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The Mark of the Beast! Part 2

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00:04 We are racing towards the global crises at the close.
00:09 God is going to set up His kingdom on earth.
00:13 Preparation for the tribulation
00:16 and the translation is to develop a character
00:19 like Jesus Christ to reach every hamlet,
00:22 every village, every man, every child
00:25 every person in India, every person in South America
00:28 must hear these Three Angles' Messages.
00:34 These are stories that illustrate
00:36 the kind of fabric of character and perseverance
00:39 that we need to go through the tribulation
00:42 just as certainly as they did.
00:44 The Bible makes it very clear
00:45 we are living in an unusual hour.
00:48 The last grains of sand
00:49 are trickling through the hourglass of time
00:52 and the door probation is about the swing shut.
00:55 Tonight's message in this edition
01:03 of Amazing Prophecies is entitled
01:06 "The Mark of the Beast, part 2.'"
01:09 You know, the Bible says in Isaiah 43:19,
01:14 the Bible says, God says there in verses 18 and 19,
01:17 He says, "Forget the former things,
01:19 behold I will do a new thing."
01:22 That David said in Psalms 40:1-3,
01:25 he says, "The Lord picked me out of that,
01:28 pulled me out of that mire, muddy, slippery pit
01:32 and He pulled me out
01:33 and set me on a rock and established my goings.
01:36 He's put a new song in my heart."
01:39 I am wondering, I don't care how old you are,
01:41 how young you are,
01:43 how many are ready for a new thing, amen.
01:45 Are you ready for a new song and a new thing?
01:47 How many are willing to make changes in your life
01:50 in order to sing that new song, in order to--
01:53 listen to me carefully, in order for the Lord to do
01:56 what He promised to do,
01:58 and do a new thing in your heart?
02:00 I'm here to tell you, it's time for a new thing.
02:03 We're going to have a review that is going to be fast paced
02:09 and then we're going to launch into some new territory.
02:12 But you know, I am a firm believer
02:15 in repetition being the key to retention.
02:18 I am not interested in you saying at the close,
02:22 "Oh, that was good."
02:23 And then tomorrow you forgot all about it.
02:26 This teacher, this preacher believes that
02:30 if it's worth saying, it's worth saying
02:32 two, three, four, five, times.
02:35 How many are you parents?
02:36 You repeat yourself all the time,
02:38 I know that, I know that, I know that.
02:41 So will the United States enforce the mark of the beast?
02:43 She will be the first.
02:45 So what warning does God give about the mark of the beast?
02:49 Revelation 14, looking there at the center as it were,
02:55 in heart of the Book of Revelation.
02:56 Revelation 14, this is God's special book
03:01 for earth's final hour.
03:03 And looking here at Revelation 14:6,
03:06 "Then I saw another angel flying the midst of heaven,
03:09 having the everlasting gospel
03:10 to preach to those that dwell on the earth,
03:12 to every nation, tribe, tongue,
03:14 and people saying with a loud voice..."
03:17 What kind of voice?
03:18 "It's a clarion call from heaven's throne room."
03:21 These are the last messages of mercy
03:24 to a sin-stricken planet.
03:27 The Bible says here, "Saying with a loud voice,"
03:30 a compelling voice, and a voice that is seeking
03:33 to get the attention of a pre-occupied generation.
03:38 And the Bible says, "Saying with a loud voice,
03:40 fear God, and give glory to Him
03:42 for the hour of His judgment is come, worship Him..."
03:46 Who?
03:48 "Who made the heaven, and earth, the sea,
03:50 and the springs of waters."'
03:51 So there's a call to earth's final generation
03:54 come back to worshipping the Creator
03:58 according to His word, according to the Holy Spirit,
04:01 according to the Ten Commandments.
04:03 And so the Bible says here, verse 9,
04:06 "Then a third angel followed them,
04:07 saying with a loud voice."
04:09 Now see if you can detect a contrast.
04:12 "If anyone worships the beast..."
04:14 Do you see the contrast? Yes or no?
04:17 "And his image, and receives his mark
04:20 on his forehead, or on his hand..."
04:22 What's going to happen?
04:23 What are going to be the consequences?
04:26 "He himself shall also drink the wine of the wrath of God,
04:30 which is poured out full strength
04:32 into the cup of his indignation."
04:33 These are the seven last plagues
04:35 according to Revelation 15:1-2 and Chapter 16.
04:40 So, the Bible says here, you get the mark of the beast.
04:43 What is that going to incur?
04:45 What is that going to precipitate?
04:47 The wrath of God.
04:48 How is that going to be unleashed or poured out?
04:49 In seven installments.
04:51 The seven bowls, the seven scourges,
04:53 the seven last-- what?
04:56 Seven last plagues.
04:57 So I want you to notice,
04:58 "They are going to be poured out full strength
05:01 into the cup of his indignation
05:03 and he should be tormented with fire and brimstone
05:06 in the presence of all the angels
05:08 and in the presence of the lamb."
05:09 So they're going to get the seven last plagues
05:13 and then they're going to be cast into the lake of fire.
05:16 And so the Bible makes it very clear--
05:17 How many you agree? This is serious stuff.
05:20 And so the Bible says here,
05:21 "And the smoke of their torment ascends up for ever and ever
05:24 and they have no rest day nor night,
05:26 who worship the beast and his image,
05:29 and whosoever receive the mark of his name."
05:31 And in contrast,
05:32 who is preaching these messages?
05:35 Who are sounding these trumpets
05:40 of warning in the last days of earth's history?
05:43 Verse 12, "Here..."
05:46 You see, John the Revelator
05:48 banished on the isle of Patmos
05:50 for preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.
05:53 He is given favored by God,
05:55 these panorama sweeping visions,
05:58 these symbolic visions and he's noticing,
06:01 there's one angel doing a fly over,
06:03 yelling out with a loud voice, "Worship the Creator."
06:06 Then another angel, "Babylon is falling."
06:09 Third angel, he's seeing that angel,
06:11 "If you worship the beast,
06:13 you're going to get the mark of the beast
06:15 and you're going to incur the wrath of God."
06:17 And then he sees here is of patience of the saints.
06:23 Here are those who keep the commandments of God
06:27 and the faith of Jesus.
06:28 In other words, there are those who are responding
06:31 to the Three Angels' Messages and they are the same ones
06:34 who are proclaiming them.
06:36 Can you say amen?
06:37 They proclaim it, they received it.
06:39 I'm gonna agree, before you proclaim it,
06:41 you must receive it?
06:42 But when you receive it you say, you know what,
06:44 I'm going to begin to preach and teach and live and share
06:48 with all the might and power that God enables me
06:52 with to share these urgent messages.
06:55 No trivial pursuit here.
06:57 And so the Bible says here, verse 12,
06:59 here is the patience of the saints,
07:01 the endurance, the perseverance.
07:03 "Here is the patience of the saints,
07:04 here are those who keep the commandments of God."
07:06 How many are there, last time you checked?
07:08 How many fingers, last time you checked?
07:10 You know, I was sharing this with an individual
07:13 somewhere on the planet, I don't know.
