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You Can Have a Comeback! Part 2

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00:04 We are racing towards the global crisis at the close.
00:09 God is going to set up His kingdom on earth.
00:13 Preparation for the tribulation and the translation
00:17 is to develop a character like Jesus Christ
00:21 to reach every hamlet,
00:22 every village, every man, every child, every person in India,
00:27 every person in South America
00:28 must hear these three angles' messages.
00:34 These are stories that illustrate the kind of fabric
00:37 of character and perseverance that we need to go through
00:41 the tribulation just as certainly as they did.
00:44 The Bible makes it very clear
00:45 we are living in an unusual hour.
00:47 The last grains of sand are trickling
00:50 through the hourglass of time
00:52 and the door probation is about the swing shut.
01:00 And so the Bible makes it very clear you can have a comeback.
01:03 Take your Bible and turn with me to the Book of Hosea.
01:07 The Book of Hosea that's after the Book of Daniel.
01:10 God's precious promises is how we overcome, amen.
01:15 How many know we have to overcome the three S's,
01:18 sin, self and Satan.
01:22 How? By the scriptures.
01:24 How many agree the power of the Word of God? Amen.
01:27 And so Hosea 14:4, can we read this together?
01:31 Are you ready? Here we go.
01:33 "I will heal their backsliding, I will love them freely,
01:38 for My anger has turned away from him."
01:42 You can have a comeback.
01:44 I don't care how far you have backslid,
01:46 you can be healed of your backsliding.
01:49 I say this there is healing in this house today.
01:53 And so the Bible says that
01:55 you can even get something else back.
01:57 How many agree along the way we get so busy,
02:00 along the way we cover sometimes,
02:03 we lie down defeated sometimes
02:06 but we can have a comeback.
02:07 And maybe you lost something else
02:10 and the Bible says you can get it back.
02:11 What else could that be?
02:13 And we look here at
02:14 the Book of Revelation Chapter 2.
02:16 The words are in red so who is speaking?
02:19 Jesus is speaking.
02:22 "Nevertheless I have this against you,
02:24 that you have left your" what kind of love?
02:29 First love.
02:31 How many love the Lord today?
02:33 My question is do you still have your first love.
02:37 The Bible makes it very clear that
02:39 if we ever love the Lord more than we do today
02:44 the Bible says we must do something about it
02:47 to get it back.
02:48 And I'm here to tell you that Jesus knows,
02:52 if we have left that honeymoon experience with Him.
02:55 If we lost that fervor, if we have ceased
02:58 praying with fervency in our prayer
03:00 and with importunity and a faith
03:03 that will not be denied
03:05 if we are reaching out
03:06 to touch Jesus with that peculiar touch,
03:09 if we are getting that live call from off the altar,
03:12 if we are on fire for Jesus, Jesus knows.
03:16 And the good news is, you want some good news,
03:19 you can get your first love back.
03:23 How many would like to be in love?
03:25 You know, at the job place
03:27 when somebody falls in love
03:29 I don't care what their mood was prior,
03:31 I don't care if they are on a rollercoaster of moods,
03:33 you don't know what mood Joe is gonna be in,
03:36 you don't know what a mood that Saul is gonna be in
03:39 but, boy, when they fall in love all of a sudden
03:42 how many agree everything is lit up.
03:45 When we fall in love with Jesus
03:47 people take knowledge we have been with Jesus.
03:49 Amen.
03:51 And so look here at Revelation 2:4, 5,
03:53 "Nevertheless I have this against you,
03:55 that you have left your first love."
03:57 And that Jesus tells us.
03:58 He gives us practical instruction what to do,
04:02 how to get it back.
04:04 "Remember therefore from where you have fallen,"
04:11 you got to go back.
04:12 How did you lose it? What happened?
04:15 What did you do differently?
04:16 Oh, it might have been a sudden drop?
04:18 It might have been a gradual,
04:20 a gradual backsliding condition.
04:24 "Remember therefore from where you have fallen, repent"
04:29 repent of what that you lost your honeymoon.
04:32 Repent that you lost that fervency, that glow,
04:36 repent that you've lost that first love.
04:39 You mean to tell me that I need to repent
04:43 of being in love with the Lord
04:45 but not fervently in love with the Lord.
04:50 And so the Bible makes it very clear--
04:51 by the way as I crisscross North America
04:53 I meet thousands of wonderful people
04:57 but I'm here to tell you, you know what,
04:58 I meet good people but the question is are we on fire?
05:02 Because good people don't go to heaven,
05:03 only those who are on fire of the Jesus.
05:07 You read the Laodicean message,
05:09 it's a message of, if you don't get on fire
05:12 and repent of your lukewarmness your just as lost
05:15 as the prostitutes and harlots and tax collectors and so forth
05:19 according to the Word of God.
05:21 Nicodemus was in the church and Jesus said
05:23 you need to born again
05:25 or you will not make it to the kingdom of heaven.
05:27 How many agree, it's time to fall in love with Jesus
05:32 so that we don't care about what anybody thinks
05:34 except we know that our heart is in tune
05:37 throbbing with Jesus heart.
05:38 Amen. Does that make sense?
05:40 And so I want you to notice here beloved
05:42 the Bible says here, Jesus says,
05:44 "repent and do the first works,"
05:46 do what you used to do.
05:49 Take time in prayer. Take time in Bible study.
05:52 And notice here "or else I will come to you quickly
05:56 and remove your lampstand from its place unless you repent."
06:00 So I would say this before I get into my testimony
06:04 I'm here to tell you, you can have a testimony.
06:07 You might not have gone out go into the world.
06:09 You might have been lost in church.
06:11 You might like the Lord and know a lot about the Lord
06:15 but I'm here to tell you let's get that first love back, amen.
06:19 Let's get that first love back and that can be our testimony.
06:22 Amen, that can be our testimony.
06:25 Revelation 12:11.
06:27 How many agree if you've lost
06:28 your first love and you get it back,
06:29 how many agree that is a powerful testimony.
06:32 Revelation 12:11,
06:36 "And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb"
06:39 the merits of Christ, the worthiness of Christ,
06:44 the righteousness of Christ.
06:46 That's how we overcome.
06:47 We overcome by claiming His blood.
06:50 Listen, "They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb
06:54 and by the word" that blood became their testimony, amen.
06:58 How many agree you ought to shout for joy
07:00 when you think about the blood of Jesus
07:02 that saved the wretch like you and I?
