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00:04 We are racing towards the global crisis at the close.
00:09 God is going to set up His kingdom on earth.
00:13 Preparation for the tribulation and the translation
00:18 is to develop a character like Jesus Christ.
00:21 To reach every hamlet, every village, every man,
00:24 every child, every person in India,
00:27 every person in South America
00:28 must hear these Three Angels' messages.
00:34 These are stories that illustrate
00:36 the kind of fabric of character and perseverance
00:39 that we need to go through the tribulation
00:42 just as certainly as they did.
00:44 The Bible makes it very clear
00:45 we are living in an unusual hour,
00:48 the last grains of sand
00:49 are trickling through the hourglass of time
00:52 and the door of probation is about to swing shut.
01:01 Beware of the deadly d's,
01:04 you are trying to have the victory,
01:06 trying to overcome
01:07 in the last days of earth's history,
01:10 beware of the deadly d's of distractions and deceptions.
01:15 That sets the pace and tone
01:17 for tonight's hot topic of the antichrist.
01:20 There are so many lethal destructive deceptions
01:26 captivating the world.
01:27 Is that true? Yes or no. It is true.
01:31 There are so many popular false teachings
01:34 taking people's eyes from looking solely to Jesus
01:39 for salvation.
01:40 How many of you agree there's only one way to salvation?
01:43 Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth and the life.
01:46 No man goes to the Father but by me."
01:48 John 14:6.
01:50 And so the thrust of the gospel of Jesus,
01:56 now listen, I know where I'm going, just stay with me.
02:00 The thrust of the good news is to look to Jesus.
02:05 I mean, that's what it's all about,
02:06 looking to Jesus, to trust in Jesus,
02:11 to pray in the name of Jesus and to live for Jesus.
02:16 How many of you agree that's what the gospel is all about?
02:17 It's about becoming like Jesus, talking about Jesus,
02:22 living for Jesus.
02:23 And the dreadful results of false gospels.
02:27 How many agree, there's a lot of gospels out there
02:30 but there is only one true gospel.
02:32 Now watch this.
02:35 The false gospels lead us to or lead people
02:38 to not you, lead people to take their eyes off of Jesus,
02:45 distorting the truth about Jesus.
02:48 You see, "Jesus is the truth." John 14:6.
02:54 And He said, "Sanctify them in thy truth,
02:57 thy word is truth."
02:59 John 17:17.
03:00 And the Bible says in Timothy that "God wants everyone
03:03 to come to a knowledge of the truth."
03:06 and "The truth shall set you free."
03:08 John 8: 32. Is the truth important?
03:12 And so distorting the truth about Jesus.
03:15 That is the work of the antichrist,
03:17 taking your eyes of Jesus.
03:18 That's the work of the antichrist.
03:20 The antichrist has a false gospel,
03:23 that's really no gospel
03:26 and the false gospel leads man to depend on man
03:33 instead of depending only on Jesus.
03:35 It leads man to try to save themselves.
03:39 But the true gospel leads us to realize,
03:42 "Blessed are the poor in Spirit."
03:44 We are spiritually bankrupt without Jesus.
03:47 "Without Me you can do nothing." Matthew 5: 3.
03:50 "Blessed are the poor in Spirit."
03:52 Those who feel they are in desperate need,
03:55 spiritual bankruptcy apart from Jesus.
03:57 "Theirs is the kingdom of heaven." Matthew 5: 3.
04:02 Can you see the contrast between the two gospels?
04:06 One gospel, true gospel, full gospel.
04:10 Look to Jesus, trust in Jesus, love Jesus, become like Jesus.
04:15 False gospel, oh, it might, profess to uplift Jesus
04:19 but, oh, look to Jesus and look to thus and so.
04:24 Look to Jesus and, how many of you agree
04:26 we don't need an and?
04:30 Jesus, period.
04:32 Exclamation mark, but not a question mark.
04:37 The word of God is all about
04:38 how Jesus saves sinners from sin.
04:40 "Thou shalt call his name Jesus,
04:42 for He will save His people from their sins."
04:47 So the full gospel is He saves you
04:50 from what's destroying you.
04:52 How many agree sin will destroy you?
04:54 And that's why He loves us too much
04:56 to leave us in our sin.
04:58 And so the Bible makes it very clear
05:00 that we are to behold Jesus as our savior
05:04 and the Bible says, God says, the Lord Jesus says,
05:08 "Look unto Me and be ye saved."
05:10 How are you saved? You look to Jesus.
05:13 Look to Jesus, not just once,
05:14 "He is the author and finisher."
05:16 Looking unto Jesus, author and while He is perfecting you,
05:21 you're looking, looking, looking because Hebrews 12: 2,
05:24 "Looking unto Jesus," He's got you started by looking to Him
05:28 and it will keep you going by looking to Him,
05:30 He'll perfect your faith which is looking to Him.
05:33 It's all about looking to Jesus.
05:35 "Turn your eyes upon Jesus.
05:37 Look full in His wonderful face.
05:39 And the things of Earth will grow strangely dim
05:41 in the light of His glory and grace."
05:43 Look to Jesus.
05:46 It was Isaiah 45:22,
05:48 well, the antichrist, the antichrist, perpetrates,
05:53 propagates false teachings about Jesus.
05:59 So that's why we are very interested
06:01 in this subject because would you agree,
06:04 we cannot be taken away from Jesus?
06:10 We must hold on to Jesus. Amen. We must hold on to Jesus.
06:15 The antichrist is a combination of distraction and deception.
06:20 So we will discover ten clues that will identify
06:23 prophecies' most wanted, the Antichrist.
06:25 So is the antichrist is already here or near?
06:30 We will discover the Antichrist is already here.
06:34 Antichrist is here.
06:36 That maybe a new revelation,
06:39 that maybe shocking in the extreme,
06:41 but don't believe it until I validate it.
06:44 But I'm just telling you what I'm gonna tell you
06:46 and then I'll tell you and then I'll tell you what I told you.
06:49 All right, here we go. The Antichrist is here.
06:52 This is not Ripley's believe it or not!
06:55 Now you understand you have that in Branson, right.
06:57 Well, this is not Ripley's believe it or not.
07:00 This is Daniel's
07:02 or Revelation's believe it or not.
07:05 Daniel's smashing truth of the antichrist
07:08 has never been more relevant.
07:10 Indeed, while many are looking into the future
07:13 when some secular dictator will arise
07:16 and capture the imagination of the masses.
07:19 Could it be that meanwhile,
07:20 the antichrist is underneath everyone's noses?
07:25 Could it be that the antichrist is in clear view of everyone
07:28 but we are looking in the wrong directions?
07:34 So the masses are going to fall in line
07:37 in the following the antichrist.
07:39 The majority are going to swept away
07:42 by his sinister lies.
07:44 The world will obey
07:47 the marching orders of the antichrist,
07:50 with the exception of few.
07:53 "Narrow is the way and few there'd be to find it."
07:55 Matthew 7: 13 and 14.