07:14 I probably crisscross North America
07:16 and he said to me--
07:18 Oh, I said to him, I said, you know,
07:19 "How many commandments are there?"
07:20 I'm trying to encourage him to keep all ten.
07:22 And I said, "How many commandmentsare there."
07:24 Ten."
07:25 And I said, "Well, think about it this way,
07:28 let me illustrate it.
07:29 How many fingers do you have?"
07:30 And he pulled them out, he says, "Nine."
07:34 I said, "What? What happened there?"
07:35 "Yeah, it got cut off."
07:37 I said, "Man, you just ruined my illustration."
07:40 I'm looking for ten fingers.
07:41 How many got ten fingers in here?
07:44 My grandfather, that's a whole another story,
07:46 I'll share it some other time.
07:47 He had less than nine.
07:48 Anyway, I want you to notice here,
07:50 here is the patience of the saints,
07:52 here are those who keep the commandments of God
07:54 and the faith of Jesus.
07:55 In other words, it will require
07:56 and it will necessitate perseverance and endurance,
08:01 and it will require a 'never give up'
08:03 type of faith in Jesus if you're going to make it.
08:07 And so the Bible makes it very clear,
08:09 our faith is going to be tested,
08:12 our love for Jesus Christ will be tested.
08:15 The Bible makes it very clear
08:16 there is a showdown test coming.
08:18 Look at Revel--
08:19 Bible makes it very clear,
08:21 those who do not receive the mark of the beast,
08:25 keep the commandments of God,
08:26 have the faith of Jesus and endure.
08:29 It's going to require endurance
08:31 when everybody is going along with it.
08:33 But then there's a remnant who say, this is not right,
08:36 we're not going along with it.
08:37 And they will receive scathing rebukes,
08:40 they will be maligned, they will be taunted,
08:42 harassed, joked about,
08:45 but they are God's people who shall prevail.
08:47 The Bible makes it very clear in Revelation 15:1-2,
08:51 it says, God will have His people
08:53 that have victory over the beast,
08:55 over his image, over his number and his name.
08:57 They get thorough victory through the blood of Jesus
09:00 and the word of God.
09:02 And so the Bible makes it very clear,
09:03 you can be an over-comer.
09:05 And so look at here, Revelation 3:10.
09:09 Revelation 3:10,
09:11 "Because you have kept My command to persevere,
09:14 I also will keep you from the hour of trial."
09:16 In other words, you're going to go through the tribulation
09:18 but I'll keep you from it overcoming you,
09:22 that's what He's saying here.
09:23 Compare this with John 17.
09:25 I want you to notice here,
09:27 "Because you have kept My command to persevere,
09:29 I also would keep you from the hour of trial
09:31 or the tribulation which shall come upon the whole world,
09:33 to test those who dwell on the earth."
09:35 The Bible makes it very clear
09:37 we're going to need perseverance and endurance,
09:40 if we're going to be victorious.
09:41 Would you agree?
09:43 Now is the time of preparation for the tribulation.
09:47 That's why we hold these seminars.
09:50 That's why I get out of bed, wherever I am,
09:52 whether it's in my R.V. or a hotel.
09:54 Sometimes I go home. Love that.
09:59 But what keeps me going?
10:03 I believe these are life and death issues.
10:06 I believe these messages
10:09 are going to go around the world.
10:11 If I can be involved in it, I'd say, Lord, I am unworthy,
10:14 but this is downright exciting.
10:18 People get excited over ball games,
10:20 I get excited over sharing the Book of Revelation,
10:24 hearing it, nothing like it.
10:25 Can you say amen?
10:27 I want you to notice here, Revelation 12:17,
10:35 "And he dragon was enraged with the woman,
10:37 and went to make war, or give her tribulation,
10:40 with the rest of her offspring."
10:43 "Enraged with the woman, the church,
10:44 and he went to make war with the rest of her offspring
10:47 who keep the commandments of God
10:48 and have the testimony of Jesus Christ."
10:50 So the devil, the dragon is enraged with the woman
10:54 and he attacks the last part of the church
10:57 known as a remnant, a smaller group,
11:01 the ones that remain over, remnant.
11:04 Those that remain faithful.
11:06 My Bible tells me that if you want to be among the saint
11:10 who keep the commandments of God
11:12 and preach the Three Angels' Messages,
11:14 don't expect to be in the majority,
11:16 you will be among the remnant.
11:20 You must dare to be a Daniel
11:21 or Shadrach Meshach and Abednego.
11:23 The stories of Daniel illustrate
11:25 the prophecies of Daniel.
11:27 And the writers of the Book of Daniel and Revelation,
11:30 their character illustrates the kind of character,
11:33 impeccable character that we need to endure the crisis.
11:37 "And Jesus, who has begun a good work in you,
11:40 He can finish it."
11:42 Philippians 1:6.
11:45 So the Bible makes it very clear,
11:46 the dragon will launch his final assault on the woman.
11:50 You know what? That is going on now.
11:52 Then the following verses describe two beasts
11:57 that attacked the woman.
11:59 The first beast is the Roman papal system.
12:03 That's what the Protestant reformers believed,
12:05 I am just echoing
12:07 what they proclaim categorically, unequivocally
12:12 and vehemently challenge the teachings dogmas
12:15 and creeds of an apostate religious system
12:18 in the form of the Roman papal power.
12:21 God ask these people in all churches
12:23 but I'm here to tell you the word of God
12:26 unabashedly exposes false teaching.
12:30 And it's not to put down people who are being influenced by it
12:34 because the truth is for those who want to be liberated.
12:38 The truth shall set you free if you believe it,
12:43 you receive it, and you follow it.
12:45 And so that's John 8:32 and so I want you to notice,
12:48 there is a war.
12:49 So if you want to be among those
12:51 who keep the commandments of God,
12:53 don't expect everything to be smooth sailing.
12:57 Nobody's gliding into heaven.
12:59 Nobody's going to have a smooth sail
13:02 on the other side of the lake.
13:06 I want you to notice here, Revelation 16:15.
13:12 You say, Mark, are we really--
13:14 Are you really sure the Bible teaches
13:16 we're going through the tribulation?
13:18 In the context of the sixth plague,
13:19 I shared this with you last night,
13:21 words are in red, verse 15, jumps from the page,
13:25 "Behold I am coming as a thief."
13:27 He says this in the context of the sixth plague.
13:29 He is not coming as a thief until after the plagues,
13:33 after the tribulation.
13:35 You see, the church must first be purified.
13:39 Read Ephesians 5, the Bible says that the bride,
13:42 or I should say, "The woman is to be cleansed."
13:46 Revelations 19:7, 9 says, "The woman, the wife,
13:50 the bride of Christ makes herself ready
13:53 by putting on the robe of Christ's righteousness,
13:55 putting on this character, seeking to be like Him."
13:58 Now that's a process, it's called sanctification.
14:01 But let me tell you without holiness
14:03 no man shall see the Lord, Hebrews 12:14.
14:06 That's why we must invite Jesus
14:09 to take full control of our life,
14:11 every facet, every dimension.
14:14 It takes everything to serve the Lord.