07:04 And so notice here the Bible makes it very clear
07:07 "by the blood of the Lamb and by the word."
07:09 This is the word.
07:11 How many agree the Word of God becomes our testimony?
07:13 You don't have to invent a testimony.
07:16 Your testimony is based on
07:17 what God is doing in your life, amen.
07:19 And as it's expressed in the Word of God notice here,
07:21 "And they did not love their lives to the death."
07:26 Psalms 103, notice Psalms 103, Psalms 103,
07:31 we were at Psalms 102 but now we are going to Psalms 103:10.
07:36 This encapsulates how I feel about what God has done
07:42 to an unworthy sinner like me.
07:46 "He has not dealt with us according to our sins,"
07:51 He has not dealt with us according to our sins,
07:55 "nor punished us according to our iniquities."
07:58 One word that sums that up grace, grace.
08:03 He does not treat us the way we deserve.
08:06 Last week I shared with you
08:08 how I was raised in a pastor's home.
08:10 My father is a retired pastor in Portland, Oregon.
08:14 I grew up one of four boys
08:17 and during my turbulent teenage years
08:20 I decided I was not interested in church,
08:24 I was not interested in God,
08:26 I didn't want to follow the Lord,
08:29 I wanted to do my own think.
08:30 Like Frank Sinatra sang, I did it my way.
08:35 And so I was very, very restless.
08:38 I was very, very empty
08:41 but you wouldn't always know it
08:43 because I was always laughing and always hanging around mine
08:46 here's keywords I will throw
08:48 a keywords during my testimony.
08:50 I was always around my circle of friends.
08:53 I hated to be, here's that dreadful word, alone.
08:59 I didn't like being alone especially as a teenager
09:03 I had always be on the phone.
09:05 This is just sound for me and mom and dad,
09:07 always had to be on with phone.
09:08 This was long time before cell phones.
09:10 And so I would always be hanging out with my friends
09:14 much of them should grin and dismay
09:16 and disappointment of my parents.
09:18 And so I shared with you how the Lord saved me
09:22 from that near fatal motorcycle accident in 1975.
09:26 I was 17-years-old coming from a bar
09:29 on our way to another bar.
09:30 My buddy Bob's Harley-Davidson Sportster
09:32 I was on the back seat, you know,
09:34 a VW pulled out in front of us
09:36 and slammed into it.
09:38 I ended up in the hospital ten days.
09:41 I shared that with you last week
09:42 but the Lord saved my life
09:44 because I know that if I died then I would have gone down
09:48 to a Christ-less grave.
09:50 How many are glad to be alive today?
09:51 You got a chance today. You got a shot at heaven.
09:54 Can you say, amen?
09:56 The second episode that I highlighted last week
09:59 is how the Lord delivered me
10:01 from basically a near fatal overdose of LSD.
10:07 The devil tried to take my mind
10:11 from those mind altering potent drugs.
10:16 Many people who take these drugs--
10:18 well, let's just put it this way,
10:19 they are never the same.
10:21 God delivered me and answered to my parent's prayers.
10:25 Thank God for parents that still believe in prayer.
10:29 And so the third episode
10:31 not only did the Lord deliver my life
10:33 from that near fatal motorcycle accident,
10:35 not only did the Lord deliver me
10:37 from that near fatal overdose of LSD
10:41 but the Lord also delivered me from almost going to jail
10:45 as I shared with you last week
10:46 for three to five years
10:48 because of getting in trouble with my friends.
10:53 God delivered me and gave me my freedom.
10:56 How many are thankful for freedom?
10:59 And so I will tell you this,
11:03 the forth episode was I met Shirley
11:09 and if your name is Shirley forgive me for saying this
11:11 but it was surely a mistake.
11:15 Shirley and I as you know met each other
11:17 in a discotheque dance floor, moved in together,
11:20 talked about grandiose ideas about getting married.
11:23 During while I was there living together she cheated on me,
11:26 went away for the weekend.
11:27 I had just quit smoking and drinking and drugs
11:31 for the relationship
11:32 she didn't ask me to do it I did it.
11:34 Anyway I thought it would help our relationship.
11:36 I decided that my good looks and my charm
11:39 and my words couldn't try to keep her faithful to me
11:42 and so I thought well, maybe quitting drinking
11:44 and drugs I will do everything
11:46 although she continued to smoke and drink
11:48 and then you know when she cheated on me
11:51 I ate humble pie and my heart was broken
11:55 and I went out and got drunk and so forth.
11:58 By the way I am giving the abbreviated version.
12:00 I shared with you last week
12:02 that Jesus gave enough brief details
12:05 about the prodigal's life going away from the father
12:08 so you could appreciate the homecoming, in Luke 15.
12:11 And so at any rate all I know is that I went out and partied
12:16 and I came back practically passed out
12:18 and that was one week after I had quit everything.
12:22 The devil knew, oh, no, he starting to make
12:24 a little progress although I didn't do it for the Lord.
12:27 I didn't give my heart to the Lord,
12:28 I was doing it for this relationship.
12:30 And how many agree the Lord still working,
12:32 working on every single person
12:35 "not willing that any should perish
12:37 but that all should come to repentance" 2 Peter 3:9.
12:40 And so I was, I was devastated and out of that desperation
12:45 when she came home and my mind and as head were spinning
12:49 and I was trying to drown it out by the rock music
12:52 but just before she came home I share with you last week,
12:55 I said to myself basically essentially
12:58 I'm sick and tired about being sick and tired.
13:02 And so right then and there was a,
13:05 was a time in my life
13:07 where I see smoking and drinking and drugs
13:10 I have never touched ever since.
13:13 And that was before I gave my heart to the Lord.
13:15 So nobody can tell me you can't quit cold turkey.
13:18 No, I know you can.
13:20 And so she came back, tried to patch things up
13:24 but in the back of mind I was very restless.
13:29 I wanted to marry her
13:31 but "God's ways are higher than our ways,"
13:35 Isaiah 55:8, 9 and there.
13:38 How many agree, God's plans do not always coincide
13:41 with your grandiose plans.
13:44 God says, I know.
13:46 Sometimes we don't have a clue.
13:47 I know the plans I have for you.
13:50 Plans to give a future and hope
13:52 if you would just let Me play in for you, Jeremiah 29:11.
13:56 And so around this time I decided to move back home
14:02 and I decided that we need to have God in our relationship
14:05 because my parents and my father's
14:08 associated Pastor Dave Holden were bugging me saying,
14:11 Mark, you're living in sin.
