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God's Love in the Fires of Hell!

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00:04 We are racing towards the global crisis at the close.
00:09 God is going to set up His kingdom on earth.
00:14 Preparation for the tribulation and the translation
00:18 is to develop a character like Jesus Christ.
00:21 To reach every hamlet, every village,
00:23 every man, every child, every person in India,
00:27 every person in South America
00:28 must hear these three angels' messages.
00:34 These are stories that illustrate
00:37 the kind of fabric of character and perseverance
00:39 that we need to go through the tribulation
00:42 just as certainly as they did.
00:44 The Bible makes it very clear
00:45 we are living in an unusual hour,
00:48 the last grains of sand are trickling
00:50 through the hourglass of time
00:52 and the door of probation is about to swing shut.
01:01 We are going to focus tonight on a subject that is very hot.
01:07 It's a hot topic.
01:08 "God's love in the fires of hell."
01:11 "God's love in the fires of hell."
01:13 Now you might immediately ask,
01:15 "Well, Mark, what does hell
01:19 have to do with Bible prophecy?"
01:22 You might be wondering that.
01:24 Well, guess what?
01:25 I am gonna answer that question right away.
01:28 Go to the Book of Revelation and I will show you
01:30 how this has everything to do with Bible Prophecy.
01:34 All right. Revelation Chapter 14.
01:37 Revelation 14, the heart,
01:40 the centre of the Book of Revelation
01:43 that consists or composed
01:44 of 22 inspired chapters, 404 verses.
01:49 This prophetic book, a book, this prophetic book
01:53 has something very significant in the center of it,
01:58 in the heart of it.
01:59 Go with me to Revelation 14:9.
02:04 "Then a third angel followed them saying with a loud voice."
02:07 Now, God uses the symbolism of three angels
02:12 doing a flyover planet earth
02:14 and each of them in succession
02:17 are yelling out their final urgent warning messages,
02:21 God's last call, God's last messages of mercy
02:25 with a what kind of voice?
02:27 A thunderous voice, a loud voice,
02:29 the compelling voice to a planet
02:33 that is wrapped in rebellion to a planet riddled with sin,
02:37 to a generation that are preoccupied
02:40 with a pursued of pleasure.
02:41 Would you agree?
02:43 Our generation has attention deficit disorder
02:46 when it comes to God's voice.
02:48 Is that true, yes or no?
02:49 So God is trying to grip men and women's attention
02:52 in the last moments of earth's history.
02:54 And so this, this Third Angel's Message says,
02:58 "If anyone worships the beast and its image
03:03 and receives his mark on his forehead or on his hand,
03:07 he himself shall also drink of the wine or the wrath of God
03:12 which is poured out full strength
03:14 into the cup of his indignation."
03:17 Those were the seven last plagues
03:18 according to Revelation 15 and 16.
03:21 "He shall be tormented..." with what?
03:24 "With fire."
03:25 What would you call that fire?
03:27 Hell fire. That's what this is.
03:29 "Hell fire and brimstone
03:30 in the presence of the holy angels,
03:32 in the presence of the Lamb:
03:34 And the smoke of their torment ascends for ever and ever.
03:36 And they have no rest day nor night,
03:38 who worship the beast and his image,
03:40 and whoever receives the mark of his name."
03:43 Is the mark of the beast, Bible prophecy, yes or no?
03:47 It is.
03:49 What will happen to those
03:50 who received the mark of the beast?
03:51 They will go where?
03:53 To hell fire.
03:55 What book of the Bible tells us that?
03:57 The Book of Revelation. The Book of Revelation.
03:59 I want to show you something else
04:01 that's very, very powerful.
04:03 Look here at Revelation 20:10.
04:09 Revelation 20:10.
04:11 What does hell fire have to do
04:14 with end-time Bible prophecy?
04:17 Revelation 20:10, the Bible says,
04:22 "The devil who deceived them
04:25 was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone,
04:29 where the beast and the false prophet are,
04:34 and they shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever."
04:38 What does the Bible say is the fate of the devil,
04:43 the beast and the false prophet?
04:46 What is their fate?
04:48 To be thrown into what?
04:50 Hell fire.
04:51 What does the Bible say about hell fire?
04:56 Because the people who received the mark of the beast,
04:59 which will be the far vast majority,
05:01 earth's masses with the exception of those
05:04 who resist it and refuse it.
05:06 How many want to be among them?
05:08 And so the Bible makes it very clear,
05:10 otherwise, if you cower under the pressure,
05:12 if you cave-in or buckle
05:14 under the peer pressure of the masses,
05:16 if you go along with
05:18 what the government tells you to do
05:20 and receive this mark of the beast,
05:22 then you incur the wrath of God,
05:24 you get the seven last plagues
05:25 and ultimately go to hell, this is what the Bible says.
05:28 So we must understand the subject of hell fire.
05:32 Now, we must understand it
05:35 in the light of God's character.
05:38 Would you agree the Bible is all about God
05:43 and His dealings with man?
05:47 It's all about His character.
05:49 It's God's word.
05:52 How many agree this is God's word?
05:54 So it's all about what God says.
05:56 Amen.
05:58 We are interested in what God says,
05:59 what God thinks, God's hearts,
06:01 God's ways, as He relates to us.
06:05 So this Bible is all about His character.
06:10 His character has been maligned,
06:14 distorted, ridiculed, grossly misunderstood.
06:19 Would you agree
06:21 God down the centuries has gotten a bad rap?
06:25 Would you agree there's been a sinister campaign or smears
06:29 against the character of God?
06:33 Many people tonight do not have a clear understanding
06:38 about God's character.
06:41 And so tonight, we want to set the record straight
06:44 and do it in the context of the subject of Hell Fire.
06:49 You know, down through the centuries,
06:52 preachers, prominent preachers, popular preachers
06:56 have notoriously tried
06:59 to preach hell fire and brimstone
07:02 so graphically that,
07:05 that the congregations would be just riveted
07:09 by their word pictures.
07:11 I think about Dr Samuel Hopkins,
07:15 a lay preacher of the late 19th century.
07:19 Very powerful preacher as many would esteem him
07:23 and it is said that
07:24 he had a reputation of being able to preach fire,
07:28 hell fire so powerfully
07:31 and the word pictures he would use were so graphic
07:34 that it was as if his congregation
07:36 and those in his audience were able to actually feel
07:40 the flames of hell licking about their feet.
07:43 Matter of fact, here is what he said.
07:44 "The smoke of their torment shall ascend up forever
07:48 in the sight of the blessed before their eyes.
07:51 This display of divine character..."
07:53 Oh, so he's saying something about God's character
07:57 and I sit up and I take notice.
07:59 Oh, you're talking about my Father in heaven,
08:01 you're talking about my Savior,
08:03 you're talking about God, Jesus.
08:05 This display of divine character and glory
08:08 will be in favor of the redeemed as we see it.
