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00:04 We are racing towards the global crisis at the close.
00:09 God is going to set up His kingdom on earth.
00:13 Preparation for the tribulation and the translation
00:17 is to develop a character like Jesus Christ.
00:21 To reach every hamlet, every village, every man,
00:24 every child, every person in India,
00:27 every person in South America
00:28 must hear these three angels' messages.>>
00:34 These are stories that illustrate
00:37 the kind of fabric of character and perseverance
00:39 that we need to go through the tribulation
00:42 just as certainly as they did.
00:44 The Bible makes it very clear
00:45 we are living in an unusual hour,
00:48 the last grains of sand are trickling
00:50 through the hourglass of time
00:52 and the door of probation is about to swing shut.
01:01 Tonight's message I've entitled
01:04 "Your Seventh-Hour Miracle!" Your Seventh-Hour Miracle!
01:11 Take your Bible and turn with me
01:12 to Revelation Chapter 14.
01:14 What book of the Bible?
01:16 Revelation Chapter 14,
01:19 it's the centerpiece of the Book of Revelation.
01:22 Four hundred four verses, 22 chapters all inspired,
01:27 all relevant for the last hours of earth's history.
01:31 Revelation 14, looking there at verse 12.
01:36 It is a pivotal passage and it sets the pace and tone
01:41 for tonight's topic, "Your Seventh-Hour Miracle!"
01:46 Revelation 14:12,
01:48 can we thunder this out together?
01:51 Let's do it. Here we go.
01:53 "Here is the patience of the saints.
01:56 Here are those who keep the commandments of God
01:59 and the faith of Jesus."
02:01 Now there is three elements there
02:03 and they are all intimately connected.
02:05 They are really inseparable. Notice these three elements.
02:09 Number one, here is the what of the saints?
02:13 The patience.
02:14 The word patience there could be properly rendered>>
02:18 perseverance or perseverance or endurance.
02:23 Everybody say endurance, you know.
02:25 How many have ever watched the marathon?
02:27 You know, I don't really track with sports.
02:29 I don't really watch sports that much.
02:32 Number one, I'm too busy.
02:33 Number two, if you are for a particular team
02:36 I've learned from hard, you know,
02:39 hard experiences in the past
02:40 that if you root for say the Chicago Bears
02:43 like I used to years and years and years ago,
02:46 one day up and one day down.
02:48 So I just said, forget it. I just don't like that.
02:51 So let me tell you something,
02:53 we are living in the last moments
02:55 of earth's history and this is no game.
02:57 This is the real deal. We need to be ready for heaven.
03:02 We need to be ready when Jesus comes
03:04 in all His glory and there is only one thing
03:07 we take to heaven, it's our character
03:09 and we must develop a character by overcoming.
03:13 And an element we need there is endurance.
03:16 So I don't really follow sports that much
03:18 but when it comes to endurance
03:20 immediately my attention is riveted upon the--
03:24 that the illustration of a marathon or runner,
03:29 a person that does a sprint, or a quarter mile or a mile.
03:34 I admire those who have endurance to run
03:38 and some that can run long distances.
03:41 I have a friend, Leo Schreven who just walked across
03:44 the United States of America in 100 days.
03:47 Only a handful of other people have ever done that in 100 days
03:52 and he landed on his 50th birthday
03:54 and now my son and I and my wife,
03:57 not so much Jordan kind of thinking,
03:59 hmm, do we want to do this?
04:01 But I'm a little over 50 but anyway, endurance,
04:05 we need endurance and the illustration
04:08 of physical endurance is an illustration
04:10 of how we need to have spiritual endurance.
04:12 And even Paul talked about
04:15 a spiritual race that we are in.
04:18 I want you to go there with me
04:20 and then we are gonna go back to Revelation 14:12.
04:23 We are going now to the Book of Hebrews,
04:26 the Book of Hebrews, Hebrews Chapter 12.
04:29 Are we in a race to the close? That's right.
04:33 And the Book of Revelation showcases a group of people
04:37 in the last days that have developed
04:39 an element of their character of perseverance.
04:43 In other words, they-- >>
04:44 Character is who you are and God is gonna have a people
04:49 who in their very innermost soul are people
04:52 who say, "I will never give up because I have Jesus.
04:55 I'm gonna persevere, I'm gonna press on,
04:58 I'm gonna make it, I'm gonna be an overcomer."
05:00 And so look here at Hebrews. Hebrews, all right?>>
05:04 Hebrews Chapter 12.
05:06 We are gonna be looking at a lot of scriptures tonight.
05:09 Hebrews Chapter 12 and notice the illustration
05:13 that Paul uses in the context of perseverance.
05:18 Does the Book of Revelation say
05:19 that God will have a people that must persevere,
05:22 the patience of the saints?
05:23 The endurance of the saints?
05:25 Notice here Hebrews Chapter 12,
05:28 "Therefore we also, since we are surrounded
05:30 by so great a cloud of witnesses,
05:32 let us lay aside every weight,
05:34 and the sin which so easily ensnares us,
05:37 and let us" what?
05:39 "Run with" what?
05:41 "Endurance" come on, yell it out, endurance.
05:44 "Endurance the race that is set before us."
05:47 So Paul says, you are in a race and you got to endure,
05:51 you got to make it to the finish.
05:54 How? How are we gonna make it?
05:57 How are we going to persevere?
06:00 Let me just throw it out immediately to you.
06:02 We are going through the tribulation.
06:06 We are gonna go through
06:07 the final crucible of trial before Jesus comes.
06:10 We need to develop the muscle of faith.
06:13 We need to have a character
06:15 that is unshakable with the help of Jesus.
06:18 How many agree, I can do all things
06:20 through Christ who strengthens me,
06:22 Philippians 4:13.
06:24 Now look at this, "looking unto Jesus,
06:26 the author" that is the originator
06:28 "and the finisher", the finisher or the perfector,
06:33 the developer, he finishes what He starts.
06:37 Paul said, you can have confidence
06:40 that He who has begun a good work in you
06:43 will finish it.
06:44 That's Philippians 1:6.
06:46 Are we living in the last days? Yes, we are.
06:48 So would you agree whatever He is doing
06:50 with the saints He is doing finishing touches?
06:55 Amen? How many agree?
06:56 Whatever He is doing to our character,
06:58 this is it, this is it.
07:00 Whatever He is doing with our character,
07:03 He is doing a very quick work.
07:06 And so the Bible says here, "Looking unto Jesus,"
07:09 this is how we persevere.
07:11 "The author and finisher of our faith."
07:13 So what is going to be perfected
07:17 before we finish the race?
07:20 Our faith.
07:22 Does this make sense?
07:23 Our faith must be perfected before we finish the race.