14:12 Mark, you're living in sin.
14:14 If you want to have this relationship last,
14:17 you want durability you got to move back home
14:20 and I thought well, you know what,
14:21 I'm not able to keep her fable so maybe that will work.
14:24 So I decided to go back home and I said, Shirley,
14:28 we've got to have God in our relationship
14:30 and I'm sure she thought he has lost it.
14:35 And I said, we are going back to church.
14:38 So we started going to church and around this time
14:42 we got a brochure in the mail.
14:43 My dad got a brochure in the mail
14:45 from his colleague Mark Finley.
14:49 Now you got to understand that in 1975
14:52 my father's pastoring there in Hartford, Connecticut,
14:55 Mark Finley was an evangelist
14:57 for the Southern New England Conference
14:59 of Seventh-day Adventist.
15:00 And so in 1975 they did a campaign together,
15:05 a crusade together
15:06 and my parents would confide in him
15:08 because in 1975 I was at my worst.
15:11 I was a borderline alcoholic,
15:14 chain smoker practically smoking two packs a day.
15:17 Would you agree there is not much time for the intervals?
15:21 On drugs, almost going to jail,
15:24 hanging around the wrong group of friends
15:28 and they would confide to Mark Finley
15:29 in his Radiant Living evangelistic team.
15:33 Mark, pray, pray, pray, for our son.
15:36 Teenie Finley, pray for our son and all evangelistic team,
15:40 pray for our wayward son.
15:42 Have you ever asked people to pray for your children?
15:44 Guess what, it works.
15:47 If you are going through a personal crisis in your life,
15:50 if you are facing financial challenges,
15:53 if you are suffering from health problem,
15:55 if your marriage is needing a miracle,
15:57 if you have a special concern for your children,
16:00 whatever you need maybe give us a call
16:02 and we will pray with you.
16:03 For your prayer requests call us at 1-855-336-FREE.
16:09 "If the Son sets you free,
16:11 you are free indeed," John 8:36.
16:19 It works, get people praying for your loved ones
16:24 and throw me in the mix, would you.
16:27 And so honest time, got this brochure in 1975,
16:35 just fast forward 1975 and so I tell Shirley
16:39 we are gonna go to this series of meetings.
16:41 And so we would make, we would drive in our Pinto
16:44 and we would make that trip,
16:46 45 minute a trip from Hartford to Springfield, Massachusetts.
16:53 And so we would make this trip night after night.
16:56 The Lord was tugging my heart strings
16:58 and there was that altar call
17:00 and I wanted to go forward in the altar call.
17:02 Shirley, let's go forward.
17:03 No, I'm not going forward, well, I'm not going.
17:05 She said, you go forward.
17:07 I'm not going forward if you are not going forward
17:09 been there done that.
17:12 Mark Finley said to me at the door one night,
17:15 I would like to talk to you.
17:17 And I said, sure.
17:18 Well, the evangelist has time for little old me.
17:21 I was a high school drop out after ninth grade.
17:23 I caught the tail end of the hippie movement
17:25 and so I was going nowhere fast
17:27 but a evangelist wants to talk to me.
17:29 Well, sure, great.
17:30 So after the people left he said,
17:33 Mark, I have a promise I want to share with you from
17:36 a little tiny Book of Joel 2:25,
17:39 "I will restore to you all the years
17:42 which the swarming locust has eaten."
17:44 Locust eaten?
17:46 He said, Mark let me explain it this way.
17:48 If you give your heart to Jesus those years that you have given
17:52 in the drugs and drinking and smoking and all of those things
17:56 and the trouble you have been in,
17:57 if you give your heart to Jesus He will restore you.
18:03 I can tell you here today there is healing in this house.
18:07 There is healing in this house.
18:09 How many believe Jesus is here right now?
18:12 He wants to do something in your life right now.
18:16 This is your time. This is your time.
18:19 This is your moment. This is your day of a miracle.
18:23 You need a miracle in your life,
18:25 ask Him for that miracle right now as we speak.
18:29 And so I'll tell you
18:32 a little after that I went to my dad.
18:36 Now you got to understand
18:38 that my dad and I had not been close.
18:42 During this turbulent teenage years
18:45 at times I even told my parents, I hate you.
18:52 But your kids can come back home.
18:53 Can you say, amen?
18:56 Now we are very close.
18:58 I don't feel, I don't feel good
19:00 unless I talk to my parent's every day.
19:04 And so I went to my dad because I could see,
19:08 there was not a future with Shirley.
19:10 So I'm like, I don't want to go back to drinking,
19:13 don't want to go back to drugs.
19:14 What am I gonna do with my life?
19:15 I was a shipper and receiver in a printing envelope company.
19:19 Wasn't getting paid much
19:21 but I did have a 1966 Satellite Convertible
19:23 that was jacked up, does that count?
19:27 About the only thing I had to show for my meager paycheck
19:29 because I squandered it
19:30 like the prodigal son on righteous living.
19:32 And so I went to my dad,
19:33 you can understand that there in East Hartford, Connecticut
19:35 they are at the pastor's parsonage.
19:37 There was the family room downstairs
19:39 and adjoining the family room was a bar.
19:43 Well, it was intended to be a bar a little cubbyhole
19:45 with a bar counter and then underneath
19:47 was a bar shelf for all the booze and so forth
19:50 and instead my dad cleaned that out made it a pastor study
19:53 and he would be in that little cubbyhole
19:54 and I would lean over to get some counsel from
19:57 and I was leaning over and I say,
19:59 hey, dad, you think there is anything
20:01 I can do in the Lord's work?
20:05 Well, my dad, my dad confided in me years later.
20:11 He said, Mark, you added to shovel book,
20:14 you are-- just came out of that hippie movement.
20:17 I mean, Mark, you are a high school dropout,
20:19 you had been on drugs and everything,
20:21 you were involved there with Shirley and everything.
20:24 Mark, I must admit that my heart
20:26 was list glass that shattered.
20:28 I didn't know what to tell you my faith faltered.
20:31 You ask me is there anything you could do in Lord's work,
20:34 I didn't know what a muster up would tell you.
20:38 My dad said, my faith was challenged.
20:42 Never underestimate what my Jesus can do
20:47 not what man can do, what Jesus can do.
20:52 And so my parents were praying though
20:54 but I'm gonna agree you got to mingle some more faith,
20:56 more faith with the prayers they were believing.
