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When America Enforces the Mark of the Beast! Part 2

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00:04 We are racing towards the global crisis at the close.
00:09 God is going to set up His kingdom on earth.
00:13 Preparation for the tribulation and the translation
00:17 is to develop a character like Jesus Christ
00:21 to reach every hamlet, every village, every man,
00:24 every child, every person in India,
00:27 every person in South America
00:28 must hear these three angles' messages.
00:34 These are stories that illustrate
00:36 the kind of fabric of character and perseverance
00:39 that we need to go through the tribulation
00:42 just as certainly as they did.
00:44 The Bible makes it very clear we are living
00:46 in an unusual hour, the last grains of sand
00:49 are trickling through the hourglass of time
00:52 and the door probation is about the swing shot.
00:59 Take your Bible and turn with me to Revelation,
01:03 Revelation 13:16, 17
01:09 "He causes all,
01:12 both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave,
01:16 to receive a mark on their right hand
01:19 or on their foreheads,
01:21 and that no one may buy or sell" economic boycott,
01:26 economic sanctions "except one who has the mark
01:31 or the name of the beast, or the number of his name."
01:35 Is it crystal clear that very soon
01:37 there will come a time that governments
01:41 will enforce worship and the net result
01:45 will be receiving the mark of the beast
01:48 including the wrath of God that is poured out
01:51 in seven instalments in the last days
01:54 upon those who go along with the mark of the beast,
01:57 the seven last plagues will be unleashed
02:01 upon those who go along with the masses,
02:03 go along with the majority, cave into the pressure,
02:07 buckle under the pressure.
02:09 And so the Bible makes it very clear
02:11 we must have the character and the unswerving integrity
02:17 and the solid commitment to God,
02:19 loyalty to God like Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego
02:23 who remain standing when everyone bowed
02:28 to the cue of the Babylonian music
02:30 to fall down and worship that tall imposing image
02:34 that was 90 feet tall.
02:37 And that image was an image of a man
02:42 and everyone was to bow down to worship
02:47 that image of a man instead of worshipping God.
02:53 And so the Bible makes it very clear
02:55 that the stories of Daniel
02:58 illustrate the prophecies of Daniel in Revelation.
03:02 The kind of character, the kind of disposition,
03:07 the kind of belief system, the kind of moral conviction
03:12 and clear conscience that was maintained by Daniel
03:15 and by the stalwart faith of Shadrach, Meshach
03:19 and Abednego must be mirrored and modeled and followed
03:24 by earth's final generation of believers.
03:28 Would you agree we must dare to be a Daniel?
03:31 We must be willing to be different
03:34 if it cost us our life so be it.
03:37 Now I want you to notice this calls for heroic faith.
03:40 Notice here in Revelation 14
03:43 there is a warning that is to be
03:45 sounded to earth's remotest bounds
03:48 and to reach every village, every town, every mega city
03:53 and every small little rural town
03:56 must hear the singular call from God.
03:59 Actually it's the three angels' messages.
04:02 Angel number one says, worship the Creator.
04:05 Verse number 6, "Then I saw another angel
04:08 flying in the midst of heaven,
04:09 having the everlasting gospel to preach to those
04:12 who dwell on the earth to every nation,tribe,
04:15 tongue, and people saying with a loud voice,"
04:18 it's urgent, its compelling.
04:20 "Fear God and give glory to Him,
04:23 for the hour of His judgment has come,
04:25 and worship Him who made heaven and earth,
04:27 the sea and springs of water."
04:29 What would you call the person
04:31 who made everything including us?
04:33 What would you call Him? Our Creator.
04:35 And so notice here and verse number 9,
04:39 "Then a third angel followed them,
04:41 saying with a loud voice," in contrast
04:44 "If anyone worships the beast and his image,
04:49 and receives his mark on his forehead
04:53 or on his hand, he himself shall also drink
04:55 of the wine of the wrath of God,"
04:57 in the form of the seven last plagues
04:59 according to Revelation 15:1.
05:02 "Then I saw another sign in heaven,
05:04 great and marvelous, seven angels
05:05 having the seven last plagues,
05:07 for in them the wrath of God is complete."
05:09 And Revelation 16 goes through those seven last plaques
05:14 and describes them.
05:15 And so back to Revelation 14:12,
05:18 in verse 12 we see here a description of those
05:23 who are going to be preaching these warning messages
05:27 that group of people that are willing
05:29 to be different, the modern Shadrach,
05:31 Meshach and Abednego's
05:33 here are those who keep the Commandments of God.
05:36 So by implication very soon
05:39 those who want to keep the Commandments of God
05:41 will come under severe attack by man
05:45 and man made governments.
05:48 I want you to notice here, here is the patience of the saints.
05:50 Here are those who keep the Commandments of God
05:53 and the faith of Jesus.
05:55 So we are gonna have the faith of Jesus,
05:57 we may go through what Jesus went through.
05:59 Didn't He say, if they hated Me they will hate you.
06:03 If I had to carry my cross,
06:05 Jesus said if you want to follow Me
06:07 deny yourself and take up the cross and follow Me,
06:11 Luke 9:23 and Matthew 16:24.
06:14 So the Bible makes it very clear
06:16 you cannot serve two masters, Matthew 6:24.
06:19 So either we will on the one hand worship the Creator
06:23 and keep the Creator's commandments
06:24 and worship as God wants us to worship
06:27 or we will go along with false worship,
06:30 worshipping man made traditions,
06:33 worshipping man's revisions, worshipping man
06:36 who made revisions and the law of God.
06:38 So either we are gonna keep the law of God
06:41 in its original unchanged form,
06:43 I the Lord, I change not, Malachi 3:6 or we will go along
06:48 with man made alterations in the law of God.
06:53 Now watch this, my Bible tells me
06:57 that if you go along with violating
07:01 the commandments of God and having a spurious
07:04 or counterfeit faith of Jesus-- how many agree
07:06 there is a counterfeit faith of Jesus?
07:09 Oh, I love Jesus but on judgment day
07:12 I never knew you would depart from me,
07:13 you who work inequity.
07:14 Would you agree that was a counterfeit faith?
07:16 Matthew 7:21-23.
07:19 My Bible says in the last days of earth's history
07:22 God will have a people that are not
07:25 by necessity different and its remnant
07:29 they are different and I want you to notice here
07:31 they keep the Commandments of God
07:32 that never has been the majority.
07:36 Never has and never will.
07:38 God's people are known
07:41 for uplifting the Commandments of God
07:43 even though everybody is going along
07:45 with worship to the beast and the beast is the one
07:49 who tampered with the law of God.