08:12 And most entertaining
08:16 and give the highest pleasure to those who love God.
08:19 We're talking about a prominent preacher and he is not alone,
08:24 he's not a solo voice.
08:27 "Should the eternal torment..."
08:28 By the way, the Bible does not use that term eternal torment.
08:31 Does it use a torment? It absolutely does.
08:34 "Should the eternal torment and fires be extinguished,
08:38 it would in a great measure...
08:39 put an end to the happiness and glory of the blessed."
08:42 Works of Samuel Hopkins.
08:44 Is this prominent preacher of the past, was he right?
08:48 Was he on to something that
08:50 when we see the wicked roasting,
08:53 toasting, and torment, and shrieks,
08:56 and horror and we look at them suffering.
09:00 We'll actually find that a little entertaining,
09:02 and we'll actually take pleasure in that,
09:04 we'll have satisfaction in that.
09:07 And that's within the purview,
09:09 within the context of God's divine character.
09:15 "One preacher said the fires of hell are so hot
09:17 that if a sinner were suddenly taken out
09:19 and plunged into the hottest fire on the earth,
09:21 he would freeze to death!"
09:22 I mean, I am telling you
09:24 preachers had a hay day with this one.
09:25 And so the Bible says,
09:28 Peter said this in the New Testament.
09:30 1 Peter 4:17.
09:32 What "What will be the end of those
09:35 who do not obey the gospel of God?
09:39 In other words, he was asking, what is the destiny?
09:42 What is the fate?
09:44 What is the future of the wicked?
09:48 Well, the Bible answers that.
09:50 But I've got a question.
09:53 Are millions of babies burning in hell
09:57 as I am preaching here tonight?
10:00 You know that millions and millions and millions of people
10:05 have been taught that.
10:07 But what does the Bible say?
10:09 What kind of God do we serve?
10:11 1 John 4:8 says, "God is love."
10:17 Deuteronomy 32:4, "God is just."
10:21 Is God's love and God's justice on collision course
10:26 or is it in harmony within God's character?
10:30 How many think that whatever is in God's heart,
10:33 it all harmonizes?
10:35 Now God is not willing that any should perish.
10:40 That's not what He wants,
10:42 but then all should come to repentance.
10:44 2 Peter 3:9 and it's very long suffering,
10:47 but He will never force anyone through the pearly gates.
10:51 He will never ever use force.
10:54 God is love. God is just.
10:57 He does not force.
10:59 And so many have a distorted picture of God.
11:04 Now, how many of you--
11:06 If I was to visit you in your home,
11:08 how many of you have family pictures
11:10 hanging up in your house?
11:12 How many? How many? Okay.
11:14 How many of you have pictures on your,
11:18 I was gonna say in your wallet, forget the wallet.
11:20 How many of you have pictures on your cell phone?
11:24 Okay, I get my phone out here. All right.
11:26 How many of you got,
11:27 how many got pictures in your wallet,
11:29 in your purse?
11:30 All right, that dates you. All right.
11:32 Anyway, how many got it on your cell phone?
11:34 Anybody? Okay.
11:35 I got my daughter Jordan.
11:37 When I look at my daughter Jordan here in my cell phone,
11:41 and I look at her,
11:42 I see more than just a picture.
11:45 I see, I see spunk, I see personality,
11:49 I see, I see memories, I see, I hear her voice,
11:54 I think of her character and so forth.
11:56 And, what kind of picture do you have of God on you?
12:02 Every one of us is caring in their heart,
12:06 they can look at it every now and then a picture of God.
12:11 Now think about it.
12:14 Many preachers are confused on this subject.
12:18 Revelation 13:6, here is Bible prophecy.
12:23 "The antichrist, one of the dark deeds,
12:26 would blaspheme his name."
12:30 Name denotes character.
12:33 Remember when Jacob's name was changed from Jacob
12:38 which meant deceiver or supplanter to Israel,
12:41 one who is prevailed with God would overcome.
12:43 Genesis 32, it meant a character change.
12:47 The Bible makes it very clear that God's name is holy,
12:51 His character is holy
12:52 and the antichrist has distorted
12:55 the character of God by twisting truth
12:59 about the character of God.
13:00 That's why you shall know the truth of God's character
13:04 and it will set you free
13:06 from the sinister lies of the antichrist,
13:09 the dragon and the false prophet.
13:11 Amen. John 8:32.
13:13 So the Bible says
13:14 the antichrist would cast truth down to the ground,
13:19 according to Daniel 8:12.
13:22 So, "Who knows how many are skeptics, scoffers,
13:27 infidels, agnostics, atheists, unbelievers..."
13:30 I am trying to be thorough.
13:32 "Antagonists, unsaved, depressed, discouraged
13:35 because they were taught lies about hell fire!"
13:38 And I know that's a big hefty question.
13:42 But you think about it.
13:43 How many people right now are in jail
13:45 because they are bitter against God?
13:49 How many are out in the bar right now
13:52 because they have a negative view about God?
13:56 How many people out there
13:57 would never set a foot in their church
13:59 because they want nothing to do with this God
14:02 who would burn people for zillions of years
14:07 and just keep it right on going?
14:10 Do you see how many have been turn off?
14:14 So the Bible teaches hell fire, but let's be clear about this.
14:19 Jesus is our Redeemer.
14:22 That's a main focal point tonight.
14:24 Let's say it together.
14:25 Jesus is our Redeemer.
14:28 There are so many different names,
14:31 titles that are given to Jesus.
14:33 Lamb of God, Light of the world, Alpha, Omega,
14:37 chiefest among 10,000, all together lovely,
14:40 and some of these are descriptions and so forth.
14:43 Savior, right, Michael
14:45 and a host of other names are given to the Lord Himself.
14:49 And so He wept over Jerusalem.
14:55 I want you to think about that.
14:57 Jesus has feelings.
15:00 The Bible says in Isaiah 63:9.
15:04 The Bible says,
15:05 "In all their affliction, He was afflicted."
15:09 How many of you have feelings?
15:12 And let me ask you this.
15:13 When you have a loved one that is suffering,
15:16 does it affect you?
15:18 Think about our loving Father in heaven
15:21 and his Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit.
15:23 Do you know the Bible says you can read the Holy Spirit?
15:26 What does that mean? You can rule the Holy Spirit.
15:29 The Holy Spirit is not an it,
15:32 but a person that has personality and feelings.
15:36 If you are going through a personal crises in your life,
15:39 if you are facing financial challenges,
15:41 if you are suffering from health problem,
15:43 if your marriage is needing a miracle,
15:46 if you have a special concern for your children?
15:48 Whatever your need maybe
15:50 give us a call and we will pray with you.
15:52 For your prayer requests, call us at 1-855-336-FREE.
15:57 "If the Son sets you free, you are free indeed."
16:01 John 8:36.
