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The Remnant! Part 1

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00:04 We are racing towards the global crisis at the close.
00:09 God is going to set up His kingdom on earth.
00:13 Preparation for the tribulation and the translation
00:17 is to develop a character like Jesus Christ
00:20 to reach every hamlet, every village, every man,
00:24 every child, every person in India,
00:27 every person in South America
00:28 must hear these three angels' messages.
00:32 These are stories that illustrate
00:36 the kind of fabric of character and perseverance that we need
00:40 to go through the tribulation just as certainly as they did.
00:44 The Bible makes it very clear...
00:46 we are living in an unusual hour,
00:48 the last grains of sand are trickling
00:50 through the hourglass of time and the door of probation
00:53 is about to swing shut.
00:59 The remnant of Revelation... and so here tonight
01:03 are you searching for the right church for you?
01:07 Have you ever wondered if God
01:10 has a true church on earth today?
01:14 Have you ever wondered that, have you ever asked that,
01:16 have you ever considered that,
01:18 indeed, have you ever felt confused
01:21 about which church to attend?
01:24 There are almost
01:25 300 different denominations in North America alone
01:30 can you say, "Confusion?"
01:32 World Christian Encyclopedia says,
01:35 "10,000 Distinct Religions in the world.
01:38 Christianity = 33,830 different worldwide denominations. "
01:46 But God is not the author of this confusion.
01:50 You say, "God must have a way
01:54 where the average person who has not been to the seminary
01:58 can readily determine which is the correct church,
02:02 which is teaching the truth... the only truth.
02:06 Now we know that all churches would have some truth
02:10 but we want a church that only has truth
02:12 and so, "Why don't I just stay home
02:15 and watch church preachers on TV?
02:17 If you'll can't get it straight,
02:19 I'll just stay home and watch preachers. "
02:21 You all think about it...
02:23 Is that really what God wants us to do?
02:26 Some say, "Well, Pastor, I have been turned off
02:29 by many ice-cold churches!"
02:31 And someone said, "you know you could skate
02:34 right down the aisle. "
02:36 Well, you know what?
02:37 Is it really necessary
02:40 that I go to church, after all... I mean...
02:43 isn't it very personal between God and me?
02:45 Well, the Bible says, Hebrews 10:25
02:47 let's read it together, here we go...
02:51 "Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together,
02:54 as is the manner of some, but exhorting one another,
02:57 and so much the more as you see the Day approaching. "
03:00 How many see the day approaching?
03:02 So here Paul says,
03:03 "as you can see the day approaching,
03:05 look at the signs of the times
03:07 of harbingers of the Lord's return.
03:09 As you can see,
03:11 the nearness of the Lord's return,
03:13 make sure that you do not neglect
03:16 or forsake gathering together with believers
03:19 who believe what you believe. "
03:21 All right, what church should you assemble together with?
03:26 It must be a church that you feel
03:29 is in harmony with your conscience
03:32 that they're not saying things that you don't believe.
03:35 You should go to a church that...
03:37 where you can say,
03:38 "Amen" and it's from your heart, can you say, "Amen. "
03:41 Good... it must be we're in harmony, all right.
03:44 So what church should you assemble together with?
03:48 It should be
03:49 God's church.
03:51 John 10 verse 16, Jesus said,
03:55 "... other sheep I have which are not of this fold;
03:59 them also I must bring, and they will hear my voice;"
04:03 that's endearing... my voice...
04:06 "and there will be one flock and one shepherd. "
04:10 I like the ring of that, I like the tone of that,
04:14 I like the certainty of that, I like the guarantee of that,
04:17 Jesus says, number one, He's the shepherd,
04:21 number two, He has sheep,
04:23 number three, He has those sheep in all folds,
04:27 different churches... across the ocean,
04:29 number four, His sheep hear His voice,
04:33 number five, they follow that voice,
04:36 number six, His voice... the voice of the shepherd...
04:41 urges those sheep to come out of wherever they're at
04:46 and define and become a part of the one fold... number seven.
04:52 Seven points that you can see right there.
04:55 The Bible makes it very clear that Jesus is on the move
04:59 and so are His sheep.
05:00 His sheep are being led from different folds,
05:04 different churches and He's leading them
05:07 into one fold, would you agree
05:09 didn't you expect Jesus to be up to something in the last days?
05:12 Amen... and so...
05:14 Can we really be sure how to find that "ONE FOLD"?
05:18 That one flock...
05:20 well... thumbs up you'd better believe it.
05:23 How can we escape the confusion?
05:25 Can we find God's truth in these last days?
05:30 Let me illustrate it.
05:31 Come with me to Grand Lake, Colorado.
05:34 The Lake is grand...
05:37 the town, well, it's not so grand,
05:39 here's Main Street and, by the way,
05:42 that's the tail end of my RV
05:44 and I'll tell you what happened to that RV another time
05:47 that's not the RV I have now, anyway, this is Main Street
05:50 and sometimes in between crusades
05:53 we were able to go gallivanting around... we love to travel,
05:56 and so, this is Grand Lake, Colorado,
05:59 you go right down through Main Street,
06:01 I mean, it's just a blink of an eye,
06:04 and at the end of Main Street is a Human Arcade Maze,
06:09 and there, at this maze... a human maze, life size,
06:14 there are two observation decks and so, there up this human maze
06:21 you can see my wife right there with our first baby
06:23 which was a Cocker Spaniel... more human than dog,
06:26 and we don't have the Cocker Spaniel anymore,
06:29 we've got my son Caleb,
06:31 my daughter Jordan, age five... but at any rate,
06:35 this is a human maze and there's the Maze Entrance
06:39 but I said, "No way, I'm not paying to get confused. "
06:43 You see, I thought confusion is free,
06:46 and so, Adults $4.00 for confusion,
06:49 $3.00 for the children
06:50 and then, if you want to go through it again,
06:52 $2.00 for a rerun and so, sure enough,
06:55 they did let us to go to the free observation area,
07:00 so, I was just clicking pictures,
07:03 taking pictures because I knew
07:05 this was a classic illustration
07:07 of our religious world
07:09 of all the different
07:10 denominations we have.
07:11 These parents were laughing at the expense
07:15 of their poor, vulnerable children.
