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00:04 We are racing towards the global crisis at the close.
00:09 God is going to set up His kingdom on earth.
00:13 Preparation for the tribulation
00:16 and the translation is to develop
00:18 a character like Jesus Christ.
00:21 To reach every hamlet, every village,
00:23 every man, every child, every person in India,
00:27 every person in South America must hear these
00:30 three angels' messages.
00:34 These are stories that illustrate
00:37 the kind of fabric of character and perseverance
00:39 that we need to go through the tribulation
00:42 just as certainly as they did.
00:44 The Bible makes it very clear
00:45 we are living in an unusual hour,
00:48 the last grains of sand
00:49 are trickling through the hourglass of time
00:52 and the door of probation is about to swing shut.
01:00 Our topic entitled tonight is The Last Night On Earth.
01:07 It is amazing what we will do for love.
01:13 How many remember falling in love?
01:17 Now let me jog your memory.
01:22 Well, I was attending the theological seminary
01:25 at Andrews University in Southwestern,
01:28 little pocket there and Southwestern, Michigan,
01:32 just a little dot on the map
01:34 but there're several thousand in population
01:37 and most of those are people that go to the university.
01:41 And I fell in love with my wife-to-be at that time
01:46 and I was really head over heals
01:49 and so much so that during the summer,
01:53 my wife said, I have to go back to New York City
01:58 and I'm going to have a temp position
02:01 and I'm gonna work there in Manhattan,
02:04 Downtown, New York City, mega city, bigger city,
02:09 as you know in the United States.
02:11 And so she was gonna go during the summer,
02:13 I would continue through summer school,
02:16 attending the seminary, taking summer classes.
02:19 And so we were gonna have
02:21 a long distance love relationship
02:25 and I didn't like that idea.
02:28 But I said, you know what, I'll come out and visit you.
02:32 She said, "No, you don't need to do that."
02:34 Look, my mind was already made up,
02:36 I was gonna do it.
02:37 And so I didn't care about the distance,
02:40 I didn't care about how much the gas costs.
02:43 Besides, I have a VW Rabbit
02:46 that I had inherited from my parents.
02:49 Now it was very tired, it had high mileage,
02:51 but it did get good gas mileage.
02:54 It was a little diesel and so I decided,
02:57 you know what, I know I don't really make much money
03:00 going to the seminary.
03:01 But I'm gonna do it.
03:03 So one weekend, I call her up, at the beginning of the week
03:08 and saying, I'm coming.
03:09 "No, no, no."
03:11 I know I have to be back to class on Monday,
03:13 but I'm gonna come anyway.
03:15 And so you know,
03:16 it's amazing what we do for love.
03:18 But at any rate, so I headed out.
03:22 And my heart is full of anticipation.
03:26 I call it my unforgettable trip
03:28 from Berrien Springs to New York City.
03:32 My heart was full of, everyone say that word,
03:37 It's amazing what anticipation does for motivation.
03:41 So at any rate,
03:44 I'm just rambling down my high way
03:46 and just whistling, and happy, and joyful,
03:50 and I'm envisioning my time with my wife-to-be.
03:55 And so I knew,
03:56 in the back of my mind I'm thinking,
03:58 oh, boy, I got go practically just go there,
04:00 give her a hug and get a little time together
04:02 and then race back to the seminary.
04:05 I'd rather be with her.
04:07 Anyway, so, I remember, I'm going from Michigan
04:11 and I got to go down through Indiana
04:16 and then as I'm into Ohio,
04:19 all of a sudden, the car starts acting up.
04:22 And hey, when that happens, and so I looked down
04:25 and I see the engine light, the oil light is on.
04:28 And I'm thinking, this is not a really good sign.
04:31 And immediately my mind starts racing
04:33 like oh, no, what if I can't see her.
04:35 You know, I don't really care about the car.
04:37 I just want a car to get me there.
04:39 So at any rate, I pull over and I pop the hood,
04:44 not a pretty sight.
04:46 Have you ever seen an engine
04:47 that had oil all over it, everywhere?
04:51 And I'm like what in the world is going on
04:54 and immediately I'm calculating,
04:55 let's see if I break down,
04:57 how long am I going to be broken down,
04:58 can I still make it.
05:00 It's amazing what we do for love.
05:02 So it is at any rate, I had to walk.
05:04 I walked and I walked and I walked
05:06 and finally I was able to get a tow truck.
05:11 And that was very expensive
05:13 for my meager money as seminary,
05:17 so at any rate, they towed me to a nearby car repair shop.
05:25 And so I brought it in there and they said,
05:28 "Well, Mr. Fox, you have a major problem here.
05:33 You're oil feed, feed-- oil feed line,
05:38 I could say that oil feed line, has busted.
05:42 And that's why it shot oil all over your engine.
05:45 It's going to take us,
05:47 I said do it, do it, whatever it--
05:48 Well, it's gonna take-- Just do it.
05:50 And so while they're doing
05:52 and I'm calculating and I'm pacing,
05:53 you know, like happening to be--
05:55 Okay, anyway. So I'm pacing, I'm pacing.
05:59 Finally, after several hours they fixed it.
06:01 I paid for it. And I called her.
06:04 "No, no, no, don't try to come. It's already late."
06:07 I said, I'm on my way.
06:08 So I'm rambling down, rambling down.
06:10 Now that had set me back for several hours.
06:13 So I knew I'd say
06:14 I'm going to be getting there late
06:16 like really late, like midnight late.
06:20 Well, what happened was,
06:22 as I'm cruising on into New York City,
06:27 it's a concrete jungle.
06:29 It really is.
06:30 And so I got completely lost and it was close to midnight.
06:34 And then I notice
06:36 that my, well, my diesel gas was running out.
06:39 It was like on the E going under the E,
06:43 that's empty.
06:45 And so at any rate, I'm wondering you know,
06:47 what should I do and what happened was
06:49 I took the wrong exit.
06:51 Now that's like going to the point
06:53 of no return in New York City.
06:55 And so I rolled down my window
06:58 you know, there to buy a gas there.
07:00 I finally found a gas station.
07:02 And I said, "Could you tell me where I am?"
07:03 They said "You're in the Bronx."
07:05 One of the boroughs there, you know, don't want to be,
07:07 you know, get lost in New York City
07:09 and so I was in the Bronx at midnight running out of gas
07:11 while my wife to be was waiting for me patiently.
07:15 This was before cell phones.
07:17 This is all pay phones back then.
07:19 And so at any rate, let me tell you something,
07:24 when I finally made it to the apartment complex,
07:27 there in Queens, New York,
07:28 where she lived with her grandmother
07:31 and her mother was there as well
07:33 and some brothers and-- or rather sisters and--
07:37 And so when I arrived, she met me out there
07:40 by the curb where I was parking.
07:42 She was, so I'll be outside waiting for you.
07:45 When I saw her, do you think like,
07:47 oh, man, you think I was focusing on the trip?
