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The Remnant! Part 2

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00:04 We are racing towards the global crisis at the close,
00:09 God is going to set up His kingdom on earth.
00:13 Preparation for the tribulation and the translation
00:17 is to develop a character like Jesus Christ
00:20 to reach every hamlet, every village, every man,
00:24 every child, every person in India,
00:27 every person in South America
00:28 must hear these three angels' messages.
00:34 These are stories that illustrate
00:36 the kind of fabric of character and perseverance
00:39 that we need to go through the tribulation
00:42 just as certainly as they did.
00:44 The Bible makes it very clear we are living in an unusual hour
00:47 the last grains of sand are trickling through
00:50 the hourglass of time
00:51 and the door of probation is about to swing shut.
00:59 The book of Revelation chapter 12 spotlights
01:03 the bride of Christ down through the centuries
01:06 from the time of Christ to our day.
01:09 The symbol of a pure woman represents God's pure church
01:16 in terms of doctrine and teaching.
01:19 How does the book of Revelation,
01:22 how does the revelation... the book of Revelation
01:24 identify God's true church in the last days?
01:27 "And the dragon was wroth with the woman,"
01:29 let's read it together...
01:31 "And the dragon was wroth with the woman,
01:33 and he went to make war with the remnant of her seed,
01:37 which keep the commandments of God,
01:40 and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.
01:43 Now, we have looked at some of the characteristics
01:47 of this Remnant Church in the last days?
01:50 Let's see if we can take a look at them.
01:53 We discovered, according to Revelation 12,
01:56 verses 6 and 14, that the woman would go running
02:00 in hiding in the wilderness
02:04 for 1260 days
02:05 and in Bible prophecy, one prophetic day
02:08 in the context of symbolic Bible prophecy
02:11 represents a literal year.
02:13 The Biblical precedent for that Ezekiel 4:6...
02:16 "I have appointed thee each day for a year. "
02:20 So we know that the church would go...
02:23 the true people of God... the church would go into hiding
02:26 while the apostate church was persecuting... believers.
02:29 From 538 A.D. when the Pope got unprecedented, temporal power
02:36 and the ushering in a reign of terror... the Dark Ages
02:40 and then the Pope went into captivity in 1798,
02:43 and that's around the time
02:44 the woman was able to come out of hiding
02:46 and find some freedom.
02:48 So, therefore, if the church came out of hiding
02:53 around 1798, therefore, God's remnant church
02:58 would arise some time
03:00 after 1798... now there are a number of churches
03:04 that arose prior to that, some of the mainline churches,
03:09 they are not the remnant.
03:10 God has His sheep in all different folds,
03:13 but we're trying to identify the remnant.
03:16 Number 2: Not one of the largest churches is the Remnant,
03:19 Number 3: uplifts all the Ten Commandments,
03:22 Number 4: They observe the Seventh-day Sabbath,
03:26 "Remember the Sabbath Day to keep it holy. " Exodus 20:8-11
03:32 this eliminates 99% of churches that have God's sheep in them
03:38 and so most Christians agree
03:43 with nine out of the ten Commandments
03:45 and I'll say it again,
03:48 if my son or my daughter
03:51 comes home... it's... Jordan's in Kindergarten
03:54 so she doesn't come home with tests and so forth
03:56 but my son, a fifth grader... he does.
03:58 If he gets nine out of ten... that's an "A"
04:02 but when you get nine out of ten
04:06 when it comes to the Ten Commandments,
04:07 that's an "F... " that's an "F" for Failure
04:10 because the Bible says,
04:12 if you break one, you break them all. James 2:10.
04:15 How many fingers do we have? Ten...
04:17 How many toes? Not a coincidence...
04:19 God wants to write in the new covenant
04:21 write that law in our heart, Hebrews 8 verse 10.
04:25 So which is the most forgotten commandment of God?
04:29 It's the Seventh-day Sabbath,
04:31 the one that begins with the word... "Remember. "
04:34 Number 5: They have the Spirit of Prophecy.
04:38 We'll examine that... momentarily.
04:39 Number 6: Preaches the three Angels' messages
04:44 of Revelation 14.
04:46 Number 7: Preaches the everlasting gospel message.
04:49 Number 8: Preaches that we're living in the judgment hour.
04:53 Number 9: Preaches a healthy lifestyle message.
04:57 Would you agree,
04:58 Jesus still works miracles
05:00 to help people with their health can you say, "Amen. "
05:03 Number 10: Calls people out of Babylon.
05:06 We got another message coming up
05:08 about that one.
05:09 Number 11: Warns about the Mark of the Beast.
05:12 Number 12: Preaches the truth about death...
05:16 that it is but a sleep until the resurrection when Jesus comes.
05:19 Number 13: Preaches the truth about hell
05:22 that no one is in hell now,
05:23 it happens after the end of the Millennium.
05:26 Number 14: Preaches the Second Coming of Jesus Christ
05:30 and not a Secret Rapture.
05:33 Number 15: World-wide Missionary Effort,
05:37 Number 16: Practices Baptism by Immersion.
05:41 These are the characteristics of the Remnant Church.
05:46 So, God's true church is to prepare people
05:50 ready to meet the Lord in all of His glory!
05:53 Would you agree,
05:54 we are not just waiting for Jesus to come.