07:17 What were they doing?
07:19 They were running in the dead-end streets
07:20 right before their noses
07:22 and so there were signs to rub it in.
07:25 "Are you lost? Still lost?
07:27 You see... they were in a hurry
07:29 to find the way out of the confusion!
07:31 We must also be in a hurry to escape religious confusion!
07:36 Do you get the point, yes or no?
07:38 But you know, there's another point to make.
07:41 From the vantage point of the observation deck,
07:45 I believe you could see
07:47 the way to the goal for the finish
07:49 if you would have tracked it, and so, likewise,
07:53 from the vantage point of the Bible
07:55 we can eliminate all the unnecessary confusion,
08:00 all the dead ends of falsehoods.
08:02 Too much to believe in, no...
08:04 with God all things are possible.
08:06 I said, "Honey, please... " "Oh, my hair... "
08:08 I said, "Don't worry about your hair, come on... "
08:09 The Bible will help us to avoid dead ends
08:12 and to identify a church which uplifts only TRUTH.
08:17 Every church has some truth, that's why it's so confusing.
08:20 God's church would only teach truth
08:25 and no false teachings,
08:27 its people would be imperfect to be sure, how do I know that?
08:30 Because I'm imperfect.
08:32 "You shall know the truth
08:33 and the truth shall set you free... " temporarily.
08:38 You know the name of our ministry
08:40 is "Forever Free Ministry. "
08:42 You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you...
08:46 can I add it... "forever free"
08:49 can you say, "Amen?" Forever Free...
08:50 How many agree...
08:52 "He whom the Son sets free, is free indeed. "
08:55 How many agree, you have been set free from sin.
08:59 You may make a mistake, you may fail,
09:01 my Bible tells me, you get up,
09:03 you forget the things that are behind,
09:05 you press on. Philippians 3:13 and 14
09:07 you are forgiven, life is worth the living.
09:10 Because He lives... I can face tomorrow.
09:12 You've been forever free, and ultimately when Jesus comes,
09:16 how many agree? Soon we shall be forever free
09:20 in a fuller sense... and so,
09:21 "You shall know the truth
09:23 and the truth shall set you free. " John 8:32
09:25 So, what should be the primary reason
09:28 why you attend a particular church?
09:30 Why? Reasons for being part of a church...
09:34 some might say, "Well, I like the pastor there"
09:35 Some might say,
09:37 "Well, I like going to the particular church I go to
09:40 they're friendly. " or "they got excellent music"
09:42 or "they got a solid children's ministry
09:44 you know I got ten kids and they take care of them"
09:46 or "you know I'm...
09:48 look I'm single and there are a lot of fish in the sea
09:50 over at this church I go to... "
09:51 or you know "Hey, I don't get around as I used to
09:54 and look, I can see the steeple out of my front window there"
09:57 or, you know, here's a good one,
09:59 "If it's good enough for mom and dad,
10:01 it's not necessarily good enough for me.
10:04 I have to know the Bible for myself. "
10:06 Can you say, "Amen. "
10:07 So what is God's True Church founded upon?
10:10 You know the Bible makes this clear in 1st Timothy
10:14 1st Timothy chapter 3, 1st Timothy... go there with me
10:19 very quickly... 1st Timothy...
10:21 all righty, I'll give you a moment to locate that
10:24 and I'll find it as well, chapter 3 verse 15,
10:26 how can we find the church,
10:29 what is it founded upon?
10:32 "But I am delayed I write so that you may know
10:34 how you ought to conduct yourself in the house of God,
10:37 which is the church of the living God,
10:40 the pillar and ground
10:42 that is foundation and mainstay of the truth.
10:47 So the church is founded upon the truth.
10:51 Let me quote Jesus in John 17:17.
10:55 He said, "Sanctify them in thy truth: thy word is truth. "
11:01 The word "Sanctify" means set apart.
11:04 So, God's people are set apart by the truth,
11:10 would you agree?
11:11 God's church is going to be set apart
11:14 different from the world, the very word "church"
11:18 in the New Testament written in Greek
11:21 the Greek word for church is Ekkl├ęsia
11:25 from which the basic interpretation...
11:27 of course... we get "church" from that
11:30 the interpretation of that is, "The called out ones. "
11:35 That's literally what it means.
11:37 Church means, the called out ones.
11:40 We have been called out from sin,
11:43 we have been called out from the flesh... from self...
11:45 How many agree we're not to live in the flesh,
11:47 we're to live by faith,
11:49 I mean we live in the flesh,
11:50 but we're not to live for the flesh.
11:52 That's what I'm trying to say,
11:53 according to Romans 6, Romans 7, Romans 8, you can read it there.
11:57 And so the Bible makes it very clear
11:58 that Jesus has set us apart by His truth.
12:01 We have been taken out
12:04 just like Lot was taken out of Sodom and Gomorrah
12:06 would you agree,
12:08 God has taken us out of some stuff, amen,
12:10 and so I don't know about you,
12:12 there's no turning back to Egypt, amen,
12:14 and no turning back, and so...
12:16 There are some risks you should not take!
12:19 I know... I meet people... rock climbers and...
12:24 you know... look... that may be your thing
12:26 but Mark Fox is not going to get up on some precipice
12:29 and go down or try to go up
12:31 you know, what do they call it
12:33 Half Dome Bear in Yosemite National Park,
12:37 that's a very popular rock-climbing spot,
12:40 you know what? It's not for me...
12:42 I can barely even look at it happening...
12:45 recently we took a trip to Colorado,
12:47 and my cousin lives up there in Colorado Springs
12:50 and lo and behold,
12:52 we went to a place where they were doing...
12:54 there was a bunch of rock climbers and so forth
12:57 and I'm telling you... it makes me sweat just looking at it,
12:59 but another thing I will not do is Bungee Jumping,
13:03 I'm sorry, I won't do that,
13:05 and there are a lot of other things
13:06 now there is one risk that by necessity...
13:08 and it's a very big risk that I take every day,
13:11 it's called "Driving," I live in Dallas, pray for me...
13:15 but, anyway, those are some risks... how many agree,
13:19 we'd better not add to the risk of driving,
13:21 I'll just throw that out to you, but, at any rate,
13:25 oh yeah... and then flying if you have to,
13:26 all right... listen to me, listen,
13:30 do you want to risk your walk with Jesus
13:33 by listening to false teachings week after week?