07:51 I was like, it was worth it all.
07:54 And when we embraced,
07:56 I said, "Man, I would drive to the North Pole for this."
08:02 It is amazing what we will do for love.
08:05 It was worth it all, so that we could be together
08:08 even if it meant just a day or two.
08:13 I got to tell you this.
08:15 My Bible tells me that Jesus died
08:21 because He wanted to be with us so much.
08:26 He took a long trip.
08:30 And the devil said,
08:31 "This is not worth it, don't come.
08:33 And when He came, "Go back. This is not worth it.
08:37 But Jesus was determined. He wanted to marry us.
08:42 And He's called us
08:43 to the marriage supper to the Lamb.
08:44 Is anybody here tonight?
08:47 My Bible tells me
08:48 that He came on a very costly trip along the way.
08:52 But He came here with a mission and a message, and a mandate,
08:56 I will save them at any cost to myself
08:58 so that we can be together, forever.
09:01 Can you say amen? And so listen to me.
09:04 "I heard a loud voice from heaven saying,
09:07 this is Revelation.
09:09 What book of the Bible? Revelation.
09:10 Listen.
09:12 "And I heard a loud voice from heaven saying,
09:15 'Behold the tabernacle of God,'
09:17 the dwelling, 'of God is with men
09:21 and He will dwell with them and they shall be His people
09:25 and God himself will be with them
09:27 and be their God.'"
09:30 I'm so happy that as you read the Scriptures,
09:33 there is this kind of ending, should I say beginning.
09:39 I'm happy that it has a happy ending.
09:43 We shall live with God forever.
09:46 I believe that Jesus loves us so much.
09:49 And I want you to think about this,
09:52 that He longs to come and take us home to heaven
09:55 to be with him forever.
09:58 Amen.
09:59 How many believe God has longings in His heart.
10:02 He has yearnings in His heart.
10:04 He has a hunger for our love and a longing to be together.
10:08 Would you agree, all heaven is a stir,
10:11 we're trying to save man so that they can be with us
10:15 and go home to be with the Lord.
10:17 Now Jesus died on the cross.
10:19 So that by accepting Him as the Lord and Savior,
10:23 we will be together through all eternity.
10:27 So think about it.
10:29 All of heaven, all of heaven lives with intense,
10:34 what's that word?
10:36 Anticipation.
10:37 Come on, thundered out,
10:38 anticipation of us living together
10:42 with them forever in heaven.
10:45 Would you agree, God has anticipation.
10:51 It's been said, you need three things to be happy.
10:55 I've said it before, I'll echo it.
10:57 Number one, someone to love. Number two, something to do.
11:02 And number three, something to look forward to.
11:05 God built it into our framework
11:07 and wired us to want to look forward to something.
11:10 I don't care whether you're thrown in jail,
11:13 whether your life is threatened,
11:14 whether you lose your job, you always can look forward
11:18 to going home to be with the Lord,
11:21 where they'll be no more pain, no more suffering.
11:25 Now that's something to look forward to.
11:27 And so think about it.
11:29 "We ourselves" Paul said in Romans 8:23.
11:34 "We ourselves groan within ourselves,
11:37 eagerly waiting."
11:38 What kind of waiting?
11:40 "Eagerly waiting for the adoption,
11:43 the redemption of our body."
11:45 When we go to be with the Lord, we're gone their body and all.
11:48 Amen. We're going up here.
11:50 Aren't you glad to going to get a new model?
11:51 I've said that before. Romans 8 verse 23.
11:54 Now I want you to think.
11:56 My parents live in Portland, Oregon,
11:59 which is not far from Mount St. Helens.
12:02 Now if those who lived near Mount St. Helens
12:06 had heard the warnings of an imminent eruption.
12:10 I think about 84 year old Harry Truman,
12:14 not to be confused
12:15 with the former president Harry Truman,
12:17 but no, the owner of the Mount St. Helens lodge
12:20 at the edge of Spirit Lake.
12:22 Here's what he said.
12:23 Listen to this notorious quote.
12:26 "No one knows more about this mountain than Harry
12:29 and it doesn't dare blow up on me."
12:32 Guess what happened. It blew up on Harry.
12:36 Can you say false security personified?
12:42 Exhibit A, showcase, there it is.
12:45 That's what false security feels like, talks like.
12:49 Could it be that in the last days,
12:51 they'll be a whole generation caught up in false security.
12:58 Harry was not ready.
13:01 And there were others that perished that day as well.
13:04 Then when the Lord comes, they'll be a lot of Harrys.
13:10 "Then the sky receded as a scroll
13:13 when it is rolled up.
13:14 And every mountain and island was moved out of its place."
13:19 Now that's earth shaking. Revelation 6: 14.
13:22 In other word, soon every mountain will quake,
13:26 soon every island will disappear,
13:30 soon every city will be destroyed,
13:33 no matter how great, no matter how populated,
13:37 no matter how massive, no matter how popular.
13:42 Soon, soon everyone will either be saved or destroyed.
13:48 Now most will be taken by surprise.
13:51 Isn't that true?
13:53 By the final events of earth's history
13:56 including the coming of the Lord.
13:58 So the question I raise tonight
14:01 is how can you and I be ready
14:05 for the greatest event next to the cross.
14:09 The cross is the center of the gospel.
14:13 But it's not all of the gospel.
14:15 The gospel is Jesus died for you.
14:18 And He's coming for you. Can you say amen?
14:22 The gospel is not complete
14:23 if you just say Jesus died for you.
14:25 You need to go a step further.
14:27 Not only did He die for you, if you accept Him,
14:30 you can have eternal life with Him.
14:32 How many agree? That's gospel.
14:33 "For God so loved the world
14:35 that He gave His only begotten son."
14:37 But the verse doesn't stop there.
14:39 "That whoever believes in Him should not perish
14:42 but have everlasting life."
14:43 Now that's the full Gospel. Can you say amen?
14:47 And so Jesus wants us to be ready.
14:50 How many agree, in a blink of an eye,
14:53 things can so drastically change
14:56 that you wouldn't even recognize this world?
14:58 How many agree 911,
15:00 we have been thinking about that here lately
15:02 as they commemorate that?
15:04 How many remember where you Were,
15:06 what you were doing and so forth?
15:07 That was an iconic paradigm shift or a game changer, right.
15:12 Just like the atomic bomb. Let me tell you something.
15:15 You can expect sudden
15:17 whirlwind changes to be unleashed.
15:21 We don't know when Jesus is gonna come
15:23 but before He comes,
15:25 there will be a string, a series
15:28 happening in rapid succession of one cataclysmic event
15:33 following on the heels of another one.
15:36 So listen.
15:37 In the Book of Revelation,
15:39 there are several verses in Revelation 22
15:42 that contain words in red.
15:44 Who's speaking? Jesus.
15:46 Three times in the last page of your Bible.
