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When America Enforces the Mark of the Beast! Part 1

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00:04 We are racing towards the global crises at the close.
00:09 God is going to set up His kingdom on earth.
00:13 Preparation for the tribulation and the translation
00:17 is to develop a character like Jesus Christ
00:21 to reach every hamlet, every village, every man,
00:24 every child, every person in India,
00:27 every person in South America
00:28 must hear these three angles' messages.
00:34 These are stories that illustrate
00:37 the kind of fabric of character and perseverance
00:39 that we need to go through the tribulation
00:42 just as certainly vas they did.
00:44 The Bible makes it very clear
00:45 we are living in an unusual hour,
00:48 the last grains of sand are trickling
00:50 through the hourglass of time
00:52 and the door probation is about the swing shot.
01:00 As we continue with Amazing Prophecies,
01:03 a seminar in this edition, in this presentation,
01:07 it's entitled, "When American enforces the" what, everyone?
01:11 "The mark of the beast!"
01:14 Come with me to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
01:17 Philadelphia is one of the largest cities
01:20 in the United States of America and has such rich history.
01:24 How many have been to Independence Hall,
01:27 where the US constitution was signed and so forth?
01:31 And so there also in Philadelphia
01:35 have the Philadelphia Phillies.
01:37 Well, I don't follow sports
01:39 but I wanted to bring this to your attention.
01:43 With a long history,
01:44 America's favorite past time sport was baseball.
01:49 There used to be a law against playing
01:53 organized baseball on Sunday.
01:58 Now for the rest of the story.
02:01 There was a fight for Sunday baseball in Philadelphia
02:07 and guess who won?
02:09 Baseball.
02:10 And so major league baseball was played legally
02:16 in the city on Sunday beginning in April 1934.
02:20 Baseball men hailed the end of repressive Blue Laws
02:26 and expected some financial relief for organized baseball
02:31 from the worse effects of the depression.
02:34 So they were using it in more ways than one.
02:38 Well, what's interesting is that there have been
02:41 Sunday Blue Laws from the infancy
02:45 at the formative stages of this country of ours.
02:50 Sunday closing laws, or Blue Laws,
02:53 have a long checkered history.
02:56 In the United States, Blue Laws date back to colonial times.
03:01 A matter of fact, in the colony of Virginia in 1610,
03:04 we read as follows.
03:06 These were the laws
03:08 with a little bit of teeth in them.
03:11 Every man and woman shall repair in the morning
03:14 to the divine service and sermons preached
03:17 upon the Sabbath day, they're referring to Sunday,
03:20 and in the afternoon to divine service and catechising,
03:23 notice here, and catechising,
03:25 upon pain for the first fault to lose their provision
03:30 and the allowance of the whole week following,
03:33 for the second, to lose the said allowance
03:35 and also be whipt.
03:38 I'm just reading.
03:39 And for the third, in fraction or offense, to suffer death.
03:45 Well, there you have it. A colony of Virginia 1610.
03:50 Well, the United States Supreme Court
03:52 has ruled that Sunday laws are not
03:56 unconstitutional or discriminatory.
03:59 This opens the way for all of the present confused,
04:03 contradictory local state laws to be replaced
04:07 by a national Sunday law or a national law
04:10 that will standardize the enforcement
04:12 of Sunday all over America.
04:16 Well, guess what?
04:18 Time magazine story was entitled,
04:22 "Will the recession doom the last Sunday Blue Laws?"
04:28 In Arkansas, we read this.
04:31 Arkansas eliminates Blue Law
04:34 that banned Sunday alcohol sales.
04:38 Arkansas became the 36th state to repeal its Blue Law banning
04:44 Sunday liquor sales at package (liquor) stores,
04:47 according to the Distilled Spirits Council,
04:51 which called the state's decision
04:53 a sign of things to come across the south as legislators
04:59 continue looking for ways to raise revenue
05:02 without raising taxes in this sour economy.
05:06 March 4, 2009.
05:09 So what's the point?
05:10 It seems that we're very, very lax about Blue Laws,
05:17 even though many states still have
05:20 on their books these repressive Blue Laws,
05:25 but they pretty much have become antiquated,
05:28 they're just collecting dust and that's all.
05:31 You know, I'm from Texas and Texas,
05:33 you know, as I like to say we do everything big in Texas,
05:36 that doesn't mean
05:37 we do everything smart in Texas.
05:38 But anyway, Texas Sunday Blue Laws,
05:41 beverages of 20 percent alcohol content or higher
05:45 are prohibited from sale on Sunday with the exception
05:48 of establishments that sell food.
05:51 I mean, we got it down to a science in Texas.
05:53 Liquor stores closed statewide on Sundays.
05:57 Beer and wine may be purchased
05:59 at any open store until 1 a.m. Sunday.
06:04 You can only buy beer and wine afternoon Sunday.
06:07 The rest of the week it may be purchased as early as 8 a.m.
06:12 I mean, we got this down to details.
06:14 And so could there be though a national Sunday Law
06:19 in the near future?
06:21 Right now, if you look at all this jargon
06:24 and you look at how things have just become so lax
06:27 in regard to Sunday Blue Laws, you would say,
06:30 "Not anytime soon."
06:32 Well, wait a minute. I have a book here.
06:36 It's entitled, "Future Cast," by researcher,
06:41 renowned researcher, George Bana.
06:45 Go head, go online, do a Google, go on his website.
06:49 He is one of the most preeminent,
06:52 one of the most renowned and respected researchers
06:57 of today and he's just come out
06:59 with this monumental landmark book entitled,
07:04 "Future Cast, with today's trends,"
07:07 I'm sorry, "What today's trends mean for tomorrow's world."
07:12 Extensive new research on how our behaviors,
07:16 attitudes and beliefs are shaping our future
07:21 and what we can do about it.
07:23 And then back cover,
07:25 new information on the trends that are shaping our world.
07:29 Everybody say, "Trends."
07:31 Watch this, "And are about" notice,
07:36 "new information on the trends that are shaping our world
07:38 and are about to change our life."