13:36 You see, when you've learned the truth,
13:38 how can you continue to listen to a false teaching
13:41 when you know it's not right?
13:43 And so, listen carefully,
13:45 is there a... such thing as a perfect church?
13:48 Yes and no, my Bible tells me... is that God would have a church
13:53 that is teaching only truth but not the people,
13:59 because all are sinners, that's right.
14:02 I don't see any person other than Jesus
14:05 that has a halo over their head,
14:07 but of course you'll see paintings of it,
14:09 but those are just paintings, those are not photos.
14:11 All right... but we should expect to find God's true church
14:15 based on only truth and not false teaching.
14:20 Does that make sense,
14:21 does that resonate in your heart?
14:23 So, is there a church in the last days
14:25 that is preaching Bible prophecy correctly?
14:28 Revelation 22... Revelation chapter 22
14:32 we go there very quickly, Revelation chapter 22,
14:37 can we really find a church that is presenting truth
14:42 unvarnished, undiluted, and not doing a spin on truth,
14:47 not doing a spin on the Word of God,
14:49 but indeed they are giving correct interpretation,
14:52 the Bible says, "Study to shew yourself approved
14:56 a workman of God that needeth not to be ashamed,
15:00 rightly dividing the word of truth. " 2nd Timothy 2:15
15:04 so we should find a church that is "rightly dividing"
15:08 or "interpreting" the Word of truth.
15:10 The Bible says in 2nd Peter chapter 1 and verses 19 and 21,
15:14 that Scripture is of no private interpretation,
15:17 that is... prophecy is of no private interpretation
15:20 then in Revelation 22 and looking here at verse 18 and 19
15:24 "For I testify to everyone that hears
15:25 the words of the prophecy of this book,
15:27 If anyone adds to these things,
15:29 God will add to him the plagues that are written in this book:"
15:32 would you agree there must be a church...
15:34 there must be a church that is not doing that.
15:37 Verse 19, "And if any one takes away
15:39 from the words of the book of this prophecy,
15:42 God shall take away his part from the... " what?
15:44 "from the book of life, and from the holy city,
15:46 and from the things which are written in this book. "
15:49 So would you agree... there must be a church
15:51 that is getting it correctly, I'll give you more proof,
15:55 verse 7... "behold I'm coming quickly,"
16:00 so that's going to be a paramount teaching
16:03 of God's church, Jesus is coming, get ready.
16:06 "Behold I'm coming quickly, blessed is he
16:09 who keeps the words of the prophecy of this book. "
16:14 Would you agree... there must be a church,
16:17 there must be a church in the last days
16:21 that is preaching this book correctly,
16:24 not adding to it, not taking away from it,
16:27 but they're championing a correct interpretation
16:29 of this book, does that make sense? Yes or no?
16:32 So we know... all books in the Bible are inspired
16:35 the Bible says so in 2nd Timothy
16:37 chapter 3 verses 16 and 17,
16:38 "All Scripture is given by inspiration of God,"
16:42 but the Bible makes it very clear
16:44 that God has a special church with a special message
16:49 in the last days of earth's history.
16:51 Now the Bible makes it very clear,
17:07 The Apostle Paul said so in Ephesians 4 verses 4 and 5.
17:11 I got a question for you.
17:13 In the end of time, what book in the Bible
17:16 do you believe would identify and spotlight
17:21 and reveal this "One Fold" this "One Faith?"
17:25 The book of... that fascinating, dynamic,
17:30 symbolic prophetic book of Revelation.
17:33 Now does Bible prophecy, therefore,
17:37 revealed God's true church,
17:39 in the time of the end... it does.
17:41 The true church is spotlighted in Revelation 13,
17:45 go to Revelation 13... I'm sorry... Revelation 12...
17:48 Revelation chapter 12, and we're going to read there,
17:53 Revelation 12 we're going to read about a pregnant woman.
17:57 A pure, pregnant woman,
18:00 "Now a great sign appeared in heaven;
18:03 a woman clothed with the sun with the moon under her feet,
18:07 and on her head a garland of 12 stars:"
18:10 in Bible prophecy this pure woman represents
18:15 God's people, in Revelation chapter 19
18:19 here's what we read in verse 7, "Let us be glad and rejoice,
18:23 and give him glory:
18:25 for the marriage of the Lamb is come,
18:27 and his wife has made herself ready,
18:29 And to her it was granted to be arrayed in fine linen,
18:33 clean and white:
18:34 for the fine linen is the righteous acts of the saints.
18:38 ...then he said unto me, Write,
18:40 Blessed are those who are called
18:41 to the marriage supper of the Lamb.
18:43 And he said to me, these are the true sayings of God. "
18:46 So the Bible makes it very clear
18:48 that this woman is the bride of Christ.
18:51 And so, going back to Revelation 12,
18:54 we have a few more questions,
18:56 if this woman represents the pure church,
18:58 pure woman... pure church... the question is:
19:02 what about the symbolism of the sun, the moon and the stars?
19:07 These are the three sources of light for Planet Earth.
19:11 Now we know the moon is a reflection of the sun,
19:15 but nevertheless, at night,
19:17 you see the reflection of the moon...
19:19 and the moon is reflecting that light from the sun.
19:22 Who is the Sun of righteousness in the Bible?
19:25 Jesus Christ, Malachi 4 verse 2.
19:27 Who said, "I am the light of the world?
19:30 Jesus Christ, John 8 verse 12,
19:32 but then, didn't Jesus say to the church,
19:35 "You are the light of the world" Matthew 5:16
19:38 so, therefore, we are to reflect Christ. Amen.
19:41 Now the Bible makes it very clear here,
19:44 that in the Old Testament,
19:46 that was like the dim, reflecting light of the moon
19:50 but in the New Testament, how many agree?
19:53 in the New Testament, there is more light,
19:55 it's a brighter light because Jesus Christ has come.
19:58 So this is a picture of the woman
20:00 going from the Old Testament dispensation
20:03 to the New Testament church, and I want you to notice
20:06 twelve stars...
20:08 now we know that these twelve stars
20:10 would represent the twelve patriarchs in the Old Testament
20:14 and the twelve apostles in the New Testament.
