And he was used by God to save his brothers
09:37 who didn't save him.
09:40 Sold him.
09:42 And so,
09:44 he was used by God to prepare for the future.
09:50 Does God want to favor you
09:53 with an understanding of end time prophecies?
09:57 Absolutely, beyond a shadow of a doubt.
10:01 You are favored by God
10:04 when you put on your father's colorful robe.
10:09 Remember Joseph,
10:11 remember Joseph had the special favor of his father
10:14 and it was manifest in the fact
10:16 that his father gave him a coat of what?
10:18 Of many colors.
10:20 Well, I am here to tell you, that symbolizes the fact
10:23 that we are special to our father
10:25 because Jesus paid the price to give us a coat
10:29 that's beyond that coat of many colors.
10:31 Can you say the robe of Christ's righteousness?
10:33 How many agree, you put on that robe,
10:35 you are highly favored by God?
10:39 Bible makes that crystal clear,
10:40 so I'm going to ask a plain question tonight.
10:42 Did you walk in naked tonight,
10:44 or do you have on the robe of Christ's righteousness?
10:47 I say, leave dressed tonight. Can you say amen?
10:50 And so the Bible makes it very clear
10:52 that we are to help our family get ready for the future.
10:56 Does God want us to help others prepare for the future
10:59 just like Joseph did?
11:00 A resounding yes.
11:03 Is our world about to face a global crisis, a prophetic,
11:08 on a prophetic proportions on a global scale?
11:12 Why study Bible prophecy?
11:14 Because you can be more prepared.
11:16 I'm repeating myself, aren't I?
11:19 Because you can be more prepared
11:21 to face the future.
11:24 You need to know
11:25 what is the nature of the events,
11:27 what are going to be the big game changing events
11:30 that are going to all of a sudden burst upon us.
11:33 How many agree, there are some big changes
11:35 that are around the corner?
11:37 A course of history is about to change dramatically
11:41 and suddenly and we need to be prepared.
11:44 How many agree, when that famine came,
11:46 it came on suddenly?
11:48 Seven years, boom, just like that.
11:51 Well, guess what?
11:52 There are some things that the Bible forecasts,
11:55 some dire, ominous predictions of what's going to happen
11:59 in the United States of America and the world.
12:04 And it's about to occur and you and I need to know
12:07 what's going to happen and how to be prepared.
12:11 And so, does God want us to know
12:13 the secrets of end time prophecy?
12:17 I love this scripture, in Deuteronomy 29:29.
12:20 Can you read it with me? Let's go.
12:22 "The secret things belong to the Lord our God,
12:25 but those things which are revealed belong to us
12:29 and to," who everyone?
12:31 "To our children, our grandchildren."
12:33 Another words, God reveals things to you
12:36 so that you can share them out of love and compassion,
12:39 winsomely, tactfully, faithfully
12:43 to your children and grandchildren.
12:44 All right, we continue, "The secret things
12:45 belong to the Lord our God,
12:47 but those things which are revealed
12:49 belong to us and our children forever,
12:52 that we may do all the words of this law."
12:55 Deuteronomy 29:29.
12:57 Now, what phobias do you have?
12:59 Because many people,
13:00 many people are scared to study about the future.
13:05 What phobias do you have?
13:07 Most people have at least one or hundred phobias.
13:11 Top phobias, how about spiders?
13:13 Do we have spider phobia here tonight?
13:15 All right. How about phobia of heights?
13:19 I have to raise my hand on that one.
13:21 And I think that might run in the family a little bit,
13:23 but all heights, you know.
13:26 Some people, you know, if there's a precipice
13:28 and it goes down of thousand feet,
13:30 Grand Canyon or whatever, they want to go right up there.
13:32 Not me, man, I'm like way back here saying,
13:35 okay, it's probably beautiful.
13:38 And so listen, how about phobia of dogs?
13:43 I won't name the dogs because you might have one.
13:46 All right. Mice, rats, phobias.
13:52 Thunder and lightning, phobias.
13:57 Well, many have a fear of the future,
13:59 and the Book of Revelation.
14:01 They're scared to death.
14:03 They would never knock on the doorstep and say,
14:08 I'm going to come, learn prophecy.
14:09 No, they are trying to make a detour around
14:13 any of these prophecies of Daniel and Revelation.
14:16 But God wants us to study it.
14:18 Does Jesus want us to study the Book of Revelation?
14:21 We already discovered
14:23 we need to study the Book of Daniel as well.
14:24 And we really focus on that smashing prophecy
14:27 of the multi-metallic image, that Daniel said it's awesome.
14:31 And so Revelation 1:1-3, let's go there with me.
14:36 Go there with me, Revelation Chapter 1.
14:39 Last book in the Bible, I think you can find it. All right.
14:42 Revelation Chapter 1, your time's up. All right?
14:45 Verse one,
14:46 and I'm going to ask you to fill in the blanks.
14:49 The revelation of scary beasts.
14:55 Now there are some nightmarish beasts in here
14:57 to be sure.
14:59 But the main upshot, the main thrust,
15:03 the overarching theme, the foundational teaching
15:07 of the Book of Revelation is what?
15:09 A revelation of Jesus Christ.
15:11 How many love Jesus tonight?
15:12 I believe you do, that's why you came here tonight.
15:15 "The Revelation of Jesus Christ,
15:17 which God gave to Him to show to His servants,
15:20 things or events or developments
15:22 which must shortly take place.