07:42 Everybody say, "Change."
07:45 "Our world is changing at a pace beyond anything
07:52 ever seen in history."
07:55 Let me repeat that.
07:57 "Our world is changing at a pace beyond anything
08:01 ever seen in history.
08:05 But where will all these cultural shifts lead?
08:11 What's in store for our government,
08:15 economy, families and churches?
08:21 We need accurate information that will give us a real sense
08:24 of what's happening now and what's about to happen
08:27 in key areas of our lives including family life,
08:30 technology, media and entertainment,
08:32 attitudes and values, religious beliefs and behavior."
08:37 I believe with all my heart that he's right on
08:40 that there are some cultural shifts taking place.
08:44 I believe, if there's one thing
08:46 we learn from recent trends,
08:49 number one, expect big changes.
08:53 Number two, expect many of those big changes
08:57 to happen overnight, unexpectedly.
09:02 Put it all together, this tells you the news
09:07 before the news tells you.
09:10 This is the Word of God
09:12 and our God does not guess about the future.
09:16 God knows the future.
09:20 And so we go to the book of Revelation.
09:23 Go to the book of Revelation.
09:25 Revelation Chapter 3. Revelation Chapter 3.
09:30 Revelation Chapter 3, looking there at verse 10.
09:34 What does the Bible forecast?
09:37 Looking there at Revelation 3:10,
09:42 words are in red, Jesus speaking,
09:44 "Because you've kept My command to persevere,
09:47 I also would keep you
09:48 from the hour of trial or tribulation,
09:49 which will come upon the whole world,
09:51 to test those who dwell on the earth."
09:55 Now take your Bible and turn with me to Exodus 20:20.
10:02 How many want to have 20/20 vision?
10:06 How many remember when you used to have it?
10:10 All right, Exodus 20:20.
10:13 Context, Ten Commandments. Context, Ten Commandments.
10:19 Verse 20,
10:21 after the Ten Commandments are given, verse 20.
10:26 "And Moses said to the people,
10:30 'Do not fear, for God has come to,'" what?
10:35 "'Test you and that his fear may be before you
10:40 so that you may not sin.'"
10:43 So the Bible makes it very clear
10:45 that, that the Ten Commandments were given to test us
10:50 and to reveal if there's any sin in our life.
10:54 The word of God and the law of God is like a mirror
10:57 that reveals any sin in your life.
11:00 The Bible says that the word of God is alive
11:03 and it pierces through every fiber of our being
11:06 and exposes even the motives of our heart.
11:10 Hebrews 4:12.
11:12 The Bible calls the law of God the mirror, a mirror.
11:16 James 1:23-25.
11:18 You look in a mirror and you can see
11:20 if there is an oil smudge in your forehead.
11:23 Somebody can tell you,
11:24 "You have a ugly mark in your forehead."
11:26 You might get offended
11:27 until you go on the mirror and discover they were right.
11:31 Now I want you to notice something.
11:33 God tests us for our good.
11:38 And tests came before sin came into this world.
11:45 Adam and Eve were tested
11:47 whether they would eat the piece of fruit,
11:50 we don't know what kind of variety it was,
11:52 but all I know is they were tested to see,
11:54 would they go against contrary to God's express will?
11:58 Would they violate their conscience?
12:00 Would they make the wrong fatal choice
12:03 and would they eat from the fruit
12:06 that was forbidden?
12:07 It was test of love.
12:10 Then God later on gave the Ten Commandments.
12:13 Down through history, from Genesis to Revelation,
12:18 the Bible records how God,
12:20 out of love, tests what's in our heart.
12:24 Number one, it's for our good.
12:26 Number two, we don't even know our own heart...
12:31 unless God reveals it to us, because sin blinds us.
12:38 So we can't see what's wrong with us.
12:43 Sin blinds and binds.
12:48 So therefore we need to be
12:50 tested to see are we in the faith.
12:52 The Bible says, Bible says,
12:54 "Examine yourself to see if you're in the faith."
12:57 2 Corinthians 13:5.
12:59 David said in Psalms 139:23, 24,
13:03 he said there, "Search me, O God.
13:07 See if there's any wicked way, evil way in me."
13:10 So I want you to notice here, Exodus 20:6,
13:16 "But showing mercy to thousands to those who love Me
13:18 and keep My commandments."
13:21 Do you see that?
13:22 Love Me and keep My commandments.
13:25 That's the test.
13:26 Verse 20 talks about God's come down to test you
13:29 and the Lord Himself wrote down
13:31 that these commandments will reveal if you love Me.
13:35 Now go to John Chapter 14.
13:37 John Chapter 14 and looking there at verse 15.
13:43 "If you love Me, keep most of My Commandments."
13:47 Whoops, I messed up.
13:49 "If you love Me, keep My commandments."
13:54 Now that would include the Ten Commandments,
13:56 but would you agree
13:57 that would include all of the Bible?
13:58 Would you agree it's all the commands of God?
14:01 But it's primarily, I believe,
14:02 speaking about the Ten Commandments.
14:04 But notice here, "And I will pray the Father,
14:08 and He will give you another helper,
14:11 a comforter that he may abide with you forever."
14:13 What is Jesus saying?
14:15 "If you love Me, keep My commandments
14:17 and I'll give you help to love Me and keep My commandments."
14:23 "Without Me you can do nothing."
14:24 John 15:5.
14:26 In other words, you cannot even love God in your own strength.
14:29 Why?
14:30 Because our heart is at enmity,
14:32 hostile towards God in the natural state.
14:36 The flesh could not please God.
14:38 That's why the Holy Spirit must rule to put down
14:41 the flesh continually every day.
14:43 So I want you to notice, don't miss this,
14:45 if you love Jesus, you will keep His commandments.
14:49 But you can't keep His commandments
14:51 in your own strength.
14:52 Nobody can, nobody can.
14:54 "We've all fall short of the glory of God."
14:56 Romans 3:23.
14:58 But the Bible makes it very clear,
15:00 we must seek to obey them,
15:02 number one, not to earn salvation,
15:05 but because we have salvation by grace, through faith.