15:51 How many believe all the Bible's inspired?
15:53 And I think there's something special
15:55 about the last page of the Bible.
15:57 How many agree? It's you know--
15:58 Many people would probably go to that just to see it.
16:01 I wonder what's the last page?
16:03 Haven't you done that when you read books sometime?
16:05 "Oh, let me see how it ends."
16:07 Look at it, look at it with me.
16:09 Revelation 22,
16:11 we got to keep our foot on the accelerator here.
16:13 We've got a lot of territory to cover here.
16:15 Revelation 22: 7. "Behold I am coming quickly.
16:20 Blessed is He who keeps the words
16:23 of the prophecy of this book."
16:25 So Jesus wants us to study this book,
16:28 to focus on this book.
16:29 That's why this seminar is not extra
16:32 you know, curricular or trivial Pursuit.
16:35 This is essential, this is core this is important,
16:38 this is the revelation of Jesus Christ.
16:40 And so I want to notice here in verse 12.
16:43 "And behold I am coming quickly.
16:45 And my reward is with me
16:46 to give everyone according to his work."
16:50 Look at verse 20.
16:52 "Behold, or "Surely, I am coming quickly."
16:55 Three times, three times
16:57 in the last chapter of the Bible
16:59 Jesus says "I am."
17:00 What? "I am coming quickly."
17:04 Now one of the most familiar touching passages
17:06 in all of Scripture
17:08 comes ringing down the corridors of time
17:11 with special relevance
17:13 and application to a troubled, troubled world.
17:18 "Let not your heart be troubled.
17:21 Ye believe in God believe also in Me.
17:24 In My Father's house are many mansions.
17:27 If I were not so, I would have told you.
17:28 I go to prepare a place for you.
17:30 And if I go to prepare a place for you,
17:33 I will come again and receive you unto Myself
17:38 that where I am, there you may be also."
17:41 John 14: 1-3.
17:43 Jesus is our hope giver. Now let me rewind play.
17:49 "Let not your be troubled,
17:51 ye believe in God, believe also in me.
17:53 In my Father's house are many mansions.
17:55 If it were not so, I would have told you.
17:56 I go to prepare a place for you.
17:58 And if I go and prepare a place for you,
17:59 I will come again." And again.
18:07 How many think I added some? I added some.
18:10 Does the Bible say it's okay to add things in the Bible?
18:13 The Bible says, "Don't add to it."
18:14 Don't-- How many agree.
18:16 Leave it alone? Right.
18:18 If you add to it that's not of the Bible,
18:20 you take away from it,
18:21 the Bible says Deuteronomy 4:2,
18:23 "Don't add or take away from it."
18:25 Revelation 22:18, 19,
18:27 there is a warning about being removed
18:29 from the Book of Life or plagues being added to you
18:31 if you add or take away from the Book of Revelation.
18:34 Kind of makes me want to tread carefully.
18:37 And so the Bible makes it very clear,
18:39 "Don't add to it don't take away from it."
18:41 So Jesus said,
18:43 and you can check it out John 14: 1-3.
18:46 One of the most familiar, how many would agree,
18:47 this one of those familiar comforting passages?
18:50 And rightly so. But the point is this.
18:52 Jesus said. "I will come again."
18:54 He did not say. "I will come again and again."
19:00 Now I want you to think about that with me for a moment.
19:03 Jesus did not, come on now.
19:05 I'm here to tell you something tonight.
19:06 Jesus did not say "I will come again and again."
19:13 So if there were books,
19:18 movies, magazines, radio
19:20 and TV programs that were popular
19:23 teaching two distinct comings of Jesus,
19:27 in other words, I will come again and again,
19:30 yet to be fulfilled,
19:32 two distinct comings yet to be fulfilled by Jesus,
19:35 that would be blatantly false.
19:40 So therefore, what is our hope for tomorrow?
19:46 Titus 2:13. Would you agree?
19:48 Our hope is, "I will come again."
19:50 False hope, I will come again and again.
19:52 Would you agree? There is a difference.
19:54 There's a difference.
19:56 So what is our hope for tomorrow?
19:58 Titus 2:13.
20:00 Read it together with me. Can you do that?
20:01 Here we go, everybody.
20:03 "While we wait for the blessed hope--
20:05 The glorious appearing
20:07 of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ.
20:11 So think about it.
20:12 Our only blessed hope
20:15 is the glorious appearing of Jesus Christ.
20:18 Is that clear?
20:20 Now a child could understand this.
20:21 There's nothing complicated.
20:23 But you know, man makes complicated
20:25 what God makes clear.
20:27 Man makes perplexing what God makes plain.
20:31 If you are going through personal crisis in your life,
20:34 if you are facing financial challenges,
20:36 if you were suffering from a health problem,
20:38 if your marriage is needing a miracle,
20:41 if you have a special concern for your children,
20:43 whatever your need may be,
20:44 give is a call and we will pray with you.
20:47 For your prayer request, call us at 1-855-336-FREE.
20:52 "If the Son set you free, you are free indeed."
20:56 John 8: 36.
20:59 Now listen to me.
21:01 The Lord says, "I will come again."
21:03 Not again and again.
21:05 No two phases, no two stages, no two trains bound for glory.
21:10 Just one.
21:11 Then Paul, also in agreement with the Lord.
21:14 How many agree all the Bible harmonizes
21:16 when you really study it in depth?
21:18 Some passage might seem to contradict.
21:21 But you study it out,
21:22 and you discover the tenor of Scripture
21:25 where God is very consistent, it all harmonizes.
21:28 Now I want you to think about this.
21:30 Glorious appearing. That's our blessed hope.
21:34 That's the only hope.
21:36 You don't want to add to it,
21:37 you don't want to take away from it,
21:39 you don't need to footnote it.
21:41 It doesn't really require a lot of explanation.
21:43 It's just plain and simple
21:45 that the preaching and teaching of the true gospel is this.
21:49 "Jesus is coming
21:52 and our blessed hope is the glorious appearing
21:55 of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ."
21:57 That's the gospel truth.
21:59 "And the truth shall set you free."
22:01 John 8: 32.
22:02 So therefore, Jesus appears equals only hope.
22:08 Jesus does not appear
22:11 but somehow the saints go up anyway,
22:15 oh, that would be a false hope.
22:18 Are you're listening to me tonight?
22:19 Are the wheels turning?
22:21 Are the questions starting to stir up?
22:22 That's a good thing how many agree,
22:24 it's good to question what you believe
22:27 because truth can handle scrutiny?
22:32 If someone was preaching that the hope of the Christian
22:38 is a secret coming of Jesus would that be correct?
22:41 Is that the glorious of appearing?
22:45 Now think about it with me tonight.
22:48 The enemy is setting the world up
22:52 for his fatal, final delusion
22:55 that will take the world by an overwhelming surprise.
22:59 The popular deception in the time of Christ
23:02 was to believe that the Messiah
23:05 would usher in His glorious reign
23:07 when He came and emancipate them
23:09 from the Roman yoke of oppression.
