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00:04 We are racing towards the global crises at the close.
00:09 God is going to set up His kingdom on earth.
00:13 Preparation for the tribulation and the translation
00:17 is to develop a character like Jesus Christ
00:21 to reach every hamlet, every village, every man,
00:24 every child, every person in India,
00:27 every person in South America
00:28 must hear these Three Angles' Messages.
00:34 These are stories that illustrate the kind of fabric
00:37 of character and perseverance
00:39 that we need to go through the tribulation
00:42 just as certainly as they did.
00:44 The Bible makes it very clear
00:45 we are living in an unusual hour,
00:48 the last grains of sand
00:49 are trickling through the hourglass of time
00:52 and the door probation is about the swing shut.
01:00 The title of my message
01:02 in this edition of Amazing Prophecies
01:04 is "Jesus Wants to be Wanted."
01:07 "Jesus Wants to be Wanted." Revelation Chapter 12:17.
01:11 If you have it say amen.
01:14 And the dragon... Who's that?
01:17 The devil was enraged with the woman..."
01:19 Who's that? The church.
01:20 So the devil is enraged with the church
01:24 and he went to make war with the rest of her offspring"
01:28 I like the way King James puts it.
01:30 "Remnant who keep the commandments of God
01:34 and have the testimony of Jesus Christ."
01:36 Question, how will the devil launch that,
01:41 that all out no holds barred frontal assault on the remnant.
01:46 They are in the crosshairs of his target.
01:49 I mean we are on the target list.
01:52 How many agree, we are on the hit list.
01:53 This is a real war. How will that play out?
01:56 What is the devil going to do
01:58 in the last moments of earth's history
02:01 to pull off that final phase of this,
02:04 this war, this fierce war.
02:05 Look at Revelation 13:15, 16, 17.
02:10 "And he was granted power
02:11 to give breath to the image of the beast,
02:13 that the image of the beast should both speak
02:15 and cause as many as would not worship the image of the beast,
02:19 should be," how serious?
02:21 "Should be killed."
02:22 So there will be a death decree
02:24 issued by the government of the United States
02:27 and around the world
02:28 for people to receive this death penalty
02:32 if they don't go along with the masses,
02:34 the majority who think that the mark of the beast
02:37 is a good thing.
02:38 And so look at verse 16.
02:40 " He causes all, both small and great,
02:42 rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark
02:45 on their right hand or on their foreheads,
02:48 and that no one may buy or sell..."
02:51 Economic sanctions.
02:52 "Except one who has the mark
02:54 or the name of the beast, or the number of his name."
02:56 Did you know that in a split second
02:58 you can be digitally disabled?
02:59 How many are aware of that? Immediately.
03:03 Have you ever gone to on a shopping spree?
03:08 Go to the mall and maybe you used
03:10 your credit card a little more out of your ordinary,
03:14 you're out of the pattern, buying pattern
03:17 and lo and behold the last department store you stop at,
03:21 you go to swipe your plastic and they say decline.
03:26 Here they want to talk to you?
03:28 How many have ever had that experience happened?
03:30 All right, some of you.
03:31 Where they want to talk to you and they say,
03:33 we just want to make sure you're okay.
03:35 You know you're little out of your buying pattern here.
03:38 Yeah, I'm okay, can I get this? Yeah, no problem.
03:41 How many have ever lost plastic or your credit card?
03:45 How many have ever lost your credit card?
03:46 What do you do?
03:48 You call them immediately
03:49 and you tell them what happened.
03:51 Do you know what happens? They change it, don't they?
03:55 They digitally disable that lost credit card.
03:59 Another words two confirming illustrations
04:04 of how you can be digitally disabled
04:06 in this electronic age of ours.
04:09 We're all plugged in and the Bible says,
04:11 there will be an economic boycott
04:13 imposed upon those who don't go along
04:15 with the infamous mark of the beast.
04:18 Then it will escalate to a death decree.
04:21 So this will require what?
04:23 Revelation 14:12. Revelation 14:12.
04:29 "Here is the endurance of the saints,
04:32 here are those who keep struggling
04:34 and they make it."
04:36 "Here is the patience of the saints,
04:37 here are those who keep the commandments of God
04:39 and the faith of Jesus."
04:40 So if we're going to make it to the last,
04:43 Jesus says in Matthew 24:13,
04:46 "He who endorse unto the end, the same shall be saved."
04:51 It's not those who begin the race,
04:53 it's those who finish it.
04:55 So look at this scenario.
04:57 The mark of the beast is going to be enforced.
05:00 There will be teeth in the legislation.
05:03 You will be forbidden to buy or sell.
05:06 You will be out of commerce.
05:08 You won't be able to buy or sell
05:10 unless you go along with this popular legislation,
05:13 of forced worship.
05:15 Would you agree forced worship in the United States of America
05:18 is a direct violation of U.S. Constitution
05:21 and the Bill of Rights.
05:22 And so, but it will escalate
05:24 as we read here in this prophetic scenario
05:26 to a death decree.
05:28 So the question is,
05:30 are we going to go through this?
05:32 Yes or no?
05:33 The Bible says, you got to have endurance
05:35 because you're gonna go through it.
05:36 Look at Revelation 16:15.
05:39 "When that death decree goes forth
05:43 and ultimately the door of probation swings,
05:45 shut on the hinges of time."
05:48 Probation closes,
05:49 just as certainly as the door of the ark closed.
05:52 The Bible says, "Then the time of trouble,
05:55 the final tribulation takes place
05:58 in which the seven last plagues are poured out."
06:01 When that death decree goes forth,
06:03 then the plagues will ultimately come.
06:07 Well, look at Revelation 16.
06:08 Are we going to be here in proximity?
06:11 Are we gonna be here on planet earth,
06:12 going through the throes of that?
06:14 Revelation 16:15,
06:16 in the context of the sixth plague.
06:18 "Behold I'm coming as a thief,
06:20 Blessed is he who watches and keeps his garments,
06:23 Christ righteousness,
06:25 lest he walk naked and they see ashamed."
06:27 Are we going through the plagues?
06:29 Yes or no?
06:30 We are going through the plagues.
06:32 The Bible makes it very clear.
06:33 There are seven last plagues
06:35 and this is a parallel to the plagues
06:37 that fell in the days of Moses.
06:40 They are upon the land of Egypt.
