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00:04 We are racing towards the global crisis at the close.
00:09 God is going to set up His kingdom on earth.
00:13 Preparation for the tribulation
00:16 and the translation is to develop
00:18 a character like Jesus Christ to reach every hamlet,
00:22 every village, every man, every child,
00:25 every person in India, every person in South America
00:28 must hear these three angles' messages.
00:34 These are stories that illustrate
00:36 the kind of fabric of character and perseverance
00:39 that we need to go through the tribulation
00:42 just as certainly as they did.
00:44 The Bible makes it very clear
00:45 we are living in an unusual hour,
00:48 the last grains of sand are trickling
00:50 through the hourglass of time
00:52 and the door probation
00:53 is about the swing shot.
01:00 Daniel's Longest End-Time Prophecy.
01:06 It was December 26, 2004,
01:10 the Indian Ocean earthquake registered 9.1
01:15 and it caused the entire planet to vibrate.
01:20 How many remember this earth shaking event?
01:25 It took the coastal populations
01:28 by an overwhelming sudden shocking surprise.
01:33 Waves reached as high as 98 feet high.
01:40 And so the Indian Ocean earthquake
01:43 killed over 230,000 people,
01:47 one of the deadliest natural disasters of recorded history.
01:52 Why are these things happening?
01:55 Some might say they have been happening
01:58 for hundreds and hundreds of years and it's true.
02:01 Natural disasters why?
02:03 That's just because of the revenges of sin.
02:06 But there is something more to it.
02:08 I believe that every time there is a natural disaster
02:11 it punctuates that we are living
02:14 because we see in an increase in them,
02:16 frequency and intensity.
02:18 I believe that cumulative impact
02:21 and the cumulative message
02:23 is that human probation is about to close,
02:28 would you agree its closing time.
02:30 And indeed on February 26, 2010
02:36 a cataclysmic 8.8 earthquake
02:39 shook Chile for three long minutes.
02:42 Perhaps you remember seeing this
02:44 on the evening news seismologist estimate
02:47 that the geophysical impact of this earth quack
02:50 moved slightly the earth's figure axis.
02:54 A whole lot of shaking going on.
02:57 We are talking about extreme weather
03:00 is wreaking havoc and seems to be breaking records.
03:04 Then do you remember seeing this,
03:08 we are here in Missouri not far
03:11 from where this monster moved in.
03:14 This is the deadly monster on the move.
03:19 This is just shortly after the Joplin, Missouri,
03:24 the center of town was mowed down
03:27 by this monster historic tornado.
03:30 It was the deadliest single tornado in America ever.
03:36 And let me tell you something,
03:38 the death toll over 150 are right around there
03:43 and just a couple of days ago when I took my wife
03:46 to the Joplin airport afterwards,
03:49 I took my children and my wife's nephew
03:53 who is helping with the taping
03:54 of these programs preparing them
03:56 for the television, let me tell you something.
03:59 Seeing it up-close really, really, doubles the impact.
04:05 And as we were driving through the decimation
04:09 and the aftermath that was left behind
04:11 in that horrific tornado I couldn't help it--
04:17 I couldn't resist, I couldn't help
04:19 but rolled down the window and ask a person,
04:23 a pedestrian there who was walking by.
04:26 I said, excuse me, did you go through this tornado?
04:30 She said, yes.
04:31 Her name is Angelica, 18 years of age.
04:35 And I said could you tell us a little bit about it
04:37 and she was so gracious to tell us her story.
04:41 She said that in her house,
04:43 her house was not completely destroyed`
04:47 but the houses all around her were destroyed.
04:51 And she did say that there was one person
04:54 right there in the neighborhood that died,
04:55 thank God, it wasn't more than that.
04:58 But I said, okay. So your house remained?
05:02 She said, my house was made predominantly of rock.
05:06 And I thought wow, that teaches us something
05:09 and I immediately took advantage
05:11 and I said, can you learn a lesson from that,
05:14 Caleb and Jordon.
05:15 I'm gonna agree you got to have a house on the rock.
05:18 Didn't Jesus talk about the winds will blow
05:20 and beat upon the house but its founded upon a rock
05:25 and in this case made of rock.
05:28 But you know, she survived and I praise God for that.
05:31 And then I droved down and--
05:34 And by the way she saw the storm coming.
05:37 She saw it.
05:38 She saw what it was doing to the trees
05:40 and she went inside just in the nick of time.
05:43 And so many stories have been told
05:45 and so many horrific details revealed
05:48 but let me tell you something I believe that the scriptures,
05:53 Bible prophecy is very honest and very real with us
05:57 that this is telling us several things.
05:59 Number one, time is running out.
06:01 Number two, human probation is about to close.
06:05 Number three, it's not gonna get better
06:08 it's going to get worse.
06:09 Number four, get ready Jesus is coming soon.
06:14 I don't believe, I don't believe
06:17 that God wants us to be taken by surprise.
06:20 I believe according to the Word of God
06:22 there's gonna be earthquakes, famines, disasters, tornado's,
06:26 right up until the coming of the Lord
06:28 and my Bible tells me it will become more intense
06:31 and more frequent as it is illustrated
06:34 by the birth pangs that a woman goes through
06:37 just before she delivers her baby.
06:39 And so listen to me, 2011, a year
06:42 of billion dollar disasters.
06:45 Would you agree a rash of natural disasters
06:48 can cripple the American economy overnight?
06:52 The United States has already seen
06:54 nine weather disasters this year
06:56 that have caused $1 billion or more in damage,
06:59 tying the record set in 2008.
07:02 The total for all the disasters is about $35 billion.
07:05 And I actually I believe I've heard more than that.
07:09 Jeremiah 25:32, 33, "Thus says the Lord of hosts,
07:13 'Behold, disaster shall go forth'
07:16 from nation to nation,
07:17 and a great whirlwind shall be raised up
07:20 from the farthest parts of the earth."
07:22 We are living in the very end of time,
07:25 on the edge of eternity according to the word of God.
07:29 And how does the Bible
07:31 depict the final loving warning messages
07:33 to go around the world before Jesus comes?
07:36 Take your Bible and let's turn to the dynamic,
07:39 prophetic, symbolic Book of Revelation,
07:42 the last book in the New Testament,
07:45 the Book of Revelation.
07:46 We are going to the center, to the heart
07:48 of the Book of Revelation Chapter 14
07:51 where we have spotlighted God's final call,
07:56 God's last message of mercy
07:58 symbolized by three angels depicted
08:02 by the symbolism, by the imagery figuratively
08:05 of three angels doing a fly over planet earth
08:08 and they are yelling out with loud voices
08:11 the final warning messages to earth's inhabitance,
08:15 the earth's last generation
08:18 that it will be alive when Jesus comes.
08:21 How many believe we are living in that generation?
