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00:04 We are racing towards the global crises at the close.
00:09 God is going to set up His kingdom on earth.
00:13 Preparation for the tribulation and the translation
00:18 is to develop a character like Jesus Christ,
00:21 to reach every hamlet, every village, every man,
00:24 every child, every person in India,
00:27 every person in South America.
00:28 must hear these Three Angels' messages.
00:34 These are stories that illustrate
00:36 the kind of fabric of character
00:38 and perseverance that we need to go through the tribulation
00:42 just as certainly as they did.
00:44 The Bible makes it very clear,
00:45 we are living in an unusual hour.
00:48 The last grains of sand are trickling
00:50 through the hour glass of time and the door probation
00:53 is about the swing shut.
01:02 "Hope Beyond The Grave."
01:04 Come with me to the enchanted land of the Nile.
01:11 There at the enchanted land of the Nile,
01:13 you'll see the Nile River,
01:15 you see the massive imposing pyramids towering
01:19 above the shifting desert sands of Egypt.
01:23 The mighty Pharaohs prepared
01:25 for their journey beyond the grave.
01:28 Indeed the Pharaohs and the ancient Egyptians
01:31 had an incredible fascination with death
01:34 and an insatiable inquest for immortality.
01:38 And so they believed in this quest that when you die,
01:42 you live on immediately in the afterlife.
01:46 This is what the ancient Egyptians believed.
01:49 And so they believed that the person's soul
01:52 returned again and again to its body.
01:57 So therefore, they mastered
01:59 to perfection preserving a dead body.
02:02 I think the arid climate had a lot to do with it,
02:06 and so all the statues of slaves and soldiers became,
02:11 as they believed it, real people in the afterlife.
02:15 So that's why they were buried with many statues and so forth.
02:20 Thoughts of their afterlife compelled them
02:23 to build and build they did.
02:26 They would go to their bigger than life pyramid,
02:29 the house of their "Ka" that is to say the house
02:33 of their disembodied "soul" as they believed.
02:36 They believed their soul was immortal
02:39 and was released from the body at death.
02:42 And so 4000 years ago,
02:45 the Pyramids of Giza rose to the heavens.
02:49 And let me tell you, I've been there,
02:51 I can tell you they are bigger than life.
02:54 You are dwarf, as a little ant there in their presence.
02:59 And so it took 20 years and over 100,000 workers
03:03 to build the Great Pyramid of Cheops,
03:06 which is the most imposing of the pyramids of the trio.
03:10 The Sphinx guarded the pyramids of Giza.
03:14 But as we will learn,
03:15 that set no prove not too trust worthy
03:19 and so the giant colossal of stones were built
03:22 in the shape of the rays of the sun.
03:26 Therefore, they believe that the pharaoh
03:28 ascended to heaven on the rays of the sun
03:32 and on the staircase of the pyramid.
03:36 So deep within them all was the secret
03:39 burial chamber of a pharaoh.
03:42 And some of them mightier than others,
03:45 some of them more well known than others,
03:47 like how about Rameses the Great?
03:50 And so the massive pyramids that concealed
03:53 the tombs of the mighty pharaohs
03:55 were all exploited by robbers, unfortunately,
04:01 because the pyramids were so massive,
04:05 you just couldn't get your mind off of them,
04:07 they were a beacon reminder, there's treasures in here,
04:11 it's all for the taking and take it they did.
04:14 And so where would the pharaohs go next to be secretly buried?
04:20 And so they decided they had to try to outsmart the robbers.
04:25 Well, what did they do?
04:28 We travel now up the Nile River past many religious
04:33 buildings and temples and so forth.
04:36 We go up the Nile River, the Valley of the Kings.
04:42 After the pyramid age, the New Kingdom of pharaohs
04:45 were buried in tombs, cut into remote cliffs
04:49 in the desert valley,
04:50 some of them reminiscent of those pyramids.
04:53 And so here they tried to conceal
04:56 the tombs of the pharaohs.
04:58 I said, they tried.
05:01 They assumed all were plundered eventually,
05:04 those who were digging for the buried treasures,
05:10 well, guess what, eventually,
05:12 the archaeologists and the school of thought was,
05:17 that the prevailing opinion was that they assumed
05:20 all were plundered and robbed after time.
05:25 And so-- But there was one that Howard Carter
05:30 believed was still hidden deep in the sands,
05:35 we're talking now about around a year 1922.
05:39 He was the boy king who mysteriously
05:42 died prematurely by the age of 20.
05:47 And so the year was 1922 and something breathtaking
05:51 was about to unfold beneath the desert sands.
05:56 Howard Carter, on November 4,
05:59 and his diggers discovered a rock cut step
06:03 below the entrance to the tomb of Ramases VI.
06:07 The sunken steps led to a walled-up tomb entrance.
06:13 And on November 23, the work resumed,
06:16 an excitement grew as symbols containing
06:19 Tutankhamun's name were uncovered.
06:22 Well, on November 26,
06:28 Carter made a small opening
06:30 and prepared to enter the chamber.
06:33 And this is just fascinating in the extreme.
06:36 This is an actual photograph of Howard Carter
06:41 as he was actually now peering through the little window,
06:47 the little hole that he made there and inserted a candle,
06:50 the single most coveted prize in archaeology
06:54 is about to be discovered.
06:56 Finally Howard Carter lights a candle
06:59 and for the first time in 3,000 years,
07:02 how many years, everyone?
07:04 Three thousand years,
07:06 the tomb of an Egyptian pharaoh
07:09 is found intact and untouched for over 3,000 years.
07:16 And so they discovered a very lavish burial beyond belief.
07:22 And inside, they discovered
07:25 four boxes one inside the other.
07:29 And in the fourth box was a sandstone sarcophagus
07:33 containing a nest of three coffins
07:36 and the inner coffin--
07:38 Oh, and Tut's mummy had 150 pieces of jewelry
07:41 in the wrappings and on and on.
07:42 He had a chariot there and a bed there
07:45 and the couches there.
07:47 In the fourth box, solid gold coffin
07:51 and the golden mask that enclosed the pharaoh's body.
07:54 I mean, look at this breath taking picture here.
07:57 And so his solid gold inner coffin
08:00 weighs about 243 pounds.
08:06 We're talking about massive wealth,
08:09 massive wealth of the ancient kingdom of Egypt.
