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00:04 We are racing towards the global crisis at the close.
00:09 God is going to set up His kingdom on Earth.
00:13 Preparation for the tribulation and the translation
00:18 is to develop a character like Jesus Christ.
00:21 To reach every hamlet, every village, every man,
00:24 every child, every person in India,
00:27 every person in South America,
00:28 must hear these Three Angels' messages.
00:34 These are stories that illustrate
00:37 the kind of fabric of character and perseverance
00:39 that we need to go through the tribulation
00:42 just as certainly as they did.
00:44 The Bible makes it very clear,
00:45 we are living in an unusual hour.
00:48 The last grains of sand are trickling through
00:50 the hour glass of time
00:52 and the door probation is about to swing shut.
01:00 Well, tonight we are going to visit
01:02 the hottest spot on earth.
01:06 You know I come from Dallas, Texas.
01:08 I thought that was the hottest place on earth,
01:11 but the Middle East, that is the hot spot
01:14 in more ways than one.
01:16 Will the Middle East conflict erupt
01:19 into World War III?
01:22 Why are all eyes on Israel tonight?
01:27 What is at the core of the constant fighting
01:31 between the Arabs and the Jews?
01:34 Why so much blood?
01:37 Well, let us explore
01:40 the truth behind the turmoil in the Middle East.
01:44 Would you agree, the news will,
01:47 night by night give you many times a biased version?
01:52 How many agree, God has something
01:53 to say about what's going on?
01:56 After decades of living under oppressive dictatorships,
02:00 popular revolts have broken out among the people
02:04 of the Arab world and they have spread rapidly,
02:08 quickly from Tunisia to Egypt and across the region.
02:14 President Obama says,
02:16 about Gaddafi's reign and regime.
02:20 The future now is in, the what?
02:22 The future of Libya is in the hands of its people.
02:26 We know that, for example,
02:29 there was the Egyptian Revolution of 2011.
02:33 Here is a picture that's worth a thousand words
02:37 of the million march there in Egypt,
02:42 and here is an Egyptian soldier joining the protestors
02:46 in celebration of Mubarak's downfall,
02:49 and they're in Cairo.
02:51 And here you see other protesters.
02:54 And demonstrators now are standing
02:56 on an army vehicle there in Cairo,
02:59 and the sign read,
03:01 "Leave, you tyrant. Down with Mubarak."
03:04 Well, guess what?
03:05 This oppressive, as some would have esteem him,
03:09 a dictator, has been toppled.
03:12 And here you see a picture
03:13 of Day of Anger, marchers in street.
03:16 The people want to over throw the regime.
03:19 And that is exactly what has unfolded in the news.
03:22 The main head quarters
03:23 of the National Democratic Party,
03:25 after being set on fire during the 2011 Egyptian protests.
03:30 And here are Cairo protestors praying, Muslims praying.
03:34 Here is the day of anger riot police closing in.
03:38 So what sparked the Egyptian protest?
03:42 Police brutality, state of emergency laws,
03:45 lack of free elections and freedom of speech,
03:47 uncontrollable corruption, high unemployment,
03:50 sound familiar, food price inflation, sound familiar,
03:54 low minimum wage, sound familiar.
03:57 And so think about it.
03:59 Netanyahu and Mubarak checking their watches back in 2010.
04:05 And Mubarak had a role and reign from 1981 to 2011.
04:10 So we're talking about Gaddafi, that ruled for 42 years.
04:17 And as far as I can tell, toppled.
04:20 Mubarak ruled many, many, many, many years as well, toppled.
04:24 Would you agree, there is a lot of changes
04:26 that are taking place in the Middle East?
04:29 Protestors, they're marching in Cairo,
04:32 as of January 29, there were over 300 dead,
04:35 over 2000 wounded, and what about Syria?
04:38 Where hundreds and hundreds have died.
04:42 And so there are very few moments, Barack Obama said,
04:46 "There are very few moments in our lives, where we have
04:49 the privilege to witness history taking place.
04:53 This is one of those moments. This is one of those times.
04:56 The people of Egypt have spoken.
04:59 Their voices have been heard,
05:01 and Egypt will never be the same."
05:05 Talk about stupendous, changes.
05:07 All right, I don't have time to go into detail
05:11 about all of comprehensive look and all of the changes
05:14 that are taking place with rapid fire,
05:17 but I will tell you this.
05:19 One word, I personally believe that sums up
05:23 the current situation, the explosive situation
05:27 in the Middle East,
05:28 that the massive uprisings, the popular uprisings.
05:32 I believe there is one word, suspense.
05:36 Would you agree the big question now is,
05:38 okay now what?
05:40 What's next? Is it all gonna calm down?
05:42 Is democracy gonna rule?
05:44 Are we all gonna lay down our arms?
05:47 Or will the conflict be recycled?
05:50 And so, the end I believe, is not near.
05:53 I do believe it's here, because the Bible says
05:57 says in 1 Thessalonians Chapter 5.
05:59 Take your Bible and turn with me
06:01 to 1 Thessalonians Chapter 5.
06:04 "But concerning the times and the seasons, brethren,
06:06 you have no need that I should write to you.
06:09 For you, yourselves know perfectly well
06:11 that the day of the Lord,
06:13 so comes as a thief in the night."
06:15 Well the Lord will come as a thief in the night,
06:17 but the events leading up to His coming
06:20 will also take place, I believe,
06:22 unexpectedly by an overwhelming surprise
06:25 as a thief in the night.
06:28 "For when they say,"
06:30 when this is the prevailing sentiment.
06:33 "When they say peace and safety, then"
06:38 what kind of destruction, comes out of nowhere?
06:42 "Sudden destruction comes upon them as labor pains
06:45 upon a pregnant women and they shall not escape."
06:49 And so we know that the United States of America,
06:52 is Israel's strongest supporter.
06:55 Is that true? It is.
06:56 And I don't know about you, but I have a special love
07:00 in my heart for Israel.
07:01 Does anybody have a special love
07:03 for the Jews today?
07:05 I have a special love in my heart for Jews today.
