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00:04 We are racing towards the global crises at the close.
00:09 God is going to setup His kingdom on earth.
00:13 Preparation for the tribulation,
00:16 and the translation,
00:18 is to develop a character like Jesus Christ.
00:21 To reach every Hamlet, every village, every man,
00:24 every child, every person in India,
00:27 every person in South America,
00:28 must hear these Three Angels' messages.
00:34 These are stories that illustrate
00:36 the kind of fabric of character and perseverance
00:39 that we need to go through the tribulation,
00:42 just as certainly as they did.
00:44 The Bible makes it very clear.
00:45 We are living in an unusual hour.
00:48 The last grains of sand are trickling
00:50 through the hourglass of time.
00:52 And the door probation is about to swing shut.
01:01 Tonight's message
01:03 is entitled Revelation's Most Urgent Message.
01:07 Revelation's Most Urgent Message.
01:11 The powerful hurricane Camille had been building up clouds,
01:17 and momentum, and speed, and punch in the warm seas
01:22 of the Gulf of Mexico for sometime.
01:27 The weather men were tracking
01:30 this stealthy movement of the hurricane Camille
01:37 and repeated warnings were sounded.
01:40 They had been given in Pass Christian, Mississippi
01:45 about the approaching menace of hurricane Camille.
01:50 Well, many evacuated, many bordered up
01:54 and escaped but some lingered.
01:58 Some defied the ominous warnings.
02:02 With the wind howling
02:05 outside the posh Richelieu Apartments,
02:09 Police Chief Jerry Peralta had been going up and down,
02:14 speeding up and down the highways and byways,
02:18 stopping at homes
02:20 and giving his final calls to evacuate.
02:25 And he made his last call
02:28 at this three storey apartment building
02:32 that overlooked the beach,
02:35 only about 250 feet from the water's edge.
02:41 There was a group of 20 persons
02:44 that decided to hold a "hurricane party."
02:46 How many have ever heard of a hurricane party?
02:50 As hurricane Camille was whirling towards them,
02:52 they decided, "No, let's have a drinking party."
02:57 And so when Police Chief Jerry Peralta
03:01 dropped in on their party, he urged them to leave.
03:05 He told them,
03:06 "This is a dangerous storm and it's getting worse.
03:10 You need to leave immediately." And they laughed at them.
03:15 And all of a sudden several gathered there in the balcony
03:19 and they joined in with this other person
03:23 who was already there.
03:24 And then one man piped up
03:26 and said, "Look, this is my property.
03:28 And if you want us to leave,
03:29 you're gonna have to arrest me."
03:31 And they all laughed.
03:33 And then the Chief Jerry Peralta
03:35 got out his little pad and he said,
03:37 "Okay, I want to take down the names
03:39 of your next of kin, please, one at a time.
03:42 And he scribbled down their names of the next of kin.
03:47 And then he left.
03:50 He left and the front wall of the storm
03:53 hit full force at 10:15 p.m. with wind speed,
03:58 scientists clocked it, at 205 miles per hour,
04:03 hurling bullets of rain at 205 miles per hour,
04:08 the waves rising to 28 feet.
04:13 The place was absolutely decimated.
04:16 Nothing was left
04:18 but the concrete slab foundation.
04:21 Only alone survivor was a five year old,
04:25 was able to somehow cling to a mattress and survived.
04:29 They defied the warnings.
04:32 They defied the last call. And they lost.
04:37 They were in the direct line of their hurricane
04:41 as it slammed into the apartment,
04:43 and they were having a party.
04:47 Wow!
04:49 Isn't that really a commentary
04:52 on what's going on in our generation?
04:55 Would you agree, there's a storm coming
04:59 and everybody thinks, it's just party time?
05:02 Would you agree, it's time to get boarded up,
05:05 and exit this old world, and get into the word of God,
05:09 and find our shelter in Jesus Christ?
05:12 The days are numbered.
05:14 I believe that God has a loving last message of mercy.
05:22 So how does the Bible depict the final, loving,
05:25 urgent, warning messages to go around the world
05:28 before Jesus comes?
05:30 Take your Bible and turn with me to the dynamic,
05:32 symbolic prophetic Book of Revelation.
05:35 Everyone say the Revelation. Revelation.
05:38 Revelation Chapter 14, we're looking at the heart,
05:42 the center of the Book of Revelation,
05:44 the apocalypse, Revelations 14.
05:47 This book comes down,
05:49 they, the messages embraced in this colorful book,
05:53 come down the corridors of time
05:55 with relevance in our day like never before.
05:59 Revelation Chapter 14, looking there at verse six.
06:05 "Then, I saw another angel."
06:07 The word angel, in the Greek as the word angelos,
06:09 from which we get messenger.
06:11 And a messenger brings his message.
06:14 So here comes the heaven sent urgent, compelling message
06:19 to go to earth's remotest bounds,
06:22 just before Jesus comes.
06:24 "Then I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven
06:27 having the everlasting gospel."
06:29 The word gospel means good news.
06:30 It's all about Jesus.
06:32 "To preach to those, to proclaim
06:35 to those who dwell on the earth,
06:36 to every nation, tribe, tongue and people."
06:40 So what's the scope of this message?
06:42 It's urgent. It comes with a loud voice.
06:45 It's from heaven.
06:46 It's just before the return of Jesus,
06:49 and the scope of it is worldwide.
06:52 So I want you to notice verse seven.
06:54 "Saying with a, what kind of voice?"
06:56 "Loud voice."
06:58 Just like Police Chief Jerry Peralta
07:01 sounded his final calls, his final warning,
07:04 his final offer to evacuate.
07:07 You know, they defied it,
07:09 they ignored it, they resisted it,
07:12 they rejected it to their demise.
07:14 And I want you to notice, this is the last call
07:17 that goes around the world.
07:18 And it comes with a--
07:20 What kind of voice, a loud voice.
07:22 In other words, it's Revelation's
07:24 most urgent messages.
07:26 Notice here in verse number seven.
07:28 "Saying with a loud voice."
07:29 Would you agree with the idea
07:31 of an angel coming with a loud voice means
07:33 that God is beckoning for our audience?
07:36 God is, is compelled
07:39 because of the urgency of the hour,
07:41 to try to grip our attention and tell us, "Listen.
07:44 Listen to this message."
07:45 "Saying with a loud voice." 'Fear God.'"
07:47 Would you agree, God is trying
07:49 to get the attention of a preoccupied self absorbed,
07:53 entertained to death generation?
07:54 Are you with me, tonight?
07:56 "Saying with a loud voice, fear God
07:58 and give glory to Him, for the hour
08:01 of His judgment has come."
08:05 "For the hour of his judgment has come."