08:23 And so Revelation 14:6,
08:28 "Then I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven,
08:31 having the everlasting gospel
08:33 that gospel of Jesus to preach"
08:35 "to those who dwell on the earth
08:36 to every nation, tribe, tongue, and people"
08:38 that's worldwide in scope
08:40 and the Bible says saying with the loud voice.
08:43 So its worldwide, it's urgent,
08:45 it's the end time, it must be preached,
08:48 it's the gospel of Jesus Christ,
08:50 it's the last gospel appeal.
08:53 "Saying with a loud voice,
08:54 'Fear God and give glory to Him,
08:56 for the hour of His judgment has come"
09:00 the hour of His judgment has come
09:02 and the Bible says
09:03 "and worship Him who made heaven and earth,
09:06 the sea and springs of water.'
09:09 And another angel followed, saying,
09:11 'Babylon is fallen, is fallen, that great city,
09:14 because she has made all nations drink of the wine
09:16 of the wrath of her fornication.'
09:19 Then a third angel followed them,
09:20 saying with a loud voice,
09:22 'If anyone worships the beast and his image,
09:24 and receives his mark on his forehead or on his hand,
09:28 he himself shall also drink of the wine
09:30 of the wrath of God,
09:31 which is poured out full strength
09:33 into the cup of His indignation.
09:35 He shall be tormented with fire and brimstone
09:38 in the presence of the holy angels
09:40 and in the presence of the Lamb.
09:41 And the smoke of their torment ascends forever and ever;
09:45 and they have no rest day or night,
09:47 who worship the beast and his image,
09:49 and whoever receives the mark of his name."
09:52 Here is the patience, the endurance
09:56 we dealt with that last night, the endurance of the saints.
09:59 Here are those who don't give up,
10:01 here are those who persevere,
10:02 here are those who endure unto the end,
10:04 the patience of the saints,
10:06 here are those who keep the Commandments of God
10:09 and the faith of Jesus.
10:10 What did they have to persevere through?
10:13 They had to persevere through the hour of God's judgment.
10:15 They had to persevere through the fall of Babylon.
10:18 They had to persevere
10:19 through resisting the mark of the beast.
10:21 Do you see we are going through the tribulation?
10:24 So these messages constitute preparation
10:27 for the tribulation and the tribulation
10:30 is purification for our glorification
10:33 which is the graduation.
10:36 You got that right?
10:38 Now watch this, verses 6 and 7
10:42 spotlight the fact that in the last days
10:46 of earth's history just before Jesus comes
10:49 there will be clarion call from heaven's throne room
10:52 to grip people's attention
10:54 during a preoccupied generation.
10:57 I mean, we are entertained to death.
11:00 We are in love with pursuits of pleasure.
11:02 We even in our leisure we stay busy
11:05 with trivial pursuit.
11:06 Meanwhile we are living,
11:08 the Bible says in the hour of God's judgment.
11:11 What is that translate into?
11:13 How does that impact us in our family, in our--
11:16 In the way we view our world view
11:19 and in the way review time and so forth.
11:21 We are living in an very unusual hour.
11:24 The last grains of sand are trickling
11:26 through the hour of glass, I've said it before.
11:29 Listen carefully, my Bible tells me
11:32 that before Jesus comes the gospel
11:34 must span the globe first.
11:38 And it's the last part of the gospel,
11:41 the last day end time message
11:44 is we are living a declaration and announcement
11:48 that is startling in the extreme.
11:50 We are living in the hour,
11:52 the time, prophetic time of God's judgment.
11:56 "You will arise and have mercy on Zion,
11:59 for the time to favor her, yes, the set time, has come."
12:06 That's Psalms 102:13.
12:07 I believe we are living in prophetic time.
12:10 I believe we are living in judgment time.
12:12 I believe we are living in probation,
12:14 the final probationary time.
12:16 I believe we are living in a very unusual time.
12:19 Certainly this is the set time God wants to show His favor
12:23 upon His people by helping them to prepare
12:26 for the crisis at the close
12:28 and be ready in the Christian do of prophecy
12:31 when Jesus comes again
12:32 to emancipate His people from a cool planet.
12:36 And so I want you notice here the Bible makes it very clear,
12:40 what does it mean everlasting gospel?
12:43 Well, the gospel of Jesus Christ passed,
12:46 He created us.
12:48 Passed, He redeemed us supply His blood on the cross.
12:51 Present, He intercedes for us. Present, He judges for us.
12:55 Future, He is coming again for us.
12:57 How many wants the whole gospel and nothing but the gospel?
12:59 The whole gospel? Not a half gospel.
13:02 Not a diluted gospel, not a diminished gospel,
13:05 not a pop gospel, not a political gospel
13:10 but the everlasting gospel that is the past,
13:13 present and future good news of what Jesus has done,
13:17 is doing and will do for you.
13:19 He's got to cover. Amen.
13:21 And so listen, how many are thankful
13:22 for all the work that Jesus does for us?
13:25 The Bible say, "He works in you both to will
13:29 and to do of His good pleasure,"
13:31 Philippians 2:13.
13:33 I wonder how many are, keeping Him working overtime?
13:36 Aren't you thankful the Lord never slumbers nor sleeps,
13:39 Psalms 121, He is always working for us.
13:42 Right now He is pleading His blood
13:44 in the heavenly sanctuary by the mercy seas
13:46 in the most holy place, in the heavenly sanctuary,
13:49 the heavenly temple He is pleading His name,
13:53 His merits, His character,
13:54 His perfection, His blood in your behalf.
13:57 Are you thankful?
13:58 Hebrews 9:24 says
14:01 that Jesus is in the presence of God for us.
14:05 "And if God be for us, who can be against us?"
14:09 Romans 8:31-39, they are so--
14:14 The gospel leads us to keep our eyes on Jesus alone.
14:17 It keeps our eyes on Jesus
14:19 and right now we need to peer through the sky by faith.
14:23 Would you agree we walk by faith
14:25 that is what you don't see?
14:27 "Walk by faith and not by sight,"
14:28 2 Corinthians 5:7.
14:30 And Jesus said in the last days Luke 21:28
14:33 in the context of catalogue of Signs of Times
14:36 harbingers of the Lord is coming,
14:38 he said, "Look up for your redemption draws nigh."
14:41 "Looking under Jesus the author
14:43 and finisher of our faith," Hebrews 12:2.
14:45 If you look up and you look to Jesus where is He?
14:49 He is in the most holy place. What is He doing?
14:52 He is engaging His final work as our great high priest.
14:56 Let me tell you right here
14:58 that Jesus is not coming as a priest,
15:02 He is coming as a king.
15:04 Revelation 19 says, He is coming as King of kings
15:08 and Lord of lords.
15:11 But right now the Bible says, He's our great high priest.