07:09 And America loves Israel and prays
07:12 for the peace of Israel.
07:15 So what's next? What's gonna happen?
07:18 What's in the horizon?
07:20 Well, we know for sure
07:22 that there is war in the Middle East.
07:24 And there is lots of oil in the Middle East.
07:28 No wonder, we have a vested interest there.
07:31 Did you know, for example,
07:33 that the United States of America consumes
07:38 86 million barrels per day, all right.
07:44 Eighty six million barrels per day
07:47 and, I'm sorry that's in all, and did you know
07:51 that Saudi Arabia
07:54 has 264.3 billions of barrels,
08:00 that they rank number one of oil
08:04 and these are the big producers.
08:06 And then Iran, then Iraq, then Kuwait,
08:09 then the United Arab Emirates and Venezuela
08:13 and then Russia and then Libya.
08:16 The United States, well, we're number 11 there.
08:19 Eleventh.
08:20 There is lots of oil in the Middle East,
08:22 there's lots of political unrest in Israel.
08:26 There are strong opposing religious beliefs
08:28 and practices in the Middle East.
08:31 Do you see what's all being mixed
08:33 and mingled together in this, in this stew?
08:36 What do you have here?
08:38 You've got, you've got oil
08:40 can you say standard of living.
08:42 You've got oil, in addition to that you've got,
08:46 you've got a very inhospitable place
08:50 where they have a lot of weapons.
08:52 Israel has a, a weapon of mass destruction,
08:54 nuclear wherewithal
08:57 Okay, so you've got, in addition to that
08:59 you've got a clash of religions,
09:02 put that all together and you have an explosive powder keg,
09:08 just waiting to explode.
09:09 There is political tension among the nations,
09:13 but it is showcased
09:16 very strongly there in the Middle East.
09:18 Now Israel wants peace and security for all sides.
09:22 Israel has peace with Egypt and Jordan
09:25 and longs for peace with all of its surrounding neighbors.
09:29 So there are tensions that are mounting
09:32 between Iran and Israel.
09:36 Let me tell you what's going on.
09:37 There is hatred from Iraq.
09:40 That now, that should not come by a surprise.
09:42 That it is a fact.
09:44 And Iran's regime is a growing threat to the world,
09:48 as it supports terrorism.
09:51 And is trying to develop a nuclear weapon, all right?
09:55 So that is a concern.
09:57 A matter of fact the,
09:59 the leader of Iran has said this,
10:02 that he wants Israel quote, "Wiped off the map",
10:07 or, "Vanish from the pages of time," a translation.
10:11 And so recently a former Israeli President, Peres
10:16 called on the United Nations
10:17 to peacefully prevent a nuclear Iran.
10:22 That is a grave concern and a potential grim reality.
10:27 And so Iran is developing enriched uranium
10:31 and long range missiles, aren't they?
10:34 Now "Tehran," Peres said, "combines long range missiles
10:38 and short range minds.
10:40 It is pregnant with tragedies," all right?
10:44 Now the leader of Iran said this,
10:47 "if countries in the region continue to support Israel
10:51 they will be burned by the wrath
10:53 of the nations," all right?
10:56 So he is calling for the destruction
10:59 of the state of Israel.
11:01 Is that a concern?
11:02 Would you agree, if this mad dictator,
11:05 if this madman, if this nation of Iran
11:10 gets a nuclear weapon, it will create instability
11:13 around the entire world
11:16 and could usher in World War III.
11:19 Iran, Peres said,
11:22 "Is a danger to the entire world."
11:25 Peres told the gathering of world leaders
11:27 on the second day
11:28 of the United Nations a while back.
11:30 So I have a big looming question,
11:33 will nuclear weapons be used in the near future?
11:36 Now we can only speculate.
11:39 I can only tell you that the Bible says
11:41 "there would be wars" and what?
11:44 "Rumors of wars." In Matthew 24: 6 and 7.
11:48 And then in Revelation 11:18, it tells us in the last days
11:52 that mankind would have the potential
11:55 to destroy civilization as we know it,
11:58 because the Lord would come
12:00 and "destroy those who destroy the earth."
12:02 Revelation 11:19.
12:04 Revelation 11:18 says that, "The nations were angry
12:08 and thy wrath is come."
12:10 So will there ever be peace in the Middle East?
12:15 Well Israel is surrounded, as I say,
12:19 by some hostile Islamic nations.
12:24 And the big question then is, what is the future of Israel?
12:29 And how could this impact the world?
12:31 Will Israel be able to defend itself
12:35 successfully in the future?
12:37 Yes, she has nuclear wherewithal,
12:40 but is this enough?
12:43 Oh, how the Christian world is praying for Israel.
12:48 Is that true? And so what is at the core?
12:52 What is that the core
12:54 of the raging conflict in the Middle East?
12:59 Let us investigate the answer to this pivotal question.
13:03 Let's do it.
13:04 There is hatred and intolerance
13:07 between the Jews and the Muslims.
13:09 I mean, just the seething, smoldering
13:13 hatred between the two.
13:14 It is a clash.
13:17 It is a clash of religions. Okay?
13:21 So, in addition to that, Islam is one of the largest
13:24 and fastest growing religions in the world.
13:27 Did you know that? How many knew that?
13:29 Well, let me tell you some more.
13:31 Over one billion Muslims in the world today.
13:35 Number one, God loves Muslims.
13:40 God loves Jews, God loves Christians.
13:43 But I'm here to tell you I believe the Bible
13:46 and the Bible exposes false teaching.
13:49 And the Bible says Jesus said that in the last days
13:51 there would be false Christs and false prophets.
13:54 And so, over one billion Muslims in the world today,
13:59 60 out of 184 countries in the world
14:01 are in the world are now part of the house of this Islam.
14:05 And so Islam dominates the Middle East.
14:09 Here you see a picture of Muslims gathering together
14:14 during the most holy season of the year
14:17 in their most holy places there in Mecca.
14:21 Islam is already the fastest growing religion in Europe?
14:27 Did you know that?