23:11 But He didn't do that and they said
23:13 you know what, we're looking for some other Messiah.
23:15 This cannot be the right one.
23:17 So would you agree,
23:19 they were not understanding the nature
23:21 and the manner of the Lord's first coming?
23:25 Could it be that people in the last days
23:28 would be misunderstanding passages, misapplying passages
23:33 about the Lord's glorious appearing?
23:36 It's saying that well, let me put it this way
23:39 now the popular misunderstanding
23:41 is that when Christ comes
23:42 it will not be a glorious coming,
23:44 but a secret coming,
23:45 a sudden vanishing of believers.
23:47 Then after that a glorious coming.
23:50 The heartbeat
23:52 or how about this one hodgepodge, all right.
23:55 The heartbeat of prophecy
23:58 is the second coming of Jesus Christ.
24:01 And it's a major theme
24:03 woven throughout the golden pages of Scripture, the Bible.
24:07 By the way, you know what Bible stands for,
24:09 Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth.
24:11 I just had to say it
24:13 because it's very pertinent to tonight's topic.
24:15 So what will happen when Jesus returns?
24:18 We're putting the prophetic puzzle
24:20 of end events together to get the sequence.
24:23 Everybody, say sequence. You've got to know.
24:27 You have to have it lined up.
24:29 Now, there are two prominent,
24:33 different, two different prominent views,
24:36 prevailing views
24:38 about the soon return of Jesus Christ.
24:41 The traditional Christian teaching
24:45 has been rightly so that Jesus will come again
24:48 soon in the second coming of Jesus Christ.
24:52 Period.
24:54 However, what is the more
24:56 recently popularized teaching of the coming of Christ?
25:01 Jesus Christ will come in two comings,
25:05 two stages, two times.
25:10 One, a secret rapture. Later on, a second coming.
25:19 Second coming of Christ verses,
25:23 in opposition to a secret rapture,
25:26 then the second coming of Christ.
25:28 Now think about it.
25:30 According to this scenario
25:32 that is gaining momentum in the Christian church.
25:35 The first, there's going to be in sequence a secret rapture,
25:39 followed by seven years of tribulation.
25:42 And then the second coming of Christ, the glorious coming.
25:47 So therefore, according to this scenario gaining applause,
25:53 suddenly millions will be snatched away.
25:57 I mean, this is Hollywood stuff.
26:03 What would happen if they did suddenly vanish away?
26:07 What would happen?
26:08 Well, all of a sudden
26:10 there would be some people missing
26:13 on the beach, at the beach
26:15 and they would just be footprints left in the sand.
26:19 There's a prayer meeting
26:20 and there's some gathering of the saints
26:22 and let's say that was a really holy church.
26:25 Guess what, their cars are out there
26:27 but there's nobody in that church.
26:30 Pews are left.
26:32 Then you could go on and on I mean, this is sensational
26:34 and you know, cars crashing
26:37 and people you know, going to the hospitals
26:40 and what in the world happened.
26:42 Park benches left empty.
26:44 And then the president gets on stunned and startled
26:48 and shocked like the rest of the nation.
26:50 Uh, let me just update that.
26:52 And so he's up there, he's saying you know.
26:56 You know, I guess I didn't make it either.
26:58 Okay, anyway so on the day of the secret rapture,
27:05 by the way, I'm not saying
27:06 who's going to make and who's not, all right.
27:08 So anyway, on the day of the secret rapture,
27:11 according to this scenario,
27:12 if the plane suddenly took a nose dive
27:14 and you're in it you better know
27:16 a little bit about aviation.
27:18 Anyone important missing
27:19 because if you find out that pilot,
27:21 well, he went up, up and away.
27:24 I'm telling you, this is fantastic stuff.
27:27 But is it biblical? Anyone important missing?
27:31 Well, let's say if you were not ready
27:33 and there are dishes in the sink
27:36 and your mom normally does it.
27:38 Guess what, if your-"Mom. Are you home, Mom?"
27:41 And it's a day of the rapture,
27:43 guess what you better start doing the dishes.
27:45 Well, let's say if you did not make it
27:47 and it is pay day and you didn't make it,
27:50 that's bad enough
27:52 but did the boss leave behind the paycheck?
27:55 All right, anyway all sorts of fun with this.
27:57 How many of you remember
27:59 a little old lady by the name of Clara Peller,
28:01 who electrified fast food commercials
28:04 for Wendy's I think it was?
28:06 And she drove up to the drive through,
28:09 that's a number of years ago.
28:11 And she didn't like what she got.
28:13 She looked it up.
28:14 You know, she just said you know, where's the,
28:18 you know that here Missouri.
28:21 "Where's the beef."
28:22 Well, this is what I want to do tonight
28:25 with the secret rapture verses the second coming of Christ.
28:29 I want to say. Where's the beef.
28:32 So will the coming of Jesus be silent?
28:34 After all, that's what the secret raptures
28:38 are teaching you that when Jesus comes
28:40 for His bride, boom, just suddenly vanished,
28:45 disappeared, gone, out of here, snatch.
28:49 But it's secret in terms of nobody can hear it,
28:53 in terms of hear the trumpet blast
28:55 and so forth, no, they say, no, no, no.
28:56 Only the saints hear this. The other people don't hear.
28:59 Well, let's think about that.
29:01 What is the most common text
29:03 used to support a silent, secret rapture.
29:07 Now there's no doubt.
29:08 First of all, the word rapture is not in the Bible.
29:10 But the idea of a rapture is in the Bible.
29:14 Just as long, I don't have a problem with the term rapture
29:17 as long as you understand
29:19 that the rapture is nothing secretive.
29:22 And it is the second coming of Christ.
29:24 As I will verify.
29:26 I will substantiate as we march forward
29:28 and progress in this subject.
29:30 So what is the most common tax
29:32 that is used to support a secret rapture?
29:35 1Thessalonians 4: 16, 17 and 18.
29:38 If you would go there, I'll quote it for you.
29:41 "For the Lord himself shall descend
29:43 from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archange
29:47 and with their trumpet call of God
29:49 and the dead in Christ shall rise first.
29:53 Then we, which are alive and remain,
29:56 shall be caught up."
29:58 There you go, taken up, raptured up.
30:01 What is the context? The dead in Christ rising.
30:03 "And will be caught up together with them
30:07 to meet the Lord in the air.
30:09 And so shall we ever be with the Lord.
30:13 Wherefore, comfort one another with these words."
30:17 End of quote. 1 Thessalonians 4:16, 17 and 18.
30:22 Now I'm here to declare to you tonight.
30:25 You think car boom boxes make the ground shake?
30:30 And they do.
30:31 How many agree? Some cars.
30:32 You look around like which one is that,
30:34 that can't be that guy, that can't be that old--
30:36 Okay. Oh, here comes that guy.