07:51 So the Bible makes it very clear,
07:53 God will have a people that preach
07:56 and unpopular message, worship the Creator
08:00 have genuine faith in Jesus
08:02 that leads to keeping the Commandments of God
08:04 even when its against the law to keep the unchanged law,
08:07 it will require endurance.
08:10 How many want to be among that group of people?
08:13 And so Bible makes it very clear
08:14 that God will have a people that do that.
08:18 Now listen carefully,
08:20 could there be
08:22 a national Sunday law in the near future?
08:29 Now if you miss some of our previous presentations
08:33 this may be kind of way out there so to speak
08:37 but I want you to consider this.
08:40 Very soon it will be against the law
08:43 to keep the unchanged law.
08:46 Now you got to think about it,
08:48 the average Christian hands down
08:51 is most Christians are gonna be unanimous in supporting
08:56 nine out of the ten commands hands down
08:59 and you could just do a check list,
09:01 have no other God's before me, check.
09:03 Don't make images and bow down to them.
09:05 Now in the Catholic Catechism, Lutheran Catechism
09:07 they have dropped that one.
09:08 So many Catholics and Lutherans might have an issue with that
09:11 but the predominant number of Christians would say,
09:14 come on, come on let's keep going, check, check.
09:16 Have no other God's before me, check.
09:19 You know, don't make images and bow down to them, check.
09:23 Don't take His name in vain, check.
09:24 Let's get the fourth by my illustration here,
09:27 fifth, honor father and mother, check.
09:29 And just write on down the line.
09:32 But escape on, the fourth commandment,
09:34 the one that begins with the word remember
09:35 most Christians have a challenge
09:39 to either keep it or understand which day it is.
09:43 The Bible says,
09:44 "Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.
09:46 Six days shalt thou labor, and do all thy work
09:48 but the seventh day
09:49 is the Sabbath of the Lord thy God,
09:51 in it thou shalt not do any work,
09:54 thou, nor thy son, nor thy daughter, thy manservant,
09:58 nor thy maidservant, nor thy cattle,
10:00 nor thy stranger that is within thy gates,
10:02 for in six days the Lord made heaven and earth,
10:05 the sea, and all that in them is,
10:06 and rested the seventh day,
10:08 wherefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day,
10:10 and hallowed it," Exodus 20:8-11.
10:13 And so you ask the average Christian okay,
10:15 can you go and check it?
10:17 Well, guess what according to the research here
10:22 and I'm reading a little magazine here,
10:25 I recommend this magazine, it's--
10:28 I can go here to the front cover,
10:30 it's called "Signs of the Times."
10:32 I urge you to get
10:33 a subscription to this magazine.
10:35 It's called "Signs of the times."
10:38 I hope you can get a subscription,
10:40 go online and get it.
10:42 I highly recommend this powerful,
10:44 one of my favorite magazines to get.
10:46 And it has a quotes here,
10:49 source a web based poll by WorldNetDaily.
10:54 Listen to this, which Day is the Sabbath?
10:57 Twenty four percent say, Sunday.
11:01 Sunday is not the seventh day of the week
11:03 but the Bible says in Ten Commandments,
11:04 I don't know, but 24 percent say Sunday.
11:07 Now keep in mind God loves everyone,
11:09 that doesn't mean that people who keep Sunday
11:11 you are gonna be lost or people,
11:12 you know, God looks down on them.
11:14 No, no, no, if we are following the light
11:16 that God gives to us at times of ignorance He winks at it
11:20 but He doesn't want us to stay there,
11:22 He wants us to know the truth
11:23 and the truth shall set us free, John 8:32.
11:26 Now listen carefully, which day is the Sabbath?
11:29 Twenty four percent say, Sunday.
11:31 Saturday, 17.4 percent say Sabbath is--
11:36 Saturday is the Sabbath.
11:38 Can't be sure, 8.2 percent. Any day one chooses, 6.5.
11:43 No Christian Sabbath, 5.92 percent.
11:47 It's irrelevant 1.4 percent.
11:49 Would you agree it's a whole religious smorgasbord?
11:53 It's a whole buffet of interpretations
11:55 about something that should be a no brainier,
11:58 it's no rocket science, it's very simple, its plain.
12:01 The bible says in Habakkuk 2:2, it says there make it plain.
12:05 Would you agree when Jesus was here He simplified it all.
12:09 And Jesus said the Sabbath was made for man.
12:14 And it says there in Mark 2:27, 28,
12:16 Mark 2:28 He continues,
12:18 He says The Son of man is also Lord of the Sabbath."
12:24 Well, if he is Lord of the Sabbath
12:26 then the Sabbath is whose day?
12:28 The Lord's day. That's now Sunday.
12:30 Jesus died and rested in the tomb on the day
12:33 before the resurrection and it calls that day
12:35 in which He rested on the tomb
12:37 by divine purpose, by divine will.
12:40 What happened? Rested in the tomb.
12:44 Rested in the tomb.
12:45 So even in His death, in His life, in His teachings,
12:48 in His death and even and the earth made new
12:51 you got the Sabbath uplifted by Jesus Christ,
12:54 and that's Luke 23:54, 55, Chapter 24 verse 1,
12:59 it gives us a sequence of the crucifixion weekend.
13:02 Jesus died on the day before the Sabbath
13:06 known as a preparation day, the Bible calls it that
13:08 and then the Sabbath day rested in the tomb,
13:11 on the seventh day that Saturday, Roman calendar,
13:13 the Gregorian calendar that we have today,
13:15 Saturday seventh day Webster's dictionary.
13:17 Saturday seventh day encyclopedia.
13:19 Saturday seventh day.
13:21 So there is no question Sunday is the day of the resurrection
13:25 but it comes after the Sabbath.
13:27 God never told us, all right,
13:29 now that Jesus has been resurrected
13:31 Jesus never said, I'm changing this commandment.
13:34 I'm changing it.
13:36 Would you agree if Jesus in the first place,
13:38 if the Lord Himself in first place came down
13:41 and gave the Ten Commandments amidst lightening
13:44 and fire on the mountain and an earthquake
13:46 and the voice of God was so loud
13:48 and so authoritative that the people say,
13:51 could you please tell the Lord not to talk anymore?
13:54 Talk through you Moses, but please don't let Him talk.
13:58 Would you agree if one of those commandments
14:00 was gonna be changed it would not be hinted,
14:05 it would be plain and powerful.
14:08 Wow, God has changed one of the Ten Commandments.
14:11 Would you agree that just says,
14:13 no, no pun intended as monumental as you can get.
14:19 And so there is so much confusion
14:22 but God is not the altar of confusion,
14:24 1 Corinthians 14:33, confusion is not from God.
14:28 Man makes perplexing well, God, makes plain.
14:32 Man makes complicated but God makes clear.
14:35 Man ways twisted but God makes straight.
14:37 Are you with me tonight thus far?