14:29 Furthermore, it is estimated that there are seven million
14:32 Americans that are Muslim.
14:37 And there are over one thousand mosques
14:41 and Islamic centers in the United States.
14:46 No wonder, Time Magazine had a front cover,
14:49 blockbuster, controversial front page cover story,
14:55 entitled, is America.
14:57 Islamophobic?
14:59 Basically, it's about the conflict
15:02 or the controversial hot-heated debate
15:05 about whether they should put a mosque
15:08 there at Ground Zero
15:09 where the two twin towers came down,
15:12 because of extreme Muslim fundamentalists.
15:18 And so I don't know who came up with the idea,
15:22 but I would agree, agree that's touching a wrong nerve in
15:25 the United States of America, understatement.
15:28 And so all I know though, is that,
15:32 is that former Present Bush said,
15:35 "This nation is at war with radical Islamic fascists,"
15:41 all right?
15:42 And so furthermore, we were attacked
15:44 by radical Islamic terrorists
15:47 before and it could happen again.
15:49 How many remember 9/11?
15:52 Do you remember where you were?
15:54 How many remember where you were?
15:55 Of course, you do.
15:57 Well, I will tell you on September 10th.
16:00 We were doing a seminar just like this in New York City,
16:05 the day before the attack.
16:08 We were doing a seminar and we had a day off.
16:12 Our day off was September 11th.
16:16 And so we decided to go home where we lived
16:20 in the Pocono's of Pennsylvania,
16:21 there in the mountains.
16:23 And we were snarled in traffic
16:26 trying to get on to the George Washington Bridge,
16:29 that crosses the Hudson there and goes into New Jersey,
16:34 and just two-hour drive to home.
16:36 But traffic was just stopped.
16:40 And so I commented to my wife
16:42 as we were going at a snail's pace,
16:44 I said, "Honey, can you imagine if there was a crisis
16:49 in New York City, nobody would be able to leave."
16:53 Fast-forward it's the next morning,
16:56 and I thought, let me get up and see what,
16:58 you know, it's our day off,
17:00 let me see what the weather's going to be like.
17:02 I don't remember what the weather was,
17:03 I can't even remember if I made it to the weather channel,
17:05 but I saw what you saw, CNN coverage.
17:09 I could not, I was actually trembling.
17:12 I was actually trembling
17:14 were you like me, anybody like me?
17:15 You know, I was trembling and my wife was trembling.
17:19 For several reasons we were trembling.
17:23 My wife's mother worked
17:26 just in the shadow of those twin towers.
17:30 And I remember, I remember watching
17:33 when my wife was trying to get a hold of her mother,
17:35 could not reach her all day until 6 o'clock in the evening.
17:39 And she had a horrific story, but let me tell you something,
17:43 when I, when I was sitting there trembling,
17:46 I went for my Bible.
17:49 How many agree it's good to have your Bible around?
17:52 And I just, I just, you know,
17:55 kind of opened my Bible and I read the verse Matthew 24.
18:00 Matthew 24:44.
18:03 "Therefore, Jesus said you will also be ready
18:06 for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect."
18:09 How many agree? This just came out of nowhere.
18:11 I mean those planes just came out of nowhere.
18:16 And finally, when we talked
18:20 to my wife's mother,
18:22 she related the horrific nightmarish story.
18:28 She was aboard the subway below
18:33 and just prior to the Twin Towers
18:37 they let her out, they let all the people out
18:40 and there was some type of announcement
18:42 over the speakers, but you know,
18:44 how that it was seemed warble.
18:46 She didn't seem to really hear it clearly,
18:48 and she came up the stairs and she saw everybody
18:51 looking up at the Twin Tower.
18:52 She looked up, she couldn't believe her eyes.
18:55 And she literally, along with the crowd
18:57 had to run for their lives.
18:59 With the debris and everything, and that,
19:01 and that billowing smoke and toxic smoke,
19:05 death inducing smoke and so forth
19:08 and debris came rushing towards them.
19:10 They were literally running for their lives.
19:13 And they made it to the water
19:15 and there I guess, overlooking, looking to Brooklyn.
19:20 And lo and behold, when they make it to the water's edge,
19:23 then upcoming another way was another wave of debris
19:28 smoke and so forth said, keep running.
19:31 She said, "Mark, I didn't know if I was going to make it."
19:34 And many didn't make it.
19:37 But how many like me,
19:39 as you viewed this incredible footage,
19:42 this incredible live breaking news event,
19:47 how many knew like me,
19:49 the world will never be the same?
19:52 It's a paradigm shift, changing the course of history,
19:57 we have now gone into an era
20:00 known as the war on terror.
20:04 Sudden changes are about to catch the world by surprise.
20:08 Amazing Bible prophecies are fast fulfilling.
20:12 Do ancient prophecies predict a sudden economic collapse?
20:15 Will the Middle East crisis erupt into World War III?
20:19 Are we living on the eve of Armageddon?
20:21 How will the final moves of the antichrist affect you?
20:24 What is the future of
20:26 the United States of America?
20:27 How will natural disasters usher in the mark of the beast?
20:32 Now you can watch the entire Amazing Prophecies series
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21:07 Would you agree, nobody is claiming,
21:10 "We won the war on terror. It's all over?"
21:13 Would you agree, I think,
21:14 in many respects we've only just begun?
21:19 And so beloved, I believe with all my heart
21:23 that there is a growing threat
21:25 of radical Islamic Fundamentalism.
21:29 That's what took down the twin towers.
21:34 Radical Islam is a doctrine of death.
21:37 Their highest honor is to die for Allah.
21:42 They call Jews and Christians infidels.
21:45 Mohammad said that our demands that quote,
21:48 "Whoever relinquishes his faith, kill him."
21:54 The women of radical Islam have no freedom,
21:57 cannot drive a car, can not hold a public job.
22:01 These are irrefutable facts.
22:05 Islam calls Jewish people apes and pigs.
22:09 They believe that Christians incur Allah's wrath.
22:15 Mecca, Islam is the religion that was developed
22:18 by the teachings of Mohammed
22:20 who was a citizen of the city of Mecca in Arabia,
22:23 in the seventh century.