08:14 If the treasure of this boy king
08:16 was so magnificent and so luxurious,
08:20 can you imagine what the robbers must have taken.
08:24 The treasure trove that they must
08:27 have discovered and taken, they taken in comparison,
08:32 I'm sure that King Tut's treasures seem very little.
08:36 So why were the pharaohs and King Tut mummified?
08:40 Why were they mummified?
08:42 Because they believed in the immortality
08:44 of a disembodied soul.
08:47 Are the pharaohs of ancient Egypt
08:49 alive enjoying their treasures in afterlife?
08:54 Did you know that the Bible
08:58 never uses the term immortal soul
09:02 or immortality of the soul?
09:07 So what does that translate into?
09:10 This is the secret buried with them all.
09:14 The secret is, after all,
09:17 could it be that all the hard work
09:21 was for nothing that they really are still dead.
09:25 Could that be a secret that's been buried with all of them,
09:28 that they didn't go on to an afterlife immediately?
09:33 Well, to most, death is the troubling mystery
09:37 around the world.
09:39 But God's word solves death's mystery.
09:43 So we must take the magnifying glass to Scripture
09:46 and find out what the Bible says, amen.
09:49 And so man makes complicated what God makes clear.
09:54 We cannot afford guessing about this one.
09:58 Indeed, death is a fact of life that we must all face.
10:03 Therefore, it is wise to know the facts
10:05 and to be prepared when death comes,
10:08 because most of the time death comes unexpectedly.
10:13 And so, God wants little children to understand
10:17 this important subject.
10:20 And so when a man dies, what next?
10:24 What happens when a man dies?
10:28 Is death the end or just the beginning,
10:31 as the Egyptians believe?
10:34 Does man have an immortal soul, like the pharaohs believed?
10:39 Where do we go when we die?
10:42 Well, 86 percent of Americans believe in the afterlife,
10:45 according to a Harris Poll and if you would ask
10:49 the average person on the street
10:50 these questions about death,
10:51 you would get a lot of different answers.
10:54 Why don't you do that bring back a report to me,
10:56 would you do that?
10:57 All right, some say, "Well, when you die
10:59 if you're not right, you go to Limbo."
11:01 Some say, "If you die and you're not right,
11:03 you go to purgatory."
11:04 Some say, "If you're not right, you go to hell fire."
11:06 That's tomorrow night's message.
11:08 And some say, "If you are right with God,
11:09 immediately, you go right to heaven."
11:12 Well, some say, "No, you will be reincarnated."
11:17 Shirley MacLaine would tell you that
11:19 and a host of other celebrities would tell you,
11:21 that they believe that reincarnation is the truth.
11:25 A matter of fact they are not alone,
11:27 the whole religion revolves around the incarnation.
11:31 Are Americans becoming more Hindu?
11:34 Over a million Hindus live in the United States
11:36 and one billion who live on earth.
11:39 Twenty four percent of Americans
11:42 believe in reincarnation.
11:44 Now that is astounding. And should I add disturbing.
11:48 2008, Harris Poll.
11:50 Hinduism, teaches that selves come back
11:53 to earth again and again in different bodies.
11:58 So therefore, beware where you step,
12:01 that you might be running into, "Joe, is that you?"
12:05 All right, anyway.
12:07 Where are our beloved dead? Where are our beloved dead?
12:11 Can we find a hope beyond the grave?
12:15 Well, are the dead, dead?
12:20 Or really living more than they ever were?
12:22 There are many grave errors about death popular today.
12:28 So what is now being portrayed and taught in popular movies,
12:32 popular talk shows, popular music,
12:34 popular books, and magazines?
12:36 What's being taught?
12:37 Well, here is the complete first season,
12:41 a television season entitled "Medium" a while back.
12:46 She sees what others can't.
12:49 Here is a blockbuster movie by starring Bruce Willis
12:55 entitled "The Sixth Sense"
12:57 the number one thriller of all time.
12:59 And it showcased a little boy that was troubled.
13:03 And he went to visit his psychiatrist,
13:06 Bruce Willis and he had a problem.
13:09 He was disturbed because he said,
13:11 "I see dead people."
13:15 What does the Bible say about this?
13:18 That's what Hollywood is telling you.
13:20 Can the dead communicate with the living?
13:23 Did you know this is Spiritualism?
13:27 "A belief that spirits of the dead
13:29 communicate with the living."
13:31 That is Spiritualism.
13:32 And that's what Webster's dictionary says.
13:36 Well, here's another series.
13:39 "Ghost Whisperer" maybe you've heard about that.
13:42 She claims to see and talk to dead people.
13:45 C.B.S. recently aired this daring series.
13:48 In 2005, NBC aired "Revelations,"
13:52 in which the spirit of a dead girl is able to mouth messages
13:55 through the lips of another
13:57 comatose girl about the end time.
14:01 Well, guess what?
14:02 Now it's really mainstream because popular talk shows
14:06 have psychics like John Edwards and others,
14:10 on their shows claiming to contact the dead
14:13 and they will actually claim to do that
14:16 and actually there are some really incredible
14:19 eerie stuff that unfolds on these talk shows,
14:22 that seem to confirm that indeed,
14:26 they are contacting the dead right then and there.
14:30 That is a little scary.
14:31 I say, pass on to another channel.
14:35 Almost half of Americans believe
14:37 they've had contact with someone who died.
14:41 One widower in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
14:44 declared to me with certainty that her husband
14:48 who had died continues to come
14:50 and get in bed with her at night.
14:54 You see on the campaign trail
14:56 I hear a lot of stories I'd learned new things.
14:58 I don't believe everything but I'm--
15:01 One woman in Longview, Texas told me a long story.
15:04 She told me she married her husband
15:06 after he died and she proudly showed me the ring
15:09 which she said her husband gave her to prove that indeed,
15:14 she is married to her dead husband.
15:17 So what does the Bible teach
15:19 about what happens when a man dies?
15:24 The Book of Job 16:22, "When a few years are come,
15:29 then I shall go the way whence,"
15:31 everyone together "I shall not return."
15:34 Can you say that with me again? I still not return.
15:39 So "as a cloud vanishes and is gone,
15:41 so he who," what?
15:42 "Goes down to the grave does not return.
15:47 He will never come to his house again."
15:50 Aren't you glad about that?
15:52 So whatever hauntedhouses are,
15:54 it's not on Uncle Tom actually coming back to the house.
15:58 Job 7: 9 and 10.
