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The Antichrist Beast of Revelation 13 & 666!

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00:04 We are racing towards the global crisis at the close.
00:09 God is going to set up His kingdom on earth.
00:13 Preparation for the tribulation and the translation
00:18 is to develop a character like Jesus Christ.
00:21 To reach every hamlet, every village, every man,
00:24 every child, every person in India,
00:27 every person in South America
00:28 must hear these three angels' messages.
00:34 These are stories that illustrate
00:36 the kind of fabric of character and perseverance
00:39 that we need to go through the tribulation
00:42 just as certainly as they did.
00:44 The Bible makes it very clear
00:45 we are living in an unusual hour,
00:48 the last grains of sand
00:49 are trickling through the hourglass of time
00:52 and the door of probation is about to swing shut.
01:00 We need to understand this very important
01:03 hot potato subject
01:05 and that is the antichrist beast of Revelation 13 and 666.
01:10 Well, who is the antichrist?
01:12 There has been so much conjecturing,
01:14 so much heated debate,
01:17 so many raging opinions swirling around
01:20 in the Christian community
01:22 and, you know, they said, well, Bill Gates maybe he is the guy
01:26 because he is the wealthiest person on earth.
01:29 Well, no longer.
01:31 So maybe he is not the antichrist.
01:33 And some said itwas John F. Kennedy.
01:36 Some say, no, it's Nero way in the distant past.
01:39 Some say, oh, it was Napoleon.
01:41 Some say, it must have been Gorbachev.
01:43 It must be Gorbachev
01:45 because he's got that mark on his head.
01:47 All right, don't believe everything you hear.
01:50 Will the real antichrist please stand up?
01:55 How many remember the program "To Tell The Truth?"
01:59 Do you remember that program "To Tell The Truth?"
02:01 Well, I was growing up years ago,
02:03 there was a popular television program
02:05 that was called, everybody say it with me,
02:07 "To Tell The Truth."
02:10 And you remember
02:11 there were three or four familiar Hollywood celebrities
02:14 who would try to figure out who among three guests
02:18 there on the panel was telling the truth
02:19 since they all claimed to be the same person.
02:23 And the celebrities were allowed
02:25 to ask some very probing questions
02:27 guided and supervised by a moderator.
02:30 They asked probing questions.
02:32 Then there was, their time was up
02:34 and they all selected one of the three.
02:37 You could only have one vote.
02:40 And they were either right or they were dead wrong.
02:44 When the moderator asked for the real genuine person
02:47 who was telling the truth to stand up
02:49 many times the truth was surprising
02:52 and down right shocking.
02:55 So millions of people watched the program
02:57 like you and I to see how good their guessing was
03:00 about who is telling the truth.
03:02 Do you think you had a good battering average?
03:04 Well, okay, and so who was the real school superintendent,
03:10 who did great things?
03:12 Who was that real popular
03:14 or I should say that real major inventor
03:18 or that astute scientist or that prestigious admiral?
03:23 Will the real person stand up?
03:26 How many remember, how many remember the suspense?
03:30 I mean, it was very thick?
03:32 And how many remember
03:33 that you would see all of them start to get up or one
03:37 and then lo and behold you are confused
03:40 and a couple of them sit down completely
03:43 and there is one lone figure
03:44 and either you are right or you are wrong.
03:47 Well, guess what?
03:49 Don't expect the antichrist to stand up
03:52 and say, all right, I'm the antichrist.
03:55 To tell the truth
03:56 you got to really study the Word of God.
04:00 But the Bible says, Jesus declared
04:02 and it comes ringing down
04:04 the quarters of time to us tonight.
04:07 You shall know the truth
04:09 and the truth shall set you free
04:11 from a lot of false opinions
04:13 prevailing in the Christian community.
04:15 A popular belief
04:17 gaining credibility and popularity among Christians
04:20 is that "The Antichrist is yet to come in the future!"
04:26 You may have heard of this opinion
04:28 that's becoming very, very popular.
04:31 Would the antichrist be revealed
04:34 before or after Jesus comes for His bride, the church?
04:39 For the answer let's go to the scriptures.
04:42 If it's in the Bible, we want it.
04:45 If it's not in the Bible, we don't want it.
04:47 All right, so we're going there to 2 Thessalonians,
04:51 this in the writings of Paul, the preacher to the gentiles.
04:56 And we're looking there at 2 Thessalonians, all right,
04:59 give you a moment to locate that.
05:01 2 Thessalonians 2:1-4,
05:05 "Now, brethren,
05:07 concerning the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ
05:09 and our gathering together to Him, we ask you,
05:13 that you not to be soon shaken in mind or troubled,
05:16 either by spirit or by word or by letter, as if from us,
05:20 as though the day of Christ had come."
05:23 Notice, "Let no one deceive you"
05:28 about the timing or the sequence I should say
05:30 of the coming of Christ, our gathering together to Him.
05:34 "Let no on deceive you by any means, for that day"
05:39 second coming of Christ
05:41 "will not come unless something happens first,"
05:45 so Paul is talking about sequence.
05:48 Everybody say sequence.
05:49 What's the line up of final events?
05:53 It's crucial to understand
05:55 because there would be prevalent deceptions,
05:57 widespread ramped deceptions
06:00 in regard to the sequence of events.
06:04 "Let no one deceive you by any means,
06:07 for that day will not come unless," what happens first?
06:11 The falling away comes first.
06:15 So Paul is really making an issue here
06:17 about proximity of time,
06:20 the framework or the perfect timeline here.
06:23 And I want you to notice here
06:24 falling away comes from the Greek word
06:27 New Testament it was written in Greek
06:30 and it says you are falling away.
06:32 That comes from the Greek word apostasia.
06:36 Now you know some Greek.
06:37 Apostasia, what is that word sound like to you?
06:41 Apostasy, now you know a little Greek.
06:44 So apostasy
06:46 that is to say and Paul coined it in another book
06:51 in 2 Timothy Chapter 4 he talks about
06:54 people would go away from the truth.
06:57 That's apostasy.
06:58 Paul forecast a formidable apostasy
07:02 taking place, unfolding in the Christian church.
07:05 And so I want you to notice here
07:07 there would be "this falling away
07:08 that comes first" an apostasy
07:10 and out of the melting part of that apostasy
07:14 "the man of lawlessness or the man of sin"
07:18 that is known for promoting and propagating
07:23 and perpetrating an attack
07:27 on the standard of what is right and wrong.
07:29 What tells you what sin is?
07:32 The law of God.
07:34 That's why this man,
07:36 this antichrist is known as the man of sin.
07:39 So I want you to notice
07:41 "is revealed, the son of perdition."
07:46 There is only one other person in the New Testament
07:50 that was given that label son of perdition.
07:54 Can anyone tell me?
