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00:04 We are racing towards the global crisis at the close.
00:09 God is going to set up His kingdom on earth.
00:13 Preparation for the tribulation and the translation
00:17 is to develop a character like Jesus Christ.
00:21 To reach every hamlet, every village, every man,
00:24 every child, every person in India,
00:27 every person in South America
00:28 must hear these three angels' messages.
00:34 These are stories that illustrate
00:36 the kind of fabric of character and perseverance
00:39 that we need to go through the tribulation
00:42 just as certainly as they did.
00:44 The Bible makes it very clear
00:45 we are living in an unusual hour,
00:47 the last grains of sand
00:49 are trickling through the hourglass of time
00:52 and the door of probation is about to swing shut.
01:00 The Millennium. The first second of eternity.
01:06 What is the future of planet earth?
01:11 What is the future of our cities?
01:13 Read this together with me, Amos 3:7.
01:18 "Surely the Lord God does nothing,
01:20 unless He reveals His secrets to His servants the prophets."
01:26 Amos 3:7.
01:29 We know that God revealed the utter destruction
01:34 by a deluge, by a flood to Noah.
01:38 Noah, that lone prophet
01:41 and preacher was building an ark.
01:44 And would you agree when he made altar calls,
01:47 it was punctuated by hammer blows
01:49 and falling timber behind him.
01:51 And there was an open door get into the ark
01:54 and more animals responded in his crusade.
02:00 And Jesus said it'd be just like that
02:01 in the last days.
02:04 The Bible makes it very clear
02:05 that our world is about to be destroyed
02:08 but not by flood
02:09 but by the fiery return of Jesus Christ.
02:13 And so the whole world was destroyed.
02:16 That shows the severity, the magnitude, the enormity
02:21 and the impact of sin
02:23 and the consequences of cherishing sin.
02:27 But let's just look at a litany,
02:30 a little catalogue, a little flyover
02:33 of 15 signs of the times
02:36 and let's see if they once again reaffirm
02:39 and underscore that we are on the edge of eternity,
02:43 that Christ is coming soon.
02:45 We don't know the hour,
02:46 we don't know the day, Matthew 24:36,
02:49 but let's just consider them for a moment.
02:52 Sign number one, failing marriages.
02:55 Marrying and giving in marriage.
02:57 The Bible says in the last days
03:00 mankind would be characterized by being truce breakers.
03:05 And so I'm here to tell you,
03:06 number one, parenthetically God forgives.
03:09 So please, wherever you've been, God forgives.
03:14 God is a God of tomorrows, can you say?
03:17 Not just of the past,
03:20 of the present but also the future.
03:21 So I would say this though, that it's an alarming trend.
03:25 It's an alarming trend, failing marriages
03:28 and the fallout that comes from that.
03:30 Sign number two,
03:32 eating and drinking and carousing around and here--
03:36 I'm here to tell you that we are trashing our bodies
03:39 like never before.
03:41 I believe this is a sign of the time.
03:43 Sign number three, preoccupied with life and pleasures,
03:47 2 Timothy 3:1-5 contains 19 prevailing sins
03:53 that would characterize earth's final generation.
03:57 One of the characteristics is that people would be,
04:00 men would be lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God.
04:05 That characterizes our decadent generation.
04:08 Is that true? Yes or no?
04:10 Gambling, we are gambling more than ever.
04:13 It's more acceptable than ever before.
04:15 We are obsessed with movie and entertainment.
04:19 Would you agree we are entertained to death?
04:22 And so sign number four, scoffers.
04:25 People finding it laughable of the idea
04:28 that Jesus is going to come
04:31 but the rain did start to fall in the days of Noah.
04:35 And so sign number five,
04:38 "As Sodom and Gomorrah, and the cities around them
04:42 giving themselves over to" what?
04:44 "Sexual immorality," Jude verse 7.
04:48 Would you agree, today sex sells.
04:52 Would you agree, today wherever you look
04:55 you got to be careful where you look.
04:58 And I'm here to tell you, I want to say
04:59 a little something to the men.
05:01 Be on guard, be vigilant, because your adversary
05:06 the devil is roaring around like a,
05:08 like a, going around like a lurking, prowling,
05:12 predatorial, stalking,
05:15 roaring lion seeking whom he may devour,
05:18 1 Peter 5:8.
05:20 "And whoever looks at a woman to lust after her
05:22 has committed adultery
05:24 already in their heart" Matthew Chapter 5.
05:27 So, men, if your eye offends you, gouge it out.
05:32 That's what Jesus said in Matthew Chapter 5.
05:34 I say this, beloved, whether man or women,
05:38 you got to be careful when you get on the internet,
05:41 you got to be careful what movies and would you agree
05:43 you even have to be careful in the Wal-Mart checkout.
05:49 And so it's sin city Las Vegas? No, no, no.
05:54 It's sin city all over the place.
05:57 And they, "When they say, 'Peace and safety,'
06:00 then sudden destruction comes upon them"
06:02 1 Thessalonians 5:3.
06:05 Absent fathers. Guess who is in prison?
06:09 Good percentage of those that are in prison,
06:12 dad wasn't there.
06:14 Guess who the homeless are? Majority, dad wasn't there.
06:19 And the statistics are incredible.
06:22 No wonder part of the Elijah message
06:24 is to turn the hearts of the fathers
06:26 to their children
06:28 and the children to the fathers lest I come
06:30 and strike the earth with a curse.
06:32 There was a curse from the fallout of dad.
06:34 I say this to any dad here tonight.
06:37 Make sure you go home and you call your children.
06:39 Can you say amen? Sign number--
06:42 Well, what is happening in our world now?
06:44 Stupendous changes.
06:47 That's why I plan to write a book
06:48 called "Sudden Change."
06:49 Would you agree?
06:51 Change characterizes our generation.
06:54 Sign number seven, war and terrorism.
06:57 "There will be wars and rumors of wars."
06:59 Matthew 24:6.
07:01 The 20th century was the bloodiest of all.
07:04 Millions and millions and millions of people perished
07:07 just in the 20th century alone.
07:09 What will happen here in the 21st century
07:11 if Jesus doesn't come really soon?
07:14 "Jesus will come soon
07:17 and will destroy those who destroy the earth"
07:19 Revelation 11:19.
07:21 And man now has the unprecedented capacity
07:26 to reduce this planet to a spinning globe of ash
07:29 because of a nuclear holocaust.
07:32 But I'm so glad the Bible teaches
07:34 the world is not gonna end that way.
07:36 And so that's Revelation 11:19.
07:38 So there's also a growing threat
07:40 of radical Islamic fundamentalism
07:43 that is an ideology, an extreme religious views
07:47 that you need to be heads up about.
07:50 Will there be a nuclear war in the near future?
07:54 It's been said that man never makes weapons
07:57 that they don't use or something like that.
08:00 Maybe that's the Mark Fox version.
08:01 But at any rate, sign number eight,
08:04 natural disasters wild beyond belief.
08:08 And sign number nine, environmental degradation.