20:18 Now I want you to notice
20:20 twelve is a number associated with the church,
20:22 and I think it's kind of neat that it's Revelation 12,
20:26 now, I'm not saying that's significant
20:28 but it's nice and convenient.
20:29 "Then being with child," Jesus...
20:32 "she cried out in labor and in pain to give birth.
20:35 And another sign appeared in heaven;
20:38 behold a great fiery red dragon... "
20:41 this is the beauty and the what...?
20:43 the beast... the beauty and the beast.
20:45 here it is, "and another sign appeared in heaven;
20:49 behold a great, fiery red dragon,
20:51 having seven heads and ten horns
20:54 and seven diadems upon his head.
20:57 And his tail drew the third stars of the... "
21:00 notice here... "third stars of heaven,
21:03 and threw them to the earth:
21:05 and the dragon stood before the woman
21:07 who was ready to give birth, to devour her child
21:09 as soon as it was born. "
21:10 Who was it that rebelled in heaven
21:14 and was thrust out of heaven
21:16 along with one third of the celestial stars
21:20 of the celestial host, who sided with him?
21:24 One third of the holy angels... became fallen angels.
21:28 Look at verse seven, "the war broke out in heaven:
21:31 Michael and his angels fought with the dragon;
21:34 and the dragon and his angels fought. "
21:36 Look at now... verse number 8, "but they did not prevail;
21:41 nor was a place found for them in heaven any longer.
21:44 So the great dragon was cast out,
21:46 that old serpent of old, called the Devil, and Satan,
21:48 who... " what is he known for?
21:50 what's his chief characteristic? "Deceives the whole world:
21:55 he was cast to the earth,
21:56 and his angels were cast out with him. "
22:00 So would you agree if one third of the celestial host
22:04 sided with the devil and were cast out of heaven
22:08 then, I ask you, what percentage on Planet Earth
22:12 do you think are siding with the rebel angels?
22:15 I think it's probably more than one third
22:19 but I'll let you decide that, but I want you to notice here
22:22 that the devil hates God, he hates the Lord,
22:27 he hates the Holy Spirit and he hates God's people
22:32 and so I want you to notice here...
22:35 would you agree, the devil is trying to always rough you up,
22:37 he's always trying to pick on you,
22:39 would you agree, he's the ultimate bully, right?
22:42 But I'm so glad our elder brother, Jesus,
22:45 comes to our rescue.
22:46 "Greater is he that is in us than he that is in the world. "
22:49 1st John 4 and verse 4,
22:51 I've read the Bible... Jesus wins... can you say "Amen"
22:54 and His people triumph with him, now I want you to notice here
22:58 who did the devil use... the dragon use...
23:02 to try to destroy Baby Jesus as soon as He was born?
23:06 Herod... Herod issued a decree
23:09 that killed those little infant babies
23:11 there was a cry, weeping... that took place
23:17 in Judea, I want you to notice here
23:20 verse 5, "She bore a male child"
23:24 that's Jesus
23:25 "who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron:
23:28 and her child was caught up to God, and His throne. "
23:32 Jesus was victorious, Jesus won the battle,
23:36 He was attacked by the devil from the time He was born,
23:41 but He never sinned, Hebrews 4 verses 14 to 16
23:46 tells us that Jesus was tempted yet without sin,
23:50 that's why he said that we can overcome
23:54 as He overcame, Revelation 3:21
23:57 so the Bible makes it very clear
24:00 that the devil, then, would shift his attack,
24:03 he'd lost the battle with Jesus,
24:05 Jesus was taken to the throne of God
24:08 and that's where Jesus intercedes for us
24:11 pleading His blood, do you know that when you pray,
24:14 your prayers,
24:15 if you pray in the name of Jesus,
24:17 are taken into the heart of Jesus
24:19 and spoken from the lips of Jesus,
24:21 didn't He say, "If you confess me before men,
24:24 I'll confess you before my father in heaven. "
24:27 Do you recognize the good news tonight?
24:29 That's Matthew 10 verse 32.
24:33 So I want you to notice here, Beloved, I want you to notice,
24:35 "then the woman fled into the wilderness"
24:39 now the devil is in fever... with fever pitch
24:43 pursuing this woman,
24:46 this pure woman,
24:48 and the woman fled into the wilderness...
24:50 a place of obscurity...
24:51 where she has a place prepared by God
24:53 that they should feed her there... 1,260 days...
24:59 now I'm going to ask you this,
25:00 the devil attacked Jesus every day of His life,
25:04 but during what period did the devil really pull out
25:08 all the stops... really attack Jesus more than ever
25:12 during the last 3 and 1/2 years of His life
25:15 and I want you to notice a parallel.
25:18 Jesus had a reign... that is... a special ministry
25:23 when the devil was after Him for 3 and 1/2 literal years,
25:28 and now, here's the church,
25:30 being attacked by the devil who attacked Jesus,
25:33 and the church is going into the wilderness
25:36 did the devil chase Jesus
25:39 when He was out there in the wilderness,
25:41 for example, but I want you to notice here
25:43 three and a half literal years, Jesus was preaching
25:48 and ministering and working miracles
25:51 and the devil was dogging His heels
25:53 and then... for 3 and 1/2 prophetic years,
25:57 symbolic years, which is 1,260 literal years
26:01 because one prophetic day equals a literal year,
26:05 these are 1,260 days or years, Ezekiel 4:6 and Numbers 14:34,
26:10 how many can see that striking parallel?
26:12 Isn't that an amazing comparison?
26:14 In other words, what it's saying is...
26:16 Jesus said, if the devil... basically... He's saying,
26:19 that the devil picked on me, he's going to pick on you,
26:21 "if the world hated me, you know it's going to hate you,
26:24 if I was persecuted,
26:27 you know you are going to be persecuted,"
26:28 read John chapter 15, now I want you to notice here
26:31 as we continue, I want you to notice here
26:33 as we continue,
26:35 "for the marriage of the lamb is come,
26:37 and his wife hath made herself ready"
26:40 Revelation 19 and verse number 7 so Jesus won the battle, amen,
26:47 how many are thankful He won that battle?