15:24 And He sent signified it by His angel
15:26 to His servant John,
15:28 who bore witness to the word of God,
15:30 and to the testimony of Jesus,
15:32 to all things that he saw in panorama prophecy."
15:36 He saw visions, he was highly favored of God
15:40 and as you and I study the same prophecies,
15:42 understand the same prophecies
15:44 and decode the symbols and so forth,
15:47 we are favored by God.
15:51 "Blessed," read verse 3 with me.
15:53 "Blessed is he who reads
15:55 and those who hear the words of this prophecy,
15:58 and keep those things which are written in it,
16:00 for the time is near."
16:03 The time is near.
16:04 So there is a threefold blessing
16:07 right here at the very outset,
16:09 the very front page of the Book of Revelation,
16:12 the first page.
16:14 A free full blessing pronounced
16:16 and offered to anyone who will invest the time.
16:21 Can you say a multi-week seminar?
16:24 Invest the time to read here
16:30 and keep the Book of Revelation.
16:33 How many agree, you can't keep something
16:34 you don't read and hear about?
16:36 And so the Bible makes it very crystal clear
16:39 that this is a diamond prophecy,
16:41 a diamond promise.
16:43 This is valuable. Can you say amen?
16:45 More priceless than rubies. Amen.
16:48 Would you agree, God is saying,
16:50 I want you to take time to study this book? Amen?
16:55 Now, Revelation 22:7,
16:57 the last page in the Book of Revelation.
16:59 Revelation 22, Revelation 22:7,
17:06 we have kind of an echo of the promise
17:09 pronounced in Revelation 1:3
17:12 and here it's kind of reverberates now.
17:15 In Revelation 22:7,
17:19 the words are in red who is speaking?
17:23 Jesus. All right? Let's read it together.
17:25 All righty, let me hear you in loud volume now, all right?
17:28 You ready?
17:29 "Behold, I am coming quickly.
17:33 Blessed is he who keeps the words
17:35 of the prophecy of this book."
17:38 Everybody say this book.
17:39 Say it again, this book. Say it again, this book.
17:43 All right, that's good enough. All right.
17:44 "Behold, I am coming quickly."
17:47 How many agree, you got to get ready?
17:50 You got to get ready to spend eternity with God.
17:54 The Bible says, "Prepare to meet thy God."
17:57 "Prepare to meet thy God."
17:59 You don't just say, okay, well, whenever.
18:01 No, everyday is the day of preparation.
18:04 We don't know the day or the hour,
18:05 Matthew 24:36.
18:07 So the Bible tells us, Jesus tells us, just be ready.
18:11 He tells us just be ready.
18:13 So whether he comes this year or ten years from now,
18:17 you and I are going to be ready by the grace of God,
18:19 standing ready, heart ready, faith up, chin up, look up.
18:25 Amen?
18:27 And so I want you to notice here,
18:28 "Behold, I am coming quickly."
18:30 Blessed or highly favored.
18:34 You will arise
18:36 and have mercy upon Zion for the time to favor her.
18:38 Yes, the set time has come. Blessed.
18:43 This is a time to understand the end time prophecies.
18:47 "Blessed is he who keeps," put your name in there,
18:51 insert your name there.
18:53 "Blessed is," put your name in there.
18:56 "Who keeps the words of the prophecy of this book."
18:59 God wants us and He promises to bless us
19:03 if we read and hear and keep the words,
19:09 priceless inspired words
19:11 embraced in this 22 chapter book of Revelation.
19:17 And so, to be blessed
19:19 with an understanding of Revelation means
19:21 you are favored by God.
19:24 Amen.
19:25 "And now I have told you before it comes, Jesus said,
19:28 that when it does come to pass, you may believe."
19:32 John 14:29.
19:34 Why study Bible prophecy? So you can have more faith.
19:38 You have faith tonight, faith cometh by hearing
19:42 and hearing of the word of God
19:44 and this should be a word in season,
19:46 a live call to give the trumpet a certain sound just--
19:50 How many agree, God led you here tonight to hear,
19:52 just what you needed to hear?
19:54 Amen?
19:56 God is always on time,
19:57 He knows, He doesn't play with us.
19:59 He is loving and kind
20:01 and He knows just what we need to hear
20:04 to wake up and look up.
20:06 Amen.
20:08 And so the Bible makes that crystal clear.
20:09 Matter of fact, take your Bible
20:11 and turn with me to Luke Chapter 21.
20:13 You've heard me say twice now, look up. All right?
20:16 In the context of signs of the times,
20:20 in the context of a catalog of signs of the times.
20:23 Harbinger, omens, precursors, mileposts,
20:27 foreshadowing of the Lord's imminent return.
20:30 In that context, Luke 21, we read this, all right,
20:35 verse 28.
20:37 Now when these things begin to happen,
20:40 look in what direction?
20:42 Look up.
20:44 Would you agree, as you watch the evening news,
20:46 it can be downright discouraging,
20:48 you can look down.
20:51 You got to look up
20:52 because the bad news is reminder of the good news,
20:54 He's coming.
20:56 So look up.
20:57 Prophecy is all about looking up to Jesus.
21:01 Looking up to Jesus.
21:02 How many agree, you fall on your face
21:04 before God at the foot of the cross every day?
21:07 And you look up and you see Jesus hanging on the cross.
21:11 But then you realize, He is now a living savior,
21:15 He came forth from that tomb that early Sunday morning.
21:20 And now we look up.
21:21 Remember, they looked up and they saw Jesus ascending
21:24 and they said, the same Jesus is going to come back
21:26 in the same way you've seen Him go into heaven,
21:28 Acts 1:11.