05:58 we are preparing for Him to come.
06:02 Just like I tell people and I know this illustration
06:06 doesn't perfectly apply but when somebody tells me
06:10 "You know, I'm just waiting for Mr. Right,
06:12 I'm just waiting for Mrs. Right, you know and they are single,
06:16 and "I'm tired of being lonely, I'm just looking for that...
06:19 I'm just waiting... "
06:20 I say, "No, no, no...
06:22 you are preparing for your future husband,
06:24 you are preparing for your future wife. "
06:27 How many agree, "God never wants us to just say,
06:29 "I'm just kind of waiting... " how many agree?
06:31 God is waiting on us to prepare.
06:33 What has God given to His end-time Remnant Church
06:37 to prepare them for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ?
06:40 Take your Bible and turn with me to the dynamic book of
06:42 Revelation chapter 12 verse 17.
06:45 "And the dragon was enraged with the woman,"
06:48 the church... "and he went to make war
06:49 with the rest of her offspring" the remnant,
06:52 who keep the commandments of God,
06:54 and they have the testimony of Jesus Christ. "
06:57 So they have the testimony of Jesus Christ,
07:01 so, therefore, what is the testimony of Jesus Christ
07:06 that the Remnant Church would have?
07:07 Revelation chapter 19... Revelation chapter 19 verse 10,
07:12 "And I fell at his feet to worship him,
07:14 but he said to me, See thou do it not:"
07:16 see that you do not do that...
07:19 "I am your fellow servant, and of your brethren
07:24 who have the testimony of Jesus, worship God:
07:28 for the testimony of Jesus is the... " what everyone?
07:33 "the spirit of prophecy. "
07:35 So, here is an equation, the testimony of Jesus
07:39 equals the... what? Spirit of Prophecy.
07:43 Now I've got another question,
07:45 who had the Spirit of Prophecy besides the Remnant?
07:49 The Brethren... the Brethren...
07:52 it says there "the brethren...
07:54 your brethren have that testimony of Jesus"
07:58 So the brethren have the same thing
08:01 that the Remnant Church has, what is that?
08:03 It's the Spirit of Prophecy.
08:05 Who are the brethren? Look at Revelation chapter 22,
08:10 Revelation 22 verse 9, "Then he said to me,
08:16 See that you do not do that: for I am your fellowservant,
08:20 and of your brethren the prophets,
08:22 and of those who keep the words of this book: worship God"
08:26 So the Bible makes it very clear
08:30 that the Brethren are the... who?
08:33 The Prophets and therefore, what is this saying to us?
08:38 "What would the Remnant Church be blessed with?"
08:42 A Prophet. The Bible makes it very clear
08:47 that in the last days God's church
08:49 would have the spirit of prophecy
08:51 that was given to the prophets,
08:53 that's very clear from the Bible.
08:56 So, therefore, the Remnant Church
08:58 has the testimony of Jesus.
09:00 Can we say, "check" about that?
09:02 Say "Check" if you're in agreement with that.
09:04 Number 2: The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.
09:09 Did you see that? Yes or no?
09:11 Check... the Remnant church has: the spirit of prophecy
09:15 that was given to the brethren the prophets.
09:18 So, the Spirit of Prophecy is manifested
09:22 through "the brethren... the prophets. "
09:25 Now, bottom line: we could expect to see
09:29 the gift of prophecy manifest in the Remnant Church
09:32 in the last days.
09:33 Now, I find this thrilling in the extreme.
09:37 How would God give the spirit of prophecy?
09:41 Numbers chapter 12 verse 6 Visions and Dreams
09:46 read it together with me, "And he said, Hear now my words:
09:49 if there is a prophet among you,
09:51 I the Lord make myself known unto him in a vision,
09:56 and I speak to him in a dream. "
09:59 Visions and dreams for the last days.
10:01 It's like Jesus is saying, "I love you and I want to keep
10:06 in close touch with you, my children. "
10:08 Now prophets receive messages in two basic ways:
10:14 Number 1: An angel brings them a vision and/or a dream.
10:19 Number 2: The Holy Spirit impresses their minds.
10:24 All right... what is the role of a prophet of God?
10:29 I mean, what are they called to do?
10:32 What is the function
10:35 and the high calling of a prophet?
10:38 The prophets speak what God reveals to them.
10:42 That's what they are to do.
10:44 Now, how many of you have had an eye exam
10:48 lately? All right...
10:49 how many of you need an eye exam, can I see your hands?
10:52 How many need another one... all right...
10:54 What do we call...
10:55 what do we call a prophet?
10:58 In the Bible, the prophet is called the... what?
11:00 A Seer... why? Because a Seer sees things
11:05 that is to say... are you ready?
11:07 They receive visions and they've got more 20/20 than you and I
11:12 so a prophet is called...
11:14 what is another name for a prophet?
11:16 The name is... yell it out together everybody,
11:19 a Seer... now does God's Word
11:24 predict the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the last days
11:27 that results in visions and dreams
11:30 and the gift of prophecy being given?
11:33 Take your Bible and turn with me to the book of Joel,
11:36 the book of Joel is tucked away in the Old Testament
11:39 looking there... at the book of Joel...