26:50 then the devil shifted his attack
26:52 to the woman, now the woman was persecuted
26:55 initially by Pagan Rome.
26:57 How many have ever been to Rome?
26:59 I've been there to the Roman Coliseum for example,
27:03 Cruel Entertainment there... well guess what?
27:06 you don't need to go to the Roman Coliseum today
27:10 to see bloody sports,
27:11 all you have to do is turn on, who knows, how many channels
27:15 and you'll see it or even News Organizations
27:19 that tell you, "Well, here's something newsworthy"
27:22 and they give you stuff that is not newsworthy,
27:25 50,000 spectators, gladiatorial contests or games,
27:29 public spectacles, mock sea battles,
27:31 animal hunts, executions,
27:33 re-enactments of famous battles and dramas,
27:35 that all happened there.
27:37 It's estimated that about 500,000 people
27:39 and over a million wild animals died
27:41 in those cruel Colosseum games.
27:44 Even there, the Caesars demanded worship,
27:47 what would they do?
27:48 They would feed these innocent Christians to the lions
27:52 and torch their bodies.
27:53 The more Christians were martyred and persecuted though
27:56 for their faith in Jesus, the more they multiplied.
27:59 It's been said the blood of the martyrs is seed to the gospel.
28:02 But then, since the devil saw that his strategy
28:08 of persecuting the church did not work,
28:12 but rather... it backfired...
28:13 it was counterproductive, he thought to himself,
28:17 "You know if I can't beat them, I'll join them. "
28:21 And so the devil came into the backdoor in the church,
28:24 the church apostatized from the truth,
28:27 and up came the Roman Papal Power.
28:30 False teachings flooded the popular, false church.
28:33 Look here at a little list of the Flood of False Teachings.
29:00 and then comes Sprinkling for the sick,
29:03 and then Worship Icons, Penance, Rosaries,
29:06 Sale of Indulgences, Transubstantiation,
29:09 Confession to priests, Sprinkling for all
29:11 and this is not an exhaustive list... would you agree?
29:14 There was a terrible apostasy that wrecked havoc in the church
29:18 and so listen carefully,
29:25 So first Pagan Rome, and then... Papal Rome,
29:28 persecuting God's people, and so listen carefully.
29:51 "... the woman fled into the wilderness,
29:54 where she has a place prepared... " by who?
29:58 just like Elijah went into hiding for 3 and 1/2 years,
30:02 isn't this amazing?
30:04 because Elijah is a type of the Church
30:06 and there was only one Elijah and 850 False Prophets,
30:12 have you ever felt outnumbered?
30:24 Revelation 12 verse 6
30:35 Revelation 12 verse 13 that's verse 13.
30:46 All right, stay with me... stay with me...
30:49 This time period, Beloved, of 1,260 years
30:52 is mentioned seven times in Scripture.
30:56 Twice in the book of Daniel,
30:57 five times in the book of Revelation,
31:01 now, in one place it's called 42 months,
31:04 in another place it's called time, times and a half a time,
31:07 in another place it's called 1,260 days,
31:10 it all equals the same amount.
31:12 Here you have it: "Time," that's 360 days
31:15 according to Revelation 12:14, "time, times and a half a time"
31:19 That's Revelation 12:14.
31:21 Revelation 12 verse 6, calls it 1,260 days,
31:26 Revelation 12:14 uses a different way
31:29 of saying the same thing: time, times and a half a time,
31:32 now, you can do this... watch,
31:34 time... that's one year... 360 days,
31:36 times... that's two years... 720 days,
31:39 half a time... that's a half a year, 180 days,
31:43 that's 1,260 days or years, all right?
31:46 Now, the Apostate Church, the Church dominating the State
31:50 that Church/State Union, had a reign of terror
31:54 from 538 AD to 1798,
31:58 in 1798, the Pope was taken into captivity
32:00 and around that time,
32:02 the church was able to come out of the wilderness
32:04 but God's faithful were in the wilderness
32:06 during that timeframe.
32:08 The wilderness time period ends in 1798.
32:11 Now, the devil, the serpent, cast out of his mouth
32:16 water as a flood after the woman,
32:18 that he might cause her to be carried away of the flood,
32:22 the flood of persecution and the flood of falsehood
32:26 threatened the church but the church prevailed.
32:30 That's verse 15, then Revelation 12:16,
32:35 you've got to see it,
32:37 the Bible says in Revelation 12:16,
32:48 So who helped the woman? The earth...
32:51 the earth helped the woman, the earth opened its mouth
32:56 and swallowed up the flood
32:57 which the dragon had spewed out of his mouth.
33:00 Wow! now we learned that the earth would represent
33:05 a sparsely populated area Revelation 12:16...
33:09 Rescuing truth...
33:11 the Protestant Reformers like Martin Luther
33:14 championed truth, they rescued truth
33:17 from the flood of false teaching.
33:19 The earth rescued God's faithful from the flood of persecution.
33:24 "the earth" what? "helped the woman. "
33:26 You see, this was a refuge for the oppressed:
33:30 there were mountainous palaces,
33:32 yeah... palaces in the places there... in the mountains,
33:35 isolated valleys, and secret caves.
33:39 The deadly wound was inflicted in 1798,
33:43 exactly 1,260 years from 538 AD to 1798.
33:47 America was a sparsely populated area,
33:51 and like the Swiss Alps that provided a haven of rest,
33:56 so the United States of America was opened up
34:00 to be a haven of rest for the oppressed.
34:03 You know around 1798,
34:05 there was a Battle of independence,
34:07 Declaration of Independence right around that clustering
34:10 in that timeframe,
34:11 Constitution, Supreme Court, Bill of Rights.
34:17 from religious tyranny
34:20 and religious intolerance and persecution.
34:29 Around this time,
34:31 there was the founding of Bible Societies.
34:34 How many are thankful
34:35 that you were able to come in tonight with a Bible?
34:38 As a matter of fact, you probably brought in tonight
34:40 one out of the five Bibles you have,
34:43 you see, The British and Foreign Bible Society
34:46 was organized in 1804.
34:47 What's the point of these Bible Societies?
34:48 Just get the Bible out
34:50 to all the world... that's their goal.
34:52 The American Bible Society was founded in 1816.
34:55 The Bible became available to the man on the street.