14:38 The Sabbath is one of the Ten Commandments,
14:42 ten fingers, ten toes.
14:43 So you ask the average Christian,
14:45 hey, how many commandments you believe in?
14:47 Oh, yeah, I believe in the Ten Commandments.
14:49 You know, we got them hang them up
14:51 in our bedroom of our children.
14:53 So but yeah, I believe in the Ten Commandments.
14:55 All right, let's go to them. Walk over the Ten Commandments.
14:57 All right, let's do it. We will checklist here.
14:59 The one that begins with the word remember
15:02 is the most forgotten commandment
15:04 and this is the most forgotten day.
15:09 And so no wonder there would be a calling in the last days,
15:12 comeback to keeping the Commandments of God,
15:14 comeback to worshipping the Creator
15:17 because the seventh day is a reminder who created you.
15:21 So if there is a clearing call in the Book of Revelation
15:23 to coming back to worshiping the Creator
15:26 as He specified in His commandments,
15:28 would you agree worshipping the Creator
15:30 would include obeying your Creator
15:33 and keep His Ten Commandments.
15:34 After all when you get before the Lord
15:36 and you say oh, Lord, bless me.
15:39 Oh, Lord, I want to follow you.
15:40 Would you agree
15:42 the Ten Commandments are right there?
15:43 There is a reminder love of God.
15:45 Jesus said, if you love Me, keep My commandments.
15:49 The Bible says, "He that turneth away his ear
15:53 from hearing the law, even his prayer is an abomination."
15:57 You know why?
15:58 Because it's not holding up holy hands.
16:02 The Bible talks about in Timothy,
16:03 it talks about holding up holy hands.
16:06 That means your heart is in the lamb,
16:08 that God will have a people that worship Him in spirit
16:11 and in truth, John Chapter 4.
16:13 And so I want you to notice here,
16:16 the showdown text is coming and the context
16:19 is in regard to obedience to the law of God
16:21 or disobedience to the law of God.
16:23 Oh, I'm under grace.
16:25 Grace will lead you, not the disgrace will of God
16:28 but to say Lord, write it in my heart,
16:30 new covenant, Hebrews 8:10.
16:32 He writes the law in my heart.
16:34 Where is Jesus standing right now?
16:36 Revelation 11:19 says,
16:39 He is standing by the Ark of the Covenant.
16:41 What is in the Ark of the Covenant?
16:42 The Ten Commandments.
16:44 You cannot separate Jesus from His Ten Commandments.
16:46 Can you say amen? While He is standing by.
16:49 And if He is standing by them I say, let's stand for them.
16:53 Can you say amen?
16:55 But notice it's the mercy seat is above the law of God
16:57 so we are under the mercy of God.
16:59 But that mercy doesn't throw out the law.
17:02 Instead the Bible says very clearly,
17:04 if you have faith in Jesus
17:06 faith upholds the law, Romans 3:31.
17:11 So I want you to notice her beloved,
17:13 that a national Sunday law would conflict
17:16 with the law of God and it would conflict
17:19 with the seventh day that is a sign of who made us.
17:23 And did you know in 1888,
17:25 I share this with you our previous night.
17:27 In 1888 Senator Blair of New Hampshire
17:30 issued a bill in the United States Senate
17:32 for a National Sunday Law.
17:33 It did not pass this time.
17:35 And yet fast-forward 1998 Dies Domini,
17:39 the Lord Day for Pope John Paul II
17:42 issued this powerful, blockbuster, hard hitting
17:47 admonition this letter is in cyclical that he issued,
17:52 I mean, come on now this made news.
17:54 "Christians will naturally strive to ensure that
17:58 civil legislation respects their duty
18:01 to keep Sunday holy."
18:03 Could it be that the most influential spokesman,
18:09 the most influential religious spokesman,
18:12 would you grant me that the Pope
18:13 is the most influential religious spokesman?
18:17 Could it be that this will continue
18:20 that the previous Pope and this Pope
18:22 and any other future Pope will continue to tout
18:26 the importance and the benefits of keep Sunday holy?
18:30 Now, come now talk about a ripple effect.
18:32 All right, now let's rewind and play.
18:35 Are there-- have there been in the history
18:38 of the United States Sunday Blue Laws?
18:40 Yeah.
18:41 Are they still on many state books?
18:43 Yeah.
18:45 But have they become kind of antiquated
18:46 and kind of collecting dust and kind of forgotten?
18:48 Yeah.
18:50 Could that change overnight?
18:51 Come on now, if there is one thing
18:53 this generation knows is that go to sleep tonight,
18:56 wake up tomorrow, you may not know,
18:58 you may not recognize your world.
19:02 Sunday closing laws,
19:03 are Blue Laws, have a long history.
19:05 In the United States,
19:06 Blue Laws date back to the Colonial times
19:08 and I shared that with you.
19:09 So are we racing toward the mark of the beast?
19:11 What is the mark of the beast?
19:12 It's a mark of the authority of the Roman papal power.
19:16 What is the mark of their authority?
19:18 They tell us what it is.
19:20 The fact that they change the law of God.
19:23 And the Bible says in 2
19:25 Thessalonians Chapter, 2, 3 and 4,
19:27 that this papal power would act like its God
19:32 and it would be with worship,
19:35 it would be in combination with worship
19:37 would agreeing changing the law of God
19:40 would be acting like you are God
19:43 who alone could change His law.
19:46 And so God does not endorse this, He condemns it.
19:50 And to go along with it would be to follow the beast
19:53 either knowingly or unknowingly.
19:57 Now times of ignorance God is very patient.
20:00 But are we racing toward the mark of the beast.
20:02 The Bible makes it very clear, sound the alarm in Zion.
20:05 Do not worship the beast
20:06 or you will receive the mark of the beast.
20:08 So beware of the mark of the beast,
20:11 Revelation 13:16, 17, makes that clear.
20:15 So it will be popular,
20:16 is Sunday-- is Sunday observant,
20:21 Sunday sacredness, Sunday worship, is it popular?
20:25 You say now, Mark,
20:26 you're starting to make me nervous.
20:27 Starting to step on my toes because I was raised that way
20:30 and I believe God accepts me
20:32 and so-- absolutely, absolutely,
20:37 there will be many people who kept Sunday and then died,
20:42 resurrected and are gonna go to be with the law.
20:46 But you know, what they are gonna find out
20:47 in heaven, Isaiah 66:22, 23,
20:50 that everyone in heaven keeps the Sabbath.
20:54 And if you are gonna keep it in heaven
20:55 you may as well get used to it down here.
20:59 Can you look to your neighbor and just smile?
21:03 So therefore everyone will either displease man
21:08 or displease God.
21:10 My, what you do with this issue?