07:28 But some are teaching you
07:29 and false prophets and false preachers,
07:32 Jesus said they would abound, that, no.
07:35 Just-- Jesus will just come and snatch you away,>>
07:39 you don't have to endure tribulation
07:41 but the tribulation is preparation for translation.
07:48 Because we must develop a character
07:52 that is prepared to go through the tribulation
07:55 which is the preparation for the graduation.
07:58 You know, we all want the graduation.
08:00 Lord, just take me home.
08:02 Some do pass away before that tribulation.
08:06 I don't know about you,
08:08 I want to be alive when Jesus comes.
08:09 Amen?
08:10 Now if the Lord should see that--
08:12 see fit that I would be laid to rest
08:14 before the tribulation begins, but let me tell you,
08:16 it's around the corner but that's His,
08:19 whatever His will is, so be it.
08:21 But I want you to notice this,
08:24 "endurance the race that is set before us."
08:26 How?
08:28 Look to Jesus, He is perfecting your faith.
08:30 Did we read about, first element was perseverance,
08:33 second element was they keep the Commandments of God
08:37 and the third element, can you remember that?
08:40 Faith of Jesus, that's right. The faith of Jesus.
08:43 So do you see the faith of Jesus and endurance
08:46 in the context here of Hebrews 12?
08:49 Yes.
08:50 So there is a parallel, enduring faith.
08:53 A faith that says, "I'm not giving up.
08:55 It's not in my vocabulary."
08:58 How many agree, the devil knows that
08:59 in the back of your mind, you have a reservation
09:03 that says, okay, if certain things happen,
09:05 if a certain scenario is developed, that's when I say,
09:08 "That's enough. I can't handle this anymore. I'm giving up."
09:11 How many agree, the devil knows
09:12 that you have that, a button that he can push?
09:14 He knows that in the back of your mind,
09:16 he can create certain circumstances
09:19 in which you would say, forget it, I throw in the towel.
09:22 But God wants to develop a people that say,
09:26 "You know what, I don't care how dark it gets,
09:28 I'm gonna learn just to have a song in the night."
09:32 It says that in Psalms 32, I believe it is,
09:35 and anyway you can check it out in the scriptures.
09:37 I want you to notice here, "Looking unto Jesus,
09:40 the author and finisher of our faith,
09:42 who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross."
09:45 Will God's people have to go through the cross?
09:49 There is a parallel between the final days of Christ's life
09:53 and the final days of His remnant,
09:55 His people in the last days.
09:57 There is a striking parallel.
09:59 Jesus was persecuted,
10:01 God's people will be persecuted.
10:03 Jesus went through an unfair trial
10:06 before a corrupt government.
10:10 What do you think?
10:11 You think the government in the last days
10:13 is gonna be nice and pure and...
10:17 And so let me tell you something.
10:19 A corrupt government gave in to pressure
10:23 from a corrupt church, right?
10:27 These were corrupt religious leaders putting pressure
10:30 on corrupt political leaders and they persecuted Jesus.
10:34 Will that scenario have a dreadful déjà vu
10:38 or repeat performance, it will.
10:40 It will.
10:41 So in other words, we need to have,
10:43 what does the Bible say?
10:44 The faith of Jesus because what He went through
10:48 we are gonna go through.
10:49 But He said, "In the world you are gonna have tribulation,
10:51 but be of good cheer, I have overcome."
10:53 John 16:33.
10:54 So what is He saying? I went through it.
10:57 Jesus said in John 15, I think it's around verse 12,
11:01 He says, if they hated you or if they hated Me,
11:05 you know, they are gonna hate you.
11:06 If they persecuted me,
11:08 you know, they are gonna persecute you.
11:10 Everyone who wants to live a godly life in Christ Jesus
11:13 shall suffer persecution, 2 Timothy 3:12.
11:16 You say, Mark, I was fine
11:17 until I stumbled in here tonight.
11:19 I'm going through daily tribulations,
11:20 you are telling me about
11:22 another tribulation coming my way.
11:23 But listen, you know how you can endure
11:26 your daily tribulations?
11:28 Is when you see the big picture and you realize,
11:32 ultimately, He is gonna pull you through it all.
11:36 You are gonna stand on the sea of glass being an overcomer.
11:39 Would you like to see that? Would you like to see that?
11:42 Anyway "despising the shame,
11:44 and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God."
11:46 Let's just keep reading.
11:48 For consider-- in other words,
11:49 look to Jesus at His throne, He made it.
11:51 Everybody say that with me, He made it.
11:53 Come on, shout it out.
11:54 He made it, therefore you can make it.
11:57 He made it, you can make it
11:59 because the same spirit of Jesus dwells in us.
12:02 Amen?
12:04 He is an overcomer, we are an overcomer
12:06 because His spirit dwells in us.
12:08 And so I want you to notice here,
12:10 Hebrews 12:3.
12:12 "For consider Him who endured", there it is.
12:15 Jesus endured, you can endure.
12:17 "For consider Him who endured
12:18 such hostility from sinners against Himself,
12:22 lest you become weary and discouraged in your souls."
12:26 Do you know why the disciples kept falling asleep?
12:30 The Bible tells us.
12:33 Does anybody know?
12:35 Why? It says they were sorrowful.
12:39 When you get discouraged and depressed,
12:41 you really don't feel like praying
12:44 but that's the time to pray or be an easy prey.
12:48 And so I want you to notice here,
12:50 it says here, don't give up, don't be discouraged.
12:54 "You have not yet resisted to bloodshed,
12:56 striving against sin."
12:57 So what is he saying?
12:59 Paul is saying here, if you feel like giving up,
13:02 look at what Jesus went through.
13:03 Come on, you haven't sweat blood, Paul says.
13:06 In other words what's the idea?
13:08 Endure.
13:09 What's a theme, an overarching theme,
13:12 a theme that is woven
13:13 throughout the golden pages of Revelation?
13:16 The theme is this,
13:17 you must overcome to be saved at last.
13:21 Overcoming sin, self and Satan through the scriptures,
13:26 through the Word of God.
13:27 This is how Jesus overcame.
13:29 Now take your Bible and turn with me
13:31 to Revelation Chapter 15.
13:33 I know, you know, we are going somewhere with this.
13:35 The Holy Spirit is here tonight, amen,
13:39 and look at Revelation Chapter 15.
13:41 "Then I saw another sign in heaven,
13:43 great and marvelous, seven angels
13:45 having the seven last plagues,
13:47 for in them the wrath of God is complete.
13:49 And I saw something like a sea of glass mingled with fire,
13:53 and those who have gotten" the what?
13:56 "Victory over the beast, over his image, over his mark,
14:00 and over the number of his name,
14:02 standing on the sea of glass."