14:17 And so the Bible says here, before Jesus comes
14:20 there's going to be these seven last plagues
14:22 and He says, hold on, hold on, hold on to your--
14:26 Notice what it says, "Blessed is he who watches,
14:28 and keeps his garments, lest he walk naked
14:30 and they see his shame."
14:31 So the Bible says, look at Revelation 13:16,
14:36 "And he causes all, both small and great,
14:38 rich and poor, free and slave,
14:39 to receive a mark on their right hand
14:41 or on their foreheads, and that no one may buy
14:43 or sell except one who has the mark
14:45 or the name of the beast, or the number of his name."
14:47 Will the mark of the beast be enforced?
14:48 Yes or no? It will be enforced.
14:52 Is it going to go global? Yes or no?
14:54 It will go global.
14:56 So listen, listen carefully, who overcomes the beast,
15:00 the mark of the beast?
15:01 Those who keep the commandments of God.
15:04 Revelation 15, 1-2,
15:05 "Then I saw another sign in heaven,
15:08 great and marvelous, seven angels having
15:10 the seven last plagues,
15:11 for in them the wrath of God is complete."
15:13 What is poured out from those
15:14 who receive the mark of the beast?
15:15 God's wrath, the seven last plagues.
15:19 Truth or consequences?
15:21 Go along with the mark of the beast,
15:22 you get two things, wrath of God,
15:25 seven last plagues, hell-fire, according to the word of God.
15:29 What happens if you say, 'no', I will not go along
15:33 with the mark of the beast?
15:34 You get the seal of God.
15:40 You don't go to hell.
15:42 But you kind of experience the hell
15:44 before you go to heaven.
15:46 It's called the tribulation. So you can have your pick.
15:50 As for me in my house, I want to go up not down.
15:54 But I'm not going up without being purified.
15:59 Preparation for the tribulation
16:03 which is purification for our translation
16:06 which is glorification, you can do this.
16:10 So just how popular will the mark of the beast be?
16:13 says this,
16:16 "All who dwell on the earth will worship him,
16:18 whose names have not been written
16:19 in the Book of Life of the Lamb slain
16:21 from the foundation of the world."
16:23 The whole world.
16:25 All who dwell on the earth will worship Him
16:28 except those who are in the Lamb's Book of Life.
16:31 If your name is ultimately removed from that book,
16:34 you will worship the beast.
16:36 So why would people go along with the mark of beast
16:38 even after hearing the strong warnings?
16:40 They've been deceived
16:42 or they just give in to the pressure.
16:44 And so what happens? They are deceived.
16:48 "The beast was captured, and with him the false prophet
16:50 who worked signs in his presence,
16:52 by which he..." what?
16:54 "Deceived those who received the mark of the beast
16:56 and those who worshiped his image.
16:59 These two were cast alive and anybody who follow them
17:02 into the lake of fire burning with brimstone."
17:06 And so the Bible makes it very clear,
17:08 deceive, get the mark of the beast, go to hell-fire.
17:12 I know this is not politically correct
17:14 and I know that there are many preachers
17:17 and teachers that will give you diluted messages,
17:20 smooth messages and their churches are jammed.
17:25 But I'm not in competition.
17:28 I have to sleep at night
17:30 and I don't want your blood on my garments.
17:34 I want to know, Ezekiel 3,
17:37 that I've been a faithful watchman on the walls of Zion,
17:40 sounding an alarm, get on fire for Jesus
17:43 because every lukewarm person
17:45 will be spit out of the mouth of Jesus Christ,
17:49 Revelation 3:14-21.
17:51 It's judgment in the house of God.
17:54 Would you agree?
17:55 You gotta be on fire for Jesus to go through that tribulation,
18:00 otherwise you going to say like you know what,
18:02 I can't deal with this,
18:03 I got too much on my plate already.
18:05 But when you and I are fired up,
18:07 you can say, do whatever you want,
18:09 as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord
18:11 and stay we're serving the Lord."
18:13 Joshua 24:15.
18:15 Now listen carefully, who is cast into hell-fire?
18:18 Anyone not found written in the Book of Life
18:20 was cast into the lake of fire.
18:22 Now, how does the Bible describes
18:24 those who worship the Creator
18:25 and avoid the mark of the beast?
18:26 "Here is of patience, the endurance of the saints,
18:30 here are they that keep the commandments of God,
18:32 and the faith of Jesus."
18:34 Saint Mark, you're scaring me.
18:37 Oh, maybe it's time for a little comfort then.
18:40 Let's look at Romans.
18:42 By the way, when the plagues fall,
18:46 we're going through the tribulation
18:47 but read Psalms 91:10,
18:49 it says plagues will fall all around you
18:52 but not come nigh thy dwelling.
18:54 In other words, if you go to Jesus
18:57 and your trust in Jesus,
18:58 you're going to go through the purification
19:00 but you have plagued insurance.
19:06 Anybody interested in Missouri?
19:10 And my Bible tells me, it pays to follow Jesus Christ.
19:15 Here is the patience of endurance of the saints.
19:17 Here they that keep the commandments of God
19:20 and the faith of Jesus Christ.
19:22 You want some comfort?
19:23 I'll give you some comfort from God's word.
19:26 The Romans 8:35,
19:30 "Who shall separate us from the love of God?"
19:35 I stand here tonight before you,
19:39 because I believe in the love of God.
19:40 If I did not I would not stay in here,
19:43 because I would not have a gospel message.
19:45 Gospel means good news.
19:47 You say, Mark, it sounds like mark of the beast,
19:49 going through tribulation,
19:51 that does not sound like good news.
19:52 What's the alternative?
19:57 Listen to me.
19:58 It is good news to know what God wants to do with you,
20:02 even if it requires a tribulation to do it.
20:05 At least you know where you're going.
20:09 My Bible tells me,
20:11 nothing is going to separate you from the love of God,
20:13 the very hairs of your head are all numbered.
20:16 "Who shall separate us from the love of God?
20:18 Shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine,
20:21 or nakedness, or peril, or sword?"
20:23 In other words, will the tribulation
20:25 separate us from the love of God?
20:27 No, it will be more manifest during that time more than
20:30 ever before that God loves His people so much
20:35 that He allows them to be purified by clinging to Him.
20:41 God will have a people, remember?
20:44 The devil said, Job, He doesn't really love you.
20:48 Matter of fact, if you take away,
20:52 if you take away His blessings, his prosperity
20:55 and you really let me mess with him, He will curse you.
20:59 God said, all right, I'm going to let you test him,
21:03 but only so far.
21:05 And you know the story.
21:09 And even his wife said, just curse God and give it up.
21:15 They needed marriage counseling.
21:16 Guess which side needed it?
21:21 Usually it works the other way.
21:23 But anyway, God will have modern Jobs
21:29 who say like him, though He slain me,
21:32 yet will I trust Him.
21:34 Isn't that what Jesus did on the cross?
21:36 So we got to move along.
21:38 What are three major discoveries
21:39 that we must make in order to understand this issue?
21:42 We need to know who's the beast?
21:44 What is the seal of God? What is the mark of the beast?
21:46 Who is the beast?
21:48 Ten clues, very quickly here we go, snapshot review.