22:25 Mecca, look at this picture.
22:29 Millions and millions of millions.
22:31 Would you agree,
22:33 if all of the Muslims unite,
22:36 and they want to get something done,
22:38 it will make the news?
22:40 And it will impact the world.
22:42 Jesus warned that there would be false prophets
22:46 that would deceive many.
22:47 I believe Mohammed is a false prophet
22:51 that is impacting the world.
22:54 And so Islam's second most holiest shrine
22:58 brings us to Jerusalem.
23:01 Jerusalem, here is a picture I've actually been there,
23:04 been in there, the Dome of the Rock.
23:06 Jerusalem.
23:08 Jerusalem is known as the city of peace
23:16 City of Shalom.
23:19 Jerusalem, the city of peace.
23:22 Talk about irony, talk about a dichotomy,
23:25 talk about a paradox.
23:27 We're talking about a city that has no peace.
23:31 So, there is no peace
23:35 without the Prince of Peace.
23:40 All eyes are on Israel.
23:42 Praying for peace, but there is no peace.
23:45 Longing for peace, there is no peace.
23:48 So what is this land? Why is it so coveted?
23:53 Home of the world's great religious faiths
23:56 Judaism, Islam and Christianity,
23:59 all have a vested interest in this prized real estate.
24:03 We call it the Holy Land, Canaan's land,
24:06 Promised Land and don't forget we call it
24:08 the Land flowing with milk and honey.
24:10 That sounds like ice cream.
24:13 All right, didn't get that, all right, never mind.
24:17 Think about, you know, in real estate
24:19 they say location-- What do they say?
24:22 Location, location, location.
24:25 Well, this is prized real estate.
24:30 And we're talking about a little,
24:32 a little strip of land.
24:34 100 to 150 miles north to south right, all right?
24:38 There you go. 35 to 60 miles east to west, all right?
24:42 There you go.
24:44 Slightly larger than the state of Vermont.
24:47 We're talking a relatively small piece of land
24:50 and yet this land, Luke 21:24,
24:53 would be "trodden down of the Gentiles."
24:57 It would be trodden down by the Romans,
24:59 the Turks, the Muslims, the Crusaders, the British.
25:03 Jerusalem has been captured, only 26 times.
25:08 It's been destroyed at least five times.
25:12 Talk about a checkered history.
25:15 Come with me though, to Mount Moriah.
25:17 Inside the present walled city.
25:19 The old city of Jerusalem overshadowed
25:20 by the Mount of Olives.
25:22 Now the Mount of Olives is not, you know, these are not
25:24 like the Rocky Mountains, but,
25:27 but nevertheless, you do have
25:30 a strategic panorama view or vista
25:34 of the old city of Jerusalem
25:38 right there in front of you.
25:39 It is breathtaking.
25:41 The center of attention for Muslims, Jews and Christians.
25:45 But I have a question, this is the pivotal question.
25:49 Why is the Temple mount specifically,
25:52 so spiritually significant to them?
25:56 Why?
25:58 The Israelis consider it supremely sacred,
26:01 because why?
26:02 Their ancestors worshipped here in a sanctuary
26:06 that was built by King Solomon.
26:10 And so, 600 years though, before Christ,
26:14 the Babylonians under the leadership
26:16 of King Nebuchadnezzar destroyed that temple.
26:22 The Temple of Solomon.
26:23 Solomon's temple, destroyed.
26:26 The second temple the Persian king Cyrus,
26:29 allow the Jews to return from Babylon
26:33 to Jerusalem to do, what?
26:35 To rebuild Solomon's Temple.
26:38 That was a miracle.
26:39 It was divine providence of God.
26:42 So, Herod's Temple,
26:46 he built it to win favor with his subjects.
26:50 He built it, I believe to impress the Roman world.
26:53 Architecture can speak very loudly.
26:56 And it was completed around 62 A.D.
27:01 Now, this third Temple was the grandest.
27:06 Now keep in mind, it was really, it was really
27:10 the second temple with the renovations.
27:15 You could call it the third temple
27:16 or you could call it a second temple
27:18 with the extensive renovations.
27:21 Twice as high as Solomon's Temple.
27:25 Impressive, imposing,
27:28 just an extraordinary architectural splendor,
27:32 covered with so much gold that it was a dazzling sight
27:35 in the bright sun.
27:38 I mean, it was stunning.
27:39 And so on one occasion, while the disciples were
27:44 looking at the temple from the Mount of Olives,
27:49 and they were seeing it shimmering glimmer
27:51 under the Middle Eastern Sun,
27:53 they drew Jesus attention to it.
27:58 And Jesus responded by making a startling prediction.
28:03 Matthew 24:1.
28:06 "Then Jesus went out and departed from the temple
28:09 and his disciples came up to show Him
28:11 the buildings of the temple.
28:13 And Jesus said to them,
28:15 'Do you not see all these things
28:16 assuredly I say to you,'" as He is pointing to the temple,
28:20 "Not one stone should be left here upon another,
28:24 that shall not be thrown down."
28:25 Now that was a bombshell.
28:30 Their dreams and aspirations, all swirled around
28:35 or hovered around that icon
28:39 of the capital of God's people,
28:42 the city of Jerusalem with its temple.
28:47 So Jesus made a dire prediction,
28:51 in less than 40 years, the Temple would be, what?
28:55 It would be destroyed.
28:57 Now they thought that, that must be the end of the world.
29:00 Well, it was not.
29:03 Jesus wept over the imminent
29:06 complete destruction of Jerusalem.
29:08 He wept about it.
29:10 He wept over it.
29:11 He wept, because he knew there would be a massacre.
29:15 He knew that there would be carnage.
29:17 He knew that there would be death in the air.
29:21 He knew that blood would spill on those stones.
29:26 And he wept.
29:28 Now why?
29:30 Why would it be destroyed?
29:33 Why?
29:35 Oh, here's the key. Matthew 23:37.