14:06 You know, there is the sea of glass
14:08 and there is a lake of fire, we are all going to something,
14:13 either the sea of glass or the lake of fire.
14:16 The Book of Revelation
14:17 is a series of stark, sharp contrasts.
14:21 You got Babylon and you got Jerusalem.
14:23 You got the mark of the beast, you got the seal of God.
14:25 You got the dragon, you got the lamb.
14:27 You got the harlot woman, you got the pure woman.
14:31 You got 666, you got 7s.
14:33 I mean, on and on and on there is a list there.
14:35 Why?
14:37 Because there is only two groups.
14:38 There are those who are saved and those who are lost
14:41 and we must make a choice.
14:42 And so notice here, it says here
14:44 they are gonna get the victory.
14:46 So how can you stand on the sea of glass?
14:49 Well, you got to have victory. You got to have victory.
14:53 Now, I'm so glad that if we fail,
14:56 what does the Bible say 1 John 2:1?
15:00 "Beloved, I write to you, that you may not sin."
15:03 But if we sin we have an advocate
15:06 with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous.
15:08 Does that give you some good news?
15:10 Don't sin but if you do make a mistake
15:13 ask Him for forgiveness and move on.
15:16 Can you say amen?
15:17 That's 1 John 1 and-- 1 John 2:1.
15:22 Now listen, what book are we focusing in on right now?
15:26 The Book of Revelation.
15:28 Does the Book of Revelation say,
15:30 in order to make it to the sea of glass
15:34 you got to have victory.
15:36 In other words you are gonna go through the tribulation.
15:39 So the Bible makes it very clear there is tribulation
15:44 and that is purification and preparation
15:48 for the graduation, the glorification
15:51 when we get a brand new body in translation.
15:55 All right, is that enough?
15:58 Can I make it simple?
15:59 Prepare for the tribulation because the tribulation
16:03 is preparation for the coming of Christ.
16:06 And I keep repeating myself
16:09 because repetition is the key to retention.
16:12 I want this to be so simple a child can understand it.
16:15 A major theme in the scriptures is,
16:18 you got to be an overcomer, so you need an overcoming,
16:21 enduring, persevering faith
16:23 and that needs to be come who you are.
16:25 Here is the patience of the saints, here they are.
16:28 They got that character.
16:29 Here is the patience of the saints.
16:32 Listen, here are they that have the faith of Jesus.
16:36 Jesus overcame.
16:37 I want you to notice here, Revelation--
16:40 So notice here, do we have
16:42 to overcome the beast and his image and his mark
16:45 and his number, do we need to be an overcomer?
16:47 Absolutely. How?
16:49 Through Jesus Christ alone because Jesus said
16:51 without Me you can do nothing, John 15:5.
16:55 So I want you to notice here,
16:57 I want you to notice we must be an overcomer.
16:59 Can I give you a positive proof
17:01 that we are going through the tribulation?
17:03 Look at Revelation 16:15
17:07 in the context of the sixth plague.
17:09 "Behold, I am coming as a thief.
17:11 Blessed is he who watches, and keeps his garments,
17:14 lest he walk naked and they see his shame."
17:16 What is this saying?
17:17 It's saying Jesus is saying, I'm coming as a thief.
17:20 Wait, it's in the context of the sixth plague.
17:23 So what is He saying? I'm coming after the plagues.
17:27 I'm coming after the tribulation.
17:29 I'm coming after I've purified your character.
17:32 No wonder it says in 1 John 3:3
17:36 that everyone who has a hope in the coming of Jesus Christ
17:39 purifies himself even as He is pure
17:43 because the confidence we have is that
17:45 when Jesus comes, we are like Him.
17:48 Now He can do it. He is the alpha and omega.
17:51 How many agree? He can do it.
17:52 Nothing is impossible with God.
17:54 He can perfect your character, so don't be discouraged.
17:58 If you fail, you ask for forgiveness
18:00 and you forget the things that are behind
18:02 and you press on, Philippians 3:13, 14.
18:05 To the prize of the high calling of Jesus Christ.
18:09 What is that high calling? Everybody say high calling.
18:12 What is the high calling?
18:14 It's spotlighted there in the Book of Revelation.
18:16 To develop a character,
18:18 to put on the robe of Christ's life.
18:22 Our goal, saints, is to be like Jesus
18:26 and we must have an overcoming faith to be like Jesus.
18:30 Now I'm gonna make this more practical
18:32 as we proceed, very practical.
18:34 You'll notice in this seminar we combine two things
18:37 in our preaching and teaching and Bible study investigation.
18:41 Number one, prophetic. Number two, practical.
18:46 Because if you don't get the practical,
18:49 the prophetic will scare you to death.
18:53 Amen?
18:54 But remember it's a revelation of Jesus Christ
18:57 and the lamb wins and those who follow the lamb
19:02 wherever he goes, Revelation 14, they prevail with Him.
19:06 They go through the tribulation.
19:07 Notice here, it says here, Jesus says
19:11 that He is coming as a thief after the tribulation,
19:13 after the plagues are poured out.
19:15 So He says there, hold on,
19:17 don't give up your trust in My righteousness.
19:20 Keep your garments on.
19:22 Well, how many agree in ourself we are naked
19:25 but we put on Christ's righteousness how?
19:27 By faith.
19:28 So what He is saying there, don't give up your faith.
19:31 Hold on because the devil will try to use
19:34 the tribulation to shake our faith
19:36 but instead it will strengthen our faith.
19:39 How many agree?
19:40 The more the devil throws stuff at you,
19:42 the more you get strong in Jesus
19:45 because you cry out to Jesus and you say,
19:47 "Lord, I can't deal with this infuriated foe,
19:50 protect me, put on the whole armor of God."
19:54 If you are going through a personal crisis in your life,
19:57 if you are facing financial challenges,
19:59 if you are suffering from a health problem,
20:02 if your marriage is needing a miracle,
20:04 if you have a special concern for your children,
20:06 whatever you need may be, give us a call
20:09 and we will pray with you.
20:10 For your prayer requests call us at 1-855-336-Free.
20:15 "If the Son sets you free,
20:17 you are free indeed," John 8:36.
20:24 Let's look at Revelation Chapter 3,
20:26 are we going through the tribulation?
20:28 That's clear evidence, positive proof.
20:30 Revelation 3:10, "Because you have kept
20:34 My command to persevere," to persevere, don't give up
20:37 "I also will keep you from the hour of trial
20:40 which shall come upon the whole world,
20:41 to test" test what?
20:43 Their faith.
20:44 Their faith, the faith that leads to obedience.
20:47 Here is the patience of the saints.
20:49 Here are those who keep the Commandments of God
20:51 and the faith of Jesus, Revelation 14:12.