16:00 Did you know that Spiritualism was really
16:06 was really jumpstarted in a very powerful way.
16:11 What event marks the rise of modern spiritualism
16:14 that was really jumpstarted there in the 19th century,
16:19 mid 19th century, this event brought a sudden change
16:23 in views about death there in Hydesville, New York.
16:28 This was the birthplace of modern spirituaism.
16:32 And there's a cottage in a home there of the Fox Sisters
16:35 through whose mediumship communication
16:37 with the spirit world was established
16:39 there around the year 1848.
16:42 Now the two young girls,
16:43 Margetha and Katie Fox and their parents,
16:45 Mr. and Mrs. John D. Fox, by the way disclaimer,
16:48 I don't think I'm related to them.
16:51 They heard rumors that the house was haunted.
16:55 So what did they do?
16:57 They call the phantom "Mr. Split-foot"
16:59 because what they would do is they hear the wrappings.
17:02 They would wrap back and they would establish communication
17:06 and so this was the two girls became this buttress,
17:12 the idea that that we could have spiritualistic mediums.
17:16 And the two girls became spirit mediums.
17:20 And so this was no laughing matter.
17:25 Well, here today what do you have?
17:27 Casper, the Friendly Ghost, harmless entertainment?
17:33 Question mark.
17:35 A matter of fact, did you know about
17:36 25 percent or so of Americans
17:38 claim that they have seen a ghost?
17:41 So there's a lot of strange things
17:43 going on here in America.
17:45 So what was Satan's first big lie?
17:51 Five words, big lie.
17:54 He told Eve at the first bully pulpit that he had,
17:58 the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.
18:01 And the serpent was the first spiritualistic medium.
18:05 The serpent was not the devil.
18:07 The serpent was used as a puppet by the devil.
18:12 And so it became like a medium, didn't it?
18:14 And so "You shall not surely die."
18:18 So that's the first big lie that was hatched
18:23 there in the Garden of Eden.
18:26 This is a bold twist of the truth, isn't it?
18:29 But aren't you glad you shall know the truth, right.
18:32 "You shall know the truth.
18:34 And the truth shall set you free." Amen. John 8: 32.
18:38 Now spiritism claims the dead are not dead.
18:41 Now there's two main tenets of belief,
18:44 two main principles or beliefs that kind of go together.
18:48 They are really inseparable.
18:50 Number one, spiritism claims the dead are not dead.
18:56 "The fundamental principle of spiritism
18:59 is that human beings survive bodily death,
19:01 and that occasionally not yet fully understood,
19:03 we can communicate with those who have gone before."
19:07 J. Arthur Hill, Spiritism: History,
19:08 Phenomena, and Doctrine, page 25.
19:10 Number two, spiritism claims
19:13 the dead communicate with the living.
19:15 No wonder, Sir Oliver Lodge said this.
19:18 "There is no death in the graveyard.
19:21 I have frequent talks with the dead.
19:24 I cannot doubt the people live after death
19:26 for I frequently talk with them."
19:28 So maybe they should have pay phones
19:30 there at the tombstones, you know, all right.
19:32 So anyway, "And when they shall say unto you,
19:35 seek unto them that have familiar spirits,
19:37 and unto wizards that peep, and that mutter:
19:40 should not a people seek under their God?
19:42 For the living to the dead."
19:44 "To the law and the testimony."
19:46 What is the law on the testimony?
19:48 What is the law on the testimony?
19:50 It's the Word of God. It's the inspired Word of God.
19:53 And so "if they speak not according to this word,"
19:56 it is what?
19:57 "It is because there is no light in them."
20:00 Avoid them, take a detour around them, don't listen.
20:03 And so that's Isaiah 8:19 and 20.
20:06 So can we expect, I ask your thinking mind here.
20:10 Can we expect incredible deceptive miracles
20:14 in the last days?
20:16 It's in the movies.
20:18 It's at the box office, it's on your television,
20:20 it's in the music, it's in the cartoons,
20:22 it's everywhere, that the dead are not dead,
20:27 and many believe, "Well, I think I've seen my uncle,"
20:29 or "I think I've seen my child," or "I think."
20:32 What is going on?
20:34 Well, The Beatles say,
20:35 "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds."
20:37 All right, let's move on.
20:39 How about when Michael Jackson passed away?
20:43 You remember that they had that very large gathering,
20:47 that memorial and his friend Brooke Shields was there.
20:53 And she said, "Although our hearts are aching,
20:56 we need to look up where he's undoubtedly perched
21:00 in a crescent moon and we need to smile."
21:04 Very interesting.
21:06 You know there are two certainties of life,
21:09 death and taxation.
21:13 Wouldn't it be nice if it happened in that order?
21:15 All right, anyway.
21:17 So what is beyond the grave? What is beyond the grave?
21:23 Remember Socrates, the great philosopher,
21:26 prepared as the-- they were preparing the hemlock poison,
21:32 then he would commit suicide,
21:33 you remember here's what he said,
21:35 "Farewell I go the way of all flesh,
21:37 but whether to life or oblivion, I know not."
21:40 Would you agree that's pretty sad?
21:42 It kind of reminds me of a little boy that was
21:46 meandering through the cemetery
21:50 in Richmond, Virginia during the day,
21:52 and this young boy stumbled across an epitaph that read,
21:56 Paul Adams, who died and on Paul Adams' tombstone
22:02 the epitaph read, "Stop my friend, as you go by.
22:06 As you are now, so once was I.
22:08 As I am now, you soon shall be.
22:10 So, prepare yourself to follow me."
22:12 So he was reading this epitaph, there in the cemetery,
22:16 well, he pulled out a crayon and he responded.
22:19 "To follow you I'm not content
22:20 until I know just where you went."
22:24 So that's a question, "If a man dies,
22:26 will he live again?" Job 14: 14.
22:29 Now if we're gonna understand this subject,
22:32 we must understand that God did not create us to die.
22:36 Is that true? Yes or no.
22:37 We were not created to die, we were created to live, what?
22:41 Forever.
22:42 But if we are going to understand death,
22:44 we must understand how God created us,
22:47 which is the reverse of death, would you agree?
22:48 Creation is the reverse of death.
22:51 And so how did God create man in the first place?
22:55 Go with me to the Book of Genesis.
22:56 The word Genesis means beginnings.
22:59 Genesis, we did not evolve,
23:02 we came from the Creator's hand. Amen.