21:11 If you worship the beast you get the mark of the beast.
21:14 You get the seven last plagues. You go to hell fire.
21:16 Mark, are you saying
21:17 that if I keep Sunday and going to hell fire?
21:19 No, no, no, no, no.
21:20 I'm saying that when a national Sunday law
21:23 is in enforced and you know better
21:26 that's a different issue.
21:29 Say well, Mark, then I wish I never came to these meetings
21:31 and I wouldn't know.
21:34 I want you to think about that.
21:36 You say, how did you know what I was thinking?
21:39 Because here is the thing,
21:41 would you rather know the truth
21:44 and be set free to know what pleases God
21:50 and to know the truth for earth's final hour
21:53 and how to get ready for the soon return of Christ
21:55 and be able to help others to know this truth
21:58 even though it's unpopular?
22:01 Let me tell you something,
22:03 if you have the spirit of Christ your quest is always,
22:06 you're longing, you're insatiable appetite
22:10 is I want truth, I want more, I don't care what it cost me,
22:13 I don't care what change I have to make,
22:15 I will do it just tell me the truth, Lord.
22:19 After all if you love Jesus, you just want Jesus to be
22:24 in control of every dimension, every facet of your life
22:27 and you have decided no church can save me,
22:29 no religion can save me, only a personal relationship
22:33 with Jesus Christ and being in harmony
22:36 with His on going revelation of His will
22:40 as I continue to study His word.
22:42 How many agree, you just keep learning more
22:44 which means that you got to keep following
22:46 whatever He says.
22:47 How many agree if He wants to call
22:49 for a change in your life He is in charge not you?
22:52 So if you receive the Seal of God
22:54 and refuse the Mark of the Beast,
22:55 you cannot buy or sell
22:57 and you get threatened with a death decree.
22:59 So who are the two primary
23:01 movers and shakers of the end events?
23:03 All right, there are two beasts in Revelation 13.
23:07 Protestant reformers categorically declared
23:10 that the Roman papal system is the antichrist beast.
23:16 We echo that tonight. We believe that.
23:20 We believe that there is verification for that.
23:22 We believe there is substantial conformation of that as you,
23:26 as you review the chief characteristics
23:29 of Revelation Chapter 13s first beast what's stands out,
23:34 we are in world relief are some key features,
23:39 some key marks of this first beast,
23:42 this composite beast and by looking at that profile
23:48 you're able to absolutely without any doubt nail down
23:54 with precision who is this antichrist.
23:56 How many agree He can't guess
23:58 about these life and death issues?
23:59 This is not something you sit
24:01 around the coffee table and sip coffee,
24:02 hey, who you think the mark of the beast is
24:04 or what the mark of the beast is?
24:05 Who you think is the antichrist?
24:06 I don't know. Oh, well, didn't really matter.
24:09 Ho-hum.
24:11 You know, this is urgent. This is urgent.
24:14 How many of senses you would come out night by night?
24:16 There is a sense of joy and leaning truth
24:18 but there is a sense of solemnity.
24:21 Would you agree?
24:22 So there are two beasts in Revelation Chapter 13.
24:25 The first the Roman papal power,
24:27 the most influential religious system in the world.
24:33 Next to that, the United States of America
24:38 that was the cradle for Protestantism
24:43 and to support Protestantism
24:46 and the principles of Protestantism.
24:50 Now what does the beast symbolize in Bible prophecy?
24:53 Well, according to Daniel 7,
24:55 a beast equals kingdoms or nations.
24:58 All of the kingdoms of Daniel 7 emerged
25:01 from the tumultuous waters.
25:03 In Bible prophecy water equals people, multitudes,
25:07 nations and tongues, Revelation 17:15.
25:10 Put it all together these nations would be arising
25:13 from the clashes and the sea of people
25:16 and then one nation comes up,
25:18 Babylon, Meta-Persia, Greece and Rome
25:20 and then the divisions of the pagan Roman Empire
25:22 by the ten horns.
25:23 Now follow along carefully with me.
25:26 The first beast of Revelation 13,
25:28 it's a Roman power, the Vatican has its capital in Rome.
25:32 It's a system of worship
25:34 the Roman papal system is religious.
25:37 Blasphemy, and you know that the papal system claims
25:41 you should confess to a priest.
25:43 Persecutes during the Dark Ages,
25:45 50 million people lost their lives
25:46 because during that time there was a rein of terror
25:50 when the mother church, the Roman papal system ruled.
25:53 Then in addition to that
25:55 during the Dark Ages this have--
25:59 this power had a political rein,
26:02 political supremacy for 1,260 years
26:05 before it would have a major setback
26:08 when the Pope was taken into captivity.
26:10 The Bible predicted that would receive
26:13 and inflict a deadly wound.
26:15 That happened when Napoleon dispatched
26:17 his General Berthier, sent him down to the Vatican,
26:20 capture Pope Pius VI, took him to exile
26:23 where that Pope died
26:24 about a year and half later in Valence, France
26:27 and it was declared the last Pope is rein.
26:31 The Bible went on to predict it,
26:33 Revelation 13:3 that the deadly wound would be healed.
26:36 Now what you have today fast-forward from that time,
26:39 what do you have today?
26:40 Watch your evening news and would you agree
26:43 that the Roman papal power still has power
26:47 and the power is growing not weaning.
26:51 And so listen carefully, all roads lead to papal Rome.
26:55 So who are the two beasts in Revelation 13?
26:58 The first beast is the papacy,
27:00 the second beast is United States of America
27:03 as we will see confirmed in a moment.
27:05 So what is the mark of the beast?
27:07 "Sunday is our mark of authority.
27:09 The church is above the Bible
27:11 and this transference of Sabbath observance
27:13 is proof of that of that fact.
27:15 Catholic Record, September 1, 1923."
27:18 So those who keep the commandments of God
27:20 do not receive the mark of the beast.
27:24 The seal of God is in His Ten Commandment law.
27:28 A seal has three essential elements,
27:30 name, title, territory.
27:33 Which of the Ten Commandments
27:35 contains all three essential elements?
27:37 The fourth commandment. Name, "The Lord your God."
27:40 Title, "Him that made." Creator.
27:42 Territory: Heaven and earth
27:43 and the sea and all that is in them."
27:45 Exodus 20:2-11.
27:46 The Sabbath is the seal of the living God.
27:49 Would you agree God is not gonna put a seal
27:51 on those who knowingly are violating His commandments.
27:56 The Sabbath is a sign between me and you, a sign.
28:01 Just like we have flags up here,
28:03 we have flags up here
28:04 and if I took any one of these flags
28:07 and threw it down and stamped on it
28:08 and say this is just a piece of cloth.
28:11 It's true it's a piece of cloth
28:12 but that piece of cloth is a sign.