11:42 it's easy to miss... it's just a couple of chapters
11:45 and we're going there, you can go to Daniel
11:48 and then just forward a little bit,
11:50 all righty... Joel chapter 2
11:53 and looking there at verses 28 to 31,
11:55 do you have it? Say, "Amen" if you do,
11:57 "And it shall come to pass afterward,"
12:00 this is a thrilling prophecy,
12:02 "that I will pour out my spirit on all flesh;
12:06 your sons and your daughters shall prophesy,
12:10 your old men shall dream dreams,
12:13 your young men shall see visions:
12:16 also on my men servants and on my maid servants
12:22 I will pour out my spirit in those days.
12:25 And I will shew wonders in the heavens and in the earth,
12:30 blood, and fire, and pillars of smoke.
12:34 The sun shall be turned into darkness,
12:38 and the moon into blood,
12:41 before the coming of the great and awesome day
12:46 of the Lord. And it shall come to pass,
12:48 that whoever calls on the name of the Lord, shall be saved:
12:51 for in mount Zion and in Jerusalem
12:54 there shall be deliverance, as the Lord has said,
12:56 among the remnant whom the Lord calls. "
12:58 But we know that God's people are modern Israel,
13:03 "Spiritual Israel" you see there's "literal Israel"
13:07 and there's "spiritual Israel" in the Bible.
13:09 "He is a Jew which is one inwardly... " Paul said.
13:14 Romans 2:27 and 28 and also in Galatians 3:29 it says,
13:19 "if you are Christ's, then ye are Abraham's seed,
13:22 and heirs according to the promise. "
13:24 Don't you agree? As a believer, we have inherited
13:27 a whole lot of promises, Amen... Galatians 3:29.
13:30 So, would you agree? This is a thrilling prediction
13:33 isn't it? It's just absolutely amazing...
13:35 Joel's amazing prophecy.
13:37 Do you believe in miracles tonight?
13:39 How many would not be here
13:42 if it wasn't for a whole lot of miracles...
13:44 that God worked in your favor? Amen...
13:46 So, God would work miracles, He would raise up a prophet
13:51 or prophets to bless His remnant church.
13:55 Now, who did God select as a prophet in the Bible?
13:59 Well, God chose a lot of different men and women
14:04 to be His prophets, His special messengers.
14:07 I would like you to take your Bible
14:09 and turn with me to the book of Elijah
14:12 let me know when you can locate it because I can't find it.
14:17 All right... how about...
14:19 let's turn to the book of John the Baptist, come on...
14:22 he was a man after the Lord's own heart
14:24 or I should say... "no... that's David"
14:26 there was no greater prophet than John the Baptist
14:30 according to Jesus, what's the point?
14:33 These... here's a list of them on your screen,
14:36 Elijah, John the Baptist, Iddo, Nathan, Shemiah
14:40 are what we call "Non-canonical Prophets"
14:42 they didn't write a book in the Bible.
14:44 the Bible is known as the cannon.
14:46 So, these were full-fledged 100-percent-proof prophets
14:52 but they didn't write a book in the Bible,
14:55 now, can you turn to the book of Miriam?
14:58 No... she's a non-canonical woman prophet.
15:02 God calls women even... to be prophets
15:05 and all the ladies said... "Amen... "
15:07 Miriam, Deborah, Huldah, Noadiah, Isaiah's wife,
15:12 four daughters of Philip, Hannah...
15:15 all received the gift of prophecy.
15:17 Not all of God's prophets, therefore, were Bible writers,
15:23 is that clear? Yes or no?
15:24 What did Jesus give when He ascended to heaven?
15:28 Ephesians 4 verse 8 read it together with me,
15:31 "When he ascended on high, he led captives in his train
15:36 and gave gifts to men. "
15:39 What were these gifts that He gave?
15:42 In the New Testament,
15:44 we are going to a book that Paul wrote,
15:47 Ephesians... of course Paul wrote a good portion
15:49 of the New Testament,
15:51 all right... we're going there to Ephesians chapter 4 verse 11.
15:54 "And he himself gave some, to be apostles;
16:00 some prophets; some evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers;
16:09 For the equipping of the saints, for the work of ministry,
16:14 for the edifying... " or building up,
16:16 "of the body of Christ:"
16:19 so the Lord would give gifts
16:21 to bless the body of Christ, His church.
16:25 so the Bible makes it very clear,
16:27 he would give the gift of apostleship
16:30 that is... of being the chief leaders in the church,
16:32 God does have leaders in His church,
16:35 He would give the gift of prophecy,
16:38 He would give the gift of evangelism
16:42 calling evangelists,
16:43 and He would call some to be pastors,
16:47 He would call some to be teachers,
16:51 how many believe, we should have good Bible teachers,
16:54 we should have pastors, we should have evangelists,
16:57 you'd better say so, anyway, you need evangelists,
17:00 you need prophets, you need apostles,
17:02 that is to say, you need leadership... Amen...
17:04 so, therefore, what were these gifts for?
17:08 Why were these gifts given?
17:11 Well, who does God speak through in a special way?
17:16 God raises them up so that He can use them
17:19 to speak to His body of believers
17:22 and to witness to the world.
17:36 We read there, verse 12, for the equipping... that is
17:39 of the training, of the mobilizing of the saints
17:44 for the work of ministry.