15:11 And number two, we keep them because we love Him
15:15 and He empowers us with love in our--
15:19 we love Him because He first loved us.
15:21 1 John 4:19.
15:22 "So His love compels us," 2 Corinthians 5:14.
15:26 And so the Bible-- Listen, don't miss this.
15:28 Don't miss this.
15:30 I'm going somewhere with this, with God's help.
15:32 We're called to keep His commandments
15:35 because we love Him, but we cannot love Him
15:38 and keep His commandments
15:40 without the Helper, the Holy Spirit.
15:42 You've got to connect verse 15 and 16 together.
15:47 Draw a circle around verse 15 and 16,
15:49 at least in your mind.
15:51 Wrap your arms around this, listen carefully.
15:54 "If you love Me, keep My commandments
15:57 and I'll help you to do it."
15:59 Now would you agree to that?
16:00 Do you recognize a good deal when you hear one?
16:04 This is a gift.
16:07 It's part of salvation, justification,
16:11 sanctification, glorification, all is a gift.
16:15 Now go with me to Revelation Chapter 12.
16:17 Revelation Chapter 12.
16:21 If you love Me, keep My commandments
16:24 and that will be tested.
16:27 Always has, always will. Love to God is tested.
16:32 How many of you are married?
16:35 I'm gonna ask you this,
16:36 have you ever had a test of love in your marriage?
16:40 How many of you had many tests?
16:43 Say my spouse keeps...
16:44 All right, anyway, all right, notice here, Revelation 12:17,
16:49 "And the dragon was enraged with the woman,
16:51 and he went to make war
16:52 with the rest of her offspring."
16:54 Would you agree? That produces tests.
16:57 When you're under attack,
16:58 that tests the fabric of your faith
17:01 and your endurance
17:02 and that never give up mentality.
17:05 "And the dragon was enraged with the woman,
17:07 and he went to make war with the rest of her offspring,
17:10 the remnant," got messages coming up on that,
17:12 "who keep the commandments of God
17:14 and have the testimony of Jesus Christ."
17:17 So the Bible makes it very clear,
17:18 God will have a people
17:20 that are seeking to love God at any cost.
17:25 To obey God at any price.
17:27 To obey their conscience and the dictates
17:30 of their conscience and the unction
17:32 and the conviction of the Holy Spirit
17:34 no matter what is politically correct,
17:36 no matter what the world says,
17:38 no matter what the amount of persecution.
17:40 Jesus said, "Count the cost."
17:45 So my Bible tells me, there will be a showdown test,
17:48 because the devil does not want us to obey.
17:52 He doesn't care what we profess as long as we don't posses.
17:58 He doesn't care about the external.
18:02 He cares about the internal.
18:06 That's why a true Christian is one in the heart,
18:10 in the manifest with the fruit.
18:13 So could there be a National Sunday Law
18:15 that will test our faith and love to Jesus
18:21 and His commandments?
18:23 I'm gonna say it again, God will test us.
18:27 We read it in Revelation 3:10, "The test is coming."
18:30 Exodus 20:20, "God's come down to test you."
18:33 "If you love Me, keep My commandments."
18:35 All right, now listen.
18:37 Listen how things can change overnight.
18:40 In 1888 Senator Blair of New Hampshire
18:45 issued a bill in the United States Senate
18:47 for a National Sunday Law.
18:50 You can Google it and see what's there in history.
18:54 It did not pass that time because they believed
18:58 it was a violation of the Bill of Rights,
19:02 the constitution that it would be--
19:07 it would break the laws of the land of keeping
19:11 church and state separated and so it did not pass.
19:16 However, fast forward, Time magazine,
19:21 Thunder on the Right, The Growth of Fundamentalism.
19:24 This was a little bit ago.
19:27 All Americans would do well to petition the President
19:30 and the congress to make a federal law,
19:32 and amendment to the constitution if need be,
19:36 to establish the Sabbath, referring to Sunday they are,
19:41 as a National Day of Rest.
19:46 Now what would cause the average American to say,
19:52 "We have to have this?"
19:55 I don't believe, I don't believe
19:59 that the average American right now would say,
20:01 "I want this."
20:03 No, too, too inconvenient.
20:06 Many people have to work on Sunday
20:08 or they don't work on Sunday
20:10 but they do want to go to the mall
20:11 and they do want to go about their business and so forth
20:14 and go grocery shopping
20:15 and go to the flea market and so forth.
20:17 So they really don't want this inconvenience.
20:22 What would cause a paradigm shift?
20:26 Changes can happen overnight.
20:30 Changes are predicted to happen overnight.
20:35 Like birth pangs upon a pregnant woman,
20:38 contractions that come suddenly.
20:42 Oh, they were told they would come.
20:44 But boom! They come.
20:46 It happened with greater frequency and intensity.
20:49 You can expect final events to take place in this fashion.
20:54 And so what would cause Americans to say,
20:58 "We need this," and they become very urgent about it?
21:02 Natural and manmade disasters.
21:08 Because when there's a rash, a string,
21:14 a cluster of natural disasters that cripple the economy,
21:20 let me tell you something, people will get attention
21:22 and then they're gonna start interviewing religious leaders,
21:25 as they usually do,
21:27 "What do you think we should do?
21:28 What do you think we should do?"
21:29 "Well, my church of 40,000 members believes
21:33 that we need to have a National Sunday Law
21:35 because we need to get back to church
21:37 and we need to, we need to have everybody honor this day,
21:41 because we're breaking the Sabbath."
21:44 Question.
21:47 Is Sabbath Sunday?
21:52 Or is the Sabbath, as the commandments stipulated,
21:55 on the seventh day of the week?
21:58 So we have two issues here.
22:01 Number one, which day is the Sabbath?
22:04 Secondly, should a day of worship
22:09 be enforced upon all Americans?
22:12 Those are two important issues. But we must make a distinction.
22:17 So you can see how overnight,
22:20 you can think of all sorts of scenarios
22:22 how this could unfold with rapidity
22:25 and we will explore that.