29:39 Jesus said, while he was
29:43 swaying back and forth on that donkey,
29:47 overlooking the city,
29:50 while his frame seem to tremble
29:54 with a cracking voice and the broken heart,
29:58 from his pale quivering lips came these words,
30:02 "Oh Jerusalem,
30:04 Jerusalem, the one who kills the prophets."
30:09 Those are messengers.
30:10 They didn't like the message, get rid of the messenger.
30:14 "Oh Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the one who kills the prophets
30:17 and stones those who are sent to her!
30:21 How often I wanted to gather your children together
30:24 as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings,
30:27 but you are not willing."
30:29 Doesn't that break your heart?
30:31 Doesn't that break your heart,
30:32 because you see His heart broken?
30:35 By the way, when we don't accept
30:38 any portion of the message that God gives to us,
30:41 would you agree, it does break His heart?
30:43 Would you agree God does still have feelings?
30:47 How many still have feelings?
30:49 And we are made after the image of God.
30:51 We all have feelings.
30:53 God has feelings.
30:54 How many want to make God feel welcomed tonight by saying,
30:58 "Lord, whatever is in your word we want it."
30:59 Can you say amen to that?
31:01 And so I want to notice here beloved,
31:04 Jesus said categorically,
31:08 "See! Your house is left to you," what?
31:12 Empty, desolate, meaningless.
31:16 Wow.
31:18 Incredible words.
31:22 Matthew 23:38.
31:25 Did you know about a year
31:28 before of the destruction of Jerusalem,
31:31 some real eerie, mysterious, ominous,
31:36 omens things happened?
31:40 One of which,
31:42 there was a star in the shape of a sword
31:47 that appeared in the sky, over Jerusalem there,
31:52 and it was visible for about a year.
31:56 Incredible. How many agree, God will give signs, warning?
32:01 Our God is a loving God.
32:03 He warns us that we might be saved. Can you say, amen?
32:06 Would you agree, this word is filled with warnings?
32:11 Oh, come on now.
32:13 How many are parents?
32:17 You give your kids warnings,
32:18 "do not cross the street," warning!
32:22 "You could get hurt, unless you cross
32:25 with mommy and daddy holding our hand," right?
32:28 Boy, you should see me at Wal-Mart,
32:31 where is Jordan, my five year old.
32:33 Okay, hold her hand, hold her hand.
32:36 Caleb, he's 10, you know, I tell him to be careful.
32:38 Don't, don't get too close to the car, you know,
32:40 give a little distance, if they do back up,
32:42 you know, give them a little.
32:44 How many are like me, you know? Okay, watch out here.
32:46 Okay, warning here, warning there.
32:47 You do that out of love.
32:50 Matter of fact,
32:52 you can't buy anything these days,
32:54 any gadgetry or any appliance at home
32:56 or anything these days without a warning label on them.
32:59 I mean, even if you have something that's, that's not
33:02 dangerous to play with really needs no warning
33:05 then it's wrapped in plastic that says, "Warning!
33:07 Don't get choked on this."
33:09 Warnings in your way of life,
33:12 and if you refuse to listen to the warnings
33:15 according the word of God, you're gonna belost.
33:18 In the Book of Revelation has end time warnings,
33:23 and God is trying to get our attention.
33:26 And he's trying to tell us,
33:29 "Get close to me before it's too late.
33:32 Fall in love with me before it's too late.
33:35 Come to the cross, the blood, the blood
33:40 will save you before it's too late."
33:42 How many agree, very soon it will be too late?
33:44 But it's not yet too late.
33:46 I want to notice though, that it would be too late
33:49 for Jerusalem.
33:51 Luke 19:41.
33:53 Now as it drew near He saw the city and wept over it
33:59 saying, "If you had known even you,
34:03 especially in your day,"
34:05 listen to this, "Especially in this, your day."
34:09 Would you agree, Jesus said,
34:11 "If all you had known, your time."
34:13 Why do you think night by night, I always begin
34:16 with Psalms 102:13.
34:19 That says the set time is come.
34:21 How many agree, God has you in a season?
34:25 How many agree, there are different seasons in your life?
34:28 Right?
34:30 Don't miss your season, don't miss your time.
34:32 This is a time for God to do
34:34 something special in your lives.
34:36 Would you agree, understanding our day
34:38 in the light of Bible prophecy,
34:40 that's, that's a favor of God?
34:42 And you don't want to miss your day of opportunity.
34:45 I want to notice here, this is powerful.
34:48 He said, "If you had known,
34:50 even you especially in this, your day
34:55 the things that make for your peace."
35:01 Peace.
35:05 But now they are hidden from your eyes.
35:09 How many agree,
35:11 if we recognize our time,
35:14 that thi is our time, this is our time
35:16 to get close to Jesus.
35:17 This is our time to study his word like never before.
35:20 Would you agree?
35:22 This will be our time of peace.
35:24 How many would like more peace in your life,
35:25 more peace in your heart?
35:27 Has everything to knowing the day of your visitation?
35:29 I want to notice your, listen carefully listen,
35:32 "For days will come upon you,
35:36 when your enemies will build an embankment around you,"
35:39 that's called a siege,
35:40 "surrounded," notice here,
35:42 "Surround you and close you in on every side
35:45 and level you and your children within you."
35:48 Come on, now Moms and Dads,
35:49 nothing is more important to you,
35:52 number one, God, then what?
35:54 Your children.
35:56 And Jesus cares for children.
35:58 How many agree, Jesus love the little children?
36:03 But moms and dads can affect the future of their children.
36:10 And your children within you to the ground
36:12 and they will not leave in you one stone upon another,
36:15 because you did not know the time
36:18 of your visitation
36:20 Would you agree? These are also prophetic words for us.
36:23 We got to know the time.
36:25 Do you know, I'm going to tell you
36:26 ahead of time, you're ready?
36:27 I'm just gonna give you a little teaser here about,
36:29 about what you going to learn more of.
36:31 We are living in the sealing time.
36:34 We're living in the judgment hour.
36:38 We're living in a time of the early
36:41 in preparation for the latter rain.
36:44 All right.