21:00 And so around that time my brother Dena,
21:05 I'm one of four boys, I'm number two
21:07 and his number three, my brother Dena,
21:09 had what I would consider
21:10 to be a dramatic conversion experience.
21:15 My brother Dena became a colporteur
21:20 even before he finished academy.
21:22 He left academy after his junior year,
21:25 Adventist academy and he decided he wanted
21:27 to colporteur for a while and even preached once
21:30 and he would give Bible studies, share Christ
21:34 and sell Christian literature and so forth.
21:36 And we shared a bedroom two twin beds
21:40 and I noticed as he would get up in the morning,
21:43 he would get up early in the morning something
21:45 that I did not want to do with my kind of lifestyle.
21:48 And so I noticed when he would get up in the morning
21:52 he would drop down on his knees and he would pray
21:55 and then he would go out for hours
21:58 in a corn field and pray and read.
22:02 He'd usually have a stack of books
22:04 he was bringing with him like "Desire of Ages"
22:06 and by Ellen G. White and the Bible and so forth.
22:10 He would go out there for hours and he would come back
22:14 with peace and glow in his countenance.
22:19 I just watch that, I observe that,
22:24 I observe that
22:27 and I thought I'm stressed,
22:31 I'm restless, my heart is broken,
22:35 I don't know what the future holds
22:38 but I was just watching.
22:40 How many agree people are watching you?
22:43 They are trying to see if they want what you have.
22:45 Trying to see, they are sizing you up, they are assessing.
22:49 How many agree we're all on candid camera?
22:55 And so I'll tell you what happened
22:58 I wanted what he had.
23:01 I noticed, I made a connection in my mind.
23:05 I saw Mark Finley working for Jesus happy.
23:10 I saw Teenie Finley working for Jesus, happy.
23:14 I saw my brother Dena
23:16 and Radiant Living evangelistic team,
23:19 I saw them working for Jesus, happy.
23:22 I made a simple equation but profound.
23:26 If you want to be happy just don't go to church,
23:29 work for the Lord
23:32 because I noticed in church that not everybody was happy
23:37 and I didn't want what they had.
23:40 But I watched people who work for Jesus and I said,
23:43 you know, I got to get some of that.
23:46 And so I went to my bedroom as I could see I repeat,
23:51 no future with Shirley there.
23:53 Oh, but I didn't let go yet even though my parent's said,
23:57 Mark, give her up.
24:00 So I knelt down in my bedroom
24:04 one sunny spilled day sun shining through the window
24:09 and I remember just looking up.
24:11 Now you got to understand I didn't have a prayer life.
24:12 I didn't have a study life.
24:14 I was too preoccupied then trying
24:16 to get God to straight and surely out
24:18 so we get married and live happily ever after.
24:22 Just being honest with you.
24:24 And so I knelt down
24:26 and I said a sincere, short, simple prayer.
24:33 Dear, God, is there anything I can do in your work.
24:40 And I must admit it was like the devil piped up.
24:42 Give me a break.
24:44 You are high school drop out I don't think God needs you.
24:51 So I just left it there
24:54 three days later out of the clear blue
25:00 my uncle Jerry Fox on my dad's side of the family,
25:04 younger brother of his called out of the clear blue
25:07 we hadn't heard from him in over ten years
25:12 but three days after I prayed
25:15 I'm sure the Lord thought we better move in quickly
25:18 because this Mark is little too valid.
25:21 We better answer this one fast.
25:24 And so out of the clear blue, hey, Bruce.
25:28 My dad's name.
25:30 Do you think that Mark can come out here to California--
25:34 Connecticut, California many miles apart.
25:38 Could you think he can come out here and help us get started?
25:42 It's kind of a Christian enterprise
25:44 where we are doing some health ministry for Jesus.
25:47 Well, it's associated with the church.
25:49 We are trying to get started a vegetarian restaurant
25:55 and a combined with a fine art gallery
25:59 in Monterey, California.
26:02 And we live in Carmel Valley
26:04 and he can come and live with us
26:06 and he can come work with us
26:08 and we will take good care of him.
26:11 And my dad is like, wow.
26:15 My dad knew, my dad knew where this call came from.
26:22 And so my parents shared the call.
26:26 I'm like uncle Jerry also said
26:28 if Dena wants to come too that's fine as well.
26:33 And so I'm calculating after my parents told me this.
26:38 My dad said, Mark, this is the call from God.
26:46 And so I thought okay, what am I gonna do with Shirley.
26:50 Now stay here.
26:51 So I'm calculating and I'm thinking well,
26:55 so I worked on it.
26:56 I'm gonna try to abbreviate.
26:58 I tried to say, you know, make plans, you know,
27:00 tying to get her to come out
27:02 with of fly out to get married or whatever
27:04 I didn't know all across the boards.
27:06 So...
27:07 Finally they had a farewell for me at my workplace
27:11 and with a lot tearful goodbyes,
27:15 say goodbye to Shirley but around this time
27:17 I had been working now with my brother Dena.
27:20 I said, Dena let's go work for God
27:23 together in California
27:25 because I didn't want to be alone, alone, alone.
27:30 And so at any rate I said,
27:32 Dena, you know, let's work for God.
27:35 He said, Mark, I will pray about it.
27:36 I said, all right.
27:38 So here he would comeback to me and say,
27:39 Mark I'm still praying bout it.
27:41 I said, come now let go work for God.
27:42 I said, you have blessed me so immensely,
27:46 you have been an inspiration to me,
27:47 I look up to you, let's go work for God together.
27:51 He said, I think I may go.
27:53 I said, great, great.
27:54 And then the next day, Mark, I'm not sure I want to.
27:57 Then the next day, maybe I will go
27:59 and I'm like come on now, let's go work together.
28:03 Finally, on the eve of our departure my brother and I
28:08 put some of our belongings there in our car,
28:11 it was packed to the gills
28:12 and so on the eve of our departure
28:15 with my brother barely agreeing
28:17 to go kind of could go one way or the other.
28:19 I'm saying this for good reason.
28:20 I know where I'm going.
28:24 My dad said, Mark, let's walk around the block.
28:27 My dad is a walker
28:29 and so he lived to be 130 but anyway
28:32 so he said, Mark, let's go for walk.
28:35 I said, okay, dad.
28:37 So we walked around the block, quarter mile block there
28:40 at night underneath the starlit skies
28:42 and we had one of those unforgettable father son chats.