28:15 It represents something, right.
28:18 So we have the United States of America flag
28:21 and let me tell you something,
28:23 red, white and blue stands for something.
28:25 Can you say, amen?
28:26 Those stars stand for something.
28:28 You and I would not be sitting here
28:31 with the cherish freedom that we have,
28:33 enjoying this liberty
28:35 that we have unless there was some blood
28:38 that was shed to help to protect our freedom
28:41 and right now they are troops
28:44 overseas seeking to protect our freedom.
28:48 So the Sabbath is the sign, its very special to God.
28:54 It's a sign that He made us and that He redeems us.
28:58 The Sabbath is the sign between me and you
29:01 that you might know hat I'm the one
29:03 who sanctified you or saves you
29:04 or makes you holy, Ezekiel 20:12, 20.
29:08 Now if you receive the seal of God you will not receive
29:12 the mark of the beast.
29:13 No on has the mark of the beast until a national Sunday law
29:17 is enforced and then when people are warned
29:19 and they still go along with it,
29:21 that's a different issue.
29:23 So if the antichrist beast is the Roman papal power
29:25 then the mark of the beast must have something to do
29:28 with the Roman papal power.
29:31 God's seal versus the papacy's mark.
29:35 Now the Sabbath is the only one of the commandments
29:38 that relates to time.
29:40 And in Daniel 7:25
29:45 we have this amazing prophetic utterance here.
29:50 Verse 25, about the Roman papal power, that antichrist.
29:54 Listen to this, dark eve.
29:56 "He shall speak pompous words against the Most High,
29:58 shall persecute the saints of the Most High,
30:00 and shall intend to change times and law.
30:03 Then the saints shall be given into his hand
30:04 for a time and times and half a time."
30:07 Notice the part which talks about changing times and law.
30:12 What is the only Commandment of God
30:15 of the Most High that relates to time?
30:17 The seventh day Sabbath.
30:19 Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy.
30:21 The Bible said what would they do,
30:23 this bizarre talking horn?
30:24 What would they do? They would change it.
30:26 Give me another synonym for change in this case.
30:29 Changing the law of God, what's another synonym?
30:31 Modify, revise, alter, all right.
30:36 So there is a war against the Commandments of God
30:39 specifically the fourth commandment of God.
30:41 The Sunday observance is based on man made tradition
30:45 and not upon God's truth.
30:47 So who changed the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday?
30:51 The Roman Catholic Church.
30:54 God has many of His people in that church.
30:59 God want's everyone to know this
31:01 because whether you are in that church or not
31:04 most Christians are influenced by this.
31:06 Is that correct? Yes or no?
31:09 Sudden changes are about to catch the world by surprise.
31:13 Amazing Bible Prophecies are fast fulfilling.
31:16 Do ancient prophecies predict the sudden economic collapse?
31:20 Will the Middle East crisis erupt into World War III?
31:23 Are we living on the eve of Armageddon?
31:26 How will the final moves of the antichrist affect you?
31:29 What is the future
31:30 of the United States of America?
31:32 How will natural disasters usher in the mark of the beast?
31:36 Now you can watch the entire Amazing Prophecy series
31:40 of 32 hopeful messages on DVD.
31:44 Don't guess about the future, know the future.
31:47 The complete set of DVDs is available
31:50 for a gift of $60 or more.
31:52 Call us at 1-855-336-Free
31:57 or you can send a check or money order
31:59 to Forever Free Ministries, 2001 Munro Park,
32:03 Corinth, Texas, 76208.
32:05 You can also visit us online at
32:11 So change to keep the day God did not changed.
32:17 You can go to church on Sunday,
32:20 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
32:22 but what should be your primary day of worship?
32:27 The seventh day of the week, Saturday.
32:29 But I want to go a step further and ask you the question,
32:33 do you think you can really go to a church
32:37 that honors the Sunday when you know it came
32:40 from the Roman Catholic church and just sits there
32:43 as though it doesn't even matter
32:46 or as though you didn't know what to take a stand.
32:50 And I will let you determine that.
32:52 Make a decision to honor the true Lord's Day,
32:55 even if it requires a chance in your life.
33:00 "I was in the Spirit on the Lord's Day,"
33:02 Revelation 1:10.
33:04 "The Son of Man is Lord of also of the Sabbath."
33:06 This is New Testament teaching Mark 2:28.
33:08 Sunday observance is a counterfeit
33:11 of the seventh day Sabbath.
33:13 Come on now, what did you expect?
33:15 The antichrist is the most influential
33:18 professed Christian institution and system in the world.
33:21 So what did you expect?
33:23 But that the day of worship is the--
33:27 is the most influential day of worship is the wrong day.
33:33 Don't be surprised.
33:34 You say, Mark, how did this happen?
33:37 Because down through the Dark Ages there was only one church.
33:41 They dominated and they were churches
33:43 started to come out, protest Protestantism.
33:47 They left the lot of the false teachings
33:50 but they retained Sunday observance.
33:53 In the last days God predicted
33:56 that there would be a remnant would champion
33:58 all of his commandments.
33:59 Can you say, amen?
34:01 And so Sunday is the admitted
34:04 mark of authority of the papal power.
34:07 Would the Papacy be
34:09 in favor of a National Sunday Law in America,
34:11 what do you think? Absolutely, hands down.
34:14 Do you think majority would be in favor of that
34:16 given the right situation, given the right set
34:19 of circumstances of desperation?
34:21 Desperate people do desperate things.
34:23 Hey, listen, right after 9/11 took place
34:27 and today its September 13 where 9/11 took place.
34:31 Ten years ago what happened? Statistically it's a fact.
34:36 People rush to church on Sunday.
34:39 Why?
34:40 Because desperation, oh, no we are under attack
34:42 by extreme Muslims and so forth.
34:47 You know, we are in trouble
34:49 by these radical Muslims and so forth.
34:53 And then when we could see,
34:54 well, okay, I think will be okay, they stop attending.
34:57 Now don't get me wrong,
34:59 many remain attending but the attendance went
35:01 right back down to about where it was.
35:04 What's my point?
35:06 If all of a sudden a whole city was blown up
35:10 by a nuclear weapon, let me tell you something,
35:12 a few people would go rushing back to church
35:14 realizing like this is the different ballgame.
35:18 And what do you think would be a foot then?
35:20 What do you think, you-- as they would be
35:22 interviewing religious leaders and so forth,
35:24 what do you think they would say?
35:25 We got to get back to keep Sunday
35:27 God is being marked and God is being displeased
35:31 and God's wrath is coming upon us because every--
35:33 all sorts of commerce is going on Sunday
35:35 and you are trampling on His day,
35:38 you got to comeback to the Commandments of God,
35:40 you got to keep Sunday.