21:30 So they look up, look up.
21:32 As you look up right now, I see Jesus
21:34 like Stephen said in Acts 70, as he was being stoned he said,
21:39 I see Jesus standing at the right hand of God.
21:42 Hallelujah.
21:44 And then, and then John,
21:48 the Revelator, he's looking up,
21:51 he's looking up to Jesus
21:53 because soon Jesus is going to cease His intercessory work.
21:58 How many agree, He's not coming as a high priest,
21:59 He's coming as King of kings and Lord of lords,
22:02 Revelation 19.
22:03 How many agree,
22:05 soon He's going to take off those priestly garments
22:06 of His high priestly mediatorial work,
22:08 His intercessory work
22:10 and He is going to come in glory,
22:12 and the Bible makes it clear, look up, because, what?
22:16 Your redemption draws nigh.
22:18 You see, the gospel is not just Jesus died for you.
22:22 Perhaps it's not just Jesus is interceding for you,
22:28 present.
22:29 But it's also, He who died for you,
22:31 who intercedes for you, He's coming for you.
22:35 That's the everlasting gospel.
22:36 How many of you want to hear the full gospel
22:38 in the seminar night by night?
22:40 And so the Bible make--
22:41 That's called the everlasting gospel,
22:43 Revelation 14:6, 7,
22:45 that's going to go around the world,
22:46 its past, present or future.
22:48 The gospel is all about what Jesus has done for you.
22:52 How many agree, He's done a lot for you?
22:54 And what He is doing for you?
22:55 How many agree, He's doing a lot for you right now.
22:59 And thirdly, what He's going to do for you.
23:02 How many agree, eye has not seen, nor ear heard,
23:05 neither have entered into the heart of man
23:07 the things that God has prepared
23:09 for those who love Him."
23:10 1 Corinthians 2:9.
23:13 Sudden changes are about to catch the world by surprise.
23:17 Amazing Bible prophecies are fast fulfilling.
23:20 Do ancient prophecies predict the sudden economic collapse?
23:24 Will the Middle East crisis erupt into World War III?
23:27 Are we living on the eve of Armageddon?
23:30 How will the final moves of the antichrist affect you?
23:33 What is the future of the United States of America?
23:36 How will natural disasters usher in the mark of the beast?
23:40 Now you can watch the entire Amazing Prophecy series
23:45 of 32 hope filled messages on DVD.
23:48 Don't guess about the future, know the future.
23:52 The complete set of DVDs
23:53 is available for a gift of $60 or more.
23:57 Call us at 1-855-336-Free
24:01 or you can send a check or money order
24:03 to Forever Free Ministries,
24:05 2001 Munro Park, Corinth, Texas, 76208.
24:10 You can also visit us online at
24:16 How many agree, with Him there is a future and a hope?
24:19 Jeremiah 29:11.
24:21 And so the Bible says here, look up, look up.
24:25 The Bible says here, look up,
24:28 lift up your heads because your redemption draws nigh.
24:31 Look to your neighbor and say look up.
24:35 That means cheer up, that means faith up.
24:39 That would mean wake up.
24:40 How many agree, the signs of the times
24:41 are all about wake up, heads up, faith up,
24:46 look up, and soon we're going to go up?
24:48 Can you say amen?
24:50 And so how does the prophet Daniel
24:51 describe the near future?
24:53 We focused on this last night.
24:56 Once again let's do a double take,
24:59 Bible forecast, Daniel 12:1, that in the last days
25:03 there would be a period of time known as the time of the end.
25:07 And in a portion of that
25:08 there would be a time of trouble
25:10 such as never was since there was a nation.
25:13 Unprecedented global prophetic crisis.
25:18 Is the United States of America
25:20 on the verge of a stupendous crisis?
25:24 Is America in Bible prophecy?
25:27 We've got messages coming up on that one.
25:30 Is there a hope in America's future?
25:34 I love this country
25:35 but all is not well in this country.
25:39 If you were to ask me,
25:41 Mark, if you had any place to live in the world,
25:42 where would you like to live?
25:44 Right here.
25:45 Right here, not putting down any other country.
25:47 I'm just saying this is my first choice.
25:50 I thank God for this country,
25:53 the land of the free and the brave,
25:55 at least we would like to believe then I thank God,
26:01 my country, 'tis of thee.
26:03 Sweet land of liberty. I love this country.
26:07 I thank God for those who have fought for this,
26:09 the freedom of this country.
26:11 How many of you have fought?
26:12 Some of you have been in the Air Force
26:14 and military and so forth.
26:16 Thank God for freedom. Let freedom continue to reign.
26:20 But all is not well.
26:22 Could it be the torch of Liberty
26:24 is beginning to flicker
26:26 and that tired woman is beginning to lower her hand?
26:31 I'm asking you tonight,
26:33 are you like a lot of Americans?
26:36 CNN Poll: December 31, 2009,
26:40 Americans less hopeful about the future.
26:46 It's more punctuated tonight. Why study Bible prophecy?
26:50 So you can be more awake to the signs of the times.
26:54 Do you know, right now we have more ready easy access,
27:00 easy access to what's going on in the world
27:04 so you and I live on the edge of eternity
27:07 when we can know and have a grasp on a handle
27:10 on the signs of the times more than ever before?
27:13 Would you agree,
27:15 now because of advances in mass communication
27:17 you can know exactly what's going.
27:19 Pick a country and you can know
27:20 what's going on in that country,
27:22 right now go home.
27:23 You what to know what's going on in Italy?
