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The Mark of the Beast! Part 1

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00:04 We are racing towards the global crises at the close.
00:09 God is going to set up His kingdom on earth.
00:14 Preparation for the tribulation and the translation
00:18 is to develop a character like Jesus Christ
00:21 to reach every hamlet, every village, every man,
00:24 every child, every person in India,
00:27 every person in South America
00:28 must hear these Three Angles' Messages.
00:34 These are stories that illustrate the kind of fabric
00:37 of character and perseverance that we need to go through
00:41 the tribulation just as certainly as they did.
00:44 The Bible makes it very clear
00:45 we are living in an unusual hour,
00:48 the last grains of sand are trickling through
00:50 the hourglass of time and the door probation
00:53 is about the swing shot.
01:00 How many have your Bible here tonight?
01:02 Can you hold it up?
01:03 And if you don't have your Bible
01:05 but you believe in the Bible, raise your hand.
01:07 All right, so we're all covered.
01:08 Anyway we're gonna have a great time exploring Bible prophecy
01:12 and in this edition of amazing prophecies,
01:16 our title this evening is what everyone,
01:19 let's thunder it out together, "The Mark of the Beast!"
01:23 One more time, "The Mark of the Beast!"
01:27 That infamous, mysterious number 666
01:33 that number is not used to promote gambling casinos,
01:38 have you noticed?
01:39 They use 777. Well, guess what?
01:43 That might be the flip side of 666.
01:46 So 666 has conjured up all sorts of images
01:50 and grotesque pictures and so forth about
01:54 this really familiar, popular, ominous number 666.
01:59 So what about the mysterious number of the Beast 666.
02:04 Well, if you're a UPS driver or a FedEx driver and you're--
02:09 you know, you've your package and you need to drop it off
02:12 at a skyscraper of the building in Saint Louis or Kansas City
02:17 and you go there and oh, no, your worse nightmare,
02:21 you got to go up to the top of the building
02:24 and that building number is, what everyone?
02:27 666.
02:28 Feeling a little nervous.
02:30 Wish that you hadn't gone in for the day.
02:32 How about that highway?
02:34 Well, it's not 666, but it's close enough.
02:36 It's highway 66, well, may be it's little antiquated
02:40 but the infamous highway full of deadly crashes,
02:44 superstition and popularity
02:46 and good old Hollywood sensationalism.
02:50 Well, let's say you go to the Wal-Mart,
02:51 checkout and you just throw some things on there
02:56 and lo and behold,
02:57 how much did you say the total was, ma'am?
03:00 Yeah, $6.66.
03:03 Well, here's some gum, throw in some gum.
03:05 You see this number scares
03:08 the daylights out of many, many people.
03:11 Tonight, you'll learn the rest of the story.
03:15 It has everything to do with tonight's topic
03:17 but I got to leave you with a cliffhanger.
03:20 So let's continue.
03:21 Will the United States enforce the mark of the beast?
03:26 "She will be the first!"
03:28 "She will be the first!"
03:30 That's why you can't miss a beat.
03:31 You got to listen to every syllable tonight.
03:34 And so could the race toward a cashless society
03:39 make it easier for the government
03:41 to control buying and selling?
03:44 Could that happen, because my Bible tells me
03:47 in Revelation Chapter 13, let's go there quickly.
03:50 Revelation Chapter 13 contains the startling pronouncement,
03:56 the startling announcement, the dire prediction,
04:00 the ominous reality that will unfold just before Jesus comes.
04:05 Revelation 13:16, "He" speaking about the United States,
04:10 I'll prove it in an upcoming presentation.
04:13 "He causes or enforces all, both small and great,
04:18 rich and poor, free and slave,
04:20 to receive a mark on the right hand,
04:25 or on their foreheads."
04:27 So you can receive the mark of the beast
04:30 in two distinct places.
04:32 On the forehead or on the what?
04:36 On the hand.
04:37 And notice here verse 17,
04:40 "And that no one may buy or sell,
04:45 except one who has the mark or the name of the beast
04:51 or the number of his name."
04:55 So according to the scriptures,
04:56 the mark of the beast will be what?
04:59 Enforced.
05:00 That is crystal clear.
05:02 That is the prophetic scenario that we see spotlighted
05:07 in these packed verses.
05:10 How many agree these verses are packed?
05:12 How many agree, I mean, this is heavily concentrated.
05:14 I mean, this is prophecy stuff.
05:17 So I want you to notice here, in verse 16 it says,
05:20 "There's going to be something that is forced."
05:24 So whatever the mark of the beast is,
05:27 it will have everything to do with becoming
05:30 the law of the land and it will have teeth in it.
05:35 It will be enforced, legislated
05:41 and according to the word of God,
05:43 it's a mark, it's the forbidden mark.
05:46 It's a mark that God says, "Don't get it."
05:50 Because if you do, what will happen?
05:53 We'll get into that in a moment.
05:55 So could the race toward a cashless society
05:57 make it easier for the government
06:00 to control buying and selling?
06:03 Well, consider this fact.
06:06 "The deadly combination of financial chaos..."
06:10 Are we in the throes of that right now?
06:12 Yes, we are.
06:14 Global interdependency,
06:16 are we a global village of sorts?
06:18 You know, one nation sneezes
06:20 and the rest of the world catches a cold.
06:22 Are you with me?
06:23 And so, and modern technology-- listen, let me recap that.
06:28 "The deadly combination of financial chaos,
06:31 global interdependency and modern technology
06:36 are all converging, getting together, combining,
06:41 and coalescing and creating the right dangerous climate,
06:46 a right climate for a cashless society
06:49 and governmental control of your money."
06:53 Would you agree when the government
06:55 starts messing with your money?
06:57 We really are or all heads up.
07:01 So where's the money, honey?
07:04 Ah, that's so you know, the number one contention,
07:08 number one marriage problem.
07:10 You know, I do marriage seminars
07:11 and marriage counseling
07:13 and let me tell you that number one contender there
07:16 that causes heated debate is money.
07:19 So where's the money, honey?
07:21 Anyway, let me tell you something.
07:24 The Bible makes it very clear
07:26 that the government will stipulate
07:29 and they will specify that you must, in particular,
07:35 you must go along with this mark of the beast.
07:38 So it will be popular and persuasive and false.
07:43 And it will be enforced by, number one,
07:47 an economic boycott, economic sanctions
07:52 imposed upon those who would dare to dissent,
07:56 who would dare to be a Daniel
07:59 and not go along with the government
08:01 when false worship is enforced.