16:03 Jesus wept over the imminent destruction of Jerusalem.
16:07 Luke 19:31.
16:09 Jesus wept over Jerusalem.
16:13 So would you agree, He doesn't find
16:15 entertaining the prospect of the unsaved
16:19 being in hell fire?
16:20 That's not something that He looks forward to
16:24 or would find that entertaining
16:25 or be within His divine character
16:27 to celebrate that.
16:28 It's rather what the Bible teaches
16:31 is the wicked will be thrust in a hell fire, then what?
16:35 We'll get to that in a moment.
16:37 "The Son of man is not come to destroy men's lives..."
16:41 but to do what?
16:42 Why did He come here?
16:44 Luke 9:56, "To save people."
16:47 What does it say in John 3:16?
16:49 You know that verse, but let's go to the next verse.
16:52 "For God did not send his Son into the world
16:55 to condemn the world,
16:56 but that the world through Him might be saved."
17:00 That's why Jesus came down here and that's John 3:17.
17:04 And then Phillip said, "Show us the Father,"
17:07 and Jesus said, "If you see me,
17:11 you see the character of the Father
17:14 and besides Jesus was God in the flesh, John 1:14.
17:21 The Word became flesh and dwelt among us
17:23 and the word was God and the word was with God.
17:25 Now that's John 1.
17:28 So Jesus came to set the record straight
17:31 about the character of God
17:33 and that truth is what liberates us.
17:36 Whatever your view is of your Father in heaven,
17:40 it impacts every dimension, every facet,
17:44 every fiber of being is impacted
17:48 by your perspective
17:49 and your view of your Father in heaven.
17:52 That's why Jesus loved to talk about his Father
17:55 and that's why He said,
17:57 "When you pray, say our Father."
17:59 That's what when He was gonna--
18:01 when He was about to ascend to heaven,
18:04 you remember He told Thomas and He told His disciples,
18:07 "I am gonna go to my God and your God
18:09 to my Father and your Father.
18:12 My God and your God.
18:14 That's why Jesus prayed to the Father and He says,
18:17 "Use My name and pray to the Father."
18:19 You have a loving Father.
18:22 He is just.
18:25 So what does the Bible say?
18:27 Well, can I take a little excursion,
18:30 "Out of the mouth of babes, thou hast ordained praise?"
18:35 Can I translate that?
18:37 Listen to the children
18:39 because sometimes they have more truth
18:41 than the adults have.
18:43 Did you know
18:44 that research tells us that children laugh--
18:48 I think it's been told,
18:49 may be Pastor Rester knows this.
18:52 Children laugh over 200 times a day.
18:57 If you have kids, you know, it's probably that
18:58 and then some, depending on the day.
19:02 Guess, how many times the adults laugh?
19:06 About 12 or 13 times.
19:08 So would you agree, you better hang around kids,
19:10 otherwise--
19:12 All right. Anyway.
19:13 My daughter, once in a while, she'll come to me at my desk
19:17 and I am there with my computer
19:19 and sometimes I am getting my PowerPoint presentations
19:21 together and so forth
19:23 and she will say, "Daddy, daddy,
19:24 I want to make some PowerPoints,
19:26 I want to make some PowerPoints.
19:27 So I'll say, all right.
19:29 And so we get together
19:30 and she picks what pictures she wants
19:32 and then she tells me, she dictates to me
19:35 what she wants to say with each of these pictures.
19:38 And I just want to share with you
19:40 a few of the pictures
19:41 that she picked for the most part
19:44 and things that she said
19:46 and only just a small little adjustments,
19:48 some other times just so it could make sense,
19:50 but about 85% of it it's just, just her,
19:54 whatever the grammar is
19:56 and I just want to read this to you
19:57 and I want you to be armed with this
20:00 as we continue in this topic.
20:02 "God will come soon.
20:04 You have to pray every time you have trouble."
20:06 And she's five, almost six.
20:08 "All week Jesus wants to take care of you.
20:12 God will love you and God is love.
20:14 You want to take care of your daddy."
20:16 I love that one.
20:18 "The Faithful God is loving you.
20:22 Okay. We'll move on.
20:24 'The Bible is special for you.
20:25 Jesus made the sun and the stars.
20:27 The Bible is always good for you
20:29 and it will keep you safe.
20:30 You will be in heaven with God.
20:33 You are God's child.
20:34 I am the Son of God of heaven.
20:36 I give you my special gifts that I have
20:39 and you are my Creation of the world.
20:41 The butterflies come to eat from the flowers.
20:44 God made them. God has His power.
20:46 He keeps it. He made the butterfly fly.
20:49 Love is for God. And God loves you.
20:51 He takes care of you.
20:52 And He loves you very much and gives you kisses.'
20:55 Now you got to keep in mind,
20:57 there seems to be a repetition of a theme.
20:59 It's like, they all relate.
21:01 And ''Jesus loves me for the Bible tells me so."
21:05 Matter of fact, on one occasion as I was driving along,
21:07 she was at the back seat in her car seat.
21:10 This was maybe a year or so ago,
21:12 maybe year and half.
21:13 And she had a little Bible there,
21:15 and she had it open and I said,
21:17 "Oh, What are you doing?" "I am reading the Bible."
21:19 "Yeah, what are you reading there?"
21:20 "It says--" "What does it says?"
21:22 "It says Jesus loves you."
21:25 Okay. All right. Here it is.
21:26 "Jesus loves to take care of us.
21:28 Don't worry God is with us.
21:30 God is the spirit of the Lord.
21:31 You know God is with you.
21:33 We love God. We like to be with God.
21:35 It's so much to talk about of Jesus.
21:38 Jesus is a beautiful man.
21:40 Jesus died for your sins.
21:42 And Jesus loves you very much.
21:44 Jesus wants to take care of you.
21:46 He always watches over you.
21:50 Love is a great love.
21:51 You are God's creation. And you love God.
21:53 God knows you love Him. And we love Him too.
21:56 God made everything in this country.
21:58 You know God loves you.
22:00 God loves you always."
22:01 I am sorry. I am not getting tired of this.
22:03 Anyway, "He watches over you.
22:04 And He watches over you when you're sleeping.
22:07 He takes care of us.
22:08 You don't need to worry because God is here with us."
22:10 How many of you agree, we just got to listen to this
22:12 a few hours and then it will sink in.
22:14 You know what? You don't have to worry.
22:16 You can sleep like a child sleeps.
22:18 "Jesus loves you.
22:20 He likes children.
22:21 He loves you very much.
22:22 We have to do what He tells us to do.
22:26 What does the Bible really teach about
22:27 the fate of the lost?
22:30 When is hell fire?
22:31 We know there is a hell fire. When is it?
22:33 Jesus gave a parable
22:35 and he made this very, very crystal clear.
22:38 "As therefore the tares are gathered
22:40 and burned in the fire,
22:41 so shall it be in the end of this world.