35:42 Do you see how the devil makes it good with evil
35:46 just like they did in the garden,
35:49 the tree of he knowledge of good and evil.
35:53 Have you ever heard of trick, or tree?
35:57 You know, there is the tree but it's also a trick.
36:01 So listen carefully, in this matter,
36:04 my predecessor Pope Leo XIII in his Encyclical Rerum
36:07 spoke of Sunday rest as a worker's right
36:09 which the State must guarantee."
36:11 Pope John Paul II, Dies Dominl, Lord's Day 1998.
36:15 So listen to this.
36:17 What is the future
36:18 of the United States of America?
36:19 What is America's future?
36:21 We mothered democracies, modeled freedom,
36:23 fostered international communications,
36:25 sole remaining superpower,
36:27 the most influential nation today.
36:31 The whole world looks
36:32 to the United States of America today.
36:34 How will the world-- would you agree,
36:36 the United States of America
36:39 has powerful influence financially?
36:44 Oh, we have aroused but we still have clout
36:47 with money and commerce
36:51 and trade and importing and exporting.
36:54 We also have military might.
36:56 Come on now, we have military might
36:59 influential around the world.
37:01 In addition to that we have religious influence,
37:07 in addition to that we have cultural influence.
37:11 So when the Untied States says we need a national Sunday law,
37:16 I can see many American saying, you know what,
37:19 we need that because we need to put
37:21 these Muslims that in America in their place.
37:26 How many can see that happening overnight,
37:28 especially if there was another,
37:30 even if it was extreme Muslim attack
37:33 I believe America would just say,
37:35 forget it, we are fed up,
37:36 this is a Christian nation we will have Sunday observance.
37:39 How many can see that scenario happening?
37:40 Overnight sudden change. Don't get me wrong.
37:47 If the whole world wants to go worship on Sunday
37:52 they should have the freedom to do it
37:57 but they should not force me to keep.
38:02 That's a whole different issue
38:03 because as for me and my house
38:05 I read the Bible just like a simple little child.
38:10 The way it reads in the commandments
38:12 the Bible says don't add to it, don't take away from it.
38:15 and Revelation 22:18, 19 says
38:19 if you add to it the plagues will be added to you
38:21 in terms of anything there in the Book of Revelation.
38:23 What's in the Book of Revelation?
38:25 The Ten Commandments.
38:27 And so how will the United States
38:28 the most powerful nation on earth
38:30 influence the entire world?
38:32 Come on now, do what we are doing.
38:34 We are having a revival here in America
38:37 and that false revival will spread around the world.
38:39 There will be miracles that seemed to confirm it.
38:42 Will the Untied States enforce the mark of the beast?
38:44 Will the United States enforce a National Sunday Law?
38:48 Oh, you better believe.
38:49 The United States of America
38:50 will be the first nation to enforce
38:52 the mark of the beast, a national Sunday law.
38:54 Is the United States of America in Bible prophecy?
38:56 Oh, yes. Oh, yes.
38:59 Here it is.
39:00 "Then I saw another beast coming up out of the earth,
39:03 and he had two horns like a lamb
39:05 and spoke like a dragon," Revelation 13:11.
39:08 Where does it arise? It arises from the earth.
39:11 What does the symbol of water represent in Bible prophecy?
39:14 The waters which you saw people's multitudes,
39:17 nations, and tongues," population Revelation 17:15.
39:21 So this new beast comes up out of the earth
39:25 or out of an un-seed or unpopulated area
39:29 or spuriously populated area.
39:31 It's true there were natives here and we did mistreat them
39:34 but by enlarge this was a vast open wilderness.
39:39 This new beast comes up out of the earth
39:41 or an unpopulated area.
39:43 So that's in real estate they say,
39:45 location, location, location.
39:47 So location is like this vast,
39:52 expense of pine trees,
39:55 and oak trees and free for the taken.
39:59 Would you agree God kept this place
40:02 until just the right time to say, come on over,
40:05 you can have some freedom over here.
40:08 So when does this power arise?
40:10 Timeframe, timing is everything they say.
40:13 "He who leads into captivity shall go into captivity."
40:16 That's the verse that proceeds the debut verse of verse 11.
40:21 "He who leads into captivity" speaking about the first beast
40:24 the Vatican, the papacy, the Pope
40:26 who went into captivity, when?
40:28 Revelation 13:10.
40:29 When did he go into captivity?
40:31 When Napoleon sent his General Berthier
40:34 to capture the Pope.
40:36 When did the Pope go into captivity?
40:37 Everybody yell it out, 1798.
40:40 The church lost its power
40:42 to the French government in 1798.
40:44 Now the Bible made it very clear that there would be
40:46 a political supremacy of the Pope,
40:48 of the papacy for 42 months x 30 days
40:53 in a biblical month, 1,260 days.
40:56 One days equals a year in Bible prophecy
40:59 in the context of symbolic Bible prophecy.
41:02 And it got power at an order of Justinian,
41:05 Roman decree in 538 A.D.,
41:07 lost the power in 1798 temporarily, Revelation 13:5.
41:14 So the deadly wound was inflicted
41:17 in 1798 exactly, come on,
41:22 now people mock and scoff at the Bible.
41:24 I've got something for every person,
41:27 it is challenge in believing the Bible.
41:29 It's Bible prophecy.
41:31 When it comes to time prophecy that is an exact science.
41:38 Exactly 1,260 years from 538 A.D., it happened.
41:44 Would you agree if you look at the whole history
41:47 of the Roman papal power for a Pope to go into captivity
41:51 that's big prophetic news?
41:55 So was America rising to prominence and power
41:58 at the time when the papacy was losing power?
42:01 So one was going down, one was coming up.
42:04 And could it be that eventually they would both work together
42:08 to enforce a national Sunday law.
42:12 Well, let's think about the time of the rise.
42:15 Around 1798 clustered around there anything happening?
42:19 Yeah, new nation was rising gradually
42:23 but look at some of these key events.
42:25 1775, battle for independence.
42:28 1776, declaration of independence.
42:30 1787, constitution.
42:32 1789, first President George Washington.
42:35 1790, Supreme Court. 1791, Bill of Rights.
42:38 Come on now, is that not amazing.
42:40 How does this power arise?
42:42 It would arise, emerging amid the silence of the earth,
42:44 adding daily to its power strength.
42:47 The birth of our nation was miraculous.
42:51 The divine providence of God orchestrated
42:54 the rise of America.
42:55 It is an amazing story.
42:58 I been to all 48 of the contiguous states
43:01 but I don't know, my wife is five years younger than me
43:04 and she God got Alaska and I didn't.
43:07 So the score is 49 to 48, how you figure?
43:12 And I was traveling a lot more than she was,
43:14 a lot earlier than she was but she's winning.