08:12 Sign number 10, pestilences like cancer, like AIDS,
08:18 the Ebola virus
08:20 and a host of other horrible death-inducing diseases.
08:26 Sign number 11, growing influence
08:28 of the Vatican in America.
08:30 Stay tuned, there is more about that tomorrow night.
08:34 Sign number 12, the growing ability
08:37 of the government in particular,
08:39 though not exclusively, to control buying and selling.
08:44 Sign number 13, a growing disparity
08:48 between the haves and the have-nots.
08:50 Between the wealthy,
08:52 nothing wrong with being wealthy.
08:53 It's just that nowadays those that are on the top,
08:56 I understand that Buffet--
08:58 Buffett, Buffett, just the wealthiest person
09:02 on planet earth made in one day
09:05 over $500 million in one day.
09:10 How many agree, there ought to be enough
09:11 for some of us here tonight.
09:13 Don't hold your breath, but at any rate,
09:15 the Bible says in James Chapter 5,
09:18 that there would be a growing economic disparity
09:21 in the last days.
09:22 Sign number 14, the government's ability
09:24 toward high tech surveillance.
09:28 Brush your teeth, you are on Candid Camera.
09:31 Sing number 15,
09:32 that Christian church is sleeping
09:35 amidst all of the alarming signs of the times.
09:39 In other words, what the church is doing today
09:41 the alarm clocks are going off
09:43 and the church is throwing them out the window
09:45 because they don't want to hear it.
09:50 As I was growing up, going to Grandma Fox's house
09:54 from our home in Pennsylvania to her home
09:57 in upstate New York Poughkeepsie,
10:00 was always exciting for my brothers and I.
10:03 I'm one of four boys, I'm number two
10:05 and there is Grandma, Grandma Fox
10:07 and what's not to love?
10:10 And she was born January 1, 1900.
10:14 So I was always able to track exactly how old she was.
10:18 And so then you will see me here up on the screen--
10:22 oh, yeah, that's not really in good focus
10:24 but I'm there one of these guys.
10:26 I think I'm this guy right here.
10:27 All right, anyway,
10:28 and we eagerly looked forward to her warm hugs,
10:32 yummy homemade cookies and toys to play with.
10:35 And during the long trip
10:38 in the car we would talk, sing, laugh, sleep
10:41 and of course, blurt out the question once in a while,
10:44 "Are we almost there yet?"
10:46 How many are parents and have heard that
10:47 echoing in the back seat?
10:49 My mom and dad would say,
10:52 "When we get to the bridge, we will almost be there!"
10:58 What bridge? The Hudson Bridge.
11:00 Anticipation bubbled over the Fox Family
11:03 as we neared our destination!
11:06 A huge suspension bridge, 3,000 feet long,
11:10 it was thrilling for us as we crossed the Hudson River
11:13 because we knew something, we were almost there.
11:18 This was the sign, this was the sign
11:21 that we were only minutes away from Grandma's house.
11:25 I remember that the bridge was lighted up at night.
11:29 It really made a powerful impression on my mind
11:32 as my parents would tell us the good news,
11:33 "We are almost at Grandma's house."
11:37 How many agree?
11:38 You watch the evening news, you read the newspaper,
11:41 you get the news on the internet,
11:44 you hear what's going on.
11:45 How many agree, things are lit up,
11:47 we are on the bridge.
11:48 Would you agree, the signs of the times are there.
11:51 The final signs of the times
11:53 that Christ is even at the door.
11:56 I believe that we cannot plan our future
11:59 in an ordinary way.
12:00 I believe we need to calculate things
12:02 in such a way that we really believe
12:05 "The night cometh, when no man can work."
12:07 John 9:4.
12:09 I say this, beloved,
12:10 ready or not, Jesus is coming
12:14 and He will come in a time that most people are not expecting
12:18 but those who are waiting for Him will look up
12:20 and say, "Lo, this is our God, we have waited for Him,
12:25 and He will save us" Isaiah 25:9.
12:29 I believe with all my heart and I emphasized this last night
12:32 at the outset of the presentation.
12:34 Jesus died that we might be able to live with Him forever.
12:40 Amen.
12:41 When you think of the cross,
12:43 I'm here to tell you the vertical points up.
12:44 Can you say amen?
12:46 And Jesus reaches out His arms to say,
12:48 "Come on, let's go up to heaven to be together."
12:51 And so the millennium, the first second of eternity,
12:54 have we concluded
12:56 based on two weeks together in Bible prophecy?
13:00 Can we categorically assert we are living biblically based,
13:05 we are living
13:06 in the last moments of earth's history?
13:09 Can we agree with that, yes or no?
13:12 Well, what's going to happen?
13:14 What's gonna happen when Jesus comes?
13:16 The millennium.
13:18 The millennium comes from two Latin words,
13:20 Mille and Annium which means 1,000 years.
13:24 The word millennium is not in the Bible
13:26 but thousand years is.
13:28 And tonight we are gonna look at
13:30 the longest prison sentence ever,
13:32 the longest blackout ever
13:34 and judgment being given to the saints.
13:36 But first let's read it all in the Book of Revelation.
13:39 Go with me to what book of the Bible?
13:42 Revelation 20.
13:44 I love the Book of Revelation tonight.
13:46 John banished on the Isle of Patmos
13:49 was given these panorama sweeping videos or visions
13:54 and he wrote it down so that we can look at it
13:57 and peer into the window of Bible prophecy
14:00 and see what's coming in the horizon.
14:02 Revelation 20:1,
14:04 "Then I saw an angel coming down from heaven,
14:07 having the key to the" what pit?
14:10 It was a "Bottomless pit and a great chain in his hand.
14:13 He laid hold of the great dragon,
14:15 the dragon that serpent of old, and the devil and Satan,
14:17 and bound him" for how many years?
14:19 Wow, that's a long prison sentence.
14:21 "Bound him for a thousand years
14:23 and he cast him into the bottomless pit,
14:24 and shut him up."
14:26 How many want to underline that one, shut him up?
14:29 "And set a seal on him," amen?
14:32 "Set a seal on him
14:34 so that he should deceive the nations no more,"
14:37 watch this,
14:39 "till the thousand years were finished."
14:42 So he will not be able to tempt anyone for a thousand years
14:46 but then after the thousand years
14:48 he is back to his old bag of tricks.
14:50 And so "But after these things
14:52 he must be released for a little while.
14:55 And I saw thrones, and they sat on them,
14:57 and judgment was committed to them.
15:00 Then I saw the souls
15:01 or people of those who had been beheaded
15:03 for their witness to Jesus and for the word of God,
15:06 who had not worshiped the beast or his image,
15:08 and had not received the mark on his foreheads."
15:11 In other words, they are the ones who made it.
15:13 So that's why we have a couple of presentations
15:15 that are gonna come up exposing who the antichrist is
15:18 and how to avoid the mark of the antichrist.
15:22 Because the Bible says only those,
15:24 who is gonna reign with Christ?
15:25 Those who did not give in to the mark of the beast.