22:44 The Son of man shall send forth his angels,
22:46 and they shall gather out of his kingdom
22:47 all things that offend,
22:49 and them which do iniquity.
22:50 And shall cast them into a furnace of fire,
22:53 there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth."
22:55 Will there be a hell fire? When?
22:58 At the end of this world.
23:01 Jesus said in John 12:48.
23:03 Read it together with me.
23:05 "He that rejecteth me, and receiveth not my words,
23:08 hath one that judgeth him: the word that I have spoken,
23:11 the same shall judge him..."
23:13 when? "On the Last Day."
23:15 That's the executive phase of judgment.
23:18 John 12:48.
23:20 Now I got a question for you.
23:21 Are the wicked being punished
23:24 in hell right now?
23:28 What does the Bible say?
23:30 It's gonna be at the end of this world.
23:31 And what did Peter say in 2 Peter 2:9?
23:34 Let's read it together. Let's go.
23:36 "The Lord knoweth how to deliver
23:38 the godly out of temptations,
23:40 and to reserve the unjust unto the day of judgment
23:43 to be punished."
23:45 Will the wicked be punished? They will.
23:47 Their days are numbered. It will happen.
23:50 They will be thrust into hell fire.
23:52 They will suffer excruciating pain.
23:55 According to the Bible, it will be like torment.
23:57 But the Bible says here that right now
24:00 they are being reserved somewhere
24:03 until the day of judgment.
24:05 The question is, where are they being reserved?
24:09 Where are the dead now?
24:11 Take your Bible and let's go to the Book of John,
24:13 my favorite book in the Bible.
24:14 By the way, who wrote the Book of Revelation?
24:17 John, that's right.
24:19 And also he wrote, three little epistles,
24:22 1, 2 and 3 John.
24:23 Okay.
24:25 So John-- we're going here to John 5:28.
24:29 We read words are in red who is speaking.
24:32 "Jesus, do not marvel at this: for the hour is coming,
24:35 in the which all who are..."
24:37 Where are the dead,
24:38 both righteous and the unrighteous,
24:40 where are the dead?
24:41 "In the graves will hear His voice."
24:45 The Bible says, Jesus says,
24:47 "Come forth those who have done good,
24:50 to the resurrection of life."
24:51 That's when Jesus comes again.
24:54 "And those who have done evil,
24:56 to the resurrection of condemnation."
24:58 That is at the end of the millennium
25:01 and we'll get into that in our subsequent message.
25:03 But the Bible makes it clear.
25:05 There are two distinct resurrections.
25:08 There's a pleasant awakening and a rude awakening.
25:11 Would you agree, there is a vast difference?
25:13 And according to Jesus, the Bible says,
25:16 Both the righteous, I repeat, and the unrighteous are where?
25:19 Where are they? They're in the graves.
25:21 That's where they are being reserved.
25:23 And that is what Job said as well.
25:26 "Where are the wicked dead?"
25:27 Job 21:30, 32.
25:30 "The wicked are brought to the grave
25:32 and shall remain..."
25:34 where?
25:35 "In the tomb." The Bible says.
25:37 So therefore, are you ready, can I have a drum roll please?
25:41 No one is in hell now!
25:47 Say that with me.
25:49 No one is in hell now!
25:51 You say, "Mark, this is conjuring up some questions."
25:54 Good.
25:55 It's good to question what you believe
25:57 because truth can handle questions and scrutiny.
26:01 Can you say amen?
26:02 So what does the Bible teach about what happens
26:06 when a man dies?
26:08 You say, " Mark, I thought if a person is wicked,
26:10 they're gonna go right to hell."
26:12 They will go to hell,
26:13 but the Bible says at the end of this world.
26:16 The Bible says, first they go to the grave
26:19 and then ultimately they will go to hell fire.
26:22 So we need to have a snapshot review
26:25 about the state of the dead that we covered last night.
26:29 What happens when a man dies?
26:32 So therefore, how did God create man
26:35 which is the reverse of death?
26:39 Genesis 2:7. Let's go there together.
26:41 Genesis 2:7.
26:43 I give you a moment to locate that.
26:45 Genesis 2:7.
26:46 I bet you're being able to navigate
26:48 through scriptures with the greater ease
26:50 as we've been together for what, one and half weeks or so.
26:55 Genesis 2:7.
27:00 "And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground,
27:03 and breathed into his nostrils the breath of..."
27:06 what?
27:07 The breath of life, and man became a living soul."
27:12 So the Bible makes it very clear.
27:14 Dust + Breath = Living Soul,
27:19 Body + Breath = a Living Soul.
27:25 So what is another word for this "Breath of Life"?
27:28 We compare scripture with scripture, line upon line,
27:32 precept upon precept,
27:33 in order to arrive to a safe conclusion
27:36 of what is truth.
27:38 "All the while my breath is in me
27:41 and the spirit of God is in my nostrils."
27:44 What's in your nostrils?
27:45 The Spirit of God equals breath.
27:48 The Breath of Life. Job 27:3.
27:50 So what happens when a man dies?
27:54 Ecclesiastes 12:7.
27:57 Ecclesiastes 12:7.
27:59 We've looked this up last night.
28:00 Let's look at it again.
28:02 Ecclesiastes 12:7.
28:09 The Bible says,
28:11 "Then the dust will return to the earth as it was,
28:14 and the spirit will return to God who gave it."
28:17 So what goes back to God when you die,
28:20 a soul or a spirit?
28:24 Spirit, that's right. Very good.
28:25 The spirit goes back to God who gave it.
28:29 What is that spirit? It's in your nostrils.
28:31 It's the what? The breath of life.
28:34 How many-- I think I can hear the wheels turning there
28:37 and see the lights going on here now.
28:40 So the Bible makes it clear, I repeat.
28:43 "Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was,
28:47 and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it."
28:49 I repeat the question.
28:51 What goes back to God when you die,
28:54 the soul or the spirit?
28:56 The spirit, rather you are a living soul.
28:59 Ecclesiastes 12:7.
29:01 So "His breath goeth forth, he returneth to the earth,
29:05 and in that very day his thoughts
29:07 what, they cease, they perish."
29:08 Psalms 146:4.
29:11 So what returns to God at death?
29:14 Everybody say it, "The spirit!" Very good.
29:17 So Dust + Spirit = a Living soul.
29:22 Now how did Jesus view death?
29:25 You remember His friend Lazarus died,
29:28 and you remember He said,
29:29 "Our friend Lazarus sleepeth," but then He had to clarify.
29:33 "Lazarus is dead."
29:35 Now, that's not what they wanted to hear
29:37 as many people who lose their loved one,
29:38 they don't want to hear that, but it's the truth.
29:41 It's the truth.
29:42 But the good news is that He told them,
29:46 "I am the resurrection and the life."