21:51 All of them originating, surfacing from Revelation 13,
21:57 a power arising from Pagan Rome,
21:59 the dragon Pagan Rome,
22:00 gave him his power and a seat, a capital seat
22:03 and great authority, Revelation 13:2.
22:04 The term dragon is used synonymously
22:07 for the dragon in the primary sense,
22:09 and in the secondary sense Pagan Rome whom the devil,
22:12 the dragon used to persecute Jesus
22:16 and His followers.
22:18 Who did the dragon,
22:19 Pagan Rome give its capital seat to?
22:21 "A religious power that is worship.
22:22 They worship the dragon which gave power
22:24 unto the beast, worshipped the beast."
22:26 Revelation 13:4.
22:27 What religious power?
22:29 In 300 A.D., Constantine relocated his capital seat
22:32 from Rome to Byzantium.
22:34 The beast is not a person.
22:35 It is a religious political system.
22:38 Who filled the political vacuum that was left in Rome
22:42 when Constantine left?
22:44 The pope, the papa, the Roman papal system
22:48 inherited all that prestige, all of that power.
22:52 All right?
22:53 So all who dwell on the earth will end up worshiping
22:56 the system in some type of way.
22:58 This power is a universal system of worship.
23:00 Is the antichrist, man of sin inside
23:03 or outside the Christian Church?
23:04 2 Thessalonians 2.
23:06 I know I am going fast,
23:07 I'll slow down when I get a chance.
23:08 Anyway, 2 Thessalonians 2:3-4 makes it very clear,
23:12 "Before we're gathered together to the Lord
23:14 the man of sin will be revealed
23:17 and do his deadly work, his dark deeds."
23:20 The Bible makes it clear,
23:21 the man of sin is within the temple of God.
23:25 The temple of God is an expression
23:28 that represents the body of Christ.
23:30 We are as believers, we are the body of Christ.
23:35 My body is the temple of the Holy Spirit,
23:38 was a corporate body.
23:40 This is the Christian church and the man of sin
23:43 comes into the Christian church.
23:46 And so you've got to be careful.
23:48 A blasphemous power, the Bible says,
23:50 "Upon his head the name of blasphemy."
23:53 "Seek where you will, through heaven on earth
23:54 and you will find but one creative
23:56 being who can forgive the sinner,
23:58 that extraordinary being is the priest,
24:00 the Catholic priest."
24:02 I believe there will be many Catholics in heaven
24:04 because I believe there are many Catholics
24:06 that believe in Jesus Christ as their savior,
24:09 but they just haven't learned all the rest of the truth.
24:14 At times of ignorance God's winks at, Act 17:30,
24:18 but God wants them to know the truth
24:19 because I'm here to tell you many Roman Catholics
24:21 will not make it to heave`
24:22 and many Protestants will not make it to heaven.
24:25 How many agree, we've got to seek the Lord?
24:27 And so that's taken from the Catholic Priest 78 and 79.
24:31 "We hold upon this earth the place of God Almighty,"
24:33 Pope Leo XIII.
24:35 Would you agree? That's blasphemy.
24:37 So clue number four, "It was given unto him
24:40 to make war with the saints
24:42 and to overcome them, a persecuting power."
24:43 Fifty to one hundred million people lost their lives
24:45 during the Dark Ages.
24:47 Clue number five, "A worldwide power,
24:49 all the world wondered after the beast."
24:50 Catholic means universal.
24:52 Number six, "Dominating civil and religious power.
24:55 Power was given him, the beast,
24:57 over all kindred's, and tongues and nations."
24:59 Revelation 13:7.
25:01 "So also it's a power which reigns 1260 years
25:05 before its power is temporarily broken
25:07 and he was given a mouth,
25:09 speaking great things and blasphemies,
25:11 and it was given unto him
25:13 to continue forty and two months."
25:14 We have a time frame here. We have prophetic time here.
25:18 You see, God uses an exact science called Math.
25:23 Can't argue with math, how many of you agree?
25:25 Whether you like it or not, two plus two is always four.
25:29 And when God gives math to confirm something,
25:32 you can't argue.
25:34 It's irrefutable. Revelation 13:5.
25:37 And so we need to let them know,
25:39 let the skeptics know that the Bible is not a collection
25:43 of fairytales and myths, rather it is proven
25:46 with the veracity, trustworthiness,
25:49 the dependability, the inspiration
25:52 of scripture is verified and confirmed
25:55 over and over and over again
25:57 because of prophecies that have been
26:00 or are being fulfilled and will be fulfilled.
26:03 And so clue number seven, 42 months,
26:05 30 days in a biblical months, 1260 days.
26:08 "I have appointed thee each day for a year."
26:10 In the context of symbolic Bible Prophecy,
26:12 one day equals a year, Ezekiel 4:6.
26:15 So the Roman decree went forth
26:17 to give the papacy a reign of terror,
26:22 unprecedented power.
26:24 It received unprecedented power
26:25 at the decree of Roman Justinian
26:28 to make the papa, the bishop of Rome,
26:30 the head of all churches, definer of doctrine,
26:32 corrector of heretics, went into effect in 538 A.D,
26:36 1260 years later, it would have a setback
26:39 but then it would have a comeback.
26:40 The pope was captured in 1798.
26:43 "A power receives a deadly wound.
26:45 And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death,"
26:48 Revelation 13:3.
26:49 "And he that leadeth into captivity
26:51 shall go into captivity,
26:52 he that kills with the sword must be killed with a sword."
26:55 What goes around, comes around.
26:58 Eventually I knew you'd come around.
27:00 All right, Revelation 13:10.
27:01 So the deadly wound was inflicted in 1798,
27:05 exactly 1260 years from 538 A D.
27:09 Coincidence? No, confirmation.
27:12 Clue number nine, a power whose deadly wound is healed.
27:15 "His deadly wound was healed, and all the world wondered
27:18 and followed after the beast."
27:20 What a healing? Revelation 13:3.
27:22 So what events confirm the dramatic resurgence
27:25 and healing of the papacy?
27:27 In 1929, the Papal States
27:29 that were stripped in 1870 was restored.
27:32 "The Papal States which were stripped
27:34 from the papacy were restored to them in 1929."
27:37 Mussolini and Gaspari sign historic Roman Pact.
27:40 Heal wounds of many years. Front page article.
27:44 And now just keep in tune with what is going on.
27:51 Prophecy is being fulfilled right underneath your noses
27:55 and most don't even know it
27:57 because they haven't studied their Bible correctly
28:00 and they don't know what to look for.
28:02 How many agree, let these be your eye-glasses?
28:07 The "deadly wound" is being healed.
28:09 Deadly wound is being healed. Deadly wound is being healed.
28:14 The deadly wound is being healed.
28:16 Another major point, the beast has a number.
28:18 A power with a man at the top whose official name, title,
28:21 has a numerical value of 666.
28:23 "The name of the beast, or the number of his name."
28:25 Revelation 13:17.
28:27 A man would speak for the beast power.
28:30 What is the highest ranking title
28:32 that is given to every
28:33 successive pope or papa of Rome?
28:36 The Latin title is Vicarius Filii Dei,
28:41 which means in English, vicar of the Son of God,
28:44 representative of the Son of God.