15:15 Hebrews 8:1,2 says that,
15:19 He is our minister of the sanctuary in heaven.
15:22 He is our intercessor.
15:24 1 John 2:1 says,
15:26 "He is our advocate with the Father."
15:29 Hebrews 7:25 says,
15:31 "He is able to save us to the utter most seeing
15:34 He ever lives to make intercession for us."
15:39 That's why when I respond emails or send emails out
15:42 I usually sign off "Jesus lives for us."
15:47 You know, we know He died for us
15:49 but you know what, He has not changed His mind.
15:51 He who died for us lives for us.
15:54 Can you say amen?
15:55 How many, come on now, I have children.
15:57 How many innocents, I know you live for God
15:59 but how many live for your children
16:01 and live for your loved ones?
16:02 Amen. That gets you out of bed?
16:05 So Jesus lives for us.
16:08 He still has the scars in His hands
16:10 and He pleads His blood before the Father.
16:13 Hallelujah.
16:15 Jesus said "The Father himself loves you,"
16:17 John 16:27.
16:21 And so the Bible makes it very clear,
16:22 He is our great high priest, He is our intercessor
16:25 but watch this He is not coming as our priest.
16:31 What does that mean?
16:33 He is engaged in His final work
16:35 as our great high priest
16:36 in the most holy place and the priest
16:37 when he went into the most holy place on earth
16:40 he was only in there for one day.
16:42 Out of the biblical calendar of 360 days
16:45 he was in there one day.
16:47 He was only in there just a brief time.
16:49 And my Bible tells me
16:51 that Jesus is in the most holy place.
16:53 What does that tell me? We are living in over time.
16:57 We are living in judgment time.
16:59 We are living in the last months.
17:01 Now you think about this,
17:03 that helps me to better understand
17:05 how to interpret the twister that's sweat--
17:08 That the ploughed through Joplin.
17:12 That helps me to better understand that
17:14 that Indian Ocean earthquake.
17:17 That helps me to better understand
17:19 the, you know, the hurricanes and the fires
17:25 and the hottest temperatures on record
17:27 that have happened just recently.
17:29 You added all up and you put it in the context
17:32 of the hour of God's judgment I'm thoroughly convinced,
17:36 my Lord is not delaying His coming much longer.
17:41 And so the Bible makes it very clear
17:43 that these messages must go around the world
17:46 that we are living in the judgment hour
17:48 that is to say that Jesus is wrapping things up
17:51 in the heavenly sanctuary, He is going to come
17:54 as a King of kings and Lord of lords
17:56 after He has taken off his priestly garments,
18:00 finish the intercession.
18:01 Would you agree when Jesus comes
18:03 as King of kings its too late to confess your sins
18:06 to your priest Jesus Christ?
18:11 When Jesus comes its too late to say,
18:13 you know what, I want to have a change of heart.
18:15 Would you agree now is heart preparation?
18:18 Now is the time of salvation?
18:21 Now is our salvation near than when we first believed?
18:24 The Bible says in Romans Chapter 13,
18:27 it says "knowing the time,"
18:30 "knowing the time," that's a quote.
18:32 I love scripture.
18:33 Don't you look at like looking into those words
18:36 and asking what those mean?
18:37 Because you study the words and the Word of God
18:40 you are entering into the mind of God,
18:42 the heart of God.
18:44 You are in the presence of God.
18:45 Why, even the table of showbread
18:47 that illustrates us feasting on the bread of life
18:52 was known as the table of His presence.
18:54 How many agree His presence is in His word?
18:56 "The words that I speak unto you
18:58 they are spirit, and they are life."
19:00 Can you say amen? John 6:63.
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19:23 What is the future of the United States of America?
19:27 How will natural disasters usher in the mark of the beast?
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20:05 We are living in the last moments
20:08 of Christ high priestly intercession.
20:11 He is wrapping things up.
20:13 He is about to take off His priestly garments
20:15 and Paul says in Romans 13, "Knowing the time,
20:19 that now it is high time to awake from our sleep,
20:23 for our salvation is near than when we first believed."
20:27 Romans 13:10, 11 in there.
20:31 And so the Bible makes it very clear
20:33 that Jesus will come like a thief, correct,
20:35 that is time Matthew 24:44 says,
20:38 He will come at a time when most do not expect.
20:43 Now if that's true watch this.
20:46 If Jesus is going to come at a time
20:50 when most do not expect,
20:51 in other words he comes sooner than what they thought.
20:55 Are you listening?
20:57 If He is coming and would you agree
20:59 that is the end, when the curtain falls,
21:03 when Jesus comes in the harvest,
21:05 in the second coming,
21:07 when He comes its like a thief
21:10 in the night in terms of timing.
21:12 Not in terms of matter, it will be literal,
21:14 and global and climactic and cataclysmic.
21:17 The righteous dead will be resurrected,
21:19 will all go to meet the Lord in the air
21:20 and to be home with the Lord.
21:21 Now listen carefully, the Bible makes it very clear
21:25 that that's gonna come suddenly
21:27 and unexpectedly expect for those
21:30 who are born again studying Bible prophecy
21:33 and it keeps them alert and awaken
21:36 and aroused to be ready when the Lord comes.
21:39 So we are not in darkness, would you agree?
21:42 We are not in darkness.
21:43 You open this word and open your heart
21:45 you are not in darkness, you are in the light
21:47 and you walk in the light as children of light.
21:49 Now watch this, if Jesus is going to come
21:53 as a thief in the night
21:55 but prior to Jesus coming probation is going to close.
22:02 Jesus is gonna take off His priestly garments,
22:05 He is going to come as a king
22:07 but before He comes as a king He says, that's it,
22:10 probation is closed and then the plagues fall.
22:16 Because would you agree
22:18 when the fall it's too late to repent,
22:20 that's what the scriptures teach.
22:22 In other words Jesus finishes
22:25 His high priestly intercession and human probation closes
22:32 and then shortly after Jesus comes again.
22:37 Now listen carefully, if Jesus comes unexpectedly
22:42 close of probation will come unexpectedly.
22:46 Now follow along very carefully.
22:49 Follow along very carefully
22:52 what I'm about to share with you.
22:54 Watch this, what is Jesus doing now?
22:57 Paul said in Romans Chapter 2, we go there very quickly,
23:00 Romans 2:16.
23:03 You want to hear the gospel and the end time?
23:05 "In the day when God will judge
23:07 the secrets of men by Jesus Christ,
23:09 according to my gospel."
23:11 So the gospel includes explaining and understanding
23:17 and studying this part of the gospel
23:20 which is Jesus as our judge.
23:23 The Bible teaches judgment
23:26 is going on now before Jesus comes.
23:29 The end time message it must go around the world
23:32 before Jesus comes is the judgment is here.