08:10 "Worship him who made the heavens, the earth,
08:12 and the sea and the springs of water."
08:13 I don't have time to get into the second angel's message
08:16 and the third angel's message.
08:18 But I want to put in a crosshairs
08:20 of our investigation tonight, in this hour of power,
08:24 the hour of His judgment.
08:26 Let's sharpen the focus,
08:27 let's get out the magnifying glass,
08:29 we are gonna Zero in on this expression
08:32 and see, what is the nature of this judgment.
08:36 When did it begin? How does it impact us?
08:39 How do we relate to the fact
08:41 that we're living in the hour of God's judgment?
08:45 Would you agree, it sounds pretty serious, doesn't it?
08:46 All right, so I want you notice here,
08:50 what does it mean, "Everlasting Gospel?"
08:53 Everlasting Gospel. The gospel is of Jesus Christ.
08:57 How many of you're glad that when you watch the bad news,
09:00 in the evening news,
09:01 thank God, you know the good news.
09:03 Can you say amen? Amen.
09:05 And so all I can say is,
09:08 the bad news is reminder of the good news that
09:10 Jesus is going to come and take His people home,
09:14 who are ready, who are prepared.
09:16 And the Bible makes it very clear, the best.
09:18 I've read the last two chapters of the Bible,
09:21 in the Book of Revelation.
09:22 The best is yet to come. Can you shout amen tonight?
09:25 And so the Gospel of Jesus Christ,
09:28 it says, it's the everlasting gospel.
09:30 So that embraces the past, present
09:32 and future work of Jesus Christ.
09:34 Would agree the gospel is all about
09:36 what Christ has done for you?
09:38 What He is doing for you? And what He will do for you?
09:41 You see, what has He done for us.
09:44 How many are thankful that He created you?
09:45 You did not evolve.
09:47 Can you say amen? Amen.
09:48 You look better than a monkey any day.
09:51 And I want to notice here, past, creation of us.
09:55 Secondly, and by the way, it says worship the Creator.
09:58 That's what it says there, in the first angel's message.
10:01 Then secondly, past, redemption for us.
10:04 He redeemed us on the cross by His precious blood.
10:08 Thirdly, that's present now, He's interceding for us.
10:13 That's why when I send emails out,
10:15 I typically end with Jesus lives for us, Mark
10:21 Why do I do that?
10:23 Because the Bible says in Hebrew 7:25
10:25 that He ever lives to make intercession for us,
10:30 Hebrew 7:25.
10:31 How many are thankful that right now,
10:33 He is pleading His blood for you?
10:35 How many agree, it's the last call
10:37 from Heaven's throne room?
10:38 The last message of mercy, He pleads His blood,
10:42 His merits, His righteousness in our behalf.
10:46 And so I want you notice here, that's the good news.
10:48 Would you agree this is good news?
10:50 But there is, how many want the full gospel,
10:52 the whole gospel?
10:54 Notice here, present, He's judging for us.
10:57 John 5:22, Jesus said
11:00 that the Father has given all judgment to the Son
11:03 because He's also the Son of man.
11:05 He's been here, done that.
11:07 He's been tempted yet,
11:08 with out giving in to temptation.
11:12 He was sinless. Can you say amen?
11:14 Perfection personified.
11:17 And the Bible makes it very, very clear
11:20 that he was without sin, although we were severely beset
11:23 with temptations or barrage of temptations.
11:26 How many agree that the devil hounded Him every step He took?
11:32 In Hebrews 4:14-16 makes it very clear.
11:35 He knows how to sympathize with us
11:37 because He was tempted like us and He's our intercessor,
11:40 our great high priest in the heavenly sanctuary
11:43 at the right hand of God.
11:46 So He's judging for us.
11:49 He's our intercessor, but He's also our judge.
11:52 So He pleads His blood for us
11:54 and He's going to judge in our favor.
11:57 So all I can say is, "Here comes the judge."
12:01 And He is Jesus, the one who created us,
12:05 died for us, intercedes for us, is judge for us.
12:10 How many agree, the deck is stacked in your favor?
12:13 Yeah.
12:17 And so I want you notice here, future.
12:21 What work is Jesus going to do in the future?
12:24 Glorification. How many agree?
12:25 You accept Christ's justification.
12:28 You walk with Jesus, sanctification,
12:32 in preparation for glorification.
12:35 How many are looking forward to getting a brand new body,
12:37 brand new model, instant weight loss program?
12:42 No more backaches, no more Pepto-Bismol,
12:44 no more Tylenol, no more Walgreens.
12:49 I don't know, is that okay to say on television.
12:51 But anyway, future-- Jesus is coming for us.
12:56 What if I told you tonight,
12:59 I have some news to tell you,
13:00 and I could show you from the Bible,
13:02 and you knew it was true?
13:03 And I read in the Bible, Jesus is not coming again.
13:08 He died for you. But He's not coming for you.
13:12 Would you agree?
13:13 That wouldn't be the full gospel.
13:15 It's good news, He died for you.
13:17 But the gospel must include
13:19 the ones He died for, He's coming for.
13:21 Can you say amen? Amen.
13:23 And so the Bible makes it very clear,
13:25 the gospel of Jesus Christ is the everlasting gospel
13:28 past, present and future.
13:30 Would you agree? He's got you covered, amen.
13:33 And so the gospel leads us
13:35 to keep our eyes on Jesus alone.
13:38 The devil is working with fever pitch
13:41 to try to annoy us, harass us, and distract us,
13:45 and divert us from looking to Jesus.
13:50 So many channels to watch,
13:53 so many different kinds of music to listen to,
13:56 so many voices, so many deadlines,
13:59 so many pressures.
14:00 Jesus said, "Be careful, lest the cares of this world,
14:04 and the pleasures of this world
14:07 preclude you from being ready
14:09 for that great day when Jesus comes."
14:11 And so the gospel leads us
14:14 to keep our eyes on Jesus alone.
14:15 Isaiah 45:22
14:18 "Look unto me and be ye saved,
14:22 all the ends of the earth."
14:24 How are we saved? Not by a formula.
14:27 We are saved,
14:29 not by just because we are able to say some words.
14:31 We're saved by looking to Jesus.
14:34 We're saved by looking to Jesus.
14:36 Hebrews 12, go there with me very quickly.
14:39 Hebrews chapter twelve, I love the book of Hebrews.
14:42 The book of Hebrews is a book that helps us to unlock
14:45 the work of Jesus in the heavenly sanctuary.
14:49 Hebrews Chapter 12, Hebrews Chapter 12,
14:52 Paul is writing here by the inspiration
14:56 of the Holy Spirit, verse number 1,
14:59 "Therefore, we also, since we are surrounded by
15:02 so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight
15:06 in the sin which so easily ensnares us."