22:27 This is just part one and we'll have
22:29 another part two on a subsequent night.
22:32 But I want you to notice with me,
22:34 in 1998, I was holding a crusade in Toronto, Canada
22:39 and I remember being there
22:42 and getting this absolutely shocking,
22:47 stunning encyclical letter that was publicized
22:54 in the press by the former Pope,
22:58 John Paul II entitled,
23:03 "Dies Domini, the Lord's day."
23:07 Christians will naturally strive to ensure
23:10 that civil legislation, laws of the land,
23:16 respects their duty to keep Sunday holy.
23:20 So the Pope has gone on record, globally,
23:25 as urging governments to keep
23:30 and respect Sunday as a day of rest.
23:35 Could it be that this will become legislation
23:39 in the land of the free and the brave
23:41 and the torch of freedom will fall?
23:46 Are all pointing, our world events,
23:48 I believe they're all pointing
23:50 toward a final crisis of prophetic proportions.
23:53 Are we racing toward the mark of the beast
23:56 and is that related to, what some would like,
23:59 this National Sunday Law?
24:02 Sound the alarm in Zion.
24:04 Do not worship the beast, the Roman Papal System
24:08 or you will receive the mark of the Roman Papal System.
24:13 Revelation 14, verses 9 and 10, the Bible says,
24:20 "Then a third angel followed them saying with a loud voice,
24:23 'If anyone worships the beast,'"
24:25 the beast is, as the Protestant reformers believe,
24:28 the Roman Papal System.
24:31 "'If anyone worships the beast and his image
24:35 and receives his mark on his forehead or on his hand,
24:38 he himself shall also drink of the wine of the wrath of God
24:41 which is poured out full strength
24:43 into the cup of His indignation.
24:45 He shall be tormented with fire and brimstone
24:47 in the presence of the holy angels
24:48 and in the presence of the lamb.'"
24:50 Look at verse 12, in contrast.
24:52 Here is the patience of the saints.
24:55 Here are those that keep the commandments of God
24:57 and the faith of Jesus.
24:58 Every single person on planet earth
25:01 is going to be polarized into one of those groups.
25:06 Only two camps, two sides, two groups.
25:10 Those who keep the commandments of God
25:13 unchanged and those who go along with manmade revisions,
25:19 modifications, changes in God's law
25:22 which ends up giving mankind a counterfeit law
25:26 that clashes with the law of God.
25:28 Could it be that the beast
25:30 has tampered with the heaven's constitution
25:33 and has ended up affecting the US?
25:37 Will it end up affecting the US constitution?
25:43 And so I want you to notice here as we continue.
25:46 "Beware of the mark of the beast."
25:49 Revelation 13:16, 17.
25:53 "He causes all but small and great,
25:55 rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark
25:57 on the right hand or on their foreheads
25:59 and that no one may buy or sell,"
26:01 economic boycott, "except one who has the mark
26:04 or the name of the beast or the number of his name."
26:07 You can be digitally disabled overnight.
26:11 Would you agree, information about you is out there?
26:15 How many have ever gotten on the internet?
26:17 No, not even getting on the internet.
26:20 How many have filled out any form?
26:24 Let me tell you something.
26:26 How do you think these different
26:29 corporations and businesses
26:31 know how to send you different things?
26:34 "Oh, how do they know I like that?"
26:38 Your buying pattern.
26:41 Your personal, financial information, it's out there.
26:46 It's out there.
26:48 And I'm not saying we should all,
26:49 you know, become hermits and go in a cave somewhere.
26:52 I'm not saying that.
26:54 I'm not saying we should go around,
26:55 you know, paranoid all the time.
26:57 No, I'm not saying that.
26:59 But I'm just giving you a heads-up
27:01 that it is very, very easy to control buying and selling
27:05 by the government today
27:07 and it's very, very easy to monitor
27:10 who's going along with a particular law,
27:13 even if it's a religious law,
27:15 a National Sunday Law and who is not.
27:18 Now keep in mind, the Bible says,
27:20 "The mark of the beast will be enforced."
27:23 The mark is a mark of its authority and power
27:28 in religious matters.
27:29 Now follow along very carefully.
27:33 The final events will catch the world by surprise.
27:38 The mark of the beast,
27:40 a mark of the authority of the Roman Papal System
27:43 will be made to look acceptable,
27:46 appealing and even downright Christian.
27:50 It will be popular. It will be popular.
27:53 A National Sunday Law will become popular.
27:59 Right now, no, no, no, no thanks.
28:01 No, thanks. But it will come.
28:04 Showdown test is coming.
28:07 Everyone will either displease man or displease God.
28:12 You've heard it said,
28:13 "You can't please everybody all of the time."
28:16 And so listen, if you worship the beast,
28:19 you get the mark of the beast.
28:21 You get seven last plagues and quite frankly,
28:23 you go to hell fire.
28:25 That's not my opinion.
28:27 If it's in the Bible we want it.
28:29 If it's not in the Bible, we don't want it.
28:32 So if you receive the seal of God,
28:34 the antithesis of the mark of the beast,
28:37 if you receive the seal of God
28:39 and refuse the mark of the beast,
28:41 then they'll say, "You cannot buy or sell,"
28:43 and will threaten you with the death decree.
28:46 So either you have God mad at you
28:48 or man mad at you and the government mad at you
28:52 and your neighbors mad at you, your job mad at you,
28:57 the whole world mad at you.
29:00 So you got to make a decision who's your master.
29:03 The Bible says, "Jesus said,
29:05 'You cannot serve two masters.'"
29:08 Mathew Chapter 6.
29:10 I believe it's-- okay,
29:13 I can't think of the verse.
29:15 Revelation 3:10, "The global test is coming.
29:21 The global test is coming."
29:24 Should we guess what is the mark of the beast
29:28 when it's a life and death issue?
29:29 This is not-- This is not blind guess work
29:32 we're interested in or idle speculation.
29:34 We got to know categorically what it is.