23:35 Now this is not to be confused
23:37 with the great white throne judgment
23:40 that is in the future when every knee shall bow
23:42 and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.
23:45 That's future tense, that's coming
23:49 but what we are living now in is the hour of God's judgment
23:53 when the court in heaven is in session
23:56 and the books are open
23:57 and there is judgment in the house of God.
24:00 Now that is, that is solemn,
24:03 that is a very sobering reality.
24:07 It shouldn't cause us to throw away our hope
24:09 but it should cause us to make sure
24:11 we have a true hope and not a false hope,
24:15 and not assume like Joseph and Mary that Jesus is with us
24:19 when He wasn't with them
24:20 when they forgot Him in Jerusalem
24:23 and it took them three days to find Him.
24:25 Never assume that Jesus is with you.
24:28 Never take Him for granted.
24:31 He wants you to know that He is with you by faith
24:37 and to search your heart and never go by circumstances.
24:41 So listen carefully, we got to keep going.
24:44 What urgent message is to be preached around the world
24:48 before Jesus comes again,
24:50 that we are living in the judgment hour?
24:52 Would agree you must know the gospel truth?
24:55 Amen.
24:57 "Because the truth shall set you free," John 8:32.
25:01 So what does it mean
25:03 the hour of God's judgment has come?
25:06 It means that before He comes
25:09 He is gonna judge who is gonna be saved,
25:11 who is gonna be lost before He comes
25:14 because when He comes He has already determined,
25:17 already decided who is gonna be saved,
25:19 who is gonna be lost.
25:21 When He comes he is not gonna be
25:22 suspended air thinking who do I want to take home.
25:25 Would you agree that's all determined
25:27 before He comes and that is going on now?
25:32 Destinies are being fixed now.
25:36 The dead who have professed faith in Jesus
25:40 they are in the Book of Life, their names are in--
25:43 They are being scrutinized in the judgment.
25:46 But very soon there in the Book of Life
25:47 that is open now during the hour of God's judgment
25:50 very soon the judgment is gonna pass
25:52 from the righteous dead to the righteous living.
25:56 You see the wicked
25:58 they are not in the Book of Life.
26:01 So the Bible makes that very clear this judgment
26:03 begins in the house of God,
26:06 that's where the judgment begins.
26:08 That's why you cannot view church in the same way.
26:12 And so I you want you notice this,
26:14 what has Jesus decided, determined
26:16 before He comes again.
26:18 Revelation Chapter 22, Revelation 22.
26:21 Are we learning something?
26:22 Notice here Revelation 22:11, 12.
26:29 Notice the sequence.
26:31 Very soon this pronouncement will go forth in heaven.
26:35 This sentence, this verdict will be reached and recorded.
26:40 Notice here in verse 11.
26:42 "He who is unjust," this happens before Jesus comes
26:47 human probation closes
26:49 "He who is unjust let him be unjust still,
26:52 he who is filthy, let him be filthy still,
26:55 he who is righteous, let him be righteous still,
26:58 he who is holy, let him be holy still."
27:00 How many agree there is some
27:01 good news and bad news in there?
27:03 How many would rather be part of the good news,
27:05 the positive side of the coin?
27:08 And behold, after that's decided,
27:11 after those destinies are fixed
27:12 for time in eternity and behold I'm coming quickly.
27:16 So before He comes probation closes.
27:20 Is that crystal clear, yes or no?
27:22 So that is solemn, sobering
27:26 but there is some good news that very soon
27:28 when your name comes up in the judgment
27:31 God will be able to say,
27:32 if you are in Christ trusting in His righteousness
27:35 by simple childlike faith.
27:37 How many are convinced you can't save yourself?
27:39 How many are convinced Jesus will save you?
27:42 All right, so if you believe that
27:44 then at that time it will pronounced
27:46 you are righteous that's the way you are staying.
27:49 You are holy, that's the way you are staying.
27:51 It's not an arbitrary thing.
27:52 It's just that your mind has been made up
27:54 and you been tested and tried
27:56 and its been proven before the universe
27:58 you have given your heart to Jesus Christ
28:00 because on the judgment day many are gonna say,
28:03 Lord, Lord, we prophesied in Your name,
28:05 we preached in Your name, we cast out--
28:07 I never knew you depart from Me you who work inequity.
28:12 So there is gonna be surprises.
28:13 How many would don't want to be surprised?
28:16 You would rather say search my heart Lord,
28:18 I do not want to be disappointed.
28:22 And you know, I say this for sure
28:26 salvation is not complex
28:30 but having victory is not easy.
28:35 We shall overcome if we learn to trust
28:39 in Jesus to be an overcomer.
28:42 Would you agree its only those who overcome
28:44 that will be saved?
28:45 You can profess Jesus all you want
28:47 but we need to be an overcomer.
28:50 But aren't you glad there is one,
28:51 there is one thing I want to make crystal clear,
28:54 if you fail and you fall that does not mean
28:58 that you don't love the Lord and it does not mean
29:01 that you are not gonna be saved.
29:03 But it does mean when you fail you need to run to Jesus
29:08 and ask for forgiveness and never take it
29:10 for granted by excusing
29:12 and justifying your sins or my sins.
29:15 How many agree you got to race to Jesus
29:17 and say Lord, I'm sorry.
29:19 "And him that cometh to me
29:21 I will in no wise cast out," John 6:37.
29:24 "Beloved, I write to you that you sin not.
29:26 But if any man sin, we have an advocate
29:28 with the Father-Jesus Christ, the Righteous."
29:30 So there is an urgency to overcome sin,
29:33 there is also some mercy when we say,
29:35 and "Beloved, I'm gonna agree
29:37 forget the things that are behind
29:39 and press on to know Jesus Christ,"
29:41 Philippians 3:13, 14.
29:43 And so notice here, "Behold, I am coming quickly,
29:47 and My reward is with Me,
29:49 to give to every one according to his work."
29:51 So Jesus is gonna come with His rewards
29:54 which means that He determines
29:56 who gets what rewards before He comes
29:58 because He is coming with His rewards.
30:00 Does that make sense?
30:01 All right, so notice here,
30:03 what does the Bible call that process
30:06 in which Jesus determines
30:08 who will be saved and who will be lost?
30:10 Judgment. Judgment.
30:13 Where it is this judgment take place
30:15 and how does the Bible describe this momentous event?
30:17 Let's go to the Book of Daniel very quickly.
30:20 Daniel, all right, we are gonna learn
30:22 some new things tonight.
30:24 We have done Judgment part I in an previous presentation
30:29 so this is kind of a recap with some new things.
30:32 A Daniel 7:9, the Bible says here,
30:36 Bible says here,
30:38 "I watched till thrones were put in place,
30:40 and the Ancient of Days was seated,
30:42 His garment was white as snow,
30:44 and the hair of His head was like pure wool.