08:03 Can you say Daniel in the lion's den
08:05 that's how he ended up there.
08:07 He refused to give in to false worship
08:10 that was being enforced by the government
08:13 and he was under governmental surveillance.
08:19 You know, what he did when he was under that, that,
08:21 that scrutiny, that governmental surveillance
08:24 and that false worshiping of force?
08:26 You know what he did?
08:27 He just kept doing what he was doing, all along.
08:29 Kept going before the Lord at his window there,
08:32 would look up at the sky and by faith look up to God
08:35 and the Bible says,
08:36 "He would kneel down and pray
08:38 three times a day as was his custom."
08:40 Daniel 6:10.
08:41 How many agree?
08:43 When the devil gets mean, you just keep on praying.
08:47 And so listen carefully.
08:49 "Is the high-tech surveillance capabilities and usage
08:53 resulting in a trap that will be used to identify
08:58 and expose those who resist the Mark of the Beast?"
09:01 Now I'm giving some thought for presidency.
09:04 And so, in today's world would you agree
09:08 that enormous changes can happen overnight,
09:12 fast with rapidity, with wings on it?
09:15 Right, is that true?
09:16 I mean, the devil will have something overnight
09:19 and blow up in your face tomorrow morning.
09:22 How many agree the devil doesn't sleep?
09:24 Thank God, Psalms 1:21, the Bible says,
09:27 "The Lord does not slumber nor sleep."
09:28 Can you say amen?
09:30 "And greater is He that is in you
09:31 than He that is in the world."
09:33 1 John 4:4.
09:34 But the Bible makes it very clear
09:36 that end time cataclysmic, apocalyptic prophecy events
09:41 will happen with rapidity,
09:43 will happen in quick succession,
09:45 will happen with blinding speed,
09:48 one change following quickly after the heels of another
09:51 so that the average person will be dumbfounded, deluded,
09:56 deceived because they were not prepared for these events.
10:00 Number one, they weren't prepared for the events.
10:02 Number two, they weren't prepared
10:04 for the rapidity of the events.
10:07 But you, Bible says in Romans 13,
10:09 "Are not in darkness."
10:11 So that that day and that the events
10:14 leading up to that day will catch you by surprise.
10:17 The Bible says, "We're not of the darkness.
10:19 We're of the light."
10:21 And now knowing the time that it is now high-time to awake,
10:25 for our salvation is near than when we first believe."
10:28 Romans 10:10-11.
10:30 So the Bible makes it very clear
10:33 that just like a woman who at its birth-pangs,
10:36 it suddenly comes upon them.
10:38 They were told it was gonna happen
10:40 and then all of a sudden it happens
10:42 and the contractions
10:43 become more frequent and intense.
10:46 And all the mother said, "I know all about it."
10:49 Paul compared end events and the coming of the Lord.
10:55 He compared that end time events,
10:59 the developments in the social world,
11:00 the political world, the environmental world,
11:02 the economic world, the religious world.
11:04 These events, these developments
11:07 that would take place,
11:08 he compared it to the birth-pangs,
11:10 the birth pains of a woman who is ready to give birth.
11:13 And so the point is this, is that right now we're living
11:18 in an age of intensity and a rapid change.
11:23 Convulsions or contractions, take your pick.
11:27 All I know is in today's world
11:29 enormous changes can happen fast
11:31 and guess what?
11:32 The Mark of the Beast is going to catch the world by surprise,
11:38 stunning surprise.
11:40 But those who know Bible prophecy,
11:43 it pays to know Bible prophecy.
11:45 This is no trivia pursuit.
11:47 We're not gathered here in a nice cute little seminar
11:49 and just saying, "I know this now,
11:52 it's rather not just head information,
11:55 its heart transformation
11:56 and preparation for the tribulation."
11:59 That's what it is.
12:00 The Bible, may you say,
12:02 Mark, "We going through the tribulation?"
12:03 If we're not going through the tribulation
12:05 then this is all just nice to know.
12:07 But you really don't have to know,
12:08 'cause you won't be here.
12:12 People want to hear smooth things.
12:14 Tell me preacher that I'm not gonna go
12:15 through the tribulation.
12:17 You're not gonna go through the tribulation.
12:18 Thank you preacher, I love you.
12:19 Come over at my house any time.
12:23 Listen to me, Revelation 16:15
12:27 makes it very clear with clarity,
12:31 ringing clarity that we're going through the tribulation.
12:36 I was about to say I'm going through the depression.
12:37 Yeah, okay, here we go.
12:39 Revelation 16:15, "Behold, I am coming as a thief.
12:44 Blessed is he who watches and keeps his garments,
12:46 lest he walk naked, and they see a shame."
12:48 And it's in the context of the sixth angel,
12:50 the pouring out of his vial,
12:51 pouring out of his bowl of God's wrath.
12:53 The seven installments of God's wrath poured out
12:56 in the last days in the form
12:57 of the seven last scourges or seven last plagues.
13:01 And so as these bowls are poured out,
13:03 they're poured out and then Jesus comes as a thief.
13:08 Jesus just said, "Hold on to your garments,
13:10 " Christ righteousness.
13:12 How many agree we're nothing but nakedness?
13:13 But when we have Jesus, we put on Christ
13:16 that is we put on His robe.
13:18 Amen, we put on His perfection.
13:20 You do not stand before God in your own self.
13:24 You claim Jesus, you don't pray in your own name,
13:26 you pray in the name of Jesus and He presents you
13:30 before the father, faultless, before His throne of grace,
13:34 " Jude verse 24.
13:36 Do you know that he says in Isaiah 43:25,
13:40 "I will not remember your sins."
13:42 Micah 7:18 and 19 says, "That He will cast them
13:48 into the depths of the sea."
13:50 And someone said, "And I'll put a no-fishing sign up there."
13:54 Can you say amen about that?
13:56 And so listen, we're racing toward the Mark of the Beast
13:59 and we're gonna go through the tribulation
14:01 because the tribulation is purification and preparation
14:06 for your translation and your glorification.
14:10 Now that's simple, you might need to rewind and play that.
14:13 We're racing toward the Mark of the Beast.
14:16 So what is the Mark of the Beast?
14:18 Is it a government identification number?
14:21 Is it a barcode on a can in a grocery store?
14:25 Is it a number on a credit card?
14:29 God loves us so much,
14:33 He wants us to be fully informed
14:36 and prepared for the tribulation,
14:40 the mark of the beast
14:41 and the coming of Jesus Christ in the sky!
14:44 So what warning does God give about the Mark of the Beast?