20:53 Now watch this.
20:55 It says here "to test those who dwell on the earth."
20:58 The global showdown test is coming.
21:02 We are racing towards that final exam
21:05 before our graduation.
21:07 Is this making sense?
21:09 Now I want you to--
21:11 want to show you something else.
21:12 We must overcome, we must be an overcomer.
21:15 Amen?
21:17 Look at Revelation Chapter 7. Revelation 7:14,
21:22 "And I said to him, 'Sir, you know.'
21:24 So he said to me, 'These are the ones
21:28 who have come out of great'" what?
21:31 "Tribulation, and washed their robes."
21:34 What's the robes? That's their character.
21:38 "And made them white in the blood of the Lamb."
21:42 Before Adam and Eve sinned, they had a robe of light,
21:47 but when they sinned that robe of light was gone
21:52 and they felt nothing but what?
21:54 Naked.
21:55 Did they feel naked before that?
21:56 No.
21:58 In other words they were clothed.
21:59 Not literally but they were clothed
22:01 with that spiritual light, that connection with God.
22:05 So when it talks about,
22:07 you know, being clothed, would you agree
22:09 that is we are connected with God.
22:11 We trust in Jesus, our righteousness.
22:14 In other words we are not looking to our self.
22:16 We know we are naked so we are looking to Jesus
22:19 and we are taking hold of His righteousness.
22:21 We are saying, Jesus, You are worthy.
22:24 I worship You. I look to You.
22:26 I trust in You. I want to live for You.
22:28 I want to look like You. I want to talk like You.
22:31 I want to act like You.
22:33 I want to be one with You, follow You.
22:36 Amen? It's all about Jesus.
22:38 The Book of Revelation has scary beasts,
22:43 ominous numbers, harlot women, lake of fire,
22:48 terrible seven last plagues and then there is Jesus
22:51 all throughout the Book of Revelation.
22:53 The term Lamb, for example, is used about 29 times
22:58 in the Book of Revelation.
23:00 What is that telling us?
23:02 It's telling us that Jesus is the star of Revelation.
23:05 Amen?
23:07 And He is the star that never goes out.
23:09 And He is called the morning star.
23:11 And so I want you to notice here, Revelation 12:17.
23:16 "And the dragon was enraged with the woman,
23:19 and he went to make war
23:21 with the rest of her offspring," the remnant
23:23 "who keep the commandments of God
23:25 and they have the testimony of Jesus Christ."
23:27 And the devil is angry. He is enraged.
23:30 He makes war against these people.
23:32 Why?
23:33 Because they are uplifting the Commandments of God.
23:34 Now watch this.
23:36 It will soon be against the law to keep God's law.
23:42 See I'm talking about the nature of tribulation.
23:44 I'm talking about preparation for the tribulation
23:47 which is purification
23:48 for the second coming of Christ.
23:51 So watch this, you must know
23:53 that there is a war launched against us.
23:57 We are on the devil's target list.
24:00 But guess what?
24:01 Greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world.
24:05 Now that's overcoming language, 1 John 4:4.
24:09 "This is the victory that overcometh the world,
24:11 even our faith," 1 John 5:4.
24:15 "We walk by faith and not by sight,"
24:17 2 Corinthians 5:7.
24:19 In other words, in the last days
24:20 when the very fabric of our faith is tested,
24:23 it's tested to see do you have a faith
24:26 that's in the Word of God or are you putting faith
24:29 in your feelings and your circumstances
24:32 and things that you can see?
24:33 Because the Bible makes it very clear
24:35 before Jesus comes, you won't be able to buy or sell
24:39 if you refuse the mark of the beast.
24:40 Would you agree?
24:42 That sounds like tribulation stuff.
24:44 There will be a swift, harsh death decree issued
24:48 against those who say to the government,
24:51 I'm not going along with this mark of the beast.
24:53 They will say, okay, we are gonna kill you.
24:54 That sounds like tribulation stuff.
24:57 The Bible says, "He will never leave us
25:00 nor forsake us," Hebrews 13:5, 6.
25:05 "Lo, I am with you always,
25:06 even to the end of the world," Matthew 28:20.
25:10 Now watch this, watch this.
25:12 I want you to notice, the devil launches
25:15 a war against the faithful, against God's people.
25:19 He makes a war. What is the nature of that war?
25:22 It is expanded in the next verses.
25:26 Revelation 12:17 introduces
25:29 the prophetic scenario of two beasts
25:33 that the dragon uses to assault,
25:36 attack and harass and oppress
25:39 and make war against God's people.
25:41 And these two beasts,
25:42 the first beast is the papal power.
25:45 Now we've had a couple presentations
25:47 in which we have exposed the sinister antichrist
25:50 and the Protestant reformers were right.
25:53 They pointed using scripture unerringly
25:58 to the antichrist being,
26:02 categorically affirming this, the Roman papal system.
26:08 Now this may be new
26:09 but the apostate religious system,
26:11 there is apostate Christian church
26:14 that has many wonderful people that have been impacted by it.
26:18 This is, as the protestant reformers
26:20 and even King James himself,
26:22 this is none other than antichrist.
26:24 And the Bible says you must overcome the antichrist
26:27 and Paul said in 2 Thessalonians 2:3,4
26:31 he said, before we are gathered together
26:33 to go be with the Lord we are going to have to be
26:37 confronted with and overcome the man of sin.
26:41 The antichrist, 2 Thessalonians 2:3,4.
26:45 So sequence is very important.
26:48 We need to get the prophetic timetable
26:51 and sequence of events very clear in our mind.
26:54 Wrap our mind around it.
26:55 Number one, we are living when so many signs of the times
26:59 are happening unfolding before our mind
27:01 and political world, social world,
27:02 environmental world, economic world,
27:04 religious world, social world.
27:06 I'm gonna agree it's just wild, amen?
27:08 It's kind of like the weather,
27:10 wacky and wild and unpredictable.
27:12 That's the way our world is. How many agree?
27:14 You got to be tonight, you don't know
27:15 what you are gonna wake up to tomorrow
27:17 and some game changers, some paradigm shifts,
27:21 you know, you just don't know.
27:23 And so listen, my Bible tells me
27:26 the devil has launched an all out assault
27:30 because in Revelation 12:12 it says, the devil knows
27:33 his days are numbered and he's come down to the earth
27:36 with great wrath knowing that his time is short.
27:42 And Jesus said the night comes
27:44 when no man could work, John 9:4.
27:47 So how many agree we got to get the gospel out
27:49 because people are becoming more gospel hardened.
27:52 I'm gonna agree people are becoming like Pharaoh.
27:55 And because Pharaoh
27:57 was so hard-hearted, the plagues fell.
27:59 That's gonna be repeated.