30:46 His throne was a fiery flame, its wheels a burning fire."
30:50 A movable throne. These are celestial wheels.
30:53 These are majestic wheels.
30:55 The throne move from the holy place
30:57 to the most holy place.
30:59 You see when Jesus ascended on high
31:01 according to Revelation 1,
31:02 he was walking amidst the seven candlesticks.
31:05 Where was that?
31:06 That was in the holy place not the most holy place.
31:09 But then in Revelation Chapter 11
31:11 He is pictured within the temple
31:14 by the most holy place.
31:16 That was in the most holy place,
31:18 the Ark of the Covenant I should say
31:20 there in the most holy place.
31:21 So Jesus relocate, He is always been
31:24 at the right hand of God when He ascended on high
31:26 He's been at the right hand of God.
31:28 Stephen when he is being stoned looked up
31:31 and said I see Jesus standing at the right hand of God.
31:34 Amen.
31:35 Standing at the right hand of God.
31:37 And so the Bible makes that crystal clear
31:39 in Acts Chapter 7 and so notice here
31:41 the Bible says, "His throne was a fiery flame."
31:45 Look here verse 10, "A fiery stream issued
31:47 and came forth from before Him.
31:49 Thousand thousands ministered to Him,
31:51 Ten thousand times ten thousand stood before Him.
31:54 The court was seated, and the books were opened."
31:56 The court is seated where? In heaven.
31:58 Where? In the heavenly temple.
32:01 And the Bible makes it very clear
32:03 the court or the judgment that is convened in heaven
32:07 is an investigative judgment because the books are open.
32:12 What are the books record?
32:15 The names of those who have given their heart to the Lamb.
32:17 It's the Lamb's Book of Life.
32:20 How many have given your heart to the Lamb?
32:22 Amen. And so--
32:23 And by the way the term Lamb is used 29 times
32:26 in the Book of Revelation.
32:28 So therefore the books are open
32:31 and so what are the names of some of those books
32:34 that are opened in the judgment?
32:36 The Book of Life, the book of remembrance.
32:38 The book of remembrance is a record
32:40 of those who talk about Jesus
32:42 and go to meetings about Jesus and so forth.
32:45 I don't have time to get into that very much.
32:47 But what blessed assurances are given
32:50 to those who trust and obey Jesus?
32:52 What's the blessed assurance that God gives?
32:55 "I was watching and the same horn
32:57 was making war against the saints,
33:00 and prevailing against them, until the Ancient of Days came,
33:03 and a judgment was made in favor
33:05 of the saints of the Most High,
33:07 and the time came for the saints
33:09 to possess the kingdom," Daniel 7:21
33:11 and the Bible makes it very clear
33:14 that the judgment is in favor of the saints.
33:18 And so the Bible makes that crystal clear.
33:20 Now how can we have confidence to face the judgment?
33:24 Proverbs 28:13 says, "Whoso confesseth
33:28 and forsaketh his sins shall obtain mercy."
33:33 The Bible makes that very clear
33:34 you got to confess and forsake them.
33:36 1 John 4:17, 18 makes it very clear
33:40 that we can have confidence in the judgment
33:42 if we are seeking to be like Jesus.
33:45 That's the only way we can have confidence.
33:48 Can a person's name be blotted out
33:50 or removed from the Book of Life?
33:52 Revelation 22:18, 19 says,
33:54 that if you add to the Book of Revelation
33:58 you add to that you will have the plagues out at you.
34:02 If you take away what's there
34:04 in the Book of Revelation
34:06 and start teaching false teachings
34:07 that God didn't give you
34:09 the Bible says that your name will be
34:11 subtracted from the Book of Life.
34:12 So you can have your name removed from the Book of Life.
34:16 "And the Lord said to Moses,
34:18 'Whoever has sinned against Me,
34:19 I will blot him out of My book,"
34:21 Exodus 32:33.
34:23 You name can be blotted out of the Book of Life.
34:27 That's how ominous.
34:28 What parable did Jesus give
34:30 that relates to this judgment going on right now?
34:33 We've looked at this before Matthew 22,
34:36 you remember "But when the king came in
34:38 to see the guests,
34:39 he saw a man there who did not have on a" what?
34:42 "A wedding garment."
34:43 The king viewing them,
34:45 that's the investigative judgment
34:47 at the house of God.
34:49 And those who don't have on Christ righteousness,
34:51 the robe of His righteousness
34:53 are that they don't make the judgment.
34:56 So right now in this judgment
34:58 God is not asking how good you are.
35:01 He is not asking do you know about Him.
35:04 He is asking, are you trusting in His righteousness?
35:07 Are you believing that Jesus accepts you
35:10 just the way you are
35:12 but that He doesn't leave you that way.
35:14 He is changing you and He is helping you
35:17 to become more like Him.
35:18 It's all of His righteousness.
35:20 You and I can't change a sinful heart
35:22 but He does it by His power and His righteousness.
35:26 So in other words God is investigating right now
35:29 who believes that they are accepted
35:31 in the beloved Ephesians 1:6, just the way they are,
35:34 just as I'm without one plea
35:36 but that the blood will shed for me.
35:38 So number one, we must believe God accepts me in Christ
35:42 just the way that I'm, justification.
35:46 But He doesn't leave me there, He tells me like you told
35:49 the woman caught in the act of adultery,
35:51 go and leave your life of sin.
35:53 He said, I don't condemn you just don't go back
35:55 to you living in sin, John 8:10, 11.
36:00 So the Bible makes it very clear
36:01 sanctification is also important.
36:04 So if we say, I know the Lord accepts me
36:07 but I don't want to be like Him.
36:08 Would you agree by our decisions
36:10 we show of we want to be like Him
36:12 and that is all scrutinized in the judgment.
36:15 And so the Bible makes that crystal clear.
36:17 So the wedding garment represents
36:19 the robe of Christ righteousness,
36:20 His perfect character of love.
36:22 According to Revelation 19, the wife makes herself ready
36:25 by putting on the robe of Christ righteousness.
36:27 You must trust in Jesus Christ and His righteousness
36:31 in order to pass the judgment.
36:33 Your works righteousness
36:35 will not cause you to pass the judgment.
36:37 What does that mean?
36:38 If you were trying to do good in your own strength,
36:42 if we are trying through our own self-sufficiency
36:45 to do what's right we will not pass the judgment.
36:48 It's got to be righteousness by faith in Jesus.
36:54 In other words to do the right thing
36:56 out of the right motive and the right power,
36:59 it's not you, it's Jesus.
37:01 So in other words you give all the glory to Jesus
37:04 and you are looking to Jesus trusting in Him
37:07 and you come to the conclusion every day,
37:09 Lord, I can't obey You
37:12 unless you give me strength today
37:14 and I'm going to trust that You will do that.