06:42 You remember the plagues fell
06:45 and then after the final of those 10 plagues,
06:48 then God's people will miraculously delivered
06:51 through the split sea.
06:53 We call it the Exodus.
06:55 And then we're gonna be delivered
06:57 after the plagues, we are modern Israel,
07:00 we will be delivered not through the split sea,
07:02 but the split, what, everyone?
07:04 The sky. The opening of a sky.
07:06 Revelation 6:14-17 talks about the heavens opening up
07:12 and we're gonna go up there to meet the Lord in the air.
07:15 So look now at Daniel Chapter 12.
07:18 Daniel Chapter 12,
07:20 we're going here to the Old Testament.
07:22 Daniel 12:1. Daniel 12:1.
07:26 Give you moment to locate that.
07:28 All right? Daniel 12:1.
07:32 "At that time Michael shall stand up,
07:34 The great prince who stands
07:36 watch over the sons of your people.
07:38 And there shall be a time of trouble,
07:42 such as never was since there was a nation,
07:45 even to that time.
07:46 And at that time
07:48 your people shall be delivered."
07:51 Is that favor of God, yes or no?
07:54 "Every one who is found written in the book,
07:56 and many of those who sleep in the dust of the earth
07:59 shall awake, some to everlasting life,
08:01 some to shame and everlasting contempt."
08:04 Are we racing toward the showdown at the close,
08:08 yes or no?
08:09 Is there going to be a time of trouble?
08:11 Do you see it in the prophetic horizon?
08:13 We are racing towards the global crisis at the close.
08:19 And my Bible tells me that the nature of that,
08:22 the scope of that includes
08:24 the mark of the beast being enforced.
08:27 Every person will have to make a decision
08:30 for worshiping the beast or worshiping the Creator.
08:34 Every person is involved in this final crisis.
08:38 And so the Bible says, there will a time of trouble.
08:41 Now you remember the scripture I like to begin with
08:44 and I usually refer to it every single night.
08:48 You will arise, and have mercy upon Zion
08:51 for the time to favor her."
08:53 Yes the set time has come.
08:57 Psalms 102:13 is a precious promise for us
09:02 who believe we're going through the tribulation
09:04 because it's at that time that God is going to stand up
09:08 and He's gonna show his favor upon His people.
09:11 Would you agree
09:12 if the plagues are falling all around us,
09:15 but not falling on us?
09:17 Is that not the favor of God, yes or no?
09:19 Is that not the Lord standing up for Zion?
09:21 Is that not a set time during the tribulation time
09:25 when the Lord stands up and shows Himself strong
09:28 in behalf of His people.
09:30 And so my Bible tells me
09:32 the Lord is gonna stand up for us.
09:34 The Lord is gonna stand up for us.
09:36 Now what kind of endurance do we need to have?
09:41 If we're gonna go through this tribulation,
09:43 the Bible says in Revelation Chapter 7,
09:45 go there with me, Revelation Chapter 7.
09:48 So there's gonna be a time of trouble.
09:50 Revelation Chapter 7, I'm looking here at verse 14.
09:55 Revelation 7:14,
09:57 "And I said to him, "Sir, you know."
09:59 So he said to me, "These are the ones
10:01 who come out of the great tribulation..."
10:04 And notice what that tribulation will do.
10:07 Tribulation brings purification for translation.
10:12 Listen to what it says here.
10:14 "Those who come out of great tribulation
10:16 and washed or purified their robes
10:19 and made them white in the blood of the Lamb."
10:22 Question.
10:24 When do you desire and want Jesus
10:28 more than any other time?
10:30 When things are going just fine
10:33 or when it seems let all hell is broken loose in your life?
10:36 When it seems like trials
10:38 are converging, and it seems like
10:40 you're going through a cluster bomb of trials.
10:43 When do you want Jesus more?
10:45 Through your trials
10:47 or when everything is prosperous?
10:49 You know the answer to that.
10:50 And so before Jesus comes,
10:53 He will allow us to go through the tribulation,
10:56 not to harm us, but to help us
10:59 to develop a character to be ready when Jesus comes.
11:02 Would you agree, the preparation
11:05 for the tribulation and the translation
11:08 is to develop a character like Jesus Christ,
11:11 that's the only way we can prepare,
11:13 is to have a character like Jesus,
11:16 to have a character change, you know.
11:18 You will see in the news and magazines,
11:21 these complete makeovers.
11:24 And I must say,
11:25 sometimes, you know, you might have a person
11:27 that homely looking person comes in there
11:29 and they are all disheveled and so forth,
11:32 and they do makeover and then they come out
11:35 after they spend some good money
11:37 and just they had all the, the stylist there
11:41 and the dress advisors and so forth.
11:44 And they come out and to a stunned audience
11:46 and you can hear the gasp because they had a makeover.
11:50 You know the greatest makeover of all
11:52 is when Jesus Christ comes into our heart
11:54 and He changes us.
11:56 And by the way the Bible says in Proverbs 15.
11:58 It says that a merry heart makes a happy face.
12:04 So let me see some teeth.
12:07 So the Bible makes it very clear.
12:10 God's people will receive a makeover.
12:13 They will receive a character transformation.
12:17 There is a person in the Bible that had an experience,
12:23 that illustrates the experience
12:25 that we'll have during the great tribulation
12:29 and the kind of muscle of faith that we must develop
12:32 if we're gonna persevere to the close.
12:34 Now many people when there's pressure,
12:38 they buckle under the pressure.
12:40 They give in.
12:42 And those individuals that have that in their character,
12:45 well, when there's pressure they give in,
12:47 they will not survive this crises at the close.
12:51 Well, you know I think about Jacob.
12:53 Go with me to Genesis Chapter 32.
12:57 Go with me to Genesis 32.
13:00 Everybody say Jacob.
13:02 Jacob, the very name Jacob means supplanter.
13:07 And what that essentially means
13:09 is one who pushes his way around
13:12 and pushes others out.
13:15 You remember that when he was in the womb there,
13:19 you know, reaching, grasping, remember?
13:22 And so you remember the story
13:25 how he defrauded his brother Esau,
13:28 took advantage of Esau's weaknesses
13:31 and deceived his father.
13:34 And so you remember Jacob went into exile
13:36 and then he, he fell in love and he wanted Rachel so much
13:41 and instead he got Leah,
13:43 and then he worked more to get Rachel.