30:40 Let me tell you something.
30:43 You're not going to have to look around
30:44 when Jesus comes and what's going on?
30:47 you're gonna know.
30:49 You're going to know
30:50 because this is one of the noisiest verses
30:53 in all of the Bible.
30:54 I submit that, that fact to you tonight.
30:57 And so here's another.
30:59 What is one of the other major, Scriptures most common text
31:02 that is used to try to buttress
31:05 the false teaching of a secret rapture.
31:07 Here it is. 1 Corinthians.
31:08 Let's go there together.
31:09 1 Corinthians. All right.
31:11 All right. 1 Corinthians 15, all right.
31:16 And looking there Paul wrote.
31:19 "Behold I tell you a mystery,"
31:21 verse 51, "we shall not all sleep
31:22 but we shall all be changed in a moment,
31:25 in the twinkling of an eye, at the Last trumpet."
31:30 Well, this is parallel to 1 Thessalonians 4,
31:32 where talks about "For the Lord Himself
31:35 shall descend from heaven without a shout."
31:38 Everybody say shout.
31:39 Shout.
31:40 With a shout, with a voice of the archangel,
31:45 that's the commanding voice that raises the dead.
31:49 And thirdly, with a trumpet call of God.
31:53 So you got the shout,
31:54 the commanding voice that raises the dead.
31:57 And you've got there the trumpet blast.
32:00 Is there anything silent about that passage?
32:02 It's the most noisy verse in all of the scripture.
32:05 Why when you open it all of a sudden
32:07 you can hear that trumpet as it were.
32:10 And then Paul is saying here.
32:12 Paul is saying here, the trumpet.
32:14 The Bible says here
32:16 "In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet.
32:19 For the trumpet will sound. It will sound.
32:22 There's nothing secretive, nothing quiet about it.
32:25 But secret rapture say, no, no, no.
32:28 Only the righteous hear that.
32:31 Would you agree?
32:33 Don't add. And don't take away.
32:36 Read it and believe it can you say, amen?
32:39 Don't be footnoting things too much.
32:42 How many agree, how many of you don't like it
32:44 when you get something in the--
32:45 In the in the mail and it says you have won
32:49 a million dollars You're a winner.
32:52 But then you know the rest of the mail
32:53 is all about the fine print.
32:55 You really have no shot at this.
33:01 I-- "In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye,
33:04 at the last trumpet, for the trumpet will sound
33:06 and the dead in Christ,"
33:07 I'm sorry, "the dead will be raised."
33:09 Dead in Christ, of course.
33:10 "And we shall be changed
33:11 for this corruptible must put on incorruption,
33:13 and this mortal must put on immortality.
33:15 So then when this corruptible is put on incorruption
33:18 and this mortal is put on immortality,
33:20 then shall be brought the pass the saying that it's written,
33:23 'Death swallowed up in victory.'
33:28 I don't know about you, just today I got word that
33:32 a fellow colleague of mine died of cancer.
33:35 I don't know about you
33:36 I'm tired of hearing these things.
33:38 I'm tired.
33:39 How many are tired of hearing these things?
33:41 Don't want to-- I'm tired of these phone calls,
33:43 tired of these emails and so forth.
33:47 I'm telling you, cancer.
33:49 We got to pray for our loved ones,
33:51 we got to pray for victory, we got to pray for miracles,
33:54 we got to pray for our health.
33:55 And we got to pray Lord Jesus, come quickly.
33:59 So at the last trumpet.
34:03 Now here is what secret raptures do.
34:05 Have you ever heard of fancy footwork?
34:10 Here's the way they dance around this passage.
34:12 It's clear that it's audible. They say no, no, no.
34:17 This, only the saint hear this and then later on,
34:21 there'll be trumpets that blast that everyone will hear.
34:24 My Bible tells me that this is at the last trump,
34:29 which means there's not trumpets later on blasting.
34:32 My Bible tells me this is it, last trump.
34:36 And they'll apply this last trump to the secret rapture
34:39 and say there's trumpets after that.
34:41 You can have it both ways.
34:42 Either this is the last one or that.
34:44 How many agree? A child can understand this.
34:47 This is the last trump.
34:48 This is that I submit this to you.
34:50 This is the second coming of Jesus Christ.
34:52 It's going to be audible beyond belief.
34:55 No room for another blast later,
34:58 trumpet blast later.
34:59 So there's nothing silent or secretive
35:01 about the Lord coming again.
35:03 Now I got a another question.
35:06 What does the phrase
35:07 "the thief in the night" referred to?
35:11 Question.
35:12 Does it refer to the secretive manner of His return?
35:16 Secret snatch, oh, that would be like a thief in the night.
35:21 That's not biblical.
35:22 Or does it referred to the unexpected
35:25 timing of His second coming when nobody knows
35:29 but, yeah, He's just gonna come like a thief.
35:31 But when He does come,
35:33 this thief doesn't kind of snatch away,
35:35 this thief takes over.
35:36 Can you say amen?
35:40 Thief in the time. Let's read it.
35:42 I don't expect you to believe me
35:43 unless I back it up with Scripture.
35:45 Amen.
35:46 Scripture, we want Scripture.
35:49 All right. 1 Thessalonians 5: 1-3.
35:51 Here we go, are we learning something tonight?
35:53 "But concerning the times and the seasons, brethren,
35:56 you have no need that I should write to you."
35:58 What is he talking about? What's the context?
36:00 Timing.
36:02 "For you yourselves know perfectly
36:03 that the day of the Lord
36:05 so comes as a thief in the night.
36:06 He's talking not about manner but timing.
36:08 "For when they shall see peace and safety
36:10 then sudden destruction comes upon them
36:13 as labor pains upon a pregnant woman.
36:15 And they shall not escape.
36:17 But you, brethren, are not in darkness
36:19 so that that day should overtake you as a thief."
36:22 So the Bible makes it very clear,
36:24 thief in the night is for the unrighteous.
36:27 But when Jesus comes, we're waiting for Him.
36:29 Can you say amen.
36:31 And it's talking about the timing, not the manner.
36:34 You know, but the secret raptures will tell you,
36:36 "No, no, no.
36:37 Jesus is gonna come in like a stealth bomber,
36:40 undetected, you know.
36:42 You know stealth bombers, come on.
36:44 They're supposed to fly undetected by radar.
36:48 So here Jesus is going to do a fly over as many
36:50 say about the secret rapture, boom, boom, boom, boom.
36:53 Up, up, up and away.
36:56 What is that? "Wow, what happened?"
36:58 "Is your aunt missing too?" "Yeah, my husband just left."
37:04 Now you start calling, "Is grandma there?"
37:07 "Let me check."
37:11 It's sensational, just not scriptural.
37:16 Oh, but many Christians say we want to believe
37:18 what sensation and see if it sounds okay.
37:22 We want Scripture.
37:25 And so should Jesus' return catch His people
37:28 as a thief in the night.