14:48 Revelation 14, Revelation 14, the very center,
14:52 the very heart of the Book of Revelation,
14:55 right there, 22 chapters, right there in the middle.
14:58 Revelation chapter 14 we read verse 6,
15:02 "Then I saw another angel flying in the midst of Heaven,
15:05 " God is describing with symbolic language
15:08 his end time warning messages.
15:11 These are his-- this constitutes
15:13 and comprises his last call, his last messages of mercy.
15:18 How many agree? This is it.
15:19 This is it. This is closing time.
15:22 This is the end time. This is the prophetic time.
15:26 This is the sealing time. This is the judgment time.
15:29 And the Bible says here,
15:31 "Then I saw another Angel flying
15:33 in the midst of Heaven, having the everlasting gospel
15:36 to preach to those who dwell in the Earth,
15:38 to every nation, tribe, tongue and people."
15:40 Saying with a loud voice, compelling voice, "It's urgent,
15:44 Fear God and give glory to Him
15:46 for the hour of His judgment has come."
15:48 All right, now notice the next part of this purpose
15:52 and we're gonna contrast it with verse 9.
15:56 "And worship Him..."
15:59 What's the key word there? Worship.
16:01 "Him who made..."
16:03 What would you call the person who made us?
16:06 Our creator.
16:08 "Worship the creator who made heaven and earth
16:11 and the sea and the springs of waters."
16:12 Now drop down to verse 9 and see if you can notice
16:18 a stark sharp pronounce bold relief
16:22 contrast to what we just read.
16:25 Worshipping the beast, all right,
16:27 let's put that up on the board, so to speak.
16:28 Worshipping the beast on one side
16:31 and the extreme polarity on the other end is what?
16:36 Verse 9, "Then a third angel followed them
16:40 saying with a loud voice,
16:43 'If anyone worships the beast..."
16:47 not the creator, but the beast, "and his image
16:51 and receives his mark
16:53 on his forehead or on his hand..."
16:55 All right, what's gonna happen? What are the consequences?
16:58 "He himself shall also drink of the wine
17:00 of the wrath of God."
17:01 ' What is the wrath of God poured out in the last days?
17:03 The seven last plagues,
17:05 Revelation 15 and 16 makes that clear.
17:07 "Which is poured out full strength
17:08 into the cup of his indignation,
17:10 he should be tormented with fire
17:11 and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels,
17:14 and in the presence of the Lamb.
17:15 And that smoke of their torment ascends for ever and ever
17:18 and they have no rest day or night..."
17:19 to what?
17:21 "Give in, cave in either by default or decision
17:25 they worship the beast and his image
17:28 and whoever receives the mark of its name."
17:30 How many agree this is a dire warning?
17:33 This is a straight shooting.
17:36 Undiluted powerful message from a loving God who says,
17:42 "Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls,
17:45 it's closing time."
17:48 Verse 12, "Here is the patience,
17:52 the endurance of the saints, here those who
17:55 keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus."
17:59 So what's gonna unfold? What's gonna unravel?
18:03 I'll tell you what's gonna happen?
18:05 The law will be of the land the government will say,
18:09 "You must worship the beast."
18:13 And that will clash against worshipping the Creator
18:18 and keeping the law of God instead of the law of the land.
18:24 Now I believe that we must respect our government.
18:28 We must pray for our president.
18:30 The Bible says in Roman Chapter 13
18:33 that God would have us to respect and to honor
18:39 our government as long as
18:41 it doesn't contradict our conscience.
18:44 But in this case, guess what?
18:47 You got to stand up and say, "Now that's about enough.
18:51 I'm willing to honor my government,
18:53 but when my government says,
18:55 'You must receive the mark of the beast,'
18:57 I don't care how Christian it looks.
18:59 I don't care how popular it is.
19:01 I don't care how much you threaten me with death
19:05 or what kind of economic boycott
19:07 or economic sanctions you impose upon me,
19:09 no matter what you say as for me and my house,
19:13 serve the Lord, " Joshua 24:15.
19:17 So it's a matter of the fabric of your-- a test of the fabric
19:19 of your faith and to see who really can say,
19:23 "I love the Lord more than anything."
19:26 That will be tested.
19:28 The great showdown test in the last days is,
19:32 who really has faith in Jesus that leads to loving obedience.
19:37 Who has the endurance of the saints,
19:40 keep the commandments of God and the genuine faith of Jesus.
19:44 'Cause if you have faith in Jesus He'll give you endurance
19:47 to obey when they tell you disobey God
19:52 and go along with the laws of the land.
19:54 Can you see, it's a clash of laws.
19:58 God's law, man's law.
20:00 It's a clash of worship.
20:02 Worship the creator or worship the beast.
20:04 How many can see
20:05 the Book of Revelation is a catalogue,
20:07 a string, a litany of one contrast after the other.
20:12 Save, lost. Babylon, Jerusalem.
20:15 Heaven, hell. Sea of glass, lake of fire.
20:19 666, 777.
20:21 All throughout the Bible.
20:23 The Book of Revelation is a book of contrast.
20:25 So you got the mark of the beast
20:28 and the seal of God.
20:30 So I want you to notice here, you have Christ and antichrist.
20:34 Dragon, Lamb.
20:36 So I want you to notice here, I want you to notice here
20:39 what the Bible makes clear.
20:41 What warning does God give about the mark of the beast?
20:43 Do not get the mark of the beast.
20:46 Do not worship the beast
20:47 or you will get the mark of the beast.
20:49 So who overcomes the mark of the beast?
20:53 Who's gonna be preaching the warning
20:55 about the mark of the beast?
20:56 Don't miss this.
20:58 Let me say it is just as plain as I've--
21:00 The Bible says in Habakkuk 2:2-4, it says,
21:04 "Make it plain."
21:06 All right, let me make it very, very plain.
21:10 God does not make it complicated to know the issues
21:17 at stake in this life
21:20 and death confrontation in the last days.
21:23 Would you agree you cannot guess
21:26 about life and death issues?
21:30 So the question is this, who overcomes?
21:33 Who resists the mark of the beast?
21:35 Those who are preaching the warning.
21:37 Would you agree, they're ones who are not gonna get
21:39 the mark of the beast because they're identifying it
21:42 and warning people don't go along with it.
21:45 Who are they? How can they be identified?
21:49 Verse 12, it's right there.
21:52 Put your finger on it.
21:53 Get your highlighter out.
21:55 Get your pen out, underline it.
21:58 Put your memory cap on.