13:46 And so you remember that years later,
13:49 years later Laban finally said, go ahead you can leave.
13:53 And you remember he was on his way home.
13:58 Would you agree, that must have been very emotional,
14:01 20 years or so away from home.
14:03 What a homecoming...
14:06 What a homecoming that would be.
14:11 But you know as he got closer and closer,
14:14 then he got the dangerous report
14:19 that his brother Esau was enraged
14:22 and with armed men was coming out to meet Jacob
14:27 and his vulnerable family.
14:30 By now his family was massive.
14:32 He had a lot of cattle, he was blessed.
14:35 He left with just him
14:39 and he came back with a massive family
14:42 and cattle and oxen
14:44 and so forth and sheep and goats.
14:47 He was prosperous.
14:50 But it didn't matter how much he had,
14:52 how big his family was, he had a heart
14:56 that longed to be reconciled with his family.
15:01 So you know when he found that out,
15:03 he split his family up, send part of his family one way
15:06 and the other part of his family the other way.
15:09 And then the Bible says, when he was left "Alone."
15:14 When he was alone, he poured out his heart to God.
15:20 I want you to notice this.
15:22 Let's pick this up a little bit here.
15:24 Genesis Chapter 32.
15:26 Genesis 32.
15:29 All right.
15:31 Let's look here in verse 22.
15:34 "And he arose that night and took his two wives,
15:37 his two female servants, and his eleven sons,
15:40 and crossed over the ford of Jabbok.
15:43 He took them and sent them over the brook,
15:45 and sent over what he had.
15:48 Then Jacob was..."
15:49 What everyone I repeat, "Left alone."
15:53 Do you want to help your family?
15:56 You cannot help your family
15:59 if every waking minute you're with your family.
16:02 There must come time for secret prayer to God.
16:07 Amen.
16:09 I want you to notice, "The man wrestled with him
16:12 until the breaking or the dawn of the day."
16:15 Now I want you to picture this in the shadows of the night,
16:18 a man touched him.
16:20 What was uppermost in Jacob's mind?
16:23 My angry brother, my revengeful brother
16:27 armed to the teeth with his soldiers is,
16:30 are heading our way.
16:33 God have mercy upon me.
16:34 He's pouring his heart out,
16:36 I believe with tears and with anxiety
16:39 and with foreboding fears
16:41 and then all of a sudden he gets that touch.
16:46 It seemed as if that what he feared
16:48 did come up on him.
16:50 And as he swirled around,
16:52 he immediately engaged in a wrestling match.
16:57 It was muscle against muscle, arm against arm
17:03 and it seemed it would go one way
17:05 and then the other way and this dragged on for hours,
17:09 an exhausting feat.
17:13 There they were wrestling, wrestling,
17:15 wrestling in the night.
17:18 They couldn't even see each other's face,
17:20 but they could feel the muscles.
17:22 They both had muscles
17:24 and it was being stretched to the outmost.
17:29 Then, what do you think was going through Jacob's mind?
17:33 Lord, please don't let it end this way.
17:36 Lord, I got a family. Lord, please help me.
17:40 Lord, please, and he was fighting
17:42 for his life, fighting for this life,
17:44 he didn't want it to end this way.
17:51 Then what happened?
17:53 Bible says here, "Now when He saw
17:56 that He did not prevail against him."
18:00 He was fighting with every fiber of his being,
18:03 his life was on the line, his family was vulnerable.
18:06 Would you agree he was fighting for his family too?
18:12 When he saw that it did not prevail,
18:13 he touched or struck the socket of his, what?
18:19 Of his hip, and the socket of Jacob's hip
18:23 went out of joint ouch and He wrestled with him."
18:26 Now I want you to notice here. Notice the sequence.
18:31 They are wrestling and then the angel of the Lord
18:37 just kind of hit him, punched him
18:40 or some kind of thrust in the hip
18:44 and immediately it went out of socket.
18:48 Now there was a couple of things
18:49 that surfaced immediately in Jacob's mind.
18:52 Number 1, excruciating pain,
18:56 Number 2, this is not a man I am dealing with.
19:02 This is the divine Lord Himself.
19:07 Third thing, I can't let this man go.
19:10 This is the Lord Himself. Now you think about it.
19:16 When your hip is out of the socket,
19:20 you have excruciating pain, the tendency is to--
19:24 If you're doing anything else
19:26 to let go with whatever you're doing
19:29 and focus on the pain and screech and yell,
19:33 oh, this hurts, but he didn't do that.
19:37 Oh, I can hear.
19:38 I don't know what kind of noise does he made,
19:41 but I'm sure they were loud, but he wouldn't let go.
19:46 He wouldn't let go despite the pain
19:49 inflicted upon his physical being,
19:51 he wouldn't let go because now it was primarily
19:57 a spiritual warfare with the Lord himself.
20:02 The greatest victories are when you lay hold of the Lord
20:07 and you do what Jacob did.
20:09 They are the only kind of people
20:11 that are gonna make it, that are gonna be delivered.
20:14 Now I want you to notice something here.
20:16 Despite the pain he holds on.
20:19 He holds on because he knows
20:21 this is all he has, this is his only hope.
20:25 I want you to notice here. It says here...
20:30 I mean you got to think about this.
20:31 All right, so there's a little humor side to it.
20:36 It's kind of like, oh, you're fighting good, right, Jacob?
20:40 You have given everything you got.
20:41 Yeah, I am, I am, all right, bam.
20:43 Oh.
20:46 It's as if, you know, the Lord has a little humor,
20:47 you know, it doesn't take much.
20:50 You know this reminds me of,
20:51 when I play roughhousing with my children.
20:56 And I get in the middle of the floor
20:58 and they will be racing around me
21:01 and they are next to my study and they will be racing around,
21:05 "Come on, dad, let's play, let's play."
21:07 Oh, my 10 year old, my 5 year old
21:09 will run around me and I'll try to--
21:10 I have to, I can't get up.
21:11 I got to stay down there
21:13 and I'll try to grab hold of them.
21:15 Well, you know, I, at any time I can grab hold of them
21:18 if I really want to, although
21:20 now it's getting more, little more difficult
21:21 but all I know is, I let them win.
21:26 Not all the time, but I can let them win.
21:29 And I can-- You know what I do?
21:30 I build up their strength. Wow, you're really strong.
21:34 The Lord does that.