07:55 Now this is really testing
07:57 the fabric of your understanding of scripture.
07:59 I'll give you a clue, it's in John 17:12,
08:03 it was given there
08:04 in the context of Christ intercessory prayer
08:07 where He called, who, the son of perdition.
08:10 Judas Iscariot. Very good.
08:12 Judas Iscariot was a type
08:16 or a foreshadowing of the antichrist.
08:20 Judas was within the church.
08:22 He was influential
08:24 and he did his darkest deed under the cloak of night
08:28 and he betrayed Jesus with a punch.
08:33 He betrayed Him with a what?
08:35 With a kiss.
08:36 So the antichrist would be parallel.
08:39 The antichrist would be like a repeat performance.
08:43 A dreadful deja vu.
08:45 And so I want you to notice here
08:47 "The man of sin is revealed, the son of perdition."
08:51 Judas Iscariot personified
08:54 "Who opposes and exalts himself
08:57 above all that is called God or that is worshiped,
09:00 so that he as God sits" notice here
09:04 "so that he sits as God in the temple of God,"
09:08 that's a Christian community
09:11 "showing himself that he is God."
09:12 Is he God, yes or no? No.
09:14 But is he acting like he is God?
09:16 And we'll discover tonight just how that play doubt
09:21 and just how the antichrist
09:24 has acted as if, masquerades as if it is God.
09:29 And so since we are going through the tribulation
09:33 as the Bible makes it very clear
09:35 we are not gathered together to be with the Lord
09:38 until the antichrist does his dark deeds
09:42 in the last days of earth's history.
09:45 So since we are going through the tribulation
09:48 we must prepare for these final tests and events.
09:52 Now I'm here to tell you, my kids go to school
09:55 particularly my son Caleb, fifth grader,
09:58 he has tests, he has quizzes.
10:01 And let me tell you something, he's got to be prepared for it.
10:05 How many believe the final exam
10:07 for Christians is just around the corner?
10:10 Isn't that true?
10:12 How many agree there's not gonna be
10:13 the graduation ceremony
10:16 of the Marriage Supper of the Lamb?
10:17 How many agree the Marriage Supper of the Lamb?
10:19 That's a celebration of graduation. Amen.
10:22 That graduation is not going to come
10:25 until the preparation for the tribulation,
10:28 the tribulation tests the fabric of our faith
10:32 and those who pass the test, Matthew 24:13,
10:35 "He who endures unto the end the same shall be saved."
10:39 And go through that glorious celestial graduation.
10:42 How many are gonna meet me at the banquet table?
10:44 Amen.
10:45 And so listen, we know that the antichrist
10:50 has been around a long time.
10:53 How do we know that?
10:54 Because in Bible prophecy one prophetic day
10:57 equals a year according to the biblical precedent
10:59 of Ezekiel 4:6 and Numbers 14:34.
11:03 And so the Bible explains itself
11:05 "Prophecy is of no private interpretation"
11:08 according to 2 Peter 1:19-21.
11:13 So the Bible makes it very clear
11:16 that the antichrist
11:18 would have a reign of terror for 1,260 days
11:23 which equal years
11:26 in the context of Bible prophecy.
11:28 Just like-- how many have maps?
11:30 How many like to go traveling, all right?
11:32 And we do-- my wife and I
11:34 we do a lot of traveling and the kids.
11:36 And let me tell you something
11:38 one of my favorite things to look at
11:39 and I think my kids are starting
11:41 to find this contagious as well.
11:43 We love to look at maps in our family.
11:45 And we discovered that there is usually a scale
11:49 by which you can determine distances.
11:52 Well, in God's prophetic map there is a scale.
11:56 One prophetic day equals a literal, what, class?
12:00 A year, that's right.
12:02 And I gave you the biblical precedent for that.
12:04 So 1,260 years
12:06 not even Methuselah lived that long.
12:10 So when we're talking about the antichrist
12:11 we are not talking about a singular person,
12:14 we're talking about a succession of men
12:17 that would speak for an institution a power
12:22 that would be dominant down through the dark ages.
12:26 That's right.
12:27 Therefore the antichrist
12:29 has been around for a long time.
12:34 During the dark ages it would dominate the world.
12:39 You can expect to see the antichrist
12:41 revealed in the world
12:42 before Jesus comes for His believers.
12:47 Now we know that the antichrist therefore,
12:49 is alive and well on planet earth.
12:52 We know the antichrist has been around
12:54 it has its roots in the distant past
12:57 but we know it's going to fulfill
13:00 more of Bible prophecy
13:02 by its final dark deeds in the world.
13:05 So it is a dangerous subtle snare of the enemy
13:08 to allure us into believing
13:11 that the antichrist is yet future.
13:14 Is this making sense, yes or no?
13:15 Are you with me thus far?
13:16 All right, this is not rocket science.
13:18 We can do this.
13:20 So therefore, be prepared for some things,
13:24 some shocking insights
13:26 from God's word about the antichrist
13:29 who has infiltrated the Christian church.
13:33 It is one of the most serious warnings for us
13:37 in our day in the Book of Revelation.
13:40 We are talking now tonight about the three angels' message
13:46 and this is earth's final call from heavens throne room.
13:51 Take your Bible and turn with me to the heart,
13:54 the center of the Book of Revelation.
13:56 Everybody say Revelation.
13:58 Revelation 14:6-12, all right.
14:03 "Then I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven,
14:06 having the everlasting gospel" the gospel is the truth.
14:10 How many have ever heard the expression
14:12 the gospel truth?
14:13 This is the gospel, the word gospel means truth.
14:16 And all truth comes from the Lord Himself.
14:20 All truth leads us to Jesus. He is the truth, John 14:6.
14:25 So I want you to notice here,
14:26 "Having the everlasting gospel
14:27 to preach to those who dwell on the earth,
14:29 to every nation, tribe, tongue, and people."
14:32 It's a worldwide message
14:35 that must be preached to earth's remotest bounds,
14:39 to cross over every language barrier
14:42 and to reach every hamlet, every village, every man,
14:46 every child, every person in India,
14:48 every person in South America
14:50 must hear these three angles' messages
14:54 to be prepared for the harvest of the world.
14:57 The second coming of Jesus Christ.
14:59 And so look at verse 7, saying with a soft voice.
15:05 Oh, come on here Missouri,
15:06 "saying with a loud voice," notice here
15:10 "Fear God and give glory to Him,
15:12 for the hour of His judgment has come,"
15:14 everybody together on this part
15:15 "and worship Him who made" Creator
15:18 "heaven and earth,
15:20 and the sea and the springs of waters."
15:21 Now let's drop down to verse 9,
15:23 third angel's message in start contrast.