27:24 No problem, you can find out.
27:26 You want to go, know what's going on
27:27 in South America?
27:28 No problem. What country in South America?
27:30 You can know, you can know.
27:31 Would you agree, there is no excuse,
27:33 we can know, behold, I come quickly.
27:36 And so the Bible makes that crystal clear.
27:39 So what is one word this summarizes
27:41 how many people feel about the future
27:43 and what is happening in the world today?
27:44 Fear.
27:46 Poignant, nagging, penetrating fear of the future.
27:52 For example, the economic crisis.
27:55 I don't have much time to deal with this situation
27:57 but it is dire, it is ominous.
28:00 Washington Post editorial entitled, looking back
28:04 at the first ten years of the 21st century,
28:07 "Decade of dread."
28:09 Decade of dread. Time Magazine.
28:12 Look back and call the first ten years,
28:14 the decade from hell.
28:17 And I'm here to tell you
28:18 that I don't believe it's going to get much better.
28:22 Bankruptcies, foreclosures, job losses,
28:25 credit debt and the list goes on and on.
28:28 Have you been to New York City?
28:31 Have you seen that debt clock in New York City?
28:34 You know, blink an eye, if you snap a picture,
28:37 guess what, tomorrow it's obsolete.
28:41 Because it just keeps on ticking.
28:43 I think you can go online and see what the debt clock is,
28:46 and that you can just put it up on your computer
28:48 and just keep it live, you know.
28:52 I'm here to tell you
28:53 that we have an astronomical debt.
28:56 What is one of the biggest economic fears today?
28:59 How are we going to handle this debt?
29:02 How we're going to handle these
29:03 trillions and trillions of dollars?
29:05 Nobody knows, nobody knows.
29:08 We are a nation raised up and blessed by God
29:12 just like Israel was.
29:14 How many agree, God favored Israel,
29:16 God has favored America?
29:19 Now listen carefully.
29:22 In Leviticus and Deuteronomy God gave a litany a list,
29:28 a catalog list of blessings if Israel would obey
29:32 and corresponding curses if they disobeyed.
29:36 And I think we can learn
29:38 from the checkered history of ancient Israel,
29:44 we can learn.
29:46 And let's see what the Bible says,
29:48 Leviticus 26:19.
29:50 "I will break the pride of your power."
29:54 We discovered last night
29:56 we're the sole remaining superpower.
29:58 It doesn't matter,
29:59 I will break the pride of your power.
30:02 You know we are losing.
30:04 We are losing ground in many fronts
30:07 in the United States of America.
30:09 Could there be a food crisis ultimately?
30:11 "I will hold back the rain, so the sky above you
30:14 will be like iron."
30:15 Now that can be applied in a variety of ways.
30:19 Leviticus 26:19.
30:21 Can you expect, for example, you know,
30:23 there's been the bail outs?
30:26 Well, let's see what the Bible forecasts.
30:28 There's going to be a sudden change,
30:30 Revelation Chapter 13. Revelation Chapter 13.
30:36 What does the Book of Revelation predict
30:40 about the economic, the economic world
30:44 and the economic world and the religious world?
30:47 How they're coalesced and what's going to be enforced?
30:50 The mark of the beast.
30:52 And what's going to be along with that?
30:55 What's going to be added to that?
30:56 What's going to be in the package
30:58 of enforced mark of the beast?
31:01 What's going to go along with that?
31:02 The government will impose an economic boycott,
31:07 economic sanctions upon anyone
31:10 who dares to dissent or dares to disagree
31:14 and does not want to go along with this mark of the beast
31:17 that will be popular.
31:19 Majority will go along with it.
31:22 And so, I want you to notice here in Revelation 13:16.
31:26 And I'm going to show you in a future presentation
31:28 that this is the United States of America.
31:31 But we know the mark of the beast
31:32 will be enforced globally.
31:35 That's not my opinion, don't believe anything I say
31:37 unless you can back it up in the scriptures.
31:39 Unless we back it up with scriptures
31:40 you can go home and check it out.
31:43 But my Bible tells me the mark of the beast
31:45 is going to be enforced around the world.
31:48 And the Bible makes it very clear,
31:51 "He causes all, both small and great,
31:53 rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark
31:55 on their right hand or on their foreheads,
31:56 enforce mark of the beast.
31:58 And that no one may buy or sell
32:02 except one who has the mark or the name of the beast,
32:04 or the number of his name."
32:05 That is an economic boycott.
32:08 You will be all locked out of commerce,
32:11 you will be restricted from buying or selling
32:15 if you don't go along with what the majority
32:18 and what the polls will indicate
32:20 is a good thing for the country.
32:22 How many agree, it will even look Christian?
32:25 And so because the devil comes in
32:27 as an angel of light, doesn't it?
32:29 According to the scriptures, 2 Corinthians 11.
32:32 You know, you say, well, Mark, how could they really control
32:35 buying and selling?
32:38 Well, listen, I am not saying don't use a credit card,
32:42 I am not saying don't use electronic banking.
32:45 But I am here to tell you we're all plugged in
32:48 and you can be digitally disabled in a second.
32:53 Come on, now how many of you have lost your credit card
32:55 and you call them up, "Could you please,
32:57 I don't know where my credit card is?"
33:00 And they said, "No problem."
33:02 Disable it, giving you another one.
33:04 How many of you had that experience?
33:06 All right.
33:07 Good.
33:09 Somebody is not alone, right? How about this one?