28:00 When people become like Pharaoh,
28:02 they get the mark of the beast and they get the plagues.
28:06 But God's people are gonna become more like Jesus
28:08 and they are gonna shine for Jesus
28:10 and they are going to glorify Jesus and preach Jesus
28:14 and they don't care about what man says.
28:15 They say, well, we are gonna kill you.
28:17 Go ahead, I'm gonna go with Jesus.
28:19 You won't be able to buy or sell.
28:22 I'm gonna follow Jesus.
28:24 I want you to notice here in Revelation 13,
28:27 the second beast, we'll identify that
28:30 in a subsequent presentation,
28:32 but I'll blurt it out, it's the United States of America.
28:35 Now I'll back it up in a future presentation
28:37 but the United States and the Vatican
28:39 are gonna work together
28:40 to enforce the mark of the beast,
28:42 that's coming up, that's coming up.
28:44 Revelation 13:16, 17, "He causes all,
28:49 both small and great, rich and poor,
28:50 free and slave, to receive a mark
28:52 on their right hand or on their foreheads,
28:54 and that no one may buy or sell"
28:56 economic boycott, except those--
28:59 "except one who has the mark or the name of the beast,
29:01 or the number of his name."
29:02 So in other words what it's saying there,
29:04 if you are not politically correct
29:07 you are gonna be oppressed.
29:08 There will be an oppressive law with some teeth in it
29:14 that says you cannot worship the Creator
29:19 and keep His commandments, you must worship the beast
29:22 and keep the changed commandments.
29:25 You see, in the last days the issue is
29:27 who really loves Jesus?
29:30 How many agree there is a whole
29:32 lot of Christians today that profess to love Jesus?
29:36 Can you imagine if every person
29:37 in the United States of America
29:39 that professed to love Jesus really did love Jesus?
29:42 I'm here to tell you, we'd feel like
29:44 we had a little heaven on earth.
29:47 But instead, we have a little bit of hell on earth.
29:51 Because the Bible says in the last days
29:53 2 Corinthians 3:5
29:56 that people would have a form of godliness but no power.
30:00 You can read it there 2 Corinthians--
30:02 2 Timothy 3:5.
30:04 And that's why the Bible says "Perilous days will come."
30:07 It's right there 2 Timothy 3:1-5.
30:10 Now look at verse 15, "He was granted power
30:13 to give breath to the image of the beast,
30:15 that the image of the beast should both speak and cause
30:17 as many as would not worship
30:19 the image of the beast to be killed."
30:21 Now let me ask you this,
30:24 do we need to have
30:25 a persevering faith in the last days?
30:27 Yes or no, to persevere?
30:29 Who can you think of
30:33 that was translated after going through a tribulation
30:39 and having a strong prayer life of faith
30:43 and he was translated without seeing death
30:46 and he is a type of the church at the close
30:48 and we need to have that kind of faith.
30:50 His name is Elijah.
30:52 Elijah is a type of the church.
30:55 I got a whole another presentation
30:56 dealing with the return of Elijah.
30:58 What does that mean?
31:00 But I will tell you this, the Bible makes it very clear
31:02 that God will have modern Elijahs
31:06 that like Elijah go through the tribulation,
31:09 have the state government and the apostate church
31:13 going against them, Ahab and Jezebel,
31:16 what a conspiracy, what a marriage made in hell
31:20 and there they are, Ahab and Jezebel said
31:24 we are gonna kill Elijah and Elijah was on the run.
31:28 He went through a tribulation
31:30 but he delivered the last message of mercy.
31:33 He delivered a very strong rebuke.
31:36 His message was a message of judgment
31:38 for the government and for the church.
31:41 He was unabashed.
31:43 His message was very straight and clear,
31:46 get back to God, get back to God.
31:50 And you remember,
31:53 you remember that Elijah was persecuted.
31:57 Now you remember he was known to be a man of prayer.
32:00 Take your Bible and turn with me to James,
32:03 James Chapter 5.
32:08 Do we need to have faith in the last days,
32:10 brothers and sisters?
32:11 We need to have a faith, the faith of Jesus, amen,
32:15 and the faith of Elijah,
32:17 the faith of the patriarchs and prophets.
32:19 That's why you read Hebrews Chapter 11,
32:21 it's known as the hall of faith.
32:23 Amen? We got to have faith.
32:26 You know, you see these advertisements
32:28 that say, "Got milk?"
32:29 And they have a milky moustache.
32:31 Hey, how about got faith? Amen.
32:35 James Chapter 5, look here now
32:39 at verse number 16.
32:44 "Confess your trespasses to one another,
32:48 and pray for one another, that you may be healed.
32:50 The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man"
32:53 like Elijah "avails much.
32:55 Elijah was a man with a nature like ours,
32:57 and he prayed earnestly that it would not rain
32:59 and it did not rain on the land
33:00 for three years and six months."
33:02 Now notice the next part.
33:04 "And he prayed again, and the heaven gave rain,
33:07 and the earth produced its fruit."
33:09 Do we need that kind of faith in the last days
33:13 in order to be translated with a character
33:16 that is ready for heaven?
33:18 How many agree Elijah's character was ready for heaven.
33:22 Otherwise he would not have been taken to heaven.
33:25 How many agree? God got him ready.
33:29 He didn't do that on his own.
33:30 As a matter of fact at one point he said,
33:32 I don't even want to live.
33:34 God said, well, too bad, you are gonna live.
33:37 I got work for you to do.
33:38 By the way, you want an antidote to depression?
33:42 Get to work.
33:44 That's what Elijah was basically told.
33:47 Elijah said, "I don't feel like living, God,
33:49 just take my life."
33:51 And God said, "I've called you, let's get to work."
33:55 Isn't God wise? All-wise?
33:58 He knows exactly what to do
34:00 with being in a cave of darkness.
34:03 You don't stay there.
34:04 You got to get out and you got to get your mind off yourself
34:07 and you got to work.
34:08 You want it and let me tell you something,
34:09 talk about a comeback, would you agree,
34:11 he didn't even want to live.
34:13 He was depressed, right?
34:17 Now he is in heaven.
34:19 I say that's an amazing comeback
34:21 to go from depression, not even wanting to live
34:24 and now he is in heaven.
34:26 Good thing he didn't take his life.
34:27 Can you say amen?
34:30 It's never too late while you are breathing.
34:32 I want you to notice here
34:35 that Elijah developed a character of faith
34:39 and it was revealed in his prayer life.
34:42 Show me your prayer life
34:43 and I will show you whether you got faith or not.
34:45 So this is the neat thing and by the way,
34:47 when you pray earnestly, it helps your faith.
34:51 So it really goes together.