17:46 So, if I am going to be a faithful evangelist
17:50 or if there's going to be a faithful pastor
17:53 or a faithful prophet, or a faithful teacher,
17:56 they are to help the saints be equipped to work for Jesus.
18:01 So my goal is not to do the work of a hundred
18:06 but get a hundred to work, Amen...
18:09 so, I want you to notice here, that the work of ministry
18:16 is what the saints are being called to do
18:20 to work for Jesus, so the result of listening
18:23 to an evangelist or pastor or teacher
18:26 is not to say, "Wow! he does it all. "
18:29 No, it's rather... "okay, now that I've heard him,
18:32 now I got to get to work for Jesus. "
18:35 All right... I want you to notice here,
18:39 "for the edifying... " the building up...
18:42 "of the body of Christ... "
18:44 so these gifts would be used to build up the church,
18:47 to bless the church spiritually and numerically
18:51 and I want you to notice this as we continue,
18:54 where would the gift of prophecy be placed... everyone?
18:58 Where would it be placed?
18:59 Listen to what the Scriptures say,
19:01 1st Corinthians 12:28" "... in the church"
19:04 So Jeanne Dixon was not a true prophet,
19:07 Nostradamus... no, I don't care how wild
19:11 and what kind of batting average they had,
19:14 they were not "in the church"
19:16 and we're looking to find the Spirit of Prophecy
19:19 not just in any church... we're looking for...
19:22 where would it be placed in proximity?
19:24 In the Remnant Church,
19:26 so, in the church, God has appointed,
19:28 first of all... apostles, second: prophets,
19:31 1st Corinthians 12:28.
19:33 There are many false Christ's and false prophets
19:37 that would arise and deceive many. Mathew 24:24.
19:49 according to 1st John chapter 4 verses 1 to 3,
19:52 you are to "test" the prophets,
19:54 now if there was no such thing as a true prophet,
19:57 John would not say,
19:58 "Test the prophets" he would just say,
20:00 "anybody who says they're a prophet...
20:02 they automatically are wrong. "
20:05 No, automatically an imposter? No...
20:08 he said, "there's going to be
20:10 genuine, but you've got to test them. "
20:11 So, therefore, how can you keep yourself from being swept away
20:17 by so many deceptions
20:19 rampant even in the Christian churches of today?
20:22 You got to test everything.
20:24 "Do not treat prophecies with contempt. Test everything.
20:29 Hold on to the good. "
20:30 Would you agree when you come to a four-way stop,
20:33 you need to be cautious, you need to stop.
20:35 But eventually, you got to move forward.
20:38 You don't want to overdose on caution
20:41 because somebody is going to come up to your rear
20:43 bumper there and either tap it or honk it or something...
20:47 all right... impossible...
20:48 good news... it's impossible for a false prophet
20:52 to pass all of the Bible tests.
20:54 Would you agree,
20:57 God's filter is pretty, pretty thick.
21:00 Is there an "amen" about that?
21:02 No false prophet can pass through this fine filter
21:06 taking out all the impurities of false teachings.
21:11 The tests of a true prophet must have:
21:22 we'll get into that in a moment,
21:24 "by their fruits you shall know them. "
21:26 Did God promise the gift of prophecy to His Remnant church
21:29 in the last days? He did.
21:31 How does the book of Revelation identify God's true church?
21:34 "they keep the commandments of God,
21:36 and they have the faith of Jesus. "
21:39 That eliminates 99% of churches,
21:41 they're are identified as uplifting all the commandments.
21:44 Now God would restore the gift of prophecy
21:47 to His Remnant Church
21:48 that keep the commandments of God in the last days.
22:01 He would raise up...
22:05 the torch was passed
22:09 from one Protestant Reformer to another,
22:33 In one context... what context would God give
22:37 the Gift of Prophecy? Visions and dreams,
22:41 in 1780... remember... around 1798 some time after that
22:46 God would raise up His church
22:47 but what did He do to prepare the way for His church?
22:51 He had performed a lot of celestial signs
22:55 to peak the interest of people
23:00 to study and investigate Bible prophecy and it worked.
23:04 The Dark Day of May 19, 1780,
23:07 you can read it, it's in your history books
23:10 and that evening when there was darkness
23:13 predominantly over north... the northern eastern,
23:17 north eastern part of the United States and Canada
23:20 where there was the bulk of population at this time,
23:23 people noticed that around noon time,
23:26 it's like... the lights went completely out
23:29 I mean... the cows went back into the barn,
23:31 you couldn't see a sheet of paper in front of you,
23:35 I mean... it was dark during the day
23:37 and that evening, the moon appeared as "blood red"
23:42 "the moon into blood"
23:47 it was a full moon on that night.
23:52 The falling of the stars, according to Revelation 6,
23:55 November 12 and 13, 1833,
23:59 10,000 to 60,000...
24:01 this was predominantly over north eastern
24:04 of the United States and Canada.
24:09 Henry Dana Ward, a Harvard graduate and rector
24:13 of the Anglican Church of St. Jude in New York City,
24:17 jumped up from sleep when he heard someone shouting,
24:20 it was a meteorite shower, he wrote,
24:33 about the falling stars.
24:35 Well, you can look up because your redemption draws nigh.
24:40 Luke 21 and verse 28 and here you have a chart,
24:44 you know the 2300-year prophecy began in 457 B.C.