37:18 Amen.
37:19 You see if you are a prayerless Christian
37:24 then you are not truly following Jesus.
37:28 Because to be much in prayer means Lord,
37:32 I don't want to be found in my righteousness
37:34 it falls short, it's filthy rags, Isaiah 64:6.
37:38 Paul said, I want to be found of Him
37:41 in His righteousness, Philippians 3:8, 9.
37:45 How many want to be found when your name comes up
37:47 to be clothed in His righteousness
37:50 and not your filthy rags?
37:52 Amen.
37:53 And so what promise does Jesus give
37:56 to those who are overcomers by His grace?
37:59 Revelation Chapter 3, Revelation Chapter 3
38:04 are we learning something?
38:05 Oh, we need the gospel truth.
38:07 Revelation 3:5 the Bible says here,
38:13 "He who overcomes" by the blood of Jesus Christ
38:16 and by the Word of god
38:18 "shall be clothed in white garments,"
38:19 Christ righteousness
38:21 "and I will not blot out his name
38:22 from the Book of Life."
38:24 In other words if you are trusting
38:25 in Christ righteousness you are saying Jesus save me.
38:29 You think He is gonna fail you when you say, Jesus save me?
38:34 Peter, when he was drowning said Lord, save me
38:36 and the Lord was right there.
38:38 Let me tell you something,
38:39 the Lord is always right there when you just cry out for help.
38:45 How many are thankful for that tonight?
38:47 And so I want you notice here
38:50 "I will not blot out his name from the Book of Life."
38:53 Is that Book of Life open right now?
38:55 The books are what? Open.
38:57 He is gonna blot your name out if you are not overcoming.
39:02 If you are saying no, no, no I can live in a sin.
39:04 Now don't get me wrong,
39:05 that doesn't mean you are looking at yourself
39:06 and saying, well, finely perfect.
39:08 I'm gonna overcome.
39:09 But it does mean as you search your heart,
39:12 search my heart, O God,
39:13 and see if there is any wicked way in me,
39:15 Psalms 139:23, 24.
39:16 And you are saying
39:18 Lord, I don't want to hang on to any sin.
39:21 And if He shows you a sin in your life
39:23 you confess that you forsake it,
39:24 you don't excuse it
39:26 and you stay in Christ righteousness that way.
39:29 You cannot stay in those righteousness
39:31 while holding on to a sin
39:34 but I'm here to tell you the moment you say
39:36 Lord, have mercy upon me.
39:38 Cloth me in your righteous, I surrender, I repent.
39:42 You don't repent and come to Jesus
39:44 you come to Jesus and say
39:45 Lord, help me out of sorry for sin.
39:47 Because the goodness of God leads us to repentance,
39:51 Romans 2:4.
39:52 And it says in Acts 5:32
39:55 it says there that Jesus is a prince
39:58 and a Savior for to give us repentance.
40:02 He is the Alpha and Omega, Revelation 22:14.
40:06 So let's continue.
40:08 I will come, notice here verse 5 says,
40:12 "I will confess his name before my Father,
40:14 and before his angels."
40:16 So Jesus will confess this before the father
40:18 if we continue to confess and before men.
40:21 How many are not ashamed of Jesus Christ?
40:24 Amen.
40:25 And so, who are the first ones to be judged
40:28 first the world or the church?
40:31 "Judgment must begin at the house of God"
40:33 1 Peter 4:17.
40:34 What is the name of the seventh church of Revelation?
40:37 Laodicea, that literally means ones who are judged.
40:41 We are being judged, Revelation 3:14-21.
40:45 What warning does Jesus give to His last day people?
40:49 He says, get on fire
40:50 or I will spit you out of My mouth.
40:53 What would you call that?
40:54 Blotted out of the Book of Life.
40:56 Not confessing us before the father.
40:58 Do you know that we need to overcome lukewarmness
41:01 or we will be lost?
41:03 Spit out of His mouth,
41:04 blotted out of the Book of Life.
41:05 The judgment right now is going on
41:08 and God is looking to see who is gospel hardened
41:12 and gospel softened.
41:15 How many want to be melted by the love of Jesus?
41:19 Say Lord, take my heart, heart.
41:21 Aren't you glad the Bible says,
41:22 "I will take out of you the heart of stone
41:25 and put a new heart of tender flesh,"
41:27 Ezekiel 36:26, 27.
41:30 How many agree do not limit the holy one of Israel?
41:34 If you are going through a personal crisis in your life,
41:37 if you are facing financial challenges,
41:39 if you are suffering from health problem,
41:41 if your marriage is needing a miracle,
41:44 if you have a special concern for your children.
41:46 Whatever you need maybe give us a call
41:48 and we will pray with you.
41:50 For your prayer requests call us at 1-855-336-Free.
41:55 "If the Son sets you free, you are free indeed,"
41:59 John 8:36.
42:01 Why hasn't Christ come again yet?
42:04 Number one, "This gospel of the kingdom
42:06 shall be preached in all the world first"
42:08 and that has not sufficiently happened in our day,
42:11 Matthew 24:14.
42:13 The preaching of the gospel
42:15 has not reached the entire world yet.
42:17 Number 19, are most Christians spiritually awake
42:19 and ready for the soon return of Christ?
42:21 No, the church is sleeping in the last days saying
42:24 "My master is delaying His coming,"
42:26 Matthew 24:48.
42:28 The dramatic signs of the times are intended by God to arouse
42:32 His sleeping saints
42:34 but they continue sleeping through the sirens.
42:39 Every city needs to hear the wake up call to repent
42:43 and trust Jesus as Savior and Lord.
42:47 Repent and trust in Jesus before it is too late.
42:50 How is the judgment good news for the righteous?
42:53 It we confessing before men He will confesses
42:56 before the Father that is good news.
42:59 "Therefore whoever confesses Me before men,
43:02 him I will also confess before My Father
43:05 who is in heaven.
43:06 But whoever denies Me before men,
43:09 him I will also deny before My Father
43:12 who is in heaven," Matthew 10:32.
43:16 That means when somebody offers
43:18 an off colored joke at the workplace
43:23 you don't make them feel like you are comfortable with it.
43:27 You don't make them,
43:28 you don't kind of laugh at stuff
43:31 that you know is a mockery to Jesus Christ.
43:35 Sometimes I will actually tell people,
43:39 you know, please don't take His name in vain.
43:42 I don't say that to necessarily every one
43:45 but I'm here to tell you, you got to stand up for Jesus.
43:47 I'm not talking about being in your face type of religion.
43:50 We don't need that but we do need
43:52 to stand up for Jesus.
43:54 Let people know, you know, I love my precious Jesus.
43:58 So when does this judgment take place?
44:01 The hour of His judgment takes place before Jesus comes.
44:04 Now what is the Bible's longest prophecy?