36:46 I want you to notice here.
36:47 The time of your visitation.
36:51 "The destruction of Jerusalem,"
36:53 look at versus 20 and 21 Chapter 21,
36:56 go there, 21:20 and 21.
37:00 "But when you see Jerusalem surrounded by armies," a siege,
37:04 "then know that its desolation is eminent."
37:07 It is near.
37:09 "Then let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains."
37:12 Wait the minute.
37:14 How can you leave a city
37:16 that is under a death embrace?
37:20 How do you evacuate a city
37:22 that is under such a tight siege?
37:27 How do you leave a city
37:29 that is surrounded by spiraling soldiers?
37:36 Jesus must have known something.
37:40 I want you to notice here.
37:43 Look at here.
37:45 When you see Jerusalem surrounded by armies,
37:47 then know that the desolation is near.
37:50 Then let those who were in Judea flee to the mountains.
37:53 In other words, when you see that siege taken place,
37:56 when you see the first, what?
37:58 Window of opportunity,
38:02 leave evacuate, get out of there, exit.
38:06 "Let those who are in the midst of there, depart.
38:09 And let not those who are in the country enter her."
38:13 So the Bible makes it very clear
38:16 that prior to the destruction of Jerusalem,
38:20 there would be a siege.
38:22 There would be a siege.
38:25 Cestius, Roman General Cestius,
38:30 came with his troops, marched his troops there,
38:34 he had closed in on Jerusalem, the prized city.
38:38 Laid a serious siege upon the city.
38:41 It was-- It seemed to be his for the taking
38:43 as he just perched there, like vultures just waiting.
38:49 Mysteriously, suddenly he lifted the siege
38:53 and retreated with his troops.
38:55 And the euphoric Jewish Zealots,
39:00 chased after the retreating Roman soldiers,
39:03 killed many of them,
39:05 and in their temporary false security,
39:10 they struck a coin that said,
39:13 "In the first year of Liberty, it was a false security.
39:18 It wouldn't last long,"
39:22 because just a couple years later what happened?
39:28 In 70 A.D, Roman General, Titus came down,
39:33 laid siege upon the city,
39:36 and this time he didn't leave
39:38 until the city was leveled to the ground.
39:44 Roman Cestius was just the first part of the siege.
39:50 But there was that little window of opportunity
39:54 to evacuate, to get out, to exit.
39:57 And so a set time of God's favor would pass quickly.
40:03 You see, if you know prophecy, if you know the prophecy,
40:08 you know what to do and when you're to do it.
40:14 Keep that in mind when we get into the issues
40:19 about the mark of the beast. Flee to the mountains.
40:24 Jesus said, "flee of the mountains."
40:26 70,000, so here, you know what happened?
40:30 Those who believe, this is powerful.
40:32 Those who believed in, what?
40:36 Jesus said the prophecy that he gave
40:38 "those who believe the words of Jesus."
40:41 They got out of there. They fled to the mountains.
40:45 And they're life was preserved.
40:49 You see, 70,000 Roman troops surrounded
40:52 Jerusalem and laid siege to the city.
40:54 And the siege lasted for months.
40:59 The second temple was destroyed by the Romans in A.D.70.
41:04 Indeed, one million Jews perished.
41:08 Now General Titus, General Titus said,
41:13 "do not torch the temple."
41:16 But because some of the, the Jews retreated
41:19 into the inner precincts of the temple,
41:23 some of his soldiers just threw the torch in there
41:27 and the cedar aligned walls
41:29 or the gold lain walls of cedar,
41:32 caught fire and the gold began to melt.
41:36 And the temple went up into an inferno,
41:38 and one million Jews perished.
41:42 All I can say is, not one believer who believed
41:45 the prophesying and got out of there lost their life.
41:48 It pays to know Bible prophecy. This is no trivial pursuit.
41:52 This is no extracurricular activity
41:54 you're doing here tonight.
41:55 You are learning the truth
41:57 for this final hour of earth's history.
42:01 And so, that's why you can go to Rome, I've been there.
42:05 You can go to Rome,
42:06 and you can see the arch of Titus
42:08 with the seven branch candlestick,
42:10 because the Jews,
42:12 the Jewish people scattered all over the world.
42:17 The Bible predicted it. It happened.
42:20 Now God's favor was upon those who knew
42:23 when their time was to flee.
42:28 And so think about it.
42:32 The Jews were not ready
42:33 for Jesus' first coming, were they?
42:37 God's people were not ready.
42:40 The church was not ready for the first coming.
42:42 I've got a question for you.
42:44 Are people today ready for the next coming of Christ?
42:47 There's the first coming
42:48 and then there's the second coming.
42:50 Are most people ready?
42:51 The Bible says, "The church," Matthew 25. "Is sleeping."
42:55 Like the disciples in the garden of Gethsemane.
42:58 And so, Jesus told us,
43:00 "Discern the signs of the times."
43:02 Would you agree, he gave, he gave God's people.
43:05 He gave them signs
43:07 of the destruction of Jerusalem.
43:09 He gave them signs for their day.
43:11 And he's given signs for our day.
43:13 They didn't discern them, how many are determined
43:15 by the grace of God, through the power of God,
43:19 through study of scriptures, through prayer to God,
43:22 will discern the times?
43:24 Can you say amen?
43:25 You will discern and you will interpret them, all right.
43:28 Jesus predicted there's gonna be wars
43:30 and rumors of wars.
43:31 He wants us to know.
43:32 Have a pulse on what's going on in the world.
43:35 And then fast forward,
43:37 in the context of wars and rumors of wars,
43:39 the twentieth century was the bloodiest.
43:42 Millions, and millions, and millions of people,
43:46 multiplied millions of people died
43:47 in World War I in World War II.
43:51 Millions of Jews perished during World War II.
43:56 Six million Jews, lost their lives
44:01 under the Nazi regime,
44:04 because of Hitler's dictatorship.
44:07 But then, in 1948.
44:11 How many of you remember seeing those grim images
44:14 of those skeletons of people that were just barely
44:17 hanging onto a thread of live?