07:58 So who is the antichrist? Who is the antichrist?
08:02 Will the real antichrist please stand up?
08:05 Don't expect it.
08:08 But we're gonna identify the antichrist.
08:11 So who do people, experts, think the antichrist is?
08:14 Well, are you ready? Heading a very lengthy list.
08:18 Pope, Gorbachev, Hitler, Ronald Wilson Reagan,
08:22 I mean, after all six letter in Ronald,
08:24 six letters in Wilson, six letters in Reagan,
08:26 six, six, six,
08:28 well, your name might come out to six, six, six.
08:31 If it does, just don't tell anybody, all right.
08:33 Lenin, Saddam Hussein, Trotsky and Joseph Stalin,
08:38 that list goes on.
08:39 Chairman Mao, Albert Pike, Nero, Henry Kissinger,
08:42 Barak Obama, Islamic figure.
08:44 Is it a Muslim, a Jewish, Christian, secular?
08:48 Well, guess what?
08:49 We are not interested in blind guesswork,
08:52 we are not interested in idle speculation
08:55 or tabloid sensationalism or novel fiction books
08:59 or wild spun theories.
09:00 Am I clear, am I thorough there?
09:02 We are not interested in that.
09:03 Remember, the antichrist is extremely popular.
09:08 That's right.
09:09 So this is the solved case tonight
09:11 of the bizarre little talking horn.
09:17 That is truth, stranger than fiction.
09:20 Can you imagine a talking horn?
09:23 Well, how did Daniel respond to the vision of the antichrist
09:28 through the symbolism of a bizarre talking horn?
09:31 How did he respond to it?
09:33 Well, he considered it to be shocking truth so much
09:36 so that in Daniel 7:28
09:38 and we're gonna spend a lot of time
09:40 in Daniel 7 here tonight.
09:42 "This is the end of the matter.
09:43 I, Daniel, was deeply troubled by my thoughts,
09:45 and my face turned pale,
09:46 but I kept the matter to myself."
09:48 Daniel 7:28.
09:51 So therefore, don't be surprised
09:54 if you find this discovery very shocking and troubling
09:58 just like Daniel did.
10:01 So fasten your seat belt, you still think you're ready?
10:04 You still want to know the truth,
10:05 even if it makes your face turn pale?
10:08 We can do it. Amen. We can do this with God's help. Amen.
10:12 And so tonight, let us examine the all overwhelming evidence
10:16 that exposes the antichrist.
10:21 And so therefore, what we want to do right now
10:24 is take our Bible and turn to the Book of Daniel.
10:28 Daniel, I'm turning there with you to Daniel Chapter 7,
10:33 go to Daniel 7 and put it in park
10:36 'cause we're gonna zero in on this sublime chapter
10:41 tucked away in an ancient scrolls of Daniel.
10:44 Daniel, Daniel is more than Daniel in the lion's den.
10:48 The stories of Daniel
10:50 illustrate the prophecies of Daniel.
10:53 I want you to notice this, beloved.
10:55 Daniel 7 is an instant replay of Daniel 2.
11:00 It's like a deja vu,
11:02 it's like a repeat performance, all right.
11:04 In Daniel Chapter 2,
11:06 how many remember opening night?
11:08 In opening night, we focused on Daniel Chapter 2's,
11:13 multi-metallic image,
11:15 an imposing image that was revealed to Nebuchadnezzar,
11:20 and then subsequently to Daniel in a dream.
11:24 And this imposing awesome image are comprised of four metals
11:30 represented a succession of four world empires.
11:33 The head of gold represented what, every one?
11:36 The head gold would represent Babylon.
11:41 The chest of silver would represent
11:44 none other than the Medes and the Persians, two arms,
11:48 coalition of dual dynasty
11:50 until the Persians took the ascendancy,
11:52 you can check out in your history books,
11:53 you see, prophecy is history in advance
11:57 so history confirms Bible prophecies
12:00 that have already been fulfilled.
12:01 And so yeah, Babylon, Medo-Persia,
12:04 then comes the bronze or brass thighs
12:07 represented fittingly the empire of Greece,
12:11 then followed in succession the fourth empire
12:15 was represented by the long iron legs,
12:19 the pagan iron monarchy of Rome.
12:23 And then Rome was divided,
12:24 not succeeded by another world empire
12:27 but it was divided into initially,
12:30 originally into ten kingdoms.
12:33 There's more than that now.
12:35 But ten kingdoms representing the break of the Roman Empire
12:38 or Europe and it was part clay and part iron,
12:43 meaning, militarily, politically, economically
12:47 that some of the kingdoms of Europe
12:49 would be stronger than others.
12:52 And so here you see a line up of four world empires
12:57 and then the division of fourth World Empire
13:00 represented there by the ten toes,
13:02 the European nations of the pagan Roman Empire.
13:07 So Daniel 7 is an instant replay of Daniel 2.
13:10 In Daniel Chapter 7 though, instead of metals,
13:14 you have what?
13:16 You have beasts. Everybody say beasts.
13:19 All right. Look at Daniel 7:1.
13:22 "In the first year of Belshazzar king of Babylon,
13:25 Daniel had a dream and visions of his head while on his bed.
13:29 Then he wrote down the dream, telling the main facts.
13:32 Daniel spoke, saying, 'I saw in my vision by night,
13:36 and behold, the four winds of heaven
13:38 were stirring up the Great Sea.'"
13:40 In Bible prophecy, sea represents populations
13:44 or masses of people, a sea of people
13:47 according to the prophetic key that unlocks the scripture.
13:52 Now remember, the Bible interprets itself.
13:54 The Bible interprets itself.
13:57 In Revelation 17:15, water equals people
14:02 or population basis.
14:04 And then the wind whipping up the people
14:08 or whipping up the waters.
14:09 Wind, according to the book of Zechariah
14:12 and other scriptures represents strife among the nations,
14:16 among the people
14:17 and out of that would come these beasts.
14:20 What could these beasts represent?
14:21 I'll show you here in the moment here.
14:24 I want you to notice here, "Daniel spoke, saying,
14:27 'I saw in my visions by night,
14:28 and behold, the four winds of heaven
14:30 were stirring up the Great Sea.'
14:32 And four great beasts came up from the sea,
14:36 each different from the other."
14:40 Now God's purpose for using rich symbolism
14:42 in the books of Daniel and Revelation
14:44 is to catch our attention, peak our interest
14:47 and lead us to a knowledge of Jesus.
14:50 That's the ultimate goal.
14:52 How many of you agree, it's all about Jesus?
14:55 But God wants to tell us, Jesus wants to tell us
14:58 that He knew everything in advance
14:59 so that you would trust in the power of Jesus.
15:03 How many of you agree He knew all ahead of time?
15:05 Number one, He's all powerful, number two, He can sustain you
15:09 'cause He knew what you would go through.
15:11 Amen. And so I want you to notice here, beloved.
15:15 Here we have four strange beasts
15:16 arising from the tumultuous waters, all right.