33:14 You have an unusual buying pattern, buying spree
33:19 and you're at Sears, you've been at the mall
33:21 and you've gone to this store and that store
33:23 and this store and that store, it's you know adding up.
33:26 And you go to Sears, it's your last store
33:29 and it's a $100 item and they say,
33:31 "Sir, you know, or man, you've been denied
33:35 or they would like to talk to you."
33:38 "And yeah we just want to make sure is this you."
33:41 "Yeah, this is me." "Are you okay?"
33:43 How many of you know what I'm talking about?
33:45 Have you ever had that experience?
33:46 All right. Very good.
33:48 You can be digitally disabled in this virtually
33:51 cashless society that we live in.
33:54 And we're going to deal much more with this
33:56 in future presentations.
33:58 And so did you know that the Bible also forecast that
34:01 in the last days there will be a growing gap
34:04 between the rich and the poor,
34:06 between the have and the have nots.
34:09 There is nothing wrong with having wealth.
34:11 If you have it, praise the Lord.
34:13 Just use it for Jesus.
34:15 But the Bible makes it very clear that ultimately
34:17 your riches are corrupted, they have rotted, James 5:2.
34:23 So no wonder there will be some economic fears.
34:27 Now, what affect will the plagues--
34:28 The Bible says if you receive the mark of the beast,
34:30 you'll get the seven last plagues.
34:32 And it will devastate ravage the earth.
34:36 So what affect will the plagues have
34:37 on the national and global economy?
34:39 It'll be crippled and it will collapse overnight.
34:43 "For in one hour such great riches came to nothing."
34:47 The Bible forecasts sudden changes in the economic world.
34:51 It's going to happen. And so Revelation 18:17.
34:57 How did Elijah pray for his backslidden nation?
35:00 How did he pray for them?
35:02 "Elijah was a man with a nature like ours,
35:04 and he prayed earnestly that it would not rain,
35:06 and it did not rain on the land
35:08 for three years and six months."
35:10 Did you catch that? James 5:16, 17.
35:13 How many believe that all scriptures inspired by God?
35:16 2 Timothy 3:16, 17.
35:20 I ask you this, I ask you with your reasonable mind,
35:25 is Elijah a type of how God wants to raise up modern
35:30 Elijahs in the last days?
35:33 Bible talks about the return of Elijah.
35:35 We got a whole message coming up on that.
35:38 But what is the mission and the message
35:40 of Elijah in the last day?
35:42 To get ready for the coming of Christ.
35:44 We'll deal with that in the future.
35:46 But I want you to notice,
35:47 Elijah was known as a man of prayer.
35:50 How many would like to be known as a person of prayer?
35:54 Come on, say amen out there.
35:56 Come on, now let me see if you got holes in your knees,
35:59 in your pants there.
36:03 Listen.
36:06 Jesus said in Luke 21:36,
36:09 in the context of the signs of the times,
36:12 He said pray always that you will escape
36:15 all these things and stand ready when I come.
36:19 You have to be a person of prayer.
36:21 You got to learn, I tell my children, talk to Jesus.
36:25 If you and I learn to talk to Jesus,
36:28 you're going to make it,
36:30 you're going to be all right.
36:31 Amen.
36:32 And so, I want you to notice here that he prayed.
36:34 So how should we pray for the United States of America?
36:38 Should we pray, Lord, just keep loading on prosperity,
36:42 Lord, just keep on richly blessing America.
36:46 Give us more, more, more.
36:52 Elijah prayed that it would rain.
36:56 So I leave that to your reasonable mind and you take--
37:00 Ho many agree, that's something to really look at
37:02 and think how should we pray?
37:04 Because my Bible tells me in Isaiah 26.
37:10 Go there with me.
37:11 It says there in a powerful scripture.
37:15 I spent a lot of time thinking about this message tonight.
37:19 And I feel impressed to share the scripture with you.
37:23 Isaiah 26.
37:26 Isaiah 26, verse number.
37:31 Verse number.
37:34 Let's look there, verse number 8.
37:38 Twenty six and looking there at verse 8.
37:42 "Yes, in the way of Your judgments,
37:44 O Lord, we have waited for You,
37:46 The desire of our soul is for Your name
37:48 And for the remembrance of You.
37:50 With my soul I have desired You in the night, Yes,
37:55 my spirit within me I will seek You early,
37:58 For when Your judgments are in the earth,
38:03 the inhabitants of the world will learn righteousness."
38:06 Would you agree that judgments of God
38:09 are already falling on America and the world
38:12 and they are teaching us,
38:15 get ready because Jesus is coming.
38:19 The judgments of God are to teach us to do what's right,
38:23 to teach us repentance.
38:25 The judgments of God come with the divine purpose to wake
38:29 people up that they might come to the cross of Christ,
38:32 that they might fall on their face before God and say,
38:34 God be merciful to me, a sinner.
38:37 Luke 18:13, and so the Bible makes it very clear.
38:42 Notice here, verse 11.
38:44 Notice here, verse 11.
38:46 "Lord, when Your hand is lifted up, they will not see.
38:49 But they will see and be ashamed
38:51 for their envy of people,
38:52 yes, the fire of Your enemies shall devour them."
38:55 I want you to notice here and for your judgments
38:59 on the earth, then it talks about that they will visit,
39:02 they will visit you Lord.
39:04 They will visit you.
39:05 And so I want you to notice here, that the Bible talks
39:08 about the judgments falling and people going to God.
39:13 Most people who come to God,
39:15 come during a crisis in their life.
39:22 There is no atheist in a foxhole during a war.
39:29 And so the Bible makes that clear.