34:52 Okay, I want to turn to a story real quick
34:54 in 1 Kings Chapter 18, 1 Kings Chapter 18,
35:00 all right, verse 41.
35:04 This is after the false prophets had been
35:07 killed on Mount Carmel,
35:09 after the Lord had answered by fire
35:11 you remember He said, let's have a showdown.
35:12 The God who answers by fire that is the true God.
35:15 And God answered by fire and the people said
35:19 we want to follow God now.
35:21 And so since there was some repentance,
35:23 then Elijah now prayed after three and half years of drought.
35:27 Now Elijah was gonna go and pray for rain.
35:31 There was preparation now for the rain.
35:35 Now it was time to get the rain
35:37 and that is symbolic of the fact
35:39 that we need to outpouring of the Holy Spirit.
35:42 And so I want you to notice here--
35:44 and by the way, Elijah prayed for his people
35:47 and for his land that it wouldn't rain.
35:50 I think we need to know how Elijah prayed
35:52 and how would Elijah pray for our nation.
35:55 Would he pray, Lord, just shower the blessings
35:58 or would he pray, Lord, if it requires for You
36:01 to take away the blessings here in America
36:03 in order for America to turn back to You, then so be it.
36:08 And let me just tell you this,
36:09 don't expect government to give you salvation.
36:13 Only Jesus can.
36:14 Let's look at 1 Kings 18:41,
36:18 "Then Elijah said to Ahab, 'Go up, eat and drink,
36:22 for there is the sound of abundance of rain.'
36:27 So Ahab went up to eat and drink.
36:29 And Elijah went up to the top of Carmel,
36:31 then he bowed down on the ground,
36:36 and put his face between his knees,
36:38 and said to his servant,
36:40 'Go up now, look toward the sea.'
36:41 So he went up and looked, and said,
36:43 'There is nothing.'
36:45 And seven times he said, 'Go again.'"
36:49 Your seven-hour miracle. Now watch this, watch this.
36:53 How many want to go where Elijah went?
36:56 Did he go through the tribulation, yes or no?
36:58 Did he have a persevering faith, yes or no?
37:02 But did he have a point in his faith
37:03 where it bottomed out
37:06 and that God bottomed back up again?
37:09 You have faith now? All right.
37:11 Now watch this, watch this.
37:15 Then Elijah said to Ahab, King Ahab,
37:17 vacillating, spineless, wishy-washy, backslidden Ahab
37:22 who married the wrong woman Jezebel.
37:24 How many of you have named your daughter Jezebel?
37:27 Anybody here?
37:28 How many know anybody that is named Jezebel?
37:30 That's a real name.
37:34 "Then Elijah said to Ahab, 'Go up, eat and drink,
37:36 for there is the sound of abundance of rain.'"
37:39 Elijah did he actually hear this, yes or no?
37:44 Did he actually hear the rain? No.
37:47 Was it beginning to rain when he said this?
37:49 No.
37:50 How did he hear that sound? By faith.
37:55 This is powerful.
37:56 Elijah declared something that he didn't hear,
38:01 but he heard it by faith and he declared it,
38:05 by faith he declared it before it happened
38:08 because he knew it would happen
38:10 but then he prepared that it might happen.
38:14 Now watch this. I'm going somewhere.
38:16 Didn't I tell you we are gonna make it
38:17 not just prophetic but practical?
38:20 I'm gonna show you here
38:22 with the help of the Holy Spirit.
38:24 You need to have a faith
38:28 that circumstances cannot diminish.
38:36 Elijah did not see or hear anything
38:42 but by faith he knew he had done
38:45 what he needed to do.
38:47 Now he knew he was gonna go pray so he said, Ahab, I hear rain.
38:52 I hear the sound-- what does he say here?
38:55 Of abundance of rain. He says, I hear it.
38:59 It's coming. It's coming.
39:00 It's as good as here.
39:02 I love how it says in Romans 4 that God declares those things
39:07 that shall be as though they already were.
39:11 Hallelujah, that's when, you know,
39:13 God showed me my wife after two miscarriages
39:16 was gonna have another baby.
39:18 And my Jordan is here as a testimony
39:22 of declaring something in faith.
39:25 I declared to relatives
39:26 who were telling me, Mark, wake up.
39:29 You are gonna have to adopt.
39:31 Your wife is up there in age, up there, you've already tried.
39:36 You know, you, you know, it's not gonna work.
39:41 Give it up. You're gonna have to adopt.
39:43 Nothing wrong with adopting
39:44 but God put it in my heart and spirit
39:46 that we were gonna have another baby.
39:49 And I declared it and it looked silly,
39:51 it looked crazy.
39:52 Oh, yeah, this is Mark, you know,
39:54 it's-- he will come around.
39:58 He will come around.
40:00 Let me tell you something, what came around is
40:01 when my wife came around and said,
40:03 I'm pregnant.
40:05 Ah, but wait a minute.
40:06 Then we needed to pray,
40:08 Lord, let this be the real deal that this baby will come out
40:14 because even if had another miscarriage
40:16 I would wait-- I'm here to tell you
40:18 the Lord promised me we were gonna have a baby
40:21 and I declared it and I declared it.
40:23 And when Jordan came forth, let me tell you something,
40:27 it has boosted our faith.
40:29 Caleb was a miracle child and Jordan is a miracle child.
40:32 And I will tell you this,
40:35 you need to learn how to declare a thing.
40:39 In the Book of Job Chapter 22 it says,
40:41 if you pray to God in faith you can declare a thing.
40:45 What does it mean to declare a thing?
40:46 It means you declare something that God
40:49 has put within your heart that He said is gonna happen
40:52 and you speak it before it happens.
40:56 Anybody can say, all right, I believe this pulpit is here.
41:01 Very good, because you can see it.
41:04 I believe that next week
41:05 there is gonna be a pulpit right here.
41:07 You are gonna have two pulpits.
41:09 Well, if the Lord put that in your heart,
41:11 I don't think He is gonna be doing
41:12 but if He put it in your heart
41:13 and you know, He showed that to you,
41:15 He revealed that to you and you declared it,
41:17 probably a lot of people around here would say,
41:19 this person is crazy.
41:22 But when got puts something in your heart,
41:25 with the heart, man believes
41:28 and with the mouth confession is made
41:30 with what you believe in your heart.
41:32 Romans 10, because out of the heart,
41:36 out of the heart shall flow rivers of living water
41:40 that come from the word and the word that's in us
41:42 we speak it, it's the word of faith.
41:44 Come on now, you got to speak something.
41:48 You see, if you have faith, if you have faith like Elijah,
41:52 you always have something you are looking forward to.
41:55 While we can look forward
41:56 to the second coming of Jesus Christ,
41:59 getting a brand new body, interested?