28:47 And he said, Mark,
28:49 you are gonna look back at this
28:52 as being the turning point
28:55 in your life.
28:58 My dad was right as he usually is.
29:02 Next morning it came time to leave.
29:06 My brother Dena was having misgivings.
29:08 I tried to drown it out
29:10 and so finally he agreed to get in the car, snap, snap,
29:13 they snap some pictures I just saw them recently.
29:16 I didn't even know they had picture snapping
29:17 and pictures of us getting into the car
29:19 and us taken off to California.
29:22 And so I'm thinking you know what,
29:23 if I have to say goodbye to my friends
29:26 long time before I say goodbye to my friends
29:28 because I quit smoking and drinking
29:30 and I have to say goodbye to my workplace
29:34 and I have to say goodbye to mom and dad and my family.
29:37 I'm not saying goodbye to my brother Dena because
29:40 I need him because he has a clear connection with heaven.
29:44 He has a pipeline to God I need him.
29:48 I can't go alone, alone, alone.
29:53 And so rambling down the highway
29:55 and then again, man, I never driven that far out.
29:59 We are going to California, couple thousand miles away
30:02 so we are rambling down the highway.
30:03 I'm kind of excited and as we were going along
30:06 I noticed he seemed to be wrapped in prayer.
30:09 So we are driving along and then he blurts out, Mark,
30:12 pull over to the side of the road.
30:14 I said, why, what's the problem?
30:16 I think we need to pray.
30:18 Oh, boy,
30:21 and I said okay.
30:22 So we pulled over.
30:24 He said, Mark, I think we need to pray for a sign.
30:28 If God wants me to go forward with you to California
30:32 or you to take me back home, back home, alone.
30:38 I said, okay, we prayed
30:41 and after he prayed for sign
30:44 I was ready to interpret any sign
30:46 in my favor only a matter of interpretation.
30:50 So after we prayed we rambled down the highway.
30:54 I'm happy as lark and he is prayerful.
30:57 I said, come on, man, we are gonna have
30:59 a great time in California.
31:00 Come on, Dena, we are gonna work for God.
31:02 Get a vegetarian restaurant
31:04 fine art gallery start come on, man.
31:06 And so we are driving along Mark,
31:08 pull over to side a little.
31:09 Oh, man, can't we do this prayer in California?
31:13 So we pulled over to side of the road,
31:15 said the same old prayer like Jesus,
31:17 in the Garden of Gethsemane.
31:20 And so he prayed for sign, gulp.
31:24 After he prayed for sign there again
31:26 I was poised ready to go.
31:29 The interpret sign of my favor I didn't want even think
31:33 about the prospect of having
31:34 to take my brother home and go on.
31:37 So we stop, we made it to York, Pennsylvania
31:41 where my father used to pastor
31:44 and there was some friends there,
31:46 a family there the Mummert's that agreed
31:48 to have us come and stay
31:50 from Friday night over the Sabbath
31:53 and then we would resume
31:54 our trip to California on Sunday morning.
31:56 So they agreed.
31:58 So we stayed there and almost
31:59 the entire time my brother Dena was intensely seeking God.
32:06 Dangerous saw in my opinion
32:10 and so Sunday morning came
32:12 and I tried to cheer him up, come one we are gonna go work
32:14 for God but my brother's conscience was smiting him.
32:20 He felt that God was calling him
32:22 to go back and for me to go alone.
32:27 So on Sunday came my brother Dena said, Mark,
32:31 I would like to drive.
32:34 You know, I usually had a monopoly
32:35 at the wheel because well,
32:36 that was my pride and joy but I thought okay,
32:38 if this will pacify him sure.
32:40 Okay, Dena, no problem.
32:41 So I let him the keys and said, goodbye Mummert's.
32:43 And so he put on shades and started up the car.
32:47 We started rambling down the highway so okay,
32:48 this is cool.
32:50 As long as he is gonna go to California with me,
32:52 that's the only thing that counts in this.
32:54 And so you see I had my plans, had my plans.
32:58 You know the Bible says "A man plans his way,
33:00 but the Lord directs his steps," Proverbs 16:9.
33:04 And so as we were rambling down the road
33:07 I noticed that we are approaching the exit
33:10 that we need to take
33:12 to continue in our pursuit California.
33:15 And so I said, Dena you are not slowing down.
33:17 He wasn't slowing down.
33:19 I registered in my mind in a split second
33:21 he is gonna drive me back home so that he can get out.
33:25 All right, I said no way. I said, Dena, catch the exit.
33:27 He pulled one of those maneuvers, you know,
33:29 you pass the exit but you get it anyway.
33:31 And so I said, you are not driving anymore,
33:33 pull over to the side of the road.
33:34 So he pulls over to side of the road.
33:36 I'm shaking, he is shaking, big brother, little brother.
33:38 And so, you know, he is shaking and I said,
33:41 you are not driving anymore.
33:42 Man, and so we switch places and he had turned the car off.
33:47 Every detail counts.
33:50 God is in the details.
33:52 When you pray He is in the details.
33:56 And so he was shaking, I was shaking
33:59 and we switch side although huffy,
34:01 going to serve the Lord
34:04 my way.
34:06 And so we switch places and I was trembling,
34:08 he trembling and one of his I think it was pretty much him
34:12 suggest let's pray again.
34:14 Said the same old prayer
34:16 like Jesus saying the same prayer
34:18 in the Garden of Gethsemane.
34:19 It was a struggle to surrender,
34:25 so intense.
34:29 And so after we prayed the same old prayer
34:33 my brother praying, Lord, intervene, give us a sign.
34:37 In Jesus name, amen.
34:40 I said, Dena, don't worry we can fly-- you know,
34:42 when we out to California
34:43 you want to fly back I understand.
34:46 Hopefully he would change his mind.
34:50 Okay, click, click, click, click, click, click, click,
34:54 I looked over and he smiling.
34:57 My car was not starting.
35:02 And so I got out of my car, popped the hood
35:05 and I'm looking at the car.
35:07 I'm not a mechanic
35:08 but I used to toy around with it little bit
35:10 and I knew
35:12 there is a problem here and I couldn't out.
35:14 My brother comes around he is comforting me.
35:16 You know, Mark, people in the Bible,
35:18 Jacob, Abraham, and what I can't remember
35:20 but he would say, you know, they went to trial.
35:21 I didn't want to hear all that.