15:08 Do you find that the devil knows
15:10 what button to push?
15:13 Would you agree? He studies us, unfortunately.
15:16 He doesn't go on vacation.
15:18 The Bible does say, "You resist the devil, and he'll flee."
15:20 But eventually it comes back. James 4:7.
15:23 But "Greater is He that is in you
15:25 than he that is in the world."
15:27 1 John 4:4.
15:28 And the Bible says,
15:29 "Give up that sin, that so easily ensnares you."
15:33 You know your weaknesses and the Bible says,
15:36 "Bring your weaknesses to your great high priest."
15:39 Hebrews 4:14-16. All right, let's keep going.
15:41 "And the sin which so easily ensnares us,
15:44 and let us run with endurance
15:46 the race that is set before us."
15:48 "Endurance," everybody say that word.
15:50 "Endurance." Endurance.
15:51 What does that mean? Don't give up.
15:54 The devil is trying to discourage you.
15:57 There are more depressed people today than ever before.
16:03 Guess what?
16:05 I've got an excellent prescription for depression.
16:09 I've got an excellent anti-depressant.
16:14 Looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith."
16:18 Now, I'm not trying to say to boo
16:20 to every, every doctor, anything.
16:23 That's not, that's not my point.
16:24 I'm simply, you know, I believe medicine
16:26 has its role and so forth, but I'm here to tell you,
16:29 whatever you take, you need to take Jesus, number one.
16:33 Let Him be your guide, let Him be your Lord, amen.
16:35 The Bible says here, "Looking under Jesus,
16:38 the author and finisher of our faith.
16:42 He will finish what he started in your life.
16:44 Philippians 1:6 says
16:46 that "The Lord will finish what He started."
16:49 And would you agree?
16:50 He's not finished with you or I yet.
16:54 Be patient with me, I'm under construction.
16:56 Wear a hard hat.
16:58 And so I want you to notice here,
17:00 Paul says, "Don't give up."
17:03 Hang in there. How?
17:05 By looking to Jesus.
17:07 Didn't Jesus say in Luke 21:28,
17:09 in the context of talking about the ominous time of the end?
17:13 He said there, "Look up,
17:14 for you're redemption draws nigh."
17:17 Well, if you look up right now,
17:20 eventually you're gonna see Jesus come but prior to that,
17:23 you still look up and you see Jesus.
17:26 And you look up and what do you see,
17:28 you see Jesus interceding for you, pleading His blood.
17:32 How many agree? He carries you upon His heart.
17:34 Amen.
17:36 And so the Bible says that our prayers
17:39 are taken up by our great high priest, Jesus Christ.
17:43 And He takes your prayers.
17:46 No matter how feeble, if they're sincere,
17:48 He takes those prayers upon His heart,
17:51 and upon His lips,
17:52 and He makes confession before the Father.
17:54 In other words, your prayers become His prayers.
17:56 Can you shout amen? Amen.
17:58 You recognize good news here, tonight.
18:00 And so the Bible says, here Paul says,
18:02 "That will help you from giving up."
18:05 Aren't you glad
18:07 that when the devil tempts you to just throw in the towel
18:11 and when the devil tempts you to just cover in defeat,
18:15 aren't you glad that you can look up by faith
18:18 and you hear Jesus.
18:19 Oh, I can hear him pleading His blood, saying,
18:22 "Oh, my father, Mark Fox is my son."
18:26 And the father says, "If he's your son, he's my son too."
18:29 Didn't Jesus say, I'll go to my God
18:31 and your God, my Father and your Father.
18:34 Now, I want to notice here beloved,
18:37 endurance means don't give up.
18:39 What will keep us from giving up
18:41 in the time of the end,
18:42 knowing that He's at the right hand of God?
18:46 You and I cannot lose if we're looking to Jesus.
18:50 Do you know it's impossible to sin
18:51 while you're looking to Jesus?
18:54 But why do we sin?
18:56 Because we took our eyes off Jesus.
19:01 Is that gospel truth, what I just said there?
19:06 Is He able to keep me from falling
19:08 and present me faultless before His throne of grace,
19:11 Jude verse 24.
19:14 Why do we sin?
19:16 Because we take our eyes off Jesus.
19:19 What happened to Peter?
19:21 When he was looking to Jesus,
19:22 he was actually able to walk on water.
19:25 Would you agree? That's like obedience.
19:29 What happened when he took his eyes off Jesus?
19:32 Spiritual law of gravity, drowning
19:36 and he came up sputtering and crying out,
19:39 "Lord, save me or I perish."
19:41 And the hand of Jesus was right there.
19:43 Now beloved, our great high priest,
19:45 is this "Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever."
19:49 Hebrews 13:8.
19:50 He still has a merciful hand to lift you up when you fail
19:54 and well, He can keep you from falling.
19:56 Can you say amen?
19:57 And so the Bible says here, "Looking under Jesus."
20:01 Looking unto Jesus, what does that mean?
20:03 Think about Him, dwell upon Him,
20:04 study about His life, death, burial, resurrection,
20:07 ascension, intercession and soon coming.
20:10 Jesus in the morning,
20:12 Jesus at noon, Jesus in the evening,
20:15 Jesus at work, Jesus at Wal-Mart,
20:17 Jesus wherever you go.
20:20 Bible says "pray without ceasing."
20:23 1 Thessalonians 5:17.
20:24 Jesus said in the time of the end, "Pray always."
20:27 Luke 21: 36. I want you notice here.
20:31 "Looking unto Jesus, author," that is the originator.
20:35 And the perfector or the "finisher of our faith."
20:37 What is Jesus working on? He is working on your faith.
20:40 Because we stand by faith, we walk by faith,
20:43 and you can't be saved without faith.
20:45 We're not saved by faith,
20:46 were saved by grace through faith.
20:49 The grace of God does you no good
20:51 unless you believe the grace of God will save you.
20:54 And it will take a miracle to save you.
20:57 And He's works miracles. "He's the Alpha and Omega."
21:01 He finishes what he starts. Amen.
21:03 How many agree,
21:04 He's doing something marvelous in your life?
21:06 He's doing something really amazing in your life.
21:10 And so I want you notice here, "Looking unto Jesus,
21:12 the author and finisher of our faith,
21:14 who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross.
21:18 Well, what made him endure the cross?
21:20 Because He saw
21:21 that He would be able to spend eternity with you.
21:24 How many agree?
21:26 When He died on the cross, He had you in His mind.
21:27 And you know what,
21:29 He still has you in His mind, in His heart.
21:32 If you are going through a personal crisis in your life,
21:35 if you are facing financial challenges,
21:38 if you are suffering from a health problem,
21:40 if your marriage is needing a miracle,
21:42 if you have a special concern for your children,
21:45 whatever you need maybe, give us a call
21:47 and we will pray with you.