15:19 We see that very, very, very clearly here.
15:22 Now in this panorama prophetic vision
15:24 we see some intriguing symbols.
15:27 We need to carefully prayerfully
15:29 decode the symbolic language.
15:31 We know what sea represents, we know what wind represents.
15:35 But what does a beast symbolize in Bible prophecy?
15:38 Let's let the Bible answer that question.
15:42 In Daniel 7:23.
15:45 "Thus he said, 'The fourth beast shall be a fourth, '"
15:48 what everyone?
15:49 "Kingdom on earth,
15:51 which shall be different from all other kingdoms,
15:52 and shall devour the whole earth,
15:54 trample it and break it in pieces."
15:57 All right. Now look here at verse 3.
16:00 "And four great beasts came up from the sea,
16:02 each different from the other.
16:04 The first was like a lion, and had eagle's wings.
16:07 I watched till its wings were plucked off;
16:09 and it was lifted up from the earth
16:11 and made to stand on two feet like a man,
16:14 and a man's heart was given to it."
16:16 So the first beast, that is Babylon
16:20 because there's a correspondence here.
16:22 Here we have the dramatic rise and fall
16:24 of four successive world empires,
16:27 the same line of empires that we saw in Daniel 2, all right.
16:32 And so the head of gold,
16:34 Babylon was known as the golden city
16:37 and so the superlative of metals,
16:39 gold fittingly represents Babylon.
16:42 And then the king of beasts represents Babylon,
16:46 the king of beasts represents Babylon here, its winged-lion.
16:49 And winged-lions were actually on reliefs there
16:55 on the walls of ancient Babylon.
16:57 Now look here at the second beast
16:59 described here in verse 5.
17:02 "Suddenly another beast, a second, like a bear.
17:04 It was raised up on one side."
17:06 The Persians ultimately took the ascendancy over the Medes
17:09 or originally they worked together.
17:12 "And had three ribs in its mouth,"
17:13 when it conquered Babylon,
17:15 it conquered two other kingdoms as well.
17:18 "And hence you have three ribs in its mouth between its teeth.
17:22 And they said thus to it: 'Arise, devour much flesh!'"
17:25 All right, third kingdom.
17:27 "After this I looked, and there was another, like a leopard."
17:30 Alexander, the Great came in like a leopard,
17:33 flying leopard
17:35 with rapidity conquered the then world overnight.
17:38 "Which had on its back four wings of a bird.
17:41 The beast also had four heads, and dominion was given to it."
17:43 All right, fourth beast now would be Rome.
17:46 "After this I saw in the night visions,
17:48 behold, a fourth beast,
17:49 dreadful and terrible, exceedingly strong.
17:51 It had huge iron teeth."
17:53 You don't want to see this tonight when you dream.
17:55 This is a nightmarish creature.
17:57 "It had huge iron teeth, it was devouring, breaking in pieces,
18:00 and trampling the residue with its feet.
18:02 It was different from all the beasts
18:04 that were before it, and it had ten horns."
18:07 I mean, this is a mean looking creature
18:09 if I ever saw one, right.
18:10 So I want you to notice here, beloved.
18:13 What world empire is next?
18:16 Well, there wouldn't be another next ruling empire.
18:21 Instead, what you have?
18:22 You have the Lion-Babylon, Bear- Medo-Persia,
18:25 Leopard- Greece, then a Dragon
18:27 like ten horn iron teeth creature
18:29 that's ferocious and killing wherever it goes, that's Rome.
18:32 What world empire is next?
18:34 No, there would be the ten divisions of Rome
18:37 represented by the ten,
18:39 the ten toes in Daniel 2's image, right, the ten toes.
18:42 But in Daniel 7, instead of ten toes,
18:45 what you have, ten?
18:46 Horns, all right.
18:48 Now those ten divisions of Rome, originally,
18:52 these were the original tribes that would have descendents
18:57 and make up the kingdoms of modern counterparts
19:01 or the modern nations of Europe today
19:03 with the exception of three.
19:05 The Alamanni, the Germans. The Franks, the French.
19:08 The Saxons, the English. The Visigoths, the Spanish.
19:10 Burgundians, Swiss.
19:12 Lombard, Italians and Suvi, Portuguese.
19:14 I repeat, these ten original tribes or kingdoms
19:18 find their modern counterparts in the modern nations
19:21 of Europe today with the exception of three.
19:24 Keep that in mind. Everybody, say the number three.
19:27 It has everything to do
19:28 with the rise of the antichrist.
19:32 Now we're gonna zero in on the next verse.
19:36 Everybody, say next verse.
19:38 All right, here we go, next verse.
19:40 Now we need to downshift, all right.
19:45 "I was considering the horns, and there was another horn,
19:51 a little one, coming up," where? "among them,"
19:57 among the horns, "before whom three of the first horns
20:02 were plucked out by the roots.
20:05 And there, in this horn,"
20:07 it's eerie, it's surreal,
20:12 "were eyes like the eyes of a man,
20:15 and a mouth speaking pompous words."
20:17 Now that captures my attention. Daniel 7:8.
20:22 So this is the solved case of the bizarre
20:25 talking horn, the little talking horn.
20:29 How many of you remember Mister Ed?
20:31 I grew up with Mister Ed.
20:32 Now that was some fascinating animation
20:37 like that animal talked.
20:39 That horse really talked and we'll be looking at it like,
20:42 "Wow, that looks so real."
20:44 How many of you grew up with Mister Ed?
20:45 Now with special effects, I mean, forget it.
20:50 But you know what?
20:51 God was way ahead of everybody.
20:54 You've got a talking horn
20:58 and that was way back in the Book of Daniel.
21:01 What I want you to notice here,
21:03 God is trying to get our attention.
21:06 Who is this little horn?
21:09 In Daniel 7 there is a catalog
21:11 of ten vital clues.
21:13 We're gonna use all your fingers tonight.
21:15 That will help us to track down prophecy's most wanted.
21:19 It's a theological thrill. All right, ten clues.
21:22 We're gonna examine them one by one
21:24 and they are all in Daniel 7.
21:26 Now is that easy or what?
21:28 How many of you know how to read tonight?
21:30 All right, even if you don't know how to read,
21:31 how many of you know how to hear?
21:33 All right, here we go.
21:35 Sudden changes are about to catch the world by surprise.
21:39 Amazing Bible prophecies are fast fulfilling.
21:42 Do ancient prophecies predict the sudden economic collapse?
21:46 Will the Middle East crisis erupt into World War III?
21:49 Are we living on the eve of Armageddon?
21:52 How will the final moves of the antichrist affect you?
21:55 What is the future of the United States of America?
21:58 How will natural disasters
22:00 assure in the mark of the beast?
22:02 Now you can watch the entire Amazing Prophecy series
22:06 of 32 hope filled messages on DVD.
22:10 Don't guess about the future, know the future.
22:14 The complete set of DVDs
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22:38 Ten prophetic clues from Daniel 7.