35:25 And so I flag down a car, they gave me a jump.
35:29 We drove it to a nearby gas station
35:32 diagnoses your battery has a dead cell, it's gone.
35:39 I said, wait a minute, that battery is new.
35:43 And he answered to my brother's prayer God killed my battery.
35:46 You know, God can do that if He wants.
35:52 And so we slapped in a new battery in there,
35:56 close the hood,
35:57 pulled up my parent's credit card
35:59 so I can, you know, get a little help from them
36:01 and rambled down the highway again.
36:04 Oh, the car started up right away
36:06 and so we are rambling down the highway
36:08 and I'm happy and now my brother is prayerful.
36:13 We are driving along, driving along, driving along.
36:15 Hey, Mark? Yeah.
36:17 Can you, can you stop here at Howard Johnson's?
36:21 I'm wondering what is he up as religious slave.
36:25 So I said, yeah.
36:26 He said, Mark, let's get a bite to eat.
36:28 I said, all right, all right, so I took the exit,
36:33 pulled in front of
36:34 Howard Johnson's restaurant and hotel.
36:37 And he said, Mark, you go ahead in
36:40 and order some grilled cheese and tomato
36:42 and some French fries, you know,
36:43 good healthy vegetarian dies.
36:45 And he said, he said, Mark,
36:48 I'll be in about ten minutes or so.
36:53 All right, so I went in, ordered the food
36:58 and my brother-- once the food arrived
37:00 my brother surfaces and declares
37:06 sheepishly, Mark,
37:09 mom and dad want us to call in ten minutes.
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38:16 Oh, man, why did you have to get them involved?
38:19 Sure enough to call my parents.
38:22 Mark, if he wants to come home
38:24 you're gonna turn around and bring him on home.
38:27 I said, he has lost his mind.
38:29 I don't know what the problem is with him.
38:32 He said, Mark, you need to calm down and listen.
38:35 Why don't you just stay there, why don't you just stay there,
38:39 check into the hotel and then tomorrow
38:41 when we all come we can make a decision together?
38:44 I said, look, I'm not turning around
38:47 and then I noticed my brother seeing that mom and dad
38:51 would make any headway my brother took off.
38:55 I said, mom and dad, I got to go.
38:56 I left them partly hanging.
38:57 I ran up the door and I saw my brother
38:59 is running away from me
39:02 and I thought just so I'm just scoping the area
39:04 and I ran around the side of the hotel
39:06 there is my brother doing something like this
39:10 and he is praying.
39:12 And I come up all huffy, you know,
39:13 scared me to death and so I come up all huffy,
39:16 he looks at me
39:18 with a look of love.
39:19 I'm gonna agree, you know,
39:21 you the looks to your family members.
39:24 He looked at me with a look of love
39:27 and he said, Mark,
39:30 I love you.
39:32 I don't want to do anything to hurt you.
39:34 I just want to do God's will.
39:38 "A soft answer turns away wrath" Proverbs 15:1.
39:42 It did for a moment till the devil popped up
39:45 alone, alone, alone, alone.
39:48 California alone, alone.
39:50 No way, hey, come on, Dena, let's get going.
39:53 I got in the car and it was muscled against muscle.
39:57 I had a few more muscles there, I was something boxing
39:59 all the time and so I muscled.
40:01 My brother want to get out of the car,
40:02 I wasn't gonna let in, out of the car.
40:05 It was muscled against muscled.
40:06 I'm holding the door, he is trying to get out.
40:11 I don't who suggested it
40:13 but we decide we better pray again.
40:18 and after we prayed the same old prayer
40:22 like Jacob, wrestling with the Lord.
40:25 After we pray, Dean, I'll take you back home.
40:30 Did I said that.
40:32 I really felt shocked that that came out of my mouth
40:38 but I started to feel something
40:41 that I had never felt in my life.
40:45 It came from in here
40:50 I said, Dena,
40:52 I'll take you back home.
40:55 I started stronger.
40:59 I started up the car my brother is still up against the car
41:05 and the car started right away and I started heading back.
41:09 And he said, Mark, wait a minute,
41:12 I don't think you have to take me all the back home.
41:14 And he started rummaging through
41:16 the maps that he had brought,
41:17 he was my navigator more than one way.
41:20 Not only my spiritual navigator but he loved geography,
41:23 lobed maps and so he is rummaging
41:25 through the maps and he says, Mark,
41:28 okay, go down here and take this next exit.
41:30 So we took the next exit,
41:31 all right, take a right, all right, take a left.
41:34 He took me to an apparently
41:36 rundown train station in Martinsburg, West Virginia
41:40 little dot on the map in Northern West Virginia
41:44 and he said, Mark, let's pray.
41:47 And by the way as I started heading back
41:50 my brother eased down on the chair and I said,
41:52 Dena, I'm sorry.
41:55 And my brother said, Mark, I forgive you.
42:01 And so we went to that train station.
42:04 He said, Mark, we need to really pray.
42:06 We need to pray that this train station is still in service
42:09 and that we can get a ticket and that there is a train
42:12 going back to Connecticut
42:14 so you don't have to drive me back
42:16 and that we have enough time to do that.
42:19 That day we were broken down
42:23 for two hours.
42:26 We called or rather we went to check the train schedule
42:31 and the train that we needed
42:34 for him to go back to Connecticut
42:35 was coming in two hours.
42:39 God's timing is always perfect, right on.
42:46 And so we called my parents
42:48 after my brother purchased the tickets.
42:51 Started to get some of his belongings together.
42:55 Mom, dad, my brother called,
42:58 Dena is gonna come back home
43:00 or my brother called and he said,
43:01 I'm coming back home by a train.
43:04 My parents breathe a sigh of relief.
43:08 And then the close rose two hours,
43:12 the train arrived
43:15 and before my brother boarded the train
43:18 I could feel something building up,
43:22 building up inside of me
43:25 and I said, Dena, I love you.
43:29 I'm really gonna miss you.
43:31 I'm really gonna miss you.
43:33 Mark, you will be okay, the Lord will be with you.
43:37 I didn't fully understand what that meant.
43:39 And I said, Dena, I look up to you so much.
43:42 Mark, you are gonna be all right,
43:44 you're gonna be all right.
43:46 Bye, Dena, bye Mark.
43:50 And he went up the steps into the train
43:54 and the door shut and I'm looking
43:57 and the train began to move down the tracks.