44:07 Daniel 8:14, 17.
44:10 Let's go there, Daniel 8:14, 17, all right.
44:15 The Bible says here, and notice here Daniel 8:14
44:21 "And he said to me,
44:22 'For two thousand three hundred days
44:24 then shall the sanctuary be cleansed.'"
44:26 The sanctuary is in heaven.
44:27 That's the one we are interested in.
44:29 What does it mean cleansing of the sanctuary?
44:32 Here we have an event of prophecy
44:34 and a timeline of prophecy, all right.
44:37 And notice verse 17, "So he came near where I stood,
44:41 and when he came I was afraid and fell on my face,
44:43 but he said to me, 'Understand, son of man,
44:45 that the vision refers to the time of the end.'"
44:48 So the Daniel's longest prophecy
44:51 for the end time would span the centuries
44:54 and communicate in the last days
44:56 of earth's history.
44:57 Now what does a day represent in Bible prophecy?
45:00 "I have appointed the each day for a year,"
45:03 Ezekiel 4:6.
45:05 "I have appointed thee on day for" what everyone?
45:08 "A year."
45:10 That's the prophetic scale, one day equals a year.
45:13 So 2,300 days are what in the context
45:17 of symbolic Bible prophecy?
45:20 It represents 2,300 years.
45:22 That is the Bible's longest prophecy.
45:25 So in what year did Jesus began the judgment
45:28 in the heavenly sanctuary?
45:31 Every orthodox Jew knew, every Jew knew,
45:35 every Israelite knew that when the priest
45:39 would go into the most holy place
45:41 to cleanse the sanctuary
45:42 that was a time of judgment because if you were outside,
45:47 there outside in the camp of Israel
45:49 and you did not search your heart and repented sin
45:52 and humble yourself before God
45:54 during that solemn day of atonement
45:56 when the sanctuary was being cleansed
45:58 you would be kicked out of the camp of Israel.
46:03 It was a time of judgment.
46:05 We know it today is the Yom Kippur.
46:08 And so "two thousand three hundred days
46:11 then shall the" what?
46:12 "Sanctuary be cleansed," Daniel 8:14.
46:16 Now the cleansing of the sanctuary,
46:18 heavenly sanctuary begins at the close
46:21 of the 2,300 year prophecy.
46:25 Now when does this 2,300 year prophecy begin?
46:29 Daniel 9:25, Daniel 9:25, let's go there we're gonna
46:34 turn to this actually, Daniel 9:25,
46:38 "Know therefore and understand,
46:40 that from the going forth of the command to restore
46:44 and build Jerusalem" and will deal more with this.
46:47 The rest of this prophecy in another presentation.
46:50 So them when was the decree to rebuild Jerusalem issued?
46:56 According to Ezra 7:7, 10, 11,
47:01 the decree to restore Jerusalem
47:04 went into effect in the autumn of 457 B.C.
47:09 B.C. means what? Before Christ.
47:12 So it was-- how do we know it was 457 B.C.?
47:15 Because it was the seventh year of the rein of King Artaxerxes.
47:20 King Artaxerxes is the one that issued that decree
47:23 and its recorded there in Ezra 7.
47:26 So therefore I issue a decree
47:29 that all those the people of Israel
47:31 and the priest and Levites in my realm
47:33 who volunteer to go up to Jerusalem
47:36 you may go with you, Ezra 7:11.
47:39 Now Sir Isaac Newton was a brilliant English scientist,
47:44 mathematician and Bible scholar.
47:47 Look at this quote from a famous biography
47:50 of scientist Isaac Newton,
47:54 a fervent student of the Book of Daniel.
47:57 "Who cares whether Newton was correct in maintaining
48:00 that the prophecy of the seventy weeks
48:02 in the Book of Daniel"
48:04 we will look at that in another time
48:05 "referred to the interval of 490 years after" what?
48:10 "Ezra's leading the Jews from Babylon back to Jerusalem,
48:15 457 BC to the Crucifixion in AD."
48:19 Now listen carefully.
48:21 "Sir Isaac Newton would refer
48:24 to the prophecy of Daniel 9:24-27"
48:27 and we looked at verse 25 "
48:29 as 'the Crown Jewel of the Old Testament'
48:32 and 'the foundation stone of the Christian religion.'"
48:34 So we are just looking at a portion of this right now
48:38 and we are gonna do more justice to it
48:40 and another presentation.
48:42 Now, let's look at a chart.
48:44 2,300 years from 457 B.C.
48:47 when the decree to restore Jerusalem
48:49 was issued in the autumn spanning the centuries
48:52 the time prophecy runs out in A.D. 1844
48:57 that's when the cleansing
48:58 of the sanctuary would go forth,
49:00 that's when the first angels message would go,
49:03 start to go around the world
49:05 that we are living in the hour of His judgment,
49:08 Jesus is in the most holy place,
49:10 the books are open,
49:12 your name is either gonna be blotted out
49:15 just like the children of Israel.
49:17 You don't repent, you're kicked out,
49:20 kicked out of the house of Israel.
49:22 So it's cleaning time
49:24 in the house of God in the last days.
49:26 How many agree, He cleanse the temple twice
49:28 when Jesus was here?
49:30 How many agree He is storming
49:31 the church to cleanse the church?
49:33 Does the church need some cleaning house time?
49:36 And so that's going on now.
49:38 Any superficial casual Christians
49:41 are gonna be blotted out of the Book of Life.
49:43 This message must resonate
49:46 with those who are truly seeking the Lord out of--
49:48 Those who worship the Lord
49:50 must seek them in spirit and in truth.
49:53 Amen. John Chapter 4.
49:54 So therefore how long have
49:56 we been living in the hour of God's judgment?
49:59 Ever since 1844.
50:02 Is a mark, that's a long time ago,
50:05 Noah preached judgment for 120 years.
50:09 Oh, wait for that he's been holding
50:11 that prophecy seminar for 120 years
50:15 and you thought my seminar was long.
50:19 Hundred and twenty years he was preaching judgment
50:22 and he was saying the world is about to be destroyed,
50:25 the world is about to be destroyed
50:27 and it was punctuated by falling timber
50:29 and hammer blows and so forth and only eight people,
50:33 only the evangelist family and only a part of his family.
50:36 Is it part of his family?
50:38 Well, don't you think he probably had
50:39 some more offspring than just a few, you know?
50:44 There was only eight of them counting the preacher.
50:46 Now listen carefully, we've gone into overtime
50:51 because ever since 1844
50:53 the hour of God's judgment has began.
50:56 We are living now in the last work of Christ ministry.
51:00 The door to the Ark of the Covenant is still open.