28:45 What kind of numerical system would you use to--
28:49 the Bible says calculate the number of the name?
28:52 What kind of numerical system should you use
28:54 for a Roman power in the first place?
28:57 Roman numerals. And so there you have it.
29:00 It all adds up to 666.
29:03 And so ten clues, a Roman power,
29:06 a religious power, a blasphemous power,
29:08 a religious power dominating civil power,
29:10 a worldwide power.
29:12 You want more? Here's more.
29:13 Persecuting power,
29:15 a power having supremacy for 1260 years,
29:17 a power that reins-- receives the deadly wound.
29:20 A power whose deadly wound is healed.
29:22 A power with a mysterious number 666.
29:24 All roads lead to papal Rome. Irrefutable.
29:29 But one of the Protestant reformers had it right.
29:33 The root word in Protestant means protest.
29:36 Nowadays? Are you kidding?
29:42 We have a pop gospel.
29:46 Sudden changes are about to catch the world by surprise.
29:50 Amazing Bible prophecies are fast fulfilling.
29:54 Do ancient prophecies predict the sudden economic collapse?
29:57 Will the Middle East crisis erupt into World War III?
30:01 Are we living on the eve of Armageddon?
30:03 How will the final moves of the antichrist affect you?
30:07 What is the future of the United States of America?
30:10 How will natural disasters usher in the mark of the beast?
30:14 Now you can watch the entire
30:16 Amazing Prophecy series of 32 hopeful messages on DVD.
30:22 Don't guess about the future, know the future.
30:25 The complete set of DVDs
30:27 is available for a gift of $60 or more.
30:30 Call us at 1-855-336-Free or you can send a check
30:35 or money order to Forever Free Ministries,
30:38 2001 Munro Park, Corinth, Texas, 76208.
30:43 You can also visit us online at
30:49 Does the Roman papal system fulfill
30:51 all the ten characteristics of the beast power?
30:52 It does.
30:54 The most popular Christian system
30:55 in the world is antichrist.
30:57 The whole world will follow the beast
30:58 in some kind of false worship.
31:00 In contrast, you worship the Creator
31:02 and keep all of His Ten Commandments.
31:04 Who will be sealed?
31:05 Those who refuse to follow the beast
31:07 and rather keep the commandments of God.
31:12 Now, let me expand on this. What is the seal of God?
31:15 Where is the seal of God? That's a clue.
31:18 Take your Bible and turn with me to Revelation 7.
31:21 Are we learning something? We're learning fast, aren't we?
31:25 Revelation 7:1,
31:29 "After these things I saw four angels
31:31 standing on the four corners of the earth,
31:32 holding the four winds of the earth,
31:34 that the wind should not blow on the tree,
31:36 on the sea, or on any tree.
31:38 On the earth, on the sea, or on the tree.
31:41 Then I saw another angel ascending from the east,
31:43 having the seal of the living God.
31:45 And he cried with a loud voice
31:47 to the four angels to whom it was granted
31:48 to harm the earth and the sea,
31:50 saying, 'Do not harm the earth, the sea, or the trees
31:53 till we have sealed the servants of our God...'"
31:58 Notice here, verse 3, "Till we have sealed
32:01 the servants of our God on their foreheads."
32:06 Now, quickly turn to Revelation 14:1.
32:13 Revelation 14:1, "Then I looked,
32:16 and behold, a Lamb standing on Mount Zion,
32:18 and with Him one hundred and forty-four thousand."
32:21 Mark, is that literal or figurative?
32:23 That's another night. Having on His...
32:26 Notice, "Having his Father's name
32:28 written on their foreheads."
32:30 Can you see the connection
32:31 between the seal of God and God's name?
32:34 How many can see a connection there?
32:37 Seal on the forehead, God's name on the forehead.
32:40 Look at Revelation 22.
32:42 Revelation 22:4, "They shall see his face
32:47 and his name shall be on their forehead."
32:51 Either you get the mark of the beast
32:53 on the forehead or on the hand or you get the seal of God.
32:56 Can't get it on the hand,
32:58 you can only get it on the forehead
33:00 and it equates with the name of God.
33:05 The name of God is what?
33:07 John 17:26, Jesus said
33:10 I have sought to reveal your name
33:15 and I will continue to reveal your name.
33:19 What is his name, his character to have the name?
33:22 Remember Jacob was changed to the name Israel, why?
33:27 Because he had a character change
33:30 and those who receive a character change
33:32 become true Israel.
33:34 He is the Jew which is one inwardly
33:36 not outwardly of the flesh, Romans 2:28-29.
33:40 If you are Christ then, yeah, "Abraham's seed,
33:42 and heirs according to the promise."
33:43 Galatians 3:29.
33:47 Anyway, the Bible makes it very clear
33:49 that we are modern Israel
33:52 and we must get the seal of God and the name of God.
33:55 And so the Bible makes it very clear,
33:57 where is the seal of God placed?
33:59 Point, where is it? Where's is it go?
34:01 Where is it go? On the forehead.
34:03 On the forehead. Listen carefully.
34:05 What else does God promise to place in the forehead
34:08 or on the heart?
34:10 "I will put my laws in their hearts
34:13 and write them on..."
34:15 I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Slow down, Mark.
34:17 "I will put my laws in their minds
34:21 and write them on their hearts."
34:24 Do you see how in and on
34:26 are used interchangeably, synonymously here.
34:29 Can you see that?
34:30 So the seal of God actually goes in the forehead.
34:34 What is in the forehead? Your mind.
34:38 What part of the brain? Frontal lobes.
34:41 What's going on there?
34:42 That's where you make decision,
34:45 that's where you make your choices.
34:47 God sent His son Jesus to die for us
34:51 that He might say, come let us reason,
34:55 let us reason together, though your sins are scarlet?
34:58 Let me reason with you. Let me have you think.
35:02 My friend, Dr. Neil Nedley just wrote a book,
35:04 I got to get it but it's a little expensive,
35:06 but it's worth it, called "The Lost Art of Thinking."
35:11 Go online and get it. Tell me what you think.
35:14 I will get it too.
35:17 God gave us a thinking book,
35:23 but we have attention deficit disorder big time.
35:29 People have a hard time concentrating and listening
35:34 and that's the devil's work.
35:37 You and I need to know what it's like to sit down
35:40 and read for a few hours.
35:43 If you can do it every day, more the better.
35:46 My Bible tells me the seal goes in
35:49 where you really discriminate and make decisions,
35:53 you've got to really think and make it,
35:54 ''Come let us reason together, though your sins are scarlet,
35:57 they should be white as snow, red like crimson,
35:59 they should be as wool," Isaiah 1:18.
36:01 So I will put my laws,
36:03 the law of God, the Ten Commandments.
36:04 Remember, Jesus is standing by those Ten Commandments,
36:08 that's where He is.
36:09 How can somebody say, "They've been done away with,
36:10 we're not under them, we're under grace"?
36:12 Amen. Where is the mercy seat?
36:15 Right there in heaven, at the Ark of the Covenant.
36:17 Well, what's under the mercy? The Ten Commandments.
36:19 Oh, grace, mercy does not throw out the Ten Commandments.