44:00 I'm looking to see if I can see him one more time
44:03 and the train passes off, you know, the distance
44:05 and the snow flakes are falling heavily.
44:09 And after the train passes into the horizon
44:14 I look at my car and I'm feeling,
44:18 I'm feeling something I had never felt before.
44:21 I got in my car
44:24 and I bowed my head
44:27 and I cried the tears of a lifetime
44:30 and I just broke down.
44:31 The Bible says,
44:33 "Fall on the rock and be broken"
44:34 Matthew 21:44.
44:36 And I just fell on broken on the Lord
44:38 and I said a prayer like this.
44:40 I said, O, dear Lord, O my Father in heaven,
44:44 please be with me.
44:46 I need Your presence, I need your companionship
44:51 and it was as if the Lord I just felt His presence
44:55 and I felt a "peace that passeth understanding"
44:59 Philippians 4:7.
45:01 Beyond the words I couldn't believe
45:03 what I was feeling for the first time in my life peace
45:07 and it was as if the Lord sat down next to me.
45:12 He's been my companion ever since.
45:15 It was as if the Lord said to me
45:18 "I'm the friend that sticks closer than a brother,"
45:24 Proverbs 18:24.
45:27 And so as I started driving down--
45:29 actually the roads were treacherous as I recall it.
45:33 Gone through Virginia, I remember automatically
45:38 talking to my Father in heaven,
45:40 talking to Jesus, talking.
45:42 Nobody said it's time to pray.
45:44 I just talked to Him because
45:46 I felt and sensed His nearness, His presence.
45:50 "I have set the Lord always before me,
45:53 because He is at my right hand I shall not be moved,"
45:56 Psalms 16:8.
45:58 There is joy in the presence of the Lord
46:01 pleasures forevermore, Psalms 16:11.
46:05 And so I checked into a hotel last thoughts at night, Jesus.
46:11 Woke up in the morning in the hotel room, thoughts of Jesus.
46:16 And then as I'm driving along I had some cassette tapes
46:20 of an evangelist by the name of E. E. Cleveland.
46:24 I'm sure Steve and Hiram probably recognize the name.
46:28 E. E. Cleveland and his subject that he was preaching on
46:31 was Christ our righteousness and about
46:36 how you can depend on Jesus and He will take you places,
46:41 He will change your life.
46:43 Trust in His righteousness. It touched my heart.
46:45 I would listen to Christian music.
46:47 I would listen to some Christian music, choir music,
46:50 I would listen to just beautiful moving music.
46:55 By the time I arrived in California
46:57 after being three days alone with God.
47:03 I wanted to shout from the housetops,
47:06 Jesus is my best friend.
47:09 Jesus is all I need.
47:11 Have you found that to be true in your life?
47:15 Have you discovered it's okay at times to be alone,
47:18 it's okay to just you and God to be in solitary?
47:23 Is it-- have you discovered that as you take time with Him?
47:29 He wraps His arms around you and whispers in your heart,
47:32 I love you.
47:33 "I have loved you with an everlasting love,
47:37 and therefore with loving kindness
47:39 I have drawn you," Jeremiah 31:3.
47:42 Oh, beloved,
47:44 "The Father Himself loves you,"
47:49 John 16:27.
47:52 Beloved, I've got a message for you today,
47:55 God is in love with you.
47:58 "I am poor and needy, yet the Lord thinks upon me,"
48:02 Psalms 40:17.
48:04 "Blessed are the poor in spirit,
48:07 for their is the kingdom of heaven,"
48:09 Matthew 5:3.
48:10 Do you feel poor in spirit?
48:12 Do you mourn over your spiritual declension?
48:16 Do you mourn over your mistakes then you shall be comforted,
48:20 Matthew 5:4.
48:22 O beloved, I need to close.
48:25 You might ask, Mark, what happened to Shirley?
48:30 I understand that she never did stay with the remnant,
48:34 never did and I don't know what happened
48:36 but I pray that God is with her wherever she is.
48:39 But God had a better plan.
48:42 God had a better way.
48:44 "God now unto him who is able to do
48:47 exceedingly abundantly
48:49 above all that we ask or even think," Ephesians 3:20.
48:54 I was there in California for about ten months
48:57 in my experience with Jesus, that first love experience.
49:02 And while I was leaving, I was a camp counselor
49:05 also at camp Tawonga Yosemite National Park.
49:09 And then my parents were calling me, Mark,
49:12 why don't you come home dad has a new call
49:16 to pastor in the outskirts of Chicago
49:18 at the Oak Park Seventh-day Adventist Church
49:20 and, Mark, why don't you come and help us move
49:24 and you can work on your GED.
49:28 I said, I'll pray about it.
49:32 I learned, you don't do anything,
49:37 you don't do anything unless you talk to Jesus
49:40 because now He is that driving.
49:43 He is there at the wheel.
49:46 And so I kept telling that for weeks and weeks.
49:51 Mark, come on we got to know,
49:52 the Lord hadn't reveal it to me yet.
49:54 But then I said, I'm gonna take a whole day with God
49:57 and after taking that whole day with God
49:59 the Lord showed me I want you to go back.
50:01 I said, okay, Lord.
50:03 Now that You spoken I want to hear Your voice.
50:05 " My sheep hear my voice, and they follow me" John 10:27.
50:08 Hear His voice today.
50:10 There is healing in this house.
50:13 There is restoration in this house.
50:16 There is intimacy with God
50:17 more than ever before in this house.
50:20 Now listen to me,
50:22 I was leaving California, I told mom and dad,
50:24 I'm go to go back home.
50:26 I'm gonna come there
50:28 and so as I was leaving California
50:31 at the border between California and Nevada
50:34 I was driving along and I was crying
50:37 because I was leaving California
50:40 where I found this new experience.
50:43 I found them along that trip along
50:45 but that new experience with Jesus.
50:47 And I was wondering what is the future hold.
50:50 And I have my Bible
50:51 I don't know who has recommend this
50:52 but I have my Bible in my passenger seat because
50:55 the Bible has become my companion.
50:57 And I took the Bible and please don't do this.
51:02 But anyway I'm driving along and I just looked down
51:06 I randomly just open-- you know,
51:07 God can do that sometime.
51:09 You know, you got to be careful about this
51:10 but I just open the Bible, God knew my heart.
51:13 I was just longing, I wanted to hear from Him
51:16 and I just opened the Bible.
51:18 "If you speak what is precious and not what is worthless
51:24 you shall be as my mouth."