23:05 We came from His-- His hands.
23:08 The Bible makes it very clear how we were created,
23:11 verse 7, okay.
23:12 Genesis 2:7, if you have it say, amen.
23:14 All right, very good.
23:15 Verse seven, let's read it together, can we do that?
23:18 "And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground,"
23:22 everybody, "and breathed into his nostrils,
23:25 the breath of life and man became a living soul."
23:28 Now is there anything complicated about that?
23:31 Would you agree, that's very crystal clear?
23:33 A schoolboy can understand that.
23:35 So how did God create man? We can sum it up this way.
23:41 Dust plus breath equals a living soul.
23:44 Body plus breath equals a living soul.
23:47 He formed man of the dust of the ground
23:49 and breathed into his nostrils,
23:51 the breath of life and man became a living soul.
23:56 So what is another word for this "Breath of Life?"
23:59 He breathed into our nostrils, the breath of life.
24:02 What's another name for that breath of life?
24:04 Job 27: 3.
24:06 Notice the way that we arrive at truth,
24:09 is by comparing Scripture with Scripture,
24:12 line upon line, precept upon precept. Amen.
24:16 "All the while my breath is in me,
24:18 and the Spirit of God is in my nostrils."
24:21 So what do you have in your nostrils?
24:23 We read in Genesis 2:7, that the Lord breathed
24:25 into Adam's nostrils, the breath of life.
24:29 Job says that that breath of life is the Spirit of God.
24:34 So it's synonymous.
24:37 Breath equals Spirit. Amen.
24:41 So death is creation in reverse.
24:46 So what happens when a man dies?
24:47 We're building, we're putting the puzzle together.
24:50 Let's go to Ecclesiastes.
24:52 This is found after the Book of Proverbs,
24:55 we're going to, and before the Book of Isaiah.
24:58 We're going to Ecclesiastes, Chapter 12,
25:00 the last Chapter in that book.
25:02 Are we learning something tonight?
25:04 Ecclesiastes 12, looking there at verse 7.
25:08 "Then the dust will return to the earth
25:11 as it was and the spirit will return to God who gave it."
25:15 So let's consider this verse. What happens when a man dies?
25:19 What returns to God at death according to the scripture?
25:24 The spirit. That's right.
25:25 The spirit, everybody say, the spirit.
25:28 The spirit returns to God, the spirit returns the God.
25:34 So wait a minute.
25:36 It doesn't say the soul goes back to God,
25:38 it says the spirit or the breath goes back to God.
25:42 Isn't the soul immortal? Well, the Greeks believe that.
25:47 The Bible says, "Only God is immortal."
25:50 1Timothy 6:16.
25:53 The Bible says, Man is mortal.
25:55 Job 4:17, "Subject to death."
25:57 "We seek for immortality." Romans 6:7.
26:01 We receive immortality not when we die,
26:05 but when, what?
26:06 When Jesus comes again. Notice here.
26:09 And not everyone will receive immortality,
26:12 only those who believe in Jesus. Amen.
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27:18 1 Corinthians 15, go there with me in the New Testament.
27:21 Paul, the Apostle is writing here
27:26 under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.
27:28 So let's go to 1Corinthians Chapter 15,
27:33 looking there at verse 50, 51. All right.
27:38 "Behold, I tell you a mystery.
27:39 We shall not all sleep but we shall all be."
27:41 what? "We shall all be changed."
27:44 "In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye at the last trumpet.
27:48 For their trumpet will sound
27:50 and the dead will be raised incorruptible.
27:53 And we shall be changed for this corruptible
27:57 must put on incorruption.
27:59 And this," what?
28:00 Everyone, read it together with me, all right.
28:02 "This mortal must put on immortality." Amen.
28:07 So I want you to notice here.
28:09 So when this corruptible has put on incorruption,
28:12 and this mortal has put on immortality,
28:15 then shall be brought to pass the saying that it is written,
28:18 "Death is swallowed up in victory."
28:21 "Oh, Death where is your sting?
28:23 Oh. Hades," that is the grave, "where is your victory?"
28:27 Is this good news or what?
28:28 You should highlight it memorize it.
28:31 This is resounding good news that we receive immortality,
28:34 not when we die, but when Jesus comes again.
28:38 Are you looking forward to that?
28:40 The arrow of prophecy points ot the coming of Jesus Christ.
28:44 And so, "In a moment,
28:46 in the twinkling of an eye at the last trumpet,
28:50 this corruptible must put on incorruption
28:53 and this mortal must put on immortality."
28:56 When? I repeat, not a death, but when Jesus comes.
29:00 Therefore, there is no such thing
29:04 as an immortal soul. Poor King Tut.
29:10 Can a soul die? Obviously it can.
29:16 Ezekiel 18:4 and 20,
29:17 "The soul that sinneth, it shall die."
29:23 Now what part of that don't we understand?
29:26 The soul shall die. Amen. So what is the soul?
29:30 We know the spirit is in our nostrils, the breath,
29:34 and when we die, nothing the thinks,
29:36 but that which enables us to think,
29:38 the breath, goes back to God that spirit.
29:41 And that's why Jesus said, "Father,
29:43 into Thy hands I commit my spirit or my,"
29:46 what? My breath.
29:47 And He breathed this last. And He died.
29:50 So what is a soul?
29:51 1 Peter 3:20 makes it clear
29:54 that there were eight souls saved
29:56 from the flood in the days of Noah.
29:59 Those are real people.
30:00 Acts 27:37, 276 souls or real people
30:04 were shipwrecked.
30:06 You remember there in that Chapter of Acts.
30:09 And Acts 2:41, makes it clear on the day of Pentecost,
30:13 that there were 3,000 souls
30:15 or people that joined the church.
30:18 That's why what do you call your grandkids?
30:20 What do I call my children?
30:22 Precious, you call them precious souls, right.
30:24 What does that mean? Real precious people.
30:27 By the way do you want to see what a living soul looks like?
30:30 Look in the mirror. All right, here we go.
30:33 The Bible uses the term "soul" 1,600 times
30:39 but never once as an immortal soul,
30:43 an undying soul or an everlasting soul.
30:46 I mean, look at your trusty, Strong's Concordance.
30:49 If you want a good concordance
30:50 get one that Strong's Concordance
30:52 and you've got to be strong, David,
30:54 pick it up because it is very, very big.
