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00:04 We are racing towards the global crisis at the close.
00:09 God is going to set up His kingdom on earth.
00:13 Preparation for the tribulation and the translation
00:18 is to develop a character like Jesus Christ.
00:21 To reach every hamlet, every village, every man,
00:24 every child, every person in India,
00:27 every person in South America
00:28 must hear these Three Angles' Messages.
00:34 These are stories that illustrate
00:36 the kind of fabric of character and perseverance
00:39 that we need to go through the tribulation
00:42 just as certainly as they did.
00:44 The Bible makes it very clear
00:45 we are living in an unusual hour.
00:48 The last grains of sand
00:49 are trickling through the hourglass of time
00:52 and the door of probation is about to swing shot.
01:01 Tonight in this edition of Amazing Prophecies,
01:06 our topic is entitled, The Antichrist's
01:08 and History's Greatest Religious Cover-Up!
01:14 Look at Revelation 22:10.
01:16 Revelation 22:10, "And He said to me
01:19 do not seal the words of the prophecy of this book
01:22 for the time at his hand."
01:23 The Book of Revelation was never closed.
01:26 Hence, you can understand the Book of Revelation.
01:29 And how important is it
01:31 and how blessed and anointed is this book?
01:33 All of the 66 books of the Bible,
01:36 all 66 books from Genesis to Revelation
01:39 that compose the holy word of God
01:42 are inspired by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.
01:44 Amen.
01:46 But look at verse 7, the words are in red, who is speaking?
01:50 Jesus is speaking,
01:52 "Behold I am coming quickly! Blessed."
01:58 In light of the fact that His coming is imminent,
02:01 He is coming soon.
02:02 In light of that, "Blessed it is he who keeps
02:07 the words of the prophecy of this book?"
02:11 Can you say again with me? This book, this book.
02:14 Everybody say it, this book.
02:16 This book is to get us ready for the one who said,
02:21 "I am coming quickly." So this book is urgent.
02:25 This book is timely.
02:27 This book is relevant for our day
02:30 on the edge of eternity
02:32 and so the Bible makes it very clear
02:34 that in the last days, we can walk in special favor of God
02:39 during a set time called "the time of the end."
02:43 To borrow a phrase from Daniel 12:4,
02:46 "We're living in during the time called dubbed."
02:49 Daniel makes it clear the time of the end.
02:54 So, then the Antichrist's
02:56 and History's Greatest Religious Cover-Up
02:58 has everything to do with us understanding
03:02 what's going on now in the religious world.
03:07 I'm gonna go have tea, all right.
03:10 Do you know that background music affects
03:13 how many bites per minute you will take
03:15 and the total length of time
03:16 you will stay in your restaurant?
03:19 Did you know that?
03:21 Well, let me just give you the facts.
03:23 Dining with slow music on the average 14 minutes
03:29 you'll stay, 14 minutes longer in the restaurant
03:32 than individuals dining where fast music is playing.
03:35 So, if it's slow music you will stay in there longer
03:41 and you will actually eat slower
03:45 and less bites per minute.
03:49 So, if they are playing fast music
03:52 may be the message is please eat and leave,
03:54 so we will have room for others to serve.
03:58 Watch out for the background music too.
04:03 That's right.
04:04 Be careful if the music is too fast,
04:07 you'll eat fast, and eat more.
04:10 In other words you eat to the beat,
04:12 those are just the facts.
04:14 Well, we're not focusing on eating habits
04:17 and background music tonight.
04:19 But it is an illustration, because
04:22 it is about Worship Habits in the Christian church
04:26 and how the background of the antichrist,
04:30 so that background beat of the antichrist.
04:32 How many agree the antichrist is still pounding its drum.
04:36 And the antichrist,
04:40 how the background of the antichrist
04:41 is affecting most Christians today
04:43 without them being aware of it just as certain
04:46 as people are eating according to the beat
04:49 and are not aware of this.
04:50 So, wait a minute.
04:51 Let me ask this probing nagging question again.
04:54 Could it be that it is true
04:55 that the background of the antichrist
04:57 is affecting the worship behavior
04:59 of millions of lovely Christians
05:01 without them knowing it?
05:03 Is that a possibility?
05:05 It is true and it is outrageous in the extreme.
05:09 So do you know that you may be moving
05:11 to the beat of the antichrist while not knowing it.
05:16 I'm talking about the changes that the antichrist has made
05:19 to the Ten Commandments and how this is affecting
05:21 the worship and beliefs of love--
05:25 of millions of lovely wonderful Christians today.
05:27 I'm talking about the changes there.
05:30 So, number one.
05:32 Has the antichrist done something to the law of God
05:37 that is affecting millions of good Christians
05:39 without them knowing it?
05:41 Has the antichrist tampered with heaven's constitution?
05:45 Has the antichrist been playing games
05:48 with the Ten Commandments?
05:50 Has the antichrist been chiseling out
05:54 the Ten Commandments?
05:55 Well, most are unaware of the background
05:59 of the antichrist and how it affects them today.
06:01 Now we will expose
06:03 the background of the antichrist.
06:06 Has the antichrist attacked the real Ark of the Covenant?
06:09 Remember, raiders of the lost ark.
06:12 How about raiders of the heavenly ark?
06:14 Has there been an attack on God's law.
06:17 Bible says in Daniel 8:12 that the antichrist dark exploits,
06:21 dark deeds would be to cast truth to the ground.
06:25 Would you agree that there is a lot of truth?
06:26 Jesus is the truth.
06:28 He is in heaven and everything you see Him
06:30 doing there in the heavenly sanctuary that's true
06:32 and it's been cast down to the ground.
06:34 So, where is the true Ark of the Covenant?
06:41 Where is the Ark?
06:42 Where is true Ark of the Covenant?
06:45 Hebrews 8:1, 2.
06:47 Let's go there and read this together
06:50 and we're gonna keep our foot on the accelerator tonight,
06:53 so fasten your seatbelts
06:55 and really stay perked up here tonight, okay?
06:58 Hebrews 8:1, 2.
07:01 "Now this is the main point of the things we're saying.
07:04 We have such a high Priest who is seated
07:06 at the right hand of the throne of the majesty in the heavens.
07:09 A minister of the sanctuary, and of the true Tabernacle
07:14 which the Lord erected and not man."
07:17 So the Bible makes it very clear
07:19 that the earthly sanctuary was a miniature model
07:22 of the true one, the heavenly one.
07:25 So therefore, the high priest in heaven was foreshadowed.
07:31 His work was foreshadowed
07:33 by the earthly priest in the earthly sanctuary.