39:33 And the instant I speak concerning a nation
39:36 and concerning the kingdom to build and to plant it.
39:42 "If it does evil in my sight
39:44 so that it does not obey my voice,
39:47 then I will relent concerning the good with which
39:49 I said I would benefit it."
39:52 Jeremiah 18:9, 10.
39:54 Powerful prophecy. Powerful prophecy.
39:57 You know in the city that never sleeps,
39:59 you learn to sleep through the unabated noise.
40:04 I've done a couple of crusades, long seminars in New York City,
40:08 I know what I'm talking about.
40:10 I mean there, it's the city that never sleeps.
40:14 You hear the sirens at night, all during the night,
40:18 you hear the car alarms, you hear the traffic,
40:20 the honking of horns.
40:22 But you learn to ignore it all and snooze.
40:28 But you know what?
40:30 You cannot ignore
40:31 the dramatic signs of Jesus soon return,
40:34 because if you ignore them, you will sleep on to your loss.
40:41 And so we need to be awake.
40:43 And the Lord said in the days of Noah,
40:46 "My spirit shall not strive with man forever,
40:49 for he is indeed flesh that yet his days
40:52 shall be one hundred twenty years."
40:54 God withdrew His spirit.
40:57 Would you agree, 120 years,
40:58 that was the time of the end for them?
41:00 Then the end came at the close at that timeline.
41:02 But there was a time at the end for 120 years.
41:07 And during that time
41:08 Noah was preaching the final message,
41:10 the final message of mercy.
41:12 How many agree, he gave the last call,
41:15 "Get in the ark."
41:16 And more animals went into the ark then people
41:19 how you figure?
41:21 Eight people, eight people.
41:25 I believe God wanted to save a whole lot more.
41:29 Holy Spirit was withdrawn
41:31 because they were hardening their hearts.
41:33 Do you know the Holy Spirit is being withdrawn
41:35 from the earth right now?
41:37 Upon those are defined
41:38 hardening, hardening, hardening their heart,
41:41 Holy Spirit is withdrawn.
41:42 You know the whole world
41:44 will commit the unpardonable sin
41:45 except those who come to the foot of the cross
41:48 and plead the blood of Jesus.
41:51 Thank God, that if your heart is being soften,
41:54 you will receive the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.
41:57 Two things are happening, polarization of the world.
42:01 Two groups, two camps.
42:03 Those are going to be saved, those who are not.
42:05 Those who get the mark of the beast,
42:06 those who get the seal of God.
42:09 Those who go up to be with the Lord,
42:10 and those who are lost.
42:12 And the Bible makes it very crystal clear,
42:14 either you're going to totally harden your heart
42:17 and the Holy Spirit's withdrawn from you.
42:20 Or you're going to open your heart
42:22 more and more and be filled with the Holy Spirit.
42:25 And the Bible says in Ephesians 5,
42:27 it says, be filled with the spirit.
42:30 Can you say amen?
42:32 If you are going through a personal crisis in your life,
42:35 if you are facing financial challenges,
42:38 if you are suffering from health problem,
42:40 if your marriage is needing a miracle,
42:42 if you have a special concern for your children?
42:45 Whatever you need maybe give us a call
42:47 and we will pray with you.
42:48 For your prayer requests,
42:50 call us at 1-855-336-FREE.
42:54 "If the Son sets you free, you are free indeed."
42:57 John 8:36.
43:00 What cluster of cities were destroyed by fire
43:02 because of their exceeding sinfulness?
43:05 Sodom and Gomorrah.
43:06 And there was actually four cities there on the plane
43:09 on the south end of the Dead Sea.
43:11 I've been there. It was Sodom and Gomorra.
43:15 These luxurious, beautiful,
43:18 used to be very beautiful there.
43:20 And on the eve of the destruction
43:22 of Sodom and Gomorrah, God dispatched,
43:25 two heavenly angels were sent by God
43:27 on a two fold mission to save and destroy.
43:32 Who lived in Sodom and Gomorrah?
43:34 Lot and his family. Who was the uncle of Lot?
43:39 Abraham.
43:40 And were there three strangers, one of them being the Lord
43:45 who came to Abraham and said,
43:47 we're going to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah?
43:49 And Abraham interceded
43:50 for his nephew Lot and his family,
43:53 said, please, save them.
43:55 And the request was granted.
43:58 It pays to pray for loved ones. It pays to pray for loved ones.
44:03 I wouldn't be here if people didn't pray
44:06 for this pastor's protocol care.
44:09 I'm here to tell you there's power in prayer.
44:11 But they came, they came there.
44:14 And the Bible says he overthrew those cities,
44:17 Genesis 19:25.
44:19 The complete destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah
44:22 is a type,
44:24 an example of the fate of other wicked cities
44:28 of today in America.
44:32 It's just like Billy Graham's wife.
44:37 Well, said, she put it just right.
44:41 If Jesus doesn't come soon He'll have to apologize
44:44 to Sodom and Gomorrah who we destroyed
44:48 because we're, I believe--
44:51 I believe, what do you think?
44:52 Why did God destroy
44:54 the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah?
44:56 Why did he do that?
44:57 Is America just a sinful
44:59 and corrupt this Sodom and Gomorrah?
45:02 You be the judge.
45:04 Likewise as it was also in the days of Lot,
45:05 they ate, they drank, they bought, they sold,
45:07 they planted, they built,
45:08 but on the day that Lot went out of Sodom
45:10 it rained fire and brimstone from heaven
45:12 and destroyed them all.