30:56 And you look it out up, you look up the word soul.
30:58 And you will discover that it is never
31:01 used to describe, as it says here.
31:05 Never once as an immortal soul
31:08 or something that exists apart from the body.
31:11 You won't find that in the Bible.
31:13 And so the idea that you never die,
31:17 that when you die, you're really not dead,
31:19 you just you never die.
31:20 Well, that is a smooth pleasing false teaching.
31:24 2 Timothy 2:2-4.
31:27 Paul said that in the last days people would turn away
31:30 from the truth and end up believing fables.
31:33 Did you know that mythology is
31:36 very, very strong in influencing whole civilizations
31:42 or whole groups of people?
31:44 Mythologies, false fables or false teachings
31:49 are very, very rampant in our world today.
31:53 So how did this false doctrine become popular
31:56 in the Christian churches of today?
31:59 It slipped through the back door of the church.
32:02 When the church apostatized, you know, that early church.
32:06 God has always had His faithful,
32:08 but the church ultimately apostatized.
32:12 And up came the papal power.
32:15 The papal power has popularized false teachings about death.
32:20 Hence, that's why they say pray to Mary,
32:25 pray to the saints, and they have statutes and so forth.
32:28 Why do they have these statues?
32:30 Why do they have them?
32:32 So you can know, these people have lived on, they are alive.
32:37 And you can actually pray to some of them.
32:40 And so this is all based on the false
32:43 teaching of the immortality of the soul.
32:47 And so what happens when a man dies?
32:50 All right, let's see if we can turn on the light in our mind.
32:52 All right.
32:53 We could use this simple illustration that the body
32:57 could be represented by a light bulb.
33:00 The breath could rep-- represent
33:02 or it be epresented by electricity.
33:05 And the combination of the bulb
33:06 and the electricity is illumination, its light.
33:10 Now if I ask one of the deacons here tonight,
33:13 could you please, one of the ushers,
33:15 please turn off the lights?
33:16 And I wish to take up a vote.
33:18 Sometimes I do, do this as we crisscross North America.
33:21 If I was to ask, okay,
33:22 how many think the light went down somewhere?
33:26 All right, how many think the light went up somewhere?
33:29 All right, how many think the light just cease
33:31 to exist because there was a disconnect?
33:34 And see that's what happens.
33:36 When a person dies, well, let's put it this way,
33:38 the lights go out until it's reconnected.
33:42 And would you agree that electricityis his breath,
33:44 can you say, amen?
33:45 "'Cause from dust thou art to dust thou shalt return."
33:47 When the lights go out the bulb
33:48 still there but it needs that electricity again.
33:51 So that will happen when Jesus comes.
33:54 So the Bible never says the soul
33:55 returns to God at death.
33:57 You will not find that in the Scriptures.
33:59 So where are the dead? Bible makes it clear.
34:03 They are in the grave.
34:05 That's what Jesus taught as well.
34:06 Let's go to John Chapter five, John 5:28, 29.
34:11 Turn there very quickly with me here.
34:13 Keep our foot on the accelerator.
34:15 Are we learning something tonight? I hope so.
34:17 All right. Please say, yes.
34:19 We're working hard at this, all right.
34:21 John 5:28, 29. All right.
34:24 "Do not marvel at this
34:25 for the hour is coming in the which
34:27 all who are in the graves will," what?
34:29 "Will hear His voice," and notice what the Bible says,
34:32 "and come forth those who have done good
34:36 to the resurrection of life and those who have done evil
34:39 to the resurrection of condemnation."
34:41 So where are the dead?
34:42 They go into the graves, both the righteous,
34:45 and the unrighteous, the saved,
34:47 and the unsaved go to the graves,
34:50 and will come forth,
34:51 either in the resurrection of life when Jesus comes again,
34:54 or later on in a resurrection of condemnation.
34:57 And that is after the millennium,
35:00 as we will explore in the future night.
35:03 So where is King David?
35:04 In light of this, go to Acts Chapter 2.
35:08 Acts Chapter two. Turn there with me. Acts 2:29.
35:12 All right, verse 29. "Men and brethren."
35:14 Peter speaking on the day of Pentecost.
35:16 "Let me speak freely to you of the patriarch David,
35:19 that he is both dead and buried
35:20 and his tomb is with us to this day."
35:22 So he says David, the Psalmist,
35:25 I mean, when you think about praising the Lord,
35:28 you think about David.
35:29 And if anybody heaven, praising the Lord,
35:32 if when you die the righteous go to heaven,
35:35 if the righteous, it would be King David.
35:37 But Peter declared, David is dead and buried.
35:42 Oh, but that's just his body.
35:43 He actually, he had a soul that goes up to heaven.
35:46 Well, let's read verse 34.
35:48 "For David did not ascend into the heavens."
35:53 What part of that don't we understand?
35:55 He did not ascend to the heavens,
35:57 but said, but he says himself,
35:59 The Lord said to my Lord, 'sit at my right hand
36:02 till I make your enemies your footstool.'"
36:04 You say, "Mark, this is so new.
36:06 I didn't understand this before."
36:08 Well, you know, praise God that
36:10 in the last days the truth goes marching on.
36:13 Amen. And so where is King David?
36:16 Dead, buried, not ascended into the heavens.
36:19 So what does the Bible call death then?
36:22 Death is called a sleep numerous times in Scripture.
36:28 Sixty six times in the Bible, some have counted.
36:31 Psalms 13: 3, "Consider and hear me,
36:33 oh Lord my God: lighten my eyes,
36:35 lest I sleep the sleep of death."
36:38 So how did Jesus view death?
36:40 Take your Bible and turn with me to John Chapter 11.
36:44 John Chapter 11. Let's look at this very quickly here.
36:47 John Chapter 11, as we do this Bible investigation.
36:53 John Chapter 11, we must understand what the Bible
36:58 teaches about hope beyond the grave.
37:01 John Chapter 11, looking there at verse 11.
37:06 "These things He said, and after that He said to them,
37:08 'Our friend Lazarus sleeps,
37:10 but I go that I may wake him up.'
37:11 Then His disciples said, 'Lord,
37:13 if he sleeps he will get well.'
37:15 However, Jesus spoke of his death,
37:17 but they thought that He was speaking
37:19 about taking rest in sleep."
37:20 So they misunderstood. So Jesus clarified.
37:24 Now I don't believe they want to hear this.