07:37 The earthly sanctuary had a holy place
07:40 and the most holy place, so it is in heaven.
07:44 There was the Ark of the Covenant
07:46 in the holy precincts of the most holy place
07:49 and so there is a Ark of the Covenant in heaven,
07:53 because the one on earth
07:55 was just a little miniature model of the one in heaven.
07:59 Are you with me thus far?
08:00 So therefore, where is Jesus now?
08:06 Revelation, Revelation 11. Let's go there very quickly.
08:10 Verse 19, "Then the temple of God was open in heaven
08:13 and the Ark of his Covenant was seen in his temple."
08:17 So therefore, where is Jesus now?
08:19 He is standing right there
08:22 in front of the Ark of the Covenant
08:25 at the right hand of God there at the throne of His grace.
08:28 The mercy seat is above the Ark of the Covenant,
08:32 the top part the lid of that, of that golden desk
08:36 with the two cherubims there
08:39 and here the presence of God is there
08:43 and Jesus is there interceding on our behalf
08:46 bleeding His blood right there at the mercy seat
08:49 that's known as the throne of grace.
08:51 Hebrews 4:14 to 16,
08:53 "We have to come boldly before his throne of grace."
08:56 Why?
08:57 Because we have a sympathizing high priest as our mediator,
09:00 our advocate, our intercessor.
09:02 And so the Bible makes it very clear
09:04 that John saw the temple of God open in heaven
09:10 and he saw this and God wants us to see what he saw.
09:14 And would you agree he was favored by these visions
09:18 and no wonder God says, "If you study these visions,
09:21 you'll be blessed just like John was
09:23 with understanding Bible prophecy."
09:26 And so, the temple of God was open in heaven
09:30 and there was seen the Ark of his what?
09:33 Of His Covenant.
09:35 Now, therefore Jesus stands at His mercy seat
09:39 to intercede for us.
09:40 Doesn't that give your heart encouragement tonight
09:43 knowing that He is right now interceding for you?
09:48 Isaiah 49:14 and 15 says,
09:51 the Lord says, "I will not forget you."
09:55 He says, "I have you on the palms of my hands."
09:59 Amen?
10:00 I am so glad, I know sometimes you're praying
10:03 and you don't seem to get answers to prayer right away
10:06 and God where are you?
10:07 And the Lord says, "I will not forget you."
10:11 Bible says, "I will never leave you nor forsake you."
10:15 Hebrews 13:5 and 6.
10:17 Would you agree, feelings can fool us at times.
10:20 Feeling are very misleading and deceptive.
10:22 You pray Lord forgive me and you don't feel forgiven.
10:26 Feelings have nothing to do with it.
10:28 You go by the word of God. Your feelings are like sand.
10:32 Your feelings are like a roller coaster at times.
10:35 Our faith is not dependent on your latest mood
10:38 or latest pulse of your emotions.
10:41 It's based on the rock of the word of God.
10:43 Can you say amen to that? Do you believe that?
10:45 And so listen.
10:47 Jesus stands by His Ten Commandments
10:51 in the heavenly sanctuary.
10:53 Did you hear that?
10:54 Do you recognize truth when you hear it?
10:56 We just read in the Bible that we can see in the temple
11:01 by the Ark of the Covenant,
11:02 and that's where the earthly priest went.
11:04 That's where our great high priest is.
11:06 Jesus has not changed His Ten Commandments.
11:10 He is standing by them.
11:12 Wow, the implications of that, the ramifications of that,
11:16 the truth that emanates from that.
11:18 And so if Jesus is standing by His Covenant,
11:22 has it been changed?
11:24 No, no, The Ten Commandment law has not changed,
11:29 been abrogated, or nullified, or done away with, or revised.
11:34 No, it comes down unchanged ever since it was given,
11:39 because the Ten Commandments that were placed
11:41 in that Ark of the Covenant on earth
11:44 that is the copy of the one that is in what?
11:50 In the heavenly sanctuary.
11:52 And so what is the standard in the judgment?
11:55 The Bible says that the first angel's message
11:57 or Revelation 14:6 and 7,
12:00 "That we're living in the hour of God's judgment."
12:04 "Judgment begins at the house of God."
12:06 1 Peter 4:17.
12:08 And so the Bible makes it clear before Jesus comes,
12:11 He will decide who is gonna be saved and who is gonna be lost.
12:15 And before He comes quickly, Revelation 22:11 and 12 says,
12:18 He says in verse 12, "I'm coming quickly
12:20 and I have my rewards with me."
12:22 And the verse before that says, "That before He comes,
12:25 He's gonna say, "that one's righteous
12:28 they're gonna be righteous still.
12:29 That one over there is filthy, let him be filthy still."
12:33 And then the Lord comes.
12:34 What would you call that process
12:36 in which he determines that one is safe, that one is not safe?
12:39 Judgment.
12:40 And would you agree, if it comes with his rewards
12:43 that necessitate Him judging, who gets what rewards?
12:47 Would you agree, that when He comes,
12:50 He is not gonna hang up in this, He is not gonna,
12:52 you know, be suspended in the air
12:55 and just wait there thinking, who do I come for?
12:57 Would you agree, when He comes, He knows who He is coming for?
13:01 Hence, there is a judgment before He comes.
13:03 Does this make sense?
13:04 And so the Bible makes it very clear
13:06 that there is a judgment.
13:07 This is not to be confused
13:09 with the great white throne judgment
13:11 that it's later when every knee shall bow
13:13 and every tongue confess including the devil himself.
13:16 All the righteous and unrighteous at that day
13:19 will kneel down and the sheep and the goats to be separated
13:23 and so forth, that's later.
13:25 But there is a judgment right now going on
13:29 in the church who is gonna be saved, who is gonna be lost.
13:31 In Revelation 3, it's described in this way,
13:35 the Lord says to his church, Laodicea, the term Laodicea,
13:38 the Seventh Church that is representation of God's people
13:42 in the last days of earth's history.
13:44 The term Laodicea literally means ones who are judged.
13:48 Judgment begins at the house of God,
13:49 1 Peter 4:17.
13:51 So the Bible makes it very clear,
13:53 Jesus says, "If you remain lukewarm,
13:56 I'm gonna spit you out of my mouth."
13:58 Well if He's our intercessor,
14:00 what's coming out of His mouth right now?
14:02 Our prayers. What else?
14:05 What the Bible says, "If you confess me before men,
14:09 I'll confess you before my father."
14:11 Matthew 10:32.
14:15 So the Bible makes it very clear.