21:48 For your prayer requests call us at 1-855-336- Free.
21:54 "If the Son sets you free, you are free indeed."
21:57 John 8:36.
22:00 "Looking under Jesus,
22:01 the author and finisher of our faith,
22:03 who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross,
22:05 despising the shame, and has sat down
22:08 at the right hand of the throne of God."
22:10 Where is Jesus? Where is Jesus?
22:12 Point to where He is. He's up there.
22:15 I tell my children, I trained my children
22:18 to answer that by hand motion.
22:22 So I say, "Caleb, Jordan, my ten year old, five year old,
22:25 I said, "Where is Jesus?"
22:27 And I've been instructing them. Where is Jesus?
22:29 And it's biblical. Okay, I just want hand motion.
22:37 Is that biblical? Yes.
22:40 You didn't even hear me say anything.
22:44 How many agree, He is interceding for you?
22:47 How many agree, He's always at your right hand?
22:49 "I have set the Lord always before me
22:51 because He is at my right hand, I shall not be moved."
22:53 Psalm 16:8.
22:54 But the Bible says, "Christ in you,
22:56 the hope of glory," Colossians 1: 27.
22:58 Shout amen tonight. All right.
23:00 And so I want to notice, what is Jesus doing now?
23:04 What is He doing now?
23:06 Go with me to Romans Chapter two.
23:07 Romans Chapter two, all right.
23:10 We've got to put our foot on the accelerator here,
23:13 Romans Chapter two. Romans Chapter two.
23:19 And I urge those watching a television
23:21 or their Internet to get a hold of us.
23:24 And we'll get you some material.
23:27 Romans Chapter two, Romans 2:16,
23:33 "In the day when God will judge the secrets of men by."
23:40 Who is the judge? Underline it, highlight it.
23:42 Who is it? Who is he?
23:44 Jesus Christ is the judge.
23:46 "According to my," what?" To my gospel."
23:50 So tonight, if you're gonna hear
23:53 Mark Fox preach the gospel.
23:55 And you want to hear the full gospel,
23:57 it's the past, present, future work of Jesus Christ,
24:00 the everlasting gospel, Three Angels' messages.
24:03 And that would include, that would embrace
24:06 an explanation, an examination,
24:11 a focus upon the work of Jesus, in the heavenly sanctuary,
24:19 as our great high priest and our judge,
24:23 both of these things,
24:25 I will show you were going on now.
24:27 Because the Bible makes it clear
24:30 that this judgment occurs
24:33 while the gospel is being proclaimed.
24:37 Part of the gospel is Jesus
24:38 is gonna judge the secrets of men.
24:41 And let's go back to the Book of Revelation
24:43 and let's get some contextual, sequential framework.
24:48 All right. Let's go there.
24:50 Let's get a sequence. Everybody say sequence.
24:53 Sequence. All right.
24:54 Not suspense, sequence. All right, here we go.
24:57 Now, we want to know the truth tonight.
24:58 Notice here,
24:59 the first angel's message declares announcement.
25:03 Present tense, we are living in the hour of God's judgment.
25:07 We have already established
25:09 that we are living in a defining moment
25:11 of world's history known as the time of the end.
25:14 There's a period of time of the end.
25:17 You'll know when the end comes,
25:19 but we're living in the time of the end.
25:22 And so the Bible makes it clear,
25:24 in the time of the end, Jesus would be engaged
25:28 in His final work, this part of the gospel,
25:31 His final work for us in the heavenly temple.
25:34 Where is He?
25:36 In the heavenly temple
25:37 and it happens before He comes again.
25:38 And this announcement must go to earth remotest bounds,
25:41 it's Revelations most urgent message.
25:44 Revelation Chapter 14,
25:45 what happens after these three angels,
25:49 these messages are preached?
25:50 The word preached is used there.
25:52 Preach with a loud voice urgently around the world.
25:56 What then will take place? What event?
26:00 Notice here, verse 14,
26:02 "Then I looked, behold a white cloud,
26:06 and on the cloud sat one like the Son of man
26:09 having on his head a golden crown
26:12 and in his hand a sharp sickle."
26:13 Mixing metaphors or imagery there,
26:16 "He's coming as King of Kings and Lord of Lords."
26:18 Revelation Chapter 19 makes that clear.
26:20 But He is also not only coming
26:23 as King of Kings and Lord of Lords,
26:25 He is coming as a heavenly harvester.
26:29 I want you to notice here that the whole world
26:31 will be polarized into two camps, two sides.
26:35 The wheat, and in this case the sour grapes.
26:39 The righteous and the wicked.
26:42 There's only, always been a line of demarcation
26:44 between the two but that line is widening.
26:48 And so the Bible makes it very clear
26:51 that the Lord Jesus is gonna come
26:53 when the earth is ripe.
26:56 The righteous are ripe and the wicked are ripe.
26:59 What does it mean ripe? Ready.
27:01 How do we get ready?
27:02 Character, development, becoming like Jesus.
27:06 That is how we get ready. To become more like Jesus.
27:10 And at every phase, at every stage, at every step,
27:14 at every point of development, in becoming like Jesus,
27:17 you are accepted in the beloved
27:19 and even though He's not finished with you yet,
27:22 if Jesus wants to come tonight,
27:23 if you are in Christ, you will be saved.
27:26 Even though, He's not done with you yet.
27:29 Because sanctification is the work of a lifetime.
27:33 You will never say, "All right.
27:34 It's finished with me. Got it all done."
27:37 But how many agree, you've got to keep your eyes on Jesus
27:40 as long as there is a devil,
27:41 there is temptation and possibility of falling.
27:46 And so I want you to notice here,
27:48 want you to notice here that first these messages
27:51 go around the world in preparation of the harvest.
27:54 So the God's people can be ripe or ready for the picking.
27:58 And just as we use the analogy of, of for example, fruit.
28:03 Fruit in its final stages ripens very quickly.
28:07 Doesn't it?
28:09 And so God's people in the last days
28:10 are gonna be ripening more rapidly
28:12 becoming more like Jesus, or more like the world,
28:16 more rapidly in the last days than ever before.
28:20 We are living in an unparalleled, unusual hour.
28:24 And so the Bible makes it very clear
28:25 that the harvest is coming.
28:27 It's coming.
28:28 This is the coming of the Lord when we're gathered together
28:30 to meet the Lord in those clouds.
28:32 The Lord comes on a cloud, we meet Him in the clouds.
28:34 Amen, and this is not just puffy clouds.
28:37 I'm talking about a lot of holy angels.
28:39 Can you say amen? Amen.