37:27 As I do not believe many people want to hear
37:29 this about their loved either.
37:31 But it's the truth.
37:32 How many agree, truth is not always
37:34 what you want to hear initially,
37:36 until you further understand why it's so important to know
37:40 and how the truth does set you free.
37:43 Look at verse 14.
37:44 "Then Jesus said to them plainly, 'Lazarus is dead.'"
37:50 And they understood what he meant. He's dead.
37:53 He's really dead. He's not in heaven.
37:56 Would you agree, Lazarus was a righteous person,
37:59 and if the righteous, when they die,
38:01 they go to be with the Lord, Lazarus would've been up there.
38:05 David would have been up there.
38:06 But He said "Lazarus sleeps" "Lazarus is dead"
38:09 and he was "dead for four days."
38:11 His body was decomposing.
38:14 And so how much does a dead person know therefore?
38:17 "The living know that they shall die,
38:19 but the dead know not," what? "Anything."
38:22 Ecclesiastes 9: 5. You need to highlight that scripture.
38:25 That is one of the most paramount scriptures
38:28 and reference to the state of the dead.
38:30 I mean, this makes it crystal clear.
38:33 You know, many believe that when you die suddenly
38:36 you know more than you ever have before.
38:40 And so what happens when you die?
38:44 "His breath goeth forth, he returneth to his earth,
38:48 in that very day his thoughts perish."
38:53 Bible doesn't say just the body,
38:54 it says he goes to the earth.
38:58 The Bible makes that clear. Psalms 146: 4.
39:01 In James 2:26, we read,
39:04 "The body without the spirit is dead."
39:07 And in the Greek the word "spirit" is pneuma,
39:10 from which we get pneumonia,
39:12 that has to do with breathing complications right.
39:15 So therefore, the body without the breath is dead,
39:21 pneuma, breath, okay.
39:23 So the Hebrew word ruach in Ecclesiastes 12: 7,
39:29 it talks about the spirit goes back
39:33 to God when a person dies.
39:35 And that word spirit is breath.
39:38 That's what ruach means, spirit or breath.
39:42 And so "The dead praise not the Lord,
39:46 neither any that go down into silence." Psalms 115:17.
39:51 You know, Lazarus was dead four days.
39:55 So nobody could doubt. Well, he wasn't really dead.
39:58 I mean, he was dead.
40:00 And he was placed in a tomb
40:02 and the stone was put in front of it.
40:04 I mean, the man was dead.
40:06 And he was dead for four days but to him,
40:09 he didn't have any glowing testimony
40:11 about the bliss and glories of heaven,
40:13 because he didn't know anything.
40:15 The Bible says the dead know not anything.
40:17 There was no glowing testimony.
40:20 So if the CNN cameras were there, you know,
40:22 he would just say, "Look, I don't remember anything."
40:25 "Come on, give us a testimony."
40:29 But to him it was just for a moment.
40:32 So what did those who were resurrected
40:34 from death have to say about
40:35 what they experienced after they died?
40:39 They were a number of people
40:40 that have been resurrected in the Bible.
40:43 Eutychus,
40:45 Moses, all right,
40:50 Jairus' daughter, Lazarus and the number of others.
40:55 But guess what they had in common.
40:57 Guess how much they knew after they died.
41:01 Nothing, absolutely nothing. The dead know not anything.
41:07 And would you agree if any of these individuals
41:10 had died and gone to heaven,
41:12 they would tell you, they would share that?
41:14 Would you agree if you had died
41:15 and actually gone to heaven,
41:17 you would share that?
41:18 So are you ready now to hear the key point
41:21 we have learned thus far. The dead are dead.
41:26 Now just stay with me.
41:29 Death is the best good night's sleep you will ever receive.
41:35 "Oh, I slept like a baby." What does a baby do?
41:39 Well, baby sleeps soundly, uh,
41:42 when they are a couple years old
41:45 and then when you get and you know,
41:48 towards retirement age,
41:49 then you start being like you were
41:50 when you first came from the hospital,
41:52 you Keep waking up...
41:53 All right, anyway, let me move on.
41:55 'Oh, I slept like a log, I slept so good."
41:59 Well, the log is dead wood.
42:00 So all right, anyway, let's move on.
42:02 So what about the thief on the cross, Mark?
42:05 The thief on the cross, he was told that he would be
42:09 with the Lord in paradise when he died there on Friday.
42:13 Well, let's go, take a look at this.
42:15 This is the case of the misplacedcomma.
42:17 All right, let's go to Luke Chapter 23, Luke Chapter 23,
42:22 we know that when a person dies,
42:23 they go to the grave.
42:25 We know they do not know anything.
42:27 We know that when they die that they don't go anywhere,
42:31 they're just there in the grave until their resurrection,
42:34 either resurrection of life or damnation.
42:36 Luke Chapter 23, the Bible says here in verse 42,
42:41 "Then he said to Jesus,
42:43 'Lord, remember me when you come into your kingdom.'"
42:45 So the question is, when would Jesus go into his kingdom?
42:49 Did He go Friday? Or did He go some time later?
42:53 "And Jesus said to him, 'Assuredly, I say to you,'"
42:56 comma, "today you will be with Me in Paradise."
43:01 Now are you ready to see something?
43:05 Did Jesus go to paradise that day?
43:09 On Sunday morning he said to Mary,
43:11 "I have not yet ascended to My Father."
43:14 I haven't gone to My Kingdom. I have not gone to My Father.
43:19 He was resurrected but He hadn't gone back to Father.
43:22 John Chapter 20:17.
43:25 So would you agree that with the way that comma,
43:29 where that comma is inserted,
43:31 that doesn't make that harmonize with that?
43:33 You say, Mark, you've got me confused, punctuation,
43:35 are we to be suspicious of all punctuation?"
43:38 No, I don't know of any other case in all of the Bible
43:42 where it's a significant factor other than this scripture here.
43:47 You say, "Well, what happened?"
43:49 You see, long after the apostles and others died,
43:53 long time after that hundreds of years later,
43:57 finally when the Bible was put together,
44:00 they begin to insert punctuation.
44:03 And by then, the church believed that when you die,
44:07 you really don't die,
44:09 that the righteous go right to be with the Lord right away.
44:12 And so that's when they inserted
44:13 the comma in the wrong place.
44:15 Let me tell you where the comma should go.
44:17 Verse 43.