29:48 And He said, "Lazarus, come down."
29:52 No, that's not what He said.
29:55 He said, "Lazarus, come forth."
29:57 Now there's two things about that.
30:00 Number one, number one,
30:04 He raised a dead man.
30:08 And if He could raise the dead man,
30:10 you have no fear,
30:12 He has conquered the grave.
30:13 Can you say amen?
30:15 Number two,
30:16 He had-- His word is so authoritative
30:20 and so powerful and so penetrating
30:24 that the dead would hear the voice
30:25 even though they're dead when He speaks.
30:28 If he didn't specify, "Lazarus, come forth."
30:31 He just said, "Come forth,"
30:33 all the dead would have come forth and say,
30:35 "Ho, hey, here I am.
30:38 You say I never thought about that, well, now you know.
30:40 All right.
30:41 Let's think about it.
30:43 "The dead know not anything."
30:47 Now what part of that don't we understand?
30:50 Ecclesiastes 9:5.
30:51 You say, "Mark, this is new," but it's in the Bible
30:53 and if it's in the Bible, we want it
30:55 and if it's not in the Bible, we don't want it.
30:56 Ecclesiastes 9:5.
30:57 You say, but I thought the righteous dead
31:00 are in heaven praising the Lord.
31:02 No, "The dead praise not the Lord,"
31:04 Psalms115:17.
31:07 If anyone would be in heaven praising the Lord
31:10 and strumming his heart,
31:12 it would be David, if indeed a righteous man.
31:15 When he dies
31:16 goes right immediately to be with the Lord,
31:19 certainly David, who was known for praising the Lord
31:23 would be in heaven praising the Lord,
31:25 but the Bible says on the day of Pentecost,
31:27 Peter declared,
31:29 "David is not ascended into the heavens," Acts 2:34.
31:35 So say this with me, all right. Let's have another drum roll.
31:38 "The dead are dead."
31:41 Now a child can understand that.
31:44 You see, but can we find a hope that goes beyond the grave?
31:49 Oh, yes. We can.
31:51 But we first must understand
31:53 there is no such thing as an immortal soul.
31:55 That would be a false hope.
31:58 You see, the Bible makes it very clear.
32:00 The soul is used in the Bible 1600 times
32:03 and it's always talking about a real person
32:06 and it's never talking about something that exists
32:09 apart from the body.
32:11 There is no such thing as disembodied soul
32:14 or immortal soul.
32:16 This is terminology that is foreign to scripture.
32:19 And so in Acts 2:41,
32:22 there were 3,000 souls that joined the church.
32:26 Indeed, what happens when a man dies?
32:29 You can think of the body being a light bulb
32:31 and the breath being electricity
32:34 and you connect the two and you have illumination,
32:37 you connect the two and you have a living person.
32:40 Disconnect the light bulb from the electricity
32:44 and the lights go out.
32:46 So what happens when a person dies?
32:48 The lights go out.
32:49 The body is still there?
32:51 Let's say the electricity goes back to God, so to speak,
32:54 the breath goes back to God.
32:55 But how many are thankful
32:57 that He is gonna call you forth from the dusty grave
32:59 and you're gonna come bursting forth
33:01 and you're gonna go to be with the Lord
33:03 when Jesus comes again.
33:04 Can you say amen?
33:06 Now the Bible never says,
33:07 the soul returns to God at death.
33:09 You won't find that in the scriptures.
33:11 Matter of fact, the concept of a disembodied soul
33:15 and the immortality of the soul was a belief of the Greeks,
33:19 taught by Plato.
33:21 And so there is silence of the grave,
33:24 all through scripture there's the silence of the grave.
33:28 These different individuals here on the screen
33:30 are individuals that were resurrected
33:33 and had nothing to say
33:34 about what happened after they die.
33:36 Widow's son was resurrected by Elijah,
33:39 Shunammite's son resurrected by Elisha,
33:42 Jairus' daughter resurrected by Jesus,
33:44 widow's son resurrected by Jesus,
33:46 Lazarus resurrected by Jesus, special resurrection
33:50 there when Jesus was resurrected,
33:53 there was a resurrection at that time,
33:55 Dorcus resurrected by Peter,
33:57 Eutychus resurrected by Paul and guess what?
34:01 They had nothing to say about what happened after they died.
34:04 What happened when Jesus died?
34:06 "And the graves were opened, and many bodies of the saints
34:09 who had fallen asleep were raised
34:12 when Jesus was raised."
34:14 So no glowing dramatic testimony
34:18 of the glories and bliss of heaven
34:21 or the agonies or torment of hell after dying.
34:23 You won't see that in the scriptures.
34:26 So the righteous dead,
34:29 the righteous dead are not in heaven right now,
34:31 but sleeping in the arms of Jesus
34:34 as it were
34:36 in their graves.
34:38 And so what about the thief on the cross?
34:42 The Bible says, "Verily verily I say unto thee,
34:45 Today you shall be with me in paradise."
34:48 But the comma should go after the word, 'today'.
34:51 So it says, "Verily, verily I say to you today,
34:55 you will be with me in paradise."
34:57 You say but how do you know
34:59 the comma is in the wrong place?
35:00 Because punctuation came in after a long time,
35:04 after the Bible was written
35:05 and this is the only case
35:07 that I am aware of that makes any difference
35:10 where there is a misplace comma.
35:12 You say, well, Mark,
35:13 how can you be absolutely sure it's in the wrong place?"
35:16 Because in John 20:17,
35:19 "Did Jesus go to paradise that day on Friday?"
35:21 No.
35:23 On Sunday morning He told Mary,
35:25 "I have not yet ascended to My Father."
35:28 So let me tell you something.
35:29 He told the thief on the cross
35:31 that eventually He is telling him,
35:32 "Today, as I'm dying here, I'm telling you,
35:35 I'm gonna give you assurance
35:36 that you will be with me in paradise."
35:39 How many agree He says that to us?
35:41 You will be with Him in paradise. When?
35:43 "Let not your heart be troubled,
35:46 you believe in God, believe also in me.
35:48 In my Father's house, are many mansions:
35:50 if it were not so, I would have told you.
35:52 I go to prepare a place for you.
35:54 And if I go and prepare a place for you,
35:55 I will come again,
35:57 and receive you unto myself,
36:00 that where I am, there ye may be also."
36:02 John 14:1-3.
36:04 So what is Jesus saying?
36:06 He's saying, "I will receive you,
36:08 when I come again."
36:09 Is this making sense?
36:11 And so the Bible makes that crystal clear.
36:13 So when are we going to be present with the Lord
36:16 and absent from this body?
36:17 When Jesus comes
36:19 we'll be absent from this corruptible mortal body
36:23 and be present with the Lord
36:24 with the brand new glorified immortal, incorruptible body.
36:29 How many are looking forward to getting a new model?
36:32 Amen. All right.