24:49 according to Sir Isaac Newton, the decree went forth to restore
24:53 Jerusalem on 457 B.C.
24:55 if you go 2300 years later, it runs out in 1844.
24:59 What was just prior to that backing up...
25:01 Meteorite shower 1833... people thought,
25:04 "We're living in... it's judgment time"
25:06 hey, guess what, they were right...
25:08 it's coming... and then in addition to that
25:10 there was the 1798
25:13 the closing of the 1260-year prophecy
25:15 1780... the dark day... and the moon turning blood red
25:19 1776 the Declaration of Independence,
25:22 the Bible talks about raising up that second beast,
25:25 the United States of America in Revelation 13
25:28 there was the Lisbon Earthquake in 1755,
25:31 and so, there you see a chart of these dynamic events.
25:35 So, therefore:
25:43 A revival of interest in Bible Prophecy.
25:47 Many shall run to and fro and knowledge shall increase.
25:52 What does that mean? Put forth earnest effort
25:54 to understand Daniel's prophecies...
25:56 knowledge shall increase of the prophecies of Daniel.
26:00 We're talking now about the 1840s...
26:04 There was the Second Great Advent Awakening.
26:08 People began to believe something.
26:20 but during the second great Advent awakening,
26:24 people had an awakening,
26:26 "Wow! Jesus may come in my lifetime,
26:28 He's not coming after the Millennium,
26:31 He's coming before the Millennium...
26:32 at the beginning of the Millennium"
26:34 and the stars of heaven fell unto the earth.
26:37 What was given around the time of these amazing celestial signs
26:41 a special gift of prophecy was given around the time when...
26:56 Here is a painting of a Methodist Camp Meeting.
27:01 Charles Finney and William Miller
27:04 and a host of others were preaching around this time.
27:15 and this is a chart that ultimately was developed
27:18 to use to proclaim the prophecies
27:21 of Daniel and Revelation.
27:22 A great revival spread in different parts of the world
27:40 *William Miller, a Baptist Preacher in the
27:43 Seventh-day Adventist Church was not in existence...
27:46 William Miller, a Baptist preacher in the 1830s and 1840s,
27:51 he studied the Scriptures and he began to proclaim
27:55 that Jesus Christ is coming and he taught
27:58 that it would be at the beginning of the Millennium
27:59 not after the Millennium and he proclaimed the prophecies
28:03 of Daniel and Revelation and Revivals would break out
28:07 wherever he would go.
28:08 *The Millerite followers concluded
28:10 that the world would end on October 22, 1844.
28:14 What mistake did they make?
28:16 Number one: Jesus said in Matthew 24:36
28:20 "No one knows the day or the hour when Jesus will come. "
28:24 Date setting is not from God.
28:28 But how did they come up with this prediction
28:31 were they categorically all wrong about everything
28:34 they were teaching?
28:35 This was the only error that they had
28:38 and that was the timing of something.
28:41 or not the timing... I'm sorry...
28:43 the nature of something
28:45 The timing of some event was right...
28:48 now follow along carefully.
28:49 The Millerite followers concluded
28:51 that the world would end on October 22, 1844.
28:55 How did they come up with that prediction?
29:07 That would be 2300 years from 457 B.C.
29:12 The decree to restore Jerusalem went into effect
29:16 in the autumn of 457 B.C. and you can read
29:20 Sir Isaac Newton's writings and so forth...
29:23 going 2300 years later, spanning the centuries,
29:27 that culminates in the autumn of 1844,
29:30 "so at the time of the end shall be the vision"
29:34 you say, "time of the end... 1844?"
29:36 That's right because
29:39 Noah preached the time-of-the-end message
29:41 for how long? For a 120 years.
29:45 So, therefore, we have been living in overtime.
30:15 And they were exactly right, and so, think about it,
30:20 how sure and serious were these thousands of Millerites?
30:24 Who were the Millerites? They were Baptists, Methodists,
30:28 Presbyterians, Lutherans, who said,
30:33 "You know what, I think William Miller is saying
30:36 something correctly here
30:37 and they left their churches and they said, "You know what,
30:40 we're going to follow these teachings. "
30:41 Like I said, the Seventh-day Adventist Church
30:43 was not even in existence.
30:45 So, how sure and serious were these thousands
30:48 of Millerites that Jesus was coming in that year?
30:51 They were so sure:
31:04 the clock struck midnight.
31:07 When they heard the chimes at midnight,
31:11 they began to burst into tears.
31:15 It was a bitter disappointment.
31:19 It was known as "The Great Disappointment... "
31:23 most bitter disappointment on October 22, 1844.
31:27 You know that the Bible actually predicted
31:31 that God's people would come out of this disappointment?
31:36 You read it in Revelation 10 and verses 10 and 11.
31:41 Revelation 10 verses 10 and 11, go there with me very quickly,
31:46 "Then I took the little book," it's the book of Daniel
31:51 "out of the Angel's hand and ate it;
31:53 and it was as sweet as honey in my mouth:
31:55 according to the little book in Daniel,
31:58 they misinterpreted the event, their timing was right
32:01 but the event they thought, "Oh, Jesus is coming... "
32:04 no... that wasn't the event, but it was sweet in their mouth
32:07 to believe that Jesus was coming in 1844.