22:00 Remember this one. Memorize it.
22:02 This is one of the most important scriptures
22:05 for the last days.
22:07 Here is the patience of the saints.
22:09 Here are those who keep the commandments of God
22:12 even when it's against the law to keep His law.
22:17 Here are those who have the faith of Jesus
22:20 in a time when everyone claims their faith in Jesus
22:23 but it's a down right counterfeit.
22:27 So what is poured out upon those who receive
22:30 the mark of the beast?
22:32 Revelation Chapter 15:1-2
22:35 "Then I saw another sign in heaven,
22:36 great and marvelous,
22:38 seven angels having the seven last plagues,
22:40 for in them, the wrath of God is complete
22:42 and I saw something like
22:43 a sea of glass of mingled with fire,
22:45 and those who have the victory over the beast, over his image,
22:48 over his mark, over the number of his name,
22:50 standing on the sea of glass, having the harps of God."
22:53 So the Bible makes it very clear.
22:55 If you have victory,
22:56 you will stand on the sea of glass.
22:58 If you do not have victory, but you are defeated by the devil,
23:03 by the beast, if you are defeated then you get
23:07 the mark of the beast, then the Bible says,
23:09 "You get the seven last plagues and ultimately you go
23:12 to the lake of fire, where there's weeping
23:17 and gnashing of teeth.
23:19 Bible makes that clear.
23:21 If you go to the sea of glass,
23:23 'casue you had victory or you go to the lake of fire,
23:25 because you had defeat.
23:27 I'd rather go up than down.
23:28 Can you say amen?
23:30 So the Bible makes it very crystal clear.
23:33 That God's wrath as the seven last plagues
23:36 poured out in the last days.
23:37 Would you like to see just one--
23:39 Let me give you a little glimpse here
23:41 of just one installment, the first plague.
23:45 Chapter 16:1, "Then I heard another loud voice
23:48 from the temple saying to the seven angels,
23:51 'Go and pour out the bowls of the wrath of God on the earth.'
23:55 So the first went, poured out his bowl upon the earth
23:58 and a foul, a foul and loathsome
24:01 that is a severe and malignant loathsome,
24:05 sore," like painful boils or something comparable,
24:09 "came upon the men who had the mark of the beast
24:12 and those who worshipped its image."
24:14 So who is targeted?
24:16 Who's on the hit list of these angels
24:20 pouring out the bowls of God's wrath?
24:23 Those who got the mark are the ones
24:26 that are marked for the plagues.
24:28 And so the Bible makes it very clear,
24:30 "Worship the beast, get the mark of the beast,
24:33 get the seven last plagues."
24:35 And just one of them is this deadly,
24:38 malignant, sore, painful.
24:41 Can you imagine the ramifications of that?
24:44 Can you imagine a fallout from that?
24:46 Can you imagine the ripple effect among the hospitals?
24:49 You know, where who knows, how many millions of people
24:51 come down with these boils and they go
24:53 and there is no relief.
24:56 No matter what shots they get, there is no relief.
25:01 Can you imagine the chaos, the social upheaval,
25:07 the economic collapse that would ensue
25:09 just from this first installment?
25:12 How many agree Hollywood can't catch up with this stuff?
25:17 So listen, listen carefully, seven last plagues.
25:23 I got a question for you.
25:24 Is this really serious stuff or it's a con?
25:28 You see the devil wants worship and when he came to Jesus
25:34 in the wilderness, what was Jesus doing?
25:40 He was praying.
25:42 Some people think, "You know, if you pray then, you know,
25:45 they hope the devil will leave you alone."
25:47 I don't think so.
25:50 The devil showed up when the Lord was--
25:55 Jesus was seeking His Father with fasting.
25:58 How many agree that's one way you seek
25:59 and seek God is through fasting and prayer?
26:02 Fasting for 40 days, praying for 40 days
26:06 in a very intense intentional purposeful way
26:10 and the devil showed up as if an answer to prayer.
26:16 It came down as a beautiful angel.
26:19 By the way, there's a beautiful angel, but he's a fallen angel,
26:23 but he can still make it appear
26:25 that he's still that unfallen angel.
26:28 He can masquerade as anybody he wants, matter of fact,
26:32 get into that in future presentations.
26:35 I want you to notice here.
26:37 The mark of the beast will be
26:39 the ultimate deception of the enemy.
26:43 He will have the mark of the beast
26:45 look like its Christian.
26:49 While the beast is known as the antichrist
26:54 which appears to be a Christian power.
26:59 So beloved just how popular will the mark of the beast be?
27:04 Revelation 13:8, Revelation 13:8,
27:08 are we learning something here tonight?
27:10 Verse 8, "All who dwell on the earth will worship him,
27:13 whose names have not been written
27:14 in the book of life of the Lamb
27:15 slain from the foundation of the world."
27:17 The whole world will be held captive
27:21 under the sway of the evil one, the wicked one in the last days
27:25 with the exception of who?
27:29 Of a minority, of a smaller group.
27:35 Look at that group spotlighted, of course they were spotlighted
27:38 there in Revelation 14:12 and so-- by the way,
27:42 if you're in Revelation 14:12 and Revelation 12:17,
27:46 they're the people who will overcome.
27:49 Look at Revelation 12:17.
27:52 "And the dragon was enraged with the woman,
27:54 the church and he went to make war
27:57 with the rest of her offspring, the remnant,
27:59 who keep the commandments of God
28:01 and have the testimony of Jesus Christ."
28:03 How many can see the parallel?
28:05 The echo from Revelation 14:12, this,
28:07 this-- there's a connection.
28:09 You can connect the dots between these two passages.
28:12 That's how we learn truth.
28:14 The truth just like you're afraid, John 8:32,
28:16 how do you learn truth,
28:17 by comparing scripture with scripture,
28:19 line upon line, precept upon precept.
28:20 Amen.
28:22 It's not how smart you are, it's rather,
28:23 do you have a little bit of time,
28:25 where you can read scripture and say, "Wait, wait a minute,
28:27 I just read that," and then you make the connections
28:30 and thank God for concordances that can help you
28:32 to make it even faster.
28:34 Can you say amen?
28:35 Now listen carefully. Listen carefully.
28:38 My Bible tells me that there's gonna be an attack
28:42 on the law of God and my Bible tells me
28:45 there will be an attack,
28:46 a very frontal assault on the remnant.
28:50 That's why it requires, here's the patience,
28:53 the endurance of the saints
28:54 because they're gonna come under attack.
28:55 Why?