51:27 I thought, Lord,
51:29 you are calling me to preach.
51:33 All His biddings are enabling, so I'm thinking I--
51:36 I'm a high school dropout.
51:38 You say, Lord, okay.
51:41 I took a plane from Chicago because
51:43 I took my car there Chicago to Connecticut,
51:46 was re-baptized, re-baptized,
51:49 everybody is crying in the church, like,
51:50 the pastor's prodigal son.
51:54 And then we relocated to Chicago
51:57 and the first day I was there
52:00 Ed Lindsay, the manager of the Adventist Book Center
52:03 said, "Mark, would you please work
52:05 at the Adventist Book Center as a sales clerk?"
52:07 You will be up in the front.
52:08 You will be the main person
52:10 everybody talks to and so forth.
52:12 I'll pray about it
52:15 and the Lord impressed me, take the job, this is of Me.
52:19 So I became a sales clerk and people would come in
52:22 and pastors would come in
52:24 and I shared my testimony with them.
52:26 Mark, would you come preach at our church
52:28 and share your testimony?
52:29 I'll pray about it.
52:31 And so I would go, so my calendar
52:33 was being filled up.
52:34 I said to the Lord, I said, Lord,
52:36 if You want me to preach
52:37 I'm not going around asking to preach.
52:39 If You want me to preach
52:40 You're gonna have to have them come to me.
52:42 And that's what happened.
52:44 I humbly say that my calendar was being filled
52:47 with appointments that God has ordained.
52:49 And then they had asked me do week of prayers
52:52 and that was really ironic
52:53 that I who had only a ninth grade education
52:56 would be given a week of prayer at academies.
53:01 And them Mark Finley comes into the Adventist Book Center
53:05 and I'm like, Mark, it's good to see you
53:09 and he looks at me, Mark, double take.
53:11 He said, Mark, it's good to see you.
53:13 Mark, we are getting started
53:15 the Lake Union Soul Winning Institute in Hinsdale
53:19 and why don't you come
53:21 and we'll train you to be a Bible worker.
53:23 Wow, that sounds great.
53:25 I'll pray about it.
53:28 I prayed about it and the Lord impressed me.
53:30 You go in there.
53:31 Adventist Book Center helped to even fund me to go
53:34 and I was among the first graduates
53:37 with a Bible structure certificate.
53:41 Ninth grade education.
53:43 I became a Bible worker for three years
53:46 and I ended up doing my first crusades
53:48 with a ninth grade education.
53:49 What's your excuse?
53:56 Let me tell you something,
53:58 God does not ask are you qualified.
54:02 He asks, are you available.
54:04 Are you available because
54:05 I can infuse you with my Holy Spirit?
54:08 And so I'll tell you what happened.
54:09 I'm getting to my wife, hold on, here's what happened.
54:14 I was a Bible worker for three years
54:16 and then my president Everett Combo
54:19 said Mark, I would like you to come in the office.
54:21 I would like to meet with you.
54:23 Oh, no, what did I do wrong.
54:24 And he said, Mark, have a seat.
54:27 He said, Mark, I think you ought
54:28 to go up to Andrews University
54:30 and I think in three years you should finish
54:33 your Bachelor of Arts in Theology
54:34 and then come back here
54:36 and we will give you some churches for you to pastor.
54:39 Okay.
54:41 So I left the office thinking
54:44 does he know I only have a ninth grade education.
54:47 I didn't want to offer that to him.
54:49 Secondly, I'm kind of reframing in my mind what you just said.
54:54 I'm rehearsing it.
54:55 So what he is saying is, Mark,
54:57 you don't have a job unless you get an education.
55:00 But you know what,
55:02 setbacks are setup for transition,
55:08 to a higher level the god hasn't store for you
55:10 When I say higher level
55:11 that just means a different phase in your life,
55:13 a different chapter in your life.
55:15 How many agree, you are waiting on the Lord?
55:17 No, it's preparation for what He is about to do.
55:21 And so I'll tell you
55:23 what was going on,
55:25 I had been studying sample GD tests
55:30 and I was bombing, big time
55:34 and I'm like panic attack
55:36 I got to go up to Andrews University
55:38 and I can't even pass this lousy GED tests.
55:42 How am I gonna do this?
55:44 And I came out of the YMCA after working out one time
55:47 with a buddy and I get in my car
55:49 and I got this big Andrews University bulletin
55:52 with all the requirements and everything.
55:53 It's like and I'm like, Lord, and I'm crying.
55:58 I'm saying, Lord, how can this be
55:59 I'm gonna go to Andrews University
56:01 I'll have a job I got to get this education.
56:04 How can this be?
56:05 I'm sorry but I did it again.
56:07 I open up my Bible and Mary was saying how can this be,
56:12 the Holy Ghost will come upon you.
56:14 I say, okay, Lord.
56:16 I went up to Andrews University
56:17 in five years with the Holy Spirits help
56:19 I went from the ninth grade education
56:21 to a Masters of Divinity.
56:23 Now that's Jesus, that's Jesus.
56:26 Now I must admit I didn't deserve to pass Hebrew
56:29 but I passed anyway.
56:33 But I met my wife at the administration building.
56:36 She had just come up from
56:38 Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
56:42 and I asked her out tea
56:44 at the university cafeteria
56:50 and a couple years later
56:52 we got married, March 22, 1987.
56:56 God had so much in store for me.
57:02 My dream come true
57:04 was when my friend Mark Finley
57:07 called me and said, Mark,
57:09 come work with me at "It Is Written"
57:12 because it was my dream
57:14 that the one who had helped me when I was disheveled hippie.
57:19 Oh, my friends, God has a call in your life.
57:25 Do you love Him today?
57:28 Please don't turn away.
57:31 What a friend, what a friend you have in Jesus.
57:39 Although sudden and alarming changes
57:41 are sweeping across the globe
57:43 you and your family can be prepared
57:45 to face the future with confidence.
57:48 The complete set of Amazing Prophecies
57:50 on DVD are available for a gift of $60 or more.
57:54 Call us at 1-855-336-FREE
57:59 or send your check or money order
58:01 to Forever Free Ministries,
58:03 2001 Munro Park,
58:06 Corinth, Texas, 76208.
58:11 If you would like to have Mark Fox
58:12 hold an Amazing Prophecy seminar
58:14 or a marriage seminar weekend
58:15 in your church contact us today,
58:18 markfox


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