28:41 A swarm of holy angels, right.
28:43 And so I want you to notice here,
28:45 I want you to notice here, we continue,
28:47 what is Jesus doing now?
28:49 He is preparing us for the harvest.
28:52 Number four, what urgent message
28:55 is to be preached around the world
28:56 before Jesus comes again,
28:59 I repeat, by the way, you'll notice something
29:01 that I'm guilty of, on purpose, I repeat myself.
29:07 Well, come on now.
29:08 Don't you do that with your husband?
29:12 Let me ask the husband,
29:13 did your wife ever repeat herself?
29:15 Yeah, I thought so.
29:18 Ladies, does your husband ever repeat,
29:20 all right, anyway, you get my drill.
29:22 The point is this, when you love somebody,
29:25 at least, you're supposed to do it in love,
29:26 you repeat yourself.
29:28 Because even in school, you have repetition
29:30 because repetition is the key to retention.
29:33 And so what urgent message is to be preached
29:36 around the world before Jesus comes again?
29:38 The hour of His judgment, it's here.
29:42 It's arrived, it's in session, it has convened.
29:47 So what does it mean?
29:48 The hour of God's judgment, it's here.
29:51 It's arrived. Preach it.
29:53 We're living in the judgment hour.
29:55 Well, what does it mean?
29:56 Would you agree in judgment
29:59 that means something is decided?
30:01 Something is weighed and then a verdict is reached.
30:06 And so what does Jesus decide, judge or determine judge
30:13 before He come again during this judgment hour,
30:16 what does He decide in that judgment.
30:18 Go with me to the Book of Revelation.
30:19 Oh, you're already there.
30:21 Okay, then just turn a couple of pages to the back
30:24 of your Bible, last page in scripture.
30:28 Revelation 21, 22:11, all right.
30:33 Before Jesus comes, look at verse 12
30:35 "Behold I come in-- I am coming quickly."
30:37 All right. Let's go back, verse 11.
30:39 "He who is unjust let him be unjust still.
30:42 He who is filthy, let him be filthy still.
30:44 He who is righteous, let him be righteous still.
30:46 He who is holy, let him be holy still."
30:48 This is a sentence that is preached
30:53 during the hour of God's judgment
30:55 before Jesus comes as King of Kings
30:57 and Lord of Lords, and a heavenly harvester.
31:00 This verdict has reached. Who's the judge?
31:04 Jesus.
31:07 And so the Bible makes it very clear,
31:08 there will be a time when probation,
31:11 human probation,
31:13 that is opportunity for salvation,
31:15 probation, opportunity for salvation.
31:20 This is talking about, this is throwing the spotlight
31:24 upon a very solemn event.
31:30 Let me punctuate this.
31:32 The close of probation, he that is unjust,
31:36 that's it, that person is unjust.
31:38 That's it, that's the way, you're gonna stay.
31:39 This person's righteous,
31:40 that's the way they're gonna stay.
31:42 How many agree, it's either good news or bad news.
31:43 I like the good news. How many agree?
31:45 You accept the good news,
31:47 there's nothing but good news in terms of your salvation.
31:49 Can you say amen? Amen.
31:50 I didn't say, you're gonna glide into heaven.
31:53 But I did say your salvation is secure in Jesus Christ.
31:57 I want you to notice here, beloved.
31:59 Verse 12, after the close of probation,
32:03 some time after that what event is next?
32:07 Didn't the Bible tells us,
32:08 tell us there's the hour of God's judgment
32:10 and then there's the harvest?
32:11 So in other words, the judgment,
32:12 the hour of God's judgment is complete and then He comes.
32:18 So the judgment has gone its full course
32:21 and every person is in one of two categories,
32:25 either in or out, saved or lost.
32:30 Would you agree, when Jesus comes,
32:31 He knows who He is coming for?
32:35 Verse 12, "Behold, I am coming quickly.
32:39 And my reward is with me to give everyone
32:41 according to his work."
32:42 If He comes with his rewards,
32:44 that pre-supposes and that necessitates
32:47 some type of determination or judgment
32:51 before He comes with its rewards,
32:53 who gets what rewards.
32:55 So first, there is a judgment, then there is His soon return.
33:00 Now beloved, this is all part of the gospel.
33:03 So what does the Bible call that process
33:05 in which Jesus determines
33:07 who will be saved and who will be lost?
33:08 What is that process?
33:10 What would you call that process?
33:11 Judgment. The hour of His Judgment.
33:13 If you're with me thus far saying amen?
33:15 Amen. Are you really with me?
33:17 Say a louder amen? Amen.
33:19 If I've left you in the desk, be quiet.
33:23 Now, where does this judgment take place
33:25 and how does the Bible describe this momentous event?
33:29 Now, let's go to the Book of Daniel.
33:30 Daniel and Revelation are twins.
33:32 They're inseparable Daniel 7:9 and 10.
33:38 "I watched till thrones were put in place,
33:40 and the Ancient of Days was seated.
33:43 His Garment was white as snow.
33:45 And the hair of his head was white like,
33:47 it was like pure wool.
33:49 His throne was a fiery flame,"
33:52 His wheels, "its wheels are burning fire."
33:54 We're talking about a movable majestic,
33:57 awesome, cosmic throne.
33:59 A throne--
34:00 "A thousand, thousands ministered to him.
34:02 Ten thousand times,
34:04 ten thousands stood before him."
34:05 I got a question for you.
34:06 How many angels are, holy angels are there?
34:08 We know, one third of the angels
34:09 are kicked out of heaven.
34:12 Because they, they rebelled against God.
34:16 But I got, in next Revelation Chapter 12
34:17 makes that clear, but I got a question.
34:19 How many, how many holy angels do you think they are?
34:20 Okay, let's do a little quiz, all right, by show of hands.
34:23 How many think,
34:24 there's hundreds and hundreds of angels?
34:27 All right, how many think
34:28 there are thousands and thousands of angels?
34:34 All right, how many think there's millions of angels?
34:37 All right, how many think there's billions of angles?
34:40 Now, if you raise your hand five times,
34:42 you know, that doesn't work.
34:45 So I want to know who's honest
34:46 and said the billions, first time up.
34:49 You are the A students, the A plus.
34:51 All the rest are very, very good.
34:52 You all passed, kind of. Is it, Mark, how do you know?
34:58 How many brought in a guardian angel with you tonight?
35:02 How many people are there in the world?
35:05 Six billion.
35:06 Doesn't everybody have a guardian angel?
35:10 Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.
35:13 Every single person on planet earth
35:16 has a guardian angel.
35:17 Some are making the guardian Angels work overtime.
35:23 Come on there, been there, done that.
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36:28 So we're talking about who knows how many angels
36:31 gather around the holy throne of God.