45:13 Even so will it be in the day
45:15 when the Son of Man is revealed,
45:16 Luke 17:28-30.
45:18 And Jesus said, be aware, don't be caught up
45:20 and carousing and drunkenness, Luke 21:34.
45:24 I was caught up in it.
45:28 Borderline alcoholic, in drugs,
45:30 High school dropout after ninth grade,
45:32 I was there during the hippie era.
45:35 How many remember discotheques?
45:39 Let me tell you something, I was all lost young man.
45:46 Oh, you'd see me laugh. I was hollow in the inside.
45:52 And then I, then ultimately attended a series of meetings
45:56 just like this by an evangelist by the name of Mark Finley.
46:02 I attended his meetings night by night.
46:05 It took me 45 minutes.
46:06 I was going with my fiancé who I did not end up marrying
46:10 but I attended these meetings just like this,
46:12 hearing the same thing you're hearing.
46:15 God minister to my heart and one night Mark Finley said,
46:20 can I talk to you afterwards because he knew me,
46:22 because he was a friend and a colleague
46:24 of my father who was a pastor there in Connecticut.
46:27 This was in Massachusetts.
46:29 And I said, yeah, you can talk to me.
46:30 So after the people dispersed,
46:32 we sat down at the edge of the stage.
46:33 And he said, Mark, I want to share with you
46:35 a priceless promise.
46:37 Joel 2:25 is what he opened to.
46:39 "I will restore to you all the years
46:42 which the swarming locusts has eat--
46:44 Swarming locusts?
46:45 He is a Mark, let me explain it this way.
46:48 The years you have given over to sin,
46:50 to drugs and drinking.
46:53 Mark, if you give your heart to Jesus,
46:56 He'll restore you, He'll restore you.
47:01 Some time after that time.
47:03 Some time after that, that encounter with Mark Finley
47:06 and that, hearing that promise I did just that,
47:09 I gave my heart to Jesus Christ.
47:11 A little that I ever dreamed
47:13 that I would be doing the same thing
47:15 that he was doing because God is a God of miracles.
47:19 Can you say amen? He's a God of miracles.
47:21 But I needed a Savior.
47:23 I know what it's like to be in Sodom and Gomorrah.
47:26 But thank God, He has set us free.
47:29 Can you say amen? He has set us free.
47:31 Take your Bible and turn with me
47:32 to 2 Peter 2, 2 Peter 2.
47:36 Are we learning something tonight?
47:37 2 Peter 2, all right?
47:39 We're going there are about Sodom and Gomorrah.
47:43 We have a couple of insights
47:45 that I think are absolutely fascinating
47:48 and pertinent tonight.
47:51 2 Peter 2, looking there at verse 6.
47:56 "And turning the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah
47:59 into ashes,
48:01 condemned them to destruction, making them an example
48:04 to those who afterward would live ungodly."
48:06 How many agree, these are beacons of warning
48:08 for the cities of America and the world?
48:12 "And delivered righteous Lot, who was," notice this, listen.
48:16 "Who was oppressed
48:18 by the filthy conduct of the wicked."
48:22 The sorted lifestyle, the deviant behaviors,
48:26 the perverted sexual stances,
48:30 lifestyle of these decadent people
48:32 in Sodom and Gomorrah was oppressive, painful,
48:36 tormenting to the soul of Lot.
48:41 He wanted to shield his family from this decadent behavior,
48:46 this free exhibition of homosexuality,
48:51 lesbians and so forth.
48:53 By the way, God loves everyone but He hate sin.
48:57 And if you don't believe me, look at the cross,
49:01 it took the blood of Jesus to pay the price for sin.
49:04 Sin is very costly.
49:07 So, Bible says a Lot was oppressed.
49:12 Don't you think that we're living
49:13 in Sodom and Gomorrah today?
49:15 And if we're following the Lord, and we're righteous,
49:18 that we will be oppressed as well.
49:21 I don't know about you but...
49:25 as I dance through the channels,
49:26 looking for some good,
49:28 how many agree, there's a lot of smut?
49:31 There's a lot of stuff that you cannot pause,
49:36 you got to just keep going on, put your filter on,
49:42 right here.
49:45 Oppressed, tormented.
49:49 Bible makes it very crystal clear
49:51 that in the last days, God will have a people
49:55 that are oppressed by what they see
49:58 going on in the world.
50:00 Same sex marriages...
50:04 legalized.
50:07 That's Sodom. That's Sodom.
50:12 Adultery,
50:16 pregnancy outside of marriage, rape.
50:21 One out of four girls are sexually abused.
50:28 And the list goes on. Prostitution rampant.
50:34 Immorality widespread.
50:37 We are a sin jaded generation.
50:43 The Bible says you ought to be oppressed
50:46 because no wonder Jesus was a man of sorrows.
50:49 And if you have Jesus in you, there will be some sorrows,
50:52 you will weep at times
50:54 for trying to save people who are in Sodom and Gomorrah.
50:58 How many have loved ones,
50:59 you know they're right in there,
51:00 you got to love them out of it?
51:04 Those angels went to Lot and his family and said,
51:07 you got to get out.
51:09 And Lot, Lot went to his, to his family and he said,
51:14 we got to leave.
51:16 And the Bible says his two daughters had husbands
51:20 and they thought it was joking.
51:24 Prophecy, you, you believe that stuff.
51:27 Oh, come on, don't, don't get wild eyed about that stuff.
51:30 You don't play prophecy, come on now.
51:35 They joked.