43:18 And I do want to go to Alaska sometime
43:21 but I don't like the idea flying over waterways.
43:26 The best I can hope for is a tie.
43:27 All right, let's go on.
43:28 So listen, "Then I saw another beast coming up
43:32 out of the earth, and he had two horns like a lamb."
43:37 The term lamb is used 29 times in the Book of Revelation,
43:40 28 of which are referring to who?
43:44 The lamb of God that taketh away
43:45 the sin of world, John 1:29.
43:47 The Bible interprets itself, Jesus Christ, Revelation 13:11.
43:51 So two horns like a lamb.
43:55 It would seek to be harmless and freedom loving.
43:57 There are no crowns
43:59 on the horns of the second beast.
44:01 The first horns-- I'm sorry.
44:03 The first beast has crowns.
44:06 Crowns indicate kingly authority.
44:09 The lack of crowns indicates freedom, democracy.
44:14 Horns are a symbol of power.
44:15 They indicate that this second beast
44:17 derives its power
44:18 from political religious freedom.
44:21 Freedom of church and State.
44:24 Lamb-like beast. Arising around 1798.
44:28 Arise in relatively unpopulated area.
44:30 It would be a young nation.
44:32 It would have no crowned head, no kingly authority.
44:34 A church without a pope, and a state with out a king.
44:37 What is the only description that fits--
44:39 I'm sorry, the only nation that fits this description.
44:42 Everybody together, America. America in Bible prophecy.
44:49 On our currency we say, in God we trust.
44:57 But now in school you are not even supposed to--
45:02 a teacher is not even supposed to use the word God,
45:06 it seems to me.
45:08 Lamb like power equals freedom and a Christian nation.
45:14 Listen to me as we proceed.
45:18 A beast is a power or nation. Sea, people or populated area.
45:23 Earth, arises in a new world, sparsely populated area.
45:27 Arises around 1798. Lamb, freedom loving.
45:31 Lamb, Christian nation.
45:32 Two horns, separation of powers, civil and religious.
45:35 No crows, equals democracy.
45:38 And dominant force in end events.
45:40 You noticed I just keep recapitulating,
45:43 I keep repeating.
45:44 So that you can just, it can just
45:47 be riveted in your mind and your thinking
45:49 so you could say wow, the United States of America
45:54 is spotlighted in the Book of Revelation.
45:56 Would you agree now you have more reason to watch the news?
46:01 That's what you wanted anyway.
46:04 So listen carefully as we move on.
46:08 The next verse to ponder, can I hear a drum roll?
46:13 Watch this, this is absolutely amazing.
46:18 Now for the rest of the prophetic story.
46:22 Revelation 13:12 "He" the United States of America,
46:26 we've already identified that that's who it is.
46:28 "And he" the United States of America
46:30 "exercises" employees or uses "all the authority"
46:34 or power "of the first beast" the Roman papal power
46:38 "in his presence, and causes" or enforces
46:43 "the earth and those who dwell in it to worship"
46:47 a certain way or else to worship "the first beast."
46:54 That is, you ought to be a guest.
46:58 What is this Untied States of America
47:00 enforcing worship that ends up worshipping the papacy?
47:06 "Worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed."
47:09 So there is no doubt who that beast is.
47:11 It's the one that got a deadly wound and then its been healed.
47:14 So there is no, there is no conjecturing about this.
47:16 There is no doubt about this.
47:18 America enforcing worship would result in what every one?
47:21 Religious persecution.
47:23 It enforces worship that gives homage to the papacy.
47:28 Is there some form of worship that is popular in America
47:33 that came right from the bosom of the papacy?
47:36 Sunday observance.
47:38 What is the most popular day of worship
47:40 for both the United States and the papacy?
47:42 Sunday observance.
47:44 There is a way that seems right to a man
47:47 but it leads to death, Proverbs 16:25.
47:51 You and I cannot go with,
47:52 well, Sunday is the day of the resurrection.
47:54 Seems okay to me.
47:56 I mean, the Bible says the disciples on occasion
47:59 would meet there even on Sunday.
48:02 You know, you need to read your Bible
48:03 a little bit more clearly and closely.
48:06 You know why?
48:07 The Bible says, they went to church every day
48:08 but the Bible never called any other day
48:11 the Sabbath except the seventh day of the week.
48:14 I rest my case.
48:15 Matter of fact, if you have a concordance look up the word,
48:18 first day, the two words, first day
48:20 and you will never see it called the Lord's day.
48:23 So what is the most popular day of worship
48:25 for both the United States and the papacy?
48:27 Sunday observance.
48:28 "To follow the false Sabbath would be to worship
48:31 the first beast who gave it," Revelation 13:12.
48:35 So listen carefully, to go along with Sunday worship
48:41 is to follow the beast unknowingly or knowingly.
48:46 So think about it, you "in times of ignorance
48:48 God overlooks it," Acts 17:30.
48:52 Now listen carefully, America will legislate
48:55 and enforce a religious law that conflicts
48:57 with the US Constitution and heaven's constitution,
49:01 the Ten Commandments.
49:03 I mean, this is true stranger than fiction.
49:07 You know, fiction books are very popular these days.
49:09 Come on now put them aside and read your Bible.
49:13 Worship to God must be never enforced.
49:18 Must never be enforced by the government.
49:20 Would you agree with that?
49:22 If people want to keep Sunday and quite frankly
49:25 if Muslims want to keep Friday let them be.
49:28 Now, when I say let them be that doesn't mean
49:30 don't try to convert them,
49:32 absolutely to Christianity to following God.
49:36 But when I say leave them be, don't throw them in jail
49:38 because they want to keep Friday.
49:40 Can I hear amen up there, America?
49:42 Are we still believing in religious freedom?
49:44 Amen.
49:46 And if the Jews and many Christians
49:48 want to keep Saturday they ought to do it.
49:50 If many Christians want to keep Sunday
49:53 that's their business
49:54 but when it comes to truth I want to know the truth.
49:59 Like a lamb, but he spoke like a dragon.
50:02 Yes, religious freedom but not much longer.
50:06 How will the United States of American
50:08 begin to speak and sound like a dragon?
50:11 A nation speaks through it's laws and decrees.
50:14 The official "speaking" of a nation
50:16 is the action of its legislative
50:17 and judicial authorities.
50:19 What dragon like law will be enforced in America?
50:22 The mark of the beast, Revelation 13:16.
50:28 Everyone will worship the beast papacy
50:31 or worship the Creator.
50:33 The United States constitution guarantees liberty and freedom.
50:37 I repeat, what is the mark of the beast?
50:39 We know who the beast is. The first beast is the papacy.
50:41 What is their mark?
50:43 Sunday observance, the counterfeit.