22:42 First, I'm gonna read a select few verses in Daniel 7
22:47 and then we will look at those clues
22:50 that come from these few handful cluster verses.
22:54 All right.
22:55 Daniel 7, we've already read verses 7 and 8.
22:58 Now let's look at verse number 20.
23:03 "And the ten horns that were on its head,
23:05 and the other horn which came up,
23:07 before which three fell,
23:08 namely, that horn which had eyes and a mouth
23:11 which spoke pompous words," that is great things,
23:14 "whose appearance was greater than his fellows."
23:16 More domineering.
23:17 "I was watching; and the same horn
23:19 was making war against the saints,
23:22 and prevailing against them."
23:23 Verse number 24.
23:25 "The ten horns are ten kings
23:26 who shall arise from this kingdom.
23:28 And another shall rise," when? "After them."
23:31 After the ten are established.
23:34 "And he shall be different from the first ones,
23:38 and shall subdue three kings."
23:40 Or kingdoms, kings and kingdoms are used interchangeably
23:43 here in Daniel 7.
23:45 Verse 25 is a powerful verse here.
23:48 I believe the most--
23:49 one of the most powerful verses in Daniel 7.
23:52 "He shall speak pompous words against the Most High,
23:55 shall persecute the saints of the Most High.
23:57 And shall intend to change times and laws.
24:00 Then the saints shall be given into his hand for a time
24:03 and times and half a time."
24:05 All right. Let's unpack it. Are you ready?
24:07 Say you're ready. Now watch this.
24:10 There are ten crystal clear, vital, pivotal clues
24:14 that leap from the page of Daniel 7.
24:17 All right. So let's look at this.
24:19 Number one, it arose out of the fourth beast,
24:22 the fourth beast was Pagan Rome,
24:24 we've established that.
24:25 All right, that's verses 7 and 8.
24:27 Number two, it arose proximity among the ten horns,
24:32 the ten divisions of Rome, verse 8.
24:34 All right. Number three, After, timing is everything.
24:38 After the ten horns
24:40 sometime after the break of the Roman Empire,
24:42 historians customarily used the date of 476 A.D.
24:46 Although Rome fell gradually, they say 476 A.D.
24:50 is a pivotal watershed year
24:52 marking the collapse of the Roman Empire.
24:56 That was Daniel 7:24.
24:59 Number four, different from the other horns.
25:02 The others were political,
25:03 this one would be religious, and, or political.
25:06 Daniel 7:24.
25:07 Number five, a look more stout or pompous or powerful,
25:11 prestigious than its fellows.
25:12 It would dominate Europe. Daniel 7: 24.
25:15 Number six, uproots three kingdoms,
25:17 historically they were Herull, Vandals and Ostrogoths.
25:20 That's Daniel 7: 8, 20, 24.
25:23 Number seven, spoke great words against the Most High,
25:26 against God, that's blasphemy.
25:28 Daniel 7: 25.
25:30 Number eight, wore out the saints of the Most High,
25:32 persecuting power.
25:34 Daniel 7: 25.
25:35 Number nine, thought to change times and laws.
25:38 What do we call the laws of the Most High?
25:40 The Ten Commandments.
25:41 How many fingers do you have, last time you checked?
25:44 All right, there we go. Daniel 7: 25.
25:47 Number ten, reined for a time, times and the dividing of time.
25:53 Now I don't expect you to believe this
25:55 until I validate it.
25:57 But I'm gonna tell you that equals 1260 years.
25:59 Daniel 7:25.
26:02 Did you know
26:04 that the antichrist may seem very Christian,
26:08 antichrist?
26:11 But some of his teachings
26:13 betray the real light of the gospel.
26:16 Remember the antichrist in the time of Jesus?
26:18 His name was Judas Iscariot and he was with him,
26:21 the Christian church, wasn't he?
26:24 One of the most influential among the disciples.
26:27 He was the church treasurer.
26:29 Now if you are a church treasurer
26:30 please don't take that personally.
26:31 All right, here we go.
26:33 Ten clues, ten clues. Here we go.
26:37 By the way, you know what the FBI stands for,
26:38 don't you?
26:40 'Cause we're--
26:41 how many of you agree, we ought to investigate?
26:42 That's what we're doing.
26:44 We got the magnifying glass
26:45 and we're going in, doing some--
26:47 how many of you agree we're doing some detective work
26:48 here tonight, aren't we?
26:50 We are trying to track down prophecy's most wanted,
26:52 the antichrist, right?
26:54 Well, you know what the FBI stands for,
26:55 Faithful Believers who Investigate what they believe.
26:58 All right, here we go.
26:59 Number one,
27:00 it arose out of the fourth beast, pagan Rome.
27:04 "Behold the fourth beast."
27:06 Number two, we're gonna apply this to a power.
27:10 Arises among the ten horns, ten divisions of Rome.
27:13 "There came up among them another little horn."
27:15 All right, quiz time.
27:17 Quiz time, are you ready? Here we go.
27:19 Where would the little horn power arise?
27:21 And I want you to shout it out. Canada? Yes or no.
27:24 India? Yes or no. Africa? Yes or no.
27:28 South America? Yes or no. United States? Yes or no.
27:33 Europe? Yes or no. Now how do you know that?
27:37 Because you read it in your Bible.
27:39 I'm not a magician pulling stuff out of my hat
27:42 like they might do in Branson saying "Wow, he's good.
27:44 Where did that come from?"
27:46 I'm a messenger and I must validate everything
27:50 according to the word of God in history
27:52 and currents events or don't believe.
27:54 Amen. And so beloved, hear tonight.
27:57 It's the power that rises after the ten horns,
28:00 after the break-up of the Roman Empire,
28:02 sometime after 476 it would be emerging.
28:06 Clue number three, another shall rise after that.
28:10 There's only one power
28:11 that meets all ten of these prophetic clues,
28:15 these Biblical specifications.
28:17 There's only one, there's only one
28:20 that has a hand that fits into glove.
28:23 All the fingers of these clues
28:26 point unerringly to one power.
28:32 Different from the other horns.
28:35 It's a religious power, not some secular dictator.
28:40 It is a religious power that looks Christian
28:46 because the--
28:47 watch this, "He shall be diverse from the first."
28:50 Daniel 7:24. It would be political and religious.
28:55 Now this may be new
28:57 and I want to share this, thank you.
28:59 I want to share this with all sensitivity.
29:02 God loves everyone.
29:05 This is not against any people of a particular persuasion
29:10 that love the Lord.
29:11 It is rather talking about an institution
29:14 that has affected a lot of wonderful people.
29:17 Is that clear?
29:19 And so I want you to think of this.
29:23 History books, go get out your encyclopedias.
29:28 I'll read a quote, I'll read a quote from history.
29:32 "The transfer," what was going on
29:35 around the early centuries over there, over there,
29:38 since we're talking about--
29:40 it would arise from the break up of the Roman Empire
29:43 in the early centuries.
29:45 We are going back in time.