28:57 Because they still want a champion and carry
28:59 the torch of loving obedience to God's law.
29:03 No matter how politically incorrect it may be.
29:07 So I want you to notice here--
29:08 How many would like to be in that group of verse 17?
29:11 You want to be in that group?
29:12 Do you even know what's a remnant?
29:14 So the majority will never go
29:16 along with all of the Ten Commandments.
29:19 They never will, they never have, they never will.
29:21 According to the word of God, the law of God is under attack
29:25 in the last days and it will appear Christian
29:31 to change that law, revise that law,
29:33 modify that law and end up
29:36 not really keeping the original law,
29:38 the genuine but going along with the counterfeit.
29:42 So in the last days, there will be a widespread delusion,
29:48 a rampant deception that will sweep across the globe
29:52 in regard to when it's even now a foot in regard
29:56 to the Ten Commandments of God.
30:00 How many can see that the pivotal,
30:01 central issue in the last days,
30:03 worship the creator or worship the beast?
30:06 Keep the commandments of God or keep the commandments of men
30:10 that clash with the commandments of God.
30:14 Sudden changes are about to catch the world by surprise.
30:18 Amazing Bible prophecies are fast fulfilling.
30:21 Do ancient prophecies predict the sudden economic collapse?
30:24 Will the Middle East crisis erupt into World War III?
30:28 Are we living on the eve of Armageddon?
30:31 How will the final moves of the antichrist affect you?
30:34 What is the future of the United States of America?
30:37 How will natural disasters
30:39 assure in the mark of the beast?
30:41 Now you can watch the entire Amazing Prophecy series
30:46 of 32 hopeful messages on DVD.
30:49 Don't guess about the future, know the future.
30:53 The complete set of DVDs
30:54 is available for a gift of $60 or more.
30:57 Call us at 1-855-336-Free or you can send a cheque
31:03 or money order to Forever Free Ministries, 2001 Munro Park,
31:07 Corinth, Texas, 76208.
31:11 You can also visit us online at
31:16 Why would people go along with the mark of the beast
31:20 even after hearing the strong warnings?
31:22 Because the Bible says that people are deceived.
31:25 Look now at Revelation, Revelation chapter, it's here,
31:32 Chapter, Chapter 20:10,
31:38 "The devil who deceived them
31:40 was cast into the lake of fire in brimstone,
31:43 where the beast and the false prophet are
31:46 and they will be tormented
31:47 day and night forever and ever."
31:49 So the Bible makes it very clear.
31:50 The beast, the dragon and the false prophet,
31:52 the false trinity, are known for what?
31:55 For their track record of deception.
31:58 And so the Bible makes it very clear, when the devil,
32:02 who is Lucifer in heaven,
32:04 he decided to launch his campaign of lies
32:09 in heaven and smear the character undermine
32:13 and malign the character of God.
32:16 How many agree the devil was on a political campaign?
32:18 He wanted votes in heaven
32:20 and one-third of the celestial host
32:22 made the fatal decision to side with this fallen angel,
32:27 this good-angel gone bad
32:29 and they were kicked out of heaven.
32:31 This is all right there in Revelation Chapter 12,
32:35 and they were thrust out from heaven.
32:37 But then Adam and Eve said,
32:38 "Well, you can come down here if you want."
32:42 And Adam and Eve opened the door
32:44 and the floodgates of hell
32:47 and the host of darkness came rushing in
32:49 but Jesus came down here to rescue anybody
32:52 who is not wanting to go along
32:55 with sin and self and the devil.
32:58 How many are determined that you want to be rescued?
33:03 Now, listen to me.
33:05 They still walkway though.
33:08 Devil still wants what it wanted in heaven.
33:12 He wants to be first.
33:14 He wants to be worshipped.
33:16 But he's got very cunning over 6,000 years.
33:20 Crafty and he has been fine-tuning and orchestrating
33:27 his final web of deception.
33:30 How many agree he's held back his big one for them?
33:34 That's why beloved, you and I need to study this scripture.
33:38 So I want you to notice here, people will be deceived
33:42 and if they're not deceived,
33:44 they will give into the pressure.
33:47 Remember Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego on the plains of Dura
33:50 King Nebuchadnezzar had, had told everyone,
33:57 "I want you to bow down and worship this golden image,
34:01 " that was erected there, on the plains of Dura.
34:04 It was made of gold, it was dazzling.
34:07 Spectacular image that you could see for miles and miles
34:13 and miles and let me tell you some thing.
34:15 He said, "I want everybody to bow down,
34:18 at the cue of the music, I want everyone to bow down
34:21 when they hear the Babylonian music."
34:23 I'm gonna agree that devil still has his Babylonian music?
34:26 Anyway, and everybody is to bow down
34:30 and worship this image and if you don't,
34:33 you see that fiery furnace that we used to help
34:36 make this image in the first place,
34:39 you're going there.
34:40 So there was forced worship
34:45 and there was Babylonian music
34:49 to help them feel comfortable to go against conscience.
34:54 Devil still uses music to loll people into a spiritual slumber
35:00 and to help their conscience feel comfortable with sin.
35:05 I'm gonna agree, you got to make sure,
35:07 you can discern heavenly music from the devil's music.
35:10 Because I'm here to tell you that just because you may
35:13 attend a church doesn't mean that it's only
35:15 heavenly music in that church,
35:16 now that's a whole another sermon.
35:18 But listen to me carefully.
35:20 Listen to me carefully because who is one of their
35:23 chief leaders in music in heaven
35:27 and now he's come down here,
35:28 and let me tell you something,
35:30 he's fallen and his music is fallen.
35:33 So listen carefully to me. Listen carefully.
35:36 On the plains of Dura,
35:37 everyone was to bow down and give homage to the image.
35:45 And in the last days everyone is gonna be called
35:48 to bow down to the image.
35:51 Keep that in mind because I have
35:52 an upcoming presentation
35:54 that we will deal with the image
35:56 that's gonna be setup in the United States of America
35:59 and the rest of the world
36:00 is gonna follow setting up that image.
36:02 It has everything to do with the mark of the beast
36:04 'cause you got to know
36:05 who the beast is, what's the mark,
36:06 what's the image, what's the number,
36:08 what's the name?
36:09 Amen.
36:10 So give into the pressure or be deceived.
36:12 By the way, Adam was not deceived.
36:17 The Bible says, "Eve was deceived.
36:20 Eve was deceived."
36:22 That's what Paul said in the Book of Corinthians,
36:24 "She was deceived."
36:26 So what happened?
36:28 She was deceived in her mind.