51:06 Just as surely as the door to the ark was open
51:11 and the door to the ark close
51:14 and the door to the Ark of the Covenant
51:17 that is to say, take an advantage
51:19 of Christ priestly ministry is about to close
51:23 and it will said, he that is unjust
51:25 that's it I'm not gonna intercede for many more.
51:28 Blotted out of the Book of Life,
51:30 that's what they've chosen,
51:31 they want sin I can't force them to be safe.
51:35 And so the Bible makes it very clear
51:37 ever since 1844 we live in, in the hour of God's judgment.
51:41 So in the last days the focus
51:43 is not on the earthly sanctuary anymore.
51:45 Where?
51:47 The heavenly sanctuary, that's the focus.
51:48 So what sanctuary is in the focus
51:51 in the time of the end?
51:53 Revelation Chapter 11, Revelation Chapter 11,
51:55 I know we are learning a lot tonight.
51:57 Aren't we?
51:58 I know this is one of the most profound messages
52:01 and let me say probably one of the most
52:03 challenging messages to understand
52:06 and that's why we are recording these.
52:08 And so Revelation Chapter 11
52:10 and those watching by television
52:11 can email us or call us
52:14 and we get some literature to you or these DVDs.
52:17 And so notice here Revelation 11:19,
52:21 Revelation 11:19,
52:26 "And the temple of God was opened in heaven,
52:30 and the ark of His covenant" there was a door open to mercy.
52:36 How many agree that door at the ark,
52:37 that was a door of mercy?
52:40 And when that door came shut
52:42 it was seven days prior to the raindrops.
52:46 In other words the probation closed
52:49 for the antediluvians seven days
52:52 before the destruction of the world and the flood.
52:56 The flood, you know, raining 40 days and the end came.
53:00 So in other words 120 years was the time of the end
53:06 and then the end came.
53:08 Would you agree we been living in the time of the end,
53:09 its called the hour of God's judgment.
53:14 And so the Bible makes it very clear,
53:17 the priest was only in the most holy place one day.
53:20 Would you agree Jesus is not staying up
53:21 there in the most holy place forever,
53:23 He is gonna take off His priestly garments,
53:25 the books, the books-- well, you know,
53:27 you are either in or you are out.
53:30 You even have stayed on right in there with Jesus
53:33 or you are out.
53:35 Spit out of His mouth not to be confessed before the Father.
53:39 And so I want you to notice here
53:40 and I'm sure Jesus is gonna do that with that some tears.
53:44 And so I want you to notice here Revelation 11:19,
53:48 "The temple of God was opened in heaven,
53:50 and the ark of His covenant was seen in His temple."
53:53 Would you agree that's what you got to be looking at?
53:55 That's where you have to set your gaze.
53:57 That's what we should be riveted upon.
53:59 What is Jesus doing now?
54:01 He is wrapping it up,
54:03 the door of probation is about the close.
54:05 Your name is about to become, to come up in glory.
54:08 Come on now, judgment in the house of God.
54:12 Lukewarm people will be spit out and blotted out.
54:15 Is that clear, yes or no?
54:19 Would you agree this message must go around the world?
54:22 This is the final call, the last wake up call.
54:26 Now listen, are Christians sleeping today?
54:28 I'm not talking about us. Are Christians sleeping?
54:31 Would you agree, wouldn't you expect to hear a final,
54:33 final wake up call saying, okay, this is your last call?
54:37 Just like Jesus went to the disciples three time
54:39 and the third time was the last call to get up.
54:42 And were they ready for the trial?
54:44 They weren't because they were sleeping.
54:45 They weren't ready.
54:47 They all were sunken in flood the Bible says.
54:50 I'm gonna thank well, you got to get awake and get ready.
54:52 Get ready, get ready.
54:54 And so I want you to notice here beloved,
54:56 temple of God was open in heaven.
54:58 The Ark of his Covenant was seen in His temple
55:02 and the smoke of the incense,
55:04 with the prayers of the saints ascended
55:05 before God and the-- and from the angels hand,
55:09 Revelation 8:4 and very soon the Bible says that
55:12 sensors gonna be cast down, probation will close.
55:14 So what does that cleansing of the sanctuary mean?
55:17 It means the blotting out of the record of sin.
55:19 Blotting out of the names of the unconverted
55:22 from the Book of Life.
55:24 When does Daniel say
55:25 people would understand these prophecies
55:27 during what he calls the time of the end?
55:29 Many would run to and fro and knowledge would increase
55:32 the prophecies of Daniel, Daniel 12:4.
55:35 How was the heavenly judgment foreshadowed
55:37 or symbolized in the Old Testament?
55:40 All right, now you got to do a little thinking.
55:41 Everyday a record of sin
55:44 was being brought into the sanctuary
55:46 through symbolized through the blood.
55:47 They would confess their sins over a lamb.
55:50 The priest would catch some of the blood
55:51 that contained the record of sin
55:53 and was smeared on the horns of the altar,
55:55 that's what says in Jeremiah 17:1,
55:57 your sins are on the horns of the altar.
56:00 That is the registered there through the blood.
56:02 It's all symbolic.
56:03 Now there is a record of sin
56:05 in the heavenly sanctuary that's accumulating?
56:06 How many agree, record of sin is being accumulating?
56:09 That necessitates the cleansing of the sanctuary
56:12 and that's why every day that would happen.
56:14 Symbolic the sin was transferred
56:16 from the guilty sinner
56:18 to the innocent lamb, all symbolic.
56:20 Then the high priest brought some of the blood
56:22 into the holy place,
56:23 sprinkled it there before the veil.
56:25 Symbolically the blood contained the record of sin.
56:28 Thus the sanctuary was being polluted
56:30 by the record of sin.
56:31 Why did the high priest go into the most holy place
56:34 on the final day of the year?
56:36 The daily accumulation of the record of sin
56:39 made a yearly cleansing of the sanctuary necessary.
56:42 The earthly sanctuary was cleansed
56:44 once a year at the end of the biblical year
56:46 known as the Day of Atonement.
56:48 And to this day Yom Kippur,
56:51 this was the solemn annual event.
56:54 The trumpets blasted to announced
56:56 the beginning of the cleansing of the sanctuary
56:58 and the priest would sprinkle blood
57:01 seven times on the mercy seat,
57:03 Leviticus 16:14 makes that clear.
57:05 And then at that time "For any person
57:08 who is not afflicted of soul on that same day,
57:11 that person shall be cut off from his people."
57:14 In other words when there is cleansing,
57:17 when there is cleansing time
57:18 there must be repentance for the kingdom.
57:24 Beloved, now that door is open.
57:26 There is a door open that no man can shut.
57:29 Revelation 3:7, 8.
57:32 But there is a door about to shut that no man could open.
57:36 You know, that door is open just a little longer.
57:42 Although sudden and alarming changes
57:44 are sweeping across the globe
57:46 you and your family can be prepared
57:48 to face the future with comforts.
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