29:47 "The transfer of the emperor's residence
29:49 to Constantinople was a sad blow to the prestige of Rome."
29:53 You see Emperor Constantine,
29:57 decided to in the early fourth century
30:00 decided to relocate in a political maneuver,
30:04 decided to relocate his capital city,
30:07 would you agree, that is, can you imagine
30:09 Washington DC deciding to go some--
30:11 you know, the capital is gonna go somewhere,
30:13 that would make big news, wouldn't it?
30:16 And so Constantine relocated, packed everything up
30:20 and they relocated the capital to Byzantium.
30:27 Being a humble man or not, he renamed him
30:30 after himself, Constantinople.
30:33 Now you know the rest of the story.
30:35 But the question is well,
30:38 where did all the power go that was there in Rome?
30:41 To the Papacy.
30:44 They got all the power and all the prestige of Rome,
30:48 they got it all and it remains that way today.
30:51 I want you to notice here
30:53 that "The transfer of the emperor's residence
30:54 to Constantinople was a sad blow to the prestige of Rome."
30:58 But listen,
31:01 "and at the time one might have predicted her speedy decline,
31:03 but the development of the," what?
31:06 "Of the Church
31:07 and the growing authority of the Bishop of Rome,
31:09 or the Pope gave her a new lease on life,
31:11 and made her again the capital," yes, "this time
31:15 the religious capital of the civilized world."
31:18 All roads lead to Papal Rome.
31:24 Abbot's Roman History, page 236. Now watch this.
31:28 Down went pagan Rome up came papal Rome.
31:31 An irrefutable fact of your history books.
31:36 Now watch this.
31:38 How many of you ever heard of King James?
31:41 If you would ask me, "Mark, what Bible do you recommend?"
31:44 I recommend King James. I like to read New King James.
31:47 It's a little bit more fluent today.
31:50 You got to be careful about your versions,
31:51 you can read any version you want
31:53 but I'm just telling you the one's I recommend.
31:54 Okay, anyway, "King James, 1566 to 1625, himself believed
32:00 that following the removal of the Roman emperors,
32:02 the reign of Antichrist began.
32:04 This was, of course, a reference
32:06 to the rise of the Papacy which he believed
32:08 to be the Antichrist and Mystery of Iniquity."
32:10 Babylon Mystery Religion, page 135. Amazing.
32:14 This is not fringe theology. This is not fringe teaching.
32:18 This is what?
32:20 All of the Protestant reformers believe.
32:23 And all I'm doing,
32:25 not a new vindictive teaching that Mark Fox came up with,
32:28 rather, I'm giving an echo of the Protestant Reformation.
32:33 The root word of Protestant is protest.
32:35 Right now,
32:37 I'm here at this protest about the little horn.
32:43 Clue number five, a look more stout than his fellows,
32:46 dominate Europe, Daniel 7: 20.
32:47 "Whose look was more stout than his fellows." We continue.
32:51 Did the Papacy dominate Europe during the Middle Ages?
32:55 It did. Consider this.
32:56 The Pope seemed to have absolute control of the kings.
33:00 That's right.
33:01 The kings, listen here, "the kings seemed to be
33:05 under the bewitching spell of the Papacy.
33:09 The kings feared the threat of being excommunicated
33:11 by the brazen popes.
33:15 In realty the kings were mere puppets of the popes."
33:18 Friends, this is your history books.
33:21 How many of you watch the History Channel?
33:23 I don't know, maybe they've had programs on this.
33:26 Do a little Google, it's there.
33:28 Myer's General History, page 455.
33:31 And I share this with all sensitivity.
33:33 Please don't believe anything I say
33:36 unless you see it in the Bible,
33:38 your history books and current events
33:40 because I challenge your reasoning.
33:45 Oh, we can get emotional about this
33:48 and sometimes emotions can cloud the issue,
33:50 isn't that true?
33:51 How many of you agree with me?
33:53 We got to just be calm
33:54 and we have to look at the evidence
33:56 because the evidence is clinching.
33:58 And so I want you to notice what happened.
34:01 "Almost all the kings and princes of Europe
34:03 Swore loyalty, fealty to him as their overlord."
34:07 Clue number six, uproots three kingdoms,
34:09 Heruli, Vandals, Ostrogoths.
34:10 "Before whom three fell."
34:12 Did the Papacy orchestrate
34:14 the demise of these three opposing kingdoms?
34:16 It did. When were these three horns uprooted?
34:19 When were they uprooted?
34:21 We got to look at history and what do we discover?
34:23 There are the ten divisions of the Roman Empire,
34:26 there were three uprooted.
34:28 Heruli destroyed in A.D. 493,
34:31 Vandals, from which we get vandalism,
34:33 they were known for that, destroyed in A.D. 534.
34:37 Then the Ostrogoths destroyed in A.D. 538.
34:42 So therefore, all of these three opposing kingdoms
34:46 were uprooted by the pivotal year of 538 A.D.
34:50 Now keep that in mind.
34:51 Clue number seven, spoke great words
34:53 against the Most High. Blasphemy.
34:55 So the Bible makes it very clear.
34:57 "Behold, in this horn were eyes like the eyes of man."
35:00 Can you imagine that?
35:02 A horn, can you imagine going to a zoo,
35:04 where is your nearest zoo?
35:05 Yeah, they have it in Branson there?
35:08 Can you imagine going to the zoo?
35:09 We have the big Dallas Zoo and the Fort Worth Zoo.
35:12 I've been there and I haven't,
35:14 I've seen a lot of funny animals
35:17 but I have not seen an animal with a horn
35:19 on the top of it that talks.
35:21 Let me know if you see one.
35:24 Based on man's wisdom
35:27 and interpretation of scripture.
35:29 That's what it means.
35:30 That's what it means, blasphemy.
35:32 What is the Bible's definition of blasphemy?
35:35 The Bible defines blasphemy as assuming any rights
35:38 or power or titles, prerogatives
35:40 that belong solely exclusive to God.
35:44 Remember, the Bible says, "I am God and there is no other."
35:46 Amen.
35:48 And so, why was Jesus falsely accused of blasphemy?
35:51 Because He claimed to forgive sin
35:53 and He claimed to be equal with God.
35:55 He was, is God in the flesh. Can you say amen?
35:59 He is fully divine and He was fully human. Amen.
36:03 And when we see Him, He's gonna still look like He did. Amen.
36:08 Oh, but now with full divinity flashing through
36:11 in all of His glory.
36:13 Can you say amen?
36:14 But He's still gonna have the scars.
36:15 Amen. It's still Jesus. Amen.
36:17 And so I want you to notice here, beloved. Luke 5:21.
36:21 "Who is this which speaketh blasphemies?
36:23 Who can forgive sins but God alone?"
36:25 "But that you may know that the Son of Man
36:26 has authority," that's the issue,
36:28 "authority on earth to forgive sins.
36:30 He said to the paralyzed man,
36:32 "I tell you, get up, take your mat, and go home."