42:04 Living forever with Jesus?
42:07 So the Bible makes it very clear
42:09 that faith has a buoyancy in it.
42:11 Faith has an expectancy in it.
42:13 Faith says, I've got something to look forward to.
42:16 So faith is always pregnant.
42:23 And, you know, when you see a woman pregnant
42:28 she tells you she's pregnant, you don't ask,
42:30 "You think she is gonna have a baby?"
42:32 Come on now, she is pregnant.
42:33 You know it's coming out sometime.
42:35 Might have to go in and get it out
42:37 but it's coming out.
42:41 So listen to me.
42:44 Elijah said, I hear what I have been longing for.
42:52 What this, what this, what this people of God
42:55 needed more than anything was to see God in power.
43:01 He answered by fire, and now he was getting answer
43:04 by rain all because one man,
43:09 Elijah, lone, rugged, ragged wilderness prophet
43:14 like John the Baptist
43:16 was willing to stand up for God.
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44:24 "So Ahab went up to eat and drink.
44:26 And Elijah went up to the top of Carmel,
44:29 then he bowed down on the ground,
44:31 and put his face between his knees."
44:33 In other words, he is humbling himself.
44:36 Here's great Elijah down on his face.
44:40 How many agree, if you seek the Lord in secret,
44:43 He will reward you openly, Matthew 6:6.
44:46 Listen to me, it says here, he bowed his--
44:49 down his face to the ground.
44:51 How many agree, pride must go
44:54 if you want to see a seventh-hour miracle.
44:57 Everybody wants a miracle.
44:58 All right, are you willing to pray the price?
45:00 All right, get down in the dirt.
45:03 Get low before God.
45:04 If you humble yourself, in due time He will exalt you.
45:08 Can you say amen?
45:09 Everybody wants exaltation, everybody wants,
45:12 you know, glory and bliss and blessings and miracles.
45:16 The way to prepare for your seventh-hour miracle
45:18 is to do what Elijah did,
45:20 declare that he is gonna answer that praise.
45:23 What things, whatever you desire,
45:26 when you pray,
45:29 believe that you receive that, you shall have it.
45:32 In other words declare, "I have it."
45:35 Thank you, Jesus, I have it.
45:40 Before you see it and you realize that's faith
45:48 and that's the kind of faith we will need.
45:52 When they say you can't buy or sell,
45:54 we are gonna kill you, God is not gonna
45:57 let all of his people be wiped out.
45:58 Don't worry, He is not gonna--
46:00 There will be some martyrdom, I'm sure.
46:02 All right, is there not some martyrdom
46:04 out there in the world today?
46:08 So listen to me, we need to have a faith
46:11 that says, I don't care what I can see,
46:13 they are taking things away from me,
46:15 they are threatening me
46:16 but my faith declares the thing,
46:19 Lord, you are gonna come and you are gonna rescue us
46:22 and just in time in the seventh hour as it were.
46:26 By the way the seventh hour is your finest hour.
46:29 How many agree the finest hour
46:31 is when Jesus comes to take His bride off.
46:35 But His bride will be purified. Ephesians 5 makes that clear.
46:40 I want you to notice here, want you to notice here,
46:44 the Bible says here "And said to his servant,
46:46 'Go up now, look toward the sea.'
46:48 So he went up and looked,
46:49 and said, 'There is nothing.'"
46:51 There is nothing.
46:52 How many times can you hear nothing, nothing?
46:57 You are praying the same prayer like a broken record
47:00 and nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing.
47:03 I mean, there's only so many ways you can say nothing.
47:05 Nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing.
47:13 It's kind of like looking for a job.
47:16 Job is taken, job is filled, not interested,
47:19 we will call you if we are interested.
47:25 Listen.
47:30 There is nothing but he kept on praying.
47:35 "Seven times he said, 'Go again.'
47:39 Then it came to pass the seventh time."
47:42 What is the chief number of God throughout scripture?
47:46 Number seven.
47:48 Seven is associated with God testing His people.
47:52 Oh, He can use other numbers
47:53 but seven is a special number of completion and perfection.
47:58 What does He want to prefect? Our character?
48:01 What does He want to complete?
48:03 He who has begun a good work in you will finish it.
48:06 He wants to complete the work He is doing in you.
48:09 You can have your seventh-hour miracle.
48:11 You can have all that He says and let me tell you something,
48:16 "Now unto Him who is able to do
48:18 exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think,"
48:21 Ephesians 3:20.
48:23 And you know what the context is?
48:24 To know the love of Christ.
48:26 That's, that's what,
48:28 that's what the saints are gonna learn.
48:30 They are gonna learn wow, I never dreamed.
48:33 I knew God loved me
48:34 but look at what He has brought me through.
48:36 Here are those who came out of great tribulation
48:39 and they can sing a song.
48:41 The Bible says, they are gonna sing
48:42 the song of Moses and of the lamb.
48:44 Why?
48:45 Because they can sing a song nobody else can sing.
48:48 We went through it,
48:49 He helped us through it, oh, the love of God.
48:52 Shall tribulations separate us from the love of God?
48:55 No.
48:57 Romans 8:35-39 says,
48:59 Paul says, shall tribulation separate us
49:02 from the love of God?
49:03 He says, nothing can separate us
49:06 from the love of God.
49:07 I'm here to tell you "He that endures unto the end,
49:10 the same shall be saved," Matthew 24:13.
49:14 But Jesus is our endurance. He is our perseverance.
49:17 How many agree? If He is in you, He doesn't give up.
49:22 Your flesh says, give up and the spirit says,
49:26 you see the flesh is weak but the spirit is willing.
49:31 How many agree? Jesus in you does not give up.
49:34 So just let Him do what He wants to do.
49:38 The pressure you now must put it on Jesus.
49:41 Say, you don't know how much pressure I'm under.
49:43 Put it on Jesus.
49:45 Doesn't Jesus say, cast all your cares upon Me?
49:52 And so look here, look here.
49:57 "Then it came to pass the seventh time, that he said,
49:59 'There is a cloud, as small as a man's hand.'"
50:02 Now come on now,
50:04 is that really something to get all excited about?
50:07 I don't know what was the demeanor,
50:11 the facial expressions, the tone,
50:14 all the wording that the servant used.
50:17 But all I know is he came back
50:20 and I can imagine him saying, well, master,
50:23 you know, I think he's basically saying,
50:26 you know, it's not much but I'll tell you what I saw,
50:28 I'm just reporting that I saw
50:31 a little cloud about size of a man's hand.
50:36 You see that there?
50:38 "It came to pass the seventh time, that he said,
50:41 'There is a cloud, as small as a man's hand.'"
50:46 Elijah didn't dispatch him and say, well, no.