36:33 2 Corinthians 5, 6 and 8.
36:35 And so in what condition
36:37 will we be present with the Lord?
36:39 Philippians 3:21.
36:40 "Who will transform our lowly body
36:42 that it will be conformed to his glorious body."
36:45 Elijah, Enoch, Moses and Jesus
36:48 ascended into heaven bodily.
36:52 Not in dis... some disembodied soul.
36:55 Now, here is the clue.
36:56 "Where did the false teaching of Limbo come from?
37:00 Came from the Roman papal system.
37:03 Where did the false teaching of purgatory come from?
37:07 Came from the Roman papal system.
37:10 Where did the distortion of hell fire come from?
37:14 Well, that actually came from mythology, Greek mythology
37:17 and so forth, but it was embraced by
37:21 and Christianized in the Roman papal apostasy.
37:24 So what will happen to the wicked in hellfire?
37:28 Eternal death.
37:30 "For God so loved the world,
37:32 that He gave His only begotten Son
37:33 that whoever believes in Him
37:35 shall not perish
37:39 but have everlasting life."
37:41 So the opposite of everlasting life
37:44 is not everlasting life in hell.
37:47 The opposite of everlasting life
37:49 according to the most familiar scripture
37:50 in all of the Bible
37:53 is the wicked are gonna perish,
37:56 put out of existence,
37:58 obliterated, reduced to ashes.
38:01 That is the second death.
38:02 Look at Revelation 21:8.
38:04 It says, "What does the Bible call,"
38:06 this is the Book of Revelation.
38:07 You want Bible prophecy?
38:09 Here is some Bible prophecy.
38:10 "What does the Bible call
38:12 the destruction of the wicked in hellfire?"
38:13 The Book of Revelation 21:8 says,
38:17 "The second death from which there will be no resurrection."
38:22 You see, everybody is gonna die unless Jesus comes very soon.
38:26 How many want to be alive when Jesus comes?
38:28 Amen.
38:29 Now one way or the other, if you're righteous,
38:32 you will be alive when Jesus comes.
38:34 You might have been laid to rest,
38:36 but you will be getting up when He comes.
38:38 Amen? You won't miss it.
38:40 But listen,
38:41 every person is gonna die at least once
38:44 unless you are alive when Jesus comes,
38:47 but the wicked are gonna die twice.
38:50 How many agree, there's many wicked people in the grave?
38:51 They are gonna come forth
38:53 at the great white throne of judgment.
38:54 Bible makes that clear.
38:56 They're gonna be judged and caste in hell fire.
38:57 That's the second death.
38:59 But the wicked are not,
39:00 are the righteous are not gonna go to hell fire.
39:02 Can you say amen?
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40:07 The Bible makes it very crystal clear.
40:09 What is the end result of sin?
40:11 Read it together with me.
40:13 "The wages of sin is eternal life in hell."
40:19 Let's read it again. "The wages of sin is death."
40:23 What kind of death,
40:24 do you think this is talking about?
40:26 It's eternal death.
40:28 "But the gift of God,"
40:29 I mean that's the ultimate death.
40:31 "The gift of God
40:33 is eternal life through Jesus Christ, our Lord."
40:36 So if you don't get eternal life,
40:37 you get eternal-- not eternal dying,
40:40 not eternal suffering but eternal death.
40:43 Oh, yes.
40:44 Suffering up to the point of annihilation.
40:47 Roman 6:23.
40:49 Now listen carefully.
40:51 The wicked do not receive eternal life in hell fire!
40:57 They don't get that.
40:58 You know this has made of the news, this argument,
41:02 this no pun intended, heated debate
41:05 about hell fire in an article,
41:08 front cover story used,
41:10 U.S. News & World Report a number of years ago.
41:12 "The Second Death.
41:14 Some theologians say that the end of the wicked
41:16 is destruction, not eternal suffering."
41:18 U.S. News & World Report, Jan 31, 2000.
41:22 In another words there is some disagreement
41:24 going back and forth,
41:26 but I subscribe
41:27 to what many theologians believe as well,
41:31 that the fate of the wicked is utter destruction
41:34 because that is biblical.
41:36 Now, Jesus tasted the second death, didn't He?
41:40 He said, "My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?"
41:42 He was tasting that second death.
41:44 Jesus suffered in torment.
41:46 How many agree, on the cross it was torment for Him?
41:49 He was getting a little taste
41:50 of the separation
41:52 that the wicked are gonna feel
41:53 when they are separated from God.
41:55 How many agree, the wicked,
41:56 when they are thrust in the hell fire,
41:58 they have been completely separated from God?
42:01 And would you agree there is no life
42:03 being separated from God,
42:05 right?
42:06 And so Jesus suffered in torment on the cross,
42:08 but then He died.
42:10 So the wicked will suffer,
42:11 but then ultimately they will die.
42:13 So do we have an immortal soul? The answer is no.
42:17 God ''only hath immortality.''
42:19 Man is "mortal."
42:21 We ''seek for immortality.''
42:22 "The soul that sinneth, it shall die."
42:25 Ezekiel 18:20.
42:27 So the good news is,
42:28 we receive immortality not when we die,
42:32 but when Jesus comes again.
42:35 Otherwise it's very anticlimactic.
42:38 If it's true, if it was true, the righteous--
42:40 When they die,
42:41 they go immediately to be with the Lord,
42:43 I've got two problems with that.
42:45 Number one, would you want your loved ones up in heaven
42:48 watching you make mistakes?
42:52 You're supposed to say no.
42:56 Secondly, if they are up in heaven
43:00 and there comes the second coming of Christ.
43:03 All right, go down now
43:05 and there's gonna be the resurrection of the bodies.
43:07 All right. Time to go down there and get your body.
43:10 Isn't that like a little anticlimactic?
43:13 No, the Bible makes it very, very crystal clear
43:15 that you receive an immortal body
43:18 and you receive immortality when Jesus comes
43:21 with His rewards at His soon return.
43:23 'The soul that sinneth,"
43:24 that includes everyone except Jesus,
43:27 "the soul that sinneth, it shall die."
43:29 But remember Jesus took all of His sin upon us, didn't He?
43:33 And He tasted the second death, He died,
43:34 but because He was holy, He was resurrected.
43:37 No such thing as an undying soul.
43:41 Now here is positive proof that when a wicked person dies,
43:46 they are not thrust into hell right away.
43:49 Jesus said "When a person goes to hell,
43:52 'thy whole body cast into hell.' "
43:55 Now if you want to have one major singular verse
43:59 that leaps from the Bible,
44:01 that helps to refute the argument
44:03 that the wicked are just gonna roast and toast
44:05 for zillions of years in some disembodied soul form.
44:09 I am here to tell you, this scripture puts it to rest.
44:13 This scripture refutes those false teachings.
44:16 "Thy whole body cast into hell."