36:34 Luke 5: 24.
36:36 Now what is a classic example of how ready Jesus is
36:40 to forgive our sins and to set us forever free?
36:45 Was condemned to die, to be stoned for adultery.
36:49 And He said, I don't condemn you,
36:51 forgive you, go and leave your life of sin.
36:54 Amen. That's John Chapter 8.
36:56 In other words, Jesus was saying,
36:57 I've got authority to tell you there's no condemnation.
37:02 Paul said, "There is no condemnation
37:04 to those who are in Christ Jesus
37:05 who walk not after the flesh but after the Spirit."
37:08 Romans 8: 1.
37:09 How many of you agree you do not have to walk
37:11 in your life under a cloud of condemnation,
37:14 I don't care, maybe there's something,
37:15 you know what the devil does?
37:17 He tries to keep reminding you of your past.
37:19 You know, some dark thing in your closet
37:22 or what you did in the past and the devil
37:24 keep trying to bring that up so that you get discouraged.
37:29 But remember Jesus Christ,
37:31 "Him that cometh to me, I will no wise cast out."
37:34 My wife's favorite verse, John 6: 37.
37:37 Christ says, "you come to me as you are
37:41 and I will forgive you."
37:43 The Bible says in Nehemiah Chapter 9
37:46 that He is "ready to pardon."
37:48 Psalms 86 says, "He is ready to forgive."
37:52 How many agree, you don't have to talk Him into it.
37:55 You just have to confess and ask Him for forgiveness.
37:58 Amen.
37:59 And so listen, listen very, very, very clearly.
38:02 When the devil reminds you of your past,
38:06 remind him of his future.
38:09 Amen.
38:13 "'We are not stoning you for any of these,'
38:15 replied the Jews, 'but for blasphemy,
38:16 because you, a mere man, claim to be God.'"
38:19 But He was "God in the flesh." John 10:33.
38:22 But does the Papacy claim the titles
38:25 and prerogatives which belong to God alone?
38:28 Does the Papacy make the presumptuous claim
38:30 to forgive sins?
38:32 The Catholic Priest, pages 78, 79.
38:34 I repeat, God loves Roman Catholics,
38:37 He loves people of Pentecostals,
38:39 Assembly of Gods, Seventh-day Adventists.
38:41 He loves people of all different faiths
38:44 or no faith.
38:45 But I'm here to tell you
38:47 this is not about judging precious people
38:52 that are children of God
38:54 but rather an institution being exposed
38:56 so that precious people can get a heads up of truth.
39:00 Can you say amen?
39:01 How many of you agree truth is to set the captives free.
39:03 Amen.
39:05 And so "Seek where you will, through heaven and earth,
39:07 and you will find but one created being
39:09 who can forgive the sinner,
39:11 that extraordinary being is the priest,
39:12 the Roman Catholic priest."
39:14 Confess to a priest?
39:16 "There is one God and one mediator
39:18 between God and men, the man Christ Jesus,
39:21 who gave himself a ransom for all."
39:23 There is one mediator, all you need is Jesus.
39:27 That's the true gospel, false gospel,
39:29 you need Jesus and a Pope and Mary
39:32 and the saints and penance and purgatory.
39:35 I'm here to tell you, all you need is Jesus.
39:39 Jesus and salvation is for kids.
39:43 Make it simple. Keep it simple.
39:45 1 Timothy 2: 5 and 6.
39:46 And yet in the catechism, it's a voluminous catechism.
39:50 We read, "One who desires to obtain reconciliation
39:53 with God and with the Church, must confess to a priest
39:56 all the unconfessed grave sins he remembers
39:58 after having carefully examined his conscience."
40:01 And so pages 374.
40:03 Page 365, "According to the Church's command,
40:06 'after having attained the age of discretion,
40:08 each of the faithful is bound by an obligation faithfully
40:12 to confess serious sins at least once a year.'
40:14 " I don't know where they come up with that
40:15 but they're, that's what they are saying.
40:17 1 John 1: 9.
40:18 Read it together with me and let's preach this together.
40:21 "If we confess our sins, He is faithful
40:24 and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us
40:26 from all unrighteousness."
40:28 I believe that. How about you?
40:30 And so 1 John 1:7. Let's read this together.
40:33 "But if we walk in the light as He is in the light,
40:37 we have fellowship with one another,
40:38 and the blood of Jesus Christ His Son
40:41 cleanses us from all sin."
40:44 Clean.
40:45 I tell my children, I tell my children,
40:48 when you make a mistake you ask Jesus to forgive you
40:51 and He gives you a clean slate.
40:54 And my son in particular, my ten year old son, Caleb,
40:57 he likes that idea
40:59 because he's like, that he makes mistakes occasionally
41:02 and he's like he loves the idea of a clean slate.
41:04 How many still like the idea of a clean slate?
41:09 If you are going through a personal crisis in your life,
41:12 if you are facing financial challenges,
41:15 if you are suffering from health problem,
41:17 if your marriage is needing a miracle,
41:19 if you have a special concern for your children,
41:22 whatever you need maybe give us a call
41:24 and we will pray with you.
41:25 For your prayer requests call us at 1-855-336-Free.
41:31 "If the Son sets you free, you are free indeed,"
41:34 John 8:36.
41:37 Aren't you glad, "His mercies are new every morning?"
41:40 "Great is Thy faithfulness." Lamentations 3: 22 and 25.
41:44 Every morning is a new start.
41:47 How many of you agree you do not have to
41:49 drag around the ball and chain of guilt?
41:52 Let it go at the foot of the cross.
41:53 Can you say amen?
41:55 And so beloved, Jesus blood alone
41:58 is sufficient to save you and I.
42:00 You can believe in the blood.
42:02 You say, "But Mark, I'm unworthy."
42:04 Then you need the blood.
42:05 "I failed." you need the blood.
42:07 "Ah, you don't know where I've been."
42:09 You need the blood.
42:10 "I'm weak." You need the blood.
42:12 "Unworthy." You need the blood.
42:16 The word antichrist,
42:17 the word anti can have several meanings.
42:19 Did you know that?
42:21 The word antichrist, it can mean "Against Christ"
42:25 and it can mean also "In place of Christ."
42:28 And the pontiff claims to be in the place of Christ,
42:31 "Vicar of the Son of God."
42:34 And so "Thou art a priest forever,
42:36 says the ordaining Bishop.
42:38 He is not longer a man, a sinful child of Adam,
42:41 but an 'Alter Christus'" What does that mean?
42:45 "Another Christ.
42:49 Forever a priest of the Most High,
42:50 with power over the Almighty."
42:52 I don't even like reading it.
42:53 But there it is, Eucharistic Meditations.
42:57 Ferraris Ecclesiastical dictionary, Inflated claims.
43:01 "The Pope is of so great dignity,
43:03 and so exalted that he is not a mere man,
43:05 but as it were God, and the vicar of God."
43:09 This is blasphemy. What did Paul say?
43:11 Paul forecast what was gonna happen
43:13 in the temple, in the church.