14:17 If he spits you out of his mouth,
14:19 He no longer intercedes for you.
14:23 And you would be lost and bloated out of book of life.
14:25 What would you call that? Judgment.
14:27 But the Bible says if we repent and we get our first love back
14:31 and we get fired up for Jesus Christ,
14:33 would you agree people lukewarm are not going to heaven?
14:36 You don't go to heaven liking Jesus,
14:38 you don't go to heaven, 'cause you're good person.
14:40 Even Nicodemus was told, you got to be born again.
14:45 Amen. He was a good man.
14:46 He was going to church, but he was told
14:48 you got to be born again.
14:50 You got to have the baptism of fire,
14:52 that's what Jesus said.
14:53 You got to go to heaven in love with Jesus.
14:55 How many agree when you're in love,
14:58 you know you're in love.
14:59 Now your feelings aren't always what you would wish
15:02 they would be, but you know that you know.
15:04 This is life eternal that they might know
15:06 the only true God.
15:08 That's in Jesus Christ whom he has sent, John 17:3.
15:12 So Revelation 3:14-21 makes it clear,
15:15 the Laodicean message is, "In the last days
15:18 if you remain lukewarm, I'll spit you out of my mouth."
15:21 So there is a judgment.
15:23 So the question is,
15:24 what is the standard in that judgment?
15:26 You know, if you gonna have a court,
15:28 you know in the laws of the land,
15:30 you got to have a law by which you're judged.
15:34 And so what is the standard in the judgment?
15:37 James 2:12, "So speak and so do as those
15:40 who will be judged by the law of liberty."
15:43 "We are not saved by the law,
15:45 we are saved by grace through faith."
15:47 Ephesians 2:8 and 9.
15:49 We do not earn salvation, it's a free gift."
15:52 Ephesians 2:8 makes that clear.
15:54 Romans 6:23, "The wages of sin is death,
15:57 but the free gift of God is eternal life
16:00 through Jesus Christ, our Lord."
16:02 So salvation is a gift.
16:04 We are saved by grace,
16:05 but faith without works is dead.
16:10 James 2:26, "By their fruits you shall know them."
16:15 And so Matthew 7:20, so listen carefully,
16:19 the Bible makes it very clear,
16:21 that we are not saved by the law,
16:24 would you agree, obedience of the law, that's the fruit.
16:28 Amen, that's the fruit.
16:31 Obedience is the fruit of faith.
16:34 Can you say amen?
16:35 And one word that sums up true obedience is love.
16:39 Amen? It's all about love.
16:42 Now listen carefully.
16:44 The law of God is the standard by which we are judged.
16:50 No one can keep that law on their own strength.
16:55 Jesus said, "Without me you can do nothing."
16:56 John 15:5.
16:58 But the Bible also says, you cannot be saved
17:01 while you knowingly, willfully, deliberately
17:05 are trampling on the law of God.
17:06 Would you agree? You don't go to heaven holding on to sin.
17:08 You go to heaven because he has saved you
17:11 from any known sin.
17:12 Would you agree?
17:14 You ought to go to bed tonight
17:15 knowing there is no sin on your heart.
17:17 Amen?
17:18 I mean if you don't know that you need to,
17:20 Paul said "I follow God with a clear conscience."
17:24 That is to say, but he never claimed to be perfect.
17:27 He claimed that he needed to confess his sins daily,
17:29 right?
17:31 Every day we confess our sins, they are forgiven,
17:33 our heart is right with God.
17:34 Amen? Does that make sense?
17:36 So remember Jesus said to the woman
17:37 caught in the act of adultery, "I don't condemn you."
17:40 It's forgiveness.
17:42 "Now go leave your life of sin."
17:43 That's obedience. Amen.
17:45 How many agree, we are saved to obey.
17:49 Trust and obey, there is no other way
17:52 to be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey.
17:55 If you're going through a personal crisis in your life,
17:58 if you're facing financial challenges,
18:00 if you're suffering from a health problem,
18:03 if your marriage is needing a miracle,
18:05 if you have a special concern for your children,
18:07 whatever your need may be, give us a call,
18:10 and we will pray with you.
18:11 For your prayer requests, call us at 1-855-336-free.
18:16 "If the Son set you free, you're free indeed."
18:20 John 8:36.
18:28 So how is our love defined?
18:34 Listen carefully, listen carefully.
18:37 Make this very simple.
18:39 If a person says, "I love the Lord,"
18:41 Jesus said, "If you love Me, obey me.
18:45 If you love Me, keep My Commandments."
18:47 John 14:50.
18:48 We don't do that in our own strength,
18:50 we need the help of the Holy Spirit.
18:52 But notice this, you cannot be saved while saying,
18:56 "I love the Lord,
18:57 but I'm knowingly breaking one those commandments."
19:00 "Thou shall call his name Jesus for He shall save his people
19:04 from their sin, from their sin."
19:08 He told the woman caught in the act of adultery,
19:10 "Now go leave your life of sin."
19:12 "Sin is the transgression of the law of God."
19:15 1 John 3:4.
19:16 So Jesus comes to save us from our sin, Mathew 12:1.
19:21 So the standard in the judgment is the Ten Commandment law,
19:26 and Jesus stands there by His Ark of the Covenant
19:31 and Ten Commandments.
19:33 We are under grace, that's the mercy,
19:36 but what's underneath that mercy?
19:38 The beautiful covenant.
19:40 Would you agree, there is nothing.
19:41 The Bible says the law of God is perfect.
19:43 You don't look out and say, "Oh, that's horrible."
19:45 It's beautiful, you just can't keep it in your own strength.
19:48 Would you agree the law of God is a mirror?
19:51 It points out anything that you need to change
19:54 in order to be in harmony with the law of God,
19:56 and Jesus is our righteousness.
19:58 So that as we're forgiven for breaking the law
20:02 and empowered to obey the law, we are in harmony with God,
20:07 amen.
20:09 And so we continue.
20:12 If the standard in the judgment is the Law of God,
20:16 has it been changed?
20:17 No. What is New Covenant?
20:19 Hebrews 8:10 says,
20:22 "I will write the law in their hearts and minds."
20:27 Amen. Amen. It's in the heart.
20:31 So which Commandment
20:33 is a reminder of God's creative power
20:37 and a sign of the loving covenant?
20:40 Would you agree we are married to Jesus
20:43 and we are involved in His covenant?
20:46 We're in covenant relationship with Him.
20:48 "Moreover I also gave them my Sabbaths
20:51 to be a sign between them and Me, that they might know
20:54 that I am the Lord who sanctifies them."