21:36 How many agree, at anytime the Lord could say,
21:39 leave me alone, I'm out of here,
21:40 but he wants us to take hold of Him.
21:43 I want you to notice what happened here.
21:46 It says here, "And he said, let me go.
21:48 The Lord Himself says let me go for the daybreaks.
21:51 In others words, now you're going to see my identity.
21:56 But he said, notice the response of Jacob
22:01 who is now limping, crying in agony and pain.``
22:07 I will not... I can hear his cracking voice.
22:10 I can hear the desperation in the tone.
22:15 I will not let you go unless you bless me.
22:22 We receive according to the intensity
22:26 of our desire to receive.
22:30 No, you didn't catch that.
22:32 We receive according to the intensity
22:36 of the desire to receive.
22:38 What things, whoever you desire
22:40 believe that you receive them and you shall have them.
22:43 But you receive, Mark 11:24,
22:46 "You receive according to your desire."
22:48 Would you agree the Lord Jesus, listen,
22:50 I know where I'm going with this.
22:52 I've come here today to tell you
22:54 that the Lord wants to intensify
22:56 your want of Him and your desire for Him.
22:59 And the more intense it is, the more you can receive,
23:02 casual Christians don't receive much.
23:06 Lukewarm professors don't receive much,
23:08 but Jacobs receive a lot
23:11 because they want the Lord more than anything.
23:15 You will notice he didn't say, Lord, before you go...
23:19 Listen, if the Lord could inflict that pain,
23:22 Lord, just before you go,
23:23 could you please take away this pain.
23:26 Right. Jacob could have prayed that?
23:29 Oh, Lord, You can't leave me like this.
23:30 I don't have any Tylenol.
23:36 Was his mind on the physical pain?
23:40 His mind was on, I can't deal
23:43 with the emotional, spiritual pain anymore.
23:47 I want to know God that I am totally forgiven.
23:51 I believed it, but now everything
23:53 is coming to a head, a showdown, a crises,
23:56 this is my family crises, this is my personal crises,
24:00 Lord, you can't leave me like this, I cling to you.
24:03 The Bible says, in Deuteronomy 30:20.
24:05 It says, "Cling to Him for He is your life."
24:11 I want you to notice this.
24:13 The Bible makes it clear
24:15 that we're gonna go through Jacob's trouble
24:18 and we need to have the kind of faith
24:20 and the clinging faith, and the impertinent prayer,
24:24 the faith that will not be denied.
24:26 And praying with fervency,
24:28 "The fervent prayer of righteous man avails much."
24:30 Any other prayers don't get much.
24:32 As James 5:16 listen to me.
24:35 Jacob is a model for us to follow,
24:39 in preparation for the tribulation
24:42 which is purification for translation.
24:45 How many want to be translated
24:46 without seeing death like Elijah, like Enoch.
24:50 Now, watch this.
24:53 I will not let you go unless you bless me.
24:57 Could the Lord right then
24:58 and there said, too bad I'm out of here.
25:01 Exit.
25:03 He could have left this ailing,
25:06 desperate, father, husband, Jacob,
25:10 could have just left him right then and there
25:13 with all of his baggage of pain,
25:15 all of his hurt and anxiety, left him right there.
25:21 My question is, what if Jacob did let go?
25:34 Would you agree there would have been a different outcome?
25:39 Because the Lord never imposes His presence and blessing.
25:46 You got to want it.
25:48 The Lord wants to intensify that desire
25:50 for those who thirst with an intense thirst,
25:54 and hunger with an intense hunger
25:55 after his righteousness, Matthew 5:6.
25:57 Now, watch this, watch. He says, I will not let you go.
26:01 Every fiber of his being is on the stretch.
26:05 I wonder here, is there anyone here today
26:07 that knows what it is to be in the chamber of prayer
26:09 and to be reaching out to the Lord
26:12 with every fiber of your being and taking hold of him
26:16 and say, "Lord, I know You listen to me."
26:19 How many know that experience?
26:20 Can you raise your hand? Amen.
26:23 Now, listen carefully.
26:26 I will not let you go except you bless me.
26:31 This is gonna be the sound, the tone,
26:35 that the feel in the prayer life, and the--
26:38 In the character development
26:40 of those who are gonna go through the crises,
26:42 we must learn what it's like to be alone
26:45 and struggling and wrestling with the Lord.
26:49 How many of you have loved ones,
26:52 children, grandchildren, that are not with Jesus.
26:58 I think many of you know
26:59 what it's like to wrestle with the Lord, don't you?
27:02 Come on I'm a dad.
27:04 I'm praying the Lord comes before my kids are teenagers.
27:12 Listen to me.
27:14 Jacob wrestled for his family, didn't he?
27:18 He wrestled in prayer.
27:21 His family couldn't see him, but when he wrestled in prayer
27:25 it saved his family
27:27 and they had a future and a hope.
27:29 I want you to notice this, beloved.
27:32 So he said to him what is your name?
27:35 He said Jacob!
27:39 I've got a question for you.
27:40 Didn't the Lord know his name, yes or no?
27:45 Would you agree He knows us by name?
27:49 But He wants to remind Jacob,
27:53 who he was, where he came from
28:01 and what a flash his life came before him.
28:07 Jacob, deceiver, supplanter,
28:11 want to pushes his way around and pushes people out, why?
28:15 To take the blessing himself.
28:18 And then he's saying,
28:19 I can't let you go except you bless me.
28:21 What's your name?
28:22 I'm the one who pushes around so I can take the blessing.
28:25 Well, you're not gonna take it from me
28:26 unless I give you.
28:31 We live in a world especially in the business world,
28:34 but not just a business world
28:36 where, you know, in our capitalistic society
28:39 and so forth, the good old American pies,
28:41 you know, push others out of the way.
28:44 So you can make it big.
28:45 Don't worry about little brother, little sister.
28:49 We live in an age of supplanters, do we not?
28:52 Read 2 Timothy 3:1-5 we're lovers of money...
28:57 Lovers of themselves,
28:59 proud, blasphemers, disobedient to their parents.
29:02 Would you agree that
29:03 this is the generation of supplanters.
29:06 But I want you to notice here, beloved.
29:08 What is your name? My name is sinner and sinful.
29:14 Would you agree outside of Christ
29:16 that is all we are, is just a, a real bundle of sin.
29:19 I want you to notice here.
29:22 A name denotes character.