36:23 We're under the mercy. Thank God for that.
36:26 But that doesn't throw away the law.
36:28 Know that mercy and grace enables him to write
36:30 that law in my heart.
36:33 How many agree, it will take a miracle to save you?
36:36 And that's what grace is all about.
36:38 How many agree, you wouldn't even be here tonight
36:40 if it wasn't for a whole lot of miracles God
36:42 was doing to work for you?
36:45 You wouldn't even have an interest in these things
36:47 if it wasn't for miracles
36:48 that God's been working in your life.
36:50 I say hallelujah.
36:51 Come on, do you recognize good stuff when you hear it?
36:54 So Hebrews 8:10 says,
36:56 "I will put my laws in their minds
36:58 and write them in their heart."
37:00 On, in.
37:02 You know when I tell my wife,
37:03 'Honey I love you with all my heart.'
37:05 Does the heart think... literally?
37:10 No, it's use figurative.
37:11 But you really should not go around saying,
37:14 'Honey I love you with all my brain.'
37:17 Doesn't sound right.
37:19 I will put my laws in their hearts, their minds.
37:23 Come on, in their minds and write them on their hearts.
37:26 Where does the seal go?
37:27 Point. We can do this.
37:31 Where does the law of God go in the New Covenant?
37:41 All right.
37:43 Where is the law of God placed? Got it covered.
37:48 What's the New Covenant promise?
37:50 I'll write it in their heart, all ten of the commandments.
37:54 "Here is the patience of the saints,
37:55 here are they that keep the commandments of God
37:57 and the faith of Jesus."
37:58 They are the ones who get the seal of God.
38:00 Is there a connection between the seal and the law of God?
38:04 Listen to this, "Bind up the testimony,
38:06 seal the law among my disciples."
38:10 Hallelujah.
38:15 If you decide you don't want to keep
38:17 all of them by the grace of God.
38:20 "Without me, you can do nothing."
38:21 John 15:5.
38:23 "But I can do all things
38:24 through Christ who strengthens me."
38:25 Philippians 4:13.
38:27 It's all of grace, it's all of His power.
38:28 It's all of His righteousness that we get by faith.
38:31 This is not righteousness by works.
38:33 It's not me trying to do good,
38:34 trying to keep the commands to earn salvation.
38:36 No, that's righteousness by work.
38:38 "Salvation is a gift.
38:40 But faith without works, that's useless and dead."
38:42 James 2:26. How many of you agree?
38:43 "If you love me keep my commandments."
38:45 John 14:15?
38:47 And so bind up the testimony, seal the law among my disciple.
38:51 "Those who allow the Holy Spirit
38:53 to write the whole law in their hearts
38:55 including the commandment that contains the seal
38:57 will be sealed on their foreheads.
38:59 You see, listen carefully.
39:01 "The law of God and the seal of God go together."
39:03 Can you say amen?
39:05 "Therefore if you want the seal
39:07 you must keep the Law in which the seal is placed."
39:11 Uh, you didn't hear that.
39:12 Here we go.
39:14 Therefore, if you want the seal--
39:16 Are you interested?
39:18 You must keep the law
39:20 through the grace of Christ by trusting in Him
39:24 and if we fall short, we ask for forgiveness
39:26 and His righteousness still continues to cover us.
39:29 Because how many agree, right up until Jesus comes,
39:32 we are still under construction.
39:33 It's called sanctification. Work of a lifetime.
39:37 Therefore, if you want the seal,
39:39 you must keep the law in which the seal is place.
39:43 "In ancient times a King sealed a law,
39:45 decree with his royal signet ring."
39:47 Didn't he? King would have a ring with--
39:51 His royal ring with a raised design
39:52 an image on the top of it.
39:54 And what would he do with that?
39:55 He would use it to impress his image
39:58 or some something, his name or whatever was on that ring
40:01 to impress it upon pliable clay or melted wax.
40:06 Something that would receive-- Oh, come on.
40:09 Listen to the Holy Spirit,
40:11 that would receive the image of the king
40:14 or the name of the king.
40:16 Somebody's going to get this tonight.
40:18 Another words, you're not going to get the seal of God
40:21 unless your heart is like melted wax.
40:23 You got to go to the cross to get your heart melted
40:25 or you will never get the seal of God.
40:29 You've got to be pliable clay.
40:30 He is the potter wheel of the clay.
40:32 You got to be pliable saying,
40:34 Lord, "Not I but Christ lives in me
40:37 and the life which I now live in the flesh
40:38 I live with the faith of the Son of God,
40:40 love me, gave himself for me."
40:42 Galatians 2:20.
40:43 "I if I've been lifted up from the earth,
40:45 I will draw all men to me."
40:47 John 12:32. Can I put it in another way?
40:49 What Jesus essentially is saying
40:51 is I'll melt hearts at the foot of the cross.
40:54 That's how you get your heart receptive
40:57 to the law of God and to receive His image.
41:02 Listen, the Bible says Romans 8:29,
41:05 that He wants to conform us to the image of His son.
41:11 You see, you either get the image of the beast
41:13 or you were in the image of His son.
41:15 How many agree, we are to be a spitting image of Jesus,
41:19 just like my son Caleb is a spitting image of me?
41:24 Oh, I saw a lot of people say,
41:25 he looks a little like your mom there too.
41:27 Come on now, please, when you leave here tonight,
41:29 he looks like you too.
41:31 My daughter, spitting image of me as well.
41:33 Let me tell you something.
41:35 We are to be spitting images of God,
41:38 reflecting the character of Christ.
41:41 Amen. Set your standard high.
41:46 "This ring usually had a raised designer or image on it
41:50 that would be impressed upon pliable clay or melted wax."
41:54 In the days of Esther,
41:55 "The king took his signet ring from his hand
41:58 and in the name of King Ahasuerus,
42:00 it was written,
42:01 and sealed with the king's signet ring."
42:04 Esther 3:10-12.
42:07 So the King's decrees or laws were signed or sealed
42:10 with his signature or royal law.
42:12 "The Ten Commandments are called,
42:14 get this, the royal law."
42:17 Hallelujah, James 2:8.
42:20 The King of Kings has a "Royal Law"
42:24 and that royal seal or signature
42:27 is that of approval.
42:28 It's the good housekeeping seal of approval.
42:34 How many agree, there's housecleaning
42:36 going on in the house of God?
42:37 You got to get the seal
42:39 which is God's good housekeeping
42:42 seal of approval.
42:45 See, the seal means that God approves.
42:48 "God will approve of you when you accept Jesus Christ,
42:51 that very moment you put on Christ,
42:53 you put on the robe of His righteous,
42:55 you are accepted in the beloved."
42:56 Ephesians 1:6.
42:59 But unless you're willing to walk with Jesus
43:01 as you have therefore receive Christ
43:03 Jesus so walk in him.
43:04 Colossians 2:6, "If you stand up with Jesus
43:07 but don't walk with Jesus, you go fallen right back then."
43:13 So what are three key elements associated with a seal?
43:16 President Barack Obama
43:18 of the United States of America.
43:20 Presidential seal must contain three things.
43:24 Seal contains three elements, name, title, territory.