20:56 Ezekiel 20:12. It is a special sign.
20:59 It's more than a day. More than a day.
21:02 The Sabbath is a sign or reminder
21:05 of the power of Christ to sanctify us,
21:08 that is make us holy, that it deliver us from sin.
21:11 The Sabbath is a sign, look what I can do.
21:15 Look what I can do.
21:17 How many agree, God is working miracles in your life.
21:21 The Bible says, "He works in us both to will
21:25 and to do of his good pleasure."
21:26 Philippians 2:13. He's working, working.
21:29 Some of us make Him work overtime,
21:31 but anyway He is working, amen?
21:33 So we are under construction.
21:34 So the Sabbath is a sign,
21:36 a reminder of the power of Christ to save us from sin.
21:39 The Sabbath reminds us.
21:41 After all the Sabbath word, Sabbath is all about rest.
21:45 The word Sabbath literally means rest.
21:48 Would you agree, none of us can truly find rest
21:52 except in Christ?
21:54 Jesus said, "Come to me all you who are burdened..."
21:57 Can I add stressed out? "And I will give you rest."
22:04 That's a wonderful promise
22:05 you might want to go to the heavenly banquet.
22:08 Mathew 11:20.
22:10 And so the Bible makes it very clear
22:12 that if Jesus gives us rest,
22:15 you really can't keep the Sabbath
22:16 unless you first come to Jesus,
22:19 then you can really enjoy the Sabbath,
22:21 because would you agree, the Sabbath is more than,
22:23 "oh, I don't have to work today."
22:24 How many agree, you can be off work
22:26 and still be stressed out.
22:29 You need Jesus. Amen? It's more than just a day off.
22:32 Amen. And so listen, listen. Jesus alone can make us holy.
22:40 You and I can't change our heart.
22:42 You and I can't make ourselves right with God.
22:46 Jesus is already done that and we can't make,
22:49 He says what does He say, "I will give you a new heart."
22:53 Ezekiel 36:26.
22:55 He promises to give us a new heart
22:57 and Jesus alone can make us holy
22:59 and the Sabbath is a sign that He can make us holy.
23:03 So it's a sign of what He does to save us
23:06 from sin, self and Satan.
23:08 Can you say amen?
23:10 Jesus alone can change our hearts.
23:13 That's why looking unto Jesus,
23:15 the author and finisher of our faith."
23:16 Hebrews 12:2.
23:18 The Sabbath is a sign, a drastic one,
23:23 powerful one of the covenant.
23:25 How beautiful it is, no wonder the devil hates it.
23:29 So who is the antichrist and has the antichrist
23:32 attacked the Ten Commandments and the Sabbath,
23:35 because it's all about the covenant,
23:36 it's all about the rest, it's all about joy in the Lord.
23:40 Oh, yeah.
23:42 Is there an intriguing, suspicious,
23:43 and surprising connection
23:45 between the Antichrist and the Ten Commandments?
23:49 Now let us do a background check
23:51 on the Antichrist.
23:52 The antichrist was clearly and correctly identified
23:55 by all the Protestant Reformers down through the centuries.
23:58 Mark Luther, Tindal, Huss, John Huss,
24:03 the Wesley Brothers, Knox, Tindal, even King James himself
24:08 and you know, you've heard of the King James Version,
24:11 King James himself.
24:12 They all believed categorically,
24:14 unequivocally, unabashedly,
24:16 that the antichrist was the papal power.
24:21 I will tell you this that God has loving Christians
24:25 I believe in all churches.
24:27 But that doesn't mean that everything out there
24:30 is correct.
24:32 And so this is not to judge people
24:35 that our lovely Christians, but rather talking
24:38 about some things that are being taught as truth
24:42 that are really not.
24:43 And so think about it with me.
24:47 In Daniel Chapter 2, we had a rise
24:52 and fall of four world empires, Babylon, Medo-Persia,
24:54 Greece and Rome with the four metals.
24:58 Then the break up of the Roman Empire
24:59 represented by the 10 toes and that would be Europe.
25:04 And of course now there is more than 10 divisions.
25:06 Then in Daniel 7, we had four beasts,
25:12 four beasts which represents kingdoms
25:14 according to Daniel 7:17 and 23.
25:20 The Bible says a beast represents a kingdom.
25:23 So this isn't my opinion,
25:25 that's what the Book of Daniel says.
25:27 Remember if it's in the Bible we want it,
25:28 if it's not in the Bible we don't want it.
25:31 That's our motto.
25:32 So here we have four strange beasts
25:34 arising from the tumultuous waters.
25:37 That's Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece and Rome.
25:39 And then the fourth creature has 10 horns that would
25:43 represent the break up of the Roman Empire as well.
25:46 You see the correspondence between the two here
25:48 and so think about it.
25:51 In this panorama prophetic vision
25:53 we see some intriguing symbols.
25:54 We need to carefully prayerfully
25:56 decode the symbolic language.
25:58 Here we have the dramatic rise and fall
26:00 of the four successive world empires
26:03 Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece and Rome
26:05 and then the 10 divisions of Rome.
26:08 Now these 10 original tribes or kingdoms
26:12 find their modern counterparts
26:13 in the modern nations of Europe today
26:15 with the exception of three.
26:17 So you have Alamanni, Franks, Saxons, Visigoths,
26:20 Burgundians, Lombards, Suvi, Germans, French, English,
26:24 Spanish, Swiss, Italians and Portuguese
26:28 and three Heruli, Vandals and Ostrogoths
26:30 were uprooted as the antichrist was rising to prominence.
26:35 Now in Daniel 7, you remember we had an entire presentation
26:39 dealing with the antichrist, and you remember it
26:43 all the clues came from Daniel 7.
26:46 It's all right there in Daniel 7.
26:49 So, you can remember. Everybody say Daniel 7.
26:51 So you can go there and check it out.
26:53 Well, let me just go through nine prophetic clues
26:56 from Daniel 7, and let see if the Protestant Reformers
27:01 were right that the antichrist is the papacy.
27:04 All roads leading to papal, Rome.
27:08 Well, it's a fact of history, background history
27:13 that when Constantine relocated his capital seat from Rome,
27:17 prestigious Rome to Byzantium
27:20 and rename Byzantium Constantinople
27:25 who filled I should say the political vacuum
27:28 that he had left there in the capital of Rome,
27:31 the former capital.
27:33 Who filled the political vacuum?
27:35 The Bishop of Rome.
27:37 And so Rome would continue to be popular
27:41 not as a political capital but as a religious capital.
27:45 Well, number one,
27:46 this little horn power would represent the antichrist.