15:29 Now of course, there will many others
15:30 that are gonna be joining us, perhaps millions others
15:34 that never dealt with it
15:35 but those who fail the test of the mark of beast
15:38 will not be reigning with Christ.
15:40 I want you to notice here, "Had not received his mark
15:43 on their foreheads or on their hands.
15:45 And they lived and reigned with Christ
15:47 for a thousand years."
15:49 "But the rest of the dead," those are the unsaved,
15:53 "did not live again
15:54 until the thousand years were finished.
15:57 This is the first resurrection.
15:59 Blessed and holy is he who has part
16:01 in the first resurrection."
16:02 That's the pleasant awakening.
16:04 The other one is the rude awakening.
16:06 Two distinct resurrections.
16:09 "Over such the second death has no power,
16:12 but they shall be priests of God and of Christ,
16:15 and shall reign" or rule
16:17 "with him for a thousand years."
16:21 Powerful prophecy. So here's the little chart.
16:26 You have the millennium and it's bookended
16:31 by a first resurrection and the second resurrection.
16:36 "The rest of the dead did not live again
16:39 until the thousand years were finished."
16:41 Take your Bible and turn with me
16:43 to John Chapter 5, John Chapter 5.
16:48 Did Jesus speak about these two resurrections?
16:52 He did. Verse 28.
16:55 "Do not marvel at this, for the hour is coming
16:57 in which all who are" where are the dead?
17:00 "In the graves will hear His voice
17:04 and come forth - those who have done good,
17:07 unto the resurrection of life."
17:09 So the righteous dead are in the graves
17:11 and they are gonna come forth in the resurrection of life.
17:15 What about the unsaved?
17:16 "And those who have done evil,
17:18 to the resurrection of condemnation."
17:20 So the Bible makes it very clear
17:22 that when Jesus comes,
17:24 there is the stupendous, glorious,
17:26 celebratory resurrection of the righteous dead
17:30 and then thousand years later
17:33 there is the second resurrection.
17:36 That's not a pleasant awakening,
17:37 that's a what?
17:38 That's a rude awakening.
17:40 That's when the wicked are resurrected
17:42 and face the great white throne judgment.
17:46 And so, you say, "But, Mark, wait a minute.
17:49 I thought the righteous
17:51 when they die they go immediately
17:52 to be with the Lord and the unrighteous
17:54 when they die they go immediately to hell."
17:57 Well, the Bible makes it clear
17:58 that ultimately the dead in Christ
18:01 are gonna rise and go to be with the Lord.
18:03 That will happen.
18:05 But it doesn't happen when you die.
18:07 It happens when Jesus comes again.
18:10 And the wicked will eventually go to hell
18:12 but the Bible says, not when they die.
18:15 Jesus said, they are where? In the graves.
18:19 That's what Jesus said, he's in the grave.
18:21 They are in the graves.
18:22 And Jesus conquered the grave. Can you say amen?
18:26 Revelation 1:18 Jesus said, "I am alive forevermore." Amen.
18:32 So fear have to do with torment
18:35 and Jesus set us free from the fear of death.
18:38 How many are thankful He holds your tomorrow?
18:41 And so what happens then when a man dies?
18:44 Snapshot review, what goes back to God?
18:47 "His breath goeth forth, he returneth to his earth,
18:50 in that very day" notice here, I'm sorry.
18:53 "In that very day his thoughts perish."
18:56 So what goes back to God?
18:57 The breath, the spirit that is in your nostrils.
19:01 "The Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground,
19:03 breathed into his nostrils the breath of life,
19:06 and man became a living soul."
19:08 Genesis 2:7.
19:09 So what did He breathe into our nostrils?
19:11 The breath of life. What goes back to God?
19:14 That which He breathed into our nostrils
19:16 in the first place, the breath of life.
19:18 But that breath of life is synonymous
19:20 with the Spirit of God.
19:22 That's why Job made it very clear
19:24 that all the while the Spirit of God
19:27 is in my nostrils and he called it a breath.
19:30 And so and that's in the Book of Job.
19:33 And so-- Chapter 17 and verse 3.
19:36 So where are the dead?
19:37 Jesus said, "All that are in the grave
19:40 shall come forth" John 5:28, 29.
19:43 Where is King David?
19:44 "David is not ascended into the heavens."
19:47 And he was a man after the Lord's own heart.
19:50 But he is in the grave. Acts 2:34.
19:53 But how many agree David will go to praise the Lord
19:56 when all the righteous dead go to praise the Lord,
19:58 at the same time.
20:00 You know what, righteous dead in the Lord
20:02 and the righteous living, we're all gonna meet in there.
20:06 So as we travel, the Bible says,
20:07 "It's gonna be a seven day journey to heaven."
20:10 Revelation 18:1.
20:12 It's gonna be a seven day trip to heaven
20:14 and I believe while we are flying up,
20:16 we will have questions like,
20:18 "Wow, I wonder where King David is."
20:21 Oh, yeah, guess what?
20:23 You will be able to fly over to him.
20:24 "Hey, David, are we having fun yet?"
20:27 "Abraham, let's see who else is in the sky."
20:30 You know, many times people say, "You know,
20:32 I'll tell you what, I may not see you here in this life
20:35 but I'll meet you around the tree of life."
20:36 How many have ever heard that? That's beautiful.
20:38 Now I'll tell you what, I'll tell you what,
20:41 before I meet you at the tree of life,
20:42 what do you say, the Springfield group
20:44 will meet each other in the air.
20:45 Is that okay?
20:48 All right, I won't hold you to it
20:50 but anyway, we will just go up, up, and away.
20:52 But let's get a little snapshot
20:54 review of the state of the dead.
20:55 Genesis 2:7, Dust + Spirit = Living Soul.
20:59 Job 27:3, Breath= Spirit.
21:03 Psalms 146:4,
21:05 Breath goes back to God, we stop thinking of death.
21:08 Ecclesiastes 12:7, the spirit goes back to God.
21:11 Ecclesiastes 115:17, actually that should be Psalms,
21:17 the dead not in heaven.
21:20 Psalms 13:3, Death is a sleep.
21:23 Acts 7, Stephen's spirit or breath returned to God
21:28 and he fell asleep.
21:29 Luke Chapter 23,
21:31 Jesus gave up His Spirit or breath to His Father.
21:36 John Chapter 11,
21:38 Laz-- Jesus said, Lazarus is dead.
21:41 He was asleep as it were.
21:43 Ecclesiastes 9:5, the dead do not know anything.
21:47 Unconscious sleep.
21:49 Revelation 14:13,
21:51 Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord.
21:54 "'Yes,' says the Spirit,
21:55 'that they may rest from their labors,
21:57 and their works do follow them.'"
21:58 Revelation 14:13.
22:01 "The dead in Christ will rise at the second coming of Jesus"
22:05 1 Thessalonians 4:16-18.
22:07 John Chapter 5, Daniel Chapter 12,
22:10 "Both the unsaved and the saved sleep in the dust,
22:12 the graves till their resurrection."
22:15 John 14,
22:16 "Jesus receives the righteous not when they die
22:19 but when they are resurrected at the second coming."