43:27 President Barack Obama: President, title.
43:31 Name, Barak Obama.
43:32 Territory, of the United States of America.
43:37 So God seal of authority is related to Him
43:40 being Creator and is found in His law.
43:44 King's seal, king's law.
43:46 And so listen to me.
43:47 Is there a commandment which establishes
43:50 God's authority as our president?
43:53 What is it called?
43:55 Not president, he's called creator.
43:56 How many agree that is as high up
43:58 as you can go?
44:00 Take your Bible and turn with me
44:01 to the Ten Commandments.
44:03 Not the ten suggestions, the Ten Commandments.
44:06 And first of all, look here at verse number 8.
44:10 And look at the last part of 20:6,
44:14 "But showing mercy to thousands
44:16 to those who love me and keep my commandments."
44:19 Didn't Jesus say the same thing?
44:21 Look at verse 8,
44:22 "Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy.
44:24 Six days you shall labor and do all your work
44:26 but the seventh day
44:28 is the Sabbath of the Lord your God."
44:29 Notice there, the Lord your God, His name.
44:32 "In it you shall do no work.
44:35 You nor your son, nor your daughter
44:37 nor your male servant nor your female servant
44:39 nor your cattle nor a stranger within your gates.
44:42 For in six days the Lord made..."
44:45 That's His title, He's our Creator.
44:49 "The heavens and the earth,
44:50 the sea, and all that is in them."
44:52 That's His territory.
44:54 "And rest of the seventh day therefore the Lord blessed
44:56 the Sabbath day and hallowed it."
44:58 This is the royal law.
45:00 So if this is the royal law,
45:01 you ought to expect the royal sealed to be in it.
45:05 You see, the seal authenticates the law,
45:08 otherwise doesn't have any authority with it.
45:11 God says, this is my law.
45:13 Out of the Ten Commandments it's the only one
45:15 that contains the three essential elements:
45:17 name, title, territory.
45:19 It's the only one that identifies
45:21 who gave the Ten Commandments.
45:22 And so we continue.
45:24 This Sabbath commandment is alluded
45:26 to in the First Angel's Message of Revelation 14.
45:29 Take a look at this,
45:30 "For in six days the Lord made heaven and earth,
45:32 the sea and all that is in them,
45:33 and rested the seventh day."
45:35 Now look at Revelation 14:7,
45:37 "Worship Him who made heaven and earth,
45:39 the sea and the springs of water
45:40 and they keep the commandments of God."
45:43 It seems to be a hint
45:45 of what happened in the Garden of Eden,
45:50 in the beginning of time.
45:51 "The Sabbath is the only commandment
45:53 that reveals the Law Giver."
45:54 "The Sabbath is the seal of the Living God.
45:56 What is God's special sign of power and authority?"
45:59 "Moreover also I gave them my Sabbath, to be a sign."
46:03 Sign and seal are used interchangeably at times,
46:05 Romans 4:11 says so.
46:08 "Moreover also I gave them my Sabbath,
46:10 to be a sign or seal between me and them,
46:13 that they might know that I am the Lord
46:16 that has the miraculous power to change you, to save you,
46:21 to sanctify them, to make them holy."
46:23 Would you agree if Jesus is saying,
46:25 if God is saying the Sabbath is my sign
46:28 that I can change your life,
46:29 then that is a sign of His power,
46:32 the sign that He can create us.
46:34 And David said,
46:35 created me a clean heart, oh, God.
46:37 Would you agree, that's creative power?
46:40 Psalms 50:10, "So the Lord tells us,
46:43 I made you but now I can remake you."
46:47 And so the Sabbath is a sign of not only creation
46:50 but of redemption.
46:52 Can you say amen? The power of Jesus Christ.
46:54 That's why you can't throw out the Sabbath, why?
46:56 It's right there in the heart of the gospel.
46:59 Ezekiel 20:12, 20.
47:03 "And receive the sign of circumcision,
47:05 a seal of righteousness of the faith."
47:07 Romans 4:11.
47:09 But we are circumcised in the heart.
47:11 Can you say amen?
47:12 So sign and seal are used interchangeably.
47:15 So the sign of Christ power to change us,
47:17 that's the Sabbath.
47:19 So what is another synonymous term
47:21 used for the seal of God?
47:22 "They shall see His face,
47:24 and His name shall be on their foreheads."
47:26 Revelation 22:4.
47:28 "Those who are victorious at last stand on mount Zion,
47:30 having His father's name written on their foreheads."
47:33 Revelation 14:1.
47:35 So there's four terms used relatedly:
47:40 Law of God, name of God,
47:44 seal of God, sign of God.
47:48 Powerful.
47:50 The name of God is found in His law.
47:53 The law all God is a transcript
47:55 of His loving character or name.
47:57 His law is holy, God is holy. His law is just, God is just.
48:02 His law is love, God is love. What is the mark of the beast?
48:10 Tomorrow night-- No, here we go.
48:13 What is the mark of the beast?
48:15 It must be a counterfeit of the seal of God,
48:18 it must be a counterfeit of the law of God,
48:21 it must be a counterfeit of the Sabbath.
48:25 Did you hear that? All right.
48:27 I'm going to do this,
48:28 I can do it, I'm the speaker, all right?
48:30 What is the mark of the beast?
48:31 It must be a counterfeit of the seal of God.
48:33 It must be a counterfeit of the law of God.
48:35 It must be a counterfeit of the Sabbath.
48:39 Remember we're talking about a symbolic beast, image,
48:41 name, number, seal, mark, all symbolic.
48:46 Now listen, what is the mark of the beast?
48:48 It's a sign of the Roman Church's authority.
48:50 "Popular religious power plus a popular marker
48:53 or sign of its religious power.
48:55 What does the Roman Catholic Church
48:57 claim is a sign of its authority?
48:59 Sunday is our mark of authority.
49:03 The church is above the Bible,
49:05 and this transference of Sabbath observance
49:08 is proof of that fact."
49:09 Catholic Record, 1923.
49:12 "Of course the Catholic Church claims
49:13 that the change from Saturday to Sunday was her act.
49:16 It could not have been otherwise as none in those days
49:18 would have dreamed of doing anything in matters
49:21 spiritual and ecclesiastical and religious without her.
49:24 And the act is a..." What, everyone?
49:27 "Mark of her ecclesiastical
49:29 power and authority in religious matters."
49:31 H.F. Thomas, Chancellor for the Cardinal,
49:34 November 11, 1895, I believe it is there.
49:37 Sunday is the admitted mark
49:41 of authority of the Papal power.
49:45 You say, Mark, I didn't know this.
49:47 Most people don't.
49:49 Did the Bible actually predict
49:51 that the Roman papal power would change the Sabbath?
49:54 Are you ready for this blockbuster?
49:57 Look to the Book of Daniel.
49:59 Did you learn anything thus far?
50:02 You need to say yes a little bit louder.
50:07 God is good, isn't He? Feasting on the word of God.
50:11 Daniel 7:25, speaking about the bizarre talking horn
50:18 that we have categorically identified
50:21 as the Roman Papal system.
50:24 "He shall speak pompous words against the Most High,
50:27 shall persecute the saints of the Most High,
50:29 and shall intend to change times and law."