50:45 What's God's mark is?
50:47 So Sunday would be enforced,
50:49 the United States constitution guarantees liberty and freedom.
50:53 "We hold these truths" penned Thomas Jefferson
50:56 "truths to be self-evident,
50:58 that all men are" how about that?
51:00 "Created."
51:02 Could you please get the word out?
51:04 We've been created and even Thomas Jefferson said so.
51:08 "Created equal,
51:10 that they are endowed by their" here it is.
51:13 "Creator with certain inalienable Rights,"
51:16 how many agree we have a right to worship
51:18 the day that our Creator said to keep?
51:22 With certain inalienable Rights,
51:24 that among these are Life,
51:25 Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness."
51:27 I love these words.
51:29 How many agree these are golden words.
51:31 "Thirteen years after the Declaration of Independence
51:34 was signed, the Constitution was ratified.
51:37 The first" is it ironic or coincidental
51:40 or maybe just down right purposeful.
51:43 Intentional, "the first ten amendments
51:46 to the Constitution are known as the Bill of Rights."
51:50 Number one, "Congress shall make no law
51:54 respecting an establishment of religion,
51:56 or prohibiting the free exercise thereof."
52:00 Will these freedoms ever be challenged?
52:03 Will they?
52:06 I love how one author put it in the book
52:08 "Great Controversy" page 449,
52:10 "The enforcement of Sunday-keeping
52:12 on the part of Protestant churches
52:14 is an enforcement of the worship of the papacy."
52:18 Chain reaction.
52:20 How many have ever played Dominoes?
52:22 I don't mean the flat kind I mean the vertical kind.
52:25 How many remember playing Dominoes
52:27 when you were a kid?
52:28 You know make a wind around the door,
52:29 you know, go around mom and dad's legs
52:32 and so forth and then you just get one
52:34 and they all go down, right.
52:35 Well, listen to this chain reaction.
52:37 Number one, the papacy changed God's law.
52:40 The United-- and the Bible predicted it.
52:43 History reveals it. The church admits it.
52:46 The Bible condemns it. The papacy changed God's law.
52:49 The United States will make it law.
52:52 And the world will follow their example.
52:54 That's the ripple effect.
52:56 That's right, religious persecution is in the forecast.
53:02 Could it happen in America?
53:07 Have minorities ever been oppressed America?
53:12 Would the minorities of natives ever oppress?
53:16 Would the minorities of African-American's oppress?
53:21 Well, my Bible tells me if a minority
53:26 like a remnant,
53:28 the Bible says only a remnant will end up
53:31 keeping the Commandments of God
53:32 especially when a Sunday law is enforced.
53:35 That's Revelation 12:17.
53:36 Revelation 12:17, Revelation 12:17.
53:40 What's that?
53:43 You know, I went to the Statue of Liberty
53:45 a few years ago and had a little pocket Bible.
53:49 I was there looking Statue of Liberty
53:52 walking up partway to the Statue of Liberty.
53:57 I open up and I was looking at Revelation 12:17,
54:01 "And the dragon was wroth with the woman,
54:03 and went to make war with the remnant of her seed,
54:07 which keep the commandments of God,
54:09 and have the testimony of Jesus Christ."
54:11 How many want to be a found among the remnant,
54:13 can you say amen?
54:15 Now if a minority remnant oppose the National Sunday Law,
54:18 how would they be treated in America?
54:21 Why did the pilgrims sacrifice
54:23 so much to come here to America?
54:25 In their quest for freedom.
54:27 They were willing to run a risk of losing everything
54:33 including their life because of freedom.
54:36 They desired worship
54:37 according to the dictates of their conscience.
54:40 And I say I want worship
54:41 according to the dictates of my conscience
54:44 and the Commandments of God and the Word of God.
54:47 Now what is the central end time issue
54:49 in the "War" against the saints?
54:51 Revelation 12:17.
54:52 What's that issue? The Commandments of God.
54:55 The Commandments of God.
54:56 And so what does the dragon stir up against those
54:59 who keep the Commandments of God in the last days?
55:02 War.
55:03 So is there a war against the Ten Commandments
55:05 and those who preach and follow them?
55:07 Yes or no? Oh, yeah.
55:09 What is the next verse?
55:11 Verse 17, 12:17 talks about war against the remnant.
55:16 And then the next verse is telling you
55:18 how does the devil wage that war against the remnant.
55:21 He use the papacy in the past, will use them in the future,
55:25 and he now will use in the future
55:28 the United States of America
55:29 as they form an alliance with the papacy in enforcing.
55:33 What came from the papacy
55:35 and what's popular among the second beast land?
55:38 Sunday observance.
55:40 So who would the enemy use to wage war
55:42 against God's faithful down
55:44 through the centuries and the end of time?
55:45 These two beasts.
55:46 These two beasts spotlighted in Revelation 13.
55:49 The Two Beasts of Revelation 13,
55:51 namely the Papacy
55:53 and Apostate Protestant America.
55:58 Now listen the strategic methods
56:00 which the enemy systematically uses
56:02 in the warfare against God.
56:04 And his Ten Commandments are two fold.
56:06 Persecution and deception.
56:08 If he can't deceive you he will just
56:10 try to persecute you until you given anyway.
56:14 He went to make war and that's why the devil
56:17 even though you know this truth
56:19 he will try to fight you in keeping it.
56:21 He does not want you to keep it because if you know the truth
56:26 that means you know it by obedience and experience.
56:28 Just to know that how many agree?
56:30 Just to know the truth up in your head,
56:31 that doesn't set anybody free.
56:33 There is a lot of people going to the bar right now
56:34 knowing the truth that you should quit,
56:36 quit drinking and give your heart to Jesus.
56:38 They know that truth but how many agree?
56:40 It does not set us free
56:41 because you got to know it by experience.
56:43 That's why says in John 17:3, who is gonna be saved.
56:47 It says "This is life eternal,
56:49 that they might know thee the only true God,
56:54 and Jesus Christ, whom He hast sent," John 17:3.
56:58 Do you know Him tonight, beloved?
56:59 Do you know Him tonight?
57:01 So what is the scope of the word war
57:04 in this most important passage?
57:06 Persecution and false teaching.
57:08 Soon it will be against the law to keep God's law
57:14 the way He wrote it.
57:15 Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy."
57:19 "Seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord."
57:23 I wondered here tonight do you believe
57:27 that Jesus Christ is the best man.
57:30 I want to read something to you
57:32 from Thomas Jefferson as I close.
57:36 "I tremble for my country
57:39 when I reflect that God is just,
57:43 that his justice cannot sleep forever."
57:49 Although sudden and alarming changes
57:51 are sweeping across the globe
57:54 you and your family can be prepared to face
57:56 the future with confidence.
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