44:19 Those grim images there
44:21 that were in these Nazi camps, these holocaust camps.
44:26 Well, those, then the heart of the world,
44:30 the sympathies of the world went,
44:32 went out to these, and rightly so to these oppressed people.
44:36 Then in one 1948, the Jewish people returned to Palestine
44:40 to form their new independent government.
44:43 Talk about an amazing turn of events
44:46 to go from the death camps
44:48 to now forging out their own independent government.
44:53 Amazing. David Ben-Gurion, see the picture here,
44:57 first Prime Minister of Israel,
44:59 publicly pronouncing their declaration
45:01 of the state of Israel, May 14, 1948.
45:06 The world was amazed and many were happy
45:11 that now they could have their own little strip of land.
45:15 But there would be a lot of hostilities
45:19 around them and a lot of fighting.
45:21 In the six day war, 1967,
45:24 they recaptured the prized city of Jerusalem
45:26 in just six days.
45:29 And here is a picture of paratroopers
45:31 that Jerusalem's Western Wall, shortly after its capture.
45:36 Now in light of all that's been said tonight,
45:41 the Israelis believe that God gave them back Jerusalem,
45:45 in order to rebuild the temple.
45:48 It would be known as the, really the third temple.
45:52 So after Temple services resume,
45:54 this is what they believe,
45:56 the Messiah will come and set up His glorious kingdom
45:59 according to their scenario.
46:02 And a rebuilt temple
46:04 would fulfill the dreams and aspirations
46:06 of Jewish people around the globe.
46:10 Why the delay?
46:13 Come on, get on with it,
46:14 build the temple and get the services
46:16 going and why aren't you just move forward.
46:19 Why not--
46:20 why the stalled progress? Why the delay?
46:24 What is preventing these aspirations from being realized
46:28 by the Jews?
46:30 Here's the upshot.
46:31 Muslim occupation and opposition.
46:38 The Temple Mount is under Muslim control.
46:42 The Dome of the rock remains one of Islam's
46:44 holiest shrines in the entire world.
46:49 Muslims believe this is an inside--
46:51 Is a picture inside the dome of the rock
46:53 and there is a massive rock there.
46:55 Muslims believe Mohammad received
46:58 their ultimate source of authority on Mount Moriah.
47:02 And furthermore, they believe
47:06 the Angel Gabriel appeared to him and gave him
47:08 the words of the Koran.
47:12 And so here they are, here are the Jews
47:16 the soldier armed with a machine gun,
47:19 praying, fighting for peace.
47:25 And as you go there to the Old City of Jerusalem,
47:30 and you see the walls,
47:33 you can see it's a war torn zone.
47:37 I want you to notice here,
47:39 there is a silent witness on the, these walls.
47:43 What is it? Bullet holes. It says it all.
47:49 And there's the Wailing Wall. There's the Wailing Wall.
47:56 Wailing Wall is a portion of the western wall
47:58 of Herod's Temple was preserved by the Romans
48:01 when they destroyed the city in 70 A.D to show
48:03 how formidable they were.
48:05 This fragment of wall is revered
48:07 by the Jews and called the Wailing Wall.
48:09 It is about 50 yards long and 60 feet high.
48:12 One stone is a whopping 16 and a half feet long
48:16 and 13 feet wide.
48:18 Here the Jews gather to wail the loss of their temple.
48:22 Many people will scribble out their prayers and crumple up
48:25 a piece of paper, stuff it in the crevices
48:27 there at the Wailing Wall, as they pray for their needs,
48:32 and for peace in the Middle East.
48:34 So what was God's original plan
48:40 for His people, Israel?
48:43 Watch.
48:44 God's ideal plan for Israel,
48:46 number one, inherit the land of Canaan.
48:50 Number two, "blossom and bud, and fill the face
48:53 of the world with His fruit."
48:55 Number three, "Jerusalem becomes
48:56 God's throne and all nations "gathered unto it."
49:00 There's more.
49:01 Temple in Jerusalem would be
49:02 "called the House of Prayer for all people."
49:04 There's more.
49:06 "All the nations of the Earth
49:07 which shall hear of all the good
49:08 that I do unto them shall fear and tremble"
49:11 " before them and be afraid of them.
49:13 There is more.
49:15 Any nation which refused to serve Israel
49:17 would be turned into a wasteland.
49:19 There's more. Unparalleled prosperity.
49:22 There's more, superior health, superior intellect,
49:25 international fame.
49:26 Would you agree these were grandiose,
49:28 these were powerful
49:30 remarkable plans that God had for Israel.
49:36 But there's something that many Christians overlook.
49:42 Now as Paul Harvey, would say,
49:45 now for the rest of the story.
49:49 In Deuteronomy 28.
49:53 You have a litany, a list of blessings pronounce
50:01 upon Israel, and it's all premised by a little word,
50:05 two letters, guess what that word is?
50:08 "If" blessings if you obey, blessings if you obey,
50:14 blessings if you obey.
50:16 And after a long list of blessings, premise,
50:19 conditional "if" they would obey.
50:24 Followed by that was a long list of curses
50:31 if they would disobey.
50:34 So would you agree, everything was conditional?
50:38 God had a plan, but it was conditional.
50:43 Now think about it.
50:45 Have they have been reaping the blessings or the curses?
50:48 I'll let you be the judge of that.
50:51 You say, well, they got the land over there.
50:55 Is there peace over there?
50:59 No peace.
51:02 Would you agree, this was not God's idea?
51:05 This was not God's plan?
51:07 Anything that goes on in the Middle East,
51:09 they can talk peace but all it is, is a band-aid.
51:14 There is no peace for those who reject the Prince of Peace.
51:19 And there is a lesson, booked for us all.
51:23 It applies to every one of us.
51:25 There's no peace, unless
51:28 we give our heart to Jesus, the Prince of Peace.
51:32 And so there's conflict and fear,
51:35 when we do not follow Jesus in our heart
51:38 and seek to obey him,
51:40 there's this conflict in fear in our heart.