29:37 So who are the two primary
29:39 movers and shakers in end events?
29:43 I'll tell you who they are.
29:45 They are the two beasts in Revelation 13,
29:51 United States of America, but first Roman Papal power.
29:57 Both these powers are global. Both these powers dominate.
30:03 Both these powers have a history.
30:09 And follow along carefully.
30:11 What does a beast symbolize in Bible prophecy?
30:16 In Daniel Chapter 7, we discovered
30:19 that the Bible says that a beast in the context
30:24 of symbolic Bible prophecy equals a kingdom,
30:29 political and/or religious in nature and scope.
30:34 In Daniel Chapter 7 in this prophetic landscape,
30:39 four distinct strange beasts emerge
30:44 from the tumultuous waters
30:45 representing a succession of four world empires.
30:48 All right?
30:49 So four beasts representing four world empires.
30:53 And that is according to Daniel 7:23,
30:56 a beast equals a kingdom.
30:59 "Thus he said, 'The fourth beast shall be
31:01 a fourth kingdom on earth.'"
31:03 Daniel 7:23.
31:05 Kingdoms/nations represented by beasts.
31:08 Now the first beast of Revelation 13,
31:12 the protestant reformers, I believe,
31:15 were correct in their analysis and their assumption
31:19 and conclusion as they evaluated
31:21 the characteristics of Revelation 13's beast.
31:26 It would be a Roman power or kingdom or nation.
31:32 The Vatican or the Papal System has its capital in Rome.
31:37 It would be a system of worship,
31:39 so is the Roman Papal System.
31:42 It would be a blaspheming power.
31:45 This system claims that you need
31:47 to confess your sins to a priest.
31:49 It would be a persecuting power.
31:51 Fifty million people lost their lives
31:54 because of the Papal power.
31:57 It would reign during the dark ages,
32:00 1260 years the Papal System had a reign of terror.
32:05 It would receive a deadly wound,
32:07 when the Papal power,
32:09 when the Pope went into captivity
32:11 at the order of Napoleon when they captured the Pope.
32:15 That deadly wound would be healed.
32:17 Watch your evening news and see if the Papal power
32:21 has had a resurgence or not.
32:23 All right?
32:24 So all roads lead to Papal Rome.
32:28 Well, who are the two beasts in Revelation 13?
32:30 The first beast, the Papacy.
32:32 The second beast, the United States of America.
32:35 Well, I don't expect you to believe that
32:38 unless we verify it from scripture.
32:41 Everybody say, "Scripture."
32:44 What is the mark of the beast?
32:46 We know who the beast is, it's the Roman Papal System.
32:50 So it shouldn't be too difficult to ascertain
32:55 what is the mark of beast.
32:58 "Sunday is our mark of authority.
33:03 The church is above the Bible,
33:06 and this transference of Sabbath observance
33:08 is proof of that fact,"
33:10 Catholic record, September 1, 1923.
33:13 What are they asserting?
33:15 They're saying, "Sunday,
33:17 the fact that we changed this the day of worship,
33:20 the primary day of worship and the solemnity
33:23 from Saturday to Sunday,
33:24 the fact that we changed it and it's not in the Bible,
33:29 this is the proof that it's a sign of our authority
33:32 that God gave us authority that we can change the law.
33:36 God said we could do it.
33:38 Oh, it's not in the Bible but we have the authority."
33:41 Of course now, now what they're doing
33:44 is trying to come up with all sorts of scriptures.
33:46 But here is their candid admission, all right?
33:51 "Sunday is our mark of authority."
33:54 They changed the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday.
33:58 So those who keep the commandments of God
34:00 do not receive the mark of the beast.
34:03 We read there in Revelation 14
34:07 right after it warns about the mark of the beast,
34:10 it says in contrast, "Here are they
34:12 that keep the commandments of God."
34:14 What is it saying?
34:16 Those who keep the commandments of God
34:18 and the faith of Jesus and have endurance,
34:20 they do not go along with what came down
34:25 through the centuries from the Roman Papal System,
34:28 namely a counterfeit law of God.
34:34 The Catholic Church has dropped.
34:36 And by the way, I believe there's gonna be
34:38 many Catholics in heaven, many protestants in heaven
34:41 if they believe Jesus Christ alone can save them.
34:47 Now listen carefully, listen carefully.
34:51 My Bible tells me that the pivotal central issues
34:55 in the last day revolve around whose commandments
34:58 are you gonna keep, God's or the changed commandments
35:01 that came passing down through the centuries
35:04 from the Roman Papal power?
35:06 And the issue, are you gonna worship the creator
35:08 or worship the beast?
35:09 So those who keep the commandments of God
35:11 do not receive the mark of the beast.
35:13 So shouldn't you examine your life
35:15 and religious behavior and your religious worship
35:18 to make sure you're in alignment
35:20 with the law of God, the word of God?
35:23 And so listen, the seal of God is in His Ten Commandment law.
35:29 A seal has three essential elements:
35:31 name, title and territory.
35:33 Well, which of the Ten Commandments
35:35 contains all three essential elements?
35:38 The fourth commandment.
35:39 Name, "The Lord your God."
35:42 Title, "Him that made, Creator."
35:44 Territory, "Heaven and earth
35:46 and the sea and all that is in them."
35:47 Exodus 20:8-11.
35:49 The Sabbath is the seal of the living God.
35:53 "The Sabbath is a sign between Me and you."
35:57 Ezekiel 20:12, 20.
36:01 If you receive the Seal of God,
36:03 you will not receive the mark of the beast.
36:08 Is that gospel?
36:11 How many are interested in avoiding
36:12 the mark of the beast?
36:15 No one has the mark of the beast.
36:17 Mark, are you saying that people
36:19 who keep Sunday have the mark of the beast?
36:21 No!
36:24 Are you saying that all these people out here
36:25 that keep Sunday are gonna be lost?
36:27 No!
36:31 My Bible tells me that soon
36:35 Sunday observance will be enforced.