44:19 Well, if that is true
44:21 then I've got a question for you.
44:22 Are the wicked then,
44:25 who have died, are they in hell now?
44:27 No because when they do go there,
44:29 their whole body is going.
44:31 Is that clear, yes or no? All right.
44:33 So therefore, no one is in hell now.
44:38 No one, because when they do go there,
44:40 their whole body is going there.
44:42 And preachers who are teaching
44:44 that the wicked are in hell right now,
44:46 they are not saying their bodies are there,
44:48 they are saying their disembodied souls are there.
44:51 That's Greek mythology.
44:52 That's false teachings that come from the papal power.
44:56 So the Bible never says
44:58 that the soul exists apart from the body.
45:01 No.
45:02 The Bible never says that the soul returns to God.
45:05 What returns to God?
45:07 The spirit, very good, which is the breath.
45:10 So will the fire eventually go out?
45:12 The meek are going to inherit the earth.
45:16 We're not going to inherit a planet that's on fire.
45:19 We're gonna inherit the earth.
45:22 The meek shall inherit the earth,
45:24 but it's gonna be the earth made new
45:26 according to 2 Peter 3, Matthew 5:5.
45:30 Now think about it.
45:31 Are you ready to do some thinking?
45:33 I know it's dangerous to think.
45:36 Who is the only one
45:38 who could keep a man burning in hell fire
45:41 for zillion's of years and infinity beyond?
45:43 Who is the only one that can do that?
45:45 God.
45:47 So, another words,
45:49 if God was to keep their life going,
45:53 there must be something in the character of God
45:56 that finds that, that is necessary to do that.
46:01 Because the devil can't keep their life going,
46:03 they can't keep their own life going,
46:06 it would have to be God that is keeping them going
46:09 suffering for zillion's of years
46:11 and that it must be within the heart of God
46:13 that, that is necessary to do that.
46:17 So we're just-- Would you agree
46:19 it has everything to do with the character of God
46:20 and that has to do
46:21 with the antichrist versus the true Christ?
46:24 Christ came to set the record straight
46:26 about the character of God.
46:27 And the antichrist,
46:28 this is prophecy distorts the character of God.
46:32 And it has everything to do with the mark of the beast
46:35 because those who receive the mark of the beast
46:36 will go to hell fire.
46:38 And so listen,
46:40 would it be just for God to keep an unsaved person
46:45 burning, suffering in hell endlessly.
46:49 Let's say there's a 17 year old,
46:50 you know, haven't accepted Christ quite yet.
46:53 He was thinking about it.
46:55 He gets in a car accident, he dies.
46:59 And the Lord says, sorry.
47:01 I have to keep you, I am gonna keep you suffering."
47:05 You say God keeping him--
47:07 God would have to be the one keeping it going.
47:09 I am sorry. I've got to do this to you.
47:11 I got to keep it going.
47:14 Would not God want to put an end
47:16 to sin and suffering once and for all?
47:18 Don't you think that God's interest
47:20 is to put an end to it all?
47:26 "Would heaven be heaven
47:29 if you knew that somewhere in the vast universe
47:32 or worse yet somewhere in the center of the earth,
47:34 your unsaved loved ones were agonizing and suffering
47:37 beyond words in hell fire?"
47:39 For zillions of years,
47:40 fast forward zillions of years,
47:42 some of your loved ones, they are still burning.
47:44 And you always had that in the back of your head
47:46 that they're still, they're just burning
47:48 they are there.
47:49 I don't know about you, but that would really
47:50 cause me to lose my appetite in heaven.
47:54 Now I get a question for you.
47:56 Would you want to see a serial killer tortured
48:00 for a week in the electrical chair
48:02 to receive the reward of the--
48:03 or receive the reward of the death sentence?
48:07 I think that most people
48:09 would never want to watch somebody,
48:13 you know, being jolted for a week
48:15 in the electric chair,
48:17 we would agree,
48:18 "Put him out of existence, just let him get the sentence."
48:23 Are you more just than God?
48:25 Where is eternal torment in the Bible?
48:28 It's not there.
48:30 It's not there.
48:31 So when and how will hell fire be kindled?
48:34 "The rest of the dead--"
48:35 referring to the wicked who died,
48:37 "lived not again
48:38 until the thousand years were finished."
48:40 So they will be resurrected after the millennium.
48:41 Revelation 20:5.
48:43 So the Bible makes that clear.
48:44 The wicked are resurrected after the millennium.
48:46 "So shall it be in the end of this world.
48:48 The Son of man shall cast them into a furnace of fire."
48:50 Matthew 13.
48:51 It's, when everyone thundered out,
48:54 the end of this world.
48:55 Yell it out with me.
48:57 The end of this world.
48:59 So take your Bible and turn with me
49:01 to the book of-- What book are we going to?
49:03 The Book of Revelation.
49:04 What book everybody?
49:06 Revelation.
49:07 In this Bible prophecy seminar,
49:09 we're going to the Book of Revelation.
49:11 All right. Revelation 20:9.
49:13 In the context of the millennium,
49:16 we got a whole message coming up
49:18 that deals with the millennium in detail.
49:20 Revelation 20:9.
49:22 The Bible says that after the millennium,
49:25 after the thousand years when the wicked are resurrected
49:28 in the resurrection of condemnation,
49:30 the second resurrection specified in John 5:28-29.
49:34 "Then they," the wicked,
49:36 "went up on the breath of the earth
49:38 and surrounded the camp of the saints
49:39 and of the beloved city--"
49:41 That's New Jerusalem.
49:42 "And fire came down from God out of heaven--"
49:45 And what did it do?
49:46 "And devoured them."
49:47 Now when something is devoured--
49:49 Let's say, how many of you have a pet dog?
49:52 All right.
49:53 Let's say you're really hungry.
49:55 You come home from work, you're famous,
49:57 you get a sandwich and some soup together
50:00 and some chips or whatever and let's throw in a carrot.
50:03 All right. Anyway.
50:05 You're sitting down there and you're eating
50:07 and you see your dog's pleading eyes
50:11 but you are famous, you devour your food.
50:14 What do you leave for the dog?
50:17 Nothing this time.
50:18 You're gonna have to go to your dog food.
50:20 Devour means nothing left.
50:23 Devour.
50:25 When I come over your house and we eat together
50:29 and you devour your food.
50:31 How much did you leave on the plate?
50:34 Nothing.
50:36 What's gonna happen to the wicked?
50:38 They're devoured.
50:39 That's what the scriptures teach.
50:40 So where is hell fire?
50:43 Right here on planet earth.
50:45 So it must go out
50:46 because the meek are going to inherit the earth.
50:48 "If the righteous will be recompensed
50:51 on the earth,
50:52 How much more the wicked and the sinner."
50:56 Proverbs 11:31.
50:58 So how big and how hot will hell fire be?