44:19 "Assuredly, I say to you today," comma,
44:22 "you will be with me in paradise."
44:24 That's what Jesus was saying. He was saying, here I am dying.
44:29 But I'm telling you, even though I'm dying today,
44:32 you will be with me in paradise. Amen.
44:36 That's what He was saying there.
44:38 You say, but Mark, the Bible says,
44:40 "absent from the body, present with the Lord." Exactly.
44:45 But what does that scripture say it has to harmonize
44:48 with all the other Scriptures that we've looked at.
44:50 When are we going to be present with the Lord?
44:53 The Bible tells us not when we die,
44:56 but when the Lord comes for us,
44:58 then we go to be with the Lord.
45:00 And then we receive an immortal body,
45:02 and that's how we are absent from this body
45:06 and present with the Lord with an immortal body.
45:09 You see that's 1 Corinthians,
45:11 Chapter 15 and this is 2 Corinthians, Chapter 5,
45:14 the two agree that when we're absent from this body
45:18 and we're present to be with the Lord,
45:20 it's not a death, but it's when Jesus comes
45:22 again and raises the dead. Amen.
45:25 That's why the Scriptures say,
45:27 "Let not your heart be troubled.
45:28 You believe in God, believe also in Me.
45:31 In My Father's house are many mansions,
45:33 if it were not so, I would have told you.
45:34 I go to prepare a place for you.
45:36 And if I go and prepare a place for you,
45:38 I will come again and receive you unto myself."
45:42 Not at death, but when I come.
45:44 "And receive you unto myself that where I am,
45:47 there ye may be also."
45:49 Does this makes sense? Yes or no. That's John 14: 1-3.
45:53 And so in what condition
45:54 will we be present with the Lord?
45:57 "Who will transform our lowly body that it
45:59 will be conformed to His glorious body."
46:02 That's Philippians 3:21.
46:04 "We shall be like Him." 1 John 3:2.
46:09 You say, "But, Mark, what about near death visions
46:11 and out-of-the- body experiences?"
46:13 Approximately ten percent of Americans
46:15 had an out-of-body experience.
46:17 Out-of-body experiences,
46:18 episodes in which a person's conscious
46:20 self seems to leave their body,
46:22 they report that they can look down
46:25 or back at their body,
46:26 they seem to be released from their body temporarily.
46:29 And what about these near-death experiences?
46:32 Patients are usually critically ill,
46:34 the heart stops beating for a few moments.
46:37 And these near-death experiences,
46:39 the personal accounts,
46:40 they feel that they are floating
46:41 over their bodies and I believe exactly
46:44 that what they are saying they are telling the truth.
46:47 That that's what they saw in their mind.
46:51 I don't doubt it one bit that
46:52 that's what they saw in their minds.
46:54 But it was in their mind and not in the Scriptures.
46:57 They seem to be drawn down a tunnel toward a bright light.
47:01 And so they travel down a tunnel
47:04 and encountered deceased friends
47:05 and relatives who comfort them.
47:08 So what can cause these out-of-body experiences?
47:11 Mind altering drugs, trauma or a close brush with death,
47:16 brain disorders like epilepsy and schizophrenia,
47:19 and so electrical stimulation can also create
47:22 the sensation of being outside the body.
47:25 But the Bible must come first. Amen.
47:29 So think about it this way.
47:31 What about our dreams
47:32 and sensory perception versus reality?
47:34 Have you had a deja vu experience?
47:37 It can be dramatic in which, you say,
47:41 "I'm meeting somebody for the first time
47:43 but I felt like I met him before
47:45 or I'm in a circumstance
47:47 or a place where I know I'm going there
47:50 for the first time but I feel like I've been there before."
47:53 And so did you know that 63 percent
47:56 of the adult American population
47:58 have had a deja vu experience.
48:00 How many of you here tonight have had a deja vu experience?
48:03 Raise your hand if you have, raise your hand.
48:05 And that's about the probably, 60 percent.
48:07 And so, just because millions experience deja vu,
48:11 would you agree, it's all in the mind?
48:15 It's in the mind.
48:17 So what should we do and when we have
48:18 those really powerful deja vu experiences?
48:21 Should we write books you can get on the talk show circuit
48:25 or should we just say you know what,
48:27 that's not reality,
48:28 even though millions and millions and millions
48:30 have "the experience."
48:32 Okay.
48:33 So have you ever had a dream
48:35 that you were being chased by a pit bull
48:36 or were being chased by a bear
48:38 or a lion or some other kind of animal,
48:40 were you being chased by an alien
48:41 or being chased by some mad angry person or persons?
48:44 How many of you had a dream
48:46 in which you were being chased,
48:47 and just about the time they caught up as the bullets
48:50 are whizzing past you and the teeth are getting
48:52 more powerful and closer,
48:54 all of a sudden, boom, you wake up.
48:55 How many of you had that kind of dream?
48:57 Raise your hand.
48:58 Raise your hand if you have that kind of dream.
48:59 Okay, good percentage.
49:01 What does that mean? Sorry, nothing. Okay.
49:04 Have you ever had a dream that you were falling off
49:06 a cliff or falling out of an airplane,
49:07 falling off a building, falling off a rooftop,
49:10 falling off a tree branch or falling off a bridge,
49:13 all I know is you were falling,
49:14 and then all of a sudden, you woke up.
49:16 If you have that kind of dream, raise your hand?
49:18 That's a good percentage of us.
49:20 What does that mean?
49:21 It was in your mind,
49:23 but it was not equating with reality.
49:26 So what is our only hope beyond the grave?
49:29 Only hope is that when Jesus comes,
49:32 this mortal must put on immortality.
49:34 1 Thessalonians 4:16-18. Let's go there very quickly.
49:38 1 Thessalonians, Chapter 4,
49:40 let's go there very quickly here.
49:42 1 Thessalonians, and I'll quote it.
49:46 "For the Lord Himself shall descend
49:47 from heaven with a shout,
49:49 with the voice of the archangel,
49:51 and with the trumpet call of God
49:53 and the dead in Christ shall rise first.
49:55 Then we, which are alive and remain,
49:57 shall be caught up together with them
49:59 to meet the Lord in the air.
50:01 And so shall we ever be with the Lord.
50:03 Wherefore, comfort one another with these words."
50:07 1 Thessalonians 4:16, 17, 18.
50:10 It says the dead in Christ.