36:31 Adam wasn't deceived, he knew what was going on,
36:35 but even though his heart, his mind was not deceived,
36:39 what did he do?
36:40 He put out his hand under the pressure,
36:42 "I don't want to lose my wife, give me the apple."
36:45 An apple, poor apples.
36:46 We don't know what kind of fruit it was.
36:50 And I want you to think about that.
36:53 In other words, you can sin in two different ways,
36:57 deception...
37:00 ...or knowingly disobey.
37:05 One, deceived.
37:07 I'm gonna agree the devil deceives people into sin.
37:10 That's one of the ways he catches people.
37:13 That's why truth shall set you free.
37:16 That's the name of our ministry,
37:18 Forever Free Ministries for good reason.
37:20 It's based on that John 8:31 to 36,
37:23 "If the sun sets you free, you're free indeed."
37:24 How many of you want to be freed of the mark of the beast?
37:28 Now listen, my Bible tells me that in the last days,
37:33 last days, it's gonna be two groups of people,
37:36 those who are saved, those who are lost.
37:38 Those who worship the beast
37:40 and those who worship the creator.
37:41 And those who worship the beast,
37:43 there's two groups there.
37:44 Those who are deceived and go along
37:46 with the mark of the beast,
37:48 just like Eve was deceived or they're like Adam,
37:51 "Oh, I got to be able to buy or sell.
37:52 I know it's wrong, but I'm gonna do it anyway."
37:55 How many can see there's a difference there?
37:57 Some receive the mark on the forehead,
38:00 deceived and some receive it on the hand and say,
38:02 "Well, you weren't deceived, but you knew better.
38:03 You just gave into the pressure."
38:06 And so what are the three-- and by the way,
38:08 the seal of God, you can't get it in the hand,
38:12 because you don't follow God out of pressure,
38:15 you follow God out of truth.
38:18 You've made an intelligent decision,
38:21 "I will follow Jesus Christ."
38:25 You don't get saved by default.
38:27 You don't get saved like you kind of go along
38:29 with the pressure.
38:31 You've to make an intelligent decision,
38:33 "I will follow my Jesus."
38:35 So what are the three discoveries that we must make
38:38 in order to understand this issue?
38:40 And we'll see how far we can go.
38:42 Three discoveries, the beast, the seal of God,
38:45 the mark of the beast.
38:46 Now why do we study the beast first?
38:48 Why don't we just get in,
38:50 right into the mark of the beast?
38:51 Because if you don't know who the beast is,
38:54 you're just relegated to sheer guess work
38:58 about what is the mark of the beast.
39:00 You must first categorically be able to pin down
39:05 with pinpointed precision and accuracy,
39:08 "Who is the beast?"
39:10 Then you must ask before you identify
39:14 the mark of the beast,
39:16 you must look what is the antithesis of that.
39:18 What's the extreme opposite of the mark of the beast?
39:20 The seal of God.
39:22 The devil has a counterfeit for every truth of God.
39:28 True worship, worship the creator,
39:30 keep his commandments.
39:31 Counterfeit worship, worship the beast,
39:34 go along with changed commandments.
39:35 Is that clear thus far?
39:37 Are you with me thus far tonight?
39:39 Now listen carefully, three discoveries, the beast,
39:42 the seal of God and the mark of the beast.
39:44 So who is the beast? Who is the beast?
39:47 There's so much conjecturing, so much applying
39:49 guess work about that.
39:50 Lets look at 10 clues.
39:53 A power arising from pagan Rome,
39:55 "The dragon, Pagan Rome..."
39:57 Now these are all primarily taken from Revelation 13.
40:01 "The dragon, Pagan Rome, gave him his power, his seat,
40:05 capital seat, and great authority."
40:07 Now the Protestant Reformers categorically asserted
40:15 and boldly proclaimed that the papal Roman system
40:21 was the antichrist.
40:23 I don't expect you to subscribe to that unless you see
40:27 the overwhelming, clinching evidence.
40:31 Clue number one and this is taken,
40:33 you can just read it and you can see those 10 clues
40:38 and then you can ask,
40:39 "Well, what's the only power
40:41 that meets all of the prophetic specifications?"
40:45 All right, "The dragon, Pagan Rome, gave him his power,
40:51 and his seat that is his capital seat
40:53 and great authority."
40:55 Revelation 13:2.
40:57 So therefore, who did the dragon, Pagan Rome,
41:02 give its capital seat to?
41:04 It says, "Well, Mark, what do you mean?
41:06 Dragon? Pagan Rome?
41:08 I thought the dragon was the devil."
41:09 It is, but because the Pagan Roman Empire was so identified
41:14 with destructive tactics
41:16 and maneuvers of the devil himself,
41:19 the same term is used synonymously in this context.
41:24 Clue number two,
41:26 A religious power that is worshipped.
41:28 "And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast
41:31 and they worshipped the beast."
41:33 Notice, the key issue is worship.
41:37 Hear again, dragon can refer to the devil
41:40 and or it can receive-- refer to Pagan Rome.
41:44 After all, who was it
41:46 that issued a decree to kill all babies,
41:50 a little babies that were very infant
41:54 and during the time of Jesus to try to annihilate Jesus?
41:57 It was Roman Herod,
41:59 who authorized the crucifixion of Christ
42:01 who washed his hands and said,
42:03 "You know, do what you're gonna do.
42:04 It's not my fault."
42:05 It was the spineless wishy-washy Pilate.
42:09 Notice there was a corrupt church
42:11 putting pressure on a corrupt government.
42:14 And let me tell you something, it'll be a corrupt church
42:16 putting pressure on a corrupt government
42:18 to enforce the mark of the beast.
42:20 Now I just let the bird out of the cage.
42:21 Well, let's continue.
42:23 I want you to notice here that it's a religious power
42:27 that is worshipped.
42:29 Roman soldiers put Jesus to death,
42:31 Roman soldiers guarded his tomb,
42:32 Roman Coliseum witnessed the demise
42:35 of many wonderful Christians.
42:37 Now listen, "They worshipped the dragon which gave power
42:40 unto the beast, they worshipped the beast."
42:43 So what religious power
42:44 are we talking about in 300 A.D.
42:47 You want some history, here it is,
42:48 Constantine relocated,
42:51 Roman Emperor Constantine
42:53 relocated in a political maneuver,
42:55 relocated his capital seat from Rome to Byzantium
43:00 and renamed Byzantium, Constantinople, Constantinople.
43:05 All right, there you go, history channel buffs.