15:26 "Then a third angel followed them,
15:28 saying with a loud voice,
15:29 'If anyone worships the'" not the Creator in this place
15:32 but worships the-- by antithesis
15:35 "the beast and his image,
15:37 and receives his mark on his forehead or on his hand,
15:41 he himself shall also drink of the wine
15:42 of the wrath of God, which is poured out
15:44 full strength into the cup of His indignation.
15:46 He shall be tormented with fire and brimstone
15:49 in the presence of the holy angels
15:51 and in the presence of the Lamb.
15:52 And the smoke of their torment
15:53 ascends forever and ever,
15:55 and they have no rest day or night,
15:57 who worship the beast and his image,
16:00 and whoever receives the mark of his name."
16:02 Now zero on how God graphically describes
16:08 who is gonna preach these messages,
16:11 who are not gonna get the mark of the beast,
16:14 who are gonna resist the pressure
16:18 that comes from the antichrist.
16:20 Would you like to be among the group that prevail?
16:23 Verse 12,
16:24 "Here is the patience" the word patience there means
16:27 perseverance or endurance.
16:30 "Here are those who don't give up
16:32 despite the peer pressure.
16:34 Here is the patience of the saints,
16:37 here are those who keep the commandments of God"
16:40 no matter what the commandments of men are,
16:43 they clash with it.
16:45 Keep the commandments of God
16:47 and they have the genuine 100 percent proof
16:51 "faith of Jesus."
16:53 Notice how the faith of Jesus leads to obedience to God
17:00 because "Faith without works is dead" James 2:26.
17:04 The Bible makes it very clear if we are in Christ,
17:07 there will be the fruits of obedience, John 15:1-8.
17:10 So notice what's gonna happen
17:12 after these messages go around the world.
17:14 Verse 14, "Then I looked, and behold, a white cloud,
17:17 and on the cloud one sat like the Son of man,
17:20 having on His head a golden crown,
17:23 and on His hand a sharp sickle."
17:25 Coming in as a heavenly harvester.
17:27 "And another angel came out of the temple,
17:29 crying with a loud voice to Him who sat on the cloud,
17:31 'Thrust in Your sickle and reap,
17:33 for the time has come for You to reap,
17:35 for the harvest of the earth is ripe and ready.'"
17:40 Can you say amen? Ready for the picking.
17:42 So what is going to ripen? All people in the last days.
17:48 There are going to be those who are ripen
17:50 to go home to be with the Lord
17:52 and those who are ripen to be destroyed
17:54 by the brightness of its coming,
17:55 2 Thessalonians 2:8.
17:58 There will be those who are happy to see the Lord
18:01 and those who cry out to the mountains and rocks
18:03 to hide them from the face of Him who sits on the throne
18:06 and from the wrath of the lamb, Revelation 6:14-17.
18:10 So the Bible makes it very clear
18:11 the world is polarized
18:13 into two sides, two camps, two groups.
18:17 Those who believe these three angels' messages
18:21 and resist the mark of the beast
18:24 they get the seal of God, they are ready for glory,
18:28 they are ready when Jesus comes.
18:30 And the opposite of that is true.
18:33 Those who get cover unto the pressure,
18:36 those who cave into the pressure,
18:38 those who along with the infamous mark of the beast,
18:40 go along with the majority in the masses,
18:43 go along with the--
18:44 when the government says you cannot buy or sell
18:46 unless you go along with the mark of the beast.
18:47 All right, we will buy,
18:49 we will go ahead and go along with the mark of the beast.
18:53 And the Bible says they get the seven last plagues,
18:56 they go to a lake of fire.
18:58 They are fully ripe for destruction.
19:01 How many can see?
19:02 Either you are ready for Jesus to come
19:04 or you're ready to be destroyed
19:05 at the brightness of His coming.
19:07 There is only two groups
19:10 and the three angels' messages
19:11 spotlights those who are gonna be saved at last.
19:17 They keep the commandments of God,
19:19 they have faith in Jesus,
19:23 they have endurance that says, no matter what I go through,
19:27 no matter what people may say
19:30 as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord."
19:34 Joshua 24:15.
19:39 Sudden changes are about to catch the world by surprise.
19:43 Amazing Bible prophecies are fast fulfilling.
19:46 Do ancient prophecies predict a sudden economic collapse?
19:50 Will the Middle East crisis erupt into World War III?
19:53 Are we living on the eve of Armageddon?
19:56 How will the final moves of the antichrist affect you?
19:59 What is the future of the United States of America?
20:02 How will natural disasters usher in the mark of the beast?
20:06 Now you can watch the entire Amazing Prophecy series
20:11 of 32 hope filled messages on DVD.
20:14 Don't guess about the future, know the future.
20:18 The complete set of DVDs
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20:42 So the antichrist wants worship.
20:46 Our Creator wants and deserves worship.
20:51 Revelation 4:11 and Revelation 5:11, 12
20:56 makes it very clear
20:57 why you should worship the lamb.
20:58 Notice I'm quoting the Book of Revelation.
21:01 You ought to keep track
21:03 of how often I'm quoting the Book of Revelation
21:05 under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit
21:08 because I recognize this is a prophecy seminar
21:11 and if you are really in tune,
21:12 you are gonna hear me refer a lot to Daniel and Revelation.
21:16 Now listen carefully,
21:19 the lamb is worthy of our worship
21:21 because He created us.
21:23 Worthy is the Lamb
21:25 because worthy is Him who made us, Revelation 4:11.
21:29 Worthy is the Lamb that was slain.
21:31 He is worthy because He died for me and for you.
21:34 Amen.
21:35 So majority, so we are dealing with worship
21:37 and who really deserves worship.
21:39 Majority are always falling for error.
21:43 What is the central issue
21:45 showcased in Revelation 14:6, 7, 9, 10?
21:50 Either you are gonna worship the Creator
21:52 or you will worship the beast
21:54 either by decision or by default.
21:57 What warning did Jesus give
21:59 about deceptions in the last days?
22:02 "For many will come in My name,"
22:04 in the name of Christ, under Christian pretence
22:07 "saying 'I am Christ',
22:10 and will deceive many."
22:11 Matthew 24:5.
22:13 "Beware of the false prophets,
22:14 who come to you in sheep's clothing,
22:16 but inwardly are ravenous wolves."
22:18 Keep in mind the antichrist is in the Christian community,
22:22 Matthew 7:15.
22:24 Acts 20:29,30 makes it very clear
22:27 there would be wolves in the church
22:30 that would ravage and would exploit
22:34 and do devastation and havoc in the church.
22:38 And so Paul said
22:40 in 2 Thessalonians 2:3, 4, we already read it,
22:43 there would be deception within the church
22:45 and out of that deception would come the antichrist.
22:48 Keep in mind Judas Iscariot was a son of perdition.
22:52 Would you agree he healed people?