51:42 But I'm so glad, the Bible makes a very clear,
51:45 "Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world."
51:48 1 John 4:4.
51:49 "This is the victory that overcometh the world,
51:51 even our faith,"
51:52 1 John 5:4.
51:54 "We can go on conquering and to conquer," Romans 8:37.
51:58 "I will never leave thee nor forsake thee,"
52:00 Hebrews 13:5 and 6.
52:02 How many agree, you may not be armed with weapons?
52:04 But the weapons of our warfare are the word,
52:07 is a word of God, faith in Jesus Christ, amen.
52:10 Because the Bible says, "Perfect love casts out fear."
52:15 1 John 4:18.
52:18 "God is not given us the spirit of fear,
52:20 but of love, and of power and of a sound mind."
52:22 2 Timothy 1:7.
52:24 How many love the Word of God tonight? Amen.
52:26 And so all of these, these familiar photos,
52:31 seem to just be turn out to be photo ops.
52:34 Here is Clinton. You know. And there's Arafat.
52:38 And you know shaking the hands, Israeli leader,
52:43 and the Arab leader or the, you know, the leader
52:46 there in the Middle East, the Palestinian
52:48 leader,former leader.
52:49 And here they are shaking hands,
52:50 but there's no peace.
52:52 And so you can see all of the different--
52:55 there is President Carter, you know,
52:57 they try to get peace, but there's no peace.
52:59 Here is Barack Obama, welcoming
53:01 Shimon Peres in the Oval Office.
53:04 And so would you like to know how to reach Jewish people?
53:07 Would you like to know how to reach
53:08 unbelievers and skeptics and scoffers?
53:10 Would you like to know how?
53:12 First of all you must take them to the garden tomb
53:15 and ask them where is Jesus?
53:17 He is a risen Savior.
53:19 Furthermore, there were 500 eyewitnesses
53:23 that Jesus Christ was now living.
53:27 500 eye witnesses.
53:31 Jesus fulfilled over 40 Messianic prophecies.
53:37 When he would be born? Where he would be born?
53:39 When he would be baptized?
53:41 When he would die? How he would die?
53:46 How much money would be given to his betrayer?
53:51 And on and on.
53:53 And so beloved, would you agree,
53:56 there must have been a reason
53:57 why Israel, why the Jews rejected Jesus?
54:00 You know why they rejected him?
54:03 Because he didn't liberate them from the Roman rule.
54:08 They wanted a political Messiah.
54:12 They wanted a glorious kingdom where their children
54:16 would not know any more pain or suffering.
54:18 They wanted it now and if he couldn't give it to them
54:20 right then and there, not interested.
54:23 But Jesus wanted to show them first, you must be delivered
54:28 from the occupation of the devil.
54:31 First, you must be freed from the tyranny of sin.
54:35 Then you can appreciate
54:36 later on, I'll give you the political freedom,
54:39 but that's not what's gonna come first.
54:40 Isn't that the way it is today, where people are thinking
54:44 that the government will save them?
54:47 They want to political Messiah, are you listening tonight?
54:50 They want to political Messiah.
54:52 I'm here to tell you, all you need is Jesus.
54:55 Jesus is your peacemaker.
54:58 Jesus is your Prince of Peace. Do you have peace tonight?
55:02 You can have that peace. You can and that peace.
55:05 Did you know that you are now true Israeli?
55:10 Listen to what the Bible says.
55:11 Listen to what the Bible says,
55:13 "He is not a Jew who is one outwardly,
55:15 nor circumcision that which is outward
55:17 in the flesh, but he is a Jew who is just one inwardly
55:20 and circumcision is that of the heart,
55:22 in the spirit, not in the letter,
55:23 whose praise is not for men but from God."
55:26 Have you given your heart to Jesus? You're true Jew.
55:30 Ethnic Jews, according to the Word of God, listen.
55:34 The Bible says, it's not enough to have ethnicity,
55:36 you've got to have a born-again experience
55:39 to be a true Jew in the New Testament,
55:42 estimation of things.
55:45 So God's people are comprised of converted Jews
55:48 and converted Gentiles, His people.
55:52 Romans 2:28-29.
55:54 "Therefore, know that only those who are of faith
55:57 are sons of Abraham."
55:59 Faith in Jesus.
56:01 That's why the Bible says, "If you are of Christ,
56:03 hat you have Abraham's seed in heirs
56:05 according to the promise."
56:06 Galatians 3:29. That's Galatians 3:7.
56:09 What does the Bible say?
56:10 "Therefore I say to you the kingdom of God
56:12 will be taken from you,
56:13 and given to a nation bearing the fruits of it."
56:16 Jesus said, the kingdom is gonna be taken from you,
56:19 and given to a people that were not my people.
56:23 Matthew 21:43.
56:25 So who is the holy nation?
56:26 We need to draw to a close, who is the holy nation now?
56:29 You are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood,
56:32 a holy nation, His own special people.
56:36 You didn't know how special you were.
56:39 You are His holy nation.
56:42 "You are a royal priesthood," His own special people,
56:45 "that you may proclaim
56:47 the praise of him who called you out of darkness
56:49 into His marvelous light, who once were not a people."
56:54 But now in Christ.
56:56 "Now the people of God who had not obtain mercy,
57:00 but now have obtained mercy."
57:02 My beloved, you shall inherit the promises of Abraham.
57:06 You can look forward to the New Jerusalem.
57:10 "I, John, saw the new Jerusalem coming down from God
57:13 adorned as a bride for her husband."
57:16 I'm here to tell you,
57:18 you're gonna be in that New Jerusalem.
57:19 I'm not looking forward to rebuild Jerusalem.
57:22 I'm looking forward to the New Jerusalem
57:24 and you and I can be in it.
57:26 Bible makes it very clear when you give your heart to Jesus,
57:30 very soon Jesus is gonna come.
57:33 We're gonna go home to be with the Lord
57:34 and we will be in that New Jerusalem.
57:38 Although sudden and alarming changes are sweeping
57:41 across the globe, you in your family
57:43 can be prepared to face the future with confidence.
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