29:28 Character is the only thing we take to heaven,
29:31 but I've been reminded,
29:33 no, you don't just take it your character to heaven.
29:35 If you've had a character developing after Jesus,
29:38 I'm gonna agree you will try to take others with you.
29:41 Now I want you to notice this.
29:43 And he said, your name
29:45 shall no longer be called Jacob.
29:47 Who's giving him the new name? The Lord Himself.
29:52 Didn't the Lord do that for you?
29:54 How many of you have given your heart to Jesus Christ?
29:58 Then you are a what? A Christian.
30:02 Your name has changed.
30:04 You are now a Christian because you are born again.
30:09 How did you get born again?
30:10 You struggled with the Lord, you took hold of Jesus
30:14 and said, Jesus, you are my Savior."
30:16 And as if Jesus said, "Okay.
30:19 You're no longer the same
30:20 because your character is changed,
30:22 your name is changed.
30:23 Now you can take my name."
30:25 Would you agree
30:26 it's a privilege to take His name?
30:28 Privilege to take His name. Privilege to take His name.
30:35 So I want you to notice here. I want you to notice here.
30:39 So he said to him, what is your name?
30:40 He said Jacob.
30:42 And he said, your name shall no longer be called Jacob,
30:44 but Israel for you have struggled with God
30:47 and with men and have prevailed.
30:52 What the Lord is saying is, Jacob, your name is changed
30:56 because you have won the victory, why?
30:59 Because you wanted it so much, I gave it to you.
31:04 You wanted me more than
31:07 even an antidote for your physical pain.
31:10 You wanted me more than anything
31:12 and because of that, because you took hold of me
31:15 and you wouldn't let go.
31:18 I stayed here to tell you this.
31:23 Your life will now have a future and a hope.
31:28 I'm gonna do more for you
31:29 than you ever thought possible, why?
31:32 Because you were willing to struggle with me
31:35 and forget about yourself, your convenience, your comfort,
31:39 you put me first.
31:41 Let me tell you something. Bible makes it very clear.
31:44 He shows himself strong on behalf of those
31:46 whose heart is loyal towards Him.
31:49 I want you to notice something. Listen carefully.
31:51 You struggle with God.
31:54 You struggle with God. Who told him that?
31:56 The Lord Himself said, you struggle.
32:00 Would you agree, God knows our struggles?
32:04 He knows your struggles.
32:08 And the Lord says, I know you've struggled
32:10 and you've won the struggle.
32:13 I want somebody to tell me
32:15 that they've had deliverance here today.
32:18 I want somebody to tell me here today,
32:20 that you struggled with the Lord this morning
32:24 and you gain the victory and you came forth
32:27 maybe with the limp,
32:28 but you've been born again today.
32:31 You took hold of the Lord today.
32:33 You had an experience with Jesus today.
32:36 He didn't wait till you came to church.
32:38 You got up and you sought the Lord with importunity,
32:41 I want to hear that somebody's done that here today.
32:44 I want to know if there's some Jacob here,
32:46 whose name has been changed to Israel
32:49 because we are called to be modern Israel.
32:53 Ones who struggle with the Lord and have overcome sin,
32:58 self and Satan, by the scriptures
33:00 and the savior Jesus Christ.
33:02 I wonder, is there anybody here
33:04 that knows what it's like to struggle with the Lord
33:06 until you know, you will prevail.
33:09 You've overcome and the Lord says,
33:11 I give you want you wanted.
33:13 I'll give it to you more abundantly.
33:18 Is there anybody here?
33:20 We need modern Jacobs
33:22 who have been changed to Israel.
33:25 And then this is the key
33:26 that unlocks the Book of Revelation
33:28 where it talks about the tribes of Israel.
33:31 And then it talks about the name of God,
33:35 on the saved foreheads.
33:37 What is that all that about? We are modern Israel.
33:40 We are the ones who get the character change
33:42 and the Bible says, in the Book of Revelation.
33:44 What book am I referring to? Revelation.
33:46 It says the name of God is on their forehead.
33:49 What is that all about?
33:51 The name of God, the character of God,
33:52 God is love.
33:55 And His love is written in our heart
33:57 and we become a loving, loveable person.
34:00 And notice the name doesn't go in the back of the head.
34:03 We're on the top of the head.
34:05 We're on the foot, we're on the hand.
34:06 You get the mark of the beast on the hand,
34:08 but you can't get the seal of God
34:10 and the name of God.
34:12 What is-- Why on the forehead?
34:13 Because they are the forehead
34:15 of the front lobe function to the brain,
34:17 where you make reason and discrimination
34:19 and judgment and discernment and decision and choices.
34:23 You made a decision, I love Jesus.
34:26 I want to have His character
34:28 and the name of God was revealed.
34:30 The character of God was revealed
34:32 in the person of Jesus Christ,
34:33 so that Jesus Christ has imprinted
34:36 the very character of God on your mind and heart.
34:40 So that people-- Would you agree?
34:42 If it's on the forehead,
34:43 then that means it affects the face.
34:50 Can you picture Jacob?
34:52 Coming out of this prayer struggle with a limp.
34:56 And the family members are looking at him.
34:58 What's happened?
35:00 But then they look at him, they look, they look,
35:02 you know, it looks like he's been in a fight.
35:06 I mean his clothes are tattered and so forth.
35:07 I don't know how he look,
35:09 but he didn't look like he just came out of church.
35:13 And so he's looking mess, his hair is all matted
35:16 and messed up, dirt and everything.
35:18 Come on, that wasn't a pretty sight
35:19 expect there was something very moving.
35:22 I can see dirt and grime and sweat, all in there,
35:25 maybe a little bit of blood I don't know,
35:27 but it comes out, they are looking like,
35:28 what happened to dad?
35:30 What happened to grandpa?
35:32 You know he's coming out, he's limping.
35:33 He's limping and his face is glowing.
35:40 Amidst the dirt and the sweat
35:41 and the blood, his face is shining.
35:45 Jacob, grandpa, what happened? I've been with the Lord.
35:53 And the Lord has had Mercy upon me.
35:56 Let's go out to meet Esau.
35:58 And he comes because he vowed before God.
36:02 He's ready, even bowed before Esau
36:04 and say, forgive me, forgive me, forgive me
36:08 and give him gifts.
36:09 Do whatever he could do to bring about
36:11 the full complete answer to his prayer.