22:22 Acts Chapter 2, "David is dead."
22:24 2 Corinthians 5:8, "Absent from this carnal body
22:28 and will be present with the Lord."
22:29 With a brand new body like Jesus' body,
22:31 Philippians 3:21, when Jesus comes again.
22:35 1 Corinthians 15, when Jesus comes
22:38 we "Receive an immortal body."
22:40 John Chapter 20 and Luke 23, makes it very clear
22:44 that Jesus promised the thief on the cross
22:46 that ultimately He would be with him in paradise
22:50 because Jesus didn't even go to paradise that day.
22:53 He told Mary on Sunday morning,
22:55 "I have not yet ascended to the Father."
22:57 Was that a fast snapshot review but plenty of scripture
23:00 and we've got a handout on that.
23:02 So there are two groups of people in the world,
23:05 the righteous and the unrighteous.
23:07 All right, let's subdivide that.
23:10 There are four categories.
23:12 You have the righteous dead,
23:14 the righteous living and the unrighteous dead
23:16 and the unrighteous living.
23:18 Which group are you?
23:19 You ought to be able to know that one right away.
23:21 Well, we are gonna deal with these four groups of people,
23:24 these four categories
23:26 to unlock the mystery about the millennium.
23:28 What are five events--
23:30 We're gonna use your five fingers here.
23:33 Five events that begin the millennium.
23:35 Number one,
23:36 the second coming of Jesus Christ.
23:39 The last words of Jesus in the Bible,
23:41 "Surely I am coming quickly."
23:43 Revelation 22:7, 12, 20.
23:49 All right, what will happen to the righteous
23:52 when Jesus comes again?
23:54 "Let not your heart be troubled,
23:56 do you believe in God, believe also in Me.
23:58 In My Father's house are many mansions,
24:00 if it were not so, I would have told you.
24:02 I go to prepare a place for you.
24:04 And if I go and prepare a place for you,
24:06 I will come again and receive you unto Myself,
24:10 that where I am, there you may be also."
24:13 So He doesn't receive us when we die.
24:16 He receives us when He comes again.
24:18 That's the glorious return of Jesus.
24:21 John 14:1-3,
24:22 the righteous go to heaven when Jesus comes.
24:25 Jesus did not say, "I will come again and again."
24:29 He is not gonna come in a secret rapture,
24:31 seven years later in a second coming.
24:34 He said, "I will come again."
24:36 There's only one train bound for glory.
24:39 If you miss it, you are left dead.
24:43 That's according to the scriptures.
24:45 Is there hope for tomorrow?
24:47 "While we wait for the blessed hope"
24:49 what is our only hope?
24:51 "The glorious, the glorious appearing
24:54 of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ."
24:57 Titus 2:13.
24:59 So our only hope is the "Blessed hope"
25:03 is the "glorious appearing" of Jesus Christ.
25:06 There is no room for a secret rapture.
25:09 Five events that begin the millennium.
25:11 The second coming of Christ.
25:12 The resurrection of the righteous.
25:15 When Jesus comes again, will it be in secret--
25:19 A secret rapture or visible,
25:21 audible, climactic and glorious event?
25:24 Will millions suddenly just be snatched away?
25:29 Will there be a secret rapture,
25:31 seven year tribulation and then the second coming?
25:34 No.
25:36 There will be the translation of the righteous living.
25:38 When Jesus comes what's gonna happen?
25:42 Here are a few key questions.
25:43 Are you ready? If you are ready, say ready.
25:45 Ready. All right, here we go.
25:47 Will it be audible when Jesus comes for His bride?
25:52 Will everyone hear it? What does the Bible say?
25:56 "For the Lord himself
25:57 shall descend from heaven with a shout,
26:00 with the voice of the commanding archangel,
26:05 and with the trumpet call of God,
26:08 and the dead in Christ"
26:11 I like that expression, dead in Christ.
26:14 How many agree, if you die you want to be in Christ?
26:17 You are dead but you don't have to worry about it
26:18 because the very hairs of your head are all numbered.
26:21 So the Bible says, Paul said, 1 Thessalonians 4:16, 17, 18,
26:27 "The Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout,
26:30 with the voice of the archangel,
26:31 with the trumpet call of God."
26:33 What's the point he is trying to make?
26:35 Nothing silent or secretive about Jesus' return.
26:38 That scripture is used to buttress a secret rapture?
26:41 No, it cancels out that theological interpretation
26:45 and it supports the second coming of Jesus Christ. Period.
26:50 No. Exclamation mark.
26:52 "And so the Lord himself
26:54 shall descend from heaven with a shout,
26:55 with the voice of the archangel,
26:57 with the trumpet call of God,
26:58 and the dead in Christ shall rise first.
27:00 Then we which are alive and remain
27:02 shall be caught up together, to meet the Lord in the air
27:07 and so shall we ever be with the Lord.
27:09 Wherefore comfort one another with these words."
27:14 That's the true comfort.
27:15 False comfort,
27:17 oh, we are just gonna be snatched away.
27:18 We don't even have to go through the tribulation.
27:21 It's gonna be a lot of people mad at preachers.
27:25 I would rather be told the truth
27:26 even thought it might not be exactly what I want to hear.
27:30 Mark, get ready, there's a tribulation coming
27:33 and you are gonna go through it
27:35 but I'll never leave you nor forsake you.
27:37 Now think about it, what about thief in the night?
27:42 In 1 Thessalonians 5:1-3
27:45 it's talking about the time of the Lord's return
27:49 not the manner of His return.
27:52 Will it be invisible?
27:53 Revelation 1:7, "Every eye shall see him."
27:58 How many agree the blind
28:00 are gonna see everything on that day?
28:01 The Bible says "The Lord's return"
28:03 Matthew 24:27 "will be like lightning
28:06 shining from the east to the west."
28:09 Because my Bible tells me
28:11 He is coming from the eastern sky.
28:12 Can you say amen?
28:15 Sudden changes are about to catch the world by surprise.
28:18 Amazing Bible prophecies are fast fulfilling.
28:22 Do ancient prophecies predict a sudden economic collapse?
28:25 Will the Middle East crisis erupt into World War III?
28:29 Are we living on the eve of Armageddon?
28:32 How will the final moves of the antichrist affect you?
28:35 What is the future of the United States of America?
28:38 How will natural disasters usher in the mark of the beast?
28:42 Now you can watch the entire Amazing Prophecy series of 32
28:48 hope-filled messages on DVD.
28:50 Don't guess about the future, know the future.
28:53 The complete set of DVDs
28:55 is available for a gift of $60 or more.
28:58 Call us at 1-855-336-FREE
29:03 or you could send a check or money order
29:04 to Forever Free Ministries, 2001 Munro Park,
29:08 Corinth, Texas, 76208.
29:11 You can also visit us online at
29:17 Are the righteous going to go through the tribulation?
29:20 Don't listen to smooth pudding preaching.
29:23 Amen?
29:25 Yes, we are going through the tribulation.