51:36 The Bible says in 2 Peter 3,
51:38 that in the last days there would be scoffers
51:41 walking after their own loss, scoffing at the idea
51:43 that the world is going to come to an end.
51:45 But it's going to happen like it did in the days of Noah.
51:48 And so the Bible says here
51:50 that Lot and his family lingered.
51:54 They uses the word, Genesis 19,
51:56 they uses the word "they lingered",
51:58 they lingered and almost lost their salvation.
52:03 But the angels had mercy, God had mercy and pull,
52:07 practically pull them out of Sodom and Gomorrah.
52:10 How many are thankful that God sometimes
52:12 takes hold of you and pulls you out of sin?
52:15 Can you say amen to that?
52:18 sometimes, okay, I know I need to give up that sin,
52:20 I'm coming.
52:22 How many agree, when Jesus comes in,
52:25 He takes hold of us and sets us free?
52:29 And so the Bible makes it very clear here
52:31 if the Son has set you free, you're free indeed,
52:34 John 8:36.
52:35 And so the Bible makes it very clear,
52:38 the Bible makes it very clear,
52:39 we continue here, 2 Peter 2.
52:41 Our time is running out.
52:43 2 Peter 2, and look here at verse number 8,
52:48 "Tormented for this that righteous man,
52:51 dwelling among them, tormented his righteous soul
52:55 from day to day by seeing
52:58 and hearing their lawless deeds.
53:01 Then the Lord knows how to deliver
53:03 the godly out of temptations and to reserve the unjust
53:07 under punishment for the day of judgment."
53:10 You know they used to call Las Vegas, the Sin City.
53:16 Mobsters, show girls, drinking,
53:21 parties, orgies, prostitution.
53:24 Guess what, now it's everywhere.
53:28 Like Las Vegas, that's everywhere.
53:32 It's everywhere. Las Vegas is everywhere.
53:35 Sodom and Gomorrah is everywhere.
53:38 But we've become desensitized.
53:42 Now it's like... whatever.
53:46 I saw a bumper sticker one time doing a crusade in Connecticut.
53:49 Back of a jeep, "Whatever."
53:54 Beloved, Bible says that Jesus will come at an hour
54:01 when most are just preoccupied
54:05 with the cares of this life in the pursuit of pleasure.
54:11 We were praying for a child for quite some time
54:15 and ultimately we were in El Paso, Texas.
54:21 I was the reluctant dad, I told my wife
54:24 I don't want to have a child yet,
54:26 I want to pray about it.
54:27 She would come with, to me with tears,
54:29 can we have a child now, I'm praying about it?
54:33 Well, finally, she comes to me and says I'm pregnant.
54:39 What? That wasn't supposed to happen.
54:43 But her prayers won over my prayers.
54:47 I was just praying, God's will be done,
54:49 I just didn't know it was going to happen like that.
54:52 How many agree God is in control.
54:56 Months later, she is fully expecting,
54:58 we were living in a three bedroom chalet
55:00 in Poconos of Pennsylvania.
55:02 A two thousand foot elevation, cold mucho frio.
55:07 And about ten days prior to her due date
55:11 she's fully expecting and I'm happy as a lark
55:15 and she's glowing ever since she told me she's pregnant,
55:17 she's been glowing ever since.
55:19 And so we were walking along and it was snowing out
55:24 and we were just having a good time and then we,
55:27 we went back to the house.
55:29 Next thing I know she's outside, shoveling snow.
55:35 And I said, Honey, would you please--
55:37 I pulled her aside,
55:39 push to open the sliding glass window, the glass door.
55:43 I said, come on, honey, get in.
55:45 "Oh, I just got to finish up here a little bit."
55:47 Honey, you-- come on.
55:49 Eventually she came in, next thing I know
55:52 I hear furniture moving around upstairs.
55:56 And I am thinking what is going on.
55:57 So I scramble up stairs, sure enough there she is,
56:01 she decided 10 days prior to her due date
56:04 to rearrange the furniture without even asking me to help.
56:08 I don't know about you mothers how you have this, these feats,
56:12 these dramatic acts of heroism
56:15 just before you have contractions.
56:19 Sure enough she's upstairs.
56:22 "I think I feel something" Hello.
56:26 Not surprised.
56:29 She went through terrible
56:31 17 hours of intense frequent contractions.
56:39 There was some weeping, there was a whole lot of pain.
56:44 Hats off to mothers.
56:48 Then Caleb came out.
56:51 Wide eyed like his daddy, and he wasn't crying,
56:56 he was just kind of like he was saying,
56:57 okay, I am here, now what?
57:01 And I was so happy, I pull--
57:03 I had a Bible promise book in my pocket, I pulled it out.
57:07 "Weeping may tarry for the night
57:09 but joy comes in the morning."
57:11 Sure now. That was a little past noon but I'll take it.
57:15 Psalm 30:5, beloved, can you see
57:19 that weeping may tarry for the night,
57:22 during these prophetic fulfillments.
57:25 The joy is coming.
57:27 Very soon it'll be worth it all when we see Jesus,
57:30 we're almost home.
57:34 Look up for your redemption draws nigh.
57:39 Although sudden and alarming changes
57:42 are sweeping across the globe,
57:44 you and your family can be prepared
57:46 to face the future with comforts.
57:48 The complete set of Amazing Prophecies
57:51 on DVD are available for a gift of $60 or more.
57:55 Call us at 1-855-336-FREE
58:00 or send your check or money order
58:01 to Forever Free Ministries,
58:03 2001 Munro Park, Corinth, Texas, 76208.


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