37:29 It says "we're not in darkness,
37:31 so that this day should overtake you as a thief.
37:34 Let us not sleep as others do but let us watch and be sober."
37:37 Be awake. Amen.
37:39 You know, I think about the attack on Pearl Harbor.
37:41 It was a surprise attack.
37:43 Remember Roosevelt coined this phrase,
37:46 "The Day of Infamy."
37:48 This would assure in the atomic bomb, wouldn't it?
37:51 Now that happened December 7th, 1941.
37:53 Now let me tell you the rest of the story.
37:55 The timing was an overwhelming surprise.
37:58 The manner of it was not a surprise.
38:01 You think they wanted like, huh, what's happening.
38:04 They knew what was happening. We are under attack.
38:08 So that's the way it's going to be.
38:10 When Jesus comes again,
38:12 the unrighteous are not going to say what's happening.
38:15 They're gonna be under attack 'cause they can't endure
38:18 the brightness of the Lord's return.
38:20 And so most were sleeping. It was on a Sunday morning.
38:26 I've done my homework here.
38:27 Pearl Harbor was attacked on a Sunday morning.
38:29 Everybody was sleeping in.
38:31 And that's when the attack happened.
38:33 The timing was like a thief in the night.
38:37 When the attack happened,
38:39 everyone knew what was going on.
38:41 Now take your Bible and turn with me.
38:42 Are you ready to hear passage.
38:44 Oh, my this is powerful. Thank you, Jesus.
38:47 I want you to notice here.
38:49 And 2 Peter 3 and verse,
38:53 let's see about this thief in the night.
38:55 Verse 10.
38:56 "But the day of the Lord will come
38:58 as a thief in the night, in the which the heavens
38:59 will pass away with a great noise.
39:03 And the elements will melt with fervent heat,
39:05 both the earth and the works
39:07 that are in it will be burned up."
39:10 Would you agree that's cataclysmic?
39:15 Will it be invisible?
39:16 Secret raptures tell you it's secret snatch,
39:19 only the church hears it.
39:21 Only the church hears that trumpet
39:23 and only the righteous are gonna see Jesus,
39:26 the unrighteous, they are gonna see Him.
39:29 Really?
39:30 "'Men of Galilee,' they said,
39:32 'why do you stand here looking into the sky?
39:34 This same Jesus who has been taken from you into heaven
39:36 will come back in the same way
39:39 you have seen him go into heaven.'"
39:43 They saw Him going.
39:44 And they're going to see Him coming.
39:46 Nothing silent or secretive about it.
39:48 Acts 1: 10, 11.
39:50 "When Jesus ascended to heaven.
39:52 It was visible.
39:53 And that is the way He will come again."
39:57 "Every eye shall see Him."
40:00 Why the blind will suddenly see?
40:03 Revelation 1: 7.
40:05 How many remember growing up
40:07 being a little nervous with lightning storms?
40:10 You knew how to handle that.
40:11 You just put your head under the pillow, right.
40:14 "For as the lightning cometh out of the east
40:17 and shineth even unto the west,
40:19 so shall also the coming of a Son of Man be."
40:24 Would you agree lightning is brighter than any lights
40:27 man can put together?
40:29 Matthew 24: 27.
40:32 You want to some positive proof.
40:33 How about this, "glorious appearing."
40:35 "He will appear the second time."
40:37 Hebrews 9:28, without spot,
40:39 blameless until our Lord Jesus Christ appearing."
40:41 1 Timothy 6:14. "Love His appearing."
40:45 2 Timothy 4:8. "Glorious appearing.
40:47 Titus 2:13.
40:49 "When the Chief Shepherd appears."
40:51 1 Peter 5:4.
40:52 "Abide in Him, that when He appears,
40:54 we may have confidence
40:56 and not be ashamed before Him at His coming."
40:58 1 John 2:28.
40:59 "We know that when He is revealed,
41:01 we shall be like Him, for we shall see Him as He is.
41:05 1 John 3:2. You want more proof?
41:07 I'm not giving you any more. All right, anyway.
41:09 Let's go on to another question.
41:12 Are the righteous going to go through the tribulation?
41:15 I'm not here to preach
41:16 a smooth pudding prophecy tonight.
41:18 I'm going to give you the real truth,
41:22 the unvarnished truth, the undiluted truth.
41:26 Because only the truth can set us free.
41:29 John 8:32.
41:32 Sudden changes are about to catch the world by surprise.
41:36 Amazing Bible Prophecies are fast fulfilling.
41:40 Do ancient prophecies predict a sudden economic collapse?
41:43 Will the Middle East crisis erupt into World War III?
41:47 Are we living on the eve of Armageddon?
41:50 How will the final moves of the antichrist affect you?
41:53 What is the future
41:54 of the United States of America?
41:56 How will natural disasters usher in the mark of the beast?
42:00 Now you can watch the entire
42:02 Amazing Prophecy series of 32 hope filled messages on DVD.
42:08 Don't guess about the future, know the future.
42:11 The complete set of DVDs
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42:16 Call us at 1-855-336-FREE
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42:29 You can also visit us online at
42:35 Are we going to be removed from the earth
42:39 or protected during the tribulation?
42:44 Would you agree there is of vast difference?
42:47 Revelation 3, Revelation 3, looking here at verse 10,
42:55 yes, there is a purpose to the tribulation.
42:59 Can I put it this way?
43:01 Tribulation is purification
43:06 and preparation for Jesus' return.
43:10 I'll say it again.
43:11 The tribulation is for purification.
43:15 Because the only thing you're going to take
43:17 to heaven is your character.
43:18 And your character needs all of the ironing it can get.
43:26 How many agree the Bible says in Ephesians 5,
43:28 that "it's gonna purify His bride
43:30 so that she's without spot or wrinkle or any such thing."
43:34 Ephesians 5.
43:36 Well, how do you get the wrinkles out?
43:38 How to get the wrinkles out? You get it ironed, heavy.
43:43 And what do you do with that?
43:44 You heat that baby up, don't you?
43:46 You heat it up really good, right.
43:49 Because those wrinkles, if they could speak,
43:51 they would say "ouch, oh, hot, hey."
43:55 Pressure.
43:56 That's what the righteous are gonna go through.
44:00 We don't want to be ironed though, do we?
44:02 We don't want to be in the heat.
44:03 But God loves us. He wants to get us ready.
44:06 You know just say, oh, Jesus come any old time.
44:09 No, Lord Jesus, get me ready.
44:12 The Bible says the bride hath made herself ready
44:15 by putting on the robe of Christ's righteousness.
44:18 Revelation 19:7 and 9.
44:20 Do you notice how I give you scriptural references?
44:23 Do you notice how I don't just kind of blurt.
44:25 I give you scriptural references
44:27 'cause those are like handles, right.
44:29 And then you can see what's in the scriptures there.
44:33 But I want you to notice here, Revelation 3:10.