34:59 And today... it's a best seller.
35:01 Would you agree, there is no other better
35:03 companion than the Word of God.
35:04 I recommend, you take the Bible
35:07 wherever you go.
35:08 I don't care where you go, whether you go to work
35:11 you carry the Bible with you
35:13 or you have a little pocket Bible,
35:15 or you write Scripture on a three-by-five card.
35:17 How many agree? You never know
35:18 when you're going to need it
35:20 and so Revivals broke out all across America
35:24 when the Bible was being printed and was being distributed.
35:28 There is a picture...
35:29 a painting of an 1839 Methodist Camp Meeting
35:33 and preaching that Jesus is coming soon, Amen.
35:36 So when would God's church appear?
35:39 Verse 17 identifies God's last-day church
35:45 can I hear a drum roll... everything leading up to this...
35:49 this is the climax of Revelation 12.
36:11 That is the true church, the Remnant...
36:13 Now, think about it,
36:15 Remnant... everybody say, "Remnant. "
36:34 Well, contents are important regardless of the name.
36:40 Can you say
36:42 "cereal boxes"
36:43 would you agree when you go through that cereal aisle,
36:46 if you have kids with you, like I do,
36:49 it can really, really be a chore
36:51 just to make it through that aisle
36:53 because there are so many colorful boxes
36:57 claiming all sorts of things
36:59 and sometimes, at least when I grew up,
37:00 they had a lot more prizes than they do today,
37:03 and it can be mesmerizing, it can be downright alluring,
37:08 and, you see, it really doesn't matter
37:12 what the packaging is, what matters is the content.
37:16 So the name is not the primary thing,
37:19 the brand... not the primary thing,
37:21 the appearance... the outward appearance...
37:24 that's not the main thing,
37:26 the main thing is, "What are the contents?"
37:28 Would you agree, a church can say,
37:30 "Well, we don't even have a name,
37:32 we're just non-denominational," well that's kind of like,
37:35 remember they used to have generic brands
37:38 there was no brand on it, there wasn't any brand there...
37:41 Post or Kellogg's or anything like that?
37:43 it was just... how many remember those days?
37:45 Now-a-days you go to Wal-Mart and there's a Wal-Mart brand
37:48 but listen to me,
37:50 somebody can say, "Well you know what,
37:52 I don't want to belong to any denomination,
37:54 I'll just attend a non-denominational church
37:57 well let me tell you this, regardless of the name
37:59 whether it's non-denominational...
38:01 how many agree, every preacher has to believe something,
38:03 you got to look at the contents of what that church believes,
38:06 the reason why I think it's better to have a church
38:09 that's willing to stand out and tell you
38:12 maybe some distinctives of what it believes
38:15 tells me that there might be more honesty there,
38:18 listen, identify the genuine denomination of a 100,
38:22 you know, we call these bills "denominations"
38:24 think about it, when you go
38:26 with a hundred dollar bill
38:27 or a twenty dollar bill...
38:28 may be a hundred dollar bill, what do they do sometimes?
38:32 They look up and see if it has the right characteristics,
38:35 and so it is,
38:36 we must look up the Scriptures to know
38:39 what is the correct denomination.
38:41 Sudden changes are about to catch the world by surprise.
38:46 Amazing Bible Prophecies are fast fulfilling.
38:49 Do ancient prophecies predict a sudden economic collapse?
38:53 Will the Middle East crisis erupt into World War 3?
38:56 Are we living on the eve of Armageddon?
38:59 How will the final moves of the Antichrist affect you?
39:02 What is the future of the United States of America?
39:05 How will natural disasters usher in the Mark of the Beast?
39:10 Now you can watch the entire Amazing Prophecies Series
39:14 of 32 hope-filled messages on DVD.
39:17 Don't guess about the future, know the future,
39:21 the complete set of DVDs
39:23 is available for a gift of $60 or more.
39:26 Call us at 1-855-336-FREE
39:30 or you can send a check or money order to
39:33 Forever Free Ministries, 2001 Munro Park,
39:36 Corinth, TX, 76208.
39:39 You can also visit us online at foreverfreeministries. org.
39:43 Let's look at ten characteristics very quickly.
39:47 This is the "Remnant"
39:50 Characteristic number 1: it arises after 1798,
39:55 Timing of the Rise of the Remnant:
39:57 The Bible indicates that the remnant appear
40:01 to the world's stage after the time of persecution.
40:05 Characteristic number 2: and by-the-way...
40:08 a lot of churches arose before 1798,
40:12 I'll just mention a few, Presbyterian Church,
40:15 Methodist Church, Baptist Churches,
40:19 and, of course, the Catholic Church
40:21 it's been there for a long time,
40:24 Characteristic number 2:
40:52 So, "Only Elijah" a type of a church
40:55 "was a true prophet on Mount Carmel
40:58 in comparison with... " how many false prophets?
41:00 "850" and I can hear the talk,
41:05 "Huh, he thinks... he's right and we're all wrong!"
41:09 Hmmm... very interesting, he's a type of a church...
41:12 and so, this is your time!
41:15 Jesus said, "Many are called but few are chosen. " Matthew 20
41:25 They: "keep the commandments of God" Characteristic number 3.
41:30 See we're using 10 fingers to identify the remnant.
41:33 They keep the commandments of God, Characteristic number 3
41:36 that is... they uplift all 10 of God's Commandments,
41:40 unchanged... Amen.
41:41 Revelation 14:12 makes it very clear.
41:44 "Here is the patience of the saints,
41:46 here are they that keep the Commandments of God
41:49 and the faith of Jesus. " Revelation 14 and verse 12.
41:52 Characteristic number 4: They observe the seventh-day Sabbath
41:55 one of the Commandments "as the Lord's Day. "
41:58 Brothers and Sisters, this eliminates 99% of churches
42:03 that have many of God's sheep in them.
42:05 Now listen carefully, Characteristic number 5:
42:14 that's our next presentation
42:16 so we'll just leave that out on hook.
42:24 The Spirit of Prophecy... the testimony of Jesus Christ.
42:27 We'll get into that in a subsequent presentation.
42:30 Characteristic number 6:
42:37 They preach the Three Angels' messages.