22:58 Don't you doubt that for a minute.
22:59 My Bible tells me that Jesus sent the disciples out
23:04 to preach and teach and work miracles in His name
23:07 and they came out, came back ecstatic saying,
23:10 "Wow, even demons are subject to us."
23:14 They worked miracles.
23:16 And Jesus said, "Well, rejoice
23:17 that your names are written in heaven."
23:21 So I can see, I can see
23:25 people that really looked up to Judas
23:28 along with the other disciples.
23:30 Judas was one of the most influential
23:33 because he handled the purse, he handled the money.
23:37 Obviously they looked up to him.
23:40 They considered he was of unique talent.
23:44 And so listen,
23:46 you can expect that the antichrist is gonna be
23:48 greatly respected in the last days.
23:52 Would you agree if somebody was to say,
23:54 you know what?
23:56 That Judas Iscariot is a son of perdition.
23:58 He is like an antichrist.
24:01 And if people heard that back then
24:04 and their little boy or their grandma
24:07 was healed in the name of Jesus
24:10 under the leadership or ministry of Judas Iscariot
24:13 they will say, "you are nuts.
24:15 You are crazy.
24:16 There is no way that the man who has blessed our family--
24:21 you mean to tell me the person who has blessed our family
24:24 in the name of the Lord is the antichrist?
24:26 Get out of my house."
24:30 How many agree?
24:32 Think about the tree of the knowledge of good
24:36 and evil.
24:38 That's the way the enemy operates.
24:41 So you can expect that the antichrist
24:43 has blessed a lot of people apparently.
24:49 But when the mask is pulled off you realize this is the devil.
24:57 Here comes the beast.
24:59 Everybody say that with me, "here comes the beast."
25:02 What does the beast symbolize in Bible prophecy?
25:05 The fourth beast shall be a fourth kingdom on earth.
25:09 Beast equals kingdom,
25:11 political and or religious, Daniel 7:23.
25:16 In Daniel 2 and Daniel 7
25:18 we had a line up of four successive world empires.
25:23 They are in your history book
25:25 but it was forecast history predicted
25:28 hundreds and years in advance.
25:30 The lion represented Babylon.
25:33 The bear Medo-Persia.
25:35 The leopard Greece.
25:37 And a dragon like creature pagan Rome.
25:40 The ten horns the break up of the Roman Empire
25:43 or divided Rome or Europe.
25:47 Now when it comes to this beast in Revelation 13
25:52 now that we have some foundation
25:54 let's go there, Revelation Chapter 13,
25:57 we are gonna do some detective work, all right.
26:00 You got your magnifying glass
26:01 and you got your special hat, here we go.
26:05 All right, all right,
26:09 Revelation 13:1,
26:10 "Then I stood on the sand of the sea.
26:12 The beast rises up out of the sea,"
26:16 by the way the antichrist
26:20 is a counterfeit of the Christ,
26:23 the true Christ.
26:25 How many agree the devil has a counterfeit
26:26 for every truth of God?
26:29 There's counterfeits.
26:32 You will discover the parallels
26:34 or I should say the comparisons and contrasts at times
26:38 between Christ and the antichrist.
26:40 The beast, antichrist beast came up out of the water.
26:46 Jesus when He was anointed of the Holy Spirit
26:49 and the Father said, "Here's my Son,
26:52 may I introduce Him to you.
26:53 He is My beloved Son in whom I'm well pleased.
26:56 Here He is."
26:57 He came up out of the water
27:00 of the Jordon River.
27:02 You should know this.
27:03 Jesus had a public ministry
27:05 for three and half literal years.
27:09 The antichrist has a special reign of terror
27:12 for three and half prophetic years
27:16 which is 1,260 literal years.
27:20 The Lamb wants worship. The beast wants worship.
27:25 The Lamb has the seal of God.
27:28 The beast has the mark of the beast.
27:31 The Lamb has a number seven.
27:35 The beast has a number 666.
27:39 The Lamb is king.
27:42 The beast is a religious king.
27:46 The Lamb has followers. The beast has followers.
27:51 The Lamb wants worship. The beast wants worship.
27:57 And that's just the beginning of it
27:59 or at least maybe that's about half of it
28:01 but there is much more.
28:02 Notice here "Then I stood on the sand of the sea.
28:05 And I saw a beast rising up out of the sea,"
28:07 by the way does Jesus, does Jesus Christ have a twin?
28:13 No. No.
28:15 So how many agreed no matter, no matter anybody who comes in
28:19 and says they are like another Christ
28:20 or some like that's a counterfeit.
28:22 I want you to notice here
28:23 "Then I stood on the sand of the sea.
28:25 And I saw a beast rising up out of the sea,
28:28 having seven heads and ten horns,
28:30 and on his horns ten crowns,
28:33 and on his heads a blasphemous name.
28:37 Now the beast which I saw was like a leopard,"
28:40 remember Greece
28:41 "his feet were like the feet of a bear,"
28:43 Medo-Persia
28:44 "and his mouth like the mouth of a lion."
28:45 Babylon, "The dragon" that would be like pagan Rome
28:48 "gave him his power, his throne,
28:49 and great authority."
28:50 So this power arises sometime after Babylon,
28:53 Medo-Persian, Greece and Rome
28:55 and it has ten horns.
28:56 So that is to say it must arise
28:58 after the break up of the Roman Empire.
29:01 The ten horns.
29:04 I want you to notice here
29:07 that the dragon gave him his power, his throne,
29:09 the throne notice there
29:10 which would be like a capital seat
29:13 and great authority.
29:14 "And I saw one of his heads
29:15 as if it had been mortally wounded,
29:17 and his deadly wound was healed.
29:18 And all the world marveled and followed the beast."
29:21 This is global
29:22 just like the Lamb goes global.
29:25 This beast is global.
29:28 "So they worshiped the dragon
29:29 who gave authority to the beast,
29:31 and they worshiped the beast, saying,
29:32 'Who is like the beast?'"
29:34 Who is able to make war with him?
29:36 By the way the beast is part of a trinity.
29:40 You've got the dragon,
29:42 the beast, and the false prophet.
29:45 The unholy trinity,
29:48 the counterfeit to the true trinity
29:51 of the Father, Son,
29:54 the Lamb and of the Holy Spirit.
29:58 And so he was given-- now who is like the beast?
30:01 Who is able to make war with him?
30:05 The Lamb was persecuted.
30:08 The beast persecutes.
30:13 "And he was given a mouth
30:14 speaking great things and blasphemies,"
30:17 the biblical definition of blasphemy
30:20 is claiming to forgive sin when you are not God.
30:25 Jesus claimed to forgive sin
30:27 but He is and was God in the flesh.
30:33 So He did not commit blasphemy.