27:49 This little horn power arose out of the fourth beast,
27:51 pagan Rome, right?
27:53 So it's a Roman power.
27:55 We're identifying the antichrist
27:56 and seeing if indeed the papacy meets
27:59 all of the prophetic Biblical specification
28:02 of Daniel Chapter 7.
28:04 So number two, it arose among the 10 horns,
28:08 that is the ten divisions of Rome.
28:10 That is it would arise from Europe
28:13 the 10 divisions of Rome.
28:16 Number three, it would arise after the 10 horns,
28:19 after the break-up of the Rome empire
28:21 historian say 476 AD marks the collapse,
28:25 although it was gradual of the pagan Roman empire
28:28 dividing up of Rome.
28:29 So it would arise to prominence in the fifth century.
28:34 So talk about the background music
28:36 no, no, no we're talking about the background history
28:39 and has there been a cover-up?
28:44 Number four, different from the other horns.
28:47 This one would be religious and political.
28:49 Number five, a look more stout than this fellows.
28:52 It would dominate Europe.
28:53 Number six, it uproots three kingdoms,
28:55 Heruli, Vandals, and Ostrogoths.
28:58 Number seven, spoke great words against the most high,
29:01 blasphemy.
29:03 Claims to forgive sin, claims Mother Mary is a Mediatrix
29:06 and hears prayers of the saints etcetera, etcetera.
29:11 Blasphemy being claiming the rights or purgatives
29:14 or titles that belong to God alone.
29:16 So "spoke great words against the Most High."
29:19 Has the papacy done this, I share of this in love.
29:23 They teach Penance, Purgatory, Mary as an intercessor,
29:26 Confession to Priests, Enforced Celibacy,
29:29 Image worship, Changed the Ten Commandments,
29:32 Infallibility of the Pope, Sprinkling
29:34 instead of immersion by baptism and the list can go
29:37 on and on and on of all sorts of false teaching.
29:42 Number eight, wore out the saints of the Most High.
29:45 That is it's a persecuting power.
29:47 The papacy has a wretched past of the Dark Ages
29:50 in which 50 million people, it is estimated by historians
29:55 perish during the Dark Ages because of the antichrist.
29:59 So inescapable conclusion, the undeniable evidence
30:05 all point to Papal Rome.
30:09 That's right, it's irrefutable.
30:11 The Book of Daniel depicts a strange little talking horn.
30:14 Can you imagine? Is Truth stranger than fiction?
30:19 A little talking horn that would actually talk
30:21 and say things that are false and would persecute
30:24 those who disagreed with it.
30:26 This is none other than the antichrist.
30:29 The overwhelming clinching evidence
30:31 and predominate characteristic of the antichrist
30:33 in Daniel Chapter 7, I repeat point unerringly
30:38 to the Roman Papal Power.
30:41 All right, so here is question number eight.
30:43 Are you here with me thus far? All right, you with me?
30:45 Here we go. Number eight.
30:48 What has the Roman Papal system done to the Ten Commandments?
30:53 What has it done? Number nine, clue number nine.
30:58 Thought to change times and laws.
31:01 It would modify the Ten Commandments.
31:05 It's talking here about the laws of the Most High,
31:08 the Ten Commandments.
31:09 And it would think to what? Change.
31:13 Give me another synonym here.
31:15 Now get out your thesaurus,
31:17 that's one of my favorite books
31:18 by the way is a thesaurus.
31:20 All right, think about it.
31:22 You've got changing or revising,
31:26 modifying, altering, substituting,
31:29 all right that's enough synonyms there, all right.
31:31 Think to change or alter times and laws.
31:37 So I want you to think about this.
31:40 That means that antichrist would promulgate and propagate
31:46 counterfeit version of the Ten Commandments.
31:49 And millions of Christians would subscribe
31:54 not knowing if there was anything wrong.
31:58 Beware of the background cover-up.
32:03 So then who is the antichrist acting
32:07 as if they are when they change the very Law of God?
32:12 Would you agree, some things are holy?
32:16 The Ten Commandments are holy. Word of God is holy.
32:20 The man of sin is revealed, so that he sits
32:22 in the temple of God in the Christian community,
32:25 showing him that he is God, but he is not.
32:29 But would you agree messing with the Ten Commandments.
32:31 You know, in Texas we say, "Don't mess with Texas."
32:34 Forget that, don't mess with the Ten Commandments, right?
32:37 And so that's 2 Thessalonians 2:3 and 4.
32:41 Number nine. Who changed the Sabbath?
32:45 Now I'm here to tell you
32:46 if you look in a Convert's Catechism
32:49 of Catholic Doctrine.
32:51 By the way, if you do not have one in your--
32:53 These things are new to you.
32:55 Afterwards you just see us and we'll be glad to place
32:58 one of these copies in your hands,
33:01 so you can see it for yourself free of charge.
33:05 This is the Convert's Catechism of Catholic Doctrine.
33:08 Keep in mind, there will be many Catholics in heaven,
33:11 there will be many Protestants in heaven.
33:13 There will be many Catholics and Protestants
33:15 that are not in heaven.
33:16 You know what? I'm not the judge, God is the judge.
33:19 But we must judge what is taught
33:21 and then we must share it and leave people with God.
33:24 Can you say amen?
33:25 And so in the Convert's Catechism,
33:27 you will discover
33:29 that they have done three things
33:31 to the Ten Commandments that are unlawful, forbidden.
33:36 Number one, they have deleted the Second Commandment
33:40 that in which God prohibits making images
33:43 and bowing down to them.
33:45 That's why you have proliferation of images
33:49 that are just laid in the churches.
33:55 To countenance that they just make people
33:57 more comfortable they have just dropped
33:59 or deleted the Second Commandment.
34:01 Well, that didn't look too good,
34:03 ten minus one equals nine.
34:06 People know you got 10 fingers, 10 toes, right?
34:09 All right, so what did they do?
34:12 They invented something else. They hatched this one.
34:17 They split the Tenth Commandment
34:19 that has to do with do not covet.
34:21 They probably thought that's a little lengthy
34:23 and conveniently compromisingly divide it,
34:27 split it.
34:29 So those are two changes,
34:30 so in another words ten minus one equals ten
34:33 according to their math.
34:36 Third change. They changed the Sabbath.
34:40 Would you agree they were on a roll?
34:43 You shouldn't be surprised if they drop one
34:45 and split another one.
34:47 Don't be surprised if they would change the one
34:49 that has to do with time.
34:51 Think to change times and laws. You don't believe me.