36:13 Let me tell you something.
36:15 Esau's heart was changed
36:17 because Jacob's heart was changed.
36:21 There is power in intercessory prayer.
36:25 Do you want to save your children?
36:26 Do you want your loved ones to be saved?
36:28 Why don't you get alone with God
36:30 and do some wrestling here today.
36:32 Why don't you just struggle a little bit?
36:34 You know why we don't? Because we're downright lazy.
36:38 Oops.
36:40 No, that's not a oops, I'm saying the honest truth.
36:45 Let me tell you something,
36:47 Jacob knew everything was on the line.
36:49 You know sometimes people show up at prayer meeting,
36:52 when they go through a crises, other people realize,
36:54 I need thee every hour I need thee.
36:58 Don't pass me by oh, gentle Savior.
37:01 Now listen carefully.
37:02 Take your Bible and look here
37:04 at Genesis Chapter 32, Genesis 32: 29.
37:10 "Then Jacob asked, saying, "Tell me Your name, I pray."
37:13 And He said, "Why is it that you ask about My name?"
37:16 And He blessed him there.
37:17 So Jacob, wholeheartedly he blessed him there.
37:20 I don't know how the Lord blessed him there,
37:23 but I think I can picture
37:25 the Lord Himself laying His hands upon Jacob.
37:31 I can picture the Lord giving Jacob a hug.
37:35 Anybody have an imagination here?
37:39 I can picture them embracing with tears.
37:42 I can picture the Lord saying you're blessed.
37:45 I can picture Him saying in his ear.
37:48 Jacob you're blessed, you're blessed, you're blessed.
37:54 "So Jacob called the name of the place Paniel,
37:57 for I've seen God face to face, and my life is preserved."
38:04 And the Bible says, Just as he crossed over Peniel
38:08 the sun rose on him and he limped on His hip.
38:14 Therefore to this day
38:16 the children of Israel do not eat the muscle,
38:18 that shrank which is on the hip socket
38:21 because he touched or struck the socket of Jacob's hip
38:25 in the muscle that shrank.
38:33 I want to see your pants.
38:39 Particularly the men. I want to see your pants.
38:43 I want to see the knees. Worn down a little bit?
38:49 Running out of pants?
38:52 Jacob had a sign, he wasn't trying to boast.
38:56 He just couldn't get rid of the sign.
38:58 You know when you've been to the Lord,
38:59 you just can't hide it.
39:02 You can't hide the fact
39:03 that you've been wrestling with the Lord.
39:05 You don't mean to put it all out there.
39:07 No, no, no, you go about your business quietly,
39:09 but people can take knowledge.
39:10 You know what? How many admit it.
39:13 I met a woman in Trinidad.
39:16 We did a crusade in Trinidad, the gateway to Colorado,
39:19 a dot on the map.
39:21 And I went there and the pastor said,
39:25 "Mark, I want you to meet one of our church members.
39:27 Her name is Lillian."
39:29 Really? Yeah.
39:31 She's 104. I said, "Let's go meet her."
39:34 So we went to her house, little tiny house
39:38 and he knocked on the door and he looked in the window
39:43 and he said, oh, no, here she comes,
39:45 she's not using her walker.
39:47 Well, she's kind of come,
39:48 you know, hobbles her way to the door
39:50 and graciously with her face shining, glowing.
39:57 She got, "Oh, pastor, oh, who's this?"
40:00 Yeah, this is evangelist, Mark Fox.
40:03 Oh, nice to meet you. Come in.
40:05 And he said, why aren't you using your walker?
40:08 Oh, I know I should, you know, and so he sits down.
40:12 And then begins the most intriguing,
40:14 fascinating, moving, heart throbbing conversation.
40:18 You know, I don't talk to a 104 year old all the time.
40:23 And she shared with me, she says, Mark,
40:26 you know I want to tell you what I do.
40:30 I say, I get up around 3.30 the Lord wakes me up.
40:34 I said yeah.
40:35 And he gives me, he gives me revelations
40:38 and insight from scripture.
40:40 And I studied the scriptures
40:41 and my hand doesn't work as it used to,
40:43 but I pray, oh, Lord just help my hand to work a little bit.
40:47 And she write, making copious notes,
40:49 she's got notebooks of notes.
40:51 This woman can't die. She's too excited about God.
40:57 And it's written all over her, in her demeanor,
41:00 in the way she conducts herself.
41:02 The character of Jesus is seen in this 104
41:06 and by now she would be about 105
41:07 and I believe she's got to be still kicking,
41:09 all right, I'll give her phone call.
41:12 Let me tell you something.
41:13 She said to me, she said to me,
41:18 Pastor Fox, is it okay if I call you my baby?
41:21 I said sure, you know I have a son,
41:22 he's 80 years old.
41:24 I said, yeah, you can call me baby, no problem.
41:29 And then she was wanting to share insights with me
41:32 and telling me, could you please
41:33 share this with people, share this with people?
41:38 Moses when he was on the mountain,
41:40 he came down, he did not know that his face was shining,
41:45 but it was so bright because he had been
41:47 in the presence of God that the people around him said,
41:50 you know, this is making us uncomfortable.
41:54 Could you please, please let us put a veil over your face.
41:59 Can you imagine that?
42:02 The disciples after the day of Pentecost
42:06 went around preaching and teaching
42:08 and the Bible says, they took knowledge
42:09 that they had been with Jesus.
42:13 Let your light shine. Doesn't say make it shine.
42:16 Jesus said, just let it shine. Matthew 5:16.
42:20 Now listen carefully.
42:22 Take your Bible and turn with me to Jeremiah.
42:25 Jeremiah, oh, there's gonna be a death decree
42:27 just like Jacob's life was on the line.
42:30 Oh, yeah, we're gonna go through the crucible of trial.
42:33 We're gonna through the tribulation,
42:36 but we're gonna make it on the other side.
42:39 We're gonna go through. Can you say amen?
42:40 I said we're gonna through. Jeremiah Chapter 30.
42:45 Jeremiah Chapter 30. Are we learning something?
42:49 Jeremiah 30:7. Alas!
42:54 For that great day is great. "Alas!
42:58 For that day is great so that none is like it,
43:01 and it is the time of Jacob's trouble..."
43:04 Doesn't that sound similar to Daniel 12:1?
43:07 A time of trouble such as never was.