36:40 And that came from the Roman Papal System,
36:43 it's a mark of their authority and when it's enforced,
36:46 the National Sunday Law, and people
36:49 who know better go along with it
36:52 or they've been deceived into doing it.
36:55 That's a different scenario. That's a different situation.
37:00 You see, at times of ignorance, God winks at us.
37:02 Acts 17:30.
37:04 "But therefore to him who knows to do good
37:07 and does not do it, to him it is sin."
37:11 James 4:17.
37:14 So no one has the mark of the beast
37:16 until it is enforced.
37:18 Aren't you glad that God is longsuffering?
37:21 Not willing that any should perish,
37:22 but that all should come to repentance.
37:24 2 Peter 3:9. My God is longsuffering.
37:31 Come on now, you've all tried his patience a time or two.
37:35 How many are glad that you're still around,
37:37 still have a shot?
37:39 So no one has the mark of the beast
37:41 until it is enforced.
37:43 But it's coming because changes can happen fast.
37:48 Would you agree? Come on now.
37:51 American society, Americans are very, very fickle.
37:59 One day they like this person for president,
38:02 the next day it's the exact opposite.
38:05 One day they want this
38:07 and one day they don't want this.
38:09 I mean, they can change overnight.
38:11 Let me tell you something, right now no,
38:12 we're not interested in National Sunday Law.
38:14 Overnight, it's gonna happen.
38:18 Now if the antichrist beast is the Roman Papal power,
38:22 then the mark of the beast must have something to do
38:25 with the Roman Papal power.
38:28 It's all a power struggle.
38:31 Would you agree that power struggle started
38:33 and originated in heaven?
38:35 Revelation 12 makes it clear that that the Lord
38:39 and the devil fought and the devil lost
38:43 and one-third of the celestial host
38:45 along with the fallen angel were kicked out of heaven.
38:48 Revelation 12:7-9.
38:52 So we know he has not changed,
38:55 but neither has God.
38:59 "I, the Lord, I change not." Malachi 3:6.
39:02 Jesus Christ is saying, "Yesterday, today and forever,"
39:05 Hebrews 13:8.
39:06 He has not changed His law, never will.
39:10 And so it has to do with power. It has to do with power.
39:15 It must be sign of its power, of its power.
39:20 Now if the seal is a sign of God's authority and power
39:24 then the mark of the beast is a sign of the claimed
39:26 authority and power of the Roman Papal System.
39:30 It's a sign of power.
39:33 God says, "The Sabbath is a sign
39:35 that I have made you and I can remake you
39:39 and I can make you whole and sanctify you."
39:43 And the Papacy says,
39:44 "Sunday is the sign of our authority."
39:50 Now most people, most people--
39:54 All right, look at me, most people
39:57 who keep Sunday do not keep it to honor the Papal System.
40:04 They keep it to honor the risen savior
40:09 and God accepts them just the way they are.
40:15 But God never said he wanted us
40:19 to keep Sunday in honor of the resurrection.
40:22 It sounds great.
40:23 Remember the tree
40:25 of the knowledge of good and evil?
40:27 That's how the devil operates.
40:28 He makes us good with a little tank of false teaching.
40:34 How many want the whole truth and nothing but the truth?
40:38 I'm giving you nothing but the truth.
40:40 There is no scripture that says that the Sabbath
40:44 or the holiness of the Sabbath has been
40:47 transferred to any other day.
40:51 There's no scripture that says that Sunday
40:53 is the Lord's Day, it's not there.
40:56 I repeat, God takes people just the way they are,
41:00 but the truth shall set you free
41:03 when you know it and you show it, John 8:32.
41:07 Now listen carefully, God's seal versus the Papacy's mark.
41:15 Now listen, the Bible predicted that the Roman Papal System
41:19 would change the Ten Commandments,
41:23 specifically the Sabbath.
41:26 He shall speak pompous words against the Most High,
41:29 shall persecute the saints of the Most High
41:31 and shall intend to-- uh-oh,
41:33 there's that deadly word,
41:35 change, alter, modify times and law.
41:41 It's talking about the law of the Most High,
41:43 the Ten Commandments.
41:44 And which one refers to time?
41:46 The Sabbath commandment
41:48 is the only one that relates to time.
41:51 "Remember the Sabbath Day to keep it holy
41:59 by not working on that day."
42:01 Exodus 20:8-11.
42:03 Isn't it interesting that the commandment
42:07 that begins with the word remember
42:10 is the most forgotten commandment
42:14 and the most forgotten day.
42:18 But in the last days,
42:21 first angels flying over planet earth saying,
42:24 "Come back to worshiping the Creator
42:27 and those who are preaching it."
42:28 Revelation 14:12.
42:30 "They keep the commandments of God
42:32 and they have the faith in Jesus."
42:35 Connect.
42:36 Worship the Creator, keep His commandments,
42:40 faith of Jesus requires endurance.
42:42 It's all right there. Revelation 14.
42:46 There is a war against the fourth commandment of God.
42:51 I do not understand why anybody would want to argue
42:57 with the idea that God wants you take the full day
43:02 with Him and He wants it to be on His day.
43:05 Why isn't that one of the best things
43:07 that you could do to strengthen
43:10 your relationship with your savior Jesus Christ?
43:14 This is not works righteousness.
43:17 This is not works righteousness.
43:19 You know, it's interesting,
43:20 the reasoning sometimes that you hear.
43:22 You can ask a person, "All right,
43:25 let's go to the Ten Commandments
43:26 and let's have a little checklist
43:29 and you check which ones you think we ought to keep."
43:32 Have no other gods before me. Well, of course.
43:38 Don't make images.
43:40 Don't bow down to them. Of course, check.
43:44 Don't take His name in vain, of course.
43:46 Let's drop down to the fifth commandment.
43:48 Honor your father, mother, check.
43:50 Don't kill, check.
43:52 Don't commit adultery and don't steal.
43:58 Don't bear false witness. Don't covet.
44:01 And they say, "Check, check, check, check."
44:05 Now I want you to think about that.
44:08 Then you go to the fourth commandment.
44:10 "Oh, we're not under the law.