43:16 "Who opposeth and exalteth himself
43:18 above all that is called God, or that is worshipped,
43:20 so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God,
43:23 shewing himself that he is God."
43:24 Is he God? No. But is he acting like he is God?
43:27 Now keep in mind I cannot judge the personal Pope
43:34 in terms of his person.
43:39 You know, I don't know everything
43:40 that goes on in his mind.
43:42 The Bible says "Judge not that ye be not judged." Matthew 7:1.
43:45 But shouldn't I judge what he is teaching
43:48 and his position and what his beliefs are?
43:51 Shouldn't you judge everything that is being taught?
43:54 Yes or no. Absolutely.
43:57 And that's 2 Thessalonians 2:2 and 3.
44:00 Alphonsus Liguori says in Dignity
44:02 and Duties of the priests, "To pardon a single sin
44:05 requires all the omnipotence of God.
44:08 But what only God can do by his omnipotence,
44:10 the priest can also do."
44:12 No wonder Pope Leo XII said, "We hold upon this earth
44:17 the place of God Almighty."
44:20 Pope Leo. Wow. Amazing, amazing.
44:25 In the catechism, about Mary, it says,
44:27 "Taken up to heaven she, Mary, did not lay aside
44:30 this saving office but by her manifold intercession
44:33 continues to bring us the gifts of eternal salvation."
44:36 Wow.
44:37 Here's another quote from catechism
44:38 "Therefore the Blessed Virgin is invoked in the Church
44:41 under the titles of Advocate, Helper, Benefactress,
44:44 and Mediatrix."
44:47 Now I've got a question.
44:48 Didn't we just read there's only one mediator
44:50 between God and man?
44:52 And the man is Jesus Christ.
44:55 John Paul II devoted his pontificate,
44:58 not to God, not to Jesus, not to the Holy Spirit
45:01 but to Mother Mary.
45:03 There you see it on his regalia.
45:05 Pope John Paul II,
45:08 same year that I went to the Vatican on a tour,
45:12 1981, it didn't happen while I was there
45:16 but it did happen in 1981, there was an attempt--
45:20 assassination attempt.
45:22 How many of you remember that?
45:24 And the location of the shooting is marked here
45:28 by the tablet in St. Peter's Square.
45:31 Here is a close up of it, a picture of it.
45:34 Do you see this?
45:36 The site at the shooting is marked
45:37 by a small marble tablet
45:39 bearing John Paul's papal coat of arms
45:41 and date in Roman numerals.
45:43 Notice the M for Mary. Wow, amazing.
45:48 Shouldn't that tell you something
45:49 that something is wrong?
45:51 When you dedicate your religious,
45:53 he is the most influential religious spokesman
45:56 in the world and he dedicated his religious pontificate,
46:00 not to God, not to Jesus, not the Holy Spirit,
46:03 but to Mary.
46:04 Shouldn't that concern you?
46:06 No wonder, people have taken pictures
46:09 of the Pope actually bowing before shrines of Mary.
46:14 So beloved, listen to this.
46:17 What does the Roman Papal power enforce upon its bishops
46:19 and is it Biblical?
46:21 Celibacy is a sign of this new life to service
46:23 of which the Church's minister is consecrated.
46:25 But what does the Bible say?
46:27 "A bishop then must be blameless,
46:28 the husband of one wife."
46:30 It's okay for the priest to get married.
46:32 Tell them that, liberate them. All right, anyway.
46:35 What does the Roman Papal power teach and practice
46:38 about Baptism?
46:40 Does it teach a sprinkling or pouring water
46:42 over a baby in the Bible?
46:43 It's not there. It's not there, beloved, it's nowhere.
46:47 And if it's not in the Bible, we don't want it.
46:49 Isn't that true?
46:51 So "full well ye reject the commandment of God,
46:53 that ye may keep your own tradition."
46:55 Mark 7: 9.
46:56 "Blind guides leading the blind."
46:58 Matthew 15:14.
47:01 Now how could so many false teachings be accepted
47:03 by millions of Christians during the Dark Ages?
47:06 During the centuries of the Dark Ages
47:07 the average person didn't have a Bible.
47:11 All right, I got a little quiz here.
47:12 How many have one Bible? How many have two?
47:16 How many have three? How many have four?
47:20 How many have five? How many have six?
47:25 How many have seven?
47:28 I don't even know how many I have, or eight.
47:30 All right, we are stopping right there.
47:32 They didn't have one.
47:34 Most of these pour peasants didn't even own the scriptures
47:39 like we have today.
47:41 And so would you agree they got away with a lot in the dark?
47:45 And so listen.
47:46 There was "a famine of hearing
47:48 the words of the Lord" at this time.
47:49 Amos 8:11.
47:50 "Truth was thrown to the ground." Daniel 8: 12.
47:53 "My people are destroyed from the lack of knowledge."
47:57 Hosea 4: 6.
47:59 Number eight,
48:00 "it would wear out the saints of the Most High."
48:02 Daniel 7:25.
48:03 Fifty million people lost their lives
48:06 during the Dark Ages.
48:08 Can you imagine?
48:09 In the Holocaust, there were six million
48:12 Jews that lost their life.
48:13 Beloved, this is the overlooked holocaust.
48:18 How many agree we must not forget
48:19 about the Jewish holocaust and we must not forget
48:22 the holocaust of the Dark Ages, would you agree with me?
48:27 There were so many unfair trials.
48:31 Persecution of the heretics, torn from limb to limb.
48:35 I think about John Hus,
48:39 a lecturer at the University of Prague
48:43 and he was being tried for his faith,
48:45 he was being told to recant
48:47 because he wanted to have reform in the church
48:50 and he protested some things that were going on.
48:54 And they told him, "Recant or you will die".
48:57 And he wouldn't change his mind.
48:58 He said, "Show me where I'm wrong.
49:00 Show me where I'm wrong."
49:02 And they would burn him at the stake because he said,
49:05 "the Bible is the only rule of faith.
49:08 "I would not, for a chapel full of gold,
49:10 recede from the truth."
49:11 John Hus, rector of Prague's Bethlehem Chapel.
49:14 So John Hus in 1415 was burned to the stake.
49:19 "God is my witness
49:21 that the evidence against me is false.
49:24 I have never thought nor preached
49:25 except with the one intention of winning men,
49:27 if possible, from their sins."
49:29 "Today I will gladly die" July 6, 1415.
49:34 Talk about heroic faith.
49:36 Oh, read the book, Foxe's Book of Martyrs or many other books
49:41 and so forth. Number nine,
49:42 "Thought to change times and laws,"
49:43 change in the ten commandments,
49:45 "think to change time and laws."
49:46 Could you-- would you agree?
49:48 If this power, the Pope says
49:50 they can change the very law of God,
49:52 that's acting like God, who wrote the law.
49:57 In Austin, capital of Texas,
50:03 you have a monument of the Ten Commandments,
50:06 and this is the correct version that is in the Bible,
50:09 Exodus 20.