34:54 Come on, you can get a copy of this afterwards.
34:57 Not only that,
34:58 the Bible predicted it, follow with me.
35:00 You say, "Mark, you're blowing my mind."
35:03 All right, just hang in there.
35:04 Don't believe anything unless you see it in the Bible
35:07 and in your history books.
35:08 Don't believe anything Mark Fox says,
35:10 unless you see it substantiated.
35:12 I'll leave you with God.
35:15 So who changed the Sabbath? Who changed it?
35:19 Daniel 7:25 is the startling prediction.
35:25 "Think to change times and laws".
35:27 Now, that is a mind blower.
35:30 There's some power, some religious institution
35:34 would actually arise and have the presumption
35:37 and the audacity and the extreme
35:40 to mess with God's Ten Commandments.
35:45 What is the only Commandment
35:46 that has anything to do with time,
35:48 think to change times and laws.
35:51 There is only one, the fourth about the seventh day Sabbath.
35:57 "Remember the Sabbath day, time,
36:01 to keep it holy and not work on that day," God says.
36:05 As you can read that entirety of it. Exodus 20:8.
36:09 So therefore are you ready for history's background cover-up?
36:16 Antichrist and history's greatest religious cover-up?
36:20 Are you ready for history's best kept secret?
36:23 Now as Paul Harvey would say, "The rest of the story."
36:29 Three changes.
36:30 By the way Paul Harvey was also a Sabbath keeper
36:33 just to let you know that.
36:34 Three changes, he was aware of these things.
36:40 Number one, deleted the second Commandment.
36:42 Number two, made the Tenth Commandment two.
36:44 Number three, changed the Sabbath
36:45 from Saturday to Sunday.
36:47 Now, I'm just gonna blurt this out right way.
36:49 If I want to go church on Sunday I can do it.
36:53 If I want to go to church Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,
36:55 hey how many times a week
36:57 are we coming to these meetings.
37:00 Going to church on a particular day
37:03 however does not make it holy.
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38:04 You can also visit us online at
38:12 Sometimes people tell me, why keep everyday holy?
38:15 No you don't, you're God's holy people,
38:18 but the definition of keeping a day holy
38:20 in the Bible is you don't work on the day
38:23 and most of us have to work for a living.
38:27 But I understand what people are saying,
38:29 what they are saying is, "I am holy on to the Lord every day,
38:31 I seek to live for the Lord every day."
38:32 And I say amen, me too.
38:34 That doesn't make that day the holy day,
38:37 the Lord's day.
38:39 And so think about it.
38:41 Daniel predicted the change, didn't he?
38:45 The church admits the change as I'll read in a moment.
38:50 History reveals the change. Check it out.
38:55 And the Bible condemns the change,
38:58 I don't accept the change, but I expose the change.
39:04 So does the papacy, number ten, make it clear
39:06 that they changed the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday?
39:11 Here is a candid admission, there is Convert's Catechism.
39:18 I'm reading.
39:20 "Which question, which is the Sabbath day?
39:22 Answer, Saturday is the Sabbath day.
39:26 Question, Why do we observe Sunday instead of Saturday?
39:31 Answer, we observe Sunday instead of Saturday,
39:35 because the Catholic Church, in the Council of Laodicea."
39:39 Here's some background stuff people aren't aware of,
39:43 that's influencing people today.
39:45 "Because the Catholic Church,
39:47 in the Council of Laodicea A.D. 336, 4th century,
39:52 transferred the solemnity from Saturday to Sunday."
39:58 That's taken from the Convert's Catechism
40:00 of Catholic Doctrine, 1957 edition.
40:03 Are you ready for another admission
40:06 from the Roman Papal power?
40:09 This is the late James Cardinal Gibbons.
40:13 Listen to this one.
40:16 "You may read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation,
40:20 you will not find a single line
40:23 authorizing the sanctification of Sunday."
40:27 He continues, "The Scriptures enforce
40:30 the religious observance of Saturday."
40:36 James Cardinal Gibbons in the book
40:38 "The Faith of our Father" page 89. Number 11.
40:42 Are majority wrong about the seventh-day Sabbath?
40:47 Well, you be the judge of that.
40:49 Nine out of ten in school, when my kids come home
40:55 and they got nine out of ten, that's an "A"
40:58 but nine out of ten of the Commandments,
41:02 because if you break one you break them all that's an "F".
41:08 Nine out of ten,
41:09 most agree with nine of the Ten Commandments.
41:12 Hands down, you say where are the Ten Commandments?
41:14 Remember, we had the pastor's daughter,
41:17 10 year old daughter, she read up here,
41:21 so graciously read the Ten Commandments
41:23 they're very, very clear a child can understand them.
41:27 We hang them up on the wall in our house.
41:30 They're plain, they're simple, they're uncomplicated
41:33 and they're not multiple choice,
41:36 they are not complicated.
41:39 And so most agree with nine of the Ten Commandments.
41:42 I mean, if I was just,
41:44 I mean I don't care who the protestor is,
41:46 who the person is with their arguments,
41:48 I say let's read the Ten Commandments
41:50 and you tell me, come on, let's do a check list here,
41:53 check which ones you agree with.
41:57 Hands down, most will go ahead and agree or check
42:02 nine out of the Ten.
42:04 Guess which one they stumble over?
42:06 Sometimes the majority are also flat wrong.
42:11 Ask Christopher Columbus.
42:15 They said the world is flat and they were flat wrong.
42:18 All right, let's go on.
42:20 And, you know, sometimes the experts are stumped
42:23 and categorically wrong.
42:27 Half of Alzheimer's cases are misdiagnosed.
42:32 February 23, 2011 news,
42:37 majority are wrong about the Ten Commandants and Worship.
42:40 They're not aware of what's been influencing them,
42:42 the background noise of the antichrist.
42:46 Survey from CNS-2007, more Americans knows
42:50 Big Mac ingredients than Ten Commandments.
42:56 That's right, may be we shouldn't laugh at that,
42:58 it's astounding.
43:00 And guess what, the two least remembered Commandments are
43:02 according to CNS in 2007,
43:04 the Sabbath and have no other gods besides God.
43:09 Friends, we should not be
43:10 illiterate about the Ten Commandments.
43:13 Number 12.
43:14 How does the Book of Revelation
43:16 picture the urgent message
43:17 of the seventh-day Sabbath in the last days?
43:20 The Book of Revelation for our day
43:23 in the heart of the book, the centre of the book,
43:26 pictures three angels doing a fly over planet earth
43:30 and they are yelling out with loud voices.