42:40 Come with me to Revelation 14 verse number 6
42:43 all right... what is the first angel's message?
42:55 It's worldwide... it's a worldwide church...
42:57 and they preach the gospel,
42:59 what is the first angel's message?
43:01 Jesus Christ... it's the gospel message.
43:04 He made you, He died for you, He intercedes for you,
43:08 He rose again for you to intercede for you,
43:10 He judges for you, and He's coming for you...
43:13 the eternal gospel.
43:14 And notice here as we continue,
43:17 What is Jesus doing now?
43:19 According to the gospel, Paul said in Romans 2 verse 16
43:23 he said, "According to the gospel,
43:25 God would judge the secrets of men by Jesus Christ. "
43:29 That's going on now,
43:30 judgment begins at the house of God,
43:32 what does the verse 7 say of the first angel's message?
43:37 "Saying with a loud voice, fear God and give glory to Him;
43:41 for the hour of his judgment is come:"
43:44 this must go around the world,
43:45 there's only one church preaching this around the world,
43:48 the remnant church
43:49 would preach that we're living in the judgment hour,
43:52 it's going on right now, the hour of God's judgment
43:55 it's going on right now
43:57 and we're living in the last moments of earth's history.
44:00 "The court was seated," Daniel saw it.
44:02 "and the books were opened. " Daniel 7:10
44:05 "the time of the dead, that they should be judged"
44:08 Revelation 11 verse 18,
44:22 So the time will come when our Great High Priest
44:26 will say for every person, "He who is unjust,"
44:29 all the righteous who've been judged,
44:31 "He who is unjust, let him be unjust still:
44:34 he who is righteous, let him be righteous still.
44:36 ...and behold I come quickly; and I bring my rewards with me"
44:39 Revelation 22:11 and 12.
44:40 So, therefore, we're living in an hour of judgment.
44:44 Jesus is engaged in His final work as our Great High Priest
44:49 in the Heavenly Sanctuary. Revelation 11:19.
44:52 When did Jesus go into the Most Holy Place
44:55 to begin this time of judgment,
44:57 this cleansing of the heavenly sanctuary?
45:13 Sir Isaac Newton believed that in 457 B.C.
45:17 the decree went into effect to restore Jerusalem
45:21 in 457 B.C. according to Ezra 7 verses 7 to 11
45:24 and so, in Daniel 9:25, it makes it clear that this time
45:29 would begin and 2300 years later it ends in 1844.
45:43 We've been in overtime ever since.
45:45 You say, "that's a long time ago"
45:47 Noah preached the time-of-the- end message for 120 years.
45:58 Jesus must be coming soon
46:01 because the Priest in the Old Testament
46:03 was only in the Most Holy Place for one day.
46:05 Jesus is coming soon:
46:12 God raised up a church
46:14 that would preach,
46:16 "Worship Him that made heaven and earth
46:19 and the sea and the fountains of waters
46:21 and they keep the Commandments of God. "
46:23 They would champion the seventh-day Sabbath.
46:26 "Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy," Exodus 20.
46:29 Revelation 1:10:
46:36 The Lord's Day is still holy!
46:38 So who was the Sabbath made for?
46:45 Are the Ten Commandments for everyone both Jew and Gentile?
46:48 Oh yes... Did Jesus keep the Sabbath?
46:51 He did, let's read it together, can we do this,
46:54 are you ready? Here we go...
47:05 Jesus knew which was the correct day to go to church on...
47:08 the primary day, Luke 4 verse 16.
47:10 Jesus, right now, is standing by His Ten commandments.
47:15 Can you imagine. Jesus said to the disciples
47:19 referring to the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A.D.
47:23 40 years after He would be risen
47:26 and would ascend to heaven
47:33 So He didn't do away with it. Matthew 24 verse 20.
47:38 Isaiah 66:22, 23 says, "Even in the earth made new
47:42 we will gather together to worship the Lord
47:45 on the Sabbath. "
47:48 The "Everlasting Gospel" also includes a warning about Babylon
47:53 it says there... "Babylon is fallen, is fallen,
47:56 that great city, because she made all nations
47:59 drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication. "
48:02 We got a message coming up about that.
48:06 Revelation 14:9 to 12,
48:08 it warns about the Mark of the Beast.
48:10 It says, "Don't worship the beast. "
48:13 What is the Mark of the Beast? Well, the Bible makes it clear
48:16 it must be a sign of the power of the Roman Papal System.
48:20 What is the sign of their power? Daniel chapter 7 and verse 25,
48:26 makes it very clear what is that...
48:40 What is the only Commandment that has to do with time?
48:43 It is the seventh-day Sabbath.
48:44 No wonder they changed it and they said,
48:53 Wow! the Sabbath Commandment
48:56 is the only one that relates to time,
48:57 the Bible predicted they would change it.
48:59 Now the Mark of the Beast has not been enforced yet
49:02 so no one has it, but that day is coming.
49:04 So the Bible says, "Don't forget the Sabbath
49:06 remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy. "
49:09 Now the Everlasting Gospel also includes
49:11 a call to "give glory" to God.
49:21 Therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit
49:24 which are God's. " 1st Corinthians 6:20
49:27 In other words, God's last-day church
49:30 would preach a healthy lifestyle. Amen.
49:33 As a matter of fact, National Geographic
49:36 did an article, front page story,
49:39 that included spotlighting the longevity
49:43 and the lifestyle...
49:44 the healthy lifestyle of Seventh-day Adventists
49:47 and even Paul Harvey who attended a
49:50 Seventh-day Adventist Church regularly,
49:52 he also talked favorably
49:56 about the lifestyle of Seventh-day Adventists
49:58 that they are living longer, as a matter of fact
50:00 the Seventh-day Adventist Church people
50:03 have the highest average life expectancy.
50:06 The average life span is more than 88 years
50:09 and that is not just in longevity but quality.
50:12 Paul said:
50:22 All I can say is God delivered me
50:24 from smoking two packs of cigarettes a day.
50:28 God delivered me from being an alcoholic...
50:31 or basically drinking every day,
50:33 I don't know... whatever you want to call that
50:34 drinking every day for a while, and God saved me from drugs
50:38 and God saved me from a whole lot of other stuff
50:40 and I thank God for it.