30:35 He can forgive our sins and He does forgive our sins.
30:40 But so the Lamb says, I will forgive you
30:44 and the beast says, I will forgive you
30:48 but that's blasphemy.
30:51 "Blasphemies and he was given authority"
30:54 oh, the Lamb claims authority.
30:57 What did the Lamb say?
30:58 What did Jesus say when He has ascended on high.
31:00 "All authority is given to me,
31:02 go and preach and teach and baptize
31:04 to all the world."
31:06 And the beast says, "I have authority,
31:08 I got it from the dragon."
31:10 Jesus says, "I got authority from My Father."
31:15 "He was given authority to continue forty-two months.
31:18 Then he opened his mouth in blasphemy against God,
31:21 to blaspheme His name, His character."
31:23 The beast distorts the character of God,
31:26 Jesus came to show us the Father's character,
31:30 John 14.
31:32 Blaspheme his tabernacle.
31:35 The beast would counterfeit the priestly ministry
31:39 of Christ in the heavenly sanctuary
31:41 by setting up a counterfeit down here.
31:45 "And those who dwell in heaven.
31:47 And it was given to him to make war with the saints
31:50 and to overcome them.
31:51 And authority was given him
31:53 over every tribe, tongue, and nation.
31:55 And all who dwell on the earth will worship him,
31:57 whose names have not been written
31:59 in the Book of the Life of the Lamb"
32:03 the Lamb has a book and if you are in that book
32:07 and stay in that book, you will be saved.
32:09 If you follow the beast,
32:11 you will not be in the Lamb's book.
32:13 Are you following?
32:15 How many agree this is profound stuff
32:16 you are hearing tonight? Amen.
32:18 And give all the glory to Jesus because any truth nuggets,
32:21 any wisdom doesn't come from our thoughts,
32:23 it came from Jesus Christ
32:25 with the anointing of the Holy Spirit.
32:31 "The Lamb slain
32:32 from the foundation of the world.
32:34 If anyone has an ear, let him hear."
32:36 What kind of ear is that?
32:38 That's the heart ear.
32:39 How many agree you need to listen with your heart.
32:42 And by the way that's a little marriage 101.
32:44 You want some marriage counseling
32:46 here it goes.
32:47 I'm gonna throw this out to you.
32:49 When you listen to your wife,
32:50 men, listen with your heart and all the ladies said.
32:55 You would say, "Come on now, you didn't finish that.
32:57 All right, ladies always listen with your heart to your husband
33:02 and all the men said.
33:04 All right, verse 10,
33:07 "He who leads into captivity shall go into captivity,
33:11 he who kills with the sword must be killed with the sword."
33:13 That sounds like "What goes around comes around."
33:16 "Here is the patience and the faith of the saints."
33:18 Then verse 18, "Here is wisdom.
33:20 Let him who has understanding
33:22 calculate the number of the beast,
33:23 for it is the number of a man,
33:26 His number is 666."
33:29 Wow. Let's put all that together.
33:31 Let us closely examine
33:33 ten clear clues from Revelation 13.
33:37 All right, clue number one,
33:39 the Protestant reformers categorically declared
33:46 that the Papal Roman power was the antichrist beast.
33:52 Were they correct
33:55 in their assessment and conclusion
33:58 or was it blatantly false?
34:01 Let's examine the evidence.
34:04 Remember we're the FBI,
34:05 faithful believers who investigate
34:07 what they believe.
34:08 All right, so a power that receives its seat
34:11 all these clues are coming from the verses
34:14 predominantly that we just read.
34:16 A power that receives its seat
34:18 influence and power from pagan Rome,
34:21 the dragon pagan Rome gave him his power, his seat,
34:24 capital seat and great authority,
34:26 Revelation 13:2.
34:28 Now listen carefully,
34:30 identifies the dragon as Satan.
34:34 But Satan works through human agencies.
34:36 In Revelation 12
34:38 the dragon, working through pagan Rome,
34:40 attempted to destroy baby Jesus.
34:43 The devil used Roman Herod
34:45 to try to put baby Jesus to death.
34:48 The devil used Roman Pilate to authorize His death.
34:54 The devil, the dragon
34:56 pagan Rome using pagan Rome,
34:58 pagan Rome used Roman soldiers to nail him to the cross.
35:03 Roman soldiers guarded His tomb.
35:05 Roman colosseums house
35:08 or I should were became a scene of unsightly martyrdom.
35:14 Oh, yes, the dragon, the devil and pagan Rome
35:19 they were a perfect match made in hell.
35:22 Pagan Rome oppressed and brutally persecuted
35:25 God's people so much
35:27 that the same term "Dragon"
35:28 is used for both the devil and the power he was using.
35:31 Did you know that
35:33 Jesus actually called Judas Iscariot the devil?
35:39 How many have ever read that in the scriptures?
35:42 Don't take my word for it, look it up.
35:46 And by the way have you ever heard somebody describe,
35:49 "Oh, man, my ex was such a devil."
35:53 It got real quiet in here.
35:55 Okay, anyway, you know, the ex-boss.
35:58 All right, anyway,
35:59 who did the dragon, pagan Rome--
36:01 you know, the reason why
36:03 that was just not a parenthetical thought.
36:05 The idea is this, the devil uses people,
36:09 is that true yes or no?
36:11 The devil uses institutions,
36:14 God uses people and God uses institutions.
36:18 You got to have this sermon
36:19 and that's why we have Amazing Prophecies seminar
36:22 so you can know the difference and not be duped and deluded.
36:25 So who did the dragon
36:26 pagan Rome give its capital seat to?
36:28 A religious power that is worshipped.
36:30 Clue number two, Revelation 13:4.
36:32 Here's a quote
36:34 "To the succession of the Caesar's
36:35 came the succession of the Pontiffs in Rome.
36:38 When Constantine left Rome
36:39 he gave his seat to the Pontiff,
36:42 Labianca, Professor of History,
36:43 University of Rome a number of years ago.
36:47 As pagan Rome was losing power, papal Rome was gaining power.
36:51 Down went pagan Rome, up came papal Rome.
36:55 So now all roads lead to papal Rome.
36:59 Would you agree,
37:01 Rome is still prestigious
37:04 and all powerful on planet earth?
37:07 And so at least that's what they are claiming and so forth.
37:10 And so I want you to notice here a painting
37:14 is worth a thousand prophetic words.
37:17 The dragon we are saying
37:19 is in the secondary sense pagan Rome the dragon
37:23 and that pagan Rome gave its seat
37:25 to the Pontiff in Rome, the papacy.
37:28 I want you to notice this is a painting by Raphael
37:32 and it's a painting you can't see Constantine
37:35 but this is Constantine's armies
37:37 and you will notice they have a standard.
37:39 They are holding up there
37:40 and what does that standard look like to you, everyone?