43:08 All right, so the beast is not a person.
43:12 It is a religious political power
43:15 that would have a man in a succession
43:18 of religious kings that would speak for it.
43:21 So Revelation 13:8 says,
43:23 "All who dwell on the earth will worship him."
43:25 This power is a universal system of worship.
43:29 Is the antichrist, man of sin inside or outside
43:32 the Christian church?
43:33 Paul said, 2 Thessalonians Chapter 2, 3 and 4,
43:36 Acts Chapter 20, 29 and 30.
43:40 Paul said, "It would be in the church,
43:44 in the Christian community.'
43:47 Clue number three, a blasphemous power.
43:49 "Upon his heads the name of blasphemy."
43:52 Revelation 13:1.
43:55 By the way, what constitutes biblical blasphemy?
43:58 Jesus was falsely accused as committing blasphemy
44:01 when he claimed in Luke Chapter 5,
44:04 I believe it's verse 21 there, "To forgive sin."
44:08 But Jesus can forgive our sin.
44:10 Amen.
44:11 But a man that claims that prerogative that belongs
44:15 exclusively to God and his son Jesus Christ
44:19 that would be blatant blasphemy.
44:22 Does the Papal Roman system claim that its priest
44:26 can forgive your sins and do they claim
44:29 for example that Mary can hear your prayers
44:32 and help you in your salvation?
44:34 Do they claim that Mary is a mediatrix?
44:36 Now I know that this may be shocking in the extreme
44:39 and please if you are Roman Catholic here tonight,
44:42 I'm here to tell you, I personally believe
44:45 there are many Roman Catholics that love Jesus Christ
44:49 and believe in Jesus Christ and I believe will be saved.
44:53 But I believe there are many Roman Catholics
44:55 and I believe there are many Protestants
44:57 who will not make it to heaven.
45:00 God is the judge.
45:01 But I must judge from scripture what is being taught.
45:05 Can you say amen? You understand that?
45:07 So let me just tell you that if you're looking down
45:10 on Roman Catholics,
45:12 you must also ask yourself the question.
45:15 "Is everything all right in Protestantism?"
45:18 The answer is what? No.
45:21 So let me just tell you this, would you agree
45:24 Roman Catholics and Protestants,
45:26 if they're truly honest they must say,
45:28 "You know what, we're brothers and sisters.
45:30 We must get the truth and be delivered
45:33 from whatever false teachings
45:35 there are in the Catholic church,
45:36 in the Protestant churches."
45:38 And I believe we must be willing to make changes.
45:40 Can you say amen?
45:42 "So upon his heads the name of blasphemy."
45:44 Revelation 13:1.
45:46 Clue number four, a persecuting power.
45:48 "And it was given unto him to make war with the saints,
45:50 and to overcome them."
45:51 Revelation 13:7.
45:54 Historians say that 50 to 100 million precious souls
46:00 lost their lives during the Dark Ages.
46:04 They spent hundreds of years, centuries...
46:11 stained by blood.
46:14 Why?
46:16 Because of the demise,
46:18 because of the orchestration of the papal system.
46:23 They said, "If you don't go
46:24 along with these church dogmas and creeds,
46:27 you are heretic and you're only good enough to die
46:32 and to be burned at the stake."
46:34 That's what happened.
46:36 That was the holocaust that most have forgotten about.
46:40 We remember the holocaust of the Jews and rightly
46:43 so 6 million precious Jews lost their life.
46:46 My beloved, one of the history's
46:49 best kept secret is what happened during the Dark Ages,
46:54 50 to 100 million people and children lost their lives
47:01 because of the Roman papal system.
47:06 No wonder, no wonder, Bible prophecy deals so much
47:11 with exposing who the antichrist beast is.
47:15 So it's a world-wide power.
47:17 "All the world wondered after the beast."
47:21 Number six, a dominating civil and religious power.
47:24 "Power was given him, the beast over all kindred's,
47:27 tongues and nations."
47:28 Revelation 13:5, clue number seven,
47:30 a power which receives 12 reigns over the hour
47:34 of reign of terror 1260 years
47:38 before its power is temporarily broken.
47:42 So, "He was given a mouth, speaking great things
47:46 and blasphemies,
47:48 and it was given unto him
47:49 to continue forty and two months."
47:52 So here we have a time prophecy in Bible prophecy.
47:56 Now this is 42 months, 30 days in a biblical month.
48:01 Forty-two times 30,
48:02 in case you don't have your calculator,
48:04 I've got the answer upon on the board,
48:05 no problem, 1260 days.
48:09 However in Bible prophecy, one day equals a literal year.
48:16 I have appointed thee each day for a year.
48:20 It can be that way
48:22 in the context of symbolic Bible prophecy.
48:24 It depends on the context. Ezekiel 4:6.
48:28 So therefore, we're talking here about 1,260 years.
48:32 So we're not talking about one man being the antichrist,
48:35 we're talking about a succession of popes
48:38 that would be speaking for this antichrist system.
48:43 Now very clearly, the Bible makes it very clear
48:47 that this would, this entity, this institution,
48:51 this religious apostate system
48:53 would receive unprecedented power.
48:56 It got unprecedented power in 538 AD
49:02 when Justinian made a decree to make the bishop of Rome,
49:07 the pope of the Roman pope,
49:09 to make him the head of all churches,
49:13 the definer of doctrine for everybody
49:16 and the corrector of heretics.
49:20 That ushered him this wave of religious persecution
49:25 and absolute violence in the extreme.
49:28 And so there was a Roman decree 538 AD, the papacy got power.
49:35 But then 1260 years later, what would happen?
49:39 It would lose power.
49:42 Got power then power was broken temporarily.
49:46 The pope was captured in 1798 when Napoleon was sick
49:53 and tired of the exploits
49:54 and the dark deeds of the papacy
49:56 and he sent his General Berthier
49:58 down to the Vatican,
50:00 captured Pope Pious VI,
50:03 pulled them away from the Catholic altar--
50:08 the altar of mask
50:09 and pulled off his pontifical ring
50:12 and pound him and took him into captivity
50:15 where he died in Valence, France
50:18 about a year and a half later.
50:19 Everybody said, "The last pope has reign."
50:21 They didn't read the rest of the story.
50:24 When the Bible prophecy is stipulated,
50:27 it would receive a deadly wound,
50:29 but the deadly wound would be healed.
50:34 Did Jesus receive a deadly wound,
50:37 that is to say death, and did He ever come back?