32:10 "but when I had eaten it, my stomach became... " what?
32:14 "bitter" they went through disappointment based on...
32:18 and by the way, the Bible talks about
32:19 the little book that is opened,
32:20 there's only one book out of all 66 books
32:23 that was ever closed and it's the book of Daniel
32:26 according to Daniel 12 and verse 4
32:29 and so, this is the book of Daniel,
32:31 and it's saying there that they would read it,
32:34 and it would be sweet as honey in the mouth
32:36 but then there would be a disappointment
32:38 because they misunderstood what they were reading
32:40 but once they would be corrected,
32:43 would God say, "Now that you know the rest of the story,
32:47 I'm sorry... I'm just done with you all. "
32:50 No, "and he said to me,
32:52 'you... you who went though this disappointment,
32:55 now that I've corrected you, I'm not done with you yet,
32:59 you must prophecy again,
33:02 you prophesied something but it led you to a disappointment,
33:05 but I'm not done now,
33:06 now I've explained it to you more fully,
33:09 so you get up and you...
33:11 who went through this bitter disappointment,
33:14 you prophesy again about many peoples, nations,
33:18 tongues and kings... '"
33:19 in other words, they would have a worldwide mission.
33:23 Now listen here, where did they go wrong?
33:26 they misunderstood Daniel 8:14,
33:29 they thought the sanctuary was the earth
33:30 but the truth is, the sanctuary is in heaven.
33:33 How many agree?
33:35 We are not looking to a sanctuary on earth,
33:37 we're looking to the heavenly sanctuary
33:38 where our great High Priest is,
33:40 and so the Bible makes it very clear
33:43 the sanctuary is in heaven.
33:45 They thought, "No, the sanctuary to be cleansed...
33:48 that's going to be the fiery return of Jesus
33:50 and He's going to cleanse the earth by His fiery return...
33:53 that's going to be the cleansing of the sanctuary here. "
33:56 It didn't happen, they didn't understand
33:59 where did we go wrong? And the Lord said, "Look up... "
34:01 that's when they saw the temple of God
34:04 open in heaven, Revelation 11 verse 19,
34:07 then they begin to see the Ten Commandments
34:09 in the heavenly sanctuary,
34:11 and they looked closer and they could see
34:14 there was a commandment that most people were not keeping
34:17 and hence, out of this,
34:19 God raised up His Seventh-Day Adventist Church.
34:23 Faithful to His word...
34:25 God raised up the Gift of Prophecy
34:26 to guide His disappointed people
34:28 and lead them into a worldwide movement to proclaim the gospel.
34:31 So, to this day... the Seventh-day Adventist church
34:34 is one of the fastest growing denominations, per capita,
34:37 percentage wise from the 16 million of today.
35:04 If you are going through a personal crisis in your life,
35:08 if you are facing financial challenges,
35:10 if you are suffering from a health problem,
35:13 if your marriage is needing a miracle,
35:15 if you have a special concern for your children,
35:17 whatever your need may be, give us a call
35:20 and we will pray with you.
35:21 For your prayer requests, call us at: 1-855-336-FREE.
35:26 If the Son sets you free, you are free indeed. John 8:36.
35:55 He's done that before,
35:57 I wish I had time to explore that with you.
36:17 First He chose an African-American
36:20 at a time of deep prejudice and slavery,
36:24 God's first choice was a man of color.
36:28 Brilliant young Baptist Minister,
36:30 by the name of William Foy, He gave him revelations,
36:34 and told him to share it, he was unfaithful.
36:38 Then God chose another man, Hazen Foss, a talented young man
36:44 gave him revelations... he proved unfaithful.
36:47 Then... God's third choice was a young 17-year old frail woman
36:54 by the name of Ellen Harmon, who would become Ellen G. White.
37:00 Ellen Harmon received her first vision in December of 1844
37:06 a couple of months after that bitter disappointment.
37:09 What miraculous event, did Hazen Foss...
37:11 the one who got the vision,
37:14 what did he, Hazen Foss, witness
37:17 shortly after he had his vision?
37:38 He spoke to her afterwards, trembling,
38:11 Ellen Harmon was not a person
38:18 that was wanting to be in the limelight.
38:21 She was not wanting anyone's attention
38:23 and she found this very, very heavy on her heart.
38:28 She was humble, she didn't want to go out
38:32 and shout everything abroad,
38:34 but God compelled her by His Holy Spirit
38:37 to be faithful and she was warned...
38:40 and so during her 70 years of public ministry...
38:45 she received 2,000 Prophetic visions and dreams.
38:49 Did the Bible predict it? Yes... and it has happened,
38:54 and it can continue to happen more.
38:57 What about the life of Ellen G. White?
39:00 She was born on November 26, 1827.
39:03 one of... she was a twin...
39:05 She was unable to continue... here's what happened.
39:08 At the age of 9, she was struck...
39:12 coming home... she was struck by a stone,
39:15 a classmate threw a stone and hit her in the forehead,
39:20 and she lay unconscious for three weeks
39:23 fighting for her life,
39:25 they didn't think she would make it.
39:27 She was unable... her face was permanently disfigured
39:32 and she was unable to continue her schooling
39:35 beyond the third grade,
39:38 she never got beyond the early grades of formal schooling.