43:09 And here, here it's been linked to Jacob's experience.
43:14 "And it is time of Jacob's trouble,
43:17 but he shall be saved out of it."
43:19 How are we gonna be saved out of it?
43:21 By clinging to the Lord
43:23 and wrestling with the Lord in prayer.
43:26 Listen to me.
43:28 Why not take an hour in prayer everyday.
43:31 Now I got your attention.
43:36 Why not take an hour in prayer?
43:39 We sing the hymn, sweet hour of prayer.
43:43 And if we take five minutes, we think we're really holy.
43:46 Please let me reason with you for a moment.
43:50 I'm a parent and I know how busy things
43:54 get in our house.
43:57 Let me tell you something.
43:59 Where your treasure is,
44:03 there where your prayer life be.
44:06 Where your treasure is, there where your heart be.
44:09 Jesus found His greatest joy in communion with God.
44:16 Now listen carefully.
44:19 Jesus said to the sleeping disciples
44:21 reasoning with them.
44:24 What?
44:26 Couldn't you watch, pray here with me,
44:30 just one hour?
44:32 The implication of that is, Jesus saying,
44:35 an hour is not much at all.
44:38 But the devil has so imprinted
44:42 upon our psyche now that we don't have...
44:46 Even, even most people today,
44:47 they don't even keep the Sabbath
44:48 and even Sabbath keepers,
44:50 they don't even have a prayer life.
44:56 The idea was such a secularized.
45:00 How many agree we are a secularized society?
45:02 We are materialized, heathenized,
45:04 pleasure mad society.
45:06 We have time for leisure.
45:08 We have time to do what we want to do.
45:10 We have time to watch those movies,
45:12 but why not spend an hour with God in prayer,
45:16 in addition to Bible study everyday.
45:19 Come on now, are we not preparing to live with God
45:25 and it's not your family on the line.
45:29 Don't tell me you love your children,
45:32 but you don't have a prayer life
45:34 because, would you agree if you ultimately love them,
45:37 you want to spend eternity with them.
45:40 But you're not gonna spend eternity with them
45:43 unless you do what Jacob did.
45:45 You wrestle with the Lord in prayer.
45:46 Please, please I open my heart to you.
45:51 I open my heart to you. I'm no better than you.
45:53 I've to be saved by the same blood
45:55 as you're saved by.
45:57 But I don't know, I'm just gonna tell you something.
46:00 I don't want your trials and you don't want mine.
46:03 But I'm here to tell you, the only way
46:05 I can deal with my trials is by prayer.
46:10 I pray.
46:13 In 2003, I was down to 113 pounds.
46:21 The doctors didn't know what to do.
46:25 My wife crying.
46:28 It looked like I would never preach.
46:29 I'd been an evangelist for number of years.
46:33 I was working with Mark Finley
46:34 as associate evangelist there, It is Written telecast.
46:38 And I had to take a leave of absence for six months.
46:42 I had this health problem around the time of Net 96.
46:48 How many remember Net 96
46:49 that originated from Orlando, Florida.
46:51 I was working with Mark Finley at that time,
46:53 that's when I was diagnosed with the Epstein-Barr virus.
46:57 I had serious chronic fatigue.
46:59 I would, I would many times for years,
47:03 I wouldn't even be able to hold up my head very well
47:05 without great effort at the dinner table.
47:08 And I would be pleading with my wife,
47:10 please pray for me because I'd have to go
47:12 and preach that night.
47:14 Night after night, what would happen
47:16 is when I would get up to preach, all of a sudden,
47:18 the power of God would come upon me
47:20 and He would enable me to preach.
47:22 And after I would preach, I go right back down to,
47:24 not having much energy.
47:26 I had just enough energy to get by, but no more.
47:30 I know what it's like to feel chronically fatigued,
47:32 feel wasted, no energy and shriveling up.
47:38 I was anointed, I don't know four, five times.
47:41 Ron Halvorsen Sr. also, he helped to do an anointing.
47:46 Mark Finley was praying for me. My parents were praying for me.
47:50 Nothing, people like Jennifer LaMountain,
47:51 I would have her singing at some of our crusades.
47:54 And she one occasion, I think we're at Lodi, California.
47:57 Heritage singers were also coming out
47:59 to sing at our crusade
48:00 and she said, Mark, are you okay?
48:02 You look like you lost weight.
48:04 By the way you think I'm thin now?
48:06 No, no, no, you got to see pictures.
48:11 Week after week, month after month,
48:13 I know what it's like to only feel
48:17 that I just need to get by one hour at a time.
48:21 I know what that feels like.
48:23 I know what it feels like to cry out to God and feel,
48:28 why doesn't He deliver me now?
48:31 He can. Why not?
48:35 Because God, Jesus want to be wanted more than ever,
48:42 and sometimes He allows trials of faith to call us
48:47 to reach out to Him with an intensity
48:50 and a fervency of desire
48:52 and a faith that will not be denied.
48:55 Trials are among our greatest blessings
49:00 if we flee to Jesus.
49:04 Now listen carefully. I will tell you what happened.
49:09 I'll tell you what happened. My parents wept.
49:13 My wife wept.
49:15 It looked like I would never preach again
49:19 when I had to take that leave of absence.
49:23 But my Jesus came down in my darkness
49:28 and He sustained me.
49:30 I never gave up my faith, but I tremble before the Lord.
49:35 God will allow you to go through circumstances
49:38 where it seems like He's forsaken you,
49:42 but in the depths of your heart
49:43 you know that's not true, because you have His promises.
49:48 And His promises are the breathing
49:50 of His love into your heart.
49:54 When I was... At Net 96...
50:01 I was at Net 96, just have a few more minutes.
50:04 When I was at Net 96, at the close of Net 96,
50:09 when I found out that I have the Epstein-Barr virus,
50:14 my doctor Kelvin Thrash of Uchee Pines,
50:17 he's passed away since then.
50:19 He sent me the letter because I had the blood test,
50:21 blood work done there
50:22 and I shared that with Mark Finley
50:24 'cause during that crusade going visiting to people
50:26 that were attending Mark Finley's meetings.
50:29 I said, honey, you got to drive
50:30 and I got in the passenger side seat
50:32 and I put it back and I said, honey, please pray for me.
50:35 I just feel wasted.
50:37 And so we got back to hotel room
50:38 and that's when I got the letter of the results
50:40 of the blood work Epstein-Barr virus.