29:27 Were the children of Israel
29:28 delivered before or after the plagues?
29:30 They were delivered after the plagues
29:32 through the split sea.
29:34 We are delivered after the seven plagues.
29:36 There is a parallel there, right?
29:38 And so we are delivered
29:40 after the seven last plagues, right,
29:42 not through the split sea but through the split what?
29:45 Through the opening of the sky.
29:47 And so in Revelation Chapter 16,
29:52 go there with me Revelation 16,
29:55 in the heart of the seven last plagues,
29:57 right there in that context in context of the six plagues
30:02 Jesus says this, "Behold, I am coming as a thief."
30:07 What He is saying is, "I haven't come yet,
30:10 I'm coming after the plagues."
30:12 Sequence is important.
30:15 The Bible says here, "Behold, I am coming as a thief.
30:17 Blessed is he who watches, and keeps his garments,
30:20 lest he walk naked and they see his shame."
30:22 That is the most clearest evidence I can think of.
30:26 It leaps from the page
30:28 and it tells us, "This is clinching evidence
30:30 we are going through the tribulation."
30:32 Jesus comes as a thief after the plagues.
30:37 Now, beloved, you know what that means?
30:39 We need to study in this seminar
30:42 what is gonna happen during the tribulation
30:46 and how do you get ready?
30:48 Preparation for the tribulation.
30:51 It's coming. It's coming.
30:54 And don't listen to these false prophets
30:57 who are gonna tell you,
30:58 "You don't have to worry about that.
31:00 You're just gonna be gone.
31:02 Don't even have to worry about it."
31:03 My Bible tells me that before Jesus comes,
31:07 He is gonna purify His bride
31:09 by the purification of the tribulation.
31:12 Oh, come on now, how does the Lord purify you?
31:16 Through the trials you go through.
31:18 How many agree, the trials do not come without a purpose.
31:22 God never causes suffering
31:26 but He turns it around for our good.
31:28 Romans 8:28, "He works all things together for good."
31:32 So if you are going through trials,
31:34 you know what the Bible calls it?
31:35 The trial of your faith.
31:37 To see if your faith is sincere.
31:39 How many want to cry out, "Lord, I believe,
31:42 help thou my unbelief."
31:43 Amen? Mark 9:23.
31:46 And so yes, we will go through tribulations
31:49 but that is good for us.
31:51 We develop the muscle of faith when our faith is being tried.
31:56 And so when does the separation occur?
32:01 We know the righteous are gonna go up, up and away.
32:04 And we know the wicked are gonna be destroyed.
32:07 But what's gonna happen?
32:09 Is it gonna happen in a secret snatch?
32:11 And then seven years later
32:13 there's another group that go up?
32:15 Here's the scripture.
32:17 Matthew Chapter 13 says, the wheat and the tares,
32:22 the righteous and the unrighteous says there,
32:26 they remain, stay, abide, coexist,
32:31 together until the harvest.
32:36 And the Bible says in Revelation 14
32:38 that the harvest and Matthew 13
32:41 it takes places at the end of the world,
32:44 not seven years prior to the end of the world.
32:46 There's no room for seven year tribulation.
32:48 And by the way, Daniel 9 has talked about that
32:50 seven year prophecy, we will get into that.
32:52 It's already been fulfilled
32:54 and I'll prove that to you on another night.
32:56 But listen, according to the scriptures,
32:59 listen, the Bible makes it clear
33:01 we remain together not some snatched away
33:05 and then some left dumbfounded.
33:06 No, no, no.
33:07 The Bible makes it very clear
33:09 that the righteous are gonna go up at the harvest.
33:12 And my Bible tells me, at the harvest
33:15 the unrighteous are destroyed
33:18 by the brightness of His return.
33:20 Revelation 14:6-16 makes it clear,
33:23 the gospel goes around the world
33:25 pictured by three angels flying around the world
33:28 yelling out with loud voices the end time messages
33:31 to prepare a people ready for the harvest.
33:34 And the Bible says,
33:36 the Lord is pictured there on the cloud
33:38 as a heavenly harvester mixed imagery also
33:41 as the king of kings with many crowns.
33:44 And the Bible says,
33:45 He is gonna harvest up His believers that are ripe.
33:50 And then it talks about the unsaved, they are also ripe.
33:54 They are called sour grapes
33:56 in that scenario in Revelation 14.
33:59 So now you know why some people are sour.
34:03 Sour grapes.
34:04 Now think about this, they are both ripening.
34:08 Let me tell you something.
34:09 This is a very profound thought I'm about to share with you.
34:12 You ought to make a mental note of this,
34:13 this is powerful.
34:15 And this helps you to unlock
34:16 what's going on in the last days.
34:20 In the last days there's a ripening process.
34:24 The Bible makes it clear that in the last days
34:27 the righteous are more rapidly becoming like Jesus
34:32 and the wicked are more rapidly becoming like the devil
34:36 and becoming like the world.
34:38 And the Bible says in 2 Timothy Chapter 3
34:40 and I believe it's verse 13
34:42 that the wicked will get worse and worse.
34:45 How many agree, it's about as worse
34:46 as it can get but it's not quite over.
34:50 And so the Bible makes it very clear
34:52 there is this, this line of demarcation
34:54 between the righteous and the unrighteous
34:56 and that difference between the two
34:58 is gonna continue, "Come out from among them,
35:01 and be ye separate, saith the Lord,
35:03 and then I will receive you and be a father to you
35:06 and you will be My sons and daughters."
35:07 How many agree you got to come out from the world
35:10 in order to say, "You know what,
35:11 I'm gonna follow my Father in heaven," amen?
35:15 That's 2 Corinthians 6:16, 17, 18.
35:18 And so listen carefully, listen.
35:20 And so the Bible makes it very clear,
35:23 the righteous and the unrighteous
35:24 remain together until the harvest.
35:26 There is no room for a secret rapture.
35:28 There is only the second coming of Christ is the harvest.
35:33 Does this make sense?
35:34 That's the harvest of the world.
35:37 So see the wheat and tares,
35:39 go together there on the chart and go up at the harvest.
35:42 The saved go up. What happens to the lost?
35:44 They are destroyed.
35:46 Okay, so then will the wicked
35:48 have a second chance to be saved
35:51 after Christ comes for His bride? No.
35:53 The popular teaching is that if you are not ready
35:55 for the first celestial train of the secret rapture to heaven
35:59 there will be another one coming later
36:01 in the second coming of Christ.
36:02 That's a fallacy. It's lethal.
36:05 It's poisonous. It's deadly.
36:07 The second chance? No. False security.
36:11 And so what about the expression
36:13 "one shall be taken and the other left?"
36:15 Jesus made it very clear
36:16 like it was in the days of Noah,
36:18 the one was taken and the other left.
36:20 And the days of Lot, one was taken another left.
36:22 What's the point? There's just two groups.
36:25 You're either saved or lost when Jesus comes.
36:28 That's what happens.
36:30 All the wicked destroyed at the second coming of Jesus
36:33 just like the wicked were destroyed
36:34 by a flood in the days of Noah.