39:43 She attended a Methodist Camp Meeting,
39:45 in Buckstown, Maine,
39:47 and was baptized at the age of 12,
39:49 in June 26... I'm sorry... actually... older than that...
39:53 June 26 of 1842 in the Atlantic Ocean.
39:58 Ellen and her family attended some meetings
40:01 held in Portland, Maine, by William Miller
40:03 and his Associates,
40:04 they experienced the Great Disappointment
40:07 of October 22, 1844, and God called her
40:10 at the young age of 17, that's why I say,
40:13 "Young people, let Jesus... "
40:15 God called me at a young age, unfortunately I kept...
40:19 not wanting to follow God, but then...
40:23 God was merciful to me
40:25 and He called me to preach at the age of 20.
40:28 God called her at the young age of 17
40:31 while she weighed a mere 80 pounds
40:33 and was fighting tuberculosis and a heart condition.
40:36 It was in December of 1844
40:39 that she received her first vision.
40:41 She was shown the Advent people
40:43 traveling on an elevated road to heaven
40:45 with a brilliant light illuminating the pathway,
41:03 And here's what Ellen White said,
41:15 But she proved to be faithful, she was faithful.
41:18 On August 30, 1846, two years later,
41:22 she married James White, who was also a young preacher
41:26 preaching the second coming of Jesus Christ.
41:49 She went through a lot,
41:50 they had four boys, and two died prematurely.
41:54 So she lost two boys and her husband.
41:57 She went through a lot of heartache.
42:11 Now listen...
42:33 She has written about: Victorious Christian living,
42:35 Diet and health, Prenatal care,
42:37 Drugs, Education, Family, Marriage, and Prophecy.
42:41 And so, she has written extensively.
42:46 You say, "But Mark... did her predictions come true?"
42:50 Let me give you a little sampling.
42:51 Her predictions were accurate, she said,
43:12 And at that time... it seemed...
43:14 that that was totally false... it would never happen.
43:17 But it did happen, Ellen White's prediction
43:21 was dramatically fulfilled during the Civil War days.
43:52 This is talking about, I believe,
43:55 World War 1 and World War 2.
43:58 Millions and millions and millions perished
44:01 during the 20th Century, the bloodiest of all.
44:04 Then she predicted the Great San Francisco Earthquake.
44:18 I wonder what she would say today.
44:43 And the Boston Post
44:45 showcased it in their front cover,
44:47 "Fire follows Earthquake, Heart of City is in Ruins. "
44:53 They said the prophet wept.
44:55 Listen to what she said,
44:58 "On one occasion, when in New York City,
45:01 I was in the night season, called upon to behold buildings
45:05 rising story after story toward heaven.
45:08 These buildings were warranted to be fireproof,
45:12 and they were erected to glorify their owners and builders. "
45:16 The scene that next passed before me
45:19 was an alarm of fire.
45:22 Men looked at the lofty and supposedly fireproof buildings
45:26 and said: 'They are perfectly safe. '
45:28 But these buildings were consumed as if made of pitch.
45:32 The fire engines could do nothing to stay the destruction.
45:35 The firemen were unable to operate the engines. "
45:38 And then I think about 9/11 and I'm thinking of other events
45:45 that can happen like this.
45:47 Would you agree...
45:48 the twin towers did not come down
45:51 because two planes hit them,
45:52 they came down because
45:54 there was a whole lot of fuel in those planes
45:56 and it was fire that brought those buildings down.
46:00 And so, she is the most translated woman author, writer,
46:05 in the entire history of literature
46:07 and the most translated
46:08 American author of either gender.
46:11 How many have ever heard of Paul Harvey?
46:12 Paul Harvey attended the Seventh-day Adventist Church
46:15 in Arizona, and so he said,
46:21 "Women have been honored on American Postage Stamps
46:25 for more than 100 years, starting with one woman
46:29 who is not an American, Queen Isabella, 1893.
47:03 Dr. Clive M. McCay, the late professor of nutrition
47:07 at Cornell University, stated:
47:29 Now, you got to understand
47:31 what was going on in the medical field.
47:40 Give me a break...
47:42 Imagine going to the doctor back there
47:44 and like: "Lungs... you need a cigar... "
47:46 pull it out of the drawer, you know...
48:02 Amazing...
48:03 She never exalted her writings above the Bible.
48:09 Seventh-day Adventists do not believe
48:12 that we have a Bible and another Bible.
48:15 There is only one Bible.
48:18 If I wrote books, they certainly would not be another Bible.
48:24 Can evangelists write books? They can.
48:27 Can teachers write books? They can.
48:30 Can pastors write books? They can.
48:33 Can prophets write books? They can.
48:36 Now, here's what she said,
48:45 And that is the role of a prophet.
48:55 So what books has she written?
48:57 She has written on the life of Jesus
48:59 a book called, "The Desire of Ages"
49:01 a book called, "Steps to Christ"
49:03 we've been handing it out in this seminar,
49:05 the book of, "Thoughts from the Mount of Blessing"
49:08 and many other books,
49:09 in 1946, you got to hear this, W. E. Beaumont,
49:14 who at the time, was an official
49:15 in the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C.