50:33 What is the law of the Most High called?
50:34 The Ten Commandments.
50:36 Which is the only one that refers to time?
50:39 Scan the Ten Commandments,
50:41 there's only one that refers to time.
50:43 The Bible predicted that the Roman papal power
50:46 would change the very law of God.
50:49 What did they do in their catechism?
50:50 They dropped the second commandment
50:52 that says, don't make images and bow down to them.
50:55 They split the Tenth Commandment
50:56 about thou shalt not covet
50:57 and conveniently, compromisingly
50:59 made it into two commandments.
51:01 But change number three, many are not aware of this.
51:04 The Roman Papal system changed the Sabbath
51:07 from the solemnity of it, the day that they would honor,
51:11 from Saturday to Sunday to make Sunday
51:13 the primary day of worship.
51:15 Can I go to church on Sunday?
51:16 Absolutely. We have a seminar.
51:21 What should be my primary day of worship?
51:24 And the question is,
51:26 what does the Ten Commandments say?
51:29 And if I look at the Ten Commandments
51:31 and I hang them up on the wall
51:33 and my children look at the Ten Commandments
51:35 and they read the seventh day Sabbath.
51:37 And I say no, no, no,
51:39 it's not the seventh day anymore.
51:41 And they're scratching their head thinking why,
51:43 why do those Ten Commandments need to be--
51:46 You mean, all the other nine--
51:49 Bible says don't add to it,
51:52 and don't take away from it, Deuteronomy 4:2.
51:55 So the Bible--
51:57 listen, the Bible forecasts that the Roman Papal system
52:00 would change the commandment that has to do with times.
52:06 They changed the seventh day Sabbath.
52:07 So what is the mark of the beast?
52:09 No one has the mark of the beast
52:10 because there has not been a universal Sunday law,
52:15 that's tomorrow night.
52:17 So what is the mark of the beast?
52:18 Daniel 7's Little Horn compare to Revelation 13's Beast.
52:22 Lion, lion, bear, bear. Leopard, leopard.
52:25 Terrible iron teeth creature, dragon.
52:27 Ten horns, ten horns.
52:28 Speaks great thing, speak blasphemies.
52:31 Reigns 1260 years, reigns 42 months.
52:33 Same time period.
52:34 Change times and laws equals mark of the beast.
52:38 You'll have a handout about this.
52:41 Change times and laws equals mark of the beast
52:45 when it's enforced.
52:47 You mean to tell me that it will soon be
52:51 against the law to keep all of the law of God?
52:57 He's coming.
53:00 Everyone will have to make a decision between
53:02 which law will they keep.
53:04 If you go with God's law,
53:06 you get the seal that is in his law.
53:08 If you don't go along with His unchanged law,
53:11 ultimately you will receive the mark of the law
53:14 that you want to long with.
53:16 So there's a counterfeit law
53:18 and it's the mark of the beast ultimately.
53:20 when it is enforced in the near future.
53:23 So no one receives the mark of the beast
53:25 until it is enforced.
53:27 The most popular day of worship came from the Church of Rome.
53:33 Why do not more preachers teach this?
53:36 "They have hidden their eyes for my Sabbaths."
53:39 They've done it before,
53:40 they're doing it today, Ezekiel 22:26.
53:43 So most want to do what is popular.
53:46 Your choice is clear:
53:47 Sabbath, keeping the commandments of God.
53:49 Sunday: counterfeiter or contrast.
53:54 Let me read a quote to you, my time is up.
53:57 "Perhaps the boldest thing,
53:58 the most revolutionary change the Church ever did,
54:01 happened in the first century.
54:03 The holy day, the Sabbath,
54:04 was changed from Saturday to Sunday.
54:06 'The day of the Lord' they're saying,
54:07 dies Dominica, Dominca was chosen,
54:10 not for any directions noted in the Scriptures,
54:12 but from the church's sense of its own power.
54:15 The day of resurrection, the day of Pentecost,
54:17 fifty days later, came on the first day of the week.
54:19 So this would be the new Sabbath, they're saying.
54:22 People who think that the Scriptures
54:24 should be the sole authority, should logically become..."
54:28 I'm just reading, "Seventh day Adventists,
54:31 and keep Saturday holy."
54:33 Sentinel Pastor's page, Saint Catherine Catholic Church
54:37 there in Michigan, May 21, 1995.
54:43 I was holding a seminar like this
54:44 in Asheville, North Carolina.
54:47 Beautiful mountains there.
54:50 And one of their church members comes
54:51 racing into the pastor's study.
54:54 He's out of breath, he said, Mark, Pastor Fox,
54:58 I got to just tell you what I saw, I went by--
55:02 Well, church and there it is on the screen
55:05 and he said, I notice that it had a sign
55:07 in front of it about the Sabbath.
55:09 And he told me about it, and I said,
55:11 could you do me a favor,
55:12 go snap some pictures and bring them to me.
55:14 And I've been traveling with them ever since.
55:17 Here's a picture of the church the name
55:19 has been blocked to protect the guilty.
55:23 And so there is the sign out in the front,
55:27 it says, well, let's get a close up,
55:30 Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy.
55:33 What day do you think that not only them
55:36 but many others are referring to,
55:38 when they think of the day
55:40 that should be kept as a Sabbath?
55:41 What day do you think most of thinking of?
55:43 They are thinking about Sunday.
55:44 They're thinking about the first day of the week.
55:46 Sometimes people say, it really doesn't matter.
55:48 You mean to tell me if God wrote something
55:50 in the Ten Commandments it doesn't matter?
55:53 That's like me telling my children
55:55 it really doesn't matter if you obey me.
55:59 Now listen, remember the Sabbath day
56:02 to keep it holy.
56:04 It's either the seventh day or the first day.
56:06 I'll give you--
56:08 I'll tell you what I'll do, I'll give you--
56:10 I don't have it on me, I never do.
56:11 Anyway, I'll give you $5,000
56:17 if you can come up with a text that says
56:21 that the first day of the week is now the Lord's Day.
56:25 It's now the chosen day that God,
56:28 and he doesn't want to keep the seventh day God's number.
56:31 He now wants us to keep the first day of the week.
56:34 And you can show me a scripture that says that.
56:36 If you can materialize that scripture I will give you--
56:40 My wife will make out a check for $5,000.
56:44 And if you cannot come up
56:45 with a scripture then tomorrow night
56:47 I want you to bring me $5,000 for my ministry.
56:53 Just a thought.
56:57 I got to close.
56:59 Will the Roman Papal Power favor a National Sunday Law?
57:04 My next slide is a quote that will just blow you away,
57:08 that I've given you enough time.
57:11 Jesus says,
57:14 "If you love Me, keep My commandments."
57:21 Do you love Him? I believe you do.
57:25 I know many of you have questions
57:27 and that's healthy and that's good
57:30 but keep coming.
57:32 Stay tune because the Lord is on to something.
57:37 Although sudden and alarming changes
57:39 are sweeping across the globe,
57:41 you and your family can be prepared
57:43 to face the future with confidence.
57:45 The complete set of Amazing Prophecies on DVD
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