37:44 A dragon.
37:45 So the dragon was associated with the Roman armies
37:50 in the time of Constantine
37:52 and that's around the time that Constantine left power
37:58 to the Vatican, to the papacy.
38:01 He relocated his capital seat to Byzantium,
38:04 renamed it Constantinople.
38:06 Who filled the political vacuum?
38:09 Who got that power?
38:10 Who inherited that prestige?
38:12 None other than the papacy.
38:14 There you have it.
38:16 If you are going through a personal crisis in your life,
38:19 if you are facing financial challenges,
38:22 if you are suffering from health problem,
38:24 if your marriage is needing a miracle,
38:26 if you have a special concern for your children,
38:29 whatever you need maybe
38:30 give us a call and we will pray with you.
38:32 For your prayer requests call us at 1-855-336-FREE.
38:38 "If the Son sets you free, you are free indeed,"
38:41 John 8:36.
38:46 Clue number three, a blasphemous power.
38:49 The Bible defines blasphemy
38:51 as I mentioned as assuming any titles and rights,
38:54 or authority that belongs solely to God.
38:56 Does the papacy claim the titles and prerogatives
38:58 which belong to God alone?
39:00 "For thou art the shepherd, thou art the director,
39:03 thou art the husbandman,
39:05 finally thou art another God on earth."
39:09 That is the paper cover about the papacy.
39:12 "Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all
39:15 that is called God, so that is worshipped,
39:18 so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God,
39:22 in the Christian community
39:23 showing himself that he is God."
39:25 Is he God? No.
39:26 But he is acting as if he is God,
39:28 2 Thessalonians 2:2, 3.
39:29 "The Pope is of so great dignity
39:33 so exalted
39:34 that he is not a mere man but as it were God,
39:36 and the vicar of God."
39:38 Ferraris Ecclesiastical dictionary.
39:40 "The Pope is not only the representative of Jesus Christ,
39:44 but he is Jesus Christ himself,"
39:45 I don't even like reading this stuff
39:47 but I have to
39:48 "hidden under the veil of flesh."
39:49 The Catholic National, July, 1895.
39:53 Seek where you will, through Heaven and earth,
39:56 you will find but one created being
39:58 who can forgive the sinner.
39:59 That extraordinary being is the priest,
40:01 the Catholic Priest."
40:02 Now can I just say this parenthetically.
40:04 God has people, His sheep in all folds,
40:09 in all flocks, in all churches.
40:11 There will be many Roman catholics in heaven
40:14 I believe it with all of my heart
40:15 and there will be many Roman catholics not in heaven.
40:19 There will be many Protestants in heaven
40:20 and there will be many Protestants not in heaven.
40:24 How many agree
40:26 that Jesus is ultimately the judge?
40:29 You know, sometimes they tell me,
40:31 you know, you are judging people.
40:32 I'm judging an institution that has impacted
40:37 a lot of lot of wonderful lovely Christians...
40:43 and the truth shall set us free.
40:48 What does papal Rome say about Mary?
40:51 They say, Mary is a mediatrix.
40:54 What does that sound like? Another mediator.
40:56 But 1 Timothy 2:5 says,
40:59 "There is one Mediator between God and men,
41:03 the Man Christ Jesus."
41:05 How many agree?
41:07 All you need is Jesus.
41:11 And would you agree our God is a jealous God,
41:14 He will share His glory with no man?
41:19 And so what is this message all about tonight?
41:21 Get your eyes off men, get your eyes off Mary,
41:24 get your eyes off the saints,
41:25 get it off of a church in terms of salvation,
41:29 get it on Jesus and Jesus alone.
41:33 "Christ Jesus came into the world
41:35 to save sinners" 1 Timothy 1:15.
41:38 Mommy? Mommy, who do we pray to?
41:43 Oh, that every parent in America, in the world
41:46 would not teach their children
41:48 to pray to anyone else than our Father in heaven
41:52 to His Son Jesus Christ.
41:55 And by the way sometimes people will say,
41:57 "You are only supposed to pray to God, aren't you.
41:59 You are not supposed to pray to Jesus."
42:01 How many agree if my little girl says,
42:04 "Dear, Jesus, would You be with me today?"
42:06 Jesus isn't gonna say,
42:07 "I'm sorry, I can't hear that prayer."
42:10 Let me-- I'll give you a proof
42:11 in Acts 7 Peter said,
42:15 "Jesus, receive my spirit."
42:18 It's okay to talk to Jesus, all right.
42:20 Amen. Now we pray to our Father.
42:23 We pray to our Father.
42:25 But how many have ever heard yourself saying
42:26 "Oh, Jesus I need You."
42:30 What do we sing?
42:31 What do we sing? "My, Jesus, I love You."
42:36 That's a song and that's a prayer.
42:37 Amen.
42:40 Daniel 7:25,
42:42 "Think to change times and laws."
42:44 The antichrist, the papal power
42:48 would notoriously have a checkered pass
42:51 of actually tampering with heaven's constitution
42:54 the Ten Commandments.
42:57 The audacity, the presumption,
42:59 they would actually seek to revise, modify, alter,
43:04 substitute the Ten Commandments.
43:06 They would what, think to change times and laws.
43:10 Where is that from? Daniel 7.
43:12 We already had an entire presentation
43:15 in which we looked at
43:17 who is the bizarre talking horn according to the Bible.
43:21 That's Daniel 7:25, all right. So we continue.
43:25 What specific commandment did the papacy change?
43:30 Here you have a card of the Ten Commandments
43:33 and this might be new to some of you.
43:35 Do not accept anything I say
43:38 unless, Acts 17:11,
43:41 you are willing to receive things
43:42 as long as you go home
43:44 and you verify what Pastor Fox is saying
43:47 up here or Pastor Rester.
43:48 Amen?
43:49 So there's Ten Commandments not ten suggestions.
43:53 But you will notice that the catholic version
43:55 is different from the Protestant version.
43:58 Now can I say this in all honesty,
44:01 the Catholic church and the Lutheran church
44:04 in their catechism
44:06 have dropped the second commandment
44:09 out of the their line up of the Ten Commandments.
44:12 Well, that didn't look too well.
44:13 Ten minus one is nine.
44:16 So they thought what do we do about that?
44:18 Well, they looked at the tenth commandment said,
44:20 that's a little lengthy why don't we just conveniently,
44:23 compromisingly divide it?
44:25 They split it.
44:26 So ten minus one is ten when you figure it that way.
44:30 How many agree God is not pleased with this?
44:32 This is acting like you're God
44:33 when you are really not in the temple of God.
44:36 How many want the whole truth, nothing but the truth.
44:38 Don't add to it, don't take away from it.
44:40 If it's in the Bible, we want it,
44:42 if it's not in the Bible, we don't want it.