50:43 And so at the close of that five week series,
50:48 Mark and I walked around the quarter mile track
50:52 and I said, Mark, I have the Epstein-Barr virus,
50:56 I need to go to Uchee Pines.
50:58 They're telling me I need to go up there
50:59 and get some fever treatments, hydrotherapy fever treatments.
51:04 And he says, Mark, we will support you,
51:06 we'll help you, just go up there
51:08 because my son Mark had the Epstein-Barr virus
51:11 also manifested in mono.
51:13 He says, Mark, go ahead up there.
51:14 Go ahead up there. Our prayers are with you.
51:16 I went up there.
51:18 And let me tell you something,
51:20 they submerge me in a tub of water,
51:23 sometimes that was 112 degrees.
51:26 This is no spa treatment. Can you say lobster?
51:31 I was submerged in that tub of water
51:34 and I had a hydrotherapist who worked with me and his--
51:38 One of his primary roles is,
51:40 keep the guy under the water at least up to here.
51:45 It would take the breath out of me.
51:48 It will make a grown man cry. You don't believe me, try it.
51:53 And so I would want to put my arms out.
51:56 No, no, Mark, you can't do that.
51:57 You got to put your arms back in.
51:59 I felt so claustrophobic and so like a car overheating,
52:04 I would just want to put my arms out, try to,
52:06 you know, cool off just a little.
52:07 He said, Mark, you can't do that,
52:09 you're gonna lose the affect.
52:10 We got to, we got to induce this artificial fever
52:12 and that will boost your immune system,
52:13 increase your white cell count.
52:15 We got to do it, Mark.
52:16 You got to overcome this Epstein-Barr virus.
52:18 I said all right, Lord, You led me here.
52:20 And then he would have his basin of cold water
52:24 with ice cubes and a wash cloth
52:26 and he would dip it in there and try to cool my forehead
52:29 and he would have a tall cup of water with a straw
52:33 and I would sip on that and try to,
52:36 you know, not lose it completely,
52:37 but I could feel the fever coming on,
52:39 fever coming on, fever coming on,
52:41 stronger and stronger.
52:42 And then he would share, he had a little,
52:46 a little plastic, a little mini bread,
52:50 you know, that has those little promises.
52:52 How many know what I'm talking about?
52:53 Those bread of life, daily bread,
52:55 little Bible promises, a little strips of cardboard.
52:58 And he said, Mark, let's go through these Bible promises.
53:00 Well, I love the Bible promises.
53:02 How many love the Bible promises?
53:03 So I would go through.
53:04 We would rehearse these Bible promises
53:06 and I'm not gonna lie, sometimes I just break down
53:08 and I cry, "O' Lord, please help me,
53:10 please help me, please help me
53:12 to overcome this, please help me."
53:14 And then Mircha, a Romanian hydrotherapist said,
53:20 "Mark, can I share my testimony with you?"
53:21 I said please do.
53:23 While I'm there submerged in the water.
53:27 He said, Mark, when I was in Romania,
53:32 they threw me in jail for keeping the Sabbath.
53:35 Mark, after a couple of years I got out
53:39 and then they threw me back in
53:41 for continuing to keep the Sabbath.
53:43 Mark, I spent all together 5 years in jail
53:46 for keeping the Sabbath.
53:48 And immediately I made the connection
53:52 of what the Lord was trying to tell me.
53:54 Mark, you have nothing to complain about.
53:56 This is not 5 years in jail for keeping the Sabbath.
54:00 I went through all together with 32 fever treatments there,
54:04 my wife helped to give me eight at home,
54:06 40 fever treatments.
54:07 Forty is a number of guess ultimate deliverance then.
54:13 Let me tell you something.
54:19 I know what it's like to have bloody stools.
54:26 I know what it's like to get blurred vision all of a sudden
54:29 when I'm at a Bible study, blurred vision.
54:32 I know what it's like to be able to eat
54:35 only a handful of things, no gluten products,
54:37 no this, no that, not this, not that,
54:40 just you would see me with rice cakes
54:42 and some vegetables.
54:46 Talk about a bland diet.
54:50 I know what it's like to have indigestion beyond description.
54:56 I know what it's like to feel that I'm getting the flu,
54:58 all of a sudden having flu symptoms here and there.
55:00 I know what it's like to go this doctor, that doctor,
55:03 be anointed here, be anointed there.
55:05 Have people praying for you here,
55:06 people praying for you there.
55:09 But you can't give up. You can't give up.
55:14 You must hold on.
55:17 You must not just drift through life.
55:19 You must take hold.
55:20 Isaiah 27:5 I say this in closing.
55:26 Let him take hold of my strength,
55:30 that He may make peace with me.
55:32 And He shall make peace with me.
55:37 Isaiah 27:5.
55:39 I close with a verse in Matthew 11:12 please,
55:44 Matthew 11:12.
55:49 You know David said,
55:51 "Whom have I in heaven besides thee.
55:54 Who do I desire more than thee."
55:57 Psalms 73:25.
55:59 All right let's look at Matthew 11.
56:00 I want to close with this. Matthew 11:12.
56:07 And I want you to apply this to your life.
56:10 How many believe when the preacher
56:12 preaches the word, the word is to go into our heart
56:14 and to become a word of faith, amen.
56:17 Listen, "And now from the days of John the Baptist
56:25 until now the Kingdom of heaven suffers violence.
56:31 And the violent take it by force."
56:39 Would you agree that is one of the most
56:42 interesting passages in all the Bible?
56:46 What is it saying?
56:47 Jesus is saying, you must have spiritual violence
56:52 if you want to be saved.
56:54 What is that spiritual violence?
56:56 Were you take the word of God
57:00 with a force that is compared to violence.
57:04 Violence is when force is being used to take something.
57:08 Spiritual violence means when you take hold of the Lord
57:12 and say, I will not let You go expect You bless me.
57:16 How many want to have that spiritual violence
57:18 from now on for the rest of your life?
57:22 That's what Jesus had in the Garden of Gethsemane,
57:25 when He took hold of His Father,
57:28 not My will but thy will be done.
57:30 I wonder who wants to take hold of Jesus
57:32 and expect miracles?
57:35 Although sudden and alarming changes
57:37 are sweeping across the globe,
57:39 you and your family can be prepared
57:41 to face the future with confidence.
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