50:41 Did He have a special reign of love
50:45 for three and a half literal years
50:48 and this antichrist would have a deadly reign
50:52 doing the opposite of the Lamb
50:55 for three and a half prophetic years.
50:57 All the parallels are absolutely amazing.
51:00 Clue number eight, a power which receives a deadly wound.
51:03 "I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death."
51:06 It happened in 1798, that's what happened.
51:09 "He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity.
51:12 He that kills with the sword must be killed with the sword."
51:15 Revelation 13:10.
51:16 The deadly wound was inflicted in 1798,
51:19 exactly 1260 years from 538 A.D.
51:23 I believe that Bible is inspired
51:26 and one of the reasons I believe it is inspired
51:29 is because of what you're hearing tonight.
51:31 Bible prophecy proves divine accuracy of scripture.
51:40 Clue number nine, a power whose deadly wound is healed.
51:44 So it would have a setback and a comeback,
51:48 kind of a death and resurrection.
51:50 Do you see how the devil is counterfeiting Jesus,
51:54 His life, death, burial resurrection, ascension?
51:59 Didn't he say, "I want to be like--
52:00 I want to be the Most High."
52:03 "Deadly wound was healed
52:05 and all the world wondered after the beast."
52:07 So what events confirms the dramatic resurgence
52:09 and healing of the papacy?
52:11 In 1870, the papal state,
52:15 the papal state was taken away from the Vatican.
52:20 But then in 1929, it got it back
52:24 and it made front cover news,
52:27 for example, in this San Francisco chronicle.
52:30 A matter of fact,
52:32 headline read, "Mussolini and Gaspari,
52:35 " Gaspari, representative of the Vatican, "Mussolini,
52:39 " you've all heard of Mussolini,
52:40 "Mussolini and Gaspari sign, " yeah, yeah,
52:44 "historic Roman pact, heal wound of many years."
52:51 Do you know that some time you could just hold your Bible,
52:54 I said some time, I should say all the time,
52:56 you can hold the Bible in one hand
52:58 and the newspaper or the internet news
53:01 or CNN or Fox news with your remote
53:03 and you can say, "I read it and there it is.
53:06 I read it and there it is.
53:07 I'm reading and there it is."
53:09 How many agree,
53:11 this is the news behind the news,
53:12 because the bias news,
53:14 the liberal news will not always
53:15 tell you all of the news?
53:17 Are you with me tonight?
53:18 So the papal states which were stripped from the papacy
53:21 were restored to them in 1929.
53:23 The deadly wound was being healed.
53:26 The Vatican was having a resurgence.
53:29 So talk about a resurgence, let's fast forward to our day.
53:35 Former President George W. Bush,
53:37 who I respect to some degree,
53:40 I better because I'm in Texas as well.
53:42 I live in the Dallas area and so
53:44 but let me tell you something,
53:45 I was just absolutely amazed,
53:50 amazed that George W. Bush
53:53 would offer an unprecedented,
53:58 flamboyant welcome to the spokesman
54:03 of the apostate religious system,
54:05 the antichrist.
54:07 I'm talking red-carpet, you can see in this picture,
54:09 red-carpet and all.
54:12 The deadly-wound is being healed.
54:15 Former pope was called man of the year.
54:19 Now let me tell you this,
54:21 I will not judge this particular person
54:23 in term seem like a very loving individual and so forth,
54:27 but I must judge the office that he held and I must judge
54:32 what he talked,
54:33 because I want to go to the scriptures.
54:35 The pope in the holy land. What brought them together?
54:39 Honor, thy Father.
54:41 Now there's another major point,
54:42 the beast has a number.
54:44 A power with a man at the top whose official title or name
54:46 has a numerical value of 666 the name of the beast
54:50 or the number of his name."
54:51 Revelation 13:17.
54:53 So a man would speak for the beast power
54:56 and so what is the official name or title
55:01 given to each successive pontiff in Latin and of course,
55:06 we're dealing with a Roman power.
55:08 So this name would have a numerical value
55:11 in Roman numerals of 666 and so here you have it.
55:14 Here you have it.
55:16 Its Vicarius Filli Dei which is Vicar of the son of God.
55:20 That's the highest ranking official title or name
55:23 given to the pontiff and you add it up
55:26 and I don't have time to go through every single value
55:29 of every single respective letter,
55:33 just for an example though, a V is five, an I is one,
55:36 a C is a 100 and Vicarius tallies up to 112.
55:41 Filli, the I there or I should say
55:44 the L there is 50 anyway the D is whooping 500, come on now.
55:49 this is stirring up your memory of Roman numerals.
55:51 Anyway it adds up to what everyone?
55:53 666.
55:56 So beloved I'm here to tell you that there are ten clues
55:59 on the antichrist beast of Revelation 13
56:01 that we've looked at.
56:03 It's a Roman power.
56:05 By the way, all roads lead to papal Rome.
56:08 A Roman power. A religious power.
56:12 A blasphemous power.
56:13 A religious power dominating civil power.
56:16 A world-wide power and a persecuting power.
56:21 A power having supremacy for 1260 years,
56:24 spanning the Dark Ages.
56:25 The power that receives the deadly wounds, 1798.
56:28 A power whose deadly wound is healed, watch the news.
56:30 And a power with a mysterious number 666.
56:33 Is there any doubt that the Roman papal system
56:37 is the antichrist beast.
56:39 If that is clear, say clear.
56:43 So therefore, does the Roman papal system
56:46 fulfill all the 10 characteristics
56:48 of the beast power?
56:50 It does.
56:51 It's the most popular Christian system in the world.
56:54 It is antichrist.
56:55 The whole world will follow the beast
56:57 in some kind of worship.
56:59 You're either gonna worship creator
57:01 and keep his commandments or worship the beast
57:04 and go along with the changed commandments.
57:06 Take your Bible and turn with me
57:08 to Revelation Chapter 22.
57:11 We have to close. Revelation chapter 22.
57:15 Revelation 22, we will continue this message
57:19 in our next message tomorrow night
57:22 in terms of this part-2.
57:23 So lets look at Revelation 22, looking at verse 14.
57:28 Lets read it together.
57:30 "Blessed are those who do his commandments
57:33 that they may have the right to their tree of life
57:35 and may enter through the gates into the city."
57:38 You want to enter those gates then let them come
57:41 through the gates of your heart.
57:44 Al though sudden and alarming changes are sweeping
57:46 across the globe you and your family
57:49 can be prepared to face the future with comforts.
57:52 The complete set of Amazing Prophecies on DVD
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58:05 or money order to Forever Free Ministries,
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