50:51 You go back and when that thing is a monster,
50:55 when it's massive and you start to feel some rain,
50:58 then bring me the report.
50:59 Otherwise I'm not getting excited about anything.
51:02 Elijah had a faith.
51:05 He declared something was gonna happen
51:08 and when he saw just the slightest evidence
51:12 that it was coming, he began the celebration.
51:19 How many can see that Jesus is gonna come soon?
51:26 You can see in the sky, look up, your redemption draws nigh.
51:30 Then get excited and get ready.
51:34 How many can see
51:36 that the Holy Spirit is gonna be poured out
51:37 in the early and latter rain before Jesus comes?
51:40 Joel Chapter 2, Hosea 6, Zechariah.
51:44 Holy Spirit is gonna be poured out greater than
51:47 on the day of Pentecost.
51:48 I can hear the rain, can you?
51:50 Can you hear the rainy season coming?
51:52 How many agree?
51:54 It's time for a rainy season among God's people.
51:57 This is your seventh hour now.
52:00 Listen, notice here,
52:04 "And it came to pass the seventh time,"
52:06 the seventh time "that he said,
52:08 'There is a cloud, as small as a man's hand,
52:10 rising out of the sea!'
52:12 So he said, 'Go up, say to Ahab,
52:14 'Prepare your chariot, and go down
52:16 before the rain stops you.'
52:18 Now it happened in the meantime that the sky
52:20 became black with clouds and wind,
52:22 and there was a heavy rain.
52:23 So Ahab rode away and went to Jezreel.
52:26 Then the hand of the Lord came upon Elijah
52:28 and he girded up his loins
52:30 and ran ahead of Ahab to the entrance of Jezreel."
52:33 Can you say pumped up?
52:39 Doesn't the Bible say if you wait on the Lord
52:41 you can run and not be weary?
52:43 Did he wait on the Lord?
52:46 Physically he was--
52:47 I believe this is more spiritual than physical.
52:49 I mean, the man was so inspired,
52:52 I don't know, the spirit of the Lord came upon him.
52:54 What's the point here?
52:56 The point here is that Elijah stayed persistent
53:00 and persevering with his prayer and that's how you overcome.
53:06 You have an enduring faith and that must first show up
53:11 in prayer and then it will show up everywhere.
53:16 In other words, our greatest victories
53:18 are in prayer with God.
53:19 We must take hold of the Lord.
53:22 Come on now, make your prayer list
53:24 and then storm the gates of heaven and say,
53:27 Lord, these are my financial needs.
53:30 Does He care?
53:31 He talks so much about money,
53:32 I think He does care about money.
53:34 Lord, here are my financial needs.
53:36 Lord, here are my health needs.
53:38 You think He cares about health?
53:40 Come on now, what did he do
53:41 almost every day of His public ministry,
53:43 healed, healed, restored sickness,
53:45 restored the sick.
53:47 Come on now, somebody is gonna get a faith here tonight.
53:50 So finances, health, marriage, parenting,
53:55 does He care about that?
53:56 Let the little children come to me.
53:58 Where is the first miracle that He worked?
54:01 At a marriage celebration.
54:02 Come on "My Jesus is the same yesterday,
54:05 today, and forever," Hebrews 13:8.
54:08 So what's the point?
54:09 Jesus said this, this is powerful.
54:12 Jesus said this, He said to one person,
54:15 He said, what do you want Me to do for you?
54:21 What a scripture. Powerful scripture.
54:24 I think that's Mark 10:32.
54:26 Anyway, He said,
54:27 what do you want Me to do for you?
54:31 Oh, beloved, I-- one of my favorite subjects
54:34 to preach about in the context of Bible prophecy is faith.
54:40 Because my Bible tells me in the Book of Revelation
54:43 you must overcome but you only can overcome by faith in Jesus.
54:48 In what He has done.
54:50 How many have some faith in what He has done?
54:52 How many have faith that He did die for you?
54:55 How many believe what He is doing,
54:58 He is pleading His blood right now for you.
55:00 He loves you and He is with you.
55:02 How many believe and have faith
55:04 that He is coming for you?
55:05 How many agree this is an overcoming faith?
55:08 He is interceding for me, He is coming for me,
55:11 you must have a strong faith that says,
55:13 whatever the devil throws at me, it's only temporary.
55:17 It's only temporary. This too shall pass.
55:21 I want you to notice here, beloved,
55:23 take your Bible and turn with me to Luke 17,
55:26 I want to show you very quickly
55:27 what the Lord showed me this morning when I got up.
55:32 Luke 17:5,
55:36 "And the apostles said to the Lord,
55:38 'Increase our faith.'"
55:41 Would you agree?
55:42 We must have the faith of the saints
55:45 to go through the tribulation of the saints
55:48 that we go through in the last days.
55:49 According to the Book of Revelation,
55:51 we must have a faith like Jesus.
55:53 We must have a faith like Elijah.
55:55 We shall overcome. We can make it.
55:58 We shall stand on the sea of glass.
56:00 We will have an overcoming faith.
56:02 We cannot fail. We will not give up.
56:04 Can you say amen?
56:05 Look at Luke 17:6, "Jesus said,
56:09 'If you have faith as a mustard seed,
56:12 you can say'" what Jesus is saying
56:16 is if you have a little bit of faith,
56:18 you can go around talking big.
56:21 That's what He is saying.
56:22 So if you hear Mark Fox go around sometime,
56:25 talking big sometimes, it's not because I'm all that,
56:29 it's just because I believe that
56:31 if I will talk faith, I will have faith.
56:34 If I will pray in faith, I will have more faith.
56:37 And I don't know about you, I do want to make it.
56:40 I do want to make it.
56:42 I owe it to my wife and my children to not fail
56:47 and go to heaven as a family together.
56:51 And I only know one way.
56:53 I have to have faith in Jesus Christ.
56:55 Does the devil try to shake my faith every day?
56:59 So I've made up my mind with God's help
57:02 I cannot turn back, I can't look to the left,
57:04 to the right like a horse with blinders.
57:06 There is one thing I must do, forget the things
57:09 that are behind and press on to be ready
57:12 when Jesus comes in all His glory
57:14 and to be found in His righteousness.
57:18 Not a works righteousness,
57:19 me trying to be good in my own strength
57:21 but you and I leaning on Jesus,
57:24 trusting in Jesus, depending on Jesus,
57:27 confiding in Jesus, hiding in Jesus.
57:32 Although sudden and alarming changes are sweeping
57:35 across the globe, you and your family
57:37 can be prepared to face the future with confidence.
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57:44 are available for a gift of $60 or more.
57:47 Call us at 1-855-336-Free
57:52 or send your check or money order
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58:06 If you would like to have Mark Fox hold
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