49:18 was asked which book in that vast library
49:21 on the life of Christ he felt
49:23 was the most outstanding and here's what he said,
49:26 you got to check this out,
49:28 "My preference of choice would be guided
49:31 by what I wish to get from the book of books
49:34 to be read, but let me put it this way
49:37 I would put "The Desire of Ages" by Ellen G. White... first
49:41 for spiritual discernment and practical application. "
49:46 When I first gave my heart to Jesus,
49:49 I was a 9th-Grade dropout and I spent several years
49:55 smoking, drinking, drugs, and when I was converted,
50:01 the Lord told me, "You're going to read now"
50:04 and I hated reading, I was a slow reader
50:07 but when I fell in love with Jesus,
50:10 I fell in love with reading the Bible.
50:12 But then there was also another book
50:14 that I began to read in addition to the Scriptures
50:17 that had a lot of Scripture in it...
50:19 the book "The Desire of Ages" by Ellen White
50:21 on the life of Jesus and what I would do... and many
50:24 she quotes hundreds of Scriptures in that book
50:28 and I would... many times... look up the Scriptures,
50:30 and highlight them, and when I would read that book
50:34 I would weep
50:35 because it helped me to get acquainted better
50:38 with Jesus Christ because she explained it
51:09 Now with Daniel,
51:11 Daniel was supernaturally sustained
51:14 the prophet...
51:17 keeps his or her eyes open throughout the vision
51:20 and in vision the prophet is
51:22 supernaturally sustained like Daniel.
51:24 In vision, the prophet is breathless...
51:26 so... visions are breathtaking.
51:34 There was physical phenomenon.
52:00 So, here's what she did.
52:02 Without looking at the Bible, because she was in a trance,
52:06 she was in vision, eyes opened, looking up,
52:10 breathless, not even breathing, supernaturally sustained,
52:15 and the Lord led her to point and underline a Scripture
52:20 or point with her finger to the Scripture
52:21 and quote it perfectly
52:24 and then turn to another Scripture,
52:26 and point to another Scripture and quote it perfectly...
52:30 she did that 50 times.
52:32 Now, number one: see if you can do it one time.
52:36 Try it tonight before you go to bed.
52:38 "All right... how am I doing honey... "
52:40 "Not too good. " You might stay up all night.
52:42 All right, secondly, secondly... there were skeptics
52:47 there were skeptics, you see... what did the skeptics observe?
52:53 What they did is that they took a candle
52:56 and there was no flicker
52:58 when they put it in front of her mouth.
53:09 This is what the...
53:11 a test that different skeptics did
53:13 including the Kelloggs' brothers,
53:15 you've heard of Kellogg's cornflakes
53:18 and believe in the Lord your God,
53:20 and you shall be established;
53:22 believe His prophets, and you shall prosper.
53:33 The Seventh-day Adventist Church,
53:35 I'm glad to tell you tonight,
53:37 is one of the fastest growing churches in the world!
53:41 Around 16 million strong and growing rapidly.
54:36 Jesus believes in the laying on of hands
54:39 and it might even be at a hospital bed.
54:41 How many believe: God does raise up hospitals as well
54:45 and Seventh-day Adventists live... years longer
54:48 than most non-Seventh-Day Adventists
54:51 and then Ellen White died on July 16, 1915 at the age of 87
54:57 and The New York Independent wrote:
55:13 Here's what she said, as I close.
55:31 See if you can read the book, "Steps to Christ"
55:34 without getting very, very close to Jesus
55:38 as she quotes many Scriptures.
55:59 Oh Beloved, I am so thankful
56:01 that as we criss-cross North America,
56:05 as we have criss-crossed North America
56:08 meeting 1,000s of people just like you
56:11 from all different denominations or no denomination,
56:15 as they have heard plain Scriptures,
56:18 clear Scriptures, they have taken a stand
56:21 and said, "You know what? I want to follow Jesus
56:24 and I want to follow His truth. "
56:26 Here in a little church in Spearfish, South Dakota
56:29 40 souls took a stand and said, "You know what?
56:31 I'm willing to make a change,
56:33 I believe in the Seventh-day Sabbath,
56:35 I believe Jesus Christ is my Savior,
56:37 I believe He wants the church to go worldwide,
56:39 I believe Jesus is coming soon,
56:42 I believe it's not going to be a Secret Rapture,
56:43 it's going to be the glorious appearing of Jesus Christ
56:46 and I'm so thankful that:
56:59 Do you hear His voice?
57:00 Do you hear His voice calling you?
57:02 Some of you may need to be baptized again.
57:05 I was re-baptized.
57:07 Many times people will say, "You know what?
57:10 I've heard this truth about Jesus Christ
57:12 and have never been baptized by immersion,
57:15 I want to be baptized by immersion.
57:16 Sometimes, people say, "You know what?
57:18 I've had revival in my life... I want to be re-baptized. "
57:21 What are you waiting for? Arise and be baptized.
57:26 I say this tonight as I close, why follow Jesus?
57:32 Why follow the truths
57:34 that you've been learning in this Seminar?
57:36 Because Jesus loves you... all of us... a lot...
57:40 and He has one fold,
57:42 and He's calling you out, He's calling you in.
57:47 Although sudden and alarming changes
57:50 are sweeping across the globe,
57:52 you and your family can be prepared
57:54 to face the future with confidence.
57:56 The complete set of Amazing Prophecies on DVD
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