36:34 How many agree that angels are not lazy?
36:38 They work for our salvation.
36:40 The Bible says, they are ministering spirits
36:42 set forth to minister to those who are heirs of salvation,
36:45 Hebrews Chapter 1.
36:48 So I want you to notice here, what's this solemn,
36:51 majestic, heavenly celestial event?
36:55 It's right here, are you ready?
36:58 It's like, you've a heavenly drum roll.
37:01 Here it is, the court in heaven,
37:06 at the throne was seated.
37:10 Now, I've been in a courtroom, and when the judge sits down,
37:18 you listen, because he's about to make some decisions.
37:25 "The court was seated
37:29 and the books were open."
37:34 The word court there can also be rendered judgment.
37:39 Some versions, some translations
37:41 employed the word judgment.
37:44 Either way, it's interchangeable,
37:47 synonymous.
37:48 So I want you to notice beloved,
37:50 the judgment convened in session, in heaven
37:56 and what's the, what's involved in this judgment?
38:00 A lot of decisions are being made that affect
38:03 every single person who is in the books.
38:08 "The books were open."
38:12 So the focal point of the judgment
38:15 is what's recorded.
38:19 Now, these days,
38:22 recording one another is very eerily easy.
38:29 Smile, brush your teeth, you're on Candid camera,
38:32 sometimes you don't even know it.
38:34 How many agree, there's a whole lot of cameras?
38:35 If you go to London, for example,
38:37 I haven't been there, but if you go to London,
38:39 I understand, they have a lot of the surveillance cameras.
38:44 How many agree
38:45 God has a better surveillance system than any government?
38:49 Scrutiny beyond measure, a recording, you know,
38:53 but God doesn't need computers.
38:55 They still use books, apparently.
38:57 But they're accurate. Can you say amen?
38:59 They are accurate. And what do they record?
39:03 Everything about your life.
39:06 Everything, everything. Now, I want you to notice here.
39:12 I want you to notice here,
39:14 what are the names of some of those books
39:16 that are open in the judgment?
39:19 Well, there's the Book of Life.
39:21 There's the Book of Remembrance.
39:24 And some other books,
39:25 but these are two key books right there.
39:27 The Book of Life, when you give your heart to Jesus,
39:31 to the lamb, your name is written down in glory.
39:35 Your name is registered in the Lamb's Book of Life.
39:38 That's the only way you can get in the Lamb's Book of Life,
39:41 if you give your heart to the Lamb.
39:45 And so, the Bible makes it very clear
39:47 even in Philippians Chapter 4
39:49 talks about some gospel workers,
39:51 some ladies who are gospel workers
39:53 who had their names written in the Lamb's Book of Life,
39:55 in the Book of Life.
39:56 The Book of Revelation talks about
39:58 the Lamb's Book of Life
40:00 and that if you're not in the Lamb's Book of Life,
40:02 you will go to hell fire, kind of makes me want to be
40:04 in the Lamb's Book of Life.
40:06 And to stay there.
40:08 And then there's the Book of Remembrance,
40:09 Malachi 3:16 says that,
40:13 that "the Lord hearkened and heard, and listen
40:19 to those who were talking about Him."
40:23 And it was written down.
40:27 I believe that this meeting is being written down.
40:29 How many want to have a good record
40:31 being written down?
40:32 "I heard the gospel and I accepted it
40:35 with all my heart, with every fiber of my being."
40:38 Can you say amen?
40:39 And so what blessed Assurances are given
40:42 to those who trust and obey Jesus?
40:45 You know, the scripture I like to emphasize each night,
40:49 "You will arise and have mercy upon Zion," God's people.
40:53 You give your heart to Jesus, really you are Zion.
40:56 "You will arise and have mercy upon Zion
40:58 for the time to favor her."
41:01 "Yes, the set time has come." Psalms 102:13.
41:05 Question, hour of God's judgment.
41:09 Is that for you or against you? It's up to you.
41:15 Coming of the Lord, for you or against you?
41:19 Depends how you relate to Jesus.
41:22 You read that in Revelation 6,
41:24 some will, gonna run and hide, when He comes.
41:27 How many of you've ever heard,
41:28 "You can run but you can't hide?"
41:30 Well, that applies also in the judgment.
41:33 Now listen carefully, listen carefully.
41:37 Would you be interested in being guaranteed
41:41 of God's favor during the judgment hour?
41:45 Listen to what the Bible says, "I was watching,"
41:47 this is the Book of Daniel Chapter Seven, same Chapter
41:51 verse 21, 22, judgment in favor of the saints.
41:54 Can you read this with me? Let's go.
41:56 "I was watching and the same horn,"
41:58 that's the anti-Christ, "was making war
42:00 against the saints and prevailing against them,
42:03 until the Ancient of Days came and a judgment was made
42:11 in favor of the saints of the Most High,
42:15 and the time came for the saints
42:17 to possess the kingdom."
42:19 First, there's a judgment in favor of us.
42:21 And ultimately you're going to get the kingdom.
42:23 Can you say amen?
42:26 First, you're written down in the King's book.
42:29 And then the King of Kings comes for you
42:31 to take you to His Kingdom.
42:35 How can we have confidence to face the judgment?
42:38 Proverbs 28:13, the wise man Solomon penned these words,
42:42 he says, "He who confesses and forsakes his sins,
42:49 shall obtain mercy."
42:52 Confession and repentance go together.
42:58 Repentance is not, I'm sorry, crocodile tears.
43:06 Repentance, the Bible says, is a deep sorrow for sin.
43:10 You and I cannot come up with it.
43:12 Many people think, first you repent,
43:14 then you come to Jesus.
43:15 You come to Jesus, and ask Him,
43:16 "Lord, help me to really be sorry for my sins."
43:19 Because the Bible talks about in Corinthians.
43:21 It talks about a godly sorrow.
43:23 A godly sorrow that is different
43:25 from the worldly sorrow.
43:26 How many agree with, you come to the foot of the cross,
43:29 it makes you want to hate anything in your life
43:32 that would put him on that cross?
43:36 You don't want to crucify Him afresh,
43:37 as it says in Hebrews 6.
43:39 So I want you to notice here, confess and forsake them.
43:43 Is there anything in your life that you need to forsake?
43:45 Anything in your life, you need to get rid off?
43:47 Any addictions, any, any pet sins, then confess it
43:51 and let it go before the Lord, and be forgiven.
43:56 And so, 1 John Chapter 4,
43:58 let's go there, 1 John Chapter 4.
44:00 1 John 4:17,
44:03 "Love has been perfected among us in this,
44:06 that we may have boldness in the Day of Judgment
44:10 because as He is, so are we in this world."