51:01 "The day of the Lord
51:03 will come as a thief in the night,
51:05 in the which the heavens shall pass away
51:06 with a great noise,
51:08 and the elements shall melt with fervent heat,
51:10 the earth also
51:12 and the works that are therein shall be burned up."
51:15 2 Peter 3:10.
51:16 So what will be left when the fire goes out?
51:21 "Ashes."
51:22 "Everything reduced to ashes on the face of the earth."
51:26 Malachi 4:1-3.
51:27 You say, "But Mark, what about unquenchable fire?"
51:30 No problem there.
51:32 What is unquenchable fire mean?
51:34 It means, it's a fire that you can't put out
51:38 until it puts you out if you're among the wicked,
51:41 which you will not be by the grace of God.
51:43 "But if you will not hearken unto me
51:45 to hallow the Sabbath day,
51:46 and not to bear a burden,
51:48 even entering in at the gates of Jerusalem
51:49 on the Sabbath day,
51:51 then will I kindle a fire in the gates thereof,
51:53 and it shall devour the palaces of Jerusalem,
51:55 and it shall not be quenched."
51:57 I've been over to Jerusalem.
51:58 Guess what?
52:00 I know it's a hot spot, but Jerusalem is not on fire.
52:03 So what does that mean?
52:05 Jeremiah 17:27.
52:06 It means Jerusalem was destroyed
52:08 by an unquenchable fire.
52:09 They couldn't put it out
52:11 until they did what God wanted it to do.
52:16 And so it is the fate of the wicked.
52:18 The fire must go out
52:19 because God is going to make the earth brand new.
52:23 And so mark, the Bible says everlasting punishment.
52:27 The punishment of the wicked is death,
52:30 not everlasting punishing.
52:33 It's punishment.
52:34 It's an eternal punishment.
52:36 What's the eternal punishment?
52:37 Put out of existence.
52:39 How long? Eternally.
52:40 Eternal punishment.
52:41 And so eternal punishment equals eternal death,
52:48 not eternal dying, meaning eternal punishing.
52:51 Oh, there is a big difference.
52:53 So what about eternal fire?
52:54 "Even as Sodom and Gomorrha,
52:56 and the cities about them in like manner,
52:57 giving themselves over to fornication,
52:59 and going after strange flesh, are set forth for an example,
53:03 suffering the vengeance of eternal fire."
53:06 Jude 7.
53:07 Now, you remember
53:09 Sodom and Gomorrha went up in flames.
53:11 It was an eternal fire.
53:13 I've been over to The Dead Sea.
53:16 They believe that
53:17 Sodom and Gomorrha is underneath that.
53:19 It's not on fire.
53:21 So what does it mean, eternal fire?
53:22 What is eternal about the fire?
53:24 2 Peter 2:6 makes it very clear.
53:27 It's not literal but figuratively,
53:31 it talks about eternal fire.
53:33 "And turning the cities of Sodom and Gomorrha--"
53:35 into What?
53:37 "Ashes, condemned them to destruction,
53:40 making them an example to those
53:42 who afterward would live ungodly."
53:45 2 Peter 2:6.
53:46 So eternal fire equals eternal results.
53:52 Very plain and clear from scripture.
53:55 And so what about the term forever and ever?
53:58 "And the devil that deceived them
54:00 was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone,
54:02 where the beast and the false prophet are,
54:04 and shall be tormented day and night
54:06 for ever and ever."
54:07 Revelation 20:10.
54:09 Did you know that forever can mean
54:10 a definite period of time?
54:12 The term forever can mean a period of time
54:15 limited or unlimited.
54:17 It is used 56 times
54:19 in connection with things that have already ended.
54:21 For example, Hannah devoted Samuel
54:24 to serve the Lord forever or as long as He shall live.
54:28 It's synonymous there.
54:29 Jonah said that he was in the whale
54:32 three days and three nights.
54:34 But he also said, he went into the water there
54:37 and he was in there forever.
54:39 Another words, as long as is it lasted.
54:41 Well, you use the same terminology.
54:43 I was in that Walmart line forever.
54:45 I see you made it out.
54:49 So there are some things
54:51 that are figurative and not literal.
54:54 For example, "The trees went forth on a time
54:56 to anoint a king over them,
54:58 and they said unto them
55:00 under the olive tree, Reign over us.
55:01 But the olive tree said," tree is talking.
55:04 "Unto them that Should I leave my fatness,
55:07 wherewith by me they honor God and man,
55:09 and go to be promoted over the trees?"
55:11 And the tree said-- Do you hear that?
55:13 The Bile says trees talk.
55:15 Take it literally, leave here and let me tell you something.
55:18 Those that are green will love you.
55:21 You can go around preaching,
55:23 you know, I learned in the prophecy seminar
55:24 that trees talk.
55:25 No, this is figurative.
55:27 "And the trees said to the fig tree,
55:28 Come now, and reign over us.
55:29 But the fig tree said unto them--"
55:31 So in another words
55:32 there are some parables in the Bible
55:35 that are figurative and not literal.
55:39 So would you agree whatever the Bible says?
55:41 Whatever the Bible says, like the rich man and Lazarus,
55:44 and you can look at material on that as well.
55:47 It's to be taken figuratively.
55:49 Figuratively.
55:51 "The Bible makes it very clear.
55:52 Abraham's bosom is symbolic of heaven
55:54 but is not literally heaven.
55:56 People in hell can't talk to those in heaven.
56:00 The dead are in their grave.
56:02 "The rich man was in bodily form,
56:04 yet we know that at death the body doesn't go anywhere."
56:08 "Men are rewarded at the Second Coming,
56:11 not at death."
56:13 The lost are punished in hell.
56:15 At the end of the world, not when they die.
56:19 The point of the story.
56:20 There the rich man and Lazarus
56:22 is that parables cannot be taken literally,
56:24 but like the wedding garment parable
56:27 and the talking trees parable.
56:29 So in conclusion--
56:31 Would you like some overwhelming evidence
56:34 that the wicked are obliterated?
56:36 Here on the screen you see.
56:37 Oh, just a handful of scriptures
56:40 to make it clear the wicked are obliterate.
56:43 So therefore in closing,
56:45 what is God's real purpose in hellfire?
56:50 To put an end of sin
56:52 and those who want to hold on to it.
56:54 That's why.
56:57 They would destroy themselves anyway
57:00 The wicked will not be happy in heaven.
57:02 The eternal hell
57:04 would perpetuate sin and suffering.
57:06 Affliction will not rise up the second time.
57:10 When we go to heaven,
57:13 there will be no more death anywhere,
57:16 nor no sorrow anywhere.
57:19 No crying from some place in there, nowhere.
57:22 How many agree,
57:24 heaven and eternity will be perfect?
57:29 Although sudden and alarming changes
57:32 are sweeping across the globe,
57:34 you and your family can be prepared
57:36 to face the future with confidence.
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