44:36 "Because you have kept my commandment to persevere,
44:39 I also will keep you from the hour of trial
44:41 which shall come upon the whole world
44:43 to test those who dwell on the earth."
44:44 Now what did Jesus mean?
44:46 Did He mean, I'll keep you from it in terms of proximity,
44:51 I will keep you from,
44:53 you won't even be here during the tribulation.
44:55 No, that's not what He's saying
44:57 and I'll validate that in a moment.
44:58 I'll explain it in a moment.
44:59 What Jesus is saying is
45:02 I'll keep you from being overcome
45:05 by the heavy tests you're going to go through.
45:07 Now let me verify that.
45:09 Jesus prayed that we be not removed
45:12 but kept from the evil in the world.
45:14 "I do not pray that you should take them out of the world,
45:19 but that you should protect them or keep them
45:22 from the evil one."
45:24 What did He mean?
45:25 John 17:15, "Keep them from the evil one?"
45:29 The same idea in Revelation 3,
45:30 "Keep us from the tribulation that's gonna happen.
45:34 What does it mean? Keep us from the evil one.
45:36 Keep us from the tribulation. What does it mean?
45:39 Protect us during the tribulation
45:42 and protects us from the evil one.
45:43 Because it could mean
45:45 keep us from the evil one and in terms of,
45:48 you don't even have to deal with the evil one now.
45:49 He keeps your from them, you know, He's far away.
45:52 Don't know about you but I got to resist the devil,
45:55 every day.
45:57 How many are tempted every day?
45:58 Tried every day?
45:59 So it couldn't mean He keeps us from the evil one
46:01 in terms of proximity where we can,
46:03 you know he's here.
46:05 He's on our tail.
46:07 "But greater is He that is in you
46:09 than he that is in the world."
46:11 1 John 4:4.
46:13 And so to keep us from the evil one means,
46:17 he can't get it your heart. You got the shield of faith.
46:20 Can you say amen?
46:22 Ephesians 6,
46:23 you know, Daniel refused to go along with a law
46:26 that said you can't pray for thirty days
46:28 except to King Darius.
46:30 He just kept right on praying,
46:32 no matter how much governmental surveillance there was.
46:37 He just kept on praying
46:41 to the God of heaven, our Creator.
46:44 And he was thrown into the lion's den
46:47 and they ate him up.
46:50 Whoops, I'm not supposed to add.
46:53 The Lord kept Daniel from the lions.
46:59 Oh, the lions were all around. But they couldn't eat him up.
47:03 They must have said
47:04 well, I guess all we can do now is a smell and sniff.
47:07 Maybe do a little lick in but we can't bite.
47:11 How many agree God is in control
47:12 in the last days, in the tribulation?
47:16 Daniel went through his tribulation.
47:17 Would you agree being in the lion's den,
47:19 that sounds like tribulation to me.
47:22 How about Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego?
47:24 They were thrown in the fire furnace
47:25 that had been heated seven times.
47:27 You see the stories of Daniel
47:29 are not nice cute little stories on.
47:31 These are stories that illustrate
47:33 the kind of fabric of character and perseverance
47:36 that we need to go through the tribulation
47:39 just as certainly as they did.
47:41 How many agree they all came out of either
47:43 the lions pit or the fiery furnace?
47:44 You're gonna come through the tribulation.
47:48 God kept Noah
47:49 and his family amidst the flood.
47:52 Would you agree that this was
47:53 the great tribulation for that time?
47:57 Now during the time of Moses,
47:58 God unleashed ten plagues upon Israel and or upon Egypt.
48:02 I should say. Would you agree.
48:04 That this was the great tribulation for this time?
48:06 By the way, the first three plagues
48:09 impacted both the Israelites and the Egyptians.
48:12 But the seven, last of those ten plagues fell exclusively,
48:17 targeted the Egyptians.
48:19 So in the last days,
48:20 the Bible doesn't talk about ten plagues.
48:22 It talks about the seven last plagues
48:25 that will fall exclusively upon the persecutors
48:29 who are persecuting those who get the seal of God
48:31 and refuse the mark of the beast.
48:33 And so would you agree
48:35 that this was the great tribulation for that time.
48:36 Now watch.
48:38 God uses parallels, parallels, parallels, right.
48:40 That's why all the books of the Bible end and meet
48:43 in the Book of Revelation.
48:44 Book of Revelation quotes many, many, many previous scriptures.
48:49 So if you want to unlock the symbolism of Revelation,
48:51 you got to know where to look.
48:52 And that's why we have the seminar.
48:54 It's not based on how smart Mark Fox is,
48:57 it's rather, hey, look at this scripture.
48:58 Oh, look at that scripture.
49:00 How many agree, the wisdom of scripture?
49:02 All I'm doing is saying look at this one.
49:04 Now look at this one.
49:05 And can you see the connections.
49:07 How many agree all a preacher supposed to do
49:09 is just connect the dots?
49:11 Amen.
49:13 So God's people were protected during the seven last plagues.
49:16 They were there when the plagues were falling.
49:18 So in the last days in Revelation 15 and 16,
49:21 it makes it clear, the plagues,
49:22 the seven last bowls of God's wrath,
49:24 the seven last scourges are gonna be unleashed
49:27 upon an impenitent, unrepentant generation.
49:31 Like, they are similar to the antediluvians
49:33 or those in Sodom and Gomorrah.
49:35 And the Bible, it makes it very clear
49:36 what's going to happen, were the children of Israel
49:39 delivered before or after the plagues?
49:42 They were delivered after the plagues.
49:45 So when does the church get her heavenly exodus,
49:48 through the sky.
49:49 Now think about it.
49:51 After the plagues,
49:52 God miraculously delivered His people.
49:53 how many love watching movies
49:55 about Mose and the Exodus and so forth?
49:57 And there are some new movies that have come out,
49:58 I highly recommend them.
50:00 Then they came out on the other side
50:02 and they sang the song of Moses and the song of the Lamb.
50:06 Would you agree, when we make it to the other side,
50:10 there's going to be a whole lot of singing going on?
50:12 Revelation 15:3. Now listen carefully.
50:16 They were delivered through the opening of the Red Sea,
50:19 the splitting of the Red Sea.
50:21 We will be delivered through the split in the sky,
50:24 the opening of the sky.
50:25 Come on now. Can you see a parallel?
50:29 And so think about it.
50:30 Now during the sixth plague, Jesus encourages His saints,
50:37 His believers to hold on
50:39 and don't give up to their faith.
50:42 Now I'm about to show you something
50:45 that I think it is absolutely thrilling
50:48 and a death nail to the teachings,
50:51 the false teachings of the secret rapture.
50:53 "Oh, we're not going to go through the tribulation."
50:57 Are you ready?
50:58 In the Book of Revelation,
51:01 you will notice if you were to just
51:04 thumb through the Book of Revelation 22 chapters
51:06 and see what pages have red in them.