36:37 And when Jesus comes,
36:39 you go to the marriage supper of the lamb
36:41 and the Bible, the Bible talks about two suppers
36:44 there in Revelation 19.
36:45 And the other supper. What is that other supper?
36:49 Whoever doesn't make it to the supper in heaven
36:51 is the supper on earth.
36:53 They become food for the birds.
36:56 I don't know about you,
36:57 I don't want to be down here in this supper.
37:00 "The unsaved cannot endure
37:02 the brightness of Christ's return."
37:04 2 Thessalonians 2:8, let's read it together.
37:06 "Then the lawless one will be revealed,
37:10 whom the Lord will consume with the breath of His mouth
37:13 and destroy with the brightness of His coming."
37:16 2 Thessalonians 2:8.
37:18 The cities are gonna be utterly decimated and destroyed.
37:22 There are only two groups of people
37:23 when Jesus comes again.
37:25 The Bible makes it very clear in Revelation Chapter 6,
37:29 those two groups of people are spotlighted.
37:31 Are we learning something tonight?
37:33 I want you to notice here, beloved,
37:35 look here at verse number 14,
37:37 "Then the sky receded as a scroll
37:39 when it is rolled up, and every mountain and island
37:41 was moved out of its place.
37:43 And the kings of the earth, the great men, the rich men,
37:45 the commanders, the mighty men, every slave and every free man,
37:48 hid themselves in the caves
37:50 and in the rocks of the mountains,
37:51 and said to the mountains and rocks,
37:54 'Fall on us and hide us from the face of Him
37:55 who sits on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb!
37:58 For the great day of His wrath has come,
38:00 and who is able to stand?'"
38:02 You can stand. You can stand.
38:06 If you stand for Jesus
38:08 He will stand up for you, Daniel 12:1.
38:11 So there are only two groups of people
38:13 when Jesus comes again, Revelation 6:14-17.
38:17 Have you ever heard the expression,
38:18 "You can run but you can't hide"?
38:20 The ultimate expression of that
38:22 will happen at the second coming of Jesus Christ
38:24 according to the Bible.
38:26 Most will not be ready.
38:28 The Bible makes it very clear, Jesus said,
38:30 you better pray always and watch
38:32 and lest your hearts be overtaken by a surprise
38:36 because you got preoccupied and busy.
38:39 Would you agree there are
38:41 so many distractions and diversions?
38:44 And I'm here to tell you,
38:46 you got to be really focused in the last days
38:49 or the next thing you know, you'll wake up and say,
38:52 "What have I been doing? Why don't I know my Bible?
38:57 Why haven't I got a prayer life?"
39:00 How many agree,
39:01 if you are alive right now it's not too late.
39:05 Jesus is coming soon. We got to get ready.
39:11 We got to get ready, we got to get serious about it.
39:13 So what happens to the lost?
39:15 They are destroyed
39:16 by the brightness of the Lord's return.
39:18 The wicked living are slain
39:21 by the brightness of His return
39:23 and they just lay here during the thousand years.
39:27 It reminds me of Pompeii.
39:29 Talk about a city frozen in time.
39:32 It was a city destroyed
39:34 and lost sight of, it was underneath
39:37 and then just 200 years or so ago was discovered.
39:43 Pompeii AD 79.
39:46 Pompeii was the resort village for wealthy Romans.
39:50 Population 20,000, life in Pompeii
39:53 there were 8,000 slaves out of the 20,000.
39:56 Hundred and eighteen wine shops and bars.
39:58 They liked their drinking. Lewd paintings.
40:01 Gladiatorial fights to death before a cheering,
40:07 applauding, crowded amphitheater.
40:11 Oh, yeah, well, come with me to the last night in Pompeii,
40:14 no one expected it to happen.
40:17 It was August 24,
40:18 it dawned like any other summer day in Pompeii
40:21 a town in southern Italy.
40:24 The sun was shining brightly. The Bay of Naples was tranquil.
40:27 There was buying and selling in the market place.
40:30 Time for lunch came,
40:32 and storekeepers closed the doors.
40:35 A baker shoved eighty-one loaves of bread into his oven.
40:39 A customer laid some coins on a counter in a wine shop.
40:43 No one suspected that the very big hill
40:46 was in fact a sleeping volcano
40:48 that for hundreds of years was building up pressure
40:51 and then suddenly it happened.
40:54 It blew its top off, it erupted.
40:57 The blast-- excuse me,
40:59 shot pumice and ash into the sky
41:04 and then the pumice and ash
41:05 rained down upon Pompeii, blanketing it.
41:10 Most of the 20,000 residents fled to safety.
41:14 Those who escaped through the fields
41:16 tied pillows over their heads to protect them from the rocks
41:20 that were falling out of the sky.
41:24 But some lingered, 2,000. And guess what?
41:30 The ruins tell the tragic story.
41:33 You can actually see as archeologists have helped us
41:38 to be able to see that there were
41:41 those who were burying valuables,
41:42 loading carts with possessions and foolish trinkets.
41:46 And the form of one man was found laying in the streets
41:50 still clutching a handful of worthless gold coins.
41:56 It was an overwhelming surprise and here is a picture
41:59 of lava covered remains
42:02 of a person killed in a volcano.
42:04 You see the victims breathed the deadly sulfur fumes
42:07 and dropped in their tracks,
42:08 where a mixture of rain and ashes
42:11 encircled their bodies like a cast.
42:16 Amazing.
42:18 You can actually see the horror
42:20 on some of the faces of these people
42:23 that lingered and lost.
42:25 Why?
42:27 Why, because they didn't take the warning seriously.
42:30 And I'm here to tell you the Christian church is asleep.
42:40 Pompeii is a beacon of warning.
42:44 Flee, sin, flee this world that's about to be destroyed.
42:50 Get out from the world
42:52 is the message in the word of God.
42:54 Get out from the world like Lot did.
42:57 Get out, be separate from the ways of the world.
43:00 "Love not the world,
43:01 neither anything that is in the world"
43:03 1 John 2:15.
43:06 "He who wants to be a friend of the world
43:08 is an enemy of God"
43:10 James 4:4.
43:13 The Bible says, come out, come out and flee to Christ.
43:17 I say this, "Run and hide in Jesus
43:19 before it's forever too late."
43:20 And so their bodies
43:22 were just been destroyed and then left.
43:26 That's the way it will be during the millennium.
43:31 Now I got a question for you.
43:33 If the righteous dead are resurrected,
43:35 follow with me in this logic, and go to heaven
43:38 and the righteous living are translated
43:40 and go to heaven and the wicked living are slain
43:43 by the brightness of Christ's return
43:45 and the wicked dead remain dead then I've got a question.
43:50 Is there anyone alive on earth during the millennium?
43:55 The answer is no and yes.
43:59 There is no human beings left alive on planet earth
44:03 because all of the wicked have been slain
44:06 by the brightness of the Lord's return.
44:08 They cannot endure all of His glory.
44:11 Our God is a consuming fire,
44:13 unless you are in Christ and then there is no problem.