44:13 Another words, if you want to have confidence
44:16 in the judgment, you want to be like Jesus,
44:20 you want to be like Him,
44:22 and if you're seeking to be like Him,
44:23 you can have boldness on the Day of Judgment,
44:26 because as He is, so you are.
44:29 And the Bible says verse 18, "There is no fear in love."
44:33 Beloved, I don't give this message tonight
44:35 to cause you to fear, but rather to wake up,
44:41 shake up, look up and never give up.
44:46 So I want you to notice here, there is no fear in love,
44:53 but "perfect love casts out fear
44:55 because fear involves judgment,"
44:57 I'm sorry, "Torment."
44:58 Yeah and torment of idea
45:00 that somehow you wouldn't pass judgment, "but your fears
45:02 is not been made perfect in love."
45:04 Should we fear and tremble?
45:06 Unless, we don't love Him,
45:08 and we don't trust Him, oh, yes.
45:10 But you got to make your calling and election sure.
45:14 Can a person's name be blotted out
45:17 or removed from the Book of Life?
45:20 Don't believe me, believe the Bible.
45:22 Let's go there, Revelation Chapter 22,
45:26 looking there at verse 18,
45:30 "For I testified to everyone
45:31 who hears the words of the prophecy of this book,
45:34 if anyone adds to these things, God will add to him
45:37 the plagues that are written in this book.
45:38 And if anyone takes away from the words
45:40 of the book of this prophecy,
45:41 God shall take away his part from the book of Life,
45:47 from the holy city and from the things
45:49 which are written in this book."
45:50 Your name can be removed from the Book of Life,
45:57 if we are not following on to know the Lord.
46:02 Hebrew-- Hosea 6:1-3.
46:05 "And the Lord said to Moses, 'whoever has sinned against me,
46:09 I will blot him out of my book.'"
46:11 Exodus 32:33.
46:13 Well, "we've all sinned
46:15 and come short of the glory of God."
46:16 Romans 3:23.
46:18 So how can we have confidence in the judgment?
46:20 You've got to repent of sin. You've got a forsake sin.
46:24 And included with sin,
46:26 what's the middle letter in sin? "I."
46:28 What's the middle letter in pride? "I."
46:30 We need to cancel out the "I"
46:32 and say not "I," but Christ lives in me.
46:34 In the life, which I now live in the flesh,
46:36 I live with the faith of the Son of God,
46:40 who love me, gave Himself for me.
46:43 Galatians 2:20.
46:46 And so your name can be blotted out of the Book of Life.
46:50 Would you agree, that's an urgent warning message?
46:54 To sleeping Christians in the last days
46:57 amidst the siren blaring and the neon lights flashing
47:02 of the signs of the times that church is sleeping.
47:05 And here's our alarm clock message
47:08 that comes sounding to us tonight.
47:13 Make sure that you are in Christ,
47:18 because if you're in Christ, you can sleep like a baby.
47:24 Oh, you might have to agonize sometimes,
47:26 you might have to struggle.
47:27 How many of you agree sometimes temptations are strong?
47:30 But Jesus is stronger.
47:32 "No temptation is taken you but such as is common to man
47:35 but God is faithful who will with the temptation
47:37 also provide a way of escape
47:39 that you may be able to endure."
47:40 To bare, 1 Corinthians 10:13.
47:43 Now what parable did Jesus give
47:45 that relates to this judgment going on now?
47:48 Go with me to Matthew Chapter 22.
47:50 Are we learning something tonight?
47:52 Matthew Chapter 22. Jesus was a master storyteller.
47:56 He knew how to cut, strike up good illustrations
48:00 that caught people's attention, and stimulated their interests,
48:04 and talk a practical truths and prophetic truth.
48:07 Look at here,
48:09 "And Jesus answered and spoke to them
48:11 again by parable and said,
48:12 'The kingdom of heaven is like a certain king
48:14 who arrange the marriage for his son.'"
48:15 How many agree, "We are called
48:17 to the marriage supper of the Lamb.
48:18 Revelation 19:7-9.
48:21 "And sent out his servant to call
48:23 those were invited to the wedding.
48:25 And they were not willing to come.
48:26 Again, he sent out other servants, saying,
48:30 "Tell those who are invited, see I have prepared my dinner,
48:35 my oxen and fatted cattle
48:37 are killed, and all things are ready.
48:38 Come to the wedding.'"
48:39 But they made light of it and went their ways
48:42 one to his farm, another to his business.
48:44 And the rest seized his servants,
48:46 treated them spitefully and killed them.
48:48 But when the king heard about it, he was furious.
48:52 And he sent out his armies, destroyed those murderers
48:54 and burned up their city.
48:55 And he said to his servants, 'The wedding is ready
48:58 but those were invited were not worthy.'
49:00 Therefore, go into the highways
49:03 and as many as you find invite to the wedding.'"
49:05 How were they invited? By the gospel proclamation.
49:08 "So those servants went out into the highways
49:11 and gathered together all whom they found
49:13 both bad and good,
49:14 and the wedding was filled with guests.
49:18 But when the king came in to see,"
49:23 or examine, or scrutinize, or observe,
49:34 he sees the guests.
49:35 He is surveying them.
49:38 You know, the Bible says in the Revelation 11:1,
49:41 it says that in the last days,
49:43 "God is gonna measure the worshipers."
49:46 That's judgment, that begins in the house of God,
49:48 measure the worshipers.
49:51 How many have ever heard the expression,
49:52 "You better measure up?"
49:53 How many are thankful that Christ makes up
49:55 for your deficiencies,
49:56 if you trust in His righteousness,
49:58 you cannot fail the judgment.
50:00 But you can't trust in your works or righteousness.
50:02 How many of you agree, "Your righteousness is filthy rags?"
50:04 Isaiah 64:6.
50:06 You must be found,
50:07 as Paul said in Philippians 8:9,
50:10 he wanted to be found in Christ's righteousness
50:12 that comes to us by faith.
50:14 And He is gonna measure.
50:16 In this judgment, it's measured,
50:17 who's got the wedding garment on?
50:18 Who's trusting in Jesus? And who is self-sufficient?
50:23 I want you notice here, beloved,
50:26 all this is so powerful, don't miss this.
50:27 Don't miss this. Please, don't miss it.
50:30 "But when the king came in to see the guests,"
50:32 that the hour of God's judgment.
50:34 "And he saw a man there
50:36 who did not have on a wedding garment."
50:38 What that wedding garment?
50:40 Revelation 19:7-9 makes it clear,
50:42 "it's a free gift of righteousness."
50:46 It's the righteousness. Christ is our righteousness.
50:49 "The Lord, our righteousness."
50:50 Jeremiah 33:16,
50:53 Jeremiah 23:6, Christ is our righteous.