43:33 Now when my wife at home raises her voice
43:37 and instead of calling me honey,
43:38 she says, Mark, "I know okay, what did I do?"
43:44 She's trying to get my attention,
43:45 I forgot to take out the garbage.
43:47 But in this case when God is trying to get her attention
43:51 and of course she does that in love I must insert.
43:55 When God pictures His last call,
43:59 His last messages of mercy
44:02 expands the globe before He comes
44:04 as He pictures them,
44:07 angels yelling out with loud voices,
44:09 you know underscore,
44:11 bold relief, exclamation mark, it's urgent.
44:15 You cannot say, ho-hum,
44:17 you can't say that's trivial pursuit
44:20 or that's extracurricular prophecy,
44:23 this is urgent, this is compelling,
44:26 God is calling man and woman
44:29 who've been imbibing evolution theory
44:31 to come back to keeping the Seventh day Sabbath
44:35 that is a poignant, beautiful remainder,
44:38 where you came from?
44:39 You better get it straight, where you came from,
44:41 so you know where you're going. Can you say amen?
44:45 So what urgent message is preached
44:47 in all the world before Jesus comes?
44:49 Go there very quickly with me. Revelation Chapter 14.
44:53 Are we learning something tonight?
44:54 Please say, amen.
44:56 Revelation 14:6,
44:58 "Then I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven,
45:00 having the everlasting gospel."
45:02 The good news.
45:03 "To preach to those who dwell on the earth,
45:04 to every nation, tribe, tongue and people
45:06 saying with a loud voice, fear God and give glory to Him
45:10 for the hour of His judgment has come..."
45:12 All right, downshift,
45:15 "And worship him who made heaven and earth,
45:19 and the sea, and the springs of waters."
45:21 There's a clarion call from heaven's throne room
45:23 that comes down the quarters of the time
45:25 ringing louder than ever,
45:27 come back to worshiping the way the creator specified.
45:34 The way the creator commends us to worship.
45:37 Now that is multifaceted.
45:40 We come together, we sing songs to God,
45:44 we bring offerings, we come together in the name of Jesus,
45:48 we are worshiping Him.
45:50 Our whole life should be worshipping of our Creator.
45:55 Keeping of the Commandments of God
45:57 is also an expression of worship to God.
46:03 So obedience is a form of worship.
46:07 Prayer is a form of worship,
46:09 but your prayers don't get very high
46:13 if you knowingly trampling,
46:15 if you know better trampling on the law.
46:17 "He that turneth away his ear from hearing the law,
46:19 even his prayer is an abomination."
46:21 According to Proverbs 28:9.
46:23 Kind of makes me want to make sure,
46:24 Lord new covenant, write the law in my heart,
46:27 so I can worship you both in spirit and in truth.
46:30 Amen? John Chapter 4.
46:31 So I want you to notice your beloved.
46:33 The everlasting gospel declares,
46:35 comeback this is the Gospel, the one who died for you,
46:38 made you, worship the one who died for you and created you.
46:43 Creation and the cross that has everything to do
46:46 with the impetus behind your worship.
46:48 Can you say amen?
46:49 So number 13. Who is the creator?
46:53 Who is the creator?
46:56 God who created all things through Jesus,
47:01 through Christ Jesus, through Jesus Christ.
47:05 You know what that means?
47:06 That exalts the cross higher than ever before.
47:09 The cross is gonna be championed
47:11 and proclaimed greater, more powerfully
47:14 than ever before in the last days.
47:16 And you know what, helps it to really, really go
47:19 more powerfully than ever is when you understand creation
47:25 and you understand who your Creator is.
47:28 He who made you, creator on a tree.
47:35 He made that tree.
47:39 "God who created all things through Jesus Christ."
47:41 Ephesians 3:9.
47:43 So worship Jesus as your creator.
47:45 Guess who gave you the Sabbath? Jesus, Jesus.
47:50 Guess who gave you the Ten Commandments?
47:52 Jesus.
47:53 I wish I had time to make an excursion
47:55 or whatever the kids say, a race against the clock.
47:57 But let me tell you this, the Bible makes it very clear,
47:59 Jesus Christ gave us the Commandments.
48:03 There is a couple of things
48:04 He wrote with His finger, remember?
48:06 Woman caught in the act of adultery wrote down sins
48:09 which is breaking the law
48:11 and he was the one who gave the law.
48:18 So which, number 14,
48:19 which of the Ten Commandments is referred to in verse 7?
48:23 I believe it's hinting to, I believe it's hinting to,
48:29 I believe it's reminiscent of the fourth Commandment
48:32 that specifies worship the creator,
48:36 worship the creator.
48:37 And the seventh day is part of that.
48:39 "Worship Him who made heaven and earth,
48:41 the sea and springs of water."
48:42 Revelation 14:7. There is a call to coming back.
48:46 Could it be to a secularized, materialized,
48:50 entertainment saturated and information,
48:52 overloaded generation,
48:54 our Creator is calling us to Worship Him
48:56 more fully in the last days?
48:57 Is that possible?
48:59 Would you agree, we need this full day with our Creator
49:03 and Redeemer more than any other previous generations?
49:07 Would you agree,
49:09 we need this whole day with God?
49:16 God knew that most of mankind would forget
49:19 to keep the Sabbath day even though
49:21 it begins with the word remember.
49:24 How many have ever forgotten something important?
49:28 So what miracle
49:29 does the seventh-day Sabbath commemorate?
49:32 Genesis 2:1-3, let's go there very quickly.
49:35 Genesis 2, all right, Genesis 2.
49:39 All right, let's go there very quickly.
49:41 "Thus, the heavens and the earth
49:42 and all the host of them were finished.
49:44 And on the seventh day God ended His work
49:46 which He had done and He rested on the seventh day
49:48 from all His work which He had done.
49:50 Then God blessed the seventh day
49:52 and sanctified it, because in it He made,
49:56 He rested from all His work which God created and made."
49:59 I want you to notice.
50:01 What three things, number 16, did God do to the seventh day?
50:05 He blessed it, He rested upon it
50:07 and He made it holy.
50:08 You can't make a day holy, but God already did.
50:12 And so God told Adam and Eve to rest together
50:15 with the creator on the seventh day.
50:18 The first seven is in creation, the creation week.
50:23 Number 17, what is purpose of the weekly cycle?
50:28 Would you agree there is a divine purpose?
50:30 Why did He give us the week?
50:32 The purpose of the weekly cycle is to remind us
50:36 where we came from.
50:38 We were planted in this framework of time
50:41 by our creator as a constant reminder
50:44 in that rhythm of time, where we came from.