44:17 Can you say amen?
44:19 And so Jeremiah 25:33, where are the unsaved dead?
44:25 Go there with me very quickly. Jeremiah.
44:27 Come on now, we are in a march here.
44:29 Jeremiah, march for time, Jeremiah 25.
44:32 We got a number of scriptures to look at
44:34 so let's keep the momentum going.
44:36 Jeremiah 25:33,
44:40 "And at that day the slain of the Lord
44:42 shall be from one end of the earth
44:44 even to the other end of the earth."
44:45 Just like Pompeii.
44:47 "They shall not be lamented, or gathered, or buried,
44:50 they shall become refuse on the ground."
44:54 No one left alive on planet earth!
44:59 So the wicked living are slain
45:01 there at the beginning of the millennium
45:03 and Satan is bound
45:04 because you can't tempt a dead person.
45:08 And so the Bible says
45:10 what happens to Satan during the thousand years?
45:12 He is bound by a chain.
45:13 This is symbolic he is bound by a chain of circumstances.
45:17 He has no one to tempt.
45:19 He is confined to planet earth, he's bound here
45:23 but he has no one to tempt for a thousand years.
45:25 What condition is the earth left in?
45:28 What condition is it left in?
45:29 "Behold, the Lord makes the earth empty
45:32 and makes it waste, distorts its face
45:35 and scatters abroad the inhabitants.
45:37 The land shall be entirely emptied,
45:39 utterly plundered,
45:40 for the Lord has spoken this word."
45:42 Isaiah 24:1, 3.
45:44 "The earth is violently broken, the earth is split open,
45:48 the earth is shaken exceedingly."
45:50 These are powerful scriptures.
45:52 Isaiah 24:19. How many agree?
45:54 There are people watching movies right now
45:56 but how many agree, this is a better movie.
45:59 "By His fierce anger.
46:01 For thus says the Lord, the whole land shall be" what?
46:03 Here's a key word.
46:05 "Desolate, yet"
46:07 I'm not done with planet earth yet.
46:09 "Yet I will not make a full end."
46:11 Jeremiah 4:23-27.
46:13 This earth during the millennium
46:16 is like a bottomless pit.
46:18 It comes from the Greek word Abussos or Abyss,
46:22 kind of meaning "Without form and void."
46:24 Similar to how the earth was
46:26 before the Lord put it all together.
46:28 And so desolate cities, there will be desolate cities.
46:33 Satan is bound in chains of darkness
46:35 on a desolate earth for a thousand years.
46:39 Talk about a blackout,
46:41 there is a blackout for a thousand years
46:43 while he is in prison.
46:47 Will the devil stumble across your remains?
46:50 How many agree?
46:51 The devil will roam this planet from one end to the other.
46:55 Thousand years is a long time
46:58 and I don't know how he can travel.
47:00 I don't know if he can fly or whatever
47:02 but all I know is he is confined to planet earth
47:05 and I can see him kicking over the debris
47:09 and the ashes and the demolished buildings
47:12 and so forth and I can see him coming
47:14 to different homes here in Springfield.
47:17 And I can see him kicking over the dirt
47:21 and the debris and the burned out house
47:24 and so forth and I can see him
47:26 stumbling over somebody's remains
47:29 and saying, "I got him, I got him.
47:32 They used to attend church
47:35 but they never fully surrendered.
47:37 I got him, I got him, I got him."
47:40 I can see him go to another home
47:41 and there is a whole family there.
47:44 They never gave their heart to Jesus.
47:46 And then I see them coming,
47:47 I see the devil coming to your house
47:50 and he is looking for you.
47:52 And he is looking for you.
47:54 You are not there, you are in heaven.
47:57 Can you say amen? You're gonna be there.
47:59 How many make that commitment by the grace of God
48:01 you are not gonna let the devil stumble around your remains?
48:04 Can you say amen? Come on, shout amen.
48:06 Amen. And so listen to me.
48:09 And I-- Oh, I can see him--
48:11 Let me back up. I'm not finished with that yet.
48:13 I can see him coming to your house
48:15 and saying, talking out loud in a frustrated way,
48:19 "I thought I had him.
48:21 I thought I had him. I thought I had him.
48:23 It was so close, I thought I had him
48:26 but they pleaded the blood of Jesus.
48:29 They pleaded the blood of Jesus,
48:32 I couldn't get them."
48:35 The blood of Jesus
48:37 is the power of God unto salvation.
48:41 If you are going through a personal crisis in your life,
48:44 if you are facing financial challenges,
48:46 if you are suffering from a health problem,
48:48 if your marriage is needing a miracle,
48:51 if you have a special concern for your children,
48:53 whatever you need may be, give us a call
48:56 and we will pray with you.
48:57 For your prayer requests call us at 1-855-336-FREE.
49:03 "If the Son sets you free, you are free indeed."
49:06 John 8:36.
49:09 During the millennium the righteous are in heaven.
49:12 The earth is desolate.
49:14 Now when we are in heaven
49:15 what decisions will we make with Jesus?
49:18 Revelation 20:7 says,
49:20 "We will rule or reign with Christ a thousand years."
49:23 "Do you not know
49:24 that the saints will judge the world?
49:26 And if the world will be judged by you,
49:27 are you unworthy to judge the smallest matters?
49:30 Do you not know that we shall judge angels?
49:33 How much more, things that pertain to this life?"
49:35 1 Corinthians 6:2, 3.
49:37 Now I don't know about you but my Bible tells me
49:40 that we will be made kings and priests
49:43 and we will reign with Christ.
49:45 Now, I don't understand that.
49:47 When we come to the pearly gates
49:50 and the Lord sees us, what does He say?
49:53 Well, I come to the pearly gates there
49:55 and the Lord is welcoming everybody
49:58 and then I'm in line and He is, "Oh, Mark, welcome, welcome."
50:02 "Oh, Lord."
50:03 He says, "Now, Mark, you know you just barely made it."
50:05 "I know, Lord."
50:07 "You know, Mark, I'm gonna let you in
50:10 because you did trust in Me.
50:12 You just barely made it.
50:14 There's little section over here in heaven there.
50:16 You know, there's other that are gonna be
50:17 ruling on My throne.
50:19 You're gonna go with this other group here
50:20 that just barely made it here."
50:21 I said, "Lord, thank you, Lord," it's okay.
50:23 I don't have to go up there, just long as I--
50:25 How many, how many would be like me,
50:26 Lord, just let me get in
50:28 as long as I can be there with You, amen?
50:30 Lord is not gonna say that.
50:31 The Bible makes it very clear
50:33 that we are all gonna rule with Christ.
50:36 Now, how do you figure this one?
50:37 He's gonna put a crown on your head.
50:42 I don't understand that.
50:43 How can the Lord put a crown on our head as if we are,
50:46 as if we deserve something?
50:48 We don't deserve anything but our Father is proud
50:51 of what we have allowed Him to do in our life.
50:54 We don't get any glory.
50:55 But He is the one that wants to put the crown on our head.
50:58 And what do we do with those crowns?