50:42 Characteristic number 7:
50:57 That sounds like church members
51:09 And the Lord added to the
51:10 church daily as those should be saved. "
51:13 Characteristic number 8:
51:14 Teaches the truth about death and hell.
51:17 "... the dead know not anything"
51:20 and yet what's being taught today is that when you die,
51:23 you know more than you ever have known.
51:25 But my Bible doesn't teach that.
51:27 Where are the dead?
51:29 Jesus said, they're in the grave.
51:32 John chapter 5:28 and 29
51:34 makes that clear that they are in the graves.
51:36 What happens when a man dies? Ecclesiastes 12 verse 7
51:40 says, "the spirit or breath goes back to God
51:43 and the person goes to the grave. "
51:46 "Dust thou art and dust thou shalt return. "
51:48 So what returns to God at death?
51:50 Well, how did God make man?
51:53 "He formed man of the dust of the ground
51:56 and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life
51:58 and man became a living soul. " Genesis 2 verse 7.
52:16 That's what goes back to God,
52:17 Jesus said, "Father, into Thy hands
52:19 I commit my Spirit" or breath...
52:22 that's what He was saying, Job 27:3
52:24 and Matthew chapter 27, so breath equals spirit
52:29 and that's what goes back to God.
52:31 What does the Bible call death? Sleep... Lazarus sleeps...
52:35 but then He qualified it, Lazarus is dead.
52:39 So it's a dreamless, unconscious sleep...
52:41 that's what happens to a person when they die.
52:46 everybody say it together...
52:49 Where is King David?
52:50 "David is not ascended into the heavens"
52:53 the dead do not praise the Lord. "
52:58 "For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven
53:00 with a shout, with the voice of the archangel,
53:02 and with the trumpet call of God:
53:04 and the dead in Christ shall rise first:
53:08 Then we who are alive and remain shall be caught up together
53:12 to meet the Lord in the air
53:14 and so shall we ever be with the Lord
53:16 wherefore comfort one another with these words. "
53:20 1 Thessalonians 4:16 to 18... that is the comfort.
53:24 That's the time when this mortal
53:26 puts on immortality. 1 Corinthians 15
53:34 no such thing as an immortal soul,
53:37 the "whole body... " when a person does go to hell...
53:40 their whole body is cast into hell
53:42 so there's no such thing as an immortal soul,
53:45 no one is in hell now.
53:47 When is hell fire?
53:55 and they'll be reduced to ashes.
53:58 So, Characteristic number 9:
54:03 the term "Adventist" focuses on the Second Coming of Christ.
54:07 Does God's Remnant Church preach the Secret Rapture?
54:11 No, Adventists focus on the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.
54:15 Jesus did not say,
54:16 "I will come again... in a rapture
54:19 and again in a Second coming"
54:21 He said, "I... Let not your heart be troubled:
54:23 ye believe in God, believe also in me.
54:25 In my Father's house are many mansions:
54:27 if it were not so, I would have told you.
54:29 I go to prepare a place for you.
54:31 And if I go and prepare a place for you,
54:32 I will... " what? "come again,
54:36 and receive you unto myself; that where I am,
54:39 there you may be also. "
54:41 Do you recognize the good news tonight? John 14:1 to 3.
54:44 So at that time, every eye will see Him.
54:49 Revelation 1 verse 7.
54:50 What is the blessed hope?
54:52 It's the glorious appearing of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
54:56 not a secret snatch. Titus 2 verse 13.
54:59 Characteristic number 10:
55:01 A worldwide church with a worldwide mission.
55:04 By process of elimination, what church is the only one
55:09 that would fit all of these specifications?
55:12 You see, you can find your way out of the maze.
55:16 There is a church that takes seriously... the global mission.
55:19 There are 16 million Seventh-day Adventists
55:22 around the world... growing rapidly...
55:25 having a Pentecost every day, I think about...
55:29 when I did a Seminar like this in a little tiny church
55:31 in Spearfish, South Dakota, a number of years ago,
55:34 40 people took a stand
55:36 and became a part of that little church.
55:38 I think about Ottawa: Capital of Canada in 1996
55:42 I was there, 120 souls... true it was just a Seminar
55:46 of course... much larger,
55:47 120 Souls took a stand and joined the church.
55:51 I think about... in closing...
55:53 I think about my father-in-law
55:56 who was a Catholic all of his life,
55:59 and a non-practicing Catholic,
56:02 he tells us that the family Bible was on the coffee table
56:07 kind of like... more like a decoration
56:09 than a book that was read,
56:10 and he attended the series of meetings
56:14 I did in Queens, New York in 1996,
56:17 and he attended and a Bible Worker
56:21 that was working with me, an Associate of mine, Ed Cook,
56:24 gave him Bible Studies
56:26 as he... in addition to his nightly
56:28 attendance at the meetings,
56:29 and there's my wife along with her parents
56:32 and Ed Cook studying the Bible and I handed out cards
56:36 and I told people... on three-by-five cards
56:39 just write a "B" if you want to be baptized,
56:41 and lo and behold, one day, as I was looking at the cards
56:46 I couldn't believe it but there's Papi...
56:49 there he is with his name and he wrote "B"
56:52 and I showed it to my wife, and she began to cry,
56:55 she began to cry and let me tell you something
56:57 relatives... you know I married a Hispanic wife
57:00 and let me tell you they came out of the woodwork
57:02 it was a packed house, and... it was a packed church anyway,
57:07 500 people there, and there's Papi...
57:09 and here is a close up of him,
57:11 there he is being baptized, I just had to be right there
57:15 near him... as he was baptized he took a stand.
57:18 You know what he said?
57:20 He said, "I wish you would have...
57:22 kind of put a little more pressure on me before
57:24 to take a stand. "
57:25 Let me tell you something,
57:27 I'm inviting you to take a stand for Jesus,
57:31 if you believe this is the truth,
57:33 then take a stand.
57:35 It's one of the most important decisions you'll ever make
57:39 to know the truth and to stand for it.
57:43 Although sudden and alarming changes
57:46 are sweeping across the globe,
57:48 you and your family can be prepared
57:50 to face the future with confidence.
57:52 The complete set of Amazing Prophecies on DVD
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58:14 If you would like to have Mark Fox hold
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