44:43 Is that clear?
44:44 Is that what you want to teach your children?
44:46 You put the Ten Commandments on the wall,
44:47 you teach your children the Ten Commandments
44:49 and it needs to be the Ten Commandments
44:51 that are in the Bible
44:53 not just in a catechism that has been changed.
44:55 You want the real thing, the genuine.
44:57 There is a counterfeit, there is the genuine.
44:59 As for me and my house
45:00 we want to go with the Lord Jesus
45:02 and what He teaches.
45:03 Daddy, what are the Ten Commandments?
45:06 This should be very simple and basic.
45:09 How many agree there are
45:10 two major basic truths in the Bible?
45:13 The Ten Commandments
45:15 and Jesus died for breaking the commandments.
45:19 Thank God for the blood
45:21 and when you accept Jesus He gives you the power.
45:24 He writes the law in your heart.
45:26 The cross and the commandments are inseparable.
45:30 Proof, Jesus stands by His Ten Commandments
45:34 and the Ten Commandments
45:35 are right underneath the mercy seat.
45:37 Cross and the commandments, somebody shout amen tonight.
45:40 That's Revelation 11:19 by the way.
45:43 Now listen carefully, does the Roman papal power
45:47 claim the power to change God's law?
45:50 They do.
45:51 The Bible says,
45:52 "For laying aside the commandment of God,
45:54 you hold to the tradition of men"
45:55 Mark 7:8.
45:57 How does the antichrist act as if it were God?
46:00 "By thinking to change times and laws,"
46:03 Daniel 7:25.
46:05 So how did the antichrist change
46:07 God's Ten Commandments, everyone?
46:10 He deleted the second commandment
46:14 and they doubled the tenth commandment.
46:19 Who are the only ones
46:20 who do not add or take away from the Ten Commandments?
46:23 Revelation Chapter 12, let's go there very quickly.
46:25 Are you with me?
46:29 You say, Mark, this is new to me.
46:31 Hallelujah.
46:32 How many want a new song of truth?
46:34 Amen.
46:36 Let God do a new thing in your life, amen.
46:39 All right, Revelation 12:17
46:41 "And the dragon was enraged with the woman,"
46:44 who is the woman?
46:46 The church. The bride of Christ.
46:47 Notice
46:49 "and he went to make war with the remnant"
46:53 or the "rest of her offspring," the remnant
46:56 "who keep the commandments of God
46:57 and have the faith of Jesus
46:59 testimony of Jesus" I should say.
47:00 So a remnant are the only ones
47:03 who are going to be preaching the whole truth here.
47:06 I want you to notice don't expect majority
47:09 to champion the Ten Commandments.
47:11 My Bible tells me it's just a remnant.
47:14 How many want to be among the remnant?
47:15 Who wants to be among the remnant?
47:17 Who wants to say, you know what?
47:18 I dare to be different like-- dare to be a Daniel?
47:20 Amen.
47:21 Dare to be different? Amen.
47:23 And so keep the unchanged law of God
47:25 or keep the changed law of God.
47:27 That's the choice.
47:28 So what is the only commandment
47:30 that has anything to do with time?
47:33 The fourth commandment.
47:34 Remember I said, think to change times and law.
47:38 What's the only one that has to do with time?
47:40 The fourth commandment about the seventh day Sabbath.
47:43 Let's go there.
47:45 Let's go there to Exodus Chapter 20.
47:49 Exodus Chapter 20.
47:52 Exodus Chapter 20 looking there at verse 8,
47:56 and I'm gonna let you fill in some blanks.
47:58 All right, you ready? Here we go.
48:00 Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it as a holiday.
48:05 Oh, how many agree
48:07 the Sabbath is different from the forth of July?
48:10 It's different from just a Thanksgiving Day?
48:13 It is holy.
48:16 "Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.
48:18 Six days you shall labor and do all your work,
48:21 but the seventh day is the Sabbath of the Jew."
48:25 Were the Ten Commandments given for everyone
48:27 or just for the Jews.
48:30 Jew or gentile is it wrong to kill?
48:33 Steal?
48:34 Commit adultery? Bare fault--
48:36 How many agree the Ten Commandments are
48:37 for all mankind?
48:39 That's why Jesus said "The Sabbath was made for man"
48:42 Mark 2:27, 28.
48:45 "But the seventh day is the Sabbath
48:47 of the Lord your God."
48:48 So it's the Lord's day.
48:50 "In it you shall do no work," unless your boss wants you to.
48:56 Now keep in mind
48:57 did Jesus work miracles on the Sabbath
49:00 and He said, "It's lawful to do well
49:03 or to relieve suffering on the Sabbath."
49:05 Is it okay if we have hospitals
49:08 saving peoples lives on the Sabbath?
49:10 Absolutely. Absolutely.
49:12 And so "But the seventh day
49:14 is the Sabbath of the Lord your God.
49:16 In it you shall do no work, you, nor your son,
49:19 notice how God is expanding on it.
49:21 He is trying to make it very thorough
49:22 so that there is no excuse for a person,
49:25 not even the delegated.
49:27 I want you to notice it.
49:28 "You, nor your son" don't be telling your son,
49:30 hey, son, well, listen, I can't keep the Sabbath
49:33 all right or I can't work on the Sabbath so you work for me.
49:38 "In it you shall do no work,
49:40 you, nor your son, nor your daughter,
49:42 nor your male servant, nor your female servant,
49:44 nor your cattle, nor your stranger
49:46 who is within your gates."
49:47 Why?
49:49 For in six days the Lord made the heavens and the earth.
49:51 Are we called in Revelation
49:53 to come back to worshipping the Creator?
49:55 And those who do that are described as he or those
49:58 who keep the commandments of God.
50:01 In the last days there is a call
50:03 to come back to keeping the Sabbath.
50:05 Why?
50:06 Because the commandment that begins
50:07 with the word "remember" is the most forgotten today
50:11 and the most forgotten commandment.
50:14 But it is sublime.
50:16 Notice the Bible says here,
50:18 "For in six days the Lord made the heavens and the earth,
50:20 the sea, and all that is in them,
50:22 and rested the seventh day.
50:23 Therefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day
50:25 and hallowed it."
50:27 Sometimes people tell me,
50:28 well, Mark, I keep every day holy.
50:29 No, you don't
50:31 because the biblical definition of keeping that day holy
50:33 is you don't work on that day
50:34 and most people have to work for a living.
50:38 And so listen,
50:39 oh, yeah, of course, we're God's holy people,
50:41 of course we want to live from a holy life every day
50:44 but you got to work for a living
50:45 but not on the seventh day.
50:47 So what does the fourth commandment say?
50:50 "Remember the Sabbath." How?
50:52 By keeping it holy and not working on that day.