44:14 We don't need to keep the law.
44:15 You're bringing me into bondage."
44:19 You've just checked nine and now all of a sudden
44:23 you don't want anything to do with it.
44:30 There is a war against the fourth commandment of God.
44:35 Sunday observance is based on manmade tradition
44:39 and not upon God's truth.
44:41 Mark, are saying we can't go to church on Sunday?
44:44 Look, the apostles went to church,
44:46 early on, every single day.
44:49 If you want to go to church on Sunday, fine.
44:52 But your primary day of worship should be the seventh day
44:56 of the week and then you have to ask yourself the question,
45:02 how should I feel about those who tell me it doesn't matter?
45:08 Sunday observance is based on manmade tradition
45:11 and not upon God's truth.
45:13 And we're even gonna keep the Sabbath in heaven,
45:16 Isaiah 66:22, 23.
45:20 "If you keep your foot
45:22 from trampling on My Sabbath Day... "
45:24 Isaiah 58:13.
45:26 So who changed the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday?
45:29 God didn't change them. Jesus didn't change them.
45:32 The apostles didn't change them.
45:34 The Roman Catholic Church changed them.
45:36 If God did not change
45:38 the Seventh Day Sabbath to Sunday
45:40 then we should be willing to change from not keeping it.
45:43 Ah, let me run that by you again.
45:46 If God did not change
45:48 the Seventh Day Sabbath to Sunday
45:50 then we should be willing to change from not keeping it.
45:55 Change is good if you believe it.
45:59 Make a decision to change from keeping Sunday
46:03 in order to keep that which God never changed.
46:10 But I am too old to change.
46:15 Sarah: "I'm too old to get pregnant,"
46:18 and she laughed.
46:19 And then she became pregnant at 90.
46:23 Never too old to change.
46:28 Better make final last minutes changes.
46:34 Get ready for glory.
46:35 Where you're gonna keep the Sabbath.
46:38 Change to keep the day that God did not change.
46:43 Come on, let's say that together.
46:44 Change to keep the day that God did not change.
46:49 Remember my offer last night?
46:52 Five thousand dollars if you can find a scripture
46:55 that supports the idea that the first day of the week
46:58 is now the Lord's day.
46:59 You should not keep the seventh day,
47:01 that is no longer sacred.
47:06 Make a decision to honor the true Lord's day
47:09 even if it requires a change in your life.
47:12 Besides, John the Revelator said in Revelation 1:10,
47:16 read it together with me.
47:17 "I was in the Spirit on the Lord's Day."
47:23 And people will say, "Well, that's Sunday."
47:25 Well, you could say that.
47:28 Reminds me of Abraham Lincoln
47:31 who was cross-examining a woman in Illinois
47:36 when he was practicing law
47:38 in the courtroom there and he said, "Ma'am, tell me.
47:41 Let's suppose you have a cow
47:43 and you call the cow's tail a leg.
47:46 How many legs would it have?"
47:49 She said, "Well, if you're calling the tail a leg,
47:53 well, then it would have five legs."
47:55 "Wrong!" snapped Abraham Lincoln.
47:58 "Just because you call that tail a leg,
48:01 it doesn't make it a leg."
48:04 Wise Abe.
48:06 And just because millions call Sunday the Lord's Day
48:10 does not make it the Lord's Day
48:13 unless you can prove it from the scriptures.
48:16 The Bible says in 1 Thessalonians 5:21,
48:20 "Prove all things."
48:26 The Son of man is Lord also, of this Sabbath.
48:33 New Testament.
48:35 Jesus said He is Lord of the Sabbath.
48:37 If He is Lord of the Sabbath,
48:38 who does the Sabbath belong to?
48:40 The Lord. The Sabbath is the Lord's Day.
48:43 What is God's number?
48:46 Throughout the Bible,
48:48 His special number is number seven.
48:51 Mark 2:28.
48:53 That's the number that God uses in a very significant way.
48:56 Now Sunday observance is a counterfeit
48:59 of the seventh day Sabbath.
49:02 Sunday is the admitted mark
49:04 of authority of the Papal power.
49:07 Would the Papacy be
49:08 in favor of a National Sunday Law in America?
49:11 Yes or no? Yes.
49:14 So listen to me.
49:16 Here it is, Dies Domini, Pope John Paul II.
49:21 "In this matter, my predecessor Pope Leo XIII,
49:24 in his Encyclical Rerum spoke of Sunday rest
49:27 as the worker's right
49:28 which the state must guarantee."
49:31 State guaranteeing Sunday rest,
49:33 that sounds like laws
49:38 regard to Sunday, Sunday Laws.
49:42 Are you ready for stronger proof
49:43 that the counterfeit Sabbath
49:45 or Sunday sacredness is the mark of the beast?
49:48 Look at these parallels.
49:50 Daniel 7 and Revelation 13.
49:52 You got a lion, lion. Bear, bear.
49:54 Leopard, leopard.
49:56 Creature with 10 horns, creature with 10 horns.
49:58 Speaks great words against God. Speaks blasphemies.
50:01 1260 years. 1260 years.
50:04 Changes the law of God including the Sabbath.
50:06 Mark of the beast.
50:09 I gave you a handout about that.
50:12 What is the future
50:13 of the United States of America?
50:15 What is America's future that has mothered democracies,
50:19 modeled freedom, fostered international communications
50:23 and is the sole remaining superpower
50:26 and the most influential nation today?
50:28 The whole world looks
50:30 to the United States of America today.
50:33 How will the United States,
50:34 the most powerful nation on earth,
50:36 influence the entire world?
50:38 Will the United States enforce the mark of the beast?
50:41 Will the United States enforce a National Sunday Law?
50:44 The United States of America will be the first nation,
50:49 the engine to the train of nations
50:52 to enforce the mark of the beast,
50:54 a National Sunday Law.
50:56 So don't be surprised when it happens
50:58 because the United States of America
51:01 is in Bible prophecy.
51:03 Here it is.