50:11 But the incorrect version is in the Roman catechism.
50:18 And has God changed His Ten Commandments?
50:21 He has not.
50:23 The reason why you have a change in the catechism
50:26 is to allow images to come into the church
50:29 without making people feel
50:31 like they're violating a commandment.
50:34 And so, what do they do?
50:35 This is the Roman papal version.
50:39 You'll notice that they have deleted the commandment
50:41 that says "Don't make images and bow down to them."
50:44 And so they have deleted that one.
50:47 Well, that doesn't look good. Ten minus one equals nine.
50:51 That doesn't look good. So what do they do?
50:53 They took the tenth commandment
50:54 and said, well, that's rather lengthy.
50:56 Uh, about "Thou shalt not covet"
50:57 and goes into detail, let's just split that in two.
51:00 So they deleted the second commandant
51:03 and split into two the tenth commandment
51:06 and there you have the changes.
51:10 Now, isn't that amazing?
51:13 And most people, either they are not aware of it
51:18 or they don't think it matters.
51:22 "For laying aside the commandment of God,
51:26 ye hold to the tradition of men."
51:29 Eyes like the eyes of a man,
51:31 Mouth of a man speaking great things."
51:34 Mark 7:8.
51:36 Number 10, "Reigned for a time, times and dividing of time"
51:40 What is that all about?
51:41 Time, that's one year of 360 days.
51:43 Two years, 720 days, that's times.
51:47 Half a time, half a year of 180 days.
51:49 1260 days.
51:51 One day equals a Biblical year.
51:53 "I have appointed thee each day for a year."
51:54 Ezekiel 4:6.
51:56 So therefore, we are talking about a whopping 1260 years.
52:01 When does this time prophecy begin?
52:03 When Emperor
52:05 Roman Justinian issued a legal decree.
52:08 You see, it must begin with an event or series of events
52:11 which gave incredible power to this Roman system.
52:15 Listen, "Vigilius...ascended the papal chair,"
52:20 Pope Vigilius,
52:21 "538 AD under the military protection of Belisarius."
52:26 All right?
52:27 So therefore, in 538 AD, there was a Roman legal decree.
52:31 The Bishop would now be head of all churches.
52:34 Bishop, definer of all the doctrines.
52:36 The Bishop or Pope, corrector of all heretics,
52:39 ushering in the Dark Ages.
52:41 You know what corrector means? Persecutor.
52:44 So, three horns were uprooted by this year.
52:48 538 AD.
52:49 Well, let's plug it in and we are dealing here
52:52 with the time prophecy, let's plug in a 1260 years.
52:56 The Bible makes it very clear
52:57 that it would have this temple sovereignty,
52:59 this reign of terror for 1260 years.
53:03 From 538 AD when it got power.
53:07 Go 1260 years down the timeline,
53:10 down the quarters of time, passing, spanning the centuries
53:13 and it culminates in the year 1798, that's when it runs out.
53:17 That's when it lost power, temporarily.
53:20 So it got power 538 AD and lost power 1798.
53:25 You see in the encyclopedia Americana.
53:28 "In 1798, he, General Berthier,
53:30 made his entrance into Rome, abolished the Papal government
53:33 and established the secular one."
53:35 Here's the picture of Pope Pius VI and Berthier,
53:41 just passed by Napoleon to capture the Pope,
53:44 they went down to the Vatican and captured Pope Pius VI,
53:48 pulled him away from the mass, the altar of mass
53:54 pulled off his pontifical ring and you know what happened?
53:57 See the deadly wound was inflicted
53:59 as the Bible said in Revelation, in 1798,
54:02 exactly 1260 years from 538 AD.
54:06 Pope Pius VI died in exile a year and a half later
54:09 in Valence, France.
54:11 And now you know the rest of the story.
54:13 But it would have a comeback, wouldn't it?
54:15 Now how can we know for sure, beloved,
54:17 that the antichrist is not future but is present?
54:21 The Papacy has its roots in the distant past,
54:24 it reigned for 1260 years, and it keeps on going.
54:29 Is this a new theory?
54:31 "Martin Luther was the first to identify
54:33 that the papacy as such with the Antichrist."
54:35 "A view that was dogma for all Protestant churches."
54:38 Newsweek magazine, November 1, 1999.
54:42 I feel much freer now
54:43 that I am certain the pope is the Antichrist.
54:45 Martin Luther.
54:46 Here I can stand, you know, they told him,
54:48 "Martin Luther, give it up, give it up, give it up."
54:50 He said, "The just shall live by faith and faith alone."
54:55 They said "You better change your mind."
54:57 "Here I stand, I can do none other.
55:00 May God help me."
55:01 And God did help him.
55:03 So why do we not hear this more?
55:05 Now let's bring it right down here today as we close.
55:11 Why do we not hear this more now?
55:13 Because the Vatican is so powerful.
55:20 Every night on the news, if you are looking for it,
55:24 you can find it, go online,
55:25 there's something going on with the Vatican.
55:29 Time magazine, John Paul, superstar.
55:35 Time magazine talking about this Pope.
55:37 Why the Pope loves America.
55:40 You can miss some of my upcoming presentations
55:42 when I show you what's gonna happen
55:45 between the Vatican and America.
55:48 A sudden change is just around the corner.
55:53 I said a sudden, stupendous change.
55:57 Is this a fulfillment of Bible prophecy?
56:00 It is.
56:02 Here is a world map indicating where John Paul II visited.
56:06 Here's the political leaders from around the world
56:08 giving homage and recognition to the Pope.
56:11 And here's the who's who
56:13 of the political leaders right there.
56:15 Millions around the world viewed the funeral and then,
56:20 his successor received an unprecedented
56:27 glorious grandeurs impressive welcome
56:33 from the President of the United States.
56:35 The most influential political figure
56:38 and the most influential religious figure,
56:40 are they ever gonna work together in the future?
56:43 Not necessarily that particular president.
56:46 Deadly wound is healed, and all the world marveled
56:49 and followed the beast
56:51 who is the also bizarre talking horn.
56:54 We are not talking about the loving Christians
56:56 but the institution
56:57 that is misleading so many sincere people.
56:59 The Little Horn is not a person but a power,
57:01 not an individual, but an institution,
57:03 not a specific personality, but a system.
57:06 Besides, nobody has lived 1260 years,
57:08 not even Methuselah.
57:13 You see, Mark, how does this all apply
57:15 to my daily walk for Jesus?
57:18 The most dangerous element about the little horn is
57:20 that it obscures the light of truth about Jesus.
57:25 And this is a poignant reminder.
57:29 Look only to Jesus.
57:34 All those sudden and the alarming changes
57:36 are sweeping across the globe.
57:38 You and your family can be prepared
57:40 to face the future with confidence.
57:43 The complete set of Amazing Prophecies on DVD
57:46 are available for a gift of $60 or more.
57:49 Call us at 1-855-336-FREE
57:54 or send your check or money order
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