51:09 I mean, it's all inspired.
51:11 But just out of curiosity, let's see,
51:13 you know, okay, there's some red,
51:15 Jesus speaking in Revelation 1, Revelation 2.
51:17 It's all inspired, the whole Bible,
51:20 Revelation 3, mmh,
51:22 no read in 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10,
51:26 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, say, oh.
51:32 All of a sudden this leaps.
51:33 Would you agree, if you're going
51:34 to page after page after page
51:36 and then all of a sudden there's a verse in red,
51:37 would you agree ought to grip your attention?
51:39 Does me. And here is that verse.
51:42 It's in the context of the sixth plague.
51:47 And it says this. And you can read the context.
51:51 Verse 12 begins with of sixth plague.
51:54 Here it is, verse 15.
51:56 By the way, did we already read
51:57 that Jesus is coming is a thief?
51:59 Did we already read that? I know watch this.
52:02 "Behold I am coming as a thief.
52:07 Blessed is he who watches and keeps his garments,
52:11 lest he walk naked and they see his shame."
52:13 What is Jesus saying? I haven't come as a thief yet.
52:16 But I will be coming right after these plagues are over.
52:19 So hang in there. Don't give up your faith.
52:22 Hold on to your garments, that is,
52:23 hold on your faith in Jesus.
52:25 Hold on to His righteousness.
52:27 Hold on, hold on, don't give up.
52:29 I'll be coming but I'm not come until these plagues are over.
52:32 How many can see that? Isn't that powerful?
52:38 You say, "But Mark, what about the one should be taken
52:41 and the other left?
52:43 What in the world does that mean?
52:45 Well, let's go to it. Luke 17.
52:49 So we're going to go through the tribulation.
52:53 The seven last plagues are in Revelation 16.
52:56 This is one of the most convincing Scriptures
52:58 that the righteous will go through the plagues.
53:02 So my question is not, if you have earth quake insurance
53:06 or flood insurance or tornado insurance.
53:08 My question is, do you have plague insurance?
53:10 Anybody have plague insurance?
53:12 Psalms 91:10,
53:15 "No plague shall come nigh thy dwelling."
53:19 Halleluiah, it pays the know Jesus.
53:22 Because my Bible tells me,
53:23 yeah, you're going to go through the tribulation
53:25 but you know what,
53:26 none of the plagues are going to fall on you.
53:28 Oh, yeah, we're going to go through
53:30 what is known as Jacob's time of trouble.
53:31 We'll talk more about that. But listen I need to close.
53:34 I want you to notice here. Luke 17.
53:37 Very, very powerful. We need to go there.
53:40 Luke 17 to explain,
53:42 "One should be taken and the other left."
53:44 The question is,
53:46 is this talking about one goes up to heaven
53:49 and the other is left saying what happened.
53:52 Or is it talking about,
53:54 there are two groups of people saved or lost
53:58 when Jesus comes again.
54:00 Now watch. Would you agree this is--
54:02 The whole novel series and movies by Tim LaHaye
54:07 and Kirk Cameron and a host of others.
54:10 And please if you have those books
54:12 and so forth, I don't mean to step on your feet
54:13 but I'm just here to tell you look.
54:15 Let's reason with Scripture. Listen.
54:20 Luke 17, looking there at verse number 26.
54:27 "And as it was in the days of Noah,
54:29 so will also be in the days of the Son of Man.
54:32 They ate, they drank, they married wives.
54:33 They were given in marriage
54:35 until the day that Noah entered the ark.
54:36 And the flood came and destroyed them all.
54:39 Likewise, as it was in the days of Lot,
54:41 they ate, they drank, they bought,
54:42 they sold, they planted, they built.
54:44 But on the day that Lot went out of Sodom it rained fire
54:46 and brimstone from heaven and destroyed them all.
54:49 Even so will it be in the day
54:50 when the Son of Man is revealed.
54:52 In that day he was on the housetop
54:54 his goods are in the house.
54:55 Let him not come down to take them away.
54:57 And likewise, the one who is in the field,
54:59 let him not turned back.
55:00 Remember Lot's wife.
55:02 Whoever seeks to save his life will lose it.
55:04 Whoever loses this life will be preserved.
55:06 I tell you in that night,
55:08 there will be two men in one bed,
55:09 the one will be taken on the other will be left.
55:11 Two women will be grinding together
55:13 the one will be taken and the other left.
55:14 Two men will be in the field,
55:16 the one will be taken and the other left."
55:17 All right. Are you ready for punchline?
55:20 "And they answered said to Him, where Lord?"
55:24 Where? Where?
55:28 Where are they being taken?
55:33 So He said to them.
55:35 "Wherever the body that could be better rendered carcass."
55:39 How many agree all body is not equal?
55:41 There are dead bodies
55:42 and then there's a living bodies.
55:43 These are dead.
55:45 Proof, wherever the body is, there the eagles,
55:47 "the eagles are not interested in living bodies.
55:50 "Wherever the body is, there the eagles,"
55:54 and these are preying eagles, we're talking and vultures,
55:57 "will be gathered together."
55:59 Do you know what it says in the Book of Revelation?
56:02 It says you're either going to go up
56:04 to the marriage supper of the Lamb
56:06 or in Revelation 19, it talks about,
56:08 you will be food for the birds.
56:10 There are two suppers in the Book of Revelation.
56:13 There's the supper of the Lamb up there,
56:15 where the Lord is as having us
56:17 eat of the marriage supper table of Lamb
56:19 or you're food for birds.
56:21 Now let me explain very clearly in closing.
56:24 "As it was in the days of Noah,
56:26 there were those who were taken in the ark
56:27 and those who were taken by the flood and destroyed.
56:31 They were just two groups.
56:32 There were no groups saying, "Huh, what happened.
56:35 Oh, they did that for seven days.
56:37 Right.
56:38 They did that for seven days but let me tell you something.
56:40 Destruction happened to every one of them.
56:42 There was no second chance.
56:44 Here the secret rapture say, there's a second chance.
56:46 If you don't make it during the secret rapture,
56:48 well, you got to go through the tribulation.
56:49 But you do have another chance.
56:55 I smell a false gospel.
56:58 The devil wants us to be like Harry.
57:03 False security.
57:05 If I'm not ready for the first train,
57:07 huh, I got to through the tribulation
57:09 but I'll know this is the end.
57:10 And I'll get ready for the next train.
57:15 One should be taken and the other left.
57:17 What happens to the person who doesn't make it?
57:19 The food for the birds.
57:21 Do you see the Bible makes it very, very, crystal clear?
57:25 Now is our second chance, third chance, fourth chance.
57:28 How many agree God has given you few chances?
57:30 But when Jesus comes for His bride,
57:34 that's the last chance.
57:37 Although sudden and alarming changes
57:39 are sweeping across the globe,
57:41 you and your family can be prepared
57:43 to face the future with confidence.
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