51:05 "Then I saw another beast coming up out of the earth,
51:08 and he had two horns like a lamb
51:10 and spoke like a dragon."
51:11 Revelation 13:11.
51:14 Where does it, this beast, arise?
51:17 Now Revelation 13:1-10,
51:20 that's the first beast, the Papal power.
51:23 No guess work about that.
51:25 Second beast makes its debut in verse 11.
51:29 So where does it arise? Where does it arise?
51:35 It arises from the earth. It arises from the earth.
51:39 What does the symbol of symbol of water
51:41 represent in Bible Prophecy?
51:43 "The waters which you saw are peoples,
51:45 multitudes, nations, and tongues."
51:47 Revelation 17:15.
51:49 So this new beast, in contrast to all the other beasts
51:53 that came up out of the water in Daniel 7
51:55 and even the first beast came up out of the water,
51:57 Revelation 13 that is in a populated area.
52:00 You've heard the expression, sea of faces or sea of people.
52:05 This new beast comes up out of the earth
52:08 or an unpopulated area.
52:12 When does this beast arise? When does this power arise?
52:16 This is fascinating, listen.
52:19 Verse 10 is the verse that precedes the introduction
52:23 of the United States of America,
52:24 the second beast.
52:26 So we have a time frame.
52:27 "He who leads into captivity shall go into captivity."
52:31 Well, think about it with me.
52:34 When did the Pope go into captivity?
52:36 In the year, everybody yell it out, 1798.
52:41 The church lost its power
52:42 to the French government in 1798.
52:45 Now the Bible makes it very clear
52:47 that the Roman Papal System
52:49 would have a reign of terror for 1260 years.
52:53 makes it clear, 1260 years.
52:56 Forty-two months times 30 days
53:00 in a biblical month equals 1260 days
53:05 and in Bible prophecy,
53:07 one prophetic day equals what, class?
53:10 One year, Ezekiel 4:6, Numbers 14:34 says so.
53:15 The Pope got unprecedented power in 538 AD
53:21 when he was given authority by a Roman decree
53:23 to be the corrector of heretics,
53:25 ushering in the dark ages.
53:27 Lost its power in 1798, temporarily,
53:31 because it would have a comeback.
53:33 Revelation 13:5,
53:34 "The deadly wound would be ltimately healed."
53:36 So the deadly wound was inflicted in 1798,
53:40 exactly 1260 years from 538 AD.
53:44 Question.
53:46 Was America rising to prominence and power
53:50 at the time when the Papacy was losing its power?
53:56 You want some proof of that?
53:58 Around 1798, right around that time frame,
54:01 1775, Battle for Independence.
54:04 1776, Declaration of Independence.
54:07 1787, Constitution.
54:10 1789, 1st president George Washington.
54:13 1790, Supreme Court.
54:15 1791, Bill of Rights. I rest my case.
54:19 So how does this power arise?
54:21 It would arise gradually. Not just in one night.
54:25 Daniel and the Revelation by Uriah Smith.
54:27 "Emerging amid the silence of the earth,
54:29 adding daily to its power and strength."
54:32 It was gradual.
54:33 The birth of our nation was miraculous.
54:36 I believe that you can see the divine providence of God
54:41 in the rise of America.
54:43 America: an amazing story.
54:47 How many are thankful
54:48 for the United States of America?
54:51 "Then I saw another beast coming up out of the earth,
54:54 and he had two horns like a lamb."
54:56 Revelation 13:11. So it's not a beast of prey.
55:00 Two horns like a lamb. Does this picture scare you?
55:03 Are you gonna have nightmares after this picture?
55:06 No.
55:08 How many can handle a picture of sheep
55:09 before you go to bed?
55:11 I mean, come on now, we're called to count them.
55:15 So what's not to love?
55:16 So this nation, the second beast
55:21 has horns like a lamb.
55:25 It would seek to be harmless and freedom loving.
55:30 There are no crowns
55:31 on the horns of the second beast.
55:33 The first beast has crowns.
55:36 Crowns indicate kingly authority.
55:39 The lack of crowns indicates freedom.
55:43 Now horns are a symbol of power.
55:45 You don't believe me?
55:46 Watch Animal Planet and see
55:48 which one wins the girl's attention.
55:50 It's the one with the big horns.
55:53 They indicate that this second beast derives
55:56 its power from political and religious freedom,
56:01 freedom of church and state.
56:04 So this lamb-like beast would arise around 1798.
56:07 Arise in a relatively unpopulated area.
56:10 It would be a young nation. It would be no-crowned head.
56:13 No kingly authority.
56:15 A church without a Pope and a state without a king.
56:19 What is the only nation that fits this description?
56:24 The United States of America is in Bible prophecy.
56:31 How many find that absolutely amazing?
56:35 Now listen carefully.
56:39 We have seen here,
56:41 these last number of presentations
56:42 that the first beast represents the Roman Papal System.
56:47 Protestant reformers were correct.
56:49 By the way, whatever happened to Protestantism?
56:54 Now Protestants are saying,
56:55 "No, no, no, no, no the Papacy is not the antichrist.
56:59 No, no, no, the antichrist is in the distant future
57:02 and don't worry, we won't even be here."
57:07 Now listen carefully.
57:10 Not only did we identify the first beast,
57:13 we have now identified the second beast.
57:16 We have identified what is the seal of God,
57:18 we have identified what is the mark of the beast.
57:21 The now lingering question is,
57:23 how will it all be enforced?
57:27 How does the Bible say
57:29 that there's going to be a National Sunday Law?
57:32 How many can see the foundation has been set?
57:36 But we need to wait for another presentation
57:39 until we can take time to deal with this
57:44 in a methodical, systematic way.
57:48 Although sudden and alarming changes
57:50 are sweeping across the globe,
57:52 you and your family can be prepared
57:54 to face the future with confidence.
57:56 The complete set of Amazing Prophecies on DVD
58:00 are available for a gift of $60 or more.
58:03 Call us at 1-855-336-Free
58:08 or you can send your check or money order
58:09 to Forever Free Ministries, 2001 Munro Park,
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