50:57 1 Corinthians 1:30 makes it clear,
50:59 He is, "Jesus is our righteousness."
51:02 How many of you are thankful?
51:03 His righteousness is like a garment
51:05 that close you, and you could face the judgment,
51:08 and He present you faultless before His throne of grace.
51:13 I want you notice here, in this judgment going on,
51:16 right now, in the house of God,
51:18 God is seeing who's trusting in Jesus' righteousness.
51:21 And who's trying to do the works themselves.
51:24 You say, "Mark, how do you know the difference between,
51:26 if it's a work's righteousness and of works--
51:29 Of Christ's righteousness?
51:31 Show me your prayer life and I'll show you
51:32 whether you're trusting On Jesus.
51:35 Plain and simple.
51:38 Because if you're praying honestly and fervently
51:41 to the Lord, it's because you're realizing,
51:43 you're utterly dependent on Him and His righteousness.
51:46 Jesus said, "Without me, you can do nothing."
51:50 Not even pass the judgment. John 15:5.
51:53 Well, Paul said "I can do all things
51:55 through Christ who strengthens me."
51:57 Philippians 4:13.
51:58 And that would mean, going through the judgment.
52:01 Now listen carefully.
52:04 "But when the king came in
52:05 to see the guest, he saw a man there
52:08 who did not have on a wedding garment."
52:10 Do you have on your wedding garment, tonight?
52:12 You can't guess about that.
52:13 You've got to know, "I know in whom I have believed in
52:17 and I am persuaded that He is able to keep that
52:20 which I have committed to Him against that day."
52:23 2 Timothy 1:12.
52:25 I want you to notice here, beloved.
52:27 By the way, "Life eternal
52:29 is this that they might know thee."
52:33 John 17:3. Listen here.
52:36 So he said to him, "Friend,
52:37 how did you come in here without a wedding garment?"
52:40 And he was speechless.
52:42 "Then the king said to the servants
52:43 to bind him hand and foot, take him away
52:44 and cast him in a utter darkness.
52:46 There shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.
52:49 For many are called few are chosen."
52:53 Few will really trust in Jesus is the righteousness.
52:57 Few will really "fall on rock and be broken."
53:01 Matthew 21:44.
53:02 Few will say, "Jesus, I am a lost without to you,
53:06 but Jesus, I trust you.
53:09 I trust you."
53:11 Everybody, say that with me. I trust you, Jesus.
53:13 Say it with me, I trust you Jesus.
53:15 Again, I trust you Jesus.
53:18 Trust in him at all times, you people.
53:21 Pull out your heart before Him.
53:23 "God is a refuge for us." Psalms 62:8, oh, beloved.
53:29 I know my Redeemer lives. Can you say amen?
53:34 So therefore, "when the king came in to see the guests,
53:37 he saw a man there who did not have on a wedding garment."
53:40 This is what's happening in the hour of God's judgment.
53:43 The wedding garment represents
53:44 the robe of Christ's righteousness,
53:46 His perfect character of love.
53:48 Isaiah 61:10 says, "I will greatly rejoice
53:52 because He's clothed me
53:54 with the robe of His righteousness."
53:56 That's something to rejoice about.
54:00 You must trust in Jesus Christ, in His righteousness
54:03 in order to pass the judgment.
54:05 And you will pass in, well, not flying colors,
54:08 you'll pass with that robe,
54:11 that is better than the robe of many colors.
54:13 And by the way, by the way,
54:16 this garment, the Bible Bible talks about
54:18 a rainbow around the throne.
54:20 Oh, that's the coming up, presentation coming up.
54:23 All right.
54:25 What promise does Jesus give
54:26 to those who were overcomers by His grace?
54:29 Let's go there very quickly here,
54:30 our time is evaporating.
54:32 Revelation Chapter 3, Revelation Chapter 3.
54:36 I love this resounding good news here tonight.
54:39 Revelation Chapter 3. Revelation Chapter 3.
54:43 We are feasting at the banquet table tonight.
54:46 Revelation 3:5, "He who overcomes."
54:50 How do you overcome?
54:51 "By the blood of the Lamb
54:53 and the word of your testimony."
54:54 Revelation 12:11.
54:55 And this is the victory
54:57 that overcome of the world, even our faith.
54:59 Faith in who? 1 John 5:4.
55:01 "Faith in Jesus Christ."
55:02 You must have enough faith to believe
55:03 that He gives you a victory.
55:05 "Thanks be to God that giveth us the victory,
55:08 through our Lord Jesus Christ."
55:09 1 Corinthians 15:57.
55:11 I want you to notice here, "to him who overcomes."
55:16 Whatever you don't overcome,
55:17 will overcome you in the judgment.
55:20 "He who overcomes
55:21 shall be clothed in white garments."
55:22 We know what that is.
55:24 "And I will not blot out of his name
55:25 from the Book of Life.
55:27 But I will confess his name
55:28 before my Father and before His angels."
55:31 Is that, is that good news?
55:34 He tells us, "If you seek to overcome as I overcame,"
55:37 Revelation 21: or rather 3:21,
55:41 "then you will sit on His throne,
55:43 even as He overcame."
55:45 How many agree?
55:46 He is on His throne because He overcame.
55:50 And we will sit with him on His throne
55:52 because we overcome by the blood of the Lamb
55:55 and the word of our testimony.
55:56 How many agree, this is our testimony,
55:58 the word of God?
55:59 This is what I believe. This becomes my testimony.
56:02 "Faith comes by hearing,
56:03 and hearing of the word of God."
56:04 And how many agree, you have a testimony
56:06 that's born of faith?
56:09 Now, beloved, in closing,
56:13 I invite you to come to Jesus like never before.
56:17 And to say, "I trust you. I will depend on you.
56:22 I cast my helpless soul upon you,
56:25 cloth me with your white robe of righteousness.
56:30 Help me to trust you more than ever before."
56:35 And I gave my heart to Jesus.
56:38 For the first time in my life, "I had a peace
56:40 that passeth understanding,"
56:43 a joy unspeakable, full of glory.
56:46 Well, I'm so glad.
56:48 And for anyone who has lost your first love,
56:51 you can repent, you can get it back
56:53 Shall we pray?
56:55 Oh, loving Father, thank you.
56:59 You have given your Son, who died on the cross
57:03 and now Jesus, you plead your blood
57:05 and very soon, you're gonna come.
57:09 Thank you that we're going home to be with Jesus,
57:15 very soon, very soon.
57:18 Thank you, Lord Jesus.
57:21 In your precious name,
57:22 Jesus Christ. Amen.
57:28 All those sudden and alarming changes
57:30 are sweeping across the globe, you in your family
57:34 can be prepared to face the future with confidence.
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