50:59 We cast them at His feet
51:01 but apparently He puts them right back on.
51:06 And so there will be three big surprises
51:09 when we go to the Lord.
51:10 Surprise number one, Lord, how did that person get in?
51:16 How did my ex-boss get in here?
51:21 The Lord will say,
51:22 "I kept good records, check out the books.
51:25 They gave their heart to me."
51:27 I'm sure people are gonna look at
51:28 the thief from the cross and say,
51:30 "Hey, that guy robbed me in Jerusalem."
51:32 Oh, you weren't there, you didn't hear
51:34 what happened in the dying moments
51:36 of that thief on the cross.
51:37 That thief on the cross gave his heart to Jesus.
51:40 "Oh, he never gave me back my stuff."
51:43 "I didn't have a chance."
51:45 "So get along.
51:47 Come here, I'll introduce you to him."
51:50 Lord, second surprise.
51:52 Lord, where is my Grandma
51:57 or where is my husband?
51:59 Lord, where is my granddaughter?
52:02 Lord, where is my preacher?
52:06 There's gonna be some surprises
52:08 and Lord will say, "I kept good records
52:10 so because I knew you would have questions
52:13 and you have a thousand years, no rush to judgment here.
52:16 Don't be in a hurry. Take your time and ask."
52:19 How many agree when we go to heaven,
52:20 I don't know about you but I'm accumulating questions.
52:22 I studied the Bible but I don't have answers
52:25 to every single question.
52:27 Come on now, don't you have questions like,
52:28 "Lord, why did I go through that?"
52:31 Come on now, how many have questions that you're gonna go?
52:33 Now, we walk by faith but, you know what,
52:35 when we go to heaven we are walking face to face
52:37 and get all our questions answered.
52:39 But right now, "The just shall live by faith."
52:42 Romans 1:17.
52:43 "We walk by faith, and not by sight."
52:45 2 Corinthians 5:7.
52:47 Now listen carefully, third surprise.
52:49 I know this third surprise, "I can't believe I made it.
52:53 I actually made it.
52:55 I'm here." Let me tell you something.
52:56 You know you have eternal life through Jesus Christ
52:58 but wouldn't you agree that when you actually are there
53:01 you are gonna like, "I can't believe I made it."
53:03 Come on now. You know you claim it by faith.
53:06 The Bible says, "Beloved, I write to you
53:08 so that you may know that you have eternal life
53:11 and this life is in his Son."
53:13 1 John 5:11, 12.
53:15 You know, so we claim it by faith
53:17 but when it actually happens we will be like, "Wow."
53:21 All right, anyway, why the books of records?
53:25 Because God wants us to ask questions.
53:28 He wants us to know anything we want to know
53:31 of how He worked and labored to save every single person.
53:35 And it answers the question, can God be trusted?
53:39 God's character will be vindicated
53:41 that God has tried to save every single person
53:45 but He never forced one person into heaven.
53:48 God always gets the blame but not much longer.
53:51 So you can pick a day in your life.
53:53 When you go to heaven you can say,
53:54 "Lord, can I sit down here next to You
53:56 and ask You some questions?"
53:57 Lord will say, "Yeah, I got plenty of time."
54:00 Now I don't know how He can spend time with you
54:02 and spend time with me at the same time.
54:04 I don't know if we are gonna make appointments or what...
54:09 but, you know, you will be able to pick a day.
54:11 March 31st, 1999,
54:15 do you remember March 31st, 1999?
54:17 Anybody? Neither do I.
54:21 But you can pick any day
54:24 and the Lord will tell you exactly
54:25 how He was trying to save you.
54:27 How He was trying to help you.
54:29 How He was there with you on the highway.
54:31 Would you agree, you can pick any day in the life
54:34 and He will show you
54:35 how He never left you or forsook you.
54:39 Hebrews 13:5, 6.
54:41 Now listen carefully,
54:42 before the wicked are eternally destroyed,
54:43 God wants us to see His sovereign wisdom.
54:46 He wants it to be a joint decision.
54:48 You know, I'm married
54:50 and there are some decisions that are joint decisions.
54:53 How many are married and know what I am talking about?
54:55 You know, you just don't go out and buy a house and say,
54:58 "Honey, we are moving, and I got a house."
55:02 And I do marriage counseling by the way.
55:06 Joint decisions, joint decisions.
55:09 The Lord could have said,
55:10 "Now that you have made it to heaven
55:12 I'm just gonna go ahead and annihilate all the wicked."
55:14 He could do that but He doesn't do it
55:17 because He wants to make it clear
55:21 that this is not an arbitrary decision
55:23 that you and I make decisions
55:27 that's what it means to rule with Him
55:30 that God has done everything He could to save the lost
55:34 so that when they are destroyed at the close of the millennium,
55:37 every knee shall bow and every tongue confess,
55:41 Philippians 2, that Jesus Christ is Lord.
55:45 And so the wicked are gonna be raised
55:46 at the end of the millennium.
55:48 "The rest of the dead did not live again
55:49 until the thousand years were finished.
55:51 Now when the thousand years have expired,
55:53 Satan will be released from his prison,
55:54 will go out to deceive the nations,"
55:56 the Bible says.
55:57 "Satan is set free to tempt the New Jerusalem with us in it
56:01 descends to the earth.
56:03 I, John, saw the holy city, New Jerusalem,
56:05 coming down from God out of heaven."
56:07 Revelation 21. The wicked are destroyed.
56:10 Yes, the Bible says that in Revelation 20:9,
56:16 Revelation 20:9, the Bible says here,
56:19 "They went up, the wicked went up
56:20 on the breadth of the earth and surrounded
56:22 the camp of the saints and the beloved city.
56:23 And fire came down from God
56:25 out of heaven and devoured them."
56:27 And everyone who has ever lived
56:29 will be gathered in or around the New Jerusalem on that day
56:33 and either you are inside the city
56:35 kneeling down praising God or you are outside the city
56:38 acknowledging Jesus Christ as Lord, I'm here to tell you,
56:42 if He is on the inside within the walls of your heart
56:45 you will be within the walls of Zion.
56:47 Can you say amen?
56:49 Oh, beloved, how many want to be ready
56:52 when Jesus comes and to be able to go
56:55 and rule and reign with Christ for a thousand years?
57:00 And the Bible says, "The meek shall inherit the earth."
57:03 The Bible says that the fire comes down
57:05 and devours the wicked, reduces them to ashes,
57:08 Malachi 4 and God purifies the earth.
57:11 The fire that destroys the wicked
57:13 consumes sin and sinners,
57:15 God will use it and He will purify the earth,
57:18 the earth made new 2 Peter 3:10, 11.
57:22 I'm here to tell you there's gonna be
57:23 a great brave new world coming.
57:26 The meek-- God is going to set up His kingdom on earth.
57:32 I don't want to miss it, do you?
57:36 Although sudden and alarming changes
57:38 are sweeping across the globe,
57:41 you and your family can be prepared
57:42 to face the future with confidence.
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57:47 on DVD are available for a gift of $60 or more.
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