50:14 So death shall not separate us from the Lord,
50:16 because we are in Christ, oh, yes,
50:19 we're actually in the grave but would you agree He says
50:21 "I will not forget you."
50:23 "The very hairs of your head are all numbered."
50:25 In Revelation 14:13, it says.
50:28 "Blessed are the dead, who die in the Lord.
50:33 'Yes,' says the Spirit,
50:34 'that they may rest from their labors,
50:35 and their works to follow them."
50:37 '" Revelation 14:13. 1 John 5:11,12, John said,
50:42 "I write this that you may know
50:44 that you have eternal life.
50:46 And this life is in His Son."
50:48 Revelation 21:4 says that
50:50 "There's gonna be no more tears or sorrow
50:53 and no more death."
50:55 In Revelation 1:18, Jesus said,
50:58 "I have the keys of the grave."
51:01 Amen. He says, "I live forevermore."
51:07 If you are going through a personal crisis in your life,
51:09 if you are facing financial challenges,
51:12 if you are suffering from a health problem,
51:14 if your marriage is needing a miracle,
51:16 if you have a special concern for your children,
51:19 whatever your need maybe,
51:20 give us a call and we will pray with you.
51:22 For your prayer request,
51:24 call us at 1-855-336-FREE.
51:28 "If the Son set you free, you are free indeed." John 8:36.
51:34 I want to read something in closing.
51:38 And closing by a man, actually, Clint and Sandy.
51:42 They live in Arkansas. I stayed in their home.
51:46 And they shared with me this sad challenging experience
51:51 of out of their three children.
51:55 Their one and only son was killed in a car accident.
52:01 And he shared with me the story,
52:04 a little bit of the funeral
52:07 and I asked if he could put this on paper.
52:12 And so I read this.
52:15 A father's thoughts from the grave.
52:18 The comforting words of "joy comes in the morning,"
52:22 had scarcely disappeared into the hot August afternoon air,
52:26 as the father stood on the cool damp earth beside his son.
52:30 The gathering was all in honor of the son,
52:32 yet he slept through it entirely.
52:35 Jay wasn't in his usual bed
52:37 and all of this seems so very strange and different.
52:41 Hardly a week before Jake Cameron
52:44 had left his Iowa home,
52:47 to pursue his dreams of a PhD
52:50 at the University of Southern Mississippi.
52:53 It had been a time of pride and excitement
52:55 for Jay's close knit family and his fiance.
52:58 Prayers, waffles and hugs from his sisters,
53:01 Kimberly and Tammy were followed by tears
53:04 as they as a watch the white Monte Carlo
53:06 disappear over the hill.
53:09 God was now his only traveling companion
53:11 and an eventful trip seemed to await him.
53:15 Unexpectedly, there was the sickening sound
53:18 of metal being ripped apart, as a loaded log truck
53:22 struck Jay's car at a high rate of speed.
53:26 Impact was followed by the eerie sound
53:28 of dreams dying in the crumpled rubble,
53:30 partially hidden by a cloud of red Mississippi dust,
53:34 the unforgettable mixed odors
53:37 of hot diesel, gasoline and oil.
53:39 Much, much too late came the sound of sirens.
53:43 Now, in this place of great sadness,
53:46 the family found comfort
53:48 in remembering Jay's midnight phone call,
53:51 just two months earlier to his mother.
53:54 He had been overwhelmed and battered
53:56 by studying the writings of Kierkegaard, Nietzsche,
54:00 Plato, Aristotle, and Socrates, etcetera,
54:03 and he had doubted that God existed.
54:05 That night, he had asked God for some small show
54:08 of His power that would settle the doubt in his mind.
54:11 Instantly, a slow wave of total paralysis has swept,
54:16 paralysis that swept over his entire body,
54:18 from his toes to his head and lingered just a moment.
54:24 There in Prescott hall, Jay left the camp
54:26 of the doubters and never returned.
54:30 Such a remarkable experience
54:32 warranted an immediate call to mom.
54:34 Jay had slept through the grave,
54:36 side service surrounded by his union college family,
54:39 dear relatives and many friends.
54:42 The time had arrived for him to be lowered into the ground
54:46 by the kindly Pioneer Cemetery crew.
54:49 His father told the crew to come and finish their tasks
54:53 because the family was not leaving until it was done.
54:58 As the casket came to rest, at the bottom of the grave one
55:02 of the lowering ropes became tangled.
55:05 And someone needed to free the rope,
55:08 because of the father's great love for the son,
55:11 he was compelled to jump down into the hole
55:14 and tenderly freed the rope.
55:17 Now the father was alone with his only son.
55:22 One last time he edged up by the head of the casket,
55:29 placed his hand on the cold metal as he whispered,
55:35 "We love you, Jay.
55:37 We will see you in the morning."
55:41 As he softly spoke to his son,
55:44 became abundantly certain that only
55:46 one of them could hear and understand.
55:49 The father paused to ponder
55:51 what Jay would hear, see and think next.
55:55 Standing by his son in the bottom of the grave,
55:57 he turned his face upward and looked intently out
56:01 through the rectangular hole to the blue sky
56:04 and imagined the great resurrection morning.
56:07 His thoughts struggled to materialize that dark cloud
56:11 in the eastern sky in the brilliant
56:13 appearance of the Son of God.
56:14 He tried vainly to hear the blast of the great trumpet
56:18 that will accompany the appearing
56:21 of millions of glorious angels.
56:23 However, the sky remained blue
56:25 and the silence of the grave lingered.
56:28 But this father knew that one great day,
56:32 Jay and his family of believers would indeed
56:35 hear and see the long awaited event.
56:38 Although the mechanics,
56:40 the physiology of the sleep of the living
56:42 and the sleep of the dead are different,
56:45 both are free of pain, suffering, stress,
56:47 and anguish and both are awaiting for the morning,
56:51 to be sure loneliness and separation are sad
56:53 but as months are turned into years,
56:55 the sight of Jay's grave has transformed
56:59 from the place of great past sorrow
57:01 to a place of anticipating great future joy.
57:06 One day not long from now the power of heaven
57:09 will come streaking from the throne of heaven.
57:11 And do for Jay and all of God's people
57:14 who are sleeping in the grave,
57:15 just what it did for Jesus on the great
57:19 resurrection morning so long ago.
57:24 Although sudden and alarming changes
57:26 are sweeping across the globe,
57:28 you and your family can be prepared
57:30 to face the future with confidence.
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