50:55 What's that day?
50:56 The seventh day of the week.
50:58 What is that day?
50:59 Look on the calendar, it's Saturday.
51:01 Oh, but that calendar has been changed.
51:03 Never has the weekly cycle been changed
51:07 and if you ever doubt that
51:08 the Jews keep the same day that Jesus kept
51:11 and the Jews have it right.
51:13 But Christians need to tell them
51:15 it's not enough to observe the Sabbath.
51:18 You got to accept the Lord of the Sabbath.
51:21 Can you say, amen?
51:22 But, you know, we need to tell the Jews.
51:25 We need to tell orthodox Jews,
51:27 you know what? You got something.
51:29 We Christians can learn a little something
51:32 that the law of God is unchanged.
51:35 But you, Jews, we love you too.
51:37 You need to be a Jew for Jesus.
51:39 Can you say, amen?
51:40 And so listen,
51:42 three changes that the Catholic Church has made
51:45 to the commandments.
51:46 I share this in love,
51:48 please, please, I share this with all sensitivity.
51:51 Three changes, number one, deleted the second commandment.
51:54 Number two, made the tenth commandment two.
51:57 Number three, changed the Sabbath
51:58 from Saturday to Sunday.
52:00 There are three changes and you know what?
52:03 Most people are not fully aware of this.
52:06 But now you know. Now you know.
52:08 Does the papal power admit changing the Sabbath
52:11 from Saturday to Sunday,
52:13 do they actually acknowledge that?
52:15 Catechism.
52:17 Question, which is the Sabbath day?
52:19 Answer, Saturday is the Sabbath day.
52:21 Question, why do we observe Sunday instead of Saturday?
52:24 Answer, we observe Sunday instead of Saturday
52:27 because the Catholic Church
52:29 in the council of Laodicea (A.D. 336),
52:33 transferred the solemnity from Saturday to Sunday.
52:39 That's a Convert's Catechism
52:40 of Catholic Doctrine, 1957 edition.
52:43 So therefore, Daniel predicted the change.
52:47 The church admits the change. History reveals the change.
52:51 The Bible condemns the change.
52:53 And I'm not going along with the change.
52:55 Would you agree?
52:56 If you need to make a change in order to keep the day
53:00 that has been unchanged
53:02 then I say, change to keep that which has been unchanged.
53:05 Are you with me?
53:08 Cardinal Gibbons, the late James Cardinal Gibbons said,
53:11 "You may read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation,
53:14 and you will not find a single line
53:16 authorizing the sanctification of Sunday.
53:20 The scriptures enforce
53:21 the religious observance of Saturday."
53:24 What a candid admission. What did Jesus say?
53:29 "Whosoever therefore shall break
53:32 one of these least commandments,
53:34 and shall teach men so,
53:35 he shall be called the least in the kingdom of heaven,
53:38 but whosoever shall do and teach them,
53:40 the same shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven."
53:42 Mark, are you saying that all those who don't keep
53:44 this seventh day Sabbath are gonna be lost?
53:46 No, I'm not saying that.
53:47 But here's what I'm saying.
53:50 That when we know better
53:52 and we turn our back on the truth
53:54 that's a whole another thing.
53:56 What does the Bible say?
53:59 "Therefore to him that knows to do good,
54:02 and does not do it, to him it is sin."
54:05 James 4:17.
54:07 "At times of ignorance
54:09 God overlooks it, winkes at it."
54:12 Acts 17:30.
54:14 But you shall know the truth and it will set you free,
54:18 if you know it and follow it.
54:24 So therefore,
54:26 did Jesus keep the Sabbath?
54:28 Luke 4:16, Luke 4.
54:31 Are we learning something tonight?
54:33 Luke 4:16, let's go there very quickly.
54:37 Luke 4:16,
54:41 so he himself-- I'm sorry here.
54:45 Luke 4:16, "So He came to Nazareth,
54:47 where He had been brought up.
54:49 And as His custom was," His habit, His tradition
54:51 "He went into the synagogue"
54:53 church "on the Sabbath day, and stood up to read."
54:56 If it's good enough for Jesus
54:57 it ought to be good enough for us.
54:59 Can you thunder out an amen to Jesus tonight?
55:01 Amen.
55:03 Did Jesus know
55:04 which day was the true seventh day of the week?
55:06 Did He know?
55:07 And do you know that He observed
55:09 what the Romans called--
55:10 at that time they called
55:13 the seventh day of the week what do they call it?
55:15 They called it Saturday.
55:17 The Roman Julian calendar
55:18 was in effect in the time of Christ.
55:20 Now we have the Gregorian calendar
55:22 but we still call the seventh day of the week
55:24 Saturday and the Bible doesn't call it Saturday
55:26 it calls it the Sabbath.
55:27 What's God's number?
55:28 Even gambling casinos recognize this special number.
55:31 What's the number? Number seven.
55:33 Sunday is not number seven.
55:34 Now, can I go to church on Sunday?
55:36 Absolutely.
55:38 Hey, what's tonight?
55:40 This is Sunday night,
55:42 of course, really this is the beginning
55:44 of the second day of the week
55:47 because the day begins not at midnight
55:50 but at sunset according to the Bible.
55:53 So listen,
55:54 did Jesus ever change the Sabbath?
55:58 Let's go to Matthew 5:17.
56:02 We are running out of time now here tonight
56:05 and we are gonna pick up this message on another night.
56:09 And looking here in Matthew Chapter 5.
56:12 Have we learned a lot tonight?
56:14 Matthew 5:17, Matthew 5:17,
56:20 "Do not think
56:22 that I came to destroy the Law or the Prophets.
56:24 I did not come to destroy but to fulfill."
56:26 Mark, there it is.
56:28 He fulfilled it therefore we don't have to keep it.
56:30 Bible says in Matthew Chapter 3
56:33 the Bible says that Jesus fulfilled baptism
56:38 and that's Matthew Chapter 3,
56:40 Matthew Chapter 3 looking there verse 15.
56:44 Jesus said to John, John protested.
56:47 "Me baptize you?
56:48 I'm not worthy to unloose your sandal."
56:51 And Jesus said in response,
56:53 "No, we have to do this to fulfill all righteousness."
56:56 How many still believe baptism by immersion?
56:59 Amen.
57:00 By the way baptism by sprinkling
57:01 came from the Roman papal power.
57:04 Now listen carefully as we close,
57:07 does truth matter?
57:11 Bible makes it very clear that in the last days
57:14 there will be so much deception
57:17 but Jesus Christ wants us to get our eyes on Him
57:23 looking unto Jesus
57:26 the author and finisher of our faith.
57:30 Although sudden and alarming changes
57:33 are sweeping across the globe
57:35 you and your family can be prepared
57:37 to face the future with comforts.
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