50:48 Now watch this.
50:50 Our weekly cycle came from the first week of creation
50:53 and God saved the best for last.
50:55 That's the way God is, He saves the best for last.
50:59 Our life revolves around the weekly cycle.
51:02 Each day ascends closer to the seventh day,
51:07 like climbing the mountain,
51:08 the seventh day being the mountain top
51:10 and that's momentum, right?
51:13 Just the very way that God created us
51:15 with momentum of creation, so there's momentum.
51:20 God never called any other day the Sabbath
51:22 except the seventh day.
51:25 During the week, anticipation.
51:28 Everybody say anticipation.
51:32 On the Sabbath, reflection.
51:37 Oh, my good friend Dr. Neal Medley,
51:41 I planned to get the book and read it.
51:43 It's a little pricy, but I recommend it.
51:46 It's called "The Lost Art of Thinking."
51:49 What an appropriate book
51:51 for my good friend Dr. Neal Medley to write.
51:54 Get it "The Lost Art of Thinking."
51:57 Brothers and sisters,
51:59 we have attention deficit disorder generation
52:02 we're talking about here,
52:03 and we need the Sabbath for time to think.
52:10 Time to sit down
52:13 and just think and reflect.
52:20 Number 18. Who does the Sabbath belong to?
52:24 Who does the Sabbath belong to?
52:26 Listen to what Jesus says,
52:29 "Therefore the Son of Man is also Lord of the Sabbath."
52:33 Mark 2:28.
52:34 If Jesus is Lord of the Sabbath then whose day is it?
52:36 The Lord's Day.
52:38 "The Son of Man is also Lord of the Sabbath day."
52:40 Matthew 12:8.
52:41 Number 19. Is the Lord's day still holy?
52:44 "I was in the spirit on the Lord's Day."
52:47 Revelation 1:10. Number 20.
52:49 Did Jesus ever change the Sabbath?
52:52 "Do not think that I came to destroy the Law or Prophets.
52:55 I did not come to destroy but to fulfill."
52:57 Matthew 5:17.
52:59 So, therefore number 21, what did Jesus say about
53:02 just breaking one of the Ten Commandments?
53:05 The next couple of verses there,
53:07 "For assuredly, I say to you,
53:08 till heaven and earth pass away,
53:10 one jot or one title will by no means pass
53:12 from the law till all is fulfilled.
53:14 Whoever therefore breaks
53:16 one of the least of these commandments,
53:18 including the Sabbath or any of them,
53:20 and teaches men so, shall be called least
53:22 in the kingdom of heaven."
53:23 That's what Jesus said,
53:25 "So therefore whoever does and teaches them,
53:28 that what we want to do,
53:30 he shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven."
53:32 Matthew 5:17-19.
53:34 Number 22.
53:36 Did Jesus except the disciples to keep the Sabbath
53:39 after He was raisen again?
53:41 "Pray that your flight may not be in winter
53:44 or on the Sabbath."
53:45 Matthew 24:20.
53:46 Now Jerusalem was destroyed in 70 A.D.,
53:49 so Jesus told His followers to pray
53:52 about keeping the Sabbath after He ascended to heaven,
53:55 therefore should you also pray about keeping the Sabbath holy?
54:01 Amen. It's very clear.
54:03 Number 23. Which day is the Sabbath?
54:07 Well, there was a survey done while back.
54:09 Which day is the Sabbath?
54:11 According to a web based poll, WorldNet Daily,
54:14 24 % said, "Sabbath that's Sunday,"
54:17 17% said, "No that's Saturday,"
54:20 8% said, "Can't be sure," 6% said, "Any day you choose,"
54:25 5 % almost 6% there "No Christian's Sabbath.
54:29 Then, 1.4% said, "It's irrelevant."
54:32 Would you agree there's a whole lot of confusion going on?
54:35 I say let's go to the Bible.
54:37 Let's go to the Bible.
54:39 Can we really be sure which day is the Seventh day?
54:43 Can we be sure?
54:44 Hasn't the calendar been changed?
54:45 Has the weekly cycle ever been changed?
54:49 No, never.
54:51 Webster's dictionary says
54:53 Saturday is the seventh day of the week.
54:56 Encyclopedia says the same thing.
54:58 Has time been lost through the centuries?
55:01 The Royal Observatory in Greenwich England
55:03 confirms the authenticity of the weekly cycle.
55:07 Time has never been lost.
55:11 No change in the continuity of the weekly cycle,
55:14 US Naval observatory says Washington D.C.
55:17 In over 140 languages of the world
55:21 they call the seventh day the Sabbath.
55:24 In Spanish Sabado which means Sabbath.
55:28 Number 24. Did Jesus keep the Sabbath?
55:31 "So He came to Nazareth, where he had been brought up.
55:33 And as his custom was,
55:34 he went into the synagogue on the Sabbath day,
55:37 and stood up to read."
55:38 Luke 4:16.
55:40 If it's good enough for Jesus, it's good enough for us.
55:45 Jesus knew the correct day of worship.
55:47 I'm gonna say it again.
55:49 I can go to church seven days a week I want,
55:52 but the primary day of worship is the seventh day Sabbath.
55:57 Jesus knew which day was the seventh day Sabbath.
56:00 He knew and who is our example to follow?
56:04 Jesus Christ.
56:06 Now, the Jews continue to keep the same day
56:08 that Jesus kept as the Sabbath.
56:10 They are correct, but they need Jesus.
56:14 Would you agree, you can keep the Sabbath all you want,
56:17 but if you don't accept the Lord of the Sabbath,
56:19 that Sabbath is not gonna save anybody.
56:21 So the Bible makes that clear.
56:23 Now listen beloved, as our time is running out.
56:26 Would God ever ask us to keep the Sabbath holy
56:30 knowing we would not be able to figure out what day it was?
56:35 No, God wants us to know.
56:39 "You shall know the truth
56:42 and the truth shall set you free."
56:45 So what's that background historical religious cover-up.
56:51 Most people don't realize it.
56:53 It was the Roman Papal Power
56:56 who changed the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday.
57:01 And now you know the rest of the story
57:03 and the truth sets you free.
57:06 You say, Mark, this is new to me.
57:09 This is something to pray about.
57:11 This is something to study about.
57:13 This is something you have to really pause and think,
57:18 not what do others say
57:20 but rather what have you read in your Bible,
57:23 and what do you see that happened in history?
57:26 Although sudden and alarming changes
57:28 are sweeping across the globe
57:30 you and your family can be prepared
57:32 to face the future with comforts.
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